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so no treats from me today, had to do a bunch of stuff including but not limited to bake a cake. if I manage to wrap up the buy items I’ll maybe do tomorrow or Sunday or just straight up after the weekend. the completionist in me won’t be pleased but alas.

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Yeah I’ve been crying for the past 45 minutes bc my plans got canceled. What about it ?

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when men follow me I simply block them

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I barely have enough money to do it, but I’m finally gonna be able to get more hair removal done next week 🙏🏻 ​I could be saving the money but honestly if I’m gonna be working I can’t be shaving every fucking day, and I’m just bad at makeup so like. This is my only real option if I don’t wanna be anxious about outing myself :/

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may someone please help me out? i’m broke and i have no food.. if someone could order me some food or something i’d really appreciate it so so much.

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The way that michaeng has been living in my head since they got introduced to the au however many months ago 😭

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I need someone who will spoil me 🥺✨😔🥰

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