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#Lucas fluff
odentist · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐍𝐂𝐓 𝐅𝐢𝐜 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬
A list of all the fics I’ve reviewed. *I’ll update this as I continue to review
Thanking @alreadyblondenow because she wrote my 1st review. These authors are putting their time and sanity into their stories, the least we can do is give them encouragement!
🦷 my review 🧚🏼‍♀️ my favorites
⊹ 𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐢𝐥
appointments by request only by @naptaemed [fluff] 2k | 🦷
roommate taeil by @naptaemed [fluff] 1.4k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐉𝐨𝐡𝐧𝐧𝐲
money, power, glory by @hyuckdove [angst] 9k | 🦷
Work for it by @moonctzeny [smut] 5.7k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐘𝐮𝐭𝐚
Look by @naptaemed [smut] 1.2k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐠
stopped smoking but I’m not used to it by @naptaemed [angst] 6.4k | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
⊹ 𝐊𝐮𝐧
strawberries & champagne (part i) by @doderyscoffee [angst] 21.3k | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
we shouldn’t by @naptaemed [smut] 4.3k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐃𝐨𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐠
Miracle Aligner by @sonatatine [angst] 43.5k | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
all i do is wait by @alluringjae [angst] 22.7k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐰𝐢𝐧
waiting: physical therapy by @biletdoux [fluff] 1.2k | 🦷
thank you, come again! by @naptaemed [fluff] 7.2k | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
⊹ 𝐋𝐮𝐜𝐚𝐬
boarding school by @naptaemed [fluff] 1k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐗𝐢𝐚𝐨𝐣𝐮𝐧
chrysanthemum terrace by @naptaemed [smut] 4k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐇𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐲
NSFW A-Z Series: Hendery by @cloudyvisions [smut] | 🦷
preview: blank canvas (and my head’s too full) by @weishenkonbini [angst] | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
bff!hendery by @naptaemed [fluff]
⊹ 𝟎𝟎 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐞 (𝐇𝐚𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧, 𝐉𝐚𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐧, 𝐉𝐞𝐧𝐨, 𝐑𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐧)
play date by @markresonates [smut] 10.3k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐑𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐧
Silver Bells by @2enjun [smut] 15k | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
Proving a point by @jaesqueso [smut] 1.7k | 🦷
Sketches by @nctsworld [fluff] 1k | 🦷
You had me at hello by @yurelic [fluff] | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
⊹ 𝐇𝐚𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧
Playdate by @nakamotocore [angst] | 🦷
109 Steps to You by @nsheetee [angst] | 🦷 🧚🏼‍♀️
For Life (109 Steps to You Epilogue) by @nsheetee [angst] | 🦷
⊹ 𝐉𝐞𝐧𝐨
I heard a rumor by @markresonates [smut] 8.4k | 🦷
two photos, two kisses by @slightlymore​ [smut] 9.5k | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
⊹ 𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐲𝐚𝐧𝐠
Balenciaga Hoodie by @luvm4rk [fluff] 1k | 🦷
August by @luvdsc [angst] 10.5k | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
Lonely Hearts Column by @naptaemed [fluff] 12.5k | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
yangyang short by @naptaemed [fluff]
troublemaker by @wincore [fluff] 6.9k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧
Temporary Bliss by @biletdoux [smut] 4.1k | 🦷
⊹ 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐥𝐞
Dare by @hoshiwhxre [smut] | 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️
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writemekpop · 6 months ago
Body Talk | Wong Yukhei (Lucas)
Pairing: Wong Yukhei (Lucas) x Reader
Summary: What happens when you and your soulmate don’t speak the same language?
Genre: Soulmates AU, eventual smut 
Word Count: 1.3k
Warning: Sexual content 
Gif: @sehunoh​  ​
Tumblr media
You didn't believe in soulmates.
Not until tonight. 
Obviously, you’d grown up with the stories. On a person's eighteenth birthday, a tattoo would appear on their body... identical to their soulmate's tattoo. 
To you, the idea of soulmates seemed desperately sad. What if your soulmate was on the other side of the world? What if they had passed away? 
On your eighteenth birthday, you woke to find a simple hexagon tattoo on your wrist. Five years later, all your friends had found their soulmates...except you. 
You escaped to Seoul on vacation - sad, tired and desperately single. 
It was a Saturday afternoon, and you were walking down a cozy backstreet in Myeondong. Your eyes landed on a quaint ice cream parlour. 
Before you could realise what was happening, some strange force made you walk inside. 
Ice-cream-shaped fairy lights lit the way to the gleaming counter. It was nothing special, you thought... till you saw the man behind the counter.
He was at least six foot tall, with gorgeous brown skin, and a lean, muscled body. He looked young, but his chocolate eyes glimmered with a strange wisdom. 
Wow, I wish he was my soulmate. You thought. 
Eyes flicking up from his phone, the boy began to speak - in English. He must have known you weren't from around here. 
“Hello, I’m Lucas. How I…” he paused, searching for the words. “Help… you today?”
Hearing your language in his deep voice sent shivers down your spine. 
“One scoop of strawberry, please,” you said, your voice trembling. 
Lucas cocked his head to the side, frowning. 
“Um.” You pointed at the tub of pink ice cream. “This one.”
“Ahh.” Lucas smiled, and it was like turning on a light. “I make you.”
As he handed you the ice cream, your fingers brushed against his. You gasped. He was staring at the inside of your wrist, wearing a deep frown.
You yanked down your sleeve, blushing. Soulmate tattoos were private!
You slapped some cash down and hurried towards the exit, heart racing. You’d never seen anyone look at you like that - like you held the answer to all their questions. 
The moment you reached the door, you heard Lucas’s bellow, “Wait!”
He ran towards you, shouting wildly in what you guessed was Chinese. 
“I show you!” he cried. 
Lucas pushed down the waistband of his trousers, revealing his left hip.
Your mouth popped open. Wasn't he embarrassed? 
Lucas pointed at his hip. “Look,” he said, breathless with excitement. 
 That’s when you saw it. A tiny hexagon tattoo, identical to yours. Your heart flipped. 
You saw that he was beaming. “I saw you hand. It same like me. You and me…” he paused, struggling to find the word. 
You finished his sentence, breathless. “Soulmates.” 
Two hours later, you and Lucas were at a table in the back of the ice cream parlour. 
With the help of Google Translate, you’d learned that he was from Hong Kong and dreamed of being a chef, though his parents wanted him to go to business school. 
The ice cream you were sharing had melted to a puddle - like your heart. 
Lucas had pressed his palm against yours and laughed at how his large hand dwarfed your small one. 
You couldn’t express it in words, but when you touched him for the first time, something inside you clicked. You know he felt it too; his hands rarely left yours after that. 
You finally understood what all the love songs were about. 
Lucas cleared his throat. “You come… my house? Here, noise. My house… quiet.” When he saw your eyes widen, he rushed to continue. “No worry, just… talk.”
You blushed when you realised what Lucas was referring to. 
It was common knowledge that most soulmates consummated their connection within hours of meeting each other. But the last time you had sex had been quick, sweaty and awkward… not to mention four years ago. 
Talking would be just fine for you. 
Lucas's apartment was small but beautifully decorated. The crumbling turquoise walls were stuffed with photographs of Lucas with friends and family. 
A sudden wave of sadness rippled through you. You slumped onto the couch, holding back tears. 
“Lucas?” you called, already missing his warmth beside you.  
He sat on the couch, ripped up by his skinny grey cat, and took your hand. 
“How is this going to work? I don’t speak any Cantonese or Mandarin or Korean. Plus, I can’t exactly move halfway across the world for a man I just met, soulmates or not!” 
Lucas’s thumb was rubbing light circles into the back of your hand. He gazed silently at your face. 
You sighed. “You didn’t understand a word of that, did you?” 
Lucas’s eyes scrunched into a smile. “It okay, my English… good.” He pressed his lips together and nodded confidently. 
You couldn’t help but laugh. You’d never met a man who was so cocky yet so sweet. 
Lucas suddenly looked serious. “Y/n. I go with you… London. I chef, you student. We need… be together.” 
“But what about your family?” you cried. “Your friends?” 
Lucas smiled and shook his head. “You… number one.”
In that swell of joy, you couldn’t help but smash your lips against his. 
Lucas let out a surprised grunt at the force of your kiss, but quickly recovered. His mouth melted against yours, his hands wrapping tightly around your waist. 
Lucas’s lips tasted of strawberry ice cream. He swiftly pulled you onto his lap, and you settled your legs on either side of his strong thighs. 
Never had a stranger’s arms felt so familiar. It felt like your whole body was alight. 
Kissing Lucas made all your insecurities simply disappear. You suddenly forgot that your tummy wasn’t flat and that you were overdue a wax. You needed Lucas. Now. 
Lucas broke the kiss, making you whine. He pulled his T shirt over his head and chucked it away. 
When you saw his naked torso, you gasped. Lucas had the kind of body you only saw in movies – perfect muscles on golden skin. You couldn’t help but stare. 
Lucas let out a deep laugh. “My body… good, no?”
Your cheeks warmed as you nodded shyly. 
Lucas’s smile got wider - if that was even possible. 
You reached for his belt buckle, but Lucas stopped you. “No here. We go… bedroom.” 
Lucas stood up with you in his arms and strode towards his bedroom. 
He gently put you down and started pulling off his trousers. 
You gaped at Lucas’s bed. It was king sized - ridiculously large for the tiny room. You loved it, though; it was just like him - too big, too bright, too colourful. 
Lucas came up and stood behind you. You could smell his cologne, and it was driving you crazy. 
With one long finger, he pulled down the strap of your summer dress. He leant down and placed a kiss on the exposed skin. 
You could feel his hot breath on your neck, and his hardness pressing against your back. You shuddered with pleasure. 
Lucas pulled down the other strap, and the front of your dress fell to your waist. 
You spun round to face Lucas and buried your face in his neck, too shy to stand so exposed before him. 
Lucas chuckled as he laid you onto the bed and climbed on top of you. There were no words exchanged between the two of you, but you didn’t need them – your bodies were doing all the talking. 
You could feel his love as his lips sucked on your neck, and his hips pressed against yours. 
You looked down at his body, and blushed when you saw how ready he was for you. The hexagon tattoo on his hip was glowing. 
Opening your legs felt like the most natural thing in the world to do. 
You could tell Lucas had done this before, from the way he deftly rolled on the condom… from the way he dived in between your legs and put his mouth on you without hesitation.
It made you mad with jealousy, knowing that others had had him before. He was yours. 
After you finished, you lay side by side on the bed, fingers linked together. You leaned over and grazed your teeth against his biceps. 
“You’re mine,” you said, biting his arm softly. 
Lucas chuckled, and pecked your lips once. 
“Yǒng,” he said.
You searched his eyes. “What does that mean?” you asked. 
Lucas smiled, and pulled you closer. He leant in so his lips grazed your ear.
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milkdoie · 4 months ago
where wayv would keep their pictures of you.
not requested!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring — qian kun, ten lee, dong sicheng, wong yukhei, xiao dejun, wong kunhang, liu yangyang !
warning(s) — mention of children (parenting) at the end of winwin’s
author’s note — i got a lot of submissions on my google form saying that people wanted more wayv content, so here you go!! i love love love them so i’m super happy to introduce you all to my first ever wayv post,,, that isn’t ot23
Tumblr media
[ KUN ; he likes to keep a photo he took of you on your first date in his wallet!! it’s a little torn up and discoloured because of how old it is, but he likes to think of it as a prize he won that night. yangyang said that his dad would do the same thing, but kun loves how lowkey vintage the whole concept actually kinda was :’)
[ TEN ; he most definitely has albums in his phone dedicated to different categories — like his cats, scenery, food, and you!! the album is titled “my y/n <3” and it’s just filled with pictures that he’s taken of you; some without you knowing and also some where you’re posing. it’s filled to the brim with memories, the first few pictures dating all the way back to december of 2019 :0
[ WINWIN ; he has a shrine for you in his room… i’m just kidding, he has a drawer full of printed photos that he’s yet to put into the photobook he purchased two months ago. his original plan was to give it to you as an anniversary gift, but he decided to keep it so he could show your future children how good of a boyfriend he was, “back in the day.”
[ LUCAS ; every single picture and video he’s taken of you has been on snapchat, and so they’re all in his memories — or his “my eyes only” if you happen to label a few pictures as embarrassing. his storage is probably full with how many videos there actually are, but he needs the memories or else he’ll malfunction.
[ XIAOJUN ; keeps a polaroid of you hugging bella in the back of his phone,,,,, with a clear case. I KNOW I KNOW, he’s basic, but guys, he just loves you, okay?? cut the man some slack, he was so proud of it. got so excited to show you what he came up with <//3
[ HENDERY ; actually doesn’t have enough pictures of you to have a full collection, but he does have hour long vlogs that he will never post anywhere on the internet ever because they’re your little thing <3 he likes going on walks with you, and that’s when he’ll take the opportunity to FILM THE ENTIRE THING. his storage is full too.
[ YANGYANG ; he probably does those cringe couple things on his private tiktok account and he just spams pictures of you there with trendy songs over the videos (ie. body by megan thee stallion). his tiktok user is also “y/ns.boyfriend” so it’s kind of a fan account for you?? i have no solid idea to explain his thought process.
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gothicnakamoto · 9 months ago
description: mafialeader! yuta catches you crying.
genre: fluff
author’s note: I LOVE MAFIALEADER! YUTA SO MUCH, writing abt him makes me so happy. he’s such an adorable boy. i hope you guys enjoy the content i make abt him as much as i enjoy writing about him<3
warning: mentions of a gun (but never used)
Tumblr media
you were sobbing your ass off. you wish you could tell your boyfriend yuta all about how your friend left you, but you’re just too scared to cry in front of him. you always like being happy for him, because you think it makes him happy as well. you’re right about that, but, how would he react if he sees you sobbing, clearly in pain? even though yuta is almost emotionless whenever he’s with people, he’s a very kind and beautiful man. he has such a warm heart that he decides not to show anyone this beautiful side of him. you think it’s awesome how he’s able to hide all of these feelings, but at the same time you want to see his real side, the one you’ve got to see a glimpse of at 3am. you need his comfort and love, you feel so alone now that a friend that was and still is extremely important for you, left.
you were too busy thinking about the memories you shared with that loved friend that you didn’t hear yuta opening the door. he heard sobs and quickly holds onto the gun he had in his gun holster, he still didn’t acknowledge the fact it was you who was sobbing uncontrollably, in excruciating and overwhelming emotional pain. he looks around the room attentively to see if there’s anyone at home, and then it clicks. the sobbings come from the room you share with him. he realizes it’s you and stops holding onto the gun, opening the door to the room silently as he sees you cry. his expression is emotionless, but he knows you’re in excruciating pain. he stares at you for a while until you notice he’s there, you quickly try to stop sobbing and you wipe your tears. you’re scared shitless, mr. nakamoto just saw you crying and it’s the last thing you ever want him to see.
“m-mr nakam-“
“are you ok?”
yuta interrupts you with his question. he stares at you, his gaze becoming more and more softer as time passes. his angel’s hurt, so he’s hurt. you try to gather up confidence to tell him what happened. before you say anything, you quickly apologize.
“i’m sorry mr. nakamoto.”
“don’t apologize for something normal. i asked if you’re ok, please reply to me.”
yuta interrupts you, moving closer and closer to you. once he’s close enough, he sits on the bed, his hands on his thighs while he looks at you, waiting for an explanation from you. while you’re explaining, yuta gets a call. he grabs his phone from his pocket and picks up the phone, you frown, feeling sad that he won’t listen to you anymore but at the same time you feel relieved.
“sorry. i’m busy right now. please call me later.”
yuta spits coldly as he finishes the call. he once again puts his phone in his pocket, and looks up at you. he raises one of his eyebrows, signaling you to continue. you sigh and resume explaining.
“i just feel so hurt, mr. nakamoto. i’m sorry you had to see me cry, my feelings are everywhere right now, i feel so overwhelmed by sadness, disappointment and even anger. i don’t know what to do. i miss them so much, my heart is aching.”
you finish your explanation with little sniffles and yuta looks at you, he doesn’t seem angry. his gaze is emotionless. he moves his head, breaking eye contact so he can analyze the situation and think about what to say. he always gives the best opinions and he always gives the best advice.
“oh. i’m sorry for that. you know, this is probably something that everyone has told you but friends come and go. it was their time to leave, if they will come back, they will. if they don’t, it’s alright. you’ll have many friends and you’ll also lose friends. if you think you have something to learn from this situation, learn from it. you’ll be fine without them, i know it hurts but i think you should appreciate the fact that you both once crossed paths and became friends. now, if you want to treat them like a stranger after this, it’s your choice. if it makes you feel more comfortable, go ahead. losing someone is really hard, but the memories will be there forever. maybe their presence is gone, maybe the friendship is now over but if you miss them, you can always try to recall the moments you had with this friend. you’ll be fine, y/n. if they ever try to harm you, remember that only the people who are hurt are the ones who do harm purposefully. no person in this world who is filled with joy and love would ever try to harm someone else.”
you analyze his words and hug him tightly. he takes a while to react, and hugs you back delicately. you smile to yourself as you feel his warm touch. you really do love your boyfriend so much. he loves you too, he just doesn’t show it as often as you’d like. thankfully, mr. nakamoto is now showing more signs of affection and that makes you so happy. he adores you, and he really loves hugging you even though he’s not used to expressing that, not yet, at least. 
you look up at him and he looks at you. he smiles softly before you blush, realizing how close you were to him. a soft and an almost inaudible laugh leaves his lips, noticing your reaction to how close you both were to each other. mr. nakamoto places a hand behind your head, getting dangerously close to you little by little. the closer he gets, the more and more nervous you feel before he quickly gets even closer to you in order kiss you softly as he closes his eyes. you’re shocked. your boyfriend, who’s known for being dangerous and emotionless just kissed you first? you kiss back, and yuta smiles as he pats your back softly, humming in approval as he feels your lips correspond to his soft kiss. even though you felt shocked by his sudden action, you also felt your heart fill up with joy by mr. nakamoto’s kiss. his lips were so plush-like, they’re so soft and so beautiful. some time passes, and yuta breaks the kiss, one of his hands on your shoulder as he separates from the kiss. you’re blushing like crazy, and yuta laughs softly at how you looked.
“are you feeling better now?”
yuta asks, starting to pat your back delicately once again while he looks at you, waiting for your answer. you smile shyly as you admire his oh so beautiful and flawless face. he smiles back at you and stands up so he can go to the bathroom and get ready for bed. he brushes his teeth and hair and then changes into comfy but dark pajamas, getting into bed with you once he’s finished with his night routine. as always, mr. nakamoto always comes home exhausted or tired because of his job. he’s a mafia leader, after all. he has a lot of work to do, but at least he gets rewarded with a shit ton of money and an amazing amount of power. he’s the first one to fall asleep. instead of hugging a pillow or sleeping without a pillow, he decides to spoon you. your perspective towards mr. nakamoto is starting to change now. maybe he really does have a sweet and soft side that he doesn’t like to show. after all, he’s always very cold and emotionless, but it’s these types of moments you and yuta treasure dearly.
minutes later, you doze off comfortably in mr. nakamoto’s warm arms. you wish these moments would last forever.
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papergirllife · 3 months ago
First Love
Lucas Wong / Yukhei
Tumblr media
"They say first love is a special experience that one would always hold a special place in your heart. Wong Yukhei was your first love in high school, but along the way, you had to say goodbye to him in order for him to achieve his dream of becoming a star in Korea. Yet fate and destiny plays its role in paving the two of you an intersection once more, will the two of you and up together at the very end?"
Warnings : smut, unprotected sex, mild angst, a child (pregnancy not described), tooth rotting fluff (all in that order, kinda)
A/N : this is one of my most heavily devoted works I've ever written, so please, of you're comfortable, drop a feedback to tell me if you guys like this writing style, thank you!
Lucas Wong of NCT and most importantly his own fixed unit, Wayv, the man who garners attention and love wherever he goes, that dazzling smile is sure to be captured by numerous cameras of awaiting fans.
But to you, Lucas was never Lucas, to you he was Yukhei, and more significantly, your ex from high school. Yukhei was your first love, you remember when the two of you had first met in Year 9, Yukhei was known for being a class clown and more of a klutz, girls would always have a soft spot for him even if they didn't like him in that way.
Yukhei was your desk mate for Year 10, the thing got you on your nerves about him was that he never took group assignments seriously, and was never at school on time, his uniform was wrinkly from rushing out of his house to catch the bus and always had a stationary missing, which means he had to borrow yours.
You never hated him, hate is a strong word, things were very neutral with him, most times, he unintentionally annoys you, but he'd always make up to you by bringing you a small bottle of apple juice the next day. The only time the two of you really fought was when he had not spoken up when his friends snatched your book away from yours to copy you off, brushing it off as a small matter.
You were quite an immature person back then, and no one can blame you, you were just a teenager, and being said that, you had refused to lend Yukhei a ruler when the math teacher did a pop quiz, so he had to use the dust pan as no one, other than you that is, brings an extra ruler.
It's not your fault, you thought back then, he shouldn't have depended on you to bring his share of stationaries. The next day, you walked into class to see his group of friends waiting at your desk to apologize to you, and as for Yukhei, he had yet again brought you a bottle of apple juice, with the addition of your favourite bar of Cadbury.
It was only in Year 11 when Yukhei had confessed to you, saying that all those annoying things he did to you were just to catch your attention, of all the girls he could've liked, he chose the one who was the most unattainable, go figure.
The next year, when the two of you were looking to apply to the same college, Yukhei broke the news to you that he'd be packing his bags for Korea, that the audition he had joined just for fun accepted him as a trainee in a large entertainment company in Korea that everyone in Hong Kong knows, SM.
At first you didn't approve of his decision, that his education was important as well, that he had a life here, with you. But Yukhei had given very valid reasons to you, that he wouldn't have passed the college entrance exams if it weren't for your tuitions until late at night in the public library, that he didn't really have an interest in studying. His most valid reason was that he didn't want to take a toll on you when you’re in college, he can't have you sacrifice your sleep and attention for him just to have him attain passing grades.
So you let him go, saying your last farewell to him at the airport as his girlfriend and ex girlfriend.
That was the last time you saw him, choosing to not stay in contact with him as you poured your soul into university life, studying like your life depends on it, you had a few boyfriends here and there, nothing serious, nothing that made you felt like your first love. Maybe you had trouble moving on, or maybe it was just stress, you thought back then, shrugging the thought off casually before diverting your attention else where, this cycle carried on until you came out to work.
Fast forwarding to March of 2019, you had unintentionally came across of a news online that Yukhei had finally been placed in his own fixed unit that would be promoting and performing in Chinese, which isn’t surprising, even the Thai member, Ten, was of Chinese heritage. What made your eyes widen was the fact that they were coming to Hong Kong.
At the day of the fan meet, you had took the day off from your boring low paying job at the law firm, so much for studying your ass off for bar exams, you’re just filing on a daily basis.
Before the day of the fan meet, you had lived off of instant cup noodles for a few weeks just to buy the album and their light stick. When you first listened to the album, you were proud of Yukhei’s rapping skills, you still recall the days when he’d struggle with his mandarin oral tests, the teachers there must be much better than you for him to improve so much, smiling fondly at the old memories.
You waved the light stick and sang along just like the other fans beside you, mesmerised by the performance that the boys are putting up, but your eyes were mostly on Yukhei, you would’ve never thought the once clumsy giant like him would dance as fluidly, executing the moves just as well as the other smaller sized members.
You watch as Yukhei introduces himself and his non Cantonese members in his mother tongue, a feeling of familiarity settling into your mind.
You are quite a confident person, but queuing up to the long table where Yukhei sat at the corner was nerve wrecking to you, what would he say to you? Would he recognise you? It hasn't been that long, but the two of you had done some changes to your looks.
The other members had greeted you with a friendly smile and a few casual questions like have you eaten, but they seem a bit taken aback by the lack of fan girl attitude that most of the fans in front of you had.
When you had got to Yukhei, he had dropped his marker on the floor, his head ducked out of sight to retrieve it, but when he came up to apologise, the words were stuck in his throat, as his eyes opened as wide as saucers. He coughed to mask the surprise on his face.
“Hi, how are you?” He asked as he took your album into his hands, scribbling something down.
“Good, how have you been?” although his hair is coloured, his eyes had contacts, and he wasn't in his messy uniform, the smile on his face never changed.
“Great, it's nice to see you,” to other fans and the staff beside him, they might think it's just one of the standard answers, but you knew Yukhei like the back of your hand, registering the twinkle in his eyes.
Soon, he had placed the album back into your hands, your fingers grazing gently as tiny sparks flew up your tips, eyes never breaking contact until the staff tells you to leave.
When you had sat down at a nearby cafe to get a cup of coffee, you took out your album and flipped to the page where Lucas had written something.
‘Hilton hotel, 9pm,' and his number under it.
Tumblr media
At nine sharp, you waited by the hotel’s sitting area, not many people at that time as usually stores in Hong Kong open rather late, patiently you waited for Yukhei. Just as you were scrolling through posts on Instagram, a tall figure approached you.
A call of your name rolled off his tongue naturally, a wave of nostalgia hitting the both of you.
“I bought you a little something before I got here,” you said as you stood up, letting him guide you to the elevators.
“What is it?” Yukhei lets out a flustered laugh, scratching the back of his nape when he realised he didn't get you anything in return.
“Roast goose and Cha Siew, are they still your favourite?” you asked, hoping his taste hasn’t changed over the years.
“Yeah, man, I remember how we'd always get quarter of both after school at Uncle Chan’s,” Yukhei said, remembering how the boss of the restaurant had hung a photo of two of you on the wall, deeming the two of you his most loyal lovebirds.
“This is from Uncle Chan’s,” you told him as you followed him into his room, looking around, expecting him to be rooming with someone.
“Don't worry, I told Yang Yang to sleep with Ten for the night,” Yukhei said when he saw you looking for someone.
“Oh, that's really nice of him,” you said as you set out the food, the smell of Hong Kong's famous delicacies wafting in the air.
“Man, I really missed this,” Yukhei said as he pulls the arm chair that was a few feet away close to the desk, directing you into it and situating himself in the not so comfortable wooden chair.
“I missed this too,” you said mindlessly, eyes avoiding his before you ate a piece of meat.
“I missed you too,” Lucas confessed, yes there are many pretty girls in his industry, and Korea itself, but no one would be able to replace you, you were his rock all his life, other than his family of course, it's hard to build a connection with someone just as strong when things between the two of you never really ended, in a way.
Leaving on too good terms and without much closure for both of you kept one another thinking of each other. The two of you know, that after tonight, things would go back to normal, Yukhei would be Wayv’s Lucas, and you’d remain as his past, there would never be an outcome from whatever happens tonight.
So when the two of you were recalling memories and troubles the two of you got in school on the oh so comfortable bed, you couldn't help it, hooking a leg over Yukhei’s waist, just like how it started at the night of the graduation party, the night where the two of you lost your virginities to each other.
“I’d be gone tomorrow, we shouldn’t, I shouldn't do this to you,” Yukhei said, a firm believer that it's always the girl that is on the losing side, like he's taking an advantage of you, ever the gentleman.
“I want this for myself, Yukhei, it's not like it's our first time,” you said, trying to convince him.
“I still feel guilty about our first time, I left a few months later after that night, and tomorrow would be the same, I'll be leaving you once more,” Yukhei said as his big hands caressed your cheeks, eyes wide like a puppy, pupils reflecting an image of you, a perfect representation of his universe, you.
“I don't care, I’ve moved on from you as your girlfriend all those years ago, moving on from you after tonight won't be a challenge for me,” you said in a firm tone, one that Yukhei knows all too well, he knows you won't give up when you sound like this.
He could possibly break two hearts if he chooses to act on his impulses, but he missed this, he missed you, and so he threw all caution out of the window when he smashed his lips desperately against yours, chewing on your bottom lip with little force, it was something that would easily get you worked up back then, and to his delight, it still worked, letting him dominate the kiss easily, he let his tongue slid in your mouth, tasting the beer the two of you had just now with a mixture of strawberry lip gloss, you were still using the Nivea one you used all those years ago, this only fuelled his desire for you, his hands leaving your cheeks to locate your waist, pulling you closer to him.
When you were out of air, you broke off the kiss, reaching the hem of your shirt to pull it off, then waiting a few seconds for Yukhei to admire the red lace on your skin before unclasping your bra, letting your blossoms free, all the while as Yukhei looks on, like he was in a trance.
“I missed these,” he commented before taking a mound into his mouth, sucking on your nipple diligently while his other hand comes up to roll it in between the pads of his fingers, the pleasure from the action making you throw your head back, a slip of his name in between your whimpers.
You let Yukhei push you back, letting you fall onto his bed, you felt his hands wander up your skirt, his huge hands around your thighs, squeezing the flesh in his palms, feeling you, but stopped when he reached the hem of your panties, detaching himself from your chest, looking at you for confirmation.
You nodded at him, putting your hand over his to guide him higher, stopping at the curve of your cheek, pushing his hand beneath the clothe, dangerously close to your core, heck he could even feel your arousal already, eyes rolling back at the thought of getting you so worked up.
“Take it off, but you can leave the skirt, for old time’s sake,” you said.
Yukhei looked at you, confused at what you’re trying to say, until he realised you were wearing a pleated checkered skirt, just like the ones you wore back in high school, memories of the two of you sneaking around, having a quickie with your skirt flipped up immediately made blood rush southwards at the thought.
“Fuck, you expected this to happen?” Yukhei asked, shaking his head in disbelief, he was always the troublemaker at school, but oh how the tables have turned now.
“Didn't you?” you asked before getting up to put yourself in a doggy position, shaking your butt, taunting him.
Yukhei chuckled to himself before doing as you say, taking off your panties to reveal your slick covered pussy, dripping wet for him on display.
Yukhei spreads you open by pulling your cheeks apart to lick a stripe up your slit, making you shudder at the warm muscle that was intruding but very much welcomed.
Yukhei allowed himself to fully stuff his face there, inserting his tongue into your core, thrusting the wet muscle at a moderate pace before adding a finger to the mix, then two, stretching you open to let his tongue delve deeper inside, he then adds a third finger, the fullness finally hitting you, soon he did a come hither movement once he had located your sweet spot, his tongue and fingers rubbing against the roof of your walls deliciously, you would’ve lost your balance if it weren't for his hand supporting you by your left hip.
The constant pleasure that Yukhei so willingly inflicted upon you would've soon come to an euphoric end if he hadn’t halted all movement, pulling out his tongue and his fingers, which made you whine his name pathetically, something you wouldn't have done if it weren't for the fact that your mind was reduced to a ball full of cotton.
“Chill, I worked you up so I wouldn't hurt you with my dick,” Yukhei said as he positions himself at your entrance, his hand coming up to your face to tilt your head to his direction, zeroing on your lust filled eyes and the plump of your lips, swollen because of him.
“Are you sure you want this?” Yukhei asks you one last time.
“Yes, please,” you said, pushing yourself back to lightly grind on his length, a little bit of your arousal getting onto his cock, his dick getting so hard it's starting to hurt.
“Ever so eager, aren't you?” Lucas said before biting his lip at the sight.
“Just put it in!” you whined, tired of his teasing.
“Okay, okay,” Yukhei said before bracing himself for your tight walls, he's never nervous when it comes to others, but you? You always held a special place in his heart.
Yukhei spreads your cheeks once more before aligning himself to slip in an inch, eyebrows furrowing at how tight you were, he could tell you were clenching up, just like you did the first time when you were nervous.
So he bends down to your back, placing gentle kisses along your right shoulder blade.
“Don’t tense up, there’s nothing to be nervous about, we did this before remember?” Yukhei said in his most gentle tone ever, you nodded your head at his words, adjusting yourself to let yourself lose in the comfort of his touch, reminding yourself that although it's been a long time since you had someone as big as him, you’ll be fine in his hands.
Once Yukhei felt yourself unclench, he pushes in furthermore, you felt yourself arching your back to allow him to fit himself easier, before he comes to a halt, you felt so full, you haven't felt this way in such a long time, it was somewhat overwhelming, but it's the most complete feeling ever, a feeling you've never felt with any other.
The initial stretch was slightly painful of course, but the pain soon turned into pleasure, and being the gentleman Yukhei is, waited for you despite the huge urge to move, waiting for your green light.
When you told him he could move, he felt like the gates of heaven just opened, pulling out slightly to give you a shallow thrust, just to test the waters.
Even with that experimental thrust, you felt like you had a taste of heaven, eager to drown yourself in this new found pleasure that you were once so familiar with.
