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#MCU fanfiction

Pietro Maximoff x reader

Summary: A year after your break up with Sam, Wanda feels like it’s time for you to have a life… and maybe date her brother

AN: because this is a mini series things will move kinda fast. all tag lists are closed // ps sorry (again) ive been mia - if you’ve tagged me in things &I haven’t responded, im really sorry for not keeping up.. i love all of you so much & thank you for sticking with me 💙

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Summary: Imagine if you will our beloved soft boi’s (Steve & Bucky) have fallen head over heels for the newest member of the avengers (YOU!). They love her to the ends of the earth and are hella supportive of everything she wants to do. Now imagine that you have joined a local shadow cast of Rocky Horror as the one and only Janet (slut). Steve and Bucky are so proud of you and excited to go see an “old fashioned musical” as you can expect chaos ensues. 

WC: 1,621

Pairings: Stucky X Reader

Warnings: this is just straight smut fyi there is absolutely no plot in this part. If that’s not your thing you can consider part 3 to be the final part of the series. Aside from that bondage, sex toys, light dom/sub vibes

A/N: I know I’m a day late on this (I’m sorry) Please accept over 1,000 words of straight porn as my humble apology. Thanks for indulging my love of stucky and rocky horror. I hope you enjoy.

Shout out to @firefly-graphics​ for this amazing divider!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Masterlist


Y/N hesitated just long enough for Bucky to scoop her up and toss her onto the bed. She landed with a bounce in the middle of the bed. Steve was quick to climb on top of her holding her hands above her head with one of his large hands. He pulled the breath from her lungs with his sinful tongue she was so wrapped up in what his lips were doing on hers that she didn’t even notice Bucky creeping up behind her, replacing Steve’s hand with a dark red ribbon. He tied her hands together while Steve pulled kiss after kiss from her. After ensuring her wrists were securely bound together he affixed the rest of the ribbon to the headboard, and handed Steve another ribbon. In tandem both soldiers moved to the end of the bed each grabbing one of her legs and tying them, spread wide, to the footboard. 

It was only after her limbs were fully secured that she looked towards the men at the end of the bed, who were staring at her with hungry lust filled eyes. 

“Stevie, please.” she whined, canting her hips up as much as her bonds would allow. 

“Did you hear that Buck?” Steve asked never breaking eye contact with her. “She thinks whining at me is going to get her somewhere.” 

Bucky chuckled darkly in response. “Now now doll, when has whining ever gotten you anywhere with us?” she just groaned, letting out a huff of frustration following Steve with her eyes as he started stalking towards the head of the bed. A stinging smack was delivered to the outside of her thigh, she jumped slightly her eyes snapping back to Bucky who remained at the foot of the bed. 

“I asked you a question doll, when has whining ever gotten you anywhere with us?” 

“Never Sir”

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Little one coming to sleep with you after having a bad dream.

(Did a similar story a while ago)


Originally posted by youknowjustanotherhiddlestoner

Your daughter’s wails were able to reach your ears in an instant. Your maternal instincts made you shoot up instantly, but Loki was already out the room and sprinting down the corridor to Daphne’s room. He burst in there, hardly able to see a thing due to it being pitch black. Why was her lamp out?

With her still crying out, he snapped his fingers to conjure up an orb of light in his hand. He was met with the horrid sight of her thrashing around in her bedsheets. He hurried over and gathered her into his arms as she continued to cry. She at least managed to calm down enough so she was merely sniffling and whimpering in the crook of his neck.

“Daddy, it was so dark. And I had a bad dream!” Daphne sobbed out.

Loki pressed her tightly against him, rocking her back and forth. “Shh. Hush now, darling. It’s all right now.”

He could’ve easily lit her lamp back on, but he didn’t wish to leave her alone. Not when she was in such a state. He stood up and carried her out of the room. He hadn’t realized you had followed until he saw you outside scolding the handmaid that was normally in charge of tending to Daphne.

