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obey-me-male-and-gn-mcs5 months ago
Hey hun!! I love your blog already and I just found you like- two seconds ago? Read all your stuff and I love your writing and ajfjangiwnfkwndjejw So I see you are wantin some requestss. Do you write for the undateables? If sooo, may I request jealousy to fluff for big tiddy demon Lord Diavolo? If not thats totally chill too!!
Ahhh! Hello!!! Im so happy you like my blog it means a lot to me that you like my writing when Im quite insecure about it
Of course you can have Big Milk demon lord Diavolo! I forgot to put the undateables on my masterlist I gotta remember to do that 喫
Reader GN and SWF
Lord Diavolo getting jealous
Alright, obviously since he is the demon lord theres usually balls monthly.
This was one of the nights where it was a big ball that demons and monsters were coming from everywhere.
Being the only human of course you were like a sheep in front of starving wolves.
But fear not! Youre dating the actual king of hell.
At one point in the party he had to talk to one of the big guest so you were left alone.
You see a scubbi walk up to you who you had noticed been eyeing you the entire party.
He started with a small conversation nothing to weird just a I bet its weird being the only human here and hows it like being friends with the seven deadly sins and the prince of Devildom?
Not wanting to be rude of course you replied.
You had a small conversation with him but as it went on it started getting... weirder.
He had started asking uncomfortable questions and you of course had just gotten more uncomfortable.
As he asked his final question you felt a familiar hand intertwined with yours.
There stood Diavolo but not with his happy usual smile.
He had a some what serious mad face trying to cover it up.
Hello there, enjoying the party are we? I suggest you go in the dance floor. The music tonight is quite amazing isnt it? He spoke with a deeper voice then usual.
O-Of course my Lord! You then saw the scubbi scram out like a bug trying to escape a broom.
He then looked at you with a soft look in his eye.
Are you alright darling? I noticed you were uncomfortable. I apologize for leaving you he told you.
After telling him you were fine the night went on with him not letting you out of his sight for a second.
Ouuu first request is done >:D!!!! That was fun I look forward to more requests in the future 弘
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prophelisea month ago
Asmodeus, Mammon to their S/O having a near death experience but being okay with it
Tumblr media
what happens when their S/O has a near death experience, but is fine with it + asmodeus, mammon
request: uhh this blog looks like its pretty dead so ill revive it!! can I request asmo and mammon reacting to their S/O having a near death experience but just seems fine with it? like brushes it off instantly? thanks :O
genre/warnings: angst, panic, FLUFF
author's note: Very sweet and love for my perfect Asmo!! Love all of you, my roses. Remember to stay hydrated and take care of yourself!
obey me m. | general m.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He isnt really a figther, much more prefering to solve things less like some animals (his brothers)
Asmo, ever the lover will be worried
He can notice when your mood changes so he is very sympathetic
But when you and him went shopping and he got too interested in the new fashionable piece of clothing from his favourite brand, he wont have the capacity to look after you. Not in a way that would definitely save you.
So when youre in the mall wandering about and some succubuses notice you with him, while he couldnt care less about them it was gonna get sticky from the start.
The girls approached you, already trying to get a piece of you while Asmodeus was too engrossed in the shop to notice the commotion
You arent weak per say and you fight back, both verbally and physically, but they are still creatures quite a bit stronger than you
Its not like he loves you, one of them bickers with you.
Then how come he is here with me and not with you?
And the cat fight continues getting worse as you try to hurt each other a bit by bit
At that time Asmo notices, freshly after noticing that your presence was no more and he walks over to the scene, changing into his demon form and ending the fight himself.
Are you alright dear? He looks you over, seeing the scratches and bites on you, some blood spilling out. It couldve ended much worse if he didnt step in.
He takes you home to care for you and have you in his arms
He patches you up and has a nice skincare evening with you
He praised you on your fighting skills too
He cried a bit about your injuries, he doesnt want you getting hurt
In the end, he would love to eat you right up with his love for you
Tumblr media
Why would you do this to him?
Hes scared every day, wondering if something will happen to you
Truthfully, he will view even you getting flirted with as a tragedy, but thats for another day
The whole day, you have been dragging him around the Devildom and asking him about stuff.
He thought of it as a date, which really made him feel better and happy
Who wouldnt enjoy a nice dark day outside with their s/o?
But when you sit down somewhere and send him to buy some food you want, he will go of course, although he feels a bit hesitant to leave you. But nothing a few kisses and sweet words wouldnt fix
Thats when some demons not so far from you started to argue a lot, soon turning out to be a complete brawl that honestly didnt help anyone
You learned a lot in Devildom
And one is to ignore figths, because that happens on the daily
Thats why when a different bench flies over your head, barely missing you, you arent really surprised. However, Mammon is shocked because he walked in right at that moment with his mouth hanging open.
S/O??! He ran to you, visibly worried. If you were lucky you would notice him shaking in his cowboy boots like no tomorrow. Hes worried, even if he might not admit it.
Dont scare the Great Mammon like this! I-I thought youd get really hurt, ya know!
If you have some scratches on you, he will gladly patch you up. He might whine a bit about not being able to be there and protect you immediatly, but if you give him some kisses that will shut him up.
Will go complain to Lucifer after, to do something about it hehe
Truly, he adores you
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chai-blua month ago
荊恫莞劾攻! 休劾佞 唐 佞 休劾
Tumblr media
劾 休 佞 ♀, , 劾 休
Tumblr media
Stuff about me | Masterlist| Event(open)| My baby, TangibleRendezvous
Tumblr media
Hey Hey Hey! Welcome to my blog, its mainly sfw. My pronouns are She/Her. I love to chat with people, My requests are open! And some of my favorite characters are Osamu(my boo, my bae, my honey, omg i love him, and same with everyone else, especially Atsumu) Zoro, Atsumu, Kuroo!, Kirishima, Bokuto, and my baby Sakusa.
Tumblr media
- 氣恫恫攻 劾攻恫
what fics i should write
- 氣恫恫攻唐休 休h突唐攻h攻 唐
As the world caves in by Matt maltese (I don織t remeber how to spell his name)
- 氣恫恫攻唐休 埠唐♀h攻
Supernatural, Lucifer, Jujutsu kaisen.
- 氣恫恫攻唐休 恫h攻
Pokerface by @/noya-sleftankle
恫劾佞拎 休h突 - 攻劾佞 埠恫h唐 劾
- 氣恫恫攻唐休 休h攻
Tumblr media
Go be the fake prostitute - Gym 3 boys
To all the boys ive loved before - Kuroo Tetsurou
Little crush - Dreamwastaken
Train rides, Demons, and Naps - Dean Winchester
Atsumu Miya
Osamu Miya
Dean Winchester
Dream team + tommy and tubbo
Tumblr media
#[] - Chai織s rants/thoughts
#[] - Chai織s thoughts
#弘 - Anon
# - Chai織s Masterlist
# - info page
# - little promises - just like incorrect quotes
#[沘 - light works - I guess some fics
# - Important
#[ ] - Chai織s love
# - updates
# - Random
Tumblr media
Haikyuu boys rub your feet after a long day
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bellphiie2 months ago
Bellphiies Flower Shop
updates at least once a week (sat. 4pm central)
Tumblr media
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-> Remaining boyfriend texts
-> comfort HCs (probably all)
-> ANGST unspecified character
-> spiderman kiss (character(s) undecided)
- listening to Last Stardust by Aimer
- 3 weeks behind on assignments
- questioning life
- playing proposed by a demon lord and dark nights
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April 17
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just-a-liddol-creacher2 months ago
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