Yukhei grasped his large hands onto your hips, setting a moderate pace, still restraining himself from snapping his hips, but from how much slick you were dripping, soon you'd be begging for more.
Once you felt yourself familiarise with his big cock, the pace that Yukhei had set wasn’t enough, you wanted him to let loose, you wanted him to rail you, be damned if you can’t walk tomorrow.
So in the midst of all the pleasure, you let out two desperate words breathlessly, “ruin me”.
Yukhei had to do a double take, pausing his movements entirely just to check if that was his mind messing with him or it was really you, but one look at your desperate face, revealed to him that was in fact your words.
Yukhei allowed the animalistic side of him to take over, holding onto your hips that would sure leave bruises the next day, but you didn’t mind, not when you felt a sudden surge of pleasure coursing through your body. He angled your body higher, arching your back for easier access, thrusting harder and faster.
You could only submit yourself to him as your toes curled and your fingers dig into the linen sheets, you’re sure if his members were next door, they'd be able to hear every single sound you make, the sound of your ass cheeks clapping against Yukhei’s hips and your high pitched moans were flowing freely, but you didn't care, not when this could be the last time you'd ever be with Yukhei.
Soon, you could feel yourself getting closer to the edge, your legs were trying their best not to fail you, and you could tell your arms were getting sore from propping yourself up as the cord in your abdomen threatened to snap, you panted out the word ‘close’, and Yukhei immediately understood, fucking into you at an inhuman pace, you could feel yourself losing your mind as spit drips from your mouth, sanity slowly slipping away from you as you felt your impending orgasm, it started from the tip of your toes, your body convulsing as you screamed his name, succumbing into the pleasure, your core bursting, the strongest orgasm you've ever felt, making your whole body sag in defeat as you let Yukhei help you ride out your orgasm.
Just when you thought it was all over, Yukhei gently flipped you over, and that’s when you realised he hasn’t cum, so you lifted your legs higher to let him enter you once again, he was using you like his personal doll, and you love it a little bit too much to be considered normal, you struggled to keep your eyes open as you fought through the slight pain from the overstimulation, hearing Yukhei’s mumble of appreciation and endearments.
“Can you give me one more, babe? Just one more,” Yukhei said before circling his fingers around your clit, making your eyes snap open when you realise he wants you to cum once more, your hands coming up to push his hand away, but his other hand grasped onto yours.
“Just one more, please,” Yukhei begged with those puppy eyes of his, and how could you say no?
So you stopped struggling, nodding your head at his request before he quickens the pace of his hips and the ministrations on your clit.
Soon, you could feel Yukhei’s cock swelling inside you before he let out a groan of your name, thrusting in one last hard thrust before he painted your walls white, his lips capturing yours to silent you as you came once more, your nails digging into his shoulders, your eyes fluttering shut as you felt Yukhei ride out both your highs.
Once he was done, Yukhei crashed onto the bed beside you, his arms wrapping around yours, kissing your lips to distract you as he pulled out, hopping into the attached bathroom to bring out two towels, taking off your skirt before he gently cleans you up, when he was done he wiped the juices you left on him, your eyes growing big when you knew it was from when you squirted on him.
“Sorry, I didn’t realise I squirted,” you mumbled behind the hands that you had covering your embarrassed face.
Yukhei laughed at the cute sight, throwing the towel aside before climbing into bed again, removing your hands away from your face, kissing you deeply before looking at you in the eye.
“I loved it,” he said before pulling you closer, and almost instantly, you were lulled to sleep by the beating of his heart.
Tumblr media
When you woke up, Yukhei was still snoring beside you, sleeping like a baby, you gently removed his hand from your waist, stepping out of the bed before gathering your clothes, putting them on, smoothing out the creases of your skirt.
Walking to the door, you glanced around once more at the sight of him, your heavy heart begging you to stay, to talk, and so you walked over to the night stand, ripping a piece of paper of the note pad and grabbing the pen next to it.
‘Goodbye and thank you for everything.’
You placed the piece of paper beside him on his pillow before kissing his forehead as a parting gift, closing the door as softly as you could when you left.
You knew this was the right thing to do, you made this decision once when he left for Korea the first time, you can't be in his way this time around, not when he's this far into his career, you can’t be selfish, he belongs on this path, he deserves it and you’re not going to take it away from him, you've stood on the side-lines all this time, he shed the limelight on you for one night, and that's all you should have, he's better off without you.
Tumblr media
Yukhei felt himself grow cold when he couldn't feel the warmth of your body, jerking up to check if you were in the bathroom, only to find the door wide open, the room empty.
That's when he had spotted the piece of paper with your goodbye message, his heart clenching in pain, crashing onto the bed once more.
He didn't know what to expect, you had sent him off once, and now you left him without saying goodbye. He thought he could at least say goodbye.
Pushing his thoughts away, he gathered his things, packing up to leave for Korea.
His members could tell something was terribly off, they thought he was just in it for a casual hook up, but his expression tells otherwise.
The usual cheerful Yukhei was nowhere to be found, which meant Yang Yang and Hendery had to keep the mood light throughout the journey home, everyone knew to not say anything, only speaking when crucial.
It took Yukhei quite a while for him to get back to his goofy self, but even then, Kun, being the most observant one, saw a tightness in his smile, a faraway look in his eyes, whoever he had seen that night must've meant a lot to him, but he dare not to press, he knows Yukhei would open up when he's ready.
Tumblr media
It was a normal Tuesday night when he had received a request to face time from you, without thinking much of it, excited to hear from you, he accepted, your beautiful face coming into view as he got comfortable on his bed.
“Hey, this is unexpected,” Yukhei said, not knowing what else to say.
“Yukhei, there’s something I need to tell you,” you said, eyes avoiding his.
“Yeah, what's up?” he asked, rubbing his nape, a habit he does whenever he's nervous.
“I'm um, I’m pregnant,” you said, choosing to not beat around the bush.
You could see Yukhei's face pale when he processed your words. Is it his? It's definitely his, it's almost a month since the two of you slept together, unless you slept with someone else?
“It's mine?” a dumb question, but he needs to know for sure.
“Yeah,” you said before the two of you come to a piercing silence.
“You could get an abortion, maybe?” Yukhei suggested after contemplating in his head, there’s no way he could be in the child’s life, and that's the best option for your sake, raising a child in Hong Kong is the most expensive thing to do, equivalent to buying a house there.
“I decided to keep it, Yukhei,” you said, glancing up to see the disbelief on his face.
“You can’t, you know I can't be there for you and you’re still so new in your job, you can't risk your life for this!” Yukhei said, not comprehending on why you'd do this to yourself.
“I already decided, Yukhei, and I don't expect you to take responsibility, this is my choice,” you said as tears threatened to flow.
“That isn't fair, it's not fair for the child! A child needs its father! You don't know what you're doing! Being a single mum is next to impossible in Hong Kong! You're putting the child in a horrible situation just for your selfishness!” Yukhei said before pushing his hair back, the feeling of an impending headache forming.
“How dare you say that?! I’ll raise this child perfectly on my own, I was just calling you to inform you of it, but since you don't want anything to do with it or me, I guess this is goodbye and don't call me anymore, I won't change my mind,” you said before your face disappeared from his phone screen.
Yukhei tried calling you immediately after, a day later, several weeks later, but you never picked up. Then he started stressing about his career, what would happen if someone were to find out? But he knows you as a person, and being a tell-tale is not one of your characteristics, yeah, he can just act like nothing happened, like he had never received this call.
He knows he's running away from his problems, but what other choice does he have?
Tumblr media
Fast forwarding to July of 2021, Yukhei is home after his filming of the popular Chinese reality show in China, Keep Running, he feels at ease when he sees his family, finally reuniting with them, but only for a short two weeks time, before he has to leave for Korea once more.
It was a Friday night when his friends from home took him out for a drink, he was not so familiar with the clubbing scene in Hong Kong, but with the knowledge he has of this area, he knows many rich and young people often here, just like the girl kissing up his neck now, her soft hands running up the expanse of his thigh, getting dangerously close to where he wants her to be.
Yet Yukhei doesn’t remember her name, was it Candy? Apple? Some sort of name that had to do with food, he just remembered that she told him that she was an up and coming model, or trying to be anyways.
Just as she suggested to go to some hotel, Yukhei suggested for a quickie in the bathroom first, and so here he is now, being pushed to the door of a stall, her hands trying to unbuckle his belt.
Yukhei reached the back of his pocket for his wallet, opening it, looking for the condom he had placed there, but cursed when he realised he must've dropped it when he paid for drinks.
He told her to go back out and wait for him to get some, leaving the club and the musky smoke filled place behind him, the summer breeze blowing his hair all over, he brings the hood of his jacket up as he scans for a nearby convenience store, locating one at the street across.
When he got in, the scent of curry immediately greeted him, it was your favourite food, everyday after school, no doubt you'll drag him into one of these shops, just to share a bowl of curry fish balls, one of the most famous snacks here in Hong Kong.
He pushed the thought away, trudging to the aisle that was on the most right, where the condoms were at, hidden away from children. He took a box and made his way to the counter, opening his wallet to take out a few notes.
The cashier turned her back from stocking the cigarette shelf, scanning the box wordlessly.
“That would be 30,” she said when she looked up, but her hand immediately dropped the box when she saw who it was, and that's when Yukhei truly opened his eyes to see who it was, at first he was just miffed not knowing why the cashier froze, then he sees you, in the worn out 7 Eleven uniform, was you, the last person he’d be expecting.
“Why are you here? What happened to your job at the law firm? Why...” Yukhei didn't know how to ask, he didn't know if he deserved the right to ask, yet there's so many questions he had swarming in his head. Where is his child? Did you abort it in the end? Did you give it up for adoption? Were you fired from your job because of it?
“It's my shift right now, and you seem to be getting lucky tonight,” you said stiffly, holding up the box for him to see, sliding it across the counter
“It's for my friend actually,” Yukhei said, eyes avoiding yours, but immediately looking at you straight in the eyes, remembering how you use to be able to see right through him whenever he didn't do the revision work you've given him.
“Right,” you said, resisting to roll your eyes.
“You haven't answered me, why are you working here instead of the law firm?” Yukhei pressed.
You sigh at his persistence, not knowing what to say to humour him, so you didn't say anything, getting back to rearranging the shelves.
Yukhei bit his lip, not knowing what to say to you, but a million questions in his head, desperate for answers.
“Please leave if you're done with your purchases,” you said, you had a long day, and the thought of entertaining him was not something you want to add on your plate.
Yukhei looked around the store once more, grabbing a bowl of instant noodles from the shelf before making his way once more to the cashier.
“I’d like to have this here,” Yukhei said before pulling out some spare change from just now.
“Yukhei, what are you trying to do?” you asked in an exasperated tone, there's no point making small talk when there's no way the two of you would ever cross in each other’s lives ever again.
“I'm hungry, I want to eat noodles,” which wasn’t really a lie, all the alcohol he drank before gave him an appetite.
You sighed, turning your back to him, soundlessly waited for the water to boil before pouring it into the cup, sealing the top for it to cook. As you worked, Yukhei was having déjà vu, this was an all too familiar sight, nights at the convenience store studying till late at night in groups, you'd always share noodles with him as you taught him some dumb math formula that no one uses in their life after school.
He takes his bowl of noodles, opting to sit at the place closest to the counter, just looking at you, eating as slow as humanly possible.
When it was around three, you received a call.
“You think you have a stomach ache? Celine jia is asleep? Okay, mama’s coming home okay?” you said frantically before shutting off the stove of the food at the counter, running to the back for a pack of meds, depositing some money into the register. You looked at Yukhei, frozen at his seat, cursing at yourself for not going into the back room before picking up the call.
“You need to go, I have something to deal with,” you said as you grabbed your bag, turning off all the switches in one go, making the place pitch black other than the lights from the lamp posts outside.
“Is that my child?” Yukhei asked, he can't allow himself to act like it never happened before, he ran away once, it's time to man up and shoulder on his responsibilities.
“No I fucked another guy before you and it's his child,” you deadpanned.
You walked down the street to flag for a taxi that is always parked there to get their club goer customers, Yukhei hot on your heels, you turned back to look at him questioningly.
“This is none of your concern, don’t follow me,” you said in a rather seething tone, you didn't mean to sound like that, but if he's going to be in the way of your child, then he’s not a friend.
“That's my child too, I want to know how they are, I have a right to do so, you studied law, you should know,” Yukhei retorted in the most friendly way possible, he knows he's in the wrong, but he wants to ensure his child’s safety.
“For fuck’s sake,” you cursed aloud before stepping into the taxi, leaving the door open for him.
You told the driver your address, sitting back to think of what's the problem, the kindergarten shouldn't be the culprit, it's a school with a good reputation, which also burns a hole in your wallet, but you don't mind, and it's not like you have much of a choice, education is deadly expensive here.
About 20 minutes later, you've reached home.
“That'll be 150, miss,” the driver said.
“Fares are different after midnight, miss,” the driver reminded you.
Before you could check if you had enough money on you, Yukhei paid for it wordlessly.
You got out of the car, rushing into the building and running up the stairs as quick as you can, unlocking the door, jabbing the keys into the rusty lock.
Taking off your shoes before you made your way to your room, spotting your son crouched in the corner of your bed, hands around his stomach.
“Hey, mama's home, I'll get you a glass of water to take your medicine okay?” you said before hurrying out, Yukhei passing you a glass of water at the kitchen.
“Thanks,” you mumbled before making your way back inside.
You open the package and passed you son a tablet, but looking at the size, you knew he’d panic to swallow something this big, so you broke it in half, telling him to drink a big gulp of water to wash it down and it'll be fine.
All the while, Yukhei was watching with wonder leaning by the door frame, even in the dim lights and the fact that he's still quite young, he could still identify his eyes on his son, the strong genes in his family, his father and brother all had those eyes, this boy is most definitely his.
The boy diligently does as you told him, taking a big gulp of water, so obedient, and from the way the two of you communicate, very mature for his age, nothing like the usual three year old.
When he was done, he noticed Yukhei’s presence, tugging your sleeve to whisper into your ear, eyes trained on him.
“That's a friend of mine, love, be polite, say hi to Yukhei gogo,” you urged.
Yukhei took this as a sign to get closer to his son, squatting down to meet his eye.
“You’re a handsome boy, what's your name? I’m Yukhei and I’m 22 this year, how about you?” Yukhei asked as he reached out his hand for the little boy to shake.
“I’m Wenghei, 3 years old. Why have I never seen you before gogo?” the child asks, looking at him with curious eyes, he's met some of your friends, but he's definitely haven't met him before, most people aren't as tall here, or not in his mother's circle anyways.
“Get some rest, love,” you said, tucking him into bed.
“Okay,” he said, a yawn coming out from his mouth.
You closed the door behind you, directing Yukhei to the small living room area, serving him a glass of water.
You walked to the trash bin, opening the lid to check its contents, a scowl on your face when you saw the root of your son’s stomach ache when you spot the plastic container that contained the two day old pizza from the freezer. Your roommate, Celine, must’ve gave him some as dinner, usually you'd leave some money for Celine to buy him dinner, but she must've been tight on money again, trying to find ways to squeeze in some spare change, you've warned her of her spending habits, always splurging on albums of her favourite stars, which reminds you.
“You have to go, I’m living with a roommate and I'm sure she's going to recognise you,” you said, a hand gesturing at the door.
“Wait, did you find out why he had a stomach ache?” Yukhei asked.
“Yeah, he ate something he shouldn't have for dinner, you have to go, I need some rest for tomorrow,” you said, struggling to keep your eyes open.
“Do you have anything on tomorrow? Can I see you, perhaps?” Yukhei asked, he didn't know what he wanted to talk about, but he just had to see you again.
“I’m tutoring a student at a coffee shop tomorrow, you can come right after,” you said, thinking that he just wants to know more about his son.
“Okay, goodnight then,” Yukhei said awkwardly as he walks towards the door.
“Goodnight,” you said, feeling a weight on your chest, dreading tomorrow’s meeting.
Tumblr media
When Yukhei arrived at the café, he could see you sitting at the way back, a teenage girl sitting in front of you, back facing him, he sipped on his latte, observing you silently.
Your hair is much longer than it had been in high school, the bag hung by your chair very much worn out, and your eye bags were heavier than on days where Yukhei would stay up to prepare for promotions.
Soon, the student was packing up, leaving the table, Yukhei took this as a sign to move to your table. You had stood up to greet him, and that's when he saw, you had lost lots of weight, and he's not meaning it in a fitness way, he recognised the jeans you are wearing, you had these even back then, they used to be a perfect fit for you, that's why they were your favourite, but now, you were wearing a belt to hold it together, and still he could see how loose it was.
“Hey, you didn't order anything?” Yukhei asked, noting that the cup of coffee he saw just now belonged to your student.
“I got a coffee in my flask, cheaper that way,” you said as you packed up your stationaries.
“What did you have for breakfast? How about I order you a piece of cake?” Yukhei suggested, looking back to see what they have today.
“It's alright, I'm not hungry, why don't we get straight to the point? What is it you want to ask about Wenghei?” you asked, noting the time on your watch, you have to leave around noon to fetch your son from pre school.
“I, how about you? Why did you leave the firm? And how’s your parents?” Yukhei started off.
“Well, they said I would’ve been an embarrassment to the firm, you know, pregnant and unmarried, so they told me to leave, it's not like filing could be done with a big weight in my stomach, so I did as they said. Now I tutor kids English and work the night shift at the convenience store, and as for my parents, they kicked me out,” you said, laying down the cards, no point avoiding his questions, especially not when you're in a hurry.
Yukhei nodded at your words, registering the fact that he had a fault in ruining your hot shot lawyer dreams and completely destroyed your sensitive relationship with your parents, how is he ever going to forgive himself?
“I’m sorry,” Yukhei said, he didn't know what else to say, how could he make it up to you and your son? Will you let him even if he could?
“Don't be, this is on the both of us, are you going to ask about the share custody stuff? If so, I don't think we should continue this conversation, Wenghei doesn’t know who you are, and maybe that's the best case scenario, what point would be made if he knew you were his father but you're not in our lives? It'll break his heart. You've seen him now, maybe you can reconnect with him when he's older, I think you should just say goodbye before you go, if you want,” you said, saying these harsh words aloud wasn’t easy, you’re not entirely a cold hearted bitch, but it's for the best that your son didn’t know about his father, no one wants to know the fact that their father abandoned them twice, some truths are better to be untold.
“Can I see him one last time, maybe tonight? For dinner? I'm leaving in two days,” Yukhei said in a defeated tone.
“Yeah, sure, I'll take the shift off tonight,” you said, eyes avoiding his, you could just tell he’d have those sad puppy eyes on his face right now, you don't need anymore guilt in your heart.
Tumblr media
“Hey man, where were you?” Jackson asked Yukhei, who was waiting for him at the harbour, they were going to Macau for a day trip today, his friend isn't late for the boat, but they did schedule to meet 15 minutes earlier.
“Something came up, and I need to head back around 7, there’s some people I need to see,” Yukhei said as they boarded the boat.
“So that leaves us 5 hours, should be enough,” Jackson said, checking his watch.
“I’m sorry about this, man, it just came up suddenly,” Yukhei said as they took their seats, apologetic because they have been talking about this trip for a long time now.
“It's okay, dude, but what's up? You look really stressed,” Jackson asked, taking in Yukhei's clenched jaw and furrowed brows, a stark contrast from his usually carefree expression.
“It's a long story,” Yukhei said as he mindlessly watches the sea from the little window of his seat.
“Well, if you don't mind, this is a 45 minutes journey, maybe we'll be able to find a solution together, what are friends for am I right?” Jackson offered, he wouldn't press his friend if he didn't want to tell him about it, but the two of them have been close ever since going on knowing brothers, coming from the same home country and everything.
And so Yukhei, for the first time, told his friend his long love story.
Tumblr media
“You know, I think I have a solution for you, but let me ask you one thing first, do you still love her?” Jackson asked as he ate his pork chop bun, Macau’s famous local snack.
Yukhei pondered over his friend’s question, yes the two of you agreed to break up, but all the girls he dated after you, all had similar features or personality traits to you, he had dismissed it as just a type, but now that he had seen you again, he realised that the hole in his heart was always emptied for you, you were the missing puzzle piece all along.
“You don't even have to answer me, your face tells all man,” Jackson said, an oily finger wagging at the direction of his face.
“Yeah, I think I do,” Yukhei said with a sigh, “but even if I still love her, that doesn’t mean she loves me back, and what if we do love each other? We're living oceans apart,” Yukhei said in a defeated tone.
“Now here comes my solution, so you said she got fired from her law firm and is now tutoring kids and doing the night shift at 7 E, and got kicked out by her shitty parents, so she really doesn't have anything else here for her other than her son, why don't you suggest get to move with you? To Korea? It'll be way easier for the two of you to raise your son, even if the two of you don't get back together, I mean, at least you'll be able to financially support them, that is what you're willing to do right?” Jackson asked, hoping that his friend would uptake his part of the child support.
“Yeah, of course I want that, I just don't know what she'll say, or if she'd be willing, she doesn't speak the language and it's an entirely different environment,” Yukhei said, thinking back the days where he had a tough time adjusting.
“From what you told me, she sounds like a tough nut, but of course, this is all up to you, but just so you know, I would really like to be his godfather, and as for your doubts of her love towards you, she did name him after you, isn't it the same Hei?” Jackson said with a hearty chuckle, he could just imagine the fun they'll have together, he was always fond of children.
“Yeah, I’ll persuade her on this,” Yukhei said, he could already feel himself getting nervous for tonight’s dinner, it can’t be that much of a coincidence that his son’s last name resembled his right? Or is he and Jackson just being delusional?
“Now that's my buddy, now come on, finish your food so that we’ll make it in time for the next batch of Portuguese egg tarts, I remember they have a fresh batch around 4,” Jackson said, mouth salivating at the thought of more food.
Tumblr media
When you arrived at the restaurant, it was fancier than what you had expected, feeling underdressed among the rich elite of Hong Kong in your old dress that you wear for every special occasion.
You asked if there was a reservation under your name, since Yukhei said he had it booked under you, and almost immediately, since not that many people can afford places like these, the waiter led you in.
“Mama, what is this place? We've never ate here before,” your son asked you.
“It's a French cuisine restaurant, we’re meeting gogo here, remember him? Or were you too sick that day?” you said as you placed him on the baby chair you had requested for.
“Yeah, I remember,” your son said as he looks around in awe, registering the pretty chandeliers that look so sparkly.
When the waiter handed you a menu, someone had joined your table, his hoodie pulled up so no one would recognise him, pulling it down when he saw that there wasn't any other customers around.
“Sorry, am I late?” Yukhei asked with a sheepish smile, a hand lifting up to check the time.
“No, we’re just early, say hi to Yukhei gogo, love,” you directed the last part to your son, patting his little hand to get his attention, smiling immediately when he lands on the tall figure.
“Gogo, you're here,” your son said excitedly, making grabby hands at him, letting his father carry him with a large smile on his face.
“Hey, buddy, don't you look excited to see me?” Yukhei said before blowing raspberry at his neck, making the young boy giggle.
What you didn't expect was to see someone coming up behind Yukhei, a little bit shorter and smaller in built, but when he pulled his hoodie down, you instantly recognised who it was.
“Jackson Wang?” you asked, blinking your eyes a few times to see if you were hallucinating.
“Hey, it’s nice to finally meet you, you look lovely tonight, and you must be little Wenghei, aren't you adorable, how about Jackson gogo take you out to buy toys, huh? I saw a big toy store just across the street, but only if your ma says yes of course,” Jackson said, giving you a side eye to Yukhei.
“Yeah, sure,” you said, it's not like the Jackson Wang is going to kidnap your son right?
“Don’t worry, I’ll watch him with my life,” Jackson said as Yukhei passes his son over to him, leaving the restaurant with his hood up once more.
“Is there something you'd like to say?” you asked Yukhei after he had taken the seat across you his hands were shaking slightly as he holds up the menu.
“I... I still love you. And I know I must sound like a jerk to you, hell I’d go back in time just to hit myself for running away, I'm really sorry for that. What I did was inexcusable, my career just stabilised at that time, and I was under immense stress from SM, you have every right to be mad at me, but I want to be apart of your life again, apart of Wenghei’s life as well, if you could let me have this second chance, I'll do anything to make the both of you happy,” Yukhei said in one breath, reciting what he had practised over and over again with Jackson in the car.
“Yukhei, I,” you were lost for words, you thought you were saying goodbye once more, that Yukhei and you would always end up in goodbyes, but now here he is, saying he loves you.
“Yukhei, you can't just say you love me for the sake of our son, and neither would you need to take responsibility for him, I chose to have him, and as for love, we can never be together, you’re an international super star now, and you're living in Korea, I don't think I have the energy to be in a long distance relationship with you, that would take a toll on Wenghei too, how am I going to explain to him that his father is in another country? He’ll always question your love for him and I don't want that,” you said, trying to hold in the tears that had built up in your eyes, your throat closing up, the cold facade you built for yourself crumbling down before his eyes.
“You can move to Korea, both of you, we can be a family,” Yukhei pleaded, his hands reaching forward to hold yours, his eyes searching yours.
“We can’t, what if we break up? What if your so called love for me, is just something you feel as a result of our child? You can't uproot the two of us when there's so many uncertainties, especially our emotions,” you said, you don't want either of you to be stuck in a relationship for the sake of raising a child, no one would be happy in the end.
“Love, you don't understand, I've never had a serious relationship after you, I tried, I really did, but I’d always think of you instead, how badly I wanted you instead of someone who reminds me of you, the thing is, I’ve always loved you, and I think you still love me too, or you wouldn't have named our son after me, am I right?” Yukhei hoped, why else would you come up with that name right?
Damn it, you thought to yourself, he saw right through you, maybe you shouldn't have named your son after him.
You looked at him and looked away, darn those puppy eyes, you’re sure you’re crying now, and Yukhei reaching over to wipe away your tears just confirmed it.
“I love you, it's always been you, only you,” Yukhei confessed.
“I, I love you too, Yukhei, and I was never mad at you for running away from us, I know how tough that industry is, but what if your fans find out about us?” you asked, slightly worried that he might lose it like last time.
“Then so be it, true fans would stay,” he said in an affirmative tone, reassuring you.
“You promise?” you asked, holding out your pinky, it would’ve been a funny sight to see if anyone saw the two of you now, crying and smiling at the same time.
“I promise,” Yukhei said before hooking his own pinky to connect with yours.
“If you leave us, Wong Yukhei, I’ll murder you in your sleep,” you said as threatening as you could sound.
“I plan to see our son grow up, so I'll value my life,” Yukhei said in utmost sincerity before grabbing a napkin to wipe away all your tears, you’re glad that you didn't wear any mascara today.
Just when Yukhei wiped away the tears in his eyes, Jackson was back with your bubbly child, his arm had bags digging into his flesh.
“Oh my god, that's too much, Wenghei why did you get so many, this is Jackson gogo’s hard earned money,” you said, lecturing your son.
“It's okay, he's an angel, this was all on me, and I guess things went well?” Jackson asked, eyes darting to your connected hands.
“Yeah,” you said, the biggest smile you had on your face.
“That's great to hear, I always wanted to be an uncle, now if you’ll excuse me, I don't think I should crash this family reunion any longer,” Jackson said giving his best friend a hug before leaving.
“So... What do you like to eat Wenghei? How about we get crème brulé,” Yukhei asked, pointing at the menu with childlike eyes, reminding you of the days where he’d get ice cream with you, splitting it on half for you to share.
“Sounds delicious.”
Tumblr media
You let Yukhei order everything, sharing between the three of you while the three of you talked, Yukhei mostly directed the questions at his child, asking about his interests, his favourites of everything, ranging from colour to ice cream, eager to make up for loss time.
“How about we talk about where you'll be staying?” Yukhei asked after ordering dessert.
“Oh, I don't know what I'll be able to afford, I'll probably get another convenience store job again, so the rent can't be too high,” you said, dreading the thought of needing to learn a new language quickly for a job.
“Hey, you don't need to work anymore, nor pay rent, I already looked it up, there's an empty unit in our condo, the soundproofing might be a bit lacking, but that wouldn't be a problem if you don't sing in the shower like Dejun, we had a few noise complaints because of him,” Yukhei said, laughing at the fond times he had at the dorms.
“Yukhei, I know housing is really expensive there, are you sure you want to do this?” you asked once more, you don't want him to resent the financial burden the two of you would add onto him.
“What did I say to you just now? I said what I meant, I want the two of you to be in my life, forever. And don't worry about money, I saved up plenty and there’s many more jobs coming up for me, and moving out of the dorms would be the next step of adulthood to me, and we’ll get to spend so much more time together, right Wenghei?” Yukhei asked, pinching your son’s chubby cheeks teasingly.
“We’ll be living together, Yukhei gogo?” your son asked, a confused expression on his face, he had his attention trained on some pink fong video, something about dinosaurs.
“Yeah, Wenghei, we’ll be moving out of our little room, are you excited? We're going to a new country. Remember the dramas I watched with you? Korea has that big outdoor theme park you said you always wanted to go, and snow, you'll get to make snowmen during the winter,” you persuaded, hoping he won’t fuss too much about the move.
“Really? There’s snow in Korea?” your son asked, excited about the winter scene he’ll get finally see in real life.
“Yeah, real snow, not the bubbles in Disney land, are you excited?”
“Yeah, is Jackson gogo going to stay with us too?” your son asked, eyes darting to his new goodies before looking at you expectantly.
“Well, Jackson gogo has his own house and we have ours, but we can always visit him,” Yukhei explained.
“Hehe, okay,” your son said before getting distracted by the crème brulé set in front of him, digging in immediately.
“When do you want us to make the move?” you asked, thinking of all the things you have to pack, which isn't a lot, but you might have to courier some of your clothes over first.
“Whenever you want, I'll get our home ready as soon as possible, is there anything you need in the house? Other than the basics of course,” Yukhei asked, uncertain of any needs you have as a woman or maybe for your son.
“Can we have a study room for Wenghei? With a desk and shelves? We love to read, and he'll need a proper desk when he's older,” you asked, hoping it wasn't too much.
“Yeah, sure, I'll be sure to get it done,” Yukhei said, noting it down into his phone.
“But it's no rush on the study room part, he's just three after all, before I go, I have to apply visas for both of us,” you said, dreading the thought of filling up paperwork, you haven't done much of that ever since you left the law firm.
“Call me if you need any help on that, I'm sure my manager knows how to,” Yukhei said.
“You’re going to tell your company about us?” you asked, knowing how strict Korean entertainment companies are.
“They can't let me go just because of having my own family, they didn't let Jongdae, my senior, go, so we’ll be fine, I promise,” Yukhei said, reaching a hand over to hold yours reassuringly, his eyes looking into yours, filled with love and adoration.
“Okay, now how about we walk around the complex until 10? Wenghei doesn't have school tomorrow,” you suggested.
“Yeah, sure, we could even stay out later if you want,” Yukhei said enthusiastically, getting up slightly to call for the bill.
“You have a flight to catch tomorrow,” you reminded him in your motherly voice, which you regretted almost instantly, cursing yourself, reminding yourself to act more like an actual 22 year old, but Yukhei didn't say anything about it, hiding his smile by nodding deeply, almost like a bow.
“Okay, I just wanted to spend more time with the two of you,” Yukhei said, stopping when he saw the waiter coming back with the credit card machine, paying with just a glance at the bill.
The three of you spent your remaining time shopping and at the arcade, playing games with your son, Yukhei had insisted on getting you a new pair of sneakers, but you shot him down when he wanted to buy more stuff, especially toys for Wenghei.
“You can buy him toys when we’re there, it'll cost even more to ship more stuff over, and there's a risk of damaging the toys as well,” you said.
But of course your son threw a fit at the shop, all for some legos.
“Hey, buddy, I'll buy you lots the next time I see you, okay? I'll buy you one that's even bigger than this,” Yukhei said, squatting down next to his son, and even then he wasn't eye level with him, sometimes you forget how tall Yukhei actually is until you see a scene like this, or when you stand really close to him.
When it was 10pm, painful goodbyes were exchanged with a promise of face timing everyday, your son cried, and held onto his father dearly, and you haven't even told him Yukhei was his dad, but their bond is evident.
Yukhei held onto you and your son until his taxi came, and you waved until you couldn't see the taillights.
Tumblr media
It's been a month since that fateful reunion, and Yukhei has squeezed in face times, calls, and texts in between schedules, giving you and your son time despite his busy career.
His company wasn’t too happy about it of course, but was somewhat glad that you weren't one to babble your business to gossip outlets.
