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#Lord of Chaos

Last Christmas

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: some language but none really

A/N: And so our story comes to an end, for now. Our handsome Irish anti-hero and head-strong Lady Lawyer will return in the spring for an all new Misfits!AU sequel inspired by conversations with @robertsheehanownsmyass 🤨

Tag list: @joz-stankovich @badsext @elliethesuperfruitlover @nightmonsters @bisexualnathanyoung @magic-multicolored-miracle @immortalled

Chapter Five: Last Christmas


When Violet turned 35, she changed her entire life. Everything she set out to do as a Public Defender was always overshadowed by just how many shitty people needed legal aid. The one or two kind, desperate clients a year just never stacked up to or made the other 100 worth it.

So Violet packed up all of her things, bid everyone a fuck you and cried in her dark apartment for a week. No prospects or experience with anything but law, it frightened her how easily she dropped everything to just do.. nothing. She ignored her sisters, “Why don’t you go back to New Orleans? Or back to school!” And the calls from Tony “Come back to the firm!” Then one day.

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This is going to take a long time

And I wonder what’s mine

Can’t take no more

Wonder if you’ll understand

It’s just the touch of your hand

Behind a closed door


Originally posted by merry-melody

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Fluttercord 🤎💛❤️💚💜💙🖤💖💛

This is my all time otp I looove them together so much

Fun fact: I took the background picture but I added in some more pink so it looks like cotton candy clouds💖💖💖💖

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Last Christmas

Words: 2900

Warnings: Here we see the smut chapter. Fluff and smut.

A/N: again thanks to my homies @joz-stankovich and @robertsheehanownsmyass for encouragement!! Tag list: @magic-multicolored-miracle @elliethesuperfruitlover @super-unpredictable98​ @bisexualnathanyoung


Chapter 3- White Christmas

Violet unlocked her door and dropped a handful of bags in the foyer. The mistletoe and pine still softly twinkling where Nathan left it made her flush at the memory of their kiss. She shook it off as she struggled to drag in a large heavy duffle bag she collected from the casino.

“Hey, Seamus Finnegan!” she gave a shout and smiled to herself. “Come help me with your shit! Also you’ve got eight hundred messages on your phone.” Violet finally faced her apartment and gasped. Nathan had decorated while she was out.

White lights trimmed the door to her balcony. The island where they ate earlier shared a similar style to the one above her front door: Pine and some bows and lights scattered throughout. There was a six foot pine tree in the corner by her television showered with white lights as well (in fact all the lights Nathan used were white. Some twinkled, some were stagnate). There were ornaments of every shade of purple, flowers and silver tinsel littered the tree, and again the pine around the wood of the table her tv sat on. Any bow used was a deep purple with silver trim.

“Oh, Nathan.”

That’s all Violet could whisper as she ran her hands along the bough that lined the kitchen island. She knew in her heart he would open his mouth and ruin the feeling of contentment and she had right now. Something witty or obscene, so she kept quiet and allowed it all to soak in.

Making her way to the Christmas tree, Violet reached out to touch everything. It was real, solid. Nathan made all of these with his.. magic? She couldn’t believe that’s what it was. Magic. He was magical.

His face certainly is magical, too she thought to herself. Cheeks hot as the sensation of his tongue in her mouth flooded her memory. It’s been so long, Vi. What would it hurt?

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Anyone else super fond of this old Slaanesh model?

Need to find the a reason to use this one in modern games and I recon they’d look even better on a larger round base 

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Last Christmas

Word Count: 2372

Warnings: Mild violence and blood some angst or is it whomp?

A/N: This one was a fun write. I need to thank @robertsheehanownsmyass for being my sounding-board, always, and for helping me with ideas!  Chapter 1: God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman can be found here


Chapter 2: The Fairytale of New York

It’s not that Violet meant to kill Nathan. Yet here she was, at 4:30 in the morning holding him on her apartment floor while he bled to death. Her lips brushed his freezing forehead as she adjusted his head in her lap.

Not very long before the murder, Violet woke with a start when she heard a door slam. She was drunk still from the never-ending fishbowl drinks bestowed upon her after the win. Brain fuzzy and the room spun as Violet got to her feet and rummaged through the nightstand.

She desperately searched for a missing piece and her kitchen knife. Was someone meant to be with her? Her body screamed with booze and adrenaline as she held the knife aloft venturing into the hallway.

Violet made her way to the living area. A throb grew in her ears that deafened the silence of her apartment. The night flashed before her eyes as her head swam.

How the liquor filled her goblet with just a point of his long finger. Which he told her wasn’t necessary. Just thinking about it often worked. Like how he thought the scantily clad shot girl could use bigger tits, so they inflated a size or two. The dude bro that wolf whistled at Violet and slapped her ass as she walked passed, his tongue literally fell out.

