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Imagine the mess if Mc had a boyfriend in the human world but they broke up when Mc went on an exchange to study at Devildom. Maybe Mc didn’t want a long distance relationship.
However, if a boyfriend would later become an exchange student at Devildom and believe they would continue their relationship with mc. But Mc has already started a relationship with the brothers.
Undateables are here
Tumblr media
Well Lucifer really wasn’t expecting this.
He would happily welcome your Ex to the exchange study program.
And when Diavolo turns his back away, he will not so happily growl the command to your ex to stay away from you.
Of course not because he wouldn’t trust you.
His pride just hates the idea that you belonged to another man before him.
Especially when your Ex is annoyingly positive and still believes you will come back together.
Lucifer’s new life mission is to crush their hopes.
And he's really good at it.
You and your Ex don’t see much of each other and when you see Lucifer is with you.
You, too, will have to sleep in Lucifer's room when Beel "accidentally" destroyed your room again.
"No. Mc I'm not jealous. I just don’t want you to get “bad impressions” from them."
Tumblr media
"* spraying your ex boyfriend with a bottle of water * Stay away from my human you... other human"
Mammon really hated this situation.
He immediately goes to ask Lucifer that your ex boyfriend be kicked out of the exchange program.
And Mammon is really disappointed when Lucifer refuses.
He becomes much more clingy.
Tsundere’s attitude flies out the window when your ex boyfriend is near.
Mammon really hates how tenacious your ex boyfriend is.
He just wants to keep your boyfriend as far away from you as possible.
And in this matter, Mammon can be creative.
Your ex boyfriend soon finds out that his credit card has been lost and he has a lot of debt.
But that's not Mammon's fault.
Tumblr media
If you listen, you may hear Leviathan`s hissing.
Leviathan is really jealous.
And when I say jealous I mean "he hisses every time he sees your boyfriend and hates everything this does" a type of jealousy.
Leviathan is afraid you will come back together with your ex boyfriend and leave him.
And this fear erupts in very disgusting ways.
therefore disgusting your ex not for you.
For some reason, your boyfriend’s internet isn’t working and his phone breaks down fast.
He also adds affection to you.
Much more "normie" love.
Public affection is also becoming more common.
Maybe this isn't such a bad thing
" Mc that is unfair. You have spent a lot of time with him. Now it's my turn."
Tumblr media
Satan could hate your ex-boyfriend a lot or really a lot.
Depends on how much your ex boyfriend likes cats.
If they like cats Satan is like "Mc you have a really good taste but you stay away from Mc or you die".
And if they don't like cats Satan is like, "Stay fucking away from my Mc so you don't infect them with that cat hate. If you don't do it you'll experience the most painful death possible. Luckily, Mc's taste has evolved for the better.
Let's really hoped that the poor boy will listen to him.
Because if he do not listen, Satan will fulfill his threat.
Satan tries to crush this “competitor’s” self-esteem by showing how he’s better at everything.
He does it quickly and efficiently.
Usually Satan calls your ex boyfriend Lucifer junior.
It reflects the situation really well.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus is certainly not worried.
he knows he’s a much better boyfriend than your ex.
Asmo doesn’t consider your boyfriend a threat but just really annoying.
How can they not understand that you are already in a new relationship with him.
However, this is not the first time Asmo has dealt with his partner’s annoying ex.
He has certainly put together instructions for situations like this.
And now is the time to apply those lessons.
Did you think Asmo was clingy before?
Now he is all around you and your days are filled with dates with him.
Lots of shopping trips, spas, restaurant trips, loud sex so your ex boyfriend is sure to hear it, movie nights and fashion shows.
"Mc I do this because you are dear to me and I want to spend a lot of time with you. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"
Tumblr media
Beel now looks like a beaten puppy.
He is absolutely certain that you will leave him and come back together with your ex.
Or your ex is not a dangerous demon who could eat you.
And if you want to break up with him he understands.
Beel tries to talk to Belphie.
But Belphien's "if they're too annoying you can eat them" advice doesn't seem to help.
During this situation, Beel begins to eat even more than normal.
You need to talk to Beel or Devildom will run out of food soon.
Also you have to be blind or really stupid if you don’t notice a difference in Beel’s behavior.
You may feel Belphie angry staring because you haven’t addressed this situation before.
After chatting with Beel you get a lot of hugs.
This man is really relieved... and hungry.
"I’m really glad you don’t want to break up with me. We should go eat. I become hungry."
Tumblr media
"Mc would you be sad if one day your Ex disappeared and he is never found? So this is a completely random question."
Belphegor would like to handle the situation as soon as possible.
And he thinks murder is the quickest and easiest way of all.
