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the little eyebrow scrunch 馃ズ
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Crossover Danuary Week Day 2
Day 2: Marvel (Thor: Ragnarok)
Summary: The berserker, the stories said, became the draugr king. And it was said that one day he would lead his legions of the damned to lay siege on the world of the living, conquering and pillaging in the name of his mistress.
Loki did not expect Hela鈥檚 general to be a child.
(Then again, Loki never expected Hela to even exist.)
cw: violence
It was only the three of them: Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki. The only people that stood between the remainder of Asgard鈥檚 citizens and the goddess of death. Their chances of surviving this, Loki estimated, was slim to none.
鈥淎sgard is a place, not a people,鈥 Thor said, finally sounding like the king he had grown to be. Though the insane plan he proposed after that鈥攖he one about causing Ragnarok鈥攂roke the illusion. And if Loki thought a plan was insane鈥ell, that spoke enough volumes as is.
Thor was trusting him to cause the apocalypse.
That damn v枚lva was right after all.
鈥淣ow where do you think you鈥檙e going, brother dearest?鈥 Hela laughed as she approached them at a sedate pace, lips stretched into a cheshire grin. Her long, clawed fingers twisted in the air. 鈥淪tay a while. Didn鈥檛 your mother tell you it was rude to not greet a guest?鈥
The Bifrost shook and shuddered behind Loki. Rumbled like an earthquake and he could see the cracks forming and widening and鈥 鈥淕o, go, go!鈥
He pushed Thor and Valkyrie ahead of him and ran. Behind him, the rainbow bridge splintered and broke apart, giant pieces of the Bifrost falling down into the emptiness of the void. A giant blast of green energy tore through the bridge, casting a ghastly beacon into the sky.
Each step brought them further away from the gaping maw of the void.
Each step brought them closer into Hela鈥檚 grasp.
They managed to outrun the splintering Bifrost, skidding to a stop at one of the bridge鈥檚 supporting pillars. Hela, merely a stone's throw away from their position, laughed.
She cocked her hip to one side. 鈥淐ome on, little king!鈥 She called out鈥 not to Thor, but to something behind them. Her fingers stopped twisting in the air. She curled them into a tight fist and pulled.
Though knowledge of Hela may have been scrubbed away from history (covered up like some shameless secret best left forgotten, as Odin was wont to do), myths of the Goddess of Death persisted. Tales of Helheim鈥檚 ghastly queen and her half-rotten face spilled from the mouths of parents as a warning to their misbehaving children when threats of Frost Giants in night would not suffice.
Stories spoke of Lady Death having a general. A hulking beast. A madman. The ghost of a berserker who died in the midst of battle but refused to ascend to Valhalla. Not when there was more bloodshed to be had, more conquering to be wrought. They say that Lady Death extended a hand out to him and promised him unimaginable power if he would but take a knee and obey.
The berserker, the stories said, became the draugr king. And it was said that one day he would lead his legions of the damned to lay siege on the world of the living, conquering and pillaging in the name of his mistress.
Loki did not expect Hela鈥檚 general to be a child.
(Then again, Loki never expected Hela to even exist.)
The figure rose from the void like a specter. His skin a deathly pale and hair bone white. His eyes were enveloped in a bright, toxic green; no sclera, no pupils, nothing but the blank stare of death. And hung around his neck was a pointed crown too big for his head.
It was the valkyrie who broke the silence. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not Pariah Dark.鈥
Hela鈥檚 lips twisted into a wry grin. 鈥淣o. This little pet of mine is much stronger.鈥
Ice burst from the draugr鈥檚 hands.
Loki鈥檚 centuries of battle-honed instincts kicked into overdrive, his seidr pulling at some untapped raw power that thrummed beneath his skin. He raised his hands鈥攆rostbitten blue鈥攁nd manipulated the ice鈥檚 trajectory, curving it over them like a crested wave.
Without even giving them a moment to think, the draugr flew through the ice and slammed himself into Loki鈥檚 stomach.
鈥淟oki!鈥 Thor bellowed.
Loki grit his teeth. With a pulse of seidr he pushed his attacker backwards. 鈥淕o!鈥 He shouted back at them. 鈥淚鈥檒l keep the boy busy, you lot go after Hela.鈥
The boy spazzed. His shoulders slumped forward, head lolled to the side like some puppet gone slack. Loki threw a dagger straight and true at the boy鈥檚 heart.
The draugr jerked up. His form faded out of existence in the blink of an eye, allowing the dagger to pass through him.
Loki bared his teeth. So the boy can fly, shoot that green energy, summon ice, and render himself intangible. Just how many other spells can he do?
There was something wrong with the boy. With the way he fought.
Sluggish was not the right word, not when the draugr had that supernatural speed on his side. It was as if he was dazed. Not all there. A marionette on the string being dragged this way and that.
The draugr king was powerful, Loki knew. Legends spoke of the previous one鈥擯ariah Dark鈥攂eing as cunning as he was strong, wily as he was ruthless. If this slip of a boy was Pariah鈥檚 successor, then Loki knew better than to assume that his opponent was a fool.
He could fly, he could become intangible, and he had a multitude of ranged attacks at his disposal. If he truly wanted to, he could simply exhaust Loki from afar鈥 but no. The boy took every opportunity to attack at close-ranged, allowing Loki鈥檚 daggers to be within reach. There are moments when the glow of his eyes would flicker. Precious seconds where he would suddenly freeze and leave himself wide open for attack.
As if he wanted to be attacked.
A theory formed in Loki鈥檚 head.
The whispers of a spell surrounded them. Loki鈥檚 seidr coiled around them like a serpent; searching, seeking, found.
There you are.
There, wrapped around the boy鈥檚 neck was a heavy chain made of a dark and twisted kind of seidr.
The crown was no symbol of power; it was slave鈥檚 collar. And the one holding the end of the chain鈥
Loki鈥檚 eyes flickered towards the battle near them. Hela parried Valkyrie鈥檚 blow just in time to whirl around and shove the pummel of her sword in Thor鈥檚 gut. There, Loki could see the faint glimmer of a dark chain twisting around her right hand.
