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#Let's Queue
Autist brother: Ple, ple. *shows picture of food*
Me: No, you've only eaten an hour ago. Wait.
Autist brother: Ple, ple. *shows picture of food*
Mother: No, wait a little.
Autist brother: Ple, ple. *shows picture of food*
Father: Okay. *gives him food*
Mother: ...
Me: ... *facepalms*
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have Neil Gaiman’s audiobooks on speakers for him/her. ALL OF THEM.
except for The Graveyard Book. That one I will do myself. 

have Jim Dale read him the Harry Potter books.

read him the Cirque Du Freak Series, maybe. (Mr. Tiny still fucking scares me.)

have my husband read him the Percy Jackson chronicles.

have famous British actors read him Shakespeare’s poems, among others.

read him The Da Vinci Code Series (in Order, please and thank you)

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@enclaveborn​ // walking dead meme // still accepting
“ we could use a soldier like you. ” (Jared at Riley)

So you keep telling me, is on the tip of Riley’s tongue. Not that he means Jared, specifically, since they just met, but… He’s heard the sentiment, if not those exact words, over and over again ever since he was brought to Raven Rock. It makes him just as uncomfortable now as it did the first time they said it.

I… uh. Thanks. Riley rubs the back of his neck, self-conscious. He knows he has Pre-War training, but… He never really felt like he was that great of a soldier. And he knows it’ll only be a matter of time before they find out for themselves, so maybe he should say something…

… but then they might not help him find Shaun, once this… new war is over. All he can hope to do is train more, make himself better, make himself useful, before he blows it.


I hope I really can be of help.

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Everything still tastes like ash. The very thought turns stomachs, sends minds down dark paths, yet there is too much to be done to facilitate time spent on the matter. It is for the best: idle minds would be driven to despair.

For the first week Thor, as with many of his surviving companions, had thrown himself into damage control. As the universe convulsed in the wake of tragedy the Asgardian’s priority had been first to Midgard: to saving what lives he could, effecting repairs where possible, and guiding what remained of his people to Earth. Constant reports and repetitions of the tragedy were already fraying his nerves. Natasha, Okoye and Steve were foremost in the business of handling governments and institutions. Good: it freed up Thor to focus his nervous energy on physical issues and saved mortals from his moods. Guilt and restlessness are a dangerous combination.

Gifted now with Stormbreaker, Thor had intended to make a few journeys throughout the Nine Realms once Midgard was stable enough to see what aid he could offer (desperate to assuage the helplessness in his soul), but the opportunity did not arise. Rocket’s thoughts had turned to the Guardians. That had escalated rapidly: between Rocket and Banner’s accounts of events there were still several warriors unaccounted for. That, of course, came with the unspoken belief that survivors were unlikely between both snap and the very fact Thanos had reached Earth armed with nigh all infinity stones.

Still, he owes it to investigate. He particularly owes it to Anthony.

Once the decision is reached Thor offers little time to say farewells. Leaving Valkyrie and the Asgardians still recovering in Wakanda, he informs only Rocket and Steve of his intentions before taking up his axe.

Magic and science may very well be considered one and the same in many respects. The benefit, however, of magic, is that it can be channelled and operated with minimal understanding of certain principles underpinning the mechanics. Thor has no need to know exactly where in the universe his companions are: if there are bodies, the Bifrost will locate them and deposit him nearby.

Several tense seconds pass as he hopes to make that connection; a breath he hadn’t been conscious of holding slips from his lips when the skies darken and a rush of colour envelopes his solid frame. Not all dusted, then. It hardly bears dwelling upon what he might encounter but it would not be the first time in his long life that Thor has brought the bodies of dear ones home.

He arrives aboard the ship in a blaze of light, residual energy leaking into systems which reboot and whirr into action. It takes only a moment for eyesight to adjust, quick to seek out a familiar face. Grief makes memory hazy but this is not his first time aboard: it is the Benatar.

Thor’s surprise, then, is palpable when he finds no trace of a Guardian but, rather, a mortal. A strikingly familiar mortal in a state which would twist his heart were he not conscious of the fact that the others’ is still beating. At once he strides to close the space, dropping to his knees, voice reduced to a low murmur.


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idol headcanon memes (accepting)

send ♫ for a performance headcanon.

there is one aspect of performing that mav is good at in the grand scheme of idol talents and it is his vocal abilities, honey has the voice of an angel. his rapping should be illegal (he will forever make half-hearted attempts but mav just wasn’t cut out to be a rap legend) and his dance routines are generally simple, easy, and subpar compared to most other idols’ choreographies (don’t let him do anything particularly difficult or he will end up hurting himself). though he still has small and easy dance routines that go along with his songs, nothing advanced or difficult is going to take place in a maverick kwon song or any song  he’s involved in. 

nonetheless mav has amazing stage presence despite just singing and occasionally playing an instrument while performing. he’s always been a charismatic person and is good at connecting with his audience both when performing or just chatting with them between sets (because it is no a secret that he enjoys to monologue when he can and practically hold entire ted talks during his shows). his shows are generally played in smaller venues so it allows him to have intimate moments with them all and he prefers it that way.

