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#Loki Laufeyson x Reader
<div> Pranks </div>
Ok, we’re filming in three, two, one...
Hi guys and welcome to our prank channel. Today we’re-
What do you two think you are doing?
Definitely not pranking the Avengers...
Yeah, I don’t know where you got that idea from.
Peter, (y/n), I am thoroughly disappointed. How could you?
Wait we can explain-
How could you prank the team without me?
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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x fem!reader

Fandom: Marvel

Warnings: nsfw, SMUTTT, begging, dom!Loki, being imprisoned

Word Count: 990

A/N: Hello! Thank you for this request. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave feedback!

Summary: After being pent up with Loki for a week, frustration bubbles over that leads to heartful confessions and much more.


Originally posted by bulletproofaftermath

(gif not mine!)


“Yes, love?”

“I’m never forgiving you for getting us in this position.”

Loki smiled over at you, admiring how you sat anxiously in the chair while he lay on the bed, “We’re here together aren’t we?”

You looked over at him with a frown, “You’ll never get me to change my mind.”

“I’m sure I could.”

“No Loki!” You snapped at him harshly, shocking Loki, “Do you not understand this? We’ll never get out of here. We’ll never see the sun again or feel the wind against us. We’ll never smell the Asgardian sea or get to run our horses again. We’ll spend the rest of our lives doomed to this cell. I’ll never get to.. to see my family.. or feel the sand between my toes.. or.. get married or have kids.. oh god.”

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47 notes

I think if Loki knew you need a hug and knew you needed reassurance, you’re right, he would absolutely proceed with the utmost caution. I could see him narrating what he’s doing, giving you every opportunity to stop him if necessary.

“I’m going to hug you, love. Is that okay?”

“I can feel your heart pounding. Can you hear my breaths? Try to match them.”

“I’m going to comb my fingers through your hair. It’s softer than usual.”

“I’m letting you go. It’s only so you can drink some water.”

Loki is very good at comforting those who need it. It’s simple: he gives the affection he never received.

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Summary: Loki stumbles across you in the Avengers Tower library, and when he senses a threat that isn’t really there, he launches into an attack, only to have unexpected results.

A/N: First Loki piece, and I gotta say, it’s hard to write for the god of michef. But let me know what you thought!

Likes, reblogs, follows are always appreciated!

Loki Laufeyson was a man of mystery, someone who kept secrets so close to their chest no one else ever had any hope of knowing them. He was someone that made everyone around him act as if the universe was on a knife’s edge, his every word tipping the balance between fabricated and short-term peace, and chaos and destruction that would leave the world fractured in its wake.

And while he stayed in the Avenger’s tower on a peace keeping trip from Asgard, he hardly came out of his room, instead preferring to be tucked away with his books and remain isolated from the Avengers and yourself. But sometimes, when he thought the tower was empty and he had free reign, he would come out and peruse the large library that was in the building, staring up at the shelves stacked with books until he was bored. Normally he got away with it, no one even knowing he had left his room during the time you were gone, but this time, he didn’t even think that someone might have stayed, preferring to cosy up on the most comfortable armchair with a blanket over their lap and favourite book in hand. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw you.

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55 notes

Hi anon! Thanks for coming to me with your question, that’s very nice of you! Please remember that these are all my personal opinions, and at the end of the day you’re entitled to your own writing/character opinions and style. These are just how I view Loki!

I have answered a somewhat similar ask before, it was someone asking for general tips on writing Loki. Here is the link to that ask, as it seems applicable :)

I also currently have a multichapter on ao3 that is like… literally all Loki monologue. If you don’t mind smut, that link is here (it actually updates tomorrow, and the second chapter is even more monologue-y than the first)! The whole fic is meant to be an insight into Loki’s inner monologue and general thoughts, so it may help inspire ya.

But otherwise, here is some general guidelines/rules/tropes I like to think about when I write Loki:

~Try to avoid contractions. Words like I’m are fine, but if you pay close attention to how Loki, Thor, and other Asgardians talk, that’s about the only contraction they’ll use. Try not to say you’ll, say you will. Isn’t becomes is not, haven’t becomes have not, etc. etc. A lot of Loki’s characterization comes down to the way he speaks because he does talk like someone who was raised in a royal setting. Loki is also highly intelligent, and while saying contractions DO NOT mean you are dumb or uneducated, when we catch all these little details about Loki and reflect them in our writing, he seems more in character and he plays into our stereotypes about what makes someone “smart” and what makes someone not.

~Don’t let your colloquial become Loki’s. I’ve said this before, but Loki was raised thinking he was a god. Therefore, he is not going to say “oh my god” in any situation, that wouldn’t make sense. I would also caution you from using cuss words liberally. Loki is the type to use words like fuck for emphasis, to assert dominance, to express unbridled anger. I think a lot of fans view Loki as someone who chooses his words very carefully, so if you reserve words that are seen as bad for specific situations, you’ll be able to draw more attention to the emotions Loki is feeling in that moment.

~Last point on language, I promise! I always try to incorporate fancy language into my (Loki) writing. Words that I find make him sound very posh or just otherwise like himself include: quite, wholly, pitiful, siege, relinquish, enchanted, believe, etc. etc.

