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Imagine being Loki’s rival in everything when you were children/teens. It wasn’t really bitter, but a true and honest game of competition. You would always only just beat him out of almost everything you competed on. It isn’t until much later in your rivalry that you both begrudgingly realize that you admire each other, platonically or romantically. (If there are any fics like this I’d like to read them!!)

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voicemail | (p.p.) | 3

summary: one final attempt by peter parker to hold on to the girl he loves.

note: last part! I wrote three different drafts of this and I settled on this one, hope you enjoy it! ☆(❁‿❁)☆

warnings: angst, sad peter

part one |  part two | masterlist

Peter, it’s me. I’m really sorry that I left so abruptly on Saturday. I truly did want to talk with you. You know how it is when it comes to my dad, I always have to drop everything for him…but I shouldn’t make excuses…and I really wish I knew what to say right now. 

You always knew what to do or say when I didn’t, and I could really use one of your ‘Peter Parker Peptalks’ right about now. I keep asking myself how we got to a point where voicemails are our main form of communication, but we both know how we did. I always wanted things to be different for us…I still do…but if they can’t be I hope you know I meant everything I said at the coffee shop. You hold a special part in my heart, you always will, and I just want to make sure you know that. 

I’m leaving the city tomorrow morning and I don’t know when I’ll be back, I hope I’ll run into you at the compound before then, but if I don’t…if I don’t then…goodbye. ” 

I shut off my phone after listening to her voicemail for the fifth time, throwing it somewhere on my bed before covering my face with my pillow. The pause between “for us” and “I still do” and an even longer silence in between the “if I don’t’s” in her voicemail. It had me overthinking way too much until- 

“Peter, are you seriously still in bed?” Ned said coming into my room unannounced. 

“Go away, Ned.” I yelled into my pillow as I turned away from him. 

“Peter, “ Ned started as he took away my pillow “get up. “

“I can’t.” I stared up at the ceiling in defeat 

“How many times have you listened to this voicemail?” He asked me

“….five or six times…..” I sighed 

“Come on, you’re a wreck…you can’t keep torturing yourself like this…”

“I’m in love with her, Ned. And she doesn’t love me. Or she does but it’s definitely not enough to fix this. ”

He was right though, I was a mess without her. 

“You don’t know that! You heard her! She wants things to be different. Things can’t change if you stay in bed all day. Plus you’re Spider-Man! Nobody can beat that.” He was trying to cheer me up—he was failing—but he was trying. 

I turned my gaze from the ceiling to Ned to speak 

“I know what she said. But I hurt her really bad, Ned. I say that I don’t mean it now, but I meant it then, I had every intention then of asking her to stay for me. Now I realize I was just being selfish…I can’t take that back…”

He paused for a minute as if he was at a loss of words, but only shortly before he knew exactly what to say. 

“Okay Peter, yes you’re right you were selfish. You shouldn’t have been but you were. You can’t take back that moment. But you apologized and by the looks of it, you have learnt from it and you are doing better. But what else you are doing now and always did before, is underestimating and forgetting how you and Y/N work best together, you complete each other. Like two puzzle pieces ya’know. Every thing one of you does is complimented by the other.“ 

“ go on…” 

“Before you asked her out, around the time you thought she would end up dating Harry Osborn, you used to use the way she lit up when she talked about him as an excuse, but you should have seen her when she talked—and still talks—about you. Not only do her eyes completely light up, but her whole demeanor changes. She’s smiling, she’s laughing, and radiating joy. Her light is never as bright as that when you’re not around. 

There’s also the way she looks at you when you look at her. You know, when her eyes and nose crinkle before she just smiles and leans her head on your shoulder. Then you kiss her forehead and pull her closer into your side and then you both go from tense to relaxed. These are the little things you guys did before you broke up and the things you still do despite that and it’s just…different from how she acts with anyone else. “

“How do you notice all these things?”

“You’re a superhero but it doesn’t mean I can’t look out for you. But more importantly, how do you not see these things?”

