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iridessence · 2 months ago
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you follow aesthetic blogs and see an image of a person, a model or celebrity or blogger, and it makes you feel bad about your body… then you should scroll away and not reblog. It doesn’t matter if it’s aesthetic, it doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful art, it doesn’t matter if you really like what they are wearing… If seeing them makes you automatically feel bad about yourself, then you don’t need to share them.
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amaranthdahlia · 2 months ago
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au where izuku has a bunny quirk and katsuki is absolutely smitten
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highgaydrama · 6 months ago
vigilmaker is so interesting because there are so many layers to it: chris and adrian grew up in the same town and went to the same schools. chris must have been at his house a lot because he was friends with adrian's older brother gut. chris barely knows adrian, but adrian knows so much about chris. chris sees adrian at the restaurant smiling at him like he's his entire world, but chris dismisses it because he doesn't know why he's looking at him like that.
on the other hand, vigilante considers himself peacemaker's best friend, while peacemaker lets vigilante join him often because??? well, he doesn't think about it. they have fun times together regardless. then, chris learns that vigilante is his old friend's dorky little brother. and suddenly, he thinks "wow- he grew up. and he has been by my side for god knows how long and I didn't even notice."
and as of s01e05, chris has no idea that adrian broke his moral code (don't commit crime) to get into jail and try to kill chris' dad- just because he was convinced that it would finally give him the opportunity to be happy. adrian just wants to make chris happy. but to chris, it's like�� he has known adrian forever, but not really— and peacemaker has known vigilante forever, but not really— so what do we have here? whatever it is, there is history and love and care there that they don't talk about.
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danascullys · 8 months ago
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female character meme: a female character that you relate to     ↳ Dana Scully (The X-Files)
Nothing happens in contradiction to nature. Only in contradiction to what we know of it.
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joblessquinoa · a month ago
The way Suyeon fights tooth and nail for Woo Young Woo despite the fact that she also gets frustrated with Woo Young Woo from time to time and knows that she would lose to Woo Young Woo on an even playing field.
The way Suyeon gets angry when Woo Young Woo says, "It's not easy for someone to like me," and puts herself down because to Suyeon, liking and helping Woo Young Woo has always been second nature to her.
The way Suyeon confronts Junho about his feelings, and urges him to tell Woo Young Woo if he is serious but only if he's serious, because not once did she think that Woo Young Woo was undeserving of a romantic relationship.
Because no matter what, she's gonna stand up and bat for Woo Young Woo every single time.
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momrryrights · 6 months ago
okay i'm gonna say something and i just know someone's gonna get mad at me or send me shit and say i'm not actually a fan, whatever, but i've been feeling some sort of way about this for awhile and it lowkey really pisses me off that not enough people i see are talking about it, so i'm going to bite the bullet and say it—
louis not wearing his mask when talking to and meeting fans, even when he's just walking around outside venues or when has popping out of his recording space to wave hello, is not okay and has not been okay and he's not been getting the call-outs he deserves.
i know he's got to be vaccinated and likely boostered already but seeing as how this whole tour was already put on hold for like, two years because of the pandemic that's still going around and still has people—including his fans, his band, tour crew, venue workers, everyone??—required to wear masks out in public and around other people, vaccinated or otherwise, and he just isn't wearing his mask around them when we see him (especially when security and his tour mates and crew are next to him wearing their masks??)....it's both super unsafe to him and other people, as well as super fucking disappointing to see.
like, it's been two years of this shit. we've been doing it. it's not new and it's not regional. i don't care when or if or even how vaccinated a person is—if you're out and about, keep your fucking mask on and keep your distance.
a huge reason as to why we have to keep on wearing our masks and dragging this shit out is because there are far too many people out there being selfish and not being safe, not getting vaccinated, or got vaccinated and decided 'well i can't get sick so no mask for me hehe' when you can still get covid after you've been vaccinated, and even if you're asymptomatic or don't get sick, you can still get other people sick!
not only that, but doing shots with fans—even if they literally just went to buy the shots at the in-venue bar and handed one to him seconds after getting them—isn't a good idea right now? yeah it's very fun to watch and under normal circumstances i'd love to do a shot with louis! but it's still a risk and he shouldn't be doing that right now?
