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#Levi x Reader
leviathans-watching · 2 days ago
Hey im not sure if you take request but here i am.
So feel free to ignore this if you're uncomfortable, but ive recently been dealing with a creep asking me uncomfortable questions and just trying to get way to close. Not trying to load my problems here, but can i request the demon brothers reacting to this?
It would really mean a lot
(you can ignore me if you are not comfortable writing something like this)
the brothers defending you from a creep
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: a creep creeping (non-explicit), vague violence, very brief and vague allusions to (sexual) assualt, cursing
a/n: i am so sorry this is happening to you. i hope you've managed to get them away from you and gotten help. please be safe and take care of yourself. my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback so stop by <33
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer steps in front of you, eyes glowing red. “back. up.” he says firmly, leaving no room for argument. “you’re too close.” the demon tries to argue, but lucifer’s having none of it. “i said back up. no one wants you here, so just leave.” the demon seems to sense he’s angered the most powerful demon in the devildom and backs away, hands raised. once he’s gone lucifer wraps an arm around you, glaring at anyone who stopped to stare at you, attention caught by the confrontation.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon is all bark and bite. they’ve made you uncomfortable, and he’s not about to let that slide. “hey, dumbass, what do you think you’re doing?” mammon grits out, hands clenched into fists. “you’re makin’ mc upset. and i hate when mc gets upset.” rarely is mammon serious like this, purely in protective mode. “now scram! get out of here before i make you!” the demon wisely runs, and mammon’s instantly switching to worry, hastily making sure you’re okay.
Tumblr media
➳ levi knows he has to step up so he does, putting himself between you and the offending demon. “stop bothering them,” he says quietly, horns slowly forming on his head as he switches to demon form. he’s staring the demon down relentlessly, a ball of magic and energy slowly forming in a silent but sturdy threat. “i hate people like you. creeps like you. if i see you near mc one more time…” he trails off, tail lashing angerly. it’s enough of a warning for the demon, who quickly takes their leave.
Tumblr media
➳ satan raises an eyebrow, lip curling into a sneer. “what are you doing here?” he asks snidely, leaning in towards the demon who had been bothering you. “can’t you see you’re not wanted nor needed?” his glare is withering, wrath emanating from his body in almost palpable waves. hand coming to rest on the demon’s shoulder, satan squeezes slightly, claws sinking into their shoulder. “or are you too dim-witted to take a hint? fucking creep,” he spits, fangs glinting in the light. shoving the demon back slightly satan waits until he makes sure they're gone before comforting you.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo fixes his eyes on the hand that rests on your arm, the uncomfortable way you’re leaning away from the demon. in an instant, he’s at your side, hand coming down to tear theirs off of your arm. “if i’m reading this right,” he says, faux-pleasantly, “then mc isn’t into this. surely you wouldn’t keep pushing when someone said no already now, would you?” asmo looks dangerous then, truly demonic, but you feel no fear, just relieved he was there. the demon shakes his head viciously, and asmo bares his teeth in a painfully fake smile. “good. so what are you still doing here?”
Tumblr media
➳ beel stands tall in front of you, looming over the demon who was giving you grief. “what are you doing?” he rumbles, uncharacteristically serious. the demon tries to sputter out a remark but beel doesn't want to hear it. “don.t care. get out of here before i eat you.” the demon leaves with a dirty look towards you, and beel has to resit the urge to devour him anyway. “you alright?” he asks you, softening his tone. “they didn’t do anything, did they?”
Tumblr media
➳ belphie isn’t known for his patience, and this makes itself abundantly clear when he intervenes in the conversation you were struggling to get out of, attaching himself to you. “you ready to go?” he asks, but before you can nod, the demon tries to interject. “i’m not asking you,” belphie says dangerously, hissing the words. “so shut your worthless mouth.” you nod, and belphie whisks you away, already plotting the ‘accidental accident that demon was going to be in.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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saveyourt3ars · 2 days ago
What Levi really needs is to have some flirty banter with suggestive comments and touchy hands that ends up with you making out on his lap or him with your body pressed against a wall... or both... just saying
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jaegereism · 2 days ago
Hey there! I'm a big fan of your work. Also, I'd like to request jealous yandere aot boys x reader headcanons where they notice that reader has a crush on someone else or maybe is planning getting in a relationship with someone else
sorry if this took a while. i’ve been kinda busy lately. :(
Tumblr media
Characters: eren jaeger, armin arlert, jean kirstein, reiner braun, porco galliard, levi ackerman
Warnings: DARK CONTENT! yandere, jealousy, toxic behavior, violence, suggestive themes, non-con, kidnapping, suggestive themes, manipulation, mentions of cheating, abuse of power, physical abuse
Tumblr media
Eren refuses to let you have unnecessary power over him. He chooses not to acknowledge his jealousy. However, the more he tries to suppress it, the more his discomfort grows. He is not very good with words, but that deadly gaze of his speaks volumes. In the end, he will give up his ego and openly compete for your affections. Little gestures of helpfulness, simple mentions of your name, and passionate eye-contact will not go unnoticed by you. In reality, however, Eren is anything but patient. All hell will break lose if you are still insistent on dating someone else. Don’t be surprised if Eren barges into your home and beats the shit out of your lover, right in front of you. He would not give you an explanation, no matter how much you question him. The reason behind his silence is not arrogance, it’s his resistance to unleashing his anger on you.
Armin fears losing your friendship. He will most likely not confess his feelings to you, even if another man was in picture. He wants you to be happy, he really does. But the guilt of wanting you all to himself consumes him. At that point, he is conflicted between whether to hate your lover or himself. He hates your lover for winning your affections, and hates himself for not being worthy of you. At least, that is what he thinks. To him, you are a goddess which no one in the world deserves. Not Armin himself, and certainly not your lover. His delusions will lead him to create unforgivable flaws in your lover. He is going to accuse him of horrendous mistakes. Like the good friend he is, he is going to make you aware of those flaws. He will offer his shoulder to cry on when you are too disappointed in your lover.
Jean will be a demon in the disguise of an angel. He will act like the most supportive friend in the world as soon as he hears you are seeing someone. He will give you relationship advice and encourage you to share all the exciting details of your relationship because he is just so invested. He earns your blind trust at all costs. However, in reality, he is on the quest of making your lover despise you. He will never use his words against you, but he will leave false impressions in front of your lover. He is going to make sure that you laugh louder on his jokes compared to your lover’s. You trust him enough to not even notice the way he is too touchy whenever your lover is around. If your partner accuses you of cheating, Jean is gonna deny that statement in a manner which makes it sound like he is lying. In the end, your lover will leave you and Jean will be there to heal your broken heart.
Reiner is content with admiring you from a distance, never really feeling the need to make a move on you since he refuses to burden you with his miserable life. However, he feels like a fool when he discovers that you are in love with someone else. How come he never consider this possibility? He was certainly too lost in a world of daydreams whenever he looked at you. He beats himself over and over again for letting someone else steal you from him. He really tries to let you live in peace, but his blood boils at the sight of you with someone who he considers not even worthy of a hair on your head. In the end, he will allow his instincts to take over and lock you up in his basement. He considers you too naive to make your own decisions, so he is there to protect you from the world.
Porco is competitive by nature. He has a hard time accepting defeat in any aspect of his life, especially in terms of love. He had known that he wanted you since the day he had laid his eyes on you. He is not one to beat around the bush, his feelings were quite obvious from the beginning as he continuously pursued you with his aggressive charms. He was also delusional enough to believe that the feelings were mutual, until he discovered that you were in love with another man. Only he can describe the betrayal he felt. Porco was certainly not a forgiver. He would neither spare you or your lover from his wrath. He is going to kidnap you both and sexually claim you in front of your lover, bruising your lover’s ego just like you bruised Porco’s by rejecting him.
Levi makes sure that his demands are apparant. He has made it pretty obvious to the Scouts that you were his from the beginning. No one has the nerve to approach you in fear of Levi’s piercing gaze shooting daggers through their skull if they even walked pass you. However, if there is someone courageous enough to win your affections in Levi’s watch, you will have to face the consequences. Levi is entitled enough to calmly ask you to break up with your new partner. If you dare question him, the answer would always be “because I said so.” Levi is used to having authority over others. He is not appreciative of your defiance. He sees your lack of concern for his feelings as a sign of disrespect. If you still are insistent on dating someone else, get ready to be beaten up by Levi for seemingly insignificant mistakes. In reality, he is just treating you like a punching bag.
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oi-levi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Chapter Ten | Levi Ackerman
Summary: You and Levi form a new dynamic and come to an understanding, but not without a bump in the road.
Word Count: 12.5k
Content/Warnings: MANGA SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 139 AND PART TWO, sexual themes, rumination, emotional angst, mentions of canon-typical violence, self-hatred, guilt, post-traumatic stress, mentions of character death, alcoholism, allusions to depression, shared trauma
Author’s Note: Wow it has been a hot minute since I updated. Sorry for the wait - I ended up rewriting the entire chapter because I loathed the first draft, and it also ended up being 10k, then I spent way too long looking at this so now I can’t tell if it's good or not. I just know my eyes are burning. Though I do really love this chapter because it’s pretty much entirely Levi-centric! Big thanks to @lacheri for beta-reading a scene - she’s posting one of my favorite Levi series right now so you should go read it if you know what’s good for you!!!
Series Masterlist | Buy Me A Coffee | AO3 | Next
Tumblr media
Levi sits with his back against a tree, one knee tucked to his chest with the other outstretched in front of him.
Beside him, Isabel picks at the grass. She hums quietly, sprinkling the specks of green over his leg. It tickles where it falls, but he doesn’t stop her because he doesn’t want to have to entertain the redhead himself.
Furlan is off having a piece of gear adjusted by a Captain. From a distance, Levi can still see his brow wrinkled in concentration while he tugs a stubborn strap a few notches tighter over his chest.
It’s peaceful, mostly. Quiet conversation hovers in the air from a short distance away. A cadet is laughing obnoxiously loud. Wind rustles the leaves above where the midday sun threatens to poke through.
The break passes by at a slow pace.
Levi’s lost in his own thoughts when a boot-clad foot nudges his ankle. Distracted by her grass-picking, Isabel seems to notice the presence just as Levi does.
He grunts then glances up through dark lashes, brows and lips pressed into a firm, unamused line.
Sharp eyes and a tilted mouth greet him warmly.
“Oi, Levi,” the voice says. It’s familiar, as if he’s only ever heard it once before. Probably because he has only heard it once.
The back of your head moves in front of the sun so he can finally see your features. Right, you’re that girl from the forest. The one who kept up, who almost beat him. You spent more time talking and less time watching where you were going. It was a wonder you didn’t crash into a tree.
“What?” he sneers.
You smile down at him like you’re the happiest woman alive. All teeth with sparkling eyes that wrinkle in the corners. He wonders how someone who lives in a world as shitty as this one could possibly bear a grin as bright as yours.
Distaste lands on his tongue.
“Relax,” you ease. “I just wanted to say… I’ll beat you next time.”
His brow raises. “Huh?” Beside him, Isabel bursts out into a fit of giggles. Her eyes are shining and blue and her smile stretches so wide you can see all her teeth, kind of like you, but kind of not.
There’s something inherently different in the way you both smile. Maybe it’s in the eyes. Levi isn’t sure what prompts the realization because he doesn’t really care about you.
“You’re crazy!” she squeals, oozing excitement. Her energy spills out in waves that would drown any normal person. “No one can beat my Bro! He’s the fastest. And the strongest!”
Levi exhales through his nose.
You hum in consideration. Another shrug of your shoulders catches his attention, and you steady one of your hands on your belt. “Ah, maybe.” The other scratches at the back of your neck. “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see then, won’t we?”
Isabel giggles, nodding her head, and Furlan rejoins his friends. He stands beside you, offering a firm bob of his head to be amicable. You return the gesture.
“I don’t think we’ve met before,” he acknowledges, studying you. Something kind flickers in his eyes. Levi’s gaze drifts suspiciously towards him.
“Oh,” you grunt. As you open your mouth to answer, a shrill voice barks out a name, and your head swivels over your shoulder. When you turn back to the three, your eyes squint. “Sorry. They’re calling me!”
Levi watches your heels pound the grass as you leave. You wave goodbye over your shoulder.
He assumes that was your name that was called. Whatever. He’ll forget all about it anyway when he leaves this place.
Furlan breaks the silence. “She was hot.”
Levi grumbles. “Shut your shitty mouth and get a grip… Fucking ridiculous.”
Isabel howls with laughter.
His hand traces your hairline, pushing back stray strands that have matted in your sleep. While his fingernails gently scratch back into your scalp, he holds his breath, not wanting to wake you too soon.
The sun isn’t even out yet. He just woke earlier than expected despite how deeply he was sleeping, and now that the sight of your dozed face is plastered in front of his own, it feels like a mistake to even blink.
Levi slowly reaches down and tugs on the thin sheet below the comforter, tucking it over your shoulder. He moves the thicker blanket into place overtop. The last thing he wants is for you to wake up shivering from the cool morning.
His fingertips return to your face, feather-light strokes outlining the small scars and divots in your skin; one scar hidden under the hairs of your eyebrow; another more faded scar near your temple. He combs the messy hair of your eyebrow into place with his blunt fingernail, following the arch before veering down your jawline to your chin.
He pulls down on your bottom lip, follows the canal of your Cupid’s bow, brushes the tip of your nose, then your under eyes and your lower lashes.
His hand sinks back into your hair, scrunching soothingly before smoothing out the mess he made.
Memories of the night before trickle into his consciousness, and he sighs into himself, wondering if the clenching deep inside his chest will ever seize. Some intense part of him enjoys the discomfort that comes with it, because it reminds just how close you are to him.
No one’s looking, but his palm covers as much of his face as his fingers can stretch, shielding the blush burning on his cheeks. You kissed him, and he kissed you back, then proceeded to fuck you into the sheets like he’d never been touched in his whole life.
God’s sake, he’s felt your mouth once and already has memorized the weight.
You stir, face pinching as you roll onto your back. You have to blink your eyes a few times before your vision can fully adjust, and you drag your thumbs below your eyes. Levi watches with his head propped on his knuckles.
“You’re up early,” he greets with a hoarse voice.
You merely grunt in response and sit up, the sheets slinking down around your waist. Levi stretches his arm far to swipe his collared shirt off the floor and fixes the sleeves so they’re no longer inside-out.
“Here.” He holds the shirt open behind you. “It’s cold.”
You murmur an incoherent “Thanks” and slide your arms through the sleeves that Levi presents, only bothering to button half of the shirt. Levi’s hand on your shoulder stops you before you can get up.
“Are you crabby this morning? Hm?” he mutters, but his gray iris glints with fondness. He pops his thumb into his mouth and brings it to the corner of your mouth, wiping away saliva that managed to dry on your skin in your sleep. Your entire body warms. “Go brush your teeth then come back to bed.”
You nod, leaning into his touch, and he reluctantly lets his hand fall to his lap.
“Good girl,” he sighs. It reminds you of the way he sighed last night after every kiss.
You spend only a few minutes in the bathroom, but when you come out, you look a little less disheveled than you did when you first awoke.
But instead of walking around to your side of the bed, you crawl on top of Levi, bare legs pinned on either side of his body. He winces and lets out a grunt, caught off guard, but angles himself comfortably so the two of you are on your sides facing the other. The blankets separate your bodies.
“Hi,” you finally hum, nose brushing his neck. He can feel your small intakes of breath over his skin.
“Good morning,” he responds. His hand cups the naked backside of your thigh and slides up over your bottom. When his fingers reach your lower back, he rubs soothing circles. “Did you sleep okay?”
“Mm-hm. You?” You squirm around on top of him before wriggling below the blankets, your shirt—or his shirt—riding up so that your stomachs are pressed flush together. He settles the blankets back into place over your hips.
“I did,” he answers. “Christ. You’re so fucking hot.”
You laugh through your nose. “Thanks, I guess?”
“No. I mean, you’re like a thousand degrees. I’m sweating my ass off already.”
Your head snaps up and you frown at him. “Fine then,” you grumble. “I’ll just go back to my cold side— “
Levi let’s out an irritated huff. His arms lock around your waist and he rolls your bodies over until he’s on top, your wrist pinned beside your head by his fingers. Your chest sinks in, his eye following the shallow movement before flitting back up. He looks into your eyes before his gaze drops to your mouth; his pounding heart does very little to steer him away.
“Yes?” you inquire, breathless.
Levi’s hand moves from around your wrist to your hand, where his remaining fingers thread themselves within your own. You squeeze back, following the path of his other hand through your lower lashes as he picks at the buttons of his shirt.
“You gonna fuck me again, Lev’?” you exhale, eyes fluttering shut. You had sex last night, and that blissed-out expression that was there post-climax is still very much etched into your features.
He’s tempted to oblige you just to keep that expression there for a little longer. “Would you like me to?”
I will, he thinks, I’ll bury myself inside you until all you can feel is me.
You shudder as his mouth ghosts over your sternum, hand still securely entwined with yours. You feel more fingertips drifting up and down your side.
“You can do whatever you want with me,” you whisper.
He kisses you right over the hollow spot, thumb ghosting your already pebbled nipple. There’s a heat building between you, but it isn’t anything too unbearable, and Levi finds that it isn’t necessarily sex he’s eager for, but a goddamned good morning kiss.
Like he’s some needy brat.
But he almost feels a bit too shy to ask.
Levi studies you for a moment and decides you look ready to fall back asleep. He wouldn’t mind feeling you curled up against him, back rising and falling with even breaths while he traces every scratch and scar on your skin.
Is he allowed to kiss you again?
He settles back onto his knees and watches you drift off.
It’s been four years and he still isn’t quite used to how your lives have turned out. He knew he had to make it to this point—he had to make it to the end and see the results of his comrades’ sacrifices. And he stayed true to every last one of his promises. Thanks to you, he’s sure he did.
At the beginning, he underestimated you. He didn’t see the reason behind having a Second in Command, but back then, he had no interest in giving Erwin a hard time where it wasn’t needed.
Either way, you surprised him.
He doesn’t think you know how much you occupy his thoughts. Not now, and certainly not then.
At first, it irritated him more than anything in the world and consequently put him in a shit mood. He had to deal with you for the majority of his day, so when he finally had some time to himself, why was he still thinking about you? Why would he be able to hear your voice and picture your expressions perfectly in his mind? Why would he notice every little thing you did when he didn’t even try? He was observant but it wasn’t like he fixated long enough on people to find himself in a rare situation like this one.
Perhaps it was because you were forced together by none other than Erwin himself, which meant Levi couldn’t refuse you, even if he wanted to.
