#Like I am so fucking bothered by this
bisexual-horror-fan · 4 months ago
Okay so, I do so much to keep this blog a happy, positive and inclusive space and strive to show and cultivate that on the daily.
But today?
I’m fucking pissed.
My good writing friend/mutual @knifewh0re got an ask last night alerting them to the fact that one of their fics was put on wattpad without their permission or knowledge and that SAME person did the same with my fic. They took my fic Sleepover and put it on their page and they also had a whole collection of stolen work, looks like it has been taken down now, thank GOD, but I am still pretty angry about this.
Whoever you are, I assume you are a fan of mine, right? I dunno who you are but I hope you are reading this and are aware of the fact that this shit sucks. It is fucking gross and not okay.
That you are aware of the fact that I am angry and genuinely upset with you.
I work hard as fuck on all of my stories, I pour so much time and effort and thought into them, put pieces of MYSELF in them and for someone to turn around and repost my shit without a single thought or care to me or the work I do is honestly disgusting.
Did you ever think maybe there are specific reasons that I haven’t put my shit on wattpad? No. Of course not.
Like if you ARE a fan of mine there are so many better ways to get more eyes on my stuff. Tumblr hates me and has me blacklisted so finding my blog is a challenge, my shit does not show up in the tags, so the ONLY WAY new eyes get on my stuff is via reblogs. You could recc, talk about or reblog my writing if you want to support me! And I heavily encourage this and would love that.
Not from you however, whoever you are who stole my shit, you aren’t welcome here anymore, I don’t know you and as a result can’t block you but yeah this shit I am doing here? It is not for you and I don’t want you here because I write for adults and clearly you aren’t because I thought we all learned why plagiarism is wrong in the FOURTH FUCKING GRADE.
In closing. This is a massive fucking reminder that I do NOT consent or want anyone else posting my shit on other sites.
And to my lovely supportive followers, fans and moots, if you ever see my writing somewhere that isn’t here on my tumblr blog or my Ao3 account here, that I didn’t post it there and I would be endlessly thankful if you could bring it to my attention/report it.
Thank you so much for your time and listening to me vent about all of this.
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the-acid-pear · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
(Pttsss, it's me, I am People)
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glitchbirds · 8 months ago
halloween kills spoilers
“michael myers in halloween kills is homophobic” listen. in 11 movies i have never seen michael be so nice to two of his victims before. he set their corpses up so they were sharing a romantic moment together like in their photos and he picked out a record and played romantic music for them. AFTER he already ignored them and gave them ample time to just leave when he first broke back into the house. they honestly couldve left unscathed but they made the conscious decision to stay and look for the serial killer loose in their home. they got themselves killed by choosing to stay and then michael still decided to let them keep being in love in death instead of stringing up their corpses like halloween decorations. this is coming from a man who hollowed out a cop’s skull and turned it into a lit jack o lantern earlier that same night. this is literally the nicest thing he has ever done to people he’s killed and you want to slander him like this?
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hazardlevei · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
oh houndie
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thefact0rygirl · a month ago
One day we will have the conversation about the toxic portrayal of sex work in fanfiction. 
We will acknowledge that it isn’t a kink or a personality trait, and how treating it as such only perpetuates harmful stereotypes. 
One day we will discuss how how looping the various types of sex work together only feeds into the narrative that it is not legitimate work.
We will finally recognize and understand that most sex work described in fanfiction is demonizing, patronizing, or just incorrect.
But today is not that day.