You're now packing your things, one last time, you've been to the post office multiple times before to courier out your stuff to Korea, and every time a box reached his address, Yukhei would take a photo of it, telling you the stuff arrived safely.
Progress on your new home was quick, since it was already a fully furnished unit, Yukhei only needed to buy some furniture and things that cater to your son’s needs, he even picked out a pre school that teaches mandarin, perfect for your son’s adjustment in such a foreign country.
Tomorrow you'd be flying to Korea, a new country, a new start, but there was something clouding your mind, something you've been dreading, but today is the day you’ll tell him.
“Wenghei, can you come to mama for a second?” you asked, soon hearing your son’s tiny footsteps nearing you.
“Yes, mama?” your son asked, a hand around his precious teddy.
“There's something I need to tell you,” you said holding him close to you, letting him sit onto your lap.
“Remember how you asked me why you didn't have a baba while all your other classmates did?” you asked, trying to word it as nicely as possible.
“You said my baba had a really big responsibility, that he couldn't see us because of it, that he'll come back when he's free,” your son answered you, struggling to remember more details.
“Yes, good job, Wenghei, your memorising skills are getting better. Well, your baba is actually Yukhei gogo, he’s back now, and we can finally be a family again,” you said before holding in a breath, not knowing how he’ll react.
“Baba is Yukhei gogo? That's why we’re going to Korea?” your son asked, confusion written on his face.
“Yeah, do you like that he's your baba?” you asked, this could be the most important question ever.
“Yeah, mama, do you love baba? Does baba love you as much as I do?” your son asked, which very much surprised you, but expecting this sort of maturity from him.
“Yes, we love each other, and both of us love you as much too,” you said with a pinch of his chubby cheeks.
“Do we ever have to be separated from baba again?” your son asked, scared of losing his newfound father.
“No, never again, and can you do me one favour, Wenghei? I think the next time when you see your baba, you should run up to him and say hi baba, he’ll be very happy to hear you call him that,” you suggested, imagining the look on Yukhei’s face.
Your son giggled at the thought of making his father happy, agreeing immediately.
“Okay, now go to sleep, it's going to be your first time flying tomorrow,” you said, ushering him onto the bed.
“Okay, goodnight, mama,” your son said to you, just like he did every other night, he seemed to have accepted it very easily, maybe it was due to his age, but some day he might ask his father about his departure personally when he understands more, but that’s a hardship that’s reserved for another day.
Tumblr media
The flight was relatively short, though it was rather hard for Wenghei at the start because of the pressure he had experienced in his ears, the crying and whining got you plenty of dirty looks from passengers around you, but you paid no mind to it, you’ve been through worst so this is nothing that can faze you.
When you got there, you saw a lady holding up a plaque with your name on it, her phone in her hand, checking all the moms who came out of the same lane as you.
She had a friendly smile on her face when she saw you, introducing herself in mandarin, being one of Wayv’s staff, a trusted one, according to Yukhei.
She talked to you about Yukhei in general, even giving your son a bar of mini KitKat, praising him for being brave on the flight after she had asked you how was your flight.
Around half an hour later, you've reached your new home, a nice looking condominium that looked about a few years old.
Unloading took quite some time, even with the help of the staff, but what surprised you was the person who was waiting for you inside the lobby.
“You're here!” you said surprised at the sight of the giant.
“Yeah, I am, wanted to give you a surprise, sorry I couldn't be outside, some crazy fans camp outside, can’t let them bring you and Wenghei any harm,” Yukhei said as he carried Wenghei, spinning in a small circle, looking at him with full of love.
“I understand, don't worry, I'm not a teenager girl anymore,” you said as you checked out the place, the sitting area had a couch set and free WiFi, this is a 180 from the living conditions in Hong Kong.
“Baba, did you miss me?” your son asked when he had stopped giggling from his father’s spins, which instantly ceased to a halt, eyes growing as wide as saucers.
“What did you call me? Say it again,” Yukhei said with the biggest smile on his face, all of his teeth were showing.
“Mama said you were my Baba,” Wenghei said like it was as simple as two plus two.
“Yeah... I am your baba, and you're my son,” Yukhei said before holding his son even closer, you could even see the tears at the corner of his eyes.
“Why don't we go see our new home Wenghei?” you suggested, seeing that some people have came out from the lifts, typical going to work hours.
You walked a feet away from Yukhei, not wanting to draw attention, holding onto the lift for Yukhei to bring all your luggage in.
Once you were at your level, you started loosening up, noticing that no one was around.
“This is my members’ unit,” Yukhei said pointing at a door, “And this is ours,” Yukhei said before opening the door for you, welcoming you into a warmly decorated home, every piece of furniture was placed and chose to accommodate your child, all the corners were covered with this e rubber safety stickers.
He showed you into Wenghei's room where the bed had all his favourite characters in the form of a plushie, his bed was soft when you sat down on it, and the blanket he had picked out was a soft fleece material, perfect for the cold weather.
Your son was going around every corner, awing at everything his father had gotten him, especially the Lego sets that were on his desk.
“Thank you, it's beautiful, his room,” you said when Yukhei wrapped an arm around your waist, bringing you closer to him, god how much you've missed his warmth.
“Go take a look at your room,” Yukhei said before pulling your hand into the direction of the master bedroom, welcoming you into a room with a king size bed and silk linen sheets, an aesthetic looking vanity that you've always wanted as a teenager, now as well of course, and a little reading corner just for you by the window.
“It's all I've ever wanted,” you said in disbelief, not knowing how could Yukhei pull this off in such a short time.
“You like it? I got some help from my members, especially Kun for the kitchen, you should check it out afterwards, you always wanted a big kitchen area,” Yukhei said as you laid on the bed, giving your stiff body a rest from the journey.
“Lay down with me for a while, I’m a bit tired from the flight,” you said, making grabby hands at him.
“Nah, I shouldn’t, this is your bed,” Yukhei said, looking flustered.
“Wong Yukhei, I’ve had your child and now you're acting all innocent?” you asked in an accusing tone, playing with him, which made him lay down next to you immediately, he didn't like getting you angry, thinking back all those days when you had lectured him just like that when he forgot to do his homework.
“You want me to sleep here?” Yukhei asked carefully, observing your expressions.
“This is our bedroom, where else do you want to sleep?” you asked, but was promptly cut off by Yukhei's lips on yours, smiling as he kissed you, gentle but expressing all his love for you, a hand lingering on your back, guiding you closer than him.
Many mistakes that had to be made had guided you here, but you've never regretted, for if it wasn't for the hardships and the crossroads, you wouldn't have found a home with the man you'll cross oceans for.
The end.
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peachybun-bun · 2 months ago
Ooo that anon got me thinking. WayV reaction to you being preggo?
Oop. Alright let's see here....
Tumblr media
Kun: This man was made to be a dad. He would be so excited mostly because you two probably planned it. He would have a big grin on his face when you showed him the positive test. He might even tear up a bit. He would kiss you so sweetly as he put his hand on your lower stomach.
During your pregnancy expect the literal sweetest partner you could ask for. You even try to do too much and he's put you on bed rest himself. You want something just ask for it. If you and his baby need it, want it, or just like it name it and it's yours.
Ten: He's going to flash you that Ten smile and melt your heart. Then he is going to ask to see the test and the box to inspect it for himself reading the instructions and re-reading them again before looking over at you in amazement.
"I'm going to be a dad." You would laugh and nod as you watch the reality flash over his face. "Well I've already decided that whatever he or she wants to do they can do it. Dance, singing, writing, painting...." You would laugh again and bring up the point they might not being into something artistic or expressive but he would just look at you in disbelief. "I'm sorry this child is half my DNA, there will be some form of expression."
WinWin: The first thought in his mind is to protect the baby from the rest of NCT as a whole because as much as they love him, his child will be on everyone's list of favorites. "Let's keep this between us for just a little bit because trust me Y/N...once they know you won't be left alone."
And he would be right. The rest of the members are drawn to him like a bug to a light and therefore your stomach might as well say free real estate on it for the amount of hands that get placed on it.
Lucas: This man is shocked and a bit nervous. He is literally a child in a giant body who acts like a large puppy. He would just give you that classic shocked Lucas face but then smile when reality hit.
After that he would probably hover a lot more than you'd prefer but he's just super protective of you and the baby. You stubbed your toe once and now he's wrapped the legs of the end tables in bubble wrap.
Xiaojun: This man is 50% shocked and 50% overwhelmed with joy/terror. He knows how he he and he knows that any baby that is half him is going to inherit some of it. "Oh we are in trouble...I hope it ends up like you. We can't handle another me."
Expect to be lulled to sleep almost every single night as he lays his head on your breasts and runs his hand over your growing stomach signing lullabies in every language he knows.
Hendery: Another child stuck in a man's body. He would give you that big ol toothy grin and just stare at you for few minutes in shock. After that he's always got a hand on you. Either he's holding your hand or has his hand on your stomach. He refuses to miss the first kick if he can help it.
He has also come up with at least 15 possibly nicknames before you even know the birth gender. He just wants to be very prepared in this aspect, it's important you know?
YangYang: The first words out of his mouth are "We are naming him or her Eleven." To which you turn down because that is just silly. He is surprisingly not shocked or doesn't seem overwhelmed. He just hides it really well and Kun gets a LOT of phone calls on how to be a good dad.
You will 100% find brochures for dance classes, art classes, and singing lessons before you are even showing. When you ask him about them he just says "You can never be too prepared. Kun said it's good to plan ahead..."
Tumblr media
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soleilsuhh · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
soft moments with lucas ★
﹟ requested   ೨    · ⿻  “𝙘𝙖𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙬𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙚 𝙖 𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩 𝙢𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙇𝙪𝙘𝙖𝙨 𝙖𝙨 𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙡? 🥺 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙬𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙚 𝙨𝙤𝙤 𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙡 ” — @ashfire295
Tumblr media
lucas groaned softly as you shook him but he didn’t budge or wake, his arm around your waist tightening just slightly. “y/n, go to sleep, sweetheart, the alarm hasn’t even gone off yet,” he whined but his voice was raspy and laced with sleep. a moment passed and you think he was already fast asleep as you said, “i love you.” you felt him stiffen and his eyes fluttered open. he looked at you, eyes hazy and lips parted before a grin settled on his face. he pulled you closer, nuzzling his face in your neck, “i love you too, baby,” he giddily said, pressing innocent, butterfly kisses on your jaw. he pulled back to look at you, a serious yet soft look in his eyes, “i love you.” you looked at each other, traces of happiness lingering in your eyes and on your lips until you eventually drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
lucas watched you from the driver’s seat while you laughed over a joke he told; your head thrown back, wind in your hair, sunlight on your skin. just as he hit the break, reaching a stop sign, he smiled and waited for you to calm down. when you met his gaze with a lingering smile on your face, he sighed, “i think i kinda wanna marry you,” he said, “but only if you’re okay with it,” he added with a grin.
Tumblr media
it was a delightful, quiet moment but you didn’t regret breaking it. you just had to let him know. “you’re so beautiful, lucas,” you said, one hand lovingly cupping his cheek then softly tracing his jawline. he looked up from his phone and locked eyes with you. he mirrored your actions and with a gentle hand over your cheek, he grinned gleefully. “you’re more beautiful,” he said, his voice soft as he leaned forward, playfully bumping your nose with his.
Tumblr media
lucas cupped your cheeks as he wiped your tears away with his thumbs. he pushed a few strands of hair away from your face and looked at you with a small smile. “let’s see...” he began, “a kiss here,” he pressed his lips against your forehead, “and here,” this time on the corner of your eye. the smile on his face was cheery as he heard you giggle softly despite your red, puffy eyes. “there, that pretty smile,” he said softly before cradling you in his arms, “i’ve got you, baby,”
Tumblr media
nct masterlist.
vignettes of soft moments.
Tumblr media
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itsallabouthedetails · 4 months ago
The visit (Lucas x reader)
Tumblr media
Source of the picture
Summary: Your boyfriend visits you abroad and as you haven't seen each other for quite some time one thing leads to another
Pairing: Lucas x reader
Genre: idol!AU, fluff, smut, relationship, 18+, one shot, pwp
Warnings: usual curse words, no kinky stuff, no mention of protection because it's an established relationship, I'm sure they got this covered by now
Word Count: 2k
„Omg, you’re here!“
Lucas smiles down at you, big brown eyes dancing.
You jump up, wrapping your legs around his hips, absolutely sure he is going to catch you. He does just that with ease and closes the door to your hotel room with his foot, before lowering his head to kiss you. You can feel his hunger, it’s been so long. You lean into the kiss, adding your tongue, sighing with bliss. It’s so good to see him, to feel him. Your arms are wrapped around his neck by now and you press your body to his. His body heat is overwhelming. It always is. Being cuddled by Lucas is like taking a hot bath. It’s comforting to the max.
“You are so tiny,” he chuckles lowly into your ear, “I love how I can carry you around everywhere.”
He walks to the bed but doesn’t lay you down. Instead he turns again and presses you slightly to the wall. You moan, being pressed against him closer now. His hands are in your hair and under your shirt, brushing against the side of your bare breasts. You were about to sleep when you heard the knocking at your door. You don’t wear much.
“I could just crawl inside you,” you pant between kisses and it’s true. You want him so much, no amount of touching seems to be enough.
“Let me just…,” he murmurs hastily, pressing you against the wall with his hips, while undressing his upper body. You feel he’s hard already, his dick throbbing against your own soaked heat. The sight of his naked chest never fails to excite you. His skin is smooth, and all the muscles are playing beneath it. His shoulders are so broad, you disappear completely behind them. It’s like a wall in front of you, a stunning one that is. As soon as he gets rid of the clothes, his hands are back on you. He nestles at your shirt, pulling it upwards, over your head. When your bare skin touches his, you feel his bulge grow even bigger. With a low groan his lips crash back on yours and you grind your body against his, longing for more. His hands are on your breasts now, then cuppings your face again, he can’t decide. He is still only holding you up with his hips. He is strong like that. Your hands are all over the place either, still it’s not enough.
When he backs away from your mouth for a second to catch his breath you open your eyes to take him in and the sight is absolutely gorgeous. Pink cheeks, hair a mess, lips sore and shimmering. Then, his smile lights up the room and the affection in his eyes showers you.
“I love you so much, babe, you have no idea how happy I am right now. I’m so glad I could make it.”
“It’s the best idea you ever had, and I love you too, Lucas, but please, I need more than that right now. Please let me feel you, I’m going crazy.” You know you are literally begging, but you don’t care. You two were never known for being patient.
He laughs at that and the vibration sends sparks right to your center, where all your nerves are buzzing already.
“My needy baby. I better not keep you waiting.” He grins, steps back and puts you down and as soon as your feet touch the floor you slip down your shorts and he unzips his jeans and takes it off, right with his boxers.
“You want me to fuck you against the wall, hm?”
You nod eagerly, but there is something you want to do first. You want to taste him. You drop down to your knees in an instant and before he knows what you are up to, you take the tip of his dick in your mouth. He breathes in sharply, grabbing your shoulders and release his grip again with a whimper. “Fuck,” he gasps, eyes closed and head tilted back. You take him in as far as you manage and bop back and forth and he curses and whines under his breath and you absolutely love it. You rather be pressed against the wall already, but you haven’t seen him in so long and you just love all the noises he makes when you do this to him, you don’t want to miss out on this chance. You can tell by the tightening of his hands on your shoulders that he is about to lose it and you actually planned to just tease him with your mouth before he is going to fuck you, but you love to give him head and he is so hungry that it doesn’t take long to make him come at all. So when he tries to push you back to prevent him from losing it, you stubbornly remain where you are and just seconds later you feel him spasm with a grunt and his cum in your mouth. You swallow it quickly and look up and he seems so fucked out already, it’s amazing.
He sinks down at the bed, pulling you with him and you climb on top of him, your hips hovering over his. You know he is too worn out right now, but you are sure he will go down on you in return in no time. Before that you want cuddles and kisses though.
He hums against your lips, kissing you less frantic now, but with so much tenderness, you are melting. His arms are wrapped around you and he presses his lips softly on every place he can reach, temples, forehead, nose, cheeks and yes, your lips too.
“You know I want to return the favor, right?” he smirks, licking his perfect lips.
“I very much hope so,” you smirk back, raising an eyebrow, getting excited instantly.
He sits up with you on his lap, kissing you again, before searching the hotel room for some furniture that might be useful, despite the bed. He uses to place you on tables or wardrobes to eat you out, it’s just his thing because he loves to carry you around. As there is nothing useful, he flips you over so you lie under him and after another kiss, now definitely less tender and more hungry again, he makes his way downward, nibbling your buds and drawing fine lines with his tongue until he arrives between your thighs. Before he even reaches your folds you’re already arching against his mouth, desperate for some friction at the right places. He teases you first but you grunt frustrated and after chuckling and breathing hot air against you, he slips his tongue over your clit and you almost scream.
“Oh god, yes. Please don’t stop, don’t stop,” you stammer, both hands in his soft hair, pressing him down on you. And he doesn’t. Without further ado he goes straight at it, licking and sucking the way you love it and your moans fill the room and make him hard again in no time. He doesn’t stop when you come for the first time though. He hasn’t added his fingers to the game yet and after giving you some time to catch your breath, he props up on his elbows and slowly slips a finger inside you, making you yelp.
“What are you doing,” you pant lifting your head to catch his gaze and he just blinks at you, looking all innocent.
“I know you want more baby. Just one more time, do it for me, I know you can.”
His words make your core clench which he can feel around his finger, and he looks up at you in astonishment.
You laugh at his surprised expression. “Lucas, this is hot as fuck and if you don’t start to move your fingers now, I’m gonna scream!” So he does, his eyes never leaving yours and it’s so intimate, you reach for his other hand and intertwine your fingers with his. This time you stay completely silent. He moves his finger awfully slowly, adding a second after some time and then a third, circling your clit with his thumb. Your deep breaths are all there is to hear now. This isn’t fucking, it’s love making and he does it painfully slowly but so unbelievingly skilled, that when you come undone around his fingers your whole body sings. Wave after wave washes over you and you release a string of soft praises and curses as you get swept away, all the while Lucas watches you with that stunning smile of his and when you pull away from him and stretch out to enjoy the relief, he moves up to you and places a long kiss on your forehead.
“This was beautiful, baby,” he utters with sparkling eyes when he lets go eventually and you reach up to his head to run your fingers through his silky hair.
When your mind is clear again, you drag the blanket over you and nestle against him, your whole body coiled around his.
“How long will you stay,” you whisper, feeling weariness getting a hold on you.
“Only tonight. A driver will pick me up at eight in the morning,” he replies quietly, and you bury your head deeper in his chest. “It’s not even six more hours.”
“Let’s not count hours,” you whine, trying to stay awake, but you know you are failing. You feel his lips on your temple again and that is the last thing before your eyes fall shut for real.
When you wake up it’s still dark outside, but you immediately sense Lucas next to you and a wide smile tucks at your lips. You snuggle up to him and it doesn’t take long until you know he is awake as well. You feel his hand on your thigh, trailing up to your butt, grabbing one of its cheeks. He instantly ignites the fire in you again. With a quiet grin you move yourself on top of him, straddling his hips. He is more than ready for you which doesn’t come as a surprise. You adjust yourself and his big hands lift you up a little, before you feel the tip of his dick at your entrance, easily slipping inside as he lowers you slowly. When he is buried fully inside you, both of you sigh in unison, getting used to the sensation. You don’t rush things, just move steadily on him, moans getting louder and slightly more desperate as you feel the need for a faster pace. He grabs your hips again and moves you up and down until he loses patience and rolls over with his dick not leaving you for a second. When he is on top he starts sucking and nibbling at your neck, making you crazy with wanting to come.
“Harder, Lucas, please, more,” you breathe, and he obeys, fucking you with deep thrusts until you reach your high and bite his shoulder to muffle your screams. The pain jolts through him and surprisingly adds to his lust and he asks you to do it again with a shaky voice, almost timidly. You immediately place another bite and another, digging your fingernails into his back and with a breathless string of “Fuck”s he fills you up, before collapsing on top of you.
“This never get’s old,” he chuckles after a while and you burst out laughing at that yourself.
“Only because it’s you.” You kiss him fondly and pull him into a tight hug.
“What time is it anyway?”
“Not even three more hours.”
“Well let’s put them to good use then.”
“Are you kidding me? How many times do you want me to fuck you until you’ll have enough?”
You burst into laughter once more. “Who's thinking about sex now? Have you ever heard of a thing called talking?”
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writeformesinpie · 5 months ago
Fire Drill
Lucas x Reader 
You’re at work and you don’t notice the fire alarm going off due to the loud music in your ears and a malfunction with the alarm itself. 
You think it will be just a regular day at work, you didn't plan on a fire. 
Even if your co-worker Lucas saves you from the fire you’ll learn there’s more than one way to burn.  
Genre: Fluff. Suggestive. 
Word Count - 1.3K
Tumblr media
   Downing the last mouthful of the energy drink you bought this morning on your way to work, you taste the tangy burst of the bitter and sweet at the bottom of the can before glancing at the paperwork to your left with a slight groan. There are three piles stacked in front of your fake cactus, just to the left of your two monitors filled with pink and yellow sticky notes reminding you of important emails, updates and names.
   After three years, the piles of work they expect done each day seems to grow yet somehow your paycheck stays the same. It’s disheartening to say the least, but if you don’t get a start on it soon you’ll be here all night. Being paid salary seemed like a grand idea at the time. Now, however, you realize that’s how they trap you into working harder for less. The pay was a great incentive at first but when you factor in all the unpaid overtime you are forced to work, you end up getting paid less hourly then you had before you moved to this position.
   It isn’t all bad though. Yes, the benefits could be better, but you have all the necessities: health insurance, dental, life insurance, 401K, stock options, 4 weeks paid vacation, 2 week sick leave and even a few days off for volunteering. The shared break room is both a perk and a curse. Even now you can smell someone's burnt food from down the hall, but the free soda and hot chocolate are nice. Plus, all of your co-workers are awesome.
   Your cubicle buddy Lucas might well be the highlight of most days.
   Lucas can be a little weird at times, he is an Aquarius after all, but he can also be attentive. He remembers all the special days such as birthdays, religious, and government holidays. He even remembers your co-workers' kids' birthdays. Every Valentine’s Day he brings a single red rose for every person on the team. He’s just one of those guys. He also remembers dietary restrictions even when your own managers don’t. To top it all off, he’s easy to talk to and if you’re being quite honest, he’s also easy on the eyes.
   Tapping your foot to the rhythm of the boisterous music, you avoid the cord of your headphones as you grab the first pile of papers. Another perk of working here. Music. You might very well die without it, what with all the tedious tasks and projects ahead.
   You like it loud. It drowns out the sounds of the people around you and transports you to another place. It’s easy to get distracted, especially when a task is repetitive, so blocking out every sound and movement is a must.
   Of course the first stack from the pile is a set of packets that are stapled together. Holding in a sigh, you lean over and your arm brushes up against the purple duck-taped armrest as you dig into the bottom drawer for the staple remover. It scratches your arm from time to time and while there are newer chairs available and you were even offered one, you rather like the uniqueness of this one. Rubbing your arm you straighten back up and see a flutter of movement behind you. It’s probably just one of the others trying to get your attention but you’re already behind today so you ignore it.
   The headphones block off the abrasive grate of metal on paper but you still feel a shutter tingle down to your bones, the sound somehow penetrates within even though you couldn’t possibly hear it. The sound of metal on paper is worse to you than nails on a chalkboard.
   A shadow moves from your peripheral and before you can turn to see it, someone is seizing your shoulder. Jolting up with a yelp, you lash out and collide with a firm chest before your headphones slide off, dangling off the side of your desk while still connected to the computer's tower by the auxiliary cord. Now free of the deafening music, the squealing fire alarm fills every inch of space around you.
   “The alarm is broken, the lights aren’t working up here.” It takes you a moment to realize what he’s talking about. The alarm. The fire alarm should have affected the lights, creating a signal that doesn’t just rely on sound alone. “Good thing there wasn’t a real fire.”
   “For real,” you answer, grabbing your bag and following him down the hallway. It’s Lucas and he’s slightly out of breath. Walking through the stairway door as he holds it open, you can hear a few murmurs from one of the lower floors as you start to make your way down. Looking over your shoulder with a grin, you tease, “Thanks for saving me. Even if it was only a drill.”
   “Well, I am the appointed floor sweeper. Not a single person left behind.”
   “Lucky me.” Although you are pretty sure you were left behind if the complete lack of people left on your floor is any indication. “And how long was I meant to wait for your rescue exactly?”
   “Give a guy a break,” he says with a toothy grin. “I was on the first floor when the alarm went off.”
   “Isn’t that against protocol?” The gray stairs winding down are silent now - everyone else must be outside at the meeting point. “I’m pretty sure you aren’t meant to run into the fire.”
   “I would fight a fire if it means keeping you safe.”
   Stopping, you look up at him. He's only a few steps behind you and the abruptness of your turn catches him off balance, causing him to trip down the few steps that had once separated you. Now he is mere inches away. Surprised with the new closeness, you jut out a hand flush against his chest, partly to steady him, partly to distance yourself. The thin cotton does nothing to quell the heat radiating from the man staring down at you, his grin dissipating as looks down at your hand.
   Before you can yank it away, he is covering your fingers with his and pulling them up to his full lips. He holds your gaze for a moment before he starts to kiss each digit, the beautiful curve of his mouth dancing along your hand.
   “Lucas?” The word comes out raspier than you expect. You place your other hand on his chest, but not to push him away. You want to be closer to him. You want to feel him. Reaching your hand up further you dive into his soft brown hair that floats around his face. His eyes burn into yours before he turns you, pushing you against the wall. His lips hover over yours until you can’t bear it, pulling him the last few millimeters toward you.
   He is soft and warm, his tongue already at home inside you.
   The door smacking against the wall on the ground floor brings you back to your current situation. Looking down the stairway, the fire department has arrived.
   “Quick, let’s get out of here,” he whispers against your neck. Excitement pools within as the words sink deep.
   Biting your lip, you try to gather your thoughts as you both make your way down the stairs and out past the firefighters. There may not be an actual fire in the building but your body has been ignited. After something like this, it is going to be practically impossible to work and looking over at Lucas, you can’t help but think he knows exactly how you feel, that mischievous grin hinting at more to come.
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homework-and-demons · 4 months ago
[12:24 am] “Lucas for god’s sake that’s not how it works!” You yelled in frustration, silently praying your nosy neighbors would pardon your sudden outburst.
“Babe...don’t shout...” Your boyfriend shot you an apologetic pout, innocently trying to pass you the now destroyed pizza batter. 
“I told you to knead it, not pound into it.” You rolled your eyes before taking the bowl into your possession. “Now how shall we revive it.”
“Uh. Just fry them or something?” It came out more as a confused statement from Lucas but you couldn’t help smiling at his cuteness. Truly he’s just as clueless regarding cooking as he is when it comes to his broken Korean. 
“And I don’t get why are you fretting over the boys coming over tomorrow. If you serve shit, they’ll happily gobble up that too.” 
“Lucas ew!” You light smacked his arm, to which he just flexed his biceps with an arrogant smirk on his face. You scoffed at his antics. Not your fault you’re dating a 5 year old trapped inside the body of an 22 year old. 
“So,” Lucas dramatically flipped his head to move his bangs. “Are we serving them poop or food?”
“Oh my goodness, Lucas. I have a knife in my hand.”
“Oooooh. Sexy. Lady killer. “ Cue his infamous wink. ;)
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gyeomsweetgyeom · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
[9:02 am]
Whether it was the memories of the loud voice screaming at so close to your face, or the alarm just a foot away from your head that had been blaring for two minutes now that woke you up- you have no idea. But one thing for certain is that the day was not off to a great start- very far from it. A fight the night before and a somewhat late start after a night of mediocre sleep. You were tired already.
Trudging to the bathroom, you began brushing your teeth whilst staring blankly into the drain of the sink going over the fight in your head. You can’t even remember what had started to heated argument, Lucas had come home after his schedules tired and grumpy, then you had apparently done something to annoy him that then spiraled into yelling and spilled dinner that you had to clean up after Lucas stormed off to a shower and went straight to bed. 
Stepping into the kitchen for breakfast you were met with the sight of Lucas eating at the counter with a cup of coffee. Upon making eye contact he sent you a large grin “Good morning, baby! How did you sleep?” 
You paused on your way to the fridge, confused as you why he was acting like nothing had happened. Like you didn’t have the biggest fight of your relationship merely hours ago. So you simply answered, “Fine.” 
Lucas wasn’t put off by your answer, maybe you were having an off day and not in the mood to talk. It would probably just be better if he didn’t push it for a little bit. 
Half an hour later, Lucas slowly stepped into the bedroom where you laid on the bed scrolling through your phone. Even if you did wake up a little grumpy, when you had time in the mornings you guys always watched tv together- you must have been more mad than he assumed before. Were you guys even going to follow through with the plans you had made weeks ago? “Baby?” He started cautiously, “Do you still want to go to Kun’s later? We have that lunch.”
“Yeah, fine.” You answered with a shrug, your eyes never leaving the screen in front of you.
He settled down on the bed beside you looking at you with his big, sad eyes. “Did I do something to make you mad, my love? If I stole all the blankets last night or accidentally kicked you, I’m sorry.”
You huffed angrily, “That’s all you’re going to apologize for?”
A look of confusion came across his features while he thought back to the past few days, wracking his brain for anything. 
At the puzzled look on his face you set your phone aside, sitting up to face your boyfriend.”Really Yukhei? You really hurt my feelings last night and now you’re acting like you can’t even remember the biggest fight we’ve ever had.”
“Baby, I don’t want to upset you even more, but I genuinely don’t know what you’re talking about. The last fight we had, if you can even call it that, was like three weeks ago when I left my luggage packed for a week after I came back from China.”
Your eyes filled with frustrated tears,”Yukhei, last night you came home from schedules angry at me when I tried to offer you dinner. You got angry at me and started yelling so loud. At some point you knocked the bowl of food off the counter and then just stormed off to bed.”
“But that didn’t happen.” Lucas replied, completely clueless as to what you were talking about. 
You threw your hands up exasperatedly as tears began to fall rapidly, “If you want to act like it didn’t happen, fine, but don’t try to make me sound crazy by saying it didn’t happen at all Yukhei. That’s not fair.”
He cupped your face, using his thumbs to wipe away your tears. Allowing you to calm down and let out you emotions before he pulled you into a tight embrace. 
“Listen baby, I would never want to make you feel that way, but last night those things didn’t happen. I didn’t work yesterday, so we went on a date to Ikea to buy that new chair in the living room. We took forever building it, so we just ordered pizza for dinner. There’s even leftovers in the fridge.” Lucas explained to you, reassuringly running his hand over your hair. 
You pulled away quickly, face stained with tears and eyes red. “Huh?”
“Yeah baby, did you have a bad dream then? Can you remember anything else?”
You let out a watery chuckle and a sigh of relief, “I guess that explains why you had green hair and now you don’t. I’m sorry, my love.”
“You have nothing to apologize for, you cant control these things. Hey, I had a dream they actually let me in Dream. I mean they also let everyone else in Dream and we danced with dogs, but...” He trailed off with a look of concentration, trying his hardest to remember the rest of the dream. 
“Dream come true then?” You asked, voice still somewhat muffled by his chest which you had not stopped hugging.
“Almost, except you weren't there.” God, you were in love.
A/N: I once again have no idea what that ending is... anyway hope you all enjoyed!!
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writemekpop · 5 months ago
Bad Boys Do It Better | Wong Yukhei (Lucas)
Pairing: Wong Yukhei (Lucas) x Reader
Summary: Your first date with Lucas is heating up... till he reveals a shocking secret...
Genre: Suggestive ;) 
Word Count: 0.9k
Gif: @nctaezen​
Tumblr media
The first date was a test. And you, Y/n L/n, had just three simple requirements for the perfect man: 
a) He opened the car door for you
b) He paid for the meal (this is London, not frickin' Amsterdam, babe)
c) You had sex on the first date
Okay, c) was a unique requirement. But you had to make sure that the D was worth cashing in on. At age 23, you'd already dated too many charmers who let down their pants to reveal… damp string cheese.
But tonight, your system was failing. Because Lucas Wong had failed every single requirement so far... and you couldn’t bring yourself to care. 
How could you resist him? Everything about Lucas was bursting at the seams. His 6-foot height... his chocolatey, lickable muscles... and the literal bulge in his trousers, that was no joke. 
