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#Love how they're all their own different types of smart!
saintzjenx · 6 months ago
@ Your next romantic encounter. Who are they? What's the dynamic of the relationship? What's the reason behind this union? 🕊
check out my previous PAC I & II
Hey love its Jenx! Finally after some procrastination and consideration, I have decided to release this PAC for you guys haha, I wanted to do a soulmate reading for you guys but I think it's better to slowly ease you guys into it (?) i guess🥳Nevertheless, enjoy this reading pretty!💕Please keep in mind that since I’m reading for a lot of y'all, some would resonate more while the others might not with some specific details as I’m channeling certain images and different things:)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pick one of the images above, remember their numbers (1 — 3 from left to right) & scroll down to read your tailored reading As you pick between the images, think about yourself and yourself only, about all the past you you can recall, focus in the you in the moment and your highest potentials, then use your intuition to pick one.
— 🪐
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Hi Pile 1. I'm sensing a lot of Pisces/Cancer energy as well as Taurus/Gemini energy around your person, a hint of Aquarius/Libra here and there too! Very worldly bit extremely stubborn haha. I think you too have some subtle Venus energy in your chart along with major earth energy. You feel stable to me. You feel like someone people can count on. I think your next romantic encounter will be one hell of a ride. This is a new person coming in for you guys, not an old one. If it is an old one, it's probably someone you wouldn't expect this reconciliation with. You guys are very very different people at your core and I think you, in one way or another is more emotionally and spiritually mature. This person will intrigue you though I can say that for sure, they are going to enter your life when you're feeling very secured and fulfilled materially in life. It's like theres this pride to you that I can't explain using words. You're very self-awared though that's the thing, you're very in your element and you have immense personal power. There's also this thing about you that may intimidate others at first glance, perhaps its the way you dress so nicely or its the way theres just this air of confidence around you. You're probably amazing at mastering the resting b face now don't you haha. I think you come off as an ambivert and thats a reach to be honest. You're very careful with who you let into your life and I'm also seeing a Cat next to you so you may be fond of animals, cats specifically. You're very honourable as a person and you keep your words. You don't like when people break promises either like you actually may back off if you see people continually breaking little promises. I'm hearing "small things are what really counts"? Interesting one aren't you. You know what you want regardless and this person entering your life is a wild card you perhaps never expected.
In the first stage I think you guys can easily get obsessed with one another. Fast. It's like the first impression sticks with you for so long that you can't seem to move on from it. You guys both idealize one another. Your person is fascinated by how abundant you are and learn to appreciate the small things in life more thanks to you. However, I'm seeing some conflicts due to miscommunications and inability to let go of fixed beliefs. If you think you're stubborn, think again. They're your match. And I think despite those small conflicts, you guys are so so very happy with one another. Like you can't get enough of each other. You might want to party or drink with this person a lot, or its more like the loosen you up and show you that its okay to have fun some times and not everything circles back to work and stress. They open you up and bring you to new places is what I'm hearing. You'll appreciate this though, and with the help of your friend (probably air dominant or air placements) and some good counselling from your loved ones, you work through your differences by utilizing these great advices. Also you would surprise with how fast this person wants to commit to you. It's like they came in and just tell you straight up that they want to be with you. They're very very interesting haha, I think they're very bold in that sense and it may seem like they're very cunning or think before they speak. But I'm actually sensing the deep desire to commit and to again, just be with you. You'll learn to finally let down your guard for once and give into it. So much partnership energy here. This is where I'm feeling the most Venus energy in this pile. Your person gives me charmer vibes though. Like they have a smart mouth but I keep feeling that in front of you, they can't ever seem to find the right word haha
I think you have some unresolved trust issue for sure and this person might trigger certain fear in you. You probably find it so hard sometimes to understand why they have so many friends and why you keep thinking that theres a certain sense of superficiality to your relationship. You may feel lonely at times and you simply feel like your person doesn't give you as much attention as you would want them too. I'm seeing a group of 3 girls talking and ranting to one another, this can be your friends who you come to for advices. I think this relationship as beautiful as it is, will teach you great lessons about how sometimes, your judgment can be clouded by yourself. I think while you normally are amazing at judging characters and situations, when it comes to your own, you struggle. I think a part of you is tired even and I think you too, know this deep down. This person is going to come to you and tell you that, calm down, see things my way and let me help you. Being by yourself all the time has hardened you didn't it? Carrying all the responsibilities on your shoulders have made you tired doesn't it? You may feel that the whole world is against you and no one can figure out what you truly feel or think. You may even think that your visions sometimes are too different for others to understand. You have ambition, you have the drive, yet you feel lonely and unlovable at times. Stop and take a deep breath for me. I'm seeing that your person will take you hands and interlock your fingers into theirs as they caress your face and calm you down. You feel so restless my love. You're exhausted aren't you. Being out there working so hard and keeping a good reputation all the time, I know it isn't easy. But your person sees this, your person sees you for who you are and they tell you that they know how much you fears disappointment and being let down. They know and understand your deeply rooted abandonment issues. They see it all. And they tell you for once, trust someone else rather just yourself. You're not alone on this world. You're not a soul or a face that no one will remember long after you're gone. You're loved and you're capable of love and complete success. You don't have to settle for relationships where you feel that you only receive a partial amount of one's love. No. This time it's different. This time you should get ready for all the highs and the lows of your emotions. The serotonin that will runs through your veins everytime you see your person. This time, you can trust again.
This relationship is divinely supported. You're supposed to meet one another at the right time and right place. You'll feel very at home with this person, but you perhaps already tell the first second your eyes met theirs, that you're in for a wild one. I'm hearing that "you should love your body more", that "every cm of you is perfect" and that "you should not cover up your beauty". I'm seeing a lot of white, red and purple around you and a lot of gold, blue and green around your person. You guys might be fond of the outdoors as I'm seeing so much flowers and butterflies. Can't believe I'm just picking this up but I do see a subtle Leo energy around here. You and your person will be very loyal to one another. And it's like they'll be very protective of you. Very very protective. They might not be like that normally though as they just seem very playful and casual, but with you, its different.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Ah I'm seeing so much Leo, Libra, Taurus, Aquarius and Sagittarius energy for you and your person.This pile makes me feel so calm. You guys might have shared a group of friend of have mutuals with one another. I would even say that its likely you guys may have encountered one another at some kind if gathering before and just forget about it until you meet again:) You might inherently not get along well with them though. You might view them or they might view you as flighty, unstable and too "out there". Like someone no one can pin down. I just heard "not my type of people" haha isn't this enemies to lovers type beat. It's like you guys just feel drawn to one another for some reason and because you have the same group of friends, you have to put up with the other in the beginning. This person in particular might be very original, as in they're a rebel and heart and enjoy going against the norm, like truly enjoy it haha:) They're so unconventional and seems to be always occupied all the time to the point where it makes you become judgy. Like I'm seeing you're being like "Why are you like this?" to them haha, but they will be just as playful back and i see you guys having some great debates. Very smart ones. Both of you are geniuses in your own ways. That person might have some Scorpio placements by the way. I'm just sensing a lot of hindered tensions between you guys at the start. A true love-hate relationship. This is so normal though, since I think you guys are all very prideful people. Especially you, you're not as highkey about it as others might think but theres just this sense of "I know myself and trust me, I really do" when it comes to you haha, its like you've been through a lot and you're tired of people second guessing you. They're like that too though, but more oblivious. I think they might have Leo Rising or Leo Venus. Cause for them I'm seeing them being very much of a show off and they have a lot of people around them too, they're very good looking and have a specific charm to them.
As you go through the relationship I'm seeing so much more tensions between you guys. Like a scene just appeared in my head where you guys are just arguing about something and one person stops the other by kisisng them LOL. Very cliche but effective. It's like theres so much fire in this pile for some reason. The other person would take a second or two being stunt before asking something along the line of "What do you think you just did?" Very very sassy. But the feelings and emotions between you guys is undeniable. Both of you fantasized about having a crazy romantic encounter with one another but quickly dismiss it just as fast. A true slow burn. And I think it would take a third person for you guys to realize your feelings too. Like I'm seeing a new person coming in between you guys and this would get one of you, CRAZY mad haha. Like the person would just hanging around and flirt with one of you in-front of the other and this would drive y'all insane. Theres just so much care and affection between you guys. Like it stems from a love-hate friendship to something much more.. stable? Like you guys care for one another more than friends and because it starts off so randomly, there's so much respect established. I think after the stunt that this new person pulled, one of you, preferably your person will take a step back and be like "holy fuck, I have feelings for them." But interestingly, instead of running away, they're going to face it and put in efforts to approach you. You tame the player. Congratulations haha. Woah I'm also seeing that you'll run away though. For some of you, especially for the ones that have Sagittarius placements, you'll literally RUN away because you're so confused and you don't want to confront your own feelings. For the rest of you, you'll just be like "great, what now."
Your person will approach you with an offer for sure, they would bring you flowers and approach you like a true gentleman. Perhaps they would even ask you over dinner or something romantic like that. Whatever they're doing, I'm seeing that they're determined to do it the right way. They want to grow with you. They want to explore the world with you. I'm seeing that growth is a big factor in your relationship, growth is what brings you guys together in the first place. I also think that your person will open you up like no other and you too, will open them up. They would talk to you about their issues via their childhood and their past relationships, its like they would tell you a story and you'd be like that makes so much senses, because whatever happened in their past, is what changed them to the person they are today. I think you'll cry hearing this for some reason. For some of you I think you're naturally very empathetic and you might dislike showing this a lot out of fear of being used. But your person won't judge you. They have seen you at your best and your worst and you did too. Theres a sense of unexplainable balance and relief I'm feeling. I think you have really beautiful hair by the way. Something about your hair and your scent that gets them so soft. Its like when they smell you scent and be in your presence, they feel so comfortable.
I think comfort is something not a lot of relationship truly have. Like its very hard for people to be completely comfortable around someone new. But with you and them, its like a ride of die love. You truly want one another to be happy even if its at the cost of your own. Unconditional love is something that just happens between you guys. Sometimes you don't even have to say anything to understand one another. Very telepathic bond. Its like you love each other romantically but also platonically. A best friend kind of lovers. You guys can be yourself with each other and never having to hold back your opinions. I'm seeing a lot of balance give and take. So much fun and joy too. And its like you're demand to be respected and appreciated? They can't seem to say no to you though. Like you give me very cut-throat energy, take it or leave it vibes haha. This pile really softens my heart. You guys have the perfect amount of growth and healing. I'm so excited for you loves.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
The energy in this pile shocks me haha. A lot of water energy, specifically major Pluto/Scorpio or Aries energy and Moon/Cancer energy. Loads of fire too and a hint of Mercury/Gemini/Virgo. This goes for both you and your person. Let's get into this:) I think for you and your person known each other before, if not you guys were romantically involved and it seems that you can't forget or move on from one another? For the others I think this person perhaps met you when they were still struggling to get out of a toxic relationship or some kind of ending and its like seeing you ignited something in them? It seems that your person really working hard to get to you though haha, if anything, it seems that they're the chaser. They're so determined to get to you and I think they're someone that succeed in life too. It's like they know what they want and they're not afraid of going after it. They seem so calm and mature. I think this person is older than you and they have a very stable career. They might be the strong, silent type and they rather show you than tell you things. They've been through a lot and I think once they're invested in something, they're in for the long haul. This can even be long distance too since I'm seeing them travelling to seem some of you and I think in the past they could have been with someone's who really lowered their vibration and brought out the worst in them. They were very immature before and I think they're changing it for you? Aw thats so cute. Its like I think they can be very practical and seemingly harsh in their words at times tho. But they know you dislike it and you're sensitive to energy, so they will tone it down just for you. They're so prideful though, it seems to me like they can't let you go for some reason? If you're not used to people being possesive of you. Buckle up love cause this one is going to be very very controlling. They are, deep down, has a lot of flaws though. Like I think you see through their perfect facade and see how vulnerable they are deep down. I also feel that you won't question their feelings too. You're the type to respect one's emotions and encourage them to open up now don't you? You have a very beautiful heart my love. I think you soften them up a lot , like finally I think they feel that they have reached the threshold of their home.
However, I think theres some kind of layers of secrets here. It seems that theres this fear deeply rooted in them, where they're afraid of losing control and you truly seeing them for what they are. The calmer and more understanding you are, the crazier and more addictive they get. It's like they can't get enough of you. I think they see you as their angel, their "best kept secret". Their need to be possesive over you, however, is concerning. Its like they want you all to themselves and they don't want you to be near any one else. This stems from their insecurity and fear of changes. I keep seeing an image where you're finally fed up with their bs and as you walk out of the door, they're on their knees begging you to stay with the promise of them changing, and you fall for it, every-time. I cant help but be concerned with they way they love to be honest. Very different from the 2 piles up top, you are someone who's very endurance to the point of self-sacrificing. Its like you would take a bullet for the one you love energy. And if I'm being honest, this relationship feels so painful but deep at the same time. Its like one second things are good and great and the next you're balling your eyes out because of the words they said. I think trust is a big thing here. And I think you'll question a lot of the time if you can even trust him. Like they just know how to push you buttons but you have so much love for them. They refuse to completely give themselves to you but would want you all to themselves. Think about it, do you really want to be with someone like that?
You have this thing to you thats so unique. I'm in aw when I see how you're capable of loving someone to the point where you're willing to lose yourself. You are a kind soul, and I keep hearing that its because you were influenced by a female figure to be this way? You yearn for others pain and I think among all the piles, you're someone who's most likely to experience a lot of gut feelings and you're also the one that tend to absorb others emotions. Theres a need to fix people? To change people? Why is that? Why do you feel the need to help others so badly?
I think this relationship will teach you a lot about patience and it will give you the strength to cut ties with things that no longer serve you. This person might even trigger wounds in you that relate to a male authority figure in your life whom you used to look up to yet have a complex relationship with. Theres a lot of emotions buried deep down and I'm seeing a lot of patterns being repeated. This relationship, will be very significant to you and after you leave this person, you'll reach the you that you had dreamt about ever since you were a kid. I'm seeing so much blue around you and black/white around you person. You're like a true goddess deep down. It might be a good idea of reach out to a female figure that you're closed to for help and advices. You know that this relationship is going to be painful but I know that you're never going to stay with someone that does not love you for who you are but rather than who they want you to become. I keep hearing "father" too. So perhaps your views on your father may change the way you see relationships a lot. Be brave my dear. March on out there and shift your energy, start right now so you finally put yourself in the drivers seat, to finally take control over your own destiny.