It’s probably clear that Belphie hates your Ex boyfriend.
Especially when your Ex interferes with your sleeping together.
The worst part of all is that your Ex boyfriend is a really nice person.
That is, the person with whom you could get back together.
The Anti Lucifer league has been replaced by the Anti (ex boyfriend's name) league.
Belphie bribes Satan to join.
Don’t underestimate the power of cute cat photos.
And if your Ex complains about this?
Well this is hell and here the demons are meant to bully humans so shut up.
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forbescaroline · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
EVERY FEMALE CHARACTER THAT I LOVE (in alphabetical order) CHLOE DECKER - LUCIFER You know, it can be scary sometimes, but being who you really are is never a bad idea.
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radarchives · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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staplerqueen · 2 days ago
honestly one of my biggest complaints about Jared’s acting is his depiction of Lucifer.  if he’d been the first one to play Lucifer on the show, it would have been a convincing performance, but we’d already had Mark Pellegrino and Jared’s version was just.... completely different, to a point that it just was nowhere near the same character.  Mark’s Lucifer was animated and comic and frightening and sinister all in one, while Jared’s was bland and unmoving, relying entirely on posturing over even the slightest emotion
Misha’s version of Lucifer, on the other hand, took the OG Lucifer and made him 600% gayer, and I applaud him for that
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My friend reacts to the brothers
Tumblr media
“He looks old. Like, single father, divorced, and look at his hair! ITS A LITTLE WHITE”
“Why is he angry? Or does he have a resting bitch face?”
“I feel like he works a 9-5 job but all his coworkers are incompetent so he’s always in a bad mood.”
“He kinda reminds me of Jumin Han.”
“How is he not suffocating in that? Don’t his shoulders hurt from the thing on them?” (She was talking about the cape)
“It’s (the cape) interior looks like a sofa.”
“Is that a belt? What is that?”
“He has double eyelids. Woah.”
Tumblr media
“His shoes… his shoes…”
“The feathery thingy reminds me of that one toy where you kick it except it’s in the colour scheme of a bee.” (She was talking about ‘Chapteh’ please look it up)
“He reminds me of a Chad. Either that or he has an older sibling that shields him from the cruel reality that is our world.”
“He’s a demon? THEY’RE ALL DEMONS??? THEY’RE SIBLINGS??? Oh boy, I feel bad for their mother.”
“Second oldest? Eh, I guess he looks a little goofy. He’s definitely the fun one. He gives you candy when the eldest isn’t watching.”
Tumblr media
“Jesus Christ how big is his forehead???”
“I’m sorry, the sweatpants strings are throwing me off.”
“Where are his socks? WHERE ARE HIS SOCKS???”
“Is he wearing a lab coat? The badges… ehhhhh. Also, how deep are his pockets? I feel like you could fit a lamp in there.”
“He cuffed his pants. This is the only time I would ask someone to uncuff his pants. It looks like a toothpaste design.”
“He swears at games, and is weirdly infatuated with girl streamers.”
“He looks like he takes art commissions. I have a strong feeling that he draws on a tablet or something.”
“Might swear and call me a-” 4 letter word a slur used against lesbians
Tumblr media
“Oh dear lord…”
“The belt… the jacket…”
“He’s a disaster.”
“The sweater makes him look like a nerd.”
“Belt. Jacket. I cannot stress it enough.”
“He looks like the type to correct you if you use an abbreviation.”
“He looks like he would strangle me with a smile.”
“His name is Satan. Of course it is.”
“I refuse to look at him anymore.”
Tumblr media
“He’s gay. He has to be.”
“Two zippers… why?”
“The belt kinda makes me mad.”
“He also has double eyelids.”
“He should teach his older brother what fashion is.” (She means Satan)
“I like his shoes. Very posh. It would hurt his feet though.”
“He definitely has a boyfriend. I feel like he would be popular too.”
“Did he Van Gogh cut his ear off or something?”
Tumblr media
“No. Enough. I refuse.”
“Is that a friendship bracelet that was too long or something?”
“No thoughts, head empty.”
“These people need to get better shoes. They’re demons right? Kill some men with good shoes or something!”
“He looks like a tall softy. All the ladies trust him with their drinks.”
“Everyone loves this guy but the people who work at shoe stores because WHAT ARE THOSE?”
(She then proceeds to complain about shoes when all she wears are slippers.)
Tumblr media
“Twins? With Mr Softy? Nah.”
“He’s the brains, Triangle’s the muscles.”
“He looks familiar. I think you talked about him before. Wait I’m scrolling through the messages. HE DID WHAT NOW” (lesson 16.)
“Muderous man. With his shitty shoes and his weird pillow with a fluffy tail.”
“His pants… no.”