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I’ve been stabbed in the heart (hairt) by women before, but I’ve never been..” Nathan gesticulated to the knife in his chest.


Originally posted by shiteimagines

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She told him drunkenly he had Irish eyes and a green smile.

“No,” she shook her head and laughed. “Green eyes and an Irish smile?”

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Shocking how easy it was to stab Nathan through the heart. How fate helped Violet sink the knife so deeply into him that her breasts met his bare chest before either understood what was going on.


Originally posted by merry-melody

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I have two wrapping paper tubes


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Rand al’Thor: *grins at Egwene when he hasn’t seen her in a long while*

Me: A good, soft boy.

Egwene: Insufferable!

Me: Egwene…

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Last Christmas

Fandom: Nathan Young x OC

Words: 2452

Warnings: Mostly swearing

A/N: This takes place after Nathan’s disasterous adventure in Las Vegas. Marnie has taken off with the money, the baby, and Nathan is left behind.  You know,  to face the consequences of his own actions? *side eye*  Unfortunately for his lawyer, she ends up with more than she bargained for the Christmas holidays.


Part 1: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

“You are going to only say ‘Yes, your Honor’ and ‘No, your honor.’ That’s it. You got it, Lucky Charms?”

“T’at seems offensive for a lawyer to call their client.” 

“I’m a public defender, Mr. Young.  I was assigned to you for free.”

“So you’ll give them their money’s worth?” he blinked a few times, furrowing his brows and gazing heavenwards, realizing what he just said.

The lawyer winced, “Have you always been so-”



“Oh since t’day I was born, love.” 


Violet Duval, 30, had started off as a paralegal for the Innocence Project in college. An internship and change of heart led her to law school with a desire to help people who needed legal aid but couldn’t afford it. She had her fair share of scummy clients. People she knew in her heart were guilty, but she muddled through their cases because others actually needed her and her partners. Except this particular client not only made her question HIS sanity but her’s and her future at the firm. 

Nathan Young was 22 years old. And, despite possessing a fit version of Jack Skellington’s body, was devastatingly handsome and just as devastatingly Irish. Violet couldn’t tell you if he knew this fact or not.  The collar of his orange jumpsuit was popped, they let him keep his ratty sneakers, and twice he bit his cuticles down to the quick during their first meeting. 

Yet Nathan’s mentality was a teenager just discovering that wisecracks and obscenities get people to pay attention. That mouth (pillowy lips, oh my god Violet don’t think like that!)  often arrived well before his body.  They spoke for a total of twenty minutes that first day; Nathan’s leg twitches at a speed matched only by the words showing from his tongue. Large, terrified green eyes bore into Violet’s soul as she explained his dire situation and tried to grasp the police report.

Violet read the police report several times. Scratching her eyebrows, she bit the tip of her manicured nail and read it again. “This says you pulled a what from your.. you have got to be fucking kidding me. Mr. Young are you on drugs?" 

“Not since I became a dad.” 

“You procreated?" 

“Should I be offended by that?" 

“From  here until this is over I feel like we should both be mutually offended by one another all the time. Have you ever heard of a hostile client? I consider myself a hostile lawyer. Because unless I find a way to sew your mouth shut I’m gonna lose this case. Please start from the beginning" 

Half an hour later, Violet’s head swan after Nathan spun his tale unnecessarily full of sex, martinis and magic. Magic he believed he possessed. Not the David Copperfield magic. Scarlet Witch, Harry Potter magic. He casually mentioned a giant storm, multiple deaths and the word murder nearly slipped out before she stopped him. Informing Nathan they were being filmed, and it could incriminate him despite holding no relevance. 

“I’ll do this, Mr. Young,” Violet began gathering her purse and briefcase. Pulling out a business card she scoured her bag for a pen. “I’m not sure why, but it seems simple enough. No money was actually taken from the casino, and I’m not sure how anyone can justify the whole rabbit part. It makes the pit boss seem unstable. I’ll give you my cell number because I’m never at the office this time of year. If I could-”

“Need one of t’ese?” Nathan held a large hand out across the table in his lawyer’s direction. Out of thin air a pen manifested before Violet’s eyes. “Black,” he gestured, “or blue?” A long finger stroked the utensil and it changed color as he did so. The tiniest of smirks crept across his face.

Violet’s mouth hung open but she slammed it shut immediately.  Her face turned to an emotional stone, eyebrow cocked. “I would say impressive but I watched Copperfield make the entire Statue of Liberty disappear.  I’ll have our office psych consultant meet with you tomorrow.”

For once Nathan was speechless.  No sarcastic retort.  No dopey grin before a nervous giggle. “Sure. T’anks,” he mumbled. 

“Don’t worry,” Violet reached for his hand.  “You’ll be home by Christmas. Back to Ireland or London. Wherever.”  