— Thank you guys for reading it til the end🤎 For more posts like this please be sure to check out my masterlist <3 be sure to reblog if you enjoy this too beautiful!!
saint jenx🪐
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oceanspray5 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I already wrote this post but then tumblr decided to eat it and so I'm rewriting it but I am incredibly intrigued by the contrasts between the Sparrow kids and the Umbrella Kids cuz they're VERY striking.
No. 1 - Luther vs Marcus
Luther is NOT a good leader. He's a follower: specifically Reginald's follower. He is very insecure and any semblance of confidence he has is misplaced because his family does not listen to his authority mostly because he is the least experienced out of all of them and hence makes terrible decisions. The actual leader of the Umbrellas is Five or Allison even if Luther likes to pretend his status as Number One gives him any authority over his family.
Luther is also the cause of his family falling apart in S1 and had the most hand in Vanya resorting to going feral and causing the world to implode. Furthermore, Luther doesn't LISTEN to his family which further pushes them apart because for every good leader, communication is important to gain your Team's trust.
In comparison, Marcus is his direct opposite. From what we see in the description, he keeps the family together where Luther tore his apart. He's charming and confident and a good leader and it may imply that he is a good listener if he is also a good leader. His power seems to relate to a "Colossus" because I definitely believe the Sparrows powers are hidden in these descriptions but where Luther resents his Giant appearance due to what Reginald did to him, Marcus might naturally have that power to begin with which means he is confident in it as well, unlike Luther who resents his grotesque appearance and the additional strength it brings.
In essence: we know that Luther's priority is his duty but Marcus' priority is his family which means he probably puts them above duty which is a pretty huge difference which I'll explain more in the next section.
No. 2 - Diego vs Sparrow!Ben
This is very interesting because Diego and Umbrella!Ben, as far as we know, were fair opposites however Sparrow!Ben is definitely not unlike Umbrella!Ben at his core.
The Diego we know is impulsive and hyperactive. Sparrow!Ben is described as pragmatic and scheming along with hyper vigilant. He thinks before he acts (which is like Umbrella Ben) and appears is tactical and cunning verses Diego's "act first, deal with consequences later".
The rivalry aspect is also very interesting to me. Diego and Luther always fought equally for the upper hand. Diego didn't respect Luther's authority and Luther didn't humor Diego either. Their rivalry is two sided. It's too soon to say and I may be reaching, but I think Sparrow Ben and Marcus' rivalry may be one-sided and if that is the case then it changes dynamics significantly.
If Marcus is wiser than Luther, he'd probably give Sparrow!Ben the opportunity to act as Leader (or allow him to think he is). He's defense while Sparrow Ben is offense (which would make sense also because its Sparrow Ben who approaches the Umbrellas and not Marcus who is Number One). Sparrow Ben may possibly resent this because his description strongly implies a rivalry but unlike Luther, Marcus' priority is not his own status of leadership and duty but his family and so that would dictate he tolerate Sparrow Ben even when he's fighting him for no reason.
Just this minor shift in a two sided to one sided rivalry also changes the dynamics between Number One and Number Two significantly.
No. 3 - Allison vs Fei
Allison and Fei are easily very similar in that they may be the smartest person in the room but Allison hesitates because of her experience with her powers. Fei "won't stop until she gets the job done" which implies she does not feel any fear or hesitation. To her, the ends justify the means unlike Allison who has lost too much to justify using her powers for no reason.
Also Allison's powers are auditory and Fei "seeing the world in a different way" gives me the impression of her powers being optical. My guess is Fei works with illusions because both are a form of manipulating people.
As a side not, the quote "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" comes to mind when contrasting these two. While Allison cannot in good conscience manipulate the ones she loves, who's to say Fei has any reservations about it?
No. 4 - Klaus vs Alphonso
This is a little less clear but I strongly believe that the distinction between Alphonso and Klaus lies regarding how they deal with their trauma.
Alphonso "bears his scars proudly" which may be a result of whatever powers he has. He kicks back with pizza and a couple of beers which are pretty normal habits. Contrast this to Klaus who drowns out any sign and semblance of his powers with drugs and alcohol and tries to forget they exist the best that he can. He hides them even from himself where Alphonso doesn't feel the need to.
Also Klaus, as far as we have seen, has no hands on role during the Hargreeves crime fighting even when they were kids. He may have had training but we never see him use it. Comparatively, Alphonso is described as a direct combatant. Alphonso apparently also enjoys berating his enemies while with Klaus? He's just chilling no matter the situation.
Finally, Alphonso's sense of humor is said to be "biting" which is very different from Klaus. Klaus has a sharp and blunt sense of humor as well but it is never malicious. I would describe Diego's sense of humor as "biting" because he does sometimes goes to far to the point of cruelty but the one thing we can all agree about Klaus is that he never intentionally harms using his words. Even if he snaps, he apologizes or adds a "said with love" at the end so as not to offend.
No. 5 - Five vs Sloane
Hoo boy do I love this one!
Any and all dreams Five had died in the apocalypse. There his one and only goal became to save his family and the world from the apocalypse. His only romantic relationship has been with a mannequin and that is not the healthiest (or sanest) type of relationship.
Five's family is what grounds him and gives him purpose. His power is Teleportation and Time Travel/Time Manipulation which means he can literally travel the world at an instance but that's not exactly his priority after spending so long alone.
Sloane is his direct opposite in that she has dreams and desires and feels stifled by her family despite her love for them. Five's family gives him purpose but Sloane's family infringes upon her individuality.
Her power is harder to guess but I do feel it's a very self contained power that she can use but not in a way that can give her escape. Someone suggested she might have Levitation or Flight and I do believe that can work because like Five's power, it gives her autonomy and movement but definitely not enough that she can leave her family behind and do as she desired the way Five did with his even if it was a mistake.
No. 6 - Umbrella!Ben vs Jayme
The Ben we all know and love was afraid of his power and afraid of being alone. He stayed by Klaus' side even in death and hated the ability he was forced to use. He was so happy just to get a hug from his brother and sister (cries).
Jayme is opposite in the sense that she seems to be an intentional loner. The fact that she has a "snarl you want to avoid at all costs" gives me the impression that she will never hesitate to use her power. She revels in it and that she does not fear it at all.
In the most concise way possible, the difference between Umbrella Ben and Jayme regarding their powers is that: Ben will avoid YOU but YOU should avoid Jayme.
Furthermore, the fact that Jayme's snarl is so threatening has me thinking it has something to do with her power. Maybe something akin to Medusa?
Finally, Ben is smart. We know this. But we also know that he's not the type to use knowledge as a weapon. Jayme's "smart and sharp as a knife" descriptor reminds me of Five in that she WILL use any knowledge she has against you but unlike Five, her morals are debatable because Five has humanity even with how he uses the knowledge he has. We need more info on Jayme before any definitive deduction can be made of how far she will go with what information she can glean but it's safe to say, she definitely doesn't use what she knows passively the way Ben did.
No. 7 - Vanya vs Christopher
Now the most painful comparison is obviously that Christopher, being a CUBE, is still treated by the Sparrows a sibling where Vanya was treated as less despite being human but there's more to the comparison than just the obvious.
Christopher's powers seem as intense and terrifying as Vanya's but also: He's described as "trustworthy and loyal". This is a VERY important contrast because Vanya literally sold her siblings and their lives and traumas in the form of a book and while she may have been justified in doing so, it wins her absolutely no awards in the Loyalty and Trust departments.
Anyway that's what I got. These are all mainly guesswork and my interpretations and analysis is based solely off what we currently know so I may be majorly off but I definitely can't wait to learn more about these new characters but also about what other people think about the Umbrellas vs Sparrows parallels.
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s-zu · 2 months ago
Reverse part three
Hanma, Kisaki and draken?
𝑹𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒆 𝒑𝒕.3
Tumblr media
˗ˏˋ𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: 𝗐𝖾 𝗐𝖺𝗍𝖼𝗁 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝗌𝗂𝗆𝗉 𝖿𝗈𝗋 𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗆 𝗋𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍? 𝖳𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗂𝗌 𝗏𝗂𝖼𝖾 𝗏𝖾𝗋𝗌𝖺. 𝖵𝖾𝗋𝗒 𝗌𝗎𝗀𝗀𝖾𝗌𝗍𝗂𝗏𝖾.
˗ˏˋ𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: 𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗆𝖺, 𝗄𝗂𝗌𝖺𝗄𝗂, 𝖽𝗋𝖺𝗄𝖾𝗇
𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲: Am I very fucking happy with this? Yes goddamn it im proud of this one and i hope you all like it as much as I do
Tumblr media
one of the nastiest simps out there
but he's pretty closed about it
like maybe only kisaki knows about his obsession
hanma literally has kisaki buying him your merchandise as gifts and no kisaki didn't buy them at his own free will
almost no one knows bout his obsession with you besides kisaki because of how closed off he is about it
i think kisaki wasn't suppose to know but his smart ass found out about it anyway
"She's interesting ok?!" "Nah man you're just simp but ok"
caught him smiling at phone or something but i think kisaki would find out about it the worst way possible
he would be the type of guy to watch your shit at night after work just to rewind and relax
to relieve and forget about work, he watches your show till morning
literally just there at the couch with a soft smile on his face
"Why are you so precious woman?!" he asks every time you fluster him or do something he thinks is cute
figurines? Yes.
a whole shelf specially for your comics
like that's probably the only thing he keeps organized
fanfics either make him mad or soft as a marshmallow
when its inaccurate, he gets mad and start rambling to himself
when its accurate, he smiles like a fool except that its genuine
angst makes him gloomy
like literally
he would smile but his eyes and brows say differently and stare out the window
he reads it with a straight face but his heart is exploding, i tell you
when he cant contain it anymore, he just covers his mouth with one of his hands and he has his mouth just all wobbly, cant decide whether to release and smile of keep a straight face
a sucker for smut
like when he finds some good smut that's also something you might do, finds himself reading them with a smirk plastered on his face, cheeks rosy
when he stops, closes his eyes an looks at the ceiling, that's when he knows he's at his limit
jerks off to nothing but your image stuck on his mind
might buy toys and kisaki just looks at him like; 😒
he wont even look at the whores in the club no more and they're all like:
"Bitch what happened?!"
big ass motherfucking tsundere
this man will mindlessly waste his money on you sometimes
his excuse:
"Let a highschool boy be a highschool boy, alright!?"
*blushes out of fucking no where*
he's the type of guy to re-watch your show just to see you again
like he loves anything you do
from cooking to reading
all those simple things makes you so attractive to him
he could see you in his luxurious house doing such cute things
he would do anything just to come home and see you wearing an apron, cooking dinner for him or on the couch or armchair reading a book with tea or any beverage on the table
he....misses doing normal domestic stuff whenever he sees you
its like your his priestess to confess all his sins to
he would look at you and be reminded all the things he had at home before all this madness
whenever he starts getting sentimental, he would either shakes it off or take off his glasses and lay on the couch to sleep while listening to your voice
you mean a lot to the guy
as for someone he'll never have, he'd rather see you not exist at all then see you with someone else like his past obsession
this is where it gets a lil complicated for me
i headcanon he would be an author
like a creator of hella famous tropes online
he's finally using his smarts for something he likes for once
not me exposing myself as a sapiosexual
would be so proud of himself after finishing a fanfic about you then silently sob out of embarrassment inside
mans loves making fluff about you
he headcanons so many stuff about you, the shit he writes are basically all self indulgent and he aint even ashamed
we should follow his footsteps, dear authors
angst is for when he wants to fuck himself up
he would finish writing angst then 5 minutes later would decide to pull an all nighter because he doesn't wanna sleep and have those fucked up scenarios as his dreams
all the shit he writes for smut are his kinks and fantasies
the horny thoughts he has about you are all written down to evert little crevice, every single detail will be written
after writing smut then he would jerk off
just strings of moans of your name and curses
sleep deprived the next day but doesn't regret it one bit
sorry im just laughing my fucking ass off here
probably the most obvious but closed off simp ever
he doesnt wanna make it known but his actions betray him so badly, its sad
like mikey once asked him about the keychain on his phone he just goes off explaining something he didnt even ask about
mikey just tunes out then realises he's a simp then continues torturing him with his hellish teasing
denies ever simping for you
man he denies about ever hearing about you
bitch he binge watches your entire show every weekend
disappointed face whenever someone says something about that isnt accurate
a literal scowl
the people ask him if they've done anything wrong and draken says no with scowl of disappointment still stuck on his face
loves imagining you saying his name with your voice
gets so embarrassed when someone finds out his secret
will unconsciously admit all the nasty shit he's done if someone talks shit about you
whatever you like, he'll try it and see if he likes it too
you like drawing? he fails miserably but still enjoys seeing you draw, doing something you love
he just loves watching you do whatever you love doing
just seeing you smile makes him smile, genuinely
takes a mental note about you like and don't
i feel like he'd be a collector guy
he would collect your comics, merchandise just for his own satisfaction
would have his favourite picture of you inside his phone case
his home wallpaper would be a wholesome picture of you smiling
his embarrassed face is just so cute ;-;
he reads fanfics on a daily basis, i headcanon that!!
yall cant change my mind
fluff mostly
cause fluff makes him feel close to you
it makes him feel like you're familiar with him
he only reads em when he's on a pissy mood
more disappointed scowl when its not accurate
smut oh smut
he loves it
he's fucking addicted to it
like its probably one of the only things that can make him lose his cool so quickly
the room suddenly feels hot for him
then he feels all sticky
well he knows exactly where its most sticky and i think you all know too
thats it bye~
A/n: part 4 has been decided, please start requesting for part 5! Three characters that I havent done yet only please!
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓: @amive2567 @whythemwhentheresme
Tumblr media
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butallmystars · 5 months ago
I think there need to be more posts in the fandom about how calculating and smart Andrew is? He’s so brilliant, I love him!
hi there Anonie !
