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#MC2 Universe

How I entered/learned about the said game/show/movie/etc of that fandom: This is really a story about how I am… ancient, but in short: I was a teen girl who had just seen the Raimi films and wanted to read the comics! But there was Spider-Man, and Ultimate Spider-Man, and I think Sensational and maybe also Friendly Neighborhood at the time??? It was all very confusing. So I decided I’d read Spider-Girl instead.

Fave character: Please don’t make me choose between my wall-crawling teens. (Okay, between Spider-Girl and Darkdevil, maybe I love May a smidge more.)

Least fave character: Saying Gene Thompson is probably cheating but it’s true!!! Brad is a close second.

OTP(s): For May, I… don’t have one? I like most ships with her but there’s not one in particular I’m rooting for. She’s sixteen, after all, she has plenty of time to find the love of her life. (For the other Spider-Kids, however, I have Darkdevil/Doc Magus and Felicity/April epics written in my head. I just need to… finish them. Someday.)

Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get: Felicity is crushing on May. Hard. I’m convinced. But right now, at least, it feels one-sided in a way that makes it hard for me to ship them. Maybe when they’re older! Now, though, I’d rather Felicity find a nice girl who isn’t always blowing her off.

Fave thing about the fandom: I think it’s amazing that the fans saved this series again and again. And I love that there’s still a dedicated, if small, fanbase for this series even now.

The most despised thing: The competition (for lack of a better word) with other Spider-Girls like Anya, Gwen, and Annie. I do understand it, what with Marvel’s history of “There Can Only Be One”-ing the ladies, but that’s a problem with the company. Not the characters.

If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be.: NOT Peter’s death! It was bad writing, sure, and I don’t like that it happened. But I can live with it. What I hate is the universe hopping with Web Warriors. I’m so glad the Spider-Girls mini at least, like, addressed this… but what I loved about Spider-Girl was HER world. Her friends. Her family. This whole universe of next-gen heroes trying their best. I can’t stand that’s all been thrown away for (boring) multiverse shenanigans.

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Sigh. I wish wasn’t this insight wasn’t limited to Mayday’s maybe-canon journal. There’s so much untapped potential in Funny Face as a foe. Like, the moment where it slowly dawns on Spider-Girl that he was abused? Chills. I love Normie, and I enjoy Elan, but sometimes I wish we got more clowns than goblins in this series.

(Side note: there’s also a lot of interesting parallels between Darkdevil and Eight. Older “brothers” whose “real” identity is the mask… I would love to see a flashback fight or two.)

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Can we talk about this for second?

Cause what I’m getting out of this is that MC2 Matt knew Kaine. Like, as his own person. Enough to be disappointed that the dude is working for the Kingpin! Then there’s Kaine. Who, to be fair, is not known for being rational at the best of times.


Again, it’s Kaine, so of course he’s being a bit dramatic. And, I’ve always assumed, under a lot of stress before the bullets started flying. You know, what with the dying nephew in the background over there.

Still… I don’t read this as residual guilt/admiration built from Peter’s memories. You could, and that’s fine, but to me it seems more personal. Like maybe these two clashed a lot between the years and we never got to see it (and now, we never will).

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@silver-snow-77 Definitely digging it so far! It does feel like she’s on her own parallel of Peter’s journey, still figuring things out with light and episodic adventures.

I know her eventual fate and level of badassery because I’ve read Spider-verse and picked up Spider-girls 01. So this is backstory for a character I’ve initially met as a seasoned web warrior. Also digging the MC2 universe in general. The F5 and ANext are pretty enjoyable as well.

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