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ependasketchpad2 days ago
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Some practice on my new tablet with Gideon and Harrow
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soma-a12 days ago
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Tumblr media
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thickthighs-hazeleyes22 hours ago
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pretty cute for someone who has only gotten 5 hours of sleep in the past two days 馃槾
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confused-about-taxes5 hours ago
聽Some Straight men and Lesbians:聽鈥淚 won鈥檛 date transwomen because I鈥檓 not attracted to penises... somehow that makes me transphobic鈥
Why can鈥檛 these people just straight up say that they have genitalia preferences?
If you really think that a trans woman is a woman, then the only thing preventing you from dating her is her genitalia or body, so just say you base your dating pool off genitalia?? It gets to the point quite easily and makes it less about the trans woman and more about the actual person in question: you.
Like, I get it, if you鈥檙e going down on something you鈥檝e been conditioned to see as solely male, you might start feeling weird. But that鈥檚 you.聽You have the right to be you, so just say it. You were in it for a vagina. Not necessarily the woman.
I don鈥檛 think anyone should be 鈥渇orced鈥 to date a transwoman, and if this is what makes you feel that people are forcing you, just tell them.聽
This isn鈥檛 about the woman,
It鈥檚 just about her genitalia
Which in your case, will be important in a relationship.
Trans women are women with different genitalia.
You are averse to dating a woman with a different body.
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dreams-32 days ago
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饾樋饾櫑饾櫄饾櫀饾櫌饾櫒-3 馃挏
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weirdo-with-no-beardo2 days ago
Noir Spots Chapter 13
Chapter Thirteen: Enjoy Your Blizzard
oh wow that got dark quickly
A storm was raging outside.
The second Ladybug had jumped back into battle, a swirling tornado like dome of wind and rain surrounded the red spotted hero and her foe.
And Noir had no way in.
Noir growled from her perch on the roof, she was staring down at the tornado, trying to figure out how to get inside.
Preferably without dying.
Icy rain whipped at her face, tossing her braid around and taunted her with promises of death and pain.
Inside the tornado, there was no sound, no sign of life. But Stormy Weather was still alive, that she knew. And if the Akuma was, then Ladybug couldn't be too far behind.
The only way to help Ladybug was to get inside the tornado, and the only way to get inside the tornado was by jumping.
It was fine.
She'd done worse.
Noir jumped up, stepping up onto the ledge of the building. She took a deep breath and leaped off the building.
Crashing through the top of the a tornado was like being thrown against a wall. Every part of her felt like it was being squeezed and pinched until her vision turned spotty.
In short, it hurt.
A lot.
Noir curled into a ball, waiting for her body to plummet.
She had really not thought this through.
Idiot. Plagg's voice cackled. Why would you jump into a tornado?
Noir squeezed her eyes shut, trying to send her anger inward to where Plagg resided.
Shut up, Plagg.
I'll shut up when you stop being such a fool, cats are supposed to be clever you know.
Noir would've bit back if she hadn't realized what Plagg was trying to do.
He was trying to distract her from the pain.
That sweet little shit.
Aw, Plagg, do you actually care about me?
Plagg didn't respond.
Noir almost smirked to herself, but paused when she realized she was falling.
How did you not notice you were falling, idiot? She chided herself, curling up into a ball and preparing to roll once she was about to hit the ground.
Hopefully she wouldn't die.
"If I survive this I'll buy Plagg so much cheese and tell Marinette I love her and be nicer to Sabrina and--"
Strong arms wrapped around Noir, pulling her close to a warm chest.
"I didn't promise." Noir said cheekily to Ladybug, grinning up at her savior.
Twice in one day, she really needed to stop being the damsel in distress.
Ladybug gave her a confused look before dropping her to the ground.
"Nice for you to join us, Goldie."
Ladybug shrugged and winked before turning back to Stormy Weather, who looked furious at being ignored.
Noir ignored the way her heart fluttered at the nickname.
That's dumb. Plagg whispered.
Shut up.
Buy me cheese and I will.
Noir tuned him out.
"Someone's looking rather cold today, don't you think?" Ladybug called, jumping out of the way as Stormy Weather sent a spear of ice at her.
