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Over here rewatching Why R U? The Series….because what the fuck else am I supposed to do during this quarantine and I’m on ep 6 at the very beginning. 

When Tutor is repeatedly asking Fighter if he likes men. And you know they stare at each other for I don’t know like 30 seconds, I could literally feel the anxiety building up inside myself. I’ve seen this episode a few times but I still hold my breath and hope Fighter’s response will be better than it was. I’m crazy, I know, but the emotions this damn show is pulling out of me is insane.

When Fighter chooses to kiss Tutor instead of actually answering I’m at like peak anxiety because I’m yelling “THAT’S NOT AN ANSWER BRO!” and I think Tutor felt the same because he pulls away pretty quickly. And then Fight says, “This kiss was like the last kiss, I’m just teasing you Tor.” And the disappointment and anger on Tutor’s face breaks my heart. It’s clear Tutor likes Fighter and for Fighter to say that to him…..UGH the frustration he must feel. I feel frustrated just being a bystander.

And then Fighter, I can’t even describe the look on his face. Like a myriad of emotions reflect in his eyes, but the regret is most definitely there. You can tell he feels awkward for making Tutor upset and he wants to go home. Like I’m so mad at Fighter but I understand he’s not ready to confess, but BRO YOU CAN’T GO AROUND KISSING FOLKS IF YOU’RE NOT READY TO HAVE AN ADULT CONVERSATION ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! Because now my bub Tutor is sitting alone in his room thinking about you, how you make him feel, and how his feelings probably won’t be returned.

I’m hot potatoes.

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