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really hoping that some time soon we’ll finally get legendary weapon refines seeing as we’ve already gotten brave refines, and some of these legendaries really need them more than certain units (coughcoughbhectorcough). anyway, i decided to write out some of my refine ideas for some of the older heroes

leiptr (fjorm):

unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. if foe initiates combat, grants atk/spd/def/res+5, and if unit’s res > foe’s res, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect specials (excluding røkkr area-of-effect specials) by percentage = difference between stats x4 (max 40%).

blizzard (gunnthrá)

grants res +3. grants bonus to unit’s atk equal to total penalties on foe during combat x2. after combat, inflicts atk/spd/def/res-5 on foes within two spaces of target.

ragnell (ike):

unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. grants bonus to atk/spd/def/res = current penalty to each of unit’s stats x2. if unit’s hp > 50%, neutralizes foe’s bonuses to atk/spd/def/res during combat

flame siegmund (ephraim):

grants atk+3. if unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants atk/def+7 and unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. after combat, unit restores 7 hp.

expiration (robin):

unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. if foe initiates combat or if foe’s hp = 100% at the start of combat, inflicts atk/res-6 on foe and grants special cooldown charge +1 per foe’s attack during combat. if foe’s range = 2, calculates damage using the lower of foe’s def or res.

raijinto (ryoma):

unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. if unit’s hp > 50%, grants atk/spd+6, and neutralizes effects that guarantee foe’s follow-up attacks. deals damage = 30% of unit’s spd.

so yeah those are my current ideas of what refines could look like. i tried to base them around the weapons and skill sets the units already have, and i’m hoping they turned out ok

(also if og ike ryoma and ephraim could get these refines as well that’d be pretty sexy too)

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[image ID: 5 photos of traditional drawings of characters from the game Carrion. The first image features a drawing of a person with tan skin, short dark hair, a pale collared shirt, tan pants, and dark shoes, outlined in purple and coloured in with coloured pencils. They are standing with their hands away from their sides a bit, like they are surprised. Next to them is part of a drawing of the wormy Carrion creature, drawn in red pen & coloured in red & with green eyes. The second image features a pencil drawing of one of the soldiers, wearing a pale armored suit with dark boots, gloves, and a helmet. They are standing and holding out a gun in front of them, with “gun” written on the side of it. The third image features a pencil drawing of the creature in the form of a group of worms, moving along together. Next to it is a drawing of two worms, looking at each other each with their one eye. Written above them is “two worms.” The fourth image features a pencil drawing of the creature in its usual tentacled form, stretching its tentacles out and hitting invisible barries with them, with another drawing of some tentacles above it. The fifth and final image is a drawing in pen of the pink Carrion creature facing a purple Worm from the game Pathologic. Written above them in purple and pink is “dude we are worms.” End ID.]

le Carrion doodles of the day

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im actually really curious what naoya’s cursed technique is bc he talks about speed in the chapter and all i could think about was the you wanna see some REAL SPEED? meme LMAOOO

i’ve seen comparison of yuji and mahito and it makes me so sad…i feel like he’s becoming a new person and that scares me PLEASE GOD….DON’T LET HIM SUFFER TOO MUCH AHHGGNGN


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I decided to go for You Worry Me. I apologize in advance for slight angst! This is set towards the beginning of season 2. I hope you enjoy!



“It smells like shit in here.”

Elliot didn’t notice it before, but Shayla was right. The neighbors must have been burning incense.

“Incense, probably.”

Shayla’s eyebrows flickered upward in a smooth motion, a quick movement that gave away how she felt about the smell, if not already obvious.

“Can we go outside?”

“You want me to pay you outside.”

Shayla smiled. “Relax, I meant afterward. Y’know, maybe we could hang out, go for a walk.”

Leisurely walks were a foreign concept to Elliot. He wasn’t sure the idea was appealing.

“I’ll give you 50 off.”

Elliot gave her a look, but Shayla expected that.

“I know you don’t want to cut me short, and you won’t be if you set aside the time. Besides, I want to catch up with you.”

Couldn’t they sit on the steps, or just … not? But Elliot thought better than to start an unecessary argument, and he reached for his cash tucked away in his pocket.

“Full price and we walk. But only around the block.”

Shayla smiled at him, her eyes free and relaxed, sharing her most valuable secret—her uncaringness. Elliot envied that in her.