Levi glances over his shoulder and realizes the disaster of clothing on the floor. His body snaps into motion.
He remembers plenty of his life before you. He remembers the stench of the Underground—the stuffiness of the city and the dust that floated in the air. He remembers cutting through that air, with Isabel and Furlan on either side. The higher he flew, the cleaner and crisper the air he swallowed. He remembers the day they were taken from him, because that was the day he finally understood.
The world was cruel, but it would find a way to be crueler. There was always a way it could be crueler.
He pulls on a clean pair of briefs, and once the clothes from the floor are folded and piled on your respective suitcases, he tucks away the condoms and lube from the night before and sneaks back below the sheets. His legs are cold, but your body is warm.
You sleep soundly, to Levi’s delight, and he adjusts the blankets around you for a second time before draping an arm over your naked waist. His nose inhales the smell of the shirt. Linen sheets combine with something warm and sweet.
That reassurance he lost the day his friends died is right here beside him now, in another body, in another form.
Then, when he looked over his shoulder, there would be you. A superior and his dutiful, intolerable Second, who had a ridiculously high tolerance for ale and an appetite for competition that was never satiated.
It was nothing. Until it became long walks in the corridors after lights out, when the two of you were the only ones left awake.
Mulling over paperwork until one of you fell asleep with your face squished against the desk and the other working around them until the flame devoured the wick.
The tea kettle screeching before you took it off the stove, despite the amount of times Levi scolded you not to boil the water.
Corralling you into your bed after one too many drinks, and inebriated babbling that entertained him far more than he’d ever care to admit. Sometimes, when he was feeling selfish, he would keep you up a moment longer than he should have.
Stolen cigarettes shared below the stars in the dead cold of the night. When Levi looked up, he still saw his friends, but he didn’t try to trouble himself with what happened after death because there were more worthwhile things to think about; like that gleam in your eyes that never seemed to leave, that he desperately aimed to preserve and feared the day that it dimmed; like the quiet sound of your laugh, and the way the corners of your eyes wrinkled when you were so happy you couldn’t stand yourself.
And he just never fucking understood that unshakable look. You changed over the years. Became older and more beautiful and stronger. But that look—it was the only thing about you that stayed the same. Some sort of childish dream. Some sort of hope, that towards the end, never sat right with him; never felt real; only until that final moment.
Levi holds his blazer in place over his slouched shoulders while his eyes follow the carpeted path laid out before him. Flames flicker against the stone brick walls.
The sun went down hours ago, yet Levi’s still getting interrupted by cadets in the middle of the night, informing him of the Commander’s request to see him immediately.
Hence, his sour attitude.
He raps his knuckles against the familiar oak door, tempted to turn around and walk the other way, but when he gets the okay to enter, he nudges the door open and slips inside.
“Ah, Levi. Welcome in,” Erwin’s low voice garners a grunt of recognition from Levi. “Close the door behind you, please.”
He does as asked. It’s only then when he notices him and Erwin aren’t alone. In fact, you’re here. If memory serves him right, you’re the same woman from the forest from all those years ago, whose name he still remembers despite the fact he promised he’d forget.
Has it really been that long already?
He’s only properly spoken to you once before, but that hasn’t stopped him from meeting your gaze several times in the dining hall when you happen to sit at the same table, or during strategy meetings when you end up across the room from each other.
Your eyes are a bit duller than the last time he looked into them, but they still glow with something sharp that captivates him a little too strongly for his liking.
He stares at you, utterly indifferent; to you, it looks like Levi’s never been more bored in his entire life.
“Levi. You know Reader, yes?”
“Of her, yeah,” Levi replies. His voice is laden heavily with exhaustion. Hours of paperwork when you’re still learning how to read and write takes its toll.
Levi approaches, the smack of his soles against the stone floors interrupting the thick silence.
He stops in front of the desk and turns, giving you a onceover. “So, do you still say weird shit to people you don’t even know?”
An awkward laugh escapes your lips, and you scratch the back of your neck. Like before, the corners of your eyes wrinkle up as a smile forms on your lips. “Ah, right, I didn't think you’d remember that!”
“I do,” he responds.
Curiously, he watches you harden your features. You do a bad job at it, but with enough practice, you may be able to look as upset as he does on a daily basis.
You drop your hand to your side. “Well, do you typically glare at people when they have a better sense of humor than you?”
Levi doesn’t glare. He stares. Mostly because he’s a tad fascinated by that glow in your eye that crackles like a flame. He realizes they hold a fondness in them. Some sort of hope.
He didn’t care about it before, but he thinks he admires it now.
“I have a sense of humor,” Levi argues plainly.
You snort, shoulders relaxing. You become comfortable rather quickly with him once you realize he’s all bite. “I’m sure you do.”
“I do,” he insists.
Erwin laughs softly from his desk and interjects, “I have a feeling this will be a smart arrangement, then.” Levi’s brow arches, and Erwin takes that as his cue to explain. “Levi, I’ve recently asked you to assemble and head our new Special Operations Unit.”
Sarcastically, he murmurs, “You did?”
“After taking into consideration what your new position entails, I decided it’d be wise to lift some of the burden from your shoulders. Just to help things operate more smoothly, of course.”
Levi hums. “Oh? I knew what I signed up for.”
“Yes, well,” Erwin gestures towards you, “I’ve appointed you a Second in Command. You should get more comfortable seeing the Captain around. From now on, you will be working closely with her.”
Levi’s eyes remained glued to yours, his gaze bone-chilling, but you don’t dare break eye contact with him. You let him get a good, hard look at you.
He wants to make some snarky comment about how he doesn’t need a Second in Command, but assuming from Erwin's clarity on the matter, Levi knows there isn’t much room left for disagreement.
Besides, when he contemplates the proposal, the benefits obviously outweigh any plausible hindrances.
Not to mention he knows plenty about you. Against his own will, of course. And from hearing people talk.
Objectively, you’re an impressive candidate for the job. A diligent and smart Captain. Tough. Witty. Your superiors speak highly of you, as does Erwin, and Levi values his opinion above anyone else’s. Still, he concludes that you’re an intolerable and impossible person because he refuses to think anything else remotely “nice” about you. There’s nothing else to it.
He watches you outstretch your hand, fingers flat like they’re ready to slice through him. You wait for him to take your hand into his own and greet you properly.
Levi’s eyes acknowledge the scrapes and bruises littered over your knuckles. Calluses cover the pads of your fingers. He doesn’t like dirt, but from what he can tell, the beds and undersides of your nails are spotless.
He reaches forward and folds your hands together. Your heart catches in your throat. Something buzzes deep inside of him.
“You know how to make tea?” Levi asks.
You throw his hand down with enough force it nearly hurts. “Don’t get it twisted, Captain. I’m your Second, not your goddamn servant.”
Levi swears his mouth twitches. Erwin’s thick brows rise at the odd sound that escapes the man’s lips. It’s a soft, quiet noise which lasts barely even a beat, but by the small shake of Levi’s shoulders, Erwin can tell he’s laughing.
“I prefer iced tea, anyway.”
Well, you’ve done it now.
“Fuck did you just say to me?” Levi growls.
Erwin intervenes, “Feel free to appoint Reader with whatever you need, Levi. She’s at your disposal. I trust that you know what’s appropriate to ask of her and what isn’t?”
“I do not.”
Erwin tilts his head towards you. “Then the Captain will fill you in. You both are dismissed. Thank you.”
You and Levi filter into the hallway, walking silently side by side. He removes his blazer off his shoulders and folds it over his forearm while you stare straight ahead.
There’s something about your presence beside him that feels final. Absolute.
“So,” you break the silence first. “The basics.”
Levi stays silent, but you take it as a means to continue.
“Number one…”
You drone on, and Levi listens. Sometimes, when he gets tired of the conversation, he says something to provoke you.
He likes the way it riles you up.
Rain rolls down the glass windows like teardrops, and the relaxing splash coaxes Levi into the corner of his seat. His arms cross as he snuggles into himself, temple resting on the wall beside him.
He sleeps.
Minutes trickle by while the overcast sky drapes the afternoon in darkness. Though it doesn’t taper your mood. Your eyes follow the rows of words before you.
For a fleeting second, you glance up, your gaze softening at the sight. The corners of your mouth upturn and you settle back into the cushion of your seat, losing your place in your book, but it isn’t too much of a bother.
Levi’s shoulders rise and fall with every slow breath, his fair skin looking even paler in the grayness. There aren’t any bags below his eyes. There isn’t any inherent hollowness that comes from living too many lives in a single stretch.
His eyes flutter for a moment, slate-gray iris glinting below the flickering yellow light. He uses the back of his hand to rub at the scarred side of his face, scratching an invisible itch.
“Everything okay?” you ask, and he is soothed by how softly you speak.
He nods, grunting in response.
Your lips curl even further upwards. “We should be at the station in a little less than an hour.”
Levi’s hand dips into his jacket and he pulls out a pocket watch. He sniffles. “I wonder if the rain will carry over.”
“We’ll just have to see, I suppose.”
He looks down and acknowledges the paperback in your grasp. “Is your book any good?”
Heat crawls along your cheeks. Sheepishly, you shake your head. You were too busy watching him sleep to remember any of what you read. “I-I forgot.”
“You forgot?” He raises a brow.
“Mm-hm,” you hum. “I got distracted.”
“Oh? By what?” His eyes follow the menacing outline of tall peaks and forest green outside while yours linger on the sharp curve of his jaw. What a perfect picture Levi is, you think.
You wave him off. “Nothing. I can’t remember.”
Thankfully, he drops it. Until he opens his mouth again.
“It’s easy to tell when you’re doing that, by the way.”
You blink. “Doing what?”
Levi meets your gaze. “Watching me sleep.”
You gape for a second, trying to damper your own embarrassment by racking your brain for a way to defend yourself. But, there’s not really any point in denying it, so why would you even try?
“I can feel it,” he continues, unperturbed, his eye contact unwavering. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was trying to coax you to his side of the table so you could sit closer together the remainder of the trip home.
You shrug and sink into your seat. “It’s a habit.”
His eye glows a little more brightly. “A habit?”
You stare right back. “Yes.”
Levi doesn’t say anything more. He simply settles his head back into its previous spot and closes his eyes. “Makes sense,” he murmurs.
He has plenty of habits like that, too.
Petra, Eld, Oluo, and Gunther are dead.
You have a sprained wrist, and his ankle is fucked, but a sprained wrist beats a sprained ankle which means that you’re pretending to be Levi until he fully heals.
It shouldn’t bother him as much as it does. You’ve proven yourself, and he knows your limits are far from being reached. He also knows you’re no stranger to operating under Erwin’s orders.
All of your friends are dead, but still, that light in your eyes doesn’t go out. Levi thinks you have to be some sort of sociopath for that not to happen.
What’s your secret? What keeps you going? Do you sleep through the night or cry into your pillow?
He doesn’t know where these questions come from.
Never in his life has he ever struggled to say anything, but there are words stuck in his throat as you mount your horse and follow Erwin to the ends of the Earth to bring Eren back. Would you do the same for him? Follow him to those ends? Would he follow you?
He waits impatiently for you to come home, and he’ll brace himself in case you don’t.
When you do come home, you're caked in blood and dragging a barely conscious commander toward the barricade of nurses and medical staff.
Levi watches you. He’s never seen you command a crowd like this, or bark orders so loud the ground nearly shakes. The cadets listen to you. They make haste to their respective areas.
People move inside the castle, and Levi follows behind the crowd, glancing towards the 104th. Jean Kirstein is on a stretcher with a bandage wrapped around his head and dried blood on his chin. Mikasa, that gloomy brat, is attached to Eren, of course.
You're yelling again. People are shoving past you, and you knock elbows with an older guy. Harsh words are exchanged.
Levi’s there in a blink, hand on your shoulder to grab your attention. Your body trembles beneath his palms, and he chalks it up to adrenaline and exhaustion.
“Levi,” you say, voice hoarse. Your eyes droop but your irises are glinting below the lights. Shining.
“I saw you bring Erwin in,” he states, hand still on your shoulder. If you weren’t so delirious, you would question why he’s touching you like this and for so long.
You nod. “His arm is titan fodder but that crazy bastard will definitely pull through. They’re going to operate immediately.”
You begin to ramble, muttering stuff that sometimes doesn’t make sense. Your steps falter and you sway, so he grabs you by the bicep to hold you steady. His fingers dig in harshly.
“Are you hurt?” he asks.
“What? What did— “
Louder, “Are you hurt?”
“Huh, oh, no. I still got both arms. Both eyes. All my teeth. Fingers, toes, kneecaps— “
He wonders how long you’ve been awake. He wonders how long you were fighting.
“You’re done,” he says, and he guides you out of the stuffy wing, down the corridor and to a familiar room you’ve completed paperwork in dozens of times before.
Levi unlocks the door and makes sure you get inside first. Hints of pine and black tea hover in the air. You stumble into the bathroom and keen over the sink, head nearly dropping into the porcelain bowl. He has to yank your hair back to spare you a concussion—or prevent a concussion from worsening.
The sink is turned on and it takes a few seconds for warm water to pour out. He shoves a bar of soap into your hand and places your hands below the faucet.
“Are you helpless?” he remarks, covering your hands with his own to guide your movements. The white soap bar turns bright pink, suds gathering on the drain.
“Tired,” you slur. Your knees wobble. You grab the edge of the sink and brace yourself. “Can’t. ‘m tired.”
“Stand up,” he orders. He grabs you by your chest harness and straightens you up with as much strength as he can muster. When your hands are a little cleaner, he pats them dry with a clean towel. “Go sit down on the edge of the tub.”
He doesn’t have to tell you twice to sit down. You do it, hunched forward, and he winces as he lowers himself down in front of you and begins undoing the belts lining your thighs and hips.
“Your ankle,” you murmur. You never miss his pain.
“It’s fine,” he assures. “You’re such a brat.”
You laugh quietly. “I don’ need a shower. Let me go to sleep.”
“Why you doin’ this, Lev’?”
He nearly shudders at the sound of his name leaving your lips, and he tries to ignore why that is because he doesn’t want to add it to the long list of things he already doesn’t understand. “Because you won’t remember it,” he decides.
He skillfully removes all the straps, metal clunking against his floors, followed by tall leather boots. He reaches his arms around you and unbuckles your chest harness, stiffening when he feels your forehead on his shoulder.
His heart stops.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he hisses. “Stop that.”
“Tired,” you whisper, and in a small voice murmur, “Help.”
“I am helping,” he reminds gently. “Lift your head up, Captain.”
Your head feels like a rock as you struggle to sit upright, and Levi moves around. He maneuvers you into the tub, fully clothed, then turns on the water. Ice cold bullets pelt you.
“Levi!” You lurch up. He grabs the curtain and yanks it closed. “Cold!”
“Take off your clothes,” he ignores.
You poke your head out from around the curtain, wet and matted hair clinging to your face. The dried blood on your face begins to drip down your skin like crimson paint.
You look like a cat caught in a rainstorm.
“‘don’t have any clothes here.”
“I will find you something to wear,” he says. “Shampoo and conditioner are in there.” He hands you a clean bar of soap. “Don’t forget to scrub under your nails and get your ears. Blood gets stuck in there sometimes. And don’t fall asleep.”
Your head disappears behind the curtain, and before Levi leaves, he watches a red-soaked shirt land on the floor. A pair of breeches, socks, and underwear follow.
It takes you a little while to shower, mostly because every ounce of strength has depleted from your body and it’s nearly impossible to lift your limbs. You have to resort to sitting on the floor of the tub in a compact ball, knees tucked against your bare chest, heat resting on the very top while suds surround your feet. For the most part, you’ve managed to scrub out the soap. Conditioner will have to wait until tomorrow.
It has to be good enough, because the water stops. You blink up, then an arm appears above you holding a clean towel.
“Levi?” you murmur. “‘that you?”
“Yes. Dry off.”
Silence hangs over the two of you, and it’s almost quiet enough to finally sleep in peace. You don’t even hear the shower curtain opening. You just feel a towel being draped over your back and wrapped around your front. Instinctively, you seek warmth and curl into the fluff.
Levi’s strength never fails to baffle you. All he has to do is squeeze you on both sides to pull you to your feet. You step out of the tub, immediately struck by cold air that tickles every inch of wet skin.
“Cold,” you whimper.
A hand carefully brushes your forehead. Levi examines a nasty, raw gash in the skin. “Did this not sting when you were washing?”
You grunt. “Numb.”
His brow wrinkles. “You’re numb?”
You don’t respond. He doesn’t pester you, either. Instead, he closes his eyes and slips a loose long sleeve shirt over your head. He has to move your arms around to get them through the sleeves, but eventually, he manages to hike a pair of cotton sleep pants over your bare legs, and a pair of thick wool socks over your feet before putting you to bed.
You greet the comforter with open arms, kicking your feet underneath. The pillows are firm, like they’re rarely ever used, but you sink into them nonetheless. Linen sheets swaddle you from your toes to your chin. You fall fast asleep in seconds, breaths evened out, feet rubbing together.
Levi sits there for a moment. Tired. Can’t. Numb. All of your one-word responses bounce off in his head. You need to eat. You need to drink. You need your wounds dressed. So many things you need to do, but you can barely stand on two legs.
He brings the back of his hand to your forehead and makes way to your cheek. You aren’t running a fever, which eases some of his nerves.
“What a bother,” he huffs, then tucks in the sheet for good measure.
The bathroom is a disaster. It’s another thing that’s bothering him, but he’ll deal with it later. Right now he needs to check on Erwin, and see if he can be of any use.
Before he leaves, he spares a glance over his shoulder at the sleeping girl bundled up in his bed. Your body rises and falls with every breath.
By the time he’s halfway down the hall, he’s already itching to go back. Almost like it’s out of instinct; or a newly-formed habit, perhaps.
When you and Levi arrive at the front of the shop, Gabi is shoving the door open and flinging herself towards Levi. He grunts from the brute force of her embrace, and berates her gently while petting the top of her head. Your own arm slides around Falco's neck, tugging him into your side.
The door closes behind you and the bell sounds. Onyankopon pops up behind the counter, clad in an apron and covered in coffee grounds.
“Hey you guys!” he greets, tossing his hand up.
The four of you approach the counter, and you and Gabi place the luggage onto the ground before your fingertips instinctively reach for one of the leftover croissants in the case.
“We missed you!” Gabi smiles, leaving Levi’s side to run behind the counter. She pulls a kettle off the stove and fills two teacups.
“Thank you,” Levi murmurs. He slides into a stool, propping his elbows on the countertop.
Gabi places the cup and saucer in front of him. She knows she doesn’t need to tell Levi to wait for the piping hot beverage to cool. He prefers it to singe his taste buds.
