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Dirtbag of the day: Mayor Eric Garcetti #ericgarcetti #ericgarcettiisamonster #ericgarcettiisatyrant #ericgarcettiisanidiot #ericgarcettiisracist #ericgarcettiispowerhungry #ericgarcettiiscorrupt #ericgarcettiisacriminal #removeericgarcetti #ericgarcettiresign #ericgarcettiisaliar #losangeles #california #losangelescalifornia #LA

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movie like love story…

“drawing smiles

for these circles under my eyes

resting like a photo memory

of a night lived well before

one, like a movie, with a

story line written by

picture-perfect moments,

outlined by the city skyline below

with lights dancing just beyond our dangling feet,

and bodies intertwined

like a high school romance

growing in the backseat of a car

it’s a night playing on repeat,

a projection in the stars,

with a girl named Sydney,

who held my heart”

-𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐡 𝐨𝐚𝐬

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graduated high school. enrolled in college. in 6 months i went from not knowing if i would even graduate high school on time to having graduated over a full semester early, enrolling in community college for gen ed courses, and moving to Los Angeles to go to my dream school this summer. all of this, in 6 months.

if you’re feeling hopeless about your life circumstances please take me as an example. there is hope. your path can be dramatically altered with one choice you make. choose wisely and don’t give up.

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