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#Like I made 15 sets last time I opened photoshop
holygraund · 16 days ago
how do you stay motivated and inspired to create gif sets all the time?
Hi! I haven't got it in me to do this all the time, like, I haven't opened my photoshop for weeks until two days ago. It's kind of periodical, like when I got time, I would make A LOT OF GIFS in a few hours and put them in queue that could last a few weeks which makes it look like I'm always active but really I'm not really that active XD. And all my creativity and energy for photohsop would usually be drained dry after a gif-making spree and I need some time off to let the creativity come back for the next spree. As for inspirations, it's from all the pretty designs, like website designs or book and album cover arts or good gifs and edits made by the amazing fellow content creators on tumblr.
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captainchilly · 6 months ago
How I Make Gifs
It’s been over a year and a half since I made my last version so I’d figure I’d make an updated one.
This is meant to be beginner level so if you’re looking for my coloring technique skip to the coloring section (step 7).
Tools I use: ‣ OBS Studio (free to download; for obtaining video) ‣ Photoshop CC
If you have any questions, send me a message :) 
The Basics
Step 1: Obtain the video of what you’re giffing 
I exclusive use screen-recording now because I just find it easier. Currently I use OBS Studio to screen-record. It’s super easy to use and it’ll screen record on most streaming services (How I setup my OBS here). I usually just record the scene/clip I’m going to gif as to avoid huge files.
I previously used to download torrents or screen record using Screencastify on Chrome.
Step 2: Load your video into Photoshop
To load your video into PS click File > Import > Video Frames to Layers then navigate to your video file and open it.
You’ll then get a pop-up like the one below and you can use the highlighted sliders to select which part of the video you want to load into frames for your gif and just load it in. (Note: I usually load in multiple gif’s frames and separate but for this example I’ll use the one)
Tumblr media
Step 3: Delete Excess Frames
When importing the frames sometimes you grab a couple frames you don’t want so now it’s time to cut them out. To do this click the first frame you want to delete and Shift+Click to the last frame. Once the frames are highlighted click the trash can, circled below. (Note: if your photoshop loads the frames in timeline view instead of frame animation view click the icon to the far left in the image below to switch it.)
Tumblr media
Repeat this for the end of the gif as well if needed.
Step 4: Re-size the Gif
The width and height of your gifs can pretty much be anything and Tumblr will shrink or stretch accordingly as long as your gif is under 8 MB. These are the widths tumblr shrinks the gifs to (which is what I use for my gif widths usually):
‣ For one gif per line a 540px width is used. ‣ For two gifs per line a 268px width is used.
To resize your file click Image > Image Size then put in the width you’re using. Make sure that your width and height are linked (icon circled below) so the image doesn’t end up looking wonky!
Tumblr media
Now you can crop your image if you chose by selecting Image > Canvas Size. For the set I’m making in this tutorial I’m adjusting the height to 250px.
Step 5: Changing the speed of the gif (Optional, based on how the gif looks)
When my gifs load into Photoshop they tend to speed up for some reason. To change this you just need to adjust the delay.
Start by selecting all the frames (under the circled 3 lines) then click on the current delay and edit it. I usually make the delay 0.03 sec but it all depends on how it looks.
Tumblr media
Step 6: Saving Gif(s)
To save your new gif select File > Export > Save for Web. Make sure to look at the gif size in the bottom left corner of the pop up. The number should be under 10MB or it may not work well on Tumblr.
Congrats! You now have a gif! You can stop here if you want (though I do still recommend jumping to Step 12 to sharpen the gif). Here’s what it looks like right now:
Tumblr media
My Gif Coloring
So now you have a gif but you were hoping for it to be brighter or more vibrant. Well here’s the next steps! Please note that most of this is just creative choice so do what you think looks nice and mess around with it until you find your style.
Step 7: Make a folder for all your adjustments (optional step)
I make a folder to put all my coloring settings in so I can easily duplicate it to the other gifs. Make sure the folder is above all the layers of the gif. The folder button is at the bottom of your layers menu.
Step 8: Lighting
There are a lot of techniques to brighten up (or darken) your gifs, it all depends on your personal style and what you’re looking for. I like bright gifs so I use multiple kinds of brightening layers.
I like to light my gifs using both the brightness/contrast layer and the curves layer. These adjustments are under the icon to the left of the folder. For the brightness layer I just kinda slide it till the gif is bright, it can always be adjusted later. For curves I like to make two points one in the empty space in the top right and one over the graph shown, something like this:
Tumblr media
This is my gif now:
Tumblr media
Step 9: Vibrance/Saturation and Balancing It
Now I add a Vibrance/Saturation layer and add about 20-40 vibrance depending on the scenes coloring.
Vibrance tends to make the colors more yellow (Saturation tends to add more red) so I use a Color Balance layer to make the colors more normal. With Color Balance you just slide the slider away from whatever color your gif currently shows. To get rid of yellow you slide in more blues, for green you slide in magentas, for cyans you slide in more reds. Just mess around with it until you get something you like as this is all dependent on your coloring style.
This is our gif now:
Tumblr media
Step 10: More Coloring!
Now it’s just some small adjustments left. I basically just mess around with different Selective Color settings until I get something I like. Usually I decrease the yellows, increase the cyan in the reds category, and add 2-5% in black section under the blacks category.
This is what I have now:
Tumblr media
Step 11: Duplicate your Coloring Folder to all gifs in the set
So you don’t have to individually recolor every gif you can just duplicate the folder with the coloring layers by right clicking the folder then selecting “Duplicate Group” and select which document to duplicate the folder to.
Note: if your gif is a different angle or shot then it may take some slight adjustments to color it.
Step 12: Sharpen you Gifs
I use the technique in the link to sharpen my gifs. Click Here!
I did make a heftier sharpening action then what is in the tutorial that can do up to 250 frames. You can download here.
Here’s the gif now:
Tumblr media
Step 13: Adding Text
To add text click on the “T” icon in the Photoshop tool bar then click anywhere on your image and type out your text.
For my text I usually use the Calbri font in bold and italic at size 15/16 for my 540px gifs and 12 for my 268px gifs. Text color is personally preference but I usually use white for one character and yellow for a second character.
Once you have your text typed out you’ll want to click all three of these before you move it or add any style to it to keep the style and position uniform:
Tumblr media
Now that the text is unified I add a stroke and a drop shadow. To do this double click on the space between the “T” and the text in the sidebar pictured above. A popup will show up click on stroke and adjust the settings then repeat with drop shadow. These are my settings: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And just position the text where you want it. I usually center it and have it about 0.46cm from the bottom edge of the image.
Repeat this for all the gifs that have text.
Step 14: Saving Gif(s) and Posting
Select File > Export > Save for Web and look for the file size. Remember the gif needs to be UNDER 10MB.
More frames, brighter coloring, more colors, larger sizes usually lead to more MBs so sometimes in my bigger files I check the save page a few times to make sure I’m within the tumblr limits.
When posting to Tumblr I make sure to save the set as a draft first to make sure it looks okay on the platform (and on mobile). I also use it as a way to proofreading my text again.
When posting I use edit tags, show tags, and character tags (only for the characters in the set) and schedule the post (I don’t think this matters but it helps me keep my posting time consistent).
And that’s it! Once you get the hang of it it’s way more fun than it sounds!
Here’s a comparison of the gifs
Tumblr media
Original with Sharpening:
Tumblr media
Finally gif:
Tumblr media
Link to the finished set!
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thedevilliers · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here’s my editing process, request by an anon! It’s nothing out of the ordinary; I just draw on shadows, highlights and add adjustment layers. I use photoshop cc 2020. everythings under the cut! if you have any questions, my inbox is open.
1. first off, opening my raw screenshot. I use reshade, more specifically my own modified version of simemi’s reshade v2! I just open it in photoshop.
Tumblr media
2. next, on top of it I add my own psd I made to compliment my reshade.
some basics on color correction and adjustment layers you can do are: curves, levels, color balance, vibrance, exposure and contrast.
the amount of layers I have is definitely too many with many of them being barely visible and me not even remembering what half of them do. so don’t be like me. 👁️👁️
Tumblr media
the MESS of adjustment layers i have (all vary in opacity and strength) [you are allowed to make fun of me]
Tumblr media
3. next is sharpening! I do Filters > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen. these are my settings:
Tumblr media
4. adding shadows: THE time consuming part since you have to do it on each panel you have + depends on the amount of people in your screenshot. i’d recommend being careful with shadows since sometimes without noticing you can go a lil overboard! if this happens, use the eraser tool to make it less strong.
first off, you make a new layer and you set this layer blending mode to Multiply.
Tumblr media
with the color picker (shortcut: i) I pick a color from her cheeks to draw the shadows on + the base opacity I use for softer shadows is 6%. for stronger ones i go to 10-15%.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here, a few lil gifs [they are sped up]:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ in the 2nd gif, i erased a shadow on the left side of the nose that was too strong. if you don’t like a shadow, just erase!]
i do the same process on her hair shadows, but this time with the color picker I choose a color from her hair. anddd the shadows result:
Tumblr media
I find giving shadows to not only the sim, but the overall scene adds more “depth”, especially when the sims can look a bit flat. I also add shadows on objects such as food, chairs, decor, etc! of course everyone can edit (or not!) they way they want!!
I’m not doing it in this exact screenshot, but if there’s lightning that would realistically bounce off the sim, i’ll add it with a new layer set in Linear Dodge (Add).
5. adding highlights. the easier step! I use the dodge tool with very low exposure.
Tumblr media
I duplicate my base layer in case I make any mistakes / I don’t like the end result.
Tumblr media
I usually add highlights on faces (lips, nosetip, cupid’s bow, eyes, chin, a lil on the forehead and hair. if there’s a lot of jewelry in the scene, I also add highlights on earrings/necklaces.
Tumblr media
6. anddd that’s it!! then I’ll just add my text on top.
Tumblr media
andd one last tip, this time about text: to make text always be in the same spot, just duplicate your type layer (aka the text) into all your screenshots instead of creating a new type layer each time. I usually do it in one screenshot (which I call the base one), and just duplicate it by right clicking and doing duplicate layer. always make sure your text layer is on top of all adjustment layers.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
now, rinse and repeat for all your panels 🧎‍♀️
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bakersimmer · a month ago
Tumblr media
Neon glow
This is a combination tutorial.  1) You need a good base from your game.  Here I have Laila and a weird setup of lights.  I'm going to set two lights to neutral and one to blue. Tutorials are more like suggestions: your game, your picture, your rules. You can always experiment and do things your own way. 
Tumblr media
Looks neon-y already. But I'm going to crank up the volume in Photoshop. First, I'm going to click on the Adjustment Layer. It's the icon in the red circle. From there, I can find contextual menu. And I'm going to choose Gradient. 
Tumblr media
As soon as I click on the Gradient, Photoshop will take the Foreground color and make a Gradient with it. Now would be the time to maneuver to the place where arrow no. 2 is pointing.  Left-click on the Gradient will open up Gradient Editor.  Arrow no. 3 is pointing on a Color Stop. Make sure both stops have the same color.  And arrow no. 4 is pointing at the place where I can open Color Picker. 
Tumblr media
I made two fills. I can change the color angle with the dial or by typing in a numeric value.  Now I'm going to change the Blending mode of both of the Gradient Layers. I'm going to set the top one to Overlay and the bottom one to Soft Light. After that, I'm going to adjust the opacity of the layers. The last step would be to Merge the layers. 
Tumblr media
To make your picture even cooler, you should up the shadows and highlights. Tweak the contrast, saturation, etc.
Tumblr media
I'm not a professional. Everything I know about Photoshop has been acquired through (almost) 15 years of experimentation.
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olivia-anderson-fanfic · 9 months ago
Soulmarks, Part 15
First part
Gotta take a break for exams. I’ll probably still update every once in a while, but I probably won’t be fully back until the 10th. <3
She fell to her knees, clutching her head.
“Inamovibi-Lady, I am Hawkmoth.”
She needed to shut down. Why couldn’t she? She’d definitely hit her max. Her breath came out in shallow gasps, her eyes stung with tears. Why was she still feeling? Why couldn’t she stop? God, she wanted to stop --!
“The world is a cruel place, but only to people who don’t deserve it. Tragedy only befalls the best of people, and the wicked live without consequences.”
She couldn’t give in. Paris needed her. Any damage she did while she was akumatized would remain. She needed to summon a lucky charm. Her eyes found their way to her yoyo. Should she try and make a lucky charm at risk of being akumatized with it?
No. They would need the yoyo to purify the akuma. 
Hopefully she wouldn’t cause too much damage.
“I am giving you the power to finally make them pay for what they’ve done.”
She needed to say no. No one had ever managed it before, but she had to do it. It was her responsibility. She couldn’t get akumatized. She couldn’t. She couldn’t let Paris down.
“They will finally see justice, all you need to do is give me the ladybug and cat miraculi.”
She squeezed her eyes shut. She could hear Adrien running away and had to hope that Tim was with him.
She couldn’t let them down.
“All you have to do is say yes.”
Her fingers dug into her scalp.
“Yes, Hawkmoth.”
He cursed as he skid across the grass, tugging at the yoyo string as he attempted to free himself. The last time he’d been tied up like this hadn’t gone well, and he wasn’t eager for a repeat.
Adrien stood next to Marinette for a second, a shocked expression on his face as she fell to the floor.
“HEY! HELP!” Yelled Tim.
He snapped out of it and ran over. He tried to untie him for a second, then seemed to decide that it was a problem for later as Marinette was engulfed in purple and black smoke. He threw Tim over his shoulder and started running.
They had only gotten a block away before she walked out. Was that even her? Sure, she was still in her Ladybug outfit, but…
Her skin was bleached so pale that it shone in the moonlight, and a wide smile made up half of her face. She swung a giant judge’s gavel. He tensed at just how much the akuma reminded him of a mix of Joker and Harley.
Adrien glanced over his shoulder and picked up speed.
And then Tim watched her swing the gavel in a large arc. It morphed into a yoyo. Her smile stretched ever wider.
Her yoyo hooked around a lamppost nearby and she practically flew to them. Her yoyo detached itself midair and she did a flip that would have made Dick proud as she landed in front of them, a microphone now in hand.
Adrien skid to a stop.
“Hello!” She said without moving her mouth. Her voice boomed through Paris’s streets and people began to poke their heads out of windows. She looked around, her black eyes glittering like beetles, and started talking again when she apparently decided there was enough of an audience: “Don’t you know missing a court date is enough to get arrested?”
“I’m not French, so no,” said Tim awkwardly as Adrien set him on his feet to start detangling himself.
“True! I’ll give you a pardon for that, then. The crimes you were originally going to be tried for, though, I’m afraid can’t be ignored.”
Adrien sighed lightly as he pulled out his baton. “I don’t want to fight you, Nette --.”
“My name is Inamovibi-Lady, thank you.” She twirled the microphone in her hand and it stretched back into her original gavel. “Anyways, your crimes were that you never brought yourself to believe me, even when the truth was right in front of you.”
“I know your defenses, so I’ll tell them to everyone for you. Cheval didn’t listen because he thought I was too good to be true and Chat didn’t want to believe ill of his family.” She gave a fake sniffle and rubbed under her eyes like she was wiping away tears. “Enough to bring a tear to my eyes. If I could cry, of course.”
“But your personal issues don’t give you a warrant to push all your problems on me. Trust me, I’m a judge. I know all about warrants.”
Tim finally managed to get himself out and the yoyo hit the floor at his feet. He could breathe properly again, thank god.
But then she stepped closer, her gavel poised for a hit, and he seemed to forget how to breathe.
“So, your sentence is to live your lives through without anyone ever believing anything you say ever again! Good luck, darlings!”
Adrien brought his baton up to keep her from hitting them, but it seemed they weren’t quite her target. She slammed her gavel on the ground at their feet. A red circle stretched around them and they were engulfed in bright red light. He brought his hands to his eyes as the light threatened to blind him, and when he’d finally managed to open them again she was gone.
They tore through the streets, looking around for Inamovibi-Lady, but she’d completely disappeared.
“Right, her targets are definitely Hawkmoth and Lila.”
“Says who?” Said Adrien, raising his eyebrows. “She can’t fight Hawkmoth without getting deakumatized and Lila has nothing to do with what we did.”
Tim snorted. Really? Like getting deakumatized would stop Marinette from beating up a terrorist and Lila definitely had something to do with his half of the sentence. “Even if you were right, which you’re not, we’d be stupid not to check up on them.”
Adrien rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “We’d be wasting our time.”
“This conversation is wasting our time,” hissed Tim, before pressing a hand to his comm. “Hey, we have a problem in France. Ladybug got akumatized.”
“Yeah, now they’re an evil judge,” said Adrien.
Dick had the audacity to laugh. “Marinette? Akumatized? An evil judge? Funny joke, guys.”
“Yeah, she’d never let that happen,” agreed Barbara.
He groaned and let his hand fall back to his side. This was definitely going to be more of a problem than he’d originally thought. No wonder Inamovibi-Lady felt comfortable leaving them to go and enact her revenge. What could they really do? There was no way they could ask for help and even talking to each other was a pain...
