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The straights are mad about the amount of gayness in The Sandman
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I dont know if someone's made this before but
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:) 🤠
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allthecanadianpolitics · a day ago
Trans game streamer swatted on aug 5 London Ontario. I haven't seen this in Canadian media, perhaps you have? Peace. (Can't post link to polygon article)
Tagging: @politicsofcanada
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Tumblr media
[Image ID: a black and white typography edit that reads "im not a man or a woman. im a pansy!" in the center is a cluster of pansy blooms with half tone dots. the entire picture is textured to look aged and photocopied. /End ID]
click for quality + do not remove caption (instagram) (my shop) (print shop)
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Tumblr media
Source: Out In America; A Portrait Of Gay and Lesbian Life , by Michael Goff and the staff of OUT magazine
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anyway. cherish your queer self. admire your beautiful queer face. gloat about your ever-growing queer vocabulary. find similarity in your differences with your peers and think of them in awe. make a queer smile today, and let them make you smile too. bask in your queerness. let queer joy unapologetically wash over you. even if just for a moment. heal.
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Tumblr media
Summary: You and Wanda are on vacation in a remote area, finally having all the time you can have with each other
Warnings: language, wlw sex, soft sex, fingering (receiving/giving), hickey's, dirty talk, praise kink, nipple-play, squirting, talk about weight (not in a bad way)
Word Count: 3,976
(I'm soo excited to see She-Hulk! Idc what anyone says, she-hulk is hot! I'm looking forward to it! So I'm adding some she-hulk stuff a little bit in here <3)
Tumblr media
Your cabin was small. It was cozy, it started snowing the night before so a white blanket lay perfectly in the woods. The white powder consisted of the dusk of the night settling in. You sat adjacent in an armchair beside the sliding doors leading off to the balcony. You sat nuzzled deeply in the chair reading a book, you weren't too confident in your reading skills or reading aloud. So you'd silently read aloud to yourself to make the text more understandable.
"I feel I s-stand in a desert with my hands outstretched, and y-you are raining down upon me."
Your feet rubbed against each other feeling the friction of your soft socks. You have just got out of the shower, you let Wanda go after you. You and Wanda were on vacation. Both you and she felt overworked. Wanda went on countless missions, you were stacked up with case files on top of files working for Jennifer Walters. You thought working for the famous green lawyer would be a breeze, but unfortunately defending super-powered individuals is tougher than you expected.
You continued reading your book as you noticed the shower shut off. The door cracked open seeing Wanda soaked, her hair drenched sticking to her back, wrapped in a fluffy brown towel. "Sorry detka, did I disturb you?" Her hand swept her hair off her back leaving water spots over the wall. Her back faced you untucking her towel to dry her hair.
"Oh no babe, you're fine. I'm almost done with my chapter anyways." You changed your position from curled up in a ball to sitting normally with your legs crossed at your ankles. Your eyes were glued to Wanda's legs. The tiny droplets ran down her calves making her skin sparkle. Her ass jiggled with every slight move her thigh took. You've seen your girlfriend naked countless times before tonight, but in this setting, it made her body look new.
She turned around exposing her entire naked form. Her breasts sat seamlessly, with her nipples perked up as she dried herself off.
"How is your book coming along anyways? You're reading Carol, right? Didn't we see the movie before we came here?" She tilted her head finger-combing through her auburn locks. She threw her towel into a laundry basket and went into her suitcase pulling out a bottle of lotion.
You closed your book and firmly rested it on the seat of the armchair as you stood. "Yeah we did, but I heard the book has some more stuff in it than the movie did. The book was originally called 'The Price Of Salt' before the movie even came out." You were wearing Wanda's rope. You always did when she wasn't wearing it. You sat at the foot of the bed inches away from Wanda. You just watched. You watched her rub lotion over her thighs to her ankles. "Oh really? I didn't know that. I love that you know all of this type of information." She made it to her arms.