“Why was there no light in my daughter’s room?” You hissed at her.

“Forgive me, my lady, but I had direct orders from the king to put out all light in her room when she is asleep,” she explained, slightly fearful of the cold stare you were giving her.

So this was Odin’s doing, was it? Why was Loki not surprised? He’d always been the type of parent that forced his children to face their fears even if they weren’t ready to do so. Now he was trying to do the same thing with Daphne. Well, there was no way Loki was going to make her go through the same childhood trauma Odin made him go through.

“My father has no say in the way my daughter is raised,” Loki stated, coming to your side with Daphne still in his arms. “Any orders he gives you pertaining to the matter, you will address to either my wife or myself. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Your Highness,”

The handmaid bowed her head and made her exit after apologizing. Right away, your icy demeanor melted once you spotted your daughter. Still shaken up from what just happened.

“Oh my little sprite…” you cooed, rubbing her back. “Let her sleep with us tonight.”

“Of course,” Loki agreed, offering you a little grin.

Both of you each gave a kiss to Daphne’s head before making your way back to your chambers. While doing so, Loki made a mental note that he’d have a strong word with Odin, first thing tomorrow.

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Finger painting with little one


Originally posted by thorscdinson

“Y/N! You must come and see what our son has done!”

Your ecstatic husband led you down the hall towards the common area of your home. You were curious about what had him react in such a way. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to see him swell with pride over even the most mundane actions from Alfarr, but this particular moment had Thor practically giddy. So much so that he forgot himself and gave you an apologetic smile as he slowed down when he saw you wrap your arm around your protruding stomach. 

“Forgive me, my love,” he uttered, his own hand going over to give your bump a few soothing strokes. “But you must see the masterpiece Alfarr has created.”

You giggled, partly due to the situation and as a way to let him know you were okay.  Walking at a more normal speed, Thor led you to the main room of the house where your son was currently giggling away. When you entered, you saw that he was keeping himself busy with some papers on the middle of the floor by slapping them down with his now multi-colored hands.

“So this is what you’ve been up to while I was napping,” you said, smiling almost as proudly as Thor.

“There was he did that looked wonderful,” he explained. “I must show it to you!”

Despite his upbringing and all he’d been through (or maybe because of it all), Thor had embraced fatherhood with hardly any issue. He was your son’s #1 fan and playmate. As if you needed another reason to love the man so much.

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Little one pulling on your hair with surprising strength.


Originally posted by thegifs


{NAME} and Steve put a hold on making dinner when they heard Thor yell from the living room. They rushed back there, finding the god rubbing his head and wincing while their daughter, Daisy, sat on his lap and giggled.  Her shaking her closed fists is what stood out, however. Especially since one of them possessed some strands of her uncle’s hair that she just pulled out. 

“Naughty petal!” {NAME} scolded the child, picking her up and taking her into her arms. “We talked about this.”

“Sorry Thor,” Steve said, attempting to open Daisy’s hand so she could let go of the hairs she had. “This is something she’s been doing a lot lately. Thought we had it handled.”

“It’s all right,” Thor assured them. “More surprising than anything else. She has much strength for someone her age.”

“Bruce thinks it might be a combination of the super serum and the natural strength you guys have. We’re planning on seeing a specialist he recommended to make sure, and to see what else to be on the look out for.”

With almost comedic timing, Daisy suddenly sneezed. Resulting in a plate zooming out of the kitchen and hitting a wall in the living room. The adults letting out a sound of surprise while Daisy merely giggled and clapped as it shattered and fell to the floor.

“No need for a test to tell you where she got that from,” {NAME} quipped.    

