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#MCU imagine
lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
Natasha: “Zemo”? Sounds like a creep.
Steve: You can’t judge someone based on their name.
Natasha: Sure you can. “Natasha”. Cool name, cool girl.
Natasha, points at Bruce: “Bruce”... I rest my case.
Natasha, pointing at Y/N: "Y/N". Someone I'd like to be on.
Y/N: What?
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cheelseaaaa · 13 hours ago
You are our Star
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: It's almost Christmas, you and your children got busy setting the tree up. Now what you need left was the star that goes on top of the tree.
Warnings: Fluff
Word count: 869
A/N: My Christmas entries are until the 23rd of December. English is not my first language.
⊱ ──────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────── ⊰
“Mommy, it’s almost Christmas. Aren't we going to decorate the tree?” Naomi, your five-year-old daughter asked for the ninth time today. She and her brother, Nathaniel or “Nate” as you call him, a seven-year-old, is pestering you the whole day about decorating the tree.
In all honesty, you also badly want to decorate the tree but it’s a tradition to do it together. But to your disappointment, you need to wait for Natasha to come home. Your wife was said to be in a one-week-long mission but it has been three weeks since she’s on it, and there’s just eight days left before Christmas while she's still on God who knows where working on a deadly mission. You pause with what you are doing before crouching in front of her. “Let’s just wait, hun. Mama will be home soon.”
It’s been three days and Natasha is still out on the mission. Five days left before Christmas, and your kids are being so pushy. They really want to decorate the tree. They believe that their mama won’t be able to go home for Christmas and they understand why.
They want to place the star on top of the tree, that's why they were pestering you for the past few days. “Mommy, please! We want to decorate the tree!” Nate said while looking at you with puppy eyes and his hands clasping together under his chin.
Before you even answer, Naomi spoke. “Please, mommy. Please, please, pleaseeee!” You sigh and wipe your hands on your apron, you gave up. You stand up from the couch, took off your apron, and went straight to the attic to grab the Decorations for the Christmas tree. “Here ya go. Let's decorate the tree,” you announced, and your kids leap happily and hug you.
The three of you start to set up the tree and are almost halfway done when the door suddenly opened. Your first instinct is to grab their hands and hide them behind your back, but when you saw who that was, you sigh in relief.
The kids jump happily and run towards their Mama. You smile watching the interaction between them before walking towards them. “You are late.” You said before pulling her in for a kiss, which didn't last long because your kids didn't hide their disgust. You pull out and snake your arms around her waist.
“At least I'm not the one who breaks the tradition,” she said, deadpan. You rolled your eyes and push her to your room. “Go and Change. We still have a Christmas tree to set up.” she chuckles and closes the door; you shake your head from her stubbornness and went back to your kids.
You saw Nate who tries to put the star on top but he can't reach it. You wrap your arms around him and lift him. He made a small shriek and you laugh. “Hun, you can't reach the top, you're too small.” He glares at you like how his mama looks at you when you taunt or did something they want, you chuckle and wipe the sweat on his forehead with your sweater. “I'm big, mommy.”
You smile, “Sure, whatever you say.”
Minutes later you and the kids are almost done decorating the Christmas tree when Natasha went down wearing a sweater and sweatpants. The only thing you need to put on that tree is the star then the Christmas tree will be ready to be lit up.
Natasha saw you look at her before you whip your head to whisper something to your kids. She squints her eyes trying to read your lips with what you just whispered to the kids but you blocked her vision with your hand.
She saw the kids nod happily and took the star from your hand. They walk towards Natasha then handed the star to her. Natasha reaches for the star confused. “What am I going to do with this?” she asked walking towards you, the kids are tailing her when she reaches you. She places her hands on your waist. “Love, you put the star.”
“Why me? Why not Nate and Naomi?” She said glancing at the two children who are standing in front of you two.
“We want you to put the star on top, mama. Because you are our star.” Naomi said and winks at you. You wink back and look at your wife. “Now, don't be such a baby and put the star on top,” you said. She smiled and walks towards the tree and climbs up the small ladder. You place your hands on Naomi and Nate's shoulder while watching Natasha place the star on the tree.
“Just some finishing touches.” Natasha said and walks towards the outlet and plugs the Christmas lights before walking towards her little family, “And… we are done!” You told the kids to grab the gifts from your room so that you can put them under the tree. When they are out of earshot you turn to Natasha and place your arms on her shoulder. “I thought you won't be coming home for Christmas.” Natasha places her forehead on yours and closes her eyes.
“No, lyubov'. I can't celebrate Christmas without you.”
⊱ ──────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────── ⊰
A/N: Should I start doing requests or nah? Should I also make taglist? Feedback is very much appreciated. I am posting every Monday and Thursday
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plxviofiles · 20 hours ago
pizza and deep conversations
Tumblr media
☝️ originally posted by marvellegends
kate bishop x fem!reader, soft angst, fluff !!
warnings: one slightly suggestive joke 🙏
synopsis: it’s hard to be angry at kate bishop, even when she wakes you up at 2 am in the morning for pizza after an exhausting Christmas day.
a/n: @neozworld I KNOW I KNOW you gave me a fluff prompt and this was supposed to be fully fluff but I included soft angst as well 😭 I know you’re not a marvel fan, but ty for listening my rants on natasha and kate and ty for this wonderful idea <3 ily.
a/n 2: idk if this is counted as a christmas fic? but I hope you enjoy reading <3 this is truly my favorite prompt. also hawkeye episode 3 !??! maya is so cool and <clintkate's dynamic3
word count: 1.1K
“Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe.”
Look, there’s a whole lot of reasons why you were ignoring your girlfriend.
1. You were tired. So tired.
2. Why were you tired? Kate kept you up all night. And no, not for what you might think, but for watching chick flicks because Kate insisted that Christmas Eve was the best time to watch them.
3. You spent the whole Christmas day celebrating with the Avengers. With the idiocy of the boys (and by the boys you mean Tony, Thor, Sam, and Bucky), and with the combined teasing of Yelena, Natasha, Wanda, and occasionally even Kate, you felt like smashing your head into a wall.
4. It was 2 am.
“No,” you mumble in your sleep, pushing Kate’s face away with your hand. Kate huffs and swats your arm away, then starts to shake it over and over, “y/n! Wake up!”
It was times like this that your girlfriend reminded you of Clint’s kids. She always had energy and you were the opposite usually.
“Katie, I’m exhausted,” you manage to say, trying weakly to pull your arm away, “Please.”
“But I’m hungry,” she pouts, but to no avail, your eyes still closed, “You know what I need?”
You decide to give her the benefit of a doubt, silently praying that all she wants is crackers and tea (since you had that in the kitchen), but when you open one eye and meet her mischievous grin, you groan on impulse.
“Babe, I’m not getting up at 2 am to get you pizza,” you grunt with annoyance.
“Do you love me?” she asks you seriously, and you whine loudly, “Katie, please, just because I’m too tired to get you pizza doesn’t mean I don’t love you!”
“But you’re already awake,” she pleads continually, taking a pillow and swatting you with it, “Pleaseeeee!”
“ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT,” you shout tiredly, sitting up on the bed, “IM UP.”
“YES,” Kate pumps her fist in victory and you rub your sleepy eyes to meet the archer’s hypnotic blue ones. She blinks like she knows how much irritation is building up. You see that she’s already dressed and ready.
“How long have you been awake?” you question her, suddenly awake, and concern evident, “You need proper sleep, Katie.”
She threads her hand through her long black hair, sighing audibly and not looking directly at you, “I didn’t sleep.”
“Restless?” you whisper knowingly, intertwining your hand with hers and you realise for the thousandth time that it fits perfectly.
“All the time,” she whispers back, squeezing your hand in search of comfort.
You stay silent and kiss her knuckles, slowly and purposefully. Kate’s breath hitches in her throat.
“It’s hard being a hero,” you tell her, still holding her hand, “Whatever your hands do or are going to do, I love them.”
Kate tears up after a few seconds of resistance, and you instinctively wrap your arms around her.
After a few minutes of heavy breathing and loving rubs on her back, you detach yourself and wipe the tears under her eyes, eliciting a weak smile. Then, you pull a jacket on, throwing her your favorite sweater of yours, which she also loved to wear.
“Let’s go.”
The car ride was slow, peaceful, and quiet. Except for a few speeding cars, it wasn’t that lively given the time. Kate plays music on the radio.
You hum to the music, and the sound lulls Kate to a content state, the melodies of her favorite music and your voice filling her heart with warmth.
“Katie,” you whisper, grabbing her attention, and she turns to you upon hearing the nickname that only you and Clint get to call her.
Your hand finds its way to hers like it always does.
“You’re my hero, you know that right?” you say both teasingly and with seriousness, and Kate’s heart constricts.
“And you are mine,” she whispers into the dead of night, but you hear her, even when no one else does.
You wind down the windows and blast the music louder, and Kate finds enough in herself to laugh. Laughing was so much easier when she was with you.
You sang the song off key on purpose and Kate joins in, the same contagious smile taking place. You look over and smile, she was a better sight than the full moon.
“I love when you smile, it makes me feel like everything is going to be okay,” you tell her immediately.
Kate feels heat rush to her neck. You always gave compliments the moment you thought of them.
“How can you say something like that,” she stutters characteristically, trying to cover her face with her other hand.
“You always try to cover your blush when you’re alone with me!” you whine, disappointed, “I want to see the massive effect I have on you.”
“The effect I have on you is more obvious,” she tries to counter, smirking.
“Mhm, yeah keep telling yourself that.”
"I can't believe you almost started a war because there was no cola left," Kate chides you with a grin that represented her unbelief at her girlfriend's attitude. In her arms were a few pizzas (maybe one or two for Lucky).
"How is 'it's christmas and that's why we ran out' a good excuse?!" you complain grumpily.
"You're like the grinch you know, with your grumpiness and with the green sweater you're wearing right now-"
"Stop!" you start giggling, all the while still keeping your eyes on the road, "Don't antagonize me!"
"Right, right," you can practically hear the smirk on her face, "I'm sorry for saying you're the human embodiment of the grinch."
