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#Luz and the mystery twins watch on
chipster-321 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Someone PLEASE draw Eda and Stan just screaming at each other from their respective House’s/Shack’s/absolute death traps. It’s canon now.
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fandomtrashhole · a year ago
Luz and Amity’s Soft Voices ™️
While Amity’s feelings may not be 100% requited (yet!) Amity and Luz do however have a tender voice that they use use only with each other since Understanding Willow.
Tumblr media
We hear it first in Understanding Willow, when Luz and co. Catch Amity struggling to put out the fire on Willow’s memory. It a soft, embarrassed tone that we’ve never heard her use at any other point in the show, even when the twins and Luz found her diary, because here she knows that *she* messed up.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝘖𝘩. 𝘏𝘪 𝘓𝘶𝘻, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘤𝘰.
We see it again when Amity realized the person she shouted at for bumping into her was Luz. Once again she is embarrassed, both because she was accidentally mean to Luz, and because she bumped into Luz while thinking dejectedly about how she wasn’t brave enough to ask Luz to Grom (look at how sadly she’s looking at her note!)
Tumblr media
𝘐 𝘸𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥
Here’s the first time we hear the same soft voice from Luz: when she tells a defeated Amity that she’ll be her “fearless champion” and take on Grom in her place. This is the first time Luz sees a totally vulnerable Amity without raising up her walls and resorting to meanness, like she did when she tried to stop Luz from fixing Willow’s last memory, and she responds to that by opening up her own good natured heart to Amity, to take her place. It’s also easy to hear in this scene how *soaked* with affection these two are when they talk to each other!
Tumblr media
We see it again here, as Amity watches Luz go on to face Grom in front of the school in her place, tinged by both her guilt at not fighting her own battle, as well as her feelings for Luz!
Tumblr media
And *here* is the most significant one of the ep in opinion! Amity is completely taken aback by Luz’s offer to be her date to Grom in place of the ~mysterious figure~ Grom took on to reject her. Along with her surprise however, you can hear the hopeful 𝘑𝘰𝘺 in her voice when as she realizes just how much Luz cares for her, that Luz will do 𝘈𝘯𝘺𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 for her.
Tumblr media
𝘛𝘩𝘢𝘵’𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘴 𝘥𝘰
While Amity’s romantic feelings may not be returned yet, we see this simple summary of just how much Amity means to Luz. The longest running plot in this show second to Luz training to be a witch is Luz’s mission to befriend Amity. Luz loves Amity, and one of her highest callings in the show so far is to be her friend, and that’s why this line has so much significance for their relationship, even if it’s not a romantic confession, anymore than it’s shutting Amity’s feelings down, since Luz doesn’t want to try and take the place of Amity’s mystery crush; she just wants to be there for her, more than anything.
tl;dr these two are SOFT and love each other SO MUCH but in different ways, and coming from different places, but their feelings are the same and I cannot WAIT to see them collide again like they did in this episode!
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crit-fail-every-time · 5 months ago
Okay so here's my thoughts/ideas on s2e4 Keeping Up With A-Fear-Ances of the Owl House (go watch it if you haven’t, also major spoilers y’all!) I’ll be documenting my thoughts on s2 as best I can, for as many episodes as I can (as all of them so far have had lots of plot twists revealed), but don’t think they’re gonna be in order hahaha- So here’s my theories on the Creepy Luz (tm) at the end of the episode This is either a fancy Abomination, an illusion spell, or a mix of both. My theory is somehow whoever's doing this is using BOTH, because "sentient" illusions (people, animals, etc.) need constant focus to maintain (as shown by Gus always having to focus when making mini-Guses during the show, but the Blight twins not needing to focus when they make the "Hex Me" signs appear) but Abominations DONT need that focus to maintain, just to command. Aboms are like robots, once created they just need commands to function the coding it was given. So someone made an Abomination, and turned that semi-sentient thing into Luz using an Illusion spell. Another theory on this is that someone was sent by A) Eda, Amity, someone who's Luz's close ally as of Grom night (this night at least b/c of the Luz-doppelganger's first appearance here) or B) someone working for Belos/Emporer's Coven/the Golden Guard and cast an Illusion spell on themselves for one reason or another. Either way it would be to keep Luz's mom "safe" from the info of the demon realm so Luz won't get into trouble once she's actually home, or to keep her mom away from the demon realm so she doesn't try to rescue Luz/the Boiling Isles from Belos. If it was the first thing (abom/illusion mix) then it'd either be someone in the Emporer's Coven, or a Wild Witch that has to control that, since they're the only people with access to both Abomination and Illusion magic. I doubt it's going to be a Wild Witch, as if it were Eda or Lilith they would've told Luz I think. (I think it's either the Golden Guard, Kikimora, or maybe Azura?? honestly Azura wouldn't be too far off now that I think about it. Placing bets on Azura doing the shenanigans here to protect Luz) If it were someone going to the human realm themselves, it'd have to be someone with a portal, right? So either they, or someone associated with them, got strong-*ss magic to make the portal they need (this might be where these mysterious portals are coming from in the first place??), they got sent through by the Titan itself, or they got through before the portal door Eda had was "destroyed". (They also could've gotten the stuff Mrs Clawthorne was talking about and used that) So here's my theory on what Dana has in store for us. I think it's Azura that is acting as Luz in the human realm. I know, I know, Azura's a book character, but with how much she's used/referenced within the show I think she's actually a real witch. Sort of a Daring-Do from MLP:FiM situation. PLUS (as far as I know) we have never actually seen Azura's eartips, meaning she could be a witch or human! Another curveball idea I have is Hooty. I feel like Hooty's gonna turn out a heckin LOT more powerful than we first thought (I'm lookin at you, Hooty's Moving Hassle) and is gonna play a really big role in the future (maybe in season 3 or the end of season 2) instead of just being comic relief. Sorry this was so out of wack and all over the place! I tend to ramble when I get really excited, so everything's mostly just jumbled up in a mess but I tried my best to organize it into paragraphs
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whisperingrockers · a year ago
would u. i dunno. perhaps articulate some thots on toh infinity train au 😳 if u can
HM. i will do my best. but...i dont really know how to organize my thoughts.  i guess i should probably just start with the characters and go from there, huh. also in this particular au these characters don’t actually take the place of tulip, lake, jesse, grace, etc- i think they’re all just there under different circumstances. 
okay so we’ll start with Luz because. she’s the main character, y’know. very important. i think the catalyst that brings her to the train is her mother signing her up for Reality Check summer camp because as a creative it’s just! disheartening to have someone you love tell you that you’re not going to make it in this world if you don’t conform to what everyone else wants. so of course when a huge mysterious locomotive suddenly pulls up to the bus stop you KNOW luz gets on, no hesitation. after all, isn’t that something right out of a sci-fi adventure novel? 
unlike tulip, luz is THRILLED to find herself on some unknowable train where each car is a new adventure just waiting to happen, where there are always new friends to make, new places to see, and tons of puzzles to solve? she’s made to feel like the protagonist right out one of her fave animes. 
also, really important to note that her number is probably tied to how she relates to the other passengers on the train. i feel like there’s an overarching theme in the show about how luz is going through a lot of firsts when it comes to interpersonal relationships, especially friendships, so i wanted to keep that going in this au- i imagine her number goes up when she finds her friends tapes and convinces them to watch with her because this is obviously the easiest and most straightforward way to get to know them! (luz poppin that bad boy into a vcr player: this mama is ready for trauma!) 
realized how wordy this is going to be LOL
hough so this is a human au also (i assume? infinity train world really do be existing in some limbo state of reality where your reflection can just up and ditch you). i see her as a jack of all trades, master of none type, with a lean towards perfumes and handmade soaps that she sells at fairs or farmers markets and also pickpocketing. i think she sees something that reminds her of the life she used to have/would have had before lilith [redacted because i do not know what she DID yet but on GOD we will have canon continuity] and that drives her to get on the next train headed anywhere.
her number is tied to how much she allows herself to open up; the more she uses her salesman cover to keep others at arms length, the higher her number goes, which is why it’s so important for her to team up with King and Luz; they help her open up and be more honest with herself.  
king is actually a denizen of the train in this au; i love him too much to turn him into a real ass dog, so i wont. eda meets him in a car full of plush toys, which he refers to lovingly as his army of the damned. i almost want to hold off on writing up any more for him because i know there’s more to king’s character than meets the eye. still torn between eda trying to bring him off the train with her or having him realize that the whole TRAIN is HIS KINGDOM, and all its passengers loyal peons who need their mighty rulers HELP, for without him they would PERISH.
for now though eda sees him and is immediately like get over here (reaching emoji) 
willow is a tough one for me because in all honesty having your longtime friend tell you out of the blue that they can’t be friends with you anymore would be enough to send me packing to the train, but with willow i think it’s less about amity and more about how the fallout between them affects her social and academic success. the frustration reaches a tipping point that has her running out of the classroom and finding the train. 
and yes, willow is a very sensible, bright girl, but she was also SO ready to trick the principle and steal from the emperor for her friend so i don’t think getting on a mystery train is wholly out of the question for her, y’know? 
There’s a lot about repression in the way willow deals with things generally, so her number is tied to passivity. the more she allows others to infringe on her personal boundaries to keep them placated, the higher her number goes. when she stands up for herself to others (sometimes even her friends!) the number goes up. willow x agency and clear limitations is my otp
gus was actually a SUPER easy one for me we know so much about him from the episodes he’s been in; he’s an overachiever, he’s passionate about what he loves, he’s a natural showman, and he is constantly pushing himself to be the best that he can be, all the time. the hustle doesn’t STOP for gus, and i...i...(tears up) 
anyways, i think the thing that draws him to the train is getting suddenly ousted from the club he formed at school. he’s young, and having everyone you had assumed were your friends turn their back on you and throw you out of the space that you CREATED FOR THEM would be shocking to anyone, but it broke gus’ heart clean in two. after he’d picked his bag and himself up off the hallway floor, he’d left the building in a daze, not even realizing as he boarded the train door that had suddenly opened up in front of him until it was too late. 
i’m actually going to go so far as to say that gus would likely be the one MOST interested in the truth of the train- he’d be asking the tough questions, like what is the purpose of the train? who made it and its technology? where does it exist that it can be both at his school and also speeding across a barren desert landscape at the same time? How does it create sentient lifeforms? the train helps him discover a new passion; journalism. he finds a journal that speaks to him as a friend and advisor in one of the trains, and he takes careful note of everything that happens to and around him. by the time he meets up with willow, he’s got so many ideas and theories that the other girl would have never thought to consider until that very moment. 
idk what his number relates to because he’s perfect the way he is but if i had to take a shot in the dark it probably has something to do with finding somewhere he feels he can belong, as well as being able to mourn and let go of the people he’d considered his friends before he’d gotten on the train. 
sorry this is so long i just have a lot of . gus feelings. 
Amity ( + Edric + Emira )
lumping these whites together 
okay so nobody wants to hear me talk about blight angst there are 800 posts about blight angst, so long story short the three siblings run away, get into an argument with each other, amity ditches them for the train while they’re asleep, and the twins panic and chase after her, determined to find her because in the end they’re all they’ve got. 
‘next stop: amity blight’ 
i think it’d be a cool journey to see the three of them going from ‘we need to be together out of necessity’ to ‘we need to be together because we love each other, and that genuine support structure will pull us through when everything else fails.’ but in order for that to happen they all have to have their own journey, so at some point edric and emira finally get into a spat and that’s enough to get edric and emira stuck on opposite ends of a retracting bridge. send that mans to the BACK of the train. 
emira: my greatest fear is being stuck with edric forever emira: (gets separated from edric)  emira: haha wait please say psyche
amity’s number is definitely tied to her fear of failure, of not being enough for the people she holds closest to her- in this case her siblings, and then lilith, and then luz when they finally meet. when she acts without concern for what the people around her think and when she sticks up for what she knows is right, even when the majority is against her, her number goes down. 
for ed and em im...i don’t want to think about their feelings because they’re supposed to be clowns but i am forced to consider that they may be jealous of their sisters independence. also separating them means they both have to take responsibility for all their own actions and choices, which is probably pretty new for the twins. 
im out of energy actually znzzzsnsz uh. estranged sister who sees something that reminds her of the relationship she used to have and she’s not actually as over it as she thought so the train....she..hghrg
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namesare0verrated · 4 months ago
eda’s requiem - blind reaction
im just gonna be typing my reaction as i go :)
spoilers, of course!
alright so we immediately start with eda being a mom. jsghj. wait king can get fleas
why is Bill capitalized. “pay water Bill” lmao what
“clean hooty(?)”