鈥淚f you can hear me in there鈥斺 Loki was a man of words before he was a warrior. His silver tongue was sharper than any weapon in Asgard鈥檚 treasury. He grunted, holding his bruised ribs. 鈥淚f you still have a mind of your own, then I suggest using it right about now.鈥
The boy flew at him, ice blade forming between his hands that Loki quickly disarmed with his own dagger and threw over the bridge. For a split second, Loki could see those blank green eyes flicker into something else. Something more mortal.
鈥淚 can help you.鈥 Loki punched the boy鈥檚 face and sends a bolt of fire at his chest.
鈥淭ell me how to free you!鈥 The boy phased through it and retaliated with beams of green energy. Loki narrowly missed the first three shots, but a misstep, a bad twist of the ankle made him stagger. Loki braced for the pain鈥
The boy seized, suddenly angling his attack elsewhere Enough time for Loki to recover and send a flurry of daggers at the boy鈥檚 feet.
This enchantment, whatever it was, did not operate under the same rules as the mind stone. A hard knock to the head would do no good. What Loki needed to find was the spell鈥檚 anchor.
His eyes were immediately drawn to the crown. The collar.
The boy lunged at him, fists glowing a bright green. Loki rolled with it, taking the opportunity to hook his dagger into the pointed crown and slam the boy into the ground with a sickening crack. With his other hand, Loki summoned another dagger and stabbed it into the boy鈥檚 side.
The draugr screamed.
Pain, Loki learned, was an effective distraction.
Loki pressed the flat of the blade against the boy鈥檚 throat drawing a thin line of not-blood. The boy thrashed in his hold. Loki twisted the blade deeper into the not-flesh.
He let go of his daggers and wrapped his hands around the crown, hissing in pain as the fires licked his skin but did not burn it. He could feel it, the whispers of this ancient seidr, dark and heavy and full of promise if only its wearer bowed in obedience. If he wasn鈥檛 fighting for his life and home, he would have liked to study it. Liked to delicately unravel each enchantment embedded into this wretched crown and learn of its secrets.
But, well, we can鈥檛 all have what we want.
He screamed as he pushed his exhausted seidr to the limits, channeling every bit of energy he had into overwhelming the enchantments. Cracks had begun to form at the base of the crown.
In the distance, Loki could hear Hela shout 鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥
The enchantments still held but Loki鈥檚 Asgardian seidr was slowly fizzling out.
If he persisted in this endeavor then鈥
Norns damn it all!
He pushed past his weakening seidr and latched onto the tendrils of jotunn magic buried deep within him. He could see his fingers turn into that hateful shade of blue, feel the winter settling into his skin like something familiar.
Ice clawed its way in between the cracks of the crown. The cold extinguished the bright green flame and corroded the metal.
Loki screamed.
The boy screamed back. White gloved hands reached up to take hold of the crown. Glowing green eyes flickering into something more solid, more there. The boy screamed as he tried to wrench the crown away from his neck, and Loki was more than happy to oblige.
The crown splintered into a thousand pieces. Loki could see the faint glimmer of the chain disintegrate, Hela鈥檚 hold now gone.
The boy slumped to the ground, heaving. Arms thrown over his face to hide the sobs wracking through his body. 鈥淭hank you,鈥 the boy rasped. 鈥淭hank you.鈥
Loki staggered to his feet with a grunt. 鈥淣o time to waste, boy. I didn鈥檛 free you out of the goodness of my own heart.鈥
The boy rubbed his face and slowly sat up. 鈥淢y name is Phantom. Not 鈥榣ittle king鈥 or 鈥榩et鈥 or 鈥榖oy.鈥
Loki held out a hand and helped him to his feet. 鈥淲ell then, Phantom, now that your mind belongs to yourself, how would you like to cause the end of the world?鈥
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Loki + tumblr [6/?]
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Loki: I鈥檓 not a human. Could a human do this?
Loki: [screams]
Thor: Yeah, I think they could, actually.
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Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?
Tumblr media
One night he wakes up next to his girlfriend who seems to have a nightmare so he tries to wake her up until he hears her moan his name in her sleep.
Word count:
2.134 words
Angsty undertones, Jot眉n Loki, sex (18+), oral sex
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?
A slap in the face woke Loki up. He immediately rose to inspect the threat, but quickly came to the conclusion that there was no intruder in the room. Just his girlfriend who was stirring next to him. She squirmed a little and turned from her side onto her back. Loki could tell that she was hot. She was sweating lightly, breathing more heavily and he saw her breathing speed up. He figured that she was having a nightmare. He gently put a hand on her shoulder and shook her a little.
'(Y/N)?鈥 he softly whispered. 聽
She didn't react. He tried again, but she just squirmed a little in bed. Loki sat down on his knees and pulled the blankets off her, to cool her down. He was starting to grow a bit concerned. He didn't know why she was having nightmares, but he did know that they were extremely unpleasant and was starting to grow anxious that she was having one. 聽
Loki shook her a bit harder, but she still didn't wake. At this point he started to panic. But that changed quickly when he heard her moan 'Loki鈥 聽
That's when he saw. The heavy breathing, the squirming and the light sweat. She wasn't heaving a nightmare. Loki felt his cock spring into action. The thought about her having a sex dream about him, pushed all his buttons. He moved carefully, so he wouldn't wake her. He straddled her legs and looked down at her face. She shook her head from left to right and moaned again. She bucked her hips and Loki had to hold back. He was holding back the urge to rip her clothing away and start fucking her, until she was an absolute mess underneath him. And then he would ruin her some more. He couldn't help it. He was addicted to her moans, the way she was withering underneath him, begging him to make her come and the way her cunt clenched around him and milked him for all he had. It was like she was made for him. They were made for each other.
