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Certainly Detroit: become human has a strong component of the concept of parenthood, giving a narrative place where to think about what it is, how it is such relationship, and how humans and androids conceptualise it. 

Parenthood is not an alien concept to explore with android themes because it’s all about the concept of creator and creation, a relationship that despite being based on power it has been taught to us to mixture it with the concept of parenthood through religion. Talking about creators is almost the same as talking about parents, despite the nature of each relationship is quite different.


[Spoilers ahead] 
Edit 1: I went wild and wrote a big meta.
Edit 2: Ok… I was carried away a little bit, I guess….
Edit 3: I’ll stop editing this, otherwise it will be endless.
Edit 4: Ok. I’ll stop. I promise.

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Okay, but consider: Kara, Alice Luther going shopping at a thrift/second hand store while they are laying low in Canada. They don’t have a ton of cash but need a least a second outfit. 

They use the money Rose gave them and a little extra her brother lended them, and each have fun making their extra outfits all afternoon. Kara and Alice try and coordinate, and they laugh at some of the more silly, costume-y articles of clothing there. Luther compliments Kara to the point her cheeks turn blue and Alice goes for some cheaper pants in order to afford a book she finds- hoping its the start of reading all the books ever. 

Just the these adorable three enjoying peace with one another. 

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I actually really liked the story between Allison and Luther in S1

like I’m not saying they should end up together necessarily, but i like their story. they were each other’s first loves and they still have nostalgic feelings (they grew up in such abnormal circumstances it’s not weird for them bc their whole lives are already so weird). Allison is lonely because her ex-husband is a dickwad. Luther is lonely because everyone abandoned him and his father sent him to the moon for 4 years. of course they gravitated towards each other when they saw each other again for the first time in years. of course they still have feelings for each other. but now they’ve lived in the real world and it’s much more complicated than when they were kids locked up in the mansion for 17 years. 

I’m really excited to see how S2 changes their dynamics because obviously Allison and Luther are both sent to different times in the past and begin to have different lives and i hope that whatever happens, they get a sense of closure because they both deserve to be happy and i don’t think they will be fully until they have closure

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A bunch of my characters joining arms and showing their support for Black Lives Matter. This drawing includes my flagship character Ricky Raptor, Lauren from Fire Fox, Taro and Naomi from Big Blue, Maria and Antoinette from Maria’s Time, and a character I haven’t drawn before, Luther from Dube vs. Dube (an idea I haven’t done anything with yet, except design a logo).
I initially wanted to draw all the characters in the same style, but I decided to draw each character in the style I had previously chosen for each their respective…IPs, I guess?

I had trouble drawing the color for Maria, because she’s Greek, so I wanted to give her an olive complexion, but none of my color pencils and combination of colors could give her the skin color I wanted. Luther’s hair is a bit bigger than I wanted.
I think I’m going to use this image for a YouTube video talking about Black Lives Matter in the near future. 

My social media:

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Ohh, yay XD.

  • Favorite character: Kara, easy choice. Though I love them all, Kara and her story are just SO good.
  • Least Favorite character: Amanda. 
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Don’t think I can give 5, but I will say Luthara, obviously. And I’ve also been liking Connor x North too. Other than that I don’t really ship much XD.
  • Character I find most attractive: Markus.
  • Character I would marry: Josh, because adorable peace loving boy. 
  • Character I would be best friends with: Probably Kara and Alice. Rose and Adam too, I hope.
  • a random thought: So. Many. Pathways.
  • An unpopular opinion: North should have been able to win her revolution if Connor was deviant and Markus had previously been peaceful. It would be so cool to see her actually develop in that scenario and see how Markus was able to accomplish all he did without violence and emulate that. Likely with Connors encouragement somehow.
  • My Canon OTP: Luther and Kara. Not canon did you say? Sorry, I DIDN’T STUDDER XD. 
  • My Non-canon OTP: Maybe Connor x North?
  • Most Badass Character: There is SO many to pick from but, I’ll give it to Connor. 
  • Most Epic Villain: Zlako, because that trash, while an awful human being, is dramatic as all get out and I love that in a villain XD. 
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: Markus/North…which is really the only canon ship as far as main characters go, I’m aware. But it just felt so forced, granted I was pretty much as pacifist as the game allows you to be.
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): This is hard but, I feel like again, North could have been cooler if she was somehow allowed to grow past at least some of that anger. It seems she never really, truly wants any of the peaceful choices Markus makes even if she trusts him. 
  • Favorite Friendship: Connor and Hank, for sure! Or the original 3 Jericho leaders. 
  • Character I most identify with: Don’t extremely identify with any of them, but I guess the closest is somewhere between Kara and Connor. I can relate to wanting to help/protect my family. As well as finding out who I am. 
  • Character I wish I could be: None of them. Poor android children.
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