KSKGHGJSGH THIS IS SO CUTE SHES A MOM NOW “ITS WORTH IT” IUIDSIABUDSBAYUDBSUYDBSUADSAVDGA wait can king not count??? he’s like 8 he should be able to count
“and 10,000″
“then i’m gonna ugly cry. HARD”
thats a fucked up lute
its a MAGIC fucked up lute
wait a minute
wait a fucking minute
she burned the plants with her curse thing. in the trailer we see the mystery bard burning. eda did you burn an entire fucking person alive
kinda reminds me of that one scene in how to train your dragon
except the water will kill you
who the FUCK named their child scooter crane. if i was named scooter crane id sue my parents
watch out hunter there’s a new favorite who’s trying to take your place
oh my god im in love
oh they’re gonna enter the gland prix. nothing could go wrong.
oh hell yeah eda. go help a sister out
“do i really have to say this” LMFAOOOOOO MOOD. also theres a coven sigil on your arm, you cant fool us raine
the gays gather in the sewers. a meeting commences
“too bad they’re not very good at it”
shes BLUSHING. eda still has it for her ex???? drama
U N C L E H O O T Y ? !
theres a catboy guard
hooooo boy. romantic tension.
awe gus!!!!!! hes not as scared anymore :)
no eda. bros before hoes
im sorry for calling raine a hoe i just think that she should put her kid and dog above her partner
oh no its the abomination man >:(
i guess they made him super evil so that people would stop simping over him lol
okay but i actually liked eberwolf so that kinda sucks. theyre a cutie
king youre gonna fall. stop
love how eberwolf’s expression is a permanent :3
YOOO MY LADS. THE TWINS (and amity i guess)
“catch me going on weird websites or something” ...king?
final thoughts: this episode was gay as fuck and full of mom eda. and i approve
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rohad93 · a year ago
Moonlit Masquerade: ch 12
I changed my mind about posting today
~ ~ ~
When they walk back inside they’re not sure what has happened exactly. Most the party goers have returned to the dance floor or the refreshment area, but quite a few have huddled along the walls, hiding or wailing in despair.
“What happened?” Luz blinks, looking around.
“I don’t even want to know.” Amity shakes her head as they walk around the room, maneuvering between other guests before coming face to face with Edric and Emira.
"Hey, Mittens, we didn't see you during the game." Edric crossed his arms and pouted at her.
"Yeah, it was a lot of fun," Emira says. 
Looking around at the sorry state of some of the guests, Amity can't help but disagree without even knowing what went on here.
"We were on the back porch." Amity chooses to answer her brother's unasked question. 
"Who's your friend?" He asks, grinning at her companion. 
Amity almost snorts at the question.
"I've been wondering that myself all evening." She smirks and Luz grins back at her.
"Oh, your secret admirer…" Emira grins, leaning forward.
"Her what?" Edric's brows canter upward over the top of his mask at that.
"Well, you'll know before too long now." Emira points up at the glass ceiling overhead. The moon is almost in position directly overhead, it's bright light is filling the room.
"We better go mingle before then." Edric jerks his head and Emira nods.
"Have fun you two!" Emira wiggles her fingers at the two as they pass by. "And Good luck." The older Blight girl is looking directly at Luz as she says this.
Perhaps the older teen hadn't recognized her when she came in but Luz knew without a doubt that she now knew who she was.
Amity looked between the two with narrowed eyes. 
She was missing something and she knew it all hinged on the identity of the girl beside her. It was like she had all the edge pieces of a puzzle fit together but no picture to reference. She had the frame, but she couldn't see the big picture.
It was aggravating, in a word.
The older Blight children disappear into the crowd, leaving them alone and a slow song begins to play.
"Well, if it's all going to be over soon we might as well enjoy it." Luz holds out a hand. "I won't let you fall this time either." She's smiling playfully and Amity can't help but roll her eyes even as she slides her hand into hers.
"I'll hold you to that."
Luz tugs them out onto the floor, but this time she sets both her hands on Amity's waist as she brings hers to rest on her shoulder.
They move much slower this time, but still in rhythm to the soft, lilting music that fills the room. 
They're both a little nervous now.
The two times they'd danced before were fast and there wasn't a lot of time to over analyze every little thing, especially fighting a fear demon, now there is, and Luz agonizes over whether or not her hands are in the right place, should she be closer, farther away? 
Lilith had offered to give her lessons on slower dances but it had just felt too weird to her. Now she wished she'd just sucked it up and agreed.
Amity is calmer after the first minute of swaying. The hands on her waist are firm but not tight and she takes a certain comfort in it, their weight grounds her, especially as the song plays on, and slowly, but surely they relax. Luz's hands slide to wrap around the small of Amity's back as her arms wrap around her mysterious date's neck, eventually her head is resting on her shoulder and Amity feels at ease, shuffling across the floor, less of a dance and more a slow moving embrace.
Luz, for her part, leans her head gently against Amity’s, resting weightless on her shoulder. The bright moonlight is filling the room but there's not a sliver of it shining between the two of them.
That song ends but neither seem to notice and dance on through the next two songs as well.
Luz doesn’t know what perfume Amity wears, but it’s light, sweet and fills her senses to the point it might be making her dizzy, but she doesn’t let go; she never would if she could. Amity is hot to the touch and Luz leans into the warmth, trying to absorb as much of it as possible; like a moth to a flame. She wants nothing more than to hold her like this forever if only she would allow it.
Amity’s eyes closed some time ago. Her partner's hold is firm but gentle, almost lulling her to sleep in her secure embrace. She is soft, warm and her nose is practically buried in her partner's neck. We're she more coherent she'd be mortified at the intimate proximity, she's never been this close to anyone before, but everything save quiet, warm fuzziness has become background noise in her mind.
She inhales deeply and breathes a whisper of a sigh against her neck. She smells pleasantly earthy, like grass and a warm summer breeze. The saccharine thought makes her feel silly, but she doesn't try to push it away She hums in contentment; she smells just like Luz.
Amity’s eyes pop open at the thought, her insides turn cold and her stomach drops to her feet as guilt claws at her, washing away all the warmth as though it had never been; replaced by cold dread.
The song ends and Luz reluctantly removes herself from Amity’s arms, she's so wrapped up in the warmth and overwhelming affection she feels that she doesn't notice how stiff the other girl has gone as they move off the dance floor.
The music has stopped and the twins have returned in a flash of light and smoke to the center of the room. 
“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, the moon is directly overhead and that means it’s time to remove your masks and reveal yourselves!” Edric throws up his hands as several party guests remove their glimmered masks and begin chatting excitedly as they recognize each other.
“Thank you to everyone in attendance tonight.” Emira finished and the two bowed to the guests, though this time they elect to simply walk toward the front door. Luz can only assume to see the guests off as they exit. For now there is still excited chatter all around them. 
It's now or never, Luz decides as they stand on the side of the dance floor as people remove their masks and reveal themselves to each other under the bright light of the blue moon.
She clears her throat and Amity turns to look at her, brought out of her internal crisis. 
"So, do you think… we could see each other again?" she asks hopefully.
Amity blinks at the question, mind racing, this was what she'd been waiting for all night and now it's here and she's not prepared in the slightest, because now she knows what her decision is and she hates it; absolutely hates it.
It's painful, what she's about to say, especially as she stares into this girl's brilliant and hopeful, brown eyes, but everything about the girl in front of her has reminded her of Luz at every turn tonight, and as badly as she wants to let go, it seems she can't; and that's not fair to her. This wonderful girl in front of her deserves someone who will think only of her; and as much as she'd like it to be, it's not Amity.
"I can't," she finally says at long last, watching helplessly as the girl's face falls. "I am so sorry…," she rushes to say. "You've been so sweet and kind, but…" She bites her lip and can't break her gaze from those eyes looking back at her through the mask, waiting. 
"There's someone else…," the girl finishes for her and it's so sorrowful and knowing that it breaks Amity's heart; she feels awful and all she can do is nod.
Luz tries her damnedest to hide that her heart is breaking as she speaks.
"It's okay…," she says, voice thick like she's on the verge of tears, and if it's possible, Amity's heart fractures a little more. Even now she's being so understanding it makes her want to take back her words, but she holds fast; she has too. 
"I'm sorry," is all she can say and tries to convey in those two simple words how much she means it; how much she hates having to do this.
Luz, for her part, shrugs helplessly.
"I knew there was someone else…," she starts and Amity looks at her surprised. "I thought it was worth a shot though…" Her eyes are glassy and she's doing her best to keep the tears at bay, even though she can't will away the trembling in her voice.
She can already see that Amity feels awful, she's not going to make it worse by crying. She’s going to try anyway.
The night is coming to a close and a few people have begun to trickle out and Luz knows that the time to unmask herself has finally come, but her heart has already been broken, so the anxiety she expected for this moment never comes, she feels numb as she reaches up for it but hesitates.
“If… if you don’t want to take your mask off, you don’t have to, it’s okay…,” Amity says after a long moment as Luz fiddles with the edges.
She freezes. 
Amity is giving her an out. 
A chance to let her walk away without ever actually telling her who she is in order to preserve her dignity and carry on with whatever their relationship was before. 
She considers it for a long moment.
Luz doesn’t hesitate for long, she’s never had much use for dignity, and if this ships going to sink she may as well go down with it knowing she did everything she could to save it. 
“That’s not really fair to either of us though is it?” she finally asks, smiling sadly at her, and Amity, for being the one who turned her down, looks just as upset as she feels, and of course she does, because Amity is kind like that. A little rough at the edges at first but so unbelievably kind that it makes her chest ache. “Was still a nice night though, right?” she asks quietly, looking at her with a smile that takes all her effort to form.
“Very…,” Amity breathes sadly, heart twisting and ‘i’m sorry’ once more on the tip of her tongue, but before she can utter the words her companion is pulling off her mask and the illusion is broken like it had never existed.
“It was kinda stuffy under there anyway…” Luz scratches her cheek with a finger, doing her best not to look directly at Amity's face as she reaches back to rub away the glyphs on the back of her ears, casting away the illusion concealing her ears while she waits for the witch so say something; anything.
Amity is staring wide-eyed at the girl in front of her, mouth hanging open. Her brain has become static as the human girl stands in front of her, looking down at her feet, head haloed in soft blue light.
Luz is her secret admirer…
She thinks maybe her heart has stopped, or it’s beating so fast she can no longer distinguish between beats. 
"Luz…," she finally managed to utter from a numb mouth and those brown eyes she thinks about so often are trained on her once more.
"Hi" she smiles and it's so unbelievably sorrowful, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. 
Amity sees them and jerks before her own can start against her will. It's all too much at once.
Suddenly Amity grabs her hand and is pulling her away from the party toward the stairs. Luz yelps but lets herself be dragged along up them and down a dark hallway before Amity pulls them into a room that Luz immediately realizes must be her bedroom; it's very Amity. She shuts the door behind them with an echoing slam.
Luz stands awkwardly in the middle of the room, her mask clenched in her hand as she watches Amity’s back, where she has yet to turn away from the now-closed door, hands still pressed against the wood as though the door is the only thing keeping her standing.
The oppressive silence is making her skin itch and she bites her lip, eyes sting with unshed tears.
She’s never been much for silence and this one is deafening. 
“L-look, I’m sorry, Amity, I… I shouldn’t have come and I shouldn’t have said anything, I…,” She croaks, a tear sliding down her cheek as she tries desperately to save whatever might be left of their friendship.
Listening to Luz's choked words is all too much for Amity, a torrent of emotions has welled up inside her chest and behind her eyes, looking for release.
Anything else Luz wanted to say is cut off by a strained sob from the girl in front of her.
Suddenly Amity whips round, making the skirt of her dress flutter and she’s staring back at Luz, gold eyes shining brightly as tears drip down her face from beneath her starry mask and another sob erupts from her throat against her will.
Luz can’t stop herself, she rushes forward and once she's standing in front of the crying girl she hesitates, hands hovering in the air a moment before reaching up to lift up Amity’s mask and once it's out of the way she takes hold of her ruddy cheeks and gently brushes away the tears with her thumbs.
“I’m sorry, Amity,” she mumbles, frowning.
Amity’s hands shoot up to cover her hands with her own smaller ones and shakes her head harshly.
“No,” she chokes. “Don’t be sorry, I'm happy!”
Luz can't help but think that what's going on and what she says are very mixed messages.
But any words they might have wanted to come out of her mouth die in her throat as Amity speaks.
“Did… did you mean it?” she asks in a small quivering voice that sounds so wrong coming from someone so strong. She must show her confusion because Amity speaks again before she can get her mind around the question. “The gifts… the notes…tonight... did you mean all of those things?” she chokes out desperately, tears still running down her cheeks and it makes Luz’s heart twist in such a painful way that she can’t begin to describe it. 