I completely agree with you ! I feel as though Andrew is this really specific type of smart, wherein his intelligence is almost … overlooked? or not taken seriously? like the people around him don't realise just how clever he truly is. perhaps because of the violence, or the apathy – maybe just because they don’t properly listen to what he has to say.
first of all, the way andrew chooses to word things is absolutely brilliant and I will always be obsessed with the fact he speaks like he was plucked out of a broadway musical.
his sentences are structured in a way that rarely leave any room for an argument / dispute. at face value his sentences seem unnecessarily complicated, like he’s tacked on a bunch of words for no reason – but it creates this air of power to him … it's impossible to respond in a way that puts you on top.
there's nothing scarier than someone who knows how to use their words!
and no wonder he was immediately taken to neil. neil was the first person to actually listen to andrew talk and to challenge him right back.
to go off track for just a second – it's interesting to note how both neil and andrew use their words scarily well, but they go about it so differently when they do.
neil almost uses his own opinion to pick apart his prey until they're grated and shredded, just a lump of mangled, humiliated flesh.
whereas andrew will brazenly announce whatever his target is thinking, practically reads their mind, leaving them raw and exposed and uneasy.
both are entirely effective and terrifying.
but anyway --
andrew is immensely perceptive and I feel like it goes arm-in-arm with how he gains the upperhand with people.
throughout the books I noticed that if andrew is in the position where he feels like he needs to assert dominance or something, he has a habit of analysing someone and very confidently telling them how they are feeling / thinking / their intentions.
it's quite a bold move – since he must be entirely confident in his ability to read someone, to ensure that his claims are actually correct.
these are probably not the best examples, but from the top of my head:
Tumblr media
here, where he tells luther – you know better. he leaves no room for doubt, no room for a counter argument. it's reasoned and vaguely threatening and also just heart wrenching, given the context.
Tumblr media
sort of the same way he tells dan that she's biased, as opposed to asking / suggesting it. it's extremely effective and again – leaves no room for an argument. the context of this one is more humoured, but I figured it's still an example.
Tumblr media
or in the way he picks up on neil's behaviour and tells neil that he notices his intentions. he doesn't let neil think he's gotten away with it, or that he's managed to pull the blinds on andrew's perception of him. andrew makes it clear that he thinks neil is a liar regardless.
then of course, there's his memory
obviously the fact that andrew can remember absolutely everything in perfect detail has it's flaws, especially with his past.
but it also offers him a range of startling advantages in so many areas…
along with his genuine talent for exy, his memory offers him an edge that nobody else has. no matter how many times the average person studies stats or matches they'll never be able to remember it all, but andrew can.
it's no wonder he's such a machine in the goal and the best in the industry. he can recognise the habits / patterns of the teams he plays against after a glance at one of their matches.
Tumblr media
THIRTEEN?! he's incredible. I truly do understand kevin's frustration with andrew's unwillingness to fully commit to exy. imagine having the Zeus of goalkeeping in your arsenal but he refuses to take the game seriously
anyway, I went slightly off track there. continuing on …
I think it's the same with general / academic knowledge, too - his mind is essentially a trove for all sorts of information. we all headcanon that andrew could get straight A's if he wanted and for a darn good reason, the boy is a genius
it's also just … impossible to manipulate him into believing something differently ? or to try and twist a situation that he was apart of / witnessed. he remembers the entire thing at a second-to-second basis, there would be no fooling him.
there is probably a shit-ton more I am missing, but even with what I have mentioned it's so evident that he is extremely clever and calculating. he is the sort of person that can get to you at all ends, no weaknesses – both mentally and physically.
his intelligence is beyond impressive. and also entirely terrifying.
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drabbles-of-writing · 4 months ago
I was thinking of an au where Hunter just... Gets the fuck out of the emperor's cover when he's like. 8. He already has his staff (it's currently bigger than him) and he just got the scar on his face and he was scared okay so the teleportation thing just activated by himself and he found himself. In the forest??? At first he wants to go back to Belos except he has No Idea How since he doesn't knows where the fuck he is. But after a while (... Maybe the amount of time it takes for Belos to notice that Hunter disappeared) he begins to see that uh, living alone seems... Good. He doesn't have to be scared of Belos if Belos isn't here, doesn't have to be scared of failure since there's no one here therefore no one's expects anything from him, no one knows he's here so he can do what he wants... It's unexpected complete freedom. And Hunter likes that. He doesn't exactly realizes that Belos was bad, but he doesn't thinks Belos needs him either so it wouldn't be a big deal if he just stayed there. So Hunter just basically becomes a whole cryptid because when he goes to the city it's 1) to haunt the library for hours reading about every type of magic or 2) steal food! And with the red glow of his teleportation thing (+ a wood mask that he carved himself, because he's dramatic like that) people think he's, like, a ghost. They're not exactly scarred of him because he's definitely not hostile, but definitely a cryptid. Basically it's Hunter escaping belos at like 8 and raising himself in the wild for years, becoming both an absolute cryptid and a complete feral child, but he's free like no one else is. What do you think? :D
YOOOOO thats a really cool idea!! Hunter's just a feral little boy out in the Wilds who's been raising himself since he was like 8 and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. He's skittish of people, but still cracks jokes and causes trouble. his speech isn't the best, since he's lived on his own and all his language he learned from his few visits to the marketplace or when people were yelling at him (he's got quite the sailors mouth). he's got a few different names, but his most popular is the Golden Ghost (bc of the color of his mask, his hair, and just. being a nuisance nobody can catch).
He and Eda are mortal enemies specifically because both of them are eccentric weirdos who live in the woods and cause problems for Bonesborough. They rarely interact enough to have a proper conversation until Luz shows up but they Know Of each other and thats enough to make them enemies but in the fun way not the murder way. he accidentally runs into Luz and she takes 1 look at this feral kid and goes "oh SICK new friend!" and now he's just. stuck with a sister. he's got street smarts and a lot of mixed feelings on Belos and is ready to bite someone. I absolutely love him
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prof-peach · 8 months ago
My old, disabled grandpa needs a pokemon in the house to keep him company after his wife passed away and to take care of some basic house chores for him. My parents don't know anything about Pokemon so they're letting me choose the pokemon for him. What do you recommend? (For reference, he's all there mentally, he just needs a wheelchair to move around the house)
OK! se we had a brief chat about what Gramps likes to do, and what stuff he enjoys, which has narrowed the list a little. 
Most would say get him a Mr.Mime or Audino or something traditionally used in the care industry and be done with it, but the suggestions I am about to make are a little more unusual and fun, BUT depend entirely on a pokemon with the right personality. ALL species can be hyper, difficult, rambunctious, naughty or even flat out fussy, not something you'd want for a companion. You are looking for a slower paced, patient and caring individual, who will be happy to take on some household roles to help their trainer. 
So heres my choices, and bare in mind they're just suggestions, and something far more appropriate may come along and surprise you both. 
Geodude: overlooked as care providers and helpers, they're tough, often patient, with versatile bodies and skills, they can carry shopping with ease, push wheelchairs if need be, and in the wild take pride in their home being quite tidy, being found cleaning the areas they frequent regularly, so not adverse to a little tidying or a few household jobs. Of course they come with a lot of different personality types, but also they're not rare, so finding a good match personality wise might be far easier than if you had to hunt down say a Chansey or something far more difficult to find. They're usually good natured, and have no issue bonding to trainers who give them tasty snacks and show them some love. 
Miltank: Overtly loving, they are easy to domesticate, simple to care for, and strong enough to do jobs, push chairs, and keep up with a busy man wheelin’ bout town. This species has a fondness for quiet moments, naps in the shade on hots days, and lounging about. They can be very dozey and sweet, and he’ll enjoy their entertainment, they can be a little ditzy after just waking up. Ive seen many entrust a great deal to Miltank, and the species handles tasks with skill and surprising adaptivity should things go awry a touch. 
Grumpig: often seen napping, generally lounging about, and overall being very slow paced, this pokemon is a good match to those who like a laid back way of life, and they also have the added bonus of strong psychic abilities, to get Gramps up stairs should he find himself unfortunately blocked without disability access to somewhere. They can be a little lazy, BUT they will use their telekinetic powers to do jobs for them, and despite their usual ways, they do enjoy a trip to a local park or quiet river to sit and take it all in at their own pace.
Bronzor: Kind, energetic, loving, durable, and even more so when evolved. This species, its whole line really, is a great match, needing no real feeding, and the occasional bit of care with a good dust or scrub. they're smart enough to perform tasks, and have skills with their psychic abilities, meaning they can help with household work AND with mobility should an issue arise. They also don’t need exercise to be healthy (though of course they do enjoy a good walk or bit of work) so hanging about the house a lot isn't a bad thing for them so much as a fleshy more ordinary pokemon.
Reuniclus: I mean, I cant say enough about this line, the pokemon within it are superb for care work, no need for feeding, no need for training, they're just super clean, super kind, and also very smart pokemon, capable of helping a number of people, let alone one with all his wits about him! they also make for very fun companions and enjoy partaking in any activity that involves their trainers time and attention. You could get this pokemon from a younger age and it’d do just as well, and bond to Grampa no doubt a little faster.
Diggersby: Tough, easy going, functional in the home, capable of running errands and also ding jobs around the home. They have varying personality sure, but are very functional and robust day to day. They also keep good time, so reminding their trainers about lunches, taking medicines, or otherwise doing tasks is easy stuff for them.
Oranguru: Hyper smart, often understanding and kind, with patience galore, they're overlooked often enough on all fronts, but i think they make excellent companions and care givers. their skill set means they're dexterous, capable of understanding a lot of human speech and more subtle hints and nods to how our languages work (ie sarcasm or hidden feelings aren't lost on them, they just get our language really well). They’re known for their skill with flavours, so cooking with Granpa may be a fun task they could share, and learn new things together.
Indeedee: Gaining energy from gratitude, they're happy to help others often enough, and mean well in all of their actions. They have a strong sturdy nature, good bodies that can perform many tasks, and adaptable learning skills, meaning they'll be able to tackle new or unusual task with a fair amount of logic and wisdom from prior experience. They may even enjoy a good story if their trainer would read them one. 
one of these may suit, but its the personality that means everything, so get both Gramps and the pokemon to meet, so they can see if they get along. Getting out and taking in fresh air is so vital at all stages in life, but that your fam use to enjoy going out, and doesn't so much anymore, is a saddening thing to hear. With luck they regain company, and can go back to taking time out in the local parks, read a book in the sun, or simply pop to the shops with their new partner, with confidence that nothing will stop them, or get in the way. The pokemon chosen will want to get out, so even if he stays at home, make sure they get time in the fresh air, and days off from working, so potentially two working on shifts would work best for this situation. Everyone deserves a day off, our darling pokemon carers included. Good luck, hope this leads you to finding the right pick, and don’t forget to check the local shelters, some pokemon get handed in with lack of a trainer (who may have passed away) and have no issue other than wanting company, just like your family needs now. That may just help bond the two, it wouldn't be unheard of. 
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fanfiction-central · 5 months ago
Nolan Grayson/Omni-man x Modern Reader Preferences
A/n: Since you, all liked the last one, I thought I'd make another one of these!
Warning: Long story/preference.
The First Encounter
Considering you're from our world you are honestly baffled to find out that you're were just suddenly wake up in a different world with strange people in your house claiming they're your parents.
I Mean, you seemed normal, your house seemed normal, except for the strange pictures of you and the people who claim to be your parents in those pictures!
When you turn on the tv, at first you thought it was a simple joke, maybe you were being filmed...I mean how in the godforsaken world is Omni-man real, How in the world were the characters from invincible REAL?
You wanted to scream and tell someone about this blasphemy, Of course, you couldn't, or you would sound completely crazy.
You didn't think you were that far into the show yet, I mean your not even sure if it has even started, Mark hasn't come out as a superhero yet...But you were pretty sure he was already born...?
You played it off as if you had amnesia to your supposed parents, It was just so freaking hard to wrap your mind around this entire thing, another world?
"OH, my poor baby!" Your otherworld mother cried out as she hugged her husband. It was rather strange, these people looked nothing like your other parents...I mean why were they so beautiful and rich?
Y/n looked closer at one of the pictures of her/his and her/his 'family' Y/n couldn't help but wonder if that was even her/him, she/he looked more beautiful than she/he already was.
"C-Can...I have a picture?" Your voice croaked out as your mother hurried upstairs to find a mirror, you just look at your 'father' wondering if he was a model.
You touched your face while looking in the mirror, Your Dark/light/tan/etc/ skin looked so smooth, you couldn't find a single zit on your face!
Your eyes looked so much brighter and sparkly if that was even possible the color of your eyes just seemed to pop out more.
"How old am I?" You hesitantly asked while your mother started to cry.
"19...turning 20 this year. " Your parents spoke as you eyed them, They looked almost unsure of your age. Even with your new looks...they still didn't resemble you
"Am I adopted?" Your voice echoed out in their heads as they looked at you dumbfounded.
"W-We...didn't want to tell you, until you were 21- Please don't be mad at us sweetie, we still love you as if you were our own!" The mother cried out again.
Honestly, you didn't know them, so you didn't hold any grudge or anything.
You soon figured out this world the old you...wasn't really bright...kinda dumb, not popular, and a virgin. That didn't really sound like you, you were honestly pretty smart, popular, and a virgin, since in your old life...your parents were rather harsh about you having sex...You looked down at your wouldn't at all wear these types of clothes...
A chance that you would have powers...was interesting but you didn't dwell on it too much, you wanted a wardrobe change.
You went to your...tacky room to find any type of money.
Once you found a safe with a paper attached to it with a number, you put in the number to only find stacks of money.
Damn at least the old you was packin-
Shopping shopping, Yes, your parents offered you a lift around town or for them to go shopping for you, but you didn't want them to do that, considering they might pick what the 'old' you might have liked.
The city was amazing packed full of people, you could see some superhero's flying above you most of the time.
"RUNNNN VILLAIN IN THE MALL!!!!!" A teenage male screamed at the top of his lungs as he left the mall, Y/n was in the restroom, doing his/her business, not knowing of the entire ordeal.
"Can't forget to wash my hands" Y/n washed his/her hands with a happy smile, in this least there was no virus!
Walking out of the bathroom was something you dreaded, a villain, was blasting people with his laser eyes, killing people on the spot.
"Ah, yes, a villain." Y/n's calm voice spoke in shock as he/she slowly reverted back into the restroom
You hid in a stall locking the stall and sitting on the lid, making sure your feet weren't visible.
Y/n caught her breath as she heard footsteps entering the bathroom.
"Come out where ever you are, I saw you exit and come back in, I'll make sure to give a swift death if you reveal yourself!" The villain croaked out with a crackle of laughter.
Y/n screamed as the stall of her/his door was kicked open, the Villain smirked while lasering her/him right in the chest.
Her/his eyes were shut she/he felt a little tickle in the center of her/his chest.
She/He opened one eye to...see the villain have a hold-in its head...A laser hole...
Once Y/n looked down at her/his shirt she/he saw a little laser hole ripped her/his tacky shirt.
Before the Girl/Guy knew it a flash of red and white entered the room
Omni-man was floating above the Villain, looking back and forth between the person on the toilet crouching and the Villain on the floor dead
Omni-man gave a fake smile to the girl/boy as he spoke, "You must be a new superhero...right?" Omni-man asked as he looked at Y/n. Y/n still in shock.