(and please correct me if i'm wrong because i very well could be, but don't some of the venues for this tour still have slightly looser restrictions? i could totally have the wrong information but i was talking with some friends about it recently when one of them pointed it out, so as far as i know this is still a thing.)
we all talk about how vocal and comfortable he is in expressing his gratitude and love for both fans and the people he works with, as well as making sure everyone feels safe and is safe in his company, such as properly halting things tonight in atlanta when so many people were overheating in the pit, so: why is there so much radio silence when he's willingly being less than safe?
yes, you could argue he does wear his mask and we just don't see it in the photos we've taken of or with him, but that's still leaving room for risk. that's still not enough.
and to people who think i'm being unnecessarily hypercritical of him and this issue, the reason why i'm saying something, why i'm so vocally disappointed and frustrated about this, is because i really fucking care.
after having to wait so long for his first proper solo tour, i really don't want him to cancel dates or cut things short in any way because he's gotten sick, someone key to his performing has gotten sick, etc. like, i can't even imagine how heartbreaking it must've been to keep having to push off this huge career leap because of a pandemic...
so why is he risking a repeat of that at all?
my relationship to louis up to this point—since like, 2011—has been entirely parasocial, but i've always had a strong connection to him. i've cared about him for so long and when i care about someone—and i'm really not someone who really cares about or takes real interest in celebrities of any kind or caliber—even in that distanced parasocial way, i care.
so when one of the few people i actually like does or says something that i don't agree with or poses some sort of issue with my morals, interests, etc., i'm not going to pretend it wasn't said or didn't happen. i'm willingly giving that person my support and my time—why would i be quiet?? i want them to be better!
criticizing the actions or words of someone you care about when there's inherently an issue with their behavior does not mean you like them any less and i don't think enough people take that into account, and why so much behavior from a lot of people goes unchecked when it shouldn't.
and it's not just louis; just in regards to 1d, i've openly criticized every member of the group at some point in time! call-outs to be better are a love language of mine and i take them very seriously!
(like i've already come and keep coming for liam's neck about the NFT shit, and louis isn't catching a break from me either in that regard.)
really what i'm trying to say here is:
considering this whole tour was pushed back because of covid, it genuinely frustrates and disappoints me to have seen louis already being so carelessly maskless when meeting people and going out before tour, but so especially on tour when he's not just consistently traveling to different cities but different countries and is going to be doing so for a majority of the year.
to see someone i've genuinely liked and cared about for oven ten years, who has a deserved rep for being profoundly vocal in his love and gratitude, do something so careless yet so fucking easily fixable as wearing a mask, breaks my heart, because wearing a mask isn't something out of his power or his control. if his crew, band, openers, etc., can wear their masks when around him and when out around fans and other people, so can he. there is no excuses to be made here.
no amount of money and status can make you immune to a worldwide super-spreader virus that's not just made millions of people sick and even given many lasting health issues, but actually taken millions of lives.
he needs to be better in this regard, and we need to actively hold him, and anyone else acting similarly, accountable. it doesn't mean we're being hypercritical or that we secretly don't care, are being mean, etcetera—rather, we all need to be held to the same standard, to be safe.
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chauceryfairytales · a year ago
No, seriously, one of the coolest things about writing, for me, is watching the way my stories keep overlapping each other. There’s always a theme, character trope, a moment that repeats itself. Something I throw away here migrates there. Nothing is wasted, and no matter how different these stories are, there’s always something connecting them.
Like, it’s the way I see these worlds are mine.
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mueritos · 25 days ago
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Literally just a bunch of me cuz i cant remember if i ever posted my haircut but ive been rocking the short hair AND multiple utis 😍😍😍 last ones me with the cranberry juice ive been drinking lol
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youareunbearable · 10 months ago
I like to think that, for the Elves, being tall was seen as attractive, of having good health and fortune, and overall just seen as a trait that Elves wanted. Cause all the "Greats" and "Wisest" of the Elves were tall as trees in the books. I like to think that this is a cultural trait carried over from the Cuiviénen, where they believed that the tallest Elves were wiser cause they were closer to the stars or something so being tall became something akin to a blessing
It would be cool if they had a type of greeting that complimented a person on their height or blessed them to grow taller or something like how Dwarves greet each other by blessing their beards
It would also make their interactions a little bit more funny, like:
"Oh :// you are very hairy and you beard is so long.... (how can they stand it? Isn't it itchy?)"