After a meal at McDonalds (“I mean, come on, who wants to eat fancy food off tiny plates that leave you starving?” he said), you were in the bus, shivering in your glittery bodycon dress. 
"What do you do, again?" you asked.
"I'm basically a police officer," Lucas replied, smirking. He put his arm over your shoulder and pulled you towards him. 
“Sweet! You went to the academy and everything?” you said, heart racing at the firmness of his pecs. 
"I keep law and order in the Harmony night club, ya know? It can get rough in there..."
Your heart dropped. "So you're a bouncer.”
Brilliant. Another deadbeat. 
But, by the time you made it to the 28th floor of his block of flats, you were putty in his fingers. Not his job, not his manners, nothing could ruin Lucas in your eyes. 
Only, as he dug for the keys in his baggy jeans, Lucas told you something that changed everything. 
Something that should have sent you sprinting back down the stairs. 
Something that should have popped you on the next flight to Antarctica. 
Something that should have, at least, made you say, “What the fuckin’ hell?” 
Eyes still fixed on his pocket, Lucas said:
"Oh, did I say I have a kid?" 
Your mouth dropped open. You wanted a man who could take care of you, not a one-way-road to dirty nappies, debt and a dead-end future. 
But, deep down, you knew that you weren’t going to run off. Because you were hopelessly smitten with Lucas Wong. 
So you just forced a bright smile, and said, "No problem, babes!" 
Anyway, you were soon way too distracted to worry about that. 
Because Lucas spun you through the tiny flat into his bedroom, artfully slammed the door shut with his foot, lay you on the bed and, hovering over you, whispered, "At least you can call me... daddy." 
Giggling like a teenager, you tried to slap his shoulder. It ended up as more of a tap - you could barely move under his weight. 
The sheets rustled as Lucas leaned down to kiss your lips. 
As you kissed, his heavy breaths warmed your face, and you felt his large hand slide down to grab your butt. When he did, you moaned - you actually moaned into the kiss. You were meant to be composed! Who was this girl who was already begging for Lucas's hand to slip under your dress and up your thigh? 
You were still dizzy when you heard something: A tiny whimper. 
Lucas jolted out of the bed like he had been electrocuted, and sprung to the corner where a tiny plastic cot held...his baby? 
You rolled your eyes, feeling naked on the bed, abandoned without so much as a 'sorry'. Your desire for Lucas pulsed furiously between your thighs. Talk about a cock blocker...
Finally, you had the chance to eye the small room around you. The walls contained one faded Chinese calendar, a tiny, framed photo of Lucas and his baby, and about a million ripped out pages of Playboy depicting half-naked women. Talk about cheap!  
In a moment, Lucas was back in your arms. 
"Sorry," he said. You prepared to be angry, but soon he was placing wet, hungry kisses down the side of your neck and all was forgotten. You lay back and focussed the feeling of his hardness against your thigh and the irresistible urge to grind your hips against his....
Another whimper. Lucas sprang out of bed again, leaving you to angrily cross your arms. 
"Sorry, I think she's hungry", Lucas said, pulling out a bottle and cradling the baby. 
After ten minutes of waiting around on the bed, you couldn't take it anymore. "Ugh, maybe this ain't the time," you snapped, smoothing down your dress. 
Lucas looked up, his wide brown eyes pleading with yours. "Wait, babe, don't go!" 
And for the first time that day, you saw Lucas in a totally new light. 
His gorgeous caramel face was almost touching the baby's. As he gently rocked it, you heard him whisper 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. The baby giggled, spit running down its chin. Lucas cooed, and used the edge of his T-shirt to delicately wipe his kid's face clean. 
Damn, you had no idea Lucas could be so... gentle. Your stomach twisted as you realised you hadn't even asked her name.
As if reading your thoughts, Lucas calmly said, "Lulu."
You chuckled. "Shame she's a girl, you probably wanted to name her Lucas Junior!" 
Lucas chuckled, quietly, so as not to disturb the baby. She nestled into the crook of his huge arm, almost hidden. Your heart swelled at his consideration. 
Lucas murmured, "Sorry about this. You can go if you want."
You shook your head, smiling. "You know, I think I might stay a while longer..."
You grinned, "Daddy."
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milkdoie · 4 months ago
wayv as online students.
not requested!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring — qian kun, ten lee, dong sicheng, wong yukhei, xiao dejun, wong kunhang, liu yangyang !
warning(s) — mention of school lmao <//3
Tumblr media
[ KUN ;
kind of a teachers pet ngl
he takes over the class if the teacher accidentally gets disconnected
then when the teacher comes back he’ll say, “i took over don’t worry!”
answers the questions before anyone else gets to ://
and then the teacher always asks why the other students never speak up
like they don’t even get the chance stfu
he’s nice tho i like him
[ TEN ;
introduces the class to all his pets in his introduction during the beginning of the year
and then that’s all he talks about for the rest of the year
but people stopped caring after a week or so D:
he participated in every single art show and won- he also voted for himself as class president ten times, and also won
a typical student tbh; he tries but sometimes he doesn’t
people try and befriend him so that he does their art homework for them <//3
dated a senior when he was a freshman
everyone loves him even though he’s rude
does not give a fuck like he’s just there
all he wants is to graduate; almost drops out whenever a test is assigned
doesn’t talk to anyone, has zero friends but also has fifteen people in the math class gc that are actively simping for him
only ever talks when he’s asked to, and never unmutes voluntarily
was once unmuted by the teacher and he almost cried
probably has people do his homework for him
he’s always unmuted, and that’s not because he wants to be
he just genuinely forgets every single class and he gets in trouble almost all the time
talks to his friends during lessons
yelling. even through the chat. he types in all caps
constantly gets kicked out for being “immature and not school appropriate”
hasn’t turned in an assignment since the first month of classes
definitely talks about his teachers with his friends says that they all suck
very good student, just does his thing and stays out of people’s business
posted a video of him singing on tiktok and everyone in his english class,,,, sent it to the teacher and had her play it during a lesson
he was really embarrassed but people liked it so ig it was fine
was definitely forced into doing someone’s homework at one point
but wrote down all the wrong answers because wtf how dare you treat him that way
he studies really well and he gets pretty average marks
all the teachers like him <3
he makes jokes 24/7 and even though they’re actually funny nobody laughs
like the chat is completely silent. no new messages at all and he’s mortified
does his homework,, sometimes
i think he’s the type of person who never tries, never studies, but somehow always gets such good grades??
he’s never gotten below a c- and even then his teachers just kinda disliked him so he was getting unfair marks
gets dressed up and does his hair whenever he knows his camera needs to be on. he has a crush in his history class that he needs to impress
he’s really good at debating
that one kid who unmutes himself and FUCKING MOANS
gets kicked out almost every class but hacks back in
makes excuses like “my laptop flew down the stairs and broke” and “i dropped my laptop in a bucket of water” so that he doesn’t have to turn on his camera
speaks in emoji when typing in chat: i 🤭 don’t 🙅‍♂️❌ know 🤷‍♂️🤔 the answer 😒✅
is most likely friends with all his classmates by the time the first day ends
went viral on tiktok for posting about how sucky his classes were, got suspended for going against school guidelines which included “no recording during online lessons”
leaves his breakout rooms the second everyone starts talking about what they’re supposed to be doing
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swinterr · 11 months ago
fic rec vi ♡
this is a another new set of fic rec and i’ll probably do a compilation of genre (?) just like the first ones.
made some changes like tidying up a bit and adding summary, for those that doesn’t have any summary i’ll try my best to add my own summary (it will probably be shit tho, i ain’t making a smut summary guys, i’m not confident in my describing a fic ability but i’ll try my best. if its in italic it means i made the summary hehez )  if the summary is shit, i made it okay.
read and support the fic and authors here: the fic rec ♡
a for angst
f for fluff
s for smut
// for series or list
no title by @tyongf-nct | s
- smut blurb.
body guards and boyfriend by @pastelsicheng | f
-  sometimes the only way you can really get some alone time with your boyfriend is by making his job hard.
lipstick smears by @kopikokun | f
-  jeno never thought trying to get his makeup artist’s attention would be this hard.
[10:30] by @moonttaeil | 
- a lockdown moment.
[2:40] by @nct-jungjaehyun | f a
- cute quality fluff time with bf!jae with a dash of angst.
[11:41] by @jeongvision | f 
- family time with apples.
just like magic by @starryhyuck | f s
-  jung jaehyun’s body count is almost as high as yours. however, after yuta spreads a nasty rumor, you learn that jaehyun’s always imagined those girls to be you instead.
love to hate me by @moonctzeny | s a 
-  you and jaehyun meet as sm trainees, developing a friendship until he debuts and you decided to leave the company and pursue a solo career. when you reunite again in a music show and he acts like he barely knows you, you stubbornly begin a series of hate-brimmed sex rendez-vous. your touch-and-go relationship continues on, until a song collaboration will force you both to deal with all your repressed feelings for each other.
moving on by @ddeonghwaa | f a
- reader has been chasing jae for some time but when she moved on jae suddenly enter the picture.
sun&moon by @ppangjae | f a
-  asking jeong jaehyun to accompany you to your family’s 1-week christmas vacation as your boyfriend has its consequences. one can surely get through 1 week of pretending to be in love with an enemy, right?
snack run with a snack by @kopikokun | f 
-  on your usual movie night with the members, they assign you sudden snack collecting duty. you’re a little peeved, but at least jaehyun offers to tag along. Unfortunately for you, things really aren’t going in your favour tonight.
lover boy by @neoct-zen | f s
- bunch fics of lover boy jae and reader.
one more time, please by @haequarius | f s
-  you don’t know what you and Jungwoo are, but you are certainly weak for him.
jealous by @whiplashsan | s 
-  jungwoo is all smiles and sunshine until he gets jealous, and he just so happens to get jealous over the smallest things when it comes to you.
sugar, spice and everything not nice by @alreadyblondenow | s
-  doyoung getting your ring size wrong, unprotected sex, kitchen sex, slight fingering, wedding tragedies.
no title by @ncteaxhoe | s
- dom!doyoung, rough? i need holy water.
the little one by @ethaeriyeol | f 
-  a gift of life; female reader x husband!Doyoung; fluff, light angst, married au
exquisite taste by @weishenkonbini | s f
- smut but with a fluffy ending.
for you always by @labyrinthsofyou | f
-  in which you surprise yukhei when he forgets about your date.
6:19 by @cozykpopblurbs | f
- a cute fluff ft kun and winwin.
10:18 pm by @nctsoftarchives | f
- reader supports lucas at his superm debut stage. 
16:47 by @sichengssmile | f s 
- a fluffy smut. lucas a big boi.
missed you by @tokyobts | a f
-  after you and yukhei broke up, yukhei still has feelings for you. he reaches out to you at school and tries to get you back. at first you avoid him but later his actions manage to make your heart flutter. you’ve come to a sudden conclusion that you maybe still want him in your life.
34 + 35 by @domjaehyun | s 
- you and your husband johnny decide to take your marriage to the next step.
i couldn’t wait a little longer by @alreadyblondenow | s f a
-  you two were never together longer than two days, but the feelings, oh the feelings that you have for each other is clear as the day. it was a never-ending try of making the relationship official. johnny tried, you tried but it never happens.
what happens in korea, not stays in korea by @alreadyblondenow | f s 
-  a week vacation in korea for your sister’s wedding became even more exciting when a famous dj had a crush on you. johnny was sure that it’s love at first sight. not putting both of your careers on the line, you two had no regrets when the time comes and you finally leave.
laundry day by @immabiteyou | s
- a domestic fluffy smut.
make a wish by @sluttyten | s f a
-  you’re jungwoo’s sister, and he’s made it clear he wants you and Johnny to have nothing to do with each other. so you and johnny start fake dating to piss him off.
want it all by @sluttyten | f s 
-  you are entirely innocent to the point of being naive. johnny is not innocent, but he loves that you are because it means he can teach you everything you don’t know.
wish i was her by @softsungchan | f a 
-  you wished you were her, laying in Sungchan’s arms and feeling his warm breath on your neck, giggling about sweet nothings whispered into the starry night. You wished for it to be you, the girl he liked.
2:21 am by @the32ndbeat | f 
- sungchan being whipped, thru a text message.
14:52 by @ukiyoexo | f
- a cute haechan and reader ft the reader’s baby sister moment.
prince’s order by @nsheetee | f
-  prince haechan nurses you after you faint, and orders you to stay with him until you feel better.
sweet treat by @markresonates | s
-  haechan takes you for ice cream but all you can think about is sex with him.  when you act like a brat, eventually you end up in the bathroom. with no panties. 
clingy by @love-mi | f 
-  I’m not clingy! I just love your company and constantly want to be around you and have your full attention at all times
hyuck is always right by @luvrenjun00 | f 
- ceo!mark x reader ft baby donghyuck. a tooth-rotting fluff.
snow storm by @whereisten | f s 
- a fluffy smut whilst a snow storm.
1:59 by @smoll-tangerine | f
- reader and taeyong ft my favorite game (where i always die first) among us!
is this allowed 1 2 by @seokiie  | f s
- how were you supposed to know bts would be filming at your coffee shop today? how were you supposed to know a certain curly-haired boy would take a liking  to you?
cabin pressure | f by @jiminrings | f 
-  pilot!y/n who accidentally became famous bc of a viral post about her, best friend!jimin!, taehyung having a shy lil crush on you aND ot7 being meanies for a tad bit :((
art major!tae and biochem major!yn | f by @jiminrings | f
-  tae’s cold and probably needs a friend more than he needs a model, y/n feels this nEED to take care of him, a term of enderment then a dash of emotional constipation and a sprinkle of jealousy :D
gank mid lane by @kimtaehyunq | f s 
- gank / verb: (in a video game) use underhand means to defeat or kill (a less experienced opponent)
birthday surprise by @ephemeralkookie |
-  like every year, you prepare a little surprise for your boyfriend’s birthday, one that you’ve been preparing for days. and after a very tiring day, taehyung only wants to spend the night in your loving arms.
cookies & cream | s by @1kook | f s 
-  jungkook will watch a thousand cheesy christmas movies if it meant making you happy. (and maybe having his dick sucked.)
unholy night | s by @ephemeralkookie | f s
-  after a christmas day passed with the Jeon’s family, Jungkook decides to transform the holy night into an unholy one.
‘a short’ abstinence | s a by @seokiie | s a
-  maybe blue-balling you boyfriend (who has an insanely high sexual drive) wasn’t the best.
in which she’s done with him by @minstrivia | a
-  jungkook angst/fluff where he always pushes oc away (who confesses her feelings but was cruelly rejected) and insults her but she always comes back to take care of him when he’s drunk or picks him up from his one night stands and she finally decides to leave him alone.
bad influence by @noteguk | s 
-  in which you know jungkook is a bad influence on you, but you can’t avoid falling for him every time.
jock!jk and shy art major!yn by @jiminrings | f
-  established relationship ft. jock!jk and shy art major!y/n, y/n gets an unexpected pep talk and jungkook doubts himself, and either so much tears or so much dUST according to kook
special affair by @1oserjk | f
-  sugar daddy au except it’s just jk spoiling u thru animal crossing
fairy of shampoo by @ironicarmy | f s
-  sundays are for relaxation, house cleaning, and happiness.
abstract ft bob ross by @mimithings97 | f
-  paintbrush in one hand, joint in the other and you sitting on his dick is what jeongguk wants. and what jeongguk wants, jeongguk gets.
badboy!jungkook by @jungshookz | f 
- badboy!jungkook falls for good girl reader ft the boys and the reader’s apple. 
growing by @lesgetittkookie | f
- dad!jungkook teacher his daughter how to walk. super super cute family/domestic fluff.
quiet, baby by @bratkook | s 
- i don’t how to write a summary on smuts so imma just put this. reader and jungkook doing something in the subway.
still want that by @whatifyoulivelikethat | s
-  fucking min yoongi ex-girlfriend? a terrible idea. being hopelessly in love with her at the same time? an even worse idea. knowing he was being used and still doing it anyway? ah, Jeon Jungkook, what are you doing? part 2 of savage love.
desiderium by @jeonggukingdom | f s 
-  “we’ve been at it like rabbits, how are you still so horny?”. a newlyweds!au smut.
chapstick by @softyoongiionly | f s
- based on the time Jungkook said he needed someone to scold him so he’d remember to put lip balm on. or jungkook’s had a really long day and the only that can make it better, is seeing you. 
lover boy by @jingukk | f 
-  jungkook likes you. a lot.
unexpected confession by @sunkissedjk | f
-  you gathered up the courage to confess your feelings, but it seems everyone in school knows about it before you could even find him.
string attached by @ephemeralkookie | s
-  jungkook is what we can call your sexfriend. No strings attached, just you and him having fun and releasing the huge pressure and stress of being idols. But after spending an entire day together, you realize that maybe he’s not just your sexfriend.
no title by @himbojk | f s 
- dilf jk.
ceo!eunwoo by @m0onbean
no title by @yutopiada | f
- a cute idol!reader and eunwoo moment at a music show.
disney by @bangchan-sonyeondan | f
- a cute date with eunwoo at disney. reader likes vintage things hence using a disposable camera.
baby, it’s cold outside by @fresh-outta-jams | f 
- a cute cold christmas fluff with eunwoo ft. the boys. reader went to the boys’ place for a sweater and cocoa gift exchange.
cruel brothers by @imsarabum | f
-  jackson and jaebum have always acted as if they were your big, overprotective brothers. so when they both walk in on you and yugyeom in a very intimate position, things get a little tense!
a special night by @gyuluster | f
-  an intimate insight on the first night of choi soobin’s wedding, consisting of kitchen floors, witches and an eternity of love.
boughs & branches by @jeogiyall | f 
-  decorating the tree with boyfriend! choi soobin from txt! fluffity fluff fluff with a lot of cute fluff thrown in and a dash of christmastime fluff. 
sleepy binnie by @immabiteyou | s
-  “i’ll let you do anything if you just touch me now. “ a sleepy soobin smut.
cake by @immabiteyou | s
- reading waiting for mc soobin with the guys. a cute fluffy smut moment.
kpop oc/s
seri by @ggukkiedae
anyway, thank you again for the writers please take care and be safe!
please free to recommend your favorite fic that i haven’t feature yet.
if the links won’t work and i labelled some fics wrong please let me know and i’ll try to fix it as soon as possible!
support the fic and the writers!
564 notes · View notes
pesiko · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Under the Willow Tree - a seemingly perfect life [22.4k]
Princess and the Playboy - he changed you too M [22k]
Keep it to Myself - Lucas’s executive assistant ✿ M [18.7k]
Talking Body - a summer romance M [17.2k]
Sleepless Cinderella: Yukhei - a dating rumor [16.3k]
Warmth - breath of fresh air n you can’t get enough M [16k]
Come What May - prince Yukhei, until my dying day [15.8k]
Diamond in the Rough - jewelry store worker Yukhei [12.6k]
Home -“may not believe in fate, but I believe in you” [12.6k]
Tough - the tall idiot makes you hate one less person [6.6k]
The Dragon - underground boxer n badboy Lucas M [6k]
Down For You - relationship isn’t as easy as you think [5.2k]
Darlin’ - biker Lucas, you just want some sun [4k]
Main Actor - bestfriends, “I’ve loved you all my life” [3.6k]
Subscribe! Chapstick Challenge - YouTube video [3.3k]
Star-Crossed - you were never meant to meet, angst [3.2k]
Losing It - first time with boyfriend Yukhei M [3.1k]
The One with the Anonymous Penpal - writing notes [3k]
Tempted - bestfriend vampire Lucas is such a flirt [2.9k]
Number 57 - football player Lucas is oddly charming [2.9k]
The One with the Paint Prank - giant flirt Lucas [2.6k]
Ribs - you should mind that Lucas is a bad kisser [2k]
Boyfriend Lucas and Underground Boxer [1.8k]
Little Things - insecure and he doesn’t know why M [1.4k]
A New Roommate - when he asked you to move in [1.4K]
Wheres Tmz When You Need Them? - abt your crush [1.3k]
Tears - he still can’t handle it when you cry [1.2k]
Colorful Love - soulmate AU, “hey, don’t look away” [1.2k]
Fallen Angel - you help the injured man on the beach [1.1k]
Cotton Candy Kisses - carnival date with bf Yukhei [1.1k]
I Hope it Rains - “you’re such a cuddle slut” [1.1k]
TikTok Couple Pranks - Toy Story’s target audience [1.1k]
Latte Machiatto - big baby wanted attention [1.1k]
What to Expect When You’re Expecting - ice skating [1k]
[main masterlist] [nct masterlist] updated 6-27-21
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jenluxnniex · 4 months ago
- When you ask if you can copy their assignment. you as their bestfriend
Tumblr media
Unit: WayV
Genre: fluff🍥
-Asian Mom mode on.
-Would probably write an essay titled "Why you should do your assignments"
-If you are really greedy he would just help you with it.
-Asian Mom mode on 2.0
-You better run if you don't want to get slap in the ass
-Would end up letting you copy it while you just danced around.
-Would probably ask the whole group to kick your ass for some lesson.
-Just find the right timing.
-Will probably talk to the teacher for you.
-A big brother.
-Let's just say that your lucky that you have him.
-He would probably say this is the last time he would let you copy his assignments.
-You better run run. -Kim jisoo
-He would be scolding you like Bella.
-I would suggest not to ask him.
-This one is an easy access
-Is kinda worrying that the teacher might notice.
-Man would probably do anything for you. (This is what we call "Best friend" joke)
-Guess what? He also didn't do it.
-Probably proud that his not alone lol
-Would probably just ask you to run away with him.
143 notes · View notes
blu-joons · a month ago
Tumblr media
He always goes incredibly shy when he cuddles you, unable to quite believe that the bump that you carry is carrying his child, often burying his head into the crook of your neck to try and hide the blush on his cheeks.
Yukhei always took great care of you and your bump, especially when the two of you were in public, always keeping a protective arm around your waist to keep you out of harm. He knew how easy it was to be knocked around in public and so he tried his best to keep you as stable as possible and out of the way of others.
As much as he appreciates that you suffer badly with your cravings, Yukhei can’t help but judge you sometimes when he sees some of the combinations that you enjoy eating. He won’t ever make you feel bad for eating what you’re eating, but no matter how much he tries to make sense of it, he just can’t understand.
The two of you clashed a little when it came to your due date, whilst you were keen to be as organised as possible before it, Yukhei was a little more carefree and trusted that when the time came the two of you would be alright. Eventually, you managed to get Yukhei to help you out when it came to packing up your baby bag and finishing the nursery well in advance so that you didn’t have to worry.
He was always smiling at the best of times, but near enough everyone that the two of you knew remarked on how bigger Yukhei’s smile was whilst you were pregnant. His future seemed so bright knowing that he was about to become a dad, Yukhei was nothing but positive about what was to come with the future, he’s loud and he’s excited which people love to see in him more than anything else.
The two of you were quite content with being away from your families and living in your own little bubble whilst you were pregnant. Although it would have been nicer for the two of you to have them there and supporting the two of you, you both were also quite excited to just make the most of your pregnancy with each other, and no one around to interrupt you both or try and influence you when you made decisions too.
Yukhei was far too excited to find out whether you were having a boy or a girl to wait until your baby arrived to know. The two of you weren’t expecting the question to come so soon, having not discussed it. But as you watched Yukhei bounce up in his chair and look across hopefully at you, your mind was quickly made up.
It always brought a smile to his face whenever Yukhei got to hear the beat of your baby’s heart. He could never quite describe how special it was for him to hear the beat of the heat of the life that he would get to look after and be responsible for, and most of all a life that he was partly responsible for creating too.
Throughout most of the day, Yukhei would find a way to remind you that he loved you one way or another. Whether it was simply saying it or doing something to show you just how much he cared, he never felt as if he could prove to you that he loved you enough whilst you were busy cooking up his baby in your bump.
Although he’s well known for having a smile on his face, Yukhei is still very protective about your pregnancy and therefore if someone says something a little out of line, he won’t be able to just ignore it. He will very quickly fall silent and keeps his eyes firmly on you when he’s feeling jealous, making sure that more than anything else the person who he was jealous of wasn’t getting close to you or irritating you.
Whenever he could, Yukhei loved to feel the kicks of your baby, especially when he’d had a particularly long day. When he was stressed, the feeling of your baby’s kicks would often help to calm him down and remind him of what was important, and that for him was only ever your baby, nothing else in the world.
He was a nervous wreck whilst you were in labour, but on the outside Yukhei always made sure to keep the smile on his face. He was positive throughout, especially when you were beginning to panic that you weren’t going to get through it, he was like a ray of sunshine by your side assuring you that you could do it and that you were more than strong enough to give birth, despite how pessimistic you were throughout.
Being around sick was far from ideal for Yukhei, he hated it, but unfortunately for him it was the price that he had to pay in order to make sure that he was there for you in the mornings. Eventually, he almost got used to the smell and the sight, but he would always make sure to give the bathroom a good tidy once you were done.
He was keen to try and show off to you when it came to putting your nursery together, despite friends offering to help you out with building, Yukhei wanted to be the only one to do it and crown himself with bragging rights too.
Yukhei was obsessed with your bump, he was in awe of it most of the time and how magnificent the human body was to develop and grow a human, not to mention how incredible he thought you looked with a bump too.
In the days after you gave birth you were very restricted on how much you could do, Yukhei took the midwives’ advice quite literally and barely let you do anything other than be a mum. Around the house, Yukhei took on more responsibility than he ever had done before, refusing to let you help until the midwives told you that you could.
Whenever he doesn’t see a smile on your face, Yukhei will ask you what is wrong. He knows that you’re bound to feel a little low at some points in your pregnancy, but he tries his hardest to reassure you when he can.
To celebrate your pregnancy, Yukhei ended up buying matching lockets that the two of you could wear to add to his ever-growing jewellery collection. He made sure that they were personalised too with your baby’s due date on, making sure that the two of you had something you could treasure for the rest of your lives.
Yukhei tried to keep his copy of your scan photos on himself as often as possible so that he could always look at them. He usually kept one in his phone case so that he could pull it out whenever he wanted to look at it, and also have others ask him about your pregnancy when they saw it in the phone case too.
Neither of you expected the test that you took to come back positive, it ended up being news that took a couple of days to sink in, for some time you were both stunned, and then slowly it all began to sink in.
He would always be at your appointments, regardless of what the consequences would sometimes be for taking time out of his schedule.
With your families being away from you both, several of the other members decided to visit you both when you were ready for visitors, offering their help when you needed it and also giving you some familiar faces.
Yukhei was a bundle of excitement when it came to your baby, he couldn’t wait for them to arrive and to throw himself into pregnancy.
He loved to kiss against your body whenever he had you by his side, it was almost an instinct for him to kiss wherever he could, whilst moving his arms around your baby bump to keep you in place in front of him too.
You were his priority, taking care of you whilst pregnant was all Yukhei focused on.
He doesn’t like for there to be much distance between the two of you when you slept, Yukhei liked to be around your bump so that he could feel for any signs or disturbances and help you out as soon as you stirred.
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jenomark · 7 months ago
could I get a drabble of Lucas giving y/n neck kisses before going to sleep? 🙈
As you prepped for bedtime, Lucas watched closely. Make-up off. Hair down and brushed. Dirty clothes in the basket. A spritz of perfume on the inside of your wrist that smelled like peaches. The way the smooth nightgown strap went up your shoulders, and the way it exposed your chest and neck. He watched it all from his spot in your bed, his legs crossed at the ankle, and his eyes hungrily taking everything in.
"I never get tired of this." he said, sighing.
You climbed into bed, peeling away the layers of blanket to crawl inside next to the love of your life. He kept his distance from you, his long, languid body on his side of the bed.
"We're married." you said. "I hope you never will."
You made sure your pillow was fluffy and laid your head against it. Lucas did the same, but he reached over to turn off the lamp on his bedside table. In the darkness, you slid your body across the bed and found his hot mouth. It was meant to be a goodnight kiss, but it felt like more. He held you in his arms, pulling you against him tightly, every muscle of his body felt through your thin nightgown. He couldn't keep his hands off of you. He cupped your ass, pulling your thigh over his leg for better leverage.
"We should sleep," you breathed as you parted. "We have a big day tomorrow. Lots of things to do."
Lucas grunted something unintelligible. He didn't make any other noises as you moved your leg off of him and went back to your side of the bed. You had gotten it started, had woken up the beast within. So much of you wanted to cross that gap between you again and make love to your husband. You knew that if you did, you'd both be too worn out for tomorrow.
"Good night, Lucas." you whispered.
You could feel him move next to you. He placed his head on your shoulder, and his hand on your stomach. You moved your head slightly so that he could kiss your neck, his warm mouth making your nipples poke through your nightgown. His hand traveled south for just a moment before he brought it up to cup your breast.
"Good night." he said, his tongue still tasting your neck.
You lifted your chin up so that he could leave whatever marks he wanted.
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labyrinthsofyou · 9 months ago
lucky number nine
pairing: wong yukhei & female reader
genre: fluff & smut
warnings: blowjob, cumplay, fingering, oral, riding and a little holiday celebration
words: 30, 186                      
summary: yukhei unwraps his favorite present.
author’s note: this is a little late or extremely early for christmas.
wong yukhei is quite fond of christmas.
he likes the festive decorations. he enjoys the atmosphere. and whether it is morning or night, he thinks some of his most unforgettable memories have been on christmas.
yukhei remembers the christmas when he was five.
it was too early, but he had jumped out of bed that morning. he had ran down the hallway with his little brother trying to keep up with him. his mom had been chasing after them with the video camera. into the cozy living room with the decorated tree and the handful of wrapped presents he had zoomed straight to. yukhei had looked expectantly at his mom because he was dying to open the presents already. she sat on the couch and held the camera steady to record everything while his brother had taken a seat across from him. then a nod she had given him. and because he was the big brother, yukhei had made sure he found a present with his brother’s name written on the snowman sticker tag before he reached for one of his own.
yukhei hadn’t noticed the missing person in the living room. 
too immersed into ripping wrapping paper he had been. his excited scream had filled the small space at the reveal of the box of building blocks. all he had focused on for a long minute was the image of the built fire station, the tiny yellow characters and the fire engine to make his firefighter dreams come true. his mom had lightheartedly asked if he liked his present. in response, yukhei had turned to her and hugged the box with his smile so wide it showed his teeth and made his eyes closed.
but as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared. 
the sound of bells jingling and a loud voice booming through their apartment had made him freeze. yukhei had turned his head and there stood santa. tall and big, his eyes had grown two sizes bigger while his breath caught in his throat. in santa’s hands had been two more presents all wrapped up. then the man in the red suit had let out a low and deep laugh that sounded like something yukhei swore he heard before. the bells in his hand he had rung again and yukhei remained motionless as his brother scurried to his mom. one step and another and another santa had begun to take until he was just a foot away from him.
the face underneath the  white beard had been unmistakable. 
without hesitation, the present in his arms had dropped to the ground. yukhei had jumped enthusiastically onto his dad with a big grin. the hug had been strong. his dad had laughed. his mom had never stopped recording. and yukhei had spent the whole morning loudly and proudly declaring he known all along and no one could fool him.
he remembers the christmas away from home in a new country.
homesick yukhei had been, missing the aroma of his mom’s cooking and the tree from his childhood that was still in good condition. he called home in the morning when he had a moment to himself in the bedroom he was sharing with two others. 
it had been nice to speak in a language he was familiar with because yukhei wasn’t going to lie. learning a new language had been difficult. he had learned to order food first, making sure to eat after tiring lessons and classes. but the many ways to say one thing and the varied ways to describe what he was feeling and thinking had been a struggle and felt like a tongue twister sometimes. 
still he had been trying and despite the struggles, yukhei reassured his parents he was well. he had been working hard to make them proud and in no time he would be successful to buy them a bakery or house or anything else they wanted. 
they hadn’t need to worry at all.
after yukhei hung up, he had found everyone else in the living room who was missing home like him too. it had been their first day off in a while. the group of them had spent the day lounging around the dorm eating, playing games and sleeping because all of them had lacked that. and when everyone was finally awake from their naps, the secret santa gifts they all had exchanged. the small box of building blocks yukhei had unwrapped when it was his turn. he had giggled and smiled. memories of childhood christmases had flooded his mind.
home yukhei still missed, but a bit better than earlier he had felt.
he remembers the christmas when it was just the seven of them.
two languages instead one yukhei had been trying to be fluent in now. the plans to debut in the new group had already been set. regardless how they all had trained together and some of them even performing together already, their own group they were now. there had been a bit of awkwardness of getting to truly learn about one another. yet it had felt strangely comforting to know each of them was nervous and excited about the whole new journey they were going to embark on. 
in the living room of the new dorm they had moved into and amongst the mess of clothes and boxes they didn’t finished separating and organizing, they had decorated a small tree. the secret santa that had started from the years before in the other dorms with everyone else they skipped. there had been no time to buy presents. so instead their hands had been filled with lots food deliveries of everyone’s cravings.
the delicious dishes varying from spicy chewy noodles to grilled pork belly had settled in their stomachs with joy. then a christmas cake with decorations of sweet cream snowmen and edible white chocolate pine trees their manager had presented to them. he had wished them success for their soon to be debut as a group. they had ended up digging their forks into the dessert like little kids. and when he finally climbed into bed in the early morning because they had stayed up watching movies and talking about home and their future together, happy and grateful yukhei had felt to be with them.
there are a lot christmases yukhei remembers. there are a lot christmases he won’t ever forget even after a life full of them he is certain. 
yukhei believes this christmas will be another that will be an unforgettable memory. this christmas will be another that will be stamped into his brain and etched onto his heart.
it is not his first christmas together with you. he has spent past christmases with you. 
after he wakes up midday because a day off it was after all, yukhei celebrates with his members. they eat and play games until the winter sky gradually changes colors. then he comes over to see you and it is a celebration with just you and him. a dinner of what your and his heart desires, a mix of take out and a dish or two you cook, is shared and cherished. and when dinner is done, yukhei helps you clean up before you and him exchange and open the presents to one another.
yukhei always ends up staying until the clock strikes midnight and the new day begins. the minute longer he always wishes to stay with you always becomes hours and he leaves when the moon is still illuminating the dark sky.
but this year, this christmas is different from the past of what he has had with you. 
today is the first christmas since yukhei has moved in with you nearly eight months ago. it is the first christmas since he has began calling this apartment his home too. it is the first christmas of him opening his eyes in the morning to find you laying beside him still in your slumber shielded by the comforter and blanket because you don’t care much for the cold.
his hand rises from underneath the cozy covers and yukhei rubs the sleepiness from his face and eyes. a sudden yawn comes out. slowly he turns and lifts his head up the slightest to take a peek pass you at the half burned candle and clock on your bedside table.
it’s just half past seven. another yawn comes on strong and yukhei covers his mouth this time.