"Honey? Do you need help with your back?" You stood up behind her pushing tiny strands of hair to her chest. She cocked her head to stare at you. She grinned so softly. "I would never say no to you dragă." She reached over to you giving you the bottle. You lathered your hands in a white coat. Your hands grazed her hips, connecting to her lower torso. You travelled up to her back, making her shiver. "Jesus Christ! You couldn't warm your hands first at least!" Her spine jolted raising an eyebrow at you.
"I'm sorry Wanda." You giggled watching your hands make it up to her shoulders. You notice a large strand of her hair stuck on the left side of her shoulder. You brush it away seeing a tattoo you've never seen.
"Wanda? When did you get this? It's new. What does it say?" It was a tiny tattoo written in Sokoivan. Your Sokoivan wasn't the greatest. Your finger grazed it. It wasn't scapped or inflamed. It was freshly healed feeling the skin.
"Fratele meu iubit. It says, my beloved brother. I got it on my last mission in Amsterdam. I wanted to get something for Pietro." Your palm laid flat on her new tattoo, wiping the rest of the leftover lotion leaving no residue behind.
"It's beautiful Wanda. How did it feel for you?" You had tons of tattoos all over your body. None of your face but your neck to your toes were full. You closed the cap of the lotion throwing it on top of Wanda's clothes in a suitcase. You turned to face her. Her arms crossed her chest noticing her arms were coated in goosebumps.
"It hurt like hell, I don't know how you get so many. Mine only took 20 minutes and it felt like an eternity. The needle felt like I was getting a cat scratch from a flamethrower! I remember sitting with you for 4 hours when you got your kneecap done. How do you do it?!" She chuckled sitting her bare bottom on the comforter.
"Haha! I have no clue, to be honest. It does hurt like a bitch at first, but then after an hour I numb out." You sat next to her laying your hand comfortably on her thigh. Wanda's thigh twitched underneath your fingers. Goosebumps were forming on her legs as well.
"Well, I'm never getting another tattoo again. One is enough for a lifetime. Now, give me back my damn robe! I'm frozen sitting here buck-naked!" Her arms unlocked from her chest untying the rope around your waist. Her robe was grey, it was soft. You knew why you and Wanda liked it so much.
"It's not your robe. It's our rope honey-bun." You caressed the collar of the robe sitting gently across your neck. She rolled her eyes, sucking through her teeth. "Oh is it now? Cause I remember Natasha giving me her robe to me personally."
"Hey! You're dating me remember? Your clothes are my clothes and vice versa. Plus, I know a different way to warm you up." You began to straddle Wanda's thighs allowing her hands to wrap around your waist.
"Oh, do you now? Well, show me that nebun." Her head tilted softly grinning ear to ear. Your hands untied the rope sliding off the grey fabric. Wanda's eyes glowed a light red as they grew wide. You've never worn pink before. Your style was very tomboy. You'd wear suits for friendly parties but when you had to appear at formal events for work, Wanda talked you into wearing dresses. Your boss Jennifer took Wanda's case to defend her in court when the US government wanted to prosecute her under the Sokoivan Accords. That's how you two met.
Your lingerie was see-through light pink with red heart poka-dots across the bra and panty. She bit the bottom of her lip staring you up and down.
"Pink? Really? I thought you don't like pink girly shit? Your exact words." Her hands rested on your love handles circling her thumbs across your stomach. Your neck dropped down grinning into a kiss. You felt warm all over, raising your hand to Wanda's cheek. You explored each other for some time breaking only for air. Wanda was giddy, her body language was electric. Your kisses were tender to her. Her lips softly glided across hers. Both of you took shallow breaths out, resting your foreheads against each other.
"To answer your question. This isn't for me. It's for you." You dropped your hands from Wanda's face, hiking up your thong on top of your little flab on your hip bones. Wanda's eyes glowed bright red as you noticed the clasp of your bra unhook. The constricting feeling loosened around your chest.