Loki bent down and started to kiss her neck. Keeping his pressure light, so she wouldn't wake. He could feel her gasp in her sleep. He grabbed her wrists and put it above her head. He shimmered her shirt away and started to kiss her chest, slowly working his way down to her breasts. Delighted to see that her nipples were already hard. He started to let his tong play with one, while he used his hand to pinch the other lightly. He ignored his throbbing cock, that was starting to push uncomfortably against the fabric of his underwear. He lowered his kissing towards her stomach, until his lips met de hem of her panties. He put the fabric between his teeth and slowly dragged it towards her ankles. There he pulled them off and he looked at her, still fast asleep. 聽
She wanted to turn to her side again, but he stopped her. She moaned again and he got curious. He straddled her legs again and put one hand on his forehead. Giving him to opportunity to peek inside her dream, seeing what he was doing to her in her dream. But what he saw, wasn't what he expected. She was on her back, like she was now. She was tied up by his magic, unable to do anything. Loki had his face buried between her legs. That was normal. But it wasn't Loki. Or at least, it was, but not in his Asgardian form. 聽
It was an accident. A few months back, Loki wasn't feeling well. He was sick, but too stubborn to admit it. He pretended everything was fine. Even though his girlfriend could tell he was not well. Eventually, it became too much. His glamour was too much to sustain. He drew himself a cold bad, filled it with ice and took a moment for himself. That's when she walked in and saw him for the first time in his Jot眉n form. After that she asked him to show it more often. He did, on rare occasions. He knew she wanted to make love to him in that form. But he always rejected. He didn't know that she dreamed about it. Loki was wondering if she wasn't having a nightmare at this point.
Her moan ripped him out of his thoughts and concentration. The dream disappeared before his eyes. Loki tried to shake it off. He started to focus his tongue on her breasts again. Got lower until he was close to her core. He slowly grabbed her knees and opened her legs. He could see her cunt dripping. He hooked his arms under her thighs and lowered his face towards her core. Right before he wanted to drag his tongue over her entire slit, he stopped. He watched her for a minute. And he registered her half-open mouth, her moans and her squirming. He still didn't know if she was dreaming or having a nightmare, but if this is what she wanted...
He changed. To prevent himself from arguing and changing his mind, he buried himself between her thighs. It wasn't gentle this time. He plunged his tongue right in her hole. She moaned loudly and tried to get away. He gripped her thighs tighter, keeping her right here right where he wanted to. He sought out her clit with his tongue and started to suck and lick. She gasped loudly and he felt her muscles tense. She was awake. He stopped and looked at her. Wondering how it would look for her to be met with his crimson eyes, instead of his emerald. 聽
'Am I still dreaming?鈥 she panted. 聽
He took that as a sign that she wanted him to continue. Her whole body that was panting heavily, was begging for it. If not, she would tell him and use her safe-word. Loki started to eat her out like he had been starving. She tasted delicious and he couldn't get enough. Like a drug that got him hooked. Needing her essence more and more, with every drop on his tongue. He could tell she was getting close. Her moans became so loud, he knew the guards could hear them. He felt proud of that. He felt her hands in his hair. He loved the feeling when she did that. He locked his eyes with hers and noticed she looked different at him. Good different. She wasn't able to take her eyes off him, but not in shock or in disgust. In love. 聽
He put two fingers inside of her. She was extremely wet and the sounds that came free from him fingering her mixed with her moans. The whole room smelled like sex. It drove him crazy. He curled his fingers, hitting the spot that made her wall clench. She came hard moaning his name over and over again. He continued for a bit, helping her come down from her high. He pulled his fingers from her, smiling against her skin when he heard her whine. He his lips upwards, leaving open mouth kisses all over her skin, making sure he didn't miss a spot.
He bit down in her neck to leave a mark. Her hands where on his back and he felt her scratch it a little, making him moan in return. He nibbled on her earlobe.
鈥業sn't this what you wanted?鈥 he whispered in his ear.
鈥榊es鈥 she replied
鈥楪ood, because I'm nowhere near done with you鈥 he answered.
He hovered over her face for a moment. Looking into her eyes. Her hands went behind his neck and pulled him towards her. She kissed him deeply. After a moment he started to kiss her back. She grabbed his length, but he snatched her wrists and pinned them over her head. With his magic he tied her wrists above her head. 聽
鈥榊ou鈥檙e okay?鈥 he asked. Even though they did this a number of times, he felt like he needed to check extra in this form. 聽
鈥榊es, please鈥 she begged him.
鈥楬ow long have you been dreaming about this?鈥 he asked in between kisses.
鈥楳onths鈥 she panted. 聽
鈥楤ad girl鈥 he said. 聽
鈥榃hat are you going to do about it?鈥 she teased.
鈥楢re we getting cheeky, darling?鈥 Loki asked amused. He loved the fact that even though it was different, she still bantered with him like always. 鈥榊ou know where that can lead, don't you?鈥 he added more menacing.
She nodded her head and swallowed hard. 鈥業 know鈥 she answered.
鈥楴ow what do you want?鈥
鈥業 want you鈥 she answered.
鈥楬mm.. Since you are so pretty and helpless. I think I'll have mercy on you and fuck that sweet little cunt of yours鈥 he mused.
She bit her lip and Loki finally shimmered his underwear away. His cock sprang free and he felt relieved. He pumped his cock a few times and lined it up with her entrance. She waited in anticipation, but Loki he couldn't help it. He needed to tease her first a bit. He slowly entered the tip of his cock. But only the tip. When she whined, he started to circle her clit with his thumb, as slow as he could. She started to squirm and tug on the invisible bonds. 聽
鈥楬ow are you doing, love?鈥 he asked.
鈥楲oki鈥 she whined. 聽
Loki pushed his cock further inside, making her gasp. But he stopped halfway and started to circle her clit faster. 聽
鈥楩uck, you feel good鈥 he hissed. She was a warm person, but the temperature difference right now made everything more intense. 聽
She bucked her hips, making him slip in further. That's when he pushed in as far as he could go. It took everything for him to control himself. He wanted to fuck her senseless. He wanted to fuck her so fast that she would come multiple times on his cock. But instead, he tensed up and stilted. 聽
鈥榊ou are still okay?鈥 he asked. 聽
鈥楲oki, I swear to God if you don鈥檛 fuck me now, I'll lose it. Please, please fuck me鈥 she begged. 聽
鈥楢s my lady wishes鈥 he mused. Before she could reply, he almost pulled out to only push himself deep in again. He set a fast pace. The way his cold cock felt in her warm cunt was something he never experienced before. He noticed that there were goosebumps forming over her body. But she was moaning louder than she usually did. 聽
鈥楧on't you dare stop鈥 she panted before he could say anything.