“you want to sleep in tomorrow?”
that was what he had asked you in the early morning after the snow and snacks.  
it had been fitting for the first big snow of the season to be on christmas eve. the wet flakes had begun falling in the early afternoon. when yukhei returned home from the late dinner and secret santa with his friends, the city had been blanketed in white. it had looked like a magical winter wonderland as you gazed out the large window of the living room. and even though he had showered and was dried and toasty now, his arms wrapped around you and his mouth rested beside your ear.
“do you wanna build snowman?”
his question had came out in a singsong voice with light giggles following immediately.
you couldn’t resist. 
so out into the snow you and him went. yukhei had laughed so loud, the sound ringing through the cold quiet night while he had ran in the snow of the courtyard. it had been below freezing, but seeing him carefree and happy made it worth every second. then with your mitten clad hands and his bare hands because he had insisted he didn’t need them, you and him set working on the snowman. the body he had made while you made the head. the long broken branches from the nearby tree he picked up for the arms. the leaves of the bushes you had put in place for the eyes and nose.
“i told you we make pretty good team,” he had told you once the snowman was completed. “first we built furniture and now we built a snowman.”  
the tender kiss you had pressed onto his cold smiling mouth was warm.
once pictures and videos were taken together with the masterpiece as yukhei had called it with a chuckle, a walk around the neighborhood you had suggested. your hand he had taken and put inside the pocket of his padded jacket. the nearly similar matching black beanies on your heads had been covered in snowflakes. and when you were just half a dozen blocks from home, from walking through the snow covered streets, the convenient store he had pulled you into. just to warm up for five minutes he had whispered with a small grin. but the five minutes turned into fifteen because the small plastic basket yukhei had picked up.
regardless of the snacks that filled the cabinet next to the refrigerator and placed on the counter in the kitchen at home, the basket in his grasp had quickly filled up. the cola shaped bottle jelly candies yukhei had chosen. a box of strawberry cream covered biscuit sticks you had reached for. bags of sweet and salty chips you and him had never tried before were dropped in. a lip balm he picked up because the cold had made his lips dry. then the items were paid for and the short trip home begun.
once you had stepped foot into the heat of the apartment, the wet padded jackets were hung up to dry properly and a shower was taken to warm up. on the couch you and him had stayed. the snacks purchased were enjoyed and savored with glee as an animated movie of your choice played in the background. when your stomachs were full, too tired and too comfortable enjoying the closeness of each other, neither of you had wanted to make a move into the bedroom. so you had stayed snuggled in his arms with your head resting on his shoulder as you tried to focus on the movie.
“hmm? are you up for it sleeping in?” yukhei had sleepily questioned again. “i know we talked about opening presents in the morning, but at this rate i don’t think we will be able to wake up properly.” he had quietly chuckled and a kiss he placed on your head.
“sleeping in sounds nice.” you had turn to look at him with your gaze soft and sleepy too. “and like i told you already, i’m just really happy.” 
to be with him here and to celebrate the first christmas together in this apartment that had your and his things side by side had made you happy. the whole day tomorrow had been planned to be just you and him. that had been why the secret santa exchange and diner with his members were a day earlier.
yukhei had bobbed his head faintly once and pushed up the glasses that were now on his face. “me, too.”
his strong arm around your middle had tighten and soon enough, half a dozen wet kisses were peppered around your face. a bit more awake you had become with your squeals. when he drew back, the sparkle in his eyes had been there. the curve of his mouth had been beaming and contagious. “and technically since we are already…” yukhei had glanced at the time hanging on the wall. “an hour into the new day… happy merry christmas,” he had softly whispered.
instantly you had giggled, sitting up properly then so you could press a soft sweet kiss to his pillowy lips that were soothed by his earlier purchase. “happy merry christmas to you too, baby.”
a little longer on the couch both of you had stayed to finish the movie. once the credits begun rolling, he had begun yawning continuously and you knew you wouldn’t be able to fight off the sleep much longer either. the coffee table had been cleaned up. the christmas tree decorated with colorful glass and glittery ornaments and twinkling white lights had been unplugged.
after brushing your teeth side by side in the bathroom with the pink toothbrush in your grasp while the green was in his, you had simply put on your moisturizer before climbing into the bed he was already in. yukhei had tugged you close as the snowflakes slowly stopped falling down from the sky outside. you had fell asleep to the sound of his soft snores. he had ended up falling asleep with your back pressed against his chest.
however though, in the middle of the night, you had slipped away from him.
no longer in his arms you are. instead you are curled on your side and facing him with your head lowered a little. a hand is tucked under the pillow beneath your head. the other holds into the comforter. he listens to your steady breaths while turning a little until his body takes the same position as yours. 
yukhei should sleep. he can sleep. he can sleep until the afternoon every day if he was able to. 
but the thought of it being the first christmas with you in this home shared now together gently echoes in the back of his brain. there won’t be another first christmas morning for the first time together. so yukhei thinks he can sleep later. maybe all afternoon if he wishes because there is no schedule. it will be just you and him today. and when the new year begins, there will be four free days where he will most definitely catch up on more sleep. it is a mini break he cannot wait for before they will begin prepping for their next comeback afterwards.
the thought in his head wins.
with a small smile forming on his face, yukhei reaches for you. his hands slips underneath the white sweatshirt with the red printed snowflakes on the front and settles on your naked waist. your body feels so warm compared to his hands and he is certain you feel the difference because a soft whimper you let out. he can’t help but chuckle breathlessly. then slowly and carefully yukhei moves closer and pulls you to him until his arms encircle you. he lowers his head for a moment and presses one and two puckers of his pillowy lips to your forehead. 
“wake up, baby.”
within seconds you’re stirring in his hold. the smile on his face grows a bit when you gradually settle back down with a deep breath. he bends his head a little more and like a lion to his mate, yukhei gently nudges and nuzzles his nose against your warm skin. his thumb strokes your back. he places one and another kiss onto your left cheek.
“it’s christmas morning.” his calm and raspy voice draws you out of your slumber and dreams. the tip of his nose caresses yours as your legs kick away the pillow under your feet and begin tangling with his long limbs. “wake up for me, baby,” yukhei murmurs in a singsong voice similar to last night.
slowly your eyes open. in your half asleep state still, you register his deep low laugh that tickles your heart and makes you sigh. you stretch in his arms with a tired moan as he draws a few inches back. your own arms come out from between the warmth of your bodies and covers to erase the faint blurriness of your sleepy gaze on him. and when you can see a bit clearly, you meet his soft stare underneath a few falling strands of hair and his handsome fresh face. the sight makes your cheeks heat and you grateful for mornings with him. a hand of his dances and strokes your back. the little shiver yukhei feels from you. he is about to lean into you to kiss you properly, but you twist your neck slightly and note the time.
your brows wrinkle and you blink a handful of times to make sure you’re reading the numbers correctly before you turn back to him. an arm shifts to wrap around his shoulder while your other hand grips onto the white t-shirt he wears. you bury your face into his neck. the combination of spring fresh detergent, vanilla and a scent so uniquely yukhei that reminds you of home and comfort fill your senses. he chuckles when he hears the deep breath and exhale from you when his fingertips go higher up your spine.
“your hands are so cold,” you whine faintly against his skin. 
a grin with eyes crinkling you can picture forming on his face at your complaint even if you cannot see it. 
he giggles quietly. “sorry.” the apology rolls out softly, but yukhei makes no indication of removing them.
“i thought you wanted to sleep in,” you mumble, eyes falling close again.
yukhei loves his sleep. he can fall asleep anywhere at anytime even if only for five minutes. he can sleep until mid afternoon even when he is able to sleep early the night before. he would rather sleep than eat sometimes and it is a big deal because he loves to eat. he takes advantage of his days off and the holidays to sleep so he can make up for all the days he does not get enough.
and you do not forget how he had even asked early in the morning about sleeping in.
so right now, you expect it to be at least noon or perhaps much later. you expect the roles be reverse and it would be you waking him up instead.  
yukhei laughs once more while your hand reaches for the nape of his neck. your short nails scratch him lightly and it makes him hum. “that was the plan.” he remembers it was his own suggestion to do so. “but then i realized i have all afternoon to take a nap if i wanted to later. so i thought it’ll be okay to wake up early.”
it is then your eyes open. the sleepiness in you disappears and you are more awake than you were a minute ago. your fingers stop moving. you pull back and his boyish smile greets you. an eyebrow of yours rises up as you eye him suspiciously because what he says isn’t believable. 
you know him too well.
“you’re up to something.”
the accusation immediately makes him giggle, the familiar sound echoing in the quiet bedroom. one arms comes out from underneath your sweatshirt and yukhei reaches for your hand grasping on his t-shirt. he places it over his heart and you feel the steady beats of it. 
“i’m up to nothing. i promise, baby.” the arm still around your middle firms. yukhei lowers his head and kisses you gently on your mouth, making you sigh and want a bit more. he pulls away and you can’t help but lick your lips. the grin on his face is tender and almost bashful. “i was just thinking about it being out first christmas morning together. we can’t get another. i thought this was special,” he whispers with the glint in his eyes.
a sappy romantic at heart yukhei is even when he likes to deny it.
you chew on your bottom lip for a moment. the idea of staying in the warm bed with him cuddling and sleeping doesn’t seem like a bad idea. but what he is saying tugs on your heart too hard. “are you trying to sweet talk me right now so i will agree?” you quietly tease him.
his chuckle is low. “is it working?” he gives you another soft kiss and your gaze fixes on his mouth as his tongue peeks out lick it. 
“you’re not tired?” your eyes meet his once more. 
yukhei hums. “i’m okay right now.” the curve of his lips is boyish and charming. “but you are up now.” even if it is his doing. “so what do you say we get out of bed and we can celebrate our first christmas morning together. hmm?” he looks happy and relaxed. his soothing voice and words are laced with nothing but calm and sincerity. you find yourself inhaling slowly because yukhei’s hard to resist.
the tiny distance between your mouths you close for your lips to graze his. “promise you’ll get a little extra rest later,” you whisper alongside them.
he rolls over a bit then, keeping you between him and the bed. his forehead presses to yours as he stares at you. your arms encircle his neck and his other arm slithers back underneath your sweatshirt for the material to rise. the corners of his lips twitch up and you feel more tugs on your heart.
“i promise.”
you tilt your head. your fingers run up the back of his hair. “hmm, okay. you win,” you surrender.
sweet he always is and you are certain you will forever remain smitten.
yukhei lets out the tiniest triumphant cheer that makes you shake your head with a giggle. he leaves a quick yet tender peck on your mouth and lowers his head into the crook of your neck. he holds you closer as if he’s not laying on top of you currently. a minute longer you and him stay wrapped in one another’s embrace until you turn your head. you dot three kisses on his temple before moving your hands to tap on his shoulder blade.
“you go get ready first,” you tell him softly.
he shifts after a moment and presses a handful of wet kisses to your cheek that make you smile a little too much. his arms come out from below that sweatshirt of yours. at once you miss the closeness and his warmth. yukhei sits up and pushes the comforter and blanket away. the pillows at the foot of the bed for your and his feet and the matching red plaid pajama bottoms come into view.
it had been his idea and his surprise.
“you got us matching slippers, babe.” his reason had made him grin shyly and you laugh sweetly before accepting the article of clothing with sugary kisses and murmured words of gratitude.
the fabric of your sweatshirt rises up even more when you stretch again. the soft skin of your middle he has been holding and caressing catches yukhei’s interest. a few more centimeters and a little higher, he will get a really nice view of you. his stare and his motionless body makes you chuckle faintly. you watch as he swallows the tiny lump in his throat as if he’s never seen you naked before.
but he has. he has also touched you like no one else has ever touched you too.
you clear your throat to get his attention. “you’re staring,” you inform him with your eyes shining.
his gaze meets yours and you shake your head slowly. you tug your sweatshirt back down as yukhei is moving over you and leaning forward. a hand rises to palm his cheek. your thumb brushing back and forth his heated skin. 
“i’m distracted,” he counters.
the butterflies flutter in your stomach.
a final parting kiss he gives you on your mouth and the tip of your nose, yukhei pulls away again. he gets out from the bed and stretches. an inch or so his t-shirt rises. it gives you a peek at his v line and the leopard print band of his boxer briefs. he catches your stare and wiggles his sculpted eyebrows playfully. you chuckle as he threads his long fingers through his tousled hair. he’s been letting it grow a little before he will cut it again for the next comeback. he pushes his hair away from his face and bites his lip teasingly. mischief and satisfaction resides in his gaze as yukhei watches you lick your lips. 
“now you’re staring,” he states with a smirk. 
you playfully roll your eyes even while your face warms. the teasing act he was moments ago turns giggly and he puckers his lips and sends a kiss through the air. he releases his hair, the strands falling down stylishly with a few pieces over his pretty eyes. he slips his feet into the fuzzy gray slippers and turns to you one last time with another wiggle his eyebrows.
“i will see you in five,” yukhei declares before he saunters happily out.
but the five minutes is really eight minutes before he exits the bathroom for you to use.
his glasses he retrieves from his bedside table. his phone he turns on to check for any messages. a quick swipe of the lip balm he brushes across his lips. then yukhei makes his way into the kitchen.
yukhei is confident in many things. but the better cook than you these days though he is not. he’s still working on that, remembering and practicing all he learned from his parents when he isn’t too exhausted to make something else besides ramen and his special homemade chili sauce. 
regardless though he gets to doing something. yukhei fills the kettle with water. when it’s three fourths full for a quicker boil, he places it on the stove and turns on the burner and the range hood.
two slices of soft and fluffy thick cut bread yukhei puts in the toaster oven and he sets it for a light golden toast. he opens the cupboard for the white bowl decorated with navy polka dots and its matching plate. he pulls two spoons and a knife from drawer. the large container of yogurt and the butter he takes out from the refrigerator. the bag of frozen blueberries he gets from the freezer. then yukhei spoons the yogurt into the bowl, doubling the amount because this will be for you and him. a banana he peels, slices and fans along one side of the bowl. the handful of frozen blueberries he piles neatly on the opposite side. the toaster oven dings as he reaches for the oat and honey granola in the cabinet. the slices of bread he takes out and places on the plate. he goes back to the yogurt and sprinkles a spoonful of the granola on the top.
since living together, yukhei has watched you make yogurt bowls for breakfast or for a snack. he grins proudly at what he has made now. but when he holds up the bowl, the white cookie package with the festive silver ribbon glued to the top sitting between the coffee machine and the little pile of snacks on the counter catches his eyes.
maybe this needs a little something else.
and once you come out of the bathroom, the sound of the opened range hood gives you an indication of where he might be. your feet in the pink fuzzy slippers pad quietly across the wooden floors into the tiled floors of the kitchen. the kettle you notice on the stove but your presence he doesn’t realize. something else has his focus. you walk up to him, your touch sliding to his lower back and yukhei doesn’t jump or seem surprise. calm he is and you rub gently on his back.
you peek around him and within seconds you’re chuckling. “what are you doing?” you question amusingly.
a gingerbread man is tucked amongst the blueberries in the bowl of yogurt, resembling a man in a hot tub. you watch entertained as he gives the bag of cookies in his hand a little shake to find another gingerbread man with a slightly different design. he does moments later and puts it right beside the other, slipping it between the pieces of fruit.
yukhei lifts the bowl and shows his creation. “tada! it’s a christmas version, babe.” his beam is bright and so is yours.
you reach for the gingerbread man, scooping up some yogurt and a semi soften blueberry with the legs and take a bite. yukhei stares at you proudly for a reaction and the nod of approval you give him has him laughing and pumping up his fist victoriously. with the remaining half of the cookie, you scoop up a bite like before. but this time you put it in yukhei’s open mouth. his eyes widen in delighted surprise because it really isn’t half bad with the faint notes of spices mixing in and the extra crunchiness of the cookie.
“i’m genius,” he declares after he swallows the bite with a grin.
the kiss you give him in agreement tastes of cinnamon and blueberries and you deem this yogurt bowl one of the best you have ever had.
then in the warmth of the kitchen, you scramble eggs and pan fry the sausages that is one of his favorites to go with the toast and butter he spreads on. the water eventually boils. an iced americano you make for him. the green tea and rice tea bag yukhei puts in your mug before he pours the boiling water in. the ivory colored curtains he pulls back and the living room and the cozy dining space floods with natural light despite the overcast sky.
for the first christmas morning together, breakfast is enjoyed.
“thanks for the food, babe.” 
this meal together isn’t an everyday thing even after he has moved in. not when his schedules and practices vary daily or he is gone for weeks if there are promotions or filming. but it’s a little more often than before. so every time it is possible, at the table for two (and more) you and him sit to savor breakfast together.
and the clock slowly ticks with quiet murmurs and satisfied hearts and stomachs. the last spoonful of yogurt with another gingerbread man yukhei leaves you while the last scoop of eggs and two sausages you pass to him. the plates and bowls you clear away and wash after. the table and countertop he wipes clean of crumbs.
then with the morning drinks in your hands, into the living room area you walk to with yukhei’s footsteps right behind you. the glass and mug are set on the coffee table. in front of the christmas tree you move to sit. you hug your legs to your chest as yukhei makes his way to the tree, kneeling next to it. he reaches behind it for the plug.
you’re silent and stare at the sudden brightness and glow shining in front of you. even if this tree has been lit up every night for the last two weeks, it feels different today. you believe it just might be the prettiest now on this christmas morning.
two feet away, yukhei thinks the same thing.
his gaze shifts between the lit up tree and the sight of you staring in awe. you look so pretty bathe in a soft glow. he feels the fullness of his heart. he has no regrets of not sleeping in right now.
quietly then yukhei moves to where you are and sits right behind you with his long legs on either side of yours. he presses his chest to your back and his strong arms come up to wrap around you. instantly you melt against him, your hands rising to grasp onto his forearms. his head he rests beside yours. his mouth stays next to your ear before he speaks.
“happy merry christmas, baby.”
his similar words from when he first told you hours ago, his calm and loving voice pulls on your heartstrings. it has you embarrassingly chuckling at yourself while blinking back the haziness building in your eyes. you feel him smiling so wide beside you. a moment passes before your head is turning to find him staring at you. the shine that is always in his gaze are magnified from the lights. the beam on his face is brilliant.
the love you feel for him is beyond words right now.
“happy merry christmas, babe.”
the mere centimeters between your mouths disappear. a few short and sweet kisses are shared before yukhei bestows one to your nose and cheek.
so many more christmases you wish to have with him.
yukhei presses his lips to your temple. “are you ready for presents?” there are notes of excitement in his tone and you laugh softly as you squeeze his arms and bob your head. you’re about to tell him to start because always he insists on you opening presents first.
but yukhei beats you to it with a grin.
he gives you a victorious wink when you playfully glare at him. “ladies first.”
his arms drops and yukhei scoots away from you for his drink. you move to reach for the present placed between the tree and your present for him.
he had brought it home three days ago and made you promise not to peek or touch. you had chuckled and nodded before agreeing with a sweet tender peck to his excited grin.
you look at the pretty present. the neat and rich ruby red bow with a white stitching outline ties the gold matte gift bag closed. the bag is big yet it isn’t that heavy in your grasp. you briefly glance at yukhei who’s smiling confidently as he slides himself to lean against the couch.
a long sip of his iced americano he takes before setting the glass back down. “what can it possibly be?” he jokes, his voice turning light and high with dramatic curiosity.
you giggle and hum before turning back to the present. the thick ribbon you’re about to pull on, but then you hear yukhei clearing his throat. your movements stop and your attention lands on him again. he nonchalantly and faintly juts his chin towards something. you remain frozen and stare at him. 
yukhei does it again. this time your eyebrows wrinkle slightly, unsure of what he’s trying to tell you. however he thinks the third time might be the charm. 
it’s not though. 
he gives up with a defeated sigh.
you watch him scratch the back of his neck a bit shyly while laughing almost embarrassingly. he pushes up his round gold rimmed frames. “you didn’t read the tag,” yukhei finally says with his cheeks warm.
and it takes a second to understand what he is referring to once you look down again. underneath the ends of the ribbon hides the shimmery cream colored rectangular tag with a simply designed green christmas tree embossed onto the surface. it hangs on the handle by a silver twine. you flip it over and immediately recognize his handwriting.
so you won’t be lonely, baby.
the thing about yukhei is that he is not one to often write romantic messages or love notes. awkward perhaps a little embarrassed he feels at times. even his texts to you when he is working or away in another country are simple declarations. he loves you. he misses you. he wants you. then he ends the messages with hearts and kissing faces or every now and then, a picture of his pouting or smiling face. 
because really, for the most part, yukhei thinks written words are not enough. he believes his written words don’t convey as much as what he really wants to say.
instead yukhei favors in telling you, calling and video chatting in hopes his words in his voice will echo in your mind long after the conversation has ended. he rather whisper his desires to you when the morning rays slip through the curtains and he is holding you close. he prefers when the moonlight is illuminating the bedroom and you can feel his heart beat in rhythm to yours. 
so this feels different.
you read the words again and gaze up at him. yukhei’s a little bit more shy and embarrassed now and you cannot control the skips to your heart or the wide upward curve of your lips forming on your face. you nod slowly and move closer to sit right next to him. his hand settles on your thigh, squeezing it affectionately as you turn back to the present.
it’s silent in the room while he watches the end of the ribbon you gently tug on. the bow unravels. the knot you work on. then soon enough you’re pulling the ribbon out from the slits and opening the bag. you are greeted with the sight of sparkling red tissue paper. one layer and then another you remove and suddenly your soft laughter is filtering into yukhei’s ears and filling the space. your eyes settle on the present nestled in a bed of more layers of tissue paper.
the trip to the home and furniture store to buy his bedside table you recall. the birthday surprise from a few months ago flashes through your mind. the words you had confessed to him he remembered.
he really is something else.
you take out the lion plush and move the bag to the side. the harmless wild animal is remarkably soft, feeling like velvet. the color of his body reminds you of golden honey. the mane and tail are silky. the muzzle is white like snow. the black stitching of a smile makes it look more adorable than ferocious. you hold it up like the famous animated movie you have watched too many times before and yukhei laughs warmly besides you.
“he is absolutely the cutest and softest thing ever,” you gush, hugging it to your chest as you turn and press kisses on the infectious curl of his plump lips.
yukhei chuckles and reaches out to pat the head of lion peeking out from between your arms. “i was going to go back to get the one we saw at the home and furniture store.” his eyes meets yours. “but when i had went out with winwin a few weeks ago, i saw it by the window of a cute novelty store. i thought this looked so much more cuddly and cuter,” he tells you with his eyes shining.
you hum. “i love him already.” your thumb brushes over the black stitching for the eyes and nose. “thank you,” you hug him with the plush crushed between the two of your bodies.
his arm wraps you waist and his fingers plays with the softness of your sweatshirt while yours go around his neck. when you pull back, your forehead is against his. one hand runs through his hair and creates a fluffy wave.
“so he’s the meaning behind the tag,” you murmur with a small smile that makes him beam wider and giggle softly.
yukhei nods and the tip of his nose nudges yours. “just don’t forget about hugging me?” he whispers, his tone playfully sad yet affectionate.
you chew on the inside of your cheeks. “you’re still my favorite lion,” you quietly and teasingly reassure him. you lean forward and give him two kisses. but then his hands rise to cup your cheeks and he’s encompassing you with big, sloppy and sweet kisses that has you laughing, squealing and feel so loved. 
“yukhei! it’s your turn!” you gasp out between giggles and every press of his soft mouth on you.
one, two and three more kisses and finally he stops with a bright and almost sneaky grin. a peck he places on your lips. but your attempt to move away from him so he can open his present fails because his arm drops back down to wrap around your waist. his hold is firm and yukhei slowly shakes his head. he pushes up those glasses adorning his happy face with his long fingers.
there’s mischief in his gaze. “now what kind romantic would i be if that is all?”
always you tell him he is. always he tries to deny it.
you stare at him, watching the curve of his lips grow and the corners of his eyes crinkle. “keep looking.” he gestures back to the gold matte gift bag. the lion he takes out of your arms, hugging the soft plush to his chest. yukhei pats your thigh once and then again to get you going.
the puzzled on your face has him chuckling and nodding at you. but slowly you shift a little away from him to get to the bag again. you glance up at him and he’s waiting. the open bag you turn to and you get to removing more tissue paper. it isn’t long before hidden beneath several more layers you find what he means. you can’t stop the quiet surprised noise escaping from your mouth.
the present is wrapped in a shiny champagne colored paper. it is tied together with a thin smooth red ribbon and adorned with the faux holly berries and green leaves. you take it out and you feel the curl of your mouth and the warmth in your chest. when you turn to him he sees the glittering sparkle in your gaze.
“did you wrap this?” you question, holding the present in your hands up.
yukhei chuckles and shakes his head. “i wished i could take credit but the auntie at the shopping center gets it all.” it looks too perfect to unwrap, but his gentle voice you hear again. “open it.”
his words register into your brain. but before you do, you move back to him first. you sit criss cross beside him. a hand yukhei settles on your knee, rubbing small circles on your pajama bottoms. the fleeting look you get of him and he’s smiling faintly and raising his eyebrows urging you to continue.
then you’re pulling the ends of the ribbon and putting the decorations aside. you gently rip the wrapping paper and the maroon red box comes into view. you feel your eyes widen and he hears a soft gasp when you see the name in cursive and gold on the cover. the beats of your heart feels like some is using it for a drum as you shimmy off the lid to reveal another box with a gold embroidered frame around the top of it.
yukhei looks on in a mixture of nervousness and excitement. he feels the warmth in his face and the flips of his stomach while you take the box out and place the bottom next to your knee. he stares as you push open the tiny tab that gently pops open the lid. the eighteen carat signature gold bracelet and the accompanying mini screwdriver nestled in the black cushioning come into your view. 
it shines, glows and looks absolutely gorgeous.
you feel the strong pounding of your heart. “yukhei...” the awe in your voice he doesn’t miss as you turn to look at him.
“do you like it?” the hopefulness lingers in his quiet question with his gaze shifting between the affectionate look on your face and the present in your hands. “i’ve been wanting to get you something really nice, but simple because i know that’s what you like.” always he is attentive and paying attention to everything of your preferences. you give him a faint nod. “and i saw this when i went shopping with winwin earlier this year. i just thought it would be perfect for you and that it would be your taste.” he hums softly. “you could probably wear this with anything too.”
the tugs on your heart are stronger. your gaze turns downcast again. “it really is beautiful,” you remark quietly, your fingertips running over the piece of fine jewelry.
a nervous chuckle from him draws your attention back up to find him looking at you intently. “and if you take out the bracelet...” his tone is gentle and soothing as he gives your knee a tender squeeze. “tell me what you think about that too.”
you follow his instructions, pulling off the security rubber band that holds the bracelet in place. you think that he is talking about the simple circle designs on the outside. but a moment passes before you see what he is really referring to. yukhei hears the tiny sound of surprise. your bottom lip gently catches between your teeth. the box you put down. your eyes slowly begin to blur as you read it once, twice and then even again.
you and me.
your thumb runs over the engraving, feeling the faint curves and cuts of words that mean a lot to you and him. 
“do still remember what you said to me when you asked me to moved in?” yukhei brings you closer until you’re pressed to his side and he’s holding onto your waist.
they had also been the words he repeated that night when he moved in too. words he silently tells himself when he walks through the front door and is greeted by your smiling face, your sweet kisses and your cuddly hugs. words that make him dream of so many more awaiting adventures with you.
his mouth rests next to your ear. “it’s you and me, baby.”
a shaky breath you draw in as a slow nod you manage to offer in response because you remember it so vividly. the first time you said it and the look of surprise on your face when he remembered them weeks afterwards. and now, months later, the words are more real than ever.
you wonder how he does it. how the simplest thing he can turn into the grandest of gestures that make your heart pound uncontrollably and make you feel like the luckiest person in the universe.
yukhei hums once more. a smile you sense from him. “i would have had the whole thing on it, but unfortunately there is a ten character limit on them,” he jests quietly with a laughter.
his love for you is incomparable to anything and anyone you have ever felt in your life.
finally you look up, and your watery eyes are unmistakable and it makes his heart swell while his deep laughter warms your soul. yukhei leans his forehead against yours.
“i’m always with you no matter what, baby. you’re surrounded by me now...” hoodies for each day of the week and more. a lion to hug to sleep when you really do miss him too much. a golden reminder with words that are priceless to you and him. the small sniffle you can’t stop. “so you don’t ever have to miss me too much,” he whispers tenderly and sweetly even if he knows every now and then the separation will still be difficult. 
“what do you think? do you like it?” he teases even if he is certain of your answer.
and before yukhei can joke that the present can’t be returned, you’re throwing your arms around him. his laugh is infectious as the lion falls from his hold so he can envelop you in his arms too. your face you hide into the curve between his neck and shoulder. he’s not sure if his arms holding you are tighter or it’s the other way around. 
“you’re going to crush me,” yukhei softly murmurs into your heated skin with a too wide grin. 
but you don’t care. 
you will hold onto him just a minute longer and harder because despite his words, he makes no effort to find his breath or push you away. 
he is unbelievable. the way he stolen your heart makes you certain he will have it forever. and once you eventually draw back, there is a glittering and playful twinkle in his eyes. he clutches his chest dramatically. 
“i can breathe again, baby.” his declaration makes you let out a breathless giggle as you make a quick dab at the corner of your wet eyes with the sleeve of your sweatshirt. yukhei straightens his glasses and fixes his hair. 
you look at him, head titling a bit. “romantic,” you whisper. 
yukhei hums with a sweet tender grin. “maybe just a little.” the small space between your mouths he erases with a short, soft and loving kiss.
the lion yukhei lays on the coffee table before he takes the bracelet from your hand. “here, let me put it on for you.” he reaches for the screwdriver in the box, carefully digging it out of the little nook it is cradled in. he turns his body to face you. 