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to all the boys i’ve loved before au series

tom holland x reader

summary: the letters are out. all 3 letters you wrote to the boys you were afraid to share your feelings with, but loved from afar. now, being quiet in the back of the class isn’t an option for you because tom holland has got his letter, and he doesn’t plan on giving it back.

word count: 3k

warnings: swearing, internal turmoil, mentions of a dead parent

*disclaimer!!!!! i wrote this with a black reader in mind. that does not mean that readers of other ethnicities cannot read, or that this is an OC, but i myself am black and want to bring the much needed representation into this place. with that being said, if you’re racist, fuck off.*

love, yours masterlist

general masterlist

say something here to be added to the taglist!

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There’s something about the way Tom captivates whoever he walks past that is honestly fascinating. As he offers to walk you and Davis to class that morning, the confused looks don’t go over your head. Boys reach to dap him up, only to be shocked when they see you on his arm. Except it’s not the disgusted shock you were afraid of. The boys looked…impressed? For what reason, you couldn’t tell. “Told you. You’re cute, l/n. Don’t be shocked, guys look at you like this more than you think,” Tom says when you scoff in surprise at a compliment one of his teammates shoots him.
“I want to say thank you, but a part of me still thinks you’re lying.”
“Then I’ll keep reminding you,” He shrugs easily, stopping before your classroom. If a blush could show on your cheeks, you were sure that you’d be bright red.
“Eat lunch with us later?” Tom asks, grasping one of your hands lightly. Your throat catches slightly at the concept of sitting with anyone but Davis and Stella. “Davis, you’re more than welcome to join.” Always the cordial one, Tom Holland. 

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Ok, ok, I’m doing this again!! Some more orc!Bucky guys <3 I’ve changed the story a little bit, hope you’re going to enjoy it! 

Behind Closed Doors


Pairing: orc!Bucky x princess!Reader

Warnings: yandere, obsession, breeding, mildly dubious consent, kidnapping.

Words: 1688.

P.S. A big shout out to @deceitfuldevout who inspired me to write this!


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Loki’s Knowhere, Chapter 2. Lost Fonts.

Asgard, the golden city in the Realm Eternal, in the early 13th century as the time was known to the mortals of Midgard, four prodigies of the old arts of sorcery and witchcraft studied. Lorelei, who above all else coveted power in all its forms, her older sister Amora, the most talented of Frigga’s class. Sigyn, with a sincere heart; and Loki, Odinson.

“Amora, I cannot express the greatness of which I do not wish to hear your pinings for my brother.” Loki pleaded to the sorceress with shining golden hair.

“Perhaps I might find the resolve to hold my tongue if my fortitude was not worn down by how grotesquely cute you and Sigyn were daily.” 

Sigyn blushed, “Amora, I do not know what you speak of.”

“You refer to him casually as husband.” Amora stated.

“And?” Loki asked.

“You are not married, or betrothed…lest you have eloped to avoid the judging gaze of the Allfather?” Amora teased.

“We have not.” Loki replied.

Sigyn brought her hands to her cheeks, covering her flush, “Please, shush, her Majesty shall return soon.

“Sigyn, my sweet, most cherished friend, you are so very easy to tease.” Amora laughed.

[Scene transition.]

Several daggers flew across the table from Loki’s outstretched hand, Nebula dodged, but had to raise her arm to stop the third dagger from piercing her chest. She winced as the asgardian conjured blade burned at her cybernetics.

“The next one shall not miss your heart.” Loki declared.

Quill drew his twin blasters on Loki, “Yeah and mine will getcha right between the eyes.”

With the flick of her fingers, the seat below Quill flew up and slammed him into the ceiling and he fell with a hard thud.

Thor looked back to Nebula, “You…tortured Loki?”

“I am groot.” Groot whimpered.

“Under Thanos’s order, yes.” Nebula admitted, “He tortured everyone he could he could use but resisted his will. Including Gamora and myself.” She pulled the thin razor from her arm, tossing it on the table, “We were all his victims.” She said, looking at Loki.

Thor turned around, “Loki, I had no idea.”

“You never do.” Loki spat.

“We’ll leave, Loki.” Nebula said.

“I am groot?”