It spurred him on further. He circled her clit, and she came hard, moaning and panting. The way her warmth clenched around him, made him come earlier than he had expected. He freed her hands and laid on top of her, making sure not to put his entire weight on her. After a few minutes, they both calmed down and he laid down on his side. 聽
She snuggled closer against his chest. He started to change again.
鈥楧on't鈥 she said. And he stopped halfway. 鈥楥an you stay like this for a while?鈥 she asked.
鈥業 don't..鈥 he started, but she cut him off. 鈥楶lease?鈥 she asked.
She looked up at him with her best puppy-eyes. The one she knew he couldn't resist. He sighed heavily but stopped the change. 鈥楯ust for a minute鈥 he said. He wrapped his arm around her and lightly stroked her back.
鈥業t's nice that you're cold. Like my own personal ice pack鈥 she giggled. 聽
He just laughed. The fact that she didn't make a big deal out of it, knowing how a big deal it was for him, meant the world to him. They would have a deeper and more meaningful conversation eventually, but at the moment he was enjoying the intimacy. Even in this form.
鈥楪lad I can cool you down鈥 he chuckled.
鈥業t's your fault for making me that hot!鈥 she teased. 聽
鈥極h, I'm sorry. I will never do it again鈥 he reacted.
鈥楬mm.. If you ever stop you are in big trouble鈥 聽
鈥榊ou know I like trouble鈥 he answered.
鈥榊eah, that I know鈥 聽
鈥榊ou should probably get some rest, darling鈥 he eventually told her. She hummed. 鈥楧o you need anything? A glass of water? Extra blanket?鈥
鈥楴o, you are enough鈥 she said.
He twists his wrist to clean both of them up. Not feeling to let her go at the moment. He would wait until she was asleep to change back. 聽
The next morning Loki didn't wake up normally. The first thing he noticed is that he was still in his Jot眉n form. He probably fell asleep before he could change back. But the next thing was his girlfriend, already eagerly sucking his cock. And maybe, just maybe, Loki wouldn't mind changing in the future again for her. 聽
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imagine-loki 12 hours ago
imagine Loki being heartbroken, and you coming across him when he was sitting alone at a park.
Loki gives you a sharp glance from the corner of his eye and hisses, "What do you want?"
You take a step back, surprised by his sharpness. You weren't close to him, you didn't know him well enough, and maybe your concern was entirely unnecessary....
Realising that he had let his emotions get the better of him from your reaction, he took a deep breath and turned away, electing to simply ignore you instead.
You decide to sit somewhere around the area, but a bit further away from Loki, though still within sight. After a while, you hear footsteps, and when you look up, you see Loki.
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Hit me Baby, One more Time (Wrestler Loki x Female Reader)
Read Chapter 19 here
Chapter 20
Summary : Wrestler Loki is a man full of surprises and you can't get enough
Warning : Steamy situations, that's it , and fluff
Link for the Song I used
Tumblr media
As soon as he got your message he didn't take even a second to respond,
Tumblr media
When he called you, you picked up instantly, as soon as you heard his voice you felt butterflies having a party in your belly.聽
"Hey sweet girl, missed me?" He asked you as he smiled.
聽"No, did you?" You lied to him and he chuckled "You're going to make me say it after what I did today?" He asked you and you bit on your lips as you thought of the sweet gesture, you had a hard time believing that someone would do something like that for you.
"Congratulations on the win by the way, I'm proud of you" you mumbled and he smiled widely "Thank you babygirl, and I do miss you, could use a cuddle or two" he told you as he ran his fingers through his hair, Damn! you made him nervous. He never thought he would ever see a day where a woman would give him such jittery feelings.
"I'm still upset with you though" you told him honestly and he scrunched his nose, he was hoping for you to not bring it up "About the clothes?" He asked you and you shook your head.
"No, about you not calling me or texting me after that day, you disappeared again" you said to him and he sighed, if he could change that he would.
"Yeah, trust me I was occupied with a serious problematic situation involving my mother" he told you and you sat up on the bed. Did Thor get to her? You hoped not.
"Is she okay?" You asked him worriedly and he sighed again "Yeah she's fine, I fixed the problem" you took a breath of relief and laid down again.
"Hmmm good, are you going to apologise to me?" you asked him and he chuckled "Don't do that, you know that, but I should have informed you sweet girl" he should have, he should have gotten in touch with you.
"Well you don't owe me anything" you said nonchalantly and he smiled "I think I do, I hope you know that I didn't want you to leave"
"Well, You didn't stop me" you replied quickly and he sighed again.
"Yeah my bad"
"How can I lure you back here" he asked you and you smiled, he wanted you back there? You didn't know why you were still surprised.
"You can't, I just moved back, it's a hassle to do it all over again"聽it is and you are not going to move back for a rebound guy.
"Yeah? You don't want to come back to me? Hmm? Don't tell me that you don't miss me next to you, little thing"聽
You took a deep breath as he spoke in a deep husky sensuous voice, he made you so nervous and so hot at the same time and you would be lying if you said you didn't miss him.
"I do miss that, but I can't, I won't have a place to live"聽
"You have me darling"
"You are not my boyfriend and I can't live with you"
"Didn't mean that, I just meant that I'll help you find a place, I have connections" he said to you and you smiled.
He really did want you there and he was making an effort, and it must be hard for him to let go of his ego and say all this to you, and to do what he did today, so you decided to go easy on him, you didn't want to push him away even though you should.
"Let's just say hypothetically I move back there, then what?" You asked him a sensible question and he thought about that. To be honest, He wasn't thinking this far, he just wanted you to get back to him
"Then we will continue to get to know each other?"聽
"You'll date me?"
He can't.