"You look beautiful without fancy fabric. But I give you brownie points for being creative." Her index finger is hooked underneath the underwire of your bra ripping it off your arms. Your boobs bounced free, her fingertip fondled the diamond hearts pierced in your erect nipple. Wanda loved all your piercings you had, but she especially loved her nipple rings the most. Her head ducked connecting her teeth to the skin of your chest. Her eyes met yours lightly sucking the skin her teeth grasped.
"Oh...Wanda..." You animated a tiny moan watching the area turn a bright red under her lips. She let go watching your skin heated where her teeth embedded. Her soft lips trailed lower, and her bottom lip grazed your nipple exhaling out. Her body was warm but her breath was frozen on your already harden bud. You wince as it stung, not in a painful way, more of a sweet way. It made all of the hairs on your body stand straight. You knew exactly what she was going to do next. Her eyes gave it away. Her hand grasped hold of your other breast, and her warm hand cupped you fully moving in a circular motion. Wanda's eyes locked with yours before her lips parted sucking your metallic bud.
You're quiet moan turned to a high-pitched squeak, trying not to lose control of yourself. Your hands ran through Wanda's dark auburn hair clenching up at her scalp.
"You like this Y/n? Tell me. Tell you how much you like this baby." Her tongue rolled across your erect nipple, lifting each side of the metal heart on her tongue.
"Fuck...I love it so much...You have no idea." Your voice was quiet as a church mouse, even when you both were alone in the cabin together. You were so used to visiting Wanda in shared spaces with the rest of the Avengers that you had to be quiet or else everyone would bug and joke around. Wanda slowly began to suck gently. A smirk appeared on Wanda's face. She giggled shifting her thigh underneath you knowing your core was illuminating heat.
"Mmm..you're already wet huh detka? Ești atât de nevoiaș." Wanda stopped sucking your nipple rubbing your wet bud between her index and middle finger.
"Da, am nevoie. So needy Wanda. Please, I need you so bad." Your hands fell from her scalp resting around her neck.
"You're such a good girl Y/n. Lay down on your back. Now." Her hand struck your ass. It sent a jolt through you.
You obediently laid down flat on your back, you adjusted your thong again creating a V with the fabric along your hip bones. "You don't need to do that anymore baby, you won't have them on for long." Wanda stood at the foot of the bed tracing her fingertip along the hem of the pink cloth. Her hand glowed a soft red hue, your hips relaxed feeling the thong slowly creep down your thighs past your knees. Falling to the floor underneath the bed. The red hue began to brighten, hovering her hand over your body. You felt the comforter move, but it wasn't the comforter at all, it was you. Your body was moving. The top of your head touched the bottom of the pillow smoothly. Wanda drifted her fingers along your thighs, creating goosebumps on your skin.
"Go on, open up fetița-bebe." Her hands got ahold of your inner thighs tightening her grip. You've always done what you were told though, something in you wanted to tease her a little bit. You looked down, shaking your head. Wanda's head tilted raising a brow. Her nails dug into the soft part of your thighs. "Huh? What? Are you gonna be a good slut for me hm? Now, be a good girl and open your fucking legs." The red in her eyes took over her whole pupil. Your legs began to shake trying to fight her magic. Her body bent down with her glowing hands still on top of your thighs trying her damnest to pry you open. Her head ducked biting on the round part of my stomach. Her teeth bit down your flab hungrily, you winced slipping your eyes shut. You couldn't win against her. She won. Your legs cracked open. Your center throbbed sensing the air touch your opening. Your entire body shook in excitement as the wet feeling creep out of you.
"Mmm...well look at that. My cute little slut is wet already. Do I need to help this little slut?" Wanda's hands still laid on your thighs, they raised caressing your mound. Her touch was feather-like, her face painted a cautionary smile turning into her biting her bottom lip. God, you wish you were biting that lip. All things Wanda did drove you crazy, she knew what made you excited. Wanda bent her knees between your legs sliding her body close to your center.
You murmured out a single word. Wanda's brows furrowed tilting her head. "Sorry? I didn't catch that. Speak up!" Her hand grasped your chin roughly, noticing her nails digging deep.
