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Naturally Thor is like a Neutral Good, Loki a Chaotic Neutral and Hela a Lawful Evil HOWEVER put them all in a room with at least 2 years of family counseling under their belt and they’re all Chaotic™️™️ Good.

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imagine that as Loki’s beloved, who is also extremely protective over him, you get angry every time someone talks badly about him in your vicinity, and proceed to beat up the offending person. and no one can stop you except Loki. eventually, it is an unspoken rule that no one talks badly about Loki, just in case you happen to hear. Loki is proud as a peacock at having someone so protective of him.

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*she’s inside, speaking with Peter Quill about what happened. All she feels is yearning for Loki as she talks about him, her heart aching for him to come back*

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This is part of the story of how Thor got his hammer stolen. This is not the only time his hammer was stolen, but it is one of the best. This is my artistical interpretation of events.

The cast is: Thor - god of thunder, Sif - Thor’s wife, Loki - the Ettin that Thor calls his best friend, and Freja - goddess of love, and war.

Thor: “Freja I need your help! It is important! It is about getting my hammer back.”

Freja: “How can I help?”

Thor: “You need to marry the Ettin king, so he will give me my hammer.”

Freja: “You are going to trade me for a hammer?”

Thor: “Yes. Thank you for under….”

Freja: *Beating the shit out of Thor*

Thor: “Ouch… ouch… Sif, Loki help me.”

Loki: “Nope, I am not getting beaten up too.”

Freja: *Violently punching Thor* “YOU THINK YOU CAN TRADE ME FOR A HAMMER!!!”

Thor: “Sif, honey, talk to her. Ouch, ouch. Not the face, not the face.”

Sif: “And say what? I am on her side here. I would not marry an Ettin so somebody else could get something back. No offense Loki.”

Freja: “Thank you!”

Loki: “I got an idea. What if we send Thor and tell them it is Freja.”

Freja: “You got 5 sec to take that back. NO ONE WOULD MISTAKE HIM FOR ME!”

Loki: “We are going to dress him like a woman. And the Ettins do not know what you look like.”

Thor: “NO.”

Sif: “Yes.”

Thor: “You are my wife! You are supposed to be on my side!”

Sif: “I am. You get your hammer back. And Freja and I get to dress you in a wedding dress. Loki will shape shit into a woman and come with you.”

Loki: *Already in female form* “I would not miss this for the world.”

One makeover session, a long journey, and a ruined wedding later.

Sif: “How was your wedding Dear?”

Thor: *Still in a blood-stained wedding dress* “It was awesome! I killed so many Ettins.”

Freja: “Loki how was your part?”

Loki: “I got so see my best friend in drag, a lot of men flirt with, and the mass murder of my people I hate. It was a good day. And I hooked up with the best man and most of the bridesmaids.”

Thor: “And I go my hammer back. Never leave daddy again.” *Kisses the hammer.*

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broke: loki took on the pale skin, dark hair and colour green bc he seen Hela in Odins memories

woke: loki took on the pale skin, dark hair and colour green bc he seen a teenage emo Odin trying to rule Asgard way to early while headbanging to the sick rips of Frigga’s harp

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Apollo : * shooting an arow and Misses*

Artemis: Really Apollo that was horrible

Apollo: well a Apollo-gize


Loki : *passing by* Really Apollo that was so not low key Try harder next time

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Again, forgot to post this for Halloween :/

My main three, Seph, Ellie & Angele as MCU characters.

Very selfish indulgent. I am not sorry.

I do not have any MCU related headcanons for my own ocs, I would never-

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*she hasn’t been up to doing much. All she does is stare out the window, hoping for the Bifrost to open and bring him back to her. She knows how she feels, she just needs him to return to her so she can say it. Resting her head in her head, she watches the sky* It’s been days and I still haven’t heard from you since that letter. Have you really left for good? Am I…am I alone? Again? *she begins to feel her chest clench as she holds back the urge to cry* I did it again. I moved too fast. I pushed him away and now the one person I know I truly…truly love, is gone

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I felt the pain and it tasted so metallic

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Avengers HCs Highschool Edition pt 2


  • Changes schools frequently
  • Catches feelings easily and loses them almost never
  • I feel like she loves Literature Studies class
  • Super organized always has the homework and she lets people copy it
  • Uses a laptop in every class so she can multitask (do homework for the next class or online shop)


  • The token kid with the earbuds
  • Seemingly disappears in the middle of class, just will sneak out unnoticed
  • Watched the football games just to insult his brother after them
  • Has definitely been suspended and frequently attends detention.
  • Sits in the school counsellors office silently as a way to skip tests without getting in deep shit

Okay. So I recently deleted Sam and Bucky. I had a request to do one with them and I will admit I was not overly familiar with either off their characters. I haven’t seen all of the captain America trilogy. I don’t have Netflix and I don’t know if they’re on Netflix but our last video store recently closed and so i definitely have gaps in my character knowledge especially with team cap. I based my headcanons off of other headcanons id seen and text posts id seen and I was later informed that I was in fact supporting extremely negative racial stereotypes. I’d like to assure you that I never intended to do that but it doesn’t make it any less harmful. At all. I hadn’t even made that connection in my head when reading other hcs etc and that in itself is a huge problem. I’m not trying to shift the blame this was fully my fault and I’d like to apologize for amplifying these incorrect and incredibly harmful stereo types. It makes me sick to the stomach when my friends, family members, and strangers are attacked based off of the colour of their skin or the people they love and I never want to create a space where it is safe to enforce negative stereotypes (or ANY stereotypes for that matter even if they’re seemingly positive) After re-reading what I read I was furious with myself. How could I be so blind? No I did not intend to do that but it was the fact that subconsciously I didn’t question what I’d seen about this character. I didn’t make that connection. So I will no longer be writing any headcanons or text posts involving characters that I’m under-educated on even if there is a request.


  • Also incredibly organized, still uses binders and will roll her eyes at those who use the shove-the-paper-in-the-bag tactic
  • Definitely does not let people copy her homework
  • She’s secretly a procrastinator but she always manages to get things done on time and nobody would be able to tell
  • Definitely that one friend who always has ibuprofen
  • I think she’d run in track and field. Oh also she’s definitely part of tons of clubs


  • Constantly concerned for his friends mental health because ‘holy fuck Tony you look like a zombie please sleep’ and ‘Pepper take a study break you’ve been at it for hours’
  • I think he’d play football. He gives me student athlete vibes
  • Tony definitely partners up with Bruce in science class and he’s just like 😿
  • He gives me Math kid energy. Like I feel like he’s one of those annoying people who likes and is good at math
  • Teachers all see him as super responsible so even if he’s talking to Tony in class Tony gets in trouble (which Tony would definitely whine about)

Should I do more? What other characters? :)


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TITLE: You Have Heart


AUTHOR: nekoamamori

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine finding out that your soulmate is Loki and your very first kiss is interrupted by Thor shouting “Yeeessss”


NOTES/WARNINGS:  This is a rewrite of the original work of the same name.  Also on AO3 here

You looked up in shock and saw that the entire theater was looking at you.  The flash of power had been brighter than you thought to draw everyone’s attention away from the action on the screen.  But it wasn’t every day that someone became the soulmate of an Avenger.  Or worse, the soulmate of Loki.  Loki was supposed to be the villain, wasn’t he?

No, the news and the team had made it clear that Loki had been under mind control during the battle. Loki wasn’t a villain, he’d just been made to do terrible things.  

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