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#Lessons in Pleasure

So, I don’t know how, or why, however this blog now has 100 followers. Thank you guys so much! I’m in shock and completely dumbfounded. Just shocked to the max. I didn’t plan on reaching this so i have nothing planned, but would you guys like a part 2 to Lessons in Pleasure? It’s my most requested and I wasn’t originally planning to, but I think it’s well deserved! I also added The Witcher to my requests. I recently fell back into the fandom for it due to the Netflix series. This won’t become a Witcher blog, promise. Another thing added was the ability to request character pairings, without the reader involved. Just ships. I hope everyone enjoys!

Also! If there are any suggestions please message me. I’m doing my best. I’m not quite sure where to go from here. And, if you feel in any way thrown off from a detail in a story, when it’s supposed to be neutral, don’t be afraid to message me. These stories are for everyone and although I have to get specific with certain things, if at any time I give a non-descript character a specific feature please tell me. I wanna be inclusive here.

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some of y’all are willing to justify every single one of Morgana’s actions and turn Arthur into the evil one and honestly I’m so tired of it

#morgana was valid when she fought for the freedom of magic users, #she was NOT valid when she began to kill everyone who didn’t stand up to Uther, #she was NOT valid when she forced gwaine to fight for his elyan’s and gaius’ food, #she was NOT valid when she tortured gwaine and elyan to the brink of death, #SHE WAS NOT VALID WHEN SHE BROUGHT BACK LANCELOT FROM THE DEAD TO HURT BOTH HER BROTHER AND HER FORMER BEST FRIEND EMOTIONALLY, #SHE WAS NOT VALID IN TAKING PLEASURE IN THE PAIN OF ALL OF HER FORMER FRIENDS, #morgana is a wonderful character not because she’s right but because she started out right and then she went mad with power, #morgana also would have made a terrible queen because she placed her personal grudges above the goodness of her kingdom, #and I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, #90% of the problems with Arthur’s character came from the writers constantly pressing the reset button on his character development, #if they allowed him to retain the knowledge he gained and the lessons he learned then he would have been the best character here, #and THAT is why I consistently defend him, #pro arthur pendragon, #arthur pendragon appreciation club, #okay to rb if you want I guess, #I’m just so frustrated with the fact that some people in this fandom are so willing to worship Morgana and shit on Arthur, #morgana made some good ass points but that in no way justifies her actions, #and it sure as hell doesn’t justify flipping the script and hating on Arthur when he was consistently trying his best, #okay I’m done now, #alex’s ramblings
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