Elliot walked slowly, fighting the urge to quicken their pace, knowing doing so would mean leaving Shayla behind and eliminating the purpose of the walk. Beside him, Shayla walked with her hands resting in the pockets of her jacket. She glanced around the city as they walked, always observing. What else was there to see?

“How’s the job?”

Elliot didn’t know what to say. He shrugged.

“The same.”

It was quiet for a moment before he added,

“How are you?”

He didn’t normally find the question to be very useful or practical for that matter, as people never responded truthfully. But something compelled him to speak, to share the conversation. For Shayla.

Shayla sighed and looked thoughtful. “There’s not really much to complain about. Nothing new or exciting. Basically, completely neutral.”

Elliot nodded, and together they spent the next minute or so in silence. To their left, Elliot and Shayla passed a blooming cherry blossom tree, a shop’s proud display. It looked unnatural sprouting from a small square of grass, surrounded by concrete. And yet it moved in the wind, just as Shayla’s hair.

Elliot watched Shayla as she walked beside him, her eyes turned toward the street. What was she looking at?

Elliot followed her line of sight and found nothing of importance. Then he looked back to her. She was lost in thought, maybe scanning things silently under a hollow gaze, her true attention on something in her mind. Elliot looked back at the sidewalk, wondering. What could be on her mind?


I’m alright today.

Leon filled my supply, making this day three on Adderall. Sometimes I feel like I’m on fire on the inside. When I focus on that feeling, I can start to feel my body’s temperature climb. I don’t know if it’s reality or a delusion. But I feel like this fire is keeping me running. It keeps me active. It keeps the routine. And it’s been helping.

Elliot stared at his journal in front of him. Such simple words, but none of it was true. He knew it wasn’t.

Elliot took the pencil in his hand and scratched out the majority of the paragraph, save for the part about Leon. He leaned back in his chair.

Am I crazy, or is the wind gonna blow me down?


“You gonna hit that or … ?”

Elliot blinked.

He was in his apartment on the couch with Shayla, joint in hand. He silently shook his head and handed it over.

Shayla took a long drag. “Your place is boring. Want me to help decorate?”


Shayla exhaled, smoke clearing out of her nose.


They sat in quiet for a moment, nothing but the smell and taste of weed filling the air, until eventually Shayla put out the blunt and moved her hands behind her head, messing with her hair. She cocked her head to the side, glancing at Elliot as she did so.

“Can I ask you something?”

Elliot focused on her. “Yeah.”

She finally managed to get most of her hair in a ponytail, not caring enough for the rest. She faced him fully then, eyes red and smile soft.

“Do you remember kissing me?”

Elliot paused.

“I do. It was … Nice.”

Shayla seemed pleased by his answer. She reached out slowly, cautiously watching his reaction, and held his chin.

Elliot tensed, then relaxed, and Shayla cupped his cheek, her thumb swiping across his jaw.

For a moment, Elliot expected her to ask if she could kiss him, but then she leaned in.

Right. She doesn’t like asking.

Elliot’s eyes fell closed quicker than he intended them to, Shayla’s touch warm and inviting. He hesitated only briefly before softly kissing her back.

Her lips didn’t taste like molly. They tasted sad, bittersweet.

She pulled away slowly. Elliot watched her expression, wondering if he should kiss her again. But Shayla only smiled, and he found his own lips turning up slightly in response.

She leaned back then, shifting to get comfortable on the couch. Without thinking, Elliot let her hand slip into his own, and he sat, content.

Until Shayla asked him another question.

“Why did you lie to them?”

She asked it as if it were a simple how are you, her tone steady and at ease.

Elliot froze, then looked at her.

“I’m sorry.” He searched her eyes but found … nothing. “What?”

Shayla turned toward him, her expression unreadable.

“You’re lying about where you are. How you are.”

Elliot didn’t know what to say. What was she talking about?

“I don’t know what you—“

“The adderall isn’t helping, Elliot. It’s not working.”

Elliot swallowed. Somewhere he remembered his mother’s house, the park, the diner. His room.

“You’re tired.”

Elliot blinked.

“I’m doing what I can. What I have to do.”

Shayla watched him, studying his eyes. Elliot refused to look away, but her gaze only softened.

She reached out, and for a moment Elliot saw her hand tucked over her chest, cramped inside the back of a blood stained car.

Elliot stood, the movement knocking over the pills on his table.

