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#Like I’ve always known it could fly but this just looks RIDICULOUS LMAO
peachymimi · a year ago
Free Bird 3 - Keigo Takami x Reader
free bird masterlist
endeavor calls keigo to his office to tell him important information and keigo couldn’t be happier.
pairing: keigo takami x GN!reader
warnings: yandere themes, mentions of trauma/abuse
a/n: THIS FINALLY TAKES PLACE IN CURRENT TIME LMAO. sorry this chapter is so short! i wanted to get something out before i got out of my lunch break, part 4 should be out soon!! hopefully today? idk don’t quote me on that but thank you guys for the support! <3
word count: 1676
Tumblr media
As ridiculous as it sounds, Keigo still thought of Y/N everyday. He’d never gotten to say goodbye to them, so to Keigo, their relationship never ended! In Keigo’s mind, that was still his soulmate, still his partner, even when they moved to America because of All Might believing they would thrive under a Western hero’s training. Just a bunch of bullshit. 
He saved himself for them. He’d never kissed anyone, never slept with anyone, never thought anyone was as gorgeous as Y/N. To be fair, Keigo didn’t get the “privilege” of being Endeavor’s definition of independent until he was 21. Even if he became a pro long before that. 
But now, Keigo’s life was a little less monitored. He lived in a penthouse, of course Endeavor owned the building it was in. Endeavor always told him certain rules he had to follow, but Keigo always got a bit testy with him by replying with something that was smart-assy. 
Endeavor wasn’t fond of the way Keigo spoke to him most of the time, but now that Keigo was known by the public eye, he couldn’t risk the winged-hero telling the press about the conditions the hero commission had him living in for most of his life, all the mistreatment they tried to mask it by saying, “It’s just hero training!”
And Keigo wasn’t fond of the way Endeavor treated him, but, when Keigo actually thought about it, he had nowhere to go. He didn’t have anywhere to call home. He damn sure wasn’t going back to his parents, hell, he wasn’t even sure if they were alive. 
Countless times he’d thought about what would happen if he ended up asking Endeavor if he could see them just one more time, but Keigo couldn’t bring himself to care enough about their well-being to even consider having the conversation with him. He knew he was supposed to feel bad, but he couldn’t. 
Each time he tried to feel pity for his parents, he remembered that they were lied to by Endeavor & the hero commission and ended up just giving their child up for free, not getting a single paycheck for their kid. It was funny to him. They thought they were going to be filthy rich, but ended up being a couple of nobodies who were now child-less, possibly homeless, possibly deceased, who knows? He wished nothing but guilt onto them, he wanted them to feel what he felt his entire life. 
Endeavor couldn’t deny his feelings, either. It wasn’t many, but there were times where he wanted to pull-out of the deal with Keigo’s parents and let the man live a normal childhood, much like he deserved, but at the end of the day, Endeavor wouldn’t even do that for his own children. Why would he do it for Keigo?
He’d often find himself thinking about this, thinking about how different Keigo would be had he not stepped into his life. That’s how he ended up here, seated on his desk as he waited for Keigo to come knocking at his door. 
He was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of something thumping against his office’s window. He turned his head, only to be greeted by Keigo standing at the glass door on the office’s balcony. 
Endeavor looked up at him, startled. “Keigo..” he mumbled, standing up to unlock the glass door. Endeavor blinked as he watched Keigo walk into his office. “Why didn’t you come in through the door?”
Keigo brushed off his jacket, shrugging. “I had a nice lunch, decided that I could work off the calories by flying in.” Keigo said to him, clicking his tongue. Keigo walked over to Endeavor’s desk, sitting down in his big, leather spinny chair.
Endeavor furrowed his brows, closing the door. “Whatever. Takami. You know how I feel about you sitting in my seat—“
“Yeah, yeah. How long have you known me, Number One? I’m here on time, so just tell me what you called me here for. I’m a busy man, I’ve got important things to do.” He spun around in the chair, bending his head back to keep eye contact with Endeavor. 
Endeavor sighed deeply, sitting down in one of the chairs in front of his desk. “Anyways,” he leaned in. He knew what he was about to say was a terrible decision. Of course, it was one made by Endeavor. “Do you remember your training days?”
Keigo blinked, tilting his head. He almost had a look of annoyance. “‘Do you remember your training days?’ Of course I do. Did you think I forgot any of it?” He mocked Endeavor.
Endeavor bit down on his lip. “Well… do you remember Y/N?” Endeavor asked Keigo.
 Oh, boy…
How could Keigo ever forget?
He had multiple videos of them saved on his phone while they were on TV interviews, he kept up with them as if he was their #1 fan… in a way he was? 
Every night he heard about them being on TV, he’d stay up until he couldn’t keep his eyes open just so he could hear their smooth voice. He remembers the night where their hero costume was revealed, he was practically drooling in front of his TV. He’d replay the videos countless times during his night shift, too. He’d have their voice ringing through his airpods while he was on patrol. 
He was so happy for them when they were announced the #3 hero, of course, they were beaming on the screen and Keigo could have sworn he saw a twinkle in their eyes. He remembers them thinking they couldn’t become a top hero with their “stupid quirk”, though Keigo always believed in them and didn’t allow them to talk down about themselves.
He couldn’t go to sleep unless he rewatched at least an hour's worth of content. He could replay them in his head word for word, he never got sick of seeing the same ones, hearing the same stupid podcast. 
He’d listen to their voice to calm down after a hard day at work. He would use them as therapy, as an escape. Keigo would no doubt consume fan content if he wasn’t absolutely disgusted by their fans. They’d sexualize them, speak about them in ways that only he was allowed to. In his mind, Keigo was the only one who was allowed to think of them in that way. 
That wasn’t it, no, no. Keigo would constantly daydream about the day they would be with him. He’d fantasize about what his lips would feel like pressed against their skin, against their—
Keigo stopped spinning in the chair, gripping the armrests. “Yeah. ‘Course. I remember the day you took the love of my life away from me, too.” 
“They weren’t dating you.”
“Just get on with what you were saying, Endeavor. If you’re gonna talk about what you did and why you did it, I’m all ears.” 
Endeavor for once was debating with himself. He had a conversation with All Might about this, and Toshinori of course disagreed with him. 
“Endeavor. All I’m saying is he can’t handle seeing them again. You can’t just let him be the one who shows them around because you’re too busy. Why do you think we’ve avoided this for years?”
“You’re the one who told them they could come back to Japan. I didn’t say that! If they move back, nothing is going to stop that boy from finding them. And that’s. Your. Fault.”
“My fault?! Last time I checked, I didn’t groom Keigo into being a hero. I’m doing my job as Y/N’s mentor. You’re the one who has a track record of being a shitty authority figure.” 
“...Why can’t you help them settle in? They’re your student. Are you not capable of being All Might anymore?”
“Oh, so you’re trying to be funny? You know if I were to do it, I wouldn’t be able to protect them if something happened. You know this, Endeavor.”
“Whatever. He can’t be that mental anymore.” 
Endeavor took in a breath, looking up at Keigo. “They're coming back to Japan. I need you to help them settle in. You know, show them around town, help them move into their new home..”
Endeavor could see Keigo’s wings flutter at the sound of that. He cursed himself for not listening to All Might, but he couldn’t just agree with Toshinori as stubborn as he was. You’d never catch Endeavor agreeing with anything the former number 1 hero had to say. He’s always held too much resentment to allow himself to agree with anything his said. His fragile pride was too strong.
Keigo blinked a couple times, his eyes going wide. “You’re… serious?” Keigo asked him, sinking into the chair. He didn’t know how to feel, his palms got all sweaty and his cheeks grew pink. “Don’t joke with me, Endeavor.”
“I’m not joking. Toshinori can’t do it, if someone targets them, he’d be useless. I’m going to be busy,” doing absolutely nothing, “and you’re the next best hero. So I trust you.” Bad idea. 
Keigo nodded his head. “I can do it! When… When am I gonna see them?” he asked, placing his hands on the desk in front of him.
“Tomorrow. Their flight comes in tomorrow at 12 PM. But Keigo, we need to have a talk.” Endeavor folded his hands on his lap, leaning in to make eye contact with him.
Keigo rolled his eyes, looking at the man. “What? A talk about what? What could we possibly talk about other than their arrival? Unless you’re going to apologize.” Keigo asked him. He just wanted to know more about tomorrow, he didn’t give a shit about whatever Endeavor had to say.
“You know what? Nevermind. Be at the airport by 11 AM, don’t lose them.”
Keigo smiled, standing up from the seat. He straightened his jacket. “I’ll tell you how it goes, Enji.” He said to him, moving onto the window. 
Endeavor watched as the man flew off. 
What has he done?
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retrievablememories · a year ago
a strange love | yuta (m)
Tumblr media
title: a strange love pairing: alien!yuta x black!reader genre: sci-fi/fantasy, fluff, angst, smut request: “I read a good chunk of your NCT work and really liked them. Would I be able to request a fic where a black female reader meets an alien (can be Yuta or Jungwoo) and they're both coming to terms that they're attracted to each other and have to come to terms with being attracted to someone of a different species? Can be smutty and don't be afraid to give the alien a less human biology if you don't mind.” word count: 13.1k warnings: alcohol use, cursing, near drowning experience, lots of mentions of water so this one might not mesh well with people w/ aquaphobia, non-human biology/body horror, extraterrestrial sex, lots of cum, oral sex (female receiving), tentacle dick, unprotected sex, creampie, please heed the warnings because this is an alien smutfic lmao a/n: giving the shape of water teas. i’ve actually never seen that movie 😕 but i will at some point. forgive me in advance for the nerdy references in here.
Tumblr media
It’s funny how things happen when you least expect it. You never would’ve thought you’d be sound asleep when your entire world changed.
The night the UFO crashes in your city, you’re awoken by the tremors of its landing. The vibrations feel akin to an earthquake, and they make picture frames and other trinkets fall off your shelves and hit the floor in a clatter of noise. You jump up from your pillow at the racket, your heart pounding. You glance at the things lying on your floor and quickly register that the room—your entire home—is trembling.
There’s not much you can do at this point but ride it out, so you huddle down in your covers and hope the roof doesn’t cave in on your head. To your knowledge, your particular area isn’t known for earthquakes, which makes all of this even stranger. What could be causing one now? Is the world finally ending?
Eventually, the tremors stop. By now, your shelves have been emptied of nearly all their contents, but you’re still alive, which you’re grateful for. You wait a few more minutes to see if the shakes will begin again, but they don’t, so you climb out from the warmth of your covers to clean up your floor.
Police and ambulance sirens start blaring through the city not long after you get out of bed. That’s nothing unusual; there are usually injuries and casualties with natural disasters like these, and you expect many poor souls will be needing rescue tonight. You sigh and look at your closed blinds, watching them be sporadically illuminated by the lights of the emergency vehicles rushing past.
Once you’ve cleaned up your room and gotten back in bed, you think about checking social media for what people have been saying about the quake. There’s no doubt that the city’s residents have taken to Twitter and Instagram to document it. However, your eyelids are already starting to droop, and you’d probably fall asleep in the middle of scrolling, so you decide to tuck in and wait until morning.
Waking up the next day almost seems like a normal Sunday until you look at your blinds again and are suddenly reminded of last night’s flashing lights. Right. The earthquake. Throwing the covers back, you stumble out of bed to turn on your TV. You flip through the channels until you find a news station for your local area. You go to open the blinds, keeping your ears open for reports on the earthquake.
“Last night, we experienced unprecedented seismic activity throughout the majority of the city, caused by what appears to be an unidentified flying object, otherwise known as a UFO—”
You turn to the TV, thinking this must be some kind of ridiculous hoax. You get ready to reach for the remote, thinking you must have turned it to one of those parody news channels by accident, but you freeze at what you see. Video footage of the city center—or what used to be the city center—plays on the screen. In place of the large historical monument that used to stand there, there’s a huge...silver and black spaceship. Or at least you think it’s a ship. It apparently sustained major damage in the landing, and now it looks more like a hunk of melted metal. The area around it has been blasted clear in every direction. Instead of green grass and pavement, there’s nothing but dirt.
The area is blocked off with yellow tape, though hundreds of people have gathered at the location to check out the object and take pictures and videos of it.
“What the fuck…” you whisper to yourself.
“We’re currently unsure where this UFO originated from, though we can confirm that it is not affiliated with any aircraft fleets owned by the U.S. military. Researchers and scientists from top universities across the country are being called in to assist in identifying this craft…”
“There’s no just way,” you mutter, grabbing your shower cap and pulling clothes out of your closet for your morning shower. “A UFO...guess that alien invasion is coming sooner than we thought.” You would like to believe it’s all just someone playing a terrible prank, but pulling off this level of theatrics is impossible.
After you get out of the shower and start making breakfast for yourself, you get a text from one of your coworkers, Alex.
10:30 A.M. Alex🍸 You seeing this shit on the news right now?
10:31 A.M. Obviously! It’s fucking wild. Do you really think it’s true? OR some elaborate government hoax? Anything’s possible. I’m betting “true,” but...
10:33 A.M. Alex🍸 I honestly don’t know. that’s why me and some of the others from work are about to head over there now. Wanna come?
10:34 A.M. The hell! I’ll pass. There could be all types of radiation n shit, I’m not tryna turn into the Green Lantern or the Hulk or somebody.
10:35 A.M. Alex🍸 lmFAO. Suit ypurself. If I gain superpowers don’t be surprised if I fly over to your house today.
10:35 A.M. You’re a mess. 💀
You spend breakfast watching more news reports and scrolling through Twitter feeds for firsthand information. People who visited the site, including your coworkers, have uploaded pictures of the UFO from various angles, inciting a frenzy of conspiracy theories and warnings that the world is about to end.
You don’t know what to make of the situation, but it stays on your mind throughout the day as you leave the house and go about completing your usual errands. The city center has been blocked off to all vehicles other than those belonging to people who’ve been called in to help, which means that traffic is sky-high everywhere else—even for a Sunday.
Sitting in a mishmash of cars, you roll down your window and sigh, looking out at the red traffic lights, and beyond that to the horizon. Things are about to get very weird for the next few weeks. Maybe months. You can only hope you’re prepared for it.
Tumblr media
You don’t know why, but the air seems strange tonight.
It’s been 2 days since the UFO crashed. There haven’t been many more answers apart from what everyone already knows due to the ship’s destroyed state. The city has professionals out for that sort of thing, but they’re taking their sweet time analyzing the ship—though you can’t really blame them. Jumping straight into unknown alien tech seems like a death wish.
Your life has been pretty much the same as usual, though you know a few people at work who have been more directly affected by the events. One girl, Sooyoung, who lives in the neighborhood near the crash site claims the officials are thinking about having that entire area evacuate, though you don’t know why they’re beating around the bush about it if it’s true. Whatever radiation or chemicals they’re worried about has probably already leached into all the surrounding homes, and now you’re just waiting for someone to walk into your workplace with antlers or purple skin.
Admittedly, you’re morbidly curious about the case and what all of this could mean for Earth’s future, but you keep your fascination lowkey. You don’t need any of your coworkers thinking you’re the next alien-obsessed Mulder from X-Files. But then again, you’re not curious enough to visit the actual scene, so maybe you’re not the crazy one here.
You feel fine when you get home from work that day, but as you get washed up and settle into your usual evening routine, you can’t shake the eeriness gripping your subconscious. It’s not necessarily a bad feeling, either, just...foreign. Like an emotion you’ve never felt before, though you didn’t know there were even still new emotions to discover. Shaking your head, you figure maybe you should lay off the alien stuff for the rest of the week.
Before you head to bed that night, you go around the house making sure all the doors and windows are locked as you normally do. You pause at the backdoor for a reason you can’t explain, and the strange feeling grows stronger. At this point, you’re a bit frightened about what this is all about, but you can’t go to sleep without knowing. Curiosity takes over as you open the blinds and stare into the darkness of your backyard.
You don’t see anything right away. There are trees, bushes, your potted plants, and lawn chairs...everything looks normal. It’s only when you lean closer to the glass to squint that you see a figure lying in the grass. You jump once you catch sight of it, terrified that some monster or murderer has found their way onto your property. There was nothing there earlier when you closed the blinds, so whoever or whatever it is must’ve recently showed up.
You’re about ready to dial 911 when you realize the figure is curled in the fetal position and unmoving...almost like they’re unconscious. Or dead.
This is ridiculous. You feel like one of those people who always dies first in the horror movies because they went into the room the killer was obviously hiding in, but you’re overcome with the strong impulse to step outside. You grip the doorknob tightly, debating whether you should unlock it or not.
“...Fuck. Don’t let me regret this.”
You open the door with your phone in hand, the device serving as your flashlight. There’s still the screen door to get through, which you pause at for a moment. The figure remains unmoving even with the sound of the door opening.
“Hello?!” You call out to the individual, but there’s no response. Your phone’s light can’t reach them from there, which forces you to open the screen door and step out onto the porch. They’re still feet away, but from this closer distance, it seems like they’re wearing a sort of armor or full-body suit...maybe like a cosplay?
“Hope this isn’t some weirdo weeb passed out on my lawn…” you mutter, cautiously stepping onto the grass. As you approach, you can see now that the figure is likely male, though their back is to you so you can’t be totally sure. “Um, hello there? Can you hear me?” No response.
By now, you are only a few feet away from them. The person looks to be an Asian guy, with long blonde hair haloing his face. His features are angular and smooth, and he is indeed wearing some kind of body armor, its color unlike anything you’ve seen. Instead of being all one hue or even a few, it reflects the light from your phone and glows with a rainbow-like phosphorescence. The material itself looks translucent, but you can’t see through it; it creates a mind-bending optical illusion.
Your stomach suddenly drops to your feet. Is this who was in that UFO in the city center? It seems too out-there to be true, but your intuition is telling you otherwise. This can’t be fucking real.
You kneel on the wet grass next to the man and try to look for signs of life. You can hear his breathing, so he’s thankfully not dead. But he doesn’t look to be in good shape, either. He definitely won’t be able to get up on his own; he probably used the last of his energy to drag himself into your yard.
“Damn.” You turn the flashlight off and slip your phone into your sweatpants pocket. It seems like there’s no other options right now. You could call the police, but they’d probably accuse you of being in cahoots with this weird dude and drag you off to jail. Or they could cart him off for government experimentation, which sounds equally terrible. So with those things in mind, you gently maneuver his upper body until you’re able to hook your arms under his armpits and drag him towards your house.
You just really hope none of your nosy neighbors are seeing this right now.
He’s surprisingly light, and you get him inside the house fairly quickly. Once you’ve locked the door again, you pull him over to the living room so he’s propped against your couch. He still isn’t fully conscious, but his head and lips move as if he’s dreaming about something.
“What was that…?” You lean closer, trying to read his lips for some sort of clue. Surprisingly, you can make out the word water, which he mouths over and over again. “Water…” You run into the kitchen to pour a glass and bring it back to him, making sure not to spill any on the way over.
You press it to his lips, unsure if he’ll be able to drink, but to your amazement his muscles respond and he drinks quickly as you tip the glass. Soon, the water is all gone. You set the glass to the side with your palms sweating and watch as his face flutters even more. 
“Can you...hear me?”
His eyes open only slightly. This movement seems to cause him some pain, though you aren’t sure why. Maybe he has a headache since he was dehydrated? You scramble to turn the overhead light off, not wanting to make matters worse. He still doesn’t try to open his eyes any wider, though.
“Who are you? Were you...did you crash here?” You feel a little bad about asking so many questions, but you’re dying for answers as to what the hell is going on.
The man licks his lips, and his mouth parts like he’s going to answer. But his throat is still dry, and it hurts to talk.
“...Shit.” You get him another glass of water and let him drink until it’s gone again. He seems a little better after that.
“Th-this...” He clears his throat a couple times and tries again. “This is E-Earth, right?”
Now you’re the one lost for words. Although you already figured he couldn’t be from here, hearing it out loud makes your blood rush and your heart race. “Um, yes...this is Earth. Was...the UFO yours?”
He sighs, and his head falls back against the couch arm. “Yes.”
“It’s destroyed,” you say, and then feel silly about it. “But you already know that.” 
He doesn’t answer that. He just slowly glances around your living room instead, looking as if he’s never seen a stranger setup. The quietness is awkward, and you almost feel like he must be judging your taste for interior design. “Do you have a name?”
More silence. You decide he probably won’t answer until he finally says, “You can call me Yuta.”
“Yuta.” You tell him your name too, and he just nods, almost imperceptibly. He doesn’t say much without prompting, which makes it hard for you to know how to approach the situation. You don’t want to overwhelm him with questions, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to speak unless you do. “How did you end up here? I mean, in my—uh, my yard?”
Yuta shakes his head and then winces. “I crashed, and then...I just ran. The ship was melting. I just ran. I hid...I went from place to place, hiding. Don’t know how I got here.”
You wonder how he made it all the way from the city center to your home without being spotted, especially with that armor. You can only conclude that he must be stealth at hiding. Or maybe someone did spot him and the feds are about to bust down your door any minute. You take a shaky breath and try to push that anxious thought to the back of your mind.
Suddenly Yuta fixes you with a suspicious glare. “Will you reveal that I’m here?”
You try not to get offended, because you’d honestly be thinking the same if you were a newly-landed alien in a foreign land. “No. I don’t have any reason to do that. I just want to help. I’m not looking to be on anyone’s 6 o’clock news or cheap tabloid. You probably don’t believe me, but you can have my word for it...if that means anything to you.”
He’s quiet again, though you can tell he’s still skeptical.
“Um, do you need anything? More water?”
He sits up straighter at the mention of that. “Water.” You reach for the glass again, but he frowns. “Not that. I need…something more than that.” He looks around again, but when he doesn't see what he’s searching for, he attempts to stand only to slump down again.
“Slow down there, I don’t think you’re gonna make it like that. Can I help?”
You end up slinging his arm across your shoulder and letting him lean his body against you while you lead him to the bathroom. That’s the biggest source of water in the house, and you assume he must be wanting a bath or shower or something. Even aliens have their hygiene needs, you guess.
You turn the bathroom light on and have Yuta sit on the toilet lid as you turn the bathtub faucet. “Is...this what you meant?” He nods, and you put the plug in and let the tub fill up.
“Just water. Nothing else. I need to recharge,” he says, and before you can ask what he means by that, he starts undressing in front of you. 
At first, your reaction is delayed; you’re struck with surprise when you realize the armor isn’t actually a whole bodysuit, but more like...connected panels of material that can be taken off. You don’t understand the material at all, it doesn’t resemble anything on Earth you can think of—but of course, it’s alien tech. It conforms to his body as he’s wearing it but takes on a more rigid form once it’s peeled off, like actual armor.
Then, he gets ready to take the bottoms off and something finally clicks in your brain that oh my God he’s about to get naked in front of me.
“Whoa!” You spin around and cover your eyes for good measure, glad that your brown skin hides the way your face is burning right now. You step towards the open door. “Uh, I’ll just leave, sorry—”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“Um, what?”
“Doesn’t really matter to me,” Yuta says, pulling the last of his suit off. He steps into the tub and sits down in it, putting his hands underneath the stream of water rushing out of the faucet. The skin on his hands seems to ripple, like it’s readjusting itself, and the hairs stand up on the back of your neck at that. You forget to be embarrassed at his unclothed state as you watch it happen.
“What’s going on with that? And why did you need the water?”
Yuta splashes his face before answering, and he turns to look at you, the droplets of water sliding off the ends of his hair. “I’m part of a Water Race. Water is my home. Our bodies have adapted to be built for living in water, and it’s dangerous to be without it for too long.”
“Adaptation? But you look like a regular human.”
“It’s just a skin.”
“A skin?” You echo in horror, a sudden flashback to Silence of the Lambs popping into your mind. “Someone else’s skin?” 
Yuta gives you a look that seems to say he can’t believe you’re asking such a stupid question. “No, it’s my skin. It’s just not my natural form.” To prove his point, he holds his hand out, and right before your eyes his human skin pulls back and morphs into something much more scaly and green. His fingers are actually more like talons, with long black nails on the ends, and there’s translucent webbing between each one.
You gasp and step back, trying to catch your breath at the sight of something so very not human. The skin reforms around his hand—you assume he has to be willing it with his mind somehow, because he doesn’t even move—and his digits look just as human as ever.
“How the hell do you hide your nails under there? Isn’t it just like...wearing a bodysuit?”
Yuta shakes his head. “No. Once the skin is on, it becomes...part of me. My hand becomes a human hand. I’m not hiding anything, it just is. It’s hard to explain.”
“Have you been to Earth before? Is that why you have a human skin, because...adaptation or some shit? This is all so wild.”
“I can shift into different skins if I want, if I gather enough genetic information on certain species’ inhabitants...but there are limitations.” That doesn’t exactly answer your question, but you figure maybe it’s best if you didn’t know. You can at least assume he’s been in contact with humans before.
“I see…” You fidget for a few seconds before speaking what’s on your mind. “Okay, one last said there are limitations. Does that mean you can’t transform into, like...a dung beetle or something?”
Yuta gives you another are you serious look and you put your hands up. “Just wondering. It was worth a try.”
You feel awkward just standing there, and you feel like maybe you should give him some privacy even if he doesn’t care much, so you leave the bathroom to find something for him to wear.
You’re not sure if you’ll find anything that fits him, so you end up settling on a light pink bathrobe and decide he’ll have to work with that for now. You slip back into the bathroom to leave it on the sink, averting your eyes from his nude form in your bathtub. “Um, here’s something to wear...not sure if anything else will fit, this is all I have for now. Sorry.” You don’t wait for him to respond— he probably won’t anyway—before slipping back out.
It’s nearing 1 A.M. at this point, which is late considering you still have work tomorrow. You sigh and curl yourself up on the couch, hoping you won’t have to stay up for very much longer.
You’re not sure when you drifted off or how long you were out, but you wake up to the sound of footsteps and see Yuta coming out of the bathroom wearing the robe you’ve given him. You have to laugh a little at the sight of him in the light pink material, though you think it suits him in a way.
“Yeah, you’re gonna need some clothes.”
Yuta raises his eyebrow. “I still have my suit.”
“Yeah, but...don’t you want something else to wear? Your ship is pretty much gone, so you’ll probably be on Earth for a while...and if you don’t want anyone realizing you’re not from here, you’ll have to wear regular clothes.”
Yuta visibly upsets at the idea of his ship’s destroyed state, even though he knows there’s not much he can do about it. “I guess. I shared which planet I was heading to before I left, but...Earth is a very big place. And my trackers were destroyed with my ship, so…”
“I’m sorry,” you say, though you don’t know how much comfort that can be. “We can look for some clothes tomorrow. It’s probably better for you not to leave the house right now, but...that’s what online shopping is for.”
