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#Levi Ackerman

  • Asking Inosuke to cum inside you will take him by surprise because you were always super careful during sex.
  • It surprises him so much that he slows his thrusts to quiet the loud slapping of skin against skin, so he can hear you clearly
  • I want you to cum in me” You repeat pushing back against him, silently asking him to speed back up
  • The moment you turn your head and look at Inosuke you can see his eyes turn black as coal with lust
  • As he digs his nails into your hips, he imagines your belly swollen with his child and electricity travels throughout his entire being
  • Inosuke never knew he had a breeding kink before today, but your words awakened something buried deep inside him
  • He gripped your hips, digging his nails into your skin once more, and buries his cock so deep you can practically feel it pulsing inside you.
  • Insokue thrusts inside you at an almost unbearable speed. He bites down hard on his lip as his true animalistic nature come out
  • Unable to hold back his release anymore, he empties his seed inside your soaking cunt.
  • He cums so much that it starts to leak out and dampen the bed sheets. But neither of you have enough energy to care.
  • As Inosuke watches his thick cum drip out of your hole, he feels his cock twitch in excitement
  • He quickly flips you on your back and opens your legs wide, ready to ravish you again
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💖Levi’s s/o better make tea first, for the both of them.

💖Levi will talk away if he likes that person, so his s/o is going to get an earful.

💖However, the longer his rests his head in his s/o lap the less he talks. Because Levi doesn’t want to fall asleep.

💖Levi tells his s/o all about his day, and his s/o listens the entire time.

💖“Like I said the bastard had it coming…So this is what I did…and then I-“

💖Levi’s eyes will fight sleep as long as he can, but having his s/o run their fingers thru his hair while on their lap he eventually falls asleep.

💖Even for only a few minutes.

💖It doesn’t take Levi’s s/o long to figure out he likes to lay on her lap because asks nearly everyday.


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