“I don’t know…just too caught up in my feelings I guess…” I sighed again

“Look Peter, you’ve loved her for too long to not do anything about this. It hurts all of us to see you like this. Ultimately it’s up to you what you decide to do, but if you don’t, life is going to go on for her after awhile. For real this time. You have a chance to fix this before she leaves you behind for good. And you’re just gonna have to accept being left behind if you’re not gonna take this chance.” 

After that he left he closed the door to my room. I took some time to think about what he said before I decided to go to the compound, I hoped Ned was right and this was the only way to find out.

When I got there I waited outside the building and called her to let her know I was there. 

“Hello?” She answered the phone right away, her voice making me fall apart instantly. 

“Hey…it’s me.” I said quietly

“Pete. “ she let out a breath of relief

“I’m outside the compound, can I come up?” I asked hesitantly. I just wanted her back in my arms at this point.

“Yea of course, I’ll tell Steve to let you in.“ She replied before hanging up the phone. I heard her smile through her voice on the other line and it made my heart skip a beat before anxiousness took over me.

I took a lot of slow, deep breaths, and soon enough I found my way back in her quarters at the compound sitting next to her on her bed. 

We sat there in silence at first, and I let my mind flashback to the memories this now mostly empty room held for us. But it was different than the coffee shop. We sat close together and I held her hands in mine before she began to talk. 

“I’m sorry, Pete.” She sighed sadly looking at me. 

“Me too, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” I apologized again squeezing her hand gently. 

“You don’t have to keep apologizing, Peter. I’m just as much to blame.” 

“The thing is…I just…can’t bring myself to say much without saying how sorry I am first. And I can’t even blame you for breaking up with me on the spot because you shouldn’t accept me—or anyone for that matter—asking you to give up your goals. 

I was selfish. I can’t undo that. I only hope you can forgive me, know how horrible I feel that I hurt you, and can find it in your heart to let me in again.” 

Oh, Peter…” She looked at me dolefully and just like she did at the coffee shop, she raised her hand to softly rub her thumb across my cheekbone, moving hair out of my eyes and resting her hand on my cheek. “You may have broken my heart then but I don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t forgive you…” She took her hand away and looked down at her lap before continuing.

“It took everything in me not to answer the phone all the times you called. Every time I didn’t I almost did…key word almost…so many times I wished I could just run back into your arms. I’m sorry for not answering, and leaving you in the dark…I felt like I couldn’t make it through another hello to you if I knew it had to end in goodbye again. And I was right.

She wiped tears from her eyes and I felt my own start to fall down my face. I knew where she was going with this. 

“This doesn’t have to be goodbye. Please don’t let it be goodbye.” 

“I forgive you Peter. I do, I did a long time ago, and I will always forgive you. But I can’t keep saying goodbye to you. It’s too hard. “ Her teary eyes met mine and at that point she gave up on wiping her own. 

“I can’t say goodbye to you again. Please don’t say goodbye.” 

“I don’t want to. But what about our dreams?” 

“You’re my dream.” 

You deserve a better dream. I can give you loyalty, I can give you all of my heart, but I know you, Pete. You’d give up everything for me, and as much as I want to do and can do the same for you, I won’t. I want us to be apart of each other’s dreams, but if the only way to do that right now is to give up our dreams… we would destroy ourselves… ” 

I sighed. She had a point. 

“I know you’re right. I don’t like that you are, but you are. “ I said, earning a sad laugh from her “So what now?” 

“I guess I go back to California. “

“For how long?” 

“As long as it takes to get over you, to be honest…” She inhaled sharply, only exhaling when I grabbed both her hands and gently rubbed circles on them like I always used to do to calm her down. 

“I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over you. “ 

“I’m so sorry Peter. “

“I’m sorry too…” I paused before asking her a question I was afraid to hear the answer to “Do you think we will ever see each other again?” 

We looked up and our eyes met. 

