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Let’s make a memory worth remembering it!

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I made a playlist with more clicky noises music videos for everyone who likes Rebel Just For Kicks by LiveLikeHeroes (contains flashing lights)

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GUYS LIVELIKEHEROES IS BACK! it must have just been a mistake or something thank GOD.

if you went looking for their videos at all during this I absolutely suggest you pop over and comment about how much they mean to you on one of their vids! the most recent one (I’ll be brave) only has 11 comments!

I don’t want to delete the reposts I made bc i don’t want to erase the record of today’s craziness, but I’m going to be editing them all to say not to reblog and adding links to the actual videos. I recommend anyone that was involved in the spontaneous creation of this unofficial archive to do the same! even if it’s properly credited, it’s always better to actually link back to the official source.

Thank you to everyone who came together to mitigate this (short-lived) crisis, it genuinely warmed my heart to see everyone coming together like this.

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spn stans worried about livelikeheroes here is an update from them if y’all haven’t seen. they’re vids will probably be restored soon which like, bless bc they deserve their views and i do rely on the dean rebel just for kicks video for serotonin on occasion 

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@meanttodie was able to access 20% cooler amv due to a glitch and sent it to me! tysm!!!!

EDIT: please do not reblog this video! LiveLikeHeroes has restored their YouTube channel. If you want to watch this video please do so at the original version, here.

I would appreciate if you would not reblog any reposts that I made, thank you!

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