“Online shopping…?” Yuta seems puzzled by the concept, but he doesn’t ask any further. Then he looks around the room again. “Is there somewhere I can rest?”
“Oh, yeah, follow me.” You get up from the couch to head upstairs where the guest bedroom is. The house isn’t huge—it was your grandmother’s before she passed it on to you—but it’s more than enough for you alone, and it should fit one more just fine. You open the door and turn on the light, illuminating the small room. “It hasn’t been used in a while, so excuse any dust. I can fix that tomorrow, but it’s getting late...” you stifle a yawn, “ we should probably go to sleep now.”
Yuta looks at you and nods. 
“Um, well...goodnight.” You wave at him from the doorway before closing it.
As you make your way down the stairs, a sudden weariness and apprehension comes over you. An alien in your home? Escaped from a recently crashed UFO? Wearing one of your bathrobes? You’re almost positive you haven’t thought this through deeply enough, but you’re in it now. Might as well see where the rabbit hole leads to.
The next morning, you prepare yourself to go to work like you usually do. For a while, the house is so quiet that you almost forget Yuta is there until you see him standing in the kitchen entryway, still wearing his pink robe, and you almost jump through the ceiling.
“Jesus, you came out of nowhere,” you gasp, holding your heart.
“Where are you going?” Yuta asks. He steps into the kitchen and tentatively sits down in one of the dining table chairs.
“To work,” you say, and then pause. Maybe it isn’t such a good idea to leave a freshly-landed alien at home alone. “Will you be okay here by yourself? I could come over on my lunch break…”
“What am I supposed to do here the whole time?” Yuta asks, sounding displeased at the thought of being abandoned for hours.
“ could watch TV? There’s the on-demand channel...the fridge is available for you too, just try not to clean out my—wait, do you even eat human food?”
Yuta shrugs, crossing his arms. “Not really. It’s not a big source of nutrients for us.” 
You nod awkwardly. “Huh. Well, that’s...interesting.” The stress of the situation is already making your head pound and you haven’t even left for work yet. “Uh, yeah—I think I’ll just come over later and check in...come on, I’ll at least show you how to work the remote before I leave.”
You bid Yuta goodbye once you’re about to go, though you feel more than a little hesitant about leaving him there. There isn’t much other choice, though; you can’t afford to take a day off on such short notice.
The extraterrestrial sighs, sprawling across the couch and looking at the ceiling. The TV is already playing the channel you left it on, and Yuta turns to the screen and watches as a group of humans make weird food dishes he’s never seen before.
“This is stupid.”
Tumblr media
The rest of the week with Yuta manages to be an adventure even though he never steps foot outside the house. 
Yuta doesn’t take a liking to human food, which means he opts for spending most of his time in the guest bathtub instead, claiming that the water gives him more nourishment than meals can. You don’t know how true that is, but you’re not going to fight him on it. Less food you have to prepare, you reason...although you often end up making extra anyway and getting him to try a few bites. It feels odd to not see him eat.
Living with someone from outer space is not really as weird as you expected it might be, which surprises you. Yuta stays in his human skin whenever he’s around you, and you steer clear of the guest bathroom when it’s occupied lest you walk in on something crazy. 
You’ve taught Yuta about new concepts he didn’t know before or wasn’t overly familiar with. He’s particularly intrigued with online shopping, and you ended up buying him a bunch of outfits that you both thought he’d look nice in. He doesn’t seem to be big on technology, which surprises you considering how advanced his UFO looked even its ruined state, but maybe human tech is more primitive than what he’s used to. He’s quite fascinated with the microwave, though, and how it can heat anything up in minutes.
With you uncovering new bits of information each day, you continually wonder how different his homeworld must be from the Earth. You can’t pull much out of him about it, for whatever reasons he has for keeping the information close, but you try to let him talk about it at his pace without pressuring him.
You could probably get used to living like this. 
Maybe not your wallet, though. You’re definitely not loving how your water bill is going to look once it comes in the mail.
None of your coworkers or neighbors know—not that it’s any of their business anyway. You don’t know how long Yuta is going to stay, or what the hell you’re going to do when his people finally catch wind of his whereabouts and land a UFO in your backyard, but you figure you’ll get to that part when it comes.
Tumblr media
On one Saturday morning, you wake up to the sound of tapping on your door. You try to ignore it, thinking it’s just some woodpecker setting up shop outside your window, but you’re proven wrong when the door swings open.
You pull the covers away from your face for a moment to see Yuta standing there looking at you. You stare at him for a few seconds before sighing.
“Why are you up so early? It’s the weekend,” you groan, pulling the covers back over your head. 
“Why do you sleep so late?” Yuta retorts, still standing in your doorway. You don’t know whether he expects you to get up and do a trick, but it’s not happening. You peel the blanket away so it’s just below your eyes and look at him.
“It’s not fun being here alone all day, you know,” he says, crossing his arms.
“So...what? Do you want me to play with you or something?” You can’t stop your sudden laugh, but you feel bad about once it’s out. He has just lost his ride home and has no foreseeable way back until someone notices his absence. Plus, needing to stay hidden and cooped up like a criminal can’t be enjoyable.
Yuta rolls his eyes at your response and starts down the hallway again, but you jump out of the bed and follow him. “Wait, Yuta, I’m sorry. That was stupid. I know it can’t be easy living like this. I’m not sure if I can make it better, but I’m willing to try.”
Yuta pauses in the hall and turns back to look at you. “I’m tired of being in here all the offense. But there’s only so much I can take. I know I’m supposed to be in hiding, but it’s not like anyone can tell the difference. Even you couldn’t. Can’t we go out for one day?”
You think about it for a moment and figure he’s right. You both were trying to be overly cautious at first, but there’s no real way anyone would notice anything unless he shifted. “I guess we long as we don’t go anywhere with a lot of water.”
“I have more self-control than that,” Yuta scoffs, though his words trail off as he’s already heading back to his room to get dressed.
You and Yuta walk around downtown for a little while, although you can’t shake the lingering nervousness you feel. You both decided not to head back to the city center any time soon; there’s not much left of the broken ship anyway, with scientists carting off pieces of it for research. Just as you thought. It’s too big to transport all at once, but you’re sure the remaining parts will be gone within the next couple weeks.
Yuta is continually surprised by how many new and unfamiliar things he spots along the way—things he actually gets to see up close and in detail. Kinda hard to focus when you’re running and hiding for your life.
Eventually, Yuta slows down as you walk past a small and colorful restaurant. “What’s that?” he asks, pointing up at the sign. You stop to turn around and see what he’s gesturing to.
“That’s just a hamburger won’t wanna go in there,” you say, raising your eyebrows. Because you don’t eat food. Despite that, Yuta still seems curious about the restaurant and he hesitates to walk away. Realizing that you aren’t going to get anywhere, you go to stand next to him and peer inside. There are a few people already inside, sitting at scattered tables and eating their food. “Do you want to go in, or…? ‘Cause you have to eat something if we do. This is your idea.”
“I’ll eat, let’s just go,” Yuta says, grasping your hand and pulling you into the restaurant.
You wave at the person behind the counter who greets you as you walk in, while Yuta is busy scanning every inch of the place. You let him look over the menu for a little while, but with so many options available he isn’t sure what to get—especially when he’s not sure if he’ll like any of them—so you end up picking for the both of you.
When you finally get your food, you take it to one of the tables. You watch attentively as Yuta takes the first bite of his hamburger, and you try to stifle your giggles as you watch his face go from nonchalance to bewilderment to shock.
“This is actually...good.”
“Wait, this is really the first meal you’ve liked? Are you saying my cooking is bad? Damn.” You chuckle, shaking your head. 
“I’m not answering that.” Yuta laughs along with you, which is probably the first genuinely happy expression he’s shown since he’s been here.
Yuta has a very pretty smile, you realize. You’re a little taken aback by it. You haven’t seen much of it since you met him, but it’s here now and striking in its genuine quality. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside...which you mainly attribute to the satisfaction of doing something nice for someone else. Of course. Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice meal they didn’t have to pay for?
Things go smoothly for a while as you both eat and pretend to make boring small talk since you can’t talk about him being an alien in public. However, you feel sweat on the back of your neck when you see your coworker Alex walk through the door with his boyfriend. This city is too small for its own good sometimes. 
You try not to call attention to yourself and Yuta, keeping your gaze on your food, but he spots you anyway and waves enthusiastically. Alex gestures for his partner to go ahead and order while he comes over to your table.
“Hey, Y/N! It’s great to see you! Too bad we missed you at the UFO wreck today, though; we went out again one last time before they take the whole thing away,” he rushes out in one breath. Yuta’s eye twitches at the mention of his ship, and you’re suddenly on edge, hoping the situation doesn’t turn sour.
“Oh, uh, wow, that’!” you choke out, pinching your straw between your fingers. Before you can think of a way to divert the subject, Alex turns to Yuta.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Alex! Who’s this? Your boyfriend?” The last few words are directed at you. Alex gives you a playful grin, and you toss him an embarrassed smile back.
“Uh, no, he’s my friend! Yuta.”
“Nice to meet you,” Yuta says, though you can recognize his tone is a bit dry.
“Pleasure’s all mine!” Alex’s boyfriend calls him from the other side of the restaurant, and he turns to respond before taking his leave. “Ah well, looks like we’ll have to cut it short, but it was so great to see you guys. Enjoy your lunch!”
You let out the breath you were subconsciously holding once he leaves.
“Boyfriend…” Yuta murmurs.
“That would be really weird. Wouldn’t it? We’re not even the same species,” he says, lowering his voice. It’s not like you don’t agree, but you admittedly don’t appreciate the way Yuta screws his face up at the thought. You prickle with embarrassment.
You scoff, taking a sip of your drink. “Well I’m not exactly eager to date an overgrown fish, so…” You almost expect Yuta to fall into another one of his moods at your words, but he actually chuckles a bit, which surprises you.
“Then it’s mutual!” Yuta sticks his tongue out and you roll your eyes.
Tumblr media
The warm and fuzzy feeling, you soon find out, is not a one-time thing.
You don’t quite know what to make of that. You wouldn’t like for Yuta to go back to his initial broody state, of course, but you’re starting to believe this feeling can’t just be attributed to your charitable actions. You can’t stop thinking about the more playful side of Yuta you saw at the burger place that day, and the way he’s been gradually more open with you since then.
Yuta usually spends his nights splashing around in the guest bathtub, but one night he wanders into the living room and sees you putting your afro in plaits. He becomes weirdly fascinated with the process, watching you carefully and asking occasional questions. Amused by his interest, you answer all his questions and even offer to let him do one section. 
“It’s probably not the same, but I used to braid my friend’s hair often…” he says wistfully as he settles in behind you. “We did a lot of things together.”
Your ears perk up. “Oh? You sound like you were very close,” you say, resting your chin on your knees.
“Really close,” he affirms. His hands are gentle in your hair, as testament to his words. You close your eyes and relax into the sensation, and before you know it, that warmth is spreading through your chest again. You even allow yourself to wonder what it’d be like for him to do this all the time, tending to your hair and telling you about his homeworld, before you open your eyes again and quickly pull yourself out of that reverie. You probably shouldn’t get too used to this, you reason with yourself. “I think she’s what you’d call a mermaid...except the look is a bit...different.”
“Different?” you echo, wondering if you’ll get an explanation.
“They don’t have human arms or anything like’s more like tentacles.”
“Ah,” you try to imagine that, though it’s hard. “That’s certainly unique.”
“Maybe you’d like planet, I mean.”
“You think I would? Why?”
“I dunno, just a feeling…”
“If only I could breathe underwater,” you laugh. “You’d take me back, though? Hypothetically, of course. I’m not too human for you?”
“Will you ever let that one go? It’s probably the least I could do after setting up residence here. Maybe we’ll get you an alien costume, though, so you’ll fit in.”
“How nice of you to think of me in all my humanness. God, the universe is something else…”
You start when Yuta’s hands leave your hair. “I think I’m done?” he says, sitting back on his feet. You grab the mirror from the coffee table and look at the braid you let him do.
“Oh wow, it looks good.” You purse your lips to hide the grin about to break across your face. “Do you wanna do the rest?”
“If you’ll let me.”
“Go ahead then, my hands needed a break anyway.”
You sit back and let Yuta finish the rest of your hair, listening quietly as he tells you more about his friend from his homeworld. Her name is unpronounceable to you, but it sounds pretty all the same. They grew up together, he says, and have been on lots of adventures over the years, though he still keeps that same vagueness he always has when describing his life. He ends up getting you to tell him more about your life, which you do; you figure he probably doesn’t know a whole lot about you, either.
Yuta hands you the mirror when he’s done, and his head pops up next to yours in the reflection. “Good?”
“It’s great!” you say, and you really mean it.
Tumblr media
You discover that, strangely enough, Yuta has an affinity for sci-fi movies. Go figure. He especially seems to like the campiness of alien films; then again, everything is campy to him because of how different it is from how extraterrestrials actually live.
You are in the middle of watching The Fly when it comes to one of sex scenes, and you try not to sweat. It’s always a little awkward to watch sex scenes with other people, but doing it with an alien gives the whole thing an extra layer of weirdness.
“Human sex is so funny,” Yuta says out of nowhere. You just barely avoid choking on your drink.
“Uh, o-okay. Do I want to know what that means?”
Yuta only shrugs and leans farther back onto the couch, looking completely unbothered about what he’s just said. “It just is.”
“...I’m sure your people must procreate some kinda way?”
“Yeah, but it’s not quite this. But when I’m in this form, I can do it as humans do.”
That makes you pause, and you’re not sure what to do with that information. Actually, your mind has already decided for itself and is trying to go to a place you don’t want it to, and you’re mildly horrified by that revelation. There’s no real reason why you should be curious about it. And yet...
“Hummm...have you done it before? In this form?” You keep your eyes glued to the screen, which is now showing a shirtless Jeff Goldblum doing acrobatics—but that’s still less awkward than looking over at Yuta right now.
“There was one time.”
There is a twinge of something in your chest. Fascination? Sure. Revulsion? Maybe not that. Dare you call it anything close to jealousy? You immediately throw that one out the door, sink further into your seat, and try not to think about what your life has come to.
“Okay, since you still won’t tell me directly if you’ve been here before, at least tell me this; did it happen here on Earth? With a human?”
Yuta shakes his head. “Some other aliens have weird fetishes. I only did it because she asked and was really adamant about it.”
“Ooookay, you know what…” You get up from the couch and walk to the kitchen, laughing awkwardly all the way. You don’t have any particular reason to go in there, but you have to do something with the nervous energy that’s about to make you jump out of your skin. You pretend to shuffle around in the fridge for a minute so you don’t look too silly getting up for no reason.
After taking a moment to calm down, you turn back to Yuta. “Okay. Hypothetically, if you wanted, could you actually…? With a human? In your natural form? Or would the parts be incompatible, or...”
“Maybe...I’m not sure. It’s not like I’ve ever tried. Why?” Yuta gives you a look that’s partway between curiosity and incredulity, and you wave your hand in dismissal.
“It’s just a question.”
Yuta leans forward on the couch, barely concealing his own amusement at whatever he’s cooking up in his mind. “Are you saying you want to try it with me?”
“You’re not funny,” you sigh, trying to ignore the way your skin is burning at that suggestion. “Remind me not to ask you anything like that again.”
Tumblr media
When you get home from work one weeknight, you roll your eyes at the mass text sitting in your inbox, forwarded to you from Alex. Another after-work party, which means another event where someone will run through the sprinklers naked and everyone will pretend like they don’t remember it the next workday.
You don’t know how you’re going to get out of this one, especially with Yuta, who will likely want to go if he finds out, so you decide to just come out and say it and see what happens.
“Hey Yuta…” You slide up behind him where he’s sitting on the couch. “I just wanted to let you know I won’t be at home for a few hours on Saturday. I’m going to a party this weekend. It’s a friend’s party, someone from work.”
Yuta looks at you forlornly. “The same person we met at the restaurant?”
“No, but he’s gonna be there too. Look, I know what you’re thinking, but I really don’t know if it’s safe for you to go…”
“That’s not fair, the last time at the restaurant went well,” Yuta argues.
“Yes, but this guy has a pool and he’s a dickhead who likes to push people in and what if you get caught off guard and change unexpectedly?”
Yuta’s response is as straightforward as you expected it to be. “Then I’ll punch him in the face.”
You laugh at that and shake your head, coming to sit beside him on the couch. “Ugh. As satisfying as that sounds, I don’t need the extra stress of dealing with the aftermath. I don’t know, you think you’ll be okay? God, I feel like an overprotective mom or some shit.”
“Y/N, it’ll be fine, stop worrying. I can take care of myself,” Yuta insists, putting his hand on your shoulder and looking into your eyes. He’s a little closer than you anticipated, which makes your heart rate increase a little. You chalk that reaction up to his invasion of your personal space and shift away, groaning.
“Fine, I’ll bring you. But if shit goes down, I can’t promise an easy way out. Let’s just keep things lowkey, alright?”
“Of course I can do that! I’ve been doing it so far haven’t I?” he says, but somehow you’re not entirely convinced.
The party is filled with people you know from work and a slew of unfamiliar faces, probably your coworkers’ friends. It’s mostly a backyard party, like you already knew, although there are some people mingling within the house.
There are already a few people lounging in the pool. In any other scenario, it might be inviting to you, but now you just look at all that water with a looming sense of anxiety. Yuta sticks close to your side, saying nothing but studying everyone around him.
“Y/N!” your coworker David shouts from the backdoor of his house. He holds up his beer in salutation and you wave back at him, mildly annoyed that he’s brought everyone’s attention to you both. He hustles over to you and claps you on the back strong enough to make your bones rattle, and you wince. “Hey dude!” He reaches across you to pull Yuta into a handshake, and Yuta also winces when he grips his hand a little too tight. “Make yourselves at home, I’ve got everything you could ever need—including the booze and babes!” You both nod awkwardly before David goes off to greet someone else who’s just pulled up. You roll your eyes once he’s gone.
Yuta’s eyebrows draw together. “That was…”
“Annoying,” you finish for him.
“You don’t seem to like him. Why did you decide to come?”
“Workplace politics, if you’re the only one who doesn’t come it’s awkward, ugh. It’s just bullshit. Let’s not get into it.” You walk towards the house and Yuta follows, and you nod at a few people you know along the way.
You find Alex in the kitchen, where he offers to make drinks for you and Yuta. You cast a glance at Yuta, wondering if he’ll take up the offer; you have no idea how he’ll react to alcohol, or if they drink any equivalent of it on his homeworld.
“Um, I think I’ll pass.”
“Oh okay, straight-edge guy! That’s cool too,” Alex grins, making just the one drink for you. As you and Alex talk, the girl from your department whose neighborhood was about to be evacuated sidles up to your little group.
“I’ve never seen you before. What’s your name?”
“’s Yuta.”
“Yuta? How cool, I’m Sooyoung.”
Little did you know that that one introduction would expand into them having a half-hour long conversation right there in the kitchen. You really don’t know how Yuta is pulling this off without spilling the beans, but then again, you do; he’s good enough at manipulating the conversation to make it seem like he’s sharing personal info when he’s really not. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he throws in things you taught him every so often.
Alex notices your changing demeanor and follows you as you walk into the living room, finally exhausted with playing third wheel. “Hm, someone seems a little spicy.”
You cough. “I’m fine, it’s just cramped in there, David should really invest in a bigger house..this place could use a remodel.” You throw a glance around the living room, not wanting to see the mischievous look in Alex’s eyes.
“Well, remodel aside, it’s not really my business, but you certainly seem to have a little green monster brewing here.”
You give Alex a long look. “Don’t. He’s my friend. He’s not even—” You have to stop yourself before you expose anything, and you shift nervously on your feet.
“Not even what? Your type? I don’t know, he’s handsome enough to me. You can’t go wrong with a pretty boy. Don’t tell Xavier I said that, though.”
“Lord, let me get the hell out of here…” You leave Alex to cackle to himself while you go out into the backyard again, holding your drink and mulling around the edges of the activity. Too busy wrestling with your own emotions, you don’t realize how close you’ve drifted towards the pool.
“Hey, Y/N?” David says from behind you.
“Yeah?” You go to turn towards him, but before you can, you feel a huge shove from behind and the next thing you know your feet are off the ground and you’re in the pool. It all happens so fast that you can barely catch your bearings, and for a terrifying moment you’re convinced you’re about to drown.
The seconds feel like minutes, and you can’t even open your eyes to tell up from down. The next thing you register is an arm around your waist, and somehow you’re being pulled up even though you’re too panicked to even control your limbs. Your head pops above the water and you cough and sputter loudly, trying to take in air. You try to blink the water out of your eyes, though it drips off your hair and makes it even harder to see.
You’re still not sure what the hell is going on until you’re hauled out of the water and sitting on the ground. Someone hands you a towel, and you hear a female voice saying you’re such an asshole, David.
You wipe the water off of your face and then you’re finally able to see; Yuta is crouching in front of you, just as soaked as you are and staring at you with a worried expression. You look back at him, disoriented and a little dumbfounded at his still-human state.
“You didn’t…”
Even though you’re still trembling with the fear of almost drowning, you’re unable to look anywhere but at Yuta for that moment—at the pure concern on his face.
“Nice going, David,” someone else says sarcastically.
“It was just a bit of a prank! No hard feelings guys, come on. Y/N?” You realize David is standing on your left, and he tries to come closer, his hands open in an apologetic gesture. You jerk away from him, holding the towel to your shaking form.
“Get the fuck away from me. You’re a fucking idiot!” you shout. “All you do is ‘play pranks’ and then you wonder why no one likes you!” That draws a few barely concealed laughs out of the people standing nearby, though you don’t think any of it is funny. David steps back, unsure how to respond and looking truly embarrassed for once in his life.
Filled with anger, you try to get to your feet but you’re still unsteady. Yuta puts his arm around you again, lifting you up and encouraging you to lean your weight on him.
“It’s okay, I’ve got you.”
You don’t have much to say on the way back home. You insist on leaving right away even though Yuta suggests you sit and wait until the tremors subside. He obviously can’t drive you back home, so it’s all he can offer, though it doesn’t make you feel much better.
The silence itself isn’t particularly awkward to Yuta, but he is uncomfortable anyway because he knows it stems from your own discomfort. At a red light, he turns to you.
“Are you okay?”
“Not really.”
He’s quiet for a few moments, and then he speaks again. “I know you’re mad about the pool, seems like there’s more than that. not like me spending so much time with Sooyoung?”
You scoff. “You can’t be serious. I don’t care what you and that girl do.”
“You’re not a very good liar.” You’re too worn out to argue, so you merely give him a sidelong glance. Yuta sits back in his seat and watches a few cars zip past, their tail lights looking like clashing stars against the night. He’s not used to so much...manmade stuff. There was his ship and his trackers, of course, but he still has a hard time adjusting to be surrounded by so much iron and steel. His own planet is ruled by nature, by the vast oceans in all their unpolluted original essence, but Earth—or at least this portion of it—is much, much different.
He means to glance back at you, but his eyes linger for a while longer than intended. He’s not sure why. Maybe it’s because your outfit is a pretty color, or because the coils of your hair look shiny reflecting the light. He’s never put much thought into human beings before, and his limited experiences with them were mostly better left unremembered. Taking a human form was no huge deal for him; just a move that was necessary at the time.
But now, he’s seeing humanity—and most specifically, you—in a different light, and he’s uncertain what to do with this realization. People have feelings, thoughts, and dreams, like his own species, or like any other. He’s beginning to care what you think of him, how you react to him, even though he doesn’t know why this matters.
“You look pretty,” Yuta says. The compliment is the last thing you expected from him. It seems especially random after what happened at the party; here you are, soaking wet and incredibly uncomfortable. You’re a little late to put your foot on the gas pedal once the light turns green, and someone behind you honks.
“Pretty? I thought humans were weird to you.” Your mind goes back to The Fly and the subsequent conversation you had, and your hands tighten minutely around the steering wheel.
“You are. That hasn’t changed.”
“Good to know.” You don’t want to laugh, but this does make you crack a smile. “But...thanks. And...thanks for that, at the pool, you know. I should...probably trust you more.”
The rest of the ride is a little more talkative after that, and Yuta is happy that he could lighten your mood if even a little bit. Although he wouldn’t tell you, he’s becoming accustomed to your smile, and he’s more displeased than he thought he could be when it’s absent.
Tumblr media
The thunder booms so loudly that it makes your window frames shake. It almost reminds you of the day Yuta’s ship fell out of the sky. You pull the covers tighter around yourself as if they alone could protect you from the storm’s fierceness. Storm clouds have been brewing all day, but the skies didn’t open until you and Yuta went to bed. Now, the rain and lightning is in full force. The rain pounds against your window, sounding more like hail or even bullets.
You’re startled for a second time when there’s a knock on your bedroom door.
“Come in?”
The door opens slightly and Yuta appears in the small sliver of space. “Sorry, but...can I sleep here? The storm...” He gestures to the window, where a crack of lightning strikes right after. He’s wearing a sleep shirt and loose pants, and his blonde hair is disheveled. 
“Uh, sure.” You shuffle over to make room for him. “I guess this isn’t your type of water, is it?” He huddles underneath the covers with you, facing you with his arm tucked under the unoccupied pillow.
“Not when it’s so intense like this.”
You hum in acknowledgment. “It’s scary. Does rainy weather make you think of your homeworld often?”
“Often,” he repeats. “But...I think I’d be worse off if I weren’t here.”
“Here...on Earth?”
“I mean, here with you.”
“Oh,” is all you can think to say. It’s a surprisingly personal confession, though you are grateful you’ve become someone so important in his life already, even if it’s only because you’ve given him shelter. That familiar warmth spreads through you again. 
Warm and fuzzies = gratefulness to a friend, the feeling you get when you pet a cute puppy. Right. It’s not the sensation you get when you think you might have feelings for your extraterrestrial friend, you try to convince yourself. “I’m...glad you’re here. Maybe not under these circumstances, but still.”
Yuta nods without speaking, but he doesn’t take his eyes away from you. You think he must be waiting on you to say something else.
“What?” you ask quietly when he keeps staring at you. “Take a picture, it will last longer.” Your joke does little to clear the air, and the tension keeps rising. You should probably be the first one to look away, to end whatever weird game this is and go to sleep, but you can’t. It’s unexplainable.
Yuta props himself up on his elbow, and you’re about to ask him where he’s going when he slips his hand onto your bare shoulder. You’re already covered by the blankets, but you suddenly feel even hotter with his hand on you, sliding up from your shoulder to the side of your face. “Y-Yuta…?”