“I haven’t got a home, Miss Duval. That casino was our home the last few months.” Nathan absently enclosed Violet’s hand between his own.

“But it’s Christmas.”  A blush spread from her chin up towards her ears as she registered that they were holding hands. 

Cheshire cat grin blazed across Nathan’s face, “Fancy me do ye?” Caterpillar eyebrows waggled up and down. 

“Oh fuck off,” Violet took her hand back. “And shave your face by the trial.” 

“ Why, will  the judge think I am more presentable?”

“No. You look like bottom-shelf Jack Sparrow, and it’s crooked.” 


Nathan’s fidgeting never ceased throughout his entire hearing.  He gnawed through the cuticles on his other hand and two pencils as every witness was called before the judge.  To his benefit, only two showed up.  One a casino-goer who was caught in the frenzy of his tossing thousands of dollars and chips up in the air.  Which, Violet admitted, was a pretty good diversion even if it was right out of a heist movie.  The second witness was the security guard who was easily confused by not just himself but Nathan’s appearance in the defendant’s chair.  The pit boss bailed, so to speak, on the entire event.

Violet knew it was pretty open and shut when nearly everyone in the courtroom kept giggling every time someone mentioned magic.  She caved on letting him testify, almost regretting asking him to shave because now he really did resemble a child playing adults, but maybe it would work to her advantage.  He did look rather smart in the fitted suit he was arrested in, the women on the jury and even a man or two took notice as well.

“Your Honor,” she began before questioning Nathan, “let’s be real here.  My client’s biggest crime seems to be pride, arrogance, a bit of stupidity and a big mouth.”  

Nathan’s face flushed, but he took it.

“And frankly,” Violet continued, “are you even certain  you pulled a rabbit out of.. Well, pardon my vulgarity, anus?” She turned her head slightly enough to mumble under her breath, “I can’t believe I’m doing this for free.”  Now she walked over towards the jury.  “Obviously someone in their right faculties would know a SIX sided dice doesn’t have a seven,” she twisted her mouth in disbelief at her own statement. “I mean, Mr Young you were playing craps not Dungeons and Dragons.”  The jury snickered.

“What?  Is this a defense love, or are you having me sectioned?!” the words spewed from Nathan before he could help it.  

“I haven’t even asked you anything yet.  The only real evidence anyone has, well I guess besides the rabbit” she pointed to a cage sitting on the DA’s table. “Is a casino chip that may or may not have been manifested, as you claim, or just plain stolen.  It’s now with Miss.. What’s her name, Nathan?”

“Marnie,” he shrugged.

“But what’s your partner’s last name?”

“Well,” he chomped on an entire finger. “We never got around to that?”

“But Mr. Young, you have a son.”

“Technically.  She never really knew the father, and I fuc- bang-” Nathan exhaled and chose his next words wisely, “Copulated with her the day the baby was born.  May have actually caused the labor.”  The courtroom erupted in laughter.

“ORDER!”  the judge banged his gavel, and Violet noticed Nathan couldn’t help a self-satisfied grin.

“Objection,” the DA said.  “What is the relevance of Mr Young’s sex life, Your Honor?”  

“The relevance is that Mr Young took on the responsibility of being a father and a partner, almost a husband to a woman who knew for months.  And yet he never learned her last name? How is it that it is culpable for a baby he bore no connection to but cannot, and I’m mentioning this a third time, grasp a six sided dice not bearing the number seven on it.”

“I’ll allow it, Miss Duval.  But for the love of God get to some sort of point,” he reprimanded.

“As I was saying.  Mr Young, Nathan.  Marnie took off with this so-called $10,000 chip.  If you gave her this chip BEFORE you caused a commotion at the craps table, how exactly did you get it?”

“I made it.”

“In a machine?  Did you hand-paint the chip?” Violet planted her hands on her hips.

“No.  Out of t’in air.” 

The judge and DA stared at Nathan slack-jawed. “I told her I had magic, sir.”  Nathan shrugged and leaned backwards.  

“You manifested a casino chip?  You didn’t steal it your first night in the casino?  Was Marnie aware of your, uh, “gifts?”  Violet made air quotes.

“Of course she was, love.  Violet?  Miss?”  Nathan started to stutter.  “I mean I bought t’em back home so I could get enough money to make an honest woman out of her.”

“So you’re saying she took advantage of your ability, then absconded with the one piece of evidence the DA had that proved you stole from the casino?  Aside from that rabbit who was washed completely clean and had no traces of your DNA on it whatsoever.  If you really did pull it from your.. You know.  Wouldn’t it have DNA?”

“I would hope?”

“Nathan didn’t you get arrested back home in London for stealing gummy bears?”

“Well, pick n mix.  Yeah,” his nostrils flared in growing anger now. 

“So you want us to believe that suddenly you have magic and can defraud one of the largest casinos in the United States?”

“Objection! Miss Duval, are you working for us now?” 