They detransformed and they went to Marinette’s parents’ bakery. He needed to get some bread for Kaalki so he could open up a portal. Marinette would probably agree to go through the portal, if only because Joker and Harley were practically inaccessible. The bats might not believe him now, but he had to hope that seeing Inamovibi-Lady would be enough to convince them.
They sat down in a nearby alley to wait for their kwamis to recharge. Adrien didn’t need to do that, but he’d apparently decided that they should stick together.
Their phones buzzed and they frowned at each other as they pulled them out.
Inamovibi-Lady’s face beamed at them from their screens (not that her face seemed to be able to do anything else).
“Hello, Paris! Well, it’s really just my classmates and the police. No matter! Welcome to our second hearing of the night! Our special guest is…” She did a drumroll on her legs before stepping to the side with a wide flourish.
Lila was pressed back against her wall, looking like she’d rather be absolutely anywhere else. 
“I was right,” muttered Tim, sending Adrien a glare.
He only got a shrug.
Both of them considered going to save Lila. There was a pretty high chance Adrien knew where she lived, but…
“YOU CANT DO THIS! MY MOTHER WORKS FOR THE EMBASSY!” Screamed Lila, pulling their attention back to their screens.
“Your mother isn’t here, now, is she?” She spun her yoyo at her side lazily. “Right, how about you plead your case? Would you like to defend yourself on the whole ‘lying to everyone in your class’ thing or the ‘working for Hawkmoth’ thing first?”
Lila sputtered. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Don’t want to talk, huh? Don’t you know that you get a lighter sentence when you plead guilty?”
Her yoyo wrapped around Lila’s neck. The liar gasped and clawed at her throat. Tears began rolling down her face.
“How about you talk?” Said Inamovibi-Lady. “I won’t be giving you another chance to tell your side if you don’t.”
Lila sobbed and continued trying to pull the string off of her neck.
The akuma gave her a few seconds before giving the camera an overexaggerated shrug. “Right, I tried. Every word that comes out of Lila’s mouth is a lie, anyways. You shouldn’t trust her to tell you the sky is blue without pictures... and, who knows, they’re probably photoshopped.”
“On top of that, she works for Hawkmoth. Isn’t that right?”
Lila hung her head.
“Cool! I actually wasn’t sure on the Hawkmoth thing, but it’s great that she didn’t deny it. Come get her, coppers!”
“Unless, of course, she wants to say something. Don’t really think there’s anything she can say to make this better for herself, can’t claim self-defense when your victims can’t fight back, after all.”
Inamovibi-Lady unhooked her yoyo and it morphed into a microphone. She pressed it to Lila’s mouth.
“I’m innocent! You have to believe me!” Her voice boomed around Paris.
The akuma tapped her hand to her chin as if considering it, then shook her head as she brought the microphone to her own lips. “Anyone who believes a word that comes out of your mouth is stupid, but I’ll make it so they can finally trust you! Your sentencing is that you can never lie again!”
“Wait, what?”
She turned it back into a gavel with a wave of her hand and hit the wall right beside Lila’s head and the girl screamed as she was engulfed in light.
The akuma picked up her camera and started out into the streets. “Right! Now that that’s done…” Her eyes narrowed. “I know you’re watching this, Chat and Cheval. I added you to this for a reason. How about we play a game? Hero to hero… and vigilante.”
Adrien and Tim gave each other wary glances.
“I can’t see you, but I’m assuming you said yes! I have three targets that I’m going after tonight. Well, five, but two of those are a bit harder to get to. I’m going to need a little bit of help, could you give me a hand, darlings?”
“Either way, you probably can guess who the third is. Feel free to go over to his place now if you don’t want to use your brains… but, if you want to help the other two, my first target is actually on this call, too! She and I have the same noble rank, and we used to be friends, but unfortunately we just stopped connecting like we used to.”
She winked and the screen went black.
Tim frowned, resting his head on his hand. “Marinette is nobility?”
Adrien shrugged and shook his head.
Tim nodded slightly and rested his head back against the stone. It was definitely a riddle, then, but what did she --?
Wait a minute. Tim had believed him.
That didn’t make sense. He wasn’t supposed to believe a thing Adrien said.
But he hadn’t technically ‘said’ anything.
Tim snapped his fingers and pulled out his phone, typing a few words and then pressing send.
Timberly: Hey, I kissed Nette earlier
Adrien looked down at his phone and raised his eyebrows slightly. He rolled his eyes and typed his answer.
Adrikins: Cool? Not able to say that out loud?
Tim grinned.
Timberly: I could but I found a loophole
Timberly: As long as we’re not speaking out loud people can believe us
Adrien’s eyes widened.
Timberly: Is there a way to have our phones on us when we’re in our suits
Adrikins: Yeah. We just can’t be holding them when we transform.
And then Adrien facepalmed. Tim raised his eyebrows at him and waited for his text.
Adrikins: LADY WIFI.
Timberly: Who
Next part
Me, frantically scrolling through a wikipedia article on the French Judiciary system: there has to be a pun here SOMEWHERE
This was the best I could do ;-;
I, too, am disappointed by my inability to make a good pun for Akumanette
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gwennifergifs · a year ago
So you have your action that goes through all the steps of gif making (making frames from layers, sharpening, ect.) All you have to do is load your caps and click “play” on your gif action for every gif. You think you’ve got it made right?
Well you’re wrong!!! Why do you have to click play on the action for every gif? You can make photoshop do that for you. Here’s how!
This only works for people who make gifs using caps.
Approximate time for completion: 5-15 minutes (depending on how fast your photoshop is).
Approximate time saved: YEARS.
STEP 1: You should already have a giffing action that goes through all of the steps giffing, so all you have to do is load in your caps and press play to make a gif. The action pack IN THE SOURCE has two separate actions (one that makes the gifs, and one that sharpens), so you’ll have to combine it into one action to use it.
STEP 2: Load 10 gifs worth of caps, or as many as you normally do/your photoshop can handle. Ps should look like this with 10 open stacks of caps.
Tumblr media
STEP 3: Click “New action”
Tumblr media
STEP 4: Name your action and hit record. I like to remind myself how many gifs my action can make at once. 
Tumblr media
STEP 5: Your action is now recording. Press play on your normal gif action (the one that goes through all the steps of giffing, including making the gif & sharpening) and let Photoshop run through the steps of making the gif.
STEP 6: Next, click on the next open document in Photoshop. (In this case, Untitled-2.)
Tumblr media
STEP 7: Stop recording your action.
Tumblr media
STEP 8: Your action should now look like this. Highlight these two steps.
Tumblr media
STEP 9: Duplicate these two steps 10 times/as many times as you want to gif. You can delete the last “select next document” at the end. 
Tumblr media
Now every time you want to make a set of gifs:
Load up 10(/however many you made the action for) sets of caps
Click on the first one
Press play on your action
Go back through the gifs when Photoshop is done and edit to your liking
ALPHA MODE: Use a saving action to save them all at once too. Find my saving action on my blog under the gif action tag!
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kaiowut99 · 5 months ago
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX Episode 64 Subbed (Finalized)
Shou VS Kenzan! A Passionate Duel for Big Bro
(Check out my Subbed!GX Stream Masterpost!)
While Judai is away from home, Shou and Tyranno Kenzan argue about which of them is Judai’s “little bro,” prompting a duel between the two in which their passion towards their Big Bro is at stake.  First, Dark Tyranno--Kenzan’s boss Monster--lands a direct attack on Shou.  Then, Shou uses his Cyber Summon Blaster Permanent Trap to chip away at Kenzan’s Life in 300-point chunks.  He also completes a defensive combo with Ambulance Rescueroid and Decoyroid...
Here’s a newly-finalized episode 64! This episode’s interesting because of the whole Shou/Kenzan dynamic getting fleshed out a bit, with the two coming to some level of understanding with each other as Kenzan maturely opts to throw the duel after realizing how dedicated and close Shou is to Judai.  We’ll get a bit more from them later, but it is nice that we close that out here.  Also, Fubuki’s being Fubuki much to Asuka’s chagrin, making us wonder how this season would pan out if he was still possessed, and we see a shirtless Judai in... Pharaoh-branded boxers that I’m surprised aren’t a real thing yet.
Now, in terms of footage fixes... I guess after two episodes of not having much to fix, 64 had quite a few to work with; I worked on 10 edits altogether, all card-related, and I’d originally picked out five I thought would be it before I backtracked for the others I’d noticed.  The animators didn’t play all their cards right here, lol.  List below the cut, as usual.  (For the ending Today’s Best Card segment, I also added a line in the card details for Ambulance Rescueroid’s Fusion Materials that the original didn’t include just to keep consistency; this line is used for future Fusion Monster showcases, so it looks like they might’ve just forgotten it in this one.)
Enjoy, folks! With this done, next time we’re revisiting a classic: Hell Kaiser Ryou’s debut episode~ I’ve been looking forward to this, and it should be fun to revisit.  Should have episode 65 done in 2-3 weeks, maybe sooner if ‘rona jab #2 doesn’t hit me too rough this Friday 4/30--fingers crossed!
As Shou tells Kenzan about his Tag Duel with Judai, Kenzan yells out of jealousy, and as he does so, we see the bottom of his deck on his Disk; in the first three frames it appears it’s a yellow rectangle, while it becomes a Fusion card after that.  So, I just applied my Fusion card proxy over the yellow rectangle, then masked the bottom of the Deck Holder and Kenzan’s hand over it, all in AfterEffects.
As Shou’s Submarineroid lands a direct attack on Kenzan, during the zoom-out of the impact, we see Shou’s Disk, which only has Submarineroid on it in his Disk’s second Monster Zone--problem is, he’s had Ambulanceroid in Defense Mode on Monster Zone #4 for a while.  So, I made an Ambulanceroid proxy in Photoshop to slap onto his Disk, then resized/moved it accordingly as the screen shook from the attack’s impact in AfterEffects.
After Kenzan takes damage from Submarineroid’s attack, Shou tells him that it switches to Defense Mode after--but while Ambulanceroid is now back on his Disk, it’s in Attack Mode.  To fix this, I just had to place my Ambulanceroid proxy in Defense Mode over the original card in AfterEffects for the four frames it’s visible in.
Immediately after #3, Shou sets three cards face-down to end his turn, but Ambulanceroid’s missing from his Disk again! I first placed my proxy in his fourth Monster Zone again in AfterEffects for one frame, then went into Sony Vegas, where I keyframed that one frame across 33 total frames to redo the slow zoom-out that happens, making sure the card and zone were properly placed.
Later, Kenzan uses Dyna Stamp to stamp out Shou’s Wonder Garage Trap, but he uses it to summon Drillroid; as he activates Cyber Summon Blaster’s effect accordingly, Drillroid’s missing on his Disk! Maybe they didn’t put it on because Drillroid’s about to get destroyed by Dark Tyranno anyway, but I figured it actually should be there--so I made a Drillroid proxy and then put it in his second Monster Zone in AfterEffects, moving it along as Shou moves his Disk.  Then, since I was there anyway, I did the same with Ambulanceroid, which was on Shou’s Disk as an orange rectangle, and placed the proxy above it. (The dub opted not to do this, but points to them for having Syrus use “Special Summon” explaining Wonder Garage--shame I have to take one for having him say “Special-Summon it to my hand” 🤦🏽‍♂️)
As Kenzan sacrifices Dark Tyranno to activate Revised Ultra Evolution Pill, Dark Tyranno is still on his Disk despite being taken off the field.  So, I opened Photoshop and blanked that Monster Zone.
As Kenzan thinks about using his last face-down card before Asuka calls out to a weakened sleep-deprived Shou to interrupt his thoughts, we see Shou stumbling a bit.  But on his Disk there, Decoyroid and Ambulanceroid have switched places; while Rescueroid’s correctly in Zone 3, Decoyroid’s in Monster Zone #4 when it should be in #2, and Ambulanceroid should be back in Zone #4 but it’s in Zone #2.  I made a Decoyroid proxy in Photoshop, then applied it and my Ambulanceroid proxy in AfterEffects to put them in their right spots, then moved/resized the cards accordingly as they moved with Shou and his Disk.  71 total frames here, and actually the first time I fully did one of these edits with AfterEffects, iirc; usually for a moving shot, I’d do a couple frames that I’d then keyframe/manipulate in Sony Vegas, lol--think it came out well!
A repeat of #7 happens as Ultimate Tyranno charges at Shou, Kenzan asking Shou if he’s mocking Judai by saying that dueling and being healthy are all he has going for him (which, where’s the lie)--luckily the simplest to fix, since Shou doesn’t move, so I just needed to slap the proxies on in the right spots.
As Shou talks about how Judai, despite being helpless at anything not dueling or being healthy, is working hard to get back to them, Decoyroid and Ambulanceroid are back in their spots--but they’re now reversed on his Disk, as their Defense-Mode cards should be turned such that the name and Attribute boxes point downward.  I had to first make a Rescueroid proxy to join the other two here, then I placed them properly one by one on his Disk in AfterEffects for the 40 frames they’re visible in.
As Kenzan decides to throw the duel and Shou realizes he won, he has Ambulance Rescueroid on his Disk where Ambulanceroid should be--it’s been a while since he de-fused it, after all.  I placed the Ambulanceroid proxy on for a few frames in AfterEffects, then keyframed/zoomed the frame after Shou stopped moving in Sony Vegas to redo the zoom for the last 15 frames it’s visible in.
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noxyfied · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
This, is Noxy/Noxyfied/Nox. This is the character I identify as online, and I want to tell you my story with this adorable Arctic Fox because it is one heck of a tale from not so long ago
Things did begin rough at the beginning of my persona’s history. I honestly can’t recall how I came up with it, only how I inserted my love for something and went with it.
From the early years of 2017 to 2019 I was all paper and pencil. Ah yes traditional art was my big thing for a couple of years during that era of 2013 to 2020. I had a time where I wrote stories about characters I made, and not much. No fan art, no nothing, I wanted to stick to my own original ideas at first before I took the step to do something that I did not own; it was a weird mindset I know, I couldn’t hold myself to want to be original and develop to be good enough to draw other things.
Tumblr media
It took me some time to develop, hell even to this day I still am unsure of my own skills but I enjoyed trying new things. I don’t reject much criticism even if it comes harsh it still lingers in my head when received anyway. I needed someone to identify as online, a persona who I would have an identity through as I was moving forward on this hopeful career I want to make with my art.
Idea #1 draw my own self accurate to how I look 
Tumblr media
Scratch that...
Nononono, I am too bad at showing my face, even at that I don’t like myself.
So I had to come up with something else, 2019 was ending with my skills rising up to something neat. I had Fire alpaca and a wacom cheap tablet which I used time to time back then, and with how I moved foward I said “why not, lets draw a glaceon.
Tumblr media
Not bad, not bad. I do enjoy anthropomorphic animals, and for a anthro Glaceon it wasn't so bad. Even back then I did not enjoy much of this picture but the idea sparked. I did roleplay around online a lot as a Glaceon. People always had referred to me as a Glaceon when talking, because furry friends tend to be like that and I don’t mind. It had definitely sparked the idea of identifying as one for my persona.
I had a hard time how I would draw this character, a more personalized Glaceon with my own flare of the art style I carry should be nice, should I make it tall? short? anthro? feral? the questions rose up. Even more as time passed, took some time unsure of it, Unluckily I had a Glaceon FURsona, not a persona. (Yes those were two separate things as I carried 7 fursonas as individual characters in their own stories).
But soon one day in class, my artsy self was bored and it just sparked.
Tumblr media
This is it! yes! I love it! something about this just clicked for some reason, it was like nothing I had seen before I could not look away at it, this was it.
Tumblr media
After class I went home and played some games. The idea was there but man am I tired. Things did go slow, but not for long as of January, the classes I took gave me the ability to better understand this Adobe Photoshop, an amazing tool for editing pictures but also... To draw?!? I have heard of using Photoshop to draw but was amazed to have the ability using such program. During my time 2019 I would doodle around on Photoshop in my school or at home (thanks to the campus giving me a cheaper prize to use it for assignments) Not bad, not bad, the program was for sure something nice to use. Look! I even drew my Fursonas there too, ain’t that nice
Tumblr media
2019 was something for sure. It had just begun making 2020 quite the year as I took my wacom tablet, opened Photoshop, and on January there it was.
Tumblr media
Oh how cute! I felt so proud of myself, firealpaca was nothing like how clean and pretty Photoshop was, I was amazed at this ability.
“I made this?” that would be what I ask myself everyday. Time to time I would, and still, look at my phone to my drawings and remember what I used to make some pieces, I will not forget how I used thick outlines with the line too from photoshop, added some depth on the eyes. But most importantly, I had a persona, and I introduced it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My friends loved it, I could not believe I am starting to do the shift, my days of traditional art were at a halt. Not at a complete stop since I do use traditional art for a few other things of course, this was just my main focus now.
