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#Location: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney Latin America rolling out messages to stay togheter and be at home, with audio and footage from Walt Disney Animation Studios,Pixar Animation,Disney TVA,Walt Disney Studios,Marvel,Star Wars, The Muppets Studio & 20th Century Studios Separated But Together…

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Disney+ has finally made it’s way to the U.K. and I already have a variety of content in my watchlist ready to take me through the next…however long we are in lockdown for, and beyond.

Because of this, and because I have no other way of talking about my favourites with people other than online, I thought I would share several Top 10s of my favourite content to watch on Disney+.

These Top 10 lists will comprise of Disney Classics, Disney Modern Hits, Marvel, Pixar, Disney Live-Action, Star Wars, TV Series and potentially Original Content if I get around to watching a lot of original content.

Rather than simply doing these lists in simple list format, I will be creating a post at a time for each number per day detailing why the choice was made, why it’s in my favourites list and why it’s in the position it is in.

By going day-to-day this project should take roughly two months which will at least kill time and hopefully give at least some of you food for thought on what to watch to help you deal with this current crisis.

The first list will be my Top 10 Disney Classics which will start being posted this afternoon.

In the mean time post your comments or requests as to any lists you want to see, your own top ten lists for these categories and what you’re watching on Disney+ if it is available to you.

It’s a very distressing time we find ourselves in and particularly for those of us on our own we need to band together in any way.

So post your comments and check out more Top 10 Lists and other posts.

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Hans: Princess Anna is dead.

Noblemen basically: Oh no. Poor Princess Anna. By her own sister? Queen Elsa is evil. Your highness, you are now the head of Arendelle. You have full reign over the kingdom due to the late princess leaving you in charge. What do you wish to do?

Hans: I charge Queen Elsa with treason and sentence her to death.

Noblemen again: Yes, sir.


When Anna is revealed to be alive and she turns to ice as she saves Elsa

Noblemen trois: *head bowed and express their sorrow*

Me: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) I don’t like them.

Anna is alive once more and punches Hans in the face, sending him overboard

Men: *cheering, applauding, standing ovation*

Me: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I D O N ’T L I K E T H E M!

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Esmeralda: Disney’s Forgotten Representation


Oh, boy. Where to begin with this one. I adore The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In fact, it is arguably my favorite story of all time, from Victor Hugo’s original novel to the stunning musical to the Disney animated film. It is a deliciously dark and complex look into the nature of humanity filled to the brim with emotion and power.

And it also features one of my favorite female characters, Esmeralda— an incredibly unique and important heroine who I adore with all my heart.

If you hadn’t noticed, Disney is very focused on representation, and taking stories from a variety of cultures. Though many often campaign that we need more diversity (which is an entire other meta for another day), I can’t help but notice that, while showcasing Moana and Tiana and Mulan, many fail to observe the diversity Disney does have. Lilo, Kida, and, yes, Esmeralda.

Esmeralda. A Romani woman.


Now, you may be wondering why people forget to give Disney credit for this diversity which they do have. The answer, in my experience, is simple. ESMERALDA DOES NOT FIT INTO ONE OF THE FOUR LARGE RACIAL GROUPS: White, black, latino, and asian.

These are the five main racial groups or categories people’s minds tend to stay in when thinking about representation, because they are the largest. However, in doing this, so many smaller racial and arch of groups are overlooked.

Indigenous, aboriginal, pasifika, and yes, roma.

Ah. So that’s why Esmeralda is so often forgotten. She’s not back representation like Tiana, or asian like Mulan. She represents a much smaller, Indo- European nomadic race.

This representation, however, is just as important. Roma people have been persecuted throughout history. THEY WERE VICTIMS OF THE HOLOCAUST AND ROUNDED UP INTO SPECIAL CAMP SECTORS, WHERE THEY WORE BLACK OR BROWN TRIANGULAR PATCHES TO IDENTIFY THEM AS ROMA. This epidemic occurred alongside/ interconnected to the Holocaust, and is known as the Romani Genocide.


And nobody ever talks about this, because they are not one of the major racial groups. Just as Romani people are rarely seen as characters in television or film. In fact, I think the only other time I’ve seen a Romani woman on screen is Madame Simza in the second Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film.


In Esmeralda, Disney is not recognized for putting one of the few Romani women to ever be on screen. Not only that— a Romani woman depicted as beautiful, kind, brave, noble, and a heroine. The movies shows this Romani woman as beautiful, but also allows her to refuse to be specialized buitrera outside of her desire. She is witty, good hearted, capable, talented, and a fully fledged complex woman.