"I'm starting to regret bringing you out," you mumble quietly.
"Hey, I heard that!"
You roll your eyes and pretend you didn't hear her, tapping your fingers on the steering wheel.
Comfortable silence fills the car again. It started raining a bit ago, the raindrops staining the windows and the noise of it relaxing you.
"What Clint said during our meal today," Kate side eyes you, "The thing he said about-"
"About being a hero and about the risks of being one?" you finish for her, "And how you'll lose some things or people forever?"
"I know I sounded nonchalant but," she chuckles with little humor, "Yeah. It's scary isn't it?"
"You're not going to lose me you know. Not now. Not ever."
You want her to understand.
Kate struggles to answer, trying to find the right words.
"You're the last thing I'd want to lose," she fidgets with your sweater, "It was hard enough to win you over."
You laugh breathily but Kate's face still seems unsure.
"I mean what I said as much as Clint did," you reply firmly, "You're the last thing I'd want to lose too, you know."
Kate exhales slowly, and she smiles warmly at you.
"What would I do without you?"
"You'll never find out," you whisper, and the traffic light turned red, allowing you to grin at her.
And with the slight hint of snow on her hair, the redness of her cheeks due to the cold, the content shadow of a smile on her face, and her hand on your thigh, you pray that you'll never find out either.
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kram6496 · a day ago
Welcome Home
Yelena Belova x Venom!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can feel Venom’s tendrils whipping around. Got the overnight bag. The water, the clothes…
You’d swear that Venom is the one having the baby not Yelena. You take your wife’s hand and lead her out the door. The tendrils are not far behind, carrying the hospital bag.
Yelena tries keeping slow and steady breathes as you guide her into the car.
“Venom” she says as you buckle her in, “remember you must stay hidden. Only (Y/N) and I can be seen in the hospital.”
Venom materializes a head. “Of course Lena. But I want to be able to see our son.”
“I pretty sure it’s a girl, buddy” you say with a chuckle.
Yelena gives you a smile as you drive towards the hospital. In between contractions, Yelena does her best to focus on her own little miracle and tries to keep Venom calm too.
A few hours later and Yelena strains through the final stage of child birth. You grip her hand, taking only an ounce of her pain with it. Venom quietly slips from you to her, working to alleviate some of it too.
“Push Mrs. (L/N). Last one.” The doctor calls out.
Yelena strains but she pushes and the cries of a newborn ring through the delivery room.
Venom quietly transfers back to you. Yelena begins to cry tears of joy as the doctors lay her miracle child, a little girl on her chest.
“My podarok.” Yelena whispers to the baby. The baby lets out a little cry but settles into her mother’s arms.
You and by extension, Venom, are simply amazed. Your baby right there in front of you.
“Can we get a few minutes alone with our daughter?” You ask the doctors and nurses. They leave a second later.
“Come on out buddy” you say with a smile. Venom materializes and looks at the newborn. “She’s so tiny. So helpless. I will always protect her!”
You pull Yelena close, cradling her, whispering some words of love to her. “Have you decided on a name Lena?”
She looks to you, weary, and yet a smile makes its way across her face, “Natalie. After my sestra.”
“It’s perfect.” You say with a smile, “Natalie Belova-(Y/N)”
You hug Yelena as close as you can. You kiss her forehead over and over again. This amazing woman had given you everything you could ever want.
“I love you. I love you so much Lena”
She smiles right back, “I love you too my rytsar (knight).” You have a family. A wife, a child, and an alien parasite.
We have a family! Nothing better than that. Do you think Natalie is fully human or a hybrid? What if she has a bit of me in there? Oh well, one thing at a time.
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Tumblr media
Shorts Saturday
The light filtered through the slit in the heavy curtains, working its way up the bed as the sun continued to rise until it eventually reached Loki’s face and woke him from his slumber. Blinking a few times to push back the sleep, he looked around until he found your sleeping form beside him. He moved strategically under the sheets until he was up against your back and with his arms he pulled you further into his warm chest.
You stirred as you felt two strong limbs wrap around your middle and pull you into the middle of the bed and up against your lover. Your eyes blinked several times, trying to get accustomed to being open once more, as you enjoyed the feeling of his body pressed to you. Sleepily, you rolled over to see Loki smiling back at you as the early morning sun created a halo of light around him.
“Good morning my dear,” he said as he brushed his finger around your ear and down your chin. The sensation sent a shiver down your body.
“Morning,” you smiled back. 
He leaned forward and placed a delicate kiss on your lips, holding you in the embrace for a moment before pulling away slowly. The way you looked, cradled in his arms and wrapped in the sheets with your hair softly framing your face, Loki swore there was no more beautiful image than this. If ever he could bottle a moment to save for all time, it would be these mornings with you; not much was said, but the way you held onto each other and smiled back and forth said more than the most eloquent words.
The look in his eye was so unmistakable that you didn’t need to ask him what he was thinking, it was plastered all over his face. Gods, you loved the way he looked at you in these intimate moments when you were all alone: it was as if you were the only thing in his whole world and your heart would never be accustomed to the joy it made you feel. 
Loki stroked your cheek with his thumb. “Why am I so lucky to get to awake next to you every morning? I do not know, but I will be forever grateful that I do.”
You rolled your eyes playfully at his comment, though your heart skipped a beat at how sweetly he spoke about you. You kissed him again before moving back and stretched, checking the time on the table beside the bed.
“The morning is almost spent,” you commented, turning back to him. “We should probably get up and start the day. There are several appointments to attend to I am sure.” You tried to roll over and get out of bed, but you were stopped by two strong arms.
Loki held onto your body tighter, pulling you back into him and stopping you from getting up. “No, stay my love. Spend the day in bed with me. It’ll be our oasis just for today.”
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ohheyjanie · a day ago
12 Days of Christmas {8/16}
Day 6: Talent Show @ The Brooklyn Expo Center, with Spider-Man
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, platonic Avengers x Fem!Reader
Word Count: ~2.2k
Warnings: FLUFF, some swearing, mutual pining, idiots in love
Summary: Peter enters Bucky as a participant in the talent show, much to the latter's frustration. Luckily, Alpine is there to save the day.
Series Masterlist || Series Playlist on Spotify
Tumblr media
Bucky really wants to be angry with Peter, but for some reason he can never fully manage it. What is it about the kid that makes it so hard to dislike him, even when he pulls shit like this? God, he and Sam are like two peas in a very annoying pod with the way they know just how to make his life a living hell. Why the heck does he love them, nonetheless?
Never ever saying that out loud, though. Bucky thinks stubbornly to himself as he prepares himself to go on stage. The other participants are going over their acts one more time, but all he can do is look down at Alpine sitting in his arms, who stares up at him innocently with her wide eyes. “How did I get here, Alp?” He asks her, but she just cocks her head at him like, why are you asking me?
This is how he got here:
Tumblr media
Approximately three weeks ago…
“I’m gonna fucking kill you, Parker.” Empty threats, as always. If it were anyone else, however, Bucky would have punched them square in the face right about now… although, Peter would probably have no problem blocking it anyhow.
They’re in the common room at the tower, just a few days after they all received their assigned events. Peter had looked excited when he asked Bucky what he was going to do for the show. What the fuck are you talking about? Bucky had practically screamed. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen a smile literally drop off someone’s face so quickly.
Peter, at the very least, has the decency to look like he feels bad as he rubs the back of his neck. When Bucky had told him he’d be tagging along for the talent show, he hadn’t expected the kid to sign him up as an actual participant.
“Sorry, Sarge, I thought it would be fun.” The teenager says with a sheepish smile. “But here’s the bright side: girls love it when guys showcase a talent. Plus, it’s for charity!” Peter says with a flourish, as if that will somehow fix everything. Despite how lame Bucky feels for having a literal sixteen-year-old be his wingman for the day, he does admit that he likes the idea of showing off in front of you, doing something only he can, and making you smile. There’s only one problem, however.
“I don’t have any talents,” Bucky deadpans, not to mention his utter distaste for being the center of attention. All he wants is to blend in with the crowd, standing next to you as you enjoy the show together. Maybe he would try his hand at the card trick Scott had been trying to teach him—not that he was all that confident about it yet, but for you? He would gladly make an attempt, hoping that, at the very least, it would make you laugh. “Other than assassinations, maybe.” Bucky’s voice is low and dangerous now, but to Peter’s credit, he doesn’t even flinch.
“Sure you do!” He says, ever the optimist. “How about—uh…” Peter falters when he tries to offer up some suggestions without mentioning Bucky’s metal arm. He would like to avoid getting bitch slapped in the face, if possible. “How about you sing a song?”
“Yeah, that’s a hard no.”
“Dance routine?”
“How is that better?”
“Slam poetry.”
“What? I’d rather be set on fire.”
“Puppet show.”
“About what? How I probably shot JFK?”
“Do you paint or anything?”
“That’s more of Steve’s thing.”
“Juggling? Come on, you can totally juggle with that arm.” All caution is thrown out the window now. Desperate times, meet desperate measures.
“Psh, that’s so lame.” Bucky scoffs while Peter rolls his eyes, as if asking the older man to just work with him here.
“Ventriloquism, then.”
“Oh, you’d better be fucking kidding right now.” Bucky sneers, but Peter just has the audacity to smirk back at him.
“Okay, okay, okay.” The teen purses his lips and taps his chin with his forefinger as he searches his brain for another idea. Suddenly, there’s a jingling of a bell from the collar around Alpine’s neck as she wanders into the room, looking for her owner. Meow. Bucky can see Peter’s lightbulb moment as the kid perks up. “Does Alpine do tricks?”
Huh. Now, there’s an idea.
Alpine does indeed have a few tricks up her sleeve. Plus, you adore his cat. How many times has he come home only to catch you in his room, lying on the floor next to Alpine’s bed, taking pictures of her and squealing at how cute she is? Sometimes he’d be on a mission in Europe somewhere, exhausted and having trouble sleeping in the too soft hotel bed. With perfect timing, as if you knew he was struggling even though you were halfway across the globe, you would send him videos of Alpine, of her meowing and swiping her tiny little paws at the camera, your little barrage of heart eye emojis making him smile despite his fatigue.