“Yeah, what about Gamora?” Peter asked.

Loki glared at Nebula, not trusting her eyes off her for even a moment, “I shall not be helping you.”

“There are other leads.” Nebula stated.

The cyborg daughter of Thanos was the first to step out, followed by Drax, Rocket took Groot’s hand. “I am Groot?”

Quill stepped out without a word.

“Uh, Thor?” Rocket asked.

“Sister, I…” Thor said, softly, conflicted. “I said I’d help them.”

Loki’s jaw trembled, “Go.”

Thor nodded, “Thank you, Loki.”

The Thunderer was leaving as Loki spoke up again, “Brother…don’t come back.”

Thor stopped in his tracks, his hand made a shaking fist, he replied, “goodbye, Loki.”

Loki held still, deady painfully still for a long long time. Finally, Loki let out her breath, tears rolling down her cheeks, “Thick oaf.”

Over the intercom a digital voice spoke, “Lady Loki, the hostile entities have left orbit and your throne has been replaced.”

Loki did not reply, she poured herself a goblet of wine, she headed deeper into the Collection, to her personal chambers, “Clear all scheduled events, I need…I need a lot of things.”

“Shall we compile a wish list, Lady Loki?” 


Days passed into weeks for Loki, whose days consisted of day drinking on her throne, and the occasional approval of planetary defense systems as scavengers attempted to take whatever remained of the Collection.

She wore a green silky robe one morning as she sat awkwardly on her throne, lazily clipping her toenails, and munching on a bowl of grapes when the familiar roar of a bifrost bridge blasted outside the museum.

Loki jumped on her throne and glowered towards the sound, ‘Dense oaf, can’t follow the simplest request.” she muttered to herself, though despite all that had transpired she smiled softly.

All while you, Odin the protector of those Nine Realms, are sitting here in your bathrobes eating grapes.

“Oh shit.” She took a quick swallow of wine and stood up, glamoring herself, illusory light shifting her bathrobe into a green armored coat and matching boots, “Uhm, bumbum bah,” She adds fur to the collar of the coat, ‘Perfect.”

“Lady Loki, shall I engage defense protocols?” 

“It’s fine, disengage all safety measures.” Loki quickly said.

As the door opened Loki put on an all serious face, “Even now you cannot listen to a word I say, dear bro-” Loki froze, seeing her breath, she closed her grip on a conjured dagger.

The figure stepped through the door and Loki threw the dagger but it was knocked aside, the figure raised their hand and waves of ice ripped through the throne room and blasted Loki against the wall.

“Foul monster, you dare invade the home,” Loki said, as the figure walked closer, “of Loki, child of…Laufey.”

“Hello, son.” Laufey said, grabbing Loki’s face by the chin and jaw.

Loki let out groans of pain, as her skin grew blue, shapeshifting into jotunari form to protect herself from the damage, she bit Laufey’s hand hard, drawing blood.

“Whatever trick this is, Jotunn, I am not fooled. I killed Laufey myself.” Loki stated, and strained against the icewall, “Now tell, who are you, why should I care, and why,” Loki struggled fruitlessly, “Why can’t I break out of this damn ice!?”

The Jotunn wearing Laufey’s face smiled, erupting into illusory light, revealing a powerful built Jotunn woman with icy blue skin and deep blue-violet hair in thick curls, “I am Utgard Angrboda, Queen of Jotunheim.”

Loki glowered, and sneered, “So, the frost giants finally decided on a new king of the rumble mound? And a witch at that. How many jotnar fell to the power vacuum left in Laufey’s absence?”

“None to succession, millions when the bifrost landed on our world and did not end until it bore into the planet’s core…disrupting rotation, and plunging my world into further ruin than Odin ever dreamed.” Angrboda spat, “My ascension to the throne was assured before our births, when Laufey propositioned my clan for a betrothed for his…child.”

“So what, you’ve come here to kill me?” Loki grimaced, “Wed me? I implore you, choose the first.”