Shayla stood as well, but made no attempt to move closer. Regardless, Elliot put his hands out, overwhelmed.


Shayla smiled. It was soft, but warm. Like the taste of her lips.

“You worry me.”

Elliot woke with a start. His eyes opened wide, and immediately he sensed the sweat sticking his prison garb to his skin.

He remembered dreaming.

Elliot sat up promptly, moving his legs over off his bunk and getting up to move to his desk. His notebook was there, dirtied and covered in lead. He sat, picking up his pencil.

He had to remember. Shayla. He had to—


He looked behind him, a voice calling his attention.

Quickly, he turned back to his notebook, writing.

Thursday. I just woke up.

He’s here.

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I’ve been so bad at getting to asks lately, so I’m so sorry for taking so long to get to this, BUT

I’m really fascinated by that theory, honestly! It really makes me wonder about the victim videos, and whether any of them were fabricated or altered in some sort of way. I also have to wonder why, exactly, Ranmaru and Mai’s victim videos were hidden away. I have to assume that Hayasaka’s was hidden away because of his cursing out Sara, and because thus far the game seems pretty strongly geared towards favoring Sara, I doubt they’d want to willingly give up information that casts so much shadow on both Sara’s reputation and the nature of how the Death Game came to existence. However, there has to be a reason why Ranmaru and Mai’s tapes were hidden on the first floor, where nobody was supposed to find them. 

I feel like Ranmaru and Mai are both suspicious in their own individual ways; Ranmaru’s victim video is incredibly odd, and Mai’s behavior in 3-1a is also peculiar. I’m obviously not the first to reference this evidence, but Ranmaru doesn’t have any visible damage to his bandages in the victim video, and the video simply ends with a fade to black. He even remarks on how he doesn’t feel any pain at all as he’s “dying,” and we don’t get any context as to how he got into that situation at all. Most of the victim videos give us some sort of context or an opportunity to infer what the fatal blow is, but Ranmaru’s gives us nothing. Even Sara describes his death in the video as being similar to someone falling asleep. The circumstances around his death are incredibly vague, and it’s highly possible he didn’t even die at all. 

In regards to Mai, while her victim video isn’t quite as suspicious (we pretty clearly see the bullet going through her head)


Her behavior during 3-1a is still pretty peculiar. For one, her red gloves (which we see Ranger sporting) are missing, and while every other participant got a copy of their clothes back, she didn’t. Furthermore, her skin is warm and soft to the touch, and she even has a few sprites where she’s blushing despite the fact that dolls such as Ranger have been clarified to have no blood. Note also that out of all the dolls, she’s the one who makes numerous comments about what she can no longer do because she isn’t human anymore, as though she needs to constantly reinforce that notion. 

This also makes me think back to an idea proposed in the 2-2 main game, when Q-taro was accused of placing the cards and he immediately countered this by responding that the camera footage could have been fabricated. This was later proven to be untrue, as he admitted the footage was real, but I have to wonder if the idea of fabricated footage will come up at some point later on. This may not be related, but Ranmaru’s disk was found in the same room that the Sara and Kanna dolls were; maybe a doll of him was used to create the victim video? Perhaps the computer was used for editing the videos as well? Anything’s a possibility. There’s also the fact that in both Mai and Ranmaru’s videos, they’re staring directly into the camera and addressing it; in the other videos, the victim’s face is either completely obscured or their line of sight isn’t directed toward the camera. (Hayasaka and Anzu are both looking offscreen, Kurumada is looking at the button, Megumi’s face is cast into shadow and everything but Hinako’s legs is offscreen). Could this potentially mean the videos are staged? Who knows. 

Also, Hinako is INCREDIBLY suspicious; the black-haired person in the portrait room could be written off as simply her dying her hair at a later point, but that combined with the fact that her face is never shown in her victim video is really odd. Additionally, there’s the fact that in her victim video, the one thing established about her is that she is grateful to be dying and that she’s wanted to die for awhile. Her doll, however, is hell-bent on surviving and is scornful towards anyone who even tries to help out the humans for fear that it will lead to her own death. This could, of course, be attributed to the fact that their personalities are still stuck as they were 3 years ago, but it’s a very odd contrast and it makes me wonder how, exactly, her personality became so exceptionally different. It makes me wonder if Hinako really is a doll, or if perhaps she’s replacing a different person who was supposed to be in the game? I’m not sure.