This little creature was everything to me, cute, easy to make, helped me throughout a few months as I practiced with my digital art.
Tumblr media
I also perfected it’s look, but something looked rather familiar about it. Could not put my finger to it, so I went on drawing it.
Tumblr media
that was a few exceptions where I shifted the proportions for “it”
“It” “it” what was this thing supposed to be, I myself was unsure how to identify myself with this persona. Male? no, female? no. The issue was there, who am I really inside, who was my persona gonna be.
I still cannot tell you exactly what my persona was for the longest time. I at times felt lost and confused with my identity, it did not help that 2020 did its mumbo jumbo and a pandemic happened, it was a lot of time on my own at home just questioning really who I had been for the longest time. Classes were minimal so my free time was big around April and May.
Tumblr media
I was always unsure of who I was exactly, through my early years late 2000′s I had in me that my body was uncomfortable for looking the way it did, 2010′s went silent but there was something in me I did not understand. why did I feel this way, why do I feel as I am not happy with who I am, and who I identify with.
This persona was the wake up call to who I really wanted to be. I saw it in me that I knew being a male was the main issue in me feeling unhappy. Throughout my life I did not enjoy masculinity as much as other kids, yeah I had some boy traits but it was rather minimal, I enjoyed other things more. I enjoyed a lot of things about being female it was something I had never seen before. as hard or confusing things tend to be from me to explain, its a rather hard thing for myself to explain. But that how it felt “confusing” I researched and looked for things and to my conclusion I had come to be, I come to identify as a MtF trans.
I felt relieved in me of it and I already enjoyed my days more after from it. The only issue is “who do I tell..?” I was timid to tell this to anyone, friends or even family. Especially family, those I come to admit they will never be told of what my decision was because of how hard headed they are. It is a tragic story to tell since most families are such closed minded people of rejecting others.
“My friends tho, my friends? I would feel bad if I told them” that was the mindset I had for a while before admitting to them time to time, one by one. This was a chapter in my life that had changed me early 2020′s but I felt a lot of joy in me to be who I wanted to be, I no longer took anyone else's guidance for controlling who I am, I just went with my own flow.
Tumblr media
My persona was.... more comically confused, it could be either so I just left it how my mood wanted it to go for when drawing it. So, things went well, in 2019 with the money I got I found myself enjoying a lot of second handed games, with a game coming real soon that had me pumped for I had to get a console I wanted for so long
Tumblr media
A PS4 for the the Final fantasy 7 Remake, I was so pumped waiting for the game, I got a used PS4 for it and even bought couple other games for it to get to know the console: Final fantasy 15, destiny, and later on this Persona 5 game a lot of people talked about. Hmm ok, well lets try it out and oh me oh my, a few days later:
Tumblr media
The art style captivated me, can you tell I went all out to trying anything with my persona? I cannot believe I was my own guinea pig for these sorts.
Going around some friends and they will tell you that I used this pfp quite a lot back then, as well as updating it with a new oc I had come up with
Tumblr media
A tale in due time will be told about this gal.
well, it was set and forth that this was me, my persona, this glaceon was who I was. People loved it, my friends really liked it, and I had a blast having this first pure year of digital art only. Meeting new friends, and admiring their art. Having old friends come back, and even losing a few others on the way. During the time of june, to July I was rapid about drawing my persona in many ways, short, tall, anthro, feral
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
even metallic.
Tumblr media
 But there come some time I did not grew tired of. But a little worried that I had to rely on a franchise for my own identity, of course there is nothing wrong for those doing it. But reflecting on myself, back then when I wanted this art career to happen, I wanted to go all out letting out my imagination  with my own creations. I had to make the decision, it was time to move on...
Tumblr media
...To a new art program and new drawing tablet
Tumblr media
No, it wasn’t that. I had to branch out from this Glaceon, but keep my identity, my legacy of this persona in check, but with a new coat of paint of course. did not take a long time before choosing that I had to use a real life animal as inspiration for this change. Something at least close to it, ah yes of course! the inspiration of the Glaceon was an arctic fox, well those are some good stepping stones to begin with so what happened one day is that I began sketching, not before saying good bye to this old self that helped me begin. It was weird, this is me but it was old me?
Tumblr media
Tested the new Brushes from this amazing program called Clip studio paint, and I gotta say I love the program. Sincerely the best choice I made to leave Photoshop for this.
At last, this is it. the new Me!
Tumblr media
Familiar looking isn’t it,baby steps we can say.
I cannot blame the people for calling my new persona a “Glaceon-alike”
I headed to the right direction stepping away from it, but it was hard to let go
Tumblr media
new program, new tablet, new me. the later half of 2020 went onto a lot of changes with myself, the chibi small version did not make me happy to make anymore, I was losing the touch and with the few comments I got of looking like a “powerpuff girl look a like” did set me off to do a drastic change I am thankful to do. This new me had some weird phases, don’t we all tho?
Tumblr media
where else to brainstorm than back to the traditional old ways. Now, you may see this and ask what was I thinking when making this. the order of when i started and finish goes as: Top right: ok what if it was feral, nah nah scratch. Top left: Can I still make it cute with a round face and features I had from before? ew no! that looks scary Bottom right: lets make it more natural and wow hey! yes yes yes! this looks hundred times better. Bottom left: It is time I go all out and make it humanoid, it was how I found myself enjoying drawing most things but still did some anthropomorphic things. I was just not the best of it.
Tumblr media
Back to digital and.... Amazing, I really out did myself this time, lets go for it, lets keep going with this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I even got a cool sword too!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My practice continued from here, the second half was great and fun. New persona got me in a place where I was happy with and through October and December I was having a blast with the more possibilities with it. I went on to practice with even more suggestive things after a life drawing class I took, proportions mattered to me and with this new persona I went out to make more better looking proportions that were attractive and stylish.
Tumblr media
This persona was great, and I managed to make so much of it. even Drawing the more suggestive stuff had left me with an answer for this persona. Just make it gender fluid, my selection for this character being male or female made me so tired I did not know why I just made it gender fluid since the beginning. My mood swings for this character, and I can’t resist drawing it either way. Was I finished? of course not, this persona still had some work around to do. The hair became a pain to make to keeping up with  consistently.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2020 ended, with a year of exciting new things coming for this new year. I went through quite a lot in my life and my art career took a shaken with this new digital life style, my persona became the identity I saw myself through, something im happy with drawing to represent Me.
Tumblr media
That isn’t to say that I gave up on drawing Me Me.
I drew who I hope to be, and will use this from time to time, nothing fancy but something.
Tumblr media
It has been a year already since I began identifying myself with this persona from last year from now. ever since I sketched that doodle in class, it has been a happy trip through memory lane writing it and I am happy how things turned out. 2021 is what I hope to be as good as 2020 was (by that I mean drawing only of course) In 2021 one more change was made that had made me just as happy to continue on with.
Tumblr media
I got more hair! as crazy as it is yes. More hair, and a different front style has been to this day what I been using.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I even made a discord emoji for all the warm hugs to have with my fursona!
Tumblr media
and my first ever animation I have ever done before!!
I am always experimenting new things, and i’m proud to be an artists to go out there and leave my art out there to be noticed by anyone. The love and appreciation friends and others leave me are the best thing I could ask. I look foward to see what is up ahead, for me, my career, and Noxy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shianhygge-imagines · a year ago
Sundown 勿忘草 [Reno/Reader]{Final Fantasy VII} Episode 2
Tumblr media
AN: Here’s the next part of Sundown Wasurenagusa! I’m sorry that I’ve been slow on posting any new story material! I had a bit of a writers’ block, and I’m still trying to work through it!
I had intended for this to be much longer, but I felt like this part was a good length to post. The first part of this ‘episode’ is going to be formatted weird because I can’t get Tumblr to format a text conversation in the way that I want.
If you like the content I create, please consider donating to my Ko-fi! Please help me feed my tea addiction!
|Masterlist Link|
December 12
Reno {07:10}
[Good morning, sleeping beauty]
Me {08:30}
[Do you not need sleep?]
[You probably went to bed late last night]
[And while it truly does make my day to hear from you]
[Why? It’s so early ;.;]
Reno {08:40}
[Can you blame a guy for being eager to talk to you?]
[Lol, Sorry. I didn’t disturb you, did I?]
Me {08:59}
[No, you’re good. I gotta get up to get ready anyways.]
Reno {09:34}
[I mean, can you blame me? ;) ]
[So, I was thinking about taking you on a date outside of Midgar, but I realized that I should probably get your opinion on it first]
Me {10:01}
[I mean, that depends? How early do I have to get up on my day off? And how long will it take to get there?]
Reno {10:05}
[Um… well, it’s getting pretty chilly in Midgar, so I was thinking about taking you to Costa del Sol… beach date :P]
Me {10:30}
[Costa del Sol is pretty far, Reno…]
Reno {10:31}
[I’ve got a way]
[Don’t sweat the details]
Me {10:32}
[You’re taking a company helicopter, aren’t you  -.-]
Reno {10:33}
[Ack! You’ve figured out my master plan!]
Me {10:34}
[Are Turks even allowed to take company assets out for joy rides?]
Reno {10:35}
[ TT^TT I told you not to sweat the details!]
Me {10:40}
[I just don’t want you to get into any trouble.]
Reno {10:50}
[Awww, don’t worry about me.]
[You have a party to attend later, so do me a favor and have fun, okay?]
Me {11:03}
[That reminds me…]
Reno {11:05}
Me {11:11}
[bluedress.jpg sent]
(The image is of you in a sapphire blue dress, the sleeves long and neck high. The dress itself ends just below your knees)
[This dress?]
[reddress.jpg sent]
(The second image is of you in a backless ruby dress that ends just above the knee. There are no sleeves to this dress despite the fact that it has a high neck)
[Or this dress?]
Reno {11:13}
Me {11:15}
Me {12:01}
[If I don’t look good in either of them, just be honest ;.;]
Reno {13:05}
[Gah! Sorry, I got pulled away for something]
[The red one. For sure]
Me {13:06}
[Just because red’s your color… >.>]
[I hope you’re okay, Reno ;.;]
Reno {13:15}
[Hey, first of all, remember what I said about red being your color?]
[I don’t lie, k?]
[But also, yeah. Also because it’s my color, you should wear it ;)]
[Do you have a sixth sense or something?]
(Opening up the image file gifts you with a selfie of Reno, looking minorly roughed up and being supported by an infrantryman. He looks like he’s by the old church that Aerith likes to visit. Despite needing to be supported by the infantryman, the red headed Turk’s winking and holding up a peace sign)
[Just a few minor bruises ;P I’ll be fine]
[You want to kiss me better? ;)]
Me {13:30}
[… Well. I’m sorry for worrying (¬_¬) ]
Reno {13:45}
[Joking, joking! :D]
[All patched up]
Reno {14:07}
[I’m sorry.]
[Please talk to meeeeeee]
Me {14:00}
(It’s a picture of you in the red dress. Your hair is done up with an attractive amount of make up. You’re wearing a sensible set of black flats.)
[The party starts in an hour, so I might be answering my phone too often.]
[And Costa del Sol sounds perfect for tomorrow ;) I’ve got my outfit all picked out]
Reno {14:15}
[Uh, yeah, that’s gonna be your new contact photo]
[I’m picking you up earlier than we agreed so that we can have more time to relax in the sun]
[Duty calls. Have fun tonight, okay?]
Me {14:20}
[And what? My contact photo for you is going to be this?]
(It’s a screenshot of your mobile phone screen. There’s an edit with a red arrow pointing directly at the photo icon for Reno’s contact…it’s the photo that he sent earlier except you’ve photoshopped cartoon ‘uwu’ eyes and added pink anime blush to his cheeks)
[And don’t worry, I’ll probably have enough fun for the both of us.]
[We’ll have fun tomorrow, be safe, okay?]
Reno {14:30}
[I’ll try ;) But if not, I’ll have you to take care of me.]
[Also? That picture?]
Me {18:30}
[Hope you’re safe!]
[Message me after work to let me know you’re okay!]
(It’s a group photo of you and your friends in silly poses)
Me {19:21}
(It’s a close up shot of a delicious plate of food)
[I should have brought you with me ;.;]
|You called Reno| 20:58
[Unable to leave voicemail]
December 13 - 08:21
The morning after the confrontation with AVALANCHE at the Sector 7 Pillar, one would expect the medical bay in Shinra HQ to be jam packed full of patients. There should have been a horde of doctors and nurses, running around to treat the injured infantryman and civilian survivors. But there were only two individuals in the med bay, Reno and Rude. When the plate fell, only a handful of infantryman were able to escape the chaos. Many were left behind to fend for themselves.
Despite surviving a helicopter crash and the brawl with Tifa, Barret, and Cloud, Rude only sustained a few bruises and minor bone fractures. He had been assigned bedrest after being treated by the doctors, but the weight of what he and his partner had been tasked to do twelve hours ago felt like an overwhelming burden. Needing something to keep his mind occupied, the taller of the iconic Turk duo simply engrossed himself in a novel that Elena had brought over during her visit.
On the bed beside Rude’s, Reno groaned in pain as he sat up, eyes still not open and alert as he raised a hand to press against his pounding head. “Gah, what the hell.” Reno’s face stung at the cheeks when his face scrunched up at the pain that seemed to come from every part of him. Even the act of sitting up proved too painful due to his newly broken ribs.
Rude watched his partner sink back into the sheets from his own medical bed, sunglasses on as was usual of him. He wondered how long it would take Reno to realize that it had been nearly twelve hours since they had dropped the plate. He also wondered when his sassy partner in crime would realize that he had a date this morning. Of course, Rude didn’t think you’d get angry at Reno for missing a date when he was hospitalized, but the taller of the iconic Turk pair knew that Reno would never forgive himself for skipping out on you.
While Rude watched, Reno allowed his body to collapse back into bed, an exhausted and pained groan escaping his lips as he want, arms flopping onto the bed as he fought to remember what had happened to land him in such a pitiful state.
Oh yeah…Rude and I went to Sector 7’s plate… and we fought blondie’s group of self righteous freedom fighters… and then…I blacked out. Cracking both eyes open, Reno furrowed his brows and turned his head to examine his surroundings. Med bay back at HQ… The red head swiveled in place to stare at Rude, “The mission….” He trailed off with a questioning tone.
His partner merely grunted, “We finished it and escaped.” Lacking in detail, but still straight to the point.
Sighing in relief that his work track record wouldn’t have a stain on it, Reno flopped back down, “Whooo…” The red head cheered sarcastically, pumping a fist without any energy or cheer behind it. Gah, and I promised Y/N that I’d be safe… Reno’s eyes snapped open and he bolted to a seating position with an alarmed cry, “Crap! Y/N! What time is it?” Shit, I gotta message her to let her know that I’m going to be running late! The Turk second in command thought as he pat down his person for his cell phone.
When he couldn’t find it, Reno turned to his partner, who gestured towards the bedside table. “It was damaged during our fight with AVALANCHE, but it should still be working.”
Not paying any attention to the fact that he was now bleeding through the bandages wrapped around his abdomen, Reno grinned, “Whooo boy! Partner, you’re a life saver!”
The sheer amount of relief within Reno voice made Rude stop and stare at his partner. Hmm… maybe Reno’s serious about her after all.
Meanwhile, Reno quickly unlocked his phone screen, ignoring the fact that the glass display seemed shattered beyond repair. When he pulled up the chat room that he shared with Y/N, Reno cursed, “Five missed messages and one missed call.” Quickly reading through the text messages, and smiling at how much fun you were having at the party, Reno tapped out a quick message in reply to you before listening to the voicemail that you had left.
Y/N {19:21}
(Reno’s mouth watered at the sight of the food in the picture)
[I should have brought you with me ;.;]
|Missed call from Y/N| 20:58
[Click to listen to voicemail]
Today - December 13
Me {08:43}
[Gah, sorry Y/N, I may have bit off more than I could chew yesterday.]
[I just woke up in the med bay at HQ]
[I’m going to be a little late picking you up]
[And I’m a little roughed up]
[But nothing is stopping me from taking you on our date!]
[See you in an hour?]
When Reno lifted his damaged cell phone to listen to the voicemail that you had left him, the only sound that reached his ears was an error notification that the voice recording app had failed. “I’m sorry, but the voicemail recording that you wish to listen to failed to load properly. Please quite all applications before trying again. If the problem still persists, please contact Shinra Mobile’s technical support service to resolve this issue.” The phone recording informed Reno, pleasantly.
Knowing from experience that getting through to technical support at the current hour was next to impossible, Reno merely tapped out another message.
Me {08:47}
[Hey, the voicemail that you sent to me didn’t go through.]
[What was it about?]
Satisfied with the messages that he’d sent out, Reno shifted to get out of bed, an excited grin on his lips. “Welp! Time to get going! Got a wonderful day off with a gorgeous gal!”
Sighing, Rude lowered the novel to look in his partner’s direction. “Your date with Y/N?” When Reno only gave a sassy shrug in reply, Rude shook his head, “Just remember, you’re still injured.”