“Neither, unfortunately.” She stepped away, pouring herself a drink from the bar, “I have come because I was assured of your capability, and to call on your debt to your own people. The Realms are in chaos, Yggdrasil sundered, the balance a distant memory…even if I save Jotunheim it would only be a matter of time until all is lost regardless.”

“Funny you should think a Jotunn of all things would know anything about maintaining the balance of the realms.”

Angrboda downed her drink, “Yes, you’re right, after all, only Nine, or was it Eight? No matter, only SOME of the realms have fallen under Odin’s protection.”

Loki grimaced, silently.

“The Balance of the realms has nothing to do with an Imperialist calm. Odin kept his peace in the realms but not true balance. He was it’s defiler, a murderer and thief. Odin stole the fonts of magic from all realms he could not control otherwise, the casket of ancient winters, the eternal flame, the mead of poetry. And in doing so he made the realms weak so he could seem strong.”

“Tell me, jotunn queen, why should I consider a word of what you’re telling me?” Loki asked.

“Because,” Called into the room a new voice, Loki looked to the door in disbelief. “She learned this from me, Loki.”

She walked into the room, with a wave of her hand, chains of light glowed and shattered over Loki, and the ice shattered, she fell to the floor on her knees, wide eyed Loki uttered in dear whisper, “Sigyn.” 

Chapter 1 can be read here

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Cop: Excuse me sir we got a call that you had pot in your car

Wade: Oh you mean this pot *pulls out flower pot*

Cop: Oh haha my mistake, what are you growing?

Wade: Weed

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I can’t for the life of me find this fan fiction that I read a while ago, this is what I remember:

Steve Rogers has been imprisoned in the raft(?). He experiences sleep deprivation and light deprivation and other tortures. When Tony figures out what’s been done to Steve he breaks him out and the rest of the avengers help Steve in recovery 

I don’t know if this is actually a fanfiction or just a fever dream I had because I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone could help me out I’d appreciate it!

Tagging some of my fav authors and artists, can you guys please help me out 🥺

@cyberdelph @chicklette @voxofthevoid @magellan-88 @cryo-bucky @buckmebxrnes @tilltheendwilliwrite @floatingpetals-writes

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Fluffy Drabbles Masterlist


Originally posted by damnsadness-blog

A/N: Still doing these fluffy ones so if you’ve got requests, hit me up! Thank you ;))

Fluffy Prompts

Favourite Mortal - Loki x Reader

Adopting - Thor x Reader

Pining - Steve x Reader

Pillow Talk - Tony x Reader

Unconventional Proposal - Thor x Reader

Sleeping In - Tony x Reader

Mutual Pining - Thor x Reader

A cute drunk - Tony x Reader

Caught in rain - Loki x Reader

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chosen | loki x reader

·         a/n: a quick one-shot based on the prompt for day seven from the official fictober prompt list. this is set shortly before the events of Thor (2011) so we have a lovely time in the courts of Asgard with both princes. and I totally used a line from pride and prejudice (2005) in here, hehe oops. also, i realized i write a lot of garden scenes. oh well. xD


·         fanfic or original work: fanfic

·         fandom: marvel (mcu)

·         prompt: (#7) “yes, I did, what about it?”

·         warnings: jealousy, arguing, language

·         word count: 2.3k

·         music: Can You See Jane? by Patrick Doyle


The echo of Loki’s boots pounding against the marble floors of the palace resounded down the corridors of the royal wing like the beating of a war drum. The servants he passed averted his gaze to the shadows of their own feet. The guards posted along the doorways stiffened. A dense buzz of furious energy poured from his countenance as he carried himself with as much haste as his anger would afford him. His lips were taut and his eyes narrowed.

His knuckles turned white as he tightened his fingers into fists and rapped harshly on the door to his brother’s chambers. As he waited for a response, his lungs quivered as he tried to even his breathing. He knocked again when his patience ran thin, “Thor! Open this door!”