Also, I really have no ideas as to who’s in the bed. I really want it to be Kai, but awhile ago one of my friends told me that’s probably not likely, so I’ve kinda ruled him out. Therefore, I’d suspect that it’s one of the dolls who might be human? Idk tho.

this was a really long post oh my god but ty for asking

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Hey anon!! We didnt spend much time questioning plurality ourselves (though accepting it as a positive thing was a Lot longer of a process) so we don’t have much specific advice, but generally a few things-

- You can’t fake things accidentally!! You can be wrong or mistaking your experiences for something else, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Exploring your identity in general is a good thing! Even if you’re not yet 100% sure, doing things like trying to reach out to your system members, making them pluralkit profiles, and making a plural tumblr and just generally seeing if identifying/presenting as plural feels right can be helpful!!

-From what im getting i think having your friends negatively view your identity is making things harder for you, and thats definitely a hard situatuation, but i think joining some inclusive plural spaces (ie, discord servers) that welcome questioning systems (most do!) could be helpful for you as well (we’ve reblogged some links to ones we personally think are comfortable before!)

We wish you the best of luck and hope youre having a good day <3!!

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So I did some reading on this for you but I honestly think the internet’s advice sucks this round. :/

I wouldn’t fuck with castrating mean males since you want all of them gone, not just mean ones, you know? The infestation’s population might not be as mean, but you’d still have an infestation. 

Some sites suggested that rats hate peppermint essential oil and clove oil because they’re overwhelming, so? You could maybe try that out by putting some in cotton balls and placing them in entrances to your house. I wouldn’t put them by food/nesting/travel locations if you’re also gonna put traps there, because that’s counterproductive.

Maaaaaybe you could catch large groups of them if possible (is there a way to do that? I don’t know shit about trapping) and transport them a much further distance from your home? You’d want to identify their feeding, nesting, and common travel sites and place your traps there if you haven’t already. 

But if you can only catch them one-by-one or a couple at a time, this… isn’t very efficient, huh? 

Have you ever heard of the trapping method in which you bait a steep bucket with sticky food (like honey– something stickier than peanut butter) and set up a flat plank that leads to the top of it? And then the creechers you’re baiting kinda get trapped there? That could possibly attract more than a couple rats at a time. 🤔 

I wonder if you could throw in some subtle sedatives to help keep them stuck there, too– but don’t quote me. A PDF with a .org said this:

• Phenothiazines: Acepromazine should tranquilize a rat without immobilizing it. 
• Benzodiazepines: Diazepam and midazolam cause good sedation and relaxation in rats. 
• Alpha-2 Adrenoreceptor Agonists: Medetomidine and dexmedetomidine provide sedation and analgesia in rats and should cause immobilization at higher dose rates. Alpha-2 agonists may cause bradycardia. 
• Opioids: Morphine, buprenorphine and butorphanol can be given to provide preemptive analgesia and reduce the amount of inhalant anaesthetic required (Thomas & Lerche, 2011). Opioids may also cause bradycardia.

But that’s in a veterinary context. I’m not sure if melatonin supplements or “pet melatonin” are safe for rats to ingest or how much is too much. 

Otherwise, the internet’s only advice is to buy fatal traps/poison or contact an exterminator to do that. :/

I’d recommend keeping up with checking the notes of this post in case other people offer advice or warnings! 

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I quick screenshotted everything interesting in their merch store bc the website was murdering my phone so ANYWAY


Frederythm2 merch!! I’m unsure of what the shirt says (all I can make out is FDRC) but I know the keychains are all the song titles and the album cover !


They also sell some weird shit for a band. A puzzle? A tissue box? Chopsticks? A JUMPROPE??? popcorn bowls???? Pajamas?? Are those?? Cookies?????


There’s also a merch set with some keychains and buttons and a set of what I assume are stickers? I didnt take the time to run any of this through Google translate and i don’t know enough japanese to translate anything lol

Also the orange ASVA shirt kinda slaps ngl.

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BJHHSDAJHSDSHJAD good that he puts them down ! and wah,, every kibble shows affection some in different ways and i love that,,

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First of all; how dare you make me write out the plot of my own story. Second of all: thank you, this will probably help in the future.

Remember that this can all change in the future.

Spoilers for Viveza’s story below.