"DUDE, THE LASER COMING OUT OF HIS LASER EYES BOUNCED OFF MY CHEST! SUPERHERO??!!! I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I HAD POWERS!" Y/n screamed out, not realizing the tone of his/her voice, still incomplete utter shock, Not understanding how he/she even survived.
Before Omni-man could even give a single remark back.
The entire restroom was flooded with people holding cameras and microphones.
Omni-man Quickly pulled Y/n into his chest, covering your face, not wanting you to get any public recognition because it could cause some major problems.
"WHO IS THAT PERSON IN YOUR CHEST OMNI-MAN? A LOVER?" The news reporter screamed out others wondering as well.
Omni-man started to clear up the situation, saying that you were in shock and rather not be on camera.
"T-Thank you for saving me..." You spoke in a small voice, trying to play this off, not wanting to anger Omni-man...knowing the things he is capable of.
Omni-man slowly started to pet your hair, smiling at the cameras, before flying above the people in the restroom and flying out of there.
He flew you to the room of the mall.
"Worry not hero in the making, I'm here to help," Omni-man spoke with a smile.
"O-h-Y-e-ahhh-okk." To put it simply you were at a loss for words, honestly, everything was so hard to manage..
Your body did not respond well to the situation at all...before you could even get any other words out...Your world went dark.
You passed out.
Becoming Omni-mans Sidekick.
Waking up in a hospital bed, with Cecil and Omni-man chatting above you, wasn't something you were looking forward to waking up by.
"Oh, would you two idiots shut up?" You couldn't help it, you were extremely grumpy when you first wake up.
Both of them turned to you looking directly at you.
"Sorry...Morning grumpiness...hahaha" Of course you would try and play it off, you aren't wanting to get murdered by the two intimidating people.
"Pleasure to meet you Mr./Ms. L/n, I'm going to cut the formalities and call you Y/n. I'm Cecil Stedman, And I help aspiring Hero's such as yourself.
You turned your head to the tv...Oh would you look at that, Mark made his appearance.
"Ah, Yes, you might be wondering what has been going on this past week, you were out for quite some time." Cecil gave even more surprising news.
You turned your head to a table beside your hospital bed, you grabbed the fresh cup of water from there. guzzling it down.
After a little bit of chatting with the two men (Mostly Cecil)
You concluded that they wanted to train become a hero?
Of course, you didn't agree..but you didn't say that- You didn't say anything.
I mean Omni-man wanted to take over the world with his little..well mostly likely big and strong alien friends!
And Cecil wanted you to be trained by Omni-man?!
What were you a Viltrumite?!
Oh, how quick you were to regret your words.
While you were unconscious, Cecil revealed that he ran some tests on you.
And since your blood was almost like Omni-mans...............
You were half Viltrumite.
WOW, what a shocker.
I mean humankind is pretty shitty, but you don't want to destroy it! I mean you most definitely know Omni-man would ask you to help him with conquest.
But what choice did you really have.
Both Omni-man and Cecil looked at you for some type of response.
You cracked a smile, while awkwardly putting your thumb up.
The training was exhausting, this mans this big ole Alien would push you to your limit!
You being half Viltrumite and considerably weaker than him, it was hard for you to even keep up, or tell him to simply stop because he was physically hurting you.
Luckily, he toned it down, finally, a pace where you can actually keep up!
You were surprised to find out how old you were in Viltrumite years, You were 28,000 years old, but in human years 19- If that's even you're real age, You're not even sure how that's possible...Aliens...they simply BUILT DIFFERENT-
Maybe you were older than 19 and your parents did seem to be unsure about your age, but you stuck with it, since you may never know, but you did look slightly older.
"HOLY CRAP I CAN SEE THE EARTH FROM DOWN HERE!" You spoke out not realizing that you were screaming.
Since you were still getting used to flying, Nolan held you up by the waist.
"Thanks so much- Omni-man sir!" You happily smiled, as he spoke up, "Please, Call me Nolan." He responded, causing you to fumble on your wording.
"I-Uhm, Don't know- I mean were not that close--" Before you could continue he interrupted. "Not that close? We come from the same planet.
Flying with Nolan was amazing, once you got used to flying on your own, you felt free as you zipped around through the sky.
Bad guys, villains, supervillains. You two were the perfect duo. Since you were his sidekick you practically had the same suit as him
You honestly weren't sure if he was just extremely good at acting, but it seemed like he enjoyed spending time with you as much as you did!
Of course, romantic feelings were going to arise. You put on a brave face and pushed those feelings down, not wanting to become a homewrecker since he's already married to his mortal wife, and on top of that had a kid.
How the relationship starts.
For you, it was like any other day, being a hero, stopping villains, saving people.
You weren't really concerned that Nolan aka Omni-man wasn't by your side fighting, He takes days off, and so do you.
You were on your superhero break, chilling in the lounge room of Yours and Omni-man's secret base
stuffing his/her face with food, not caring about what sweets or meats, or even leave she/he was eating.
Since she/he wasn't entirely human, she/he burned more calories than an ordinary person would with stopping bad guys almost all the time!
I mean at least Y/n wasn't rushing with her/his food, taking their time, enjoying and eating the wonderful flavors entering his/her mouth.
You were simply, utterly, amazed, dumbfounded, when Nolan suddenly flew in with a rather emotionless face.
You coughed on your food in surprise as you quickly wiped away the excess food covering your face.
"My..My wife was murdered, some stupid break in or something- Oh how I wished I could've crushed his skull- For harming my pe-"
Nolan almost said pet, he didn't want to say anything that might bother you or alarm, he wanted sympathy from you.
Not because he was greedy, but because...he felt sad, although he didn't want to admit it deep down.
Food fell out of your mouth, you not caring about your manners at the time.
After some consulting and talking, you managed to calm his rage.
For a few months, you have been staying at Nolan's house, taking care of both yourself, him, and his son.
Even though Mark was very hesitant to warm up to you, he eventually did.
Before you knew it about a year has passed. You weren't scared of Nolan anymore, thinking you are changing him, even though it takes time.
Shock is what you felt when the complete DILF asked you to go out with him.
You said yes, no longer wanting to hide your feelings, wanting to take things slow of course.
What Mark thought of your guy's relationship, and how things progressed.
He was really worried, not wanting to seem like he was just throwing his mother away.
But, his mother would want him and his father to be happy.
At first, he didn't like you, thinking you would be a bother, and was just using him to get close to his father.
but as some time passed, he realized that wasn't it.
It must have been lonely not knowing what you were this entire time, he felt grief for you, realizing how happy he got when he saw you still there even when he got back from school or his own missions.
He then started to help clean and cook or whatever you wanted.
He even when went on some missions with you, introducing you to his friends.
"I fully support your guy's relationship," Mark spoke out, after about 6 months. This brought tears to your face, even if it once was a fictional world to you. It's now completely real, and the happiness you felt was amazing.
You were astonished at how Mark was very kind and supportive, it made you happy.
When he thinks your cheating.
Nolan was surprised when you started to leave at night, unnoticed without telling anyone
One time he confronted you, you came home in sweat.
"I can't believe you don't trust me?" You told him in a calm voice, not angry because you had nothing to hide.
"What am I suppose to make out of it? Going out late, coming out sweating from whatever activities!"
Nolan wasn't going to hurt you if you were cheating, but the thought raged him and he wanted to hurt the person that you were supposedly seeing.
Once he left it at that, the leaving at night didn't stop, and he finally got the idea to follow you.
When he did.
He was full of regret at yelling at you.
You were teaching Mark how to fight better as well as dodging.
He flew towards both of you and instantly apologized for accusing you.
Even though you were mad, you apologized to him, for not telling of the training.
"Mark...asked me to keep it a secret- To make you proud of his progress." You spoke out motioning to Mark who just shyly smiled at the both of you.
Both you and Mark were baffled when he got on his knee's and begged for you to forgive him.
You told him, exactly, "I'll only forgive you if--"
Early in the morning, Nolan were in the kitchen, baking a large cake, having fun, and throwing flour at each other
Nolan brought you into a kiss, you wrapped your arms around his neck, and jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist.
He sat you down on the counter as he began to tear off your top.
"EWWW-" Mark screamed in disgust and he ruffled his messier hair.
You reveal that you are from another dimension
It was extremely hard for you to confess this
But he told you his plan of taking over the world and saying he would give it up for you and Mark.
You cried nearly all day, knowing how hard it must have been for him to confess that, while you were here, still keeping secrets.
Mark on the other hand was angry at his dad for lying to him but grateful that his day chose him and his family.
You strutted your way over to Mark and Nolan who were both on the couch.
You looked at them both with a serious look, Nolan got up and asked what was wrong as he pulled you into a hug, as you confessed everything.
"I'm from another world...Where I'm From- This place is just an animation series..." After a while of silence.
They thought you were joking until you started to reveal things that you shouldn't know but knew from the show.
It was hard for them to understand at first, but they soon become fantasized about you, asking all types of questions about your world.
"What are the heroes like back in your world?!" Mark asked with stars in his eyes, Nolan also became curious and wanted to also know.
"There are no heroes, with superpowers or cool capes, just ordinary people that you would look over in this world, Police, Firefighters lawyers.." Your voice spoke out surprising the two, that you didn't have superheroes in your world.
You then told Nolan that he was somewhat based on superman.
"Who is this superman??" Nolan asked with curious intent in his voice.
You then began to explain the similarities and differences between him and superman with a big smile.
He got rather jealous of you talking about another man that as similarities between him.
So he shut you up with a kiss, which made you blush and kiss back, Mark already left the house for hero business, so you were all Nolan's until he got back!
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nikosheba · 3 months ago
Marco -> Jake????
Oh my god where do i start i'm sorry this is gonna get long
One: young teens in the 90s who joke constantly about being in love with their best friends almost never grew up to be Completely Straight (if you are a teen who jokes constantly about being attracted to, being married to, and being in love with your best friend, just gotta say, start examining that now, it'll save you time). I'm compiling a giant text doc of snippets where Marco makes Very Funny Jokes about how into Jake he is (saying he gets all tingly when Jake takes charge, pretending they're married, asking if Jake has a kiss for him, calling him, "Hey, Handsome!" my folder is actually getting huge). If you made dozens of public jokes about how extremely into your best friend you were and you are at least 30 years old and you ARE completely straight now, let me know. (only olds!!! if you're born after 1990 life is legitimately different for you!!! seriously!!!! I'm not saying queer kids now have it easy but It Was Different!!!!)
Two: Marco joins the war for Jake. Marco goes on the Rachel for Jake. Marco's entire reason for making all the biggest choices in his life that will destroy him are for Jake. He even says in #15 that his entire identity is the funny and smart one who would follow Jake anywhere without blinking. Every other character has a crisis of wondering whether they should actually follow Jake! Cassie, his girlfriend, goes against his orders when Tom grabs the morphing cube (50). Rachel goes off on her own (37). Tobias loses faith in Jake completely and sees him as a manipulator (by 33, again in 43, completely after the war). Ax disobeys and incapacitates him when he thinks he has a good reason (52). Marco never does. He'll sneak around or try to weasel out of stuff, but he never has a moment where he loses faith in Jake. Even at the end, Jake goes around asking everyone to follow him - except Marco. He already knows Marco will follow him. He even tells Cassie that he doesn't have to ask, he knows Marco will follow him. Ouch!
Three: Marco aggressively pursues girl after girl after girl but he doesn't actually care about any of them. He deliberately chooses the most un-gettable girl around ( Marci, the "prettiest girl in school," Rachel, Jeanne, etc.), and if they ever DO show interest back, he gets nervous and tanks whatever it is (falling asleep on his symphony date in #25, dropping the eagerness in MM4, immediately turning around and joking to Jake as soon as Jeanne rejects him then never mentioning it again during the months they're on the ship, as if he's done his performative part and that's over with).
Four: Just to be clear: I very much headcanon Marco as not being entirely aware of this aspect of himself during the series. I could go either way on whether he's figured it out about himself by the time they get on the Rachel. I absolutely do hc Jake as being sadly 100% straight, which is a pretty rare headcanon for me to have about anyone, fictional or nonfictional lmao. (I'm also an enormous fan of Jake/Cassie, this isn't me saying Jake/Marco is my ship, but I absolutely, completely do believe that Marco --> Jake is a thing). There's also the fact that he already dealt with a HUGE loss of status - specifically, he went from "having the perfect family" and "living almost next door to Jake" to living in an apartment in the bad part of town. He's already gone from "the same social rank as Jake" to "significantly lower," and acknowledging there's something else about him that would demote him again in the same way? That would be terrifying.
Five: I'm just going to say: Look at these two descriptions from #5:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[image ID: Two screenshots of The Predator, Animorphs #5. The first one reads: "Jake is my best friend, even though, unfortunately, he is kind of a pain sometimes. He's one of those serious-type guys. You say the word "responsibility" and he snaps to attention. He's the kind of guy who always seems like he's bigger than he actually is. That's because he has that whole "I'm in charge, and you can trust me" thing going on. He has sensible brown hair, and trustworthy brown eyes, and one of those confident chins. He also has a great sense of humor and is very smart, and I would trust him with my life any day, any time, not that I would ever tell him that." The second image reads: "Rachel is Jake's cousin, and a total babe who, unfortunately, is also totally insane. See, somehow, underneath all that perfect hair and perfect teeth, there's this lunatic Amazon warrior-queen, just fighting to get out. Here's what Rachel'll say whenever we decide to do something so dangerous it makes you want to wet yourself: "I'm in! Let's go! Let's do it!" End Image ID]
I'm just saying. Which Berenson does it sound like he's really into?
Six: I'm projecting! I was a queer kid in the 90s who was in love with my best friend and I'm completely projecting! Because it genuinely looks like Marco is going through all the same things I went through!
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direquail · 4 months ago
“Come, swear your loyalty, my son—my brother—beloved—Lyctor—saint.”
- Harrow the Ninth, Ch. 52, p. 491
I really love this line because there are five entirely different dynamics implied here in each word, and multifaceted relationships are my jam.
So I want to break down what John might be saying here, because there's probably a fic in here somewhere about the different ways John and his Lyctors (Augustine in particular) have related to each other over the past 10,000 years, and to be honest I don't have the brain cells to write it at this point.
"my son"
Symbolic, used in the sense that it is through John that this entire branch of humanity comes into being.
