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Everything okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. There are many support services that are here to help. For 24/7 peer support and other resources, message KokoBot on Tumblr.
If you are in the United States, please try:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) The Trevor Project (LGBTQ youth, ages 13-24) National Eating Disorders Association (online chat, text) RAINN (National Sexual Assault Hotline)
If you are outside the United States, visit IASP to find resources for your country.
For more resources, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
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virginiewoolf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Olivia Laing, from The Lonely City.
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 2 days ago
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Supermarket Woman (Jūzō Itami, 1996)
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civilcannibal · 2 days ago
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gloriousonemahanon · 12 hours ago
Playing as the Inquisitor is such a lonely experience compared to the Warden and especially Hawke. With the latter two, yeah you're a person of great importance and influence, but the people around still see you and treat you as just that to a degree; a person, at least in-game.
As the Inquisitor, you're not allowed to just be a person. You're thrown into being a great savior based on a corrupt religion that you may not even believe in. People constantly preach to who and what you're supposed to be, not really caring about who and what you really are. It just seems like a very sad way to be.
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abnormall · a year ago
i am tired. i am exhausted. from my head to my soul to my bones i am so fucking tired.
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linkinmoon · 8 months ago
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Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
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verpasstzuleben · 11 months ago
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patchofvoid · 7 months ago
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Empty houses
image description under cut:
I worry about empty houses. [an image of a house, with the words empty and houses each in windows] 
Which is funny, really. I’ve always liked being home alone at my parents house. [the author, a white woman with a ponytail and sweater, is perched on stairs, seen from the side. Hung on the wall by the stairs are images of a family. Around the corner is visible an empty dining room, chairs pulled out from the table.]
Even at college, it’s nice to be the only one in the suite for a while. [the author sitting upside down, feet and legs on a chair, a phone on the ground nearby, playing music] It can be peaceful.
But ultimately, I like having people to come home to, to eat with, to live with. [the author walks through open door, starting to shrug off a coat. On the far side of the room lounges a friend, on his phone and raising a hand in greeting, not looking up.]
And I must assume that’s a fairly common desire. [a group seated around a table, eating a meal, and gesturing as if talking. Empty speech bubbles come off the group, indicating conversation.] Humans are, after all, social creatures.
But when I look to the future, I worry about empty houses. [figure standing at the end of a path, at the end of which is a house, similar to the one on the  first page.] I see them at the end of a lot of paths.
All it takes is for your roommate to become someone else’s romance and well. [inside a house, a couple holds each other, while the figure sits outside, on the stairs to the door.] There’s not much room for someone to be both. (Not no room, I know) (not enough room.)
The assumption seems to be, you date someone, and then you live with them. [a couple lying next to each other in bed, covered mostly by a sheet.] It does, admittedly, make logistical sense.
It just rather doesn’t make much room for people who don’t date. [figure sitting alone in bed, back against the wall and feet dangling off the edge] It just rather doesn’t make much room for me.
And there are other options. I know that. [a group sits around comfortably on a couch] I’m not inevitably doomed to an empty house. 
I just wish my path away were as clear as everyone else’s seems to be. [ figure standing at the start of a path, which winds into fog.]
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metamorphesque · a year ago
Tumblr media
― Jenny Slate, Little Weirds
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fuckyeahisawthat · a year ago
There is one particular ship dynamic that never fails to wreck me, and I’ll call it Soulmates, But Not Like That. Not in a “some higher power has decided that we are destined to be together” way, but something that is almost the opposite of that. It’s that character who has been alone for a long time, and has maybe convinced themselves that they will be alone forever, and who has a lot of barriers to intimacy with most of the people around them, for whatever the relevant narrative reasons are. And then they just happen to cross paths with this ONE FUCKING PERSON who works for them, through some very specific combination of personality and circumstance and life experience and mutually compatible damage. And there is always the shock of what are the fucking odds, and underneath everything the terror of what if this doesn’t last. what if there’s no one else. I would just go back to being alone. I don’t know if I could do that after knowing this. Because when you finally let down that wall of emotional self-sufficiency the thought of having to put it back up again is painful. And in real life I don’t at all believe that there is only One Designated Person for anyone, but in fiction I do tend to gravitate toward characters who believe themselves to be The Only One in some way, and I will always be emotionally compromised by that dawning sense of oh. You are like me.
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heartpome · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
from Loneliness: coping with the gap where friends used to be by Olivia Laing for The Guardian
[Text ID: Last night, I ate dinner with my friend Jenny. In real life, on a warm London evening, forking up aubergine from the same plate. We laughed, shared family news, told each other the things we’d been worrying over. At home, alone in my study, they’d felt insurmountable, a sign that something was irredeemably wrong with me. Under the gentle scrutiny of my friend, they diminished to a normal size: just the grit of everyday traffic with other humans. I walked home feeling buoyant, nearly invincible. I need my friends. I bet you need yours.]
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freshmoviequotes · 7 months ago
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2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (1967)
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aqua-regia009 · 16 days ago
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Silent figures with landscapes • Woman With Full Moon • Moon Cloud • The Drowning • The Moon Only Shines For The Lonely • The Deers & The Crane • Ashes To Ashes • The Waves At The End Of Time
Hand-cut collages by øjeRum
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feral-ballad · 8 months ago
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George Seferis, tr. by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard, from The Collected Poems 1924-1955; “The harbor is old”
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abnormall · 6 months ago
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sad-empty-lost · a year ago
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My life
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ipessimist1 · 11 months ago
How many nights have you laid awake wondering if life will ever change?
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deadbyinsidee · a year ago
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