Keep reading

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I’m still not coping well so i made some shitty memes about my constant hyperfixation

Well I have been fascinated with these animals since I was a literal 8 year old bc of a book my mom gave me about animals (they’re all drawn as opposed to pictures too it’s pretty cool i used to trace over them all the time)


They’re cool marsupials that went extint in 1936

I am a dumbass with one braincell so for some reason it didn’t sink in that when the text said ‘disappeared 70 years ago’ it meant DISAPEARED FOR REAL. I also was too dumb to realize it was under the 'extinct’ chapter

Anyway. These animals are fascinating to me and I have been obsessed with everything related to them ever since. I love how close they look to dogs and wolves despite not being related bc evolution works that well, i love their cute little faces, I love how they managed to survive way longer than they were meant to (more on that bellow), how they move, their lower ankles that look like someone fucked up a dog drawing, everything about it

And I absolutely HATE what they have become a symbol of

I would like to think human activity alone isnt enough to actually drive animals to extinction. That, while it helps, it merely speeds up the pace of an inevitable fate. But that’s not true. There have been countless animals that died out bc of humans, and that would have been just fine without us around - be it by hunting, destroying habitats, introducing new species or bringing disease

Thylacines were hunted with no mercy bc they were thought to kill farm animals. People offered money for each one that was shot. Animals that humans introduced to their habitat infected them with disease and made food less avaiable. And just a few decades later, they were gone, forever

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the last one we have record of died bc of NEGLET. In a zoo, he was left out in the cold night and didn’t make it. They probably threw the body away with no care, thinking they could just get another one to use as exibition, and then realized too late it was the last

ON TOP OF THAT, rules to protect them were set in place about 50 days before the last one died. 50 DAYS!! Talk about too little too late. Maybe if they had done it earlier, things would have been different, but no. They didn’t care until they realized hey we havent seen one in forever, fuck

ON TOP OF ON TOP OF THAT, the picture that was used to get farmers to kill them of a thylacine with a chicken in its mouth was most likely faked using a mounted one. It was fucking propaganda?? To??? Kill animals?? Man, what the FUCK. Maybe kill the ones around your property (still wrong but fine) but why lie to people to make them go out of their way to kill animals in the wild??

Everything about thylacines’ extintion just highlights the worst parts of the human nature. How careless we are to everything but ourselves. How if it doesn’t make us money, we don’t care. How we care too little too late. How we can destroy something so easily. And how we don’t care about lying about something to get what we want, no matter how bad the consequences might be to someone else

I honestly think the fascination people have with finding these animals in recent years is due to guilt, at least some of it. Yes it’s a cool animal, but most important of all it makes us feel bad. So finding a new one maybe would make it ok. We can still save it. We’re not that bad.

But that ever happening is unlikely

Thylacines lived short lives (up to 6 years in the wild, 9 in zoos) so to have them survive would require large populations constantly breeding. So to think we wouldnt have found a bone, a dead body, or run over one in over 70 years (also everyone has a phone now, why cant there ever be GOOD pictures taken of these sightings?) just seems like the kind of thing that can’t happen

Not only that, but before human intervention they already suffered from low genetic diversity due to its population getting smaller over centuries due to disease and few individuals. It’s sad to think that they were always doomed to fail, but it’s likely the path they were going towards

So it just makes it way less likely that they would have survived in the wild. They were already failing to reproduce and survive with the individuals they had - imagine after we kill 99% of them. Even if some did make it past the year we recorded, it probs died out shortly after

BUT they could still be alive today, or at least gotten a few more decades. Some people think they did. And maybe we could have helped them if they made it to today with the technology we have

But we’ll never know

There’s a bunch of footage (with some newly discovered one) of the last one, and while that is cool, it just makes me sad :( to see it pacing around its small cage, with nothing to do, no other one to keep it company (they were often depicted in pairs, idk if they were social animals but it seems like it), not knowing it would never again have another one like it. There’s also footage of someone rattling its cage?? Probs to get it worked up to make it walk around or react or something. DONT DO THAT

It’s just a sad footage overall, and becomes painful to watch once you know everything else. A sad pacing stressed animal, that would die alone in the cold and go down in history as the last one ever. All while being oblivious to everything we have done to its kind, bc it was just a scared animal

Some people think they survived into the 90’s, a lot of people claim to have seen one since 1936 (with no proof) and february 2021 one expert said they had proof they saw one and that it was a baby. It has been debunked by another expert, i have yet to see the pics, but until we have DEFINITE proof, i’ll keep on believing they’re gone

But it’s nice to hope every once in a while. Every sighting makes me a bit happy. This is a big world, with so much of it unexplored, and animals though extinct have showed up again or even been cloned recently. So who knows!