A surge of bravery fills Luz’s chest and she pulls her hands out from beneath Amity's to take hold of the other girls and holds them firmly to her chest; Amity’s breath hitches.
“Of course I meant them, you’re so amazing, Amity!” Pink dusts her cheeks but she plows on. “I like you, a lot.” She squeezes her hands. “I just didn’t want to freak you out… I wanted you to like me too… even though I knew there was someone else…,” she trails off, gaze falling to the floor, and dropping Amity’s hands; both of them miss the warmth. 
“What?” Now it’s Amity’s turn to be confused.
“Whoever you wanted to invite to grom…,” Luz finally says after a long moment, eyes moving back up to look at Amity’s surprised face. “I know it was selfish, but I couldn’t stand the idea of you being with someone else… I wanted to win you over,” she trails off quietly. 
Suddenly Amity’s hands are cupped around her cheeks, forcing her to look at her and brushing away the errant tears that have dripped down Luz's face.
“Luz…” Amity says, voice thick with emotion, a few stray tears are still dripping down her own face but she’s smiling. “It was you, Luz, it's always been you. I wanted to ask you to grom,” she says it at long last and a weight lifts off the witch’s chest she hadn’t even been aware of. 
“You… me… you were afraid of being rejected by me?” She fumbles through the sentence with wide eyes and disbelief coloring every word. 
Amity only nods and giggles wetly at the girl's wide eyes and slack jaw.
Suddenly Luz has crystal clarity on all of her interactions with Amity. The jumpiness, stammering and blushing…
“I’m so stupid!” Luz squawked suddenly, digging her fingers into her slicked back hair.
Amity chuckled under her breath, feeling brave now too.
“You’re not stupid…,” she says as she reaches up and shoos Luz's hands away before carefully smoothing the dark strands back into place with a gentle hand. The look she’s giving Luz is one of unabashed adoration and Luz feels warm and tingly as Amity runs her fingers through her hair. 
“I never picked up on your feelings either…,” Amity reminds, her hands falling away from her hair to rest on her shoulders. 
“I was trying to keep mine hidden though… you were so obvious! After all the fanfiction I’ve read, I'm really disappointed in myself for not noticing…,"  she groans as Amity turns red again.
“I wasn’t that obvious…,” Amity huffs, indignation rising to the surface. Luz wraps her arms around the witch’s waist and pulls her closer. Amity squeaks and blinks at her as Luz’s grin becomes downright smug.
“Oh yeah?” she asks. “Cute uniforms, sweating?” she quotes Amity from weeks ago and Amity’s face turns blood red at the words.
“Shut up!” She puts a hand on Luz’s chest and tries to push her away, face practically steaming with embarrassment.
Luz just laughs, to giddy to contain herself. She likes Amity and Amity likes her! It's the only thought in her head.
Suddenly Amity finds herself lifted off the ground and spinning around the room in Luz’s arms.
“Luz!” They’re both laughing uncontrollably as Luz twirls them around her bedroom. 
They finally stop in the middle of the room, both out of breath and smiling so hard their cheeks hurt. Finally Luz lets her feet touch back to the floor but doesn’t release her grip.
They stood there, breathing heavy as the bright blue light of the full moon outside streamed into the window, casting both their faces in its light.
The smile on Amity's lips is so soft and joyful it makes Luz's heart swell.
Suddenly Luz's mouth goes dry as she's struck by a sudden thought.
Maybe it's the high of finding out that Amity returns her feelings, the remains of the bravery her mask had given her or just how breathtaking the girl in her arms is, highlighted by soft blue moonlight shining in her gold eyes. 
“Can I kiss you?” she asks before she can rethink it.
Amity’s eyes grow wide as she stares back into deep brown eyes that look alive in the moonlight reflecting off them.
Amity is quiet just long enough that Luz is just about to apologize and her grip on Amity’s waist loosens, bringing the witch back into the present and she panics that Luz is going to let her go, that's the last thing she wants. She tightens her grip on Luz’s shoulders, fingers digging into her vest.
“Please…,” she says and flushes crimson. A simple yes turned into a desperate plea as it came out of her mouth, but Luz doesn’t seem at all fazed as her grip tightens around her waist and she leans in close.
She’s so close all Amity can see is her as their noses brush. She lets her eyes flutter closed as Luz’s lips press against hers.
It’s soft, and much too short.
Luz pulls back all too quick for her and their eyes open, looking at each other silently for several seconds before Amity moves to wrap her arms around the human girl's neck, her fingers threading through the hair there and Luz meets her halfway as she leaned in to kiss her again, this time it's longer but no less gentle, neither are the ones that follow.
Neither is sure how long they stand there, exchanging soft kisses, but it’s brought to an abrupt end when the bedroom door swings open.
“Hey, Mittens, everyone left, how was the part-” Edric’s question dies in his mouth as he and Emira stand open mouthed in the doorway as the two younger teens pull apart and stare at them, red faced. 
“Well… this is unexpected…” Emira recovers first and crosses her arm, leaning on the doorframe. “Actually it isn’t…” She smirks.
“Wha-?” Edric is still blinking at them with wide eyes.
“Oh, is it that late already?” Luz laughs nervously and finally lets go of Amity and takes a step back. “I better get going!"
She hurries toward the door and is careful not to look at either of the twins as she speed walks out of the room between them.
“Why do neither of you know how to knock!?” Amity hisses, face bright crimson, and it's hard to say if it’s more anger or embarrassment as she rushes past them and down the stairs.
She catches Luz at the front door, staff in hand as she steps outside.
“Wait, Luz.” Amity calls, and she does. She feels like she couldn’t deny Amity anything right now. Her lips are still tingling.
“I… I’m sorry, about them,” she apologizes, hands fisted into her dress. Did her siblings just ruin this for her?
Luz just smiles.
“It’s okay, I really do need to go… but um…” she trails off and Amity looks up at her, eyebrows raised in silent question.
“If you’re not busy tomorrow maybe we could… I dunno, hang out in town, maybe go to that bakery you like… like, a date?” she scratches the back of her head and shifts from foot to foot, waiting for Amity’s answer. 
Amity smiles and brushes some hair behind her ear. 
“I’d like that.” She nods and Luz lights up with a bright grin that Amity finds herself returning.
“Great! I'll meet you there at lunch time?"
Amity nods.
"Cool… cool …,well… I better get going…” She takes a half step forward and pecks the witch’s cheek before stepping back with a bright grin at Amity's surprised and pink face.
Her eyes flicker to something over Amity’s shoulder and she flushes before turning and with a flick of her wrist Owlbert’s wings are spread. She took a running leap off the porch onto the staff and is quickly flying over the lawn.
“Bye Amity!” she calls as she flies over the wrought iron gate. 
Amity waves, feeling the wide smile pulling at her face as she watches Luz disappear into the dark of the night.
“She’s got style, I’ll give her that.” 
Amity jumps at her brother's voice and spins around to find the twins standing in the doorway looking smug.
“Your girlfriend is something else, Amity.” Emira laughs.
Amity freezes at the word ‘girlfriend’. They hadn’t discussed anything of the sort...but… she slowly smiles to herself as she thinks about everything that had happened tonight and about the date she had tomorrow.
“Yeah, she is,” she agrees and the twins grin.
“How’d she make her ears pointed?” Edric wonders.
Amity doesn't seem to be listening now, lost in a world of her own and the twins share a knowing look.
"Good job, sis." He gives her a nudge, bringing her back to the present.
"Yeah, she's a catch," Emira agrees and Amity turns to her sister. She's finally put all the pieces together. Emira knew and had been pushing them together all this time.
She suddenly flings herself into her arms.
Emira blinks, surprised.
"I know what you did." Amity's voice is muffled against her sister's dress. "Thank you."
Smiling the older Blight girl wraps her arms around her little sister and squeezes.
Edric just blinks at them, confused.
~ ~ ~
Luz is so giddy as she flies through the air it finally bursts out of her in a loud whoop and did barrel rolls on the staff with glee.
“She likes me!” Luz screams out into the cool night air. 
She grins all the way home, and her cheeks hurt, but she just can't stop smiling.
When she lands in front of the owl house. Hooty is asleep and she pushes the door open quietly and shuts it silently once she steps inside.
“How’d it go?” 
Luz jumps six feet in the air at the voice.
She turns to see Eda and Lillith sitting on the couch with two cups of tea.
The smile that blooms on her apprentice’s face tells Eda all she needs to know.
“Come tell us about it.” She pats the empty space between them. 
Luz lays Owlbert against the wall and plops down between the sisters.
Now that she is closer, the sisters can see her better and Eda erupts into loud, uncontrollable laughter that makes tears gather in her eyes.
“W-what?” Luz blinks at her and Lillith seems to see what Eda thinks is so funny and covers her mouth with a hand to stifle her laughter.
“Maybe don’t tell us everything!” Eda manages to get out between choked laughter.
Lilith manages to get herself under control much quicker.
“You… have a little something…” she points to her own mouth and Luz jumps up and runs to the standing mirror on the other side of the room to look at herself and her cheeks turn crimson. 
Light pink lipstick is smeared across her mouth.
Eda continues to howl. 
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termanigabs · 9 months ago
Borrower Reader Scenarios (Unedited)
3.)When You Get Caught
-You were very paranoid,you didn't know if the Princess,who goes by her name Star,was around and you hadn't eaten in a while.You didn't know why you haven't left yet,that was always a question that raced through your head."Y/n you haven't eaten in how long just get your head straight and go borrowing," You say to yourself as you got your stuff ready and went out,"they should be gone," you reassured yourself as you peeked out of the hole.There was no one around so you cautiously started forward,you spotted a few strawberries laying out in an oddly neat way,it felt off though."Strange,maybe I should go ba-" before you could finish your sentence a jar was quickly placed over you,"see Marco!I told you there was a tiny person here!" Star said proudly,thoughts were swirling through your head as you slid to the ground and sat there,'how could I be so stupid?'
Gravity Falls
-"Gravity falls you have amazed me with another one of your beautiful evening lights," You exclaimed as you sat on the roof of the Mystery shack watching the mysterious beautiful lights that came from the forest."Sadly,I am not coming back to live in your wild forests cAUse I'd die," You stated munching on some chips.You could of sworn you heard creaking but then again you always heard things in the Mystery shack,"heh," you say a bit sadly as you hold a small shiny stone in your hand.You sat there in thought,you didn't notice the creaking becoming louder,until something pinched the back of your shirt,"woah!Hey!" You kick as you were lifted off the ground,feeling very nostalgic you stopped kicking and went limp.Your eyes met with one of the twins,"oh..hey..Dipper was it?" You say nervously.
The Owl House
-Today was a eventful day,you vanquished the rats that dared live in the home and got a cupcake as a reward!Strange right?Like it was left out there just for you,pfffft nah!That was impossible.Anyway,you even made a mouse creature friend,you named them the most perfect name..."Squeaks my noble steed come to me!" You say proud and bravely.The mouse creature quickly came to your aid as you grabbed your needle and jumped on your pet's back.Squeaks raced through the holes of the house swiftly,"this is what human's call a pro gamer move!" You yell as Squeaks darted out of the hole and onto the kitchen counter,"woooo!" You screamed as Squeaks reared back to the hole.You jumped off and landed by in the middle of the counter with a dramatic pose,"that was amazing!Slightly dangerous!And adorable!" A feminine voice said as you paused."Um..thaaaanks,I was pretty great," you say playing it off casually as the human leaned on the counter staring at you.You couldn't just run she would easily grab your shirt," My names-" "Luz Noceda,human," you say fast and nervously,you just wanted to hide away for eternity.The worst part was you dropped your needle.
The Loud House
-You have been very panicky lately,you would run through the walls and vents like your life depended on it.Sometimes,unknown to you that the loud siblings have been hearing it,and would investigate,but you were already gone.Lucy knew exactly that it was you,she had been listening,and watching you for various reasons and she finally decided that she would catch you,this was going to be easy because you were louder than usual,and that loudness is exactly how she caught you."Put me down,put me down,put me down!" You screech in fear of being held in her hand,there was rarely anyone home,just the two older siblings so no one really heard you."Lucy!Lucy put me down," you screech once more as she dropped you in a jar.Your heart was pounding and you felt like it was going to burst out of your chest,she moves quicker than you thought.She seemed to ignore you all together and place the jar on her bed where no one can see you,"shhh,quiet or they'll hear you," was all she said.The way she said it made you want to hide in an ally way,it was so spooky and freaky.