“Will do, partner!” Reno saluted the older man before dashing out of the med bay, dodging the nurses swiftly as he made his way to the elevators, itching to get back to the Turk dorms to change into something that would help him blend into the slum crowds of Sector 5. On his way to his room, the red headed Turk would raise his phone to check for any new messages, lowering it in disappointment every time there was no response.
“That’s weird, normally she responds by now.” Reno mused, sending out another quick text once he’d changed into dark jeans, a red hoodie, and a dark beige trucker jacket.
Me {09:12}
[I’m on my way to your place now.]
[Are you awake?]
Around twenty minutes later, on the helicopter ride down to the Sector 5 slums, Reno furrowed his brows and bit the inside of his lip when you didn’t respond again.
Me {09:32}
[Please answer.]
[I’m on a helicopter down now]
[Message back. I’m getting worried.]
When there is still no response, Reno taps on your contact and brings the phone up to his ear, trying to call you.
“Hey, this is Y/N. I’m probably away from the phone right now, so leave a message, and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.”
Straight to voicemail.
Something wasn’t right, and Reno could feel it in his bones.
When the helicopter started to land in the Shinra barracks, Reno didn’t even wait for the helicopter to fully land before jumping out of the aerial vehicle, landing solidly before taking off in a sprint towards your apartment.
She’s not answer any of the text messages… Did she lose her phone last night? Did she accidentally break it?… Did she find out what I did yesterday? Is she ignoring me?
The worries and thoughts that raced through Reno’s mind became more and more self-depricating as he neared entered the main town area and brushed past the crowds of people gathered in the streets. I know I said it was too late to grow a conscious, but damn it, please don’t let this be the reason she decides that she doesn’t want me around.
All but flying up the metal steps to your apartment, Reno starts to bang on your front door, calling your name in the meanwhile. “Y/N!” Bang bang bang “It’s Reno!” Bang bang bang “You weren’t answering your phone. Are you ready to go?” It took another few minutes of knocking before Reno head a door open below and slow footsteps ascend the metal stairwell.
Turning and expecting to see you standing there, Reno’s shoulders visibly slumped when he came face to face with a tiny old lady. “Oh, uh. Sorry for causing a disturbance.”
“Are you looking for Y/N, young man?” The old woman inquired, tilting her head to look up at Reno through friendly old eyes.
Feeling as if he was being judged by the elderly woman, Reno stood ramrod straight and nodded, clearing his throat, “Uh, yeah. We had plans for today.”
The old woman nodded sagely, “I see, I see. Ah, to be young again. I’m sorry to disappoint you, young man, but Y/N hasn’t been home since yesterday afternoon. I think she’s still at her friend’s home.”
The first traces of alarm flashed through Reno’s head, and suddenly his Turk persona was back, “Do you happen to know where her friend lives, ma’am?”
The old woman shook her head, “I only know that dear Selene doesn’t live in Sector 5. I’m sorry, young man.”
Suddenly jittery, Reno only nods and descends the metal staircase again, “Thanks for the help. I should get going.”
Reno doesn’t hear the old woman’s reply because he’s sprinting back towards the Shinra barracks, ears ringing and vision narrowed as he contacts a friend in Shinra’s tech department for help tracking down your cell phone’s location and retrieving the voicemail you’d left him. And while his friend works on it, Reno decided to change into a clean set of his uniform, mind suddenly kicked into overdrive as he tries to recall where you said your friend’s party was.
Gah, Reno… you pay attention to everything else she says, but you can’t figure out where her friend Selene lives? Some Turk you are! Reno scolds himself as he paces back and forth in Y/N’s office, somehow trying to find comfort in familiar surroundings. Damnit, think! What has she mentioned in the past about her friends. I only remember her talking about living in Sector 7 for a whi- Reno pauses in his steps as dread begins to pool in his stomach. “No.” He doesn’t want to entertain the possibility that you had gone to a party at your childhood sector the same night that he was tasked with dropping the plate on top of hundreds. But the more that Reno thinks about it, the more likely the possibility is, and he sinks to his knees in the middle of your office, eyes wide with horror and denial. “No… I refuse to believe it. Gotta wait for-”
His phone chimes with a notification.
Pulling out his phone as fast as possible without fumbling the already hazardously damaged device, Reno unlocks the screen, only to see that a voice file had been sent to him along with tracking coordinates.
Clicking on the voicemail and tracker, Reno’s frown deepens and his face pales as he stares at the map of Sector 7 Slums with a red dot in the center of it, the sounds of your final message to him playing in the background.
The voice recording loops until Reno regains his bearings, body shaking and eyes burning as his ears pick up the sounds of explosions in the background, of your sobs as you fought to leave a last message for the man who had thoughtlessly killed you, and of your fear and acceptance that you wouldn’t live past that moment. The phone slips from his hands and clatters to the floor as Reno’s fingers go slack. “No… I didn’t… Y/N…” A strangled sob escapes Reno’s lips as he raises a hand to grip onto his hair, trying to maintain his composure, “I didn’t mean to… If I’d known, I would have…” The Turk second in command paused and hunched in on himself, not caring if anyone could see him through the glass walls of your office.
M-maybe she left her phone behind when she ran? But… if she’s not there, then where would she have gone if not home?
There weren’t any excuses or any other reason he could come up with. Reno knew that. If he had known beforehand that you would be in Sector 7 Slums, he would have warned you, but you would have tried to evacuate as many people as possible from that sector, and AVALANCHE might have managed to leave, therefore ending in a failed mission. He would have done everything he could to make sure you stayed away from Sector 7, but in the end, he’d still go through with the mission.
“I killed her.” Reno sobbed in realization, biting his bottom lip so hard that he tasted copper, “Just like I killed all those people.” Shaking his head, inconsolable, Reno could only mourn quietly. “I’m just the worst. This is karma for all the shit things I did in life, isn’t it?”
Eyes dulled and slightly puffy, Reno hastily wiped at his face and sat down with his back against your desk, his phone ringing with notifications as Tseng and Rude sent him requests for ‘status’ updates. And the Turk second in command ignored his colleagues, eyes staring into nothingness as he wreaked his brain for what to do next.
I really was looking forward to the date. Reno’s thoughts trailed off, It’s sappy as hell, but I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend. Tseng said that relationships for Turks never ended well, citing Veld as an example, but… gah! This is the worst situation for Tseng to be right!
It was only the early afternoon… maybe he could start a search party for survivors… it was probably too late, but Reno knew that he had to do something to look for you. With renewed purpose, Reno got to his feet and marched out of your office, blue eyes burning with fiery determination as he hung onto the faint hope that you might have survived.
December 13 - 12:13
You groaned in pain and shifted your body, eyes cracking open to be met with blinding industrial lights. The pain from the glaring lights startled you into closing your eyes again, turning until your body was facing away from them. For a moment, you wondered why you were laying on some sort of weird metallic floor instead of your soft bed, and then the memories of a falling sky sent your eyes flying back open as you took in your surroundings.
The floor was indeed cold and metallic because it looked as if you’d woken up in a maintenance passage. Despite most maintenance passages usually being dimly lit, the one you found yourself lying in was lit from both of the walls. The ceiling above your face had a hole in it, though it was covered with metal and concrete chunks. You assumed, as you clambered to your feet, that you’d fallen through that hole and rolled a few feet away due to the pile of rubble directly beneath the hole. Wincing slightly, you poked and prodded your person for bruises, broken bones, or fractures. Slightly satisfied with just a few small skin lesions, bruises, and maybe a fractured rib, you patted yourself down for your mobile phone, hoping to call for help. Frowning, you found that you did not have your cell phone on you, nor was it anywhere on the floor near you.
Since you hadn’t expected to live through a plate falling on top of you, you could only look on the bright side of things, turning to walk down the metal tunnel with determination set on your face. I didn’t almost die from a plate falling just to give up in an empty tunnel. Plus, a fond smile appeared on your face, I have a date waiting for me when I get back topside.
It seemed pretty simple to you. You’d falling who knows how far down, but you knew for sure that the way out was up. So the only thing to do was to keep walking until you found a passage up. Easy peasy.
December 13 - 15:35
There’s a fierce snarl on Reno’s face as he stands by several parked helicopters. All around him, emergency responders and Shinra infantrymen scrambled to load up supplies and equipment. The dark look on the normally sassy, easy-going Turk’s face seemed like a literal beacon for anyone not bearing good news to stay the away. Though, if some of the troops were to be honest, Reno had very good reason to be irate. The Turk second in command had called in an emergency rescue operation for survivors trapped among the plate wreckage nearly three and a half hours ago, and they were only just beginning to start the rescue operation.
After Tseng, the Turk commander, had authorized the mission to rescue anyone buried under the rubble, the mission had quickly been side-tracked by Shinra executives Scarlet and Heideggar. Scarlet had protested against the operation simply because of the notion that dogs living in the slums were of no use to Shinra, and therefore, the mission was a waste of resources. Heideggar, meanwhile, had agreed that while in times of disaster, Shinra’s army bore the responsibility of launching operations to rescue civilians affected, the members of AVALANCHE were widely unknown and could easily disguise themselves as regular civilians.
It took nearly two hours of careful negotiations and subtle ego inflating by Tseng and Reeve, before both executives agreed to support the relief effort. Viewing it as a strategic move to improve public opinion of the Shinra Company, President Shinra gave little to no resistance when Tseng forwarded the mission brief to be sanctioned.
Now, an hour after the mission was sanctioned, Reno felt the beginnings of a headache forming as he directed the flow of supplies to each helicopter before making sure that there were rotations of supplies and emergency responders that would journey to and from the wreckage of Sector 7 once he landed with the first round of helicopters.
When he had deemed all in good order to head out, Reno sighed and hopped into the helicopter cockpit, buckling himself in to the pilot’s seat. Plopping the headset on while he waited for the rest of the crew to load up into the helicopter, Reno busied himself with flipping switches to make sure that pre-flight and the ride down to Sector 7 would be as smooth as possible. When his co-pilot buckled himself in and gave Reno the thumbs up, the red headed Turk spoke as clearly and seriously as he could into the mic. “Alright guys and gals in all active units, hope you’re all buckled up with headsets on because I sure as hell will not be repeating this briefing.” After a brief pause, Reno continued to speak while directing the helicopter off the platform. “You all probably heard about what happened yesterday. The official reports from HQ state that AVALANCHE launched an attack to compromise Sector 7’s plate pillar. Despite all efforts directed to stop the terrorist attack, the plate still fell. Our job is to go down to the disaster zone to provide relief to all affected civilians. We will also be launching search and rescue operations for survivors.” Reno paused once more as helicopter gained enough air to safely fly out of the landing zone. “I’m gonna be real with you all. Someone important to me was in Sector 7’s Slums when the plate fell and I’m going to try my damnest to look for her. So if any of you fuck this up… not gonna lie, I’m gonna be pissed.” Nobody replied to Reno’s admittance… not that he really expected much of a reply after he dropped that bomb on them. Having enough of the silence, Reno exhaled, “Alright… good talk.”
December 13 - 16:03
It wasn’t easy peasy. Definitely fucking not.
The chrome walkways and exposed piping-lined maintenance passage that you had fallen into hadn’t been a simple few meters under the surface as you thought. No. It’s was more like several meters down with a layer of minor blocked off passageways right above. And, as if that weren’t terrible already? The maze of pathways that made up the layer above seemed to take joy in bringing you up a level, just to drop you back down a level because some asshole decided to seal off the passages at various points.
Your eye twitched in annoyance when you walked down a metal walkway only to be face to face with another fenced off passage lined with reinforced plating. To your surprise, you could see a man stumble around the corner of the opposite side. When you saw one another, your eyes widened. “Holy shit!” The man gasped, stumbling forward with a noticeable limp and sliced up arm. “I didn’t think there’d be another person down here!”
“This place is like a maze, so I’m not surprised that any survivors had yet to meet up. A-are… are you okay?” The blood leaking from the deep scratches in his left arm seemed to ooze a poisonous purple color.
The stranger bit his bottom lip as he hastily hid his injury, “Yeah… I’ll be fine. Listen, girl, you should watch out while down here. I think the rumors about the underground lab were true after all. There are monsters running around everywhere.” Your expression must have been one of utter dismay and despair because the man coughed and reached into his pocket to roll two materia under the fence. “Uh. Shit. Well, it looks like you could use these then. It’s a Cura and a Fira. Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Anyways, I hope you make it out of here, girl. I gotta keep looking for other AVALANCHE survivors.”
When the man made to jog away, you called out to him, “Wait! You said that you’re looking for AVALANCHE members? Are you one of them? Do you know what happened?” You pressed yourself against the fence in order to see the stranger from around the corner.
The stranger turned around to stare at you with a grim expression. “Whatever you’re thinking, AVALANCHE didn’t cause this, okay? We were framed by Shinra.” At your confused expression, the man scoffed, “C’mon, you really think that Shinra was going to let civilians protest and riot against them? They couldn’t figure out who was a member and who wasn’t, so they figured they’d drop the entire plate on top of us to get rid of us all.”
“But that’s such a drastic move!” You protested, wanting to believe that your employers wouldn’t have such blatant disregard for human life. “They wouldn’t just sacrifice thousands to eliminate AVALANCHE!”
“Believe what you want, girl. But the reality is that my friends and I all went to the pillar to stop Shinra from dropping the plate, and it dropped anyways because two Turks were sent to finish the job.” The stranger didn’t allow you to retort as he limped away. Not that you would have responded anyways with how the stranger had said that two Turks had arrived to help ensure that the Sector 7 plate dropped.
Pulling away from the fence, you knelt down to pick up the two orbs of materia, the color of your skin taking on a sickly pale pallor. Two Turks were sent to the pillar to drop the plate on top of all of us. Your mind instantly supplied the first Turk pair that you could think of and you felt like you were going to dry heave. I don’t know Rude too well, but from what I know, he and Reno wouldn’t do something so horrendous. Surely, there must have been another pair of Turks who were sent to do it. But you did work in a different department as them, how did you know that there were more members of the Turks? And with Reno’s position within the group… He could have known what was happening…
You told Reno that you would be hanging out with your best friend… that you guys were having a party. He’s smart enough to deduce that your friends still lived in Sector 7… Did he forget? Or… Your stomach churned violently as you sank to your knees on the cold metal walkway. Did Reno just decide he didn’t care if I survived or not?
The edge of your vision burned with tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. A simple blink sent them trailing down your cheeks as you stood upon shaky legs. “Can’t worry about that now.” You muttered, eyes filled with determination as you gathered the excess fabric of your dress to gird up your loins. “I need to find a way out of here. The tunnels might not be able to hold for long.”
Lifting your arm, you pressed one of the materia into your forearm, like you’d seen a few SOLDIERs do before, marveling at how the orb of power sank into the flesh of your arm. Smiling at how seamless it was to merge flesh with Materia, you pressed the other faintly glowing orb into your other forearm, concentrating for a bit before casting Cura upon yourself.
Newly rejuvenated, you back tracked through the metal corridor to find the ladder leading down. “Welp, there’s no time like the present,” you mumbled to yourself as you descended further into the tunnels below.
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allofmylovelove · a year ago
Tumblr media
@beomgyutie​ was asking me about giffing with topaz and i couldn’t find a tutorial that was similar to how i gif and me being me i decided to be Extra and just make a whole tutorial for it!  tutorial under the cut
things you will need:
photoshop (i’m using photoshop cc 2018, but i’ve used this same/similar process on cs6)
topaz plug ins clean and denoise downloaded and installed
downloaded video to gif in the highest quality you can find
side note:  i’ve seen people say “don’t bother giffing something if it isn’t at least 720p”, but like that isn’t always practical or possible.  so just find the video in the highest quality you can
.ts files are the way to go for giffing live stages!  you can find a really great guide for how to find .ts files here.
one of the main things that determines gif quality is the video quality of what you’re giffing, so it’s important to use the highest definition you can!
if you’re interested in seeing my vapoursynth process you can see it here!  the tutorial i used to learn how to use vapoursynth has been deleted, so if you would like a more detailed explanation let me know!
also i did not include how to add text or how to blur out part of a gif, so send me an ask if you’d like help with it!
all right so here we go:
1.  figure out which part(s) of the video you’d like to gif!  people do this in lots of ways; i usually watch the video through then make notes of what time stamps i want to gif.
2.  open up photoshop and go to file -> import... -> video frames to layers
3.  this window will pop up with your video!  use the little slider things i’ve circled in red to select where you want your gif to start and end.  don’t worry about it being too exact; we’ll narrow it down further in a minute.  make sure that the limit to every x frames box is NOT checked!