So let’s celebrate Esmeralda. Let’s celebrate this special representation which is rarely ever seen. Let’s call for more Roma stories.

Because I am tired of the world being silent on a character as lovely and important as Esmeralda.

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Hi! I may be speaking into the wind here, but has anyone applied to a Disney internship ( specifically the story artist/visdev/ production management) and has heard anything back?

Any info would be great!! I applied in January and I’ve been under review since! So any insight would be a relief!

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So I’m looking into the big animation studios- the ones that produced 3D animated feature films for movie theatres.

I’m just trying to track down what Disney owns and who is competing against them.

So as far as the companies that make animated movies Disney owns

1. Walt Disney animation studios (frozen,moana,BH6,wreckitralph,tangled,zootopia)

2.Pixar (monstersinc,up,good dinosaur, inside out, brave, cars, onward,soul,coco)

3.20th century FOX (Anastasia) HOWEVER Fox owns BLUE SKY studios and Disney owns fox so Disney owns BS

4. Blue sky (rio, Ice age, epic, peanuts movie, spies is disguise, Ferdinand)

5. touch stone/ skellington (nightmare before Christmas, James and the giant peach)

I’m sure there’s more Disney owns but now I’m trying to look Into the companies that compete with them.

This is a list that either has the movie under the production company or the distribution company. Also there’s so many Collabs between studios it’s driving me crazy trying to put them Into categories.

1. DreamWorks (how to train your dragon, shrek, Kung fu panda, trolls, boss baby, monsters v aliens, Croods, ROTG)

2. Illumination (despicable me/minions, sing, secret life of pets, the grinch)

3. Warner bros {are they owned by Disney I’m not sure} ( LEGO movie, storks, iron giant, cats don’t dance, various DC comics animated movies, various Scooby Doo animated movies including the 3D 2020 that looks so cute)

4. Sony Animation studios ( angry birds, hotel translyvania, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, smrufs, … the emoji movie, surfs up, spiderverse)

5 Paramount Pictures (Rango, spongebob movies, barnyard, little prince{but I think another studio made it, orange or ON}, Sherlock gnomes {rocket pictures} 3D adventures of tintin {also Colombia pictures}

6. Laika (Coraline, paranorman, kubo and the two strings, missing link, corpse bride)

7. Rainmaker (escape from planet earth, a bunch of Barbie movies, ratchet and clank movie, surfs up 2 {collaboration with Sony}

8. Reel FX (book of life{collaboration with fox, free birds - yes the turkey movie)

9. Toon box entertainment …(the nut job)

That’s all for now I give up. 😵 Please feel free to share corrections or add on.

Which studio is your favorite????

And how do you feel on whether Disney should buy out their competition?

Like the whole fiasco of trying to get Spider-Man. Seems like they win more by buying DreamWorks over sony pictures. Are they still trying to get spidey? For free??? Or a good price. Would they get spiderverse and venom if they got the spidey movie rights from Sony?

Don’t get the wrong idea- I’m not pro-Disney buying everyone and everything. I just hope these other studios keep going. Because while looking up studios I found some that don’t make movies anymore.

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“Adults are interested if you don’t play down to the little 2 or 3 year olds or talk down. I don’t believe in talking down to children. I don’t believe in talking down to any certain segment. I like to kind of just talk in a general way to the audience. Children are always reaching.”

“I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether he be six or sixty. Call the child innocence.”

“I don’t believe in playing down to children, either in life or in motion pictures. I didn’t treat my own youngsters like fragile flowers, and I think no parent should.”

“You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”

-Walt Disney

So yeah, don’t tell me Disney movies are just for kids.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the only Disney remake I want is an animated series of The Black Cauldron/ The Chronicles of Prydain done in the style of the Dragon Prince.


Oh, the style of TDP would suit this dark, epic fantasy series so well. We could have one season for each of the five books, and Taran absolutely stands as a Callum type of hero figure! With a series I believe Taran could become a very unique, enjoyable protagonist. 

Once TDP ends, I absolutely need this on Disney+ for my animated fantasy fix. THIS is the kind of creative opportunity and thinking which Disney remakes should be born out of, not just doing a carbon copy of every classic. 

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My favourite thing in OFA is that despite knowing him for less than a year, Anna and Elsa were able to decode Sven’s cherades about what happened to Olaf, and Kristoff, who’s presumably know him his whole life, couldn’t. 

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