It has been pretty shitty to live through a major historical event that is bad. For a moment I hoped I’d witness one that was actually a positive one

And honestly, if they are still out there, maybe a small population that learned to hide very well, I hope they keep hidden. I’d love to see them, but maybe they’re better on their own

We’ve seen what happens when they’re not

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(Everything in this post is based on my personal opinions.)


This is Johnny Do, a Marvel character most have never heard of since he’s only in 6 issues (#27-32) of a short-run series called “Psi-Force” (Earth-148611). Why is he important? Because he’s an unusually well portrayed autistic character from 1989.

Back in 1989, autism wasn’t usually shown in media and although comics wasn’t as mainstream as it is today, this is a Marvel comics and they were already a well-established comics publisher. The fact that they even allowed an autistic character to be a main character of a group for 6 issues is quite amazing. But, let’s put that aside for now, because a big company creating an autistic character isn’t good just on itself.

WARNING: The series is still from the 80′s and does contain racism and ableism, and also have quite a few scenes that might be triggering.


Johnny isn’t a passive force. He isn’t treated as just an accessory. He’s shown to have an own will and personality. Yes, he is non-verbal, but he is shown to use sounds he tries to communicate with and he’s definitely shown to have intelligence. This is still uncommon. Non-verbal autistics are usually depicted as being less intelligent. He is also shown to have empathy and caring about others.



Autistic characters are often depicted as not being “fully human”. As lacking something fundamentally compared to neurotypical people. That is not the case with Johnny. Yes, they do make it sound like autism is a mental illness, but it’s also pointed out that he’s just a kid and that he has been abused, which he has. It’s also mentioned that the autism can be genetic (and therefore not an illness), something that also wasn’t common in 1989.



They gave him real powers. Dangerous powers. No something savant related either. They made him pyrokinetic.



He’s given actual relationships. There’s one man he gets more attached to, kind of like a father figure, but he’s shown being pranked and pranking right back with the others. There’s no doubt that he’s actually part of the team. He’s not just a token.



Johnny is shown to develop, although the most obvious thing is a bit stereotypical of him saying “love you” to a character at the end, but this is during a time when many still thought autistic kids couldn’t develop much (unfortunately, many still holds that belief.

That’s it for now. I’ve probably forgotten something.

I wish there was more of Johnny, but there isn’t. He’s not a perfect representation, but he’s pretty darn good for being a Marvel character from 1989.

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open world sonic games ideas so far

(i’m not working on a game i just had some thoughts)

- BIG WORLD. like SUPER SUPER big. like breath of the wild, or like.. idk an mmo or something.

- ICONIC LOCATIONS (soleanna, empire city, angel island, all that). unfortunately you will start in green hill but thats a tutorial area and its real quick so its fine.


- BOOST GAMEPLAY for the main world with a turbo boost option for getting around between the big locations.

- ADVENTURE GAMEPLAY for small segments. “levels” like maybe caves or bosses!

- SHADOW RACES! shadow joins the main story for a little bit and you race him in one of the main missions (you can fail it without having to do it all over but you CAN redo it later on if you want). beating shadow in every race unlocks him as a playable character (story will not change, cutscenes will still show sonic, basically just an alt skin)

- UPGRADES!! high jump out of boost, forces-broken air boost, stomp speed for main world… bound jump hight, spindash speed, instashield for “adventure” stages… and of course the 06 gems(which instead of replacing the entire shoe will instead appear in an empty hole in every one of sonic’s shoes)

- CHARACTER OUTFITS! of course, they will not affect any stats or abilities, but you can put on soap shoes and the riders glasses n stuff :O

- SIDE MISSIONS!!! important sidequests that give lore will be given by established characters (silver, knuckles, elise, that gun commander guy from shadow unless he’s a villain here), and fun bonus missions from random npc’s! and the type of mission will be influenced by location! for example, soleanna’s missions will be ridiculous and of course sonic man will be one of them.

- POST GAME CONTENT!!! i hate it when loading a game’s save file places you before the final boss while the world is on fire and everyone is scared. maybe you wanna chill and see your comrades as npcs.