~Don’t be afraid to over-explain! I’m not saying go Tolkien on your readers, but walk them through why Loki feels what he’s feeling or does what he’s doing. For example:

Furious, Loki scowled as you walked away.

There’s nothing wrong with this line. However, you could make it about essentially anyone. If you’re writing a monologue, internal or not, you’re able to characterize your protagonists. If you want to give more insight into Loki, you could do something like this:

Loki’s lip curled as you walked away. It made him furious to watch you, head held high in the air as your hips swayed. A mortal like you had no business being so confident - especially not while Loki was standing right there.

See the difference? Now, even though Loki isn’t narrating in the first person, the readers are fully aware of why he’s upset and how his own mind views seemingly neutral situations. Mind you, Loki doesn’t always have to be negative. I just like being dramatic, and I’m sure you know by now my speciality is angst. You can just as easily make this something happy.

~If you’re going to do the above, careful that you balance Loki’s internal emotional responses with external ones. The commonly accepted version of Loki is seen as a very cold and stoic man, one who doesn’t often let his emotions show through (I don’t see this supported by much source material, but that is the version of Loki fans like to see). That means you may want to sporadically add lines that convey the way Loki looks on the outside, if that makes sense. So if we take my previous point, we have:

Loki’s lip curled as you walked away. It made him furious to watch you, head held high in the air as your hips swayed. A mortal like you had no business being so confident - especially not while Loki was standing right there.

Now, if we want to offset that and let the readers know what, say, Thor or any other character sees while Loki is thinking that, you can just tack on an extra sentence or two:

Loki’s lip curled as you walked away. It made him furious to watch you, head held high in the air as your hips swayed. A mortal like you had no business being so confident - especially not while Loki was standing right there. Despite his anger, Loki contained himself, clenching the weapon he was holding in place of letting loose his tongue. Thor shot him a questioning look, trying to figure out what had just happened between you and his brother with little success. 

Now we’re observing Loki’s actions through both his lens and someone else’s, making him overall a more three dimensional character and treading that line between Loki being a very emotional person, but not one who is outwardly so. 

~Be dramatic! Thor and Loki and anyone else coming from Asgard are drama queens. They wear fancy clothes, they talk in Shakespearian-esque ways, and they all have a little bit of a superiority complex despite being very insecure (and that’s that on layered characters). So much of Loki monologues is about immersing your audience in the moment, and being dramatic really helps with that. Make things more high stakes than they need to be, throw in details like clenched jaws or sharp glares. Try to pull the readers out of this world and into your own, because Loki is that grand a character and warrants full attention. Even in just fic writing, he kinda demands it. 

~Get into Loki’s headspace!!! This is the best advice I can give you for writing pieces from his POV. I’ve started to do something my beta introduced me to, and that’s creating Pinterest boards for your fics. It allows you to understand the vibe you’re going for, the setting your characters are in, and it just helps with organization and visualization. It’s also fun to direct your readers to! The other thing, and this is kinda weird, is that I act out the scenes I write. I think (no, I know) it has to do with being a former theatre kid. When you act out your scenes, particularly your dialogue, it can help clue you in on details you wouldn’t have noticed before. This includes the way your face contorts or your body’s physical reactions to thing (sweating, shaking, what have you). I find this also helps with the realism of your writing, because while you’re putting the characters in fictional settings, you’re giving them authentic human reactions. 

I hope this helped a bit! Please let me know if it did. Also, I would love to read your completed piece. Send me a link when you publish it ;)

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nail polish


note: i wrote this a long time ago, before any thoughts of this lil series i’ve got going on. but i think it fits them quite well. interesting. enjoy!

loki series masterlist / request! / masterlist

These are the nights you live for. It’s quiet, just you and Loki in your dim flat. The world is locked outside, you have each other entirely to yourselves.

It’s the colour of your nails that started it all. You painting your nails wasn’t an uncommon phenomenon. But you usually went for warm colours, pinks and beiges and reds.

Tonight, they’re green. Darker than usual, and slightly iridescent. Loki feels something stir inside, seeing the colour he identified with himself so casually accessorising your elegant being. 

You look up from your matriculate task of painting your nails. “What’s with the looks? Are you developing a hand fetish? ‘Cause I don’t know how I’d cope with that…”

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90 notes

My God…I’ll do both, because I love both.