I don't think it's coincidental this term comes first; first and foremost John is Augustine's God and Emperor, and ultimately he is withholding something from Augustine (complete with a "for your own good"-type justification). Augustine was John's Resurrected subject first, before he became John's disciple (not counting pre-Resurrection life, where John implies that he and Augustine knew each other).
Since this statement is post-reveal of John's real power, it's also an acknowledgement of the divide between them and a reminder not to fuck with him. When it comes down to it, John is God, and that trumps everything else. Like Augustine has known all along, John is not nearly as sentimental as he can seem when he's going on about "brothers" and "beloveds", etc.
Dynamic: Creator/created, God/human
"my brother"
Also symbolic, but importantly: John is consciously taking a step back from the power dynamic of the first term. He is their God, but he'd prefer to be their brother in "The Work" of the Resurrection and avenging humanity; that he wants to be among them rather than above them.
I get the vibe that he's referred to them in that capacity prior to the reveal of his real power, and it's smart for him to do, because he's probably aware that if he actually gave the impression of holding himself back from his Lyctors, or they became aware of his invulnerability, they'd eventually come to resent him and want to kill him. So he signals vulnerability and a kind of equality to defuse tensions before they arise. Like Abigail says, he never claimed omnipotence, and this is him playing that up, probably for multiple reasons.
Also, I love the use of the term "brothers" in the sense of "shieldmates"—they've bled for this shared cause, so they're joined by that. Solid, martial, gay. A+
Also, I think that John is lonely as God, because he really is Just Some Guy, even though he is essentially immortal and his power is completely beyond the Lyctors'. Maybe part of him wants that equality, even if he can't have it, and even if there's another part of him that won't allow them to ascend to his level because they could become a real threat at that point.
Dynamic: Partners in The Work, servants of the same cause, buddies in the trenches
I feel like Tamsyn is aware of the "lover"/"beloved" dichotomy in Greek texts lol (probably more familiar with it than I am, tbh), so I won't go too into detail about that. Other than to say that it does Imply Things to me about the kind of intimacy they have, the kind of adoration Augustine has for John, the kind of devotion John is promising to Augustine, the way Augustine offers himself to John, and it makes me want to write fic about them.
And, honestly—John calls him "beloved" but they've only banged twice?? That doesn't sound right.
It is also a spiritual metaphor, though—sometimes you'll run across allusions to God as a pursuing lover and the writer/speaker in whatever text as the pursued or beloved. Sexual ecstasy and spiritual ecstasy, etc.
(ngl I would be super interested to know if John would've said the same thing to Mercymorn, circumstances being different)
Dynamic: Lover/beloved
After thinking about this, I love how this is positioned between "beloved" and "saint" because the reader is probably at least familiar with both of those words, and if you have to guess at the meaning of the word, you can kind of come up with a definition from the surrounding words that is... completely wrong.
There is a Latin word, "lictor", which was, as far as I can tell, a political title, so that's probably what "Lyctor" alludes to in-universe. They seem to have been primarily bodyguards to political figures, including consuls, kings, emperors, and dictators, which is interesting given that Alecto is the only one referred to as John's "bodyguard" and he doesn't seem to have used any of the Lyctors as her replacement. The sources I've looked at also state that they carried fasces and had the power to carry out capital punishment.
Dynamic: Emperor/Lyctor; political figure/bodyguard
"Lyctor" and "saint" get used almost interchangeably in the text, and the difference is never fully explained. But now that the meaning of "Lyctor" is a little clearer, this seems like "saint" is more clearly a religious/spiritual title rather than a political one. In the previous, John is their Emperor, and they are his Lyctors; in this context, John is their God, and they are his saints.
Dynamic: God/saint
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chibichibisha · 4 months ago
Ummm... Excuse me... I have a question... 👉👈
How would your OCs react if they're shown endless love and affection to them??
*Rubs hands together* Ok let's go
Tumblr media
Kero would be the happiest doggo alive. He is very very affectionate and he is made out of pure devotion and genuine love. He is very pure about that so, if someone he loves gives him the same in return, he wouldn't need anything more to be happy. He would be very sweet and mushy about it, maybe a bit too much, but if that's your thing, he is your type!
Tumblr media
Gilmo is a gentleman. He would act proper and say stuff like he is flattered and will recieve the praises and the affection really well. He might put some clear boundaries if he is not interested. But if he really loves the other person, he may be not very effusive or showy, but he is very prone to be vocal about his affection, and he would be sure to return all this love on his very own way; protecting his loved ones without them knowing. He is a very devoted man.
Tumblr media
Rossain would LOVE to be praised and be showered on love an affection. Is what he aims for, but if it's really genuine love from someone he really likes, he would be more soft and more real, a tiny bit embarrassed. He has actually a very big soft spot inside him that shines mostly with DeShawn, but if you want a smart, smooth and sugar tongued guy that maybe tease you for fun, he is the right one.
Tumblr media
DeShawn... he would be a disaster. He may be awkward at first because he is not used to that at all, nor really seeks it, and in the worst case, he would get so extremely embarrassed that he will get mad and act annoyed. He just doesn't know how to react towards that. And he maybe enjoys it deep down if they are someone that he enjoys, (which is, extremely difficult!) but he is so bad at expressing stuff, he may act like totally the oppossite. Forgive him tho, he is still learning!
Tumblr media
Ermine is, nonetheless, another mess. He doesn't know how to accept other genuine feelings, neither his own. He panicks, tends to not believe it and rejects any positive thing he may feel because you know, he has some unresolved things about his own self-worth. It affects him, even if he tries to dismiss this affection; he gets all red, a bit shy, and definitely tries to flee the situation as much as he can. If he accepts it, he would be very sweet and clingy.
Tumblr media
Uhm, Malik is a bit complicated. Because, you see, he would not doubt any genuine affection gesture, because he believes he is more than worthy of that. People should respect him, if some of them loves him too is not that surprising for him. Would he be personally interested? Maybe not, but not bothered at all, he would accept all that. What if he really likes the other person? Then maybe is a bit different. Maybe he tries to mantain his regal and relaxed character, but he would surely get protective. A really big cat that maybe doesn't accept directly the love, but he totally wants the attention if he fancies you.
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just-somehuman · 4 months ago
<- ☆▪Qᴜᴏᴛᴇꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ʜᴇᴀʀ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀꜱ▪☆ ->
tw!: suicidal innuendo
𝓛𝓾𝓬𝓲𝓯𝓮𝓻 🖤
"Remember, you're the puppet master in your life, don't let anyone else take control. The decisions they make for you are called opinions, the decisions you make for yourself are the only ones that matter. Sure, people can lead you towards a better decision but at the end of the day, it's still your choice. Choose wisely, sometimes you only get one chance."
𝓜𝓪𝓶𝓶𝓸𝓷 💰
"Don't listen to what they say. People always are out there talkin' trash about me. Ya know what I do? Ignore 'em! I know I'm handsome as hell, I know I'm as smart as I wanna be, I know I'm rich as hell! Well, sorta. My brothers tease me 'bout bein' stupid and scummy but, I don't care! Ya know why? Because I know that they love me deep down inside. They even said it themselves. Even though people talk badly 'bout me, I know I've always got the people I care about and that care about me. That, uh, includes you."
𝓛𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓷 🐍
"My dream started off as an idea, nothing but a thought. But I realized, I had this burning feeling somewhere inside of me every time I remembered it. That's when that thought became my dream. Don't ignore yours. Aim to achive! That's what I always tell myself. No matter how big or how small that dream of yours is, it's still your dream. Now go get it!"
𝓢𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓷 ⛓
"The opinions of others don't matter unless you choose to listen to them. The person you are now could be the same person you're going to be in 10 years. Don't let them try to change you. I love you just the way you are, we all love you just the way you are. There's no need for you to cut yourself up to fit into the mould of perfection that society has created for those who create their own version of perfection for themselves. "Fitting in" is a stupid term, why should anyone change themselves according to the likes of others to get attention? Toxicity is the only thing I can say to that. You're perfect, don't change."
𝓐𝓼𝓶𝓸𝓭𝓮𝓾𝓼 ✒
"There's a difference between changing yourself for others and changing yourself to become the best version of yourself you could possibly be. Changing things like your bad habits and addictions are healthy changes. Think of it this way, have this picture in your head of the person you want to be. Do you have it? Good. Now think, how far away are you from becoming that person? How bad are their habits? Do they have habits? How often do they work out? What are their goals? What do they do for a living? Do they manage their money well? It's all these types of things that your dream self has under control that you may not. So, starting from today, work harder to become your dream self, whoever they may be!"
𝓑𝓮𝓮𝓵𝔃𝓮𝓫𝓾𝓫 🍴
"Everyone's hungry, some are more hungry than others. They've been starved of the love they need from others to survive. But, things will always get better. You have us, we'll always love you. If they say that you're not good enough, ask yourself if you're proud of yourself. Are you? You should be. Expectations aren't always supposed to be reached, they're just a hope. Yes, you should definitely aim to reach them but, don't give yourself expectations that are impossible to reach. Better yet, don't let anyone else give you expectations that are impossible. If you've been put on a pedestal that's so high that you can't keep your balance, jump down to a height you can stand up on. If you need it, the people that love you and care about you will hold you to help you keep your balance until you can stand on your own two feet all on your own. Believe in yourself, you've got this!"
𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓹𝓱𝓮𝓰𝓸𝓻 🔪
"There's so much to live for. Look around you, you have your hobbies, the music you enjoy, the games you always play. The bright sun that compliments the blue sky, the mysterious moon and the twinkling stars that light up the night sky. The things you watch, the jokes you laugh at, but most importantly, the people that tell you those jokes, the people that make you smile. These are the people you should keep close to you. They may not be around forever, they could leave at anytime. But, they will be replaced by better people. So, for the time being, keep the people you love close. Everyone will leave the earth one day, don't you ever dare think that your time to leave is soon. And don't you dare become the cause of your departure. You're not good enough? Lies. You're perfect, everything you do is perfect. Proof? Everyone who's still stuck around love you for being the way you are. They find you loveable. Think about it, would people who hate you really still support you? Exactly. You are loved, trust me. Who loves you? Everyone who's supporting you, everyone who's protecting you, everyone who genuinely cares about you. And, well, I love you too. Don't forget that."
If you are struggling with something, reach out to someone and get help. If you can't find anyone in person, you can find people online. If you ever need to talk to someone, feel free to talk to me. I can't really do anything other than talking and I can't guarantee that the advice I offer is going to help/work because I'm not qualified but I'll still be here for you. I don't know you but, I love and support you. Take care of yourself and keep yourself away from toxic people ♡
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nalu-tail · 8 days ago
Lucy's Knowledge & Dragon Slaying Magic!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucy has always been a smart girl. From the very first chapter it was proven. She figured out that Bora was using love charm rings to get attention from the girls and even the pseudo charm trick.
Tumblr media
She also figured out that Bora had wrong intension just beforw he had almost succeeded in sedating her on the ship that night.
Tumblr media
She has proved that although she was caged inside a mansion by her father and desperately wanted to run away, she hadn't just sat and waited for the perfect man to help her. She had done it all by herself. Even when she had been confined within the walls of her house, she had utilized her time by studying a ton of things. She knew about other magical objects other than gate keys, forbidden magics and even caster magic despite not seeing anyone use it. Most probably she gathered those information from books. That's quite logical.
Tumblr media
She didn't how a real guild actually worked but she wasn't clueless about anything. She had done her own research although it wasn't sufficient lol.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The thing that caught my attention very quickly is the fact that Lucy knew that magic can be used without objects but she didn't know about dragon slaying magic. Funnily enough, maybe dragon slayers and their magic aren't mentioned in common books of magic or any normal source. Even Bora and his group didn't know about it.
Lucy did know about dragons. But I think there might be a different source of information for the dragon slayers?That aren't found easily in any library. It's just my random speculation tho.
It's quite interesting that in places like Magnolia dragon slayers are naturally known by people, they're prominent members of their respective guilds and they're quite famous. Maybe it's just the fact that in small towns like Hargeon, caster magic is rare and most people use magical objects. So they don't know much about that type. Lucy herself doesn't come from a place where there are several types of castor mages and most citizens know about dragon slayers. After all she hadn't even seen a caster mage in her life before seeing Bora.
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alch3mic · 29 days ago
Hello! I was wondering if there was any lore you have on Captain’s brother? Or Beast’s that you’re willing to share? Like names and personality types and general likes and dislikes? Loves and hates?
sure! let's talk about some fell boys!
sinbad is our first lad. he's captain's brother and right hand man for just about anything and everything. the two share a close relationship built up upon years of trust and relying on each other for survival as well as being their only sense of normalcy in a dangerous underground.
he's stoic, tall, intimidatingly quiet and has a perfect resting bitch face that make most people squirm under his stare.. but that's only what he shows on the surface. in reality he's just a soft spoken and easy going skeleton who likes to lounge around all day. he's always been one to go with the flow and just enjoy the ride of life, which is why he easily lets his brother take charge and lets him do most of the talking while sinbad takes care of the heavy lifting.
he definitely has his own sense of independence though! sinbad has dreams to travel the world and experience the different cultures and sights the surface has to offer. he enjoys coffee, bugs and small animals, electronic, eating sweets, naps and exploring creative outlets like scrapbooking, photography and origami. he really hates when other people try to tell him what to do or being stuck in stuffy social situations.
and then there's john! he's more of the brains in the middleman business he and beast run together. being smart, dashing and a quick thinker, john has won over almost everyone in the city's underbelly with his honesty and upfront business practices. what you pay for is what you get!
he also comes across as quite stubborn, crude and a bit pompous but he acts that way mostly to protect himself and his brother. he just knows that what they're doing is dangerous and won't allow any slip ups or nonsense to jeopardize their safety. he and beast also share a deep bond built upon trust, so though they tend to argue and go back and forth quite often they rarely ever "fight" for real.
he likes hardworkers, cleanliness, different types of cuisine (italian is his favorite), cats, lavish things (though he tends to lead a humble life because he invests much of his income back into the community) and reading. he hates tardiness, people who slack off endlessly, things not going exactly how he imagined it and overly salty foods.
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billiethepumpkin · 4 months ago
Love Languages: Part 1
Featuring: Izuku Midoriya. Shoto Todoroki. Tenya Iida. Ochaco Uraraka. Tsuyu Asui. Momo Yaoyorozu. Togata Mirio.
Warnings: Language. My page is 18+. Minors, do not interact.
A/N: All of these characters are aged up because I'm an old fuck :)
Izuku Midoriya
Giving: Acts of Service
Midoriya is the type of boyfriend who is always trying to help you.
When you live together, he always asks, "Is there anything you need me to do before I go?"