"No I Don't do that"
"I won't be your side piece"
He has to have a main piece for that.
"Never ever say that again, understand? I respect you more than that"聽
He told you and you shook your head.
"Sorry, but this game of cat and mouse that we have been playing since the beginning, I won't move my life away again just for that, I can't get more hurt loki"聽you teared up as you spoke and he sat up as he heard your broken voice.
"I understand, I don't want you to get hurt sweetheart, didn't you hear me? You're very dear to my heart"聽he tried to console you, he didn't want to hurt you but he's going to, that's what men do.
"I am?"聽you asked him, why would you be dear to his heart?
"I won't lie to you, I did lie about something though"聽he thought about the last night he spent with you.
"What?" Your curiosity peaked suddenly when he said that, you wanted to know what he lied about.
"That night when you asked me why I assaulted jack, I lied to you, I didn't do it for cary, I did it for you Little thing"聽
Your breath hitched in your chest at his words, but your mind didn't want to believe it.
"Were you lying then or now?
You asked Just to be sure.
"Why? Why did you do that"聽
"Because he hurt you, the night when you told me why he broke up with you, I was livid, I couldn't stop myself, I wanted him out of your life for good"聽
"I ..you did it that night?" You remember that night, he came back to cuddle you and then next morning you refused to see him because of Jack, that's why jack was so pissed at him.
"Uhh Thank you Loki" You said sweetly, you always sound so sweet when you're like that.
"Why?" He knew but he still wanted to hear from you.
"For taking a stand for me, for caring about me"聽you said softly and he smiled again.
"I don't care about you" he said jokingly but it went well over your head as usual.
"Okay it's okay,don't have to" his heart clenched at the sad sound of your voice, he can't take it. 聽
"Hey I was messing with you, I do care about you, so much, I care about you so much babygirl"
You smiled as you heard him, your face warmed up instantly.
"Can I see you?"聽he asked you and your eyes widened, you were in your PJ's and barefaced with no make-up on.
"Like now?"聽
"Yeah facetime me?"聽
"I look ugly"
"Don't think so"
You facetimed him quickly after that, you wanted to see him too and you waited nervously for him to pick up, when he did he was on the bed same as you, his one arm behind his head, he propped the phone up with other one "Hey there, beautiful birdy" he said to you and you felt your face heating up again
"Hey there little mischief" he smiled as he heard you and then he stared at you for good few seconds, he made you so nervous from miles apart.
"Look so pretty like that, on the bed, but oh so lonely, you need me there , admit it" you chuckled as you heard his playful voice and god he misses you next to him more than anything.聽
"I'm at my parents house just so you know" you told him and he smirked as he thought about something dirty "Did you grow up there?" He asked you and you nodded in yes so he questioned again,
"Sweet, is it the same bed you made yourself cum on for the first time?" He asked you shamelessly and you put the phone down as you spoke "You can't say stuff like that " you huffed and then he heard you muttering something else under your breath "and yes the same bed"聽
"Okay I won't tease you, let me see you sweet girl" he chuckled and you put the phone up again,
"Send me your address after I hang up okay?" He asked you or told you and you didn't question him further, it's not as if he would turn up at your place. Right?
"I have to tell you something, but later " you wanted to tell him about thor but you didn't know how he will react and you didn't want to ruin his jolly mood right now "Okay, did you tell your parents about Jackass" he asked you and you sighed at the mention of his name, you always forget about him whenever you're with him.
"I did but they didn't believe me at first, they couldn't think of him as the type of guy who could cheat on me"聽 he got visibly upset as he heard that but he kept it to himself, didn't want to say anything to hurt you even in the slightest. You thought about the fight and you wondered if he was okay.
聽"Are you hurt?" You asked him and he pointed the phone downwards and showed you a bruise on his perfectly carved torso "That looks bad" . You made a pout and he only wished he was there so he could kiss you right now. Every little thing you did seemed like magic.
"Ice it" he heard you and he shook his head in no which in turn made you roll your eyes. After teasing you some more, He hung up soon as he had something important to do.聽You slept with a smile on your face, he didn't sleep at all.
Next morning when you woke up, you put on a red skirt that went upto your shin and a black skin fit top. You had to see an old college friend of yours and he had his own studio in the city. You two used to perform in all the college events together, maybe he could help you find a job. You checked your phone and you didn't see anything from Loki so you figured he must be over you after talking to you last night. Probably shouldn't have allowed him to see you when you looked like that. You straightened your hair and placed them in a butterfly clutch like he does, you did feel pretty like that.聽
Your mom called you downstairs urgently, she and your dad were going to her parent's house for their 50th anniversary, you'd go too but you were not ready to be questioned about Jack and New York by all of your family members just yet.
As you stepped downstairs you saw someone sitting on the couch and he smiled at you. What is he doing here?聽
"Uhh y/n" your mom walked towards you and she glared at you, her back facing him, your dad stood on the other side "This gentleman said he's a friend of yours from New York" she gave you eyes and you laughed nervously.
"You're friends with WWE champion wrestler Loki?" you heard your dad and you sighed. He had a black leather jacket on with black shirt underneath, along with a black pant, he dressed up to kill you today it seems. So handsome for his own good.
聽He also adorned a proudful smirk on his face which made you want to smack his pretty face "I'll make tea for everyone, we have to leave soon anyways" she told him and he smiled politely, his eyes fixed on you and yours on him "Honey why don't you go see if you have packed everything" she told your dad as she went into the kitchen and he left for their room. Leaving you two alone.
You walked towards him and grabbed his arm to pull him aside "What do you think you're doing?" You asked him as you huffed and he pushed your back against the wall and then he leaned down to kiss you, you wrapped your arms around his waist as you felt his warmth and you kissed him back. Been just a few days but you have missed kissing him like that.聽
"Are you not happy to see me?" He asked you as he pulled away and you looked at him, your lipstick transferred to his face so you rubbed his lips, wiping the residues off from his skin
"I am, I'm happy but surprised" you mumbled and he lifted you up by your waist with both of his arms easily and he kissed you again. The kiss burned you up instantly, you had to stop yourself and him or your mom will catch you both making out today.