  • Besides you and himself, I don’t think Loki trusts anyone else in the universe, besides Thor. Even though he will complain how Thor is annoying or whatnot, Loki knows that his brother would never let anything happen to his child - Thor is a protective uncle, and is so happy with the fact that Loki is with someone like you, and gave him a happy, healthy family structure, so he will do anything for his niece or nephew with no questions asked.
  • While Loki is willing to indulge with his child’s interests and imagination (like play-pretend, dress up or whatnot)…Thor is willing to go all out with it. Thor will scramble himself into one of those dinosaur suits because your kid enjoys watching dinosaur cartoons and movies, while Loki will make mini illusions for bedtime stories. Your child is interested in doing cool moves, like a ninja? Loki will get them a costume and gently help them “scale” the playground and “jump” far distances - while Thor is literally going to parkour around the house and let the kid “toss him out the window. Literally.”
  • Loki and Thor easily get emotional over gifts that your child gets for their daddy and uncle. You help them make finger paintings and PlayDough sculptures and present it to them, and Loki has to bite back tears by the pureness they put into it and Thor would go immediately go around and show off what he got. Loki is kind enough to display both his and Thor’s (since Thor travels a lot and worries of his gifts breaking) in his home office or large bookshelf - and always makes sure to point each gift out like it was a rare gem every time he has visitors or guests.
  • Loki and Thor like teasing each other with your child, but it’s all in good fun. Your child makes wonderful and funny impressions of their daddy and uncle, and it makes them both laugh. Loki and Thor will have your kid put on a show, giving them a prompt and who to play, and they just laugh for hours. Loki will say “Show how your uncle is when there are pancakes for breakfast.” “THIS IS NO GAME, THERE IS PANCAKES! I need my syrup, coffee, whipped cream and sprinkles. ANOTHER!” Thor will bounce in his seat and goes “Do your daddy doing his magic!” “Mergh, I’m a snake! Stabby-stabby!”
58 notes

school’s been kicking my ass but hopefully i’ll be able to continue writing picture perfect tomorrow🤞🏽

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As the World Caves in.

-> pt. 5

[PAIRING: Loki x Female Reader]

[SUMMARY: You travel to Halla Gallópnis]

[WORD COUNT: 2.1k]

[WARNINGS: Jerk Loki, feeling fearful, trauma, mentions of torture]

[GENRE: Speculative fiction, magical realism, action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, angst, slow burn]


Originally posted by lokihiddleston

❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❅ ❫・━━━━━━ ❜ 

Loki hoists you up into the sleigh in a fairly rough manner. You don’t criticize his technique, knowing that without his help, you wouldn’t stand a chance at getting into the high wooden sleigh, built for creatures much taller. 

The sleigh itself is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s tall, which makes sense considering it’s made for giants. Before you’re hauled inside, you get a chance to admire it for a moment or two. The sleigh is more of a carriage, but with sleigh-like features and. It’s entirely closed off from the harsh winds, and once you’re inside you’re relieved to discover that it’s warm, not to mention quite spacious. There are little wooden benches on either side of the sleigh that seem to be cushioned by some fabric. 

Piled up on one side, there’s an assortment of furs and blankets. You immediately make your way over to them, enveloping yourself in the large, brown, woven one. The temperature is surprisingly comfortable when you think about it. You’d expected it to be a lot colder, so the relief you feel, knowing you’ll be cooped up in here for a while, is welcomed.

Loki lounges back against the opposite side of the space, his gaze empty as he stares at something nonexistent on the floor.

You’re tempted to ask if he’s okay, but decide against it. If it had been you in his position, he’d ignore you too. He’s likely stressing about the upcoming journey and ’test’. You know you would be after what you’ve heard about it.

Glancing out the window from your blanket nest, you notice it’s still dark. Since arriving here, it has remained that way, only getting imperceptibly darker at night. Jotunheim is gloomy.

You’re jolted back to reality when the sleigh begins to move. After a moment, you relax again, telling yourself it’s an adventure; it’ll be fun

When you’d first seen the outside of the sleigh, you’d been able to see how it could move. There was some sort of enlarged, grey-blue rhinoceroses set up to pull it. Obviously, they weren’t rhinoceroses, but they sure looked like it, so you had decided to call them that anyway.

Glancing back over at Loki, you catch a glimpse of dread on his face. He has a right to be afraid, but seeing him being openly vulnerable is unusual. 

He’s too lost in his head to see you get up, dragging your blanket along with you, making your way over to him. You sit at his side, curling yourself up against him. You keep the blanket wrapped around you as tightly as possible, burying your face beneath some of it, feeling silly now that you’ve acted upon your thoughts.

Loki’s gaze shifts to you, but he doesn’t say a word as he slowly wraps his arms around you, holding you close. The movement causes you to end up sitting in his lap, and your cheeks flush in the sheer awkwardness of the situation.

You remain in the same position for a while, Loki keeping you against himself, his chin resting on top of your head. You’re warm, content, and comfortable, eventually beginning to drifting off to sleep, feeling oddly at ease for once since arriving here. 

The future won’t allow the feeling to last much longer though. That much you know, so you make the most of the feeling while it lasts, sleeping contently in Loki’s embrace. 

── 〔❅〕──

You wake up sometime later, no longer in Lokis arms. Stifling your disappointment at the fact, you sit up, rubbing your eyes. Loki must have moved you off his lap so you were laying across the bench, still engulfed in your blanket. You’re surprised he hadn’t woken you up.

Noticing Loki pacing a little ways away, you watch him for a moment, inquisitively. His hands are clasped behind his back and he’s looking at his feet as he paces.

“Loki?” You ask softly, concerned. He’s never appeared so frightened, so bothered, about what’s to come.

He freezes, eyes widening minutely, before slowly turning his head to look at you. “I thought you were asleep,” He says, avoiding the concern laced in your tone.