"Yes! I need your help. Please, Wanda..." Your body vibrated feeling Wanda's thighs against yours. She adjusted her hair to lay behind her shoulders. "Good." Wanda let go of your chin dropping into you. Her fingers slid perfectly through your folds effortlessly. Her hand glided around your entrance, up to your clit not missing a moment. You began to prompt your back against the pillow she put you onto. Wanda looked too busy to notice you sneaking your hand under her frame. Your hand felt her radiate heat between her legs as she worked into you. She finally pressed two fingers through your lips into your hole.
“Oh fuck…Wanda!-“ Your words were tied together not forming coherent sentences. Your walls softly clenched around her fingers. Your juices created a little pool under your butt. Her thumb grazed your clit, flicking her fingers inside you trying to catch your g-spot. She finally got ahold of it, however, as she noticed your moans becoming loud. Her other hand crept up to the middle of your breasts pressing firmly. Her hips bucked against her hand giving a sense you were riding her. You gave in to her wishes, motioning your hips in the same motion. You loved every cute thing Wanda did in the bedroom. How her cheeks would turn from blush to deep crimson, how her body swayed along yours, Wanda’s little grin she’d display turning into her teeth biting down on her body lip.
“Uh huh-…god you look so beautiful detka. Your perfect little pussy needed some of my attention didn’t it?” She nodded giving a deep chuckle and raising her eyebrows. You nodded yourself, continuing to thrust into Wanda’s fingers seamlessly. You two were in a perfect position where you can touch Wanda too. She was so distracted by watching you turn to putty that the inside of her thighs was glistening down.
“You…need attention too!!” Your hand regained feeling between Wanda’s legs, touching her clit with the tip of your middle finger. Her face turned back to a blush pink shrieking out a moan, trying to compose herself. But it was only you two. You’ve both done this dance many, many times. You both were so comfortable with each other know nothing would surprise each other right now. Especially in the state you two were in. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve both been this loving to each other.
“Y/n..fuck…ma faci sa ma simt atat de bine..” Her hair dangled around her face looking down at herself, how her body was reacting to your touch.
“I love touching you too!… Oh my god! Shit! I’m gonna cum!” Your body shot tiny little sparks through your arms and legs making you buckle.
“No! No, no, no. Y/n please not yet. Let me get there, I’m so close please amor.” Wanda let out tilting her head back to the ceiling. You wanted to comply, you truly did. Though you knew rightfully well from the other times you and she tried to cum together it was never perfect.
On the other hand, how could you say no? Your girlfriend looked so beautiful begging. You had to give it another shot. You inhaled trying to comfort yourself into calming down for her. “Okay..” You weren’t too confident about following through with it but you always tried for her. Especially when her face lit up when agreed with her. “That’s my girl.” Wanda raised her body between your legs to hover above your thigh. Your hand had all the access to her, as she still was pumping your pussy. Her center was throbbing against your fingertip as she already said; she was closer than she initially thought. Your middle finger applied pressure on her little button. Amplifying her body language to extensive lengths.
“Oh fuck! Y/n! Keep going…k-keep going!…” Wanda cried out trailing off her words until all was heard was her soft grunts on your fingers. “Jesus Christ-…” She breathed out losing focus on what was doing originally. Her fingers are still partially inside you not making much movement. Your body needed more. More of her, your whole body began to try to communicate with Wanda to keep fucking you. Your thighs twitched underneath Wanda’s body. Your stomach had an empty feeling tracing up your chest to your throat. Leaving a heavy lump behind. You shallowed but it only made your vocal cords vibrate as well. You had to say it. Or else god knows you’ll explode.
“Wanda…keep going! Please..” The sweat of your brows came running down in your line of vision, you couldn’t quite whisk it away with your hands preoccupied already. You tried to shake it away but to no avail, it didn't work.
Wanda nodded her head. looking down on you. “Huh? Does my little baby’s pussy still really needs me? What about me? Can my beautiful baby fuck my pussy while I play with hers?” Her finger lightly slipped out of your slippery entrance, tracing the folds outside your hole.
