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#Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd: Ok, who ordered 20 pizza’s?!

Nya: Yeah, I may have given Kai some hash brownies…

Lloyd: Wait, you got him high?!

Nya: What was I supposed to do? Him, Jay and Cole all chugged enough coffee to kill a rhino this morning!

Lloyd: Is that why the training course was destroyed?!

Nya: *Nods*

Lloyd: …

Nya: …

Lloyd: Get another batch ready for Uncle Wu when he gets home…

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Just so some posts with

“Your favourite season in Ninjago, your least favourite and etc.”

And desided just to write my thoughts about all Ninjago seasons.

So, let’s go.

Pilot season

I don’t know how someone couldn’t love the pilot season. It’s the begining of a story. Far far from away in 2011 I really loved it and watch several times, before season one was released. I watched all extra-epesodes and was really enjoyed. I just fall in love with this japanish atmosphere and all ninja stuff (I was really ninja dude). And gosh! There where my love for Garmadon aplears. I was relly the guy who always fall for bad gus charm and all this evil stuff. And now, seeing this brothers’ war and the evil one is the oldest, I just can’t help but in some way comprehend him to myself, as I am the oldest one among my siblings (or in 2011 I was the oldest among us two, with my sister). Sometimes I felt not understood, strange to my family. So, yeah, I just found a peace of myself in Garmadon

Oh, and his word just get me

“You…. You always was his favourite!”

Did you even here with how much emotions he said it? Like, he is jelous of younger brother was having more love! And the pain! I just can’t stop listening this word and feel so much sorrow!

Goooosh! I love this season! And rewatching it as adult is so cool!

Like, yeah! I still love it!

First season

I just remeber one day my brother presented me a CD-disc with the first episode of the first season. Aaaand

I fall in love with lil bean Lloyd. Not because he is cute, more because he was son of Lord Garmadon. And I was really obsessed with Garmadon (still obsessed). So, I just was really waiting for the new series and watch them ongoing. I really really REALLY love first season. I was very glad to see Garm again (and gosh I falled in love with him for the second time, when saw he has four arms). And this series where Garm was rescuing Lloyd with ninjas. I rewatched them really many times. And then when Garmadon destroyed the Great Devouver. I was happy for much Garm time in the season. And all this family stuff :3

Oh, and Zane a robot. It was shock for me and my siblings. I was in love with Zane from the first seasin. And then. Gooosh, I fall in love more. I really like all this robot stuff and was just really happy

Oh! And I remember, how me and my brother were argueing about, who will be the green ninja. As he loved Kai, he said that it would be him. I wss sure, it would be Zane, ‘cause he us the smartest, a nindroid and first unlocked his true potential

So, we both were suprised, when it came to be Lloyd. But I wasn’t mad. I was excited! Now it means, that he needed to fight his own father! And I saw how both didn’t want it to do! And I was already a huge fan of Star Wars, so this battle between good son and evil dad is gets me!

I am still excited of this season and love to rewatch it.

So, Second season

No need to say, I was in love with it like with first seasin. Much Garmatime on screen. Many my presious bean Lloyd. And then they show us Lloyd’s mom – Misako. Here I fall in love with my OTP Garsako.

And I loved that she was finaly with the ninjas and again family stuff!

There were so much of ninjas development and I just love the meaning of some episodes (like the one with leviathan with the meaning, that sometimes monsters not an evil one. They just want to be free. And you can fight evil witjout fighting (again this meaning)). And yeah! The dad and son stuff again, with both don’t want to fight, but it’s destiny!

Oooh, and my favourite episode now is “The last hope”. Just, I love the scene with Garmadon and Misako! And this dialoge

Misako: Then you are not the man I married. I should go…

Garmadon: *panicing* No! *with so much complexed feelings" Don’t…

Just that moment is killing me. Even being evik, Garmadon still loves very much his wife. It tells as the scene where Misako enters Garmadon’s room (or the place where he was) and he is just suprised and nervous, trying to be confident, but he become nervous, panicing. Gosj, I just love this scene!

And I love the ending, though! I love how Garmadon was trying to fight Overlord from posessing his bode, and how he was cheering up Lloyd for not giving up!

And yhe final battle was really epic!

And I love the scene, after defiting Overlord and Ninjas’ reunited. But I don’t really like that Garmadon become human and not four-armed…. 'Cause… you know, I just love his evil look (and then I just thought, that it was not very right for him to become human). But I still love the ending anyway.

And of course, I love to rewatch the season!

So, a small conclusion, 'cause that was my first period as NinjaGo fan.

I still love first three seasons and tgey are one of the best for me. I can rewatch them, like all time! Yes, I can see some details, that is not so serious, just due to the fact, that it is kids show. But still the show is great! The story is awesome!