-"We meet again little thing," the voice owner's accent rang as you huff and turn your head away from him,you were scared to death but showing fear was not an option.He held you in his fist as he examined you,"mind telling me what you are?" He questions to which you roll your eyes and huff at him again.He didn't seem to like that as he tightened his grip on you,"I'm a borrower!" You shout angrily as Tord smirked,"a borrower?" He seemed to say to himself as he carried you to his room,you didn't like where this was going.He casually set you on the counter,you could see a knife embedded into the dresser he set you on.Your body froze as you watched him move around his room as if looking for something,'what was he planning?'
Hazbin Hotel
-"No!No!No!No!No!Let me go!" You yell as tears formed in your eyes,you were starving and you didn't mean to blindly fall into her trap.Was it worth it?In your perspective no."Calm down!Calm down!I promise I won't hurt you!" She tried to say but you were fluffing out your wings in defense and then started to wrap them around you securely as you went quiet.Making sure not to draw any attention,Charlie quickly enclosed her hands around you and quickly fled the scene back to her hotel.She would have to keep you out of sight from the others for a while and gain your trust.
Fnaf 2
-You were feeling very sour,the freaking Guards wouldn't stop pestering you.They would mess with your holes,try to catch you and do so much and it didn't help that the animatronics were being snoopy as well.'I'm going to die but I don't care,' you thought as you wait for the guards to walk in,when they finally did they were shocked to see you."So,you guys done yet?Done pestering me and making my life harder?" You start as Vincent smirks,"you've got some guts coming out of your little hole," he said as you rolled your eyes."You've got some guts pushing my limit," you sneered unknown to you that the animatronics were listening in."What are you going to do bite size?" Vincent questioned cockily as the other guards flinched back when you used a rubber band to fling a fork at his head,Vincent was clearly pissed but Mike stepped in before he could grab you."Let's not make this a blood bath," he says as he eyes you,you only smirked at him.Some catch.
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edolin · a year ago
Okay, so I haven't gotten this into a show in YEARS, but the Owl House has a very special place in my heart for many reasons. Enough of a special place that I have theories about some plot points!
So, my first theory, jumping onto the 'Belos is a human' train, what if Belos, like Luz, came to the Boiling Isles through the portal door? Building off of that, what if King isn't as disillusioned as he's portrayed, but was actually the king of demons before Belos showed up?
Think about it; in the first episode, Eda goes on this whole thing about how King lost his crown of power, but the crown turned out to be one of those cardboard Burger Queen crowns. But what if she wasn't entirely wrong? What if King was the previous ruler of the Boiling Isles, Belos shows up, breaks his crown (the broken horn, anybody?), and with it broken, maybe his memories were broken as well, but the only thing he was able to hang on to was him being the King?
In short; King was the original king of demons, Belos showed up, learned magic, overthrew King, stole his crown/broke his horn, and made himself emperor while King lost his memory.
My second theory; Belos, or one of his people (the masked baddie maybe?) is the one sending the letters. Think about it; the people of the Boiling Isles don't even know what a high five is, or what several human metaphors mean, and Eda had no idea what a summer camp was. Belos (going on the 'he's a human' theory again) does. As an older human, he knows what a mortgage is, summer camp, and likely has connections in the human realm he can send messages to. Amity likes Luz way too much and is too much of a blushing, rambling mess to be knowingly lying to Luz's mom like that. My vote says that either Belos, masked baddie, or this new Gwendolyn character is writing the letters.
My third theory; Belos is trying to 'unify' the human and demon realm by pulling the Titan into the human realm, thus bringing magic with him to take it over. Like, that's a big ass portal he's building, y'all. And he's still building it. Or, alternatively, he's trying to bring magic to the human realm so he can go over and be the emperor of both realms. Either way, super exciting to see where that's going.
Theory four; this Gwendolyn character seems way too interesting to just be a throwaway name. I'm betting she's working for Belos and will act as a motherly figure for Amity so that Gwen can trick Amity into spying for the Owl gang. Like, let's face it, Amity's own mother forced her to dye her hair to match the twins. That's pretty fucked up, but that's a conversion for later. Amity doesn't really have a mother figure in her life, the closest possibly being Eda after Understanding Willow (depends on whether or not Amity regularly went to the Owl House after that). Amity is going to need/want a parent figure to understand her and listen to her, guiding her. But she likely won't know until it's too late what's going on. Or, and I don't know which is worse, maybe Gwendolyn IS Amity's mom, and after the fight with Belos being broadcasted all over the Isles, wants to be more involved with her kids lives? Like, maybe Gwen is the mysterious masked henchman at the season one finale and is going to trick Amity, Ed, and Em into spying on the Owl gang.
I don't know, there's a lot of different ways this story can go, and I'm super excited to be able to watch where it leads!
Also, if season two doesn't have Amity busting the front door of the Owl House down and demanding to see if Luz is okay after the Belos fight, I'm gonna be upsettie spaghetti. But that's just me
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prismhibiscusrosemary · a year ago
the owl house characters described by my friend @thelostbiscuits who has never seen toh(all this was over text and i copied it word for word btw): the bold is me noting significant things in the conversation
luz: enby lesbian uhhh theyre probably assertive, confident, painfully gay, lives off of strawberry uncrustables and peace tea they’re nice tho
king: what is the dog doinnn he and enby lesbian are friends, he's comedic relief, pretty chill eda: you thought you could just show me catras grandma and get away with it catra but shes old and tired? willow: she is baby, she isnt that smart but she tries and we love her- very nice :)) she cares about people
gus: he's friends with glasses chick(willow), he also cares a lot but he gets into a lot of trouble amity: oh i know her too because your gay ass reblogs all their ship art shes gay for enby lesbian (lmao they aren’t wrong). she's tough but like you get to know her and shes not that tough? tsundere but not anime lol. OH i feel like shes like pearl from su a little bit lilith: okay first of all im in love with them. she's serious- basically a trad goth girl from the 90s, chill but takes no bs viney: hmMMmMmmm mom vibes, probably gives really good advice. i cant think of much else for her ooP- she looks exactly like my stepmom sjhdfh- jerbo: he reminds me of greg heffley but idk are hints allowed HDJKD- (i gave them the hint of “plants vs zombies” at this point lol) hmmmmmmm i feel like he's a closeted bi. just gives off those vibes, also kind of a nerd? he might be really smart. he might also just be a straight guy that im looking too deep into the soul of i cant tell barcus: what is the dog doingggg (i told them he’s a witch on the boiling isles hoping it’d clear it up a bit and it kinda worked) prophet cat hyena dog,,,,, im thinking he's pretty wise is he friends with blue haired bisexual queen(lilith)? i feel like he might be (i told them he’s friends with jerbo and viney) oh i see that! wait are they siblings?? (i said no they’re classmates) and they were classmates edric: bro he has to be related to blue haired queen(lilith) uhhhh just judging on the face smug as all hell. annoying but we love him anyways emira: why the fuck do they all look related uhhHhhHHHHhh (i told them that ed and em are siblings) she's giving me very much older sister vibes (which she probably is older than teal haired boy(edric)), confident, has her shit together (i told them ed and em are twins) hmmm she might be mischevious too but a little less so than the dude
boscha: evil >:D she's kind of like the one princessy villain from the power puff girls, maybe kind of pretentious, the others really do try to be her friend tho hooty: HAH- how do i even judge him hes just. he. uhhhhhh he baby honestly, i love him a lot principal bump: god that man is so fucking dusty uHHHhHHHhh salad fingers but a man- "i cRaVe rUsTy sPoOns". he's staring into my soul im sorry i can't rate him ive been stunned to my core (it was at this point that i lost my shit and started cackling into my pillow) look at his fucking finger omg emperor belos: “👁👁” as a,,,, being?????? what is it?????????and like,, theyre super mysterious. i love how we started off with like soft characters and we've descended into purgatory with salad fingers and the grim reaper
mattholomule: oh cool neville longbottom uhhhhh he is also dusty, you wouldnt know him but he kind of reminds me of upchuck from daria(for context i haven’t watched daria). i dont trust him he looks like he would steal my money. the hair is what gave me neville (i told them i thought they’d say he looked like a child drug dealer) HE DOES LMAOOOO- kikimora: oh look its me we are soul siblings i relate uhhhh theyre like a little rat but not in a bad way,,, scuttle-y and kind of quiet warden wrath: WHAT THE HELL DUDE,,,,,,,, LMAOOO NOT A WHOLE ASS PLAGUE DOCTOR THAT COULD FIT INTO A HORROR MOVIE how do i eVEN RATE H- i cant even s e e them,,, what do they even do does he even go here? OH he works for grim reaper guy (i confirmed this) does he kill people for him that would be cool (i told them he does occasionally and that he runs a prison) wow i-
tibbles: he's a merchant :)) pretty good salesman HE'S A CAPITALIST PIG HAHA  but yeah he's good at his job and nice owlbert: The Owl Of The House.he is small but he knows things, many things (i asked if that was it) ,,,, yes he has seen many tragedies
the bat queen: WHAT THE HELL IS THAAAAT (i legit just said “the bat queen”) NO FUCKING WAY THIS IS THE SAME DAMN SHOW LMAOOOOO evil ass goth humpty dumpty she would kick your ass and that concludes @thelostbiscuits‘s summary of the owl house lmao
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flipomatic · a year ago
Shortcuts Chapter 1
Summary:  When Emira is barred from the secret passages through the school by the multi-track girl who guards them, she knows what she has to do. Ed says they should sneak around her, but Emira has her pride. All she has to do is be nice enough to Viney to gain her approval. At least, that’s how it started. Sometimes things change.
Author Note: I’ve got this outlined out with 12 chapters and an epilogue. This is going to be a fairly large project for me, so we’ll see how that goes.
Something I reference in this fic is general education classes. I don’t know this for sure, but it seems like they have some classes in their track and some classes with students from other tracks. I’m calling those mixed classes general education classes.
When Ed told her that there could be secret passages in the walls of Hexside, Emira knew they just had to find them. It was too good of an opportunity to miss.
Another student in their grade claimed to have seen a wall open in the astronomy classroom. He couldn’t get it open himself, or even identify which wall it had been on, but reported the mystery to Ed. If anyone could find those passages and put them to good use, it would be the Blight twins. The same day they heard about it, they made sure to stay after school to investigate.
The location sighting was where the twins started their search, in the astronomy classroom. The door had already been locked for the day, but that had never stopped them before. Emira was getting quite good at opening locks with magic.
Once inside, they tapped on every wall to search for a hollow spot or a hidden door, but didn’t have any luck finding one. All the walls seemed to be normal solid walls.
Ed looked like he was thinking hard as he squinted at the astronomy markings on the walls. He had his arms crossed, posture slightly slouched.
“How about we split up.” Emira suggested, drawing his attention to her. “I’ll look in the downstairs rooms, you stay up here.” They might have better luck if they covered more ground.
“Alright.” Ed nodded with a sigh. “But I’m starting to think Kyle lied to us.”
“We’ll see.” They had just checked one room so far, so Emira wasn’t ready to give up yet. “See you at the front in an hour?”
“Yeah.” Ed waved her off with one hand, turning back to continue scrutinizing the wall.
Emira left him there, walking to the main staircase to head downstairs. There wasn’t a soul in the school at this time of day; it had been a few hours since school got out and most students were gone within half an hour of the last bell. Still, Emira exercised caution as she reached the stairs, casting a quick spell to enhance her hearing to listen for footsteps.
After a few moments of blessed silence, Emira released the spell and moved down the stairwell. She wasn’t sure which rooms were most likely to have the passages, so she just started with the classrooms in the back of the school.
The first few she checked were standard classrooms, ones with nothing particularly special about them. Emira checked the chalkboard and the back wall in each, but didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.
Her luck changed when she reached the detention track room. At least, it used to be the detention track room. Emira remembered hearing that all of the detention track students had been assigned multiple tracks after Luz started at Hexside. It had definitely come up in Mittens’ many retellings of how Luz saved her from the basilisk.
There were still bars on the door, a reminder of what the room had been. Much to Emira’s surprise, when she reached to try and open the door it was already unlocked. That was quite strange, as every other classroom had been sealed shut.
Emira pushed the door open, glancing around the room as she entered. It had just a few tables and chairs in it, along with a blackboard and barred windows. When Emira ran her finger across the nearest table, she came back with a layer of dust. It looked like nobody had used this room in a while.
Emira moved away from the table to check out the chalkboard. It looked clean, without a speck of dust on it. Well, that was certainly strange.
Emira ran her hand across the board, pausing when she felt a faint pulse of magic.
She could feel the traces of magic on one part of the board. This was almost certainly the entrance to the secret passages. Or someone had been doing magic too close to the board and magically charged it, but Emira was pretty sure she was right.
Emira pulled her hand back and drew a magic circle, casting an unlocking spell. A square of what looked to be chalk appeared on the board, lighting up the room. There was a small keyhole in the center of the square.