You don’t know what to say or do, but you don’t object when he leans closer. Your faces are only inches apart now, like he’s hesitating and wondering if he should cross the line. The thunderstorm is intense, but this moment feels much more suspenseful than that could ever be. And then, it’s suddenly satisfying when his lips are on yours.
The kiss starts gentle. He’s careful as if he’s afraid to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable. It’s soft and sweet. Things get more heated when his tongue prods against your lower lip and enters your mouth. You don’t know when his hand made it from your face to your side, but he pulls you close with his fingers pressing into the flesh just below your breasts, and you tremble at the proximity.
When you pull away, both of you are breathing harder and unable to look each other in the eye.
“Should we be doing this?” you whisper.
Yuta shakes his head. “I don’t know. But it feels good.”
At those words, you pause for a moment before moving to kiss him again. His lips respond deftly to yours, his body crowding you in and making you feel hot and enraptured with desire from where you still lie under the covers.
His hair is very soft when you slide your hands through it, though you can’t push away the thought that suddenly manifests in the back of your mind. This isn’t really his hair, or his lips, is it? It’s all a mask to cover whatever is underneath, which is something you still don’t entirely know, yet are increasingly curious about.
Yuta’s hand drifts up just high enough to caress the underside of your breast—all still over the cover of your clothes. Abruptly, that thought forces its way to the front of your mind, making itself unavoidable, and you have no idea how to reconcile it. This is all so...very unfamiliar. And undeniably scary.
You pull away from him, your face creased with conflict, and his hand stills on your body. “S-sorry, I…um...this is...”
Subsequently, he pulls his hand away from you, though some part of you doesn’t really want that to happen. “I-it’s fine.”
You both settle back into the sheets, the tense aura from before replaced with one that’s thick with unease. The storm continues on outside, unknowing and uncaring of anything else but its own nature.
Tumblr media
Though you would like to pretend it isn’t so, things become strained after the night of the storm.
You and Yuta don’t talk about the kiss. You expected him to say something about it that morning after, but he didn’t acknowledge it, and so you figured you just forget about it, too. What are you thinking, anyway? You’re literally from two different worlds. You don’t have the first clue about what a connection would look like between you, whether it be just sex or a relationship.
Why couldn’t you just fall for a coworker and have a bit of office drama like everyone else? Even that would be simpler.
Why did you have to let your thoughts get the best of you? You don’t have any answer for that, except for maybe your own need to come to terms with your attraction. People have never been very skilled at accepting others different from themselves, you know that much. But that usually counts for people of different ethnicities or cultural backgrounds, not two entirely different species.
You spend the whole week afterwards tearing your mind up with this monologue and trying to figure out what you should do next, because you’re quickly growing weary of coming home to a tense atmosphere. Alex can only give so much advice—not that you’d really tell him the entire situation—without knowing just how complicated everything is.
Where he used to hang out with you and help you with your hair, Yuta spends more time up in the guest bathroom again. You wonder if he thinks you’re disgusted by him. You’d probably think the same if he reacted the way you did.
Unbeknownst to you, Yuta is facing the situation with a similar amount of inner turmoil as you, wondering if he’s gone too far. He’s done many silly things in his life, but he doesn’t know how to undo this mistake. The mistake of kissing you? The mistake of seeing you as more than just another human? The mistake of knowingly flying in a faulty ship? Maybe all of it.
He feels guilty about freezing you out and pretending as if nothing happened, especially with all you’ve done to make him safe and comfortable in your home. But, at the same time, he is equally frightened to face you and discover the real reasoning for why you pulled away that night. Because you’ll never see him as someone you could like? Or maybe even love?
If that’s your truth, he’d rather leave it unsaid.
Tumblr media
There aren’t many choices left but to face it. Whether this idea is smart or not is yet to be seen, but you suppose you don’t have many solutions left. And you are sick of being cooped up in the house.
“You sure this is safe?” Yuta asks as he stares at the scenery whizzing past. “You were all freaked out about me being near water you want to go to a lake?”
You glance over at him. “Yes, it’s my parents’ lake property. It’s private, Yuta. No one will be there but us. I think we could both use a mini vacation this weekend, yeah?” 
“I guess, sure.” Yuta shrugs. His demeanor is more closed off than it was before that dreaded kiss, but you can still tell that he’s interested in the idea of getting access to a bigger body of water, even if he doesn’t outwardly express it.
The lake house is two hours out of your city. It hasn’t been used much in the past few years with both you and your parents being busy with work and life, but if there was ever a good time to use it, it’s probably now. You just hope there aren’t any squatters of the furry variety; the last thing you need is to be fighting raccoons or squirrels after stepping through the door.
Luckily, there’s really no one but you two once you reach your destination. The lake is big and pretty like you last remembered it, sparkling under the sun and throwing the rays back in your eyes. Yuta is automatically captivated by it.
“Here it is!” you say, walking along the sand and spreading your arms out towards the body of water. “It might not be much compared to your homeworld, but I hope it’s enough.” You carry your bag up the stairs to the house and turn back to Yuta, who’s still standing by the shore gazing across the water. “You can go in, you know? Get comfortable!”
That seems to snap him out of his trance, and he turns back to you, following you up the steps. “Not right now...I’ll go later.” You’re a little disappointed at that, but you simply nod and open the door to go in.
You spend the day getting increasingly more restless as you and Yuta hang out together. You go on the pier, walk around the entirety of the lake, and even take your dad’s boat out on the water, but he still doesn’t get in.
You eat dinner together later that night, although you’re the one doing most of the eating, and there isn’t much conversation to be had. You’ve both run out of things to say that don’t center around the kiss or why he refuses to get in the water.
Yuta spends a few more moments watching you push your food around your plate before leaning forward. “Why did you bring me here?” he asks.
You sigh heavily. “Do you not like it?”
“No, I do, but…” he hesitates. “Can you answer my question first?
You raise your eyebrows. “Okay, well. I brought you here because...I don’t know. I figure you deserve to have somewhere bigger to swim around in than my guest bathtub.” You laugh nervously.
He seems unconvinced. “Is that it?”
“I’d say so! Why won’t you even take one swim, is the better question? I want you to relax and be yourself.”
He furrows his eyebrows as if he doesn’t know how to reply. “You...aren’t you...repulsed by it? I just figured you wouldn’t want to see me in my natural form. Especially since…” He trails off at the end, and your palms sweat a little.
“No! I know I was weirded out at first, but...I-I guess that was the point of this whole trip, to show you that…” You grapple with your words for a moment, unsure if now is the time to fully confess what you’re feeling. “Look, I want to try, alright? I want to see it at least once. I want to accept you as a whole being, and that means, you know...all of you.”
Yuta smiles gradually at that, and you feel swept up with a sudden wave of affection you weren’t expecting. You are still a bit scared, but you don’t want to turn back now. “Are you sure?”
“I’m sure,” you reply, clasping your shaking hands together.
Yuta nods and stands up from the dining table, gesturing for you to follow him. It’s late now, with the moon shining brightly and the last vestiges of dark blue sky giving way to black. The air outside is cool, but not uncomfortably so. You follow Yuta to the pier and watch timidly, your stomach flip-flopping, as he sheds his clothes, leaving them on the wooden deck. Then he slips into the water, disappearing underneath its still surface.
You crouch down, looking intently at the rippling water and anticipating whoever is going to resurface. The sounds of croaking frogs and crickets press in from every side, ringing in your ears so loudly that it’s hard to think straight.
You gasp when Yuta lifts from the water, his human skin gone and completely transformed into something that’s more...amphibian, if that’s any accurate way to describe his appearance. His skin is still scaly and green like you saw that first day, but in the moonlight it seems to glitter and reflect a spectrum of colors like his armor did. There are two fins on the either side of his face, translucent and shining a pale green. They slowly move back and forth as he treads on the water, as if they’re conveying an emotion to match whatever he’s thinking, and you watch them in fascination.
Yuta floats on his back in the water, the long gills on either of his sides catching the moonlight. You watch in fascination as they move with his breaths. Using the pier post to keep yourself stable, you reach out to touch them. They’re slick under your fingers, but not in a slimy or gross way. Your hand drifts to the rest of his skin, across his torso and along his sides, and every portion has a strikingly smooth texture. His alien eyes stare at you silently as you do, glittering big in the moonlight.
“What do you think?” his voice is quieter than you expected, as if he’s afraid of your reaction. He doesn’t break his gaze, though, studying your face carefully.
“You’re...amazing,” you say breathlessly. “Incredible.” 
His lips, which are green like the rest of him, form a small smile, and then he dives underneath the water. He does a few laps as if he means to impress you, his lithe marine form sparkling just below the surface of the water. You keep your hand suspended over the pier as you watch him, your fingers sliding against his body every time he passes by. You smile at his display, a laugh coming out of you at his impromptu performance.
When he’s finished, Yuta climbs up onto the pier with you and kneels in front of you, much like he did that day he saved you from David’s swimming pool. His feet are webbed like his hands. Droplets of water slide off of them onto the wooden boardwalk while others linger on the clear webbing like tiny jewels. Your hand is magnetized to his face, drawing across the scaly skin and tracing over his lips, which are just as smooth as the rest of him.
Before you can think twice about it, you lean forward and capture his lips with yours. Did you expect it to be fishy? Maybe. But it’s not that at all. He still manages to taste distinctly like Yuta, even though you’re not sure what that taste is. It’s a flavor that makes you feel...held. Yuta is surprised for a moment, but he responds to your kiss, one of his webbed hands inching close to your face. He doesn’t touch you at first, a little reluctant and yet wanting to let you lead the pace so he doesn’t scare you off.
You welcome his touch, carefully brushing your fingertips across his hand and bringing it to make contact with your skin. His own skin is still a bit cold from the water’s temperature, but it doesn’t bother you much.
The kiss soon grows more intense, and a mounting desire makes itself known in you. You won’t pretend like you’re 100% confident about all of this, but you don’t want to shun it anymore, either.
Yuta’s hand drifts to your neck, his long nails pressing into your skin ever so slightly. You dare to explore his body more, sliding your hands across his chest and over his side gills, feeling the way they contract under your hands, and farther down still. You haven’t looked down there yet, and you’re nervous over what you’ll find. But you keep going until your fingers meet something slick and hot and throbbing, seeming vaguely like a regular penis, though you quickly realize it’s more of a tentacle.
Yuta shudders and draws away from the kiss, and you feel alarmed, wondering if you’ve gone too far without thinking.
“If we’re going to do this, I should...probably shift back—”
“Don’t,” you blurt out. Yuta looks at you questioningly. “ should if it makes you comfortable. But...I don’t mind.” He’s quiet for a few seconds—seconds that feel much longer than they really are. You’re apprehensive of what he’ll say, but you keep your eyes on his face.
“Okay,” he agrees. “If you’ll accept me like this...okay.” 
Neither of you bother with moving to somewhere more comfortable like the lake house or even the sandy shore. Instead, Yuta peels your clothes away right there on the pier, covering every new bit of flesh with his strange and lovely mouth, his head fins ghosting across your collarbones and breasts like moths’ wings.
You tremble and grow wetter under his soft caresses, which are much gentler than you’d initially expect with his sharp black nails. His hands leave streaks of water across your body, which cools your burning hot skin.
Yuta carefully maneuvers your lower body at the same time as he bends his graceful head, bringing your sex close to his mouth and licking deeply into you. Your back presses hard against the pier, the wood scratching your skin as you cry out into the night air.
“Oh God, Yuta!” You soon realize that his tongue is much longer than any human one, and it reaches to a spot deep inside of you that makes you twist around in his grasp, your fingernails scrambling for purchase on the surface below you. He uses his tongue to pleasure that spot continuously, drawing moans and ever more wetness out of you as if he were controlling the waves in the ocean.
You find yourself coming apart on his extraordinarily long tongue, your legs shaking and then going limp with the pleasure flooding through your body. Your breaths come fast and hard. Yuta lifts his head from between your legs and pulls you carefully into his lap so his slick tentacle is pressing against you. It’s not hard like a dick would be, though it is clearly responsive to your body, and you momentarily wonder if it can even go inside you.
“Is this gonna work?” you ask, a tremor in your voice.
“It will work,” Yuta replies, and you’re not sure how, but you decide to trust him on it. 
It does, to your surprise. With your legs crossed tightly over his lower back, Yuta presses into you, wet and warm and very unexpectedly soft. It doesn’t feel like anything you’ve ever experienced before. It’s not a bad sensation, though—far from it. His tentacle is similar to his tongue in how it flexes and throbs inside you, pressing tight against that spot again and making you shiver in his arms.
You both quickly find a rhythm that works, your bodies moving together in an otherworldly combination of two beings, two species, two souls.
Yuta’s long nails scrape gently against your skin as he holds your back, guiding you on his sex and pushing his hips up into you. You sigh into the juncture of his neck and shoulder, feeling the cool scales underneath your lips. You seek a firm grip on his slick skin, bringing your body as close to his as possible.
“Yuta…” You moan his name. His hand slides to the back of your neck so he can bring your face to his again, kissing you deeply. There’s a wet squelching sound as your bodies connect, Yuta’s tentacle slipping in and out of you and pleasurably stroking your walls.
“Y/N…” Yuta whispers into your soft hair, pushing into your spot repeatedly, his thighs tensing under you as his pace increases. You grip his arms as you feel your orgasm swelling up in your abdomen. You tip your head back and Yuta’s mouth goes to your neck and farther down, his heavy breaths warming your skin and making you overheat from the inside out.
You tighten and cum around him, your voice stuttering out of you in broken gasps as he keeps thrusting into you, drawing your climax out. He pulses inside of you, which sends little shockwaves up your spine; you know he’s probably close, too.
When Yuta comes, there’s a lot more of it than you expected. His cum overflows and drips out of you with a consistency like syrup and a transparent color like precum. It makes the inside of your thighs sticky and shiny.
Yuta pulls out, and more of his cum spills out of you, leaking onto his lap and staining the pier underneath you.
“That’s not gonna get me pregnant, is it?” you say quietly, half-jokingly.
“Probably not,” Yuta chuckles.
Yuta carefully gathers you in his arms and stands to his feet, walking you off the pier and back towards the lake house. Your clothes are still on the pier, but you’re quickly getting sleepy and aren’t very worried about it; you’ll get them in the morning.
“What happens now?” Yuta murmurs as he walks up the front steps. You already know he’s referring not just to your relationship in this present moment, but to every event that will make up your future. Does he need to continue hiding, or is it really safe? How long will this last?
You close your eyes, resting your head against his chest. “We stay together.”
Yuta’s arms tighten around you as a silent affirmation of your words.
Tumblr media
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ssurveys · a year ago
1. Five facts about your current relationship OR five facts about your single life.
a) I haven’t been truly single in...around 6 years, so it’s been a bit of an adjustment.
b) It was my last day as an intern yesterday (but they hired me, so I’m staying after all, haha) and since I’ve felt like I gained a family in the last two months, I thought it would be okay to give professionalism a break and share what had actually been going on with me on my first day on the job, aka when the breakup was still fresh and I was still figuring out how to function all over again. It unsurprisingly surprised everyone and my superior said something like, “Omg it’s the [company name] curse; it’s so strong it broke you guys up before you even got hired” which got a laugh out of me.
c) I’m not interested in seeing other people.
d) Probably wouldn’t be, for a long time. My trust has been irreparably broken.
e) Seeing couples in public has now become annoying. I’m happy for them, but it’s still annoying.
2. Five facts about a past relationship.
a) I’ve known her since kindergarten, but we didn’t become friends till 7th grade and didn’t start dating until junior year of high school.
b) We were legal with her family and her parents loved me and I them. On the other hand, I was never able to come out to my family because she broke up with me before I could be able to do so.
c) She introduced me to vaping.
d) We were never able to truly travel together, which we always planned to do after graduating. The farthest we reached was Batangas.
e) She never knew where she wanted to eat whenever we were out, so I was mostly the one who decided which restaurant we were going to have lunch or dinner in.
3. Five facts about your mother.
a) She has always worked in hotels, which is great because it has always allowed us to get room and buffet discounts, heh.
b) Her family (aka my grandparents, her, and my uncles) struggled financially for a little bit when my grandpa lost his job when she was in college. When her friends would go to fast-food restaurants, my mom would always decline, saying she had schoolwork to finish. In reality she just couldn’t afford anything, and the only money she held was for public transport.
c) She is a little childish considering her age, and I cannot stand her petty tantrums. She was childish even when I was a kid, and I believe my emotional well-being suffered because of that.
d) She has a high pain tolerance and the only time I’ve seen her struggle was when she was getting a tattoo on the back of her shoulder.
e) She is also extremely religious and it especially grinds my gears when she gets hypocritical about it, which is just about all the time.
4. Five facts about your father.
a) He has only ever dated my mom.
b) He grew up extremely poor and at some point his parents actually stopped being able to afford his tuition. Instead of being kicked out, a few nuns who served in the school paid my grandparents a visit and told them my dad would be given a scholarship since he had good grades and it would have been a waste if he got expelled.
c) He was a dancer in high school, knows how to play the guitar, and he also apparently knows how to draw very well. There’s a lot I don’t know about him, considering he has worked abroad my whole life.
d) He breaks or loses his reading glasses once every few months. I know which parent I definitely take after.
e) I have never seen him cry.
5. Five facts about your sibling. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!
a) She had problems crying in school until she was in around 2nd or 3rd grade.
b) She’s in college and is currently taking up digital filmmaking.
c) She’s the biggest introvert I know. I’ve never seen her be willing to do anything silly; not even with her friends.
d) She can’t handle spicy food.
e) Her main interests have shifted from Harry Potter, to One Direction, to 5SOS, and now K-pop. I believe she’s into Seventeen the most.
6. Five facts about your town.
a) The upper part of the city offers amazing views of the Metro Manila skyline, which has recently made the place a kinda popular nightlife destination.
b) There’s a lot of hidden gem restaurants here but because most people spend more time complaining about how far my city is and how difficult it is to get to than actually just making the damn ride over here, the restaurants stay hidden and uncrowded. Their loss.
c) Used to be massively underdeveloped for most of my childhood and teenage years. Now there are several malls and I can easily go to a McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks right outside our village.
d) Because you basically have to drive through a mountain to get to the upper part of the city, it’s not the safest highway and fatal crashes are unfortunately common.
e) The city is known for its suman, except I hate Filipino rice cakes and this actually doesn’t do anything for me.
7. Five facts about your house.
a)  It used to have a balcony until we had that transformed into another bedroom. So technically it is still a balcony; it just hasn’t had that purpose for a while now.
b) My mom used a little cheat in our dining room and installed a huge wall mirror. Most people visiting for the first time always note how much larger it made the room (and thus the house) look.
c) I live in a neighborhood where the houses are of the same model and look (think the Squidville episode from Spongebob). That said, balconies are included in all properties. When my parents decided to renovate ours and turn it into a room, so many houses slowly followed suit as well. It was amusing to see it unfold, knowing the idea undoubtedly originated from us. It was like a revolution.
d) We don’t have a gate, which irritates me to no end because it allows noisy neighborhood kids to just march and run around our property. Sometimes they even make it to our carport and backyard, ugh. :(
e) Speaking of backyard, the landscaping for it used to be a pebble mosaic designed to look like a swan. But over the years the quality deteriorated, so my parents to opted to have the pebbles crushed into tiny rocks and embedded onto the ground. I don’t exactly know what this technique is called, but yeah.
8. Five facts about your niece or nephew. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all! Skip if you don’t have one. I don’t have any, but I do have a godson so I’m going with him as I don’t want to leave any section blank.
a) He was born sometime in December. I honestly don’t remember when, loooooool. Worst godmother ever.
b) He’s actually one of my first cousins, but I guess my aunt saw something in me and wanted me to be his godson. I’ve been a terrible one, though; I’ve never bought him gifts or money or anything – to be fair, I was made a ninang when I was like, 14 or 15 lmao.  But I can definitely make up for it now that I’m starting to earn my own money.
c) He’s the calmer, sweeter version of his older brother. His kuya was a pretty naughty kid when he was his age.
d) He mainly speaks English, as how most younger parents raise their kids these days. He understands Filipino of course, but he mostly communicates in English.
e) The last time I saw him, he was in the middle of a ridiculously adorable interviewing phase where he’d approach anyone in the family and start asking them a series of questions: what’s your favorite color? What food can’t you live without? What’s your favorite subject in school? Would you rather win $1 million dollars or know how to fly? It typically got exhausting after the 25th question, but it was so cute nonetheless. None of us have any idea where it came from.
9. Five facts about your education.
a) I went to a private, all-girls, Catholic school from kinder up to high school, and then moved to a public, co-educational, non-sectarian university for college. It was the very epitome of culture shock, lemme tell ya.
b) Some classes I had in my first school that might be uncommon in others have included penmanship (because my school has its own brand of cursive), environmental education, and I don’t remember what this next class was called anymore but we were basically taught how to write professionally? Like how to write cover letters and resumés and all.
c) My first school is extremely homophobic and went so far as to ‘hire’ spies  tasked to check up on who’s been in same-sex relationships, list them all down, and report them to the guidance office so that they can be called one by one and be interrogated, and for the most part, pressured to come out. I don’t know if they still do this, but the younger batches are definitely more vocal and woke now thanks to social media and I doubt those practices would still fly today.
d) My university education was a breath of fresh air. Suddenly people were wearing sleeveless tops, mobs and rallies were a common sight to me, and my instructors were now atheist and not shoving Catholicism and Jesus and salvation down my throat. I loved every single day of it.
e) The most interesting class I took in college was a course called Pornography in Electronic Media, under the broadcast communication department. Getting to tell people I take a class where we sit down to watch porn was such a fucking ride.
10. Five facts about your job.
a) I got hired last Wednesday, but I had been interning for the company for around two months before they extended the offer.
b) I’m pretty much gonna be doing the same things I did as an intern, except I’m now accountable for any boo-boos I make HAHAHAHA. Also, I’m gonna be paid a lot more, obviously, which is sweet. I really thought we interns were severely underpaid considering the work that we help with on a daily basis.
c) My role is going to be with another department which is a little scary because it means the things I learned with the department I actually interned at will be pretty much useless. I’ll be starting from scratch again, but I’m still excited.
d) It’s a work-from-home situation, which is a relief for me because I don’t have to wake up early and I don’t have to face traffic. 
e) My job interview for the position was actually a bit of a bomb because I absolutely fumbled with and messed up the first question I was asked; and since first impressions matter, I really thought I lost the gig from the very start of the interview. I made up for it as the interview continued and fortunately was able to break the ice and build a rapport with the team members who spoke with me, and I guess I did enough for them to want to take me in anyway.
For those who are curious, I blanked the fuck out when they asked “Tell me something about yourself that isn’t in your resumé.” Slowest 15 seconds of my life.
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florianwirtz · a year ago
Better - Ben Chilwell & James Maddison
Tumblr media
(I swear the pic looked better in my program lmao) The aim of uploading something before the year ends has been achieved whew! Hope you like it :)
warnings: strong language, mentions of drug use
"Don't make such a face, it's gonna be fun!"
Abruptly, you turned your face to your friend who sat just beside you in the taxi, driving you to an unknown destination.
"I was looking out of the window, you weren't even able to see my face!" You protested while rolling your eyes even though you knew that lying was pointless.
Because her frown already showed that she didn't believe a single word you said.
"The fact that I had to practically force you out of the house and your decisiveness to stay home has already proved me enough that you weren't so keen to attend today's party. But you can't stay in forever! Uni just started and you already forgot how to have fun."
A little annoyed already, you shook your head. "You're forcing me to a birthday party from a guy I haven't spoken in ages. Not only that, but he's a rich footballer who earns more money in a year than I ever will, meaning I can't even gift him something which he could afford by himself."
"As if he cares! Jack will be happy regardless and obviously, he invited dozens of people so he rented out a whole club. Just rich people things, don't you worry.” She said with a slight chuckle and you couldn't help but form a little smile as well
Your friend wasn't kidding when she said that Jack rented out a whole club. The security only let you enter through a guest list and additionally asked for your ID. And when he couldn't find your name, he immediately pointed to the exit.
“Madam, this is a private party and I strictly got the order to only let invited guests in. Mr Grealish doesn't need any unnecessary press so please, leave. Your friend, however,” He gave her a nod. “She can stay.”
Without any resistance, you accepted your destiny. You haven't heard of Jack for years now and even back then you hadn't been that close. Sure, you still followed each other on social media and sometimes when the news showed sports, you heard about his team’s result, but you couldn't remember when the last time was you talked to each other in person. Other than your friend, who managed to keep in touch with him due to being the girlfriend of one of his former teammates. It only made sense that he didn't invite you.
However, you still found it amusing that he wanted to avoid press so badly after all something will get leaked through social media anyway
If it wasn't for your friend’s persistence, you would've already been on your way to the bus station, but she didn't stop discussing with the security guard so you felt obligated to stay with her.
“Look, can't you just bring Jack here? He can confirm that she's an acquaintance.”
At first, he refused to do anything but since your friend didn't accept a no as an answer, after 10 minutes, he finally disappeared in the crowd, leaving you two in the cold.
“You didn't have to do this. There is probably a reason he didn't invite me and that's cool,” you assured her but she wasn't even open for a discussion.
“I didn't drag you outside and let you come all fancy just to let some security guard say you can't enter.” Then she rolled her eyes judgementally. “Well, you could've at least work a bit more on that fancy part.”
“Hey, I think my outfit is just fine! And maybe you should've told me earlier that we're going to a club, I couldn't predict that cause you're always dolled up,” You grinned as you folded your arms around your washed out pullover and took a look on your jeans full of holes.
It didn't take as long as you expected until Jack arrived with a few of his friends in his back.
As soon as he saw you both, his face brightened up and he greeted you warmly.
“Yo, long time no see! So glad, you are here! He said to you while hugging you tightly and showed the guard a sign of approval.
“I know her, she can come in.”
Doubtfully, the guard asked again. “Sir, are you sure?”
Admittedly, Jack already looked a bit tipsy so you definitely understood why the security guard was questioning his decision-making. Not even you expected such a cordial welcome, given the fact that you barely talked over the years.
“Yes yes yes, let her in, she's a good person,” Jack emphasised once again and finally, the guard freed the way, but not without giving you a suspicious frown, which you answered with a cheeky grin.
Inside the club, the warmth immediately hit your body after having to freeze outside. Jack and your friend already exchanged words excitedly and after that, you finally had the chance to congratulate him on his birthday.
“Happy late birthday, Greasylish!” With a small smile, you gave him a hug which he accepted with a heartfelt laugh at the mention of the nickname.
"Will you ever stop calling me this stupid nickname? Look, my hair isn't even greasy anymore!" He attempted to sound mad but his grinning expression betrayed him as he ran his fingers through his hair full of gel which made you die of laughter because of how ridiculous his gesture looked.