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sickest-saddest-worldliest · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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ribbondraws · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Matching Keldeo dress Hilda to match that Diancie armor Diantha from earlier because I really wanted to show theres ways to put her in a dress that make her look less out of character
#pokemon masters#trainer hilda#unova#my dream would’ve been both of m in cool armored suits tailored to their personal styles#but fine. if you wanna put hilda in a dress. fine.#but dont make it a pink frilly cake that looks restrictive to boot!! u cant convince me shed wear that!!#still tried to keep it a princess type dress to match w DeNAs ‚vision‘ but tried making it more fitting#also half related but#i keep seeing people go ‚ppl hate hildas dress because they think you cant put hilda in a dress'#no.. its cus its a horrid dress for her please. please#put her in a dress for all i care but let it match her character! its not just a matter of pants or skirt#theres so much more to how an outfit is designed. it kills me#i am a little too invested in outfit design i will admit jksdfhsknc#but yeah its the same reason dianthas outfit bothered me#yes its ‚armor‘ and yes the idea of her in armor is cool but theres SO many styles to go w that#and the one they went w doesnt fit her#anyways ill shut up now i just care a little too much about silly outfits most of the time#this isnt a great design i like this way less then how diantha turned out#but fuck it man i was just trying to prove a point here skjdfnsdfs#at least i like this better then whatever the hell we actually got. im more at peace w this.#so mission accomplished ig#wasn’t actually planning on doing this one i just got annoyed at how many ppl were saying that anyone disliking hildas dress was being.#sexist? because the reason we disliked it had to b cus tomboy in a dress? no sir its a bad dress#/rushes to try n do a better job
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penandinkprincess · a month ago
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serialreblogger · 8 months ago
i don't want medication to make me less loud and annoying i want medication so i can get work done without an anxiety disorder and make breakfast before 12:30
#adhd#adhd things#hyperempathy tw#linden's originals#saw a friend rb an adhd post w tags abt their psychiatrist saying they ''talk w scattered thoughts & only sometimes circle back''#and adding that the psychiatrist wants to ''medicate that out of'' them#like GOD i am. so goddamn sick of the psychiatric industry. so fuckin tired of neuroableism at EVERY FUCKIN TURN#i don't WANT them to change who i am! i don't want my adhd to be Fixed! i LIKE the way my brain works!#it makes me smarter! the ability to see and hold together dozens and dozens of connections at once & grasp the innate interconnectedness of#of - EVERYTHING of society and oppression and individual personalities and - english literature and symbolism and art -#i may be intellectually disabled in that i can't conceptualize spatial or temporal things and cannot do simple addition easily#but that's part of me too. i don't Want you to make me Normal i've never been normal and these things DON'T BOTHER ME#what bothers me is that i'm slowly starving because i can't make my own meals with any consistency & have at least 1 chronic illness from#the severe anxiety disorder i developed just to avoid failing out of school (or 'failing' at meeting expectations re: standardized testing)#i want medication that will stimulate my brain the way it is CONSTANTLY trying to do on its own with just my environment & imagination#and i still can't get the stimulation i need! like the more i learn about adhd (from other people With adhd not fuckin dsm research)#the more obvious it is to me Why i'm so prone to depression. like the trauma doesn't help but i also just Am Not (EVER) getting enough#of the right kinds of stimulation/of basic dopamine levels. my neurotransmitters are fucked y'all#my brain is structured differently and that makes me Better Than Normal at some things and Worse Than Normal at others#and i'm fuckin okay with that. i like it. i love my weird brain in all its strengths and weaknesses#i don't want my brain's *shape* to be ''fixed.'' i just want to give it what it Needs - what i need -#and am not fucking able to get from the world around me. fuck i'm tired#fuck it y'all one of these days i'm gonna write a ground-up biopsychological explanation of adhd and the dsm can fuckin bite me#anyway#that's all#linden in the tags
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Tumblr media
Netflix needs to un-cancel this shit before I kms I swear on god. Give me season three I got so freaking hooked on it watched it in a day 😭
#the hollow netflix#the hollow reeve#the hollow vanessa#thehollow#the hollow kai#the hollow season 2#the hollow mira#the hollow adam#give me season three of the hollow before I shart myself#don’t mean to be a toxic fan I just rlly love it so much#don’t mean to pressure or bother you guys it was just so fucking good#and now I finished it and am probably gonna re watch it#I also might have a teeny crush on adam and would like to see more of him#plz I have daddy issues#imma be hyper fixated on this for a while until I find a new hyperfixation fyi#imma go play ace attorney now rise form the ashes is brutal which is why I’ve been putting it off#Toji is a dilf#sorry I just figured out how to make tags and am having a lot of fun making them#it might be a good idea for me to see about upping the amount of times I see my therapist cause once a week might not be enough#I have crippling anxiety and hate myself over every little thing#lgbt representation#lgbtqiia+#material gworl#I have listened to the security breech daycare theme for day on end now it makes my adhd very happy I sway to it in the back of class#and I don’t sway to it in the back of the car I probably look demented but it slaps almost as hard as my dad (about the previous tag)#p.s. I don’t even play fnaf but I get a lot of fandom content on my tiktok fyp love sun so much both Kim him and want to marry him#yes I know he’s an animatronic and I hate animatronics they scare me but he’s a sweet heart I’ll make an exception this once
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oifaaa · 6 months ago
Been on this stupid website for 9+ years and I still have no clue how people can make Internet friends so casually
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ablednt · 8 months ago
Okay but my least favorite fandom trend is how hard people reach to defend fathers who are iffy at best and blatantly abusive at worst like it doesn't matter how blatantly awful a character is people will be like oh? You don't like them? You think they're a bad father? Well fuck you they're my favorite character now >:[
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the-family-we-choose-118 · a month ago
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batshit-birds · a month ago
I'm just picturing the C4 Space Pirates arrive back on earth and the whole league is just like, "WHAT?"