Onyankopon hands a pile of letters to Levi. “Renovations tomorrow?” the man asks.
Levi sighs and begins to flip through the envelopes. “Yes. We’re getting new floors and paint.” He pulls out a folded sheet of paper and skims the fine print. “Shit.”
“What is it?” you sigh, resting your chin on his shoulder to read the letter. “Oh, taxes are due. Did you forget?”
“It may have slipped my mind,” he responds, his voice vibrating right beside your ear. It sends a chill down your spine. You don’t think you will ever get used to being so close to him.
Onyankopon pauses as he wraps the leftover pastries, brown eyes raking over the two of you. Levi doesn’t make any effort to shake you off, but instead he slouches into the back of the chair and holds the letter higher so you can see it better. You mutter something softly, and he hums in response. When you pull back, your fingertips brush the nape of his neck before you join Gabi behind the countertop.
A smirk tugs at the corner of Onyankopon’s mouth. Victory pounds in his chest.
“Why don’t you guys stay for dinner tonight?” you offer. You throw a dry rag over your shoulder and drag a soaked one over the countertop, switching between the two as you clean. Levi wordlessly lifts his arms and your mail off the table and sets it on his lap to avoid dampening the paper. You wipe around your saucer.
“We wouldn’t want to impose like that,” Falco shakes his head. He pulls Gabi’s apron loose and slips it over her head.
You wave your hand, “Nonsense.”
“What were you thinking?” Onyankopon asks.
You shrug. “Not sure. I’ll run to the store and pick up something. Beats whatever’s in the fridge.”
“I’ll come!” Gabi shouts.
Falco hums in agreement. “Me too.”
You drop the rags and circle back around, sifting through your bag for your coin purse.
“Are you sure you want to go out?” Levi leans closer, gaining your attention. You look up from your hands. “I know you’re tired.”
You grin. “Says the grumpy old man who fell asleep on the train.”
Levi frowns. The wrinkle between his brows grows dark but you’re quick to smooth out the skin with your thumb.
“Ah-ah,” you click your tongue.
“I’m not old.” Onyankopon snorts, and Levi jerks his head in the man’s direction. “You got something to say, huh?”
He pretends like he’s fiddling with the register. “Nothing. Nothing at all.”
You shove your coin purse back into your bag and turn to Levi. “We’ll be back in twenty or thirty minutes. Anything you need me to grab while I’m out?”
His gaze lingers on you for a moment. You look the same as you always have but there’s something different about you. He knows it isn’t the wispy frizz climbing over your face from the humidity, or the way you stare into his eyes with a calm expression. He feels nothing at this moment. Not a racing heart or clammy palms. But your existence still sweeps over him and makes his eyes droopy, like he could fall asleep and dream good dreams.
His face heats when he realizes everyone is watching, waiting for him to open his mouth. When he does, he dips his head and sheepishly murmurs, “Chocolate.”
“Of course. You want the same brand?”
With that, you, Gabi, and Falco all head out of the store. The sky outside isn’t looking too promising, and Levi insists that you hurry home, but that’s the last thing that’s said before the door shuts and he’s left alone with Onyankopon.
He still has that shit-eating grin on his face.
“What?” Levi snaps.
“You’re just a funny guy,” he chuckles.
“You’re intolerable. Are you done closing shop down here?”
“Yes.” Onyankopon takes off his apron and slides it onto the hook hoisted on the wall. After he grabs yours and Levi’s luggage, he spares the man a glance over his shoulder. “Whiskey?”
“Sounds good to me.”
Levi and Onyankopon walk through the apartment with purpose. The luggage is dropped beside the couch, and the lights are flipped on. Levi even cracks open the balcony doors despite the humidity (it’s chilly enough to aid in some air flow after the place has been locked up for a few days).
He hovers by the bev cart and lifts a glass vile of amber liquid. A memory resurfaces.
The smell of liquor on your lips. Your thighs straddling his lap. Your bodies pressed together. The feeling that he never wanted to leave this place.
And to think he didn’t kiss you that night.
With his thoughts slowly untangling themselves, he heads into the kitchen, where Onyankopon already has two glasses set out.
“Ice in yours?” he asks.
Levi shrugs. “Why not.”
Two glass cups are filled barely halfway with amber liquid and topped with ice.
He knows that Onyankopon is ready to bombard him with questions—an interrogation of sorts, which he can’t necessarily refuse because Onyankopon is technically the instigator behind what unfolded in that auditorium and that hotel room.
Damn him. Damn him because Levi fucking owes him, and he knows it.
Drawers are making a racket as the two men move about the kitchen. Silverware is placed on the counter. Pots and pans are prepped on the stovetop. From the upper cabinets, Onyankopon retrieves plates and glasses.
Levi takes a sip of his whiskey. Onyankopon mirrors him.
They partake in a staring contest.
“Say what you’re going to say already,” Levi grumbles over the rim of his cup. He takes another swig and holds it in his mouth, not really minding the potency.
Onyankopon’s face appears entirely blissed-out. “I gather you and the missus had an enjoyable weekend.”
“Get your head out of the gutter,” he sneers. His glass is placed on a coaster and Onyankopon tilts his head, enticing the man to continue. “It was nice,” Levi settles.
“It was nice, yes.”
“What else did you do?”
Levi thinks back. What did you do? You went to a few restaurants. Sat and ate and talked. Went to the beach. Argued for a minute. Played some card games. Went to a show but didn’t watch it because you were too busy groping each other like careless, hormonal teenagers.
“We went to the beach one of the days,” he answers. “It rained a lot, but it didn’t take away from our plans.”
“And the show? How was that?”
Levi throws his head back. “It was good,” he swallows. “I’d never seen one before.”
“Oh. And what was your favorite part?” Levi stares at him, devoid of any emotion, and Onyankopon bursts out laughing. It was obvious he already knew the answer before he asked. “Captain, you dog.”
Levi’s cheeks flush pink. “Fuck off.”
He waves his hand. “So, you’re finally together then? It was starting to get pitiful, watching you pine for her.”
“We aren’t together.”
Onyankopon’s face drops. The bemused glimmer in his eye completely fades. “Levi.”
The man in question nurses his whiskey. “What? It’s not that easy.”
“Not that easy, my ass,” he insists. He narrows his gaze. “You better not be sleeping with her like that, Levi. It’s pathetic if you are— “
“I’m not— “
“You’re not? Then what are you doing?”
“I don’t— “
“What’s so wrong about telling her you like her, then? Surely you know she feels the same. She has for years.” Onyankopon isn’t an idiot like Levi is. From the minute that he met you all, the moment he befriended Hange, he knew everything against his own will.
“What?” Levi grumbles. He shakes his head. “Don’t say— “
“Ah.” Onyankopon closes his eyes, never allowing the man to complete his thought because he knows that it’s probably pulled from his ass. His face softens. “Liberio.”
Levi’s silence is a good enough response as is.
“I remember that day,” Onyankopon continues, rubbing his chin. He hands a stack of placemats to Levi who begins laying them out on the dining room table. “Still haven’t figured out how to tell her, huh?”
Levi says nothing, again.
Onyankopon hums in consideration. “I suppose it isn’t easy to tell your partner that you got her killed.”
Levi wants to shout at him to be quiet, but there isn’t anything wrong with what he said. It’s true, after all. Besides, knowing the person Onyankopon is, there isn’t any malicious intent behind his words. He’s simply thinking out loud and assembling the pieces Levi unknowingly provides with his silence.
“She didn’t die,” Levi whispers. He's feeling lethargic again like he did on the train this afternoon. Maybe it’s the alcohol.
“Sorry. Almost killed,” he corrects, like it makes any difference. “Yeah, that definitely can’t be easy… being the one who shot her and all.”
“What are you doing?” Levi’s voice is low. Threatening. Like he’s being backed into a corner and clinging desperately to whatever defenses he has left. Something claws at the back of his throat and makes it impossible to swallow.
Onyankopon is silent now. Levi huffs as he slaps the final placement down, lips tugged into a frown.
“When are you going to realize that you did what you had to do to keep her safe?” he asks. He notes Levi’s posture, and the firm line that his mouth shifts into. Another possibility enters his mind. “Or maybe you are beginning to understand it was a mistake. And that bothers you more than anything else.”
“Shut up,” Levi grunts.
“Have you ever forgiven yourself for anything?”
He hasn’t, but he would, if that’s what it took for him to finally be with you. Eventually, he’d find a way. Because he wants you more than he wants anything else.
“I think you’re afraid she’d actually forgive you, too.”
Levi knows you would. “She shouldn’t,” he sighs.
“Maybe not, but when has she ever allowed anyone to dictate her choices?” Levi remains still, setting knives and forks into their respective places, lingering on his reflection in the silver. “I think you look like you’re tired of carrying all this baggage by yourself.”
“Thanks for the psychoanalyzing,” he barks, head snapping over his shoulder. “How much do I owe you?”
Onyankopon chuckles quietly. “Consider it advice from a friend who cares very much about your happiness.”
Levi turns away. He still isn’t quite used to people caring for him, and it makes him feel guilty because he doesn’t know if he’s worthy of their companionship. Onyankopon was a friend to Hange before he was a friend to him, yet he never showed any inclination that he wished for the two to switch places after they died. He took Levi as is. Somehow, that makes Levi feel like he owes him more now.
“I’m getting married in a month,” Onyankopon mentions out of the blue.
“I know.”
“You should be the best man at my wedding.”
Levi nods. “If that’s what you want.”
“Absolutely.” Onyankopon leans against the dinner table that Levi has yet to fully set, arms folded, while he waits for him to meet his pointed gaze. “I’m assuming that I don’t need to arrange separate accommodations for you two.”
Levi says nothing.
Onyankopon places a hand on his shoulder. “Yeah, I know I won’t have to do that, because by that point, you’ll both know for certain how in love with each other you really are.”
Levi shrugs his hand off and turns away. It’s almost like he’s too tired to patch up his walls, so all he can do is hope Onyankopon spares him by not looking.
He’s never done the whole “being in love” thing before. Ever since you started your lives here, in this strange place that still feels like it will be ripped away from him, he’s understood the feeling a little better. Most times, what he feels is too overwhelming to put into words, so he’ll bring the ice cream out of the fridge to dethaw or he’ll dust off your tiny antiques on the shelves instead. Maybe it isn’t good enough but it’s all that he’s been able to figure out.
Does it only matter if he says it? If he screams it at the top of his lungs? Who fucking knows.
“You went through hell, man,” Onyankopon offers Levi his glass, refilled halfway again. And his eyes are kinder. “So, it makes sense that you’re a pessimist. But you have to think about it like this: By the Grace of whatever higher power, you made it out, and not only that, but you have at least one person by your side who knows your pain better than anyone else.” Levi’s lips part. “You don’t think that means something?”
Levi doesn't really believe in that fate bullshit, but hell if Onyankopon doesn’t sound incredibly convincing when he suggests it.
“Shit,” he curses under his breath, rubbing his temple. “Okay. Okay. You’ve made your point.”
“Damn right I did.” Onyankopon tilts his head back and swallows a gulp of whiskey. He winces. “So then why do you still have a constipated look?”
“Don’t steal my jokes.”
“You mean, the same jokes you stole from a prepubescent kid in primary school?”
Levi frowns. “Now I’m not gonna listen to what you said.”
The other man surges forward. “Then I take it back!” he cries, and only looks peeved until a quiet laugh shakes Levi’s shoulders.
Onyankopon has to remain in his slanted position as he fully processes the sight and sound of Levi actually laughing, because otherwise he’ll trip and land flat on his pretty face.
Of course, there’s still that line between his brows that grows darker the more he hurts. But, the tension in his shoulders is gone and his expressions are lighter. Even his eyes will open wider when he talks, like he doesn’t mind letting a little bit more of the world into view.
“So, how was the trip, really?”
Levi covers his hand with his face to hide his blush. “Fuck off.”
“Oh, come on, Levi. You seriously think that I didn’t give her those tickets for one reason and one reason only?”
“You're a scheming son of a bitch.”
He cackles. “You needed the push.”
Levi points a threatening finger in his direction. “You set me up!”
“I set you up to get laid, and it worked. You’re welcome, by the way.”
He sighs. “Yeah.” Then he lifts his chin. “Thanks.”
Onyankopon’s eyes widen. “Excuse me? What did you just say to me?”
Levi reaches for his whiskey and pokes his head into the pantry.
“Don’t be shy, Levi. Say it again! Loud enough so I can hear properly!”
“Oh, will you just shut up already!” He slams the door shut behind him. “I said thank you!”
Onyankopon shakes his head in disbelief. “Incredible,” he murmurs.
“Yeah, you’re looking at me the way Hange did when they realized Titans didn’t have bowel movements. I’m done with this conversation.”
He puts his hands up in surrender, returning his attention to his glass of amber. “Aye aye.”
Right on time, the door creaks open, and Falco and Gabi enter with groceries in their arms. You’re popping off a square of chocolate and placing it on your tongue.
“We got stuff for bruschetta!” Gabi announces.
The three of them fall into motion, darting through the kitchen and preheating the oven. Gabi tries to smack Falco over the head with a baguette like she’s wielding a sword, and the poor boy nearly jumps out of his skin.
You and Levi linger near the dining table, a clean glass placed in front of you. He tilts the bottle of whiskey and pours you a glass, which you graciously bring to your lips.
The liquid burns as it goes down, but you don’t flinch.
“Not as good as that wine Paddy bought,” you tease.
Levi sneers then reaches forward and plucks the glass out of your hand. His eyes don’t move from yours as he places his lips on the rim where yours once rested.
“If you’d rather ask him for another bottle, then by all means,” he hums passively.
“Oh, come on.” You lean forward, flashing your lashes at him. A square of chocolate is held up between your fingertips—a peace offering, of sorts. “You know I’m just teasing you”
Satisfaction burns in his chest—or maybe it’s the alcohol—and he glances toward the chocolate. With a lopsided grin, you pop the square onto his tongue, his lips barely wetting your fingertips.
“Say something like that again and I’ll make you regret it,” he murmurs through sticky lips and a tangled tongue. His knee knocks yours under the table. You wish you could scoot closer. You want to be alone with him.
“Now you’re just tempting me to misbehave.”
“Okay, then do it and see what happens,” he fires back.
You pluck a strand of hair away from your mouth, shifting back in your seat, and Levi smirks because he knows you’re flustered.
“Do you like it?” you ask, nodding towards the crinkled wrapper of the half-eaten chocolate bar on the table. You rub your nose.
“Yes,” he nods. “Thank you.”
You smile. “You have a secret sweet tooth.”
He pouts, unknowingly. “No, I don’t.”
“Yes, you do.”
“No, I don’t.”
You roll your eyes and swipe your glass back from where it sits guarded in front of him. Levi is never one for dessert before dinner, but tonight, he continues to pick piece after piece of the candy bar, munching and cleaning his thumb after each bite.
You want to talk to him about last night. About the kisses, the sex, and the following morning. He’s talking to you now perfectly fine, albeit a little more tame than usual, but still, you hate not knowing what he’s thinking. All of this time and you still struggle. Sometimes it feels like you aren’t smart enough to read his mind—like you don’t deserve him if you can’t.
You want to be closer to him, like you were last night, breathing him in. The way his body felt melded to yours couldn’t be described as any other way than right.
“Hello?” he grumbles, tilting his head. “What are you thinking about?”
You exhale. Levi makes you feel loose and content. “You.”
You decide not to tease him when a rosy tint dusts the tops of his cheeks. He grabs his glass of whiskey. “Oh, really?”
You shake your head. Your smile is small but the glow in your eyes makes it appear brighter and wider. “Why not?”
Levi straightens up in his seat. “Surely there are better things to think about.”
“Not for me.”
He clenches his teeth. “You’ve had too much to drink already.”
“I’ve had three sips.”
“That’s three sips too many.”
The night continues on like that, with you and Levi secluded at the dining table and Onyankopon supervising Gabi and Falco in the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later, you’re topping the bruschetta with a bit of seasoning, and Levi’s replacing your whiskey with a full cup of water. A handful of appetizers line the table. Gabi has no shame in loading her plate.
Levi watches you from the head of the table, waiting until you scarf down half a piece of bruschetta before he starts in himself.
“How was the beach?! I want to know everything!” Gabi grins through a mouthful. She turns her head and looks at you expectantly.
You shrug. “It was cloudy, but we still enjoyed it, right, Levi?”
“She fell in the water.”
You slam your hand on the table. Silverware clatters. “No, I didn’t!”
“She found a recipe for lemon meringue pie, too,” he adds.
“I did.” You turn to Falco. “You’re good at the whole baking thing. Maybe you could help Levi make it one day.”
Falco nods. “Sure!” He reached for his glass. “How was the show?”
Levi chokes on his salad. You laugh awkwardly. Onyankopon tries to reel in his amusement but fails miserably when he chuckles into his cup.
“Uh, it-it was fine?” You do your best to
“Only fine?” Levi glares.
“What?” You have a strange feeling you aren’t talking about the show anymore. “Oh, no—it was great! Best show ever! Great, solid performance!”
The corners of his mouth quirk. “Out of ten, how would you rate it?”
You flail your hand. “Oh, definitely an eleven out of ten! For sure! Infinity out of ten!”
“Really? Infinity?” he inquires, staring you dead in the eye. “I thought it was more like a three.”
Your jaw goes slack. Gabi and Falco glance between the two of you, quietly eating their food.
“Shut the hell up, Levi!” you growl. “It was a ten, and you know it.”
He hums, “The actress was so loud and obnoxious— “
Onyankopon holds up his hand. “Yeah, you’re done.”
“Really? Loud and obnoxious?” Your grip around your fork tightens until your knuckles pale, until you finally relax into your seat. “Well, actually, I thought her male countertop was struggling to keep up with her— “
“Excuse me?” he bellows.
Falco chuckles tightly. “I shouldn’t have asked.”
The apartment is silent aside from the sound of running water and the occasional clang of silverware and plates. The ice in yours and Levi’s stemware has melted and watered down the potent taste of alcohol, lukewarm and likely to be downed by you in a single swig.
Levi washes. You dry.
Outside, the storm has finally caught up, which is the reason for Onyankopon, Gabi, and Falco’s early departure. Rain begins to patter against the windows, echoing in the living room where the glass doors take the brunt of the hit.
He should tell you how he feels, but he’s never been good with words. He’s never been good at comfort. He’s just good at cooking you meals so you don’t forget and making room on his shelves for whatever you’d like. He thinks he’s good at kissing you hard on the mouth.
The throb in his chest wants one thing, but he’s never been good at following that feeling, either. His mind and his shit way with words tends to sabotage it all in the end anyway.