“I was,” You reply hastily, leaving Loki to nod, now also avoiding your eyes. “Are you okay?” You continue, frowning.

Loki seems to snap back into his usual attitude at that, his expression becoming hard again. “Yes,” He says with surprising firmness. “I’m preparing my method in succeeding whatever it is I will experience when we arrive.”

Part of you wants to believe him, but another part knows that he probably knows what he will face. At least, he most likely has a few ideas as to what it might be.

You drop the topic, standing up to walk over to the window on the side of the sleigh. Gazing out, you make note of the landscape. As you travel along, you notice that the icy cliffs appear to be cracked, beginning to crumble in certain areas. 

Sitting back down, you speak. “How much longer?” 

Loki looks solemn. “Welcome to Halla Gallópnis, mortal.”

── 〔❅〕──

You’re afraid as you both exit the sleigh, Loki’s composure completely switching up to that of a confident king. While there aren’t too many Jötnar journeying with you, there are enough to worry you.

Even if you sometimes hate him, you can’t deny that Loki would make a good king. He’s level-headed, typically has control over his emotions, is intelligent, and appears to understand what it’s like being an outcast. He seems to think of what’s best for Jotunheim and it’s people, and of that future and how certain actions will affect it. Loki isn’t compulsive or arrogant or reckless, and he’s travelled through many of the realms if you’ve been following the conversations correctly, which could pose as useful when needing knowledge about certain places. You don’t know what the Jötnar admire in a ruler, but if you had a say, you’d actively support Loki. 

Gosh, it sounds like you’re obsessed with him or something, you think bitterly.

You watch as Loki exchanges some brief words with the Queen before he’s led to an icy hall that leads into a dark cavern; The place he’ll have to suffer from his fear. Alone.

Loki enters the hall, not turning around to say farewells to anyone around, and heads straight into whatever it is he’s about to endure. You notice that no one wishes him good luck. 

Part of you is bothered that he hadn’t bothered to acknowledge you before leaving, but you think it’s probably best that way, both for his reputation and your life. You can’t help but fear the idea that he could die and you’d be left here all alone, however. 

── 〔❅〕──

Time passes at a painstakingly slow rate, leaving you to shiver in the cold as the Jötnar surrounding you murmur to one another. You’re shaking from both your terror and the intense cold. The wind is howling, whipping at your cheeks in a way that might be able to leave behind bruises. 

Certain voices seem to get closer, and you nearly faint in pure horror as someone wraps something around you. They grab you, keeping you upright, allowing you to gain your footing again before they speak.

“Relax, it is only me. Do you remember me? Gjálp?” She says, and you shakily turn your head. You’re so thankful to see a familiar face that you nearly burst into tears, but thankfully catch yourself before you do, knowing that if you did cry, your tears would freeze. 

Oh,” She gasps. “You are cold.”

Gjálp wraps the cloak she’d placed on your shoulders around you tighter, making sure you stay warm. 

“T-thank y-you,” You manage to stutter out through your chattering teeth.

She nods, eyeing you carefully. “Prince Býleistr said he saw you shivering, so I decided to come and rescue you,” she explains. “He did not do it himself because he wished not to scare you,” she continues, glancing over in the direction Býleistr must be in.

Your mind unfocuses again, filling with thoughts of intense emotions; Fear, rage, grief, numbness, and many others. 

They aren’t your own.

Part of you is certain that they’re Loki’s.

You don’t question your discovery and don’t waste a second in dropping the cloak and racing towards the hall where Loki entered.

Gjálp lets out a startled screech, yelling your name after you, but you ignore it in favour of making sure Loki is okay. You recall his words about how people have died from this, and can’t help but fret, thinking that something has happened to him. 

No one runs after you. You think Gjálp might have tried, considering she lets out another cry that ends up being cut off, but other than whispers and gasps, you’re left to run inside. 

It’s dark and gives you a dreadful feeling, the smell damp and musty. You nearly slip a few times before you come to a wall made entirely of ice.

No! You think, fearing the worst and that Loki is now trapped inside. Loki!

You try to shatter the ice with your fists, but as soon as your hands come into contact with it, the ice becomes a lot clearer, revealing Loki and a traumatic event he lived through.

You watch as a much younger version of Loki, in his human-looking form, talks with an older man. No, not talks; yells. He’s trying to get an answer to something, his expression full of pain, melancholy, horror, hatred, betrayal, and many other things you’re unable to name.

He doesn’t look at all like someone who would try to overtake an entire realm. Something drastic must have happened in the timeframe between the events to have made Loki have such a substantial change of plans.

You can’t take your eyes away from it, but eventually, the scene changes, revealing Loki, hanging from a rainbow bridge. Again, he looks upset and disappointed until his eyes go blank. He lets go, plummeting into the abyss below. You hear yells of anguish as he falls, and watch in horror, your eyes wide.

The scene changes again, revealing Loki, appearing different this time. He’s sweaty, and he’s got dark, sunken eyes. His skin is pale and there are clear burns on his skin. Your blood runs cold.

How do you torture a frost giant?

With heat.