Meanwhile Cassie, Kon with a dog, Tim with cybernetic organs, Bart and Thad wrangling the cats, Slobo, the Space Cabbie, and a few green lanterns from outer sectors, all carrying smoothies: "What?"
Meanwhile Damian and Bruce who had their theory boards are yelling, "I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU SO!" While the Flashes all look guiltily at each other because now they have to explain...or do they?
Kon with an *alleged dog. he says it's a dog. no one buys it. it does not look like a dog. no one knows what it is.
dude when they get back they'd be so well versed in the most random shit and have the weirdest connections. Cabbie? yeah they know him. a random GL from the furthest sector you can think of? they're friends. they know the perfect asteroid for avoiding space authorities.
#i dont know why im so adamant that kon's dog is not in fact a dog but i am#i dont know what it looks like yet but i know its fucked up#like. childhood nightmare right there#c4 space au#if i do write this (i keep saying that and i am sorely tempted)#i probably won't include thad and slobo will only be there for a little bit before he goes off to do his own thing#bc a) this is a core 4 au#and b) if i have to juggle more than four characters in a group at once i will Cry#it's gonna be so tough working with the characters grieving on earth#large groups are so so difficult to write. four is a nice manageable number#but also y'all i'm having so many thoughts about how the c4's dynamic changes and how their life on their ship is#its so cozy in my brain!#they have plants everywhere and they're constantly pinning things up and its just so homey and lived in#and i'm having little thoughts about how they cope with being back on earth#bc these four have slept in the same room and lived together for three years straight (barring brief separations)#to the point where it doesnt bother them anymore! no they do not want their own space!#basically on their first night back#they start off in separate rooms (probably in different places)#and they can handle it for like. an hour before they all converge on someone (probably tim bc he cant fly / doesnt have superspeed)#and say 'OUR room'#basically the four of them get used to sharing literally everything to the point where sometimes they forget they aren't just one person
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deludedandlostcause · a year ago
“Me and Eleanor have been together ages and I don’t have a lot of private photos for myself. Even on a night out there’ll be some f**ker taking my picture and it goes everywhere. So those moments to ourselves are special. It’s the same way I look at Freddie. Do I wanna show him off and tell the world how amazing he is? Yes, of course I do! But I know he’s amazing and he knows that and that’s what matters.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
#the louis you want to believe in: my gf and i are private#when we're out some fucker will take our pic and it goes everywhere#the louis we see whenever eleanor's around: *posing for pics they know fully well will get everywhere*#the louis you want to believe in: i wanna keep my son private#the louis we all saw: *does a thousand pap walks as soon as the kid is born*#the louis we still see: *lets his son's family spread the kid's face all over the internet*#it's the inconsistencies for me <3#if you think louis doesn't have the means to keep his actual life private you got a big storm coming#i don't even know why am i entertaining you lmao#i hope you know when you send messages like this we all laugh at you because you truly believe everything you read#also why am i suddenly a target of these asks?#when have i ever said i want to talk about stunts?#what does it matter to you what i believe in? or what i support?#i'm a literal nobody from a town in the middle of fucking nowhere in a small ass country#and for some reason you're so bothered by my beliefs that you feel the need to send shit like this to me#that ''quote'' didn't change my mind when it came out#why do you think it will now?#lol#and before you come at me with ''you're harassing louis and his family''#or some baseless accusation like that#let me tell you#i'm fucking not#i never once messaged or tweeted any of the boys#i don't care about their families so i never contacted or asked any of their family members stupid questions#i'm just here in the dead corner of the internet reblogging some beautiful art we have in this fandom#yet you're really bothered by that#you're fucking weird mate#asks#anonymous
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lollytea · a month ago
Stop giving Odalia pats on the back for not being homophobic she has literally never heard of the concept
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trans-hoverfish · 2 months ago
SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to that tiny ass wreck at the far back of the dunes, right next to the sea treaders path, borderline on the VOID, surrounded by warpers and sandsharks AND TWO REAPER LEVIATHANS. this shout put is due to the fact that that wreck has fucking nothing in. its got like a single supply crate. the wiki says it has stuff but its lying that wreck is just there to get you punt into the sun by reapers
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agriocnemis · 6 months ago
Does anyone else kinda of finds it weird that people tend to blame Monty for Bonnie's decommissioning when we don't even know the whole story? I mean Monty isn't having a good time either with this fact of having to be a star animatronic for the band- noted to even return back to the golf area where he likely had been first assigned to a majority of the time. Just cause he acts or seems more aggressive doesn't mean he truly just the issue- as why wouldn't Bonnie just be remade or fixed instead of covered up mostly except for a few things?