That was my first fandom, my first obsession. And still it is

For a long time, I stopoed watching ninjago and didn’t no that it was continueing. I stopped kinda… For three years, I think. And then in 206-2017, I continued watching them, from the beginning till season 6. But I will talk about it in another post, 'cause right now, I am rewatching season 3 and wanna just write my comprehends from what I thought in 2016/17 about it and my thoughts right now. They are chaged a bit :D

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Kai: Let’s see how well your roar goes for you, little cub.

Lloyd: You’d be surprised. My father and uncle taught me all about roaring. I bet it could send hundreds of hyenas and snakes flying in the blink of an eye.

Kai: Well surprise me, dwarf.

(They get into position)

Kai: Ready?

Lloyd: Always.

Kai: Good. Now!

(Kai and Lloyd roar with all their might that it even seems that the earth was shaking before powerful and powerful roars)

Kai: Not bad, boy (says proudly)

Lloyd: Thank you (says proudly)

Kai: Good. Now let’s see how well you are doing with your speed. Ready? Now! (runs jumping off the rock)

Lloyd: Hey! It wasn’t ready yet! (chases Kai)

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So, back to my post-corruption AU.

I was thinking much about it. Just wasn’t posting, ‘cause I wanna think about it more a make all facts clear. But now, I am ready to write about it.

So, I thought really much about Garmadon, his family and himself. First, I said, that he feels no pain from his wounds on shoulders and ribs (where you can see his bones). But I was thinking, and made a dicision: he wasn’t feeling pain at tge first place. But a few weeks passed, and one night he start feeling pain. And it was growing really fast, so he needs to get reconstraction surgery of his missing muscles and skins’ parts.

I think, there is no need to say, how surgers were scared of operating him, 'cause he was a villian. And people still mistrusted him, because he stills looks like he was during the time he was evil. Just with two hands.

But operation went good and he was able to live normal life after that, feeling better.

So, now, as I am rewatching season 3 I wanna say one different about sensei Garmadon in season 3 and sensei Garmadon in my AU (beside him looking as in pikot season):

He has no pupils or very very littke, 'cause many oeopke are still scared of him. That’s the one point why he lives far from Ninjago city. Noone is bothering him there and nobody is shouting and watching at him.

He feels comfirtabke and calm out of town. Though Misako do.

Oh, about her! She is the one, whi sees her husband, as him, and knows that he is now without venom, despite he looks quiet ths same way. So, she is happy that he is back and they spend really much time together. Garmadon is trying to fix everything he does, 'cause he isrealky sorry for everything. He blames only himself and thinks he doesn’t deserve that happiness and live with his family. Misako doesn’t feel so. She have forgave him. So, Lloyd did, who is happy to live as whole family

That’s all for today :D

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I’m putting out bits as quickly as a I can!

Lloyd leans against the ferry’s hull with a sigh.

“You okay, Green Bean?”

Cole’s tired voice manages to drudge a tired smile from his face. “Yeah,” he assures. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He sinks to the floor. “I’m just…thinkin’ bout Jay.”

A shadow passes over Cole’s face.

“Why he didn’t come? Or how he didn’t even tell us why?”

Lloyd shrugs. “It just doesn’t seem like him – even aside from why I originally called you all together, there’s a chance…”

His voice drops off. They know why they’re here.

“It just doesn’t make sense.” He murmurs.

Cole’s silent for a moment. The creaking of the ferry fills the quiet air around them, the sound of rushing water over its mill taking the place of unspoken words.

“After.” Cole finally says. He leans against the hull with folded arms. “When we’ve gotten to the bottom of this, and it’s all over – we’ll find Jay.” He nods to himself. “We’ll find him, and find out exactly why he’s not here right now.”

He stares dully into the dark space of the ferry. “After.”

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Ok but since all of the ninja’s apperences changed after s7 and it’s implied by Jay and Cole that they always looked like that because of time manipulation,,,

Did kid Lloyd still have a bowl cut?

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Zane is trying his hardest not to get mad at Morro-

Last week…

Zane was baking something for everyone and Echo was there to help- Morro phased through the wall and scared the shit out of Zane. Lloyd witnessed everything, but rather say nothing- Echo was giggling at Zane cuz he got some dough on him- Morro kissed Echo’s forehead and smirked at Zane because he’s that cheeky, sneaky sonofa bitch-

And now they’re in the park, Morro bought some Pocky for Echo- and Zane is still holding that grudge against Morro because he’s a a nice person- and yes Echo is wearing Zane’s jacket since the shirt he has on shows his back and he got cold…

So everything’s great.

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