The thudding of Thor’s heavier footfalls muffled through the door and grew louder as he approached. Loki vaguely heard the words of quick excuse his brother delivered as he turned the latch and opened the door to reveal himself. Upon seeing him, Loki’s rage intensified.

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You get home from a brutal mission. Bucky’s not taking it so well. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes x f!Reader

Warnings: smut (18+ please!) mentions of violence/blood/death, trauma, trauma-induced stress/emotion, self-loathing/guilt, praise kink, sad and tender sex/oral sex, bucky cries afterward

Notes: Got a little sadgirl fic for you today ‘cause I’ve got BIG sadgirl energy today. Just sort of pounded all my loneliness into this one. If you need me, I’ll be under the covers with Gilmore Girls. 

Oh yeah. Today’s prompt is “Praise Kink.” And since it’s probably the same reader as the toys fic from the 16th, here’s another Sebastian Stan gif instead of a random stock photo. 

Kinktober Masterlist


Originally posted by madjefferson

You and Bucky get to the right side of the Atlantic in the wee hours of the morning. But by the time the Quinjet touches down, neither of you are ready for sleep.

You’ve seen some dark fucking shit tonight.

“You c’n…” Bucky croaks as the both of you stumble into your pitch-dark bedroom. “Go ahead and shower first. I’ll unpack.”

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Hey everyone! So I’m taking requests for smut, angst, fluff whatever you want just abide by some rules please:


Thorki is especially uncomfy for me since I am adopted and when people use that as their justification, it invalidates the relationship of anyone who’s adopted, saying that you can bang your family members just because you’re not related.

I’m really, really, REALLY bad at writing male x male smut just to let y’all know. Please try not to ask for those. 

My best work is female reader x male character but I can do female x female. For non-binary, it’s very difficult for me as well. 

Characters I will write for:

Peter Parker/Tom Holland

Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan

Loki Laufeyson/Tom Hiddleston

Thor (I can’t write smut about Chris Hemsworth it’s weird sorry)

Steve Rogers/Chris Evans

Stephen Strange

Tony Stark

Bruce Banner



If you do request character x character, please try to do ones that have interactions in the MCU like romanrogers or clintasha. I got a request once for pietro and peter parker and i couldn’t do it because I’ve never seen them have an interaction in the MCU and I need to know what their relationship was like. 

I will also do dark versions of any of the people listed above. Please give me the ____ x ____ (example: dark!peter parker x reader), if you want it to be kinky then what kinks and whos the dom, and the scenario.

Thank you!!!

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Hi, sweetie! This is a very peculiar request, and I really, really like it! I guess I’ve made Steve a little softer than I expected, but here he is. Hope you’re going to enjoy this!

The one he cares about


Pairing: adoptive dad!Steve & Reader, Peter Parker x Reader (if you squint)

Warnings: yandere, obsession (non-romantic!), stalking, kidnapping, death of minor characters (but nothing too scary).

Words: 1870.

P.S. Just to clarify this is NOT an incest story, Steve does not harbor any romantic feelings for the reader, he loves her like a parent does.


Pacing up and down nervously like a caged tiger, Steve threw a glance at the clock on the kitchen wall, ready to take out his cellphone and give you a call. It was just 10 pm, but he felt something wasn’t going quite right. Was everything ok at that party? Were you enjoying yourself? Did you finally confess to that silly guy Steve didn’t like at all? What if he had already got you, Steve’s precious little daughter, into bed?

Breathing in deeply, the man tried calming himself down. You were an adult. At one point you would start dating people, and it was perfectly alright, Sam reminded him the other day. You weren’t some princess locked in a tower with Steve guarding you like an angry dragon. You had the right to love and be loved, create your own family, for God’s sake. When he thought of you leaving him Steve was ready to break that kitchen wall.

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Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Word count: 578

Warnings: Just tooth-rotting fluff :-)

Summary: You and Steve witness a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event.

