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#Loki Fandom

Loki coat part 6

I think this has the most stitches or anything I’ve made


A managed to make a tonne of progress on this coat in the last few days


I’ve started to make the shoulder pieces, this was a really complicated part to figure out since most of it is hidden on the actual coat. Thankfully after finding a bunch of reference I was able to unpack what was going on.

Each currently has 2 of the 4 layers needed to achieve Loki’s signature look.


Now for bit that been really excited about! Adding the gold pieces. I started with the panels on the base of the coat, since these are the most simple. I’m really glad I bought gold twine as it really sparkles and looks a lot better than wool would. However it’s really expensive (the most expensive part of the project XD)

As usual feel free to reblog! And please consider following me if you want to see the making of this coat :D

Here’s a bonus pic of my cat stealing the spotlight XD

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Originally posted by lilacandbitchberries

hi everyone! this was a little soulmate au requested by @andreasworlsboring101 ! i was given the option between loki or ransom, and it’s been a minute since i’ve given reindeer games some attention. so here you are and i hope you enjoy!!🤍 (WARNING: contains plot/spoilers to The Avengers)

Everyone knew that moment you turned sixteen the first words you’d hear your soulmate say appeared on your wrist.

You had watched your clock count down the exact moments until 12 AM the night of your birthday. Sure enough, black scribbles (in your handwriting!) began to fade onto your wrist.

“‘Kneel?’” you asked outloud to your dark room in disgust. “What the hell is ‘kneel’?”

You spent years trying to figure out what the meaning of your word was and who on earth could possibly just say that in casual conversation?

In school you were teased, your schoolmates being convinced it was something sexual. Theirs’ were all basically the same, being something stupid like “Hello” or “Woah, I am so sorry I tripped you!” (That one was your absolute favorite. Like, how much more Hallmark Movie cliche could you get, Lily?)

You would often times wear sweatshirts or long sleeves to cover your words up. Not only were the kids at your school concerned, so were the teachers. It was kind of dumb, to be honest. You’d never forget the one time you got called to the guidance counselor’s office where this lady basically asked you if you were in a cult.

“I’m actually (religion or antheism),” you sneered back defensively. She stared at you for a moment before slowly nodding.

She claimed she just wanted to make sure you were “being safe.” And after you told your parents who threatened to sue for harassment, your words were never brought up by staff again.

You spent years dreading that stupid word, “kneel.” Once your soulmate was found the word would fade and become less bold.

Once you were older, you and a few classmates from college spent time studying abroad in Germany.

Germany was so lovely and you had the time of your life there. Your life also was changed there.

One night you and your friends attended a gala in Stuttgart. It was at a lovely facility full of people dressed in fancy gowns and suits while drinking champagne and chatting quietly. There was a violin orchestra that provided lovely music and guards that provided safety to the attendees.

As you wondered about slowly and tugged on the black glove hiding your word, you saw a man making his way down the marble staircase. He had long slicked back black hair, pale skin, bright blue eyes, wore a black suit with a long suit jacket accompanied by a green and gold scarf. He also held a sort of long scepter. You cocked an eyebrow; he didn’t seem to have a mobile disability of any sort, so what was it for?

Suddenly as he came across a man watching over the crowd on the stairs, he took the scepter and knocked the young man to the floor in one clean swing. People gasped all around you as the seemingly violent man began to make his way through the crowd quickly. Everyone parted from his way as he grabbed an older man by the neck and flung him onto a stone table carved as a sort of bull.

You watched in horror as he pulled out some sort of metal device that he shook and sprouted three separate cone-like appendages . The device whirred as it began to spin and a blue light shined under every cone. Without missing a beat, he plunged the device onto the man’s eye as people began to scream and run in all different directions. You stood in horror and watched the older man squirmed on the table.

The man with the blue eyes glanced around the room and grinned wickedly. He caught eyes with you and you began to slowly back away.

“Who the hell are you?” You blurted to him before following the crowd out of the facility.