“i had to ask the man at the store to show me how to put it on.” he chuckles and you stare at how the screwdriver looks minuscule between his long fingers. yukhei holds the bracelet delicately as if he is afraid too much pressure would bend it. “i hope it fits.” he says once he pulls the bracelet apart. “i didn’t realize there were many different sizes for this and i didn’t want to get the wrong size.” yukhei glances momentarily up at you with a sheepish grin and his cheeks warm. he motions for your hand. you raise your right arm and push up the sleeve to your elbow. “so i ended up trying to measure your wrist in the morning when you were still sleeping.”
yukhei recalls circling his thumb and index finger around your wrist so cautiously in fear of waking you. he remembers winwin shaking his head in disbelief and quietly laughing at him as he showed the salesman the circle size of his measurement.
you chuckle breathlessly and place your free hand on his thigh. the light squeeze you give it has him turning back to the task at hand. it’s quiet as yukhei’s brows furrow. the bracelet he carefully encases around your wrist, making sure it is upright so you can read the words inside whenever you need to. 
and to his and your delight, it fits perfectly.
he lets out a soft cheer and giggles, proud that his unconventional measurement worked out.  yukhei secures it back with the screwdriver. soon enough he’s moving the bracelet freely back and forth on your wrist while you admire how pretty it looks. 
“i’m so good at this,” he says with a beam, putting back the screwdriver in the box. yukhei turns to you, finding your gaze on him before you’re closing the gap between your mouths. you palm his warm cheek. a finger he tucks underneath your chin and you sigh into him when he pushes a little forward. 
you hope you will get to kiss him on more christmases to come.
and when you part a minute later, noses nuzzle together. your thumb brushes his smooth skin. his tongue comes out to swipe across his wet lips and you squeak happily with a tiny smile.
“thank you.”
yukhei hums, turning his head to pucker a kiss into the center of your palm. “always, babe. i just want you happy,” he reminds you.
your hand trails down to his chest to softly pat it. “is it your turn yet?” you question shyly.
he smiles wide and merrily like an excited child within seconds. you pull away from him as he moves forward with a clap of his hands. the bracelet box you close and place on the coffee table beside the lion. the wrapping paper and tissue papers you push to the side into a small pile that will surely grow. yukhei reaches for the present that is his. the playful rise of his eyebrows and the way his eyes grow a bit bigger in shock when he lifts up the box surprises him. big the present is, but not as heavy as he had assume it would be because he had too promised you not to touch it when you finally taken it out of hiding from the storage closet three days ago. yukhei goes back to the spot he was sitting in previously and places the present between his spread out long legs.
“what is this?”
yukhei counts the three different vibrant green bows in various sizes placed on the top. the glossy and glittery red and white diagonally striped wrapping paper reminds him of candy canes. 
but your head you shake, a small and bashful smile forming on your face. “babe, you have to open it,” you tell him, taking a seat beside him once again. 
he gives you a silly questioning look. his fingers slide underneath the tape and the paper he rips off. the simple black box that took you a week to find is revealed and he’s giggling with his curiosity heightened. you take the wrapping paper and pile it to the rest to discard.
yukhei pushes up his glasses before his large hands grips onto the sides of the box. he slips his fingers between the lid and inner section. a light shake he gives it for the lid to gradually loosen and easier to be lifted off. he drops it beside him and the white layers of tissue paper he peels back. his eyes are widening because suddenly he’s transported back to his childhood days. his laughter is loud and thrilled and you’re pleased with the reaction.
a mini plastic toy claw machine in a bright sunny yellow sits inside the box. it’s surrounded by presents of many sizes in a matte green wrapping paper with tiny white snowflakes.
yukhei runs a hand over his mouth and turns to you. “this is seriously all mine?” he questions incredulously with a grin. 
you nod with a chuckle. “it’s all yours.”
“does this thing really work?” yukhei asks inquiringly while taking out the claw machine up and lifting it up easily to study the item in his grasp.
you lightly swat his thigh and notice the childlike shine in his gaze. “of course it does! i even tried it out to make sure it does. what do you think?”
his gaze finds yours and the smile and nod thrown your way makes you happy. yukhei leans over and presses a fleeting kiss on your cheek. then he’s bringing the claw machine closer to his face.
inside is filled with tiny plastic capsules with colorful covers just like he recalls from his childhood days. but instead of the inexpensive prizes inside them, what he sees in each of them is a folded up piece of paper.
“why does each of them have paper inside?”
“because…” you reach for a present from the large box he seems to have forgotten for a moment and show him the number written on the reindeer sticker tag. “each of them is numbered. the presents... like i said, they’re all yours.” yukhei laughs softly and connect his eyes to yours, listening carefully to what you are saying him. “i remember you telling me once about going to the arcades when you were a kid and how happy you were.” your voice softens and your hand rises to brush at his fluffy hair. “you’ve been nonstop working recently and pretty much almost the whole year. i thought maybe this would be a bit fun for you to do. this is nothing like the real thing, but i thought this wasn’t such a bad substitute,” you finish with a tiny grin.
it’s quiet and yukhei’s is simply staring keenly at you. his heart is about to burst from the love and appreciation that is soaring through him. he leans towards you, kissing you shortly and sweetly twice before smiling against your mouth.
“i think this might be the most creative way anyone has ever given me anything,” he murmurs, wondering how long it had taken you to think of and do this. “thank you.”
his nose touches yours affectionately for a moment before he pulls away and returns his attention to the present in his hands. “how does this turn on then?”
your hand goes over to the back of the claw machine, feeling for the black button tab to slide over. immediately there’s a sound of a brief beep as a row of tiny blue lights outlining the top cover of the machine light up. there's a look of giddiness on his face. yukhei eyes the coin slot. 
“is this taking real money?” his wondering and curious question makes you laugh and shake your head. you place the present you are holding back into the box and take out a cute bear head coin purse that has been buried within everything else. 
“here.” yukhei steadies the machine on his lap and takes what you are offering to him. he unzips the pouch and the handful of silver plastic coins he sees. 
more than amazed he is right now with you and this present.
“you have to open the little compartment on the bottom to get all the coins back.”
your voice brings him back to focus and yukhei shoots you a quick glance with a bob of his head. he takes a coin and places the pouch on the floor. then he pushes the coin in to the slot. a carnival melody instantly fills the living room along with his cheerful laughter. the small screen next to the red control stick begins flashing a fifteen second countdown that turns yukhei’s laughter into a sudden scream.
“babe, this is timed!” he yells with a beam.
it’s your turn to laugh then as the seconds disappear and he’s hurrying to place the claw machine on the table for better stability. your gaze shifts between his concentrated face and the claw he’s moving. the time ticks away and when it’s two seconds remaining, yukhei presses down on the lime green button. the claw descends down towards the capsule with an orange cover. it grabs onto it and slowly it rises up and you give him a round of applause that has him chuckling. it drops down the opening as the music stops and his prize is rolling into his awaiting open palm.
the cover he removes. the folded piece of paper he opens. your handwriting he recognizes.
“three,” yukhei says aloud.
his eyes move from the paper to the open box filled with presents. you remain quiet as yukhei finds it tucked behind number seven and number one. he drops the paper in his hands on the coffee table before his lips are curling upwards at the wrapped present. it's a bit longer than his hand and shaped like a cylinder. he gives it a gentle shake and the sound of something solid rolling back and forth is heard.
yukhei thinks for a second and looks at you. “it’s candy,” he surmises confidently with grin. but instead of confirming his prediction, you playfully shrug and move to reach for your mug of tea.
“open it, babe.”
the curve of your mouth you hide as you take a sip of the warm liquid. you watch him tear the paper, the familiar purple and pink tube coming into his and your view. his guess is correct. yukhei lets out a shock and excited yelp because the sweet treat from his childhood is something he hasn’t had in what seems like ages.
“i haven’t had these in forever.” he remembers trying to make the candy last as long as possible, but finding it nearly impossible. it was too good not to be immediately devoured. he hasn’t found this candy sold anywhere here. “where did you find this?” yukhei asks, turning to you.
“there is an online market i found that sold candy from different countries. i remember you talking about this. but you didn’t remember the name. when i saw this, i wasn’t so sure. i didn’t think it could be that different so i took a chance.” another sip you take before putting mug down.
the perforated plastic wrapper around the neon yellow cap yukhei rips off and puts on the table next to the paper. “have you tried them yet?” he asks.
you shake your head. “no, i wanted to try it with you.”
yukhei pops off the cap and in an instant, there’s a sweet scent of sugar and black currants. he shakes out the little purple gumdrop size gummies covered in sugar crystals and brings it to your mouth to eat. when the candy touches your tongue, it’s hardly a second for the flavor to fill your mouth. your sweet tooth is satisfied and you can’t help but squeal. yukhei chuckles at your pleased reaction and pops one into his own mouth. he lets it soften for a moment before he’s chewing on the candy that is transporting him back to his youth.
“i might eat this whole thing today,” he exclaims with a smile and pours out two more pieces into his palm. yukhei holds his hand out and you take one while he eats the other.
the sugar melts against your tongue. “go ahead. i ordered four of them as a just in case,” you inform him with a laugh. the information has his eyes growing big before he plops a kiss on your cheek that makes you giggle gleefully.
two more gummies he puts in his mouth and then yukhei puts the cap back on and places it on the table. he claps his hands once more and gets another coin, ready for more presents. 
you look on at him. “what’s going to be next, hmm?”
the coin goes in. the music starts up once more and the countdown begins. he has his eye on the capsule with the neon purple cover. just a bit to the back and right,  there’s four seconds left when yukhei pushes the lime green button and the claw goes back down. successful he is again and within moments another capsule is in his hand and another piece of paper he unfolds.
“number eight,” yukhei notes to you.
he finds this present in the corner of the box. it’s soft, small and rectangular like his phone. he looks at you questioningly with raised eyebrows when he hears your short and light giggles. you move closer, draping a leg over his. the wrapping paper he tears open and he’s giggling and snorts now too.
yukhei holds up the pair of cobalt blue boxer briefs with the black band embroidered with the designer name in golden yellow. his love for colorful underwear you never forget. your love of seeing him in them hasn’t changed. he pulls off every color that touches his body like no other.
“i saw them when i went shopping a few weeks ago and i immediately thought of you,” you tell him with soft chuckles.                                                                      
he turns to you and looks at you amusingly. “i’ll model these for you later, baby.” the wink yukhei throws at you makes you playfully fan yourself and he leans over and places a quick chaste kiss on your lips. then his pinky he holds out between you and him. you hook onto with a grin and without hesitation.
the underwear goes besides the tube candy and lion before he is focused on the claw machine again. another coin yukhei picks up and pushes into the slot. it’s the capsule with the hot pink cover he aims for and gets. you remain mum, pressing your lips together and stare at him.
he opens it for the paper inside. “it’s number six, baby.” yukhei says while locating the present easily among the rest of them.
whatever the item is, it is inside a box. this present is light and almost feels like nothing. then similar to present number three, yukhei hears something sliding inside when he gives it a shake. his fingers threads through his hair, brushing the strands back while he wonders what it could be. another shake and he rips the paper.  his laugh is loud and he snorts once again. his chest vibrates with those happy sounds as he focuses on you with raised eyebrows and a teasing glint in his gaze. 
the sleeves of your sweatshirt you pull over your fingers. your arms go around his neck, trying to hide the expanding beam overtaking your face. yukhei holds up the box of condoms and gives it another shake.
“we are running out anyway,” you reason with a shy chuckle. “i wanted to make sure we had enough.”
yukhei nods knowingly. the box in the drawer of his bedside table because that’s where they are kept now, has just two left.
he pulls you close, snaking an arm around you while taking a deep breath of the faint scent of vanilla on you. “you think we can use some now?” yukhei hums, almost begging wishfully.
for the last few weeks, exhausted yukhei has been after the long days of practices for the end of the year performances and filming content to be released later. plans for a comeback are being laid out on top of that too. 
it hasn’t been any better for you either. the work load on your desk seemingly building daily. he has come home to find your desk scattered with open books and papers surrounding the computer. and once you and him finally lay in the bed that always is warmer when he is there, sleep won the battle each time.
yukhei has missed you.
your face turns until the tip of your nose is tickling his warm cheek. “soon, baby,” you murmur, smiling against his skin.
and that is all you say. your response, your voice is soft and seductive and yukhei is honestly ready to abandon the remaining presents for a little while and use what’s in his hold.
he doesn’t though.
because it’s the opposite of present number eight. you hold out your pinky for him. his charming and boyish laugh filters into your ears. he nods slowly and lifts his pinky to hook onto yours, energized and anticipating for the soon. you are about to release his finger, but he doesn’t let go of it. instead he draws a few inches back so he can look at you clearly. yukhei sees your eyes sparkling and that beam on your face is sugary sweet. 
a playful defeated sigh he lets out. “such a tease.”
his pout and accusation make you chuckle and kiss him softly, sucking on his bottom lip for a second longer. and it satisfies him for now because you stay close with your arms wrapped around him too. your head tilts towards his and the present for later is set aside because he wants to try at another gift.
“you’re liking this so far?” you inquire as he gets another coin.
the tiny plastic circle  yukhei pushes in. “i’m loving this so far,” he cheers with the music playing once more. even with the seconds disappearing, he turns away briefly from the game to give you a quick peck.
you hum happily as he returns to the game. the control he moves strategically. you’re wondering which one he is going to pick up and he’s speculating what else is in store for him. the lime button he presses. within moments, the capsule with the turquoise lid is in his hand. you are silent and watching as yukhei opens it and takes out the paper.
“it’s number eleven,” he announces with glee despite you seeing the number yourself.
you shift a bit to let him search for the present he has won. your nerves start to act up. there is a flip to your stomach.
then the correct present yukhei finds underneath present number two. it’s a box again. but this one is flatter and just a tad bit smaller than the previous gift. it’s light too, almost weighing like nothing in his hand. he shakes it but no sound is heard. his brows quirk up, glancing at you because his curiosity heightens. down he looks. the first tear of the wrapping paper he makes. you unconsciously chew on the inside of your cheek. a second rip to the paper has your heart skipping a beat because the box is revealed.
it’s the same maroon box like his gift to you and when he flips the box over, he gets his confirmation.
yukhei is staring at the gold cursive name printed on the top. he’s chuckling softly in joyful wonderment and disbelief. he gazes up briefly, the faint bob of your head thrown his way encourages him to continue. his focus returns to the present. the lid he takes off and puts underneath the bottom. the black velvet fabric he pulls back and he’s beaming at what he sees.
“do you like it?”
it’s your turn to ask now.
the hope and nervousness is laced in your question. yukhei takes the bracelet out and puts the box on the coffee table next to everything else. your fingers run up a soothing touch along the nape of his neck and the ends of his hair. you stare at him as he feels the cord band of the bracelet. he notes the three intertwining rings of gold, silver and rose gold that is a replica of the ring that is currently in his jewelry box on top of the dresser in the bedroom.
your eyes lower a little to the item in his hands. “i wanted to get you something that you could wear even during performances and promotions… if you wanted to. this was light and i thought you could wear this comfortably.” because more jewelry he sometimes has to wear for the stages. “and unless someone is looking closely, it is simple that it shouldn’t draw too much attention to anyone.” as much as he loves you and you love him, the world doesn’t know it yet. you clear your throat slightly. “you probably noticed too that it’s the same trinity winwin got you. i thought it would look nice with how they matches,” you finish quietly, keeping your gaze steady on the present in his hands. 
love, fidelity and friendship, yukhei has them all with you.
the quiet encompasses you and him for minute. he takes in your words, feeling amazed at the present and you. then suddenly you feel the gentle bump against your temple with his head. your eyes lift to meet his. yukhei nods and gradually leans forward to connect your mouths together. 
this kiss is slow. your hold onto the back of his neck, tilts his head the slightest for your mouth to mold so perfectly along his. the want and need is there. his tongue teases his way into your mouth and you release a little whimper of bliss. yukhei drags you closer, a hand gently gripping onto your waist. he pushes forward, intensifying the way he is sucking on your lips. 
but air and a little more time you need.
you tenderly nip on his top lip and pull back. dazed he looks as he catches his breath. you press your forehead to his while his thumb rises to wipe the wetness from the corners of your mouth. 
“so you like it?” you breathe out quietly.
the chuckle yukhei releases is airy and carefree. “yeah, i love it. thank you.”
his whispered words of gratitude makes you beam bashfully. he moves back and you watch him roll the bracelet onto his left wrist. once it’s on, yukhei straightens the cord properly. he tugs on your right hand to bring it to the front and intertwines his fingers with yours.
your presents to each other are side by side. the sight makes him proud. the warmth blooms in your chest.
“great minds think alike, huh, baby?” he whispers.
and it doesn’t take long for you to giggle lightly and bob your head in agreement. you shift and reach for the bear’s head still filled with a few more coins next to him. a little shake you give it and the tiny jingle is heard.
“you’re still not done yet. there’s more for you.” 
your voice is sweet and cute and it has yukhei looking between you and what you’re holding. the grin on your face is bright and excited, but the tiniest hint of mischief in your eyes he catches.
“are you up to something?” he questions, narrowing his gaze playfully.
and your question from this morning you recall. you laugh while shaking your head. slowly he takes what you are holding.
“no, baby, i’m not. you just have more presets. that’s all,” you reply with ease.
but your words and tone are unconvincing because yukhei still eyes you suspiciously. there really is that sweet trouble in your gaze. the smile forming on his face can’t be stopped as he turns his attention on the mini claw machine in front of him again.
a coin is taken out. he mentally counts the eight remaining capsules left.  yukhei deposits the money into the slot.
“what color is next?”
the music plays.
“how about...”
however the sentence yukhei doesn’t complete. instead a little to the left and then to the right before he moves the claw back. one second remains and then he pushes the button for the claw to descend. you watch as it opens to grab hold of the capsule with the fire engine red cover. your face warms. the claw rises up with his choice and in a matter of seconds, it is drop into the opening again. your heart beats quicker. he opens the capsule and takes out the piece of paper to unfold.
“number nine,” he says with a charming smile.
yukhei shows you the written number with a bright smile that makes his dimples faintly appear. he turns to the presents that still remain, looking for the what he has won.
his search will be fruitless though.
you watch along, bringing a hand up to shield the smile you are having some trouble controlling. he lifts and turns presents over a few times to double check the numbers.
there’s the faintest of a frown on his plump lips. “babe, i think you forgot a present cause i don’t see it,” he informs you.
yukhei turns to look at you and waits for a response. you do your best to suppress the grin on your face and avoid his gaze. but he doesn’t miss it because he can see the slight crinkle at the corners of yours eyes. his eyes narrow suspiciously at you once more. that frown present moments ago disappears.
“did you hide it?” he accuses you with a giggle.
you finally lift your head up to meet his gaze. you let out an airy laugh and shake your head.
“i didn’t hide it,” you tell him with your smile steady.
you shift, taking the capsule and paper still in his hand and put it on the coffee table. 
“i really didn’t hide it.” you reassure him again. 
then with your hand intertwining with his, you get onto your knees. you move until you are straddling his thighs with your knees against the floor. yukhei pushes his glasses up with his index finger and he sits up straighter. his free hand settles on your waist as you bring his hand you are clasping up to your lips. a sweet kiss you press on the back of it once and twice.
before yukhei has a chance to speak and question you again, you beat him to it. “i didn’t hide it. i promise, babe.”
the reassurance you give him is followed by a tiny curve of your mouth that widens in seconds.
“you’ll get it. but just humor me for a minute because i just want to ask you something first.” yukhei’s nodding slowly, his mind wondering and confused what this is all about. “what do you think of my sweatshirt?” you ask him coolly.
the way his brows furrow, the puzzled look that suddenly etches across his face has you softly chuckling and finding him absolutely adorable. he stares at you because you are serious. the nod in encouragement to just go along with you and answer your question he gets from you. 
his eyes moves to the article of clothing in question. yukhei recalls commenting on it when you and him had decorated the christmas tree together two weeks ago. the bright white reminds him of the clean snow of last night. the thick material makes you look warm, cuddly and huggable. it increases his desire to just cozy up with you.
“i told you i liked it. maybe next year we can find a matching shirt to go with our pants,” he responds, wide eyes meeting yours once more.
another short bob of your head you give him. “and the snowflakes?”
yukhei glances down again, his gaze sweeping over the printed on red snowflakes in varying sizes all over the front. “they’re cute…” he answers. “but not as cute as you,” he teasingly adds in.
you giggle at his cheesiness and embarrassment before you’re gently pecking him on his grinning mouth. it takes a moment to regain your composure as he rubs a little at your waist through the sweatshirt.
“last question...” yukhei stops laughing but the boyish smile is still present. you give his hand a tiny squeeze and he nods because he’s ready for the question. “can you count how many snowflakes you see?” your final question you ask him.
and to say yukhei isn’t more baffled about what you are doing than he already was sixty seconds ago is an understatement. the inside of your cheeks you chew on momentarily. his hand you release as you lift both arms up just to make sure he sees them all.
despite how curious he still is about where this is all leading to, yukhei trusts you because he does what you ask. you’re silent staring at how his pillowy lips move the slightest as he murmurs off the numbers. he counts it once, his eyes going from snowflake to snowflake. then he counts them again just to be certain he didn’t miscount the first time. his unoccupied hand rises and the tip of his index finger touches each red snowflake.
after he is finished, yukhei looks at you again. “there are nine snowflakes.”
your lips you press together and the bob of your head is faint. he stares at you, eyebrows wrinkled a lot because the mischief and sweet trouble in your eyes has returned.
nine snowflakes.
you intertwine your hand with his again and bring it to your mouth, placing another kiss on the back of his hand. a lot lost yukhei is right now, wondering about what connection this has to do with his missing present.
nine snowflakes.
your free hands settles on the back of his neck. you brush back and forth his warm skin. your bottom lip catches between your teeth, certain his mind is in overdrive trying to understand.
nine snowflakes. nine snowflakes. nine snowflakes.
it’s silent. a minute and another passes. then you’re watching with delight at how his puzzled expression disappears and is replaced with one of shock and surprise as his brows relax. his hand leaves your waist and covers his wide open smile before it rises and threads through his hair. yukhei lets out a slow deep exhale. a low groan then laugh quickly follows out as he shakes his head. he pushes his frames up and stares at you in amazement.
you are truly something else.
yukhei really cannot believe it. your hand he releases. he should have realized earlier. your cheeks he cups. forehead against yours, the proximity between your and his growing beams are just centimeters apart.
“are you my present?”
his question is shy. the short faint nod in confirmation is even shyer.
“yeah, i hope you’re not disappointed.”
your hand reaches to grip gently at his shirt. his thumbs are stroking your cheeks. the shine in your gaze is obvious and the warmth is expanding in his chest. yukhei tips forward and breathes in deep. 
he shakes his head slowly. “no, i’m not disappointed at all,” yukhei murmurs truthfully because with you, never he is. 
then his nose bumps and grazes yours. he erases those centimeters, teasing your top lip between his. but you’re pouting ever so slightly and he chuckles breathlessly and yukhei gives you what you want. 
the kiss is soft and intense.
his hold on your cheeks lowers a touch to tip your head up. your hand grips gently on the hairs on the back of his neck. his tongue little by little slides into the warmth of your mouth. your tiny whimpers come out between the wet sounds of your hungry mouths. a hand drops and his arms circles your waist to push your body closer as if you aren’t already sitting on him.
but as much as you want this to continue, there is just one more thing.
you reluctantly break away, reaching to tenderly grasp his face to pull him away. you are feeling dizzy in the best possible way and yukhei groans and chases after your mouth with an airy drunk laugh. breaths are ragged and hearts are racing. your arms move to drape over his broad shoulders while his hands move to rest on either side of your middle. he stares at you like he’s a little tipsy and a lot lovestruck. his wet plump lips are turned up into a charming smile on his face.
yukhei hums. “is that all, babe?” he teases because he’s not done.
he wants more.
always with you he is insatiable.
your laughter is light while you give him a shake of your head. your tongue peaks out to lick at your lips. “no...” your words trail off and his hands you reach for.
slowly you guide them to underneath your sweatshirt, his touch still slightly cold on your bare skin like earlier in the  morning. your head turns and then your mouth is beside his ear. his hands begin to slowly roam around your skin because like a habit yukhei can’t break from. and when his touch gradually goes higher and higher until he’s grazing alongside something that was not there this morning.
your seductive chuckles tickle his skin and heart.
“unwrap me, baby.”
your lips nip the shell of his ear. the tip of your tongue teases his skin. he feels it again to make certain he isn’t hallucinating. then you slowly lean back to get a better look at his lit up face. the way you are licking your bottom lip has him doing the same. the quiet whine and the innocent pout as you flutter your lashes make him raise an eyebrow.
slowly yukhei removes his hand from underneath the sweatshirt and lifts it up. the faint and low groan escapes from his mouth as he stares at your floral laced covered breasts that are pushed very up. they look so full and perfect in the vibrant holiday red color that is so pretty on you. he wants to touch and he does, holding the sweatshirt with one hand as his other runs his tender touch over your chest. yukhei angles his head a bit and bites his lip. the delicate mesh material that wraps around you he likes too and this combination of lace and mesh has him chuckling in joy. 
regardless if you have worn seductive and teasing pieces, he is still excited each time. 
you’re beautiful and absolute perfection.
a little squeak you let out from his gently squeezes. your back arches a little, hoping for more of his touches. and yukhei swears he feels the slight twitch in his pajama bottoms as he smiles and laughs lowly. he is pleased at the sight of you and your reactions. both his hands work then to fold and bunch up the sweatshirt for it to not fall and cover you up. his large hands run gently up and down your sides, cherishing the softness and warmth of your flesh until he cups both of your breasts. he tears his eyes away from the flawlessness and look up to meet your eyes.
your beam is sugary and unashamed at how he is enjoying himself right now. “i know you like the tops with the zippers...” you start.
yukhei chuckles and nods within seconds because he knows exactly what you are talking about. the tops you exercise in. the tops he can’t get enough of seeing you in. the tops he still fucks you in after the exercise sessions together. the tops he leaves unzipped because you’re still the prettiest thing he has ever unwrapped.
“but it’s christmas and i wanted to give you a proper wrapping... bows and all,” you whisper with a mischievous grin.
he quirks an eyebrow. the curve of his mouth grows. “bows?”
and it takes a second for yukhei to notice the small and delicate satin bow in a matching shade sewn in the center between the cups.
yet he only sees one.
just like before you guide his hands. but instead of traveling up this time though, you shift them lower until his fingertips slip below the waistband of your pajama bottoms. yukhei gets the hint because you let go of his hands for him to undo the knot of the white drawstrings. the sweatshirt you hold up with one hand as he grabs onto the top of waistband. you grip on his shoulder gently with the other as you get on your knees. your bottoms he push down and again he’s letting out an airy laugh because he really likes what he see here too.
to your knees yukhei pushes the fabric and you’re giggling as you sit back down on his thighs. your slippers fall from your feet when you lift your legs for him to pull the pants completely off your legs. he discards the article of clothing beside him while you settle back comfortably on him. the combination of lace over your breasts and mesh wrapped around you covers your pussy as well. 
the matching bow in the front of small triangle he stares at, swallowing the lump in his throat. you spread your legs. your feet move to plant firmly on the wood floors. and yukhei truly thinks you are trying to kill him because the fabric that is over your core is barely an inch wide. he gets a glimpse of your folds peeking alongside the edges. you watch as he wipes the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb because he’s not sure where to start and what to unwrap first.
yukhei feels another twitch in his pajama bottoms as he groans under his breath.
“this is like a two in one present, you know that?” he whispers in awe and in jest. 
but to your ears, he sounds slightly amused and desperate. it has you briefly tilting your head as you laugh softly.
his hands move to grip gently your thighs before they slowly slide back. yukhei grunts lowly, happy to feel just the flesh of your soft ass because there is no back coverage. both your hands rests on his chest while your knees drop to either sides of him once more. with a sugary smile, you settle right over him. you feel the slight bulge and gasp quietly as you roll your hips again and again. he grunts again. his eyes turn downcast, watching your hips roll like waves. your movements has him growing harder and you a bit wetter while he stares.
once you stop a minute later to catch your breath, you loop your arms around him. an eyebrow of yours arches. your eyes twinkle. “so what do you think? do you like it?” 
for the second time today you’re asking him. however you are simply teasing because you feel his reaction even if he does not explicitly tell you his thoughts.
regardless though yukhei nods. he really does because he’s latching onto your mouth again. the kiss is fervent and wet. your sweatshirt bit by bit falls down. you bite his lower lip while his hands squeeze your ass to elicit a moan before one them shifts a little. suddenly you feel his fingers running along the delicate fabric between your supple ass cheeks. you mewl into his mouth and he grins when he slowly pushes the barrier aside to touch your wet core. 
you feel a little too warm.
your hands clutch onto his shirt. your mouth falls from his as you rise a bit to give him more room to access you. his eyes finds your still twinkling gaze. yukhei strokes you. so soft, smooth and wet you are. after a minute, he slowly pushes a finger into your pussy. he coos when you whimper against his skin. he pulls it out and pushes it back in before repeating it a handful of times. you bite down on your lower lip suppressing the pleased noises when he slides a second digit in. and the two fingers feel better than one as he continues to gently work your pussy and squeezes your ass with the other. the wet sounds of him playing with you makes you moan happily.
“mmm, i miss this,” you breathe out slowly with a tiny smile. carefully you push down on his fingers when he retracts them a little.
yukhei chuckles, letting you fuck yourself on his fingers for a moment. “you’re so wet, baby.” he slowly stops you and removes his fingers  and shows the shiny coat on his skin. “look at this.” 
before you can react or move forward, he licks the digits clean with a satisfied groan. your ass drops back down while your arousal shoots into your pussy watching him grin blissfully when he is done. you lean in and kiss him, hoping for a little remnant of yourself. it's faint and he hears the little sighs into his mouth. 
when he breaks from you, foreheads press together. you bring a hand to his lips and outline his wet lips with your fingers.
“is the soon now?” yukhei quietly asks with a teasing lip bite.
your laugh is breathless, remembering what he had asked before. his eyes sparkle. 
“just one thing,” you reply serenely. 
he nods, the beam on his face so brilliant and charming right now. you back away. what you so desperately want is already in your mind as you move down his long legs a bit to get to the drawstrings of his pajama bottoms. yukhei watches your eager fingers work on the knot while he threads his fingers through his hair to push back the strands. he fixes his glasses just as you pull down the front of his pajama bottoms to reveal the black fabric of his boxer briefs. he hears the light sounds from your smiling lips while you stare in awe at the bulge.
yukhei grunts and you push up your sleeves of the sweatshirt and palm his straining cock. the gold around your wrist against the black fabric makes him moan proudly. 
you look up. “can i baby?” your request is sugary and the small tilt of his head he gestures lets you know to continue on.
his t-shirt you push up, revealing to you the leopard print waistband that you hook your fingers onto. you work to bring the front down. it takes a few tugs of the tight material and his cock is released. his groan fills your ears and you feel another rush into your pussy.
he's hard and looking delicious and your mouth begins to water. but before you make your move, you work again to get the fitted fabric pushed down enough for his balls to come out too. you want them as well. and once you are successful, you glance up briefly at him. the curve of your pretty and slightly swollen lips is so sweet and innocent as yukhei spreads out his arms against the seats of the couch. he can’t stop his soft chuckles at how you look and what you are going to do.
“go ahead.” he whispers lovingly.
your eyes turn downcast at the green light and you reach for his cock. the soft grip has him grunting again but much louder this time. your touch starts from the base to the tip in slow and tantalizing strokes. he inhales deeply and lets it out slow. your wrist rotates up and down around his cock that is growing with every twist of your hand. 
you let go of his cock and t-shirt and scoot down his legs a bit more until you are comfortable in a position to your liking. then you lower yourself, the front of your sweatshirt grazing his pajama bottoms. yukhei holds onto the hem of his shirt against his torso as you grip his cock again. sliding your hand up and down repeatedly once more, you shoot him a fleeting teasing smile. your free hand presses on his thigh and your tongue darts out. your gaze stays on him when you take your first leisure lick of the underside of his length like it’s an ice cream cone. 
how you have truly missed this with his recent schedules and practices and your own work. 
you hum with happiness at his pleased grin. then one and two more licks you take before your lips eagerly cover the tip. you gently suck the head and yukhei sharply sucks in a deep breath. but then the way you put a bit more suction has him letting out a moan. you feel the confidence in you swell. a little lower you go until your mouth reaches your fist  still holding him. your mouth feels so warm and he shudders while you pull back and go back down again. 
“baby, your mouth feels so fucking good,” yukhei moans without restraints. 
you freeze for a moment.
as much you love how his cock feels in your hands, it does not compare to the feeling of him in your mouth. it feels so much more. you relish the heaviness in your mouth. you enjoy the veins and ridges against your tongue. you move back again, the wetness from your mouth visible on his cock as a lone line of saliva trails from your mouth to his tip. you giggle and yukhei chuckles lowly at the slight messiness whenever you blow him. he watches your hands begin to stroke him using the wetness you left behind. you tip forward, your tongue coming out again. this time it’s to swirl around the head while your touch works the base. his moans echoes the wet sounds of your touches on his cock.
soft laughter slips from your lips. “mmm, do you like that baby?” another swirl of your tongue. yukhei groans, staring intently at you and the curve of your ass slightly in the air at this position. “missed this so much.”
you tilt your head a bit and press your tongue flat on the underside and drag the wet muscle up. you repeat it a few of times and the moans from deep within his throat pleases you too much.