You heard her footsteps and he did too so you walked him back to the couch and he sat down, he had a constant smile on his face.
"So how did you two meet?" Your mom asked him and he looked at you "Through a friend" he answered her and you rolled your eyes. She tried to make awkward conversation with him and you just wanted to disappear聽from there, "Why he's so tall?" She whispered in your ear but he definitely heard that.
"Okay dear unfortunately we have to leave, are you in the city for long?" She asked him as your dad came out with the luggage, still not believing that a Wrestling champion was sipping on tea in his living room.
"It truly depends on what I'm here for but hopefully a few days" he looked at you after he answered and you blushed.
"I have to go see Mack for the job thingy so I'll leave too, Loki? Are you interested in seeing more of Cleveland?" You gave him a look and he stood up. Then you got him out of the house as soon as you could, your mom left the keys for you at the usual place, they'll come back after 4 days .
You called a cab to take you both to the studio and on the way he kept staring at you "Why are you so quiet birdy?" He asked you as he played with your hair and you shivered at the touch, hoping the cab driver won't see this.
"I'm just, still processing this, you were in New York last night" you turned to him and he smiled "It takes less than 2 hours by air" he told you and you thought about it. Did he come to see you especially? Of Course he did, why else would he be here?
When you reached the studio your friend Mack greeted you, he hugged you tightly, way too tight and his eyes widened as he saw Loki. "Oh man how do you know y/n, it's so freaky, I saw your fight last night" he shook Loki's hand and Loki smiled..
"It's a long story, how have you been?" you asked Mack.
"I'm good, have you heard of this competition 'Saved by the dance' ?" He asked you and you shook your head. It's a prestigious duet dance competition that happens annually, only the best of the best gets selected to even compete.
聽"I was going to participate, but my partner Laura hurt her leg recently, I was wondering if you'd like to do it with me?" He asked you and your eyes widened "You want me to do it with you?" Loki looked at you at the choice of your words, but he adored the expression you had on your face right now.
"We danced our way through college, we have chemistry and a rapport, we will be good, please say yes, please y/n, for old times sake" he almost pleaded you like a child and you said yes without thinking much. It's been so long since you have been on stage and you missed it.
"Yesss" Mack squealed in excitement and you looked at Loki, his eyes remained fixated on you "Remember that salsa routine we did on 'Could I have this kiss forever?" He asked you and you remembered it very well "That was a solid routine" he smiled as he heard you.
"We should do it for the audition"聽
He turned the song on, it's such a romantic song and you looked at loki as he sat down right in front of you two in his usual position. Damn now you wanted to sit on his lap. Focus y/n focus, Mack grabbed your hand and his arm went around your upper back, as the music picked up and your muscle memory kicked in so you started to move to the rhythm of the music.
Loki couldn't keep his eyes off you as you moved sensually, you had inherent confidence whenever you danced and he loved that. However he was truly jealous of the way Mack led you on the floor, you were following his lead , he was making you dance to his tune and he wanted to be the guy to do so. He composed himself as he realised that this is your profession. And also he doesn't have any right to be jealous yet.
As the song ended, you twirled like a spinning top , so smoothly on the heels you wore, and Mack caught you in his arms and then finished with a dip. Loki clapped as you two finished, you were breathing heavily, and you have never seemed more ethereal than you did in the moment. He wanted you, he needed you.
"Damnn I'm so excited for this" Mack said cheerfully and he told you that he had to leave urgently, he asked you if you wanted to use the studio for your practice and you were thankful for that, you haven't danced in a week. Before leaving, he hugged Loki and Loki complimented his dancing skills.聽
When he left Loki walked over to you and he kissed you softly "How was that?" you asked him and he smiled between the kiss "You're amazing little birdy" you smiled more as he complimented you,
"Want to dance with me?" You asked him and he raised his eyebrows "You didn't dance with me when we went clubbing, I would like to see if you can move those hips of yours" you smirked and he was taken aback by your boldness. You're full of surprises.
He walked away from you and turned the stereo on, you heard the same song starting again, and then he looked at you聽with such intensity that you got goosebumps.
"Oh birdy ,I didn't deny to dance because I couldn't, I denied because I can"聽
You heard him boasting proudly and you looked at him surprised, the sultry voice of Enrique filled your surrounding,
Over and over I look in your eyes
You are all I desire, you have captured me
He took his jacket off and threw it away in the corner somewhere, then he walked over to you, he grabbed your arm the same way Mack did, and gosh he smelled so good,so manly, so ambrosial.
I want to hold you, I want to be close to you
I never want to let go
I wish that this night would never end
I need to know
"Move at one two three and stop at 4 right" he whispered and you opened your mouth surprised at his knowledge about the form "How do you-" before you could finish he twirled you to the other side swiftly, he was very nimble on his feet.
Could I hold you for a lifetime?
Could I look into your eyes?
Could I have this night to share this night together
He pulled you closer to him as he placed his right hand behind your head and another one on your waist, he dipped you down from left to right in a half circle and pulled you closer again, the heels you wore, managed some of the height difference. But not much so, you couldn't stop staring at him. He captivated you since day 1.
Could I hold you close beside me?
Could I hold you for all time?
He looked at you and he leaned down to kiss you, right when the hook started.
Could I, could I, could I have this kiss forever?
Could I, could I, could I have this kiss forever? (Forever)
Forever (forever)
You moved away from and you freestyled, moving your hips and arms sensually, as you circled around him, he didn't take his eyes off you even to blink, when he saw you the first time he couldn't have imagined you like this, he hated how jack broke your confidence like that, absolutely wanted to bury him six feet under as he thought about that.
Over and over, I've dreamed of this night
Now you're here by my side, you are next to me (you are next to me)
You got behind him and sneaked your arms around his waist as the lyrics befitted your situation currently,聽
I want to hold you
He turned around and gripped your hair with one hand
聽and touch you聽
Other hand held your waist
and taste you
He licked on your lips once and then he kissed you softly,
And make you want no one but me
I wish that this kiss could never end, no, no
Oh, baby, please
He smiled as he watched you melt into him like usual, he needed to control himself so as soon as the hook began to play again he started to dance and you followed his lead as you giggled and played around with him, this is the most fun you have ever had. Still can't believe he could move like that.