You ran as fast as your high heels and fitted gold dress would let you. People pushed past you and ran out into the misty air and wet streets, trying to make a quick getaway. You wondered where your friends were and looked around.

You saw the man with blue eyes strolling out amongst the people with a smirk on his face. And suddenly gold light surrounded him and hid attire changed. Your heart stopped and your jaw dropped in fear and astonishment. This guy was defintely not from Earth, this was pure magic.

He was now wearing shiny gold armor with intricate detailing, a long green cape flowing behind him, and a gold helmet with long horns extending out of the front. He grasped the scepter in his hand as he strutted out in front of the still-evacuating crowd.

You made it across the street and hid amongst the crowd as the man picked up his pace. He walked right into the street when he heard a siren and saw a police car approaching. He jabbed the scepter towards it and a blast of blue light flew to the car. It tipped the car on it’s front as slid across the road sending sparks flying. The man continued to make his way to the crowd as the car flipped on its top.

You looked away and the crowd halted. The man had magically moved from behind the crowd to the front of it. Your heart pounded in your chest as you looked around frantically. He said something to the crowd that you couldn’t hear among the screaming and yelling.

The crowd tried to redirect its path when flashes of golden light circled the crowd. Clones of the man appeared around the crowd and you began to hyperventilate. What were you going to do? Were these your last moments? You’d never even met your stupid soulmate and now you were going to die at the hands of a voodoo man in Germany.

You stumbled around as your eyes darted all around you from one clone to another. You looked behind you and saw what appeared to be the real man walk forward slowly and pound his scepter onto the ground. Blue light shined from all the scepters of the clones and the crowd gasped. You clutched your chest as a tear slid down your cheek.

“KNEEL!” The man yelled furiously. You blinked and gasped quietly to yourself. The whole crowd began to lower to their knees and you followed momentarily. You anxiously yanked off your glove and stared;

“Kneel” was now faded on your wrist. You wiped away a few tears and looked up shakily at the man, who opened his arms and took in the sight with a smile.

“Is not this simpler?” He asked as he walked through the crowd. Though some looked at the ground in fear, others looked from clone to clone, and some watched in fear at the man, you never stopped looking straight into his blue eyes.

Your heart was racing and your hands were shaking. This awful man, this dictator who wanted nothing more than to cause havoc and destruction among the innocent was your soulmate? Another tear slid down your cheek as he walked past you and continued to make a speech to the crowd.

How were you supposed to talk to him? You didn’t even want to be near him with that thing he held. You twisted your glove and glanced back down at the writing.

How were you expected to fall in love with someone like this? What were the soulmate gods thinking? You inhaled shakily and looked up at the cloudy sky.

It seemed that with completing the task of finding your soulmate, came the task of making it out alive from your soulmate’s acts of terrorism.

WAS IT GOOD? WAS IT OKAY?? i’m overall kinda impressed with how i did! it’s been a minute since loki’s got some attention so i’m glad i was able to write this! sorry not sorry about the cliffhanger though. i mean what was i gonna do, have you fight him? i think it’s nice to let your imagination decide how this turns out. thank you for your support, i love you all!🤍

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Life in Audrilluria PREVIEW

King!Tom Hiddleston x Former-thief Reader


It’s funny how even after everything that has happened so far, he still keeps that same look in his eyes when he thinks I don’t see him looking. It’s almost like that stupid little saying I would always roll my eyes at actually has some meaning to it. No matter how many people judge him for bringing me back, no matter how many disapproving looks he gets daily, he’s still confident he made the right decision. I guess love really does conquer all…

Coming June 22nd

Heart of Audrilluria Masterlist 

Taglist is RE-OPENED

@ladyblablabla​, @tvdplusriverdale​, @pipolaki​, @myraiswack​, @shockwavee​, @harringtonb-blog​, @cynic-spirit​, @little-moonbeam-666​, @ochizokulevy​​, @swifitiedaylight​, @blue-honey-bee-from-france@scorpionchild81​,  @imnotrevealingmyname@whathefuckrichard69@frostedgiant@falling4uke​​ @accio-boys@amor67figment-love


