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#Location: North Mountain

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: In Frozen II (2019) when Elsa dies turns to solid ice, Olaf also dies flurries away into a pile of snow. If we can assume, then, that Elsa dying being unable to uphold the magic that keeps her snow creations alive causes them to die return to their previous snow state, what happened to Marshmallow and the Snowgies? They would have died flurried away too, but we only see Elsa rebuilding Olaf at the end of the movie. Do they know that Marshmallow and the Snowgies are just piles of snow in the ice castle? Do they care? Did Elsa go and rebuild them off-camera? Were they able to be rebuilt at all, or was the snow used to create them blown away by the North Mountain’s winds? Do the Snowgies even follow the same “laws” as Olaf and Marshmallow since they were created by Elsa sneezing and not by her manipulating snow and ice?

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See the sharp angle between sunrise and sunset (in July). Arendelle might be located around 63 degrees north latitude.

Sunrise & Sunset almost at the same direction is not Disney’s error. In fact, this is impressively accurate! Sun not always rises in the east nor sets in the west. It depends on geographic location and time in a year. In this case, Scandinavia in July, you’ll see sun rises in NE and sets in NW.

One can guess latitude of a location by observing the angle between sunrise and sunset directions The higher latitude, the sharper angle. Try and see by yourself at

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Elsa has just created her ice castle and has decided to stay there forever. This is in between the time of her getting there and before Anna comes.

Elsa is at the top corner of the North Mountain completely isolated as she wants. I’m assuming that she begins to study her ice powers and learning how to control it.

I’m posing questions, assumptions, and ponders.

So, let’s say that she begins to make some ice furniture because she can’t just stand 24/7, right? Maybe a chair, a bed perhaps, and a table. Since Elsa is a human she has to have cravings for food. She can’t just eat ice for the rest of her life as that will just not sustain her nutritionally or naturally. {No wonder she’s so tiny she’s been eating frozen water.} Plus, I’m not sure how well her ice powers are at making chocolate, (because if you were by yourself on top of a mountain I’m sure you’d want comfort food).

Anyways, questions 2: What does she eat?

And, since she grew up royal I assume she had a tub and you know, a toilet. Did Elsa use her ice powers for plumbing?

Also she needs a mirror to do her makeup I mean have you seen her face? Her make up is flawless no woman can make her eyelashes look so perfect without some form of mascara. But, she is Elsa so I wouldn’t be surprised if she did wake up to perfection. {You use Benefit Real Eyes, don’t you Elsa?}

Basically, I am theorizing what Queen Elsa does with her idle time in her ice castle.

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upper montclair, new jersey

a male gynecologist. i saw him about 9 or 10 years ago and he was old (past 65), so hopefully he is retired. i don’t recall his name, but his practice was on North Mountain. i was a teenager at the time. after inserting his fingers for a manual exam–with nobody else in the room–he then told me i was “very tight.” it still creeps me out.

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