Bucky can picture your big smile when you watch Alpine on stage, performing tricks like a total pro. Peter plops himself down onto the couch when he sees the lopsided grin on Bucky’s face, satisfied that the crisis has been averted. He’s already turning on the TV and snacking on a package of Sam’s double-stuffed Oreos by the time Bucky is picking Alpine up off the floor to return to his room.
“You should put a little bow on her, Sarge.” Peter calls out, grinning at the image of her white fur in contrast with a bright red ribbon around her neck. Bucky doesn’t miss a beat, not even turning around as he responds.
“Well, duh.”
Tumblr media
So, here he is, waiting in line for his turn to go up on stage and do his little bit. Bucky tries reminds himself that Alpine is the real star of the show here, and nobody will really be paying attention to him. Suddenly, there are a series of murmurs coming from the crowd as the event organizer announces a special guest host for tonight’s event. Butterflies, seemingly with razor-sharp wings, flutter in his stomach. The idea of having all these people staring at him is overwhelming; this was such a bad fucking idea.
Peter, whose real identity is still being kept a secret, shows up in his Spidey suit. Everyone bursts into applause at the sight of him as he makes his way onto the stage, waving at the audience in his usual friendly manner. Bucky finds you instantly from across the room, standing near the back of the venue with Happy just a few feet away. He must have offered to drive the two of you here, since Peter probably just got back from school—although Bucky suspects it had more to do with Happy wanting to get a glimpse of Peter’s Aunt May; making sure the two of you got here safe and sound was just icing on the cake. Bucky smirks despite himself, remembering the way Peter had scrunched up his face in disgust when he said that he once caught his aunt and Happy making heart eyes at each other when they thought he wasn’t looking.
You leave Happy’s side to go take a walk around the room. There are some booths set up for some local shops, the owners having brought some of their products to sell and promote their businesses. You’re admiring a selection of handmade jewelry and Alpine starts to stir in his arms, ears perking up at the sight of you.
“You’ll see her later, Alp. It’s alright,” but Alpine seems desperate for your attention. She keeps meowing loudly, squirming as if she’s about to jump out and take off in your direction, much to his discomfort. Everyone in line is looking at him, it feels like.
“Aw, she’s so cute.” One of the other performers coos, bending over slightly to get a better look. Alpine doesn’t even look in her direction; neither does Bucky, because you’ve heard the meowing. You scan the crowd and his heartbeat speeds up when your line of sight travels closer and closer to where he’s standing. When your eyes finally land on him, all the nervousness he felt is melting away like snow in the sun.
“What the—” He hears you say, bringing a smile to his lips. Alpine is whining for you again, but you’re already crossing the room in hurried steps. Before you can ask him what he and his cat are doing here, Peter is announcing the first performer. The venue falls quiet, and you stand there in line with him as you wait for the young man with the guitar to start his act. As soon as the soft notes of his guitar fills the room and he begins to sing, you lean over and whisper low enough not to disturb the show. “Wanna tell me what you’ve got up your sleeve, Buck?”
“Hey, don’t look at me,” Bucky whispers back, not taking his eyes off the stage. “It’s her act.” Right on cue, Alpine meows as if in confirmation. The two of you stand side by side as you watch the first few performers finish their acts: an ex-ballerina, her hair streaked grey, who still moves with all the grace and poise in the world; a violinist playing a piece that brings tears to some of the spectators’ eyes; a few children performing cute little dance numbers. However, you are jolted back to reality when you hear Peter announce the next participant.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” Peter says into the microphone. “Please join me in welcoming Alpine the cat and her assistant, Sergeant James Barnes!” Bucky flushes pink, tossing a wary glance at you as a grin spreads across your face.
“You’re her assistant,” you repeat, trying to hold back the giddy laughter that bubbles up inside your chest, threatening to spill out. But you can see how nervous Bucky is, so you decide laughing at him isn’t the best course of action. “Break a leg, Sarge.” You give him two thumbs up as he hesitantly strolls up to the stage. Unable to help yourself, you’re cheering and clapping with the audience as the two of them get settled up there, smiling so hard you think your cheeks might split open.
Bucky’s eyes find yours amongst the crowd and he lets out a breath and smiles. Your heart jumps a little as you see his shoulders relax. For a few seconds, you entertain the thought that your presence here might bring him some kind of peace, even for a few brief seconds. He then turns to place Alpine on the stool next to the microphone stand, and he whispers something to her. She raises her little paw in the air, shaking it a little as if waving to the audience.
It’s been, like five seconds, and you’re already a blubbering mess. You whip out your phone to capture every second so that you can show Wanda and Nat when you get back to the tower later. Bucky has Alpine performing several standard tricks, like high five, sit, lie down, and roll over. He hides a silver bell under one of three paper cups, but she picks out the right one every single time, her tail wagging harder and harder each time she’s rewarded with a treat. Bucky even has Peter step forward so she can press a kiss onto his cheek. When it’s over, Alpine rears back to stand on her hind legs and bows to the audience with a meow; the crowd coos adoringly.
Bucky picks her up and tucks her under his arm, asking her wave one more time before they step off the stage. You’re already running to the other side to meet them, squealing and bouncing with excitement as you reach out to practically smother Alpine in praise and affectionate pats.
“That was adorable, Buck! I didn’t know you taught her tricks, what the hell?” You say, pretending to be offended. He’s chuckling as Alpine is already trying to scramble out of his arms and into yours, as if she isn’t his cat. Sometimes, he wonders if that’s true anymore. He lets you take her from him, smiling widely as you carry her in your arms like she’s a tiny little baby. Alpine loves it though, playfully reaching up to tap her paw against your cheek.
“So, why didn’t you tell me you signed up?” You ask, when you finally manage to tear your gaze away from her. Bucky can’t even be mad, he likes the look of you fawning over her so much.
“Now where’s the fun in that, doll?”
“…Peter did it in secret, didn’t he?”
“I swear, it’s like it’s his life mission to fuck me over.” Bucky confirms, not even trying to pretend anymore. His heart does flips when you smile at him then, the way you always do. Suddenly, you’re lifting Alpine up to his face, blocking his view of you.
“Kiss time, Alps!” You laugh, while she does exactly as you ask and licks a strip up Bucky’s nose. He wants to scoff, because do you have any idea how long it took him to teach her that? Yet, she does it instantly when you ask, even without the promise of treats. He wants to be offended, but then you bring her back to you and demand, “Now me!” Alpine presses her mouth to your face, her eyes closing affectionately when you nuzzle against her.
Maybe one day, if you would let him, Bucky would also be privileged enough to know the feeling of your soft cheek under his lips.
To be continued!
Up Next: Day 7 — Ugly Sweater Bingo @ The Mott Street Senior Center with Natasha Romanoff (coming Dec 9th)
Tumblr media
Taglist will be in the reblog post! <3
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Chapter 1 : Another royal celebration and a few mishaps
Tumblr media
Summary : You and Steve had a complicated relationship. He was the Prince and you were the Knight, it seemed simple. Entirely professional, nothing like the movies. But when the lines blurred to the point of disappearing, the movies and fairytales started to seem a little more realistic.
Warnings : 18+, MDI, angst, smut, dirty talk, pet names, power dynamic, modern royal au,
Pairing : Prince to King!Steve x Knight!Reader
A/N : this was inspired by a conversation that i had with @becca-e-barnes (who entertains so many of my weird thots honestly) and honestly I'm so fucking happy that i get to share it ??? now this was mostly written while i was in the train going or coming back from school so all errors are mine !!! also english is not my first language and im still improving so hopefully I'll get to learn through feedback !!
Knight In Shining Armor Masterlist
Ah, the sweet feeling of a new day beginning could never be outmatched. The soft and comforting morning air, flowing through any kinds of opening and gracing everyone around as a sign of greetings for the new day, the delicate morning dew on the green grass, freshly cut by the gardening team, the sunlight shining through the blinds and softly reflecting on the faces of the people living inside the building. This last part was the best, the sunlight. So warm and soft, enveloping everything in sight in a golden aura and just like the wind, greeting the world for the new day. He loved it, it reminded him of you.
These kinds of morning were the best for Steve, he would spend as much time possible basking in the feeling, a smile on his face. The smile was never because of the women he had in his bed that morning, no. They were too insignificant for him to feel this happy to have them around. He couldn’t even remember her name but this was a common thing. Once he was done he kept them around but that was his way of saying sorry for not really caring about them. Or at least, not as much and as long as they definitely wished.
Now, the reason of his smile was a woman. One that he could already feel approaching, her burning anger sending tingles up his spine. He always had a very good hearing and he could hear the whispers and rushing feet, moving out of the way as you were passing through. You were probably pissed already, but could he really blame you ? This was not the kinds of morning you signed up for when you accepted the job. A prodigy like you, trained by the best of the best, being wasted on this. That would make him angry too if he was in your position. But he wasn’t, and he enjoyed the attention you gave him. So he kept going, playing the same trick every other morning and never truly getting bored. That was another upside to this. The man could not keep a hobby or any interest for more than a week, but this ? He kept it going for a few years now. Four, to be exact. Because for four years, he craved the reactions you would give him. Call him childish, he couldn’t care less. He was absolutely fine with it. By the time he could get you to react he was totally fine.
He was still fake sleeping when he heard it clearly, the sound of your heavy boots hitting the floor, oh you were definitely not happy. Even better. You would be giving him your best expressions. Should he be feeling guilty for enjoying the way he would rile you up this much ? Definitely. Would he ever ? Not yet, not when you were still entertaining his antics.
Before he could even start imagining the expression on your face, you cut him in his train of thoughts by showing your beautiful face to him. His eyes were closed but he knew you were beautiful. You always were when you were angry. Even more when you were angry at him.
The sound of your shoes hitting the floor, the fabric of your tactical suit rubbing as you got closer to his bed, he was paying attention to every detail about you, completely forgetting that he had a complete different woman besides him.
When you ripped the cover off of his body, uncovering the two naked bodies, you had passed the point in your relationship at which you were embarrassed by seeing him like that. It happened so much at this point, you probably had seen him naked more times than you had seen yourself.