You nodded yes but Wanda always want you to say yes. Her hand left you going into her mouth, her blush lips wrapped around her middle and ring finger sucking your wetness clean off. “I want a real answer baby, use your sexy voice Y/n. Then I will finish.” She crossed her other arm around her boobs, still enjoying the juices on her fingers.
“Yes, Wanda. I need you…my pussy needs you. I wanna fuck you so badly…” Your hand left her thigh still having your other hand rested on her clit. Your free hand caressed her arm across her boobs. Wanda bit the side of her lip raising her eyebrow effortlessly. “Good my little princess.” Her body got off your thighs hovering over your pelvic bone. Her hand went between her and your body re-entering into your throbbing core. You proceeded to trap her clit against your middle finger, finally lapping your fingers through her soaked folds. Wanda’s forehead connected to yours sensing she was extremely hot too. You both matched each other's moans. Until you both started to pump each others pussy’s roughly.
You tried your damnest to not cum while you were just getting Wanda off. Her walls clenched around the two fingers you had in her, finally grasping to her spongey g-spot. Her thighs jittered noticing her juices running down your hand on your thigh.
Wanda was cursing under her breath trying to contain her composure but it failed. Her body jolted as your fingers did a ‘come here’ motion with your fingers inside her. Wanda reacted nicely trying to ride your fingers. Her hips circled feeling she was getting even wetter. Her fingers inside you were working at an alarming rate. You both heard the noises of each other's cunts sloshing quickly.
“Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Are you cumming yet?! Y/n fuck me! Harder!!” Wanda cooed grasping a fist full of your hair in her free hand, her other hand jamming her fingers roughly in your pussy with little ease. You wanted her so badly but wanted you two to cum together also.
“Uh-huh! Shit! Wanda…” Your hips circled her fingers, Wanda was doing the same, basically jumping up and down. Riding you down to your knuckles.
You both watched humping each other. Wanda was laying flat on top of you; legs spread over your thighs. Her forehead is still glued to yours. Both smelt of sweat and sweet sex. So sweet it filled the room in a haze of glaze film. The window fogged up and every glass on the nightstands had a gloss.
You wanted to cum now. You filled Wanda’s hole with your fingers faster still hitting her g-spot. Wanda’s hips bucked letting out a loud shriek. All of her juices gushed out of her, completely drenching your fingers still inside her. Your fingers pumped again letting another squirt come out.
The feeling of Wanda coming undone must’ve driven you over the edge.
You finally did it. You both came together. For the first time in the two years, you’ve been together. It hit you harder. You couldn’t squirt out as Wanda did. You clenched around her fingers forcing her hand to slip out.
“Fuck Y/n. You shot me out!” She chuckled, she sat up on top of you, wiping the sweat from her brow and fluffing her hair. The back of your hand swiped across your forehead trying not to overheat. You let out a laugh rubbing her tiny hip dip on either side. Her body moved, jiggling her sweat-soaked breasts.
“You always make me do weird things when I’m horny huh?” You sat you running your hand through her hair. You let out a sigh feeling your high pass. She laughed plobbing her body down beside you on the white sheets. “Come now, you rightfully know I’m a top. You’re a bottom. Nothing will change.” She let out a low laugh pointing at you with her index finger.
“Can’t always be that way, does it? What if I wanna be a top one night?” You rolled onto your side prompting your head up on your arm. She couldn’t stop laughing, holding her stomach on her back. “Stop making me laugh! I’m sensitive as it is!”
Your jaw dropped rolling your eyes. “You don’t think I can do it? I could. Right now let’s go again!” You leaped onto Wanda’s hips straddling her on either side. Her hands wrapped around the squishy parts of your stomach pulling you down, and your head hit the pillow she was laying on. Your cheek grazed her ear as your face planted.
“See? This is why you can’t be the dominating one. You lose focus too much. Now, come on honey-bun. I’m tired. Hit the lights.” Wanda’s body huffed creeping out a yawn under her breath.