Tumblr media
4.  it will create a frame animation from the clip you’ve selected.  now you can trim the gif down even further and get the exact moment you’d like to gif by deleting frames from the beginning and/or end of the animation.  i usually aim to have between 60-80 frames in a gif.  keep in mind that bigger gifs mean bigger file sizes, so if you’re going for a big gif it might be best to go with fewer frames.  (ex. if you’re making a gif that’s 540px by 400px, aim for 60 frames to help keep the file size down)
Tumblr media
5.  tbh it doesn’t matter when exactly you crop your gif in the process, but i usually crop and resize it at the beginning.  i ended up cropping this gif again at the end too, so it really, truly doesn’t matter when you crop it. 
you’ll also want to make sure your gif fits the current tumblr sizes for photosets which you can find by googling.  the main ones i keep in mind are 540px wide for one gif per row and 268px wide for two gifs per row.  for posting purposes, the height is not as important as the width, so don’t worry too much about the height.
you can crop the gif to whatever looks good to you then go to image -> image size and change it to the appropriate width.  make sure you’ve clicked the little chain/handcuff looking button so your height will also be adjusted to maintain the height to width ratio!
Tumblr media
6.  next we’ll need to convert the frames into a smart object in order to sharpen and use topaz.  click on the three bars just above your frame animation to select all frames, and also select all of your layers by using shift + click on the first and last layers (you can see the layers in the bottom right corner of the second image).  you’ll want to make sure every single layer and frame is selected, otherwise part of the gif won’t be converted into a smart object.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7.  convert frame animation to timeline animation by clicking this button i’ve circled in the bottom left corner
Tumblr media
you’ll want to make sure the blue play head button thing is at the very beginning of the gif before continuing
Tumblr media
8.  click filter -> convert for smart filters and your smart object will be made!
9.  next we’ll use smart sharpen to sharpen the gif.  go to filter -> sharpen -> smart sharpen, and this window will pop up.  these are the settings i use for every gif, unless it is a lower quality video in which case i will turn down the amount percent
Tumblr media
10.  now it’s time to use topaz!  i always start with topaz clean for whatever reason, but regardless you’ll go to filter -> topaz labs -> topaz clean.  there are two settings i choose from that i’ve saved as presets.  for this handong gif i chose the first settings.  you can compare the settings with the unedited version by clicking the original button at the top of the preview window.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
11.  next up is topaz denoise!  same process as before:  filter -> topaz labs -> topaz denoise.  i always use these settings but adjust the overall strength.  i usually end up somewhere between 0.03 and 0.05.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
12.  now we’ll click on the three bar menu again and select convert frames -> flatten frames into clips.  do NOT touch your computer while it’s processing!!  topaz is a finicky creature, and we cannot upset it while it’s working.  there’ll be a progress bar so you can have an idea of how far along it is in the process.  it does take a while, so be patient!
Tumblr media
13.  the process of flattening frames back into clips creates an extra layer that we don’t need, so go ahead and delete the layer where you can see all the smart filters we’ve just applied listed.  it will be at the very bottom of the layers list, and also the only one labeled layer (you can see the rest are called frames now) as well as the only one that’s hidden (aka it doesn’t have the little eye icon to the left of its name)
Tumblr media
14.  for the moment we’ll still be in timeline animation, so we’ll want to click on the three squares in the lower left corner to go back to frame animation
Tumblr media
15.  you should only see one frame in the animation window for now.  click on the three bar menu again and select “make frames from layers” and we’ll have all of the frames we started with back except this time with sharpening and topaz-ing!
16.  using the three bar menu again, you can select all frames then adjust the delay between frames (aka the timing!).  once the frames are selected, click on the little arrow next to the number underneath one of the frames (doesn’t matter which one as long as they’re all selected).  then you can choose a preset time or enter your own.  my gifs are usually 0.04, 0.05, or 0.06.  for this handong gif, i went with 0.05.
Tumblr media
17.  now you can add coloring!  i’m not really going to get into how to color, but you can either find psds (aka premade colorings) that creators have shared on tumblr as a starting point or just mess around with different editing layers (like levels, selective color, curves, etc) until you land on something you like.  when coloring while in frame animation make sure you drag the editing layer to the top of the layer list so the coloring is applied to all the frames!
Tumblr media
18.  now we can export the gif!  i use save for web and these settings.  sometimes i will change the quality (circled in red) from bicubic smoother to bicubic sharper, but i usually leave it on bicubic smoother
Tumblr media
19.  and now you can upload it to tumblr and you’re done!  here’s the final result without text
Tumblr media
let me know if you have any questions!
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basicallyjaane · a year ago
I did EAs job for them and created a hypothetical teen-centered game pack. (Complete with jobs, aspirations, and events!)
All of the credit for this goes to this amazing person: @silent-spirits The original post can be found on Reddit. THIS IS AMAZING.
Teens need more in-game. They basically are just adults who don't work and it's really sad. I think teens could be one of the best life stages to play but there as of now just isn't enough for them to do. So I tried to brainstorm some ideas for a game pack based on them. Would love to hear your thoughts! If you have more ideas please tell me!
I wanted the main selling point for this pack to be an all-new group of teen-only aspirations, jobs, events, and interactions. This focuses more on the gameplay between teens than it does their interactions with adults such as parenthood.
I realize I've put more in this game pack idea than most expansion packs but listen I'm desperate for teen content and I ain't stingy the more the merrier.
Also, I know a lot of this would be cool as a free update but I decided to still put it here because it fits the theme okay.
New School Option:
Private vs Public School
When your sim becomes a teen the guardian will choose to send them to either a private or a public school. I think its ridiculous a family making $1,000s a day each sends their kids to the exact same school as families pushing $1,000 max all together. Obviously it happens in some cases but not too often.
Sims going to private schools have to pay money to do so and wear uniforms. They also have higher chance of getting scouted by universities cause that's life ya know.
Sims going to public schools don't have to pay or wear a uniform. They have a lower chance of being scouted but as a result, have a higher chance of getting a full-ride when they are because they have lower incomes typically.
Sims from the two become rivals and will play each other in games and other events like in University
Teen Only Aspirations:
Reward Trait: Overachiever
Must not only have an A in high school along with high mental skill but also must be involved in some social activity. This would boost mental and social skills as a teen and once they get the trait they get two benefits. First, they have a higher chance of getting into a distinguished degree program in discover university if you have it. Otherwise, it allows adult sims to choose the socialize option while at work and still gain not lose promotion progress as an overachiever would have mastered the balance of work and socializing. 
Prom Queen/King
Reward Trait: Social Royalty
Focuses on mostly social but also creative skills. Sims must be friends with at least 7 teens and introduce themselves to at least 15. They also have to gain skills specifically in painting and charisma because they would be campaigning as a Prom Queen/King to other teens. Allows them to create posters to put up around venues with the teen hangout trait and they have a new school interaction to "gather support" for their campaign. Ties into the new prom event and allows sims to ask a teen to be the person they run with.
Mr / Miss Evans 
Reward Trait: Sole Lead
Your sim better be ready to bop til they drop with this creative aspiration. This focuses on sims who wish to go into acting, comedy, or music careers. Basically anything involving the big stage. Your sim will need to gain skills in the social categories as well as acting and dancing. Ties into the new school rabbit hole play event where sims can try out after school as they need to get one lead role at least to complete the drama route. They must choose to either be in the play (drama), be in band (music), or being in an improv club (comedy). This allows teen sims to have various interactions with other teens like "discourage from trying out" or "bost about being the lead." Sims who specifically wish to pursue music can join the after school band event which will be at stadiums for performances. Sims with the Sole Lead trait having higher success in stage-related careers, getting into the distinguished drama degree, and can mentor sims in related skills as long as they are a higher level (they don't have to be maxed out)
Mandatory Participant
Reward Trait: Fighter of the System
For sims who are only at school because its a legal requirement. Sims boost all skill categories in this aspiration but the main focus is mischief and athletism (as they need to escape and play pranks). Sims in this aspiration will skip school with friends, crash prom, and skip their graduation ceremony. They also can't have more than a B in their class and must have a part-time job. This is for sims who believe they don't need school and are able to learn everything themselves. Sims focus on learning skills from books and mentors as well as a part-time career. Sims with the Fighter of the System trait earn higher for freelance, plopsy, and programming jobs as they don't want to work for the man. They also will have a harder time befriending those in the politician and education careers.
Future 1%
Reward Trait: Big Brain
These teens aspire to be like Elon Musk or Jeff Besos aka the top of the top. Focusing on mental and social skills sims must reach the highest rank of a part-time job in either office assistant, tech intern, or tutor. Sims must also max out at least one skill by the time they become a young adult. Sims who get the Big Brain trait will have a boost to career/degrees related to the law, engineering, technology, and business careers. They also earn a new interaction to "destroy a sim with facts and logic" in the mean category.
Advisors Pet
Reward Trait: Flexible 
These are for the teens who have absolutely zero idea about what they want to do in life. Sims in this aspiration will need to quit at least one part-time job for another, have 7+ in at last 3 skills, and need to have a best friend. Sims will also need to do interactions such as "ponder about future" and "ask sim future plans" to get ideas. Sims with the Flexible trait will not get upset if they switch careers/degrees and have the ability to switch their degree mid-semester, unlike other sims.
Future "Influencer"
Reward Trait: Attention Wench
For your classic insufferable teens dead set on being the next biggest youtuber, steamer, or simstagram model. Social media is fully opened up to all teen-elders (you don't have to be in the social media career to get all the options) and teens will have to grind for the numbers. Sims also can do interactions such as "ask for shoutouts," "invite to be in video," or "ask if photoshop looks real." These sims don't care about school much and focus on building up social skills. Due to their constant social media grind, they often will annoy other sims and if they annoy another influencer they can get in a social media drama. If they complete the aspiration they get the Attention Wench trait which makes them less embarrassed, gives a bonus to social media success, and makes them more successful at apologizing because they simply made a serious and severe lapse in their judgment.
Teen-Only Careers:
Office Assistant
Gain experience in social and mental skills by working in a local office. Levels include paperboy/girl, secretary, intern, and future hire. Sims who make it to the future hire level will get offered to join the business career and gain promotions easier immediately when they grow up which will start them 2 levels ahead. However, they lose this opportunity if they goto University.
Tech Intern
Sims must have at least 3 levels in programming to apply for this job. Gain experience in programming and logic. There aren't any levels (just bonuses) and the higher the bonus the higher signing bonus they will get if they immediately join the programming career. Like the OA they lose the opportunity if they choose to go to Uni instead of being hired by the company.
Sims must have 5 levels in at least 3 skills to be eligible to become a tutor. Sims gain skills in charisma, research and debate, and writing while working. They also will befriend the student they are tutoring. Becoming a tutor will give sims a bonus to the Valedvitorian aspiration and will also boost them in applying for distinguished degrees.
I wanted to add more careers but I felt there are so many that shouldn't be locked purely behind a teen age. So I figured id stick to careers that actually hold benefits for teens in the future than simple pocket money ones.
-Prom is an event that takes place at a lounge venue during a teen's lifespan much to the nature of the talent show event. Your sim will get notified when Prom begins and they can choose between three options, skip prom, attend, or show up late to crash it. When your sim travels to the venue for Prom they will change into formal gear (unless they showed up later to crash it then they'd be in normal clothes or a special outfit your choice) and have goals like any other event. Other teens that your sim know will be there and the venue will only have teens minus any workers at the venue or chaperons.
-Sims can dance with their date (who they must ask out before prom), try and steal someone else's date (and risk a fight), dance with friends (in case they went alone), take pictures together, and a prom king and queen/king announcement will be made.
-If your sims there to crash it they can mess with the music, steal the food, and even get up on stage to crash the prom royalty announcement. If you go as far as crashing the announcement you will have a little timer that pops up which is your time to escape the venue before the chaperons get you. If you successfully leave without getting got you will have a crown in your inventory and will receive a confident moodlet. If you get caught you get no crown and your guardian is called giving the teen an embarrassed moodlet and the guardian an angry one. Both however result in getting suspended for one day (they stay home) as well as a drop in school performance.
-The day after prom your sim will get texts from their friends regarding prom. If your sim went it will be about what happened there or someone asking since they didn't go. If your sim chooses to crash it they will either get congratulated by their friends for having the guts to do it or the prom queen/king will text them angrily. If your sim didn't go the others will inform them about what happened.
Graduation is much like the one in University where you only get it if you get at least a C and it is a rabbit hole. Your sim can choose to go or skip both results in getting a high school diploma either way. If your sim goes they will show up to the stadium in their uniform with their family if they choose to and will disappear. During the graduation a few things will pop up asking for a choice such as "your friend's name has been called do you A) Scream loudly or B) Act natural" or "your walking to receive your diploma do you A) Do something crazy or B) Act natural." Afterward, your sim will have a confident/happy moodlet and so will whoever attends. They will have time to mingle with the other teens and their families before being asked if they wish to bring their friends over to their house for a party.
-Where sims go for graduation and athletic careers
-Allows sims outside University to go to sports games
-Includes NPCs that are food vendors, players, etc.
-Can be large football stadiums or a small town local one
-If a game or graduation is not occurring sims can play soccer, football, lacrosse, etc with each other on the felid
-Band kids will go here for performances
After School Activities
-Anyone can try out for the play (as an actor, tech, or designer) and it happens twice in a teen sims lifespan. If your sim is high enough in acting to get a call back they will be able to choose a specific role to try out for and have the chance of being an understudy if they are beat out. Sims who choose to apply for a tech role will get it instantly. Sims who apply for a designer must have at least a level 3 in painting to receive it.
-If a sim is in production, no matter what aspect they will have to go to practice daily. They also must practice on their own and can do so with others. During practice, they will meet other teens and improve on skills related to what they chose. Sims can also ask others to go watch the play.
-After the play, you will find out how well your sim did relating to how much they practiced/the level. Sims who did great will get a moodlet bonus while sims who didn't will get a negative moodlet. Sims who did poorly also have consequences. If they acted badly they cant apply for the lead in the next play, if their tech or design they won't be allowed to participate next play.
-The night of the play sims and whoever they invited will travel to it as a rabbit hole.
-Allows for sims in the acting branch to get scouted by a college scout and will receive a college scholarship potentially.
-Sims can apply for a sports team in various sports.
-All are rabbit hole except for soccer, football, and lacrosse which can be played at the stadium for practice
-Adds more variety of sports equipment that can be used by child-elders (which should also be a free update js)
-Sims on the sports team use the same system as the soccer team from DU
-Like the plays, sims have the ability to get scouted and they can either get a scholarship or if they decide to pursue an athletic-related degree a full ride
-Adds more instruments (which should be a free update)
-Sims must audition to be in the band and whether they practice or not will mean whether or not their position in the band increases
-Perform in their own rabbit hole events and at sports games for the highschool
-Can also get scouted which can result in scholarships
-Sims can also join various rabbit hole clubs such as anime club, chess club, social related issues clubs, cooking club, d&d club, etc you get the point
-Clubs happen after school but do not occur every single day some might be once a week while other might be three times which allows teens to either join multiple clubs or have time to do a job or simply their homework
-Clubs do not result in possible scholarships but they do increase skills and allow sims to meet friends
-Some clubs will have special weekend events like bake sales or trips
-Being an active club member will increase your sims chances of getting into a distinguished degree as they will look better to the schools
School Trips
-Teens will come home some days and be notified there is a school trip occurring the next day which can either be educational (a museum for example) or for fun (the beach, park, etc)
-If your sims grades are lower than a B they will not be allowed to go
-Sims must have a signed permission slip to attend the trip. When they get home they can ask their guardian to sign it (if you have parenthood and your sims not the best kid their guardian will be more likely to refuse) or if their mischief is high enough they can forge it
-Sims who forge a signature can get caught, sent home, and lose school performance while causing their guardian to get an angry moodlet
-If you have a vacation park (Jungle Adventure or Outdoor Retreat) and your sim has an A they will get the option for an overnight school trip
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animecat33 · 9 months ago
I’m in a mood, so here’s some an extremely long post with shit conflict that happened on deviantart when i was younger that i’m still petty about and i wanna vent about it because if i wasn’t so young i woldn’t have let people step on me like that
No one should read this, tbh, it’s a fucking horror show out here 
oc: Shinju
When i made her it was the first time one of my ocs had like effort put into it, i designed her, make her backstory, put her in kirigakure, and i spent a long time researching names for her, looking up japanese words that i think would fit her, Ren Takeo
One person commented saying that they had an with the same name, from the same village, though they didn’t mean any harm by saying that, and even said it was fine
Here’s where it gets tricky.
I then got comments and private messages from OTHER PEOPLE telling me to change the name
So, like the weak bitch i was, i changed her name 
Oc: Roxy
I’ve talked about this one before, but i have this sonic oc named Roxy, i loved her, she was a bit edgy but like, queen, 10 years ago we were ALL edgy
I really wanted Roxy to be a lesbian, but i didn’t like, put that in the info, at the time gay ocs we’re really taken very well by the community, plus a few of my art friends were very iffy anytime i implied that some of my ocs might not be 100% straight.
now, i WANTED Roxy to be a lesbian but i was guilt tripped by some dude to roleplay with him, no matter now many time i said i didn’t roleplay, he wouldn’t take no for an answer and I was very easily guilt tripped into eventually saying yes
A roleplay starts with Roxy and his Male wolf characer, John, when we started he assured that they were gonna be friends but one thing lead to another and he pressured me into role playing a sex scene, i was 14, i didn’t want to, didn’t even know how to write that. At that age i hadn’t really even seen porn before, but a few days of mowing down my boundries and he guilt trips me into saying yes.