“Get up.”
Ah, your beautiful voice. Never sounded so sweet, sweet like honey.
He needed to keep up the act. If he didn’t where was the fun ? He started squirming slightly, groaning in his ‘sleep’ as he slowly opened his eyes and raised them to your face. You looked about ready to throw him out the window and he would probably enjoy seeing you try.
“Steven Grant Rogers, I know you’re not asleep so let’s speed this shit up. Get out of bed and go take a fucking shower while a take care of the girl.”
A smile spreads on his face and he finally drops the act. He gets up and stands at his full height, looking down on you with a smirk. Watching how he was towering over you, all smug and proud of himself, made you even more annoyed clearly. God, you wanted to trip him so bad, maybe that would teach him.
He stared at you with a smile, taking in your facial expression and your features. This adorable face of yours that he could never get bored of was what made his mornings so interesting, and it had been for the past years now. Again, childish. But he didn’t care.
He leaned down, delicately taking her jaw in his palm to tilt your head to the side and slowly kiss your cheek.
“Thank you princess, you really are my knight in shining armor.” His voice was marked by the hours of sleep, deep and sinful
“Yeah, yeah, run along before I decide to commit treason against the crown and choke you with my bare hands.” You hissed, throwing him a glare and slapping his hands
He smiled and walked to the bathroom. He already knew that in less than five minutes, the girl that had warmed his bed would be gone. He could already hear her argue that she wanted to stay, they all did. That was his talent, making them feel like Cinderella for a night before having someone, you, send them on their way like they were the rats.
He took a well needed shower to get rid of the smell of sex and once done, stepped out, a towel wrapped around his hips. He sat on the edge of his bed and saw you enter the room again, the girl was probably difficult, you had to get help from other guards.
You walked up to him and forcefully grabbed his jaw.
“Stop. Making. Me. Throw. Out. Random. Women. Every. Fucking. Morning. Steven.” You commanded, face twisted in annoyance
Each word was separated and punctuated by you violently flicking his forehead. He simply chuckled at your way of punishing him. Despite basically having the green light to kick his ass from the Queen and King themselves, you never really did. Hierarchy and all that. He was the Crown Prince after all.
You rolled your eyes and prepared to leave when he grabbed your waist to keep you in place and slowly pulled you between his thighs.
“Is it really so bad ? Does it bother you that much that I enjoy the company of women ?” Said the man, faking Innocence and sadness with a pout
You let out a sigh of exasperation, again with this.
“I could not care less if you slept with the entire country Steve." You affirmed, eyes full of indifference and a little bit of disgust. "My problem is with having to wake up extra early because at least three times a week, for the past four years I’ve had to make sure that no unknown women stayed in the castle and was seen by the Queen or the King.”
“I never asked you to play babysitter, you can stop if it bothers you so much.” He countered, still smiling, amused by the situation and how common this exact conversation was.
“Yeah ? And have you find another way of bothering my peace every morning ? No thanks." You dropped the clothes you had been gathering before coming up to him and standing in front if his face. "Also, you fucking pea brained bimbo, I don’t have the choice. It might not be your request, but the King was clear : protect him at all time. That includes, protecting you from the Queen chasing you with a broom because she’s sick of her son trying to test out the sexual capacities of everyone around.”
This made him laugh. You always had those funny metaphors about getting chased by someone with a random object. You really were the highlight of his morning.
He pulled you a little closer to his naked body and stuffed his nose in your belly. He loved doing that, smelling your warm skin. He was always really touchy abd overtime it became normal for you. You wouldn't respond in a particularly affectionate manner but he didn't mind. By the time you were allowing him in your space, he was good.
“I’m clearly not testing everyone if I haven’t had a go at you yet. But maybe I could squeeze you in my cue ? You know ? As a thank you for the babysitting and all.”
You narrowed your eyes at the man, studying his facial expression before smiling. You leaned down and softly grabbed his jaw again, but with both your hands this time, your thumbs softly rubbing his jawline. The closeness between both your faces made it easy for him to feel your breath against his lips. He could feet the bed dip as you placed your knee again his thigh, practically straddling it.
“The day I sleep with you Rogers, I hope I get struck by lightning. Because, there is no way in Hell that I’m letting you turn me into one of your fucking conquests. Now get ready, we’ve got stuff to do today.”
He watched you leave, paying careful attention to the way your hips swayed away from him and despite the charcoal black tactical suit, he could clearly see every curve of your body, he had studied them multiple times before. Fuck. He would need to jump in the shower again.
That morning was so common now that most people stopped asking questions. Even the new employees knew what was going on before they started on the job. That was how your relationship with Steve worked. Every day, you made sure to protect both his body and his reputation, that was you job as head of the guard for the Prince of the Kingdom of America.
When you started you remember how polite you tried to be when he would come wake you up to get ride of these temporarily desired women that refused to leave his bed. If the past version of you could see the way things were now, she probably would’ve handed her resignation letter. You were deemed a prodigy by the people, first of you group, youngest and fastest learner. Your career was truly marked by the training you received from the greatest warriors in the kingdom and even the world. You mentor, Okoye, had taken extra measures to make you the most efficient knight there was. She already made fun of you for being taken as a babysitter by a grown man, one that was supposed to become the king, in the near future.
As usual, you waited for him to be done getting ready in front of his room. When he stepped out and smiled at you, you rolled your eyes. He was not going to soften you with his pretty white teeth and beautiful face.
You started walking down the halls, him following closely. The people saluted politely has he passed, responding with a smile. He looked very different in contrast to you and your usual soldier face. Most knew that it was probably due to him. You were very easy to talk to and outgoing with the staff, outside of work.
He observed the activity around him and finally noticed how everyone seemed to be busier than usual.
“What’s going on ? Why is everyone in such a rush today ?”
You looked at him with your classic ‘are you kidding me’ expression.
“I knew you would forget…” you sighed before searching through your phone and raising it in front of his face. “Today’s your parent's wedding anniversary. They’re having a party with friends and family to celebrate. They’ve crossed the twenty-fifth years.”
He tilted his head to the side looking at your phone, thinking. He wasn’t going to lie, seeing the relationship between his parents made him both happy and envious. He often wondered if he would have it with anyone, ever. He was expected to, as the only prince of the royal couple but he wanted love out of this, not some fancy contract between him and someone he didn’t love or care for.
He was also not going to shy away from the fact that most times, he thought of you as a queen besides him. You were, after all, the only one he spent enough time with to consider a relationship. Now, seeing how he enjoyed driving you up the wall, the probability of you seeing him as a possible suitor was slim.
“They want you there, obviously, and they invited some of your friends so that you don’t run off right when the party starts.” You added, putting your phone back
“Yeah, they might want to try something a little more efficient to keep me in place, like you for example ! Oh but I forgot, you don’t go to the royal parties, they bore you.” He said, tone filled with sarcasm
You smiled at him, putting your hands on his shoulders.
“Not this time actually. The queen invited Koye, Wanda and Nakiya are coming and so are a few others of my friends. Not only am I going, but I have the three next days off, meaning that I get to actually enjoy myself for once. So I guess I’ll see you there Rogers.”
He watched you strut away for him, hips swigging from side to side and tempting him to follow you and do something he'd been thinking about for months. Looks like he might actually not disappear this evening.
As the party started, Steve quickly joined his friends, which all huddle together at a table. The conversation and congratulations were rigging in the room but his focus was not on any of that. What interested him right now was you, he waited for you.
Half his brain was convinced you were joking when you said you would be there but the other part was hopefully. He had been to many of those gatherings and he couldn’t remember seeing you there and enjoying yourself. Most of the time you avoided them like the plague but when you came it was because the King wanted you to manage the guards and make sure his son stayed in place.
His thoughts were cut short by the door opening and you walking in. That’s when his mind went completely blank. Here you were, in a silk dress that cut all the way up to you thigh, showing off your gorgeous legs. It looked absolutely magnificent, covering your body so thinly, it looked it was painted on you.
He had never been one to lose control but, right now ? He never wanted to have legs wrapped around his waist that much, and yours looked like a perfect fit. You, who always seemed to hide you body behind your knight equipment, seemed to be in the mood to reveal more.
He watched with extra focus as the corset you wore accentuated the curve of your breast and pushed it up. His mouth watered at the thought of biting into them and leaving marks of his teeth, claiming marks that he wanted to leave over as much skin as you would allow him. His eyes finally raised up to your face and the shock was evident on his own as he watched the genuine smile that adorned it. This wasn’t the fake smiles that you would give him when he was being a little shit. This was the kind of smile you couldn’t control, the kind that would show all your teeth and even your gums. This was the smile that would bring any man to his knees, exactly like it was doing for him right now.
“You good there buddy ?”
His head snapped to his left as he noticed the amused expression on his friend and fellow prince, Samuel Wilson, also known as Prince Sam. Steve smiled weakly, sneaking glances in your direction, hoping you would notice him and come his way.
Sam noticed his friend’s behavior and smiled.
“Ah, finally love-struck Stevie ? Did the knight finally get the prince ?”
The blond prince scoffed before taking a sip of his drink.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about Wilson. But since you seem to know so much, do tell.” Said the man, amused and slightly curious
“You’re into the little knight that follows you everywhere and you've never had to deal with the fact that she's pretty popular around here. Until now, you feel a little threatened buddy ?” Mocked Sam, still smiling about the whole situation
Steve simply looked at him with narrowed eyes, as if he had just said the weirdest things ever.
“Don’t look at me like that Rogers ! This girl has you squirming in the palm of her hand , and you won’t be denying it for long ! Like seriously, do you even notice the way you behave when she’s around ? I bet you haven’t and if you did you didn’t have the balls to accept it." The small laugh coming from Sam was annoying Steve a little but he kept quiet. "I swear man, think about it for a second. The way you’re usually in the worst mood when she’s not around ? And the way you follow her like a puppy ? You got to have your hands on that girl at all fucking times dude ! Which is ironic because you hate people touching you most of the time.”