Noir grinned, flipping over backwards to avoid a giant block of hail. With every dodge, the storm around them became worse, Noir almost couldn't see Ladybug.
"Oh I more than think, she imprisoned m--a citizen--in ice earlier. Pretty rude of her."
Ladybug stilled, eyes flickering with something dangerous.
"It doesn't matter right now, we have to defeat Stormy Weather."
Ouch. Plagg said.
Noir ignored in favor of launching herself at Ladybug, the hero seemed to understand her intent because she placed her hands down for Noir.
The cat-like hero jumped onto her partner's hands and threw herself at Stormy Weather, claws out and eyes blazing.
Stormy Weather screeched, throwing out her hand in an attempt to protect her face.
But Noir wasn't aiming for the face.
She snatched the umbrella away, using the Akuma's shoulders as a way to flip over behind her.
Noir snapped the umbrella over her knee, waiting for the Akuma to fly out and for the storm to end.
Nothing happened.
Why didn't anything happen?
There wasn't an Akuma.
Why wasn't there an Akuma?
Well that's not ideal. Plagg said from the back of her mind.
Noir looked over at Ladybug, who stood frozen off to the side. Panic was beginning to swirl in her bluebell eyes.
From the grounds Stormy Weather gasped out laughter, but the sound was made vicious by the choking sound following each laugh.
"You think--you think that's going to get rid of me? That won't work anymore, kitten." Stormy Weather grinned, blood stained her teeth and a crazed look cracked her eyes.
Along her skin, black veins crawled up her neck and arms. With her unearthly beauty and snowy skin, she looked like a ripped photograph.
Noir took a staggering step backward as Stormy Weather's laughter turned savage. Stormy Weather heaved once, and stomped laughing.
She slumped to the ground, blood splattered across the frosted ground and black veins crawling up her arms.
"Is she...?" Ladybug whispered, dread building like a tidal wave behind her cracking voice.
Noir crept forward, hoping this was just a trick and that Stormy Weather was really dead.
She crouched down, pressing her fingers against the Akuma's freezing neck.
No pulse.
Noir checked her wrist, her neck,her heart.
But all for nothing.
Stormy Weather was dead.
"Damn it!"
Adrien clawed at his cheeks and eyes, tearing at his hair and skin.
"Why didn't it work, fuck!"
He stared down at his new Miraculous, dull green eyes glowing with anger.
Why couldn't Stormy Weather be useful! All he needed was a powerful Akuma to enhance and fix so they could kill Ladybug and Noir!
But no. No, no, no. That useless snowball had to go and die.
How was he supposed to get his revenge if an Akuma couldn't hold his power?
Adrien threw his phone against the wall, it landed in the cemetery of dead butterflies.
He didn't need those useless bugs anymore, they were of no use to him. Sending his power out directly served him better, it fixed his minions and made them better.
Except that he was too powerful, the Akum's would die before getting the Miraculous.
Useless, useless, useless.
"M--master?" Nooroo's sickly sweet voice whispered timidly.
Adrien turned harshly to snarl at his Kwami.
The Kwami flinched, flying backwards a step.
"M--maybe you s--should use the but--butterflies again."
Adrien fumed. Red overtook his vision.
This Kwami was telling him what to do? That thing needed to learn his place, to bow down to his master, his god.
Because that's what Adrien was.
A god.
And god's always got what they wanted.
Adrien stalked towards the Kwami, who shivered in fear.
Good, Adrien liked it when his victims squirmed a little.
hey guys...I think I just became a serial killer
@laulink鈥 @kitsunekat9鈥 @nottabot鈥 @yuriyuhitsu鈥 @sere-here鈥 @mep-kittyjustkillme @fangirlingfanatic鈥 @terramay07 @diana-luna-13鈥嬧 @corporeal-terrestrial鈥 @lady-bee-fechin鈥 @demonicbusiness @nach0 @all-mights-asscheeks @hibiscus02
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misspaperjoker22 hours ago
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Tumblr media
love is inherintly kinky, debate me
(get the print on Etsy here)
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madeleineengland22 hours ago
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In another life 鉂 Squid Game happy ending
Repost with permission --->
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cakeramsa day ago
Lets go lesbians LETS GOOOOOO!!!