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been cheated on  |   been bullied   |   had your heart broken |   broken someone’s heart  |  told a horrible lie  |   been betrayed  |   been framed / set-up   |   stolen something of value   |   overdosed on drugs   |   been drunk |   cheated  |   bullied  |   been publicly humiliated   |   punched someone in the face   |   been beaten up  |   broken a bone  |   been admitted to a hospital   |   put someone in the hospital    |   had a near - death experience  |  been drugged   |   done drugs   |   smoked   |   been arrested   |   been homeless   |   been forced to commit a crime  |   died and come back to life  |   kissed someone you weren’t attracted to  |   bled severely   |   killed someone   |   been forced to kill someone  |   had an attempt on your life   |   made an attempt on your own life   |   lost someone  |   loved someone  |   watched a loved one die   |   failed to save / help a loved one |   felt helpless   |  watched your world die / disappear   |   had your life’s work stolen / destroyed

gone without food for over three days   |   gone without sleep for over three days   |  been tortured   |   been shot   |   been stabbed   |   been poisoned  |   been held prisoner  |   been trapped |   been buried alive   |   been held hostage   |   held someone hostage   |   been stuck in a different world / universe / time   |   been slapped by a parent or higher up   |   been abused by someone who should have loved / appreciated / valued you  |   had a panic attack   |   had night terrors  |   been in a car accident   |   lost your job   |   lost a fight  |   had sex with a stranger   |   been divorced   |   been abandoned  |   passed out from pain   |   cried yourself to sleep   |   spent a whole day in bed   |   hurt yourself   |   taken your anger out on yourself   |   taken your anger out on someone you love   |   been used   |   been manipulated |   felt used   |   manipulated someone else   |   had your memories / mind wiped / stolen or tampered with   |   been taken over by a hostile force  |   been terrified |   played a cruel game on someone   |   been forced to smile  |   felt too many things at once  |   laughed when you felt like crying   |   been in denial   |   been denied   |   faced your demons

tagged by:   @fasciinating <3
tagging:  @virentis@diamcndscarred@svitha@fromgallowsandgraves@sanguisfulgur​ (when you can ;_; )  @cruoren@starnamedlyra@cagcdbird​ and anyone else who would like to!

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studio jams : closed starter for @vldseungyong
where : seungyong’s studio, kmg building
when : sometime in the weekend, 10pm

tap. clack. tap. the sole of his white sneakers trudges through the hallways of kmg, and it echoes with the sounds of items clamoring together inside the backpack slung behind his back, revealing an eerie soundtrack of stepping into a place where he shouldn’t be (but in reality, he’s welcome, and it’s the invisible collar that’s shortened his breath to think so). he continues on, hands in pocket eyes detailing the outlines of each door, peeking through the small rectangular glasses, until he finds the pink hair he’s looking for.

“yo, yo, yo, yo,” he greets like a broken record of off-tune EDM drop, with the shadows under his eyes. “i’m here, and i’m in a fantastic mood.” and that he was, shown through the gleaming grin, deepening the dimples on his cheeks and his arms stretched out tossing the bag aside. no rhyme or reason, it was just the manner in which the sun set and the sounds of passing cars reverberated through the air that left the soloist floating astray on cloud nine: it’s just one of those days, and perhaps, it would do some help to sleep for more than two hours.

so, he stands there ready to be embraced in welcoming arms by the elder, but in reality, a brief greeting lying in a mutual hand grab ensues before he settles his fervor into the empty chair the abyss that is his unzipped bag, and the only items consist of a small tin, a pack of cigarettes, his wallet and the hard drive. (he reacts with a half-dazed jinx of a chuckle). “i have a hard drive but no macbook, but luckily i’ve backed up beats a few days ago. so we might be able to find something?” the words mumble out of his lips, accompanied with a lively grin. nothing was more exciting than a sporadic collaboration with no expectations.

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Red pine gouache commission, finalized and scanned! I’m pleased with how well this one scanned up, I hardly needed to do any adjustments. Some valuable lessons learned here!

Gouache (Winsor & Newton Designer gouache with touches of Holbein) on Fabriano Artistico 140 lb hot press watercolor paper. Approx. 6.6 x 10.4 inches (16.76 x 26.47 cm).

For commissioner’s use only.

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Thanks for thr interest! :D he’s romantic I think? I’m still trying to figure it out. It’s,, weird. Uhh somewhere between platonic and romantic but like. In an adult way

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Okay, so I think I’ve worked out what I want to do with Ganondorf. The OPTION for Ocarina of Time Ganondorf will still be there, simply because there are a number of things I still want to explore with that particular reincarnation of the Dark King, but I think my MAIN Ganondorf will be a sort of… ‘Redemption Arc’ Ganondorf.

… because I am a sucker for muses turned good ( or, trying to be ), as one can tell with my Dark Link ( and I am complete ASS at playing baddies, so… here we are). 

Since BOTW 2 Ganondorf is still so up in the air, given we only have that one trailer to go off of, I think I might use that to my advantage ( plus, Rehydrated Ganondorf. Like, yes. Hello. Only beautiful muses up in here, thank you ). I think I want to have it where this particular Ganondorf is very much aware of his past selves, and very much TIRED of being vengeful and bitter. If the goddesses are only going to keep working him, Link, and Zelda into this vicious cycle where they seek to KILL him over and over and over again, then this time, he’s going to defy them as best as he can through PEACEFUL means.

Now, this might seem MEGA EXTREME, but it’s the only way I can think of to kind of… work Ganondorf into all the games WITHOUT having to play every separate incarnation of him (because I do not want to, lmfao). Clearly, this dried up prune we see in the BOTW 2 trailer has been there for quite some time, and is still very much alive - why? Not revealed yet, but TIME plays a very important factor in this evidently (and, no, I don’t mean the HERO OF TIME, lmfao). I’m going to take this concept of time and RUN WITH IT, and we’re going to have it that, somehow, this revived Ganondorf can toy with the concept of time. Perhaps he’s able to tap into the eras of his past incarnations and manifest— and it’s in these separate timelines that he’ll dangerously attempt to sway the tides of fate elsewhere. Could mean a run in with that era’s hero, could mean a very weird encounter with that era’s Ganondorf - who knows. 

This makes very little sense, I know, but we’re basically playing with TIME TRAVELING, I’M-SICK-OF-THIS-VILLAIN-SHIT GANONDORF. 

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