Steve didn’t even want to waste time denying because one, Sam was right and he knew it, two, he was simply not paying attention. Not when he heard you laugh with your friends from the guard. He recognized Okoye, Natasha, Wanda and her husband Vision, and he definitely recognized her brother that seemed to be too really comfortable with you. Yeah, very comfortable clearly seeing as the man had his arms around your waist from behind, pressing your backside against his chest.
Sam watched attentively as his friend started to assassinate the white haired male from afar. He definitely would be spilling everything to Bucky later that night, he would love to hear about his best friend’s antics. Or, he would keep it all to himself and watch things unravel in front of him. That would be funny too.
As the night kept going, Steve felt more and more annoyed. His eyes never left you, watching you dance and laugh and drink with the other man. You looked like you were enjoying yourself, not like you were with him. Here you were free, laughing and smiling genuinely, not caring about your duties or his. That was the real you. The version that only your friends could get.
Like many nights, he was invited by different women to disappear into his room and share his bed but tonight was not going to be the jackpot for anyone because the Prince was in a mood and you didn’t seem to care. It was your job to care but you weren’t, not tonight. Not when you were having so much fun away, from him.
His reaction, like all the others, was childish, he knew it. He had no right to claim ownership over you and your right to have fun. But he still did it, because he wanted to. And since he wanted to, he was going to.
He stood up from his chair and walked up to you, the others guests watching him and moving out of his way. When he reached you, he grabbed you by the arm and spun you around. He expected you to protest but you didn’t, instead you smiled and pulled him closer to you, putting your warm palm again his cheek. You rubbed his jaw muscle with you thumb, still smiling at him.
“Stevie, don’t clench you jaw like that, it’s going to look like a triangle one day.” You mused, eyes soft on him
The words you said sounded so distant to him, he couldn’t really focus on them. He was practically unable to hear the music around the room too. His entire focus was on the pet name you used, ‘Stevie’. Most his very close friends and his parents called him that, but hearing it from you ? That threw his mind out of his head. The sound of his nickname and not your usual use of his family name had him dreaming awake, he wanted to hear it more. He needed to hear more.
And the feeling on your heated palm against his skin was so familiar but new at the same time. He was used to you touching him but this time, it made him dizzy, he needed more. He found himself nuzzling to your skin and letting it travel up to his forehead, checking if he was fine. He probably hadn’t noticed how warm his own skin was, heated up by the alcohol consumption and the slight blush that had made his way to his cheeks. He sighed, completely forgetting the thing he had originally came here for.
“I wanna go, princess. Can you take me ?” Pleaded the prince, a pout visible on his face
You could hear the slurring in his words, he was a little tipsy, just like you, but it made him needy. Poor baby, you thought.
You wrapped your fingers around his forearm, nodding your head and turning to your friends and smiling weakly. They had been watching carefully as the interaction proceeded. It was as if they weren’t even there. That was common when both of you were together.
You said your goodbyes and signaled to one of the guards to warn the royal couple of your departure. They didn’t need to be warned, they knew. They had been watching too, with amused smiles on their faces. Their son was so easy to read.
When you stepped out of the ballroom, Steve stopped you in your track and grabbed your chin with his fingers. His eyes travel around your face, studying it with care. Your plumb lips, slightly glossy eyes and expended pupils, the way you were batting your lashes up at him and smiling slightly. Fuck, you looked absolutely magnificent and he wasn’t going to ignore the way he already felt his cock stiffen in his slacks.
“You’re okay Stevie ? Do you need me to call Doctor Cho for you ?”
The way you had grabbed his hand in both yours gave him a clear depiction of the size difference between both your hands. Yours were so much smaller than his, he was 6.5 feet after all, and you were clearly not, reaching high enough to face his chest, but not more, even in heels.
He shook his head and let you drag him back to his room still holding his hand. His watched ever step you took, carefully admiring the outline of your ass through the dress. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. He was so uncomfortable in his pants right now, and you seemed absolutely clueless. Clueless to the state you had him in.
Once you both reached his room, you let him in and followed before closing the door carefully. Your head was already pounding a little and it would probably be worse tomorrow. But you had to take care of the Prince first, like the good little knight you were.
You watched attentively while he started undressing. You probably should’ve adverted your eyes but you didn’t, you couldn’t, not when you were not sober enough to push away your thoughts. Every muscle on his body moving under your gaze, his chest was absolutely divine, and his height was making your mind do backflips. Sometimes you forgot how he towered over you and how he could absolutely crush you if he wanted too. And God, did you want him to. The idea of feeling his weight on you, feeling him everywhere inside you, his body filing you up and making you so full, fuller than you would’ve dreamt of being. That was what Steve Rogers did to you.
You were so lost in your thoughts that you hadn’t noticed how he was done and had walked up to you, a smug smile on his face.
“You okay there doll ? You look a little flushed right now, might want to spend the night here.” Asked the man, eyes scanning you body and reactions
You shook your head to empty it and looked up at him smiling.
“I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me. You should go to bed, you’re exhausted.”
Before you could even try to leave the room, he had you kept in place between his arms, his lips on yours. You were stunned but not for long because your body responded for you. You parted your lips and let him shove his tongue in your mouth. The little whimpers you let out caught both of you off guard, but he didn’t give you time to process, preferring to simply keep going. The heat that travel to your core could be felt by the both of you as you started rubbing your thighs together to relieve yourself. You didn’t want to feel to eager but, god did you want to have him inside you right now.
The teasing touch he would give your body, trying to grope as much of you as possible and letting his hands travel from the back of your scalp, to your neck, to your breast, you ribs and your waist, proceeding with your hips, your ass and finally finishing behind your thighs. You couldn’t process anything, all you could do was try and reciprocate the attention by keeping your palm on his bulge and palming it slowly. You knew it was arousing him more as you could practically feel the tip pf his cock poking again your palm and begging you silently for more. His groans against your skin as his lips traveled lower and lower simply pushed you to continue.
You could feel his fingers against you back, traveling down to untie your corset and then you dress before letting it pool down at your feet.
He dropped to his knees and looked at you. He was going absolutely crazy, his mind was screaming a thousand and one different things at him, begging to touch you in various ways that all seemed very pleasing but for now he only truly wanted to taste you.
“Fuck, doll… Look at you, so beautiful… You hid all of this from me for so long…”
He rubbed his nose against your belly, rubbing his palms up and down your legs and groping handfuls of your ass, massaging it vigorously. You let out a little scream when he flipped you over his shoulder and stood up. Another tiny scream escaped your lips as you felt him take a bite out of your ass before kissing the area and rubbing his nose against it. He walked to the bed and dropped you on the edge of it. He climbed over you to admire your body.
He had dreamt of seeing you like this, naked and all flushed for him. You lips were parted, breathing in tiny gasps that travel straight to his cock, you were breathing a little heavily and he could see your breast practically begging to be freed from your bra. And the way you were rubbing your thighs together ? He watched you do, trying to please yourself, begging for relief as the slick coating your panties started running down your thighs.
He bit his lips in anticipation, he had never been this aroused before. This vision was doing things to his mind and self control. He could feel the head of his cock poking his pants and wetting it with pre-cum. With his thumb, he pushed your panties to the side and gather your wetness on it before spreading it over his lips. You watched with hooded eyes as he licked them sensually. You understood now, why so many were raving about a night with him. He hadn’t touched you yet but you were already on the verge of the cliff, begging him to touch you more.
“God, I knew you would taste so sweet. Like a jar of honey just waiting for the bees to come and feast on you.”
The smiled that he flashed in you direction had you whimpering and hiding your face in the pillows surrounding you. You felt so embarrassed by the things a simple smile did to you. You couldn’t control the way your pussy was gushing, dripping wetter and wetter each second. All that because of a fancy smile. That fucking smile.
Steve wasted no time as he climbed off the bed and sunk to his knees, pulling you a little closer and wrapping your legs over his shoulders. He felt like a starved beast, seeing how soaked your panties were, all that for him only.
“Sorry for your panties princess, I’ll buy you more later.” Promised the blond man, eager to get a taste of you
You didn’t have the time to be confused, he was already ripping your underwear of your body. Displays of strength had never really done anything to you but this ? This sent another wave of heat down your core and he noticed.
“You like that huh princess ? When I tear up your stuff ? I promise you, I’ll tear up as much shit as you want.”
He stared at your center, admiring it. It was so pretty, all wet and heated, waiting to be tasted. How could he refrain ?
His started kissing your inner thighs, enjoying the way you would tremble every time he would get closer to your dripping cunt. He let him lips travel a little higher each second, grazing his teeth against your skin biting occasionally. He was feeding on the moans that you would let out, weakly begging for him to do more things to you.
The moment you felt his tongue lap at your pussy, you’re hands flew to his hair and gripped on them roughly. He smiled against you and started swirling his tongue between your folds, teasing your clit.
You were restless, this man was turning you into a moaning mess. The pleasure was so intense already, you felt embarrassed for responding that easily but he was more than pleased with your response. You were letting lose against him, letting him take care of you, please you, feast on you. He could not be more proud.
He kept on feasting on you, devouring your pussy like a starved man being served his favorite meal, one that he had dreamed about for years. He was groaning against your clit, sending vibrations uo to your core and letting your folds flood his mouth with your juices.
“S-Steve… Please…”
He knew what you were begging for. You were a good girl, always followed the rules and orders you were given. The way your pussy was gushing again his lips, your fingers tightly gripping at the roots of his hair and letting your grind against his face. You were close, you were about to cum.
He felt you try and squirm away from him. You were about to cum and you tried to run ? Absolutely not. You, princess, were not going to take his meal away from him. He circled your thighs with his arms and kept you in place with his hands gripping tightly at your flesh.
You didn’t have to wait further before being consumed by your orgasm. You mind went blank, your back arching and your eyes rolling to the back of your head. You couldn’t see or hear anything, simply little dots of light clouding your vision. A string of profanities escaped you as you let yourself sink into the pleasure, Steve still drinking from your juices and not letting a single drop escape him.
You were so out of it, you didn’t notice him climb back on the bed and straddle you before he forcefully gripped you jaw and lifted you up effortlessly to kiss you once more. You could feel yourself get more and more aroused as you tasted your own slick in his mouth.