And suddenly, for a short moment, you understood why you once had called him one of your closest friends as the two of you continued to banter and chat. It didn't feel awkward at all like you had first expected, in the end, you were just two friends catching up on each other's life. You were genuinely happy to learn that he was playing in the Premier League at his boyhood club and while the results were not so great at the moment, he was confident that his team would only get better with time.
"Jaaaaaack!" A female voice screamed over the loud music and soon your conversation with Jack was interrupted by one of his friends.
Immediately, you noticed how the huge smile of the girl changed to a cool gaze, obviously directed to you. After that, she blabbered with him continuously but her eyeing you up from time to time didn't escape your view and you really tried hard to refrain from laughter.
She either thought you were or attempted to be his girlfriend and Jack was too dense to notice because he was just as tipsy as the girl probably was. Either way, you took it as a sign to leave them alone and stood up from the chair before Jack stopped the conversation and touched your shoulder lightly. Confused by the gesture, you looked at him which he answered with a small grin.
"We need to take a picture together, gotta tell the others you still exist!"
While he didn't exactly say who he meant with the others, you had a brief idea and there were some acquaintances of him you wanted to hear of again.
Nevertheless, you accepted his proposal and positioned yourself beside him. Your smile probably looked a bit forced but it didn't really matter as Jack's expression likely showed indications of being hammered as well. You just hoped it didn't end up all over social media as you didn't want to start any speculations.
"See you later, then." This time you put on a genuine smile which he returned before he focused on the conversation with the girl again.
A few glasses of gins later you quickly realised why you couldn't stand the general circle of acquaintances of well-known people. Most of them seemed so unauthentic and superficial to you. While the people you talked to remained polite most of the time, you immediately felt how their expressions were judging you either because of your casual appearance or the way you couldn't really comment on topics like fashion, cars or even football. Was it really that strange to be friends with a footballer and not being interested in football at the same time?
Back then when you were closer to Jack, most of his friends at least had pretended to like you back but even then you've always felt so out of place. Which is why you didn't mind it that much when you stopped seeing each other. You've always felt like you had needed to act like you were somebody else.
Your friend was untraceable too so you just played with your straw from your drink and took a sip from time to time, hoping time would fly fast so you could drag your friend home soon. Partys like these just weren't your kind of thing.
"Wow, don't think I've seen you here before." A blonde-haired man approached you from behind and took a seat beside you.
You didn't even bother to take a closer look at the person since he wasn't the first who had tried to hit you up with such a pick-up line. Instead, you acted like you didn't hear him and focused on observing the crowd on the dance floor.
"Uh, not so talkative, aren't you? Or already shit-faced?" He put his face closer to yours which made you instinctively turn farther away from him.
Annoyed by his pushy behaviour, you finally took a closer look at him and gave him your coldest glance. If he wouldn't try to start a conversation desperately, you would've found him sympathetic judging by his looks as you definitely considered him attractive.
"No, I'm just immune to bad pick-up lines." You answered shortly and concentrated on your drink again.
But he didn't give up so quickly and bend himself to you again. This time you didn't move, instead, you observed his expression which still had the same goofy smile on him. You just shook your head laughingly.
"If you want to talk to me, you have to do better than to just creepily stare at me."
He raised his eyes in surprise and then nodded.
"Fair enough. You're up for a drink then?"
"Sorry no," You declined politely. "Can't trust someone strange to me to drug me potentially, sorry mate."
This time it was him who laughed at you which made you shrug your shoulders questioningly. Whatever he wanted to indicate with that, you didn't know.
"I probably get lots of negative press if I'd do that so I can assure you I won't harm you in any way."
Now he had caught your full attention and you looked at him properly for this first time during your encounter.
"Do I need to know you? Are you somewhat famous or what?"
He laughed even harder at your confused reaction and finally, introduced himself.
"Well the whole country probably knows me and you are at a party of a footballer, so I assume yeah? I'm James. James Maddison, I play football for Leicester City in the Premier League."
Finally, it made click in your brain and you nodded slowly. It all made sense now. He probably thought that you knew who he was and you just played hard to get. Still, you had to disappoint him.
"Unfortunately, I have no idea who you are as I don't know shit about football, sorry. I did hear from your team, so I'll give you that."
"What?! No way you're not interested in football!" James couldn't believe what you've just said. "How do you know Jack then?"
You chuckled a bit as you had gotten this reaction quite a few times today.
"Mutual friends. My friend who is here today is the girlfriend of one of his friends."
After that James seemed to break the ice between you two because unlike his counterparts, he was actually interested in what you did. And you had to admit that he was a pleasant conversational partner. Because you were able to hold a conversation about other topics than football and you immediately noticed that he knew that there were more important things than football and together you shared a few laughs together as well.
"Hey. Fancy to get to know my mates? I swear they're not as bad as I described them," He suggested after you both finished your drinks. "You're gonna encounter them sooner or later anyway."
You had no idea what he implied with that sentence but you knew that he surely saw more in you than a random person if he was ready to introduce you to his friends.
"Uhm sure..." You answered not as confidently as you would've liked to. Flashbacks from your time in Jack's circle of friend came to your mind. You were almost sure that it's going to end up exactly like this but of course, you couldn't tell James that. Instead, you just followed him through the crowd until you arrived at another room near the dance floor.
"Ohhh Madders who is that beauty you brought here?" Immediately, one of his friends said to you as you took a seat beside James.
You just rolled your eyes in annoyance. "The beauty can speak for herself, why don't you ask her?" You back-talked feisty and the rest of the group immediately hollered because of your reaction.
"Sorry Josh, that's a big L for you." Another one told him and this time it was you who laughed.
Most of James' friends were already tipsy so it wasn't as awkward as you expected. In fact, it was even a bit fun to try to have a conversation with them and you just pretended to understand what they were talking about when in reality, their gibberish didn't make sense to you.
It was all fun until a certain moment.
"Lads, what did I miss?" A new person arrived behind you and as you turned your head around you couldn't believe who it was.
"Ben bro, Madders found a pretty lady under Jack's friends. Not only that, she's a bold one!" Someone whose name you already had forgotten explained to him.
You, however, didn't really notice as you were still in shock in order, to realise who it was. The only person you had hoped you wouldn't meet at this party. Ben Chilwell. Your ex-boyfriend. The reason why you had broken off every contact with Jack and any other acquaintance of Ben.
And he seemed to recognise you as well since he returned your intense stare but afterwards pretended not to know you and simply took a seat beside James.
"This is Ben, my best mate in the team and also outside I guess." James introduced you two and you just forced your best smile, trying to dissemble your nervousness.
"Nice to meet you," Ben greeted you with a slight undertone which you immediately noticed and offered a handshake.
"Likewise." His grip was much harsher than you had remembered from a few years ago.
To your luck, James hadn't noticed anything weird about you two, so he just chatted normally with his best friend while you just avoided looking into Ben's face as best as possible.
From time to time, you did risk a fast sight at Ben which he returned most of the time which made you look away as fast as you could, only to repeat the procedure all over.
Lookswise, he was still like you remembered. Sure, he wore his hair different now and the beard was definitely not there a few years ago, but you still saw the same expression when he laughed or noticed how he still has the habit to scratch his head when he was thinking.
Why did you still care? You didn't know exactly.
At some point, you excused yourself from the others for a toilet break. Instead, you went outside to take a breath of fresh air. Right now, you just wanted to be alone, in order to arrange your thoughts. Seeing Ben again had affected you more than you had thought it would. Maybe it felt like that because Ben and you never really broke up officially. In fact, you never argued about anything serious. You simply started to grow apart after you had started to attend university and he started to play for the first team around the time, leaving you both busy and no time for each other. At some point, you had just stopped contacting each other and never saw each other again.
Back then, you had talked yourself into that you two weren't meant to be and it probably wouldn't have lasted long anyway as he was now a rich footballer who could get somebody better than you.
But now, suddenly, you questioned all the feelings you had suppressed all these years.
"Long time, no see."
Suddenly, the person you wanted to see the least right now, appeared in front of you which made you freeze for a minute.
"Indeed Ben, hope you are well."
"Yes, I'm good, thank you. Didn't expect you here, to be honest." His expression was unreadable, however, you noticed the way he was scratching the back of his head that he was also nervous to talk to you.
"Well, it's kinda random, I didn't plan to come." You just carried on the small talk, avoiding most eye contact effectively.
You enquired about his football career while he informed himself about your university life even though you both knew exactly what the other one was doing as you had told him everything when you had received your acceptance letter and you had been present when he had signed his first professional contract. In the end, you both only wanted to avoid talking about what you should've talked about the whole time.
"Didn't know you're hooking up with my best friend now." Suddenly his indifferent tone changed into bitterness which first caught you off guard, but you immediately answered him back with the same attacking tone.
"Didn't know you can decide now who I should talk to or not. Also, how should I've known he's your friend when you never told me in the first place? Haven't heard from you since you've become a superstar footballer, my bad."
"So suddenly it's my fault? You could've just contacted me as well. But apparently, I wasn't as important as your prestige university, huh? Probably thought I'd never make it anyway and now you're just digging after another rich person."
This statement of him hurt the most. Did he really think you only dated him because of his money and status? It was so ridiculous and you barely managed to hold back your tears. Why did he feel the need to hurt you like this?
"Who says you didn't find someone better than me after you made it? There are more than enough models and influencers in attendance, probably better to show off on social media than a university student, right?!"
This time you couldn't hold back your tears anymore and ran off to the toilet. You just couldn't bear his presence right now. You had never thought that he was capable of hurting you like this, even after all these years.
You didn't know how much time you had spent in the toilet and let your tears fall down quietly, but after a while, you received a message from James.
Where are you? Aren't you feeling well? Shall I bring you home?
If you can't go home, you can come to mine if you want?
You hesitated a bit before you answered. On the one side, it was true that you really wanted not to be here anymore and it sounded plausible to let James accompany home. On the other side, you couldn't stop thinking about how your last conversation with Ben ended. Should you try to apologise to him? Or were you in the right to feel hurt and should just go home with James?
Who’s gonna love you better? You choose. Ben or James?
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icylangdon · 2 years ago
Is It Wrong?- Part 3 (Michael Langdon X Reader)
Tumblr media
so i got a lot of requests for michael to be put in his place, and i just gotta say... that doesn’t exactly happen in this part lmao. it will definitely happen in a future part tho!! y’all also wanted jealous!michael, which i was glad to deliver!! i really hope y’all like this part. please reblog and leave comments if u do!!! :) 
please check out my masterlist for part 1 and 2, since i’ve heard that including links in posts now fucks with the tags (i don’t know if this is true, but just to be safe i’m not gonna include links). lmao
plot: michael langdon is a picture-perfect fuckboy, and, lucky for you, he’s also your stepbrother. how will you survive?
warnings: inappropriate relationships, fuckboy michael, fem!Reader, high school au, underage drinking, smoking, jealous!michael, teen angst, public (ish) sex, fingering, choking, blowjobs/facefucking, rough sex, hair pulling, degradation, spanking (both traditional and non-traditional, if yanno what i mean...), dirty talk
word count: 7k
tags: @alicecooper19 @blackfyrez @bbyduncan @sloppy-little-witch-bitch26 @satansapostle @trelaney @tickled--pinkmoodpoisoning @alexa-is-on-fire @kissydevil @langdonalien @langdonsdemon @sloppy-wrist @wroteclassicaly @langdonsinferno @duncvn @langdonsrapture @ccodyfern @starwlkers @xtheinevitableprophecyx @americanhorrorstudies @sodanova @avesatanormalpeoplescareme @divinelangdon @sojournmichael @kahhlo
A month had passed since the… incident with Michael, and since that time, you’d transformed into somebody you hardly recognized.
You and Michael? Well, you and Michael had begun to get along quite well. Gone were the days of pointless arguing- if there was ever a problem, it usually wouldn’t be long before Michael’s dick was somewhere inside of you, and by the time you both were done, neither of you would have the energy to fight anymore. You still bickered, of course, and you both loved nothing more than to get on each other’s nerves, but the initial hatred you’d harbored towards your stepbrother was now, for the most part, gone.
The change was obvious and palpable. Sometimes you were surprised that your parents hadn’t caught on to something going on between you and Michael, but you figured they were just happy you were both coexisting. We’re finally like a family, your father had said, beaming, when you and Michael had shared a blanket during family movie night.
You’d exchanged a look with Michael, uncomfortable giggles passing both of your lips. If only your father had known where Michael’s hand had been placed, right that very minute, underneath the blanket.
You supposed that what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.
In the mornings, Michael would drive you to school without complaint. You suspected this was because of the opportunities for quick car… activities: on several occasions, he’d fingered you on the short drive to school, testing himself to see how quickly he could bring you to an orgasm, your hands clamped around his forearm as his fingers moved between your thighs, tinted lens-covered eyes focused on the road.
That boy was always in the mood, you’d come to realize.  
On this particular day, Michael seemed to be more in the mood than usual; he’d given your ass a particularly hard slap as you passed him in the hallway that morning, a cocky grin crossing his face when you’d told him, only half-seriously, to fuck off.
God, this was fucking ridiculous. You knew this was ridiculous, that this was wrong, that you should feel unclean, dirty, every time you let him touch you. It made complete sense, logically, for you to cut things off with him.
Besides the glaringly obvious fact that he was your stepbrother, he was also a total douchebag, a fuckboy, a player. He’d been balls deep in at least a quarter of your grade at some point or another. He objectified you- you (admittedly fondly) recalled a time he’d pushed you up against the sink one morning, snaking those big hands up your pajama shirt to grab a fistful of your tits before walking off like nothing had happened.
And, like the fucking idiot you were, you’d been left in a state of absolute, pathetic euphoria, your cheeks flushed and heart pounding, teeth sinking into your lower lip like a pornstar.
Sometimes you really hated yourself.
Scratch that, you hated yourself a lot more than sometimes.
When you’d finally come downstairs for breakfast, dressed in your usual jeans and sweater, you’d noticed Michael’s gaze lingering on the curves of your thighs, prominent through the form-fitting denim material. Had he always checked you out like this?
“You need a ride to school today?” Michael asked, shoveling a spoonful of your favorite cereal into his mouth. You pursed your lips disapprovingly, but decided not to mention it.
“Yeah, thanks.”
Miriam seemed pleased with this exchange, shuffling over to where Michael sat and ruffling his hair affectionately, much to his obvious dismay. “I love seeing you two finally getting along. See, isn’t it so much better being nice to your sister?”
Michael raised an eyebrow at you, hands lifting to adjust his hair back to how it’d been before Miriam touched it. “Yeah, it really is. Right, sis?”
You cut your eyes at him, leaning your elbows on the counter and checking the time on your phone. “We’re gonna be late, bro.”
Michael stood up, again leaving his bowl on the table like the entitled, spoiled brat he was. He looked good, with black jeans and his favorite, faded pair of Doc Martens, paired with a white t-shirt and his beloved leather jacket. Lately he’d been letting his hair grow out, and his soft curls were nearly reaching his shoulders now.  
When you noticed the chain that he’d attached to his belt loops, you snorted.
“Nice chain. Good luck on your Hot Topic interview.”
He looked down at the silver appendage, leveling it idly with one hand before looking back to you. “You don’t like it?”
“I’m not saying I don’t like it, I’m just saying you look like you’re about to pull up to a My Chemical Romance concert circa 2008. All you need is some eyeliner.”
He walked past you to the front door, seemingly unaffected by your comment. “Honestly, eyeliner doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”
You followed behind him until both of you were outside. It was almost admirable how little Michael cared of what other people thought of him; his confidence was probably why he was so popular, even though he didn’t necessarily fit in with the frat-boy-to-bes who were usually at the top of the high school food chain.
“So,” he said as you walked side-by-side to his car, giving you that familiar look that you knew so well. You swallowed, knowing fully well how little self-control you had when it came to Michael.
“I was thinking, maybe we should ditch first period today.”
You huffed, pretending to be opposed to this idea, even though you willingly went along with nearly anything Michael suggested no matter what it was. You got in the car, inhaling that telltale mixture of cologne and cigarettes and fast-food grease, getting yourself comfortable before answering.
“Michael, I can’t miss math again. I’ve already missed three times in two weeks.”
“So what’s one more time?” He ran his fingers through his hair before turning the key in ignition, the golden morning sun hitting his angelic features just right. Your mouth watered, and all at once your will dissolved into nothingness.
“I really hate you.”
He looked at you from the corners of his eyes with a smirk, pulling his sunglasses off the front of his shirt and putting them on.
This is why I can’t fucking resist him, you thought, breath slow and heavy as Michael laid kiss after sloppy kiss across your collarbones, hand placed firmly between your thighs.
Michael had put in his favorite Pink Floyd CD once you’d arrived at the abandoned parking lot (the same one that his creepy friend had taken you to- apparently it was a popular place for teenagers to fuck). You’d both sat there for a bit, making small talk and sharing a joint that he’d pre-rolled, knowing fully well what you’d both come there to do.
I kind of wanna stretch my legs out, he’d finally said, voice low, the baby blue of his eyes accentuated by the red tinge surrounding his irises. Why don’t we go in the back?
Leave it to Michael to get straight to the action.
He’d gotten you undressed in a matter of minutes- your jeans and boots were discarded on the already cluttered floor of the car, leaving you in nothing but your sweater, socks, and pale blue underwear. He’d looked unbelievably sexy, lips red and glossed with spit, when he’d drawn back to pull off his jacket, eyes clouded with a voracious, possessive lust.  
Part of you wondered how many other girls had seen him in that exact state.
The thought dissipated, however, when he’d pushed aside the thin fabric of your underwear and promptly slipped two long fingers inside you.
“Always so fucking wet for me,” he’d murmured, playing with the hem of your sweater before pulling it off over your head. The warmth of his breath against your neck and the lewdness of his raspy words may as well have made you melt into a puddle right then.
Who’s gonna show this stranger around?
Ooh, I need a dirty woman
Ooh, I need a dirty girl
Michael’s fingers seemed to match the beat of the song playing, thumb flicking at your clit as he sucked a trail of bruises across your heaving chest, marking you, claiming you. You moaned, rolling your hips against his, feeling his hard length pressing into your thigh through the tough material of his jeans; you reached between his legs and squeezed it, making him chuckle against you, and he brought his head up to face you.
“And you’re always so eager,” he said, retreating back onto his knees. Then he slid your underwear off and tossed it amongst the rest of the clothes that had piled up, hands flying to unzip his pants once you’d been disrobed. “My baby sister is such a bad girl for me.”
You considered reminding him that he was only a month older than you, and that you were hardly a baby, but you didn’t have time to correct him before he pulled his pants and boxers halfway down his thighs, allowing his erection to spring forward.
Your legs spread instinctively for him, and he inched towards you, positioning himself on top of you while your back rested partially against the door. He aligned the head of his cock with your opening and you sighed, reaching up his shirt from behind and pressing your fingernails into the smooth skin of his back.
“Fuck,” he grunted, eyelids fluttering as he pushed inside your tight heat, your narrow walls swallowing him up. Wrapping your legs around his waist to pull him in closer, you moaned softly, heart rate increasing when he began to thrust slowly, but with just enough force to make your legs feel weak.
Every time he fucked you was like the first time; he was huge, and you weren’t sure you’d ever get used to the feeling of him stretching you out. You loved the pain, though, loved the way you couldn’t walk right when he was finished with you, even when he went as gently as he could; you liked the bruises, the scratches, the indents of his short fingernails where they’d dug into your skin.
“Michael,” you sighed, bucking your hips up to meet his rhythmic thrusts, both your sounds of pleasure becoming diluted by the drums and guitar and keyboard blaring from the stereo.
He buried his head in the crook of your neck, and you were sure he could taste the salt of your sweat, his tongue darting out to trail along your skin as he fucked into you.
You were stricken with ecstasy, shivering when Michael’s firm torso made friction on your clit, and you brought one hand up to run through his sweat-dampened golden waves.
“H-harder,” you choked out, and he sank his teeth into your shoulder before mumbling a half-hearted response to your plea.
“You want me to fuck you harder, baby? Wanna feel me for the rest of the day?”
“Mhm.” You gave his hair an urgent tug, and again he tilted his head up to look at you, his eyes so dilated they almost appeared entirely black. Placing one hand loosely around your throat, just like he knew you liked, he pulled himself all the way out of you; there was a vulgar slapping noise as he gave a hard, pointed shove of his hips, impaling you to the hilt, and you cried out at the fullness.
“Fuck, you take me so well,” he praised, eyes locked with yours while he pounded you into the leather seat, hard enough to bruise. His grip tightened around your neck as he came closer to his release, forehead slick with perspiration, perfect mouth agape.
This was everything, everything you thought about, everything you wanted: moments like this, your bodies pressed flush together, moving in perfect time. You caressed Michael’s hair so softly, one might mistake it as a loving touch, your other hand making shallow scratches up and down the expanse of skin beside his spine.
Your cunt clenched around him and you were almost there, his thrusts becoming sloppier with each passing second; there was a moment of silence, amplifying the raw sounds of sex as the song came to an end; that silence was followed by a quiet whirring, and then another song came on, psychedelic chords flooding your senses along with- fuck-
The head of Michael’s cock hit something sensitive deep inside of you, sending your lower body into convulsions, and you were sure your fingernails were drawing blood now, clawing onto Michael for dear life.
oh god-
-your thoughts weren’t coherent anymore, and then you were crying out, Michael’s cock working you open like your fingers never could, head lolling back and nearly colliding with the window, and-
“Oh god- oh fuck-“
The pads of Michael’s fingers pressed harshly into your throat, his eyes half-open in pure, fucked-out bliss, while yours rolled back into your head. It took only a few more strokes for you to cum, and then Michael was too, and you were glad you’d went on birth control for your period cramps when you were sixteen because holy shit did it feel good when he spilled his hot load inside you.
He pulled out of you, admiring the sight of his cum leaking down your inner thighs; he slid one finger up between your folds, gathering the sticky secretion and rubbing it against your pulsing clit, a self-satisfied expression crossing his face when your body twitched at the sensation.
“Ew, Michael,” you said, wrinkling your nose. He was so fucking smug every time he came inside of you, like he’d just marked his territory.
He just laughed at your reaction, moving back to pull his pants back up and refasten his jeans, reaching into the back pocket to pull out his package of cigarettes once he was finished re-dressing.
“Don’t wanna go back to school,” he grunted, retrieving a cigarette from the pack and sticking it between his teeth.
“How come? All your adoring fans are there,” you said, having found yourself in a sarcastic mood. You put your underwear back on, followed by your sweater; you decided you’d wait until later to put on your jeans, given the limited amount of space you had right now.
“I like you so much better when I’m inside you,” he said, picking up a lighter from the floor of the car and lighting his cigarette. “You’re too busy moaning my name to give me any attitude.”
You narrowed your eyes, but you were too exhausted to come up with a biting response. “Fuck you.”
“Just did.”
A trail of pale gray smoke wafted in your direction and you waved it away, coughing dramatically for good measure. “You know you can open the windows, right?”
“You know it’s my car so I can do whatever I want, right?” He took a drag of his cigarette and blew the smoke directly in your face, eating up your resulting look of disgust.
Some things would never change, and no matter how many times you let him fuck you raw, no matter how many times you brought each other to orgasm, you doubted the stepsibling rivalry would ever completely fade.
From the front seat, Michael’s phone vibrated, and he cursed under his breath as he grabbed for it.
“Hey, man,” he said once he’d accepted the call, resting his elbow against the window, flicking ash carelessly onto the floor of the car. The worry that it’d been Miriam calling to inquire about your whereabouts disappeared, and you reclined back against the seat.
“Uh, yeah, I skipped first period.” He shot you a warning look, indicating for you to stay silent, and you rolled your eyes. “Yeah, uh, I’m picking up some shit for tomorrow.”
He sucked at the end of his cigarette, waiting for a response from his friend, while you picked your jeans up and put them on, struggling slightly as you attempted to get them on in a sitting position.
“No, I told you I can’t steal my stepdad’s shit anymore. My dumb fucking stepsister ratted me out and now he has a lock on the cabinet,” he said into the phone, shooting you a contemptuous scowl from the corner of his eye.
You batted your eyelashes innocently as you worked the tight denim up your legs; you were still proud of yourself for that one.
“Yeah, I’m picking up a few cases of beer. I- yeah.” Long pause. He flicked away some more ash, this time onto the seat, and you could see an orange ember still glowing in one of the tiny piles that had landed beside you. You wriggled your hips, finally getting the waistband of your jeans up and securing the silver button in its place. “Fuck no, dude, I’m not buying any of that 4 Loko shit. You remember what happened last time?”
Another pause. You were somewhat intrigued now, and Michael could tell; he held up his hand, dwindling cigarette poised between two fingers, waving you away with an obnoxious flourish.
“Yeah, man. I’ll see you in gym, dude-“ you could hear his friend speaking on the other end of the line, and Michael laughed at whatever he’d said. “Yeah, dude, those gym shorts Zoe Benson wears shouldn’t be allowed. I don’t know how anyone expects us to focus on fuckin’ volleyball with her ass hanging out like that.”
More laughing.
“You’re such an asshole,” you muttered, and Michael held a slender finger up to his lips.
“Yep. Bye, man.” He pressed his thumb into the “end call” button, before putting his cigarette out on the door and turning to you. “C’mon, we gotta go pick some shit up.”
You grabbed your boots from the floor and pulled them on. “For what?”
“None of your business.” He slung his leather jacket over one shoulder and got out of the car, the rubber soles of his combat boots slapping noisily against the asphalt as he walked around to the driver’s side.
You followed suit, hoping Michael couldn’t see how difficult it was for you to walk as you made your way to the passenger’s side and got into the car.
“C’mon, just tell me,” you said with a pout; in all honesty, you were fairly certain of what Michael’s plans were- he did the same thing nearly every single weekend, house party-hopping with his friends until he came home past 2 am, stumbling by your bedroom with absolutely no attempt at discretion.
The difference now, though, was that you kind of sort of wanted him to invite you to come with him for once. You were a senior in high school, after all, and you’d never even once been to a high school party. So sue you for being curious!
“If you must know,” he said, putting the car into drive, “it’s for a party. You don’t go to those.”
“You don’t know that,” you snapped, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Uh, I kinda do. I’ve never once seen you at a party. And I go to a lot of them.”
Wow, Michael, you’re sooo cool, you thought bitterly.
You had to admit, though, he was right.
He noticed the look on your face and snickered, perhaps a bit too condescendingly for your liking. “Aww, what, does my baby sister want her big brother to take her to her first high school party?”