“He’s staring into your soul, trying to find a way to take you down with his twin.”
“He scares me tbh.”
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10n31y-100n3y-10s3r · 10 hours ago
Mc: luci you have nice hands.
Lucifer: thank you mc.
Mc: they’d looked better wrapped around-
Simeon ,covering lukes ears: tHE BIBLE! WRAPPED AROUND THE BIBLE! AMEN!
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thalfox · 17 hours ago
Some cute lil chibi memory cards you can earn shards of in normal mode of Lesson 61 ^^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Hii, i'd like ti ask if you could make something about how brothers would react to sick mc please? (Thank you :D)
Okay np :)
Tumblr media
"You're sick? How long have you been sore? Three days. Well that explains why you wanted to hug so much."
Yes, it will be some time before Belphie realizes you are sick.
He just doesn't see the signs.
The other brothers will surely find out sooner that you are sick.
Belphie usually just sleeps or hugs you and when you sleep and lie more he just thinks you’ve taken a model from his lifestyle.
But now Belphie is worried about you.
Even though he secretly enjoys how warm you are.
He will make you soup to make you feel better.
Okay, he can’t get up so he asks Beel to make you a soup.
The idea is the most important right?
He also makes sure you get enough rest and eat and drink enough.
Belphie has no problem pushing a spoon into your mouth by force.
Tumblr media
" Mc are you sore? When it is sore keep eating properly. Look I bought you chocolate and I only tasted little of it"
Beel is a worried mother chicken.
He is so worried about you that he will even lose his appetite.
All of his energy is spent caring for you
So please heal quickly.
Beel really doesn’t understand why you don’t eat properly.
He would like to give you lots of gentle hugs.
This poor boy wants more than anything that you would feel better.
He’s going to ask Lucifer, Satan, or Solomon for a quick cure with which he could cure you.
In the meantime, he will fulfill all your requests and give you gentle kisses.
Tumblr media
Satan is playing a game called “Guess Mc’s Disease before they have time to tell you about it".
And he’s really good at that game.
Satan certainly knows the cure for this disease.
If you ask him for help in healing your illness, Satan would be happy.
He rubs it on Lucifer's face
Satan finds a cure and medicine really fast.
Of course, he will not leave you alone while he is looking for cure / making medicine.
Satan will leave a few cats to keep you company.
Cats always make you feel better. You can fight it with him but Satan doesn't change his mind.
Your healing is most important to him.
"Mc don't worry I'll leave you alone. Satan, junior will keep you a company. It's a cat I found a week ago. Let this be a secret between the two of us"
Tumblr media
" Mc open your mouth so I can feed you. Yes, I know you can eat yourself, but isn't this much nicer?"
Whatever bad happens to you is Mammon's fault.
That's what Asmo believes.
But he would be lying if he said he wouldn’t be secretly happy about this.
This is the perfect excuse to take care of you and buy a lot of treats for both of you.
You're practically living in an Asmo room now.
Of course, there are also downsides to this.
Like the fact that you almost sneezed on his new bag and his new shoes that cost 10,000 grimm.
But don't worry because Asmo will forgive you.
Asmo doesn’t understand why you don’t want to have sex in sick. You need to justify to him the reasons why you don’t want to do it.
When you were healed Asmo would be happy.
Now you can go on a date together again.
Tumblr media
Leviatha thinks your illness is Lucifer’s new way to punish him.
He thinks you're too sweet.
Every time you sneeze Leviathan gets a nosebleed scene.
He would take a lot of secret pictures of you.
But there are also good things here.
Now you can just lie in his room all day and watch the anime.
Leviathan will feed you fast food and Ramen.
Mostly Ramen.
You even get to hug his Ruri-Chan pillow when you’re sick.
Because Leviathan believes that Ruri-Chan will make everyone feel better.
Of course, the fact that you are sick is a bit annoying to Leviathan.
Because now you can’t monitor until midnight and watch anime with him.
You can watch anime all day but Lucifer makes sure you sleep at night.
" * mumbles * Mc why do you have to be as sweet as you are sick? W-what! No! I didn't say anything you heard wrong."
Tumblr media
"Lucifer help my human is overheated. Sick? Hey Human can you stop being sick?"
Mammon would be really worried.
At first he would think you were going to die.
Mammon really doesn’t know about human illnesses very well.
He probably says at first he doesn’t need help and that he can heal you alone.
After a couple of hours, he tries to "borrow" Satan's books on human diseases.
Mammon really wants you to get better.
He does almost anything you ask for.
Mammon also "borrows" drugs from Solomon.
(Mammon likes to "borrow" a lot of stuff)
You also get a lot of hugs and kisses.
It is only hoped that human diseases will not infect demons.