Loki must have been caught after he fell from the rainbow bridge, brought somewhere, and had his mind warped into doing someone else’s bidding, through torture. You’re completely horrified, possessing more questions than ever, while also knowing so much more about what Lokis suffered.

There are no more memories, it seems, and the ice slowly fades as if it was never there, leaving you shocked for a moment, before you rush to Loki’s side, dropping to your knees beside him. Sometime during the test, Loki must have fallen to his own knees, his eyes dull and empty, trained on the ground in front of him.

Loki,” You gasp breathlessly in pure relief. “You’re okay. You’re—,“

Lokis eyes flash to you, a deadly look residing in them. You have seen him angry, but never this angry.

What have you done?” He growls a look of pure hatred on his face. “Why are you here?” 

“I was worried about you,” You admit in an attempt to defend yourself. “I felt—“

“You are not allowed to see this, Mortal,” Loki hisses. “Is this a joke to you? You interrupted a ceremony. I am the sole thing keeping you alive. From this, I may as well leave you to perish on your own.”

Your eyes widen, and you forgot everything you’d planned on asking Loki about. He stands, brushing himself off, before grabbing onto your arm and yanking you along with him.

You don’t miss the way he shakes when he stands, however, knowing full well that however much he tries to deny his fear, it’s still there, and it’s strong.

When you get out into the open where the Jötnar is, Loki flings you to the ground, baring his teeth at you.

You shuffle away from him, trying to get to your feet, but in your terror, you find it incredibly difficult. You’re shaking so horribly, both bitter and frightened. You’d come after him because you were worried. You had sensed something was the matter, and he treats you like this? 

Then again, he just witnessed some of the worst moments of his life all over again, so you guess that he gets a pass this time. That doesn’t change your feelings, however. 

“You have succeeded,” Queen Fárbauti announces, interrupting the silence, crimson eyes locked on Loki, ignoring you, a shaking heap sprawled out in the snow. “Loki Laufeyson will be the next King of Jotunheim.”

❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❅ ❫・━━━━━━ ❜


As the World Caves in taglist

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Summary: (Y/N) wakes up in the Avengers Tower and listens as Loki explains everything that transpired while she was unconscious before making a life-altering decision.

Pairing: Loki X Reader

Word Count: 4.1k

Warnings/Disclaimers: Brief scene of verbal harassment

A/N: Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter Three (Part One)
April 15th, 2015
Avengers Tower, New York City
(Previous Chapter)

(Y/N) slowly blinked her eyes open and immediately groaned, the bright light of the room causing a stab of pain to her temple. After she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, she immediately noticed that she was propped up on a bed in what appeared to be a hospital room with a large glass wall overlooking the city. The next thing she noticed was Loki. He was slumped sideways in the chair next to her bed, his head resting on the wall as his arms were crossed in front of his chest. 

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18 notes

Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader

Written: January 4th-14th, 2021

Posted: January 14th, 2021


Author’s Note: This took me an long, long, time and took me an insane amount of research. My longest imagine to date.

Word Count: 2,072 

House of M Masterlist


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44 notes

An intense discussion had Thor’s head flitting from one head to the other, between his brother and the lady who seemed to have the potential to shut him up for once. Never before in the nine realms had anyone the ability to do so, not him, nor Odin, nobody.

“That is precisely my point! You people live your lives in utter disregard for everything that isn’t of interest or personal benefit.” Loki scoffed, though very much invested in the argument that was unfolding.

“I don’t care for how you speak about ‘us’ as though we’re a primitive race, not capable of handling ourselves without your divine intervention.” You shook your head as you leaned forward, elbows on your knees as your hands gestured for Loki to present his next point, equally invested.

“I see your agitation Lady (Y/N). Perhaps this is why I don’t like emotions. They’re messy.”

You must mistake emotions for paint then, O great Loki of Asgard.”

You chuckled, soon joined in by Thor who was thoroughly enjoying the banter that commenced in the Avengers compound common room. It was a shame the others were away and missing out on this entertaining conversation.


Ah this was fun!! Thank you anon!

Send in a line/dialogue

45 notes

Loki: How was the meeting?

Y/N: I want to stab everyone.

Loki: Don’t get blood on your clothes. We have dinner reservations at seven.

Y/N: I love you for enabling me.

Loki: Love you too.

394 notes

Still the Season

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x black!reader, Peter Parker x Michelle Jones

Words: 1700+ words

Summary: Peter is super excited about Loki’s new relationship

Peter’s life couldn’t get any cooler. 

First, he got his powers. Then, he became a hero. Then he met Iron Man. Then he fought as a hero with Iron Man. Then he kinda-sorted joined the Avengers. Then he finally got together with MJ.


Now, he regularly hangs out with a god

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27 notes

Dating Loki Laufeyson Would Include….