“You seem like you want to say something,” you hum, sparing him a glance. You swirl the lightweight towel around the freshly cleaned plate. “Is everything okay?”
“What?” He perks up and pauses. “I’m fine.”
Though “I’m fine” is the least convincing pair of words Levi could ever say to you, you don’t prod. Mostly because you don’t know what you want to say yourself.
You should probably talk about this weekend. Last night, specifically. And the morning after. You should talk about all of it, because it’s so blatantly obvious that your relationship has changed, and these things don’t fare well when they aren’t addressed.
“Are we okay?” You ask, hesitant.
Levi stops. The sink water continues to run and drenches his hands in wet heat. “I don’t know,” he answers.
Your lips part.
“I just meant, things are different now. That’s all,” he corrects quickly. His heart begins to thump obnoxiously hard in his chest, making breathing and speaking and even thinking borderline impossible.
You agree. “How do you feel about that?”
‘How do you feel?’ Levi wants to get on his hands and knees and beg you to never ask him that question ever again.
He remembers this weekend, laying at the beach with you. For a moment, he had his head on straight. For a moment, he realized that if this was something he really wanted, he would have to give you something. No matter how small. An even transaction. If he didn’t give you some part of himself, he could never expect to have any part of you.
So, if he wants to know how you feel, he has to answer the fucking question. That dreaded, annoying fucking question.
He feels a lot of things that he doesn’t understand because no one ever taught him. He feels like he’s about to pass the hell out. He feels like a traitor—like scum of the earth—because he did something terrible and he didn’t tell you but he still slept with you and kissed you back and watched you sleep. He still let himself hope for a fraction of a second that this could be it for him.
He forgets everything Onyankopon told him. No, this burden he has to carry himself. This is the exception, because this was his fault.
“Levi?” You ask, holding your breath.
“I... “ How does he feel? How does he feel? “I don’t get it.”
A clap of thunder vibrates through your toes, and a bright flash swallows the darkness outside. In the blink of an eye, it’s black again.
You swallow tightly, slower with your movements, instinctively more cautious. The last dish is placed into the drying rack. Levi turns off the tap. Rain falls. “Do you regret sleeping with me?”
He stares at the wilting plant above the sink and curses at himself for forgetting to water it. Does he regret sleeping with you? He regrets ever putting his hands on you and thinking he could do it once and never want it again. He should regret all of it. Touching you, kissing you, entertaining those moments where he was on the verge of convincing himself he was allowed to be happy with you despite his mistakes. But of course he fucking doesn’t. There’s not a single piece of him that regrets betraying his own logic.
Firmly, he declares, “No.”
You exhale.
“But, I… I think you’re making a mistake.”
The silence is palpable. Neither of you breathe.
“A mistake?” The way he was looking at you this morning suggested this was anything but a mistake.
His voice is gruff. He pats his hands dry with a towel and wrings his fingers together below the fabric until they crack. “I meant what I said the other night, that I’m terrible. That there’s a lot to be sorry for. Because there is.”
You furrow your brows. “And I meant what I said.”
If you are terrible, then I am worse.
You could betray me, and I will still forgive you.
“Yeah, well… You shouldn’t say stuff like that,” he tells you. His palms fold over the smooth edge of the countertop.
“Even if it’s the truth?”
“I’d rather you hate me for the shit I’ve done than forgive me.”
“What the hell are you talking about? You go on and on about how terrible of a person you are, but I can’t remember a single shitty thing you’ve done besides try to stay alive,” you yell. Frustration wells up in your eyes and makes your face flush with warmth.
He stares, helpless.
“Levi, please tell me you didn’t just sleep with me just to sleep with me.” Your voice wavers. “Pleasetell me you didn’t do that. Because that is something that would make you a shitty person.”
“No!” He cries, turning around. “Fuck. I slept with you because I— ”
Levi’s shoulders are heaving and you’re looking at him expectantly, eyes glazed over like you’re about to cry, and he wants to punish himself for being the one responsible. His feet move without any thinking or prompting, sending him forward. Warm, damp hands cup your face, tilting your mouth so it slots perfectly with his own, and he kisses you hard. Your back meets the refrigerator, the door handle molding your body into a bow.
Levi’s tongue dips daringly past your teeth, nose knocking yours. There’s so much frustration. You swallow it down, gasping while his hand fists your hair. He tugs and scrunches, tilts your head to the side and scrapes his canines right over your neck. Your fingers dig into his shoulder blades.
You want it so bad, but you know you can’t have it. Not right now. Levi can’t tell you anything when his tongue is all over you, and you sure as hell can’t listen when he’s on you like this.
“Levi,” you groan.
He pulls himself off, shoulders shaking. He runs the back of his hand over his mouth. “Sorry,” the man murmurs, but something tells you he isn’t sorry at all. You don’t think you are, either.
You shake your head. “I… I don’t think we’ll get anywhere if we just keep fucking each other,” you pant, straightening out your blouse. His eye flickers down to your neck, where his saliva glints on your skin.
He nods. “You’re right.”
“Besides, we... “ You run a hand through your hair and gather your thoughts. “We have a lot going on this week, and… We should think about what we want out of this, if…”
“If it's worth the risk of ruining what we have.”
Your breath catches. A crestfallen expression hangs on your features, and you lift your hand to your chest like something sharp has cut through your lungs. “You really think we could ruin that?” Your voice is small, stretched taut like you’re going to cry.
“I— “ He wants to reach out to you, but his hands hang heavy by his sides. A headache throbs behind his scarred, blinded eye. “We both have so much baggage, it’s hard to tell if we’d make it.”
You nearly flinch. Through grit teeth, you hiss, “You’re a fucking coward.”
Levi’s head snaps up.
Your eyes burn. You didn’t think he was terrible before, but you do now. “Since when the hell do you give up so easily? That isn’t at all like the man I know!”
Levi takes a step forward. He doesn’t want to yell, but his voice raises, “I don’t want you to settle for me!” he starts, and he can’t stop. “You tell me all this shit like I can do no wrong! You have any idea how impossible it is for me to live up to that person in your head?”
“What the hell are you even talking about?! You know what I think of you!” You shake your head. Your voices match each other’s. “And believe it or not, Levi, but I’m a big girl! I think I know what I deserve without needing you to tell me!”
“Well,” he grows quiet and looks you dead in the eye. “Clearly, you don’t.”
“Oh, fuck you,” you curse. Your voice breaks. “I know what you’re doing.”
“I’m not doinganything. I’m not… I’m… I’m… Fuck.”
He blinks, and he sees red. This reminds him of the time he left for the forest, when you found him in the corridor prepared to go without saying so much as a goodbye. You stood down the hall, clad in casual clothes and swaddled by thick white bandages, still a little pale in the face, because you fell and he shot you; because that pool of blood he sat in while trying to bring you back belonged to your lifeless body.
It was an accident. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that, but your gear had malfunctioned, and he wasn’t thinking. His reflexes had sprung into motion, consequences long forgotten over a dire attempt to keep you by his side—indefinitely. A goddamn mistake, and all his fault.
He can’t tell if the fact you’re standing right in front of him, alive despite his carelessness, is a reminder that he hurts everything he touches, or the universe’s cruel way of keeping him in check.
But he still went and fucked with it anyway. He just couldn't keep his greedy hands off you. Couldn't stop kissing you, couldn’t stop fucking you. Somehow, that aching need he felt for you outweighed any sort of guilt.
“Don’t ever lecture me about what I need,” you say, your voice low and your words sharp. Your gaze cuts through him. “And don’t ever imply that I have little self respect to want to be with you. Because that’s also something a shitty person would do.”
He closes his eyes and nods, regret weighing painfully in his chest. A lump forms in the center of his throat.
“I’m sorry,” he croaks. “I won’t do that again.”
“Whatever,” you snarl, disappointed because Levi never seemed like the kind of man to be terrible and you just learned that he can be.
“Fuck, I amsorry!” Your name flies from his lips like a helpless plea. “I’m sorry about everything! I’m sorry I couldn’t save any of our friends, and I’m sorry I’m the person you got stuck with, and I’m sorry that I fucking hurt you, I— “ His breath catches, and his eyes widen in horror like he’s said something that he shouldn’t.
You slump against the counter, tears smudged below your eyes. Finally, you get that little peek inside Levi’s psyche that you’ve been chipping at for years. You see the guilt and you feel the pain, then the strangest thing happens. You smile. A pathetic, depressing smile that wobbles as it fights its way onto your lips.
You speak quietly. “Levi, if only you knew how much I feel like I’ve failed you.”
His face collapses. Your admission is like a punch to the gut, enough to have him nearly keeling over.
You wipe your eyes, blinking away more tears. “I was the one who was supposed to protect you. You know how impossible it is to succeed at that when your partner is the strongest person alive?” Your voice is congested, almost reminiscent, and raw from screaming. “I could never reach you, no matter how hard I tried. You were always better than me at everything. I never… let it bother me, because that was my job—I was supposed to bring out the best in you. Be the person behind the curtain, even if everyone else thought that I was a joke.”
Levi stares at you, that tightness growing more and more intolerable. His fingertips are trembling and he feels cold all over his body.
“I tried so hard to save as many people as I could, not for their sake, but for yours, because I… I was given an impossible job. But at least, maybe, if I could save your friends, I could give you some sliver of happiness in that shitty world we lived in.” Levi’s hand lands on your shoulder, his head bowed forward. “I failed. Obviously. I’m just a person, and I certainly wasn’t humanity’s strongest soldier. But I couldn’t die, either. No matter how badly I wanted to, I wasn’t allowed to. Because I had to keep you safe.”
“You did,” Levi reassures. “You did.”
“I didn’t.” You shake your head, pitiful. “It was Hange who saved you. And I let them die, too.” A wry chuckle rips from your throat. “I let everyone you love die, and now you’re apologizing to me for it.”
“Please, don’t say that,” he begs you gently.
“Why not? You don’t like to hear it?” you ask, placing your hand over his and lowering it to his side. Your fingers wrap around his wrist. “Are you sad to know how terrible and selfish I am, Levi? Do you have such little self respect that you’re willing to settle for someone like me?”
He grabs your biceps, guiding you back against the countertop so that your gazes meet. “Your job,” he whispers breathlessly, “was to help me with my fucking paperwork. Not save me.” Tears escape your eyes and he wipes them with his smooth fingertips. They used to be so rough, just like him, but not anymore. His thumbs run over your under eyes and your name is whispered into your mouth. “My happiness was neveryour responsibility. So don’t say that shit about yourself ever again.”
“So, you can say that stuff, but I can’t?” you argue, and he softens because he knows you’re right. “You’re a hypocrite, Levi.”
“I know I am.”
You give him a break. “There are worse things to be, I suppose.”
“You’re a dumbass,” he grumbles. His head drops forward until his forehead rests on your shoulder, hands on either side of your body, caging you in. You still smell sweet like you did in bed this morning when he didn’t ruin everything. “One of the only things that kept me going was that stupid fucking look on your face.”
Your heart stops. Your jaw drops.
“It was always youI could never reach. With that shitty expression. I never understood—“ He grits his teeth, willing himself to continue. “I never understood how the hell you could just… hope. How you always had so much of it no matter what.”
Your eyes are so wide that the tears well over and fall without a blink.
“Then I realized, the drinking and the isolating, and I-I was a fucking idiot for not understanding it was all a goddamn lie. You never had any hope at all.” His hand comes down on your shoulder and snakes around your neck, pulling you into him. Levi’s embrace is suffocating, but it protects you from everything that threatens to hurt you. “So, no. I don’t deserve you.”
You want to say, so what if it was all a lie? The only way to keep everyone going was to give them something to hope for, even if you didn’t believe in it yourself. That was the facade you chose to wear. The kind of person who you chose to be. Your choice. Your burden, and the only burden you would never share, because you would never want anyone to pay the price of your personal decisions, especially the person you love most in this world.
Your hand lands on his back, fingers digging desperately into the fabric of his collared shirt, searching for bare skin just to feel closer.
“Your only job was to be my fucking superior,” you hiccup.
Levi’s body stills. Against your neck, he mutters, “I guess we’re both insufferable overachievers, then.”
You laugh, raw and wet, a little lighter. “Yeah. I guess we are.”
“He needs a companion,” Erwin shrugs.
You gape at the man. “Erwin. Please don’t tell me you’re assigning me as Levi’s Second in Command solely because he has no friends.” When Erwin makes no implication that you’re wrong, you sit up straight in your chair, incredulous. “Do you also want us to braid each other’s hair and make friendship bracelets while we’re at it?”
He laughs deeply. “No, of course not. Levi has some lone wolf tendencies and I need someone who can squash those habits to bring him to his full potential.” Erwin’s using his hand as he speaks, You realize, which means he’s trying to make a point. At least the man has his reasons. “And honestly, I see the two of you bringing out the best in each other. That is all.”
You aren’t entirely convinced, but nonetheless, you digress. You sigh and slouch into your chair. “You gamble the same way you did back in primary school.”
Erwin’s eyes glow with a memory. “I always won back then, didn’t I?”
“You did.”
He smiles. “Levi will grow to love you.” The candlelight on his desk twinkles in his blue eyes. “And perhaps one day, he’ll understand.”
You wave your hand. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever that means. Just tell me now what color you want for your bracelet so I know for later.”
Silence stretches over you two, then, he bites, “Orange.”
You grimace. “Of course you like orange.”
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besotted-eros · 2 days ago
more levi pleasssse do whatever letters u have ideas for i love one (1) short sexyman
18+ only
J is for... Jack off
Levi doesn't masturbate often. His needs only really arise when you're around, and at that point he'll be fucked before he uses his hand over your pussy. But sometimes work schedules are shit and he goes days without sinking his teeth into your soft flesh... So he has a little ritual. It's always post work out, when he's already sweaty, with blood pumping every which way. He lays back in bed, towel underneath, shirt pulled up to his chest and shorts pushed to the bottom of his thighs... And a pair of your panties wrapped around his cock. The silkier, the lacier, the better. He watches them the whole time he's touching himself, humping into the crotch furiously as he remembers the last time you wore them. His firm balls bouncing with every jut of his hips, panting ever so slightly. It's not uncommon for you to do laundry and find an extra crumpled pair of panties, courtesy of your darling Levi.
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little-spoiled-brat · 2 days ago
pairing: levi x reader
cw: sick levi, caring y/n, medicines, vomiting
Tumblr media
- under the weather -
oeveryone sat around the table in erwin's office, you were supposed to have a meeting for the upcoming expedition but you couldn't start since someone was missing from the group — levi.
you didn't thought much of it when levi was sleeping in earlier today, you didn't have the heart to wake him up either. you just thought he was really tired and he was finally gotten the rest he needs so you let him sleep in. now, you were starting to think that maybe something was up.
"levi's never late to meetings" erwin pointed out, waiting a few more minutes in hopes that the stoic captain would turn up eventually. your eyebrows furrowed, slightly getting worried over levi's unusual behavior today.
"i'm going to go check up on him" you said, pushing your chair back and standing up from your seat. erwin nodded and hange offered to catch you up on any important things you might miss out on during the meeting.
you headed down the hall to levi's office and your shared bedroom, the door was still closed like you left it this morning and the paperworks on the desk were still untouched since it was left last night.
"levi? are you okay?" you asked, softly knocking on the closed door of the connected bedroom. you heard sniffles from the inside followed by soft coughs.
you softly cracked the door open to see levi still bundled up underneath the covers, used tissues filled the trash bin that was next to the bed. "hey, you okay?"
levi shook his head, burying his face further into the blankets. your eyes softened, seeing his runny nose and sluggish expression. “my head hurts and i can’t breathe“
you sat on the edge of the bed and felt his forehead to prove your assumptions correct that he has gotten a fever.
"you're burning up, i'm gonna go get you some medicine" you said, attempting to stand up and grab him some medicine from the infirmary but levi grabbed your wrist.
"stay" levi mumbled, holding onto your wrist with the remaining energy he has. his face peeked from underneath the blankets and looked at you pleadingly.
“oh levi. but you have a fever, you need to drink some medicine so you can feel better. i’ll stay with you for the rest of the day right after you take your medicine, sound good?” you said softly, running your hand through his hair. he pushed his head further into your hand, seemingly wanting more of the simple gesture.
“you come back” levi said, burying his face into the blankets again. you smiled softly, leaning down to kiss his forehead before standing up. you quietly left his office and heading to the infirmary, making a quick stop at erwin’s office to inform them that the captain and you are going to be unavailable for the rest of the day.
you had the doctor give you some medicine along with some reminders on the hour intervals to give him a dose. as fast as you could, you got some soup and water from the mess hall so he has something in his stomach before taking the medicine. you got back to levi’s office, closing the door with a soft click and walking into your shared bedroom.
you set the tray with the medicine, food and water down on the nightstand and levi peeked again from underneath the blankets. you helped him sit up on the bed, wrapping him in the blankets so only his face was visible from the bundle.
“here. you need to eat first before you can take your medicine so you don’t get an upset tummy” you said, scooping up some of the liquid into the spoon and bringing it up to his lips. you slowly fed him, being patient with every spoonful until the contents of the bowl was gone.
you gave him the medicine, handing him the glass of water before letting him lay back down again. you ran your hand through his hair again, brushing away the stray strands that fell on his face.
levi eventually fell asleep and you took the opportunity to change out of your uniform and put the tray back into the mess hall. you got yourself a wash cloth afterwards, dampening it before gently placing it on levi’s forehead.
you stayed by his side, reading a book and monitoring him closely. it was rare for levi to get sick but it usually lasts for a few days when he does. the quiet atmosphere of the room was suddenly broken by levi abruptly standing up from the bed, flinging the covers off of him before running to the bathroom.
you went after him, seeing him hunched over the toilet and emptying his stomach which literally consisted of mostly liquids from the soup and water from earlier. you kneeled next to him, running your hand down his back.
levi sniffled, whimpering a bit before flushing the toilet and slumping on the relatively clean floor of the bathroom.
“i’m sorry you had to see that” levi said, grimacing and pulling his knees up to his chest. you grabbed a nearby towel and wiped the side of his lips, wiping away the tears that fell down his cheeks with your thumbs.
"don't worry about it, i've seen worse than that" you assured — with all the horrible things you've seen a scout, vomiting was pretty much child's play to you. discarding the towel in the laundry basket, you sat on the floor in front of him and cupped his cheeks as he closed his eyes and leaned into your touch.
“i’m sorry if you feel like you need to take care of me, i probably look disgusting with the snot and all that“ levi apologized, opening his eyes and his grey-blue orbs stared at you. you smiled softly at him, shaking your head.