ib: @cherrybeez_ on twt
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Tumblr media
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cupid-deserves-bettera day ago
some lesbian Apple White pfps I made
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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soma-a12 days ago
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dreamsofhannah2a day ago
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饾摐饾摳饾摶饾摦 饾摀饾摶饾摦饾摢饾摱饾摷 饾摳饾摨 饾摋饾摢饾摲饾摲饾摢饾摫
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meredith-hsu10 hours ago
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When Marina has become the only reason that keeps you watching Station 19, and you had waited for a long week just to sip a little bit of their gay energy. However, you got nothing this week and you're upset. And here she is, Danielle (Maya) who saved the whole episode with the mommy, sorry mommy, sorry mommy's vibe. 馃檶馃檶馃檶
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dreams-3a day ago
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饾樋饾櫑饾櫄饾櫀饾櫌饾櫒-3 馃挏
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weirdo-with-no-beardo2 days ago
Noir Spots Chapter 11
Chapter Eleven: Tickety Tock
I'm baaaack
this shit is unedited but it's been like 3 weeks since I've updated so I wanted to get this chapter done and away from me
Marinette was unbelievably exhausted from defeating Sandboy.
She was equally exhausted from the nightmares that plagued her dreams that night.
But that didn't serve as a distraction from her identity search for Noir. Her partner was in her class, she knew it.
How else would Noir know so much about Alya?
Everyone knows about Alya, she's not exactly subtle. A voice in her head whispered.
Marinette didn't listen.
She scanned the class for long blonde hair--but would it really be the same way? Adrien's hair had been perfectly brushed and styled, while Chat Noir's was messy and awkward.
Maybe Noir didn't even have blonde hair.
Even if she did, the only blond head in the class was Adrien who was sporting a spectacular bruise on his chin.
The rest of the class looked disconnected from reality. They all had eyebags almost as bad as Marinette's and empty looks in their eyes.
Marinette only felt a twinge of smugness.
"Marinette?" A shy voice asked. "Can I sit with you today? Chlo茅's not here."
Marinette looked up to see standing beside her desk with a hopeful smile.
Chlo茅 wasn't there? Where was she? Was she okay?
It took Marinette to realize she hadn't actually responded to Sabrina and was just staring at the girl.
"Oh, um, sure. Do you know where Chlo茅 is?"
Sabrina sat down, humming happily. "I think she just slept in, she had an exhausting night with that Akuma."
"What do you mean?" Marinette tried to sound casual, she even set her chin in her hand to appear comfortable (it wasn't working). But indie her heart was hammering against her ribs.
Was Chlo茅 Noir? Did Sabrina know?
"Well she had to face a few of her Nightmares. Her crush rejecting her was one of them."
Oh. Noir was almost fearless, she didn't have to face any--not that she saw anyway. And she definitely wouldn't be scared of rejection. Who would reject her anyway?
So Chlo茅 wasn't Noir. Marinette didn't like the way her heart dropped.
"That's terrible, is she alright?" Marinette tried, and failed, to keep the disappointment out of her voice. But if Sabrina noticed, she didn't comment.
The silence following was entirely awkward.
Marinette fiddled with her fingers for a moment before pulling out her sketchbook. She didn't even notice Sabrina watching as she added a few notes along the side.
"That's really beautiful, Marinette."
Marinette jumped almost a foot in the air.
"Oh gosh, sorry! I didn't mean to be nosy!" Sabrina immediately stuttered out frantically after seeing the wide eyed look on Marinette's face.
"No, it's okay, Sabrina! I was just startled." Marinettw quickly said, waving her hands frantically.
The girl's stopped their panicking and stared at each other for a long moment before bursting into laughter.
The silence after that was comfortable, occasionally Sabrina would share her own opinion on her designs.
By the end of class the two became sort-of-friends.
It was nice having a friend who knew her actual name. It made her happy.
Sabrina was packing up to leave when Marinette finally opened her mouth to ask the question that had been pinging around in her head for the hour.