• deep eye contact

• so many hugs I can’t keep count

• Loki is also pretty sensitive to touch, so you usually do that when you’re alone

• there was just that one time when he was the little spoon but you’ll never let him forget it

• a LOT of whining

• we all know that deep down Loki is a good guy and that he’s just misunderstood most of the time

• you can see right through him though

• he’s such a show off infront of you. Any chance he gets he’ll try to impress you anyway he can

• Loki is way too possessive and overprotective. My guy will snatch you up everytime he sees someone look at you the wrong way

• he calls you by your many pet names, he only uses your real name when he’s upset or angry

• pet names include: my darling, love, sweetheart/sweetness, kitten, my king/queen, and so much more

• can be soft when he wants to be (which is basically all the time)

• just because you guys are dating surely doesn’t mean that Loki never pulls any pranks on you. Whenever he can, infact. Just for laughs, never to hurt you, they’re always cute or playful pranks

• at first he really disliked you touching his hair, but once he got used to it he actually started to ask more for it

• speaking of hair, he likes to brush and/or braid it for you, and vice versa. He doesn’t care if you’ve done it already

• and he does it REALLY well too

• sweet intimate moments literally whenever you’re together

• “shut up…… *reaches out arms* come here.”

• play fighting. A lot of play fighting

• Thor is like a brother to you

• whenever you sit or lay down with eachother, he likes to admire the little things about you, and just touch you. Not in a sexual way, stuff like stroking your arms, tangling his fingers in your hair, having a hand on your thigh or waist

• he also loves to stare into your eyes. In your spare time you’d have staring contests just for the sake of looking into eachother’s eyes

• I also feel like Loki would want to show you off, mostly to the Avengers. He finds joy in rubbing it in people’s faces that he has an S/O

• you’re the only one he ever truly listens to, you’re the one he always comes to when he has a problem, you’re his person

he’s hella good in bed too

• he loves to (and I cannot stress this enough) tease you, mainly in public. Yes he’s a little shit sometimes but it can be cute

• I like to think that Loki has hidden talents. Singing, instruments, etc. So sometimes late at night he’d be playing the piano for you or singing a soft tune to get you to sleep

• I just want to hold him he’s baby

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marvel preference: when you get insecure


Originally posted by gogolucky13

Bucky Barnes: if anyone knows what it’s like to be insecure, it’s Bucky. Ever since he escaped from H.Y.D.R.A and got his metal arm he’s been a little self conscious. He knows exactly what to say to ease your pain because he can relate. “I understand how you feel but believe me when I say that you’re perfect [Y/N]”.


Originally posted by towardingheadlight

Wanda Maximoff: Wanda is magic (haha) with her words. She’ll praise you and compliment you like crazy in order to make you feel better. Wanda thinks that you’re so amazing and she needs you to know it to. “[Y/N] I love you. Every bit of you is perfect. I know it and don’t you ever doubt it”.


Originally posted by jesseswartzwelder

Pietro Maximoff: despite his twin sister using her words to comfort her insecure s/o, Pietro is more so a fan of physical affection. Of course he’d praise you but Pietro would also want to cuddle your insecurities away. If whatever you’re feeling bad about is something physical, then he’d kiss it until you believed that it was beautiful”.


Originally posted by sarolina-laufeyson394

Loki Laufeyson: Loki has magic at his disposal. With that in mind Loki would offer to try to change whatever it is you don’t like about yourself with magic. He doesn’t see it as necessary but if it’ll make you feel better then he’s happy to relieve your pain. “I can make it go away. I think you’re perfect dear but I’ll still help you if I can”.


Originally posted by supervengerslock

Stephen Strange: as far as Stephen is concerned, he doesn’t accept anything less than perfection. So to imply that you’re not absolutely stunning and brilliant is absurd to him. “Are you joking?”. Once he realizes that your insecurity is genuine then he’d do his best to comfort you, even though it isn’t his strong suit. “Nothing about you needs to change [Y/N]. I love you the way you are right now”.

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Soulmate AU Series #7

Number One - “Sparks” - Newt Scamander
Number Two - “True Loves Kiss” - Eggsy Unwin
Number Three - “In the Eye of the Beholder” - Heimdall
Number Four - “Heartstring” - Tenth Doctor
Number Five - “Forbidden Pain” - Arthur Pendragon
Number Six - “Dreaming of You” - Jim Kirk 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AU Prompt: Your hands burn the closer you get to your soulmate and don’t stop until you touch for the first time

Characters: Loki x Gen!Neutral reader (Avenger reader, with mutation of immortality)

Words: 4,211         Triggers: None      

Marvel Taglist: @aquariuslavenderhoney​, @thebookbakery

Notes: I had a much harder time with this than I thought I would originally - And I actually ended up re-writing it entirely lol, so this is Version 2.0.
I have not seen the last few Avengers movies so I couldn’t make this fit with it at all - so this is definitely an AU, that I base sometime after End Game on “New Asgard”. 


Originally posted by sharingloki

It was an entirely normal thing for the most part, soulmates. It was a normal part of life now and had been for centuries. People around the world met their soulmates every day. But when you really thought about it, it was such an odd thing, unexplained, with unknown origins. 

The idea of your one true love wasn’t a fairy tale. That one perfect person for everyone existed. But what also existed was the agonizing fear that you may never meet them. That you might never feel the burn, that you might never get close enough to meet them. It’s worse if you feel it and can’t track them down. You are always left with that horrible feeling of being so close, but not close enough. 