So for my 100th post I decided to go back to the start of it all. This fic got me to where I am now and actually gave me the courage to write the crazy stories that came into my head. Thank each and every single one of you for all the support you’ve shown me and for everything else!! If it weren’t for all of you, I probably would have stopped writing. Anyway, I hope all is well, please stay safe out there, and I’ll see you on June 22nd for the return of my favorite fic thus far. 

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Loki and Bucky making out

Tony: *enters the living room* you guys have a bedroom, right?

Loki: Bed’s broken.

Tony: What? How-

Bucky: Oh, he’s a devil in the sheets, you know-

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Not a Fairytale (PREVIEW)

Business CEO AU

CEO!Tom Hiddleston x Reader

If you enjoyed Heart of Audrilluria, you’ll like this one too.


You’re a busy woman. You have a high ranking job at a distinguished company and are in charge of providing for three people, including your niece. You’re dedicated to your work and family. You have no time to be worrying about your love life. But apparently, someone else does, and they decided you’d have a love story straight out of a Fairytale. Will meeting the “prince charming” chosen for you change your mind?

Taglist is OPEN

Coming June 3rd


Permanent Taglist for all things Tom Hiddleston:

@myraiswack@falling4uke @accio-boys @ashcrimson-is-writing @just-trying-to-survive-marvel

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Originally posted by lokitty-blog1

Chapter 31 on Ao3

Chapter 31 on

Loki’s eyes shot to the pulse oximeter clipped to Brynn’s finger, but the screen was impossible to read as she thrashed about. Finally, he caught a glimpse of the tiny display – then felt his own breath leave him when he saw her oxygen saturation levels had started to plummet.

“Can you tell if it’ll last long enough for Ives to bring out the scepter?” Coulson was asking.

Simmons cut him off.

“There’s no time to find out!” she bellowed into everyone’s ears. “She’s already tachycardic and the minute the array fails, she’ll code! Get that machine off! Now!”

Loki hefted the Casket and acted without further word or thought. His world had narrowed to only one, and her lips were starting to turn blue.

@devilish–doll​ @emeraldrosequartz​ @villainousshakespeare​ @lokis-library-for-fanfiction​ @ohhhmyloki​ @caffiend-queen​ @nildespirandum​ @mareebird @alexakeyloveloki​ @michelleleahhh​ @realityhelixwrites​ @latent-thoughts​ @texmexdarling​ @toozmanykids​ @nonsensicalobsessions​ 

(To anyone tagged who didn’t actually get a tag alert but somehow still saw this post on their tumblr anyway – can you let me know? I can’t figure out what the hell is going on with tagging.)

Summary: Loki’s half-hearted attempt at redemption careens wildly off-course when he falls in love with a young woman who was injured in a Chitauri blast that killed her husband, and left her with no memory of the Battle of New York…or Loki. Post-Thor 2, slow burn, eventual smut.

Sucker’s Luck on Ao3

Sucker’s Luck on

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Pairing: Loki x female reader

Summary: Shy reader that follows Loki around and spends a lot of time with him, but Loki is cold towards reader. Reader doesn’t give up with getting to know him better, until he says some harsh things to reader.

Warning: Angst – not too much though, fluff at the end, Loki being a little mean – but then being an utter sweetheart.


“So, is it true that the library on Asgard is really big?” y/n asked Loki as she followed him to the library that Tony recently invested in at the compound.

Loki just gives y/n an annoyed glance over his shoulder and continues to walk. Y/n felt a little hurt but doesn’t show it. Loki wasn’t having the best of days.

“Okay, you don’t have to answer, but I’m sure you’ve read close to all the books that must be there.” Y/n walks a bit faster to catch up to Loki’s side.