You. sighed as well losing all the mojo you had left. “Fine. But I’m dominating you tomorrow.” You unhooked yourself on top of Wanda, getting up out of bed to flick off the switch. You turned to watch Wanda undo the covers crawling into bed. Her ass and her back were still exposed waiting for you to join her.
She yawned, “Uh-huh okay hun. You can do that when you win a case against Matt Murdock.” Fuck. You thought. She always has to bring up that guy. The dark of night filled the room as the lights went off. You tip-toed back to bed not climbing in initially. You had reached back whipping across your body and hitting Wanda’s ass. She let out a cry clutching her pillow. “You’re an asshole!” She lifted her hand to use her magic but she was too exhausted to create anything.
“Bet you that blind bastard can’t do that huh?” You finally crawled into the sheets wrapping your arm around Wanda’s waist.
She didn’t answer. Finally drifting off to sleep. Either that, or she wanted you to shut up.
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women and art literally go hand in hand
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watdepotschaft · 2 days ago
The protest was a huge succes❤️ it was organized by my friends and they all told their stories. They also gave other people a platform to share their own experiences. It was such a safe space and it was so full of love. I am proud of my friends and the whole community who was there at the protest and at on insta live. Thanks for sharing my message on here❤️
Tumblr media
Last Friday during Amsterdam Pride 🏳️‍🌈 our friend @sophietje56 was assaulted by her @uber driver after being dropped off with her friend at her home. They both felt the mood shift in the Uber once the driver realized they were two women and together. Once they arrived, the Uber driver picked a fight. He tried to force himself into the hallway pushing against the front door when our friends tried to get inside. He proceeded to grab Sophie and throw her against a steel railing where she hit her head against and then she hit her head once more on the ground. She fell hard and was left unconscious while the Uber driver got back in his car and drove off. Sophie had to be taken to the hospital by an ambulance and has 5 stitches on her head as well as a concussion and nerve damage which left half of her head without any feeling.
What happened shocked us all. Not only were we made painfully aware of that these homophobic attacks still occur, we were also shocked at how such a huge company like @uber made little effort to take responsibility for their drivers’ actions.
The driver has been blocked from Uber and lost his certificate of conduct (VOG in Dutch) but we are still unsure how Uber is planning to change to prevent this from happening in the future. This has happened many times before and this will continue to happen if Uber does not make a change. A big company with such an active Pride campaign certainly does not seem to “move with pride”.
We want to spread awareness about what happened during Pride, remind people that Ubers are still NOT always safe for queer people and women but most importantly; make @uber listen, make a change and take responsibility for what happened.
We will come together at the Homomonument this Wednesday at 18:00 to raise our voices and stand by Sophie in solidarity. Come join us ❤️🏳️‍🌈
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ivyvanhelsing · a day ago
The fact that bridget guilty gear being confirmed as canonically trans days after a trans woman won the guilty gear strive EVO tournament (with an enby winning the skullgirls tournament) proves that both guilty gear and fighting games in general belong to trans people.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tv show reviews except being gay is the norm
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letters-to-lgbt-kids · 2 days ago
My dear lgbt+ kids,
"I better ask an adult for advice... oh dang, I am the adult" is a normal thought, and that goes for both new adults and adulty adults.
We often think of adulthood as this magic key to all the answers - and when we turn into adults and realize that we actually do not have all the answers, we feel like a failure ("Everyone but me has their sh*t together!"). But that's just not true.
You'll never have your sh*t together, at least not in the sense that you will at some point never need help with anything ever again.
It's normal to need guidance and advice sometimes. It's normal to need explanations and instructions sometimes. It's normal to want someone to take your hand and lead you through life sometimes. It's normal to feel lost and confused sometimes. You will feel that way - and the other adults do as well.
It doesn't make you a failure. It makes you a human being.
With all my love,
Your Tumblr Dad
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spinninwiththestars · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
evolution of nick becoming comfortable with others knowing about him and charlie.
inspired by @nose-bl
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the-sappho-of-lesbos · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Source: Out In America; A Portrait Of Gay and Lesbian Life , by Michael Goff and the staff of OUT magazine
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