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obey-me-male-and-gn-mcs5 months ago
Hey hun!! I love your blog already and I just found you like- two seconds ago? Read all your stuff and I love your writing and ajfjangiwnfkwndjejw So I see you are wantin some requestss. Do you write for the undateables? If sooo, may I request jealousy to fluff for big tiddy demon Lord Diavolo? If not thats totally chill too!!
Ahhh! Hello!!! Im so happy you like my blog it means a lot to me that you like my writing when Im quite insecure about it
Of course you can have Big Milk demon lord Diavolo! I forgot to put the undateables on my masterlist I gotta remember to do that 喫
Reader GN and SWF
Lord Diavolo getting jealous
Alright, obviously since he is the demon lord theres usually balls monthly.
This was one of the nights where it was a big ball that demons and monsters were coming from everywhere.
Being the only human of course you were like a sheep in front of starving wolves.
But fear not! Youre dating the actual king of hell.
At one point in the party he had to talk to one of the big guest so you were left alone.
You see a scubbi walk up to you who you had noticed been eyeing you the entire party.
He started with a small conversation nothing to weird just a I bet its weird being the only human here and hows it like being friends with the seven deadly sins and the prince of Devildom?
Not wanting to be rude of course you replied.
You had a small conversation with him but as it went on it started getting... weirder.
He had started asking uncomfortable questions and you of course had just gotten more uncomfortable.
As he asked his final question you felt a familiar hand intertwined with yours.
There stood Diavolo but not with his happy usual smile.
He had a some what serious mad face trying to cover it up.
Hello there, enjoying the party are we? I suggest you go in the dance floor. The music tonight is quite amazing isnt it? He spoke with a deeper voice then usual.
O-Of course my Lord! You then saw the scubbi scram out like a bug trying to escape a broom.
He then looked at you with a soft look in his eye.
Are you alright darling? I noticed you were uncomfortable. I apologize for leaving you he told you.
After telling him you were fine the night went on with him not letting you out of his sight for a second.
Ouuu first request is done >:D!!!! That was fun I look forward to more requests in the future 弘
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just-a-liddol-creacher2 months ago
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