“i don’t feel like i need to take care of you. i want to take care of you. everyone gets sick sometimes, levi, it’s okay. i still love you” you said, wiping away the snot that still dripped from his nose despite him trying to sniffle it back and levi smiled softly at you.
“can i take a quick bath?“ levi asked and you nodded. you helped him strip from his sweat drenched clothes and began a warm bath for him. you filled the tub with bubbles, letting levi rest his eyes while you washed him.
you wrapped him in a towel afterwards and dressed him in comfy clothes. levi went back to bed, burying himself underneath the covers and you replaced the damp wash cloth on his forehead with a new one.
"y/n?" levi called out, eyes droopy and half lidded. you looked at him, humming in reply. "can you cuddle with me?"
"of course" you said, eyes softening at his request. you pulled back the covers and laid down beside him. levi curled up into your side, you pulled him in your arms and kissed his cheek.
"thank you for taking care of me. i love you, brat" levi mumbled tiredly, kissing wherever his lips could reach and drifting off to sleep. you smiled, holding him tightly and also taking a nap — making sure to wake up every few minutes to keep on monitoring him.
with your proper love and care, levi was able to get better after a few days. the beloved captain that was absent for a few days was finally back on the field to continue being mean to the cadets and everyone else. despite everyone being relieved that levi was off for a few days, they were happy that their grumpy superior was back and yelling at them for no reason again.
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ackerluvr · a day ago
levi’s always been quiet around your friend group. it’s not because he’s shy, or because he doesn’t like any of you (though to the untrained eye it may appear as such) - rather, he doesn’t really have all that much to say. someone so perfectly content with observing the crowd, gathering bits and pieces of information no matter how mundane it appears to be.
he knows more about you all than he’ll let on.
when you first joined the group, his stoic nature was something you figured stemmed from lack of interest or merely dislike. rarely did he engage in conversation or acknowledge your existence with much more than a short ‘hi’.
it really wasn’t until recently that you were proven wrong.
the six of you were all packed together in your friend’s dorm, savoring a night off from school and work and whatever else took up a good portion of free time. conversations were casual, talks of how shitty the week was or a bitch of a professor who apparently can’t grade papers filling the room. you, excited to finally interject about how much you loved your new english literature class, waited patiently for your friends to finish before speaking up.
“you guys, i’ve been-”
you’re cut off by the person diagonally from you loudly complaining about their job.
don’t give up; try again.
“i haven’t told you all about my new class i’m loving-”
“stop talking for a second so i can hear this.”
your friend’s words poke holes in your chest. still, you don’t want to quit now. they’ve had their chance to speak.
“can i just-”
“oh my god, no one cares.”
the comment was of course, a joke. you should know that, right? everyone’s laughing. it has to be. yet despite the teasing nature, as the group moves on to the next topic you can’t help but wish for the couch to swallow you whole. intrusive thoughts begin to plague your mind as the world around you becomes mere background noise.
you make everything about you.
stop overpowering the conversations. clearly no one cares.
don’t take this so seriously. have a sense of humor for once.
the words bite at your heart and you do your best to ignore them, to be a good friend and listen to whatever the hell is going on. just as you’re about to reel yourself back in, you feel something.
a tap on your shoulder.
your head whips to your left, where levi himself is sat on the couch at your side. in all the chaos you honestly forgot he was even here. not that he makes much of an effort to speak in the first place.
a small (dare you say friendly?) smile plays at the corner of his mouth.
“tell me about your class. i want to know more.”
steel eyes don’t stray from yours. it’s a moment of pure shock before you recover enough to talk. he’s never shown interest before - not many people have, if you’re honest with yourself.
a beat, and your chest burns with gratitude.
without further ado you launch into full detail, stopping every so often only for levi to urge you on as he absorbs every word. you can’t help but grin as you speak, answering any and all questions he asks.
you’re surprised at how wrong your judgement of him was - yet you can’t say you’re all that disappointed.
based on my real life friend scenarios and i can only wish i had a levi to help me out so i give you this messy and terribly written product of my daydreams.
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anlian-aishang · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 14: Multiple Orgasms & Breeding Kink
Tumblr media
“Please i'm begging, multiple orgasms/cumming multiple times + breeding kink for your kinktober event... Levi being pussywhipped, unable to stop cumming again and again inside and fucking himself stupid on the readers kitty just does 💫things💫 to me”
word count: 1800
tags: nsfw, levi x reader, impregnation/breeding kink, fem!reader
Tumblr media
You are mine today and you will be mine forever.
An oath he made on that day, a promise he whispered every night. It was the sentence you knew him most to say, but in second place lie a foil, Talk is cheap. Those matching rings, an infinite reminder of your endless commitment to the other, they never lost their magic. As years went by, though, and the more permanent you became, he realized: there was only one way to ensure you were bound for life.
Even if things fell apart, even if you came to hate his guts, after tonight, you were guaranteed to see each other for the rest of your lives. The result of the fucks he gave - you might trade off on the weekends, give sour glances at the holidays. That was only if worse went to worst, but with the loving he gave you, his intentions held a much sincerer longevity.
Instead, Levi fantasized of the eternal effects he would have on you. A belly that came to blossom with his seed. Carrying his child, your commitment to him, it would grow to be the first thing others saw in you. That cherished ring would become even more pronounced - skin swollen around it. In the delivery, squeezing his hand so hard, your imprint would become his tattoo. In a newly decorated bedroom, you would read bedtime stories before retreating to your own dwelling, eager to do it all over again - A second and a third time.
Coherent thoughts were wavering, though, that future too far ahead for his current sights. Before him now, you lie bare and naked on your back. Heels propped on his shoulders, torso curved up to him. Fists took desperate hold of the mattress, strands of hair astray and teeth tightly clenched as you ached to accommodate this new angle. Writhing against bedsheets that were pristine just an hour ago, now tainted with your perspiration.
The energy he rammed you with had you recalling newlywed honeymoon times. But no, it had been a number of years since then. The built-up passion after a dinner date or a night out dancing was a near match to what you witnessed now, but this wasn’t that either. Each vehement thrust he gave you was one more stir in your stomach, one more jostling of your mind. Where on earth did this come from?
It was not until his barriers broke, his filter disintegrated, that you started to get an inkling. As his abdomen flexed through those telltale waves, as his pace turned erratic, silver eyes gazed down to you through sullen bangs.
“Tell me…” Levi sighed, “Tell me how bad you want it...”
A deep breath as you took him in, preparing to try and oblige. Cut off suddenly by his lust, overwhelming even him, refusing to be barred, “... how bad you want my cum inside you.”
For that breathtaking moment, your heart stopped. The disappearance of your clean freak - drenched in sweat, relishing your juices that would surely safehouse his. It was the speech before your surefire promotion, a confidence that soared and brought you both along for the ride. Not only Levi Ackerman’s wife, but the vessel of his seed - the mother of his children. An honorific meant for only you, one no one else would have - him and his - a grip you would have forever, a grip you dug with fingernails now. Chills from head to toe - expelled through your ends, transferred to his neck where they lay - uncoincidentally his sweet spot.
Though it was his knees that banged against the bedframe, his muscles that fucked you time in and time out, his endless support that led you to your orgasm, it was you who had finally brought him to his.
Your burning desire, not extinguished, but fueled by the expulsion of his white hot cum. Singing nerves tried to serenade him, but he refused - strength dead set on filling you all the way up and all the way back. Claw marks on his forearms, pulsating pussy around his length, the torrid air colored with your words, all of you thanking all of his efforts.
Sex with a new purpose, priorities redirected from pleasing you to impregnating you. Ironically, that switch benefitted both elements: with this evolution in determination and drive, your pleasure reached highs it never had before. Foremost, that positive test. Your climax a welcome side effect. Combining the two cultivated a concoction he was instantly and utterly addicted to.
Even now, how he spared neither of you a moment. Still teetering on your comedowns, you felt that drive of your wedding night return - how he effortlessly flipped you to your stomach with only one hand, the other working his erection hard again.
Round two.
// // //
Entire front slammed soundly to his comforter. At the small of your back, wrists crossed at an X and tied in invisible bondage. Toes barely touched the floor, faltering exponentially as your calves started to tremble. Levi’s stance solid beside them. Solid like the length you felt at your lips - leaking like a faucet with his love.
So rewarding yet so irritating. A boundless cycle he strove to knot with every fuck. To every action, an equal and opposite reaction. Each pull out displayed his length: coated in the perfect mixture of your and his arousal - simultaneously lovely and infuriating - lovely how you were so full of him, infuriating how it was falling out of you. Every one of those pulls was followed by a purposeful push in - propelling himself back into you, working himself towards another injection - making sure you had him and held him indefinitely.
White knuckle grip on your hips brought a beautiful sting, his words an adrenaline to your bloodstream. “Take it,” Levi urged, “Take me in, baby!”
His endgame became yours. Your forever tie to him, his favorite forever your title. A sky-high goal shared was one you would only reach if you worked together. His seed, you needed it, and you knew how to get it.
Those toes that hardly grazed the floor, you utilized all their potential. Straining, arching, throwing yourself back down his length. Sensation seasoned with words, “Fill me up, Levi,” A harsh command quickly melted to pitiful pleading, “I want it… I need it!”
On another night, maybe he would deny you. Those brimming tears, those pathetic whines, begging for release, they all had their merit. At his bare essence, though, he was your husband. In a primal sense, your provider. Anything you wanted was his command. Anything you needed was that times a thousand.
That’s what I like to hear. Levi yanked you down his full member - throbbing with a speed even he could not keep up with. Tip slammed against your cervix, mindful to keep it there as his floodgates rose again. A swift spank of your ass beckoned, “What was that?”
“I - “ another spank, “Fuck!” You cried, “I need it, Levi!”
A growl so terse, even with your back to him, you could see his teeth gritting, “Need what?” Base of his hand massaged your nape, coercing. Dry palm slapped your curves, ordering, “Say it.”
Saliva spilled out through your unhinged jaw. Spluttering over your shameless words. The hottest mess there ever was, screaming, “Y’You, baby…!” Racing through your speech in the chase for that high, “Levi - Levi, please!” Adorably disrupted, “Please - cum in me!!”
That’s it. That flawless blend of begging and demanding, once again - while he worked up the sweat, you managed to make him cum with just a couple seconds of effort, bringing climaxes that lasted much longer.
The first conscious movement you were granted was spent on taking him in. Whipping your head back, relishing the sight of his weakened state, you thought that perhaps you would wind down this wild night. A cervix bruised could be soothed in a bath. In there, he would kiss your neck and delight your ears with praise - how good of a mommy you will be. In bath robes or birth suits, gazing up through your skylight - how good he fucked you, you could practically feel the swelling already - you would wish on a shooting star for a little extra luck. Pillow talk would revolve around your future kids’ names. In the morning, you would wake up, take that test, and schedule your first appointment.
That possibility delayed, though, as dilated pupils drank up his revival. Heaving breaths from his chest, muscles rippled in stretches, Levi had no quit in him - especially on a mission like this.
“On your hands and knees.” Rapid panting paused his speech, only for a second, no chance of slowing down, “Again.”
// // //
Like your wedding rings, a perfect match: hardened figure to your soft curves, his whole front pressed to your whole back. Perched up and slanted up, a depth the two previous positions could not offer - a whole new stimulation discernible even after the prior bouts.
How long had it been since then? Blurred eyes failed to read the clock. Two hours? Three? Was it pitch black midnight or was the sun just about to rise? Totally seized by Levi and his pleasure now, anything beyond this bed was out of your world. All of you for only him.
How long had it been that way? Your everything in each other. Thousands of nights you had slept together - although, this one would stand in a league of its own - Of course he could tell that you were about to cum again. And of course, you knew better than to think he would not tease you through it.
Skin slapping against your cheeks - a crude harmony to the flawless melody in his voice. Heightened breathlessness peppered his low tone and snide remarks, “You like that, huh?”
Tendons in your neck outlined as you strained to confirm. Lips just began to part when he interrupted you, vaunting, “You like when I fuck you this deep, don’t you?”
Eyes squinted shut snapped open. On your lover, a flush red beyond recognition, neutral calm replaced by a sneering smile. Saturated with satisfaction. Climaxes inevitable now, impossible to delay, impossible to think through. Helpless in admitting it, “Y’Yeah…!” your body’s craving supporting evidence. “You - it feels - !”
Calloused hand descended to you - palm to your neck, fingers caressed your cheek and dove past your lips where you instinctively sucked them. Simultaneously dictating - Spit it out, - and enticing - C’mon, babygirl.
Your cavern raw and scalding. Your walls stretched and chafed. Tire and exhaustion unlike any you had ever felt before. Pushed to your limits in your attempt to handle him - your capacity beyond overflowed. An intense pain you took even greater pleasure in.
To become Levi Ackerman’s forever, it was a test of all your abilities - a test you aced. Who else on earth could make him cum three times in one night? Who else was worthy of harboring his world? The crown adorned on your own head, the rewarding thrusts he gave you - unspoken but conveyed - No one else but you.
Your husband of many years - your triumphant thoughts were all but spelled out for him. A snicker, You earned this. A snarl right to your ear, “How does it feel, Mrs. Ackerman?”
A satiated smile on your face, that title visible in it. Starting tonight and only going up from here, your special bond would be outspoken to all - if not that jewelry on your finger, that bump at your belly. Head thrown back in hopes that all would hear you scream for him.
So fucking good!
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// Kinktober 2021 Masterlist //
Tumblr media
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“Movie Night” | Levi x Reader
Tumblr media
And I am 3 for 3 with this spontaneous Kinktober special! OF COURSE I had to write something for my favorite captain, so this little fic was born. And, I have a confession to make: this fic was shamelessly based on some new pajamas I bought for myself (an oversized shirt and socks that stretch up to my thighs), and one night when I was lying in bed, I thought of how Levi would react to seeing them... And the rest is history! Originally the prompt was going to be based around breeding, but I changed it to clothed sex at the last minute, since it really fit the whole sexy-pajamas-theme. So yes, this is a totally shameless fic, and I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 
(Also, some Halloween movies are referenced below! If anyone has some good scary/fun Halloween movies they’d like to recommend, I’d love to hear them!) 
Fandom: Attack on Titan  Pairing: Levi x Reader  Words: 2.4k 
Warnings: 18+ only (minors please DNI), NSFW content, suggestive clothing (including oversized shirts and thigh-high socks), pet names, dirty talk, vaginal sex, light spanking, slight dom/sub relationship
It was your suggestion to begin with. A Friday night, with no plans for the entire weekend, convinced you to suggest a night in with your boyfriend, eating junk food and watching scary movies just in time for Halloween. While he scrunched up his nose at the mention of junk food (being the clean freak that he is), he agreed to movie night, but on one condition: you had to throw in a few not-so-scary movies to balance things out. He refused to walk you to the bathroom and hold your hand in the dark for a week again, especially if last year’s scary movie night was anything to go by. You laughed and agreed at once.
And now, on that same Friday night, the two of you are curled up on the couch, half-watching the third movie of the night, with Levi’s fingers lazily threading through your hair. A bowl of half-eaten popcorn rests on the coffee table, right next to Levi’s nightly cup of tea. The fuzzy brown blanket Levi keeps on the back of the couch is draped over the two of you, with your legs tangled together, and your head tucked beneath his chin.
“Hang on.” You lean down to your laptop and click the spacebar to pause the movie. “I just need to change into my pajamas.”
Levi scoffs under his breath before loosening his grip on your shoulders. “Make it quick, brat. Don’t make me look at this fucker any longer than I have to.”
You snicker under your breath at that; a creepy-looking clown with a bundle of red balloons is standing right there on the laptop screen, ready to strike another one of his poor, unsuspecting victims. You started your movie marathon with Hocus Pocus and then the original Halloween, and now you’re nearly finished with IT. But it’s getting too close to bedtime, and you’re prepared to finish off the night with a light-hearted classic from your childhood: The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s been a tradition to watch it every year around Halloween, and you’re determined to make Levi a part of that tradition.
You slide off his lap and race into his bedroom—well, it’s practically both your bedroom at this point. Despite the apartment being under Levi’s name, you spend more time over here than you do at your own apartment. It’s just a matter of time and money before you officially move in with him.
The second drawer of his dresser is filled with your clothes. You’ve already picked out your pajamas for the night: an oversized shirt with sleeves that slide down past your hands, and matching socks that climb over your knees and up to your thighs. You bought it just a couple nights ago, thinking it would be ideal for the cooler October nights ahead. And indeed, it’s a comfy fit—perfect for snuggling up with your boyfriend on the couch.
Once you’re changed, you head back into the darkened living room—but Levi is nowhere to be seen. There’s a rustle from the kitchen, followed by a light whistle from the tea kettle. Of course. He’s gone to make himself another cup of tea.
It’s not long before he returns to the living room, the porcelain rim of a steaming cup clenched between his fingers. He glances up at the clock on the wall, before making that little annoyed tch sound with his lips.
“It’s almost one in the morning. How much longer is this shitty movie, you little—”
You quirk an eyebrow when he suddenly stops. “What’s wrong?”
It takes you a moment to realize, he’s not looking at you. Well, he is—or rather, he’s looking at the little bit of exposed skin of your thighs, where neither the shirt nor the socks cover you up.
He clears his throat and sips at his cup—never mind that the tea is probably scalding. “New pajamas?”
You smile at him, sitting down and kicking your legs against the edge of the couch. “Yeah, I thought they were cute. What do you think?”
He shrugs, walking further into the room and placing his cup down on the table. “They’re fine. Now, can we get back to this fucking movie already? You don’t want to sleep past noon again, do you?”
You roll your eyes and throw the blanket over your legs. “I’ll wake up at a decent time tomorrow, I promise.” Even though tomorrow will be Saturday, and you have every right to sleep in as late as you want. But it’s no use arguing with Levi—let him think he’s right, for the time being.
One click of the spacebar, and the movie continues to play. You resume your position from earlier, pressing your cheek to his chest and bending your knees, with the blanket over both of you. But instead of wrapping both arms around your waist, he only holds you with one—and his free hand rests comfortably against the bare skin of your thigh.
Two minutes pass. Then five, then ten. Unfortunately, you’re not as invested in the movie as you were earlier. Instead, all your attention is focused below the blanket, where Levi’s fingertips dance along the hem of your sock, just above your thigh.
Bastard. Distracting you from a decent movie like this... Although, you can’t be too angry with him. He definitely knows what he’s doing—and within seconds, you start squirming against his chest, eager to get in a more comfortable position.
“Quit it,” you tease, and you brush your hips against his in the most nonchalant manner you can muster. “I’m trying to watch the movie.”
He scoffs, rubbing small circles into the top of your thigh. “Then don’t wear this kind of shit, and you won’t have this problem.”