The square of chalkboard shifted forward as if on a hinge, causing Emira to step back to avoid being hit by it. Inside she could see a straight corridor, leading to a regular door. It was decorated with a green “Keep Out!” sign and light could be seen underneath it.
She smiled; this had almost been too easy.
Emira lifted her leg to enter the small passage, barely able to squeeze through the entrance. The students who used this must’ve been smaller than her, in order to not get stuck.
The chalkboard door closed behind her as she entered, which cut off one of her sources of light, but the light from under the door ahead guided her path. After a few steps Emira reached the next door. She pulled it open, immediately gasping at what she saw.
On the other side of that door was a huge circular room that was lined from floor to ceiling with more doors. It rose up with a spiral ramp and had to be at least as tall as the school. On one wall there was a strangely graffitied painting of an orange haired teen, along with some graffiti tags.
Most surprising though was the presence of another witch. She was sitting low on the ramp, legs dangling over the side as she read from a large book. Her long brown hair was pulled into a bun and she had one large hook like earing in her right ear. She wore the Hexside school uniform, though it looked torn in a couple places. Interestingly, her sleeves were blue for the healing track and her leggings were orange for the beast keeping track.
Emira was pretty sure they had one class together, one of her general education classes. Her name was Viney.
She didn’t seem to notice when Emira entered the room.
After looking around for a few moments, Emira cleared her throat. “Nice room you have here.” She said, trying to give a sincere smile and not startle the room’s inhabitant.
Viney tensed, her green eyes shooting up to lock on Emira. “How…” She started to ask, then shook her head and started the question over. “What are you doing in here? This room is off limits.” She said, closing her book roughly. Her voice had a slight scratchiness to it.
“Just looking around. I heard a rumor today and wanted to check it out.” Emira played it cool, turning to look at the various doors around her. “Where do these doors lead?” She asked.
“Around the school.” Viney rose to her feet, leaving the book on the ramp. As she walked down to be on the base level, Emira noticed she was shorter than expected. Not only that, but the top of her uniform was held together with a small thorn shaped pin instead of a button. “Why do you want to know?” She asked in a cautious tone, like she thought Emira was up to no good.
“Just curious,” Emira pointed towards one of the doors, one that had similar decorations to the astronomy classroom walls. “So, would that one lead out to the astronomy room?”
Viney looked back over her shoulder to see which door, then nodded as she turned back to Emira. “Yes, it does.”
“Very interesting.” Emira was already concocting a plan in her mind. “If Ed is still in there, I bet I could jump out and scare him.” He would never see it coming, though he could’ve already left the room.
“That’s what you want to use the shortcuts for?” Viney crossed her arms, tone lowered. “You can’t just come in here and prank others. No way.” She frowned disapprovingly. Emira felt that, if this had been a test, she had already failed.
“It’ll only take a moment.” Emira persisted and tried to move around her to reach the ramp, but Viney stepped in her way.
“I said no.” Despite her shortness Viney’s posture was firm, her form unyielding.
Emira sighed. If she really wanted to, she could use magic to get around the other teen, but that didn’t seem like the best option here. She would probably just get reported to the principal and have to explain to her parents why she was lurking in the school after hours.
“Okay, I get it.” Emira took a step back, trying to deflate the tension in the room. “I’ll go.” She stepped away again, keeping her eyes on Viney.
The other teen didn’t move, just watched her go with narrowed green eyes.
When Emira reached the door she turned to push it open, quickly shutting it behind her when she made it through. She exited the chalkboard door the same way, squeezing back out of it.
Emira retraced her path back upstairs to the astronomy classroom to look for Ed. Of course, he had moved on by then, so she instead had to wait for him in front of the school. Emira chose a bench near the front door to wait on, keeping an ear out for trouble.
She still couldn’t believe what she had found. A room with doors that led throughout the school, it didn’t seem possible. They were probably magic doors, based on the school’s layout and formation of the doors inside.
It also seemed like the twins weren’t going to be able to use them freely, not with Viney guarding them. Not that Emira would let that stop her, she would find a way.
Viney had been so intriguing. Emira had class with her a few times a week, but they hadn’t spoken before. It was interesting how she was in two tracks and how she had access to the secret passages in the first place. Emira couldn’t help but be curious about her. She wondered how hard it would be to earn her approval, especially starting off with the first impression she just made.
“Did you find anything?” Ed’s voice interrupted her thoughts.
“I sure did.”
Chapter 2
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staghunters · a year ago
“Luz’s” Letters home
So I guess like many others i watched the finale of season 1 of The Owl House, and there was a thing unanswered that nagged a bit at me, which is the case of Luz’s mom receiving letters from “Luz” from camp, which Luz shrugs off as weird parent-technology lingo.
I discussed things a bit with @smugwitchgirl​ and we thought it neat to throw this out there to get others involved in the theory discussion.
So first off, the letters in question, appearing in the Grom night episode:
Tumblr media
Nothing much seems particulary off about the contents, except the obvious initial misspelling of Luz’s name, which is of course weird for someone to do. Somewhat unrelated, but the “Let’s do lots of fun mother/daughter activities forever and ever.” is a bit unsetteling. Luz loves her mom, but using forever and ever is something I’ve only heard the The Shining twins say unironically.
So who might be writing these letters?
First thought went to Amity, who’s handwriting appears in the same episode:
Tumblr media
Yet from a first glance one can already see that this is definitely a different handwriting. The dots in punctuation and the i’s are different, and the o’s don’t have the curving through them.
In Wing it like Witches, we can actually see OG Luz’s handwriting in a note to Eda:
Tumblr media
From the handwriting in general, but especially the o’s, we can see that the handwriting of Luz and “Luz” seems identical. BUT!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here we see a zoomed in version on the !’s of both letters/notes.
We can already note that the dotting of the exclamation marks is very different. OG Luz doesn’t have any regular dots in her note to Eda, but the i’s do have the open circle that is similar to “Luz”‘s letter to mom.
But I want to lay the focus specifically on the !’s of both writings, as they are different of course, but also that the one in OG Luz’s note seems bolder than the rest of the lettering. This had me thinking of it being a conscious decision made in the animation process, to give a hint of something being different.
One can of course besides this also note the capital I’s and L’s being slightly different, which may also have to do with it. The most obvious discontinuity is however in the open and closed circles used in dots.
Who “Luz” is and why and how they are sending letters to Luz’s mom is for now a mystery that does not seem to be visible tackled in the near future. I am however very curious as to who this person is and what their motives are.
The obvious theory would be a Luz doppelganger, but given the times that has been done and there being very little foundation for a Luz double being created, who also knows how to write letters to mom about the camp, I don’t think it is a plausible theory to have truth in it.
Feel free to add to this with your own observations!
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thetimelordbatgirl · 9 months ago
Twisted TV Shows OCs
Description of Twisted TV Shows: Taking inspiration from Disney’s Twisted Tale series, this is a similar premise but with TV Shows and next gen aspects in present time after the twists. 
List of Stories (so far): *Return to Gravity Falls (Gravity Falls). *The Never Ending Woods (Over the Garden Wall). *The Cost of Magic (The Owl House). *Finding Magic Again (Star VS The Forces of Evil). *Hero Time (Ben 10). *Time To Go Ghost (Danny Phantom). *The Lost Ninja (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja). *Robots in Disguise (Transformers Prime). *Life is Like a Hurricane (Ducktales 2017). *Being Human (Steven Universe).  *The Lost Princess (Sofia The First). *Fairies Lost Flight (Winx Club). *Undefeated (Lego Ninjago). *Crossing the Line (Tangled the Series). *Hero (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012).  *The Lost Future (Thunderbirds Are Go). *Hit And Run (Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc). *The War Lives On (Avatar The Last Airbender). *Game Over (Aaron Stone). 
Summaries of Stories:
Return to Gravity Falls: The Twist: “What if Bill saw through the trick?” Summary: “”’s a deal” “Dipper, no!” These are the words that Mabel still recalls even in present alongside the sight of losing her brother and then....being outside Gravity Falls, forever trapped outside.  Until now. Now a adult, Mabel returns to the town of Gravity Falls with her kids with one mission in mind: stop Bill and save Gravity Falls once and for all” 
The Never Ending Woods: The Twist: “What if Wirt took the Beasts offer?” Summary: “All Lottie remembers before the woods is falling into the well, holding onto Fawn until the cold water put them to sleep.  And then they woke up in the woods.  The never ending woods.  Stuck in their costume party costumes, Lottie and Fawn Black find themselves stuck in the woods and if they don’t find a way out soon, he will find them....”
The Cost of Magic: The Twist: “What if Luz failed to save Eda?” Summary: “Years ago, Luz Noceda was happy to become a witch....until the day she lost Eda.  Nowadays, she’s the wanted witch, just trying to make sure the Emperor doesn’t succeed in his plans.  But when another human falls into the magic world, Luz finds herself slowly causing trouble again and maybe getting back what she lost....”
Finding Magic Again: The Twist: “What if the worlds wont reunited?” Summary: “Years ago, Star Butterfly stopped Mina Loveberry from killing all monsters through destroying magic, but in the process....all realms were separated, and it stayed like this for years.... Until the day, Rhea Butterfly decides to fix all this- how? By bringing magic back.  And with the aid of some friends, that shouldn’t be too hard....right?” 
Hero Time:  The Twist: “What if Ben was evil?” Summary: “All Jackie Levin knows about what happened is that it started when Ben Tennyson found a watch and then....went missing.  And when he re-appeared, he was older....and with a alien named Vilgax, who then proceeded to take over the world.  Nowadays, Jackie lives with her parents in a resistance with one goal in mind: stop Ben Tennyson. And save the world”
Time To Go Ghost: The Twist: “What if Danny became evil?” Summary: “Raven Fenton has never seen the world outside her home, for her father has always told her that the world outside is dangerous still.  But one day, Raven ends up leaving the home by accident and in the process, discovers who the danger her father keeps telling her about is....”
The Lost Ninja: The Twist: “What if Randy became evil?” Summary: “Willa Graham was having a normal day: sitting in class, doing work and avoiding being shoved into lockers.  But when she returned home, she found the Ninja mask waiting for her and found she was the new Ninja.  But being the new Ninja comes with a risk....namely, the old Ninja, Randy Cunningham.  Who will do anything to keep the Ninja Mask....”
Robots in Disguise: The Twist: “What if something went wrong with imprisoning Airachnid?” Summary: “Airachnid had crippled Jack, so the Autobots sent her to the phantom zone, only for her to escape and be sent there again, this time, Jack is stuck in there with her. A decade later, he escapes but things are quite different now....”
Life is Like a Hurricane:  The Twist: “What if Dewey died in a accident?” Summary: “Things were never the same for the McDuck family after they lost Dewey during a treasure hunting exhibition, and Della never forgave Scrooge. Unbeknownst to them however, Dewey would spend the next twenty plus years haunting the hallways of McDuck manor, as an unseen ghost, watching as his family grew apart and could never see him as they did so.  One day, Scrooge passes and the Family returns to pay their respects, with Lena’s and Webby’s, Huey’s and Louie’s kids....who can talk to Dewey....” 
Being Human: The Twist: “What if the Diamonds saw through Pink’s lie?” Summary: “Two rules that Morganite Universe grew up on: *Be a good princess. *Never question the Diamonds rule. And she obeyed them....until the day she found out what the Diamonds did to the universe.  Now with the aid of her friends, she sets out to finish what the Crystal Gems matter what....”
The Lost Princess: The Twist: “What if Sofia had been trapped in the amulet?” Summary: “Princess Sofia II grew up hearing tales of her namesake aunt, from the day she got her the day she just....disappeared. But when she gets a purple amulet for her birthday, everything changes the moment Sofia herself emerges from the amulet, but she’s not alone....”
Fairies Lost Flight: The Twist: “What if Valtor won?” Summary: “In a world where magic has bee corrupted and turned to darkness, Princess Bridget lived to become Queen of this World....until she saw what her father was planning to do in reality, shattering any lie Bridget knew and putting her on the path to save this world and restore magic while stopping her father once and for all....”
Undefeated: The Twist: “What if Lord Garmadon succeeded?”  Summary: “The one rule Alice and her father, Lloyd, grew to obey.  Never let the weapons fall into the wrong hands.  But what Alice didn’t expect was her father to hand over the weapons to the Ninja resistance...let alone take her with him to join it with one goal: stop Lord Garmagon and restore Ninjago to what it used to be” 
Crossing the Line: The Twist: “What if Gothel had raised Cass with Rapunzel?” Summary: “Once upon a time, there were two sisters who were raised and kept in a tower....until one of their birthdays led to their escape with their evil mother defeated and one of them reunited with her birth parents.  And all was happy...until the day one of the sisters left to find herself....and never returned.  This was the tale of Rapunzel and Cassandra.  And almost giving up on Cassandra returning, Rapunzel’s beyond happy when she does return, but it soon becomes clear, this isn’t the same Cassandra....”
