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RWBY AMV - Bloodstream (Ironwood 2020)

Made this RWBY AMV today… Featuring the “Tin Man” Ironwood… James as friends call him… General for everyone else…  I wanted to do an AMV for Ironwood since he is a pivotal character in Volume 8…  He’s stressed and losing his humanity as fast as his body parts…  Ironwood wants to protect Atlas at any cost… Including murder…  He’s steady relying on his own decisions and will not adhere to advice from anyone else…  Which will not take him anywhere good… Hope you enjoy my AMV… Keep a close eye out for the next one…  Thanks for watching!!!

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So I really find it fun that RoosterTeeth chooses voice actors from their own company. @lindsayjones voices them both and I like seeing her voice acting range from cutesy, innocent Ruby to intense, leader Kimball. This is how I imagine Kimball’s face would look btw, since it hasn’t been revealed yet. Personally, I like her performance more as Kimball, since it sounds more natural to her voice.

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