“Gosh, I really hope so. “ Her voice cracked as she wiped my tears away as her own flowed down her face 

“I love you, Y/N. Forever.” I managed to croak out resting my hand on her cheek.

“I love you, Peter Parker. Always.” She replied, resting her own hand on top of mine as she leaned into my touch. 

I kissed her softly before hugging her tightly. We sat there in silence for a short while before I kissed the top of her head and left. 

I didn’t know if I’d ever see her again. But I really hoped I would. 

I never left another voicemail, but I had hers to listen to forever. 

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An attempt at a design for Myth Loki, more of a costume design exercise than anything else, but I really like how it turned out!

(I’m absolutely going to make a cosplay out of this, eventually… I mean, I already bought the faux fur for the ruff, so hopefully that’ll give me some kind of added motivation)

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“Tired?” He asked with a smile as he opened the door for you and helped you inside, quickly getting on the driver’s seat and driving off

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Hi Nonny,

It seems to me that your feelings, intuition, and experience have given you all the answers you need about Loki. At this point, asking for another outside person to confirm or deny is counter-productive. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. If it truly feels right, if it truly feels safe, it’s okay to trust that. I have also experienced those doubts about Loki, and about my own perception, etc. I have also had to trust myself. It’s a spiritual right of passage. One must develop one’s own discernment and learn to trust that above all others. A little confirmation can be very good, but it sounds like you’ve already had plenty of confirmation on this. If you keep asking and keep asking, a bad thing happens. Your doubt opens up space for wrong answers and confusion. I know. I’ve been there. I do not recommend it.

Hope this helps,


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What facts are there about how the cell ‘doors’ open in Asgard’s dungeons? If someone wanted to go inside one to visit a prisoner, how would they re-seal the barrier behind them? Is there an automatic sensor that would re-close them? Would that mean that a guard would then need to be summoned to let the visitor out? In need of details (and educated guesses) for fic purposes. 

Tagging some writers who might have faced this question but everyone is of course welcome and encouraged to answer! @bereft-of-frogs, @callistonicol@eienvine, @fourthrose@gaslightgallows, @gwendolynstacy, @infinite-monkeys, @jaggedcliffs, @ladylapislazuli@lizardbeths, @otterskin@psychotic-girl, @taaroko@thelightofthingshopedfor@theotherodinson, @tirsynni

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Part 3 of the 2 Romeos and 1 Juliet series

Fem reader.

Warnings- a little bit of fluff, I think, attempted kiss, a little bit of cursing, idk if there’s anything else.

Word Count: 3.5k

Taglist: @angrythingstarlight@kmuir1​ @sea040561@wednesday-add-em​ (Lmk if you wanna join!  The more the merrier!)

A/N: sorry this took a while!  I haven’t had enough time lately, and ik this is a lameass excuse, but its true.  Idk when the next post will be, but hopefully soon.  Enjoy!


Originally posted by lokitty-blog1

Finally, after an hour, you were ready for your date with Loki.  You left your hair down, naturally curly and wavy and full of life.  Bucky had told you where you would be going for your date, just to piss Loki off, so you put on a Billie Eilish T-shirt and jean shorts.  You wore a Billie beanie and white Air Force Ones.  Also, you had on a silver choker and a few of your favorite bracelets.  Your makeup was simple as well.  A small amount of foundation, blush and highlighter, as well as a neon eyeliner you found online and pink lipstick.

As you met Loki in the doorway, you thought he looked nice, compared to what he normally wore.  He wasn’t in Asgardian leather like normal.  Loki was in a pair of black Levi pants and a faded black t-shirt.  His favorite color was black, so you didn’t mind if he looked like a gothic teenager right now.  His hair wasn’t as greasy as it always is.  He had it down, like yours, and little curls flowed through his hair.      

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You went to the festival, but Loki is always making fun of You and people in general. Not that his comments were wrong… and that is especially annoying.

“Is something wrong, darling?”