Hero: The Twist: “What if Kraang took over successfully?”  Summary: “No one knows how the Kraang and the Shredder took over, but what Alex and Haruto know is that with their parents and the resistance, they have to just keep surviving, at least....until the day they find out how to stop the Kraang and Shredder and in the process, save some turtles and their friend....”
The Lost Future:  The Twist: “What if the Hood succeeded?”  Summary: TBA. 
Hit And Run: The Twist: “What if things went wrong on one mystery?”  Summary: TBA. 
The War Lives On: The Twist: “What if Katara couldn’t save Aang?”  Summary: TBA.
Game Over: The Twist: “What if the Omega Defiance succeeded?”  Summary: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Percy Pines.  Relation (if any): Mabel’s son.  Story: Return to Gravity Falls.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: Josh Keaton. 
Tumblr media
Name: Hilda Pines. Relation (if any): Twin daughter of Mabel.  Story: Return to Gravity Falls.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Jenna Ortega. 
Tumblr media
Name: Alice Pines.  Relation (if any): Twin daughter of Mabel. Story: Return to Gravity Falls.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: Jenna Ortega. 
Tumblr media
Name: Lottie Black.  Relation (if any): None, new character. Story: The Never Ending Woods. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Rena Strober. 
Tumblr media
Name: Fawn Black. Relation (if any): None, new character.  Story: The Never Ending Woods.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Tara Strong.
Tumblr media
Name: Kyra Dwawon  Relation (if any): None, Luz’s student. Story: The Cost of Magic. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Leela Ladnier. 
Tumblr media
Name: Rory Banks.  Relation (if any): None. Story: The Cost of Magic. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Josh Keaton.
Tumblr media
Name: Rosamund Cox.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: The Cost of Magic. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Wylie. 
Tumblr media
Name: Signy Bailey.  Relation (if any): None. Story: The Cost of Magic.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Carson. 
Tumblr media
Name: Rhea Butterfly.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Star.  Story: Finding Magic Again. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Wylie. 
Tumblr media
Name: Apollo Butterfly.  Relation (if any): Husband of Star.  Story: Finding Magic Again. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: John Boyega. 
Tumblr media
Name: Alexandria/Alex.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: Finding Magic Again. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sarah Jeffery. 
Tumblr media
Name: Pablo Diaz.  Relation (if any): Son of Marco.  Story: Finding Magic Again. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Anthony Gonzalez. 
Tumblr media
Name: Hecate Lucitor.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Tom. Story: Finding Magic Again.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Carson.
Tumblr media
Name: Blue.  Relation (if any): Son of Ponyhead.  Story: Finding Magic Again.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Mitchell Hope. 
Tumblr media
Name: Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Levin.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Gwen and Kevin. Story: Hero Time. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Tara Strong.
Tumblr media
Name: Blythe Dixon.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: Hero Time.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Jenna Ortega. 
Tumblr media
Name: Raven Fenton.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Danny and Sam.  Story: Time To Go Ghost.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Mae Whitman. 
Tumblr media
Name: Willa Graham.  Relation (if any): None, new Ninja.  Story: The Lost Ninja.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Navia Robinson. 
Tumblr media
Name: Bianca Davies.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: The Lost Ninja. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Jenna Ortega. 
Tumblr media
Name: Michelle Nakadoi.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Miko.  Story: Robots in Disguise.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Kimiko Glenn.
Tumblr media
Name: Robert ‘Robbie’ Esquivel.  Relation (if any): Son of Raf.  Story: Robots in Disguise.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Ben Schwartz. 
Tumblr media
Name: Claire Hawkins (later Darby). Relation (if any): Eventual adopted daughter of Jack.  Story: Robots in Disguise.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Wylie.
Tumblr media
Name: Natasha Duck.  Relation (if any): Wife of Huey.  Story: Life is Like a Hurricane.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Daisy Ridley. 
Tumblr media
Name: Zale Duck.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Donald and Daisy.  Story: Life is Like a Hurricane.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Carson. 
Tumblr media
Name: Lucille ‘Luci’ Duck.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Louie.  Story: Life is Like a Hurricane.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Wylie. 
Tumblr media
Name: Dewey Duck II.  Relation (if any): Triplet son of Huey.  Story: Life is Like a Hurricane. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Booboo Stewart. 
Tumblr media
Name: Tommy Duck.  Relation (if any): Triplet son of Huey.  Story: Life is Like a Hurricane.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Jason Ritter. 
Tumblr media
Name: Rose Duck.  Relation (if any): Triplet daughter of Huey.  Story: Life is Like a Hurricane. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Navia Robinson. 
Tumblr media
Name: Hestia Vanderquack.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Lena and Webby.  Story: Life is Like a Hurricane.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Jenna Ortega. 
Tumblr media
Name: Cato Sabrewing.  Relation (if any): Son of Violet. Story: Life is Like a Hurricane.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Josh Keaton.
Tumblr media
Name: Morganite ‘Morgan’ Universe.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Steven and Connie.  Story: Being Human. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Navia Robinson. 
Tumblr media
Name: Sky Hunter.  Relation (if any): None. Story: Being Human. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sadie Sink. 
Tumblr media
Name: Ruby.  Relation (if any): None, from the Ruby’s. Story: Being Human. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Charlyne Yi.
Tumblr media
Name: Cherry Quartz.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: Being Human.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Kimberly Brooks. 
Tumblr media
Name: King Christopher.  Relation (if any): Husband of Amber.  Story: The Lost Princess.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Oscar Issac. 
Tumblr media
Name: Princess Sofia II.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Amber.  Story: The Lost Princess.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Jenna Ortega. 
Tumblr media
Name: Princess Emily. Relation (if any): Daughter of Amber.  Story: The Lost Princess.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Ariana Greenblatt. 
Tumblr media
Name: Jane. Relation (if any): Wife of James.  Story: The Lost Princess.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Amy Jo Johnson. 
Tumblr media
Name: Prince Aaron. Relation (if any): Twin son of James. Story: The Lost Princess. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Mitchell Hope.
Tumblr media
Name: Prince Brian.  Relation (if any): Twin son of James.  Story: The Lost Princess. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Dylan Playfair. 
Tumblr media
Name: Princess Heather.  Relation (if any): None. Story: The Lost Princess.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Katie Higgins. 
Tumblr media
Name: Bridget.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Bloom and Valtor.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: Chloe Grace Mortez. 
Tumblr media
Name: Fawn. Relation (if any): Daughter of Duman and implied-Duman.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Rena Strober.
Tumblr media
Name: Neptune. Relation (if any): Son of Aisha and Nabu.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: John Boyega. 
Tumblr media
Name: Meredith.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Aisha and Nabu.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: China Anne McClain.
Tumblr media
Name: Neoma.  Relation (if any): Twin daughter of Stella and Brandon. Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Mae Whitman. 
Tumblr media
Name: Sunniva.  Relation (if any): Twin daughter of Stella and Brandon.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Hynden Walch. 
Tumblr media
Name: Aspen.  Relation (if any): Son of Flora and Helia.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Booboo Stewart. 
Tumblr media
Name: Willow.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Flora and Helia.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Carson.
Tumblr media
Name: Morgan. Relation (if any): Daughter of Musa and Riven.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Linda Cardellini.
Tumblr media
Name: Solo. Relation (if any): Son of Musa and Riven. Story: Fairies Lost Flight.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Josh Keaton.
Tumblr media
Name: Viola. Relation (if any): Daughter of Musa and Riven. Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Tara Strong. 
Tumblr media
Name: Hal. Relation (if any): Son of Tecna and Timmy. Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Mitchell Hope.
Tumblr media
Name: Garnet.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Diaspro and Sky.  Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Jonquil Goode. 
Tumblr media
Name: Onyx. Relation (if any): Son of Diaspro and Sky. Story: Fairies Lost Flight. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Evan Smith.
Tumblr media
Name: Alice. Relation (if any): Daughter of Lloyd.  Story: Undefeated.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Anna Cathcart. 
Tumblr media
Name: Kira.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Kai.  Story: Undefeated.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Linda Cardellini. 
Tumblr media
Name: Flynn. Relation (if any): Son of Nya and Jay.  Story: Undefeated.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: Mitchell Hope.
Tumblr media
Name: Grace. Relation (if any): Daughter of Cole.  Story: Undefeated.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Mae Whitman. 
Tumblr media
Name: Thor. Relation (if any): Robot son of Zane. Story: Undefeated.  Summary: TBA, Voiceclaim: Booboo Stewart.
Tumblr media
Name: Dawn.  Relation (if any): Twin daughter of Rapunzel and Eugune.  Story: Crossing the Line. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Hynden Walch. 
Tumblr media
Name: Luna. Relation (if any): Twin daughter of Rapunzel and Eugune. Story: Crossing the Line. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Tara Strong. 
Tumblr media
Name: Maggie. Relation (if any): None.  Story: Crossing the Line.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: Sofia Carson. 
Tumblr media
Name: Faith. Relation (if any): None. Story: Crossing the Line.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Naomi Scott. 
Tumblr media
Name: Ryan. Relation (if any): None. Story: Crossing the Line. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Josh Keaton.
Tumblr media
Name: Alexandra ‘Alex’ Jones.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Casey Jones. Story: Hero. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Linda Cardellini.
Tumblr media
Name: Haruto. Relation (if any): Son of Karai. Story: Hero. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Josh Keaton.
Tumblr media
Name: Marietta.  Relation (if any): Clone of Leo.  Story: Hero. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Sofia Carson.
Tumblr media
Name: Catharina.  Relation (if any): Clone of Raph.  Story: Hero.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Hailee Steinfeld. 
Tumblr media
Name: Hugo. Relation (if any): Clone of Donnie.  Story: Hero. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Josh Keaton. 
Tumblr media
Name: Sandra. Relation (if any): Clone of Mikey. Story: Hero.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: Tara Strong. 
Tumblr media
Name: Millie Tracy.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Scott.  Story: The Lost Future.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Nicole Tracy.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Virgil.  Story: The Lost Future.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.
Tumblr media
Name: James Tracy.  Relation (if any): Son of Gordon and Penelope.  Story: The Lost Future.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.
Tumblr media
Name: Michael Tracy.  Relation (if any): Son of Alan.  Story: The Lost Future.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.
Tumblr media
Name: Emerald Blake.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Daphne.  Story: Hit And Run.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Tobias O’Brian.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: Hit And Run.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Kris Liu.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: Hit And Run. Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Cordelia Terry.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: Hit And Run.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Niko.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Zuko and Mai, current new Avatar.  Story: The War Lives On.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Riku.  Relation (if any): Son of Azula.  Story: The War Lives On. Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Uki.  Relation (if any): Daughter of Sokka and Suki.  Story: The War Lives On.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Parker Landers.  Relation (if any): Adopted daughter of Aaron/Charlie.  Story: Game Over.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 
Tumblr media
Name: Gavin Simpson.  Relation (if any): None.  Story: Game Over.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.
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Since The Owl House is experiencing it’s first “Spooktober” as it was referred to in times of old, when A.N.T Farm still aired on tv, I have decided to write about them in various October themed activities untill Halloween night, when they finally go trick or treating. With each update, this post will get a reblog, so save it if you wanna check in.
The air was getting chilly as autumn was now in full swing. The leaves had long since  changed colors and fallen from their branches, crunching under the feet of unsuspecting passers by. 
They sat in Amity’s room, working on projects and studying. Well, they were suposed to be studying, but Amity found herself staring out the window far too often, mesmerized by the blanket of leaves on the grass outside her apartment window.  
“Hey, have you ever been trick or treating?” Luz asked her from where she sat on the bed. She’d brought over her tablet because she was suposed to be working on her portfolio, but she’d pulled out her phone and seemed to be scrolling through social media. 
“Of course I’ve been trick or treating Luz, what kind of question is that?” She scoffed, turning her attention back to the window as she heard Luz let out a huff behind her. 
“I dunno, your parents don’t seem the type to really let you, i guess.” 
Amity sighed. She wasn’t exactly wrong. When they were younger, her twin siblings had taken her trick or treating for a couple of years before her parents deemed it immature and inappropriate and forced them to stop. That had been when she was at least seven. 
But now she was eighteen and didn’t see why such a childish activity would even be relevant. 
“Regardless, we’re highschool students, why does that even matter?” 
“Because you’re never too old to get candy from the strangers in your neighborhood.” She stated without batting an eye. 