The burning get’s worse and worse the closer you get, only stopping when you touch for the first time. Sometimes it’s constant, and you get used to it. Sometimes it fluctuates, but for the most part, it’s always present, but very subtle. 

But for many, the burn was never present. The world was big, sometimes you just weren’t close enough. Things changed when it was discovered that aliens were real. And that they too, felt the burn. Was it possible for an alien from another world, to have a soulmate galaxies away from them?

Those who had never felt their burn, feared that this was the case. And many began to feel hopeless. Thinking they might never feel the burn, and never meet their soulmates. For a long time, you felt the same. Having never felt the burn. Until one day. For the first time. You did.


(Your POV)

You were in the midst of the battle for New York, fighting side by side with Steve and Natasha. When it happened, you didn’t really pay attention to it, not until it got almost unbearable. You looked down at your hands, thinking maybe you had gotten hurt by one of the Chitauri’s weapons, or burnt by one of the explosions, but when you saw no wound, you figured it out.

It’s the burn.

But why now? In the midst of battle when the whole city population is running for their life. You also found it odd that you’ve been in New York for a while, and never felt the burn. 

For a moment, you considered the Chitauri, but that thought left as soon as it showed up. And you forced the pain away, continuing to fight for the fate of Earth. The burning faded towards the end of the battle as you left New York with a SHIELD team, leaving the rest of the Avengers to arrest Loki. 

As the pain faded, your hope of ever meeting your soulmate faded with it. 

(Loki’s POV)

Flying over the city, Loki felt the burn. It was intense, but his anger was more-so, how could his soulmate possibly be a human, and from Earth. No. He refused to believe it. His soulmate couldn’t possibly be a one of these weak people. 

He was on Earth once before, in New Mexico. Briefly, but he was there, but he didn’t feel the burn. So why now? Here? Were you too far away then?

Even though he felt this anger and refusal, he couldn’t entirely push away the feeling of guilt he felt deep in his chest. He was terrorizing and destroying the home of his one true love. He could be the main cause of their suffering, and maybe even their death. He tried to push the guilt away, but it lingered, even when the burning began to fade, and disappeared entirely when he left Earth with Thor. And much to his disdain, the guilt would continue to linger for a long time. 

- - - - - - - -

For a long time, ever since Loki was young, he would stare up at the stars and wonder how long it would take for him to be united with his soulmate. His mother would often tell him stories of how wonderful it was when you first met them, and that it was a type of unconditional love you could never resist, a type of love that made you feel whole. 

He would look up at the stars and wonder where in the galaxies his soulmate was. For he knew that it was possible they lived very very far away. Asgard was small, and if your soulmate was here, the burn would be ever-present. 

But he didn’t feel the burn. Thousands of years passed as he grew older and traveled to new planets, he never felt it. He feared that maybe he would never meet them. That he would never be able to feel that unconditional love. 

And as time continued to move on, he changed, the events on Asgard that changing his life and future. He forced the idea of love back into his mind, never bothering to daydream about that love again. 

And then New York happened, and he couldn’t help but remember, that no matter how he tried to forget, or push it away. His soulmate did exist, and they were on Earth. A place he could surely never be welcome to again. A place that hates him. Including you. You must hate him, truly you must. And he wouldn’t blame you for it. He deserved it. 

He accepted this. But there was an ever creeping thought at the back of his mind always trying to convince him to sneak back onto Earth. To meet you, or at least see you. You were from Earth. A mortal. He might not have as much time as he wanted. 

When he did go back to Earth, it was not to find you, no, that wasn’t it. But to place his father in that home, to hide him away to take his place on Asgard, the burn was present, and intense. But he fled quickly, too afraid to look for you. 

Then when he returned to Earth with Thor, the burn was present again. With the events that proceeded, he did not have time to really think about it, but even for a short time, when he was alone, he did think of you. Even though he didn’t really know who you were. 

Long after the events of Hela and Thanos, when his people were returned to life and health. Thor reached out to Earth, and with help from others, a New Asgard was formed. Thor would go back and forth to Earth, Loki was warned to stay away, from SHIELD and Dr Strange.

Loki insisted he was fine with this, even though Thor never new about the burn. Loki however, was afraid that he might not be able to resist the urge to find you. But what he really feared, was the hatred you must harbor for him, this, he decided he could not face. So he didn’t. He stayed far away, though you always lingered in the back of his mind. 


(Your POV)

“My people are settling well on New Asgard, though they are still aching from the loss of their homes.”

“As should be expected, they did lose everything they knew.” You walked with Thor down the halls of the SHIELD base “Are you sure they are in good hands with Loki while you are here?” you asked in curiosity.

Thor thought to himself for a moment “They are as long as Valkyrie and Heimdall are there to watch him.”

You chuckled at this “And do you think he’s really a good guy now?”

“That is a hard call to make, though I do think he will be no trouble to Earth or anyone else as he was in the past.” 

“I hope your right, there are only so many chances you should give him.”

“Yes, I agree. Though this time, I do truly think he has changed.” he paused for a moment as he stopped walking “You have never met him have you?”

You turned towards him “No, I’ve only ever seen video.”

“Huh” Thor shrugged “Well, you will meet him soon enough” he began walking down the hall again.