Otherwise, you will soon have to take care of Mammon
Tumblr media
We can feel Lucifer's hair turning gray.
He already has enough stress and now you are sick too.
Now he has to stay to take care of you.
It doesn’t make it any easier for Mephistopheles to publish various explanations in the school newspaper about why you and Lucifer are out of school at the same time.
Fucking Mephie.
Your illness is a vacation to Lucifer.
He will hug you in bed all day and feed you.
Lucifer could go ask Satan for help with your healing but this boy is too proud.
In his own words, he can do it alone.
Lucifer is forcing you to rest.
You are not allowed to do anything that could burden you.
After your healing, Lucifer’s first mission is to teach Mephistopheles who insulted his pride.
Run Mephie run
" Don't worry dear you will soon be better off. Now follow me so we can go to rest together "
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otakusheep15 · a day ago
I’m not sure if you take nsfw requests anymore so if you don’t, feel free to ignore this!
This is for m!MC -w-
Headcanon that demons have smaller dicks than humans, so when MC first tries to have sex with one of the brothers he says something like ‘sorry if I’m not big enough’ and they’re like ‘oh it’s ok we’ll figure something out :)’ but as soon as he pulls down his pants they’re like O-O ‘you’re insecure about this??’ You can make it funny or steamy if you want. I feel like Levi would just freak out and say no to sex but secretly fantasises about MC fucking him. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This legit made me laugh out loud in class when I first read it. Funny nsfw scenarios like this are my fave.
Also, sorry for not answering this earlier, I've been kinda busy lately, so I've had no time to write until now.
M!MC with a Big Dick
He felt so confident when y'all started
Thought for sure he'd be the bigger one since he usually is
Did not expect this turn of events in the slightest
I think you actually broke his ego
But at the same time... he's kinda into it
Won't admit it, but he certainly wants to put your size to good use
Still wants to be in control though
You cannot take that away no matter how big your dick may be
You thought Luci's ego was destroyed?
Well you practically decimated this poor boy's entire existence
He was straight up so cocky when you got all embarrassed
Was ready to lowkey tease you as well
Then you take your pants down and it's over
He's so mad at you, like, for real
But he'll get over it cause he's also a horny mess and wants to get dicked down
Horrified but also extremely turned on
He's only seen dicks like yours in hentai
Kinda scoots away from you out of shock
Probably calls it quits on sex that night, but continues to think about it for a while
Eventually he comes back to you requesting that you break him in half
And he's still so shy about it and it's the cutest thing
Please destroy him MC, both you and him deserve it
Doesn't really mind that much
He's a nerd, so he probably read about humans having larger dicks somewhere
Yeah, it does kinda deflate his ego a bit to see it in person, but he gets over it quick
If anything, he probably gets a bit bratty
He teases you for thinking they were small and just gets them riled up even more
He'll definitely be taking advantage of your size though
Still stays in control for the most part, but doesn't mind if you mess him up a little if you know what I mean
Did y'all think he wouldn't already know?
He knows and he is prepared and excited
Wants you to absolutely destroy him And with how big you are, that shouldn't be a problem for anyone
Thinks it's cute how you think you're small and will gladly explain demon anatomy to you if it'll make you feel better
Also makes you feel better in other, more fun ways
Basically, he just has a field day with you and your very pleasurable dick
Barely has a reaction
He wasn't really expecting you to be bigger than him since he's big by demon standards
But it's not like he's upset or anything
All he really feels when he sees how big you are is the need to gag on your dick
That's pretty much it
This man will go to town if you let him, and it will feel good
Also would like you to rail him
The last brother to already know about human anatomy
He spent so much time with humans when he was an angel, so he knew
And he loves it very much
Will probably ride you for hours if he could
You've never seen him with so much energy
Literally just fucks himself dumb on your dick until he passes out
Yeah, he's secretly a very horny bastard and there's nothing anyone can do about it
Oh, and he makes fun of you for thinking you're small, but only in a joking way cause he secretly thinks it's cute
This was very fun to write and I hope the anon who suggested this enjoys it (and anyone else who reads it)
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lostinjupiter · a day ago
MC, holding a python: Guys I impulsively bought a snake, what do I name him Lucifer: You did WHAT– Satan: William Snakepeare
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candorwitch · a day ago
Tumblr media
Soft/cottagecore Lucifer aesthetic. Most of the demon aesthetics I see are really sharp and edgy so I wanted to make something that radiated more gentle energy; after all, the demonic divine is not all teeth and claws
Y'all know what I'm trying to get at?
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suncaptor · a day ago
It is still so insane that they said Sam's coping mechanism for psychosis from PTSD which included intense torture is self harm and just went with it.
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