#Love from a distance
mango-season · 8 months ago
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Richard Siken / Anne Sexton
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richardsikendaily · a year ago
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[text ID: Oh, the body, its hungers, needs, and limitations. You look at somebody and you realize that they’re in there, inside there, somewhere, and how will you ever reach them, understand them? /end ID]
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neverunderstoodkid · 3 months ago
In this life, I can't have you.
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whileweryoung · 2 months ago
I told you I was happy, but I think that was the result of experiencing my lowest. Maybe I’m the same to as I was before. Am I truly happy or am just saying that because I’m feeling slightly more decent?
Maybe not today, but someday, when I’m older, I hope to look back at this account and laugh. I want to think back to when I met you. Who you are. How you made me feel. When I was your friend. When I loved you. And how I feel right now in this moment. Will I be sad? Happy? I want to see my growth as a young teen girl writing about her disposition for anyone to see. To be behind a screen without her friends knowing.
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6lackestl0v3 · 4 months ago
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when someone shows you who they are, believe them tha 1st time not 29th time. its gone fuck up yo mental .
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forbidden-feelingsss · a year ago
Tell me top 3 things you girls admire in ✨women✨ and let me guess...:
touching you by accident
and calling you honey???
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inherfeeling · 5 months ago
January 21 2022 8:58 pm
I don’t know how to express it. I am more than grateful to have you in my life. I know you know your worth and value but I don’t think you’re aware of how much you are bringing happiness to me. For the past year, I’ve had the chance to have you around and honestly it has been amazing.
Every time i’m with you, you make me understand myself and teach me new things about life and I thank you for that. You’re truly an amazing human being and I thank God every single day to be able to experience such a blessing.
Whenever we are apart, i’m not gonna lie, it’s easy for me to miss you. From missing your smile, to the your smell or even just your presence. I’m craving your body, your hands on me, your voice, the sound of your heartbeat.
I wish I could spoil you and show you everything you truly deserve because believe me you deserve so much more than just some words or a coffee.
I love you my sweet Honeyboo.
Take care, see you soon
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thatredlady · 5 months ago
what brings us together is stronger than anything that would separate us. we are dust that comes from the same star. we are bonded forever.
that red lady
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spicyicyricy · 7 months ago
There she is
All the time
Only to be seen
And here I am
How long
I can take it
- rj (@flowoverflowing)
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consciousnessblog · 8 months ago
From the distance.
I can see you.
Flying free.
Can you see me?
Let us melt.
Into each other.
As two stars.
Lost in space.
Let me feel.
Your energy.
So we can share.
The same frequency.
Let us dive.
Into the future.
Without preparing.
And just be free.
And me.
And I would love you.
For an eternity.
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lbaifang · 11 months ago
Love you from a distance..
I know how hard it is to move on with my life.. When all of thеse daydreams come back to mе at night. I hate that it will take time to forget this.. And now I know It's better to love you from a distance.
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prunkge · a year ago
Liebe im Lockdown. 2020/21
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absurdthirst · a year ago
Just wanna stop by and sing your praises. Your writing is one of the best on here and your work?! Omg, you made me go feral over Din bc of your stories! Before I was "Meh, he's ok" to "I want this single space dad to make me his!!" Ahem. Plus you're an epic, kick ass person. Hope you're well 🙏❤
Lauren, you are just the absolute sweetest!!!! I appreciate that I could help foster more love for our space cowboy! Din needs love and affection. All he can get.
I’m doing great and I hope you and yours are as well!!!
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that-local-cryptid · a year ago
I can feel your soft kisses
Right next to my ear
So close and yet so far
You do not know me
Nor do I know you
And yet you give me
Comfort, safety, hope
Like a sweet melody
In the symphony of the present
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reneestjohn · a year ago
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Love always ...from a distance .❤️🌹💫
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amorr-fati · 2 years ago
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"Nessuno può tenere distanti due persone che si appartengono e che si stanno cercando, forse anche da molto tempo e da molto distante."
- R. Magritte, "Love from a distance"
- P. V. Tondelli, "Camere separate"
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forbidden-feelingsss · 11 months ago
Damn there's something going on and immediately I'm too hyperanalysing to talk so I just smile like an idiot🥰✨❤️
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curryvillain · a year ago
[email protected] & @BeresHammondOJ Give Their "God Is Love" Collab A Visual
[email protected] & @BeresHammondOJ Give Their “God Is Love” Collab A Visual
A couple weeks ago, the legendary Beres Hammond gave the world nothing but that niceness with his “Love From A Distance” online concert. Serenading with the classics, he gave the audience even more when he brought Popcaan on stage to perform a new single called, “God Is Love“. While the single became available days later, today we get the visual for it. Directed by Shane C. Brown, Rasheed…
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theycallmephia · a year ago
Madness. Beres brought out Buju & Marcia, something I expected and still whole heartedly enjoyed, but then he performs an unreleased track with Popcaan 👌🏾
Beres is a living legend to me and no one can tell me any different.
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lladyariall · 2 years ago
Before Asterix sees Obelix:
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After he sees him:
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