What would you answer to the mischief god? Let me know in the comments)

(gif isn’t mine)

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Imagine being Little!Loki’s childhood sweetheart.

You hold hands as you “go adventuring” around the grounds. He gets visibly jealous whenever another boy gives you attention. The two of you are practically joined at the hip.

In fact, Loki even tells you about a curious Midgardian custom he’s just read about. It’s something called Valen… Valor… Valk… Something to do with hearts, but the men give the ladies flowers and sweets. With that, he hands you a pastry from the palace kitchen and a small bouquet from his mother’s garden. He even knows it’s the right kind because Frigga helped him. (Although, that was partially because she didn’t want him getting into any poisonous or carnivorous plants by mistake.)

You’re so delighted that you immediately wrap your arms around him as you thank him for the gifts. Loki is just glad you can’t see him blush.

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Pairing: Loki x reader
Summary: When Loki starts to go on missions across the galaxy, you and the trickster god do your best to keep your relationship alive.
Warnings: fluff with just a touch of angst peppered in
A/N: inspired by the song Be Good When I’m Gone by Four Year Strong


Disclaimer: Gif not mine

Dating Loki was difficult. The two of you had finally broken down all the barriers and walls he had put up, and for a little while, everything was perfect. Then Thor decided to start taking Loki for off-world missions. You were happy that the brothers had gotten back the trust they used to have. It’s just that sometimes you felt so lonely without Loki. Of course, you had plenty of friends in the Tower, but none of them understood you the way Loki did. You’d first caught the trickster god’s attention when he found you trying to pull a prank on him. Since then, you’d been partners in crime. Or, in this case, mischief.

You were currently perched on the edge of Loki’s bed while he packed the necessities for his next trip with Thor. Every time you had to say goodbye to him was harder than the last. You tried to remember that saying your mother had always told you. The one that goes if you love something, let it go, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll come back to you. Well, Loki did always come back, but you couldn’t shake the fear that one day he just…wouldn’t. Fears aside, the time away from him was agonizing. It was like having half your heart violently ripped from your body and kept away from you, often for weeks at a time. That’s why you were doing your best to distract him from the task at hand in the hopes he wouldn’t leave. Was it selfish? Probably, but you couldn’t help it.

“What’s wrong, my dear?” Loki asked, gently cupping your face in his hands.

“Do you really have to go?”

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TITLE: Atlas: Space


AUTHOR: fanfictrashdump

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine narrating episodes of Loki’s life with the Avengers based on the songs from Sleeping At Last’s “Atlas: Space” album. 


NOTES/WARNINGS: Welcome to my Sleeping At Last’s Atlas: Space challenge, aka Another writing project I do not have time for, but my brain insisted on doing.

This series will be less like a multichapter fic and more of a one-shot compendium, but that they all interconnect in one way or another. It will revolve around Loki and Becca’s relationship (Taking Turns, Glow, Helmet Heists–don’t worry, more Loki-Charlie stuff will be along) and I will use those one-shots as reference to the timeline. Each chapter will be one song, used as inspiration for the story.

Chapter 6: Mars

Summary: Loki and Becca had already determined (thoroughly) that they were more than just friends (Taking Turns). Loki’s affectionate side lands them both in hot water.

Warnings include: Language, wounds, blood, near-death experiences. Loki instantly regretting being soft and then just being softer. Fluff. Tony is a dad. 


We laid our names to rest
Along the dotted line
We left our date of birth
And our history behind

On most days, Loki did not mind having to work with the Avengers. He lived in relative peace, with plenty of books and trinkets to occupy his time. People gave him his space, and did not pressure him to participate in any of their silly bonding activities (though he would be lying if he said that he did like the idea that he was invited, nowadays). He would also be lying if he did not admit that part of his current contentedness was not due to the fact his bed was being semi-consistently warmed by a lovely mortal that treated him like… like he was just another person on their team? There was no awe-inspired gasp at meeting him, no worry that he might crack at any moment and murder them in cold blood.

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