"Humph, well you are much too tall, you're basically like a tree! (not a good height for working in tunnels at all, no wonder they're such bad smiths)"
And both are like "Oh, well that was nice of them maybe I shouldn't be so mean" and then procced to try and be nicer in their culture which in turn insults the other in some fashion
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yangjeongin · a year ago
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welcome home❣️
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maskenjager · 10 months ago
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primeguardian · a month ago
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ryonello · 19 days ago
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sysig · 6 months ago
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Would you smooch an alien: Yeah or Heck Yeah (Patreon)
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the-rule-of-beasts · 7 months ago
Could I request how hugs with Leshy or P03 would feel like? Of course this could go to the rest of the Scrybes! Or just the reader (or player) hanging out and really feeling more comfortable in their presence enough to want to show their affection and care in some way? Platonic or more familial? If not that’s fine just feeling a little emotional!
Oh anon,,, you sweet sweet anon,, you don't understand how soft this ask makes me. Hugging the Scrybes?? Yes. Absolutely- I would literally die if I got to hug any of those guys 🥺
Listen- LISTEN. The man is touch starved. You know it, I know it, he just is. However, he is an incredibly awkward man and refuses to ask for affection. Whether or not it's a conscious thing is up for debate, the point is he doesn't ask.
So with that in mind, hugs with Leshy would be... A little awkward at first?? He's unused to any sort of physical contact, much less positive contact, so you hugging him would take him a little off guard??
I think a part of him doesn't think he deserves the affection, some deep seeded self loathing and like,, guilt. But I think he'd appreciate it once he got used to it, it's just that initial hump that's a little hard to get over.
At the beginning he would be super gentle with you. This is the kind of man who absolutely wrestles bears in his free time, he is BUILT. But also very anxious. He'd be terrified of accidentally hurting you, so he would handle you like you were made of glass. He'd get past that eventually, but he's just a very anxious individual.
Once he's actually moved past those initial hurdles, he absolutely adores physical affection. There's something deeply heartwarming about you trusting him enough to touch him, and it becomes one of his main ways to express affection.
A hug from Leshy feels like you're being completely surrounded by him. He holds you firm enough to feel present and he tends to rest his chin on top of your head. His smell of petrichor and moss tends to be a bit overwhelming but like?? In a good way?? He also tends to either bend closer to your height or just,,, pick you up. Like I said, he is a strong man.
I feel like he'd probably give some of the best hugs out of all the Scrybes?? Very warm,, very lovin- 9/10. Though I think the best hugger would be
This woman has all the sweet firmness of Leshy with absolutely none of the hoops to jump through. You could meet her for the very first time and immediately ask for a hug and she would be MORE than happy to oblige.
She's unsurprisingly a bit cold to the touch, but not unpleasantly so?? It sort of feels like flipping your pillow over to the cooler side.
She's so squishy. You don't understand- it's like hugging a kind stuffed animal that hugs you back. She's got her own fair share of strength, so her hugs are very firm- nice and squeezey. She's mastered the art of hugging and you cannot change my mind.
She smells faintly of lilies and gardenia. Just vaguely flowery. For the most part it's this sort of musty smell?? The best I can really describe it as is that really nice old book smell. Hugging her feels like you're in an old antique bookshop, it's pleasant!!!
10/10 hugs, would recommend.
I feel like physical affection isn't really his go to method for expressing himself?? He tends to keep himself emotionally separate from everything around him- what with the premonition angst he's dealing with on the daily- so he tends to try and keep himself distant in cold.
HOWEVER. I personally subscribe to the 'Magnificus is actually a secret sweetheart' theory, so he would be fine with hugging you if you asked. But like,, only if you two had some kind of positive rapport going on.
He's a bit more aloof about hugs than Leshy and Grimora tend to be, he's doing his best to keep himself separate from the affection and trying not to like?? Get to attached?? He's failing miserably, but that's a story for another day.
You know those dogs where like,, you go to pet them and your hand just?? Keeps going?? That's Magnificus. You go in for that hug and you just,, keep going. There's a body in there somewhere, but man, there's so much foliage to content with.
It's weirdly nice?? This is coming from someone who has hugged various trees and bushes in the past, it feels weirdly nice. His leaves tend to run pleasantly cool, but there's some small amount of body heat that reminds you that you are hugging a person, not a bush.
His touch is a lot lighter than Grimora and Leshy's, but he makes up for that in length. He tends to hold you rather than simply hug you, closing his eyes and trying his best to stave of his premonitions for a moment. He's aloof and a little cold, but he's just as touch starved as everyone else.