“you like being licked like that? hmm? tell me what you want,” you tease.
the groan yukhei releases is his only response because the base of his cock firms a little. your mouth wraps around the head again. a handful of soft tantalizing sucks, you slowly start descending down on his cock once more. inch by inch he disappears into your mouth. he wants to shut his eyes for a second at the pleasure, but he doesn’t want to miss a moment.
he groans. “fuck, babe.” 
you bob your head, moving your mouth on him the way he likes before popping him gently from your mouth. yukhei notices the bit of saliva on your chin when you look up at him and reaches forward to tenderly wipe it away. you hum softly in appreciation while your hand moves up his cock while the other rub at his thighs. his hand rests on the back of your head, caressing you affectionately. your thumb brushes back and forth over the slit as your hand gently moves his cock up a little more so you can have a taste of something else for a minute. 
your head angles a bit, nearly laying on his thigh when you lean forward and kiss and kitten lick his balls. he huffs loudly when you delicately suck on them and curses when your mouth widens to carefully cradle them in your mouth. the warmth combined with the tender swipes of your tongue around them, you feel the tiny bit of stickiness on the pad of your thumb that has been rubbing his slit. yukhei tears his eyes away from you and shifts his gaze to his cock.
it’s reddening and he is desperate for more.
and yukhei thinks you might be thinking the same because you release his balls. you sit up for a second. then eyes connect as you bring your thumb up to your wet lips and suck on what’s there.
his laugh is warm and soft when your lower lip juts out in a playful little pout. “i want more, yukhei.”
you turn back to his cock, your mind imagining how he will be releasing into your mouth. then yukhei watches with pleasure at your enthusiasm as you lower yourself again. he stares at your smiling lips encasing over his cock. he is halfway nestled in the warmth of your mouth before you start bobbing your head. 
yukhei lifts his other arm away from the couch, both hands settle on the back of your head while your mouth moves up and down. he doesn’t push you forward or keep you down. he just wants to hold you someway somehow right now. the loud wet sucking sounds of you enjoying his cock fills his ears and makes him feel bigger in your mouth and pride in his chest. after a minute you pull back for a few deep breaths. the smile on your face when you make eye contact with him is sugary and satisfied before you return to the task of sucking him. 
but as much as yukhei always enjoy his cock in your mouth and he feels the slightest tightness in his stomach, the box on the table catches his attention.
he really has missed you. 
yukhei wants to feel you differently for now. he wants to feel more than the warmth of your mouth.
your eyes turn up to him when you feel the gentle pats on your head. you reluctantly take him out and hum softly. he pushes his locks back. “can you stop and sit up?” 
he chuckles at the faint frown on your face. regardless though you obliged but not without one parting lick from the base to the top with a light kiss to the tip. then you’re sitting up and slowly dragging yourself up his legs to his thighs with your knees grazing the wood floors. his hands cups your heated face and brings you closer so he can kiss you. 
it’s chaste and sweet despite what your mouth has been doing the last few minutes. 
you break apart from him. “you know, i was enjoying that,” you murmur in teasing sadness alongside his grinning lips.
yukhei laughs and it makes the bottom of your lip jut out. but then the brushes on your skin makes you feel a bit better. “i was too, baby.” you whimper in response because you want him. “but i was thinking of something else we can enjoy first,” he whispers softly. 
you shoot him a questioning look. the box of condoms yukhei reaches for and holds in front of you. your lips break out in a bright beam. you place a peck on the tip of his nose and hum quietly. 
“i can still finish later though,” you insist with a twinkle in your eyes.
he nods, laughing once again. “most definitely, babe.”
your delighted squeal thinks maybe he shouldn’t have let you finished. but then you fist his cock again, going up and down as his fingers are sliding underneath the glue flaps of the box. you lean back a bit and place your feet on the floor to spread you legs a little wider. how wet you were before, you are more now because he sees the faintest darker shade of the fabric. his fingers gradually freeze and yukhei can’t help but smirk when you shift a few inches closer. one hand rest on his knees behind you and carefully you lift your hips up. 
then yukhei watches, entranced at how you begin to rub the underside of his cock alongside your cloth pussy. he feels the slightest graze of your folds. you whimper. your hips roll. your face warms. you are ready, excited and know exactly what you’re doing to him because his hand moves to rest on your hips.
“when are you going to unwrap me, baby?” you mewl seductively. “mmm, yukhei, i want your cock.”
and reluctantly his eyes leave the teasing show to look at you. what he finds is a sweet yet wicked look etched on your face. you whimper once more; the sound so enticing and desperate. 
yukhei shakes his head and bites his lip. “you’re going to kill me,” he chuckles almost bashfully. 
his words instantly make you giggle and you stop the motions of your hips. but you continue with tender caresses of his cock as he focus on ripping what he needs. the box he places back on the coffee table and you sit back down on his thighs, knees falling to the floor again. you watch in anticipation while he rips the foil. you let go of his cock for him to slowly roll the condom over his harden length. he grunts under his breath at the sensitivity. 
you rise on your knees. “can i ride you?” you request. 
the tip he pinches as he glimpses between you and the wooden floor. he pats your thigh. “stand up,” he says gently.
hands on his shoulders, you push yourself up to stand. yukhei glances up at you. for a moment you think he’s going to pull your underwear down. but he doesn’t. instead he reaches to rub you tenderly in the front, feeling the lace and mesh.
“so pretty,” he quietly murmurs with a smile. 
your face warms and yukhei brings himself up. his pajama bottoms slightly falls and he pushes them down until they’re at his feet. he steps out of them and his slippers before he takes a seat on the couch. his legs spread and a hand goes around his cock. you watch him give it a few long strokes and pumps.
yukhei looks up, the ends of his mouth curling up. “come here, baby.” he tells you, patting his thigh.
you walk the short distance and your hand he takes as you climb onto the couch and straddle his thighs once again. your feet on either side of him, he throws his head back a little. his hands massages your thighs and you hum at the tender strokes on your skin and the soft look on his face.
“is this okay? i didn’t want you hurting your knees on the floor. i thought it would be more comfortable like this,” he whispers.
your head tilts a bit. the warmth on your cheeks intensifies.
always sweet he is.
yukhei slowly begins folding up your sweatshirt again. his thumbs brushing over your lace covered your nipples. “yeah, i’m good,” you reassure him with a little grin.
you lift one of his hands and press a kiss to the middle of his palm. soon enough your eyes turn downcast. his cock you are holding gently and firmly again. you rise, crouching with your legs parted and your feet placed against the couch because this angle will be better. immediately yukhei cups your ass, massaging the exposed soft flesh. one hand grips onto his shoulder.
his long finger hooks onto the fabric between your ass, pulling it to the side again and away from your core. you hum happily at the slight coolness.
he gives you a soft nod. “let’s go, baby.”
with eyes connected and matching beams on your faces, you guide yourself down onto his cock. you mewl at the tip entering your pussy. the stretch feels too good and you can’t stop from huffing. he grunts lowly in his throat at the different kind of cozy his cock is surrounded by right now.
“yeah, keep going,” yukhei encourages faintly and affectionately.
when you are halfway down, you rise up until it’s just his tip is in you again. a deep breath you take and he watches you lick your lips before you sink back down just halfway. you repeat this once and then again, each time making him groan and want you a little more. 
then the base of his cock you finally let go. his eyes lower and your hand goes to your knee. yukhei manages to settle a hand on your waist to steady you without looking away. his plump lips are slightly parted at the sight of his cock little by little disappearing.
your walls feel like velvet and his cock feels at home.
and slowly but surely he fills you up, making you chew on the inside of your cheeks at the wonderful feeling of his cock finally and completely in your pussy after the last few weeks. you stare at him and his face is in awe. his cheeks puff out and his tongue sweeps across his curling lips. your body shifts and stills to adjust to him. he looks at where you and him connect and his hands rise up to make certain your sweatshirt will stay up so he can see your bouncing breasts. his head lifts to find you watching him with a sparkle in your eyes.
you giggle softly. “did you enjoy the show?” you coo.
yukhei wants to laugh. he wants to tell you he can watch you sinking down on his cock every day. but then you suddenly bounce once and twice and he thinks what he wants to tell you can maybe wait until later. your hands move to fist his t-shirt and his hand wipes across his mouth before they fall to his side. he’s watches the tiny smirk form on your face as you pant and fuck yourself down on his cock.
“mmm, yukhei. you feel so big, baby,” you whine, the sensations spreading through your body.
your covered breasts bounce with each of your movements despite being still covered and yukhei thinks the sight is absolutely hypnotizing. he huffs before smiling almost dreamily at you. he reaches for them, his light massages on your breasts makes you whimper. 
you slow your movements as his large hands cups them. gradually your knees lower and it takes a moment to steady your heavy breathing. his eyes find yours and you hum. within seconds then you start to roll your hips.
yukhei grunts and you grin. a deep breath you take to start up a consistent rhythm that makes him drop his hands from your breasts to grip onto your hips. 
he moans loudly. “yeah, baby, ride me. you like this, don’t you?” he swallows the large gulps of air as a sweet giggle suddenly escapes from you. your hands spread on his chest for better balance. never too slow and never too fast, you keep the nice and enticing pace going for a few minutes.
his half lidded eyes dance around you. he is mesmerized by the blissed look on your face and your slightly open mouth with the whines rolling out.
a hand rises and he cradles your cheek. yukhei leans forward and his lips finds yours in a bit of a messy and wet kiss. you moan into his mouth. he nips at you and the roll of your hips gradually halt so you can savor the kiss. noses brush against each other. his tongue glides into your mouth and your hands slide up to slither your arms around his neck loosely.
you pull back first, needing air and he hums softly and approvingly at how you lick your semi swollen lips. the upward curl of his wet lips is charming while yukhei settles his hand on your hip again. he nudges you gently and you laugh lightly before you start up once more, rocking down on his cock. you feel so full. your arms remain around his neck. a little quicker you move. your face stay so close to his. he watches you with fascination and love. it has you feeling heat spread over your cheeks. 
yukhei coos with each of your moans that you let out. his hands reach behind and he squeezes your ass. he closes the small distance between your mouth and this time the kiss is quick, but sweet. he smiles so lovingly yet you see the way his eyes darken a little.
he hums. “do you want a little help?”
you can’t help the tiny squeak that comes out. you can’t stop yourself from slowly grinning a little bit too much as you nod faintly because you like what will be happening next. you angle forward. he sits up a bit. your forehead is just mere inches away from his. your arms are still around him, but your hands are fisting his shirt by his collar behind his neck.
within seconds, he grips on your ass tightly. faint crescent moons are pressed into your supple ass. 
and yukhei is helping you along.
he moves you up and down, making you fuck yourself on his cock harder and faster. your mind is suddenly in a blur. the pace you had before is nothing like this. this is what he wants after the time apart. he is relentless and you feel yourself sink into the euphoria of his cock stroking your walls.   
you whine. “fuck, yukhei. baby, fuck .” your face and your sounds are desperate. “mmm, oh yeah, baby. fuck, baby.”
the air around him feels thicker. his breathing becomes heavier against your skin. the sounds from you grow higher and come out quicker. the tingling builds in your stomach. the sweatshirt falls once more and it’s hot. you want to open the window for the cold winter air. but you can’t utter a word of it because all you want is to get to your high. 
“oh fuck,” you moan. “faster, baby.” 
and for a split second yukhei manages to chuckle. “are you close?” he groans out. 
he is. he is so close because that slight tightness from when you were blowing him has been increasing ever since. but he wants it for you first. you nod, your whimpers begging him for more.
yukhei smiles softly. “don’t look away, okay? stay with me, baby.” 
and with eyes remaining as steady as possible with one another, he grants your wish. you’re fucking down on his cock quicker and with more force. his grip tightens and the muscles on his arms are more apparent. the pressure in your stomach grows and grows.
“come on, baby. you got this.”
yukhei encourages into your skin until you do.
your body is trembling as you sob out his name. there is a slight wetness at the corners of your eyes. your pants are heavy as you lean towards him, your damp forehead pressing against his own damp skin. you can’t fight it as your eyes shut for a moment. yukhei holds you tight and tries his best to breathe through his nose as he relishes the quick and sweet squeezes of your walls around his cock. 
slowly your gaze find his that has remained on your face and you stare with a small and almost shy smile at how he’s licking his lips.
a little more pressure he needs.
yukhei hums. “you okay?” 
a nod you give him and leisurely he begins to guide you back and forth on his cock. you’re so sensitive and the adorable whine that slips from you makes yukhei let out a breathless chuckle. your arms unwrap from around him and you place them on his board shoulders. a deep breath you take. your heart still thumps a little bit quicker than normal. but you shoot him a sweet grin. 
“let me, babe.”
he had given you your high. you will give him his. 
yukhei bobs his head as your knees dig a bit into the seat below him while the top of your feet anchors onto his thighs. his hands settle on your hips. soon enough they moving, alternating between deep circular motions and hard thrusts down. 
he huffs, his release just around the corner. “mmm, yeah. keep fucking yourself on me, baby.”
your eyes stay connected and breaths stay ragged. the living room fills with quiet whimpers and low grunts. the pressure in him builds with each of motions of your hips. you let go of his shoulder and he nods and chuckles as you work to push up the sweatshirt that has fallen. 
one of his hand reaches to cup your breast and you let out a tiny squeak. the added visual of just how truly beautiful you are to him, the remembrance that he is the only one who can touch you, does the trick. yukhei is digging his fingertips into your hips. his head he throws back and he lets out a string of whispered curses. he feels himself throb inside your faintly clenching walls.
you feel happy and tilt towards him to bestow kisses on his cheek. you shift, burying your face into the crook of his neck and take a deep breath. you rest for a minute and he lets you stay like this until you lift your head away and turn to him. yukhei does the same. he pushes up his glasses and you can’t help but notice how he looks a little fucked. the laugh you let out is like sugar and too infectious. he lazily removes himself from the back of the seat to get closer to you. his arms wrap around your waist, sneaking underneath the sweatshirt as your hands cup his face for a short moment before your arms go around his neck. you feel his thumb caressing lazy circles on your skin. 
your eyes take in his content and relaxed face. you tip forward to place a chaste affectionate kiss on his puckered lips. 
you smile alongside his mouth. “hi.”
his eyes shine. “hi yourself.”
a few inches you draw back to get a better look at his face once more. your gaze sweeps over his features and his soft look.
“you know you were suppose to unwrap me before you fuck me,” you murmur with a teasing and sweet curve of your lips.
yukhei shakes his head faintly. the curl of his mouth expands in front of your eyes and matches yours. “i thought it would be better to unwrap you on the bed,” he tells you with his voice soft and tone just as teasing.
the way your face lights up is unmistakable yukhei lets out an airy laugh that makes you feel warm. “but let me pull out first.”
you nod and shift back a little. he holds the base and you watch as he tugs himself out, a thread like string of your high is visible before it breaks. you pout at the lost connection. yukhei holds his cock, careful of not getting anything on his boxer briefs or his t-shirt even if he is certain laundry will be done at some time today. he leans forward to place a gentle peck to your lips.
“i’ll clean this up and meet you in the bedroom, okay? go wait for me.” yukhei whispers to you, giggling when your frown turns upside down.
one more fleeting kiss and he rests a hand on the side of your thigh as you unfold your legs and turn on his lap. you place your bare feet on the floor and stand, giving him a view of your smooth ass. but your legs feel like jelly and you are wet and sticky in between your legs. you hear the amused sound behind you and you freeze briefly to steady your balance. his hand holds on your elbow to steady you.
a second passes before you takes a step, giving yukhei the space to stand up himself. he lets go of your elbow and your feet slip into your slippers while he does the same. you turn around and press a slow and intense kiss to his mouth. yukhei pushes forward a bit, making you sigh and feeling a little bit more wet than you already are. but before he has a chance to slide his tongue into your warm mouth, you pull back. he watches the faint glimmer and mischief flickering in your eyes as your tongue peeks out to lick your lips.
yukhei nods with a twitch of his own wet lips. “i’ll be quick.”
walking through the wrapping paper and mess on the floor, you part ways. to the bathroom he turns to while you move towards the bedroom. 
the bed you usually have made in the morning is still messy. a holiday you tell yourself. and besides, it will be messy soon again anyway. you go to the large window to pull back the matching curtains from living room. you turn around and take the handful of steps to the bed. your slippers drop from your feet when you crawl on the mattress. two pillows you haphazardly put on top of one another before you lay down. you quietly sigh, curling onto your side as you bring your hand up. you eye the eighteen carat gold wrapped around your wrist.
you feel the flips of your stomach. the words engraved you whisper to yourself. you feel the warmth spreading from your chest to the tip of your toes.
he is something else entirely in a league of his own.
and when yukhei comes in a few minutes later, he finds you staring and enamored at the present. your fingertips graze the jewelry while the box of condoms he has brought in from the living room is placed on his bedside table. your gaze finally turns to look up at him. his cock is tucked back into his underwear. his hair is tied back in a little ponytail on the top of his head. combined with the frames on his face, you love this look on him. 
yukhei tilts his glasses up on his handsome face. a faint smile ghosts your face. “i love my present,” you tell him in the quietness.
how in love he is with you no one will ever understand.
yukhei chuckles in response. “and i love mines.” 
your face heats up within seconds. he climbs onto the bed, the mattress dipping a bit at the added weight. your eyes never break from his as yukhei moves to sit on the heels of his feet. he places his hands on your knees and twists you around until you’re laying flat on your back.
you hum, the sparkle shimmering in your eyes. yukhei drops tender kisses on your knees. “come on baby, let me see,” he whispers.
and then your legs he parts. the vibrant holiday red  of the fabric against your core is no longer because it is soaked in your wetness. it’s darker now and the pleased laughter rolls out his grinning mouth. you tilt your head. he runs a hand over his lips.
you chew on the inside of your bottom lip. “i’m so sticky.” you jut your lower lip out playfully. 
yukhei chuckles because he knows what you want. he shifts, reaching for the thin band of your underwear. slowly but surely he unwraps you. the fabric he drags down your legs and once it’s completely and finally off of you, he drops it on the floor. you spread your legs open immediately. you let out the sweet sighs of relief and contentment as cool air grazes your pussy. it really feels so nice and yukhei thinks it really looks so nice because he marvels at the glisten of your folds and core.  
he licks his lips. “tell me what you want, baby?” yukhei asks, grabbing a pillow besides him. 
for a moment he fluffs it before he’s tapping on your hips to rise. he tucks it underneath your ass. his hands rub your thighs softly as you shift a bit, adjusting to the angle and added height to your bottom. the sweatshirt still on your body has risen and the peek of lace and mesh underneath yukhei sees when you stop moving. he pushes up the white material a few inches to watch the steady rise and fall of your lace covered breasts. he reaches up and cups both of them. soft massages and light caresses over your nipples has you humming.
no matter how powerful his hands can be, lifting up twenty five pound weights to boxing and hitting punching bags, his touches are the softest and most affectionate. 
yukhei brings his attention back up to your face. you play pretend, thinking for a second to an answer for his question. the sweet trouble and the teasing returns.
“i want your cock again, yukhei,” you state so calmly and innocently.
the void between your legs and the emptiness in your pussy you want and need to be filled once more.
yukhei smirks and feels the satisfaction in him while letting out an airy laugh and nods. it’s a simple request that he can definitely do again. he gets comfortable sitting on his heels and you stare as palms himself. he has a slight bulge already from what you can see. excited you are once more. 
“but how about…” 
he parts open your legs a little wider and pushes them up. his large hands presses down on the underside of your thighs. your gaze he finds again. 
“i just take a taste first, okay?” he smiles because he really cannot resist. 
not when you are so wet. not when he hasn’t eaten you in so long.
you don’t hesitate to quickly nod, the curve of your lips widening because you love his tongue in your pussy as well. yukhei watches as your hand goes to your still slightly sensitive pussy. you whimper, sliding two fingers alongside your folds before parting them from the stickiness and inviting him. the sight has him beaming foolishly, eyes fixated at you teasing yourself and him. then his body lowers and his face descends between your legs. your hand you remove and you lightly hold onto the corners of the pillows underneath your head. you let out a content purr when you hear him take the deep breath against your pussy, inhaling the scent of you. 
it should make you shy. but instead it makes you feel simply wanted and loved. 
the first lick yukhei bestows upon your pussy has you whining. he hums in satisfaction as your juices coat his tongue. he listens to the heavy breaths you’re taking from above and another lick he takes.
how much you enjoy sucking him, he enjoys eating you just as much. 
yukhei chuckles at your neediness, the air tickling your core. a handful of kitten licks he gives it. then gradually he begins to suck, taking your clit and folds between his plump lips. you’re whimpering now, your hands moving to grip onto the bedsheets. you try rolling your hips or closing your legs around him. but it is impossible. his hold on you is tender yet firm as yukhei eats your pussy like he’s kissing your lips. 
sweet yet intense. 
slow but desperate.
and when his tongue is diving deep into your heat and your back arches off the bed with a loud gasp, you are reminded of the way his tongue slides into your mouth. 
smooth and hungry. 
it draws loud moans from your open mouth. “fuck, baby, fuck.” 
yukhei does it again before his wet muscle retreats a little. he goes back to licking and sucking your clit, the sounds echoing in the bedroom. you lift your head a little and move your hand to his head.
you gently flick his tiny apple ponytail and lightly tap him. it takes a moment to pull his attention from eating and enjoying you before he actually looks up. you let out a tiny pleased squeal at his pillowy lips that are shiny and his chin that is glossy. the charming smile his mouth is forming makes your face warm and you desperately want a taste. 
you playfully scrunch up your nose. “sharing is caring.” your voice is sweet and your eyes twinkle.
yukhei laughs lowly and bends his head down to your core again. he sucks on your clit a few more times and laps up what he can before he pushes himself up. he hovers over you within seconds. your arms circle his neck and you bring him closer to capture his lips in yours. you moan into his mouth, your essence you are savoring on him sends a rush to your pussy. the kiss is messy and frantic. your hand threads up his neck to hold and angle him a bit. your tongue slips into his mouth. your feet lowers and your toes graze the back of his legs. 
he pulls apart a minute later for air to fill his lungs. with a delighted smile, you take a quick swipe across his plump lips and pepper a handful of soft kisses and short licks over his chin. it has you and him giggling incessantly.
a faint tug you feel on your sweatshirt. “you ready to take this off?”
you playfully hold out your arms. “i’ve been waiting,” you answer.
yukhei shakes his head in amusement, grabbing the hem of it. it takes a little effort for it to be over your head and off your arms. the heat is on, but there is still the slightest hint of winter air in the room. you feel your nipples hardening. he drops the sweatshirt besides you on the bed and turns his gaze down, fixated at just how beautiful you are and how lucky he is. his wide eyes shine brighter than the lights on the christmas tree in the living room. he bends down until he’s over you once again.
“i didn’t want you getting cold,” yukhei informs you truthfully and shyly.
his response makes your face heat and your heart skips. you tilt your head, moistening your lips while your fingertips trace the boyish grin etching on his face. 
you nod faintly. “then keep me warm,” you challenge him.
his breath fans your skin when he laughs lowly. his nose brushes yours and yukhei grazes your lips like feathers tickling you until you’re pouting a little. he kisses you again, but it isn’t for long because his mouth detaches from yours with a parting bite and travels down to your neck. you inhale deeply to calm your thumping heart as your head turns and eyes close. he’s licking and sucking at your damp skin for a moment and then journeys lower. he bestows kisses from your collarbone to your right shoulder before starting the path to the lace and mesh he has yet to discard from your body.
sweet sighs leave your mouth when your feel the light sucks to your covered nipples. your hand reaches to stroke the back of his head and the nape of his neck. yukhei works them until there is a very wet spot over the tip of them. his face he buries between the valleys of your breasts and he breathes in deep. he smiles faintly to himself, loving the scent of everything on your skin right now.
slowly your eyes open just as his hands cup your breasts to give it a gentle squeeze. you whimper when he’s moving back. yukhei sits on his heels once more. you push and prop yourself up on your elbows as he palms himself again.
you fix your eyes to where his hand is. “how hard are you right now, baby?” 
the question comes out with a sugary beam. the look you give him is sweet.
you turn your attention back to his face momentarily. yukhei coolly adjusts his glasses with a confident lip bite, signaling you to be prepared. but you playfully swoon and it makes him break out in a light fit of giggles. he rubs over his shielded cock and your gaze directs back down. the hem of his t-shirt he lifts. his fingers hook onto the front of the leopard print waistband of his boxer briefs. the black fabric he lowers and his cock gradually comes out until it is in full view.
he smirks so boldly. “yeah, baby, i’m good.”
yukhei tells you as if you don’t see it for yourself. he tells you as if the faint little squeals aren’t slipping from your smiling mouth at how hard his cock is again. he tells you as if you aren’t admiring at the reddening head.
you mewl in anticipation and stare with delight as yukhei pushes his underwear all the way down and shifts on the bed to take them off his long legs. he drops it on the floor and turns back to you. he kneels in front of you again and you stare at  him. the grin on his face is mischievous and his eyes are filled with want and teasing trouble. he reaches for the hem of his t-shirt and pulls it over his head in one swift motion. he tosses it to the floor too. then he looks at you from atop his round gold frames before he tilts them back up and runs his tongue over his teeth. a beam full of coolness and a quirk of his brows, yukhei places his hands behind his head like a model for you. 
he’s beautiful inside and out.
the muscles on his arms are visible and you can outline each of the curves with your eyes. the lines on his torso are prominent. the v line you had a sneak peek of this morning when he stretched is now fully visible. and then he is flexing. you’re left chuckling softly with very heated cheeks, sparkling eyes and another quick rush to your pussy when he also throws a wink in your direction.
“still think i’m hot, babe?” yukhei questions teasingly.
you nod with a wide smile, going to him in seconds to erase the short distance between your bodies. you lick at his hard nipples. kisses you dot over his chest and down to the head of the lion inked onto his pretty and smooth skin before moving back up. your fingers reach up to grasp his jawline, pulling him to your mouth to kiss him eagerly. his hands drop and he slips them between your bodies. you part away in time to see him fist himself.
his strokes move up and down smoothly. your stare dances between his hand and his dark gaze that is watching your reaction. glee and enthusiasm color your face and fills your eyes. there is a tiny amount of precum sitting at the head of his cock. when he is able to hold eye contact with you for a mere moment longer, yukhei gestures to the box of condoms on his bedside table with a jut of his chin.
he huffs. “can you get one for me?”
you hum, shuffle back to get it. you open the box and tear one from the rest and shift back towards him again.
his free hand extends for the item in your grasp. you put it in his palm and his words of gratitude is soft. within a second of his hand letting go of his cock so he can open the package, your touch replaces his. he’s so heavy as always in your hands. the feeling of those ridges and veins you had against your tongue earlier are prominent under your gentle strokes. the penny sized amount of precum that grows makes you swallow the dry lump in your throat. you shoot yukhei a quick devilish look as he pulls out the condom.
“how about i just take a taste?”
and the question he had asked you rings in his ears now. his deep laughter makes you sweetly bat your lashes at him because a taste of his cock you already had. yukhei nods with the small smile appearing on his face soon afterwards.
you make sure he is looking at you as you move forward and your lips wrap around the head. you moan in satisfaction at the stickiness that coats your tongue. you feel the wetness pooling in your pussy. yukhei’s deep laughter turns into a deep groan above as you suckle on the tip like a lollipop. he gives you a minute, staring at your hands caressing his length  that is not in your mouth. gradually your lips moves back and your tongue twists and sweeps around his tip that is growing sensitive. he pats you on your head.
there’s a little love drunk smile on his face. “baby, you ready?” he pants out.
you nod. “i will finish later,” you declare because you want him painting your mouth and throat. one last flick of your tongue across the slit has yukhei chuckling. 
“we can both finish, later.” you hum  in joy at the thought of his tongue and lips against your pussy again. you lean up and press a kiss to his chest right above his beating heart and the action warms his soul. “can you lay down for me?” he requests lovingly.
a bob of you head you give him and you move away and back. the corners of your mouth twitch up. you return to your previous position and get comfortable with the pillows underneath you once more. your arms you throw over your head in a little stretch as yukhei rolls on the condom over his cock with a sharp breath. when he pinches the tip, he glances up at you. your legs are folded, lifted and spread like before. your glistening pussy is inviting him once more to be loved and filled. 
“fuck me, yukhei,” you sweetly command. 
the way you are staring at him with your eyes and smile shining is blinding. he licks the ends of his lips and smirks as he moves across the bed, closing the space to get to you. then one hand he holds onto you hip while his other grips the base of his cock. you reach out, softly clutching his hard muscles. your head rises, hoping to get a glimpse of him sliding into pussy.
but he doesn’t.
yukhei ends up rubbing his cock over your aching core. you whine. “babe, you’re teasing me.” the pout on your face is cute. he shakes his head with a giggle before kissing it away gently.
then yukhei shifts, pumping his cock with a few swift strokes before he’s over you once again. you and him watch and moan together as he carefully and gradually guides himself into your wetness. despite the session on the couch and his mouth, the stretch remains tantalizing. 
yukhei grunts. “you like the show, baby?” 
halfway in and he remembers your question in between the dizzying feelings. your tear your eyes from the connection of your bodies to twist it up at him. his lips are pressed tightly together, his dimples making an appearance. he draws in some air for his lungs and exhales slowly.
little by little he pulls out. you whine and chew on your lower lip. yukhei pushes forward again, deeper than he had been in before. 
“hmm, you feel so fucking good,” you gasp out.
your attention lowers back once more to finish watching him sink into you. the pride spreads in him as you shift and whimper, your head falls back down on the pillow. you're panting and feeling full. his free hand sets on the underside of your thigh, gently rubbing it. he smiles softly at you. a deep breath you take as you relish the feeling of him in you again. gazes connect and glow with want and love.
“yukhei, please move, baby,” you’re nearly begging.
he is chuckling but he does.
his thrusts are slow and affectionate. his grip on your hip tightens a touch. the pretty melody coming from you mixes with the huffs from him. the hand on your thigh continues to stay, helping to keep your legs open and spread wide so he can see so clearly how he is fucking you.
“yeah, you like this, baby?” yukhei coos, his pace steady. “me fucking you again?”
you moan, you body feeling warmer. “mmhmm, yeah, baby.” your hands drop, fingers clutching to his forearms before they go to the pillows beneath your head firmly. “yeah, fuck, baby. faster, yukhei.” your request is sweet and needy and he watches the teasing smile appear on your face with each of his thrusts. 
so fucking good he feels. so fucking good it feels to have his cock stroke your walls.
yukhei looks down, his eyes outlining at how your legs are. deeper he can go into you like this.  your pussy is swallowing each of his thrusts. he tears his eyes away from the beautiful image to look at you. your face is so pretty with your sparking eyes and your parted mouth. whimpers roll out without abandonment.
“harder, baby,” you gasp out.
it feels so amazing. you feel so amazing right now.
he picks up a little speed and puts a little more force into his thrusts at your words. beyond the pride and confidence he feels spreading in his chest, yukhei feels the love. only he can fuck you, feel you and make you release the prettiest melodies. 
“yeah, baby, like that. mmm, please don’t stop,” you whimper.
your covered breasts still bounce despite their confinements. he lets out a low devilish laugh under his breath before a smile spreads across his face. he lowers his eyes again, moaning and fixating on the beauty of his cock sliding in and out so smoothly.
yukhei swallows the thick air around him. “you take my cock so well. look how fucking deep you can take it.” you wished you can, but you can’t. the pleasure coursing through you feels too wonderful for you to want to do anything but to let him fuck you over and over. his gaze finds yours, his hips pushing forward quicker and harder. “this how you want me to fuck you, baby? you feel so amazing.”
you nod, the sound of his cock pumping into your wetness combining with your whimpers turning into desperate moans fill the bedroom. it's feeling too hot and the pressure again starts up in the pit of your stomach.