- NEW GAME + !!!!!! every upgrade you bought during your main game as well as every costume and, of course, shadow. beating this ng+ will unlock metal sonic as a character for the next ng+.

- SUPER SONIC!!!!!! you are able to activate him at 50 rings in “adventure” stages and cannot deactivate him unless you run out. you can activate him with 100 rings in the main world but you CAN deactivate him because otherwise he’ll eat up all your rings. you’ll probably have a bank as a failsafe. chaos emeralds will be involved in the plot BUT ng+ has super sonic unlocked at the start.

Upgrades i have thought of so far (xbox controller buttons):

Move (Left Joystick)
Camera (Right Joystick)
Center Camera Behind Sonic (Right Joystick Button)
Jump , Homing Attack (A)
Spin Kick , Slide (B)
Light Dash , Activate Super Sonic (Y)

Boost , Air Boost , Fly (Super Sonic) (X)
Stomp , Stop Flying (Super Sonic) (B)
Quick Step (LB/RB)
Drift (LT/RT)
Toggle Turbo Boost (Left Joystick Button)

Spindash , Drop Dash (X)
Bound Attack (B)
Shield Ability , Instashield , Light Speed Attack (Super Sonic) (LB/RB/LT/RT)

Switch Gems (D-PAD L/R)
Bring Up Gem Menu (D-PAD UP)
Use Gem Ability (D-PAD DOWN)
GREEN - Tornado Kick (ABILITY)
RED - Slow Down Time Around Sonic (TOGGLE ON/OFF)
WHITE - Charged Homing Smash (HOLD + RELEASE)

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Book fandom hate towards a character is something that can be so personal. As of recent, i’ve seen a surge of people hating on Elain and I think this is related to the fact that Elain wasn’t as supportive as they wanted her to be towards Nesta. They started hating on her when she was said to be packing’s Nesta’s clothes. So, Elain is not perfect and I feel like Nesta felt betrayed because the sister whom she loves the most was siding with the people she despised. Furthermore, some people are projecting what may be Nesta’s feelings towards Elain and is reading as hatred, but as we all know by the end of the book Nesta joins her sisters with Nyx, suggesting otherwise.

Also the hatred towards the idea of Elain and Azriel, for one side, has to do with Nesta, because most people who hate on Elain over the fact that Azriel is attracted to her are Nesta’s stans. Additionally, Nesta has two best friends and fellow Valkyries: Emerie and Gwyn. For a simple conclusion to this line of thought (a logical one I’m sorry), some people want Azriel to be with someone that is as similar as possible to Nesta, but bear with me: I’m not saying that Gwyn is like Nesta, I’m saying that Nesta and Gwyn have gone through similar traumatic experiences and that they trained to be Valkyries together and bonded through this aspect. In conclusion, one of Nesta’s best friends is Gywn and Cassian’s brother is Azriel, thus the pairing is projected. However, me as reader thinking about the construction of a plot and of the narrative, the character’s arc for Gywn and Az would be pretty much similar to Nesta’s and Cassian’s too (I know those characters are different but this is a fact).

Also, the hatred towards both Elain and Gwyn are solemnly because Azriel. I don’t know if he hadn’t interacted with Gwyn in a way that led to a romantic conclusion people wouldn’t be at each other’s guts because of their preference over a fictional pairing.

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Interview Highlights

(sorry this is so long, I started bc I take notes to help organize my brain and couldn’t stop after realising midway that it’s 2+ hrs haha)

- Matt is too nice to haters and he’s working on it

- He’d love to do Critrole forever but is looking forward to passing the torch

- Publicising a fun private thing between friends means exposing themselves to the criticism and misunderstanding and hate they get, which detracts from the experience for them

- But the overwhelming joy of connectedness, art, writing, cosplay, stories, games, families created as a result of the community makes up for it

- “Some hard parts knock the wind out of me but that’s when I lean on my wife and friends”

- Social media is weird and it’s so easy to twist words and meanings on it, but he’s not engaging as much for his health! (Good!!!!)

- Moving on, he changed his name to Mercer - older family name - because because Matt Miller was too common for actors

- Parents were chill art hippies (that tracks)

- Middle school wanted to be a chemist, high school wanted to be illustrator/animator

- Used to draw adult fanart commissions as a teen in the 90s!! (One of us!!! OG Style!)

- Did lots of odd temp jobs and worked way up through video game and entertainment industries

- Called out video game crunch culture (read them for filth Matt!!)

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