At that point, he essencially took Roxy and did whatever the hell he wanted with her. Next thing i know, Roxy was married to this male character and they had a baby? I even ended up making some art of them because he kept saying how he was tired of making all the artwork himself.
Thank god, eventually he forgot about me and Roxy for a lot time. The last time i talked to him was on a pm where he warned me he was gonna delete all his ocs, including Roxy and Johns child, i think he wanted me to convince him not to do it but by that time i was older and just said “alright man, see ya”
Thank fuck, that problem solved itself, but i’d be better off not going through it in the first place
The cosplay hellhole
When i first started cosplaying, i posted my pictures to DA too, since there was a cosplay community there, didn’t think anything would happen
When i got my first Harley wig and makeup i was so excited i posted them on deviantart, and they did quite well, tbh. Some people asked for fansigns, and i didn’t even know who those were but, once it was explained to me, i did some for people who requested them, from there it was also fine, but stay tuned, cause it’s gonna bite me in the ass later down the line
I start getting wierd dms, very sexual in nature, which grossed me out, since i was already 20 it wasn’t like, illegal or anything, but there was a pattern of people asking for sexual content followed by “it’s okay if you say no, though” and when i said no, they would be pissed at me, calling me a whore, saying if i didn’t want attention, i wouldn’t cosplay Harley.... keep in mind, all of my photos where from the shoulder up at this point, i muscle through this time, i’ve been harrassed enough to have a lil bit thicker skin.
But over time, the pile up of messages from diferent accounts were getting to me, and i was starting to delete photos.
He said he was embarrassed of having to send me these things but if i wanted the photo taken down i’d have to report it myself, thankfully he also found the direct link to the report page so i didn’t have to dig through the website. Thankfully the report worked and the photo was taken down
I receive a pm from a friend that scared the shit out of me. He was going through this porn website called Xhamster, he recognises someone using one of my fansigns as a photo, now he KNOWS this isn’t me, because i’ve been vocal about not wanting to be sexualized while in cosplay. Someone took one of the fansigns, edited out the words, flipped the image, and photoshopped their own signature on to the sign in hopes of like... getting verified or something?. In short this person was using my photo as if it was a photo of them.
That mixed in with the still incoming pms from creeps made me delete every cosplay photo i’ve ever posted on deviantart.
Years later i did post new cosplay stuff again, now giving a warning right at the top of the description and being very okay with using the block button to my leisure.
I’m taking a long as fuck hiatus from posting on deviantart, it’s been over a year now, but i still go on a block spree when someone breaks the rules i’ve set 
The whole “Luís” saga
Sit down for this one, it’s the weirdest one
I had a friend named Luís, we weren’t super close, in fact he was mean to me a lot, making fun of my english, even though neither of us were native speakers, refering to my home country as “Spain’s bitch”. Sending me cartoon porn when i was underaged was a big red flag that i didn’t even think was a big deal until i was older and thought back on it, like that was fucked up.
One day, i had critiques open, Luís sends a super spammy message and then blocks me. I was like “okay, whatever, i’m tired anyway” and i blocked him back.
THAT is when shit hit the fan
He tries to unblock me and talk to me, when that doesn’t work he makes a secondary account and starts sending me very aggressive pms. I’m was tired of how he acted with me, plus something about him being so desperate to be unblocked didn’t sit right, so i just blocked the new accounts
He made 15 separate accounts, getting more and more angry with each one, i block all 15.
Suddenly i’m getting pms in english and spanish from people i’ve never interacted with, but aparently Luís had told them i was being some sort of monster, some of them backed off after seeing the full picture, the others got blocked
Luís girlfriend was friends with me.
He then threatned to leave her if she didn’t block me.... she left HIM, and now I’M being blamed for that
Someone shared some uuuuhhhh fanart he drew of her after that, it was super sus, it was a comic about him seducing her with a kiss in order to make her hate someone, girl you’re better off without him, jesus christ
Now shit starts moving off of deviantart
He finds my personal facebook, which was NOT disclosed to the public, and starts messaging me, from there he found my twitter, youtube, skype, starts messaging my irl friends, quite a lot of them did not even know english at the time.
In the few messages before i blocked him, i warned him to stop, i warned him he was stalking me online and that shit isn’t okay. THIS DUDE 
this dude replied with “it’s not stalking because i’m younger than you”
this happened over the course of a year, and it was the first time i ever reported someone, hell it’s the first time i’ve seen a report be successful, because i contact deviantart with a list of everything he’s done, screenshots to prove it, links to his separate accounts where all the comments are ONLY about me
I have not heard from him in almost a decade
This is like, the ONE TIME i feel like i won
Aaand well, done, those are the most serious one, there’s some minor shit that’s not worth talking about, but looking back, wow, i used to get a lot of sexual harassment on deviantart huh?
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Personal Project
The Lewis Dresser (working title)
The purpose of this project is to produce 10, A3 Fine Art images on a common theme, “The Lewis Dresser”. (15 types of photography genres to pursue as a professional photographer, 2020)
Creative idea: last year during my NQ I took images for my painting with light project of an old typewriter and an uncooked Plaice on a platter. The latter turned out fairly well, but more importantly it sparked within me an enthusiasm and desire to progress in this medium.
Tumblr media
The platter was part of a collection that we had “rescued” from my late father-in-Law’s Croft on the Isle of Lewis before its sale, they have no real value apart from sentimental.
The croft is located near the cliff edge, overlooking the sea and is a beautiful windswept location just a few minutes’ walk from the lighthouse at the end of the Island.
As I have wanted to develop the idea further (I jot down potential ideas for projects in a wee notebook that I carry around with me) I have been considering ways I could do this.
Using the large collection of crockery we brought from the island I propose a series of still-life using a painting with light technique. I want to give it a flavour of the isles and as Lewis is known predominantly for its, fishing, weaving and crofting (The Isle Of Lewis, 2020).
My Initial thought was of limiting it to seafood which I would source through a  fishmongers who sell seafood caught from the Loch Fyne area , but in the current climate with shops closing every day, I may have to widen my food sources but keep within the theme of ingredients for traditional Scottish fare. (Redirecting..., 2020)
Technique: during this project I want to develop and improve my painting with light   technique.
As I said previously It is a medium that I have been interested in since it was first introduced to me in my NQ class and it has always been my intention to develop it, but the briefs this year have been fast and furious and opportunities to explore our own projects have been few .
I have been looking forward to this brief and the chance it offers to pursue my own interests.
Research: As part of this project I will expand my knowledge of photographers and artist who have inspired and influenced my work. (How to Plan a Photo Project * Anthony Epes, 2020)
Harold Ross
(PhotoBiography: Harold Ross | International Photography Magazine, 2020)
(MacDonald, 2020)
When painting with light my first thought is Harold Ross, I really admire his work. The way he uses light to accentuate the details of his subject creates stunning, surreal photos. Ross uses a variety sizes and softness of light tools to sculpt the images and builds up his photographic images incrementally building layer upon layer in Photoshop. He describes the process as more intuitive than technical and there is a great deal of artistry evident in his work.
This method requires the subject to be shot in a darkened room, the camera should be on timer and tripod mounted (as you are layering the camera needs to remain in a fixed position and at a fixed focal length.) I find it best to focus your subject in auto and once it is fixed, change to manual. If you try to shoot in auto the lens will move in and out of to focus when you paint the light onto your object.
The room needs to be darkened for this to be effective and I intend to shoot in late afternoon or early evening to avoid the “borrowed light” that comes in through the opening near the ceiling of my studio (if I am unable to access my studio I will set aside an area in the flat to work in).
Tumblr media
Ross advises that he shoots tethered and this is something I have never done but I would like to add this to my skills set and will research the method further. I have begun accessing online tutorials and been having discussions about this with other Olympus users on the Facebook group I am part of. (Step by Step Tutorial for How to Shoot Tethered, 2020)
Laura Letinsky  
(Laura Letinsky → THE DOG AND THE WOLF, 2020)
Letinsky is another photographer that I have come to admire since I began studying photography, I love the way she uses light, and the narrative quality of her work. Her compositions, which at first glance seem haphazard shots of the remnants of hurried meals, abandoned dishes, vestiges of parties, are in fact very carefully arranged.
Tumblr media
She uses light to pick out every crease, crumb and fragment within the frame, telling us not only what we see in front of us, but what happened before and what will come after. My earlier shots were very tightly focussed on the subject but perhaps there is scope to pull back and tell a bigger picture.
Mat Collinshaw
(Last Meals on Death Row, Texas - Photo Essays, 2020)
Tumblr media
Collinshaw is categorised along with Letinsky, and many notable others, such as Paulette Tavormina and Margriet Smulders, as a photographer who can be defined, at least in his still life, as “Vanitas”. (Still Life Photographers Who Give a Fresh Meaning to Vanitas, 2020). That is that the work either through lighting, content or context leans towards works of the old masters of the Dutch and Flemish painters of the 17th century. Messages such as the transience of life and the beauty of nature were intrinsic in these paintings and strong symbolism was seen in the inclusion of skulls, dead animals or dramatic chiaroscuro lighting.
These traits can be seen in the contemporary work of both Collinshaw, and Letinsky, she with her depictions of dead creatures and decaying food and flowers, he with his slightly voyeuristic look into the thoughts of the condemned man and his deeply dark lit photographs.  
There is something slightly morbid about working with a dead creature, particularly in the dark, exploring piece by piece, that I find chilling and it is important to ensure that the beauty of the subject exceeds this, a difficult balance I have found in the past.
Alicide d’Orbigny
(Dance of the Aymara People | Old Book Illustrations, 2020)
D’ Orbigny was neither a photographer nor an artist, he was a French Micro Palaeontologist in the early 19th century. (Alcide Dessalines d' Orbigny | French paleontologist, 2020)
His anatomical illustrations, particularly those of sea creatures are stunning. He not only created biologically accurate depictions but used colours which captured the vibrance and other worldliness that many of these creatures possessed and that caused so many myths to grow up around them.
I came upon one of his images as an illustration in a cookbook that I was gifted and was so struck by the beauty of it that I researched him and found a wealth of beautiful illustrations (sadly my knowledge of palaeontology has made no progress). I cite D’Orbigny as an inspiration for this project as I think painting with light reveals much hidden beauty in subjects such as sea-life and yet retains a realism.
Tumblr media
My “ambitious outcome” for this project is that I produce something that is well crafted, beautiful and could be considered fine art. I hope that the images will be finely detailed and that the process through which they are shot adds a dimension to them which cannot be captured in a single shot alone. This is hugely ambitious for one photograph but to produce 10 such images seems unimaginable. It is a very time-consuming process and time is limited but it will be a photography adventure and without doubt a learning experience.
The question “how would I like it to be viewed” is a complex one as ,first and foremost ,this is a personal journey and in a way a homage to the father-in-law I never met but have heard so much of, to his homeland and the place that is held dear in the heart of my husband and his family.
It is also a way of placing a new value on these old and fragile objects imbuing them with fresh life; sentimental and personal.
Alongside this is a need to show progression in my photography skills and my creative ability, both to friends and peers, and finally if the work holds any merit as fine art then I would like to organise a small exhibition.
The campus where my studio is based has an exhibition area which would be ideal for this type of informal exhibition preferably in conjunction with some of my fellow classmates. I have contacted the building’s owner* to check on the viability, the space is freely available to tenants for non-commercial ventures and has dates open for this year. At this stage I haven’t spoken to any of my classmates about it, but I am confident that there would be enough interest to set up a class launch.
Tumblr media
*see attached email.
I have given some thought on how I think I would display my work; prints sized A3 and mounted will be printed on Hahnemuble German etching, Hahnemuble photo rag ,or Hahnemuble smooth as I want the images to have a fine art textural quality to them and reduce any shine. I like the textures of each of these products but will obviously make a final decision once the images are edited and optimised.
Technically a good knowledge of the camera, use of lens, depth of field and focal point  and lighting techniques is essential, as is an understanding of the aesthetics of the technique, my skills in this area are adequate but I hope by the end of this project they will be considerably improved.
The main pieces of gear I will be using for this will be:
My Olympus EM1X DSLR mirrorless camera
An Olympus micro 4/3 lens 12- 40 mm Lens
A tripod
Light tools modelled on those demonstrated on Harold Ross’ websites
Black card flags
A reflector
A MacBook air with photoshop software.
Approximate settings: (based on previous shoots)
2.0 secs @ F8.00, ISO 100, focal length 18 mm
This type of shoot is really a solitary activity and, because of current restrictions due to the Corona virus precautions, is one of the main reasons I have chosen this rather than my other plan, I will be able to do it without assistance.
Materials needed;
Workroom which can be darkened.
Small backdrop and base
Seafood – I have already purchased and frozen a selection of this which can be thawed as required.
A selection of Lewis crockery
Consumable items as required, see costs:
Costs –
Backdrops/base materials - 4 backdrops from Black velvet - £36.00
Food products - Fish, meats vegetables                    Approx. £30.00
Printing costs - 10 prints @ £8.00                                             £80.00
Travel                N/a working from home
Misc                   Buffer for incidentals                                       £20.00
Total                                                                                           £166.00
1815 Words.
Project: The Lewis Dresser
Location Name: Home address
Tick any identified hazard.
o Access (blocked or restricted)            o Dangerous surfaces (slippery, wet)
o Vehicle parking at location                  X Trip Hazards Found
o Dangerous Services (elec/y, water).    o Derelict Buildings (unsafe floors)
X Working in confined spaces              oHazardous Substances (chemicals)
o Flammable Materials                            o Water (proximity to water)    
o Rubbish/Vermin                                     o Machinery (working, turning parts)
o Working at Height                                             o Working on/near roads            
o Driving in traffic                                     o Noise (high sound levels)
o Weapons                                                  o Stunts
o Extreme Heat/Cold                                o Physical Exertion            
o Using animals                                          o Hostile Environment (violence)          
o Special Needs (inexperienced, child, elderly)  o Public/ Crowds
o Other Hazards.
   Please specify
HAZARD SEVERITY - H / M / L  Confined space - Low,  Trip hazards - Low
People at Risk - Who photographer, how many? -1
Likelihood. H / M / L
Risk Control Adequate - Yes / No
Are the precautions proportionate to the overall risk?
Please expand this document as required to properly assess your risk
Details of Activity
Photography, low light photography using darkened room, tripod ,handheld lights.
Set up will be confined to blocked of area of 1 room, wire to be secured using heavy duty tracking.
Confined space in darkened room.
Trip Hazards
Ensure floor is clear of obstacles before switching off lights.
Use of headlamp for safe visibility.
Make sure no items are near edges or trailing. Secure cables with heavy duty cable.
Source of safety advice at location
Name : Julie Balfour
Julie Balfour
College Contact
Faculty Admin Assistance
0141 375 5226
(Donna Wilkins)
Session 2019/ 20
Risk Assessment undertaken by:
This must be signed before the Shoot can go ahead.
I have read the above risk assessment and am satisfied that:
·      Constitutes a proper and adequate risk assessment in respect of the programme activity.
·      The precautions identified above are sufficient to control the risks.
·      Adequate arrangements are in place to communicate risk assessment findings and to co-ordinate the safety arrangements of all those affected.
Tumblr media
Plan your first 8steps – whilst this is likely to change, it can provide a loose framework Remember to account for additional opportunities
As I have a small studio space it is my intention to work from there, if however the studio has to close for any reason I will relocate to a space in my flat.
I have ordered some online backdrops which may compliment my compositions
I will be visiting the local fishmongers and buying in the foods I plan to shoot, these can be frozen until needed.
I will set up my backdrops and experiment with lighting etc until I am happy with the set up.
From my research it seems that it would be beneficial if I could shoot tethered so I will be researching how to do this while I await feedback on my proposal.
I have a number of Light tools already but I will research this further and add to these.
I will continue to work on my photoshopping skills so that I can get the best possible results from layered images.
As I want the final images to be in the Fine Art genre I will be printing on a Hahnemuble paper, type to be decided.
Anthony Epes. 2020. How To Plan A Photo Project * Anthony Epes. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020].
Digital Photography School. 2020. Step By Step Tutorial For How To Shoot Tethered. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020].
Encyclopedia Britannica. 2020. Alcide Dessalines D' Orbigny | French Paleontologist. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020]. 2020. Redirecting.... [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020]. 2020. Photobiography: Harold Ross | International Photography Magazine. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020]. 2020. The Isle Of Lewis. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020]. 2020. Laura Letinsky → THE DOG AND THE WOLF. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020].
MacDonald, F., 2020. Sculpting A Photograph With Light. [online] Lens Blog. Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020].
Old Book Illustrations. 2020. Dance Of The Aymara People | Old Book Illustrations. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020].
Pixpa. 2020. 15 Types Of Photography Genres To Pursue As A Professional Photographer. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020]. 2020. Last Meals On Death Row, Texas - Photo Essays. [online] Available at: <,29307,2095889_2316169,00.html> [Accessed 25 March 2020].