So he does like the outfit. It’s hard to hide your smirk as you lean up and rest your chin against his chest.
“Are you saying it’s my fault? I just like to wear what’s comfortable for me.”
“I’m not saying you can’t. Just don’t complain when you start—” He bites back a groan when you move your hips against his. “S-start doing that.”
“I don’t know what you mean.” You straighten yourself up on his lap, legs spread apart on either side of his waist, palms pressed flat against his rigid chest. “What am I doing wrong, Levi?”
It’s the way you say his name in that breathless voice of yours that makes him snap. His hands slide up your thighs and curl around your waist, dragging your hips down against his own. And sure enough, you feel something hard poking against the inside of your thigh.
“Fuck you,” he hisses through his teeth, “you wore this outfit on purpose.”
“So what if I did?” You send him a cheeky smile as you grind yourself against his clothed cock once more. “So what if I wanted you to ruin me?”
He’s on you at once: gripping your thighs, fisting your hair, yanking you down for a searing kiss. All the while, his hips buck into yours, and sure enough you start to feel yourself getting wet.
The blanket tumbles off the couch and onto the floor. You straighten yourself up, sliding your shirt up and tugging your panties to the side. Levi makes quick work of his pants, and before you know it, his semi-hard cock brushes against your inner thigh. You wrap your hand around it and give him a few quick strokes, smirking at the whines that leave his lips. The movie continues to play in the background, long forgotten as you sink yourself down on his cock.
“Fuck,” he glares up at you, sweat already lining his brow. “Such a little brat. You wanted this, didn’t you? You wanted me to fuck you, huh?”
You can barely shrug your shoulders or nod your head. All you can focus on is the pleasant stretch of his cock, buried deep within you. With his hands on your hips and your palms against his chest, you begin to move yourself up and down on his length.
There’s something different about tonight. The two of you are no stranger to spur-of-the-moment sex at this point...but it’s never this rough. It’s never this intoxicating. Right now, you feel like you’re going to burst from excitement—from lust and love and adrenaline—and the only thing that can calm you down is Levi, who’s panting and writhing beneath your body.
Maybe it’s the new outfit. Yeah, that’s probably it.
“Levi,” your voice is no more than a mewl as you start bouncing on his cock, “Levi. P-please, fuck me.”
He scoffs under his breath at your words. “Fucking pathetic. You just started, sweetheart. Pace yourself.”
Just to prove his point, he tightens his grip on your waist, stilling your hips against his. You whine at once, and the coil of pleasure that’s been winding up in your stomach begins to fall apart. But he shushes you softly, dragging his thumb over to circle your clit.
“Be good, and I’ll let you come on my cock. You think you can do that for me, sweetheart?”
It’s too tempting—the lust in his eyes, the growl in his voice—and you find yourself nodding vigorously, heat flooding your cheeks.
“I-I think so...”
He smirks up at you, tracing your lips with his thumb before letting it fall to your clit once again. “That’s what I like to hear. Now start moving—slowly,” he adds, with a devious look in his eye.
It’s hard to move at first, when all you want to do is fuck yourself hard and fast on his cock. But it’s the promise of a reward that convinces you to listen, to take it nice and slow, just how he wants it. Bracing your hands on his chest, you begin to move up and down, whining each time his cock grazes against that special spot inside you.
“That’s more like it,” he hisses, and his hand comes down on your ass, making you yelp and clench around him even tighter. “Good girl. See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
His lips curls, and you see a flash of teeth just before he smacks your ass again. This time, your eyes clench shut and your nails sink into his chest. His thumb circles your clit in firm, repetitive strokes.
It’s only when he tugs on your hips do you start to pick up the pace. Knees dig into the cushions of the couch. Heavy breaths fill the air around you. The sounds of the movie continue to play in the background.
You whine out his name when he smacks your ass for a third time, teeth nipping at your bottom lip. “Levi... S-so close—”
“Shh, sweetheart.” His voice is soft, pure velvet against your ears. “It’s okay. I’ve got you.”
I’ve got you. I’ve got you.
His words swirl around in your head, and your cheeks flush with heat. No matter what he says or does, he always manages to make you feel loved, even in your most intimate moments.
The coil winds up in your stomach again, faster and faster, with every thrust of your hips. You grasp at his chest through his gray shirt, nails like tiny knives sinking through the fabric. He groans and palms at your ass, tugging you deeper, urging you to go faster.
The way you’re chanting his name, over and over again like a prayer, you almost forget you’re in an apartment complex, and you’re almost certain his neighbors can hear you. You should feel ashamed, but right now, when all you can think about is how fucking good his cock feels inside you, all you can do is throw your head back and moan. Levi follows suit, burying his head in the pillows behind him, before reaching up and slipping his hands beneath your oversized shirt to knead at your breasts.
“L-Levi—” Your head starts to spin as the coil winds tighter and tighter. “I— Oh fuck— Levi!”
Your whole body shudders from the force of your release, stars dancing behind your eyelids, hands trembling against his chest. Levi moans from his spot beneath you, ramming his hips into you at a frantic pace. A mewl slips through your mouth as you lean down, pressing your chests together, and bringing him in for a fierce kiss.
He moans your name into your mouth as he stills inside you—and then, something hot splashes inside you. You hold onto him through it all, whispering sweet words in his ear as he comes down from his high.
You only raise yourself off him when you hear a familiar bit of music playing in the background; a quick glance at your laptop screen tells you the movie has finished, with the credits rolling in a sea of black. You snicker against his neck, and he cranes his head to quirk an eyebrow at you.
“Shitty brat,” he grumbles, tickling your thighs with the tips of his fingers. “Made me miss the ending.”
“Oh, please. You weren’t that into it, anyway.”
He only makes that little tch noise in response, before shifting his weight against yours. He slides out of you as carefully as he can, grimacing at the little streaks of white that dribble onto the cushions of the couch. But before he can complain, you grab a wad of napkins off the coffee table and start to clean them off the couch.
“It’ll take more than that to really clean it,” he grumbles against your hair.
But you only shrug your shoulder. “We can worry about it later. Besides, it’s not the first time we’ve done something like this,” you add, wiggling your eyebrows.
He rolls his eyes before hitting the spacebar on your laptop to pause the movie. “Go get in the shower, kid. We still have one more movie to watch, don’t we?”
“Oh, do we?”
He catches onto your teasing tone at once. “Or, we can just go to bed and forget the whole thing.”
A warm, fuzzy feeling begins to settle in the pit of your chest. As much as he may deny it, you know the truth: he secretly loves these cheesy movie nights with you.
“Alright, alright! Let’s go shower—then we can start the last movie!”
You grab his wrist and hoist him off the couch, laughing at the way he rolls his eyes and shakes his head at you. You’re practically dragging him to the bathroom—but just when you reach the doorway, you pull him in and hold him close, stealing one more kiss from those soft lips of his.
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bokebelle · 2 days ago
When Levi kisses you for the first time, it's so tender and gentle, even his fingers brushing the apples of your cheeks feel like the gentle kiss of a summer's breeze on your skin. you can't help but think that he holds you like you're a precious piece of china because he's afraid you might break if he gives in just a bit more - to an extent you're right.
but the truth is, Levi's afraid he's going to break. Levi hesitates to hold you tighter because he's afraid you would crumble under his touch and be blown away by the wind. he's afraid you'll disappear in the blink of an eye and all he'll be left with is the ghost of your lips against his. someone like you could never fall for someone like him and if he opens and you're not there, that would break him.
Levi is a fragile soul hidden under a toughened shell, and the moment you kiss him, that soul is laid bare for you to love. And love isn't something Levi is used to. So he kisses you softly, to make sure you both don't break. To make sure you aren't a cruel joke the universe is playing on him, and to make sure his own heart doesn't break out of his own selfish wants.
You can break Levi, just as easy as he can break you, but you don't know that and neither does he. And with a soft kiss that ahs so much to offer, a kiss where he lays out all he is, he hopes you can love him the way he needs to be loved, because he's in love with you. He loves you with his mind, body, and soul, and he's willing to give you all of that, if you simply give him the chance.
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sabitosimpb · 2 days ago
How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend
1. Always make time for her, brats. If you try to push her away, she'll find a way to get you to spend time with her. As always, Levi would wake up after a couple of hours of sleep, which wasn't very healthy for him, and he would start his day. He has breakfast, has a half an hour break to do whatever he wants before his squad awaits him on the training ground. Once their training session finishes, he heads to his office, getting ready to make a start on the paperwork that resided on his desk. And that's when she comes in with a tray and a smile adorning her lips. She placed the tray on the wooden surface and gave him a cup of tea with steam dancing around over it. Levi quietly thanked her as she took her own cup of tea and sat on the edge of the desk. After taking a sip, smoky hues glanced at the face of the person he loved (though, he would never say that aloud unless he was in the mood to be sappy). He shot her a questioning look since she was just staring at him, her tea long forgotten. "What do you want?" Without a single word leaving her lips, she leapt off of the desk and made herself comfortable on Levi's lap. He bit back a huff when she buried her face into the crook of his neck and placed butterfly kisses over his skin. "(Y/N), I have a sh*t ton of paperwork to do." "And...? Are you prioritising your work over me - your wonderful, loving, best ever girlfriend?" she sassed back, removing her face from his neck. "You know I'm always putting you first. It's just that I want to finish this and deliver it to Eyebrows so he can get off my back." "Fine," the curt word left her lips as she got off of the raven-haired male. "I guess you don't love me anymore." The last thing he saw was a pout before she disappeared into his bedroom. Sighing, Levi ran a hand through his hair and scraped his chair against the floor, standing up and walking into the room his girlfriend decided to retreat to. She laid on her side, beautiful, (E/C) orbs on the radiant sky outside the window that was slightly ajar, letting a refreshing breeze into the room. Levi laid behind her, his chest barely brushing her back as he looped his muscular arms around her waist, tugging her closer to him. Even though he couldn't see her face, he could bet that she still forced on a pout that deterred a smirk from appearing. "I'm sorry, (Y/N)," he hummed, kissing the back of her neck. "I can leave the paperwork for later since I don't have to finish it until tomorrow." A smile sprang onto (Y/N)'s lips when she twisted her body around and snuggled into Levi after pecking his lips. He let a smile of his own conquer his lips even though he was still mildly irritated that she always finds a way to make him waste time. "I love you, Levi." "And you know I do, too, otherwise, I wouldn't be here cuddling with you."
2. Do not call her 'brat' (unless you don't wish to reproduce). There she was, training a bunch of poor excuses of soldiers meant to protect humanity. Yeah, well, forget about them, they have no significance. Only the woman teaching them does. She stood there with a wrinkle formed in between her brows, yet a miniature smile rested on her soft lips. Her arms were crossed in front of her chest as her melodic voice sounded over the hushed voices of scouts who had the f*cking audacity to talk over her. She could obviously hear them, but being the generous person she is, she didn't bother in shouting at them. Or maybe it was because she knew it wouldn't make them stop. Anyway, back to her beautiful self: her luscious tresses danced with the faint breeze that caressed her face, which held glistening eyes, a boopable nose, and lips that Levi made swollen. Then, let's go to her amazing body that Levi has caused to ache and covered it in love bites and such. If you're getting sick of the description, just imagine the sexiest goddess and multiply her beauty by fifty. You'll still be nowhere near imagining the woman standing there, but it's closest you could get. Once the scouts got to training and (Y/N) just watched over them, her boyfriend came into sight as he approached her. "Hi, my love," she beamed. "Hi, brat," Levi replied and was about to peck her nose, however, that didn't happen when he stumbled back when his girlfriend pushed him. A frown danced on his face. "What the hell are you doing?" "Don't call me 'brat'," she growled and edged closer to him before thrusting her knee into a place that seemed as if it had an effect on the boys watching as they all winced and let out sounds of pain (seriously though, is it something that boys magically react to even though it's not them that's getting kneed in the nuts?). The Corporal dropped to the ground as his 'wonderful, loving, best ever girlfriend' smirked down at him before facing her squad. "Girls, this is how you deal with jerks that don't know how to treat you right. Now, get back to training!" After her little piece of advice, (Y/N) turned back around to the groaning Levi, sprawled on the floor. "Love ya, my honey," she piped and crouched down to peck his forehead. 'F*cking brat...' Levi thought once her lips touched his skin. 3. Show that you love her; randomly attack her with affection, or just cheer her up when she's down, or simply keep her company while she's relaxing. Cheesy sh*t like that (do excuse my language, sh*theads). The sun beamed down on the training grounds (though, the sun could never compare to her smile) where scouts were lazing around because of the heat smouldering them. Levi could care less since he wasn't in the mood to scold them or train them. So he headed over to (Y/N), who took cover under the shade of a tree that loomed over her as if protecting her. She sat down cross-legged on the emerald grass, leaning her back against the trunk of a tree as she had a book in her lap. As to not disturb her too much, Levi quietly neared her before settling on the grass beside her. She gazed at him with a tender smile touching her lips before facing the book again. He rested an arm around her shoulders and made her rest her head on his shoulder. Once she did, he started to run his hands over her (H/C), silky locks. The action soothed both of them. Shortly, lips softly pressed against the top of her head, which made her put the book down as she lifted her head off of Levi's shoulder to face him. A smirk rested on his lips and (Y/N) leaned forward to kiss him. Fingers tangled themselves in her hair as she placed a single hand on his shoulder and shuffled closer to him. Teeth gently nibbled on her bottom lip and she parted them, letting his tongue slip into her mouth and dance with her wet muscle. A soft sigh left her lips and vibrated against his before they pulled away. (Y/N) licked the string of their combined saliva away, resting her forehead against Levi's. No words were spoken, but that didn't matter since no words were needed. ~/~ Everyone had distress written all over their faces after another miserable expedition. Many losses, many injuries, many disasters. And everyone included (Y/N). She was in her room, lying down in her bed with the covers encasing her as she quietly sobbed, clutching a piece of fabric against her chest. Marie, her best friend that she's known ever since she joined the Survey Corps, had died on this expedition. She hadn't been there to try to save Marie and she blamed herself for that. She blamed herself for being a terrible friend. "(Y/N)?" Levi softly called once he padded into her bedroom. He got no response, except sobs as he approached her. The raven sat on the edge of the bed and gently tugged (Y/N) onto his lap and cradled her, tucking her head under his chin. He hushed her like a mother to her child and rubbed comforting circles on her back. He knew anything he tried to do would be useless since it was her best friend that she lost. Losing anyone was difficult, but losing someone that was close to you was something that no one wished to experience. "... I-I wasn't eve-en th-there in h-he-er... last mo-oments-s..." "Shh. Don't talk, my love." With some more calming words, her sobs soon quietened and there were only a few tears. Levi forced her to get ready for bed and sleep since she hasn't rested since they came back from the expedition. Her boyfriend changed into something more comfortable before crawling in next to her. He wrapped his arms around his girlfriend protectively and pulled her close, promising that he'll keep her safe, no matter what. ~/~ The (H/C)-haired female stared out of her open window, watching over the scouts that messed around on the training grounds as a subconscious smile fell on her face. She was so engrossed in the azure sky, the puffs of white, the luminous spotlight and the scouts that she didn't even hear her office door open. She continued smiling and staring until a fit of giggles suddenly took over. She tried slapping away the hands that tickled her sides and squirmed in her spot before slowly dropping to the ground as fingers proceeded to tickle her further. "Levi!! Stop, stop!! Levi, seriously...! I'm going to pee myself!" she said in between giggles and pants, trying to push the human on top of her off. Soon, there was no movement, only (Y/N)'s chest rising and falling as she caught her breath and gazed into grey hues. Once oxygen was back into her lungs, slightly chapped lips moulded with hers for a slow dance as she was pinned to the floor. "What was all this for?" she whispered with a grin when their lips parted. "I was bored and you were off guard." "Hm. I love you so much, Levi," she hummed and brushed his ebony locks back from his forehead. "I love you so much, too," he murmured before smashing his lips against hers once more. 4. Never call her a monster when she's on her period. Also, always attend to her needs before said monster comes out. Levi just barely dodged the book that was thrown at him as he retreated into his office, trying to take cover from the monster that lay in his bed. Though, he shouldn't call her monster anymore since the book was launched at him for that very reason. Not wanting to interact with the beast any further, he sat as his desk and finished off the pile of paperwork that decided to wander onto the surface. "LEVI!!!" Aforementioned male's hand had slipped and caused the ink to ruin the page. He clicked his tongue as quietly as he could before getting up and leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom. "Yes?" "Could you get me some mint tea, my darling?" she asked with an innocent voice. "Okay," Levi said and walked away, leaving to get (Y/N) tea, being the amazing boyfriend he is. "Levi!!" 'What's the f*ck is wrong now?" Levi groaned internally before facing her once again. "When you come back, can you cuddle with me?" "... Sure." "Okay. Thank you, my sweetheart." Finally, he was able to leave his office and not have to her screaming his name. Yeah, she was in a bed, but he would prefer if he was in that bed with her as she screamed his name. However, he can't do that right now. Levi made (Y/N) her tea before going back to his room and giving it to her. She took a sip, let out a satisfied sigh before yanking the short male down onto the bed. Damn, even though she's in pain, she's f*cking strong. His chest collided with hers before he rolled onto the side, embracing her and rubbing circles on her abdomen that seemed to help her. "Levi?" "Hm?" "Do you hate me?" "... No." Ah, the hesitation. Why did he hesitate? If he didn't, everything would be fine. "I said: Levi, do you hate me?" she repeated, gritting her teeth. "Of course not, darling. I love you more than you could ever imagine." Ugh, those words made him feel nauseous, but if it meant he could keep his head, he would say it. Well, it's not like he was lying. 