Your skin prickled, and you looked out the window to avoid his piercing stare. You couldn’t believe the number of times you’d allowed this total douchebag to cum inside you. Even worse, you couldn’t believe that you were definitely going to let him do it again. “I wouldn’t be caught dead at a party with you,” you managed through clenched teeth, thoroughly embarrassed.
“Yeah, I know you wouldn’t.”
He pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road, starting in the direction of the local gas station which was infamous for not carding underaged kids when they went to buy alcohol.
Fuck it. If he wasn’t going to invite you to come, you’d find your own way.
Later that day, you’d asked your slightly-more-social acquaintance for a ride to the party that weekend, since your former best friend was no longer an option. She’d agreed, and you were surprised at how easy it’d been to get an ‘in’ on the high school social scene without Michael’s assistance.
You couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when you walked into the party.
You’d searched through your drawers and in your closet for something cute (and also enticing enough to catch Michael’s attention, although you’d never say that outright) to wear; eventually you’d found a little red tank top, which your best friend had always said made your tits look good, and a pair of high-waisted jeans that you’d always thought made your butt look bigger.
Turning around in the mirror, observing your exposed midriff and pronounced chest and round ass, you had to admit you felt positively mouthwatering.
On the night of the party, your acquaintance arranged to pick you up at ten, which was perfect, since Michael had headed out at 9:30. You wanted this to be a surprise, and so a fashionably-late entrance was ideal.
You got yourself ready, straightening your hair and dousing yourself in perfume with hints of cinnamon (Michael’s favorite scent, although you swore to yourself you hadn’t done this on purpose). You smudged black eyeliner under your eyes, hoping this would make you look sexy and not like a raccoon, and put on a red lipstick that you only ever wore on special occasions.
Seeing yourself like this made you wonder why you didn’t dress up more often.
Before your ride came, you found your father’s key to the liquor cabinet (just as you’d expected, he’d hidden it inside one of his steel-toed work boots, which collected dust by the front door all year long while he continued to insist that he needed them for an upcoming ‘project’, whatever that meant) and unlocked it.
With shaking hands, you’d poured yourself a few shots, holding your nose each time you threw one back, throat burning and body shuddering at the awful flavor that you figured was probably what gasoline tasted like.
By the time you got the text from your acquaintance, alerting you that she was outside, you were decently drunk. Your thoughts were clouded with a thick fog and your cheeks were hot, but you liked it, liked the way your insides felt warm and uplifted, the way your mind felt numb; holding your hand against the wall to steady yourself as you walked to the front door, you attempted to mentally prepare yourself for the night to come.
You didn’t think you’d ever been so ready for something in your life.
In less than an hour, the party had gone from decent to good to great.
You knew the girl who was throwing the party, albeit very vaguely; you’d spoken a couple of times to her about school-related things, and she’d been nice enough. From what you’d heard, her parents had gone out of town for the weekend, and she’d taken full advantage of the opportunity.
It reminded you of when Miriam and your father had gone off on their honeymoon in July, and Michael had taken it upon himself to throw 3 consecutive keg parties in your fucking house. Well, technically, your backyard. But still. You’d stayed up in your room those nights, kept awake by the thumping bass coming from outside, ranting to your (ex) best friend over FaceTime about how goddamn much you hated the newest addition to your family.
And, of course, she’d gone and fucked him.
Could you really judge her, though? You were fucking him now, too, and you had infinitely more reasons than she did not to fuck him.
But that was besides the point.
The small group of girls who’d been in the car when you were picked up immediately dispersed upon arrival, leaving you to your own devices; already intoxicated, you’d begun your search for Michael in the crowd of drunken teenagers, keeping an eye out for that impeccable, lush mop of blonde hair.
You didn’t know what you were planning to do once you saw him. You couldn’t approach him, especially not if he was with his friends, but you wanted him to see you in all your glory, wanted him to see that hey, look, I can go to parties too if I want, and I don’t need you.
Michael, however, found you first.
It was much later (though you couldn’t be quite sure how much later), after you’d given up on your search, opting instead to talk to a cute boy who you thought looked very similar to one of Michael’s friends.
Honestly, it probably was one of Michael’s friends- at this point, you were too drunk to tell, having indulged in one or two (okay, more like three or four) more shots during the time you’d spent weaving through the party.
You were in the middle of telling the boy exactly how you knew that Chuck E Cheese recycled their pizza slices when a thick, slurred voice interrupted you.
You turned, eyes heavy-lidded, a stupid, sloppy smile plastered across your made-up face.
That smile only slightly faltered when you saw who had spoken. It was Michael (because who else would it be?), looking stupidly beautiful like he always did, face twisted up into something you couldn’t quite decipher- maybe you were too drunk to tell, or maybe he was too drunk to properly convey his emotions; either way, you were unsure of what he was planning to say to you.
“Who did you come here with?” he asked. He was practically yelling, struggling to be heard over the shouts of teenagers and blasting rap music.
“Wouldn’t you-“ you hiccuped- “like to know?”
His line of sight suddenly dropped down to your chest, and then to your hips, and then back to your eyes, and you were 99.9 percent sure you’d just witnessed his eyes nearly bulging out of his head.
When he realized you’d noticed him looking, he made an attempt to save himself. “Huh. Looks like you actually put effort into looking good for once.”
You probably would’ve been offended at this comment, had you not been multiple shots deep.
“You think I look good?” you purred, rocking back and forth on your heels like a spoiled little girl asking for her father for a pony.
He ignored your question, focusing his attention now on the boy you’d been talking to.
“There you are, dude, we were wondering where you went.” He poised an eyebrow, not bothering to conceal his confusion with the situation at hand, which was, of course, the fact that you were mid-conversation with one of his friends. “So, um... whatcha doing?”
He dug his hands into the pockets of his jeans, a venomous smile stretching across his full lips. He wasn’t happy, that much you could tell.
The boy let out an oblivious chuckle. “Your sister was just telling me about- what was it, (y/n)?”
“Chuck E Cheese,” you said quietly, probably too quietly for Michael to hear. Not that you really believed Michael cared much about what you’d been talking about.
“Right- well, did you know that there’s like, a conspiracy, I guess? That they-“
“-Don’t fuck around with my sister, okay?” Michael interjected, his tone firm and unyielding, and you felt your face bloom with color. “It’s my fucking sister, man. I would back off if I were you.”
All at once, the boy’s smile faded, as did yours. So apparently Michael was an aggressive drunk. Noted.
“Michael, I can talk to whoever I want and there’s nothing-“ you jabbed your finger at Michael’s chest, giggling uncontrollably at the resistance of the muscular surface. “-you can do about it. So suck. My. Dick.”
The muscles in Michael’s face tightened, and you got the smallest urge to run your tongue along the sharp, angular stretch of his clenched jawline. Of course, you refrained.
“I would’ve thought you learned not to run around with my friends after the first time, but I guess I was wrong,” he said with a shrug that you could tell was meant to make him appear indifferent to the matter; it didn’t take a psychologist to tell, though, that he cared far more than you knew he’d ever admit.
“Yeah, I guess you were,” you slurred, spinning around to take hold of your new friend’s hand. “C’mon, let’s go.”
Without another word to Michael, you walked away, your new friend allowing you to guide him as you searched for somewhere else to go. Swaying your hips with each step, you hoped Michael was getting a good eyeful of your ass in those skintight jeans of yours.
God, it was like a natural high whenever you got under Michael’s skin, and right now, you were over the moon.
You should’ve known that things would end up like this, because your life was one massive cacophony of clichés and this was just the way things played out in every single teen sitcom.
It felt disrespectful, somehow, being pushed up against the wall of a total stranger’s bedroom, your tongue tangling with some kid you hardly knew, the taste of liquor ripe on the back of your throat.
It felt even more disrespectful when you sat him down on the edge of the bed, sinking onto your knees so you were between his jean-clad thighs, and it felt downright indecorous when you unzipped his pants to pull his cock out of his boxers.
You shut your eyes to avoid accidentally making eye contact with any of the pictures adorning the wall, especially the family photo enclosed within a picture frame that had Family Is Everything written across the bottom in hot pink script.
What the fuck were you doing?
Taking the boy’s cock in your hand, you applied a few thoughtless licks to the head of his dick, his sighs audible even over the muffled music that spilled into the room underneath the closed door. You bobbed your head down, taking him into your mouth, his fingers gently lacing with your hair as you dipped further.
With your eyes closed, you could almost pretend that it was Michael’s dick in your mouth, and not one of his not-as-cute friend’s.
“Fuck yeah, baby,” moaned the boy, and you cringed at his dirty talk; still, you took more of him into your mouth, pressing your tongue flat against his shaft, wishing he’d put more pressure on the back of your head with his palm like Michael always did.
Fuck Michael Langdon, fuck the way you wanted him even when he was a total asshole to you, and fuck the fact that he was on your mind, nonstop, even when you had another guy’s dick in your goddamn mouth.
You brought your hand away from the boy’s shaft and instead placed it on his thigh, pushing your head down until you were gagging around him, nose nearly reaching his balls. The boy gasped, inadvertently lifting his hips and shoving himself deeper in your mouth, and you sputtered.
From out in the hallway, you heard someone talking about finding the bathroom, the voice growing louder and louder until the mystery speaker was directly outside the bedroom; it didn’t occur to you to be concerned, or at least not until it was far too late and the door had already swung open, and you heard two startled shouts- one from the boy you’d been sucking off, and one from the person who’d just barged in.
“Michael-“ exclaimed the boy, and it was then that you realized how truly fucked you were.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Michael said, and you felt a hand entangle with your hair to yank you back, painfully, so you were sprawled on your ass.
You looked up at your stepbrother, his nostrils flaring in that way that only happened when he was pissed, and silently you scolded yourself for thinking that he looked hot like this.
“Didn’t I tell you not to fuck with my sister?” he continued, grabbing his friend by the front of his shirt and jerking him to his feet. The boy looked positively terrified, lower lip trembling as Michael whirled him around and sent him catapulting out into the hallway.
“You ever touch her again and I’ll snap your fucking neck,” he yelled after him, sounding so dead serious that you thought it’d be foolish not to believe his threat.
Now it was just the two of you, and honestly, you were pretty fucking scared (though why, oh why, did you also feel something like excitement building up in your belly?). Michael slammed the door shut before coming to tower over you; you scrambled back, moving to stand up, but he stopped you.
“No. You stay down there,” he spat, voice laden with disgust. “Who knew you were such a little slut? If you wanted something to suck on, (y/n), you could’ve just asked me.”
“Mi-Michael, I-“
“-Shut the fuck up.” He reached down to take a fistful of your hair in his hand, using it to bring you roughly to your knees.
Why the fuck was this happening? And why the fuck were you so completely turned on?
“If cock in your mouth is what you wanted, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get,” he said, unzipping his pants and retrieving himself from the confines of his boxers; he was already hard, his cock springing forward so suddenly it almost hit you across the face, and you flinched.
“Aww, what’s the matter? I thought you liked having cock in your face,” he taunted, taking his thick shaft in hand and slapping you across the cheek with it. He did this a few more times until the side of your face was stinging, sadistic laughter bubbling past his lips each time you squeezed your eyes shut in utter humiliation and arousal.
When he grew bored of this, he reached down and manually unhinged your jaw, wasting no time before pushing himself into your mouth, brushing the back of your throat with his first thrust.
You gagged, drool already seeping from the corners of your lips, balling your hands into fists at your sides as you allowed your stepbrother to mercilessly use you.
He snapped his hips forward, his cock so deep in your throat that you were now face-to-face with the soft curls surrounding his pelvis.
“I bet he didn’t fuck your face like this,” he said between pants, holding your face against his balls before pulling out and fucking back into your hot mouth. “Bet he didn’t show you who you belong to like I do.”
You moaned around his stiff skin, sending vibrations up the length of his cock, and he cursed loudly; tears streamed down your face, no doubt ruining your makeup, but you were too far gone to care.
Michael pulled out of your swollen mouth, strings of saliva stretching and breaking between your mouth and his glistening cock. You took in a much-needed breath just as he took you by the front of your shirt and forced you to stand, groping your tits as he thrust you backwards onto the bed.
“Did you let him inside you?” he demanded, making quick work of removing your jeans and tossing them off the side of the bed.
“No, Michael, I swear-“
He cupped your pussy, making you squirm when he pressed two fingers against your clit through the thin material of your panties. “I better not find out that you’re lying.”
He pulled your underwear off and discarded it on the floor, leaning down to spit a thick wad of saliva onto your dripping cunt. You whimpered, wiggling slightly against the mattress, and in turn he pinned you down by your hips with a bruising hold.
“I’m gonna be as clear as I can be,” he said, flipping you onto your stomach and lifting you up by your waist so your ass was in the air. He wrapped a strand of your hair around his hand, tugging your head back, and you could feel his hard length pressing against your thigh as he brought his head down to whisper in your ear.
“This pussy?” He landed a painful slap on your cunt, and you jumped. “It belongs to me.”
You bit your lip at his words, ringing in your ears even after they’d left his mouth. He let your hair go, hooking his fingers around your cheek to push them inside your mouth, and obediently you opened up for him.
“And this pretty mouth?” He lined his cock up with your slit, pumping his fingers in and out of your gaping mouth, your eyes watering when he pushed them down on the back of your tongue. “It’s mine too.”
In one swift motion, he pushed all the way into you, not allowing you any time to adjust before he began hammering inside at a ruthless pace; you cried out, overtaken with the seamless blend of pain and pleasure that Michael had gotten you so accustomed to, more tears streaming down your cheeks and dropping onto the sheets below.
He pulled his fingers out from your mouth, using his hand instead to smack the rounded curve of your ass. You buried your face in the pillow, hoping you wouldn’t stain the case too badly with your smeared makeup, arching your back higher so you could feel every inch of Michael’s cock filling you up.
The vulgar, wet sounds of his cock slamming in and out of you were almost too much to bear, a mixture of your arousal and Michael’s spit dripping down your inner thighs in a crude display; Michael gripped your hips for leverage, undoubtedly forming five fingerprint-shaped bruises on your padded skin in the process.
“Oh fuck- Michael, please-“ It hurt, the way he was fucking you, but you would’ve sold your soul right then if it meant always being able to feel this intense, rapturous pleasure.
“Who do you belong to?” Michael barked, voice raspy, but still harsh enough to cut through your consciousness like a knife.
“Y-you, Michael, fuck,” you moaned, twisting the bedsheets in your hands until your knuckles turned white, eyes rolling back into your skull as Michael bottomed out inside you again and again and again.
For a moment, he steadied his thrusting so he could catch his breath, slowly pressing himself all the way inside so his balls rested against your ass.
“You- take me- so- well,” he said between sharp inhales, tracing one hand gingerly down the length of your spine. Your skin erupted with goosebumps at the tenderness of his touch, your hips grinding back to increase the stimulation.
It only took a few moments for Michael to recuperate himself, and once he had, he was back to his animalistic ways; behind you, you could hear him grunting, and you could only imagine how beautiful he looked back there in all his fucked-out bliss.
“I’m- I’m-“ you couldn’t get the words out, your walls clenching around him as you came unexpectedly, your juices dribbling down your inner thighs and all over Michael’s cock.
“Holy shit,” Michael laughed, coating his fingertips until they were slick with your essence and observing them in awe. You went to get up, but he turned you onto your back, kneeling over your shoulders and promptly inserting himself down your throat.  
He groaned, releasing his thick, salty load in your mouth; he was so deep in your throat that you didn’t even have to swallow.
“Fuck,” Michael said, falling back to lie beside you. You were a mess, trails of mascara staining your cheeks and red lipstick smudged, and you had no idea how you were going to leave the room without someone wondering what the hell had happened to you.
You got into a cross-legged position; you definitely weren’t in any position to get up or walk anywhere at this point in time. “So were you actually pissed that I sucked your friend’s dick? Or was that just an excuse to throw me around and fuck my face?”
It was an earnest question that you genuinely didn’t know the answer to. Why did Michael care so much anyway? Especially considering the times he’d fucked your (ex) best friend?
“Little bit of both,” he said, hoisting up his hips so he could pull up his boxers and jeans. “Look. I- I may have overreacted just a little bit. I just don’t want my douchebag friends putting their hands on my sister, you know?”
You scoffed. “We both know you don’t consider me your sister.”
“Doesn’t matter. I just- I don’t know. Forget it.” He sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and rising to his feet. “I’m gonna go see if I can find makeup remover somewhere. You look like a fucking wreck.”
There was something about that statement that made your heart swell in your chest; Michael was actually doing something nice for you?
“Aww, really? Thanks, Michael,” you said with a smile.
He scrunched up his face. “Alright, calm down.”
He opened the door and disappeared into the hallway, leaving you half-naked and alone with your thoughts. You felt conflicted, like you always did after you spent time with Michael, but you couldn’t help but feel that there was something, deep down, inside the hardened, fucked-up heart of your stepbrother, that actually resembled something good.
Or maybe it was just the alcohol talking.
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How do you deal with like the plot and information gaps (and sometimes straight up holes) in something like DMC if you’re writing something for it? Any tips if I actually wanna write something..?
Short Answer: I don’t. Lmao.
Actual Answer: There’s no point. It’s cute that people wanna hash out every logical thread and little detail in something like Devil May Cry. People tend to complain that the devs don’t address (insert thing), but it’s kind of dumb and super pointless, tbh. And it’s even sillier when they get mad about it. A lot of things can just be chalked up to “it is what it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” in an effort to keep the style and presentation top notch (which is exactly what DMC has always been about).
It’s kind of comparable to dating a really attractive/stylish/flashy person that’s kind of empty-headed. They’re nice to look at and can be a total blast to be around/fun to talk to in their own right, but they’re probably not gonna talk to you about the use of pastiche in post-modern lit or some shit on the fly, ya know? And it’s absolutely not fair to expect them to be able to do that, especially if that’s not their strong point or their thing - no one’s perfect (and the ‘complete package’ is a terrible concept). In that same vein, it’s just really…ignorant, tbh, to expect a game that’s known for its difficulty, stylishness, and technicality/combat - something that defines and shapes the entire genre it’s in - to scale all that back for a novel length, incredibly intricate plot. (So fuck those vital stars, they were too expensive anyway lol)
(You could argue that some games are known for their combat and story like Soulsborne is, but look at what they dial back: the story is told largely in item descriptions and other clues that you’re left to interpret, and the MC is just a voiceless stand-in for the player. Even Sekiro does this to some extent, despite having an established MC. Dante’s / Vergil’s / Nero’s personalities (both in and out of combat) and the insane shit they can pull in a fight are a massive part of why the series is so fun and entertaining, so is that really what you want to skimp on? I sure don’t.)
An even better comparison (and I’ve said this a lot recently) would be to look at it like it’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, if you watch/read that series (if not, 11/10, 1,000% recommend, it’s all online). From the words of someone else, JJBA is completely ridiculous trash if you start to think about it too hard. However, so much time and effort has gone into making that trash so satisfying and beautiful and the characters so memorable, that it’s very easy to ignore the plot holes or information gaps.
Example: I saw something not too long ago about DMC5 and there being no real consequence for causing civilian deaths and the character (Vergil) that causes it getting off scott-free and/or not even acknowledging civilian deaths (Dante, Nero). It’s literally not their job or place - they are there to kill demons + uproot the murder tree and call it a day. That’s not to say they don’t care at all - Dante and Trish do start trying to evacuate people in DMC4…you know…after Dante just lets that shit happen in the first place. This is just style over substance coming into play, and it’s not always a negative thing. You’d get pulled out of the gameplay (in 5) if D/N or even V had to stop to interact with civilians or contemplate the enormity of civilian deaths. Remember what I just said about the emphasis on style and gameplay a second ago? Yeaaah. (;
(Cont’d.) It’s the same with JoJo. There’s A LOT of awful civilian/minor character deaths on top of major character deaths. There’s A LOT of violent animal (dog) deaths. Most deaths are brushed over (and Johnny Yong Bosch’s (dub) characters suffer in both JJBA and DMC lmao). But, just like with DMC, civilians/unnamed characters aren’t seen all the time and heavy emphasis is put on your protagonist(s)/antagonist(s). You are disconnected from it. Whereas the world around you has an emphasis in Soulsborne/Sekiro, the main cast has your attention in DMC/JJBA. (Side note fwiw: there is a very cute little photo of Nero awkwardly posing with the city limit guard dudes if you know where to look and have been getting your S ranks…lol)
Second Example (minor spoilers…it’s very hard to spoil JoJo lol): Dante is wildly OP in DMC4. It should have been a painless, quick job. But we need a plot, right? So instead, he lets a teen-ish, upset Nero fuck off with the Yamato, get compromised, and lets the entire Savior incident happen. He only steps in to deal with shit halfway through the game. Similarly, in JJBA Part 4 - Diamond is Unbreakable, the main antagonist escapes and changes his identity/physical appearance about halfway into the series. By this point, there is a character in town who’s major ability can locate enemies and take psychic photographs of them. This same character’s ability is well-documented and used multiple times for the same purpose in the previous arc. By this point, though, you’re either enjoying yourself and love the characters enough that it doesn’t matter, or you’ve called quits.
(Pat and Woolie (formerly from super best friends) make a lot of these kinds of comparisons between the two series in their DMC playthroughs. It’s worth looking at, if you’re still curious lol.)
FINALLY, as for writing advice: Write what you want and have fun with it! Think about who you’re writing, but feel free to ignore the things the actual canon does - it’s not wrong or Bad Writing ™ to do so. If people complain about it, then just laugh it off, because they clearly aren’t who this series was meant for, anyway.
Sorry, this is so long. I hope that helps though! Good luck and happy writing!!
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gingercullenboy · 2 years ago
Movie Commentary Monday: Episode 1
Hello everyone and welcome to the very first episode of Movie Commentary Monday (or as i call MCM, which sounds ridiculous by the way) where I express my thoughts on a movie while desperately trying to be funny (and usually fail).
There will be dozens of side comments in brackets because I talk too much, sorry in advance.
This week’s movie is:
Tumblr media
Isn’t It Romantic (2019)
Directed by: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Writing Credits: Erin Cardillo (screenplay&story), Dana Fox (screenplay) & Katie Silberman (screenplay)
Stars: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, Priyanka Chopra, Betty Gilpin, Brandon Scott Jones
Summary: A young woman disenchanted with love mysteriously finds herself trapped inside a romantic comedy.
(thanks IMDb)
Now, buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a loooooong ride. Let’s get down to business!
(this isn’t a Mulan reference)
Why is the Mom so bitter about happy endings? I bet she has seen things...
They don’t make movies for girls like us. 
That single sentence just basically summarized the entire history of Hollywood and you can’t argue with me on this. The evidence is there (sorry i’m bitter like mom) (i’m full of rage like younger john mulaney)
Natalie’s (Rebel Wilson) apartment is a mess and is so tiny, it’s like screaming YOUR FUTURE HOUSE at me, it’s unbelievable
Fucking finally, a realistic view of New York; smelly, crowded, and filth everywhere (not that i could ever know, i don’t live there but i’ve seen metropolitans before)
Ok, Natalie’s a nobody at the workplace, even though she’s a fricking architect. UNREALISTIC TO ME
That co-worker and office manager can choke, that’s all I’m gonna say
Ohmygod, Whitney (Betty Gilpin) is so cute, I’ve seen her 10 secs in and I already love her (lovey dovey characters are always my faves)
LIAM HEMSWORTH’S AMERICAN ACCENT GOT ME SH00K!!! He just said “Goddamn it” and I am already hooked
Who puts whipped cream in a coffee? ME, BITCH
Natalie says nice guy with a nice life and it... kinda bothers me. It’s a reaaaally generic expression and a bit insulting if you think about it bc if you don’t fit that person’s standards of being nice with having a nice life, it discourages you (in this case, you=man). So when Josh said “I’m a nice guy with a nice life” I thought ‘Of course you are’ bc he is in my standards. What I’m trying to say is that rom-coms have stereotypes on not only women but also men. Yes, it is sad.
Awwww Josh has a crush on Natalie *wipes happy tears* but she thinks he’s looking at the model billboard LMAO SAME, NAT
I’m so done (but it’s also so relatable, bc i’m like Nat but with less cynicism)
Natalie was on the subway and a stranger waved at her. Then he tried to mug her. Then she knocked herself over. My mom always says don’t talk to strangers and I see why. I’m 22, if you’re wondering *clears throat* Moving on...
Oh, hello Mr. Morningstar... *wiggles eyebrows* (quick note, i don’t actually watch Lucifer but i really like Tom Ellis)
She just ripped her IV and blood didn’t spill everywhere, yeah this is a rom-com alright 
She’s dressed from lost and found and she looks like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman-
ENTER LIAM, HE LOOKS SO GOOD I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE (i’m a thirsty hoe, your suspicions are correct)
What the fuck does beguiling mean? *checks dictionary* oh, okay *is weirded out now*
...Birds form a heart while flying... Uhhh... Strawberries and champagne in the limo... Rich as fuck, my poor ass can’t relate
He’s giving her flowers already? Ok- NO WAIT
“But there’s only one of you, so...” Well, this doesn’t change the fact that there are millions of ways to order the numbers, you dumbass (why is he like this)
Her apartment... Every Millenials’ dream
And... A gay neighbor/best friend who acts like an over-feminine gay (which is also a stereotype)
So, I’ll count every rom-com trope I’ve seen in 22 mins *counts her fingers* So far, I have seven tropes
The Big Presentation (eight)
Unconventional workplace which looks like a Google office (nine)
Nat is the star architect now (ten)
Rival bitchy colleague (eleven) (WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE WHITNEY, THOUGH) (SHE’S MY SENSITIVE WIFE) (oh, she looks hot)
They gave like, four other tropes in two mins and it doesn’t feel like rushed at all *salutes respectively*
The setting change is so... Like, you cannot miss it, it’s sweet and makes you feel all giddy inside, it’s so lovely, so rom-com like (does that make sense to you?)
