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#Location: Mayor's Office

Yesterday we announced a combined $200,000 donation to strengthen behavioral health services in Puerto Rico thanks to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and our partner, the Hispanic Federation. When people walk into a health center, we want them to get ALL the care for mind and body that they need.

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Meetings with the Mayor were one of the few things Mallory didn’t mind taking a break in her work for. The woman actually seemed to possess a brain and had used it to make a success of herself, something she could approve of, even respect. On top of that she didn’t start to shake with nerves the moment Mallory entered the room, again something she encountered all to often.

So she made her way to the Mayor’s office right on time, cradling a bottle of wine in her hand, after all she wasn’t about to come empty handed, and knocked on the door. After a moment she was called to enter and walked inside, smiling at the woman. 

“Madame Mayor, a pleasure as always. I’m here as requested but before we settle down to business, a gift.” she put the bottle on the desk, “Argentinian Malbec, some of the finest produced.”

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News clip on Aore Nagaoka, my translation of Yuzu-parts:

Yuzu: “The audience is very near and we can feel ‘at home’.  I am really looking forward to it.  I want to express fully my emotions and I am not just focused on jumps, spins, steps, but on the performance as a whole and I can enjoy skating it.”

At the mayor’s office, when he sat on the chair, Oda teased him by calling him “Mayor Hanyu”.  Then Miki said, “Be serious, Mayor!  Have a serious face.”  And Yuzu covered his face. ^^ 

(At the rink) Yuzu: “I think I will be able to see each person’s face.  So I want to enjoy it.”

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Upcoming Manhattan Family Justice Center Trainings:

Register Now!

Ø  Spotting Consumer Debt Issues and Referring Survivors to Available Resources for Help

Friday, April 25th 3-5 pm

Facilitated by Feerick Center for Social Justice, Fordham Law School

  • Overview of consumer debt crisis in New York City
  • Impact of consumer debt on survivors
  • Importance of building financial self-sufficiency
  • Safety implications of credit reporting and consumer debt advocacy
  • Screening for consumer credit and consumer debt issues
  • Overview of consumer debt resources for domestic violence survivors

Ø  How to File Family Offense Petitions Online

Monday, April 28th 12-1 pm

Tuesday, April 29th 12-1 pm

Facilitated by Urban Justice Center and Safe Horizon

  • How advocates can become an approved group to have access to the Family Offense Petition program
  • How to use the system most effectively to help your clients
  • Legal underpinnings, language, and logistics of petitions, including how to prep client
  • Types of relief, when to file a petition, what to include in the petition

Ø  Elder Abuse: What You Need to Know

Wednesday, April 30th 1-4 pm

Facilitated by Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, JASA, and Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention

Featuring NYC Department for the Aging, HRA Adult Protective Services, NYC Elder Abuse Center, Council of Senior Centers & Services, Carter Burden Center for the Aging, and Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging

  • How to support healthy aging within the context of family violence
  • The unique features of elder abuse and how it differs from working with younger victims
  • Criminal and civil remedies and the role of the District Attorney’s office in elder abuse cases
  • Valuable elder abuse community resources and the types of assistance they provide

Ø  Expert Dialogue on Trafficking: Improving the Identification and Support of Victims

Friday, May 2nd 1-4 pm

Facilitated by GEMS, Department of Homeland Security, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Restore, Sanctuary for Families

  • How to identify human and sex trafficking: defining the law and crime, indicators, dispelling myths
  • An overview of services and remedies
  • Intersections of trafficking, domestic violence and abuse
  • Client-centered and trauma-informed approaches, survivor engagement and leadership
  • Recommendations for improved interdisciplinary collaboration and service delivery

All trainings will be held in the MFJC Training Room at 80 Centre Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013. When you arrive in the lobby, say you are here for the Family Justice Center training. Turn left once you step off the elevators.

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