He loves the feeling of taking care of his baby.
And even if you tell him he doesn't have to do anything, he'll at least take out the garbage or grab the mail or do the dishes. He just wants to help!
Receiving: Words of Affirmation
Midoriya is, unfortunately, always doubting himself and his ability.
He needs you to spell out for him exactly how you feel about everything, especially about your feelings for him.
If you tell him how proud of him you are, he will absolutely melt.
And when he performs his acts of service, hearing you gush about how thoughtful he is makes his heart flutter.
Shoto Todoroki
Giving: Gifts
Let's be honest. Baby doesn't know anything about how to talk to people.
The only way he feels like he's loving you effectively is if he gives you little presents.
At least once a month, he buys you flowers, no matter how many times you tell him it was unnecessary.
He's quiet, so that makes me think he's observant. So on your birthday or for holidays, he's the BEST at knowing exactly what you want. He doesn't even realize how amazing he is at gift giving.
Receiving: Physical Touch
Personally, I think Todoroki is completely touch starved, mostly by his own doing.
He really doesn't want people he isn't close with touching him. But he craves physical affection.
He loves to cuddle, and his favorite cuddling position is to be laying directly on top of you with his head on your chest.
The first time you held his face while you kissed him, he cried. He's never felt loved like that before.
Tenya Iida
Giving: Acts of Service
He always wants you to be taken care of, but in a different way.
He never asks if you need anything. You never even have to ask. Somehow, he just knows.
He always brings the mail with him when he comes home from hero work. He always just does the dishes without you asking. He'll even make dinner for you on his days off.
Every time you feel like you need to ask him to do something, he's two steps ahead of you.
Receiving: Quality Time
Iida loves spending time with you.
This does not have to mean something extravagant. In fact, I think Iida prefers if you don't spend a lot of money on him.
But he wants to be with you, hanging out together.
Movie nights with popcorn and ice cream. Gaming nights with you sitting in his lap. Baking dates. Communal naps. These are his favorite times with you.
Ochaco Uraraka
Giving: Quality Time
She always has something planned for the two of you, even if it's something small.
Even if she's just studying or scrolling through her phone, she'd much rather do it while she's next to you.
Walks through the city are her favorite dates to take you on because she gets to talk to you
Receiving: Words of Affirmation
This baby LOVES compliments, even if she doesn't know how to take them most of the time.
If it's something small, like calling her pretty, she'll just thank you and not really know what to say.
If it's something bigger, though, like telling her how amazingly she did at an important job, or telling her how proud of her you are, her whole face will turn red and her heart will drop.
Tsuyu Asui
Giving: Words of Affirmation
Tsu is the Q U E E N of compliments. But they're always truthful.
For example, she won't tell you that you're the best significant other in the world because she knows that's impossible.
Instead, she'll gush about how thoughtful it was that you cleaned the kitchen while she was at work.
Or she'll tell you how smart you are or how proud of you she is when you do well on your schoolwork.
Receiving: Quality Time
When you and Tsu hang out, she wants all of your attention.
If you go out to dinner, she gets really upset if you have your phone out for too long.
These dates are supposed to be about you two having quality time together, after all.
But it isn't like she's going to tell you up front. She'll just get really quiet and sad and you won't know why.
Momo Yaoyorzu
Giving: Physical Touch
Momo always wants to hug you, kiss you, cuddle you, all of that.
I headcanon that, if you're smaller than her, she really enjoys picking you up.
If you're out together, she always wants to be touching you.
To her, that's the best way to make you feel her love.
Receiving: Words of Affirmation
We know that she has self-esteem issues, so she needs you to use your words to let her know how you feel about her.
But she also needs you to be super honest about it.
She can tell when you're saying things just to make her feel good, and knowing that somehow just makes her feel even worse. So you have to be honest when you say nice things to her.
Togata Mirio
Giving: Words of Affirmation
The king of praise. Literally any time you do something remotely well, he wants to tell you about it.
Always thanking you, always telling you how proud he is of his baby.
He has a habit of gushing about it too much.
Receiving: Gifts
Mirio does not know how to react in response to gifts. But the fact that you saw something and thought to get it for him makes him feel so loved and cared for her.
He reacts most when you surprise him with little things.
Saw his favorite candy while you were grocery shopping? Get it. I promise his reaction will be worth it.
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astaroth1357 · a year ago
Oh! How about the brothers with a very emotionally open MC? Like, they ain't ashamed to cry or express their emotions because they think that it's healthy to speak about your emotions to others! And they're also really good at telling what people are really feeling. Please and thank you very much! And congrats on 1,500 followers! You deserve it!
The Demon Brothers Reaction to a Very Emotionally Intelligent MC
Let’s be honest, in a game centered around resolving interpersonal family drama, this is kind of what the MC has to be canonically. Also um… I made the decision, for whatever reason, to listen to the Grand Escape by Radwimps while writing this, and uh, it got… deeper than intended. Whoopsie. 😅 I guess that's the hazard when you're so dependent on what you hear to set the tone for what you write… Sometimes you make a questionable decision and you mess up at the foundations 😕 My bad. 
BIG, BIG Spoilers for Part One (Lessons 1-20)
To be honest, he took it as a sign of weakness for some time.
Lucifer closes his emotions off to others because he views them as a vulnerability... This is why he wasn't completely surprised that the powerless human they brought to the Devildom was, in his eyes, overly emotional.
They were never afraid to say what they felt, show sadness to others, or even admit their fears… Though he appreciated the honesty, he wrote it off as a sign of human fragility and assumed they wouldn't last long. Not unless they toughened up and started to shut themselves off like him...
But that never happened. And one by one, he watched his brothers get won over by that feeble, emotional mess… He didn't understand it nor did he like it. At one point he even swore to himself that he wouldn't let whatever spell they casted on the others affect him too.
At least, until the attic incident came to light and he finally realized that the human wasn't a mess at all. 
When Belphegor escaped and the bombshell that he had been holding finally came to light, he honestly felt lost for the first time in centuries… He didn’t know how to approach the topic, he just wanted to hide away and let it all sort itself out… but they wouldn't let him.
 It amazed him how easy it was for the MC to empathize with his brothers and even himself through the whole mess. It was like they knew how everyone felt before they even had to voice it… He loathed to admit it, but for that moment they looked even more composed and capable than he did…
It was their handling of Belphie that really sealed it for him, though. A weak, pathetic, powerless little human talking down a being far beyond their capacity to fight? Then still offering him some comfort in the aftermath? He couldn’t have pulled that off... He’s long since forgotten how.
The MC managed to open his eyes to what emotional strength looked like and, from that point on, he never doubted them again.
Mammon's go-to approach to feelings is unconvincing denial and his brothers generally aren't much better... So actually being open and straightforward with one’s feelings is almost a foreign concept to him.
So when the MC got dropped into his life it threw him through a loop. They were willing to just… say what they felt whenever? They’d cry when they needed to, laugh whenever they wanted, and generally tell people how they felt about things openly and honestly? What?
Weren’t they scared of being teased or made fun of? You can’t be that open down in Hell! Demons would take advantage of you!
And yet, the longer he spent with them the more he started to kind of get it… And then he started to genuinely love it.
They didn’t mind when he’d bawl at movies or talked about when his brothers were bothering him… Sometimes he didn’t even need to say anything to them. They’d just see something was off in how he was acting and offer a hug... No questions asked. No shame involved.
It was refreshing. Eye-opening. Hell, even comforting to just be himself for them. Sure, he still had to keep up appearances in front of his brothers to keep from being mocked, but when they were alone? He truly could act however he felt like for the first time in a very, very long time... And he treasured that.
Emotions are… a thing for Levi and not a thing he's that well equipped to deal with either…
So of course, he initially felt envious of the MC when they came down to the Devildom. They had no problem with navigating their feelings. They didn’t mind talking about them or crying or admitting when they were nervous and even worse? They could actually handle it all.
Levi doesn’t tend to make his emotions very secretive either, but when he got into a mood he usually couldn’t dig himself out of it... It doesn’t help that his brothers were so used to his complaining that they’d ignore his self-deprecation rather waste their time contradicting him... 
When he first saw them in action, though, he had walked in on them crying, but they didn’t tell him to leave or try to hide their face. They just let him say what he needed to while they let the tears run their course... then explained to him what the problem was later. They weren’t ashamed… Hell, they even looked like they felt better to have it off their chest…
How come he never felt any better after he had his episodes...? Why did he still feel like a worthless piece of shit all the time?? What kind of cheat code did they use for that?! It’s not fair!
Little did he know, talking feelings out to yourself (or your goldfish) is one thing. But talking to someone who actually wants to help is another thing entirely.
The first time he went on one of his rants, the MC just watched him quietly. It was like he was tearing down a house meant for demolition...and then they started picking through the pieces. They didn’t try to shame him hating himself, they just started pulling out things he should love instead. Stuff he never even considered before…
After that point, they became very good at noticing when he was going to a dark place and intervening before he could beat himself down again... After a while, he started leaving his room when he felt that way so he could go find them and talk. 
If his mind was an ocean then, for the first time ever, he finally felt like he had a way to weather the storms...
Didn't trust it, didn't trust them, and thought it was all an act for the longest time...
Satan knows a thing or two about putting up a front, so he's the most skeptical of other people's intentions…
When he first met them and saw open they were with their emotions, he thought it was all some kind of act. Like they were just trying to gain sympathy or lure everyone in so they could manipulate them later… But he wasn't buying it.
While he watched the rest of his brothers fall to their charms, he counted himself lucky as the smart one. He thought he could see the game they were playing and he wouldn't let himself be tricked into it...
… But then the whole book fiasco happened and he found himself around the human more often. Not only did their openness really seem genuine, they actually listened patiently to his complaints about Lucifer, his birth, his rank, his rage... everything. Just nodding along and watching him intently…
After a while, he started to question if they were even listening anymore so he questioned them. Point blank. He wanted to know what they thought and… their answer surprised him.
“I think you want to be your own person.”
To him, that answer came right out of left field. What about any of what he was just saying had to do with his identity??
But the more he thought about it, the more he realized it had everything to do with it. And they deduced it so quickly from just a few conversations… He was impressed (and somewhat terrified) to have been read so easily...
For a while, he just had to study them. He wanted to know more about what kind of skills they used to understand him so effortlessly...
Though he never quite got a clear answer out of them, he found that he could respect their talent regardless and, just this once, let himself trust someone else wholeheartedly...
If you're looking for a demon in touch with the emotions, then you don't have to look much further than Asmo. But even he can have blinders on sometimes…
When he met the MC, he actually liked how open they were about their feelings. He even shared their sentiments so he wasn’t bothered at all.
But when he bunked with them and Simeon in the Demon Lord's Castle, he got to see a different side of them…
After Simeon dressed him down about his narcissism, Asmo did his best to just gaslight the whole thing and put it behind him. … But the MC was watching.
Something must have tipped them off. Maybe a glance at the floor or look in his eye... Maybe just how utterly incapable he was to acknowledge Simeon's words… but they noticed that it bothered him.
"Don't let it get to you... I think you're doing great down here."
"Well of course I am, sweetie. Why wouldn't I be?"
Their reassuring words puzzled him at first... How was he supposed to take them? Were they pitying him? If he were Lucifer, he'd have half a mind to obliterate them for that alone...
But they didn't seem like the type… Asmo could read people just as well as they could, he knew sincerity when he saw it. Were they just trying to help…?
He kept that thought to himself throughout their time together in the Castle. Good heart or not, he didn't want to make getting a pact easy for them. He’d never bow to just anyone.
But after they proved their worth, it all started to click for him. This human was trying to reach out to him when they thought he was hurting… They didn't just write him off as shallow and self-absorbed. They were concerned for his feelings even when he wouldn't acknowledge them…
Asmo hung extra close to the human after that. He found someone willing to look beyond the image he worked so hard to keep up... Even if he didn't need their help quite like his brothers, he could see their effort and loved them even more for it.
Beel is a straightforward guy who can appreciate straightforward people so he and the MC got along pretty well from the start.
He liked that he didn’t have to read between the lines with them. If they were upset, they’d tell him. If they needed to vent, they’d warn him. If they were happy and having a good time, they didn’t feel the need to hide it. It made life so much easier for him…
Of course, he couldn’t actually tell how good they were with emotions until he started opening up about Belphie, Lilith, and everything that went down before they all became demons…
He was kind of amazed how easy it was to speak to them, even during the painful parts... They never pushed him too much or pried for answers he wasn’t comfortable giving, nor did they make him feel bad for what happened to Lilith or missing his brother...
Honestly, they always seemed to know just how he felt about every new detail he told them. When he finally came clean about his guilt over the whole thing, they didn’t look shocked or surprised… If anything they looked just as pained as he did to have received the confirmation…
He found it oddly comforting to speak to them about pretty much anything after that. He knew that they’d listen and understand no matter what he put in front of them, and after they helped Belphie…? He’d happily love and trust them for the rest of his days...
"It wasn't your fault."
Those four words still ring in Belphie's ears from time to time… An echoing reminder of sorts…
He spent so long wrapped up in his own guilt, unable to talk about it to his brothers, that it turned him bitter and angry… He felt like he was the reason they were all in this mess to start with and that everybody else knew it too…
But hey, he'd say, at least down here there wouldn't be any humans around to ruin things. No humans there to steal away his family like before...
Which is why he snapped when Diavolo said they were introducing humans to the Devildom. How else was he supposed to react? They were just tempting fate for another disaster! Hadn't they learned anything at all??
While he was locked in the attic and the human came to his aid, he honestly took joy in deceiving them...
...At least at first. But on repeat visits, he started to feel his resolve slip.
They listened to him. They seemed genuinely interested in helping him and invested in his family's struggles... They looked like they cared for his brothers and even made efforts to reach out to him too... They told him about their worries and troubles in complete sincerity… with total trust...
He'd spend hours reminding himself that humans weren't meant to be trusted and all reasons he had to hate them... Repeating it all like a mantra until he felt convinced again. On the day he escaped, he finally had the pleasure of killing them himself...
But then, like a roach that just won't die, they came back and told him about Lilith… all before they said, "It wasn't your fault."
No one prompted them to say it. He'd never voiced it before... It was like they just knew... Like they could read the pain in his eyes this entire time…
He still doesn't quite share their stance on, "It's always okay to cry" so he doesn't like to dwell on the complete breakdown he had after that… He wished his brothers weren't there to see the Human-Hating Belphegor accepting a hug from them while he trembled and cried into their shoulder…
But he couldn't deny that he needed it. And from that day on, he’s accepted that he needed them as well...