You hesitated for a moment before you moved to follow after him “What do you mean? I thought Fury said you weren’t allowed to bring him here? Dr Strange certainly warned against it.”

“No, I mean when you come with me to New Asgard.”


Thor stopped again and turned towards you, smile present on his face “Fury agreed to send a SHEILD Agent with me to finish with the communications technology that Doctor Selvig and Asgard scientists are working on.” 

“And he picked me?” you were struggling to keep your excitement down.

“I insisted it be a friend” he smiled “Would you agree to coming?”

“Yeah, of course! I’ve always wanted to go off-world.”

“Good, it’ll be fun” he said as he patted you on the shoulder “We leave tomorrow morning, it’s an hour long journey on our ship.”

Having spent the rest of the night excitedly packing and unpacking, you had a restless nights sleep. You were excited to travel to a new world, as well as to meet the people of Asgard. You were even a bit excited to meet Loki for the first time. Though, you had no idea how you would get along. You hoped that Thor was right, and that Loki was ‘good’. 

The next morning began with a long brief from Fury and some scientists, most of which you didn’t pay too much attention too. You knew your objective. Make sure the Asgardians are settling nicely, help them figure out what else they need that Earth can provide, see if there is anything Asgard can give in return, blah blah. 

Finally getting settled on the ship with Thor you sat next to him in the cockpit, you looked over at him with a smile, which he returned, he could feel your excitement radiating off of you. The next hour went smoothly with idle conversation, halting when the ship came out of hyperdrive. You sat up excitedly in your seat as you began to approach the planet. It looked much like Earth, but smaller. The Asgardians would have plenty of room to flourish. 

The planet was beautiful, and the Asgardians were quickly building a new civilization to live in, though it still appeared small and clumsy, it was growing quickly. As you walked through the streets, you smiled at everyone you passed, who all stared at you with a sort of curiosity. From your clothes they could tell you were from Earth.

“Your highness” a voice called as you exited a crowd.

A woman dressed in a sort of leather outfit approached, next to her a tall man with golden eyes. “Ah, Valkyrie, Heimdall” he greeted.

You looked at the two, having heard of them plenty of times, and now glad to finally have faces to the names.

“This is Y/n, a friend of Earth and fellow Avenger”

“Welcome to New Asgard Y/n” Heimdall greeted, his voice deep, eyeing you with a sense of familiarity. Valkyrie nodded her head at you in greeting. 

“Thank you”

“Where’s Loki?” Thor asked the two.

“Off world, apparently some…contacts he had, had valuable resources he thought we might need”

“Heimdall?” Thor asked looking to the man.

“From what I know and what I can see, it is the truth. Though, the air of suspicion still lingers when it comes to your brother.”

“Of course it does. And rightly so.” Thor said, with an air of amusement.

Turning to you he smiled “Come, lets go to where you will be staying”

(Loki’s POV)

Loki sighed to himself as he sat in the pilot’s chair of his ship, wondering if Thor had returned yet. Still playing with the thought of disappearing. But knowing he truly wouldn’t, he let his mind wander to various things. 

After a long hour of silence, he began to approach New Asgard. It was not nearly as beautiful as Asgard had been, but it would do. He did wonder how long he would stay. 

As he landed the ship near the new city, he was quite startled by the sudden feeling of a burn deep within his palm. As he looked down at his palm, he frowned, brows knitted together in a mixture of shock, fear and confusion. He thought himself crazy, his soulmate was on Earth, not New Asgard. Unless… one of the SHIELD agents that came to New Asgard?

(Your POV)

You had been on Asgard for a few days now, the people were nice, if not a bit…judgmental of your Earthly-knowledge, but nice over all. And very thankful for everything you and shield were doing to help. 

Now, as you were walking back towards the newer kingdom of Asgard, you felt a sudden burning in your palm, causing you to halt in your steps.

Thor, who had been nearby, saw your sudden change in demeanor. Walking over to you, he placed his hand on your shoulder “Y/n, are you alright?”

“My hand….it’s…burning”

“Did you hurt yourself?” 

“No, I mean…it’s like, the burn”

Thor glanced down at your hand, and then around the area his curiosity piqued “You mean your soulmate is here?”

“But that doesn’t make sense”

“Why not?”

You looked up at him “Because I would have felt it before right? I’ve been here for days..and besides, I’ve felt it before, but on Earth.”

Thor stared at you in confusion “When?”

“Only three times before, once in New York, once again months ago, and then not that long ago, uh, around the time you were dealing with Hela I think.”

Thor was quiet for a moment, but suddenly a look of realization crossed his face, turning into a look of perplexion “You mean during the time Loki was in New York, and then again around the time I arrived on Earth with Loki to find my father? Where he had placed him himself months prior?”

You stared at him for only a moment before you hinted on the same thing he was “No, it can’t be”

“Thor” you both heard Valkyries voice, catching your attention “Loki has returned” seeing the way your face dropped as Thor stared at you, she frowned “What?”

You and Thor looked at each other as you shook your head “No.”

Thor couldn’t help the small smirk that appeared on his face “Yes.”

- - - - - - 

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