He detached himself from you and you saw the way he was smiling, eyes dark with desire for more.
“You taste that, sweetheart ? That’s you, you taste how sweet you are ?” He groaned against your lips
You breathed loudly biting back a moan. His thumb was quick to pull your lip out of your teeth and sink into your mouth. He watched how you started sucking on his finger, god, you really were good. So good and obedient.
The primal urges that took over his body were going more and more restless. He had felt how tight you were with his tongue, he needed to feel it around his cock. Cock that he had neglected a little, finally noticing how painfully hard he was. The way your body managed to make him forget his own pleasure was absolutely incredible.
He watched you suck on him and firmly gripped on his bulge before shoving his hands down his pants and feeling himself up.
“Look at you sucking my thumb so well. So good for me, if you could see yourself.”
The praise had you grip on his wrist lightly, still sucking his thumb and letting you tongue swirl around it. You were giving him a taste of what it would feel like to have your lips around his cock and the temptations was high. He debated having you on your knees choking on him but that’s not what he wanted now. He knew you wanted to reciprocate the pleasure he gave you moments ago but he didn’t want you too, not yet. For now he simply let you enjoy yourself as he fisted his length in his closed fist.
You watched him pump himself you, pre-cum dripping from his tip and coating his hand. His hips were thrusting forward, fucking his own hand in an attempt to prepare himself mentally for you. That’s the impact you had on him. He needed to prepare himself for you, him who had slept with so many different women and had never really felt much need to wait or to put himself in the mindset for them.
He felt his own high get closer and closer before he let his cum shoot out of his cock and onto your chest. Let out a groan of pleasure, feeling himself pulsate against his palm still not fully done.
He was still breathing hard, hooded eyes scanning over you as you innocently looked in his eyes. You gathered some of his cum from between your breast before you let your fingers enter your mouth, tasting his seed with eagerness.
“God fucking dammit, doll…. You want my cock in your mouth that bad ? You want to feel me fuck your throat ? That’s what you want ?” He leaned down and pecked you lips sweetly, caressing your cheek and soothing the wave of pleasure that rushed through your body. “I’ll give it too you later, you’ll have all the time you want to enjoy yourself baby.”
You nodded automatically, letting a smile form on his face. You were so fucking good, he couldn’t get enough.
He let his hand fall around your waist and creep up to you back, undoing your bra and finally seeing the way your tits pooled out of it. God, you were so full everywhere. He couldn’t help but imagine how full you would be if you were pregnant. Tits swollen and full of milk. Just thinking about it drove him crazy. And even more when he thought of said pregnancy being the result of his work on you. Your body and his forming a little life together. He was probably jumping a thousand steps here but no one could judge him for the things he dreamt of. He could dream what he wanted after all.
“Stevie ?”
He was snapped out of his thoughts by your small voice calling out for him. His eyes dropped to you and smiled when he saw your curious and eager eyes on him.
“You’re so good, I don’t even know what to do with you little knight. You’ll have to decide for me, can you do that ? Use your big girl words and tell me what you want ?”
He watched with amusement as you struggled to gather the courage to say what you wanted. You were so sweet, that was a complete 180 compared to your usual professional demeanor.
“I- I want to feel you… Inside me… Please your highness.”
Oh fuck. That was it. You did it. You had broken his brain. He had been used to hearing those particular words from other women and despite making him a little proud, it never made him feel like that. He was entirely ready to do the nastiest things that came to mind when he looked at you.
“Princess you have no idea what I’m about to do to you. I’ll have you so fucking full of me, you’ll be feeling me for weeks. You want that don’t you ? To feel my fat cock inside your tight little pussy for days ? Feel my cum run down your thighs ?” He kept asking but truly, he already knew your answer
You nodded so fast that you started to feel dizzier than you already were. And how could he ignore your desires when you were so good to him ?
He unceremoniously parted your legs open and positioned himself and your entrance. You raised yourself slightly, leaning on your elbows and watching how the head of him length poked your entrance before burying itself in it.
You let out a gasp and dropped on your back, he wasn’t kidding when he said you would be full of him for weeks. You could already feel yourself being split in two and he was seemingly getting bigger inside you. This man was driving you insane already but your thoughts were leaving you faster and faster.
He took his time to let you feel him fully and get used to it before pulling out and thrusting back into your tight cunt. Your lips parted an obscene moan left your throat. Steve leaned down, groaning against your ear.
“Fuck, doll… You feel that ? The way you’re squeezing my cock ? You’re so fucking dreamy princess, milking me dry.”
He didn’t waste anymore time, pounding into you with everything he had. All these years of jerking off in the shower after you would come and wake him up, all these little things you did that made him feel completely stupid, only able to think of obscenities and you. All that he was letting it out on you he fucked you like he was on a life or death mission.
Your body was jerking back and forth, rocking with the strength of his thrusts. Your wet pussy was coating his cock, dripping against his pelvis and smearing your juices on his lower abdomen and letting obscene the noises of his balls slamming against you.
He watched as your breasts followed the motion of your body and raised one of his hands from you ass to grip onto one of them. He kept his face close to your, burying it in between your boobs to nibble on your skin, living slightly bite larks around your nipples. His trust slowed down but he wasn’t holding back on the strength. He wanted to enjoy every second of being inside you.
“Ahh... F-Fuck Stevie please… Give me more… Please your highness… I wanna feel you more…”
He raised himself away from your body, still holding on your tits as he picked the pace back up. He was pounding into you, stretching you out as he felt himself get bigger with each moans you released. You were such a mess under him, moaning a begging for his cock as if it was the only thing you knew. The way you moaned his name like a mantra and the only thing running through your mind.
He was cooing at you, watching the state he was leaving you in. God, he never felt this amount of pride and animalistic need to fuck someone like this before. He kept pounding into you with vigor before getting an idea.
You felt him slow down and whined loudly to express your displeasure, which only made him chuckled, amused by your behavior and desperation.
“Don’t worry little knight, I’m not going anywhere, and this cock is not leaving your pussy until I’ve made you cum a few times.”
You nodded slowly letting him do what he wanted with you. He flipped you over on your front and changed position to make you face the mirror in the room. He gripped your neck gently, forcing you up. You felt his cock enter you again and your eyes rolled back instantly, you’re orgasm was close.
One of his hand moved your face to face the mirror so that you could see what he saw, how absolutely ethereal you looked, all fucked out and flushed.
“You see that doll ? You see what you looked like ? All stupid, gushing over my fat cock. You’re dripping over me, creaming all over me, like a good girl.”
Each word was accentuated with his thrusts again your ass. You could feel his body entirely covering you and keeping you in place. The way he looked as he plowed into your pussy, letting the room fill with the sound of your moans, his groans and skin slapping, was absolutely mind numbing. The way he kept on violently slamming against the perfect spot inside you was already too much but the moment he let one of his hand fall and rub your clit had you screaming his name shamelessly.
God, now you understood why so many rushed to have a night with him. He was absolutely mind blowing.
“P-Please Stevie, please ! L-Let me cum !” You begged.
“Awww, you can cum sweetheart, I’m not letting you go before you’re done. Cream on my cock princess, make a mess.”
He watched you unfold in his arms, cumming over his length and gripping him tighter than you were already. This was all it took for him to follow closely. He took his time enjoying your body and letting you do the same. You dropped on the bad, face stuffed in the pillows as all strength finally left you. When you felt him thrust into your cunt, pushing his own cum back into you, letting the primal urges in him act.
As you softly whimpered against the bedsheets, he leaned down against you and kissed the back of your neck tenderly.
“I’m not done with you tonight doll, I’m going to fuck you over all the furniture in the room. I’ll have you cumming so much, the only thing you’ll remember is my name.”
And like the good man he was, Steven Grant Rogers kept his word. You had been propped up against the wall, and fucked with your leg raised high, bent over the bathroom sink and in the shower. He made sure to have you as much as possible, so much that you had cried tears of pleasure.
When you woke up, you’re mind was completely blank of the previous night. All you knew was that the sun was already up and reflecting against you skin, but also that something was poking your backside.
You groaned and rubbed you eyes, scanning over the room. This wasn’t your room, this was Steve’s room. And you were naked in it. In his bed.
You started to connect the dots and your previously blissfully ignorant mind started to panic. What the fuck were you doing there ? You got up so fast that you felt whiplash. You tried to sooth the temporary dizziness when an arm snaked around your waist and pulled you back again the mattress and against the chest of the man you were terrified to see.
“Baby, stop squirming I wanna cuddle…”
Fuck. You were in so much trouble.
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narcissisticmf · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
i love you | bucky barnes x fem!reader
description: while y/n is in a coma, bucky reveals his feelings to her.
trigger warnings: mentions of trauma, mentions of anxiety, angst, depictions of minor injuries, etc. read at your own risk.
word count: 1.4k
With your back laid against the small cot inside the Avengers Compound infirmary, your eyelids closed over the warm color of your irises. Your bruised palms rested against the mattress down at your sides. Your body ached, but you couldn't move or do anything to physically ease that pain. Along the sides of your face were scars, dried blood and several bruises that stung your sensitive skin. Your chest rose and fell in response to your breath. You eased into the mattress, unable to wake for your body was paralyzed but your mind was wide awake.
Weeks had passed as you laid in the same position with several patches attached to your arms and chest. Dr. Cho did all she could to assist you in getting better, but there was only so much she could do medically. Time would be the only thing of which would awaken you.
Bucky sat in the kitchen of the Compound and fiddled with his spoon as it sat within a bowl of soggy cereal. His long hair matted against his sweaty forehead. He hadn't gotten much sleep, the bags beneath his eyes revealed that.
"You okay, Buck?" Steve walked into the kitchen through the living room. His pupils dilated as he watched Bucky sit with grief and anxiety flooding through his veins.
"I could've done something, Steve. She's in that room, practically lifeless because I did nothing to stop it," Bucky avoided eye contact with his best friend and looked down at his bowl, watching as the Cheerios expanded and lost their crunchy texture due to the milk.
"But that's just it, there wasn't anything you could've done," Steve walked closer to the table and sat upon one of the chairs that surrounded the large table.