“you fuck me so good,” you pant. your fingers tighten on the pillowcase. you lick your lips. “mmm, yeah, so good.”
yukhei groans. his cheeks puffing up momentarily at the sudden heat in his own abdomen. the sight and the noises of you he can be surrounded with all day. his hand leaves your hip and goes to your breasts. you watch and expect him to slide his hand underneath and flick on the tiny hooks. but he doesn’t. instead his large heated hand tugs out your breasts in two quick motions. your bouncing breasts are exposed and you gasp out loudly. within seconds your nipples are hardening a bit more from the air. yukhei chuckles and moans at how they jiggle so freely.
he reaches for them. a light squeeze to your supple flesh and brushes over your nipples elicit a needy whine and yukhei grunts. his thrusts quicken even more, his hips snapping so rhythmically and in an instant the whines from you come out higher. 
yukhei smirks, the confidence soaring through his body. “yeah, baby. you’re doing so good for me,” he groans out.
despite his praise, you feel the position getting to you. the soreness is starting to set in. you let go of the pillow. your hands grip onto your thighs, keeping them open for him. 
your world is spinning. “fuck, baby. make me come, yukhei.” your desperate words sound so beautiful.
the tingling in your abdomen is really undeniable. you can’t stop your eyes from falling shut. the air around you feels too heavy.
so close. so close. so close.
the hard and deep thrusts, his cock dragging against your pussy walls relentlessly contrasts to the way yukhei softly coos. “babe, look at me.” your heart beats rapidly and your breaths are uneven. “come on, baby, eyes on me.” and his gentle words coax you and bit by bit until your eyes open to meet a charming and adoring smile on his face.
he leans down. his hips slow just a touch so he is able to press a full and soft kiss to your mouth. you let go of one of your thighs to reach up and cup his damp cheek. the pad of your thumb brushes his bottom lip momentarily when he pulls away. yukhei puckers his mouth against your skin.
“are you close?” his question is quiet and you manage out a long high whimper. he starts to fuck you faster again. the ends of his mouth curl up. “i got you,” he tells you affectionately.
then both his hands grasp your hips while your hands pull at your thighs once more to hold them apart. his goal to make you reach your high he sets to as his pace becomes so fucking sweet and delicious.
“yukhei, yukhei, mmm, baby.” the moans roll out of you and it fans the fire in his stomach. “fuck, yukhei.”
and when your velvet walls begin to contract and the cry of his name echoes in the bedroom, you try your hardest to keep your slightly glazed eyes steadily on him. yukhei smiles warmly and so proudly at the you. he slows his movements, but never stops. his praises are gentle and loving. he watches the quick rise and fall of your chest as your hands fall beside you, unable to hold your trembling thighs.
but yukhei catches them. 
softly he brings them to wrap around his waist. he rubs and massages at your flesh until you calm a bit, the walls of your pussy pressing around his cock between longer periods. he inclines forward again. the tiny shift of his cock still nestled inside causes you to squeak. 
half a dozen short and loving pecks he presses on you. “just a little more,” yukhei murmurs with a tiny glint in his gaze.
a soft beam appears as he moves back into position. he takes a deep breath and watches that despite how spent you are, you reach up to cup your breasts. he chuckles, staring as you play with them. those slow movements he had kept going turns into a solid pace and before yukhei realizes your sweet whimpers are filling the bedroom again.
it feels like a sweltering summer afternoon in the room. your skin is sticking to the bedsheets so bad. you roll your nipples between your fingers, the curve of your pretty lips teasing.
“yeah, mmm, faster. fuck me harder, yukhei.” you stare up at him with a nod faintly.
yukhei feels a sudden clench of your walls and groans loudly. “fuck.” he is close.
his thrusts a bit harder and deeper. he watches through labored breaths as your hand leaves your breasts and descends. you find your clit, rubbing it with each smooth roll of his hips.
an airy and uneven laugh comes from his plump lips. “baby, you want more?”
yukhei stares at you as if you aren’t real. he’s fucking you as if you aren’t already so fucked. you manage a breathless giggle in between your satisfied moans, ready to come together with him.
“meet me,” you whimper with a grin and for a minute the room once more is filled with only the desperate and proud sounds of you and him.
it doesn’t take too long then. you watch the slightest change on his damp handsome face and his curses echo. the noise from deep within his throat resembles a growl and yukhei freezes momentarily, admiring you through half lidded eyes and a pleased smile. you chew on your bottom lip and lift your fingers from your clit. you hold them up to his mouth and he moves forward. yukhei sucks on them gently as you mewl and give him the slightest nod.
he begins to rock his hips once more, still feeling his cock pulsating a little. his hands squeeze your flesh and in seconds you’re clenching so hard around him again. yukhei laughs lowly and in delight as you moan quietly.
your shaking thighs he’s caressing once more. “shhh, you’re so good, baby,” he whispers. 
the bedroom suddenly fills with the softest shushes and more praises. his eyes on you are glowing with nothing but love and you can’t control the sugary curl of your lips while trying to catch your breath. it takes a few minutes before the waves in your bodies subside. his hands glide up your sides and he’s leaning down to capture your mouth and kiss you tenderly. your hand cups his damp and hot cheek and you kiss him back with a soft giggle.
yukhei hums. “you okay?”
your head angles a bit and you bob your head. your other hand rises, fingertips moving to brush up and down his strong arms.
“yeah, i’m really good right now.”
there’s teasing in his gaze. “are you warm though?” he chuckles.
the sheen over your bodies is too visible. “it feels like summer right now,” you tell him in sweet jest.
yukhei snorts faintly, the sound making you laugh even more as he taps your sore thighs lightly before unhooking your legs from his waist. carefully he places them on the bed. your tired legs fall open instantly with a whimper from your mouth.
“i’m going to pull out,” he tells you softly.
the cute little whine yukhei hears and he chuckles. as much as he would love to be nestled in you, he cannot. he presses a tiny peck to the tip of your nose and nearly drags his cock out, causing a light shiver through your body. you wipe your hand across the light layer of sweat on your forehead as he slowly moves away from you and stands. you watch in silence, appreciating everything about his naked form while he carefully pulls off the filled condom and ties a knot on the top. yukhei wraps it up with a tissue and finds the foil packaging on the floor too before discarding it.  once he turns around to you, he is met with  a bashful smile on your face. he steps back towards you.
yukhei bends down and places a short and affectionate kiss against your mouth. “i’ll be right back,” he whispers quietly.
“okay.” you palm his cheek and he turns his head and puckers his lips into it. 
a tiny hum escapes you before your hand drops. he stands and twists away. you stare at his retreating back with ink across his shoulder blades and back as he steps out of the bedroom.
yukhei walks across the wood floors and enters the bathroom. he flicks open the lights. the faucet he turns on and he works for a moment on cleaning himself up once more. when he is done, he goes to the bathroom closet and takes the neatly folded yellow washcloth off the bottom shelf.
for most days showers are afterwards. but on some days when it is a slow and lazy day like today, it is option two. yukhei wets the washcloth with the almost hot water until he can’t handle it anymore and squeezes out nearly all the excess water. the light he shuts off and the bathroom he exits with the washcloth in his hand. into the living room with wrapping paper still scattered on the floor, he pads through it to retrieve your mug of green tea and the discarded pajama bottoms. he throws both pairs over his shoulders and into the kitchen he walks to.
the water in the kettle is no longer hot, but still it’s very warm. yukhei fills the mug back almost to the brim before he takes two long sips. the liquid is soothing on his throat after everything. he refills it again and cautiously makes his way back to the bedroom and you.  
and once he gets to the entrance of the room, yukhei finds you with your eyes shut and your legs closed. your breasts are still exposed and your nipples remain hard from the exposure. his presence you immediately sense even after he takes a quiet and cautious step in. you open your gaze to find him moving to you. the mug of green he extends forward and slowly you sit up. there’s a slight soreness in your body as you lift your hand to take what he is offering. you are certain the tea is probably cold, but some liquid down your throat will feel nice right now.
you are surprised though. 
when the tea touches your lips,  the tugs on your heart you feel.
he knows.
unless it is suppose to be iced, your tea hot or warm you prefer.
“the water was still warm,” yukhei informs you. he watches with a small smile as the ends of your mouth curl happily.
another sip you take. “thanks, babe.”
you are about to shift back to place the mug on his bedside table, but yukhei stops you. he takes it from you instead and drinks a little more before placing the mug besides the box of condoms. he turns back to you, tossing the pajama bottoms on his shoulders by the corner of the bed. the now warm washcloth in his hand you finally notice.
“can you lay down for me?” 
and why and how yukhei says it now differs than before. you hum and do so as he climbs back onto the bed. gently then he spreads yours legs with your pussy coming into his view again. he licks his lips and his eyes darts from your wetness to the way you are staring at him with a little twinkle in your gaze. then in sweet silence and with the utmost care and love, yukhei cleans you up. 
there are faint little wrinkles forming on his forehead. you feel and hear the thumps of your heart. 
you reach for his hand that is resting on your thigh, covering it with your own. “so attentive,” you whisper with a faint curve of your mouth. 
yukhei can’t stop himself from giggling shyly while glancing up at you for a quick second. “i like taking care of you,” he tells you with his voice low, deep and full of sincerity.
just like how you like taking care of him. 
and when he is done and sure you are clean, yukhei drops the washcloth on the floor besides your underwear. he will put them in the washer later. his thumb brushes softly over the sides of your pussy and grazes your folds. you let out a quiet gasp at his touches and it takes you a moment to clear your throat and flick at the little ponytail that still is in good shape on his head. 
“you know, it is pointless cleaning me if you do that afterwards, babe.” you remark teasingly.
his fingers can make you come and mixed with the sensitive state your pussy is currently, he knows it will not take long. 
yukhei tears his eyes from your core with a breathless chuckle and his face warms. he smiles boyishly. “sorry.” it's a soft apology and immediately you and him are softly laughing because both of you know he doesn’t fully mean it. 
his arms snake around your waist and it makes you giggle because yukhei moves from one part of your body to another. he presses kisses over and between your full breasts. he gives you a quick glimpse pass the top of his gold rimmed frames and you hum happily and watch as his lips shift over to one of your harden nipples. you sigh and hold the back of his head. he bestows gentle sucks and flicks of his tongue between the tender nibbles. 
he moans against your chest and small pleased sounds roll out from your mouth. the tiny suctions noises lets you know how much he is enjoying himself as you bring your feet to press against the back of his calves. after a minute yukhei switches, lavishing your other breast with the same and equal amount of love and attention. 
two parting nips he leaves on the peaks before he shifts back. yukhei rolls your wet nipples between his index finger and thumb like they aren’t hard already. he grins and you whimper as he cups and pushes your breasts together. so soft and absolutely perfect they are in his grasp. he gives them a soft jiggle that makes you whine a little and wonder if all that cleaning up he has done will really be for nothing.
a little spent you are, but you can go again. 
then to your surprise, you stare as he tugs back up the lace cups. he tucks your breasts back in, making sure the mesh is against your skin so nicely. your brow arches and yukhei thinks your breasts are looking like a present again for him bow and all. his eyes connect to yours, fixing his glasses. 
yukhei is smirking faintly. “remember this is like a two in one present.” he wiggles his eyebrows, the pad of his thumb swiping across his lips. “so for later, babe.” his laughter is light and infectious.
all day he has with you. 
your own laugh echoes his. you nod, your eyes twinkling with eagerness of what will come of later, of how he will fuck you once everything is truly unwrapped. 
yukhei strokes your thighs and you close your legs and stretch with a sigh. he climbs off the bed and turns to walk to the dresser. the second drawer he pulls open and the vivid red pair of boxer briefs he knows you like very much and that goes with this holiday he takes out. yukhei spins around and you chuckle softly when you notice the color in his hand. his eyes connect to yours as he pulls the underwear on with a wide grin on his face. he tucks and adjusts himself and you wink and gesture your approval of how he looks.
the drawer he closes. “do you need anything?” he reaches for his pair of pajama bottoms and slips his long legs in them while glancing at your naked lower half with a tiny crooked smile.
you know what he’s wondering but you just smile and shake your head. he pulls the hair tie off and you chuckle at the way his hair stands up. then slowly you shift to pat the empty space beside you because he’s really all you want and need right now.
yukhei giggles, threading and fluffing back his hair. “yeah, that i can definitely do,” he replies, moving back to  you.
the pillow underneath your body you finally tug out while he rearranges the others on the bed. he tucks one under your feet. another he places for his own feet to rest. your discarded sweatshirt he notices and fans out. your pair of pajama bottoms he tosses onto the spot where your sweatshirt had been. when you shift to give him the space to share the same pillow even if he can have his own, yukhei drapes the sweatshirt over your middle. 
“thank you.”
he nods with a soft beam and brings up the comforter and blanket next to cover your bodies as he lays on his back. even if you’re feeling still feeling a bit warm and there’s still the faintest dampness on his body, it’s still winter. the sweat of your bodies will dissipate. he doesn’t want you getting cold.
you erase the few inches between your bodies and cuddle up to him. yukhei slips his arm around you, welcoming the feel of your body against his. he appreciates the curves of your form and the way your legs begin to tangle with his. you look at him, your fingertips grazing back and forth on his chest and brushing over his nipples. he sighs in contentment and presses a long pucker to your temple. when he pulls back, he is smiling foolishly and you raise a hand to adjust his glasses.
yukhei hums. “how are your legs?” he quietly and humorously inquires. 
“sore,” your response is quick and your voice is playful. “are you going to do something about it?” your lips purse together in a tiny frown that has him releasing a light little chuckle.
his free arms crosses over. his touch glides over your ass and yukhei gives it a small squeeze before it settles on your thigh. his grip is gentle and he tugs on your leg until it’s over his own thighs. in seconds he’s massaging and caressing your flesh in soothing circular motions that makes your pout disappear. 
yukhei stares at you. “how’s this, hmm?” 
“yeah, it feels better, babe.” you hum delightedly.   
he leans closer and kisses you quickly yet warmly. “good.” 
then he turns his attention towards the ceiling. his eyes close momentarily as yours turn downcast to his chest and your hand on it. for a little while then, his touch continues on and time ticks away as your bodies eventually cools down. you and him stay in bed in this position and in the quiet that is calming. 
you think you can get used to it. you want more of this. 
christmas mornings with him. 
you snuggle a bit closer to him. the sheets and covers rustle a bit with your movements. yukhei open his eyes and you feel a light little nudge from him. you turn your attention back to his face that is shy and grinning. 
“can i you a question?” 
he pulls back just enough to get a clearer view of you. his hands stops moving. there is curiosity in his gaze and interest in his tone. you nod. 
“when did you put this on?” and then you feel his arm unwrap from your waist, his hand traveling up the small of your back to the clasp of the bra. you hum. “cause when we were in bed this morning, i swear i didn’t feel this.” he finishes with a happy but disbelief  laugh that has you giggling. 
you shake your head. your eyes widening teasingly as you bring a finger to your smiling lips. “secrets, yukhei,” you inform him. then a wink you throw his way. 
he nods slowly and his eyes narrows at you in sweet suspicion. the curl of his lips undeniably expands. “how did you know i would get it so soon?” 
another shake of your head you give him while you giggle even more. “i didn’t. i was going to make you play until you would eventually get it. i really didn’t expected it until much later.” 
yukhei lets out a loud and playful chuckle before he is tipping forward to place a kiss on your mouth. it’s gentle, warm and makes you sigh into his mouth. he backs away a minute later with a sweet grin and licks at his lips. 
“just so you know, my intention this morning when i woke you up was really to just spend christmas morning with you,” he murmurs boyishly.
your giggles turn into sugary laughter. “and now?” there’s a spark glittering in your eyes. 
yukhei moves to press his forehead to yours as his body twists a bit. he’s over you, sandwiching you between his warm body and the bed as the sweatshirt falls. lace is pressed against his skin. the tip of his nose grazes yours. an arm you throw over his shoulder. he feels nothing but love and want for you. the butterflies inside of you flutter once more. the kiss he gives you is soft. 
“and now i’m thinking of waking you up early next christmas, too,” he whispers with the ends of his mouth twitching up. “what do you think of that?” 
a lifetime of christmas mornings he wants with you. 
the playful shocked expression colors your face. “you’re going to give up more sleep for me?” you joke softly and dramatically. and it makes him laugh for a long moment because yukhei wonders if you realize, if you know how he will give up so much more for you. the sounds from him little by little quiet down and his gaze fixes on yours and he nods. 
the small beam across his face glows. “for you, baby… anything.” 
you can’t stop the sudden light sting in your eyes and roll your them playfully to rid of the faint blur. then it’s your turn to nod, the images of a future with him building in your head. “i think that sounds like a plan.” and your whispered words tickle his lips and his heart. 
three more kiss yukhei gives you and the plan is official. he shifts to lay on his back again. you move until your head is right next to his and soon after, you and him take back the same position. the sweatshirt he brings back over your cooling skin while touches over one another’s body resumes.
yukhei draws in a deep breath. “i can’t believe the year is ending already,” he sighs, taking a peek past you to glance out the window. 
still cloudy it is outside. too cold he is certain. a whirlwind it has felt like. the months have passed too quickly. the seasons have changed before he truly enjoyed them thoroughly. and now there are six more full days left to the year. there are still things left to do. 
“it went by so fast, didn’t it?” he whispers almost longingly. 
you look at him and yukhei still stares at the world outside. “hmm, you’ve had a busy year, babe,” you murmur with the ends of your lips twitching. 
participating in multiple albums. practices all day. promotions and interviews with news stations and magazines. going on a tour around the world. meeting fans in different countries. he has been on a constant move and everything he deserves he is getting.
your fingertips stop moving on his chest. you gently nudge him with your forehead until he tears his gaze away from the sky. yukhei hums softly and gives you a sweet closed lipped smile. “but it was a good year for you and i’m very proud of you. you know that, right? always i am proud of you.”
yukhei doesn’t waste a second before he leans over and kisses you lovingly. 
he knows. 
you tell him even when he feels it. you remind him when he forgets.  you reassure him when he doubts himself.
“thank you.” yukhei hugs you closer to him, grateful and appreciative doesn’t come close to how he feels with you by his side. “and you too… you had a good year.” a new job you had started nearly four months ago to make all the years of university worth it. “i’m proud of you too,” he says, his words laced with sincerity. “always i am proud of you, too.” 
your cheeks warm a touch and you chuckle lightly. as much of a supporter you are to him, he cheers for you like no other. “thanks, baby.” he nods and places his mouth to your forehead. 
it grows quiet for a minute before yukhei speaks against your skin. “and you know, i think we had a good year, too.” 
a moment it takes for you to register that what he means. 
you and him together this past year. 
yukhei is certain his love for you has grown. deeper and deeper he continues to fall in love with you. weeks apart at times you and him have endured. the adjustments of living together has been filled with conversations and understanding. and what yukhei had told you that day he moved in he still means it. 
he is happy as long as you are happy when he walks through the front door.
yukhei puckers his mouth and kisses your forehead again. when he shifts back to look at you clearly, there’s light in his eyes. it’s the same light when he gets to perform.  it’s the same light when he’s too excited about something he loves. the warmth spreading over your cheeks is intensifying because with every passing second he continues to stare intently at you.
“thanks for asking me to move in,” yukhei finally whispers, his voice soft and a little shy. 
the thumps of your heart are stronger. the corners of your eyes crinkle with the soft beam appearing before him. you can’t stop the soft surgary chuckles. 
this new adventure that has started nearly a year ago still feel like an adventure to this very moment. so much more with him, of him there is left to explore. each moment with him you continue to cherish. those kisses shared when he wakes with his face soft and relaxed makes you feel lucky. the kisses before you close your eyes in the night  when he smiles faintly and dreamily makes you feel safe. 
you bring your hand up, brushing along his jawline. “thanks for saying yes.” your voice matches his and it makes him laugh, the sound sending light vibrations from his chest. 
yukhei's hugging you again. it’s tighter than before and giggles are slipping pass your curved lips. he bends his head to leave sweet loving kisses on your mouth and the tip of your nose before he buries his face into the crook of your neck. he stays in place for moment, just pressing and feeling your body against his. you twist and tug your arms out so you can wrap them around his neck just as tightly.
loving him, being in love with him remains magical and wonderful.  it makes you feel ridiculous and powerful all at once. 
you tilt your head, resting beside his ear. your lips graze the shell of it just by his earring and yukhei softly grins to himself. a deep breath he hears. slowly it is let out.
“do you think we’re going to have a good year next year, too?”
yukhei is not completely sure if it’s fear he hears a twinge of. but he hears something that pulls at his heartstrings and makes him shift so he can look at you. and you do for a fleeting moment before you avoid his gaze and fix it at his pillowy lips that you can never get tired of kissing. 
he lets the seconds pass by, feeling your light strokes on his skin while he waits. quiet you remain though and he has no choice but to lean forward. his forehead presses against yours and you have no way out. those lips you have been staring at twitch up faintly. he bobs his head shortly. 
“i think we’re going to have a great year,” yukhei states softly yet firmly
the slight tightness forms in your chest and your eyes sting a touch because it is not your intention to make him concern. you nod almost embarrassingly as the apology rolls out. “sorry… i didn’t mean to make you worry.” 
and yukhei shakes his head because he wants you to tell him what is your mind. even if it’s a passing moment like this and you need the smallest of the reminders, he wants to know.
he pauses for a second. “what are you thinking about?” his tone is soothing and warm. 
you hum, hazy gaze dancing over his face. “i’m thinking about how ridiculously in love i am with you,” you whisper with a tiny smile and heart beating rapidly. 
yukhei chuckles. “well that’s good because i’m ridiculously in love with you too.” you bite on your lower lip, watching him nod. so much more he is anticipating with you within the new year. “we, we are going to have a great year next year. i promise.” the spark and love in his wide eyes is very apparent.
“it’s you and me, baby.” 
the gentle words of what you had said to him once upon a time ago, of what he has engraved into the gold on your wrist makes the quiet content sigh escape you. 
the fullness you feel in your heart makes you want to burst with joy.
yukhei gives you a light peck. and then you watch the change of his expression. the tenderness of the moment turns almost playfulness within seconds because his teasing grin appears. “and i think that as long as you are my first kiss when it’s the new year, you and me will be smooth sailing,” he states with a sweet giggle.  
he's winking and suddenly you can’t stop your laugh mixing with his warm sounds. you reach up to stroke his cheek and slightly tilt your head a bit. the giggles and laughter gradually subside and the bedroom grows quiet. you chew on the inside of your cheeks momentarily. 
“under one condition though…” 
your words shock him. his sculpted eyebrows raise so quickly and his eyes grow bigger. yukhei stares at you in incredulously. the frames on his face he pushes up. 
“and what would that be, babe?” he laughs in shock. 
there are stars in your eyes. you're smiling mischievously. 
“you have to promise to be my last kiss before the year ends.”
how you want your year to begin, you want it to end the same. 
with him and his kisses. 
then his expression changes once more. the beam etched on his face is brighter than the sun that’s missing from the sky today. 
“what do you think? can you promise me that?” you challenge him. 
yukhei chuckles because it’s a promise he can make you every year. “yeah, i can definitely promise you that.” 
and it’s another three kisses to make this agreement official as well before he rolls off you. almost instantly he tugs you back to him. you tuck your head by his shoulder. the sweatshirt he is draping over you once more. the comforter and blanket he fixes too to make sure again you are completely covered and warm. you curl and snuggle into his side with legs intertwining. 
silence fills the room. comfort and at peace you find in the moment. his arm that is around you provides the security. your hand rest on his chest and yukhei covers it with his own. then you feel the slow and steady rise and fall of it with each breath he takes. 
it means one thing. 
you are certain he is asleep. you glance at him and you get your confirmation. for a second you stare at his handsome profile and the way his lashes curl up softly to the way his pillowy lips are slightly parted, there is no denying it. he is asleep. his glasses you want to help take off so he can sleep comfortably. but you don’t want to wake him though. not when he looks so calm and relaxed. you lean over and brush your mouth against his cheek and for a moment, you swear you see a little twitch up of his lips. you freeze. you wait for him to look at you through half lidded eyes and give you a sleepy smile. he doesn’t. instead he releases a slow exhale that makes you hum quietly. then your gaze lowers and you close your eyes as well to join him in slumber. 
but suddenly he clears his throat a bit and shifts. 
“so what would you like to do now?” your eyes open at the sound of his deep voice laced with sleepiness. you lift your head and turn your attention to him as yukhei does the same to you. “hmm, anything in particular? i think me waking you up early gives you the choice of what we should do next, babe.” he chuckles quietly, a few strands of his hair falling over his eyes. 
you erase the short distance and place a light peck on his smile. “how about we stay in bed for a little while and sleep for a bit?” 
yukhei nods in approval. his hand covering yours begins caressing your skin. “and after?” he questions curiously with a grin. 
you know how he is like after his naps. “and after… all the rice, steak and shrimp in the world for you.”
a meal of some of your and his favorites to eat has been bought and ready to be cooked. yukhei laughs, swallowing hard and thinking about the delicious food as bobs his head against the pillow. 
you know him too well. 
“then maybe you can open the rest of your presents,” you suggest with a tiny curl of your mouth. you haven’t forgotten the wrapping paper filled living room floor or the rest of his gifts that still need to be open.
yukhei shakes his head slowly though. the arm around you moves and his touch travels up your back like before. regardless of what else you have wrapped up for him, ready to be chosen with the plastic toy claw machine, yukhei is certain nothing will compare to what he has right now in his hold. 
“i still have one more here to open.” he murmurs teasingly while his fingertips graze across the mesh on your skin. 
immediate sugary, light and embarrassed giggles are surrounding him. your face heats. “i can’t wait, babe.” 
you really can’t. 
yukhei closes the space between you and him, bestowing a kiss that is affectionate and warm. 
“i love you,” he whispers alongside the beam on your face. 
your hand rises up to cup his jawline and cheek. you return the kiss he gives you just mere seconds ago. 
“i love you more.”
and yukhei smiles too wide and too bright that it makes his cheeks hurt because always he is the one to tell you that. 
“ready for a nap?” you ask and almost on cue, yukhei yawns and provides you with his answer. you’re  chuckling and he stretches a little. “you want the curtains closed a bit?” another yawn he lets out and tries to cover up. but he fails. he’s laughing too deeply with the corners of his eyes crinkling.
yukhei sluggishly nods. “yeah, let me do it,” he says tiredly. 
but you shake your head and pat him gently on his chest. then you pull away from his arms and warmth. he’s watching after you as move away and stand with your back to him. yukhei props himself up on an elbow and adjusts his glasses with a tiny grin while you cross an arm over your chest, your fingers rubbing your skin to create a little heat because your body has cooled and winter it feels like once again. his eyes stay on you and outline the curves of your near naked body. the few steps you take to the window. you look out into the city and then down to the streets. some of the snow has been cleaned from the roads. however the sidewalks still look so pretty with the white powder. 
the curtains you grasp and yukhei catches the glimpse of the bracelet shimmering on your wrist as you pull on them. you leave just enough light from the outside world to seep into the bedroom without it being too dark. when you turn around, that tiny grin on his face has broaden. regardless of  the little light in the room, you can see the love drunk and all too happy smile on his face. 
“you’re distracted.” you remark, remembering his words from this morning. 
yukhei hums contently. “no, i’m just staring.”   
you huff and playfully roll your eyes. he pats the empty space you had occupied before with a charming giggle as you make your way back to him. the bed you climb onto and the sweatshirt you put back on. the sight of lace and mesh is hidden from his view again. the nine snowflakes he counts in his head once more. he expects you to pull on your pajama bottoms. but instead you crawl to him and lay down, your feet landing on the pillow by the foot of the bed. yukhei looks at your naked lower half like he had done so before and arches an eyebrow in curiosity. 
you quietly chuckle. “just keep me close, baby.” you poke him on his chest. “and besides, you’re not even wearing a shirt.” 
yukhei laughs, the sound so contagious as he pulls up the comforter and blanket. he twists a bit and takes off his glasses to place on his bedside table next to that mug of green tea. he slides under to the coziness, resting his head next yours. 
and he does what you say.
yukhei keeps you close like you’re puzzle pieces that fit so perfectly together. his arms slips below your sweatshirt. you snuggle into his side and throw a leg over his. he places a soothing kiss to your forehead that makes you grin. a slow deep inhale he takes in and releases. his eyes close and the images of the morning flashes in his head. and when what is to come once you and him wake starts to flood his mind as the need to sleep is so strong, your voice cuts into the stillness of the room and pulls him out. 
he hums lazily in response. 
“you think our snowman is outside?” 
once your question registers in his sleepily brain, yukhei quietly chuckles. he opens his eyes a little to find you staring at him with a shy beam. how much he loves you right not is indescribable. he leans forward and the kiss he places on your mouth is affectionate and warm.
“we’ll go check later.” he says alongside your lips. 
you make a pleased happy small sound and nod. “i love you,” you whisper almost dreamily. 
even if you told him mere minutes ago, yukhei doesn’t ever get tired of hearing it. his chest shakes a bit as the soft and low laugh slips from him and surrounds you. 
yukhei bobs his head once then twice. “i love you more.” and he says it back with the love drunk smile again because it can never be said enough. “now let’s go to sleep, okay?”
one more kiss is shared. it is gentle and of sweet dreams and it makes you sigh. then your mouth parts from his while your body moves closer. he hugs you tighter. your warm breath tickles his skin. eyes quietly close together. 
the minutes on the clock change. christmas morning ends for the afternoon to begin.
yukhei falls into his slumber like how he wakes.
with his mind and his heart full of you.
he doesn’t want it any other way.
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xiaothejun · 6 months ago
His shirt// Wong Yukhei
Fluff, suggestive, friends to lovers(?)
Female reader x Lucas
You were making your bed after taking a quick shower, you just like how things are always on point in your bedroom, and hate when it’s messy.
“Oh my god, you never learn how to knock on a door do you?” You turn around to your housemate, Yukhei, who was leaning comfortably with all that height of his against your bedroom door. -“Don’t pretend you don’t like it when I surprise you.” He says with a smirk, as always, his big brown almond eyes are shining from the warm lights you have in your room and his lips are stretched to a teasing smile.
“What do you want, dumbass?” You roll your eyes and turn back to stretch your bed sheets around the mattress’ corners, exposing your bare thighs when your short pair of shorts are shown as your oversized shirt goes up a bit too much. -“Have you seen my shir- is that my shirt?” He points at your body, wearing his white T-shirt that is extremely comfortable to you, even more than most of your own clothes.
“You’re always walking around shirtless anyways, by the way, I think imma keep it.” You say and throw a pillow to its place, only if you’d look at him, you’d notice the smile that formed softly and played on his lips, biting down onto his bottom one while thinking about you wearing his clothes. These thoughts excited his inner babie self.
-“Well, I didn’t allow it. But you can keep it since it looks good on you.” He takes few steps closer, closing the door behind him. “Thanks, big guy.” You throw another nickname you just gave him to the air, earning a giggle from him.
-“Why did you make your bed if it’s gonna be ruined anyways?” He suddenly says as you throw the dirty sheets into the laundry basket, raising an eyebrow at his sudden words, trying to hide your smirk. “What are you talking about...?” You lower your voice, wondering if he was thinking about you the same way you do about him.
-“Look at you, you’re completely red!” He laughs at your crimson red cheeks, -“You’re so cute...” he continues as you give him a death glare, taking the pillow you just put neatly on the bed, just when your about to throw it on him he grabs your wrist, stopping you and gripping on your waist with his free hand, pulling you closer to his half naked body. The pillow finds its way to the floor whilst both Yukhei and you stare into each other’s eyes deeply. “Stop driving me crazy.” You whisper to him as you realize your faces are only few centimeters apart, feeling his hot breath on you, your heart skipped a beat or two. -“I can ask for the same thing.” He replied, narrowing his eyes at your lips and back to your eyes, playing with your mind. “Just-“ when you were just about to ask him to kiss you, he crashes his plump lips against yours, tightening his grip on your shirt a bit to pull you even closer as your hands hold his neck, fingers traveling to the back of it and into his hair while you kiss him back passionately.
You both tilt your heads rhythmically and smile through the kiss, and when you both feel like it, he bites gently on your bottom lip, pulling it ever so slightly with his teeth, being too careful to not hurt you. “Yukhei-“ his name slips out of your mouth naturally as if you’ve been imagining this moment all your life now, it made him smirk against your lips as his kisses become deeper and soundful.
Your hands move to his broad shoulders just to hold them tight enough as he pushes you down on your bed, going on top of your body, hovering you. Your hands remain on his clavicles as your fingers softly caress his smooth skin, going down to explore more of his muscular chest and back to his shoulders.
“I think I might steal couple more shirts from you if that’s what it leads to.” You take a breath to say, and he giggles.
-“I might give them to you myself.” He replies and back to kissing his way down to your neck, taking his time on each spot, loving every inch of your body.
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