“Your Honor, I promise you’ll see.” She could only pray.

“Again. Fine”

“ Nathan? What made you think you are even remotely smart enough to do this when you couldn’t even steal candy?”

“I’m smart, Miss Duval.”

“You’ve yet to show us that you’re anything but arrogant and mouthy, Mr. Young. I’m assuming you’re not very powerful if you have no money to speak of. Your getaway was a standard rabbit out of a hat trick instead of to create a wall for yourself, and the person you trusted fell off the face of the earth,” Violet held up her hands. 

Nathan stood up and pointed at his lawyer. “ oh sure. Everyone always t’nks I’m a fucking loser! Done for candy. Nowhere t’live. Shitty father and partner! But I had power and I used it!” 

“Prove it!” 

Before anyone could speak another word, Nathan bellowed and hundreds of rabbits popped into existence around the courtroom. The jury and court reporters screamed. People were laughing nervously and hysterically out of sheer panic. It was pure chaos that resulted in a two hour recess and animal control.

“Your Honor, I don’t even have any further questions for the witness.” There was a defeat in the DA’s voice. 

Nathan scratched his head, but the judge dismissed him from the stand. 

“Honestly, sir, I’m calling a sidebar” 

Violet and her counterpart approached the bench. “What’s wrong, Tony. Too much for you?”

“Violet I don’t know how the hell you pulled that off, or how you made him do that. I admit it was.. genius. I’m willing to cut him a deal.” 

The young attorney’s eyes lit up, “Did I hear you right, Tone?” 

“I’ll never be able explain what the fuck that was. Cut a deal so I can go on my Christmas cruise with Janelle.” 

Violet sat down next to Nathan who had the single most shit eating grin she had ever seen on a man. “I TOLD ye I was magic, darlin’” bit of cheek. 

“ Look, the DA is definitely backed in a corner. He wants to cut a deal, and it doesn’t matter what deal he wants. You’re taking it. And then wherever, however, or whatever kind of money you stole from the casino?  you’re giving me a cut because I have wasted my entire IQ in this courtroom”

“Marnie took it all.” 

“Fine!” Violet hissed. “You’re gonna make me more. I haven’t shopped, decorated or baked and Christmas is in 48 hours. My entire month has been consumed by you. If I EVER hear another Irish accent in my life, I will go to YOUR country and terrorize YOUR family. Comprende, Darby O’Gillis?” 

“We’re gonna have sex.” 

“I would rather get syphilis” 

“T’at can be a possibility,” Nathan winked with his entire face and made a kiss noise. 

Violet’s face crinkled, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” 

“ There’s so much to unpack but I don’t have the time” Nathan bit his lip seductively and popped a bushy eyebrow in an arc. 

Violet couldn’t stop herself from smiling at him. Sighing, she rolled her eyes with a rose tint to her cheeks as she went to agree to a deal.

“All rise!”  the bailiff demanded of everyone in the court.  

The judge sighed and let his head come to rest in one hand.  “Mr. Nathan Young.  I’m not sure what the hell happened in my courtroom today.  Neither is the District Attorney.  Your representation seems to find it amusing.  Storm in London last year, magical powers you bought on the Black market, I don’t know.  What I do know is I don’t ever want to see you again.  In my court.  In Las Vegas.  In Nevada.  In America.  Seeing as the air marshals are off for the holidays, this court is giving you until what do you Irish call it?  Boxing Day.  You have until Boxing Day to get the hell out of our country where you will be placed on a No Fly list and banned from America for at least the next ten years.  At that time, the marshal will escort you to whomever sold you these,” he waved his hand in the air, “Tricks.  You will give them back, you will get a REAL profession, and you will be a shining example of reform to the goddamn Queen of England.”

“Your Honor, where am I supposed to go until then?”  Nathan bit into his only remaining nail.  

“He’s not allowed back in the Vegas strip.  His partner took any remaining money he had, and now he’s stuck here for 72 hours?”

“Congratulations, Miss Duval.  Your Christmas bonus this year is a 22 year old arrogant Irishman.  Case dismissed.” 

Violet buried her face in her hands while Nathan beamed from ear to ear as she dragged him along out of the trial room by the elbow of his suit jacket.  It didn’t stop him from giggling without restraint and yelling over a shoulder: 


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Did I put Leon on a shelf to start a Nathan fic? Yes. Did this Christmas drabble grow bigger than I planned? Why the fuck wouldn’t it. I’m at the end of possibly what is chapter 1, and they have not even gotten to Christmas festivities yet.  😫😫 Why am I like this?! Why is HE like this?!


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Masriel - „As soon as they met, they fell in love.“

some kind of wallpaper for a spin-off 😏

today i can present you my latest artwork. i‘ve spent 4 days on this and it was a lot of work. i hope you‘ll like it. 😊🙈💜

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