5. Help her. She may be terrifying and strong at times, but she still acts like a damsel in distress when she's perfectly fine. Levi sat at his desk, pen in hand as his eyes grazed over the words written on a piece of paper that resided on his desk. It was almost f*cking midnight and he had to send in this report to Erwin by tomorrow morning. Distracting him from his work, (Y/N) stumbled into his office and dropped a tray that held two cups of tea. He barely regarded her before getting back to his task. He knew she was glaring at him but decided to do nothing about it. "Levi!" "What do you want?" he muttered. "Would you mind helping me?" "You're the one that dropped it." Her eyes narrowed and she clenched her fists before standing up and storming over to his desk. This is when he finally decided to look at her when she towered over him with her index finger pointing towards him. "You're such a jerk, you know." "I know. Go clean up that mess." She sighed and flicked his forehead before doing as he said, no matter how impolite he was being. Once she wiped up the tea with wipes and a spray, she started to clean up the shattered glass. As she did that, Levi crouched down in front of her and helped his girlfriend, who just stared at him. "Stop looking at me like that, just be grateful I'm helping your clumsy a*s." She smiled before quietly hissing in pain. Concern flickered in the raven's eyes but soon confusion appeared when she was still smiling. "I'm fine. I just got a bit of glass in my finger." The (H/C)-haired female stood up and put her finger in the light so she could see the glass. A shadow prevented that from happening as Levi took her hand and easily removed it before putting it into a tissue. "Thank you, my love." 6. Push b*tches away. Once you do that, show her that she's the only one you want. Levi had been forced to go to a ball of sorts with Erwin and Hanji. But of course, he despises snobby sh*theads and pigs flaunting their money, so why would he want to go to an event full of those creatures? After complaining, Erwin had told him that he could bring (Y/N) along, and that had shut Levi up. And there they were, dressed in formal clothes as they followed Erwin around, conversing with people. "This sh*t's boring as hell," Levi muttered to his beloved who had hooked her arm with his. "Do you want to dance?" "Are you stupid? I hate dancing." "Oh, come on, baby. We've danced before." "Yeah, I did that for you. I'm not doing it again. Not even if it would get rid of titans." "Fine... Could you get me a drink, please, then?" "Sure." She let Levi go over to a table and get drinks for both of them as she wandered over to Hanji who was talking to some woman. The brunette gave (Y/N) a grin before introducing her to the woman she was talking to. "It's nice meeting you, (Y/N). And I just want to say that the man you were walking with is gorgeous." "Yes, he definitely is," she smiled. Only Hanji knew that it was a fake smile. "I'm lucky since I've been with him for a few years now," she made sure to add so this woman knows to stay the f*ck away. 'This b*tch better keep her f*cking hands to herself before she loses them, along with her eyes.' "Oi, you lot, get off of me," Levi snarled, trying to push a couple of women away and make sure not to spill the drinks he was holding. "You're actual dogs. Get the f*ck off me." "Well, you have nowhere to go, do you now?" one of them spoke, batting her eyelashes and dragging a finger from his collarbone down to his waistband. He put a glass down on the table and slapped that hand away before it could go further, shooting the woman a glare. "Touch me one more f*cking time and you're going to lose that hand," he threatened darkly. Levi doesn't care who he's talking to, be it a woman or not. No one touches him like that. Yeah, right now, he sounds like a d*ckhead for treating women like this, but he would be even more of a d*ckhead if he didn't attempt to push them away when he has the most perfect woman by his side. "And I actually do have a place to go to. You see, my girlfriend over there wants to dance. You know the one in that icy blue dress? Yeah, that's her. And, oh look, she sees me so she's going to slap every single one of you if you don't f*cking get your sh*tty hands off of me." 'Hm. Looks like that scared them,' Levi smirked mentally once they all decided to move away. He straightened his clothes and passed (Y/N) a glass of wine as she glared at the women that scurried away. "Come, let's dance," the Corporal slipped her hand into his and led her to the other dancing couples. "I thought that you didn't want to dance." "I will if it means that those b*tches will leave me alone." The (H/C)-haired female gave Levi a tender smile (she knew that it wasn't because of that reason) as she placed one hand on his shoulder as the other clutched his hand. The raven's other hand rested on her waist before they swiftly danced as (E/C) and grey clashed. (Y/N) lifted her hand off of Levi's shoulder and he spun her around before bringing her back close to him. Soon, their dancing slowed down and all they focused on was each other's eyes before standing completely still amidst the other couples that moved their way around the hall. Levi rested his forehead against the one of the woman he loved, their lips barely brushing. However, a couple bumped into them which disrupted their moment that felt as if they were the only two people in the room. Levi caught his beloved before she could tumble over. Looking to see who it was, grey hues met blue and brown ones. Hanji and Erwin. "Tch." "Hi, (Y/N), Shorty! Keep your kissing for later." 7. If you love her as much as you claim to, propose. That will make her feel as if she's the happiest woman alive. (Y/N) and Levi laid in bed together, entangled in each other's arms with their legs overlapping as they peacefully slept. (Y/N) had her face hidden in the crook of Levi's neck as her chest pressed against his. Levi tucked her head under his chin as his arms rested around her naked figure. They had stayed up most of the night, doing things. And the good thing is that everyone had a day off today so they could sleep in as much as they wanted. They may miss breakfast, but that didn't matter. The sunlight scattered through the curtains in Levi's bedroom, resting on his girlfriend's face which caused her to close her eyes tighter as a frown settled onto her visage. She turned away from the light, which meant turning her back to Levi, who quietly groaned. He subconsciously tugged her closer to him and buried his nose in (Y/N)'s hair. A yawn left her lips as she slowly opened her eyes, blinking a few times. She smiled at the feeling of Levi's arms that kept her warm and safe before closing her eyes again. When she did that, she felt light kisses peppering over her neck, causing a sigh of delight to leave her lips as lips trailed down her spine. He went further down and nipped on one of her butt cheeks so she let out a small yelp and lifted her foot to kick him. Of course, however, she had no idea where she was aiming. A grunt sounded and the grip on her loosened. "You really don't want kids, do you?" he grumbled in his husky, morning voice that also hinted with pain. "You want kids? Even though you hate brats?" she snapped with her back still facing him. She felt his hands travel over her hips to find her hands. He acknowledged which hand was which and took her left one in his. "If they're yours, I want them after we get married," he hummed, slipping something light and cold onto her finger. "... Wait... No. Are you joking? Levi, I swear, if you're joking, I'll straight-up murder you," she threatened after turning around to face him when she noticed a smile resting on his lips. "I'm not joking. I'm being serious," he chuckled lightly. "I love you, (Y/N). I don't want to lose you and I always want you by my side. So, (Y/N) (L/N), will you marry me?" "You idiot, of course, I will," (Y/N) sobbed and embraced her, now, fiancé. "I love you so f*cking so much." And that, brats, is how to be the perfect boyfriend. You're welcome, dumbsh*ts - by Levi.
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maries-gallery · a day ago
types of kisses
A tender kiss on the cheek, brimming with tender affection and soft innocence as you stand in the middle of the street, holding hands as you walk in your own bubble.
Armin, Sasha, Erwin, Bertholdt, Pieck
A longing kiss on the forehead, hands gently cradling your cheeks. Always so gentle with you, treating you with utmost carefulness and attention, scared you might disappear from their hold.
Mikasa, Levi, Reiner, Annie, Zeke
A stolen kiss in the morning as they join you in the kitchen to prepare breakfast. A hand in the small of your back as they pass behind you to open the drawer and get the forks.
Eren, Jean, Sasha, Annie, Levi, Yelena, Porco
A long lazy kiss as you lay in bed together, limbs tangled and sheets soft on your bare skins. Warm sunlight shining down upon the two of you. Lovers bathed in gold.
Jean, Marco, Connie, Erwin, Levi, Reiner, Zeke, Pieck
A reverent kiss on your knuckles as they hold your hands up to their lips. A wordless way of confessing their undying devotion and love for you.
Mikasa, Levi, Annie, Pieck
Passionate kisses trailing down your jaw to the column of your throat, nipping at your skin for a taste as their hands rest on your waist to pull you closer still. Nothing sexual, just their way of unwinding after a long day.
Eren, Hange, Erwin, Zeke, Porco, Yelena
Playful pecks all over your features, your giggles ringing in his ears as he holds you down to tickle your sides. Eyes glinting with amusement and adoration as they gaze down at you.
Eren, Armin, Connie, Hange, Bertholdt, Zeke
@sofijaeger (get a feeling you might like this very fluffy thing)
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saveyourt3ars · a day ago
Levi is the kind of partner who checks wether you’re comfortable. The kind of partner who will respect your boundaries. The kind of partner who will be cautious if you do not know what your boundaries are
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pennylanewrites · 2 days ago
[5:28 p.m.]
Tumblr media
it was getting to that time of the year when the leaves start to crunch under your shoes, the wind makes your lips dry, and the sun doesn’t hit the scout dorms after 4 p.m anymore.
and all you want to do is sleep.
“cadet, where on earth have you-” levi stopped in his tracks when he spotted you sprawled out on your bed; a blanket over your head, and another falling down the side of the bed, along with your leg.
the captain contemplated kicking your behind or maybe pulling your hair. your little antics of sleeping wherever and whenever were getting on his nerves.
with a sigh, he closed the door behind him. all the other inhabitants of the dorm were gone, already finishing their tasks and heading to dinner. except for you, of course. the only task you went through perfectly was making levi reach his breaking point.
“oi! get up, brat.” he pulled on your hanging leg and flipped you over. you scrunched up your nose, groaning obnoxiously. “i won’t say it again.” he warned.
“levi, lay down with me please.” you mumbled. levi’s gray eyes grew a bit bigger in size at the softness of your voice.
“get up, cadet. you’re running ten rounds before dinner.”
“no, please, i’m sore from last time.” you cried out, grabbing onto his shirt and pulling him down. levi fell on his knees next to your bed, so he could be on eye-level with you. “i can’t...”
“you can’t what?”
“i just can’t!” you groaned in frustration, kicking the bed and hiding your head under your pillow.
“okay, i’ll ask you this once. why are you acting out?” his cold hand fell on your arm, the pads of his fingers rubbing soothing circles into your skin. you sighed and sat up, your feet hanging off the side of the bed, levi kneeling down between them. he looked up at you, the sight of tears slowly rolling down your cheeks making his heart ache.
“it’s stupid.” you mumbled, wiping your cheeks on the blanket. levi rolled his eyes, his hands gripping your sides with annoyance.
“chérie,” he started, “tell me.”
“i just missed you.” you admitted, heat rushing up to your cheeks in embarrassment.
“scoot over.” he pushed you flat on your bed and to the side that was against the wall.
“w-what, wait! levi, someone could-”
“shut up.” he pulled you in his arms, his lips leaving a kiss on your temple. “i’m sorry, this expedition is harder than we expected.”
“levi, you don’t have to explain. i’m just happy i can see you, even from afar.” you cupped his cheek with your hand, bringing him closer for a kiss. “i’m sorry for acting like a baby.”
“mon bébé.” he continued pressing kisses on your lips, basking in the intimate moment with you, until the door opened wide.
“hey, ___, i brought you your di-captain levi!” jean kirstein, a boy a few years younger than you, almost dropped the tray of food he was holding at what he was witnessing.
“kirstein,” levi got up from the bed, hair disheveled and clothes messy, but his strict gaze all the same.
“yes, sir!”
“what the hell are you doing in the women’s dorms?”
“i was bringing ___ her dinner, sir!”
“oh, thank you jean!” you exclaimed, pouncing off the bed and accepting the food, flashing a bright smile towards the boy, which only made him blush.
“not a word about this to anyone, understood?”
“yes, sir!”
“tha-thank you, sir!” jean had never ran so fast in his life, the gaze of levi ackerman scarier than any titan he had come across.
“he likes you.” levi announced before pulling you down on your bed again.
“he’s just a boy, levi.”
“you’re only 4 years older than him.”
“he’s fifteen!”
levi knew he had lost this battle. yet he couldn’t help but hug you tighter as jealousy got the best of him.
“well, he still likes you.” he muttered into your hair, making you smile.
“well, i like you, captain.” you wriggled your eyebrows suggestively, making him roll his beautiful gray eyes.
“you’re insufferable.”
“you love me.” you reminded him, bringing a blanket over his cold body and pulling him closer, if that was even possible.
“of course, mon amour.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @jeansmainhoe @ackermanslutsstuff @isabel2you @histarean @chaotic-nick @hanjis-stuff
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riniackerman · 19 hours ago
Person: Levi Ackerman Song: Supermassive Black Hole: by muse. Please make it super smutty, praising, degradation, slight bondage. as for pet names no "daddy's" or "babygirls" mostly "Cadet" and we call him captain.
black hole
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❛ i thought i was a fool for no one ❜
╰ getting bored in a meeting so you decide to tease levi under the table but you definitely didn't see this coming
a/n: ah yes captain levi kicking out his brats just to fuck you
Tumblr media
pairing: levi ackerman x fem!reader
genre: nsfw
tws: 18+ mdni, praising, degrading, slight bondage, slut-shaming, spitting
w/c: 1.6k
Tumblr media
“you’re laughing now but i don’t think you’ll be laughing when you’re begging to cum later and i say no”
Tumblr media
“so as i was saying…” erwin’s words trailed off ever since levi held your hand under the table, both of you trying to look normal as you two smeared each other’s hand with your thumbs.
since the meeting got boring for you and levi, you decide to take this a little bit further by taking your hands away from his, tracing your fingertips above his thighs, making levi twitch at your action. “oi what are you doing?” levi loudly whispers, harshly grabbing your hand under the table.
“what? c’mon captain, you’re no fun” you smirk, having levi’s teeth gritted. seconds later levi loosens his grip, shifting his hand above the table to lock his knuckles while his elbows rested on the surface. as much as levi wanted to act normal but how can he when one of his brats is stroking his thighs?
“levi? is there something wrong?”
levi flinches when erwin’s hand rested on his shoulder, wondering why levi was being so nervous. “nothing erwin, nothing” levi whispers a tsk, dodging erwin’s off from his shoulder.
“well then… [name] where was i?” your hands stopped when erwin’s eyes were on you. you awkwardly turn your head, seeing erwin with a stoic face which made your heart bounce insanely.
“um, that we had to patrol the walls tomorrow night commander” you confidently answer back, hoping you got it right. “good, well then, as i was saying…” once again erwin’s words trailed off as you resumed to brush your palm against levi’s thighs. this time your hands were a little higher, almost touching his crotch.
“s-stop this now cadet” levi whispers, having his head dropped down to see his cock getting harder every second by your touch. “i’m just getting started captain” you whispered such thing while you smiled to mikasa on the other side of the table, acting as if nothing is happening between you and levi just under the table.
you then gently brought your palm above his crotch, feeling his hard cock under your hands. ‘fuck he is so hard’ you think as you bring your hand to your body this time. levi’s lips parted when followed where you were looking at, to see your fingers teasing your cunt over the thin fabric.
“why aren’t you doing anything to me? fuck me hard now” you silently whisper. levi suddenly puts his hand behind your neck and aggressively laughs. “everyone get the fuck out” levi demands, glaring at every single person in the room.
“levi? what’s the ma-” as erwin spoke up levi cuts him off. “i said get out. i don’t feel well. got it? it’s late too” levi’s death glance got erwin shivering, quickly sending the other cadets out of the room.
“[name], you should” as erwin was about to escort you out of the room, levi stopped his wrist towards you. “she can stay” he says, earning a nod from erwin.
by the time everyone left the room, you quickly turned around, questioning why levi was acting in such a way. “captain how horny are you- you kicked the commander? in a meeting?” you abruptly laugh, your hands also complaining in the air.
“you told me to fuck you, didn’t you?” levi says, taking a sip from his tea. “yes, but it obviously was a joke-” you laugh, praying that this is all a joke because you probably won’t, no, can’t be able to handle your friends asking your relationship between you and their captain.
“it’s funny?” levi interrupts your overthinking thoughts, you’re really trying to make this up, trying your best to slide this situation as a play. “yeah captain, you should’ve seen jean’s face-”
before you even noticed, levi had your hands pinned above your head against the wall, kissing down your neck, slowly, leaving an array of his marks behind. “you’re laughing now but i don’t think you’ll be laughing when you’re begging to cum later and i say no” levi smirks as he wraps his slender fingers around your throat.
“n-no stop! you can’t just cancel the meeting captain-” you try to push him away but his grip on your wrist was too strong. “thought the meeting was boring to you, no?” levi whispers under your chin.
his act making your fingers curl to your palm. levi’s slender fingers traveled across your shoulder, down to your chest, stomach, and your inner thighs. just seconds later levi had your pants ripped, exposing your naked thighs in his sight. “pretty” he says, feeling the warmth of your thighs enveloping his palm.
levi’s fingers are smearing your wet cunt, his eyes slowly glazing at his fingertips getting wet against your clit and lips, feeling how damp your hole is getting from his delicate touch.
“ngh- captain wait-” you tried to stop, but there’s no turning back now, your acts just minutes ago made levi way too horny, that he had to kick his annoying cadets to have a taste of you.
“‘m gonna fuck this pussy” levi grins, ripping your pants fully, throwing it to the table as he pulled you away from the wall and bending your back on the table. levi groans when he saw your cunt dripping.
levi just chuckles, spreading your cunt with his two fingers and using the pad of his finger to press against your sensitive spot. “don’t even try to stop cadet, just look at you. needy little slut”
“s-stop!” slurring cries echoed the room as your nails clawed within levi’s wrist who’s vigorously fucking long digits inside your tight little cunt. drowning in tears, staining your flushed cheeks.
you moan when you felt his tip rubbing against your damp slit. levi tightens his grip, slamming his hip back down on you, watching as you become a drooling mess. “you want to be filled that badly, cadet? show me how many times you can make a mess of yourself then”
“captain stop! ‘ts too much!” you scream while crying with shallow breathes, just until levi’s hand clasps around your throat. levi laughs as he watches you flail and choke on your own spit, struggling to breathe as you’re being fucked.
“quit whining cadet. i’m barely done with you” he sneers, tightening his grip as you let out a shaky moan. levi then tilts your head up, making your neck stretch to face his stupidly handsome face.
“open your mouth” levi demands, watching you moaning non-stop, too fucked out to heat as you tremble beneath him. levi forcefully grip on your jaw and prying your mouth open, letting a line of spit drip onto your tongue.
your moans are helpless, your fingers gripping at the edge of the table tightly. levi only chuckles as he let his fingers trace your throat, a false smile on his lips. “too much cadet? too bad.” he chuckles as your eyes roll back,
darkly. listening to your whimpers as he thrust even harder, a weak and silent yell coming from your lips, a repeated word spilling from your mouth desperately, making levi go even faster and rougher.
you gasp when you feel a sudden emptiness inside you, your turned your head back to see levi stroking his cock with his fingers while looking at your twitching—throbbing cunt infront of him.
a muted yelp slipped off from your lips when levi’s cock once again bottomed out, splitting through the warmth of your clenching walls with a yelp exhaling past your lips in defeat. “just once isn’t enough for your greedy hole” levi breathy pants coated your ears as his thrust continued without a stop.
levi whispers “be a good cadet and cum for me again, yeah?” to which made you let out a desperate whine and start to desperately roll your hips against his hips, allowing ‘fuck yeah’ to slip off from levi’s pretty lips.
“f-faster captain” you whimper, feeling his cock reaching your spot every spot, making your legs feel numb and shaky. levi’s fingers trailed to your nack from your shaky thighs, you let out a small yelp when he pulled a messy bunch of your hair around his fist.
