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#Location: Arendelle Castle

After all these analyses about the Arendelle castle locations and the difficulty to find out missing details, don’t y’all think that it’s time for Disney Animation Studios to create a special animation for us fans? A drone flight above, around and thru Arendelle castle and the village?! 

I want that. I need that!

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Although Arendelle was a small kingdom, not rich like other fairy kingdoms, not many soldiers, but it was equipped with modern inventions at the time such as trains, popular bicycles, cameras,... It is also a kingdom with many different races living as a small version of America in Europe. Arendelle is truly a great place to live. And Arendelle is also the only Disney kingdom I remember from the map to the castle, even the people there.

I’m truly fascinated by the castle’s concept and architeture. It’s the first time i’ve seen this kind of dedication from Disney to work on a building. I’m really grateful and admire a lot the ppl who worked on bringing it to life and who also thought of giving us all the details pertaining its architetural design and building plant.

Amazing :)

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So I’ve been asked by @lovewillthaw-j​ to add something from Minecraft Frozen 2 map to her observations :)

First thing first, the willow tree riddle remains unresolved. No door. Even no willow tree :/


But yes, there’s a door behind the church. There it is :)


The area behind that door:


In the last screenshot of your post, the trees have already withered as that scene happens after Anna becomes queen and the weather is getting colder. Below’s a screenshot of the scene immediately before Elsa saves Arendelle. As you can see, the trees in the movie and in the Minecraft map kinda match. 


Here’s a closer look to one of the fountains near the door. I assume they are fountains as there’s water inside them lol: 


And this reminds me of Disney Frozen Adventure (official game app). In the game one of the playable areas is the Castle Garden. There are fountains in the Garden too. But the area behind that door you discussed about (’that area’) and the Castle Garden are not the same place: While that area is next to the waters, Castle Garden is enclosed by hedge and trees (and rocks indeed). And that area seems not to have any fountains near its door. 


Wait, there is a willow tree???


In Elsa’s words: I’m sorry, I’m confused. 

(Note: Ignore the swing design, shrub sculptures and flower colours. Those are of the player’s (i.e. my) choices.)

Feel free to further add anything :)

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Hey everyone! So as you may or may not know, I have a serious obsession with Agnarr and his parents and the headcanon I am about to explain is the peak of my obsession. So I was watching the first Frozen again last night and paused at the scene where Anna runs into the portrait gallery in the castle. Upon more research, I found a high quality image from one of the concept artists and I’ve noticed a few things. My decision: this is a painting of Agnarr’s mother Rita. Let me explain. In my headcanons, she was a Dutch/French princess from the Netherlands and the original painting this painting is based on was created by a French artist. This would be fitting, as Rita had French heritage and had a connection to France. The time period is also fitting because the clothes the girl in the painting is wearing fits the timeframe of the late 18th century (1770s-1780s). This is the time where Rita would have been a teenager (maybe 14 or 15 so about Agnarr’s age from the prologue in Frozen 2), going off the information that Agnarr was born in the 1790s (someone explained a detailed Frozen timeline and placed Agnarr’s birth around then). Also, the girl in the painting has light blond hair and it seems like her eyes are green. These are the traits that Agnarr inherited from his mother, as Runeard had red hair and blue eyes. So in all, I created this headcanon and I know it’s strange but it fits in my headcanon world! Also, I will be posting lists of headcanons about Rita and Runeard shortly! Let me know what you think! 



P.S. They have the same facial expression here and the angle is similar!

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According to the concept art book for Frozen II, an alternate ending had Arendelle’s castle washed away and rebuilt incorporating both Northuldra and Arendellian styles.


And I think it only strenghtens our theory that one of the alternate endings had Elsa dead and Arendelle flooded. 

As we can see here, they even rebuild the castle in a way to pay tribute to Elsa and their heritage, apparently. 

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Does anyone know whether there is a floor plan of Arendelle Castle, with the names of the rooms, or has anyone worked something like this out for himself?  It’s pretty inconsistent what I’ve found so far, it almost seems like the castle is something like a “Harry Potter tent”, you never know how big it really is inside until you go inside.

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