Amity sighed, of course Luz would have such a mindset. 
“Are you suggesting we go this year?” She asked and Luz’s eyes lit up. 
“We should totally go this year!” She seemed so excited and energetic, there was no way Amity would be able to decline the offer.
“Alright, but where would we go?” Luz wasn’t listening though, and judging by the consistent buzzing coming from her phone, she’d say she was texting the group chat and asking their opinion on this plan she’d just thought up on a whim. 
Unsurprisingly, everyone had affirmative answers, and they made plans to go trick or treating on Halloween night, starting at 8pm. 
Once that was settled, Luz turned her attention away from her phone, and back to the drawing tablet sitting atop her crossed legs, adorned in baggy, paint splattered jeans. 
Nearly all of Luz’s clothing had paint splatters on them, and for some reason Amity found that endearing. Though, it’s not as if it was a mystery as to how they’d gotten that way, Amity had watched Luz paint before. She recalled with great clarity how Luz had asked if she’d be the subject for a portrait she’d been wanting to do, at wich Amity had blushed profusely over. She said yes, of course, but when Amity entered her studio, an easel set atop a drop cloth, there was paint everywhere, and even as she started to set up, Luz didn’t bother putting on an apron. 
“The paint just adds character.” She’d said. “Tells everyone how much I love my art!” 
Amity smiled at the memory. 
Eventually, Luz had to pack up and leave, her messenger bag making clattering noises with all the buttons and pins it was adorned in. She waved goodbye, mumbling something about it being her turn to make dinner as she retreated out the door and down the stairs, disappearing from Amity’s field of vision. 
At first, Amity had thought that the mere idea of going trick or treating, something for small children, at such a mature age, made her cringe. Ordinarily she wouldn’t have been caught dead even thinking about doing something so childish
But Luz had been the one to suggest it, and of course her stupid gay little brain thought doing anything with Luz would be fun and absolutely worth it. And now, with each passing hour, as the sun set and the moon rose, she found herself getting terribly excited for Halloween night. 
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rohad93 · a year ago
Moonlit Masquerade: ch 7
Luz starts Wednesday by slipping a piece of paper into Amity's locker first thing in the morning before anyone else arrives at school. No gift this time, she's waiting for the perfect time to give Amity her final gift, one she really hopes she'll love.
~ ~ ~
‘All the gold in the Boiling Isles could never shine as bright as your eyes.’ ~ Your Secret Admirer.
It’s one simple line and it’s undeniably corny as far as lines go and yet, it makes her ears burn hotter than it should.
She's really started wondering who it is that's been leaving her these gifts, it's interesting and she's undeniably a little flattered at the effort they're putting in.
It's suspicious too.
No one outside her family knows about her affinity for Thornberry tarts. It’s possibly a coincidence but it just feels to spot on to be one.
She interrogates Emira and Edric, who swear on an eternal oath that they didn’t put the tart in her locker or ask anyone else to do it for them. They’re telling the truth, which leaves her even more confused.
She’s looked at all the notes several times and comes to at least one solid conclusion: They’re written by a girl.
She’s never met a boy who had handwriting as neat as this, of that she’s sure.
The other thing that bugs her is that it looks familiar, but she wracks her brain for a long time and can’t place where she’s seen the handwriting before.
She knows with certainty that it's not Boscha or any of her cohort, so why does it seem so familiar? It bugs her.
Amity likes mysteries, but she has discovered that she enjoys them more when she's not at the center of them.
She's so deep in thought that she doesn't hear the quick patter of feet coming up behind her.
"Hey, Amity!"
She jerks at the voice she both loves and dreads to hear. Whipping around she comes almost nose to nose with Luz and makes a garbled sound as she jerks back.
"Oh, sorry…" Luz grins sheepishly, taking a step back.
"It's okay…," Amity grumbles, straightening herself out I'm trying to look more put together than she feels at Luz’s sudden close proximity. It’s to early in the morning for this.
"Whatcha got?" Luz asks, seeing the note in Amity's hand and feels giddy at the flush that is still staining her cheeks.
"Oh, well…," Amity explains the note as well as the other gifts she had been getting from this ‘secret admirer’ Maybe Luz can help her puzzle it out.
“Sounds like someone has the hots for you.” She smiles coyly and shoots the witch a pair of finger guns. “Can’t blame ‘em.” Amity’s faded pink face is suddenly crimson, even her neck is red. It feels like her whole body must be glowing red after Luz says that with that sly smile.
“I-it……” She can barely form words much less even half a sentence.
‘Maybe that was too much…’ Luz thinks to herself as Amity struggles to form coherent thoughts over the shrieking in her head.  
“Seriously though, I think it’s kinda romantic, don’t you?” she fishes, hoping to get a feel of Amity's feelings about all this once her face has returned to a normal color.
“I… guess, yes.” she nodded, smiling. "I just… feel a little bad for whoever it is is going through all this trouble …I can’t return their feelings." She looks down at the note, smile falling.
"Because of your grom crush?" Luz asks, frowning too, that definitely wasn’t what she wanted to hear and she felt frustration bubble up in her gut. She quickly tries to stomp it down.
Amity bites her lip, and glances at Luz from the corner of her eye, and gives a little nod.
“What if they’re from whoever you wanted to invite to grom?” Luz tries, curious what kind of response the question would get and immediately regrets it at the sudden distressed and melancholy look on Amity’s face, her eyes are cast down, locked on the note.
“They’re not,” is all she says, but it’s said with a sad certainty that makes Luz’s brow crinkle with concern.  
“You don’t know…,” she starts, not even sure why she’s pushing this, she’s supposed to be trying to win Amity over from this mysterious person, not encouraging it, as selfish as that makes her feel.
Amity quickly cuts off anything else she might have been about to say, which is good because Luz isn’t even sure at this point where she was going with the line of questioning, but Amity’s tone does not make her feel one ounce better.
“Yes, I do.” The note crumples in her fist as she lets the mouth of her locker snap shut. “I need to go to class, bye Luz.” She hurries away without another glance, leaving Luz standing alone in the middle of the hall.
She frowns, watching Amity disappear before a growl slips out of her throat and she runs her hands violently through her hair, anything to let out some of her angry energy.
All she did was make Amity feel bad!
Why was she so bad at this!? Her fit of frustration burns out quickly and she sighs tiredly, eyes downcast.
How could she make this better? It didn’t seem like this was the right move after all, or at least she wished she had never opened her mouth about Amity’s grom crush.
“Good going, Noceda,” she grumbled to herself as she headed to class.
It's sometime after lunch when she starts hearing the rumors whispered among the other students.
She only hears muttered snippets as she passes by groups of kids talking among themselves.
A dance.
Blight manor.
The Blue moon.
She's intrigued by whatever it is that has the student body so excited. It sounds like something is going on at Amity’s house and she’d like to ask her, but Amity hadn’t sat with them at lunch today, seemingly avoiding them, but Luz knew she was actually avoiding her and her heart twisted at the thought.
She’d pushed too hard. What else was new?
Maybe she would never learn to look before she leaped into situations.
While she ultimately decides to leave Amity be for the rest of the day that doesn’t stop her from running headlong into a different Blight at her locker.
“Hey, Luz.”
Luz jumps as Emira appears, leaning against the lockers with that knowing smirk she’s come to associate with the elder Blight children.
“Oh, hey, Emira. Where’s Edric?” She glances around but the girl’s other half is nowhere in sight.
“Our professor wanted to talk to him, which was lucky because I want to talk to you.” She smiles and Luz up at her.  
“Uh, sure, what about?” she asks, putting some stuff in her locker.
“Your crush on, Mittens.”
Luz freezes, dropping the book she had been holding.
“W-What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she stammers, face heating up.
“Uh-huh, so just a couple days after I mention Thornberry tarts to you, Mitten’s secret admirer just so happens to put one in her locker?” Emira is still smirking like the cat that ate the canary and Luz’s palms are clammy.
“What a crazy coincidence?” It sounds more like a question than a statement. Emira keeps looking at her but Luz holds fast to her denial. “Sorry, Emira, I don’t know what to say. Coincidences and stuff.” She grins and it’s so cracked and forced Emira almost feels bad.
“Hey, Em, you ready to go? We still have invitations to hand out” Edric walks up to them, drawing Emira’s intense gaze off Luz.
It’s then that Luz remembers all the quiet whispers.
“Are you guys having a party?” Luz looks at the twins who smile in unison.
“Sure are, a dance, Saturday, on the night of the blue moon.” Edric informs her.
“A masquerade party, you’re not allowed to reveal who you are until the end of the night.” Emira finishes.
“Oh, that sounds so cool!” Luz bounces on her toes. “Can I come?” she asks, looking between the twins with barely restrained glee.
The Blight twins share a long look, seemingly having a silent conversation with each other before Emira reaches into her pock and pulls out a small, dark purple and black envelope and places it in Luz’s eager hands.  
“Thanks, guys!” She grins and the twins smile.
“We’re handing invitations out to people so that no one knows who else is going to be there; Increases the mystery.” Edric grinned.
“So don’t tell anyone who could be a possible guest that you’re going, ok?” Emira holds up a finger.
“Got it!” Luz salutes and the twins’ chuckle.
“We better get going, see ya around, Luz.” Edric waves.
“Bye,” Emira smiles and winks before the two turn a corner and vanish from her sight.
Luz looks down at the violet envelope with black trim and puts it in her bag. She’ll look at it when she gets home.  
She heads back to the owl house, not seeing Amity out front and she figured as much but it still stings that Amity is most likely avoiding her.
Eda and Lilith are sitting on the couch practicing their glyphs when she walks in.
"Hey, guys." She smiles.
"Hello, Luz." Lilith nods
"Hey, kid." Eda looks up at her and grins. "How was school?"
Luz hums with a frown as she plops herself onto the floor at the coffee table across from the two sisters.
"It was okay… I think Amity is mad at me…," she mutters.
"How come?" Eda leans back and looks at her apprentice questioningly.
Luz explains what happened at Amity's locker after lunch and the sisters share a knowing look.
"I don't think she's mad at you, Luz." Eda finally says.
"Well, maybe not mad…," Luz corrects "more like, I upset her." Though there wasn't much distinction if you asked Luz.
"Well, you probably did that yeah." Eda nods and Luz slumps. Lilith rolls her eyes at her sister's bluntness. "I guarantee you, she should get over it soon enough," Eda goes on, and the look on her face is one of knowing that Luz can't decipher but she just sighs and flops onto her back on the living room floor.
"I just wish I knew what to do… should I stop all this nonsense and just give up?" she asks aloud to no one in particular.
"No!" both Clawthorne sisters shout, making Luz look up at them with wide eyes.
"What we mean is…," Lilith starts when Eda looks at her with a face that clearly says she doesn't know what to say to explain their reaction without giving anything away. "Sometimes persistence is key. For now, you should continue on as you have, you haven't yet given Amity the chance to actually accept or turn you down. A little more time and effort may be the key," she says.
"Yeah, what Lilly said." Eda nods along. "You still haven't given her that little trinket you bought her," she reminds.
"Yeah…" Luz trails off uncertainly, thinking of the small maroon-colored box tucked away in the chest in her room.
She sits up and digs through her bag, finding the dark-colored envelope the twins have given her and peeling open the seal.
It's a simple card, it read the date, time, and location.
Saturday, 8 pm at Blight manor.
As well as a line reading that formal wear and mask are required.
She hums in thought.
"Whatcha got?" Eda asks and Luz hands over the invitation for the sisters to look at.
"Masquerade party, huh?"
"Ahh, I've been to one of the Blight parents masquerades before." Lilith says. "it's quite interesting the things some people will do behind the anonymity of an enchanted mask," Lilith says, picking up her teacup sitting on the table and taking a long sip.
"Enchanted?" Luz is immediately interested. Lilith nods.
"The sort of masks used at these parties are enchanted with a minor glimmer, in order to conceal the person's identity even from someone who knows them."
"So if I wore one of those masks, even my friends wouldn’t recognize me?" She looks between the two and Lilith nods
"Yes, but  if at any point you take off the mask and they see your face the glimmer will no longer work."
"That's so cool!" Luz grins and Lilith smiles at the girl's enthusiasm. The young human has grown on her in the last couple of weeks.
"Maybe you should wear a mask when you tell baby Blight how you feel?" Eda snorts a laugh but Luz blinks at her wide-eyed.
"Eda!" She jumps up. "That's a great idea!"
"It is?" the sisters echo.
"Yes, I can introduce myself as her secret admirer at the party where she doesn't know who I am and win her over!" Luz explains to the two.
"Well, it's not the worst plan you've ever had," Eda admits.
"It certainly has an air of romance." Lilith agrees.