Natalie keeps falling (twelve)
The subway map behind her is shaped in a heart, lovey dovey couples everywhere... And shE’S GONNA JUMP ONTO A TRAIN??? THIS GOT DARK ALL OF A SUDDEN
Officer Hansom *facepalms*
She threw the flower petals and guess what? THE NUMBERS FELL DOWN IN THE CORRECT ORDER, WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN HAHAHA (thirteen)
Dress up montage... Yeah- Oh wait, they cut it out what the hell fvygbuhnj I WANT MY DRESS UP MONTAGE, GIVE IT TO MEEE
This is some fancy first date though... Also leaving 100 bucks tip doesn’t justify breaking in to a store I guess??? Seems like the law has no function in rom-coms lmao (fourteen)
The rain... You know what’s coming after- Ah, and they kissed *giggles uncontrollably* YES!!! (fifteen)
THEY CAN’T HAVE SEX BC IT’S PG-13 (liam’s abs, though) *bi scream*
Her apartment makes me cry, it’s so beautiful (ok i’ll stop counting from now on bc i cannot keep up anymore)
Also the romantic tension between Natalie and Josh................ I have no words
Isabella (Priyanka Chopra) calls Josh ‘Mush’ and it’s so f-king cringey, I swear to God sxrdctfvygu
I can talk about Blake for five hours, he’s so fucking funny lmao
Donny (Brandon Scott Jones) is such a gay sidekick, he comes out of nowhere and talks weirdly but he makes me laugh so I’ll give him a pass
That musical scene is everything, and Natalie hits that high note H AR D
Blake............ no-
Oh my, he’s a certified douchebag, I should’ve guessed, I’m so disappointed in myself 
Unexpected wisdom coming from Donny who had no function to the story other than appearing beside Natalie at random times (again, rom-com trope) 
BUT at least he made her realised who matters to her the most
Slow motion running!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Her boobs are like sxrdctfvyg SHAKING AS SHE’S RUNNING ESXRDCTFVYB (as someone who has big breasts, i relate to that so hard) 
“Yoga Ambassador. Yoga. Ambassador.” “Ambassadors are for countries, not for streching.” Dang, Nat!!!
She finally realised she loves herself! Awww, that’s so sweet and empowering and I can’t get enough of this!!!! Yes, to love someone else first you should love yourself!
Oh she crashed the car and went back to reality
Another hot doctor???? Wait, I’m confused- No, false alarm, she’s back and her real doctor is tired, is also swimming through lawsuits LMFAO
I’m glad that she’s happy with what she’s got and she didn’t decide to keep what she’s been doing but instead, tried to take care of herself, it’s such a good message to young girls and I cannot praise this enough
Natalie!!! Is!!! Confident!!! Now!!! I’m literally living for this *throws hearts to the screen*
Nat stormed into that meeting and she’s. on. fireeee
Real Blake is as jerk as ever, no surprise
Using parking lots as metaphors would never cross my mind but ok I guess???
Fuck, he said “What does beguiling mean?” I’M LOST FOR WORDS, THIS MOVIE SXDCTFVYGU
ps. me and probably everyone else except Nat lol
Priyanka with that rose.......... Consider me dead, thank you
“It’s hot as fuck” tcfyvgubh probably true
Overall, I would give this movie 7/10 because of the message. Plot is nicely done and I got see basically every single rom-com tropes. At total, I counted 23 tropes I guess? If I could look every minor detail, I would count more but I won’t get into it that much for now. (i’m running late to a meeting with friends so i have to cut short)
I loved the production design, setting felt like I’m in a classic rom-com movie and characters were written accordingly. Every actor in the movie has fit perfect to me. I especially loved Priyanka and Liam because 1) I’ve never seen any of her movies and 2) It’s been a long time since I watched a Liam Hemsworth movie (i only watched hunger games, so you think about it lmao)
I guess that’s about it! I have a list for the next weeks’ movies but if you have a request then tell me so, I will watch your recommendations first! I appreciate comments; if you have something to add, please do. I will read every single one of them.
See you next week!
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probably-not-star-lord · 3 years ago
Guardians of the Galaxy: Part 9 (Peter Quill x Reader)
Tumblr media
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8
A/N: Are y’all upset that I didn’t have them kiss in the last part??? Me too lmao.
Warnings: swearing, mild violence, angst, fluff
Gamora leads you and Peter outside the crowded bar and onto the street. Chaos has broken out, and, of course, your associates are in the middle of it. Drax is entailed in Groot's branches that appear to be suffocating him. He breaks them, causing sticks to fly everywhere. Drax then gets ready to pounce on Rocket and take him down. Noticing this, you restrain his arm with your hand, struggling to hold him back.
"Stop it!" you shriek angrily.
All of them ignore you and your arm feels as if it is ready to snap trying to hold Drax back from getting entangled in the fight once more. Rocket, a gun already in hand, prepares himself to attack Drax right back. He aims his gun right at him. Peter notices you struggling and decides to help by getting in the middle of them.
"Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?" He exclaims.
"This vermin speaks of affairs he knows nothing about!" Drax yelps.
"That is true!" Rocket hollers back.
"He has no respect!" he adds on.
"That is also true!"
Peter shakes his head, trying to comprehend what is going on in between all of the yelling. "Hold on! Hold on!" He calls, placing each hand in front of Drax and Rocket, allowing you to step back.
Rocket starts throwing his gun around carelessly. "Keep calling me vermin, tough guy! You just wanna laugh at me like everyone else!"
Peter takes a deep breath. "Rocket, you're drunk, all right? No one's laughin' at you," he states calmly. You think to yourself that Peter would make a great leader of the group. He seems to know how to calm everyone down.
"He thinks I'm some stupid thing! He does! Well, I didn't ask to get made! I didn't ask to be torn apart and put back together, over and over, and turned into some...some little monster," Rocket slurs. He puts down his gun and you realize that he's hurting. He's always been hurting and your heart breaks for him.
"Rocket," you speak softly, taking a small step forward. "No one thinks you're a monster."
"Oh, really?" He points his finger at Drax. "He called me vermin!" He moves his pointed finger to Gamora. "She called me rodent!" Rocket lowers his finger and brings his gun back up to aim it at them. "Let's see if you can laugh after five or six good shots to your frickin' face!"
Peter positions himself so he is directly in front of the gun. "No, no, no, no! Four billion units! Rocket! Come on, man," He exclaims. "Hey! Suck it up for one more lousy night and you're rich."
"Fine," he grunts, lowering his gun. "But I can't promise when this is all over I'm not gonna kill every last one of you jerks!"
"See?" Peter scowls. "That's exactly why none of you have any friends!" he looks amongst the group. "Five seconds after you meet somebody, you're already trying to kill em!"
You gasp, knowing damn well you've been nothing but nice to everyone. "Hey!" you scold.
He rubs his face with his hand then gestures to you with it. "Okay, maybe with the exception of Y/N, you're all kind of assholes to each other."
You're about to thank him for understanding that you aren't here to kill everyone like the rest of the group, but Drax interposes. "We have traveled, halfway across the quadrant, and Ronan is no closer to being dead!" He hustles forward slightly, but Gamora's hand catches him and pushes him back. He goes around her and tramples off in a huff.
"Drax!" Peter wails.
"Let him go," Gamora laments. "We don't need him."
You stare at the floor with hopelessness. What happened to the clever prisoners who fought off hundreds of guards and escaped the Kyln? You are supposed to be having fun and collecting a ton of units. Instead, you are all arguing constantly and trying to kill each other. You are supposed to be falling for Peter. Instead, you're rejecting him. Today has been a disaster and you want nothing more than to be back on your own ship, going to bed with no worries about an orb or Ronan or Peter Quill. But your ship no longer exists and you are bound to these people for guidance on how to take down one of the most powerful men in the galaxy.
The sliding doors outside the buyer's building open with a roaring whoosh. A pink woman steps out, reminding you of Bereet. "M'lady Gamora," she announces. "I'm here to fetch you for my master."
Following Gamora's lead, the five of you stumble into the building. The place is dark and gloomy, giving you very bad vibes. Surrounding you are gigantic tubes, each filled with something different. Some of them have floating body parts and others have live animals. One of the tubes even contains a woman chained up that replicates the pink woman that came outside to retrieve all of you. A shiver flows down your spine, causing you to shudder in horror.
"Okay," Rocket says. "This isn't creepy at all."
"You can say that again," you mumble, grazing your fingertips along the cold railing as you walk up the steps. At the top, there appear to be hundreds of different items all in containment. Who the hell is this buyer of yours?
"We house the galaxy's largest collection of fauna, relics, and species of all manners," the pink girl says, keeping her hands tightly clasped together. You pass a dog in an astronaut suit that is kept in a small, glass cage. It growls at Rocket who growls right back. Eventually, the lady stops, a man standing behind her. "I present to you Taneleer Tivan, the Collector." She moves out of the way and refers to him with her hands. The tubes and cases make a lot of sense now that you know he's known as the Collector. He stares at your group and you take him in. He wears ridiculous glasses and white furs to match his white hair. You don't think he is very trustworthy, but he definitely seems like he is able to fork over four billion units.
The Collector meanders over to Gamora, removing his glasses, revealing some fancy makeup. "Oh, my dear Gamora," he renders in a slow raspy voice. "How wonderful to meet in the flesh." He takes her hand and kisses it.
"Let's bypass the formalities, Tivan," she replies. "We have what we discussed."
Ignoring her, his eyes fall on Groot. "What is that thing there?"
"I am Groot," Groot tells him.
"I never thought I'd meet a Groot," Tivan mutters as he strolls over to Groot. "Sir, you must allow me to pay you now so that I may own your carcass." You and Peter give each other a look, both of you knowing this man is suspicious. "At the moment of your death, of course."
"I am Groot," he agrees.
"Why? So he can turn you into a fricken' chair?" Rocket angrily questions.
The Collector points to him. "That's your pet?" He asks Groot.
"His what?" Rocket reacts, reaching for his gun.
"Rocket, relax," you spit, taking a step in front of him. He huffs agitatedly and crosses his arms. Tivan suddenly becomes aware of you standing before him and raises an eyebrow and ganders up and down your figure. It makes you visibly uncomfortable, yet he refuses to remove his gaze.
"And what do we have here? A Terran?" he questions, his eyes still lurking. "A female Terran?"
Peter notices the look in Tivan's eyes and shifts where he stands. His hands ball into fists and his heart rate picks up. What the hell does the collector want with you?
"Yes," you respond. "I'm from Terra but I've been living out here in space since a young age. My name is Y/N." You try and act polite, not really sure of what this man is capable of. He takes your hand and kisses it, greeting you as he did Gamora.
"It is certainly a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Y/N." He meets your eyes and does not refuse to look away. "I find it quite humorous that you happen to come in on the day I am searching for a Terran to add to my collection."
"What?" you mumble, your face going pale.
"Hey!" Peter calls angrily. "I'm from Terra, too. You can add me to your silly collection, can't you? What the hell do you need her for?"
Tivan pulls his attention from you and strolls over to Peter. "Male Terrans are weak," he replies coldly. "I already have three in my collection and the others I have tried to collect did not last very long here. Y/N, on the other hand, would make a perfect, new addition."
Peter stomps forward toward Tivan, which only seems to amuse him. "You don't lay a hand on her you son of a-"
Gamora interrupts immediately. "Tivan, we have been halfway around the galaxy retrieving this orb."
You shuffle over to stand next to Peter. "Thanks," you whisper, placing a hand on his arm. This instantly calms him down as he exhales a loud breath.
"Of course, Y/N." He tells you. "I don't like the looks of this guy and I wanna make sure you make it outta here safely."
You meet his green eyes and smile. "I know, but try and be nice for now," you inform him. "We have no idea what Tivan could do to us." Peter nods in understanding.
"Very well then. Let us see what you brought," Tivan speaks. Peter holds the orb out to him, but fumbles with it. It drops to the floor, but he picks it back up quickly and shows it to the Collector. You giggle quietly to yourself, covering your mouth with your hand.
Tivan takes it in his hands, running his fingers over its surface. He places it in a device that rests upon a large, cluttered desk. "Oh my new friends, before creation itself, there were six singularities," he claims, pressing a lever on the desk, causing the orb to open gradually. "Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots: Infinity Stones." The orb displays several purple circles that show images as he explains its history. "These Stones, it seems, can only be brandished by beings of extraordinary strength. Observe," he illustrates as the images change to a huge, robotic figure wielding the stone. "These carriers can use the Stone to mow down entire civilizations like wheat in a field."
Beside you, Peter gulps. "There's a little pee comin' outta me right now." You smack him jokingly on the arm, but in all seriousness, you're just as scared as he is.
The images now decipher a group of people all joined together by the purple light of the stone. "Once, for a moment, a group was able to share the energy amongst themselves, but even they were quickly destroyed by it," Tivan clarifies, as the people in the image now suddenly seem to fade away into purple ash. The orb opens completely now, revealing a purple stone that glistens in the light. Tivan shakes with passion. "Beautiful," he verbalizes. "Beyond compare."
"Blah, blah, blah," Rocket mocks him. "We're all very fascinated, whitey, but we'd like to get paid."
"How would you like to get paid?"
"What do you think, fancy man? Units!" He shouts, obviously annoyed with the Collector's delay.
He nods, opening a drawer. "Very well, then." His assistant, the girl who led you all in here, approaches the stone. "Carina, stand back," he commands her.
"I will no longer be your slave!" Carina yells, thrusting her fist around the stone.
"No!" Tivan cries in anguish. Purple fireballs emerge from the stone, firing at everything in the building. Whatever the fireballs hit explode on contact. Rocket tries to duck but Groot picks him up and they crash through a window and onto the street for safety. Gamora jumps to the floor below the high ground. Peter sees this and scoops you up in his arms, taking you to the same place. He hovers above you on the ground, his muscular body on top of yours for protection. You wrap your arms around his torso as the purple flames consume everything, creating loud explosions. At the sense of your arms around him, he pulls you much closer. You can hear the pitch in Carina's screams get higher until they stop completely with one last, loud blow. Everything stops the flames, the purple light, and the explosions.
Assuming you are now safe, Peter peels himself off of you. "What the fuck..." he disputes as a few final flames sizzle out of sight. Gamora leaves the place of protection and lunges over to the stone, enclosing it in the orb. The three of you hurry out of there, coughing through the smoke. You find Groot and Rocket right outside the entrance.
"How could I think Tivan could contain whatever was within the orb?" Gamora pesters herself.
Rocket places his hands on his cheeks in distress. "What do you still have it for?" he bemoans.
"What are we gonna do, leave it in there?" Peter remarks.
"Yes," you mumble, brushing yourself off after all of the explosions. You shudder at the ruins behind you that were once a building. Peter furrows his eyebrows at you in confusion. "What are you looking at me like that for? We could've just died!"
"I can't believe you had that in your purse!"
Peter crosses his eyebrows at Rocket, insulted. "It's not a purse, it's a knapsack!"
"It doesn't matter guys," you scold them. "Since we apparently decided to take the orb, we definitely have to bring it to the Nova Corp,"
"Y/N is right, they may be able to contain it," Gamora justifies.
"Are you kidding me?" Rocket objects. "We're wanted by the Nova Corp. Just give it to Ronan!"
"So he can destroy the galaxy?" Peter huffs.
"What are you, some saint all of a sudden? What has the galaxy ever done for you?" Rocket clamors. "Why would you wanna save it?"
"Because I'm one of the idiots who lives in it!" Peter fires back.
You place your hand on his shoulder, gaining his eyes on you the second he feels your touch. "Peter, listen to me. We have to go back to the Milano and deliver this to the Nova Corp."
Gamora shakes her head down at the orb. "We cannot allow the stone to fall into Ronan's hands."
Peter's warm hand wraps around the wrist on his shoulder. He looks deep into your eyes and you think he understands that he has to listen to you. "Right, right, okay. I think you're right," He states, gandering between the two of you. "Or we could give it to somebody who's not going to arrest us, who's really nice for a whole lotta money." He turns to face Rocket. "I think it's a really good balance between both of your points of view."
You remove your hand from his shoulder, stepping back. "Peter, you have got to be kidding me!"
"You're despicable, dishonorable, faithless!" Gamora yammers. In the distance, hundreds of identical spaceships descend into the atmosphere of the planet.
"Oh no," you murmur. Everyone looks to the ships, eyes widening in horror.
Drax stands before them in the street, swords flailing in the hair. "At last!" he cheers. "I shall meet my foe and destroy him!"
"You called Ronan?" Peter bellows out to Drax, not receiving a reply. You didn't need an answer from him, the terrifying amount of ships already explain that Ronan is here and that it's time to face your doom.
"Quill!" You hear a voice call Peter's name in the distance. Everyone turns to find a blue man followed by a bunch of Ravagers. He is the same man Peter received a call from when you were on his ship: Yondu. "Don't you move, boy!" Peter hustles all of you into a nearby shelter, looking legitimately frightened for his life. "Don't you move!" Yondu calls out again, following Peter and shoving several people in the process. "Get outta my way!"
Looking for a way to escape, you turn around to see that you've entered a pod station. Each of you gets into a tiny pod. Knowing Groot can't fit, Rocket faces him. "I told you, you can't fit." He hoists himself up into the pod. "Now, wait here, I'll be back."
You all zoom away as fast as possible, heading for the Milano. The bag on your lap rumbles with the orb inside. As you steer, you begin to feel guilty about Drax and Groot being left behind when Ronan can easily kill them. You pray nothing happens to them, but you know Drax is an easy target because he is basically volunteering himself to Ronan. You try and shove the thought down, and continue to fly alongside Peter, Gamora, and Rocket.
You peek behind you, seeing a couple of Ronan's ships, led by Nebula. They are following you and they definitely know you have the orb. You wince as you move forward at a greater speed. Gamora, Peter, and Rocket do their best to defend you, communicating and finding ways to take down as many ships as possible.
Peter rips the side of a ship off, containing his own pod in it. This way he can fire at the other ships. "Let me borrow your ride," he says, tossing out one of Ronan's men from inside. You're glad you have your friends to protect you.
Just when you think you're in the clear, however, you're suddenly surrounded by way more ships than you can take. They block your path to the Milano and you know you have to leave the atmosphere. "Peter, I'm trapped and can't make it to the Milano," you stammer. "I'm heading out."
"Wait," he says to you as you head up towards the sky. "These things aren't meant to go out there!"
You can tell he is worried about you, but you continue on. As you near the edge of Knowhere, you hear Nebula's voice. "You're a disappointment, Y/N. Out of all our siblings, before you became a coward and left us, I hated you the least."
Your heart sinks. Even though you are not Thanos's daughter, Nebula and Gamora are like your sisters. Leaving caused them great pain, and Gamora forgave you, but you know Nebula never will. "Nebula, please..." you whimper, voice wavering. "I'm so sorry for leaving you. You're my sister and I care about you. But if Ronan gets this stone, he's going to kill all of us."
"Not all," she manifests. "You will already be dead." With those final words, she aims one last shot at your pod. Upon impact, the whole thing explodes. It goes by so fast you don't even realize you're floating in space until it progressively gets harder to breathe. The cold air freezes your fingertips, then your hands, then your toes, then your feet. Slowly, you are dying, freezing to death as you struggle to find oxygen. You let out a few strong gasps, your eyes fluttering shut as you watch Nebula retrieve the orb from the debris. Then, you're silent. As your eyes roll back, you think of Peter, and every last living part of your body wishes you had kissed him on that balcony.
You're breathing again, slowly but surely. A heavy warmth covers your face and you open your eyes, looking out through the red, glowing eyes of a mask. It's the mask of a man who calls himself Star-Lord when he wears it. You feel big hands around you, one on your waist and one on the small of your back. Turning upward slightly, you see Peter. He has come to rescue you, yet again. You aren't able to speak but you want to tell him to go back to the pod, save himself. But, there are no words, and you stare into each other's eyes as you watch his face freeze over, just as yours did only moments ago. Your breathing falters, and you know neither of you will last out here long, even in the mask. But if you two die together, in each other's arms, you both think that would be okay.
Everything goes black again until you feel hard flooring below you, and a heavy figure above you. You deactivate the mask from the earpiece and breathe heavily, coughing a couple of times until you find a proper breathing pattern. On top of you, Peter does the same. You tug on his jacket and lift a knee up as he lays between your legs. "Peter?" you whisper. At the sound of your voice, Peter makes instant eye contact with you, bringing a hand to the side of your face as he struggles to breathe. "Peter...what happened?"
He finally catches a steady breath and his magnificent, green eyes bore into yours. "I saw you out there," he says quietly. "I don't know what came over me, but I couldn't let you die. I found something inside myself. Something incredibly heroic." You roll your eyes at him with a smile. He is so arrogant. "I mean, not to brag, but..." he rambles. You take this as the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude for him saving you so many times.
You lean forward and press your lips on his. He's taken aback, but he quickly brings all of his power into the kiss, tightening his hand on the side of your face to pull you deeper into him. His hand slowly travels down your neck, his rough hands grazing your soft skin as the kiss grows more passionate and intense. Having Peter's lips on yours feels even better than you thought it would. You pull away, and he looks down at you with a bright, happy expression. It finally happened.
You smirk, loosening your grasp on his jacket. "That was to say thanks, for saving me...again."
Peter brushes his fingers through your hair. "Well, I'm really glad-"
"Welcome home, Peter." He gets cut off. Hearts racing, the two of you turn to see a group of Ravagers, guns pointed and ready to shoot.
Now, where the hell are you?
Part Ten: Here
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thesorrowfulknight · 3 years ago
Okaayyyy, so! Apparently tumblr was being a shitforbrains again and didn't post my answers from a few days ago, so I'm gonna combine both get-to-know-me q&a's in one post! Sorry for the wait you guys.
1st set of q's was tagged by @legendarybitch 😘
Relationship status: Single AF
Favourite colours: Blue and green, hands down. I'm partial to he more vibrant blues and more earthy greens; especially hunter green with gold accenting. But it has to be a nice gold, not that yucky orangey-yellow some folks use
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstiiiick! Anything else I get annoyed and scrape it off with my teeth
3 favourite foods: Oh god, I have to choose? I guess... Any pizza really though I have a weakness for deepdish (especially double cheese smothered in sriracha 😍), suicide hot wings (I want to choke on the fumes and feel like my face is melting), aannnnd a nice tender rare steak. You can't see it but I'm drooling now thx guys
Song stuck in my head: The Next Episode by Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
Last song I listened to: Zombies by The Cranberries (the cover done by Bad Wolves is fucking bomb too)
Last movie I watched: Galaxy Quest (1999) Worth every goddamn penny
Top 3 tv shows: Tough call, but I think the closest would have to be Hannibal, Final Space, and Voltron: Legendary Defender
Books I'm currently reading: The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey and Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
Last thing I googled: Biomedical Technology
Time: 11:04pm
How many blankets do you sleep in: Primarily just my one big galaxy comforter
Dream trip: Phew, that one's a pretty tall order! About 9/10ths of my clan/extended familar are still in europe (mostly Germany and the Netherlands), so I'd like to be able to visit everyone! I haven't met most of them because of distance but we're all still very tightly knit accross continents. So a dream trip would somehow entail being able to get to visit everyone and possibly even go with my Oma before she can't fly anymore (she hasn't seen her sisters in many years). If somehow this all timed itself right so that I could also attend the Trakehner Verband approvals at Neumünster, I would legitimately weep with joy. My opa and I had always planned to go together as he hadn't been since immigrating to Canada, but now that he's passed I want to go for the both of us. It's a family legacy thing, I suppose. My second choice would be to visit either Spain or Portugal for a riding vacation 😍
Anything you really want: To have a prosperous and fulfilling life brimming with true friendship, laughter, and love.
2nd set of q's tagged by @vecchiasignoras 😙
Name: Kate, though I consider it to be quite intimate so only my immediate family calls me by this name. Everyone else refers to me as Kat
Height: 5'9"
Middle name(s): I have two! Their initials are E.M.
Put your music on shuffle. What are the first four songs that come on?
September by Earth, Wind & Fire
In the Middle by Jimmy Eat World
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
Something Like This by The Chainsmokers
Bonus: Become the Beast by Karliene
Grab the book nearest you and turn to page 23. What is on line 17? (I counted them as the beginning/end of dialogue and whole sentences)
"She'll... she'll die! You know as well as I do," and Siglen's words crowded each other out of her mouth, "what happens to the truly Talented in space... I mean, look at how ill David became. Remember how devastated Capella was. To subject an infant... of unknown potential... to such mind-destroying trauma! Why you must be mad, Interior. You cannot! I will not permit it!"
Ever had a song or poem written about you? Not to my knowledge! Though the only thing they might draw inspiration from is how big my feet are lmao
When was the last time you played air guitar? Mmm, a few weeks I think? That Mötley Crüe riff was impossible to resist. As for a real guitar, I think it's going on almost 4 or 5 years now? Jesus time flies.
Who is your celebrity crush? They would have to be Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth. I definitely have a thing for their personality type 😘
What's a sound you hate + a sound you love?
A sound I hate would 12/10 have to be my mother's voice, even just saying my name. It always sounds accusatory and condescending in the kind of way that's like nails on a chalkboard but under your skin. Also the sound of unexpected people WALKING UP ONTO MY PORCH AND KNOCKING ON THE DOOR INVADING MY SANCTUARY. (I loathe unannounced visitors. Hate hate hate them).
A sound that I love would hands down have to be the ambient noises my horse makes when he's just doing... whatever. When he's doing him-stuff. Slurping up electrolyte water like a messy kid, heaving these great big sighs because life amiright? I especially find his annoyed growling to be hilarious, because he is VERY loud and dramatic about it, but only does it when you ask him to do something relatively low effort that he finds tedious. Like flat work, or walking to and from the barn and paddock. Completely droll and lackluster. But going for a friendly gallop in the back field? You'd think we'd just gotten rallied by fucking Théoden to ride to our deaths at the Pelennor Fields. He makes this hard little growly-grunt when he shifts up into the next gear and then boom, you're gone. Just fucking gone. Then he's a happy springy boi. It isn't like his annoyed growling though; it's different. When he's annoyed it's more like verbal complaining; all in the throat. But when he revs it it's much shorter and takes on a hard edge. Comes up deep from the core. I can't really explain it any better than that. I just fucking love sprinting a 1700lbs war machine in general, now that I've re-learned how the hell to ride it 😂 I'm babbling now
Do you believe in ghosts? I believe in spirits and other things, yes.
How about aliens? We've only discovered and understand, what, 0.4% of the known universe? To not be widely open to and fully accepting of the notion that we are not alone would be pure folly. Even from a mathematical standpoint it would be wildly ridiculous not to. That doesn't mean I have any specific theories or "truths" about it, though. It would just be very stupid of me to be closed-minded.
Besides, if it does turn out to be true it would explain a lot of things. I think my favourite wild theory out there is that Mary, mother of Jesus, was artificially inseminated. Like we do with livestock. If nothing else it's fascinating to ponder the implications.
Do you drive? Yes. Pretty gutsy too, if I say so myself. My mum used to drag race so I guess it's both a hereditary as well as a learned thing.
If so, have you ever crashed? Only once, and that was an actual accident. The conditions were super icy so we were already going 20km below the limit, and I was hanging back, but what happened was the car infront of me hit the car infront of them, and when I slammed on the brakes I just slid about 15-20 feet right into their rear end anyways. Nobody got hurt except for my car; she took the worst of it. The car I hit basically just had to pop the dent back out and it was like I hadn't made contact. Lucky badstards. There were a ton of similar accidents that day so everything got wrapped up pretty quick.