I mean I get it whomever are overseeing this shit has to be aware of this shit? and are trying to move on to keep the business running. They nearly got entirely rid of Foxy as well- barely anything but past plushies and that beach/ likely theatre area where we see a large statue(?) of him. Which may just be trying to slowly get rid of the past (including the fact Foxy probably didn't fit in the theme as well for the band)
I just dislike the fact Monty was blamed first for Bonnie basically getting thrown aside. Bonnie was kinda of there since the start of the canon franchise... It's really sad to see him go up like that and not get recommissioned eventually- even if it's small? like a cheaper animatronic or statue of him in bowling? atleast they wouldn't have to rebrand so quickly and then at least kids wouldn't try to ask about him?
#ymir sketches#fnaf#fnaf security breach#sorry if like this makes no sense it's like 3 am for me atm#but honestly just cause they act aggressive doesn't mean they did something about it#the whole thing about the missing kids and what happened before the whole game at this area is really curious#If Monty was the actual thing that cause Bonnie's end I would honestly :/#LIKE YOU COULD DO SO MUCH ACTUAL GOOD THING WITH THIS POINT THAN JUST 'mad gator is mad and kills band to get in band'#Like please give Monty a break and not just have him so aggressive and showoff-y#I like Monty don't get me wrong but... I just don't like the way he was given a role of 'killed bonnie' as it may lead to show? possibly I#am hoping for a red herring just so we can get something darker or actually interesting?#man this may be from the fact I am getting tired of just murders??? but I kinda of want the higher ups to be the reason why and to hide#something that bonnie may have found or possibly tried to fix- man even that possession thing causing the deaths of kids!#just not Monty. He just isn't it ya know. I hate more aggressive characters getting put in this box so much it's just not the way everyone#like that works it just er#Monty should be getting more aggressive due to being out of his zone and being afraid that his shoes won't fit ya know#so he tries to be extremely showoff-y and aggressive but honestly he just likes to play rough and is good hearted#I mean fuck. he doesn't even bother you most of the game! probably to help with having to code two paths but STILL#This just might be being tired and just can't stop being upset at the idea of this character type of being aggressive = murderous!#(note Gregory honestly just passes out and likely doesn't die... likely... to jumpscares. kid is running off of spite)#I just want them to be friends and oops one knew too much and got taken over then decommissioned for everyone's safety
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honeyblockm · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
STAGE ANATOMY : written for @yuker 's Curtain Call AU, but it's a little weird and abstract and I've been reading Diagram magazine.
(the title links to a google doc that is just the words for if you want that.)
Also the text is small! if you're on a computer, open image in new tab and it should let you zoom in. if you're on mobile, perish.
I finished writing this before I read "NOW LEAVE" by Maggie Andersen but like. I encourage you to take a look at it. Because it's nice. That's the main reason.
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tbos-main · 2 months ago
pov you just got attacked by nixies and you're having a crisis over if/how you should save the guy you hate
“Drako!” Nate shouted, immediately rushing forward and dropping to the ground, not even feeling the immediate dampness of the Rowanisles seeping into his clothes as he settled himself beside Drako. Nate raised his hand that wasn’t still holding a dagger, muscle memory alone allowing him to move past the racing stampede of his heart, before he froze, breaths coming quickly.
Nate could leave him here. His job within the palace would be lost and the entire journey would be for nothing, but at least Drako would be dead. The southerner saw too much, and he got under Nate’s skin, and for who he was, it was not something Nate could allow. Leaving him here to die would put all of this behind Nate. He could pretend it never happened, and he’d be no worse off than he was a week ago.
He watched the way Drako’s blood trickled into the mud, staining the lush green grass. He watched how his chest rose and fell shakily. He watched how Dea nuzzled desperately at Drako’s head, his black hair half-fallen in his face. He was not dead yet, which meant he was in pain. This was a messy death. A bloody, dirty death that a man from the Golden Land could not even comprehend. A butchery.
“Looks like, ah-.” Drako mumbled, cracking his eyes open a fraction, somehow managing to force a small smile. “Looks like I took down more than you again.”
“It wasn’t a competition, moron.” Nate hissed, alarmed that Drako was even still conscious, let alone able to speak. He felt hollow, light-headed, and he wasn’t even the one bleeding out in some obscure eastern wetland.
Drako was conscious. Nate had to help him; he’d known he had no other choice the moment he saw that nixie tear through Drako’s skin. But Drako was conscious, and that complicated things. If Nate was going to save this idiot, then he wouldn’t do it in a way that damned himself.
Unfortunately, Nate’s knowledge of healing was very limited.
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