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#Location: The Enchanted Forest

There are black and Asian people in the fairytale realms. There’s example polytheism and Christianity. Ginny has out right said that the Charmings are Jewish. There’s French influence in the Magical Forest. Tiana, Facilier and Drizella have spoken French. It’s shown and told to us that multiple races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and languages do and can exist in the fairytale world.

So why is so hard to believe that Latin American influence can exists there, too?

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We’re making our own gods

Out of fire and ice and torn worn hand-me-downs 

We’re making our own gods 

Out of twirling in your arms and shadows on snow 

We’re making our own gods 

Out of herbal remedies passed through generations 

We’re making our own gods 

Out of pure rage and how end-time fires grow

And I don’t mind it 

I don’t mind it

I’m finding 

Finding something 

In this temperate forest 

It’s calling me, I know 

And like these plants 

I’ll grow  

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