What was the last book you read?
It's been so long since I've completed one, mostly because everything these days sucks ass, so I don't remember what it was. The ones I'm currently reading however are The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey and Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
Do you like the smell of gasoline? Clean, quality gasoline? Yes. Dirty low quality gasoline? No.
What was the last movie you saw?
Galaxy Quest (1999)
Do you have any obsessions right now? Not really, no. I mean, technically all things Bioware and my pony, but those are more of a glowering embers kind of love. Not the raging wildfire kind that overtakes the mind and turns you into a fanatic
Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?
Eeeehhhhhh, yes and no. Like I won't actively hate you cause why tf would I waste the energy, so it's whatever, but I will also always keep you at arm's length so idk
Are you in a relationship? No, nor do I want to be. I'm enjoying just being on my own and allowing myself to grow as a person. I don't do relationships just for the sake of being in one, or because of this ridiculous notion people seem to have that you aren't complete/a whole person without a significant other. I'm only interested in end-game, and I'm not ready to be open for that right now ✌
Bonus: What's an annoying/bad habit that you have? Talking the shit out of everything. And I swear. A lot. More in my head than out loud, though.
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wannaonestars · 4 years ago
the little mermaid au! ong seongwoo
the following scenario is based on the traditional storyline. please keep note that there are many different versions of the story, and not just the disney one.
ok so you’re the mermaid/merman (your preference) who adores humans bc like it’s so cool they have legs?? the idea of having legs and being on land just FASCINATES you and you’re sneaking around the shores to watch humans
and one day you’re just swimming on the surface and saying hi to the cute seagulls when you notice the sky turning dark and the clouds getting shady so like it was basically time to go
but just then you notice a ship floating like nowhere cLOSE to the shore
even though mermaids were always called a myth and you’d get chewed out if anyone saw ur tail you’re like…I need to save them >:((
and so you swim over to save the poor souls when suddenly rain just started POURING and the winds picked up out of nowhere and then you saw a body fall into the sea
you’re like oh shIT and suddenly accelerated in water to save the poor soul
you eventually find him and you get rly alarmed bc he isn’t struggling or anything he’s just kinda lifelessly sinking
you grab him and basically turn into an underwater jet bc you’d never swam so fast no not even when your mermaid mom told you dinner was ready
getting him to shore was so difficult because 1) the human was heavy and 2) you had no legs so you had to crawl to get far enough onto land
the dude (seongwoo if y’all didn’t realize yet) still wasn’t moving and you were panicking like??? he shouldn’t be dead yet
you do the mermaid version of cpr which was to….press your lips against his to suck all the seawater out of him
a minute later you start getting dizzy because you’re getting too dry so you had to crawl back into the sea…and you proceed to go back home but you just…couldn’t get that man out of your head….
meanwhile a princess from a different country visiting seongwoo’s found him collapsed on the beach and shook him awake and seongwoo’s like…what happened??
let’s call the princess rika like that snake from mystic messenger
rika told him that she “”saved”” him from drowning and he’s like…oh and that’s what she ends up telling the his father aka the KING and rumors spread around the palace like crazy like everyone was like damn they probably gonna get married now
meanwhile on yOUR END you were swimming towards the sea witch’s domain to ask for a pair of legs because after being on land and feeling the frustrations of being unable to stay for too long you REALLY wanted to become a human
the sea witch asks for your voice in exchange which was…a huge price
your singing is like the only thing that anyone’s ever praised you for so giving it up would be the same as tossing away half of your identity but…u know what, in the human world no one’s gonna know u anyway  
so she casts a spell and gives you the legs u wanted and then shoots u out of the sea
after you get to shore and struggle to get the hang of walking for like 7 hours you pick up some rags to cover yourself bc that stupid witch didn’t give u any clothes
you just want to explore the village and ur getting looks bc wtf ur wearing some dirty rags with sand all over and wobbling like jello but u don’t rly care
suddenly you find a boy aka sEONGWOO in a quiet part of the area just…dancing and you were like!!! oh my gOD that’s amazing how can his legs and arms move like that…
and without thinking you start…singing a melody to go along with his movements and seongwoo snaps his head around and is like??? holy moly what but a split second later he breaks out into this wide grin and just keeps dancing and going along to your wordless song with a contemporary style
you’re a little weirded out urself bc weren’t u supposed to lose your voice??
the witch from her chamber: SHIT I FUCKED THE SPELL UP
anyways ur like lol whatever my win and when u end your song seongwoo approaches you and is like…hey, who are you?
let’s pause for a second and imagine seongwoo with a long sleeved white collared shirt with the first few buttons not buttoned and like windswept black hair
anyways ur like holy triton he’s hot and you tell him your name and he starts questioning where u live and stuff and why you’re dressed like this and when you’re unable to give him a proper answer he’s like…hey do you wanna come with me? bc he figures that you might be an abandoned child
he smiles that prINCELY smile of his and says “you sing really well. i’d love to have a performance with you again.”
and then he calls his horse over to give you a ride back to the palace
listen…if u thought seongwoo driving a car was good pls imagine prince seongwoo riding a horse
when you guys get to the palace rika dASHES towards seongwoo and swallows him into a hug and you’re both like?????
rika: bABE!!! father agreed to our marriage!!!!!!!!!
seongwoo: what
rika: it’s in two months!!!!!!!!!
seongwoo: wHAT
he’s so confused because his father literally nEVER discussed this with him and then a few seconds later when he finally understood the situation he immediately pushes rika off and sprints to his father’s study to argue
seongwoo: father?? why am I suddenly hearing news of marriage????
father: well, she did save you from drowning
seongwoo: I doubt it wtf her clothes weren’t even WET…like the most she could’ve done was shake me awake dad
father: ridiculous. I believe her claims like i’ve known her for three dayS seongwoo that’s enough for me to be able to tell that she’s an angel >:0. you’re already a young adult my son you need to find a partner soon so unless you can find a better option than rika then this marriage is gonna continue.
ten minutes later seongwoo comes out upset and annoyed and without saying anything else he just leaves for his room
you follow him bc like :((( poor bab. his door wasn’t locked so you just enter and ask if he’s okay
seongwoo smiles a little and just says “yeah…” but you knew he wasn’t
you: hey…it’s okay to talk to me about it
and tbh??? you’re literally the first person who’s ever shown any hint of genuine care for him without any motives…all seongwoo remembered from his childhood was getting spoiled silly because no one dared to get on the king’s bad side
and he tells you how he’s frustrated with all these decisions getting made for him and that he has absolutely no interest in an arranged marriage with someone who he doesn’t even know and for a whole half of hour he kinda just spills to you his entire childhood and the little things that he had been annoyed with but never had anyone to tell
and then he just exhales bc like that was sO much that he just dumped on you…and this is the point in which seongwoo unconsciously develops a special bond with you
and then he lets out a little laugh and ruffles your hair and is like lol sorry…let’s get you some decent clothes to try on ok? and he calls some maids over to get ur shit together
while changing into these weird (BUT EXTREMELY PRETTY) new clothes you realize that he was the boy you saved…but who would believe you?? you couldn’t be like hey guess what i’m the mermaid who saved u but i became a human last night
like the ppl here seem stupid but not that stupid
when you meet seongwoo again at the balcony with your combed hair and pretty clothes seongwoo was like oh my god…..they look gorgeous
he didnt say that tho like this is still ong mcongity the ongth ongster seongwoo
so he just winks and said “you’re gorgeous but….well, now ur next to me buddy ;)”
you shove him a lil and he laughs and then he asks u if you could sing for him again
and he just dances to your music all night long with an expression of pure bliss and at some point he grabs your hands and makes you dance with him hehe
cue ur dumb mermaid butt falling and tripping like 99 times but seongwoo enjoys it so much that he just laughs and pretends to fall with you
the next few days is just you and seongwoo singing and dancing like whenever y'all pass by each other in the hallways he makes the uGLIEST expression and just moves his arms and legs like an octopus and that always makes you giggle so hard bc that actually reminds u of ur octopus friends fredrick and joseph back at sea
he didn’t give a flying flick about wedding preparations and always avoided talking about it by grabbing you and fleeing to the town square to perform in front of whoever wanted to watch
rika always got livid whenever she hears that both the prince and u disappeared and would stay up as late as she could to “talk about it with her future husband” but u know what seongwoo doesn’t give a flying flick about her either so it’s just “yeah yeah” before he leaves again
you two get so much recognition and love from the townspeople they’re adore the performances so much and just get drawn to y’all like they’re in a trance
it’s so much fun!! some people even joke that u two are perfect for each other lmao
seongwoo: folds his ears to hide the blushing red tips
and then it gets to the point where!!! the king!!!!! asks you two to perform for the visiting countries!!!!!!!!!
it’s such an honor but honestly you feel so pressured bc like what if your voice cracks???? but seongwoo notices your nervousness quickly and so he walks over and grabs your hands and squeezes them and just says
“i believe in you.”
and your heart just MELTS bc…seongwoo had the softest and most gentle look on his face when he said that
“i really, truly, absolutely, definitely, totally—”
“stop,,,,right there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” like dammit seongwoo DONT RUIN THE MOMENT
and then he takes your hand in a much more elegant manner and leads you onto the dance floor…where the two of you perform with every fiber of your being
once your song and his dance and the thunderous applause ends seongwoo turns to you with this grin that stretches across from one end of his face to the other and u rly can’t resist smiling back as widely as he is
a short while later you two are at the balcony again laughing about stuff when suddenly seongwoo goes “you know…I really wish that this could go on forever…like, just you and i dancing and singing together until my bones break”
you don’t know what to say to that bc his expression is so serious like he doesn’t look like the usual joking dude who eats ur slice of pizza when ur not looking
and suddenly u feel seongwoo leaning closer to you….like his face is INCHES away from yours and u can feel his breath on your skin…….
“if you agree to it…i can ask my father to stop the wedding so that….you and i can be together instead…”
you’re like sweating right now bc??? what is he saying???? and for a few seconds you can’t tell whether that loud thumping sound was coming from your chest or his
“you’re the first person who i’ve been able to confide in and talk to…I don’t care what your background is, I—actually, what am I saying haha this is embarrassing, never mind—”
his eyes pop wide open and he’s like??? what?????
you make this embarrassed lil smile and just go,,, “i’m willing to spend the rest of my life with you, ong seongwoo.”
seongwoo’s entire body just flares up and this burst of joy EXPLODES within him and he’s absolutely unable to contain it so he suddenly pulls you into a bear hug and spins you around and around
and he’s laughing like…after over twenty years of being treated like a he could never be a normal person and enduring the fake kindness being thrown at him for self benefit he finally found happiness and it’s honestly the BEST feeling that he’s ever experienced
and you’re laughing while in his arms but the you suddenly say “"hey…but what if i’m a mermaid?”
he almost drops u like wHAT
but then a second later his wits take over bc hey he’s ong mcongity the ongth ongster seongwoo
and he makes this playful grin and is like “it was my childhood dream to marry a mermaid”
this is probs gonna be like the longest scenario I ever write… anyways, thank for reading this far LOL I hope you liked it!! this is probably 100 times more cliche and stupid than it already was in my head but lmfao i’ve always kinda wanted to put twists in original fairy tales. maybe i’ll do this for other members? idk, we’ll see how much inspiration I can get ٩( ᐛ )و 
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katelinartjoker · a year ago
You know I've been thinking about a lot of stuff in my life, and kind of trying to analyze the things that have gone wrong and what has happened (either by my own choices and actions, the ways other people have acted in my life, how I've reacted to the environment around me and then how my reactions created a cycle of cause and effect) and I think a lot of it really stems from not only just my adoption, but how it was carried out and then how, as I got older, my behavior became increasingly chaotic. Early on I became very defiant and argumentative against any authority figure, like the teachers at school, and especially my parents.
Tumblr media
But it was dismissed as me just being "emotionally unstable" or difficult, my anger and frustration was seen as just an angsty teen refusing to do what she was told and then misbehaving just for the sake of causing trouble.
But they never looked underneath. Not really. Except to say that I probably had ADHD, behavioral problems, and eventually would end up diagnosing me with Attention Deficit Disorder, depression, anxiety, and bi-polar. Oh, and insomnia.
(But even that could possibly be the subconscious fear of not wanting to fall asleep while I'm alone?)
But they never even really brought up the idea that it might be attachment disorder. Even though we would tell them that I was adopted.
Maybe because I was actually able to form connections with my family? At least, for the most part?
Tumblr media
But even then, I've always been known to kind of just "go off and do my own thing" or "stay in my room" a lot. I tend to "zone-out" rather often and easily during conversations, into my own thoughts/imagination.
There will even be times when I forget what I'm saying mid sentence.
-- also times where I’ll be with a group of friends or family, and I’ll be enjoying myself and being around the people I love, but then all the sudden I just get a strange feeling where I like... dissociate or something. I kind of feel like my body freezes up, and I get locked inside my mind. I’ll just stare at something at a distance and let my vision get blurry, and almost feel like I’m separated from reality.
Tumblr media
Not, completely, of course because I know that I’m still part of this world and I have to abide by its laws and physics.
So I’m not saying that when I have this sensation of “losing touch with reality” that I feel like I could go jump off a building and be able to fly, or that I’d have superhuman strength or be immune to any kind of damage or illness.
But... there are a lot of things in this world that make me not want to deal with daily human existence. A lot of things that have been bothering me for a long time that I’ve never really talked in detail about, that I think have really affected my mental health and general state of being. Lots of events from my past that people either don’t know about, don’t know how/don’t want to help me with, tell me to just learn to get over it, or charge too much in order to be willing to help me get over it.
Tumblr media
Idk. I feel like it’s a story worth sharing though. Even if no one learns anything from the high multitude of mistakes I’ve made in my life, at least they would get some entertainment value in the sheer amount of ridiculousness lmao.
I’ve kind of been working on writing out as many important events from my life that I can remember. Especially ones that I think might have meaning/impact on who I am now.
Tumblr media
I want to get enough of it put together and then see if I could get someone interested in working with me on a documentary, or a docuseries, or even a series that’s fictional but highly based off of events from either my life, or other people’s lives that I’ve known.
Cuz I’ve got a shit ton of content just from me alone, and then what would be cool is to open it up to other “characters” that could be representations of some of the people in my life.
Tumblr media
I’ve always been good at drawing characters and even taking inspiration from other characters from shows or movies I love.
But when I try to “make up” a character’s personality and history from scratch, I have no idea where to start.
Yet, when I see certain people or interact with them, I get inspired by their personalities and their behavior, and what makes them happy.
What makes them who they are.
So maybe I just need to start looking for inspiration from my life, and other people in it to create my little sitcom or dramatic comedy.
Of course, I’d never make any one character so identical to someone else that it made it completely obvious.
I don’t want people to hate me for my interpretations on life hahaha 😂
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sunshyngal · 4 years ago
The Perfect Husband ( Jung Kook / OC)
Genre : Romance/ Drama/Violence
Rating : 19+ ( all the eleven year olds reading this, honestly stop :’( i don’t want your corruption on my conscience ) 
WARNING : This is literally every fanfic ever written. LMAO. Honestly, it’s so cliche, you’ll probabaly cringe through it. But I wanted to indulge my own love for TSundere , violent Jung kook )
WArnings : Abusive relationship. ( the hero IS VIOLENT WITH THE oc   but domestic violence is a serious issue so if an abusive hero triggers you, STAY AWAY. ) 
Pairing : Jung Kook/ OC 
Chapter 1
"Blue. I like Blue."
Mrs. Jeon stared at me , condescending judgment written all over her perfect face and I shifted nervously.
Just a minute ago she had asked me what I thought about possible color schemes for my wedding to her son.
I'd answered the question honestly but apparently, honesty wasn't always the right answer. My mother , next to me in her brand new ruby red dress which had cost a whopping 5000 dollars, elbowed me sharply in the ribs. I had no idea what to do or say anymore. After a day of shopping with my prospective mother-in-law, the richest woman in the country and my mother, the most pretentious woman in the country, I'd lost all hold on reality and myself. I wanted to peel off the green georgette dress I was stuffed into , slip on my favorite worn t-shirt and shorts and just curl into a corner and sob.
"That's... interesting." Her eye twitched ." I was thinking something more classy." Mrs. Jeon wrinkled her nose.
"How about champagne?" My mother simpered and I blinked. Were we talking about drinks now? When had the subject changed?
"Well, champagne colored fabric would stain very easily.... I suppose I'll have to discuss this with Kookie... " She sighed in long suffering and I grimaced. Good luck holding a decent conversation with that prick, I thought miserably, wanting to sink into the ground and never rise.
"You could ask him, Reumie...  You both share classes don't you?" My mother waggled her eyebrows and I floundered. If I went within five feet of Jeon Jung Kook, THE Jeon Jung Kook I'd be torn to bits, if not by the monster itself, than at least by the legion of fangirls who followed him like bitches in heat. I mean, okay the guy was good looking but the ridiculous extent to which they worshipped him was enough to make me blanche.
Which made the very prospect of me marrying him, something like a death sentence. I was going to die, there really was no question about it? Who cared if I wore blue or champagne on my wedding day? I'd be buried in black anyway.
"Do that then. And call me tomorrow. Without fail." Mrs. Jeon said firmly and I groaned. I'd never spoken to Jung Kook before. Not even once. He hung out in a completely different crowd in our college, the elite crowd. I mean, the more elite crowd seeing as my entire college was filled with rich kids. I wasn't an exception. My father had recently patented a bunch of stuff that had earned us a lot of money in a short time. So i was, what the kids in my college called, new money. And apparently, Jeon Inc., had taken notice of my father's suddenly booming business and where willing to invest , provided I married their son. It was simple really.
Mr. Jeon wanted my father's company to pass on to Jeon inc., after my father and since i was the only daughter, if I married Jeon, a merger would be inevitable. I didn't want to marry him but I didn't really know how to stop the dominoes crashing down around me. I'd protested verbally and my father had threatened to disown me. And while the thought of going out of my home, making it big as an artist, all by myself was very cool-sounding, I didn't really dislike my parents. I liked them, loved them even on somedays and i would never put them, and myself through that kind of emotional stress.
My parents had never been cruel. They treated me well, loved me in all ways and while my mom could be a bit over the top in her need to fit in with high class society wives with more money than sense, she was still a nice lady. Shallow but nice.
When we reached home after bidding Mrs. Jeon goodbye , I found my father sitting in his study. He smiled vacantly when he saw me.
"Reumie... How was your day?" He said blankly, returning to flip through his files. I bit my lips and went over to him.
"Father, can i still stay here at home, after I marry Jeon Jung kook." I said in a rush.
My father startled and frowned.
"Why on earth would you do that?" He shook his head , annoyed.
"Father, my college... i mean the people in my college , if they knew I was living with Jung Kook..." I begged.
"This isn't a private marriage , Reumie. It's a public affair. People are going to know... I've already bought a condo for both of you close to your college. In fact, here's the key, you should go check it out with Jung kook when you meet up with him. " He hesitated and stared at me. " Jung Kook is a bit introverted. You have to be the one to reach out to him, alright? Don't be your usual rude self and act nice. Have you met him for coffee?"
I stared in mute rebellion. I'd never spoken a single word to Jung Kook.
"I'.. I will." I said finally defeated.
"Your mother was telling me you were supposed to discuss the decoration color scheme with him as well. Go see the condo, get coffee, discuss about your wedding and go meet your mother in law tomorrow. Don't mess things up for me, understand?"
Apparently, no one was on my side. I couldn't put it off anymore. I would have to go talk to Jeon Jung Kook.
"Talk to him? Really? He'll bite your head off." My best friend Soyou grimaced glancing over at Jeon Jung Kook who had an arm wrapped around his latest flame. She was so tall she nearly went past Jung kook himself who was freakishly tall as it was. She was also unnaturally beautiful, i thought with a grimace. I couldn't quite understand the obsession with the perfect features that plagued all my classmates. Apparently, looking normal was a crime. They spent millions on their face tweaking every perceived flaw till all of them pretty much looked the same.
"I don't really have a choice." I said softly, glancing down at the keys to the condominium in my hand.
"Well you could at least wear something nice..." Soyou grimaced glaring at my choice of outfit. I spluttered in indignation. I was wearing a black men's shirt and skinny jeans. What could possibly be wrong with that?!
"Are you serious?" I rolled my eyes.
"Everyone knows Jungkook hates girl who wear shirts."
Why on earth would someone hate shirts??
"Honestly, I'm supposed to dress for him, now?" I said wrinkling my nose in distaste.
"If you're going to marry him, then yes." Soyou pointed out.
I frowned deeper.
"you're useless. Anyway, it's not like i can actually go buy a dress just to talk to him. My dad will kill me if i don’t talk to him today.” I swallowed a bit and casually glanced at Jung Kook who was standing a good fifteen feet away surrounded by his gang of friends. 
His gaze shifted right then to me and I flinched.
Jeon Jung Kook was beautiful. Well, in the way a man could be beautiful. He was tall, a good foot taller than me and he was lean and perfectly proportioned. Ebony black hair that was always perfectly styled , a face that was absolutely flawlessly proportionate and pearly white teeth. He fairly radiated beauty. It was almost unpleasantly blinding.
I looked away quickly and Soyou gave me a slight smile.
"Still, I'd say you should be careful. He's not exactly known for being nice." She grimaced. I supposed she was right. JungKook and his gang of surly seniors weren't the sort you'd want to mess with.
I hung back after class, my feet aching from how long I'd been standing here, waiting for my fiance to come out of the men's room. He'd disappeared into it a good thirty minutes earlier and I was starting to feel a little worried.
  Did he slip and fall and crack his head on the porcelain sink?
I should be so lucky.
Groaning, but with time running out, I finally gave up and slowly made my way to the carved door of the restroom. I opened it partially and peered in for any signs of life.
I yelped and tripped over my own two feet, the slightly slippery surface making me slide and hit my waist against the granite counter on the side. I stared in surprise when Jung Kook appeared in front, leering in a way that was anything but friendly.
"I was waiting for you... "  He glanced at my hair and then my clothes and then without warning reached out and gripped my chin in a bruising grip that drew a whimper out of me. I clawed at his wrist, trying to make him let go but he  didn't feel a thing. He was hurting me and I was too stunned to process why.
I flinched when he twisted my jaw to the side, seeming to examine my face from all angles.
"Button nose, thin lips, mousy brown hair and boring black eyes. If you're father's such a hotshot, shouldn't he be at least fixing your face before foisting you off on me?" He drawled . I shoved hard at his shoulders and he let go, looking surprised.
"You... " i couldn't form words. My jaw was throbbing so bad and the pain was surreal. No one had hurt me physically before.
"Me.." He mocked, " I'm not into ugly women. So go tell your parents you don't want to marry me." He growled. I just stared at him.
"You rude bastard..." His eyes flared at the insult but I was too enraged to care, " You think I want to marry you... I.."
He snarled and pushed me up against the wall, so hard my bones jarred inside me. I was so winded, i couldn't draw my next breath in.
"You think I'm Prince charming, sweetheart? You think I give a flying fuck about what you want? Newsflash, I don't give a shit what happens to you or your father ... But if you want to live, you'll stay the hell away from me..."
His hand slipped down and to my complete horror, he squeezed my breast so hard that my knees knocked together. His thumb pressed into the tip with painful force and my entire body twisted in violent protest.
"I'm not gentle, in bed or out of it... thin little thing like you...You'll break within an hour.... You don't want that do you??" He said , voice deep and angry and I felt my throat go dry. Good god, was this the same guy who walked around in perfectly pressed shirts and clean cut slacks and ties? Who acted like he was a model student, all perfect diction and grades and polite respect for elders. The so called heir to the biggest conglomerate in Asia.
"Get away from me..." I choked out, trying to wriggle out of his grip but his entire body was pinning me to the wall, his hips anchoring me in place like a millstone.
"I heard you're a virgin..." He grinned and I froze.
"Shut up..." I said not in any mood to listen to what he was about to say.
"Are you sure you want my cock inside you for your first time, babe? It'll hurt ...I won't be kind you know.... " He bit down on my neck and nausea rose up inside my throat like a snake rearing it's head. I wanted to vomit all over his face. I wish I did.
"You disgusting son of a bitch..." I ground out pummeling his shoulders, stunned by how physically sturdy he was. My blows had absolutely zero impact on his body.
"I don't care if you do marry me... It's not like I'll have to be faithful to you or anything anyway, but'd better be careful. I can be a little hard..." He ground his hips into my stomach and i felt my eyes widen when his erection pressed into me. " to get along with. "
Finally he drew away and I sank to the floor , my knees giving out and my jaw throbbing. I was going to have a bruise there, I knew.
"Still want to marry me , princess?" He sneered.
"Go to hell..." I managed to get out. He frowned , reaching out and gripping my wrist hard. 
"Thought so. Now run along like a good girl and tell your parents you want to call off the wedding."
He squatted down and before i could crawl away, his fingers sank into the hair at the back of my head and he yanked me up sharply, making my scalp burn . I whimpered , when he glared down at me, face inches from mine. I tried to dig my nails into his wrist but it was pointless. 
"If you end up being my wife, I don't know what I'll do to you..." He hissed and I stared because his eyes...they weren't dark like they looked but an odd color of navy grey. He let go of my hair and I crawled away till my back hit the wall. I'd never been so terrified in my life.
"If you don't stay away from me, I'll fuck you up. Don't say i didn't warn you!!"
With that he stalked out slamming the door shut behind him.
"I won't marry him!! They can drag me kicking and screaming to the altar but I won't!!"I sobbed while Soyou hugged me close as I rocked back and forth on the small cot in her bedroom. She tried to soothe me but my mind was stuck on a state of catatonic shock. The bruise on my chin was an ugly shade of purple and my waist hurt from where he'd gripped me so hard. I couldn't imagine anything worse than being stuck with him permanently. He was a monster.
"Babe, you know it's not that easy...?Maybe you should talk to him..."
"Talk?!" I said shrilly. " He said he'd rape me!! " I shrieked.
"Jesus, calm down..." Soyou hissed and I fought to get my breath back.
"I need your help. " I said desperately and Soyou looked stricken.
"there's a bus to Busan at 7.30PM tonight. I have relatives there. My grandparents, they'll ...i mean I could stay with them, in case my parents kick me out when they find out. But I've only got 25000 Won I need some more to get the ticket... You've got to help me..."
"You're running away ? Because of Jeon Jung Kook...That's ridiculous..." Soyou shook her head in disbelief and I groaned in defeat.