I don't want any night to go by
Without you by my side
As the third bridge of the song hit, you two were doing more of the dirty dancing then salsa but you didn't care, he made you feel so sexy whenever he was with you..
聽I just want all my days
You moved away from him, and your hands played with your hair, how could you be so sexy but so cute at the same time? He didn't understand but he was enchanted.
Spent being next to you
Live for just loving you
He smiled at your playfulness and he walked behind few steps,
And baby, oh, by the way聽
You ran and jumped into his arms, he lifted you up easily, and did a few twirls with you in his embrace as the hook played in the background, you wrapped your arms around his neck, your legs folded, and you could finally tower over him.
Could I, could I, could I have this kiss forever? (Forever)
And ever?
Forever (could I have this kiss forever?)
(Could I have this kiss forever?)
He brought you down slowly, your chest rubbed against his face as he did and you looked at him. You couldn't read the look on his face, no one has ever looked at you like this before, as if you were the best thing to ever exist.
Solo, solo un beso, un beso para siempre
Para siempre (could I have this kiss forever?)
Dame un beso para siempre (could I have this kiss forever?)
Para siempre
He kept you at his face level as you both looked into each other's eyes, none of you felt this way before and it felt exhilarating. You cupped his cheeks to kiss him again, you have never felt such passion, never been so attracted to a man before like this, you couldn't even differentiate where the lust ended and something more began. You felt as if you were in a trance.
You don't even remember when you grabbed his arms and when you two got inside a cab, it was raining a little too, your clothes got a little soaked, but you were not just wet from the rain, you knew that.
You didn't say a word on the way back to your parents house, neither did he, only kissed you and sucked on you wherever he could, the cab driver got his dose of pornography, there's no way he didn't hear you moaning and melting in his arms like that.
When Loki caught the driver staring at you from the mirror view, he glared at him in such a manner that he didn't dare glance at you again.
You acted as if you had never been touched before. Truth to be told, you have never been touched the way he did.
It was going to happen, you knew it, you felt it. He knew that too. He was going to fuck you and if only you would survive this night with him inside you as he takes each and everything you'd give him, you knew you were going to be in love fucked up after that. You knew you'd belong to him after this night.
And the thought scared you but you didn't want to stop. You couldn't stop.
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Me, talking to someone: oh! You're into [insert fandom]? Who's your favourite character? :)
Them: *loves the character I absolutely despise*
Me: ...
Tumblr media
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Tea and kidnappings - Loki Laufeyson
prompt: you are kidnapped, and no one messes with you on Loki鈥檚 watch
aka sunshine and sunshine protector
pairing: Loki x fem!reader (I think reader is shortly mentioned as her)
Warnings: angst because of the kidnapping, but mostly fluff, I promise
A/N: I love Loki, what else can I say
word count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
Ever since Loki came to live with you and the other Avengers in the tower, you had an interest in him. Not particularly in him (at first), but in taking care of him, no matter how weird that sounded. Everyone was still kind of vary around him, never trusting him fully. Neither did the general population. And you didn't know why, but you thought he deserved the benefit of the doubt. Thus, it hurt you to see him wandering around the tower alone most of the time.
One evening, you had already gone to bed, but had craved a cocoa. For the first few minutes in which you were in the kitchen, you didn't even notice him. The living room was sharing the same open space of the kitchen, and Loki was sitting on the couch, in dim light, a book in one of his hands, and a tea directly in front of him. You only noticed him once you turned away from the fridge and naturally, the realisation that someone was in the room with you, scared you to death.
"Oh shit!", you exclaimed, you couldn't help yourself. Loki looked up from his book and lowly let out a "pardon", before letting his eyes focus on the pages in his hands again. You had clutched a hand to your heart without noticing it, but now slowly let it fall to your side again. "No, it's okay. It's not you. I just didn't know someone was in here.", you explained, making Loki look up. An unreadable look was plastered on his pale face. He looked almost confused. Almost as if he had thought it was him you had been scared of. You could never be. Soon, he averted his gaze again, and continued reading. You let yourself study his features, not for long though, you didn't want him to catch you staring.
After this night, you began going into the kitchen later during the night, in the hopes of seeing him there again. You hopes were fulfilled every night. Sometimes you went a little earlier, just to see how he prepared his tea, and to catch a glimpse of the book he was reading. It was not long before you gathered up all your courage and prepared his tea for him before he even entered the kitchen.
You knew when he would come into the kitchen. It was always 11.00pm. So, once you had prepared his tea, you shyly went back into your room, not really wanting to see how he would react. The whole night, you had been so nervous you had gotten nauseous at some point.
When you got into the kitchen the next morning, a few of the other avengers were already sitting in their usual spots. When you approached yours, you noticed a cup of cocoa was already standing on your spot of the table. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You looked around, the other avengers too occupied with eating or too sleepy to glance your way. Except, of course, Loki. He was sitting almost across from you, and had looked up tentatively. When your eyes met, he averted his gaze quickly, playing with his food absentmindedly. A grin spread across your features. You knew he was good.
The weeks passed with more incidents like the previous one. You got to know each other, at first as silently as previously, but soon you started greeting him in the hallways, always wearing a wide grin. The others noticed and shot you a confused look. Then, you began tagging (forcing, really) him along to weekly movie nights with all the others.
Your presence, to him, was like you were the sun, lighting up every single room you stepped into, no matter how gloomy it had been before. it was not long before his heat started beating just a little quicker whenever you entered the room. He told himself it was your ever-lasting good mood. He told himself it was anxiety, nothing more. Until he caught himself trying to suppress a smile upon seeing you. Only then he knew something was entirely wrong with him. Why would he smile, if not because he had a mischievous plan in kind? Surely not because of you, right?