"I could've taken the blow, it should be me in there, not her," Bucky's eyes grew teary as the words got caught in his throat. His tone was shaky.
"Well, if it was you in there, she'd be having the same conversation with me right now, I can tell you that," Steve kept his gaze on Bucky, but his dark haired best friend continued to look down.
"I never even got to tell her I love her," Bucky whispered through his shaky voice, his eyes slipped with hot tears that stained his rosy cheeks.
Steve pressed his lips together, his dimples caved in as he did so. "So go tell her, Buck, she's right in there," His voice softened.
Bucky released a gentle breath and finally looked up to Steve. The two locked eyes for a moment, silence overtook the entire kitchen. Without saying anything more, Bucky stood from his chair and left his cereal upon the table. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he walked down the halls of the Compound towards the infirmary.
It was as if time slowed down the closer he got to his destination. His legs were shaken and his heart raced with anticipation and nervousness. He shouldn't have been nervous, but he was and he couldn't shake the feeling.
"Doc, hey.." Bucky took his knuckle and gently knocked upon the opened door of the infirmary, stepping inside to scan the room with his bloodshot eyes.
"Sergeant Barnes, can I help you?" She lowered her medical face mask and watched as Bucky walked further into the room.
"Is it okay if I talk to Y/N for a minute? If you're not in the middle of anything," He asked with his words, but his eyes did most of the persuading.
Dr. Cho nodded her head slowly, "Sure. I'll keep the door shut for you." She removed her plastic gloves and tossed them into the garbage can beside the sink. Bucky offered a thin smile and watched as she left the room.
The sound of the door closing caused an array of butterflies to swarm around the pit of Bucky's stomach. He felt as though he could fall over any moment, but he gripped onto the countertop – beside the cot of which you laid upon – to maintain his balance.
"Hey, doll," Bucky started as his voice shook. His light eyes watched your body laying there, motionless. He released a gentle sigh and let his eyes flicker towards a chair beside the bed. He parted his lips and walked forward, gripping the chair with his fingertips and pulled it beside the bed. Bucky took a seat and licked his lips, moistening the dryness of them.
"So, uhm.." Bucky released a gentle sigh, "I'm not doing so good, Y/N/N. I haven't been able to sleep or eat ever since you got hurt. Our last mission was a total mess. It should've been me who took the hit and I haven't been able to forgive myself for letting you end up here.. like this."
Bucky was not one to be vulnerable, but with you all guards were let down and he could express so much to you, more than he would've liked to admit. "Everyone's worried about you, but they all know you'll be okay. Sure, yeah, I know you'll be fine, but what if you aren't?" Bucky spoke in a raspy tone, the shakiness would soon cease.
"I know you can hear me, but it's like you're not even here. It's like I'm talking to your corpse," He took his palm and ran it down his face. "Y/N, I didn't get to tell you some things that I'd been meaning to share with you."
Bucky released a shaky breath and allowed more tears to slip from his eyes, "I love you." His body leaned forward, closer to the edge of the bed as he reached for your palm, taking it into his own. "I knew it the minute I met you," He choked out, attempting to maintain a steady tone. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner and I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. I'm sorry I let you get hurt under my watch, I hate myself for letting this happen to you, doll."
Gently letting his lips rest against one another, Bucky pressed his forehead against the edge of the mattress. Tears slipped and his body grew physically weak, the emotional pain hit him like a high speed train.
"I'm so sorry, Y/N/N.." He whispered through his tears.
Ever so delicately, you grazed your fingertips over Bucky's and moved them up to his head. With all the strength you had regained, you softly ran your fingers through his long hair. The texture was soft and you admired that. Tears slipped from your closed eyes as you listened to him weep before you.
Bucky's head turned up to look at you and noticed your body begun to move, your fingertips moving by your command, your eyes slowly blinking as you took in your surroundings.
"Doll?" He whispered through the tears.
"Bucky.." You smiled weakly and took your hand, that lingered in his hair, and caressed his cheek softly. The pad of your thumb brushed away his tears.
"I love you," He whispered and turned his lips toward your hand against his face, kissing your palm and fingers softly.
"It took you long enough to say it," You released a gentle laugh and gently pulled his closer, foreheads resting against one another. Bucky smiled through his tears, pupils dilating as he looked down at you.
Weakly, you pulled his face closer, overtaking his mouth with your own. Your eyes fluttered shut as your lips molded with Bucky's as though they were crafted by the Gods just for one another. Your fingers ran through his hair, admiring the utter softness of it. The flavor of his mouth was unlike anything you've ever tasted. You let him sneak his tongue between your lips and toy with it gently.
Softly pressing your palm to his chest, you pulled back to catch a breath with a gentle smile. "Please don't have to be sorry for anything, Bucky," You spoke in a whisper, your voice slightly hoarse. "You did all that you could," Caressing his cheek softly, you kissed his nose as he had been leaning close.
"I love you," Bucky's tears dried beneath his eyes as he pressed his lips against yours once again, the feeling overwhelming beautiful.
"And I love you," You muttered into his mouth, feeling your body ease into his.
a/n: hi beautiful babies!! i hope you liked this little angsty fluffy piece! i think we all enjoy seeing bucky vulnerable and sometimes i wish i could've seen his vulnerability in the avengers movies, but most of it came out in tfaws, which i loved seeing as well. i hope this made you smile and cry at the same time. i also hope i got bucky's vulnerable side as accurate as possible! i love you all so dearly. enjoy this and have a lovely day/night. be safe and treat people with kindness. — angelina.
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storiesofstardust · 3 hours ago
Sweet As Sugar
Tumblr media
Summary: When you’re scrambling to get all of the baking done for one of Tony’s parties, Steve helps give you a well deserved break.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: Food mention, slight making out
Word Count: 362
A/N: Something cute I thought of, hope you all like it!
The kitchen is a mess. 
Ingredients you’ve used are all over the counter, some are in your hair (you aren’t sure how that happened), and it’s just overall been a disaster. You’re trying to make some baked goodies because of a party that Tony is throwing in a few weeks for the holidays. Being the fool that you are, you waited too long and are now scrambling to get everything done. 
A warm, strong pair of arms wraps around your waist from behind you. You jump at the sudden contact, letting out a small laugh when a pair of lips presses to your cheek. “Sorry doll. Didn’t mean to scare you.” 
“It’s alright. I could take a break from all of this, anyway,” you say with a sigh, leaning back into Steve’s chest. 
“Need any help? Looks like you could use some.” 
He turns you around to face him and grins, taking the pad of his thumb and wiping away some flour from your forehead. “No, it’s fine,” you shake your head. “I should be done soon.” 
Steve raises his brow playfully, eyes twinkling. “Are you sure? Might be fun.”
“I don’t know,” you hum. “I’ve heard you aren’t the best cook either.” 
“Hey, you take that back.” 
You roll your eyes. “You once told me that you used to not know how to boil water,” you deadpan.
His cheeks turn a light shade of pink and he huffs out a laugh. “Yeah, yeah. I get it. I’ll leave you to it, then,” he says, turning to leave. 
“Wait!” Steve faces you again, and before he can say anything, you take the lapels of his shirt to pull him closer to you. The second your lips are on his, his hands fly to your waist and give a gentle squeeze, tugging you even closer. His tongue swipes over your bottom lip and you let out a soft moan. 
When you pull back from each other, he smiles cheekily at you as he leans his forehead against yours. “Your lips taste like sugar.” 
You chuckle softly. “Guess that means I’m sweet, then.” 
“Yeah,” Steve says, pecking your lips one last time. “You are.” 
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lucyyx · a day ago
Sweet Symphony
Avengers x teen!reader with sound/music powers (also musically gifted)
Summary: When you got your powers you were obsessed to do some good with them, but they proved to be harder to control than you thought. With no control and no idea how to apply them you were convinced that they were useless but that changes when you meet the Avengers.
Notes: Here a little something while I’m working on some chapters of my fic! This is just a day dream and idea I’ve had for a while especially because I love music so here ya go! If you want something more self-indulgent or you have an idea feel free to message me!
Tumblr media
The first time you had used your powers you took out the whole neighborhood’s power just by singing. Singing skills aside you never had any control over your powers. You didn’t know how to not destroy things when you sung so you just didn’t sing anymore.
There were a lot of things you didn’t do anymore because of your uncontrolled powers. Music was something you were good at. Something you knew better than anything else. Better than Math, Science or any other subject. So, of course you were happy when you got music related powers, it meant you could help people with music like you always wanted.
But your excitement was cut short when you realized you had no resources or even any training to put them to use. So you settled for a life without using your powers. When you met the Avengers you were stuck in the middle of a sticky situation. Them thinking you were a normal pedestrian, tried to save you. But what they didn’t expect was for you to save yourself and others.
They were impressed but you thought you just turned out lucky. Nonetheless they recruited you anyway as they saw your powers as something useful. Sound is a powerful thing and you knew that but Am I powerful enough? was the question you had for yourself.
You had been hanging around the compound for a few weeks and you’ve improved a lot but were convinced that you were no where near ready.
“Whatcha doing?” You asked, walking into Tony and Bruce’s Lab. There was a little bit of silence following question most likely because of his focus, you guessed. Tony only seemed to processed your question once you made your presence known by inspecting what he was making.
“Tech for your suit. You’re not gonna be in training forever.” Tony said.
“Are you sure that you want to make that for me? What if..What if I ended up quitting or if I get hurt? Don’t you want to wait until I’m completely ready?”
“You are ready if you just get out of your own way. Plus you don’t want me to waste money just so you can quit don’t you?”
“I mean you do have plenty of money…”
This got Tony’s attention and caused him to set everything down.
“I only said that to make you consider not quitting but seriously what’s going on with you?”
“I’m not powerful or good enough to be on this team. I can’t be on the same team as Natasha, Steve, Thor, Bruce, You and all the other people much more qualified than me. I mean my powers aren’t even useful.” You finally let it all out.
You and Tony weren’t particularly close mostly because you spent as much time as you could training. Balancing school, a social life and being an Avenger was hard, so you barely had time to open up. Now definitely made you aware of that. You rarely ranted like this to anyone.