"One problem kid. The glimmer on those masks are designed for witches, it's not going to cover those ears, which will give you away faster than A Slitherbeast can swallow a jackalope." Her mentor points out.
Luz reaches up to touch her distinctly rounded ears.
"I'll… figure something out…" she says.
"Well, you need some fancy duds then…, you can't wear what you wore to grom it'll give you away. The glimmer only works on your face. Hold that thought." With that, she stands from the couch and disappears up the stairs.
Lilith and Luz share a confused look. After a few minutes, Eda comes back with a small pouch and holds it out to luz who takes it and almost drops the small, but heavy bag.
She can feel and hear the snails jingling in the bag and looks up at Eda with a confused face.
"Take this and run to town, buy what you need," her mentor says.
"What, no! I can't take your money, I just paid you back for the flowers!" She tries to hand back the money but Eda holds up a hand.
"Look, Luz don't worry about paying me back, if you get the girl I'll consider it money well spent."
Luz looks up at her with wide, watery eyes, and Eda sighs before holding out her arms just as Luz flings herself into her, almost knocking the older witch over.
"I love you, Eda," she mumbles into her torso and Eda squeezed her back, resting her chin on the girl's head.
"I love you too, kiddo." With that, she pulls away and turns Luz around before giving her a gentle shove toward the door. "Now go, before the shops close, remember it's formal; no otter suits."
Luz takes off with a grin, ignoring Hooty's attempts at conversation about a bug he saw earlier as she goes.
"And make sure it's something you can wear to your next three school dances because that's the only pair of fancy pants I'm going to fund!" Eda calls out after her as she runs down the dirt path leading to Bonesburrough.
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rohad93 · a year ago
Moonlit Masquerade: ch 5
It started on Monday morning.
Amity got to school early so she could have some peace and quiet away from her siblings and classmates to study for an upcoming test in her abominations class. The twins had been especially chaotic all weekend while their parents had been out of town for business, blasting music and just being a general nuisance, though not directly to her. 
Of which they informed their children with a simple note on the counter when they had discovered when they had come home from school on Friday afternoon. No goodbyes or anything.
Nothing unusual about that though. 
At least Edric and Emira hadn’t bothered her much, while their parents were away the twins took the opportunity to play; which suited her fine. 
She’d spent most of Friday evening trying to decipher Luz’s sudden… touchiness. Not that she was complaining. She didn’t think it was a human thing, Luz had always been physical with her affections but Friday just seemed extra.
Or she was just seeing what she wanted to see. The thought caused her to frown. Every time Luz got close she sent her into a spiral. All she could think about was how kind and amazing she was and how much she wanted to be near her, which caused the inevitable panic as so many emotions flooded her at once. Ones she wasn’t well equipped to manage, apparently. 
This was ridiculous, she could be completely calm and the second Luz’s stupidly cute face and smile popped into view, it felt like her heart was going to beat right out of her chest as it slammed against her ribcage. 
Somehow, someway, she needed to get a handle on this, Luz probably already thought she was a spaz after she had fled from her Friday and tossed her entire lunch tray across the cafeteria, splattering a few students when Luz just set a hand on her shoulder. 
She sighed and shook her head. The fact that no one, much less Luz, had caught on to her strange behavior was the one silver lining here she supposed.
The idea of trying to tell Luz how she felt made her feel like she had swamp-flu; nauseous, clammy, and fevered. Her fear of being rejected by the object of her affections was still alive and well, a shadow on her heart. 
Trying to ask her to grom had been a disaster in and of itself. 
Though it did have the unintended perk of getting Luz to dance with her anyway, even if it wasn’t exactly the circumstances Amity had hoped for. She’d never admit it, but when she had crafted her gromposal she had envisioned something a little more… romantic. Her cheeks flushed pink at the thought. 
Partly embarrassment and part disappointment for having allowed herself to believe for one minute that such a thing had been possible.
Yes, Luz had technically gone to grom with her, she loved every moment of their dance and taking down Grometheus together, and she would always hold that memory fondly in her heart, even if it was tainted with the bitter disappointment she felt at the words Luz had said after saying she would go to grom with her.
‘That’s what friends do.’ 
Something in her twinged at the memory just as it had when those words had passed Luz’s lips.
Luz had taken pity on her and her cowardice at not being able to just hand that little slip of paper over to the one person she wanted to see it more than anything.
She shut her eyes tightly, clutching her books to her chest at the ache there. With another sigh, she pushed the thoughts aside as she walked down the hall to her locker.  
There were no students around at this time of morning and the halls were quiet as she walked up to it, already beginning to open her bag as she stopped in front of the locker. 
Before she could reach out to tickle the creature into opening its mouth, it opened, promptly spitting something out at her.
She shrieked, holding up her hands to ward off the projectile.
Whatever it was bounced off her harmlessly and fell to the floor. 
Blinking, Amity lowered her arms to look at the bouquet of Blood-Blossoms at her feet. 
“Huh?” she said aloud to the empty hallway before reaching down to pick them up. 
The large, bell-shaped flowers with bright yellow centers and petals the color of, well, blood, were beautiful. 
Why had someone put these in her locker? Blood-Blossoms were expensive and traditionally only given with romantic intentions.
She turned the bouquet around in her hands before noticing a small slip of paper tucked between the stems. She pulled it free and unfolded it. Her face heating up as she read the words written in a gentle sloping hand.
These flowers could never be as beautiful as you, but I hope you like them anyway,
Your Secret Admirer.’ 
A little heart dotted the ‘i’ in her name.
Her flush spread to the tips of her ears in a wash of crimson
She folded the paper and looked back at the flowers, reaching out a careful hand to run her fingers over them.
The petals were soft and smooth under her finger tips as she examined them. She took a tentative sniff. A deep, sweet, floral scent filled her senses.
She couldn’t help the soft smile that had worked its way onto her face as she gazed at them.
At the far end of the hall, a pair of dark brown eyes peeked around the corner, out from under a hood.
Luz grinned stupidly to herself before quickly dashing down an adjacent hall, feeling giddy and cheeks pink at the thought of the look on Amity’s face as she examined the flowers fondly. 
That was more than worth having to get to school at an ungodly hour to ensure she made it before Amity, who was notorious for arriving even before their teachers at times. 
Also the snails she would need to pay Eda back by making potion deliveries all of Saturday, as well as her mentor’s subsequent teasing when she had told her what she needed the money for. Despite that she had handed it over readily. 
Her heart fluttered in her chest.
So totally worth it!
That night Amity put the flowers in a vase on her desk, admiring their beauty as she worked on her homework, the note was slipped into one of her desk drawers. 
Even if she was completely enamored with Luz, it was still flattering that someone went through the trouble for her and they were beautiful.
“Hey, Mittens.” Amity tensed up, whipping around to see her sister leaning against the door frame, but not her brother.
“What?” Amity asked, exasperated already.
“Good evening to you too,” Emira chuckled as she walked into the room and immediately noticed the new addition to her sister’s desk. 
“Oh, those are pretty, someone gave you Blood-Blossoms?” Emira turned to look at her with a cocked brow. “Who's that brave?” she asked teasingly.
Amity rolled her eyes but relented, one twin wasn’t usually too bad, it was when her brother and sister were together and feeding off each other that they could become unbearable. 
Also, they were twins, but there was a certain bond she and Emira shared being sisters, there were things she could, on a rare occasion,share with her sister that she just couldn't share with Ed.
“I don’t know.” she shrugged. “They were in my locker this morning, from a secret admirer.” She watched Emira reach out and touch the petals with gentle fingers, admiring their beauty. 
“Oh, mysterious, wonder who has the hots for you…” Emira grinned as Amity’s cheeks reddened. Her little sister always was so easy to fluster. 
“I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter,” she grunted, turning back to the papers sitting in front of her. 
“Aw, you're no fun, why not?” Emira pressed, poking her sister in the arm. Amity violently swatted at the offending appendage with a growl, making Em grin.
“I don’t have time for that sort of thing and I’m not interested in anyone like that,” she huffed and Emira chuckled, making Amity look up at her with narrowed eyes.
“Come on, Mittens; we both know that’s not true.” She smiled knowingly and Amity felt herself seize up at the words. She had to be bluffing, there was no way Emira knew.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She frowned and Emira rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest, cocking a hip as she stared down at her little sister with a knowing look.
“Hey, it’s okay, I get it; those dark brown eyes and round ears are pretty cute.” She grinned as Amity burned red at her words. 
With a twirl of her finger, a pink spell circle appeared and her door slammed closed as she jumped up.
“Does Ed know too, who are you going to tell, what are you planning?!” she all but snarled and the amused smile on her sister’s face fell away. 
A wave of guilt washed over the older girl that Amity’s first reaction to her revealing that she knew about her crush on Luz was panic and fear did not make her feel great, not that she could blame Amity.  
She and Edric had been a little much there for a while. They both agreed that the diary incident and the danger Amity had faced afterward because of them had been over the line and they needed to do better.
They loved to give their straight-laced little sister a hard time, but they did love her and never meant to really hurt her, physical or otherwise. 
“Hey, hey, relax, Amity.” Emira held up her hands and Amity paused at the use of her name. “Ed doesn’t know.” she rolled her eyes. Her brother could be a dork at the best of times and occasionally as oblivious as Luz. “I’m not going to tell anyone,” she promised. Amity slowly relaxed, all her tight muscles going slack.
“You’re really not going to tell anyone, not even Ed?” she asked with suspicion still lingering. 
“Nope, keep it just between sisters.” she smiled, walking over to the door. “You could do much worse, Luz is pretty fun, not to mention cute.” She winked at her sister over her shoulder before leaving just as quickly as she had come. 
Amity huffed to herself before turning back to her desk and trying to focus on her work. 
Now all she could think about were warm brown eyes and that bright smile.
~ ~
Tuesday Amity had class with Luz, and she both adored and hated it in equal measure.
Well, maybe 80/20 with adored eeking out the win by a hair
On the one hand, working with Luz and her antics was fun, doing silly impressions of their abominations professor, passing her notes with cute doodles and making wonky abominations from her messed up abomination slurry never failed to make her giggle like a schoolgirl…
Which she supposed, she technically was. 
On the other hand Luz distracted her. A lot.
When she was around it was a task to get anything done with her smiling at her like that, or nudging her with her elbow to show her something every few minutes. 
She sighed as she walked into class, surprised to see Luz already at their normally shared table.
She was flipping through the book Amity had given her last week with rapt interest and jotting notes into one of her notebooks.
She smiled, glad that Luz was actually using it, she had been nervous that she had only accepted it to be polite, but she had her face buried in the yellowed pages, eyes scanning the words with rapt attention that was rare for her.
She didn't even notice Amity walk up to the table or set her books down before sliding into the seat beside her.
“Hey, Luz,” she called, making the human jump, head whipping to face her in surprise.
“Oh! Amity, hey!” She rested a cheek on her fist and forced a grin, hoping the witch couldn’t tell how nervous she was. 
‘Remember what Willow said, be patient, play it cool…’
“Are you ready for the test?” Amity asked as casually as she was able while she arranged her notes on the table.  
“Test?” Luz blinked. 
Amity turned to her and could see the confusion slowly morphing to panic on her crush’s face. 
“Oh, crud, I forgot about the test!” she hissed. Slapping her hands against the sides of her face and squishing her cheeks in a panic. Luz’s panic shouldn’t have been funny but her face, smooshed between her hands, was too cute for Amity to resist the quiet chuckle that escaped under her breath, Luz caught it though.
“It’s not funny, I completely forgot to study this weekend, I’m gonna fail…,” she groaned, dropping her face onto the book's open pages with a thump. 
“No, you’re right, I’m sorry. What were you doing all weekend?” she asked.
“ Um…,” Luz hummed from her face down position as she thought about how she, Gus and Willow had spent most of Friday night and Saturday brainstorming things she could do or give to Amity to win her over and Sunday she’d had to help Eda collect potion ingredients in the woods. “Errands with Eda…” she settled on, looking up at the gold eyes peering down on her, which was partially true.
“I guess it couldn’t be helped then,” she sighed, sliding her notes to the middle of the table between them. “We still have some time before class starts, we can cram,” she offered, looking back at Luz, who was smiling at her in a way that made her stomach do a somersault. She forced away the heat that she could feel crawling up her face.
“Thanks, Amity.” 
The witch nodded jerkily, staring down at her notes and suddenly feeling bold, scooted her chair closer to Luz. Just so they could both better study her notes of course.
‘Play it cool… play it cool!’ Luz chanted in her head as she tried to focus on Amity’s class notes. 
Amity seemed totally unperturbed, but diving into class work, she was in her element and totally oblivious to Luz’s internal struggle.  
This was going to be harder than Luz thought.
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