It had first seemed like a normal Sunday, the day you were taken. The day had started as usual. Loki stood up extra early to make you your cocoa, and had tried not to stare at you during breakfast. After breakfast, all of you either went to their rooms or went for an extra training session.
He should have noticed earlier. It was far too quiet for you to be around. Around lunch, he went into the common area, just to find almost the whole team assembled, everyone talking frantically. "How could this have happened-", he heard, furrowing his brows. "How did no one notice-", he got closer to the others. "What happened?", Loki inquired, getting the attention of the remaining team. Everyone turned towards him. Somehow, he didn't know why, though, they all shared a silent look before returning their attention towards him and answering.
"They've taken Y/N.", he replied, sounding defeated. The words made Loki's insides clench, and somehow the world began spinning for a moment. "What.", he managed to get out. "Who.", it wasn't a question. It was a demand. His blood boiled with rage. Another silence. Short, though too long for Loki's liking. "The frost giants.", Thor finally replied. Loki's thoughts started racing.
"We need a plan.", Nat decided. "Y/N always makes our plans.", Bruce commented. "Where would they take her?", Steve urged further. "What would they even want from her?", Clint asked. "Loki, do you have any clue on where they could be hiding?", Tony asked, turning to where Loki had been standing not a minute prior. Everyone's gaze turned towards Loki. Or rather, to where Loki had been standing, because he was gone. "Oh shit.", Tony exclaimed.
While the rest of the team thought about a plan on getting back, Loki couldn't wait. He wouldn't. They would come up with a good plan, he was sure of it. But it was urgent. To him. He couldn't stand a second more passing without knowing where you were. He knew where the frost giants would hide. Mostly because he knew where he himself would hide.
A deserted warehouse, and the edge of the city, where it was colder than in the city itself. He had tried a few, until he found the one they were in. He heard them talking, before he went in. He decided for the offensive, as always. He waltzed right in. There were three of them. He could take three of them.
He observed each one of them, before he saw you, dangling upside down from the ceiling, a little blood leaking from your hairline. Something was stuffed into your mouth, preventing you from talking. The beat of Loki's heart picked up yet again. How long had you been hanging there, upside down? That couldn't be good for you. You weren't like the rest of the team. You didn't possess superhuman strength, you weren't trained to be an assessor. You were merely a fragile human, part of the team because you were good at pattern detecting, good at helping them planning, you were smart.
"Loki,", one of them stated. Clearly, he was the leader. "I did not expect to see you here.", he observed unnecessarily. Loki did not have the patience for this. "What do you want from her.", again, he did not ask, he demanded. A silence fell between them, the frost giant thinking too long for Loki's liking.
"Nothing.", he replied. "I want the others. I just want to kill her because why not.", he explained further. Rage was not the right word for Loki's feeling anymore, but he contained. He needed to, in order for this to work. "Come with us,", the giant continued. "We can defeat them together. You are one of us, after all.", that sent a pang through Loki's heart, but he did not let it distract him.
Loki chuckled lowly, shook his head, and finally, his infamous grin emerged on his plumb lips. "See, this is where you're wrong. Coming with you will not be necessary, since I am no longer one of your kind.", he started, then heard himself say the words he never thought he would say. "I am one of them.", he smirked, and it began.
Loki projected dozen versions of himself all around the warehouse, distracting each frost giant long enough to get to you. He freed you, careful to let you down slowly. He held your frame, scared you might fall due to hanging upside down for this long. "You-", you started, staring up at him, gripping his arms tightly in order not to fall to your knees. "Are you alright, darling?", he asked sincerely, never having been more concerned for anything in his life.
You managed a small smile and nodded. Around you, the frost giants still fought illusions of Loki. You gathered all your strength to raise of your hands and place it around one of Loki's cheeks. He leaned into it tentatively, even closing his eyes in comfort for a short moment. "I knew you were good,", you whispered. "And I also knew you liked me.", you stated making the both of you chuckle. Tears were glistening in your eyes when the both of you simultaneously leaned into each other, letting your lips crash onto one another.
The kiss was soft. Or was that just his lips? So many emotions were put into it, and you could feel it all. The worry. The relief. The feeling of finally, finally. The sigh of simple content. His lips were every bit of amazing as you had thought, and more.
After a short while (too short while), you pulled apart, and you caught him still having his eyes closed, smiling. He opened them, staring into yours. "Let's get you out of here.", he whispered. Not a second later, he picked you up bridal style, knowing you couldn't walk yourself. He walked through the every ongoing fight of the giants still falling for his illusions.
Outside of the warehouse, the team had just arrived, confused as to how the two of you had made it out alive. And also confused as to how he was carrying you. Loki let the illusions inside the warehouse finally fall. "They're all yours.", he commented. He knew he would have to hear a lecture tomorrow about how he couldn't do his own thing, about how he had to work with the team. And he would. But you were simply too important. It seemed the same was true for the others, as they simply nodded and went into the warehouse, ready to fight.
Loki brought you all the way home, and then made sure you could shower. He took care of you, brought you everything you needed, and finally pulled a cover your body. When he turned to switch the light off, you whispered to him. "Please don't leave.", you requested. He turned to you with a smile on his lips, then turning off the light. "I wasn't planning to, love.", he replied, getting into bed with you. He tentatively lied next to you, afraid of crossing your boundaries, until he felt your body melting into his warmth. You cuddled into him, and he heard you sniffling. His heart ached at your crying, and it was a strange feeling. He had never been so concerned for anyone else. Shyly, slowly, he pulled you into him even more, and placed a tender kiss on the top of your head. "I'm never going to leave you again."
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Tumblr media
it鈥檚 hard to explain, okay? 馃
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Tumblr media
WIP! I started this a while ago with the intention of it being a fully rendered piece, but I decided today that I just want to do some rough colours and leave it at that. Cutting myself some slack is a good thing sometimes! Especially when I鈥檓 usually very bad at it. 馃槄
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Loki + Veep [6/?]
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Tumblr media
this Lokius AU >>>>>>
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Tumblr media
Loki, obsessive (insomniac series)
鈥淚 am nothing in my soul if not obsessive.鈥 Donna Tartt
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