Loki stops in his tracks and looks to y/n with an even more annoyed look from before. He harshly pushes her against the wall trapping her from moving.

Her eyes display many emotions, the one that stands out the most is clear fear.

“How is it possible for you to never shut that annoying mouth of yours? it is quite dreadful having to hear you all the time. Can’t you just leave me alone and take the hint, or do I have to make it more clear to you? Stay away from me you foolish little girl.” His words dripped in hate, and tone not one to be reckoned with.

His brows were pushed together out of anger and eyes screamed of even more anger, but when he saw that y/n had tears in her eyes, his whole demeanor changed.

“I’m sorry.” She whimpered and pushed him away with all her strength and ran down the hall and back to her room which is right next door to Loki’s one.

A sudden feeling of dread came upon Loki, and this time it wasn’t because of having to hear y/n everywhere he went.

He had an urge to go after her and apologize but was quick to think against it once he realized that he can now finally have some peace without y/n following him everywhere.

He made his way to the library and picked a book to read in the quietest corner, all the while in the back of his mind something was telling him to do otherwise, yet he ignored it and continues reading.


Y/n had never been spoken to like that before, her parents having sheltered her against the ugly world, but once the New York attack happened. Her parents had unfortunately fell victim to it.

She was found wondering around the outside area of the Stark tower when Natasha saw her.

Tear stricken face and clutching onto a necklace that she now wears to this day.

From then on, she was taken under the wing of the Avengers and lived in the tower with them all. She would help out wherever she could and was very shy whenever a new Avenger had been recruited.

She was even kind enough to forgive Loki for the attack, she knew it wasn’t him after being told about the mind control bit.

“Where’s y/n?” Steve asked when they all gathered for breakfast the next morning. Everyone was sat around the table starting off their day together. Usually y/n would be there to be the first to greet them all a good morning, this morning she was strangely absent.

“She’s probably sleeping in, never saw her at dinner either.” Wanda stated as she remembered being the last one to leave the kitchen the night before.

“Then she must be hungry, I’ll go and check on her.” Bucky woke up and walked to where y/n’s room was, he was surprised to see Loki standing outside her room looking conflicted with himself.

“Everything okay?” Bucky asked, making himself known to Loki.

Loki looked up with a worried look, this was unusual given the fact that Loki never showed what he was feeling. Always wearing a blank expression or an annoyed one.

“She- the door isn’t opening.” He stuttered out.

This took Bucky by surprise and he immediately walked to the room door and started knocking.

“Y/n open the door please.” He spoke rather loudly.

Loki stood there watching it all. Before Bucky could arrive, he knocked on your room door to try an apologize for his words after it all played in his mind continuously.

All the times you were nothing but sweet to him, you even forgave him for the attack and he still treated you like dirt regardless. It all got to him even more as he sat down to eat dinner the previous night and you were nowhere to be found, and he knew he was responsible for that.

“No.” A small voice interrupted Loki’s thought.

She’s okay, he thought to himself.

“What’s wrong y/n? Please talk to me.” Bucky insisted as he tried opening the door.

No response came and that was when he started tapping on the keypad beside your room door.

“Friday, open y/n’s door now.” Bucky spoke with purpose in his voice.

Why was he so determined to get your room door opened?

Loki thought about this as he stood there helplessly. He knew that the Avengers were quite fond of you, especially Bucky and Natasha.

When you weren’t at Loki’s side you were often accompanied by one of them. You were never left alone.

The door opened and Bucky walked in quickly turning on the room light since the blinds were closed and the room was surrounded by darkness.

“Y/n?” Bucky called out; you were covered in layers of blankets on the floor beside your bed. Your face was red from all the crying you did throughout the night.

Loki walked in behind Bucky, shocked to find the scene in front of him. He didn’t know his words would affect you this badly.

“What happened?” Natasha’s surprised voice came from behind Loki. When you looked in the direction of the new voice, your eyes were met with Loki’s, who displayed concern as he continued to stare at you.

