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a wonder woman x mcu crossover - stucky and wondertrev


28.1k, Friendship, Slow Burn, Grief, Lost Love, Eventual Happy Ending, lots of holding hands


“The man seems to notice that the blow isn’t coming and lowers the shield enough to reveal a confused, still on guard frown.

Diana’s breath is knocked out for a moment. For just a second, the stranger in front of her had looked just like Steve. The blue eyes, blond hair, and strong jaw were almost enough as it is, but the determined fire in his eyes as he faces a fight bigger than himself is what really did it. He even does a similar double-take at her not-so modest armor.”


the one in which diana befriends another blond steve and they help each other get their lost loves back.

read on ao3

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does anyone else just. Hate the guardians movies. bc i can’t stand them. their entire humor is just,,, 12 year old boy and i just can’t do it

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you know what, i don’t care if making hawkeye (truthfully to the comics) deaf/hard of hearing in his tv show is just disney trying to be progressive. i really don’t. hawkeye’s been my favourite superhero for many reasons, but a major one is because he’s got hearing loss in the comics and he’s still a superhero and funny and not put down for that and the lack of proper representation of hoh/deaf people is insane so getting this?? in a superhero tv show that belongs to the mcu? as someone who has been dealing with this her entire life, being ridiculed and mocked and suffering in more ways than one, give me all the hoh/deaf!clint barton content i can get

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Currently working on Chapter 3 of my AO3 fic “We Create Our Own Demons”. Should be up by Saturday or Sunday. In the meantime! Let’s talk one-shots! I’m thinking of doing some different pairing one-shots in between uploads of my new fic in order to mix it up and not get in a writing rut! Here’s some ideas I have below. Please leave me any OTPs you’d like to read about or any prompts for the ones I list.





Anyone but Ron/Hermione (lol)

Just to name a few!! Let me know!!


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hi marvel needs to stop making villains out of people the system failed

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Tony: *walks into the room*

Stephen: damn… the pop-up ads were right. There ARE hot dilfs in my area!!!

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#WandaVision WEDNESDAY

I thought this connection, between Wanda’s neighbor “Herb” and the HIGH EVOLUTIONARY’s name being Herbert, was far-fetched. Then I read this article:…   …Wow.

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Papercut-style portrait image credit @docgold13.

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#WandaVision WEDNESDAY

The @wandavision S1E2 titles teased GRIM REAPER (Vision’s kinda quasi-brother)

-Wonder Man
-Lethal Legion
-Maggia (magic mafia)
-Nefaria family
-Black Talon
-Space phantoms

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Grim Reaper papercut-style portrait image credit: @docgold13

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Okay okay I know mcu has butchered Peter Parker but I am a fan of the version I’ve created in my head that’s one of the au ones yanno?

Autistic/ADHD orphaned Peter who lives with his single Aunt May who’s struggling to get by financially with a special interest surrounding spiders and a knack for inventing and programming. Gets powers (strength, sticky, healing) by way of radioactive spider and all that handwaving and goes aw hell ye spider time and goes all in on the spider but he’s broke so it’s cobbled together

Meanwhile Tony (who’s the uncle Ben figure here) having grown a conscience comes across this baby superhero and gets a dad instinct and unofficially adopts the boy, Peter is Poor As Fuck and sees rich man offering to look after and aid him and goes “fuck humility I need cash and a father figure I’m all in” and ‘interns’ at Stark Industries

And then,, yanno, what happens happens

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i am really excited for the 4th episode. i wonder what vision’s human form will look like in the 80s! he looked so good in the 70s!


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Standing next to sunflowers always makes me feel weak like, ‘look at this flower. This flower is taller than I am. This flower is winning and I’m losing.’
Wow, you are not ready to hear about trees.
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