Author’s note: This idea first came to me back in July, when I was lucky enough to be able to see Comet NEOWISE. It was beautiful, and I wished I had a big cuddly supersoldier to see it with. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this little Steve drabble!

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A young man with jet-black hair and a “don’t talk to me” glare trudges into the Howling Commandoes Cafe with all the energy of a seventeen-year-old dog.

Steve Rogers smiles at him anyway, because that’s just what you do. “What can I get for you today?” He says, fingers hovering over the register.

“Uh, coffee. Lots of shots, lots of cream, lots of sugar,” the man says, eyes on the counter.

Steve nods, writing the order on a cup. “Name?”

“Tony,” he says, taking a credit card out of his pocket and handing it to Steve.

Swiping the card, Steve smiles at Tony again before handing him back his card. “Alright Tony, that’ll be out shortly.”

Tony finally looks up at Steve. His eyes widen for a split second and he inhales, sharp but quiet as his back straightens and he smiles flirtatiously at Steve. “Thanks, hot stuff.”

Steve thinks he might have whiplash from how quickly Tony changed his demeanor. He prays he isn’t blushing, but the heat in his cheeks is telltale. “No, uh, no problem.”

Tony sends one more glance Steve’s way before going to wait by the drink counter. Steve hurries to make his coffee, as he’s the only one working today. If Bucky could cover his own shifts rather than running off with Natasha, Steve’s life would be a whole lot easier. The next time Bucky starts a sentence with “Okay, so I know I said last time was the last time, but I need you to-” Steve might say no. Then again, he can never say no to Bucky.

“Here you go,” Steve says as he hands Tony his coffee. Tony’s fingers brush his as he takes the drink, his touch feeling like an electric shock. Steve stuffs his hand in his pocket.

Tony takes a sip, then closes his eyes and hums. “Miracle juice,” he mutters.

Steve tries to suppress a chuckle, but he isn’t as successful as he might have hoped.

Tony winks at him, walks to the door, and sends one last look at Steve before exiting the coffee shop.

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Being immensely proud when little one takes their first steps alone.


Originally posted by darclewis

Your little sprite was advanced in a lot of things. Her magic especially was something that deserved praise since she’d developed and learned to control it at such a very young age. The one thing she was having a bit of a hard time with was learning how to walk. You didn’t stress over this, however, due to this only being something she had recently struggled in learning to do. And with her barely being 10 months old, you felt no rush in her accomplishing this.

But little Daphne clearly inherited her father’s determination as she wouldn’t admit defeat just yet. Which is why you were spending one of your weekends on the couch while watching your husband coax your baby into coming to him with great fondness. 

“Come here, darling,” Loki urged Daphne in a soft tone as he sat in a couple feet away from her on the floor and reached out for her.

In return, she giggled at him and made her own grabby hands towards him. Seeming to take her request, he helped her stand by holding one of her hands and lifted her up. The little overachiever required minimum aid in getting up.

She watched her feet with great concentration as she wobbled on the spot. You, yourself, were watching in anticipation while Loki put his hands near her in case she fell. But shortly after, she merely swayed and sat back down with hardly a step forward.

“You’ll get there sweetheart,” you assured your child, despite you having no choice but to giggle when she stuck out a frustrated pout. “Just keep practicing.”

“Let’s take a break,” Loki added, getting himself up from the floor. He patted her on the head and turned to leave to the kitchen for refreshments for all three of you. That was until a tiny squeal got him to stop in his tracks and look back.


Daphne had somehow managed to pick herself up once more and carefully waddled over to Loki. You both gasped as he immediately crouched down and opened up his arms for her. She toddled her way soon enough into them, squealing with delight as he scooped her up against his chest with great disbelief.

He looked to you as though you might have an answer to what you both just witnessed. But you were just as pleasantly shocked as he was and quickly went over to hug your two loves. You knew she’d get there.

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