"Why won't anyone believe me? He's not the kind of guy he makes himself out to be...i don't... I can't marry him, Soyou he'll kill me." She was supposed to be my best friend. She usually believed, implicitly, anything i told her. But even she wouldn't accept that Jeon Jung Kook had hurt me.
"You're not even listening to yourself. He's just a rich guy from college. Not some sort of a gangster like you're making him out to be. Rape is a crime for heaven's sake. He's not going to do something criminal. He has a reputation to hold. In fact did it strike you that maybe he's just trying to get to you? You do know that the chick he's hanging out with is the daughter of one of your father's business rivals?" She said bluntly.
I froze.
"Jiah Lin. That's her name. Her father's been trying to get Jeon Inc., to invest for years now. It's entirely possible that he just wants his girlfriend's father to have a better chance. Maybe if you refuse he'll marry her and her father will get what's rightfully your father's..." Soyou said calmly.
I felt unaccountably foolish.
"You really think, that's it? He was just trying to scare me?" My throbbing chin said otherwise.
"He's shady enough to do that... " She shrugged and i fell back against the bed, thoroughly confused. What was wrong with my life? One part of me absolutely boiled in anger at the way he had treated me. The other more rational part accepted that he was stronger, richer and he had the upper hand. Both parts agreed wholeheartedly that i should stay the hell away from him. But Soyou was right. My father had worked way too hard to reach the position he was in now. He needed and deserved that investment. This deal was important to him, something he had really earned with years of hard work.
"So, I should marry him...?" I said confused. It was still a distasteful thought. Even if the whole violent thing was an act, there was no denying that Jung kook was a horrible guy to get along with.
"you should definitely talk to him. Tell him you know his game. Maybe he'll own up.  Admit it. Then you can decide what to do."
I almost screamed when I saw Jung kook the next day, leaning against my locker looking like he'd stepped out of some expensive business magazine. I hesitated, debating the pros and cons of walking up to him right now. Finally, I sighed and made my way over , gripping the book in my hand. I would honest to god, whack him with it if he touched me, I told myself.
"Hi...bitch." He said with a sneer and i went stiff. I hated people who used profanities like that.
"Bastard." I shot back and he grinned.
"So feisty. I'd love to break you in properly. In fact, I was thinking, even if we didn't get married, you could definitely use some schooling on how to treat your betters." He drawled.
"My betters? Don't see any, right now..." I shrugged and his eyes narrowed a fraction.
"What's your deal? Do you like getting hit? Why're you baiting me?" He snapped .
I glared.
"I know what you're doing... My father deserves the investment and i won't let you scare me away." I said furiously .
He looked confused for a second and I faltered.
"What the fuck are you on about?" He said looking confused and the look of confusion on his face was too real to be feigned. I felt foreboding rise inside me.
"You want to marry that girlfriend of yours... So you're trying to make me break up with you. Well , I won't... I'm not scared of you..."
He hesitated.
"I have no idea what you're talking about but that last bit is really interesting.. You're not  afraid of me?" He raised an eyebrow and pushed away from the locker. I blinked when he rolled his shoulders and flexed his arms, stretching lightly till his shirt rod up his hips, flashing a sliver of pale white skin.
"You really should be sweetheart. I won't be crossing any lines with you because as far as I'm concerned, there are no lines. Anything goes.... Does that really not scare you??"
He was coming closer and closer and I took a step back.
Run, every instinct inside me screamed.
"I... I'm leaving..." I stuttered out, turning tail and dashing away.
I barely made it a few steps when his arm came around my waist, lifting me clear off the ground as he dragged me back. I started screaming just a second too late. His palm pressed into my mouth, the metal rings around his fingers digging into the flesh of my lips and jaw as he dragged me around the lockers to the abandoned classrooms on the other side. My eyes went wide and my heart nearly gave out.
I tried to bite down on his hand and kicked out wildly but he was so much taller, so much stronger and the grip on my waist was so tight that my stomach felt like it was being ripped apart.
"Look at you... You're absolutely fearless aren't you? It's so bloody infuriating  , seeing you running that pretty little mouth back at me even when I'm twisting and bending you as I wish... It's like you want me to hurt you... is that it babe? Do you get off on me tossing you around?? Does it turn you on, me manhandling you like this??  " He panted and the tears stung , part from anger, part fear and partly from pure agony.
Why the hell was this guy so strong? I kicked out harder but my legs barely hit the floor . He shouldered the door of the classroom open with enough force to send the peeled plywood door rocking against the opposite wall. The brute strength in his movements only terrified me more.
Damn you Soyou!!
He tossed me to the floor roughly and I crawled away on all fours, choking on air as I tried to swallow.
"Get away from me..." I could feel my knees burning with stinging pain. . I glanced down. The floor had apparently been covered by shattered glass shards. Cursing my luck I tried to scramble to my feet only to loose my footing and land hard on my bottom. He looked amused as he stalked over to me.
"Since you're already on your knees, why not show me how good you are with that mouth? Surely, that tongue should be good at something other than riling me up ?? Oppa, could use some loving right now, jagi...." He raised an eyebrow and began removing his belt. 
Bile rose inside me in a rush and I whimpered, moving to get away again and he grabbed me tighter, pushing me up against the wall again before yanking both my wrists together and tying them with his belt . He was tying me up. He was actually tying me up!!
I screamed so loud that my head began to ache and Jung kook swore.
“Shut the fuck up or i’m going to stuff my tie in your mouth!” He gritted out and the violent imagery made me freeze. He knelt over me, straddling my waist and I started shaking as he reached for the first button of my shirt. 
The door to the clasroom slammed open, hitting the wall and startling both of us. 
"Jeon Jung Kook, what the hell are you doing, you idiot??!!"
The loud voice made him pause and I peered over his broad shoulders. I caught sight of an unfamiliar guy with blonde hair, a look of bored distaste on his face.
"Oh, hi Yoongi hyung. Just having a little fun with my little wife." He called out cheerfully and I stared at him in disbelief. His fingers were still half way unbuttoning my shirt. 
He wasn't just dangerous, he was a psychopath.
Thankfully , this Yoongi had some sense.
When he took one look at me , pinned to the wall with my arms twisted unnaturally ,he swore angrily and dragged Jung kook off me. No mean feat that. The other was so much more slender and shorter.
But Jung Kook moved away with a grunt and Yoongi stared at me in curiosity.
"Why the hell would you come here with this son of a bitch? He's not known for treating women right...  " He shook his head in disbelief and I bristled while the obviously older guy loosened the knot around my wrists.
"He dragged me here..." I glared and Jung Kook shrugged.
"She's my wife hyung. The gift wrapped present my parents got me for christmas.I told her to go break up the engagement if she wants to live but apparently she has no self preservation at all. She actually came back looking for me. It's like she can't get enough....  " He leered. I yanked my hand away and pushed Min Yoongi away when he reached for me. He held both his hands up .
"Easy...I'm not trying to hurt you....  What on earth are you doing here by yourself, kid? Get out.." He said with a shake of his head.
I really didn't need to be told twice.
"I'll be coming for dinner tonight. Your parents better tell me they want the engagement broken or I'm coming after you..." Jung Kook snarled the moment I reached the door.
It took me a good hour to calm myself down.
"Mother, you don't understand..." I pleaded but my mother gave my long hair a yank, trying to get me to stay still while she plaited the strands into some sort of a side plait. It looked ridiculous on me, or so I felt. I wasn't thin and the dress she'd squeezed me caused me to spill out of all the wrong places.
"If he wants to call off the engagement then fine, i won't blame you for it. But we're doing no such thing." My mother said firmly after listening to my account of what happened with growing disbelief. Apparently a 'nice guy' like Jeon Jung kook would never treat women like that and I should ' stop making filthy lies ' just to get out of the marriage.
"But he hurt me..." I wanted to scream the place down but apparently nothing would convince my parents.
When the doorbell rang my soul actually left me for a second.
Hands clenched into fists , I gritted my teeth and stepped into the huge hallway , noting absently that my mom had the house cleaned to a sparkle. When I looked at Jeon Jung kook I momentarily stumbled.
He looked flawless.
Tall, strapping, dressed in perfectly tailored suit with the jacket left open, his shirt a deep purple silky and soft even by sight. His hair was styled to perfection and his long, long lashes made it look like he's lined his eyes with kohl. Twin piercing glittered on his ears and his lips curved in a breathtaking smile, directed at my mother. When he turned to me his eyes narrowed and then widened.
"Jagi..." He purred and i went perfectly still.
What the-
He stepped right up to me and pulled me into a hug and I froze in surprise, the warmth of his body permeating through my dress and setting me on fire. There was no strength behind his hug, just a warm pressure , overflowing with affection and if i didn't know for a fact that he'd dragged me by my hair less than four hours ago , I may have melted into the embrace.
He pulled back and to my complete horror, his palms went to my face, thumb lightly tracing the fading bruise on my chin.The one he'd put there when I'd first met him.
"Oh, what's this...did you hit yourself somewhere??  you should be careful , aegiya...." He shook his head before bending low and actually dropping a kiss on the corner of my mouth. My tongue refused to come unglued from the roof of my mouth. I thought i'd never speak again, my voice completely shocked out of me.
"What do you think you're doing?" I hissed under my breath.
"Being the perfect husband..." HE said, voice husky as he lightly flicked my lower lip.
I bit my lip so hard i almost drew blood.
Dinner was torture.
I was sitting next to him and about half way through, his hand dropped to my knee underneath the table. I couldn't chew the food in my mouth, fear and apprehension building up so fast inside me that I was sure my heart was going to give out. It was clear that he wanted me to mess up. Do something that he could later use against me. He was actually succeeding because i was this close to chucking the glass of wine on his face. But i didn't. I would be the bad guy then and he would likely deny everything and my parents would murder me.
So I clenched my fists and tried to endure.
And then he lightly yanked my dress, till the fabric kept going up and up , past my thigh while I futilely tried to yank the fabric back down, without tearing it.
"Reumie.... what are you doing?" My mother hissed from across the table and I sighed in defeat, taking my hands off my legs. Never put your hands below the table had been my mother's most strict rule and she looked like she was going to explode.
For a few minutes, Jung kook didn't do anything, just let his fingers lie curved around my thighs. I could feel my skin burning up at the unfamiliar touch of male fingers. Just when I started to discreetly pull my leg away, his grip tightened, in a way that made pain shoot right up my muscles. I realized suddenly that he was way too strong for me to fight physically. And if he had a shred of decency he wouldn't use brute strength against a girl, but clearly, decency and Jeon Jung Kook did not belong in the same language.
"Don't move." He said firmly and I gave him a desperate look.
"Don't do this..." I begged , pride long gone. I just wanted him to leave me alone.
But his fingers slipped up my dress, thumb tracing circles on my inner thigh and then without any warning his fingers caught the hem of my panties and tugged it down.
I stood up so fast, I knocked the glass of wine in front of me , the red liquid, staining the snow white table cloth and the peach colored fabric of my dress in one long splash. I stumbled away quickly.
"Excuse me... " I choked out and my mother looked beyond stunned. i didn't wait for her to scream at me, instead turned around and fled right out of the dining hall, up two flights of stairs before stopping in front of my room.
What the hell had i got myself into? And how do I make it stop??
I'd barely managed to close the door behind me  and step in when a polished boot came through the little space, stopping me.
Jung Kook pushed his way into my room and i yelped.
"What the hell do you think you're doing...." I shouted but his palm came down on my mouth, pressing hard and pushing me back till I tripped over the carpet and fell into the bed. HE chased right after, crawling over till he was straddling my hips, glaring at me angrily.
"Didn't you tell your parents you want the wedding called off...??" He snarled and I pushed his palm away from my mouth.
"If you want it called off , why on earth are you acting like you like me ... You're a psycho.." I panted while he rolled his hips against mine, the movement oddly jarring.He had insane control on his body, able to move specific parts of his hips and legs in any way he wanted. It was frightening.
"It looks like you don't mind being married to me... Are you some kind of a masochist?" He drawled, trying to still my thrashing body with firm fingers at my waist.
"They aren't listening...Get off me you monster!! "
He flattened himself on my body and I started suffocating. He was too heavy and my bones were getting crushed, my lungs screaming in agony as they struggled to draw in air against the weight on my chest. I gasped and he mercifully lifted his upper body off my chest , hips and legs still pinning me down while i gulped down some much needed oxygen.
"Your hair is so fucking long....Get it cut..." He snapped reaching out and giving my plait a yank.  
I glared in disbelief.
"It's my hair... You do not get a say in how long it can be..." I spat out angrily and he stiffened.
" You're going to be my wife. Your hair makes you look like a country bumpkin... Get it cut short and styled properly. " He said , finally lifting himself away from me. I crawled to my knees and glared at him. My hair was my favorite part of my body. I loved it. I enjoyed keeping it long no matter how often my mom asked me to have it cut. it was my one true act of rebellion against a society that called me  too smart, too boyish and too stubborn.
I'd be damned if i let him take it away from me.
"If you think I'll jump through hoops, just because you ask me to... you're out of your mind. I'm not one of your brain dead whores..." I snapped.
He went scarily still.
"What did you say to me?"
I willed myself not to balk at the look on his face.
"You heard me..."
"You think... You have a choice? You think i won't make  you jump through hoops, if that's what I want....??" He whispered , glaring daggers into me as he took a menacing step towards me. And then before I even knew what he was doing He reached for something in his boot and yanked it off.
I saw a brief flash of metal before his fingers gripped my waist length plait and yanked it so sharply that I lost my footing and slid right off the bed. A second later the pressure eased and he stepped away, holding about a foot length of my hair.
It took me two seconds to realize that he'd actually chopped my hair off. I let out a shriek of disbelief, grabbing my head, stunned to see that my hair barely fell past my ears now. My entire body began shaking in rage and disbelief.
"You son of a bitch..." I whispered, unable to move.
Angry tears spilled over my eyes while he stepped closer, threading fingers through my messy hair , yanking it a little gently.
"Don't cry.... I hate women who cry..." He said softly, and then he pushed my chin up. " If we are getting married. And something tells me we are...I'd rather you don't fight me so much. Everytime you talk back to me , I want to bend and break you..." He whispered.
I stayed perfectly still, not trusting my own voice. What he'd done had crossed all possible lines . I would never forgive him. Never.
"Get your hair styled. And don't ever tell me I can't do something. "
The door slammed shut behind him.
Author’s Note : As you can guess, i need psychiatric help. Welp. Sorry for your brains. I really am. Let me know what you thought. Okbye. 
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eldritchsurveys · a year ago
1) If you had to make a six hour cross-country journey, would you rather take the train, fly or drive? How come? >> I wish you could cross this country in six hours, lmao. But also, six hours by train isn’t the same distance as six hours by plane, so I’m still not sure how to answer this... 2) How long do your earphones tend to last before the connection goes and you have to replace them? >> A pretty long time. At least a year, if they’re the usual mid-price headphones I get. But also now I get Bluetooth headphones, so the lack of wire means they usually last even longer. (Back in the day I used to always get these Sennheisers that they sold at Virgin Megastore, and the wire was like six feet long or something ridiculous like that and it would snag on everything. Luckily it could be unplugged from either end so it would just pull itself out instead of breaking, or else I’d probably have had to replace those like every two months.) 3) If you could dye your hair any colour in the world, assuming it would look perfect with your colouring, what would you pick and why? >> I’d just like to have the silver hair I deserve. Luckily, nature will probably provide that within the next 15 or so years. 4) Are you a fan of musicals? If you are, what ones have you seen live and which ones would you like to see? >> Yes. The only one I’ve ever gotten to see live is Phantom of the Opera (because I didn’t pay for it). I’d love to see more in the future, there are just so many I’m interested in. 5) If money was no object, and you could go on a two-week vacation with one other person, who would you take, where would you go and what would you get upto? >> I mean, Sparrow, obviously. Morocco is the trip we’ve considered that would probably be the most expensive, so I’ll pick that one.
6) Are you someone who needs to have time alone? >> Absolutely. Quarantine leave is about to kick my ass. 7) What’s your opinion on couples who do literally everything together? Are you like that, or is that like one of your worst nightmares? >> I have no opinion on it. I would hate to be in that kind of [outworld] relationship because I need to have space and things that belong only to me, but that’s me. Obviously other people have varying needs. I would hope that others find the people that suit their needs. 8) Have you ever had to give up something you were addicted to? Did you actually succeed? >> I don’t think I’ve ever been addicted to anything. There are definitely habitual behaviours I’ve had to give up, but that’s not nearly as dramatic as having to give up an addiction. 9) Does your favourite food vary depending on your mood or on the time of year or anything? >> I mean, probably. I’ve never really kept track, but that seems logical for me.  10) Do you know anyone whose views/opinions are the complete opposite of yours? Do you find it hard to get on with them as a result, or can you generally ignore it and find something else to talk about? >> I don’t think I know anyone personally who has a completely opposite worldview from me. Obviously everyone I know has some variety of opinion on different things, but it’s not a complete opposite kind of situation. I’m not even sure how I would interact with someone whose every opinion and worldview was completely opposite from mine, or whether we’d even get along. I mean, some of this stuff is really fundamental to how I interact with people, after all. 11) Have you ever had to work (or study) with someone that you really didn’t get along with? How did you deal with it (ignoring them, being nice, etc.)? >> I mean, probably in high school or whatever. I don’t know. 12) Have you ever had any problems with your wisdom teeth, or have they been taken out already? >> No. 13) Which one of your senses would you miss the most if you lost it? >> All of them, dude. I would miss any of my senses terribly if I lost them, and that’s that. 14) Do you ever listen to CDs anymore? >> Nope. 15) What’s your favourite type of fast food? Is it something you eat a lot or do you try and limit it? >> Burgers and fries, the standard. I don’t eat it a lot, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it when I do, either. 16) Do you find your mood changes when you’re hungry or tired? Does eating or sleeping automatically cure your of a bad mood? >> Abso-fucking-lutely. My mood tanks instantly if I’m hungry or tired. I can tell because I definitely even out once I’ve eaten or slept (or if it’s just mental exhaustion, if I just veg out in my room for a while). It’s my first test when I’m in a bad mood for seemingly no reason -- do I need food or rest? If those two things are taken care of and the mood is still shitty, then I know for sure some other shit is going on. 17) When you see cute animals, do you just wanna pick them up and cuddle them or fuss them? >> Not necessarily. Most of the time I just like looking at them and watching them be cute. Animal videos are perfect. 18) What’s the stupidest fight you’ve ever gotten into? Did you make up with that person or did you end up losing them over it? >> I’d wager that 95% of the fights I’ve gotten into were fucking stupid, honestly. 19) Do you find yourself using people as footrests and pillows if you’re sat next to them? >> No. 20) Have you ever gotten really bad travel sickness? Has this put you off travelling or going by certain modes of transport in case it happens again? >> I’ve never gotten bad travel sickness, no. 21) What’s your opinion on prostitution? Should it be legal and regulated, or is it something that needs to be gotten rid of completely? >> The existence of prostitution and prostitutes on their own doesn’t bother me. The state of the sex work industry, however, is a different story. I think that the fact that it’s both criminalised and heavily stigmatised really contributes to some of the fucked-up shit that happens, like sex trafficking and so on. I’m definitely not saying that I have the solution, though, because I really the fuck don’t. 22) If it was a case of prostitution or being evicted from your home, which option would you pick (assuming you’d tried everything else to make money first)? >> I mean, I’ve been homeless before. I’ll always find a way that doesn’t involve prostitution. (While it’s definitely a viable option for many, it is decidedly not for me. Not unless I want to retraumatise myself on a bunch of different levels...) 23) What would go into your ideal sandwich? Do you eat that often or is a treat for you? >> I don’t want to think about the logistics of an ideal sandwich right now. 24) In general do you prefer modern art or more traditional art? Or do you really not care? >> I don’t have a real preference, I just like whatever I like. 25) If you want (or don’t want) kids, is this something you’ve always known or have you changed your mind as you’ve grown up? >> I’ve known it for a long time. I’ve given child-raising serious consideration in the past few years since this is the one time in my life where I could see it being a consideration worth making, but ultimately I just don’t think it’s for me. 26) Do you believe “once a criminal, always a criminal” or do you think that people can really change and become better? >> I mean, obviously people can stop being criminals. Especially, you know, with adequate social and financial support... which this country has a real hard time giving to ex-convicts... while wondering why the recidivism rate is so high......... (it must be because they just loooooove crime!) 27) Have you ever read a quote or a poem and really connected with it? >> Well, sure, absolutely. 28) What’s something that really puts you off a person (bad hygiene, whatever)? Are you willing to look past that in order to get to know them properly? >> Just rampant bigotry and stuff like that. No, I’m not willing to look past it. There’s so many non-bigots in the world I can be getting to know instead. 29) Are you into piercings and tattoos? If not, do you judge people who are, and vice versa? >> I am into piercings and tattoos. No, I don’t care what other people are into. 30) What’s your opinion on places like Seaworld? Do you think keeping whales and dolphins in such small enclosures is cruel or a necessary evil? >> I don’t know enough about marine biology or the conditions at Seaworld or anything related to have an opinion.
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sunflowerstationary · 4 years ago
My Dear Toni,
Its fine, you replied faster than I did
If you want, I can peruse RIT’s free and for sale for a cheap recliner so you can sprawl on it? We’ve gotten a couple things through it and we haven’t had any problems. Actually, kevin’s sister got a recliner through the page so. I really want mom to just pick up a cheap couch to replace at least one of the couches at home. She doesn’t want to get anything new because the cats might tear it up but we don’t have to get anything NEW we just need something I can sit on!
Kevin’s working till december I think? I’m not actually sure tbh. I wish we could move out. I love living with him. Though Its weird, I’ve always assumed when I first moved out I would get to live with you and the fact that that will never happen with Kevin around is… disappointing.
I do NOT ever want to live with strangers. I am very glad i have not had to thus far. I’m not observant enough, or careful enough. I really don’t think I could do it. I would hate every moment of it.
And its totally fair, I remember very clearly having to fight video games for tyler’s attention constantly. I remember it was one of the big things that made me insecure and led to me drawing away. He was always sleeping or playing games when I was around and it just let my brain fester that i wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t interesting enough, you know. He always dismissed my anxiety as ridiculous, because apparently it was obvious he wanted me around?? I never understood how he didn’t understand we had the same symptoms.
Yesterday in Topics I got to j!!! but I think it wasn’t letting me pass because i didn’t have 100% in v and the ‘words’ they were giving me didn’t have any vs so I couldn’t improve my score.
It really is bittersweet. I don’t want resolution if it means I can’t be in contact with them anymore but I also desperately want to be able to talk to them the same way again. I’ve been working to revive my old phone to use as an iPod and I’ve been using snapchat to talk to them and they answer pretty much all the time but it feels so shallow now. Idk what I should do.
To be honest, I talk to Rayzel more when I want to talk about you or Colin because I literally cannot talk about it to Kevin so. I don’t really have a choice.
As for sandstorms peeing, I have no idea what it is. Cali and Sandstorm pretty much own the room already. We thought maybe she just couldn’t make it to the box in time, but I’m not sure. I think she does it out of spite, to be honest. To get attention or something. I sometimes wonder if thats why she throws up to. Sometime things just happen to close together and I can’t tell if its correlation or causation.
I’ve talked to him about it. I’ve pictured it. I… Don’t know. I want to, sometimes. And I think he wants to marry me but… I don’t want kids, I don’t want a traditional life. and I really think that’s what he wants. I don’t know if I can give him all he wants but I guess for now we both want and need this relationship so we just don’t worry about it but… I worry.
I think Kevin’s Tyler would totally be more than happy to help me get high but god knows I don’t want to get high with a stranger. I wish I could just be chill about it without having to do it.
For athena, I think its really just an out of sight, out of mind kind of deal. I wasn’t super duper friendly while I was there because I’m shy and they’ve haired people since I left and I doubt they remember me at all on a normal basis. I think physical correspondence would be effective exclusively because there would be a physical thing there to remind them to talk to me.
Kate Bush. Hounds of Love, Withering Heights, Babooshka, Documentary.
I think I did pretty good and only very slightly overshared. I was so tempted to just be like ‘oh and by the way i’ve been depressed the entire time you’ve known me lmao’ I’m so glad I didn’t.
Finger things are like. The things you put on fingers to measure heart rate and temperature and pulses and stuff.
Ed needs to develop a hobby. It’ll be good for him to do something but You gotta help me design it and decide on some dimensions and stuff. If anything, I’ll keep tabs on the price and you can pay for some of it.
I texted TJ at some point today and he said it’s fine. He said he just doesn’t like talking about it around mom. Mom says their going to do a blood test and she a referral to a eating disorder counselor or something
I have literally so much to tell you about the bondage omg.
Did I ever tell you want he told me on my birthday? Because tbh I’ve completely blocked the memory and now I don’t even remember what he said, I just remember how much it hurt. I don’t like… even know what to think. It would make sense that it’s jealousy since that really just seems to be a human trait and I refuse to believe he HASN’T felt it at some point, even if he’s never talked about it. But yeah, jealousy is good for reassuring.
It’s weird with Kevin and jealousy. I feel like I should be less like to fall into ‘he doesn’t love me’ because he cares so much about possibly losing me but because I so desperately want to be able to love other people, i wish he wasn’t. It’s… a weird balance.
Side note, I wish kevin was more dom like actually can I have some possessive, rough sex please? The only way I can get anything close is either abstaining for a week and teasing him like, none stop (which is hard) or getting him drunk and thats not something that he wants to do and its just. ugh.
One time I was talking to Aubrie about being Poly. And she’s monogamous and nothing I said really resonated with her until I brought up a point that I kind of wish that Kevin would address. Say, in ten years. Were married in some cozy town and we both have jobs and suddenly, Kevin falls for a coworker. He doesn’t mean to, but like, really, who does? What then? If your truly monogamous, if you fall for another person you can’t or don’t love the person you loved before. How do you handle the feelings? Its going to be new and fresh and probably feel like flying because thats how falling in love feels and he’s going to look at me and sure things are good but they don’t feel like this anymore, they haven’t in a long time. And then what?
and idk, he’s just confident it wouldn’t happen. idk. its just like, Kevin should be able to be confident that no matter who I fall in love with that I want him in my life, because time and time again I’ve loved other people but it never changed our relationship
I haven’t done anything creative in ages, but like last week or something I wrote some bad self-insert stuff and I wrote like, six pages. Which, isn’t a lot if I type it up but compared to what I’ve done in the past, was incredible. I wish I could keep it up. I have a lot of emotion all the time and I always feel like I have nothing to do with it. I wish i had some sort of output that i felt even a little bit comfortable doing.
Remind me to talk about bondage in the next note, or I’ll start writing and I’ll post when I finish. I wanna get this up before I go to bed tonight.
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