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bethchapelsbonnet · 2 months ago
Samara here! I don't know if you've done this yet, but prompt 22 for Hournite please? :) Bonnet-Beth got me feeling some type of way :')
Samara as in best Hournite artiste Samara??? 🤩 If you are in fact a different Samara, I'm sure you're quite lovely at what you do as well. ❤️
"Give me a brush. I'll fix your hair for you."
Beth let out a groan and Rick's eyebrow raised
She wasn't a huge complainer, and the few times she did, it was usually a pretty big deal. But, then again, they told each other everything and she hadn't mentioned anything that should be a cause for concern. "What's up?" He wondered.
She was plucking stuff out of her afro and shook her head, "I JUST had wash day the other day and there's all this junk in my hair and I'll have to brush it all out and have a whole nother hair session."
"Give me a brush. I'll fix your hair for you."
The smile that she gave him - he didn't know how to feel about it. Looked like there was some affection in it, but like that "you poor sweet soul" affection that you accidentally give to kids when they're trying their best, but they're just kids, after all. "That is such a sweet offer," Beth said and nothing else.
Rick scoffed, "Wow. That dismissal wasn't sweet." And though he tried to say it jokingly, he heard the hurt in his own voice, and was sure she did too because her face changed.
"No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound rude or anything. It's just… a lot goes into it. It's not as simple as brushing it out and fixing it. There's a painstaking process."
"I mean… I know there's a process. Girls always have a process, but I feel like I'm smart enough for you to walk me through it."
"No, no, no… you totally are. But it'd be a huge pain in the butt. It's a huge pain in the butt for me and it's MY head.."
He fumed a little, at this point feeling like he maybe was being overly sensitive, but also not liking this idea of hers that he minded doing something nice for her to help her out. "Ok." He said and pouted. Her guilt face was taking over all of her features.
"Ok. I'll walk you through it and if you don't hate me by the end of this, then you're truly a saint…"
Rick concentrated on the demonstration and explanation of each step, carefully attempting slowly until he got the hang of everything. Detangling with her special detangling brush for hair like hers, separating her hair portions into segments to prep, and when she insisted that she would wash it herself and deep condition, he still wanted to know the process. What if they were roommates one day and she was down or something? She furrowed her eyebrows, but walked him through it and gave him a few tutorial videos with hair like hers to watch while she washed up.
Whenever she was out, he helped her set it for the night and watched her place on her bonnet. "Omg, I am so glad you strong armed me into letting you help out. Glad and also sorry."
"Why sorry?"
"Ummm… are you gonna pretend that wasn't a lot of work for one head? A head that isn't even attached to your body?"
He shrugged his shoulders, "If it's what's necessary, it's what's necessary. Besides, it's a head attached to my favorite person, so…" he twiddled his thumbs. "It was my pleasure." She smiled brightly and he added, "I learned a lot…" she'd also washed her face and had this serum on that gave her this little sheen and made her look all gleaming. "Also, you look absolutely adorable in your bonnet."
She folded her arms and tried to put on a serious face, but she was still gushing about not only this gracious act her favorite person had done for her, but all these compliments. "Now, you're just yanking my chain!"
He chuckled. "Where do you get these things that you say?" He shook his head, "I'm not, by the way. I meant everything I've said tonight… and did." He squeezed her knee and she felt a wave of butterflies flutter through her tummy. "You'd do the same for me, if I needed it."
She smiled and nodded. You poor sweet soul… I'd do even more.
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lukepearcing · a month ago
you see, i am not against tot ouran au with luke as haruhi if it means marluke supremacy
so there's no harem it's just gay orgy?
luke is definitely the scholarship model sophomore student™ type who goes to a very prestigious school because while there's other schools with better academic rep, this one has connections to the top of the world, basically
definitely accidentally broke an allegedly cursed artifact from vyn's country so on top of debt there's also wow idk man, you're cursed now if you don't nullify it by becoming our errand boy
anyway yada yada yada taking off glasses to reveal a hot person behind trope, you know the story
so obviously marius is the self proclaimed leader who invest a lot of money for the host club, he's actually a freshman but has been going to this school since elementary grade. dad owns the school too btw, minor detail minor detail
vyn is the marketing guy but artem is accounting guy, and they're both senior. basically vyn does all the fun of coming up with ways to drain women ouf of their pockets while artem deals with the numbers that he has no control over, trust me i know the difference I think i have econ degree in accounting
luke is the one who goes shopping for them
marius is popular among juniors and seniors who fancy slutty younger man whispering sweet nothing and calling them onee-san. he is a little unpredictable so it's good for girls who are looking for unexpected experience. he is good at arts too, and for special price they can have one on one time with him and request him to draw a portrait of them
vyn is popular among merchandise collectors and people who claim they like classical music after hearing one rendition of symphony no 5, he does mansplain with a charm though, so girls just very into him spitting bullshit they don't understand. also he's literally a duke and some girls just can't stop thinking about marrying someone who lives in a literal castle even after they grow up which are mostly freshman.
artem is a calm, quiet type, for seasoned customers who think they can finally crack him, and girls who think the sexiest kind of man is the reserved one as if he's keeping a mountain of mystery for himself. he has a niche group of regulars tho, very rich girls who actually love cooking. at first girls who like strong alpha type comes to him because he does give off that impression but then move to vyn when they realize artem is a malewife type.
luke is popular among girls his year who are interested in his underdog type story, girls love to tease him because he blushes easily and also he beams when being praised. but the more hardcore regulars of him come with more aggressive and direct approach to distract him because words got out that he already has a crush on a girl from different school.
it's rosa. rosa is the girl he likes from different school. the gang met her for the first time when they barge into luke's house uninvited on weekend. marius is asking for every single embarrassing secret she has on luke while vyn looks around and think about how much money they can make if they start selling collectible cards of luke's very normal childhood photos. artem is in the kitchen basically apologizing to rosa's parents by offering to cook for them.
also it is revealed that luke and rosa both planned to attend their school but there's only one scholarship offer and rosa was 15 points low. the gang instinctively blame luke for being too smart and won't talk to him until the following Tuesday
and unbeknown to rosa, she also reveal luke's secret by asking him in front of the gang about the match next week with her school.
match? what match?
'what are you talking about? he's in judo club too'
and marius just feels, betrayed.jpeg like how could he not make the host club his priority? how did nobody know about this? also, martial arts? him? didn't he want to become a scientist or some shit?
and luke is just like? i have life outside, you know?
and you know what? they absolutely come to watch the match even when luke purposely tell them the wrong date, of course they figure out he's a big ass liar. plus this is a chance to see rosa in uniform so...
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yaomomvs · 11 months ago
Hellow! Love your drabbles 😳 I saw your reqs were open for Shouto-kun: so can I ask a Drabble in which the reader is crushing on Shoto but feels completely unworthy of him, notably because she's from a very lower condition, something people often remind her while telling how Momo and him would make the perfect couple, because they're both from higher condition.. While reader is admittedly a hard-working person but has always been bullied for her modest origins? If you feel inspired ;o thanks :3
if i was a rich girl, yeah gwen stefani said that too
pairing: shoto todoroki x reader
little bit of angst? fluff!
warnings: self issues?? curse words??? not a warning but bakugou is reader’s best friend. also memories are in italics
plot: you couldn’t help comparing yourself to yaomomo, and clearly, your classmates comments didn’t help at all
notes: aaaa tysm i can’t believe this is my first request hopefully i did justice you your amazing idea! sorry for the delay i was in my last week b4 holiday vacation, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
“i’m just sayin, todoroki and momo would definitely would look as an amazing couple wouldn’t they?”
it was kaminari’s words that were the final drop that broke the glass.
no, don’t misunderstand the situation, yaoyorozu was one of the sweetest, loveliest and most intelligent girls you’ve ever met.
but also one of the richest.
see, the thing is that you were not born in a “i have it all” family type of environment. you lived well, yes. but it’s for sure that your family did struggle way too many times in their way of spending money.
that’s why when you got into UA tears couldn’t stop falling through your face, you were finally able to do something about that. you always wanted to become the greatest hero, you thought that being able to rescue people from danger was the most selfless thing to do, you were familiar with that, so ever since you were little that was your goal. and besides that, you wanted to help you family so they wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.
also because of that your friendship with uraraka was a great one. you understood what was like to face little things that the others didn’t, and you suddenly became close that you almost considered her a sister.
she was the most important friend to you, well, along with other person.
your eyes started itching, currently at the common room table where you and your friends were having dinner.
kaminari was on the sofa among with bakugou and mina, but it was easy to hear them. so that comment took everyone’s attention, even shouto’s.
“i mean you are not wrong” asido agreed, excited they finally were talking about romance in that boring school. “can you imagine how rich the todomomo’s family would be?”
“todomomo?” todoroki asked visibly confused.
“a ship name! for you and yaoyorozu!” she answered
your eyes were a little bit red now, and the knot on your throat was growing more everytime you looked over to see shouto’s expression.
uraraka noticed this, so she gently placed her hand over yours. how could she handle the situation?
“she’s so fancy!” you overheared some girls in the cafeteria drooling over the way that momo seated.
“i can’t believe this is her whole house” jirou exclaimed cheerfully when you visited her to study form an exam.
“an intelligent girl is always a classy girl” you listened kirishima while he looked stunned the way yaoyorozu handled, not only professional but also gracefully, a mistaken order at the cafeteria.
you always admired the way she was because of her origin, not in a bad way but you were obviously impressed, and if you were honest with yourself, sometimes it made you feel small.
but until now you never thought about this new insecurity, one that came up with the fact that todoroki and momo would actually look great together.
you tried to take those thoughts away, but your dear classmates were not helping at all.
the rambling of momo being a super match to shouto was getting louder and louder every second to you.
“think about it!”
“so when is the first date happening uh todoroki” kaminari still teased.
“but” midoriya interrupted “you know uhm wouldn’t it matter the way todoroki-kun actually feels about momo”
you stared at him.
but you finally had it when you spotted a slight red tint on todoroki’s face.
he was blushing.
“uh..” todoroki’s face was absolutely fuzzy. what could he say?
“i have to go” you announced way more loud than you expected, with a broken voice only two people were able to decipher.
bakugou took over a glance to you, knowing well what was going to happen next, with a tired groan he yelled. “well done idiots”
you ran out of the common room and took the elevator to go you your room.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“be careful” a voice said over your shoulder while grabbing your back before you touched the ground.
you looked above just to find a pair of beautiful heterochromatic eyes. and also a half red and half white hair type of thing. you were embarrassed that being your first day at school you were already tripping with everything. but fortunately he catched you right before something disastrous happened.
“come on, on the first day? if you have something to tell me god do it right now!” you remembered saying yo the sky. “that was weird, i’m sorry, (l/n) (y/n), sorry for bothering you but thanks for saving me” you laughed.
“do you think god would take my complaints along with yours?” he asked serious, was that his way of making a joke? “todoroki shouto” you smiled.
“DON’T GIVE UP!” you remembered yelling from the bleachers at the sports festival “YOU OWE US!”
todorki heard you from above during his fight with bakugou. he saw you there, almost crying and although he did not understand why were you so invested on it, that gave him the extra strength to stand up to bakugou at least for a little more minutes.
“did you know that seahorses once they find their mate they keep it for life?” you randomly said one day while eating lunch with him. currently doing some extra work so you could be ar least on top 10 of your class “how romantic is that, right todoroki-kun?”
he glanced at you, confused but still admiring. you knew so many things that it was actually impressive to him. he didn’t know why but that day, his heart skipped a bit.
if i was a rich girl, na na na na na na na na na na na, see i’d have all the money in the world if i was a wealthy girl.
“if i was a rich girl”, yeah gwen stefani said that too you thought.
the song may seem stupid but your current mood made you put in on speaker.
if i was a rich girl i’d sure have a chance you thought too
“so i guess i do have a crush on him huh” you admitted to yourself.
“about time you made it, idiot” you heard bakugou say “was it hard playing dumb all this time? i mean it’s in your blood”
he was standing at your door arms crossed with that awfully big brother look on his face. you rolled your eyes.
“is it hard messing around being a dickhead? i mean it’s in your blood”
“well you shouldn’t be using that language in front of your lover boy” he said.
“what the fuck are you talking about-”
your body stopped working when he pulled out todoroki out of the wall letting him come out at sight.
the icyhot boy had his hands in his pockets giving that gorgeous look. you blushed, how could he do nothing and still look good?
“why are you feeling this way?” he abruptly asked.
“i’m not dumb, whenever she’s around you act so self conscious” he began “what’s worse is that i see you working so hard everyday but you are so blind that you don’t see what i see”
if anybody could hear the conversation, they would actually say that he was being rude, but you knew him he was just expressing his feelings, weird way tho.
“is it about the money? believe me, yaoyorozu is an incredible girl but you don’t have to compare yourself because how different she is to you in terms of money” your eyes were widened.
why was he talking so much all of a sudden?
“you don’t understand todo...”
“i know what it feels to mad, and seeing you this way it just does it to me over and over again. because everyone has their own opinion on perfect, but to me, you are that definition”
your heart froze at that last thing, his expression was so serious that if you weren’t listening carefully you would have thought that he was mad at you for any other reason. but that’s why you liked him so miches, deep down you understood shouto more than anyone else”
so you didn’t know any other answer that hug him in gratitude.
he was shocked, he never received some kind of display of pure love affection before.
but something in the way you did made him feel better. almost as if your hugs were some magical potion to the answer of everything he needed.
he felt so warm with you between his arms that he didn’t mind staying like this for a couple more minutes.
“wanna go out sometime?” your typical you started coming back again.
the confident and smart girl he learned to care about.
a soft smile crossed his face.
“anytime you want”
and so you thought, you did not have anything to worry about anymore.
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leonardhoee · 11 months ago
Reasons Why I Love Leo
Inspired by @nad-zeta’s one about Theo. (btw I’m so sorry you have to see me simp so hard here LMAO. Just had to give you credit for the idea. This is not gonna be anywhere near as well written as yours. I’m just rambling.)
Okay you know those ex’s that you try so hard to hate but you just CAN’T and they're still on your mind 24/7, even when you're with other people? And then you end up getting back together cuz you basically belong together? Yeah thats Leo for me.
To be completely honest I was SO mad after I finished his route the first time because I thought he didn’t care about MC enough to fight for her (which is just plain wrong but I was being dumb). I was SO mean to him just cuz I was mad and then I read his side stories a few months later and realized how WRONG I WAS????? I felt so bad bruh, I know he has his flaws but he did NOT deserve my hate. ANYWAYS yeah I love him to death and tbh I probably always did so HERE’S REASONS WHY I LOVE HIM.