"Do you want to come over for lunch? We could hang out, I'll show you some of my designs. I--if you want, that is."
Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.
Sabrina's smile never looked so bright.
"So you made all of these?" Sabrina said in disbelief.
Marinette nodded, scratching nervously at her arm.
"They're incredible!"
Relief sagged her shoulders and a grin appeared on her face.
Sabrina liked them! Does this mean she had a friend? It had been so long since she last made a new friend, she had almost forgotten what it felt like.
Sabrina grinned wide as she turned to look at Marinette. The smile was returned with equal delight.
"Could I maybe commission you some time?" Sabrina asked.
Oh. Oh. So that's why Sabrina was being nice to her.
She wanted free stuff.
She was being taken advantage of again. Sabrina thought that because she was pretending to be Marinttezs friend she would get a free commission. A commission that would cost Marinette over $400 to make.
The smile on Marinette's face wavered.
"I'll pay you of course, you said it was about $400? I've been saving up for a new dress to go to the Winter Dance in."
She was going to pay her.
She didn't want free stuff.
It was almost too good to be true.
"O--of course! What were you thinking?" Marinette stammered, practically tripping over herself to find her sketchbook.
The girl's talked for hours about Sabrina's dress, gushing about colors and fabrics.
In the end, they had a basic outline and some design ideas. Marinette had even given Sabrina a discount for being a new friend.
Sabrina went home that day to find a small box with a blue watch inside.
The Winter Dance was almost a week away.
And Chlo茅 knew who she wanted to ask.
She had faced her rejection before, and she came out breathing. She could do it.
She was going to ask Marinette Dupain-Cheng on a date to the Winter Dance.
It was a week after the Nightmare attack and the class was relatively back to normal.
This was one of the worst Akumas they had faced. A little boy who could bring Nightmares to life to hurt and kill others. It was far more traumatizing than the first time the little boy was Akumatized.
But Chlo茅 was ready to face her fears.
Even if they wouldn't crumble to dust in the end.
She marched through the classroom, full of false arrogance, towards her goal.
Marinette sat in the back talking to Sabrina--when had they become friends? And she looked gorgeous.
Her long blue-black hair was down today, sweeping across her back. She wore a pale pink dress with little pink and black flowers embroidered on it. She laughed, a twinkling sound that made Chloe's heart ache.
Chlo茅 faltered as she came closer.
What if Marinette said no? Should she have tried to make it more romantic?
Chlo茅 was almost there, three steps away, when someone stuck their foot out, effectively sending Chlo茅 sprawling up the steps.
Utterly embarrassing.
Chlo茅 looked up with a snarl to see Kim smirking down at her.
He was lucky that she wasn't Noir at the moment, or she would have Cataclysmed his face.
"Oh my gosh! Chlo茅 are you alright?" Sabrina squealed, rushing down the stairs.
Chlo茅's scowl lessened when she saw her friend rushing to her aid, and it outright fell when Marinette brushed the hair out of Chlo茅's eyes to look for a bruise.
"I don't see any scratches or bruises, but you are awfully red, maybe you have a fever." Marinette murmured.
Oh, Kwami, this is hell.
Her crush just saw her fall. The class just saw her fall.
Kill me now.
"I'll take you to the nurse." Marinette finally decided.
Chlo茅 barely registered her words. She was too busy staring at Marinette's lips--they were so close.
The rest of the class was quiet, watching the two former enemies.
Sabrina looked ready to combust from excitement--she, of course, knew of Chlo茅's crush. Months of ranting and gushing over Marinette had tipped her off.
Marinette was tugging her down the stairs and out of the classroom.
Neither of them noticed Adrien fuming in the corner.
Marinette wasn't freaking out.
She wasn't.
It didn't matter that she had touched Chlo茅's hair--it was so soft--or that she had been so close to just kissing her in front of the entire class.
And it didn't matter that they were holding hands.
Because Marinette liked Noir.
It didn't matter how cute Chlo茅 looked blushing from embarrassment or how her smirk filled Marinette's stomach with butterflies.
Because she liked Noir.