“fuck- you’re pretty” levi murmurs before his thrust turned more violent, his other hand cupping your jaw as he slides two digits of fingers in, letting a muffled moan from your mouth around his fingers.
“pleasepleaseplease let me cum captain” your muffled begs caused levi to chuckle lightly and say “can’t hear you cadet, gotta speak clearly. remember? i won’t let you cum”
fuck this man doesn’t know how to stop teasing you.
when levi felt your wall clench around his throbbing cock, he slowed down, just to see how needy and desperate you look and act under his control.
“‘m cumming!” you whimper as you feel knots building inside your stomach, feeling something different. “i’m close too- ngh cadet cum with me” levi orders, tightly grabbing on your waist as he feels desperately close to his climax.
“fuck captain!” a scream was heard before your juice squirted all over, coating levi’s cock, letting the table get all dirty with your sweet juices. “fuck [name]-!” levi pants as he release a thick-white rope of cum inside you.
“s-shit [name]-” levi breathly pants on top of you as his chest collapses over your back. you’re too fucked out to acknowledge the fact that levi came inside you as you were dealing with the very first sensation you have just experienced.
“captain…” you whimper under levi, as he caressed your back, his thumb circling around. “you did good cadet, so good” levi whispers in your ear as you let our small shy moans. “you’re stupid” you say, making levi to chuckle.
“only stupid for you”
Tumblr media
© RINIACKERMAN ⇒ do not repost, claim or copy my works
Tumblr media
↻ / ♡ are appreciated !
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thank you to everyone who continue to support us through this event. I can't believe were at the last week already. Here's to the final week ;)
Tumblr media
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besotted-eros · 2 days ago
Would it be greedy of me to send a second one? Levi deserves some love
K O R 🙈
K is for... Kinks
Show me someone who doesn't think Levi likes being degraded and I'll show you a liar. This man wants you to scream in his face, calling him a man whore, he wants you to whisper how pathetic he looks while he's pussy drunk, how you're not going to cum unless he tries harder, just so he can fuck you into complete and total submission, pleasure so great it steals the breath from your lungs and voice from your throat. He loves it when you're bratty, when you try to wrestle his wiry body, giving pouty lipped shots at how annoying you find him, how bored you are. He lives to pin you down, to see that wide eyed look as your chest heaves, the salivation as he pulls out his pretty cock and shows you exactly the beast you let into your bed.
O is for... Oral
Levi is a bitch for head. It took him a while to start to come around for asking it but when he realised how eager you were... He commands it now, reclining back in his big chair and tapping the arm. He lets you do your own thing at first, steely eyes admiring how cute you look so concentrated with his shaft buried in your throat. But when the knot in his stomach grows he gets... Picky. He wants it deeper, wants it faster, his muscular thighs clenching as he thrusts up over and over, grabbing the back of your head to prevent you from pulling away. He loves it when you look up at him all teary eyed, his cum spurting from the sides of your mouth.
R is for... Risks
Levi is not a risky person. He knows the odds and he plays it safe. He's a man of routine and of tradition... But sometimes? Sometimes you offer something just so delicious that his cock throbs before it's even fully hard. That's when you know you're in real trouble.
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braunbakery · a day ago
bag of bones
Tumblr media
☞ levi ackerman x reader [ one-shot word count: 2.7k]
☞ sfw, angst angst angst, maybe a little suggestive, canon universe
☞ plot: ’mercy on me, would you please spare me tonight?’ levi finds solace in you, and you lose yourself in him. you both know very well that it hurts more than it is worth.
☞ inspired by bag of bones - mitski
☞ bag of bones
you know levi in the way you know his routines. he wakes up, he tries his best to clean up, he slaves away with the scouts. you know he is doing this even when he is away, whether the time between when you see him next is a day or a week or a month. he is stable in that sense.
you know levi in the way the thin skin beneath his eyes is always dark. sometimes a more intense darkness than others, but always dark. never fully rested, but always awake. in your sleep you feel him shift in your small mattress, hear him groan in frustration until you open your eyes and wrap your arms around him. he looks at you in feigned offence when you do this, but you know he is somewhat thankful in the way his muscles relax under your grasp. still taught and constantly ready for combat, but now attached to a man who has found at least a semblance of sleep.
mostly, you know levi in the way he leaves.
sometimes it is in the dead of the night, sometimes it is at the first sign of sunlight, sometimes it you lie awake in the morning and try to remember when he left and when your mattress started to get cold again.
“goodbye,” he always says lowly to you, whether you are awake or asleep or stuck stumbling in the stage between. he stays for a moment, just a mere second he always reassures himself, to watch your chest rise and fall, before he departs.
and when he sees you again, somehow always standing like a shadow made to fade, he speaks out a strained, “hey.”
you can tell that he is angry with himself for returning to you, that he looks at you with fiercely apologetic eyes and fists clenched at his sides and it’s only when you aren’t looking he finally lets himself settle.
(“how is everything?” you ask him without realising, folding away clothes and trying to swallow down your nerves at his visit.
“fine,” he practically grumbles. it’s always the same answer, but he always comes back so you think he doesn’t particularly mind it all that much. “and you?” he almost chokes out, staring at the floor like it could leap out and attack at any second. he looks like an outsider seated on your bed. he looks like an outsider always, he insists on never letting himself belong in front of your prying eyes.
“fine,” you say, smiling when he arches his brow at your almost mocking tone, “need to get some food for the week.”
“why haven’t you?” he practically cuts in.
“hm…oh, just busy.”
“you need to eat,” he insists, staring at you like you’re a child needing to be scolded.
“i know that,” you practically laugh, “i’ll do it tomorrow.”
but he’s already standing up, already pulling on his scouts cloak and readying himself to leave until you’re bounding over and grabbing his arm. you almost bite off the inside of your cheek in surprise at the sheer speed of levi’s head jerking towards you. your heart can only pound faster when you feel his arm relax under your grasp. it takes a few moments, a lingering glance exchanged between the two of you, but it relaxes nonetheless and you’re stuck holding his arm in the middle of the room and feeling his gaze burn into you.
“there’s– there’s no point in going now,” you choke out, trying not to stumble over your words with the way levi is scanning your face up and down over and over, “it’s too late.”
“i can get food from HQ,” he retorts curtly, but he still doesn’t make any effort to move his arm. you don’t want to read into it, especially when it comes to someone like levi, but you can’t help your stomach turning.
he nods his head towards you like he’s waiting for you to say something more, and you’re already blurting out a flurry of words, “don’t leave–”
he stares at you like you’re speaking gibberish, and you can hear the words catch at his throat.
“i mean,” you try to start again, “i don’t…want you to leave. i can go tomorrow.”
you finally catch your breath again when he slowly slinks his arm out of your grasp and seats himself back on your bed, looking up at you as if awaiting some kind of approval. your hands are twitchy and it’s getting hard to look at him. it always gets hard to look at him, like every time will be the last and you’ve used up all your other chances. but you always end up doing it regardless.
“okay,” he sounds out, practiced and effortless, “i’ll stay.”
you pretend not to notice his fists fidgeting at his sides, or how when the mattress dips as you take a seat next to him, the palm closest to you is already open when you reach to take it. )
levi is not the only one living with the regret of this arrangement. when you are alone, you stare at your ceiling and wish you had never met him. you wish you didn’t have to go by with this hollowness in your chest, slowly expanding to your stomach in the days that you do not see him and you don’t know where he is. if he is busy fighting, or if he is alone and dead.
you know levi is strong, but you are afraid to say that the dread of not seeing him again is stronger.
it is just as scary when he stands at your door and his presence fills you up again, because each time it makes you feel more whole. you know one day he may never return – he owes you nothing. and then what will you be? what will be left of you? will you be just another broken remnant that war has touched? will he remember you? will he be alive to remember?
(“you’re safe, right?” you whisper to levi through the hum of crickets outside. he grunts and turns towards you more. you know you didn’t wake him, you both know he has been mulling over thoughts for the past two hours.
“what are you talking about?” he responds, and you are thankful that in this moment he lets himself reach calloused fingertips towards the skin of your arm. you can feel the warmth radiating off of him, and it only makes you shift closer to him until your noses are practically bumping against each other.
“when you’re…fighting. you’re not trying to heroically die or anything?” you quietly say, and levi’s fingers mindlessly start tracing circles into the skin of your arm. if it were day, he wouldn’t dare touch you like this. he wouldn’t dare let himself. but his guard is down.
“i don’t have a death wish, if that’s what you’re implying,” he grumbles under his breath, but he still makes no effort to recoil from you. instead he takes a deep breath that fans your face with warmth. his eyes are barely open, but you can catch the reflection of the small sliver of the moon outside in his irises through his lashes.
“that’s not…” you try to start saying, the defensiveness ready to spill out of you, but levi’s hand has suddenly trailed its way up to the side of your neck and the way he watches it slowly brush over your skin is rendering you speechless. he looks tired. but still beautiful.
“i know what you mean,” levi is almost whispering. he doesn’t look at you while he says it. you’re somewhat grateful for it, somewhat grateful for the fact that he isn’t going to acknowledge the gaping truth between you. or at least not acknowledge it while looking straight at you.
he twists to lie on his back, but he still keeps his hand tucked underneath you and around your waist. does he know that you can tell that there are words teasing at the tip of his tongue? that with every laboured breath he takes you can almost hear them?
you prop yourself up on your elbow and look down at him, and this time when he does look at you, you have to try and keep your heart from falling out of you. he’s watching you, like he’s not even sure of what move you’re going to make next.
you’re not even sure of what move you’re going to make next until you’re already making it. until you’re leaning down down down until your lips just barely brush levi’s and your unsure if it’s your breath of his that you heard catch. you can feel levi’s hand behind you at your waist gently gripping the fabric of your night gown, you can feel his breath fan your cheeks as you both hover so close to each other, yet still unmoving.
and you can feel him pull you close and kiss you with enough intent to make you want to cry. )
you wish you had never been honest with him.
you wish you had let him use you in silence – that you hadn’t offered him fragments of who you are as a person to take or leave. that you hadn’t let him sit across from you at your small kitchen table and nurse a poorly-made cup of tea, that you hadn’t let him steal loaves of bread from HQ for you, that you hadn’t let the silence that you did end up sitting in be one of comfort. one that made him feel at home. one that made him feel like your home.
you wish just his presence wasn’t enough for you.
because now your house is bare and empty and cold, and you idly sit by day after day wondering where he is. wondering how you could ever be such a fool to think a man like that, a man like him, would think of you (practically a stranger, you want to remark. but every time you think the words you are reminded that he knows every inch of your body and of you and it just pulls you down deeper) as home.
you wish you had never let him feel safe enough to be honest with you, because now his words play in your head like a nightmare. like a twisted joke.
(“you don’t have to feel bad about this,” you mutter into levi’s ear on a night where it seems like he stops in the middle of every move to reel himself back in. levi’s eyes dart towards your figure laying next to him before they return to stare at the ceiling.
“not that easy,” he remarks cynically, but this time his hand doesn’t freeze when you pick it up slowly and clasp it in yours.
“how come?” you ask, shifting back into place.
and for a while, you almost let yourself believe that he’s gone to sleep when no response comes. but when it does, you wish he had just done that instead.
“i don’t want to get attached.”
you don’t look at him. his hand is still in yours and you swear now it’s him holding yours because it feels like you’re frozen in place.
“are you?” you ask in feigned nonchalance “attached?”
he clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth, like this conversation is an annoyance, like it’s such a ridiculous question to ask, and you contemplate pulling your hand away from his before you get too hurt to recover when he leaves.
“are you?” his voice cuts through you. so much so that you sit up on the bed and try to regain a sense of yourself. why are you putting yourself through this? you can feel his eyes searing through your back.
you hear him shift behind you, “i’ll leave.”
“you don’t have to,” you say, twisting around to face his figure in the dark. you don’t want him to. even if it puts a hole through you. levi pauses and watches you warily, like he’s waiting for you to say something that’ll fix this.
“i’ll leave–”
“this is going to hurt a lot, isn’t it?” you blurt out. levi stares at you like he’s been caught out. like you’ve gone off-script and now he can’t just furrow his brow and shake his head apologetically. instead, he rises from the bed and walks over to your side of the mattress, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to your forehead.
and when he looks at you like he’s trying to burn the memory of your face into his mind, you think of how much you don’t want him to leave. of how this empty bed will swallow you hole. but you say nothing and he starts to stand upright and head towards your bedroom door and you pray, wish, hope to all you know that he will come knocking at your door again. whether in a day, or a week, or a year.
your heart stops when you hear his voice again, and you watch his figure back into the room again to offer you his parting words.
“i think you’re right about that.” )
it feels like you’re dried up, that levi is still using up parts of you when he’s long gone. the next time you see him after that, you can feel it is the last. his hands grab at you like they’re trying to keep you in place, like you’re going to take off running at any moment.
he whispers your name into your ear like a mantra, and it makes you wish you had never told him it. in the night he kisses you and kisses you and kisses you and it feels like he’s getting ready to take all these parts of you with him.
and when he says goodbye to you, it is before the light of dawn has even crept in through your window and your hands are still tangled through black locks. you want to tell him you love him, you want to beg him to stay, you to believe that he will listen. but as you stand at your bedroom door with him, your throat feels like sandpaper and he won’t stop looking at you and it starts to feel like your own heart is trying to eat you alive.
what can you say? what can you do? beg him to use you up some more? insist that you are better than whatever war he is fighting?
he stares at you in the blue light of dawn, and you reach your fingers out to trace the darkness under his eyes. you know these eyes. you quietly pray for a time that you will stop.
“goodbye,” he says, voice hoarse and coated in sleep and hesitance.
he kisses your cheek and leaves.
you want to say that he leaves behind a heartbroken girl. that he leaves behind a former lover, someone who wishes him the best. but it feels like you are an aged well that is soon to be buried under the dirt, and the relief of watching him leave never comes, and the sickness of needing him to stay never subsides.
you think of his face in the night, when days go on, and you want to say that he has left behind someone who will now be for the better. but the truth is you never had any more to offer him, but you would still give him more. just a little more of yourself, even if eventually there is nothing left. even if now there feels as if there is nothing left but war and what has been tainted by it.
you know levi in the way you know his routines. you know levi in the way the thin skin beneath his eyes is always dark. you know levi as humanity’s strongest warrior.
and you never realised your bed had turned into a battlefield, because it seems even here he has left in his wake a bag of bones.
Tumblr media
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anlian-aishang · 6 hours ago
levi crying against your chest 
he comes home after a long day - you can see it on his face, traits only his long-term love would detect. steel grey eyes that others write off as cold, you see as tired and worn. lips are their typical flat line, but with acute downward angles at the ends. the world labels him emotionless, but you know him to be full of them.
you pat the spot beside you, calm and inviting, “come here, take a seat by me.” a slow pace is offset by his exhausted thud beside you. petting his head, careful fingers comb his strewn locks straight. a silence that’s comfortable, so comfortable that he lets himself interrupt it. tears that have been held back all day are finally let go - noticed first by the warmth that seeps through your shirt, followed by his shivers both tangible and audible. 
a tighter hold and an “it’s okay, baby,” are meant to quell him. in doing so, they dually incite the opposite: the steadfast flow of tears, added intensity in his crying. fists clutch your cotton, clinging to you both emotionally and physically as he shakes, increasingly violently. clenched teeth, hissed breaths, adorably pathetic sobs. a side of him that only you will ever see, a side of him that he trusts only you to handle. he knows how lucky he is to have you, you know how thoroughly he appreciates you for it and how he will pay you back with interest as soon as he can - starting with how he looks up to you at the tail end of his breakdown. 
chin rests on the crevice between your breasts, propping his gaze up to you - a gaze that is tinged pink and blurry with tears, he looks through them to meet your eye contact. a deep swallow attempts to suppress his sadness, a weak smile managed past little spasms and twitches - all in an effort not to worry you any further. his speech is seasoned with voice cracks and sniffles, his expression occasionally flinches back to a frown, fighting through his struggle, “thank you.”
"oh, levi... it’s nothing,” holding his head in your hand, you pull him sound against your chest, “now, let it out...”
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little-spoiled-brat · 18 hours ago
for kinktober, 13 and 36 with levi ackerman? thank you xoxo
Tumblr media
kinktober # 25: levi ackerman
Tumblr media
- cockwarming -
- first time sex -
cock buried deep in your cunt, stretching you oh so deliciously. levi covered your face in kisses, waiting for you to give him the approval to start moving.
you would’ve came then and there, having levi’s cock inside of you was enough to bring you to the edge and you almost didn’t want him to move. you would’ve cockwarmed him instead but you wanted, no, needed more.
”you okay?” levi asked, brushing some hair away from your face and you nodded. he shifted his weight from one arm to the other and the slight friction caused by the movement made you moan softly.
“yeah. you can move now” you said, cupping his cheek tenderly. levi nodded, slowly pulling out and thrusting himself back in. it knocked the air from your lungs, hands gripping onto his arms as the first few waves of pleasure washed over you.
“f-fuck. please, go faster” you said, back slightly arching off the mattress. levi kissed your forehead and quickened his pace, enough to bring you bliss but not to the point of it being rough — it was your first time, after all. levi wants to be gentle with you first, test the waters.
“you‘re squeezing me so much, brat. you’re so tight” levi moaned, bringing two fingers to your clit and rubbing small circles to arouse you further. you let out a loud moan, hips slightly moving to meet his hand and thrusts more.
it didn’t take long until the unfamilar coil in your stomach started tightening. with you being sexually deprived of any intercourse, you were sensitive to the smallest of touches.
“levi, i’m close” you whimpered, eyes closing shut and your hands gripped onto his arms tighter. levi went a bit faster, thrusts getting sloppy as he did. “just let it go, brat. i got you”
and with that you fell apart, your orgasm being way better than what you expected. you were practically crying out levi’s name, holding onto him tightly and chest heaving up and down.
levi pulled out before he came as well, your half lidded eyes looking up at him. head thrown back, moaning your name and lips parted — it was a gorgeous sight to see.
you smiled softly, both of you coming down from your highs and levi laid down next to you. you snuggled up into his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat come to a steady pace as the adrenaline slowly died down.
“are you okay? i didn’t hurt you, did i?” levi asked, concern lacing his voice and you lightly chuckled. you leaned up and kissed him softly, burying your head into the crook of his neck afterwards.
“you didn’t hurt me at all, levi. and i’m okay, just coming down from that high still” you muttered, eyes closing as your voice became hushed with every word. levi nodded, kissing the top of your head and draping the covers over the both of you.
you barely felt levi kiss the top of your head, body relaxed next to him that you already fell asleep after you finished your sentence. levi smiled to himself, adoring your still naked form sleeping next to him.
”i love you, y/n”
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