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#Lost in the Woods

Is Max back with another film review?? Yes. Today’s is Frozen 2! Spoilers ahead if you’re also taking a while to watch it, no judgement here because I took, what, five months to watch it. Prewarning, the following points I make are not in the order they appear in the film, just in order of me remembering them.

I watched it at 1am last night, and I’ll admit I did cry! Disney’s been doing that to me lately, I sobbed my heart out at Moana and Brother Bear. The film started and I got up to their mom singing to them in bed when I realized “yeah, Disney’s got me again, we’re crying in the club today”.

We got to Into The Unknown and lemme tell ya, it took a lot of effort to belt out with Idina Menzel and wake up the whole house. My eyes started stinging with the tears welling up, but they weren’t falling yet, no no!

Then came Kristoff’s 80’s theme album debut with reindeer back-up singers. If Robin Williams were still kicking, he would definitely voice Sven, without a doubt. Throughout the whole song I was looking at Kristoff thinking “look at all that sweet romance-infused panic”.

Now, as the fucking gremlin I am, how can I not address the fucking salamander. He’s s o cute!! A bby!! The little sounds he made?? I’m lov. 10/10 needed more screen time, would die for, already signing to adopt. If he has a name I either didn’t pick up on or forgot, please tell me!

And the part I cried at?? Not when Elsa freezes, not when Olaf died (more on that in a sec), not when Arendelle nearly floods, but when Elsa finds that the person calling her all that time was her m o t h e r in Ahtohallan!! The Show Yourself build up?? Yes. The important mother/daughter relationship?? Y e s. Elsa looking Like That?? Yessss. The whole scene. The foreshadowing that when Elsa was worried after the charades at the start, she was wearing her mother’s shawl because she finds comfort in her mother’s presence. It was 👌👌👌👌👌 perfect 💖💖.

Here we come back to Olaf. Specifically his death. Well, ‘death’, I mean, it was temporary. Call this a hot take or controversial opinion, but I didn’t really see the point in it?? Was it to cause more angst? Make the kids cry? That’s killing off a character just for the sake of killing off a character. Although I kinda get it because he’s made by Elsa’s magic so when she dies, he dies, so it was a message to Anna that Elsa was dead, but would he not have still lived because her magic was the link between the other four elements? So as long as the other four elements were still intact, so would he? At the very least, she was still somewhat alive so why should he completely die? Seems pretty unfair to me, and he’s just overall had a bad experience during the whole film, he even addresses it himself that Anna pushed him away before he could say good bye and he was mad about it! And then they go and kill him off?? Can we even get an explanation why he got so smart all of a sudden, where have all these facts come from, how can he read?? How does he know about water going through something four times but doesn’t know what 'transform’ (or whatever that one word he mentioned near the end) means?? Idk gang I feel like they did him dirty in this one.

But other than that, I quite enjoyed it :D!

TL;DR - I cried, Into The Unknown is a belter, Kristoff is an even mix of Panic and Love, the salamander is To Die For, Show Yourself hit me straight in the feels, Olaf got done dirty

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European Forest Gothic

  • there are natural playgrounds behind the forestline: fallen trees you used to climb all over as a child. one day, a new appeared, as rotten as the others. you balance along it. it doesn’t feel different.
  • you hear blood curdling screams at night. your mother tells you it’s just a rabbit. you know what rabbits sound like. this isn’t one.
  • people leave gloves they find on the trails on fenceposts or low branches. you used to do that too, until there was a hand inside one.
  • most of the hills in the woods are pagan graves; some are rumored to be old bunkers. as you stand on top of them you wonder if others can hear the banging and pounding.
  • you know better than to than to enter a faerie ring, but has anyone taught you not to follow the creek’s violin song?
  • abandoned medieval structures amongst the trees aren’t unusual to you. it’s the day they’re suddenly gone that you can’t fall asleep.
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It’s been a while since I posted here so here I am with something that is not spinel/spinearl-related lol I’ll post more of that soon…

“Lost In The Woods”

a connverse-related AMV/animatic(?) I did inspired from the episode “Together Forever”

Keep in mind that I am, by all means, NOT an animator so apologies if it looks crappy :P

This took me 3 days straight to finish. And I haven’t even colored it yet, supposedly in the chorus when there’s 2 Stevens, the right one is supposed to be Pink Steven. But I haven’t got the time and energy to do that so I settled with this draft instead. I worked really hard on this so I’d appreciate it if y'all reblog if you like it :)

In fact, this is my first time actually finishing an animatic. Due to the 1 month quarantine cuz of the ya'know, I had the “miraculous” streak of motivation to actually do this and I still can’t believe I finished it in time cuz if it were regular days, I always end up with WIPs and drafts.

There’s actually one good thing that came out of this Covid-19 mess

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I’m hunkered down and trying to avoid the news and bs on other social media.

I miss you. I miss us. Everything reminds me of how we were. I miss us.

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