You quickly stuffed your face into Bucky’s chest not wanting him or anyone to see you like this. It had been awhile since you cried like this and the last thing you wanted was for the rest of the team to see you this weak.

“Alone.” Was the only word that could be heard once silence filled the room.

With that said, Loki felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Natasha.

“You can go to breakfast, just tell the others that Bucky and I will be with y/n for a little. It’s all okay.” She explained and made space for him to walk out of the room.

Loki looked back at you and saw that Bucky was rubbing your back soothingly.

He did as Natasha said and informed the others. They didn’t seem to mind it that much, which surprised Loki. Maybe they had never seen you like that before.

After seeing you so sad, he knew he was the reason you cried and didn’t show up to dinner or breakfast.

The day passed by pretty quickly. Loki was in the library once again, but it didn’t feel right. It felt more lonely than usual, and he knew why. It’s because you weren’t there.

Sure, you would ask him lots of questions, but when you followed him to the library, you knew not to talk and just sat with Loki and read a book as he did the same.

The god of mischief was starting to feel more and more disappointed with himself.

When he was walking past your room, he stopped outside your door and hesitated to knock, but he did it anyway.

“Come in.” Your voice called out from behind the door.

Loki opened the door slowly and walked in. When he looked around the room, he saw you were now looking much better and was sat on your bed with a plate of fruit next to you, and a book in your hand.

When you looked up, you were shocked to see Loki standing there looking at you with a small smile.

“Can I still come in?” He asked softly, he still stood at the door waiting to see if it was still okay for him specifically to come in.

You couldn’t respond so all you did was nod your head at him, He walked in and the door closed behind him.

He, nor you said anything. He took slow steps towards you, still making sure if you were okay with him being there.

You didn’t move at all, you just sat there looking at him in the eye a he came closer and closer.

When he was finally at the corner of the bed where you sat, you realized that he was waiting for you to say something.

“You can sit down, if you want to.” You whispered, moving a little more to make space for him.

He sat down and faced you.

“I just wanted to… uhm apologize?” He was unsure on how to talk to you. After seeing you like that this morning, it occurred to him how much his words hurt you and it definitely stuck to him the entire the day.

He was not someone who often apologized for his actions.

“It’s okay, I was at fault for being inquisitive-“ Your words were cut short at Loki who interrupted you.

“No, it really was me at fault. I am always so rude to you when all you are is nice to me. I know my words were harsh, but would you be able to forgive me.” He rushed this all out nervously.

“Please, you are already forgiven. I promise.” You grabbed his hands and held it in yours gently.

The small gesture made Loki’s heart beat faster.

“I don’t deserve to be forgiven that easily.” Loki muttered sadly.

He was thankful that you were able to forgive him, your heart was pure.

“We all say stuff we don’t mean in anger. I understand that. Earlier I just- I just didn’t know why I felt so sad.” You exclaimed as you squeezed his hands a little.

That was a lie, you had a soft spot for Loki when you once heard what he went through with his father.

His eyes met yours and there was a spark of gratefulness in them.

“You looked so upset. I never saw you like that before.” Loki said honestly.

He hadn’t ever seen you react to anything that way, you did get upset at certain things, but he never saw you like that before.

“Nobody has, only Bucky and Natasha. You see… “ You wanted to tell him the aspect of yourself that no one besides your closets friends knew about.

“When I lost my parents, apart of me went along with them.” You continued.

Loki instantly felt regret settle upon him. He was the cause of your greatest lose.

“Love, you don’t have to.” He didn’t want to make you relive those sad moments.

You didn’t miss the pet name he just called you, but you continued with what you were going to say.  

“It’s okay, I can manage it. Could you please… hold me though?” You asked softly. You needed to be embraced when speaking about this. It’s not easy for you to talk about, but you needed to do it if you wanted to overcome this.

“Of course.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to his chest. He was settled against your pillows and was careful to not knock over you plate of fruit.