Widewalls. 2020. Still Life Photographers Who Give A Fresh Meaning To Vanitas. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 March 2020].
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sleepyverstappens · a year ago
Your soul and mine
Title: Your soul and mine
Pairing: Charles Leclerc/Lando Norris
Rating: Gen/PG (bar a few curses)
Word Count: 2138
Tags: Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Alternate universe - Soulmate, Soulmate Identifying Marks
A/N:  Me writing a fic without Max *gasp!* apparently miracles do happen, because Max is only mentioned once in this one.J prompted me a Charles/Lando meet cute fic on whatsapp and my brain totally skipped over the meet cute part and instead this happened. I guess it's still quite cute though?Anyways hope you enjoy this one :D
Summary: Most people were very private about their marks, if they could hide it they would do so. So unless you were one of the unfortunate souls with a mark stretching over your face the mark would be hidden away from sight until you found your match. People would wear scarves and gloves all year to keep that little piece of them hidden if they needed to. Only openly showing their marks ones they had started moving, once they had met the other half of their soul.
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No, he thought, no it couldn't be, it was supposed to be Carlos. Carlos who's mark he'd seen just a flash of. A glimpse of it caught when he'd walked in on him unannounced as Carlos changed into his fireproofs. The intricate swirl of a tail peeking out on his shoulder before he could cover himself. Carlos’ eyes worried as they met his own, but Lando had somehow managed to play it off as if he hadn’t seen anything, joking about as if nothing had happened. 
Most people were very private about their marks, if they could hide it they would do so. So unless you were one of the unfortunate souls with a mark stretching over your face the mark would be hidden away from sight until you found your match. People would wear scarves and gloves all year to keep that little piece of them hidden if they needed to. Only openly showing their marks ones they had started moving, once they had met the other half of their soul. 
He'd only seen a glimpse of Carlos' mark, but that tail had looked so familiar, like the tail on his right foot. The tail connected to the little monkey that had been there since he was 15. The same monkey that was staring back at him on Twitter now, the intricate details just like his own standing out against the pale skin of Charles Leclerc's stomach.
Charles Leclerc who he had maybe spoken five words with all throughout last season, the Ferrari prodigy not interested in hanging out with the new rookies even though he'd been one himself only a season before. Happy enough to stick to Pierre or Seb’s side whenever they had some free time during the busy weekends. 
“Fuck,” he cursed softly. He knows the universe wouldn't just put him with Charles randomly, but then why did he hate the idea of being his soulmate so much? His mind had been so set on it being his teammate, the teammate who he got along with so well. Who would laugh at his dumb jokes, whose touches he would still feel long after his long fingers had left his body. Yet none of his touches had made his monkey start moving, not even a smidge. He’d held out hope, hope that maybe Carlos’ touches weren’t right, did they ever actually touch skin? His brain was coming with plenty of excuses of how it could still be Carlos, until he’d seen that picture, that undeniable picture. 
It had to be photoshopped right? People did that all the time and it wasn't like Sun of all tabloids was a trustworthy one. But then how could they have gotten it just like his one? This wasn't a random leaf or puzzle piece that anyone could think up, no it actually had the monkey missing one of its toes like his one. Unless the person that wrote the article was his soulmate there was no way someone had faked that soulmark. 
“Fuck,” he cursed once more, a little louder, some curious looks thrown his way from the other people in the hospitality cafeteria. What did people do when they found out who their soulmate was? Movies always made it so romantic, eyes meeting across a crowded room, the soft touch they’d share, eyes widening as their marks started moving, the rest of the world going quiet as they only had eyes for the one that made their soul complete. Yet here was Lando, sat all alone in the middle of a crowded canteen, cutlery clinking loudly through the noise of people chatting. He needed to get away from all the noise, get some fresh air, sort his head out.
The paddock was bustling with people, but the noise felt less crowding than it had done inside. It’s only the second week of testing and people seem a lot more chill than during the race weekends, waiting somewhat patiently for their favourite drivers as they go for their lunch break. He hasn’t driven yet today, Carlos racking up more miles in the morning before he would jump in in an hour or so. 
Charles has though and Lando wonders whether he’s seen the pictures yet. How the scums from the Sun had managed to catch the exact moment Charles’ shirt had lifted he doesn’t know. The picture showed the young man standing on the balcony of his Monaco apartment, hair a mess and eyes squinted closed as he stretched his arms above his head. People would say it was his own fault for not making sure the mark was covered, but he was at home, a space that was supposed to be safe. And he’d clearly only just woken up, his brain not firing on all cylinders yet and somehow the camera had snapped at that exact moment. 
He hadn’t realised how far along the paddock he’d walked, his feet stopping abruptly as his eyes caught the bright red Ferrari hospitality building. A lone figure sat outside on the terrace attached to it, the hood of his jacket up against the cold as he gripped his phone tightly. Lando could see the forlorn expression on Charles’ face, clearly he’d seen the picture, how they had zoomed in on his stomach, broadcasting his mark to the world. Seeing Charles like this made his heart ache, his head and his heart at war on whether or not he should go to Charles and tell him. Tell him that whilst it sucked what they had done it had made Lando find him, find his soulmate. 
He’s about to step forward, let his heart lead the way, when Charles glances up, their eyes meeting and Lando freezes. He can’t do it, he’s not ready, not ready to give up the possibility of someone else. Of brown eyes and a Spanish accent, instead of brown eyes and a French accent. He manages to make a small smile stretch on his lips before he rushes back to the McLaren hospitality, to the safety of his home away from home.   
The next two days of testing fly by quickly, they get through their scheduled programming without much trouble and he gets to set the fourth fastest time, just behind Lewis, Max and Sergio, Ferrari still struggling to find the pace even during the second week in Barcelona. He had tried to avoid the team of the prancing horse as much as possible, only catching a glimpse of Charles as he had walked into the paddock on Thursday morning, other than seeing his bright red car out on track.
So it’s a surprise to find himself sat across from Charles in the first class lounge at the airport. He’d been there first, lazily scrolling through the messages on various social media when Charles had let himself fall into the chair across from him. There’s only two other people in the lounge and yet he’d sat there, right across from Lando, the Brit’s eyes widening a little as he’d found Charles staring at him. 
They drag their eyes away from each other in sync, Charles’ eyes now also focussed on the phone in his hand. Lando can’t help but sneak a few glances up at the Monegasque, seeing a deep frown wrinkling up his forehead as he reads whatever is on the phone. Then Charles huffs loudly, his phone clattering onto the table loudly as he pushes it away from him. 
“What’s up?”
And now that frown is directed at Lando, brown eyes piercing into him before he lifts a condescending eyebrow. “Really? Like you don’t know, like the whole fucking world doesn’t know already.”
“Sorry,” Lando murmured, feeling embarrassed for even asking. He’d just wanted to be nice to the guy, maybe get him to open up about how he’s feeling with all the shit that’s going on and then maybe hint at the fact that Lando is his soulmate. But instead he’d already fucked it up, the angry scowl on Charles’ face really making him question the universe right now. Did he have it all wrong? It couldn’t be, he’d stared at that picture for so long, zooming in on every tiny detail to compare it to his own mark and he’d found nothing different. Fuck, how would he tell Charles and actually make him believe Lando. Show him his own mark before Charles could angrily run out of the lounge, thinking Lando was only taking the piss out off him.  
“I need to tell you something,” he murmured just as the tannoy was announcing that the flight to Nice was now boarding, Charles’ flight. 
“That’s me,” Charles shrugged apologetically, rushing to grab his carry on, wrapping his headphones around his neck and starting to leave. And in a moment of panic Lando reached out for him, halfway out of his chair, fingers wrapping around the Monegasque’s wrist. Skin touching skin. And it’s a fucking cliché, it’s a goddamn fucking cliché but at that moment everything seems to go in slow motion. Charles’s wide eyes finding his own as everything but Charles’s face becomes blurry around them.    
He can’t stop the gasp from escaping his lips, mouth falling open as the rushing of his blood becomes deafening to his ears. This was really happening. Charles really was his soulmate, the other half of his soul. Their body and mind connecting from that single touch. His fingers start to tingle where they are still wrapped around Charles’s wrist and he could feel his right foot starting to itch.
“It’s really you,” he finally managed to get out, the words somehow managing to break Charles out of his stupor as well. 
“What?” Charles said voice hoarse, unable to believe what was happening right now, his eyes flicking over Lando’s face to look for the answer to a question he didn’t even know yet. “What the fuck is happening?”
“We’re soulmates. I… I’m your soulmate. I didn’t want to believe it at first, when I saw the picture, but it’s really you,” Lando said overwhelmed. 
“But, wha… how?”
“The fucking universe thinks were meant for each other apparently,” Lando said with a shrug. Now that there was no denying it anymore, that it really was Charles that was his soulmate and not Carlos his brain gave in easily, not fighting this inexplicable force that had brought them together, that connected them. 
His foot really was starting to itch a lot now though, he stomped his left foot on top of the right one trying to stop it from itching, but it didn’t work. His movement had managed to direct Charles’s gaze towards where he was fidgeting though, his eyes focussing in on his right foot. “Is it there? Your mark?”
“Yeah, it’s itching like a bitch dude, how are you not scratching your stomach off right now?” Lando whined, finally giving up on trying to scratch his foot through his shoe and tugging the laces free. 
“Wait, wait Lando you can’t, not right here!”
“There’s no one here Charles, everyone’s gone to their flights.” He let himself fall back into his seat and tugged his shoe free from his foot, sock falling to the floor as well and then he gasped once more. Because where his mark had been stagnant before, the monkey on his foot was now moving its head to stare up at him, tail flicking as it scratched its cheek, before looping back around. The same movements would repeat themself on his skin now permanently, repeating themself until Charles would die breaking their bond. 
“Can I? Can I see yours?” He asked tentatively, fingers itching to reach out for Charles’s white t-shirt, to move it away and see the same pattern on Charles’s skin.   
With one last glance around the empty first class lounge Charles slowly lifted his shirt, gasping softly as he saw his own mark moving on his skin. The monkey moving its head to the side, flicking its tail, before scratching its cheek and on and on again. He gasped again, a little louder as Lando’s fingers touched his skin, tracing around the shape of the mark, following the lines of the delicate tail.
“Shit, sorry!” Lando cursed, drawing his hand back as if it had been burned. 
“It’s okay. Feels nice,” Charles murmured, sounding so in awe of everything that was happening right now. A bright smile was starting to appear on his face though, as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. “Come here,” he beckoned, drawing Lando up from his seat again and pulling him into a tight hug. 
“Last call for Mister Charles Leclerc,” the lady on the tannoy announced loudly, but Charles just tightened his grip around him, not moving away from the hug, perfectly content in the little bubble they were in.    
“C'est vraiment toi.” 
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rosources · 2 years ago
—  tutorial  :  how to batch edit icons.
this is for when you already have a bunch of base icons & want to put a psd or a border or both on them quickly and easily !!   works with photoshop — i’m using cs6, but any version should be fine.
to start, you’ll need : -  a folder on your computer with the base icons you want to edit -  whatever psd you want on the icons -  whatever border you want on the icons, preferably already on the same document as the psd and configured to work with it -  basic knowledge of psds & layer masks & photoshop
if you downloaded a psd, there’s probably already a border included. the file probably looks something like this.
Tumblr media
the important things are that you want your psd & icons in a masked folder (here, “icon & psd copy”). the mask is that black and white square: it makes your icons whatever shape/size you want them. above, i’ve got just a simple square, but you can make it different shapes or sizes or add fancier elements if you want.
(you don’t need to have that if you just want to add a psd to icons, it mostly applies if you want a psd and a border, or just a border.)
now it’s time to make an action !!  this is what lets you batch the icons, to put a bunch of them in the psd/border & save them all at once.
1.  open an icon. any icon. make sure it & the psd are the only documents open, and that it’s positioned after the psd, like so.
Tumblr media
in your psd document, select the “icons” folder. then switch tabs to the icon you have open.
2.  go to window > actions.
3. a window will pop up that looks like this. make a new folder with the folder button at the bottom. then make a new action with the “new” button, circled below.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. hit the record button in the action window. (the circular one.) from here on, everything you do is really important, because it records what you do so it can repeat it automatically later. if you need to fix something, you can hit stop (the square) & delete a part of the recorded action.
5. resize & sharpen the icon if you want your icons to be a specific size and they aren’t already.
6. ctrl+a to select all, then ctrl+c to copy it.
7. select the psd document.
8. ctrl+v to paste. it should paste into the “icons” folder, since you selected that before.
9. ctrl+shift+s to save as. it doesn’t matter what you save it as or where you save it, just that there’s a save step.
10. hit the stop button.
congrats! your action is done! it should look like this, if you decided to resize/sharpen the icons before putting them into the psd:
Tumblr media
or this, if you just want to paste them into the psd and save:
Tumblr media
you can use this with any psd & any icons. but how do you make it work on a bunch of icons at once?
here’s how to batch edit.
1. make sure only your psd is open, and the “icons” folder is selected.
2. go to file > automate > batch.
Tumblr media
3. this window will appear.
Tumblr media
set should be whatever folder you put your action in. action should be the name of the action you just made. include all subfolders should be checked if the folder your base icons are in includes other folders, and you want those batched as well.
destination should be a separate folder on your computer. make sure “override action ‘save as’ commands” is checked. this means it’ll save where you want it & as the file name you want it to, instead of wherever you saved your icon while making the action.
for file naming, i always do serial numbers. you can select the arrows next to the name to pick something else. make sure “extension” is always the last component of the name.
4. hit ok! your files should all edit. 
tips: make sure not to do more than 150-200 at a time, or your photoshop might freeze. you can’t use photoshop while it’s editing, so i recommend just leaving your computer for 15 minutes, or doing other things that won’t put too much stress on your computer.
feel free to let me know if you have any questions! if you found this helpful & want to buy me a coffee, i have a ko-fi account here.
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nikatyler · 2 years ago
Hi I just wanted to come in and say I hope you’re having a good day and also a question: what is some advice/general tips and tricks to working on a legacy with tons of screenshots? Your Breeze NSB Legacy got me back into working on my own legacies recently and I just wanted to let you know.
Thank you! I’m sorry it took me so long to answer, I just wasn’t sure where exactly I should begin or how I should go about it. I guess I’ll just take it step by step - editing, writing captions, folders I use to keep things organized, drafting the posts and getting them ready to be posted. It might not be the best way, but I’ve been doing it like this pretty much since I began posting on tumblr and it works well for me. I hope it will still make sense when I put it to words.
It’s under the cut because I can’t keep things short, it’s a problem.
1. When I leave the game, I always try to edit the screenshots as soon as possible so I don’t lose any ideas for captions.
2. I open Photoshop, game’s screenshot folder and the legacy’s folder - for example, Breeze NSB Legacy. That’s where all my edited NSB screenshots will go. For writing down the captions, I’m using a simple Notepad file called G3_Captions (as you can imagine, it was G1_Captions for gen 1 and G2_Captions for gen 2).
3. In the game’s screenshot folder, I just click on the first picture and open it in the basic windows photo viewer. There, I look at the pictures and pick which ones I’ll edit and post, and which ones I won’t.
I usually have 1-3 screenshots per post, so when I pick these 1-3 screenshots, I open them in Photoshop. I just open them, editing will come later.
4. Now I’m back in the Notepad file. First, I assign a number to every screenshot. When I save them later, I will name them that so it’s easy for me to tell which belongs to which post. It looks like this:
[01] [02] [03]
5. Under these numbers, I write the draft of the caption, conversation, whatever I want to put there. Even those dumb little things I say in the tags!
[01] [02] [03]
Everyone’s favourite legacy is baaack!
#finally huh #your wait is over now
(note: that’s not the actual first caption of gen 3, it’s just an example :D)
6. Then I repeat steps 3-5 until I have 10 pictures opened in Photoshop. It’s easy to tell because right after I open them, I give them their number in the Notepad file. And I try to work in sets of 10, which also makes things easy.
The Notepad file looks somewhat like this:
[01] [02] [03]
Everyone’s favourite legacy is baaack!
#finally huh #your wait is over now
[04] [05]
*copy yellow gen requirements here*
[06] [07]
Sunset: “I want a rocketship.”
She got herself a rocketship.
[09] [10]
This generation is gonna be fuuuuun.
7. Now it’s time to edit those 10 screenshots. I usually only slap an action on them and adjust brightness, so this step is quick. This might be weird but I work backwards, meaning I first edit screenshot number 10, save it in whatever folder Photoshop offers me (it should be the game’s screenshot one) and then I move on to number 09, then 08, 07 and so on.
8. All 10 screenshots saved and closed? Perfect. To make things easier, you can either delete the unedited pictures, or you can be a hoarding mess like me and create a special Unedited folder where you put them so they don’t bother you in the game’s screenshot folder. I do that so that I can see exactly how many screenshots I still have to go through.