She liked that beautiful hero with her fierce intensity and charming protectiveness.
And Chlo茅 wasn't Noir.
So it didn't matter.
"What? Huh?" Marinette shook her head to rid herself of those thoughts.
It didn't matter how similar to Noir Chlo茅 looked at the moment, with her head tilted to the side with curiosity or how she had her golden hair in a loose braid today, one that fell over her shoulder in a waterfall of gold.
"We're here, or did you forget we were going to the nurses office?" Chlo茅 said, leaning close with a cheeky grin.
Oh, Kwami.
Marinette felt a flush crawling up her neck. But it wasn't a blush. It wasn't.
"Oh, uh--"
"Maybe you're the one who needs to be here, you are looking pretty red."
Marinette squeaked as Chlo茅 came closer. The blonde's hand was warm in her own.
"W--well you're hot!"
Oh no.
Chlo茅 blinked, shocked out of her flirtations. Her pale cheeks turned pink.
Marinette's eyes widened and she rushed forward to explain. "Oh god! No--I didn't mean, I just--" she cut herself off with a groan.
"Girls?" A voice interrupted, making the two blushing girls jump. "Is there a reason you're out of class?"
Marinette whipped her head towards Nurse Laine, who stood in the doorway with a knowing smile.
Nurse Laine was a sweet woman, one of the few people in the school with brain cells. She had brown hair with a few grey streaks--most likely from stress rather than age--and warm grey eyes.
"N--nurse Laine!"
Nurse Laine gave the girls a knowing look before gesturing them into her office. Marinette's heart was pounding as she followed Chlo茅 and Nurse Laine.
What had that been about? Had Chlo茅 been...flirting with her?
Oh, wow.
Marinette sat awkwardly beside the patient bench. She watched as Chlo茅 sat on the bench, staring down at her clasped hands.
"Alright, what seems to be the problem?" Nurse Laine asked, inspecting the blonde with furrowed eyebrows.
"She, um, her face was all red and hot--I mean warm!" Marinette flushed red and tried to ignore the giggling coming from her purse. "I--I think she might have a fever."
Why was she being so awkward?
She hadn't acted like this since Adrien.
Well then.
"It sounds like she was just embarrassed over something, because she doesn't have a fever."
Marinette blinked at Nurse Laine, it took a moment before the words made sense.
Chlo茅 hadnt had a fever, she was just embarrassed that Kim tripped her in front of the whole class.
Nurse Laine nodded, amusement filling her grey eyes. "I suggest you two return to class before your teacher comes looking for you."
It was doubtful that Madame Bustier even noticed they were gone.
But...if they left maybe Marinette could spend some alone time with Chlo茅 again.
Marinette stood up so fast her chair toppled over. Chlo茅 looked at her with wide eyes, but Marinette just grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door.
"Time to go! Thank you, Nurse Laine!"
"Marinette!" Chlo茅 whisper-yelled as Marinette yanked her away from the Nurses office.
"Sorry about that, I really just don't wanna miss class!"
She was fumbling. Be cool, Marinette!
"So...the weather is pretty nice today?" Marinette choked out, trying to ignore the feeling of Chlo茅's hand and the beating of her heart.
Chlo茅 stared at her, blue eyes shining with confusion.
"Yeah!" She squeaked out. "The weather! It's pretty--"
A crash came through the ceiling, making debris fall down around the two girls. None of it hit them thankfully, Lady Luck's power coming into play--too bad it couldn't help Marinette with her flirting skills.
"I am Stormy Weather! Here to kill Alya C茅saire!"
Well, fuck.
Chlo茅 turned to grin at Marinette with amusement. "What were you saying about the weather?"
stormy weather could stomp on my neck and I would say thank you in all the languages I know (english)
@laulink鈥 @kitsunekat9鈥 @nottabot鈥 @yuriyuhitsu鈥 @sere-here鈥 @mep-kittyjustkillme @fangirlingfanatic鈥 @terramay07 @diana-luna-13鈥嬧 @corporeal-terrestrial鈥 @lady-bee-fechin鈥 @demonicbusiness @nach0 @all-mights-asscheeks @hibiscus02
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