Warning: Embarrassingly intense simping (If there are crammed or spelling errors ignore it I’m just typing this super fast because I’m having ✨thoughts✨ rn)
1) He is so protective. Like the first night MC showed up he stayed outside her room the WHOLE NIGHT. (Even though he didn’t want to admit it). He just looks so safe. Like even if we just met I would literally trust him with my life??? He’s like a protective teddy bear. AND HE TOOK SO MANY BULLETS FOR HER. If there was an asteroid about to hit earth in 48 hours and I had no one but him, I would have complete faith that I would make it out of the literal apocalypse, alive. Because he is just that protective and innovative. Idk if there’s something you can trust someone with more than your life or soul or whatever but if there was I would trust him with it.
2) He is literally like comfort food personified. I don’t know WHAT it is but looking at him makes me feel like I’m covered in a warm blanket eating my favorite comfort food (which just so happens to be his irl favorite too. No I didn’t plan that.) Or like, the feeling of running around having fun in a hot summer night??? He is literally a walking cure to my anxiety. I BET HE GIVES THE BEST HUGS HES SO WARM. And his smile is so contagious, I could be bawling my eyes out but he’d be like “hey it’s okay Cara Mia” and smile and then I’d immediately start smiling.
3) HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. He’s my home Screen on ikevamp and every time I open up the app I just sit there and stare into his eyes for a solid minute and like, I could’ve been accused of insurance fraud with a possibility of going to jail but if he looked into my eyes and said “Cara Mia” I would immediately feel better??? Like everything is going to be okay?? Just because he’s here??
4) He is literally so kind and considerate and generous and caring and tbh a much better person than I’ll ever be. And all he cares about is making people smile and the fact that seeing other people happy makes him happy is just SO wholesome I just want to give him a hug. And his family was so horrible to him and somehow he’s STILL such a GOOD person. I literally want to cry I would set myself on fire if it meant making him not be sad anymore. I DONT WANT HIM TO SABATOGE HIS OWN HAPPINESS FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS ANYMORE BECAUSE HE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY AND LOVED FOREVER AND IMMORTALITY MAKES HIM SAD WHICH IS WHY I WOULD DO THIS.
5) He is literally beautiful. His hair is so soft and pretty and when he puts it in a ponytail it’s just WHEWW *chefs kiss. And he smells godly. He is the scent of paradise. Who needs heaven when I have him. And I already talked about his eyes but they look like molten gold and they’re so gorgeous and captivating and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And that little pouty face he makes is SO CUTE I just want to kiss him. But also his SMIRK makes me feel so many things and most of them will send me straight to horny jail. He’s so tall and I’m like 5’4 so he can quite literally just pick me up like he does Lumiere and walk around. And idk something about the image of him smoking cigarillos does things to me. Even his messy fashion sense is endearing. I don’t know anyone else who can pull off two completely different boots and still look like a full course gourmet MEAL. HE ALSO HAS PILLOW TIDDIES AND HIS SHOULDERS ARE SO BROAD I JUST LOOK AT HIM AND ✨PERISH✨
6) He is so smart and talented. Ik he doesn’t think he’s all that but he’s literally one of my biggest inspirations?? My mental health is so much better because he set this example that it doesn’t really matter what other people think because if you do something you love doing you’ll be happy with it. He literally did whatever he wanted (and honestly he’s the main reason I even started writing on here cuz if there’s one thing I learned from him it’s that shit does not matter. Just do whatever makes you happy. Which also inspired this. People’s judgments don’t matter. You are your OWN icon.) So guys WEAR that gown and corset you’ve been wanting to wear but have been too scared to. Do that crazy makeup. Sing and create art and have big dreams and follow them. Because in the long run, most people won’t talk about that one cringey thing you did. They’ll talk about how you were so free and how you did everything you love and how they wish they could do that too. (I guess I always heard people say this but it never really sunk in till Leo)
7) He raised my standards for men. That’s it. He is the standard. He is the blueprint. He is the dream. I had no standards before him he is the only husband I could ever want.
8) He is so attentive and he would make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically and mentally. I wish I had him during my exams because I was stressed out of my mind and he probably would’ve made me minestrone soup and helped me relax (which I don’t know how to do). And I think he could probably teach me how to LIVE and smile instead of just surviving through every day, dreading the next day, being stuck in the same place and routine. I don’t really know how to let loose or have fun and I think he would just make my whole life more vibrant. Like fresh water in a plant that’s never been watered?
9) He’s a nerd, I’m a nerd. You can literally talk to him about anything you’re curious about and he’d be able to carry on a conversation about it. I could run into his room at 3am talking about idk whether it’s scientifically possible for plants to have like, jacked muscles (imagine a plant with Dwayne Johnson’s muscles) and he would drop everything to have a discussion with me about it (unless it’s astrology since he thinks all astrologers should be castrated). And he would never make you feel like you’re a burden or being annoying or that you had a stupid question because he finds it super endearing when you’re passionately talking about anything and he wants to encourage your happiness and curiosity.
10) He’s a hot mess. Emphasis on hot. His resting face is bedroom eyes and somehow he makes everything sexy. Sleeping on the floor is hot now. I can’t explain it but everything he does is attractive. Also back to his self sacrificial nature. There was a line in his dramatic ending side story that hit me so hard snd it was something about “if our love is a sin then let me take all the blame. I would give up all my genius and bury Leonardo da Vinci in history making MC my only passion” and “I will love you till the world is gone and the stars burn out” (those probably aren’t the exact quotes but they were very similar). IT MADE ME CRY. He loves Mc so much I can’t believe I ever thought he didn’t care??? And I don’t WANT him to sacrifice anything for me but the fact that he’s so ready to do that just omg makes me cry I love him so much.
I want him to draw me😭
Anyways I hope that was at least kind of coherent because I’m a rambling mess when it comes to him. I literally wrote a song about him that I’m currently in the process of recording
Please, accept all these pictures of him. I could probably go on longer about every single picture of him but I won’t because this is embarrassing enough. It had to be said though because he deserves it.
Because I’m a simp.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*this pic is so cute I
literally don’t know
what to do with myself😭
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itsallyscorner · a year ago
so, I was watching the video that came out today and I was thinking about a age gap seb x reader around his friends like Jessica or maybe chace? And they're just hanging out and they both have this lovesick look on their faces and when she leaves the room for some reason they don't waste any time addressing how in love she is with him, and sebs glad bc they were kinda wary of her at first?
Hiyaaa babes! This is my first request so woohoo🥳 Since you mentioned the video, I literally thought of the pictures that were released while they were filming 355, and now I can’t get the image of Seb in Paris because holy shit he looked good. So I’m gonna be using Jessica❤️
- This came out so long, I’m a sucker for background info and can’t get past writing a story without one💀 Enjoy!💜
You and Sebastian were unexpected. Literally the chances of you guys getting together were so off and you guys were at different times of your lives. He was in his late 30s, already living most of his life as a successful actor. While you were in your early 20s still in college working on your doctoral degree to become a Pharmacist (It was the only major I could think of atm because it’s the one I’m planing on lol.) You guys met at the cafe near your campus. You always went there every morning and would spot him drinking his morning coffee with his nose stuck in a new script he was reading. You two would sneak glances at each other, admiring each other from afar. Until one day when the cafe was fairly packed and you needed a place to sit. You spotted his familiar face and asked him if you could sit in the seat across from him. Obviously he agreed and you guys talked, getting to know each other the whole time. When it was time for you to leave for classes, you guys exchanged numbers and kept in touch.
Which brings us to today. You and Sebastian have been going strong for about a year now and were approaching your second year together. Though you two are as happy as can be and are still in the honeymoon phase (even after a year), the first few months of the relationship were quite rough. There was an obvious age gap between you two, it didn’t bother you two as much, but the public didn’t react too nicely about it. Your parents weren’t too fond of the idea of you dating an older man, but after getting to know him they knew his intentions with you were well. Same goes for your friends and family. When it came to his fans and the media finding about your relationship, that’s when it went to shit.
The media made Sebastian look like some creep who was going through a midlife crisis for dating someone much younger than him. A few “fans” even claimed that he were a “groomer” after pictures of you and him heavily making out on the street were released. These issues caused some bumps in the road for your relationship, though after many arguments, you two realized that the only opinions that mattered were each other’s.
Now you two were staying at a hotel in Paris. Sebastian was currently working on a big project, “The 355”, something he was very excited about. This was one of the first projects that he was really involved in, from script to screen, he played a pretty big role in this project.
You were typing up a report for your class when Sebastian entered the hotel room. He was still in his set clothes, a light blue shirt, dark jeans, and a pair of Chelsea boots. He approached the bed where you were typing and pressed a kiss to your temple.
“Hey sweetheart, how’s school going?” He greeted you as he settled himself on the bed, laying on his side.
“Meh, it’s going...but I finished my report on time. Now I just need to proofread it.” You smiled as you finished typing the last sentence of your report. When Sebastian discovered he was going to film in Paris, he immediately told you, knowing you’ve been dreaming of visiting Paris. Luckily for the both of you, your school allowed you to do online learning (it probably doesn’t work like that but just go with it) and you were able to tag along with him.
“I’m sure it’s prefect, you’re a great writer.” He complimented, you hummed in response. Turning to him you run your hand through his short hair making him lean into your touch. You loved his fluffy hair but the short hair was starting to grow on you.
Sebastian turned his head and pressed a kiss into your palm, stormy eyes gazing up at you.
“How has your day been?” You asked.
“It was good. We got through a good amount of scenes without messing up, so I’d say it was a successful day.” He answered. You smiled at his enthusiasm. Sebastian’s face always lit up when he was talking about a project and it was one of the things you admired most about him, his passion for his work.
“So, you’ve been cooped up in this damn hotel all day. Why don’t you come to dinner with me and the cast tonight? You’ve been waiting to visit Paris all your life and you haven’t even been outside this hotel for days.” He suggested. It was true, you haven’t done much but do school work, order room service, and binge watch shows on Netflix.
“Are you sure they’d want me to come? I might be intruding.” Honestly you were nervous to meet the rest of the cast. You’ve met Jessica a few times but they were brief and she seemed like she didn’t like you. Though that could just be your thoughts making you paranoid, you were still nervous to meet the people Seb worked with. You didn’t want them to think you were using him for money or to travel around the world because you weren’t. You loved Sebastian for himself, not the money and the fame, you could care less about all that.
But they were still Sebastian’s friends and you wanted to have a good first impression on them. You didn’t want them to think you were just some immature college girl who needed money to pay off her college funds.
Noticing you were drifting off, Sebastian pressed another kiss into your palm and grasps it. “You wouldn’t be intruding, Jessica actually suggested you come along.” He mentioned.
“Are you sure?”
“Positive, baby. Come on, let’s put this stuff away and get ready. We’re having dinner at the Eiffel Tower.”
“I— the Eiffel Tower?”
To say you were intimidated and scared shitless was an understatement. Here you were in the Eiffel Tower having dinner with some of the most talented women in Hollywood. Like seriously Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz, and Diane Kruger. Of course Seb and Édgar Ramírez where there as well. Then there was you, NYC local college student. You didn’t wanna say you felt out of place, but you did. These were successful people who probably starred in some of the movies you watched growing up. Now you’re literally in the Eiffel fucking Tower having dinner with them.
Dinner was going smoothly, everyone was talking about the set, shared some funny stories, and you were keeping to yourself simply eating your steak. That was until the attention was brought to you.
“So (y/n), Sebastian mentioned you were in college, what are you studying?” Jessica asked. Everyone turned to you and you swear you felt like a deer in headlights. Seb nudged your thigh with his, a reassuring smile on his face.
“Yes I am! I’m actually taking a PharmD program at St. John Fisher to become a Pharmacist.” you answered.
“For your masters?” She followed up curiously, slightly leaning forward to you.
“No, for my doctoral degree.” You corrected her proudly. You didn’t want to come off as an ass, but you were proud of your work and you worked your ass off for it.
Everyone at the table was taken back by your response. Except Sebastian, who had a just as proud smile on his face. They knew you were in college but not studying something as serious as Pharmacy.
“St.John Fisher College? I had a cousin that went there, it’s a great college.” Lupita was the first to break the silence.
“So are you working in the field yet? For some experience?” Penélope chimed in. Sebastian snorted, “Oh she has experience, trust me.”
You chuckled as you softly smacked Seb’s bicep, “Well currently, I’m interning as a Pharmacy Tech at a hospital pharmacy. They’re thinking about making me a permanent one until I graduate so fingers crossed!”
As you answered all their questions about your personal life and your major, Sebastian couldn’t help but just admire you. Just like how you admired the way he talked about his projects, he admired the way you got lost in rambling about your soon career. The way your eyes lit up, how your hands moved while you talked, and that hint of a smile on your face. He absolutely adored every single thing about you.
Dinner continued, the last question for you about why you chose to do college in New York, which segwayed into a conversation about— well New York. As the others talked about their love for the city, Sebastian wrapped his arm around your shoulders. Your back was now pressed to his chest, both of you not listening to the conversation. You pressed a kiss to his arm and looked back at him.
“Hey you.” You hummed at him rubbing your thumb along his arm.
“Hi.” He gazed down at you with that smile that made his eyes crinkle. The moment was interrupted by your phone ringing. Quickly glancing at the contact ID, it was the hospital pharmacy you interned for.
“You should take that.” Seb whispered into your ear.
“No, Seb that’s rude. We’re at dinner, I’m sure it can wait.”
“I have a good feeling about this call, draga mea.” He coaxed you. Having a feeling that he might be right you excuse yourself from the table. When you’re gone the table goes quiet.
“Sebastian, you’ve got one hell of a girlfriend.” Penélope stated as the rest of the table agreed.
“She’s so smart! What the hell, a doctoral degree? Kudos to her because the amount of motivation I would need to even try!” Jessica followed up with an amazed look on her face.
“I think you guys are forgetting to mention how whipped they both are for each other! Those two were in their own world over there!” Lupita pointed out. The whole table laughed as Sebastian was turning red. Of course he was whipped, he knew he was.
“I love her guys, she’s, she’s something else. The spunk she has, her intelligence, she’s-,” Sebastian began to list but was cut off by Édgar, “Out of your league?”
The whole table burst into laughter as they agreed with Édgar. You were also coming back to the table after your call. Sebastian spotted you, eyes connecting to yours immediately.
“Everything alright?”
“They gave me the permanent job!”
draga mea - my darling 
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