He smells... Interesting. There's that faint smell of oil paint and old books, but there's something distinctly?? Ozoney?? Like that smell that pops up after lightning hits close by. It tingles and feels a little weird, but it's not exactly unpleasant?? Sort of like,, the feeling of chewing strong minty gum without the smell of mint. It's weird, but he's a wizard so you tend not to question it.
7/10, he's doing his best
He's... Look, he's an emotionally constipated bastard, what else can I say??
He pretends that he hates it when you touch him, that he's above such disgustingly organic ways of showing affection but?? That's a big fat lie?? In actuality he EATS THAT SHIT UP.
He would never instigate is the thing- that's on you. And he wouldn't reciprocate right away either. He'd probably try and shove you off the first few times, though his attempts get weaker and more half-hearted as time passes.
There's a part of him, a part he tries to bury, that really needs that sweet sort of innocent affection, you know? He needs to feel wanted- loved. He'd never admit it, but having you trust him enough to hug him? To put yourself at risk just to express your affection for him?? It makes him feel all warm and bubbly inside. Just... Don't try and get him to admit it. That's how you get scrap metal thrown at you.
Unfortunately hugs with P03 wouldn't be?? The most comfortable?? He's very cold and pointy with very little give, and he never really holds you very firmly?? But it's more the principle of the thing than anything else.
He likes it when you hug him from behind and put your head on top of his screen. It's a bit more comfortable for both of you that way, and that way you have a bit more trouble seeing his dopy little smile. Like I said- he eats this shit up.
I feel like he smells like a workshop. Like,, metallic of course with that pleasent hint of gasoline and motor oil. There's a slightly smokey quality to it as well- like the smoke from a campfire. Unexpected given the setting, but pleasent. He always smells faintly of rust as well. The joys of being a robot who dOESNT TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF!!! >:(
Overall,, I'd give him maybe like?? A 6/10?? He's got the spirit, he's just pointy and bad at expressing himself.
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aimasup · a year ago
So I've downloaded Gacha Club and it's Really Fucking Cool actually
I got into the app and figured out the controls a little, then I decided to make my ocs but in gacha form, just to see what would happen.
So I make a new default and decide to start with skin colour, as you do, and immediately hollered 'Jesus Christ' at my phone because these are the options.
Tumblr media
This crazy amount of variety is kept for the other aspects. If you want an accessory or hat or shirt pattern, it's probably there, you just have to scroll through the hundreds of other options that are also fully adjustable in size, shape, colour, sometimes position, and the poses! I was surprised at the amount of poses.
It's like Picrew but on drugs. It's like getting a Barbie playset for free but surprise! You get the rest of the mall too because there's more than 200 options for hair base, a hundred more for bang options, and much more of props/weapons. You can create literally any character and add your own twists because there's just so much cool stuff! It doesn't even have to be human. Have you see those Weirdcore Gacha videos?
I also realize that it's great to help pick colours and outfits, and maybe adjust your own fashion sense because of how you can pair accessories/props with scenarios and personality. It can also be a medium for people who don't draw or write but still want some creative juices flowing.
I'm still not in the fanbase but I think I get it now. This game is so popular because of. You know. The seemingly unlimited customization that's possible. And it's free to download.
Gacha videos are literally just people playing dress up and house and sharing their playtime with the rest of the world and getting horrendously cyberbullied for it but we don't talk about that
Even the ones that make me go 'oh, yeah, this is terrible' like 'characters doing/meeting random stuff', 'charactets/ocs reacting to stuff', the infinite wacky AUs and crossovers and nonsensical storylines that have obvious references to other media, I completely understand the logic behind all of it, because when I was younger and I had a paper and pencil, I would draw the stupidest shit and blatantly trace from other people's stuff (I know it's bad now I never posted it don't worry) and make them do what I thought was funny/emotional because I didn't care about quality moreso the fact that I made it.
It's so weird seeing the spirit of what I used to create reincarnated into another generation (all the bad and good bits), and making it so public too. I'm just really glad that there's lots of kids out there who are still having fun and somehow dealing with the crushing judgemental force that is the internet.
Edit: I'm not saying you have to be supportive or that you have to like it at all, in fact, you can express your opinion against these types of things, I'm not gonna stop you. I'm just taking a side and expressing my personal stance on this.
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unipacas · a month ago
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gettin ready for the reboot nya >:3
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