“Thank you.” You replied softly, you knew Loki wasn’t one to display any sort of affection, so it came as a surprise when he wrapped his arms around you without hesitation.

“When Natasha brought me in, and I met all the Avengers I was very hesitant in getting to know everyone in fear of losing someone who would be important to me. Natasha personally knew what this was like, so she helped me. Then when Bucky came along, I knew he was lost, and I wanted to help him. He slowly started to open up and we became really close friends. That’s why I always go to him or Natasha when I need someone, they know what it’s like. That changed when I met you, I knew you were different from everyone said about you.” You turned to look at Loki as you said the last part.

Truthfully, Loki was shocked at your words because he understands what its like to not have someone there. Sure, Frigga was a loving mother, but she couldn’t always be there when he needed her.

Which is why he closed himself off and avoided anyone that tried to be nice to him, specifically you. There were times where he wished he could tell you how he feels about certain things, just to have someone there to listen to him.

“Y/n if I had known. It would all be so different. I just… ” He started to say, but you shushed him when you saw he was struggling to put how he felt into words.

“Shh, it’s okay. I know, I just wanted to make you comfortable enough to talk when you needed someone. My approached wasn’t the best, but at least now we both know. I want you to know I’m here when you need someone.” You turned to hug him. His arms still wrapped around you.

This was all new to him, but he welcomed it happily.

“As I am here for you love.” He held you close to him. No words were exchanged after that. The two of you just basked in the presence of each other.

From that day onwards it was different. You and Loki were almost always together. Sharing how you felt and being there for each other. That closeness one day became something more, and you both happily accepted it.

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Someone mentioned Chase Hudson on @angel-spidey and @the-crazy-fanfictionist ’s account and I’m hyperfixating on the senseless conspiracy I have🤐

So, according to me Loki is alive. In Chase Hudson’s Body. Maybe.

This is Loki from Agent of Asgard series👇🏼


And there’s Chase Hudson👇🏼


Look, Its completely vague and useless beacuse I’m considering mainly physical appearance(both are kinda skinny, dark hair, painted nails, dark aesthetic, amazing jawline🥵), so dont @ me

But there this art I found on pinterest👇🏼 the text in the art saying “who cares if one more light goes out in the sky of a million stars” and Chase Hudson apparantly has some suicidal thoughts in tweets too…(I think they’re a bit old)


THIS ART IS NOT MINE. IT IS BY @lifedreamerphantasai

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Another Loki situation I've been thinking of...
Loki: So how do you play this Midgardian game?
You: Okay, so there is rock, paper, and scissors. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. Makes sense?
Loki: Let us begin!
You: Aha, rock beats scissors, I win!
Loki: AGAIN!
You: Rock is still going to beat scissors Loki, try something else!
Loki: Okay...
Loki: (whips out knife, slaps the fist you've made with the dull side of the blade) BLADE BEATS ALL! HAHAHAHA!
You: (laughing) That's not how the game works!
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i 100% believe that there is a everybody lives and everythings ok universe where loki, being a petty little shit, used earth technology to film thor being a dumbass, edited it all together, and then hacked into the satellites and played it on every tv in the world. some of the footage is thor on his usual quests, some is just him around the palace, and some is of him not knowing how to use normal earth stuff.

he turns the camera invisible and makes it float behind them so it looks like a proper tv show.

at one point he just starts looking into the camera whenever anybody says anything stupid.

because thor is busy doing other stuff he doesn’t really watch earth tv so he doesn’t know about it, but everybody on earth loves it and loki finds it funny so he keeps on doing it.

the camera following them becomes an almost permanent fixture in his life and every week he airs a 2 hour episode of thor’s dumbassery

nobody can figure out how he’s airing the show but they can’t be bothered to try and stop him because he is literally a god and not hurting anyone so why not.

the avengers are in on the joke and thor only finds out about it when after a battle a fan mentions it and thor goes online and watches all of them

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