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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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m!a: (for after the current one) in a far off universe in a different future a king sits alone. the king of the rubble, the last human left on earth. an old shiggy king who achieved his dreams of getting rid of the everything. at the cost of all he loved. now a new door opens and here we summon old man Shiggy king of the rubble to our world, to view the life he could have had.

Hehe grumpy old man gremlin

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Meri ma coming soon… ❤️
#mothersday #ma #mom #doughter #son #kids #child #worldmoms #momslove #momlife #fans #fallow #instaftiends #bollywoood #hollywood #pollywood #tollywood #nollywood #allartist #forall #lovelife❤️ @panchhi.jalonvi
Coming soon
Singer- Surabhi singh
Lyrics &music- Surabhi singh
Music Arranger- parvez ajmeri (at Mumbai, Maharashtra)

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How’re ya doin

《Hey there! I’m guessing this ask was ment for killer scho but in going to take it as a way to explain myself and why I havent posted anything in awhile.》

《Honestly I was so exited to see so many people enjoy killer scho so when I got asks I tried to answer them asap to the best of my abilities, but more and more asks kept on coming in and that left me with no time to draw other things that I enjoyed drawing. I ment to take just a day break but when I came back i had no ideas nor motivation to draw anything. I will try to get back onto this blog when I feel more up to it! Sorry for the long wait everyone but please bare with me bc I dont really do ask blogs ✌✌》

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Just dawned on me - in the midst of the-world-on-fire - that I’ve had my last weekly lecture for my master’s. It’s all independent research and writing for the thesis now. And I’m really surprisingly sad. I’ve loved doing this so much. If I won the lottery I’d do another masters, probably in English linguistics, or a combined English Lit/Ling one. So that’s a thing I learned about myself: I’m as much of a geeky swot now as I was in school, and I still enjoy homework.

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