9. Now repeat steps 3-8 to get to 20 edited screenshots, and repeat it again to get to 30, and so on. I take a lot of screenshots, so I usually end up with about 50-60 edited screenshots after a gameplay session. Or 200, like when I played Realm of Magic on Thursday last week...don’t ask.
10. When there’s nothing left to edit, I move all my edited screenshots to the Breeze NSB Legacy folder. For the record, that folder now contains over 1100 pictures.
11. We have the pictures, we have the captions to them, now let’s upload it to tumblr! I usually don’t do this right after editing, simply because I’m lazy. Just upload them when you feel like uploading them.
12. For a long time, I uploaded the posts directly to the Queue, but I was having issues with that, so now I save them to Drafts first. Besides, as far as I know, Drafts are unliminted and you can only have 300 posts in the queue.
13. I open my Notepad file. On tumblr, I click on that Photo icon that lets you upload posts with pictures. I navigate to my Breeze NSB Legacy folder. Now I check in the Notepad file what pictures I’m supposed to upload. The first post is made of pictures [01] [02] [03], so I pick these. When they’re uploaded, I copy the caption I’ve already written in the Notepad file. If I’m happy with it, I keep it the way it is, if I’m not, I can always change the wording.
14. For tags, I use the Quick Tag feature of x-kit so I don’t have to write the same tags over and over again and at the end, I add tags for the sims present in the pictures. When I’m done tagging, I just save the post to Drafts.
15. To make my work as fast as possible, I have another folder in my Breeze NSB Legacy folder. It’s simply called Gen 3. It’s where I put the screenshots I’ve uploaded already. Screenshots [01] [02] [03] are uploaded, which means I can put them to the Gen 3 folder. Or I could delete them, but again, I’m a hoarding mess, I don’t delete my screenshots :D
I’m doing this so that when I choose the screenshots I want to post next, they’re on the top and I don’t have to spend minutes scrolling and looking for the right numbers (and I would do a lot of scrolling - I think gen 2 had about 2000 screenshots, so imagine how awful that would be).
16. Repeat steps 13 - 15 until you get bored. You might end up with 10 posts in your Drafts, you might end up with 50. It’s okay, you don’t have to do it all at once.
So assuming you don’t want to draft anything anymore, let’s move to queueing the posts! We’ll just move them from Drafts to the Queue. (by clicking that wheel icon and choosing Queue, but I assume you know that already) This is probably obvious, but queue the oldest posts first.
And of course, once you have the queue, you can change how often you want to post. If you decide you want to change some of the captions when they’re already queued, do it! I actually always re-read the queue for the next day to catch grammar or spelling errors, but sometimes I change the text completely because I just don’t like the original one anymore.
Of course, you don’t have to follow everything I just said, this is just how I do it and how it works for me. Maybe just a part of this will work for you and you’ll do the rest your own way? Anyway, I hope this helps!
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teardropsonmyguitar · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
as a thank you for 15k followers, i made this icon tutorial so people can see how i make my icons :)
note: i am using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 with Windows.
tutorial is below the cut and very image heavy.
please like & reblog if you read this!
Tumblr media
1. choose your image and crop it to a square size. this can be done using the ‘rectangle selection tool’, and holding the shift key down as you make your selection. then go to the ‘image’ tab at the top and click ‘crop’.
Tumblr media
2. next is cutting out the image. with an image like this where the background is clearly defined, you can use the ‘quick selection tool’. by clicking and dragging around the area you want, it will automatically recognize most edges and select it for you.
if it’s not perfect, you can use the ‘lasso tool’ to go in and manually correct mistakes. i select the parts i don’t want with the tool, holding shift to select multiple parts (you can hold alt to deselect parts you select by accident). to deselect entirely at any point, use ctrl + d (command + d).
Tumblr media
3. what we want now is to smooth and refine the selection. go to the ‘select and mask’ button in the top menu bar.
Tumblr media
4. these are the settings i used for this particular image. play around with the preview to see what looks best. usually i always have contrast at 100% for maximum crispness. once done, hit ‘okay’, and it will now edit the selection to reflect the preview.
Tumblr media
5. in the layer menu, click ‘add a mask’. this will hide the parts you don’t want visible, as shown in the second image.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
6. it’s still a little messy, so i used the ‘lasso tool’ to again go in manually and clean the image.
with the layer mask selected, you can just paint with black over the parts you don’t want visible (white = parts to keep, black = parts to hide). make sure when you are painting the black, you are painting on the mask and not on the image. deselect after you are done.
Tumblr media
7. next, right click on the layer and select ‘convert to smart object’. what this does is essentially preserve the current version of the image into a sort of bubble, so if you make any changes such as transforming the size more than once, the image quality is not affected.
Tumblr media
8. next is to make the background. you can use the ‘eclipse tool’. if the circle you make isn’t the size you want, hit ctrl + t (command + t for mac) and hold shift when sizing the circle up/down.
also make sure the circle layer is below the image layer. to change the colour of the circle, just double click on the preview of the circle on the layer.
Tumblr media
9. next, change the image size. 128 px by 128 px is the best size in my opinion, as that’s the size that appears when you open your blog in dashboard view.
Tumblr media
10. then you can colour your image! i recommend double-clicking on the smart object and colouring it in there. after you’re finished colouring, just save the smart object and you can close it. the main image will be updated with the changes.
a really good colouring tutorial can be found here. make sure you experiment because no image is the same! colouring takes time to develop your own style. at this point you may want to adjust the background colour to match better.
Tumblr media
11. next i make a new layer above the image. then i use the brush tool and paint a soft white spot where the image is mostly highlighted. in this case, it’s the right side of the image.
Tumblr media
12. with the white blob layer selected, i change the layer settings to soften the glow. normally i use 50% fill, but you can use whatever looks best. i use ‘soft light’ instead of ‘normal’ for the gentler look.
Tumblr media
13. next i will make a copy of the layer (right click, ‘duplicate layer’) and move it below the image. the layers now look like this.
Tumblr media
14. if you are happy with the image at this point, you can now clip the white blob so it is only visible on the image. this is multi-part step as you have to either clip and collapse the layers properly, or mask them properly. usually i will mask it so that i can undo it later if i want, which you cannot do if you collapse the image.
to clip and mask a layer based on the layer below it, right click on the layer and click ‘create clipping mask’. what this does is it makes that white blob layer visible only on the circle.
Tumblr media
15. now with the white blob above the image, it’s more tricky. because you want to see that blob on the circle and the image! and those are two separate layers.
so what you can do it create a new layer mask, like we did when we cut out the image. hold down ctrl (command) and click on the circle layer. this will automatically select the circle. then select the top white blob layer and click ‘add a mask’ like before. you then get what looks like the left side of this image below.
Tumblr media
but that’s only the circle! to get the image as well, hold down ctrl (command) and click on the image layer. this selects taylor. using the brush tool, use a white colour to paint on the layer mask. then it will look like the right side of the image above. don’t forget to deselect after!
16. now you can sharpen the image. select the image and go to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen. the amount % can vary depending on your version of photoshop, but be careful with over sharpening, especially because smaller versions of your icon that appear on the dash or on posts can start to look pixel-y if you over sharpen.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
17. last step is to save! since this is an icon with a transparent aspect to it (the background is circle and not square), you have to save it as a .png format.
Tumblr media
voila!!!!! all done!!!! congratulations on braving this 22-image-long tutorial. thanks for following along, please remember to like and reblog :)
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slothcritic · 2 years ago
Dragon Ball Z Abridged - Episode 9 Review
Consistently funny. The weak points do not drag this episode down.
Tumblr media
The Set Up begins with a great cold open. Piccolo is drop-dead unconscious on the ground, Gohan is desperately trying to wake him up, and Krillin is anxiously awaiting for Goku to show up. After all, he’s their friend who would never let them down right? Meanwhile... Goku is busy eating at Jadoshin's palace. Even as a departure from the original series, I like the idea that the two of them made up and are friends now. Jadoshin, however, has to remind Goku about the Saiyans. Goku then runs out in a panic.
[Title Sequence]
Piccolo isn't getting up and Nappa needs a new toy. He chooses Gohan seemingly at random from the two remaining, and floors him in one kick.
"Wooo! Not me!"
When Krillin isn't being the resident Milhouse, he's the rimshot comedian. The joy doesn't last for much longer though, as Gohan stays down.
Nappa is about to tear Krillin a new one, when the bald monk suddenly screams out that it's his turn. And for some glorious reason, this actually works on Nappa. This is some straight up Looney Tunes, "Duck Season, Fire!" type tomfoolery.
Vegeta does not handle Nappa's stupidity very well, and in his anger does a fourth wall break where he references a timestamp in the video. This is kind of clever and a bit of a break from the other fourth wall jokes that they've done so far, but I feel like it could lose its charm if it's done more than once. As for the timestamp itself, which is at 9:18 in the video... we'll get to that later.
Krillin decides to use the Destructo-Kienzan, and Vegeta shouts a warning to Nappa that it's a trick.
"But Vegeta... tricks are for kids."
The tense background music just completely stops here, but you can still hear the vibrations of the kienzan in the background. Great sound design. The long pause afterwards is also well timed, and Vegeta takes up the "fuck it, you wanna die, then die." mentality with Nappa. This skit is succinct, well paced and well editied.
Nappa receives a deep cut to the face for his troubles, as it just nearly takes his head off. Nappa laments his modeling career, and the scene cuts to a photoshopped rendition of Nappa on Vogue magazine. The bald, beautiful Saiyan, and his 10 tips on being a better lover!
This might have been a joke before its time, or perhaps the intention was different while writing this in 2009, but Nappa shows us all what a "nice guy" he was trying to be during all of this, and now decides "okay, full ultra-violence it is!" and fades Krillin with a white sparkly angel dust attack. I'm sure it has an actual cool sounding name (Like "Galaxy Breaker" or something) but I'm going to keep calling it the white sparkly angel dust attack. The owned counter ticks up to 8 here, but it doesn't feel deserved.
Piccolo jumps up with an "I'm back" and shoots Nappa... in the back. He sees what you did there. Just as Piccolo and Nappa are about to throw down, Gohan appears out of nowhere and roundhouse kicks him through a boulder. More indication that Gohan has some incredible hidden power inside of him. This surprises Piccolo, and Gohan is initially apologetic, but Piccolo begs for him to stay angry before Nappa just as quickly hops back to his feet.
It turns out Gohan hit Nappa so hard that he turned Italian. Seems a little out of left field, but why not. The "I'm a firing my laser" reference is perhaps the most dated thing I've seen since Episode 1. Would this even count as a meme? Wasn't "Firin Mah Laser" something that came out before the word meme even became popular as a way of describing internet fads, jokes, templates and trends? Back when Demotivational Posters and I Can Haz Cheeseburger ruled the internet? Truthfully, I loved this joke when it came out, but now all it does is remind me of the proto-internet days. And part of me feels weird for being nostalgic about that, because I just know someone in their 30's is going to read this and roll their eyes saying "Oh God, I'm getting old", in much the same way I'll feel horrified when people start to become nostalgic for Fortnite in the next 10 or 20 years.
Back to the episode, Piccolo's sacrifice happens right about here, and the scene does a good job of pointing out a plot contrivance in the source material. Piccolo could have just grabbed Gohan and moved out of the way. Though the scene plays up the amount of time Piccolo had to work with, there was still nothing stopping him from just grabbing him and chucking him like a bag of potatoes out of the way, even in the original. However, if Piccolo doesn't die, there's no real reason to go to Namek. What I think might be a more practical reason is that, this is a turning point for Piccolo as a character where he starts thinking emotionally. It's no real secret across both the canon and the abridged material that Piccolo is actually a pretty decent parent. So this right here is the idea of Piccolo more or less abandoning rational thought and considered only protecting Gohan. That contrasts a little with the ruthless, methodical, cunning, intelligent character he's been shown to be, just to throw that all away to save him, but the contrivance definitely becomes less egregious when you consider these factors.
However you want to address it, then end result is that Piccolo sacrifices himself to protect Gohan. In the original this is capped off with Piccolo comparing Gohan to his son, which is what Gohan begins to explain before Piccolo calls him a nerd. In this series however, Piccolo laments one final time:
"Why... didn't you... DODGE!!!"
Bleh. And with Piccolo's death, Kami is soon to follow. He explains the Namekian Dragon Balls to Mr Popo, and the long (very long) journey that must be undertook in order to revive everyone, but Mr Popo outright refuses and simply reminds Kami of the pecking order. Kami dies, and thus the Dragon Balls become inert.
Back at the battlefield, Vegeta was busy reading an issue of that very same Vogue magazine with Nappa on the cover and thus didn't see him kill Piccolo, like a mother three sangria's deep at her kid's soccer practice.
I've never much cared for Gohan's exasperated expletives in this or any scene in DBZA. This one in particular doesn't sit well with me simply because they went to the effort of being purposefully verbose but then still chose to use the word "condom" over "contraceptive" - A condom is made of latex, whereas a contraceptive is any kind of device at all that prevents pregnancy. As an example, some of the first contraceptives in history were made from linen and animal intestines, while the condom itself wasn't invented until 1855. Gohan specifically saying he's going to use Nappa's intestines as a condom serves the same purpose either way, but “contraceptive” would’ve been more technically accurate, in a bit of dialogue that is purposefully trying to be technically accurate. I wouldn't be picking on the semantics so much if that weren't the express purpose of this entire scene. Also it has more syllables and therefore sounds more smarterer.
Nappa gives this scene the backhand and the "bitch please" it deserves and we're done with that.
"Everyone important to you is dead." "Hey I'm still alive--" "EVERYONE important." "...Damn it."
See, this is where the Krillin Owned count should have gone up.
After Nappa doesn't smash, Goku appears on the battlefield. His reaction to showing up too late and everyone being dead is uncharacteristically deadpan, and it's hilarious. He asks where Chiaotzu is, and Krillin gives him the Achmed the Dead Terrorist explanation. Over there, over there, and up there. I'm not actually sure if this episode predates Jeff Dunham or not, but I enjoy both, both used the same joke at least once, and both make me laugh so I'm drawing the comparison anyways.
Goku asks why everyone is dead and Nappa immediately and without hesitation calls dibs. This leads into one of most famous and iconic scenes, if only for meme reasons, in all of DBZ.
"Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?" "It's... 1006." "Wha-- Really?" "Yeah. Kick his ass, Nappa!"
Not gonna lie, this genuinely made me burst into laughter the first time I saw it. I don't know if it was just shock value or what, but it doesn't have the same effect now that I know it's coming every time I rewatch this episode. I just love the idea of the scouter being upside-down and Vegeta not questioning it. An even better headcanon is that the scouter was never upside-down, Vegeta was just getting tired of Nappa's bullshit and just decided to send him into an ass-kicking anyways.
We're treated to a solid 15 seconds of Nappa getting completely curbstomped while the various characters look on in shock and awe, until Nappa gets dumped at Vegeta's feet.
It's also here that Vegeta finally learns that Piccolo's life is directly intertwined with the Dragon Balls. I believe this was already established in the original series, but no such conversation ever occurred here. Vegeta has quite simply lost his chance at immortality and it’s all because of Nappa.
I actually wonder how an immortal Saiyan would work. They receive a Zenkai boost, which makes them stronger when they almost die, but if you can't ever die, you can't ever “almost” die either, so you wouldn't get the Zenkai boost and your power wouldn't increase that way. Then again, most expectations of logic or consistency within Dragon Ball are pretty much always doomed.
Speaking of doomed, remember that timestamp at 9:18 that Vegeta referenced earlier? Because Vegeta certainly does, and with both the camel’s and Nappa's back having officially been broken, Nappa is sent to the shadow realm in a blinding flash of light and a massive explosion.
Vegeta's smirk is all we needed to close out this episode. There is no stinger.
Really good episode, actually. I wouldn't consider it as strong as Episode 7, but it definitely holds the same energy throughout. There are more high quality comedic moments in this episode than I could count on both hands. At worst some of the dialogue was uninteresting, pointless or overproduced, but the average pace of this episode rests rather highly compared to its valleys.
Microphone quality and sound mixing on some pieces of dialogue is still meh. Krillin's first line in this episode peaks the audio or something similar, because it takes me out for a hot second just because it's so sudden and emphatic.
We also see a slight evolution in the dynamic between Vegeta and Nappa which keeps things fresh. This is becoming less of a deadpan snarker and over the top clown, treads more into the ticking time bomb territory which is great for slowly building tension, and not unjustly as it has a satisfying payoff.
Plot holes in the original are addressed and lampooned here, creative jokes such as the Vogue Nappa and “1006″ are present and accounted for, and on the whole there's a lot of very on the mark humor, and only some of it is overdone. The story for this episode also holds significant weight and momentum, and it all blends together quite well with an above-average script and some great visual and audio edits.
Score: 77
Passing Thoughts
"Riiiiiicola!" - Oh hey, it's this again.
"Oh and I totally killed that guy. Oh well, at least we still had fun getting here, right Vegeta? Vegeta? Remember the bug planet? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vege-- AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!"
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