“We chose you. Things could’ve been different but we chose you and we don’t regret it. I know this can be hard but you have people.”
Tony could see that you were thinking but not completely convinced, suddenly an idea popped into his head.
“You’re going on a mission with us.”
“You heard me. Your suit will be ready by tomorrow.” Tony said going back to working. Before you could say anything he blasted music, probably on purpose you thought.
“How do you feel?” You heard Wanda ask you. She looked at you in your new suit and gave you a smile like she was proud.
You smiled back nervously and adjusted your suit more before replying. “Definitely not nervous.” You said half-joking and half-trying to convince yourself you weren’t.
“It’ll be alright, you have any problems you just call for us.” Wanda replied.
“Yeah, I’ll watch your back.” Peter chimed in.
You smiled knowing how supportive they were. You usually stayed to yourself and tried not to throw yourself out the window everyday. But having people like this around you made you feel like maybe things could be different. Maybe you really could be useful.
“Symphony, you there?”
“Yeah, Yeah I’m here.” You said, trying to keep your breath steady. Fake it till you make it, right?
“What do you hear?” Natasha asked.
You tried to focus your hearing on one thing at time. It was a skill you’d worked hard to get use to hearing everything at once. Your hearing was advanced considering your powers being related to sound and being musically gifted.
“A conversation. Between, it sounds like, three people. I can’t fully understand russian but I think they’re talking about going to get someone.”
“They’re going to be coming close to you soon. I need you to take them out and I’ll be in there to get the files.”
“Ok, got it.” You said shakily.
You walked closer to the room the people were in and stood outside waiting for them to come out. As soon as you heard footsteps and a door opening you used some of the energy you had to send out an almost deafening sound. They all dropped to the floor and you took your chance to knock one of them out.
You got up from squatting next to the first guard and were met with another one trying to fight you. You send out a sonic scream his way, instantly knocking him and the other guard out. You made sure to keep the sound waves contained to just the room so as not to alarm the rest of the building.
As you looked at your hard work you heard a voice from behind you. “And you were worried?”
You turned around to see Natasha smiling at you, one hand on her hip. You smiled sheepishly.
“You better get used to being in the field. It only gets harder from here.” Natasha said as she looked through all the files.
“Hey.” Natasha said.
You turned back to look at her from your position at the door.
“You did good.” She said smiling at you proudly.
“Thank you.” You said showing a small smile, trying to hide how much you were freaking out inside right now. You had done it. It was small but it was something and it meant you proved yourself wrong. All it took was to let people help and now you were more motivated than ever.
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barnesandwilsons · a day ago
i watched black widow, like what? on the 10th? and i haven’t wrote something about natasha yet, i’m so mad at myself rn.
Tumblr media
a/n: you see this picture??? yeah that’s my favorite scene because..damn. she’s so hot wth. and i was bored.
pair: natasha romanoff x reader
summary: (during the events of black widow, so after civil war), you and natasha are on the run, staying at a trailer home that rick acquired for you.
warnings: black widow spoilers??, one curse word? (is that a warning?), mention of steve..
“What are you doing in there?” Natasha says from the couch tilting her head towards you in the kitchen. You were trying to find out if the Mac&Cheese expired or not.
You quickly turned around and smiled at your girlfriend, “Just tryna find something good here.” You gestured to the kitchen. The lights flickered when you did.
Natasha paused the movie that she was watching and made her way towards you, she wrapped her arms around your waist and kissed the tip of your nose. “I’m so glad you’re here with me right now, Y/N.” You immediately wrapped your arms around her neck, almost like you were ballroom dancing, but without the..dancing.
“I’m glad I’m here with you too.”
She smiles and softly tugs your body closer to her, she leaned in and gave you a luscious kiss, that you gratefully returned. Then you pulled away thoughts overtaking. “What’s wrong, любовь?” She asks. There it is. The thing that you loved most about Natasha were the pet names she used in her native tongue. Other than her eyebrows which were now furrowed from concern.
“It’s just—,” You sigh, “being on the run, from the government, and how they arrested our friends. It’s been hectic, moving from one place to another, like we’re criminals.”
She chuckles, “Well according to the government, we are technically criminals,” You shoot her a glare, resulting in her putting her hands up in defeat, “I’m just saying.” She walks back to the couch, beckoning you to follow, which you did. Once seated next to her, you lay your head on her shoulder, trying to find some comfort in the situation that you’re in. Which made Natasha instantly start caressing your back trying to push the worries away.
After a moment of silence you asked with a slight waver in your voice, “Do you think that they would catch us?”
Natasha sighs, “Look at us, Y/N. We survived this long.” She says still rubbing your back, “They wouldn’t find us if they tried, and trust me, they have tried a lot.” She assured, glancing at your face every so often to see if you were listening.
“Okay.” You whispered, glad to have someone like Natasha on your side.
“But where is all of this coming from?”
“I don’t know, it’s just that we don’t know where Steve is, I guess. ‘Probably that’s why I’m getting anxious.” You shrug.
She stared at you for a minute, trying to gauge out what you were hiding from her. You knew what she was trying to do. “I’m serious Nat. You don’t have to worry,” You stroke her cheek with your thumb and smile. “Besides—”
You get cut off by the generator shutting down.
Natasha groans titling her head backwards, “Are you serious? Piece of shit only lasted for a few hours,” She turned her head back towards you. “I’m gonna get a new battery. Stay here, okay?”
You give her a quick nod, “Okay, be safe.”
She smiles down at you before getting up, “Don’t worry I will.”
she wasn’t safe lmao...
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kram6496 · 2 days ago
Home in a Vest
Yelena Belova x Venom!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Being the Lethal Protectors with Venom and Yelena has been the time of your life. You couldn’t ask for two better people to take on the world with. Thank you good buddy
You and Yelena have been getting along so well. You love every little quirk about her. The way her nose scrunches when she smiles. The way her eyes light up when you play American Pie on the record player. Is this what you humans call love?
You’ve noticed a change in Yelena since she joined you. She smiles more. She’ll tuck a strand of her hair begin her ear when she talks with you. And Venom seems to purr around her. Hey I can’t help it! I’ve never been in love before!
One of your favorite little downtime activities is to go to the local shops with Yelena. You’ll pick up some decadent chocolate for your favorite parasite and Yelena will always stop and look at this one item in a store window.
It’s not a dress or a blouse. It’s an olive green, multi pocket military vest. You can see Yelena trying to see if it would fit her. How much was it again?
That night you walk back into your apartment. Yelena stands over the stove, cooking dinner. She’s better at it than we are.
“Hey Lena,” you call out with a smile, trying your best to hide the shopping bag behind your back.
“Evening (Y/N)! Venom!” She says with a smile. She’s so perfect! Tell her! Tell her now!!!
You try your best to clear your throat as you approach her. “Lena…I-uh…well Venom and I…” she looks at you with those beautiful hazel eyes, “I’m in love with you Lena.”
She looks at you in shock before a smile makes its way across her face. “I’ve never been in love before. But I know that I’m in love with you too”
Venom’s tendril brings the bag up to her. “A little something from Venom and me” you say with a smile.
Yelena takes the bag and peers in. Her eyes brighten as she pulls out the military vest. “You got it for me?!?”
You can only nod as she jumps into your arms, laughing. You look into her eyes as she looks into yours.
Venom forms a few tendrils around you and her, pulling the two of you together her and into each other’s lips. It was so perfect, like you were made just for her.
You pull back and look her in those hazel eyes of hers. “So do you love your gift?”
“It’s so cool!” She exclaims, “its got so many pockets. I’ll need to make a few modifications but for now…”
She pulls you into another kiss. Her lips, even better the second time. Yelena giggles against your lips.
It was that day that you and Yelena officially became a couple. Also the day I found out that the love chemical is more powerful and filling than brains or chocolate!
Best day ever.
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spengsmoon · 29 days ago
i’ll never let you go
Tumblr media
druig x eternal!reader
you spent eternity convincing yourself that you didn’t like druig at all, but there’s a fine line between love and hate
enemies(ish) to lovers, eternals spoilers, slow burn, some angst, fluff, implied reference to smut, some characters die, fake out death scene
5k words
so i had a request about druig flirting and saying did you miss me and yes! that’s in there. but i went overboard !! flashbacks are in italics :)
Living throughout time, seeing people born and seeing people die. Living throughout moments in history that would become iconic and studied, throughout thousands of years, was never boring or tiring for you.
For most of the other Eternals, from what you had heard, they had become bored at some point. Disillusioned with living eternally, more interested in returning to Olympia. It wasn’t as though you had no desire to return home, nor did you not believe that mankind had not made many amazing advancements that meant that they were capable of living without all of you.
However, you loved everything that you had come to know. You loved the people of Earth, you loved the history that you had seen and partially contributed to. The idea of leaving this planet you had spent so long on hurt you more than it should.
Despite your love for Earth, you would give it all up to see former members of the team again. The people you considered family that had decided to grow distant. Sersi stayed in contact, and Kingo was never hard to find. But the others… God, you missed them all so dearly.
Specifically, you missed Druig. Back when you were all together you never believed there would come a day when you would say that. He was annoying and insufferable to you, constantly bickering back and forth during missions. You remembered it all so clearly, and occasionally your mind would wander back.
“What the Hell are you doing, Druig?” You asked, popping up behind him as you watched his glowing eyes return to normal. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights, clearly assuming that he was the only person awake.
“I…” He trailed off, releasing the random person he had a hold on, who ran away in confusion. “He was crying.” He answered, glancing down at his hands.
“So… were you trying to figure out why or something?” You asked, sitting beside him on the ledge he was sitting on.
“No. I was trying to make him stop crying.” He looked embarrassed, and if you were a little wiser you would have been able to pick up on why. “Shouldn’t you know this? You’re literally telepathic.”
“I can’t read other Eternals' minds, you know that.” You said, poking his head. “Specifically your thick skull.”
“Very funny.” He said, though you noticed no amusement in his voice. It was so infuriating talking to Druig, he couldn’t even pretend to be interested in something that you had to say. It wasn’t that you needed his approval or something, but it would have been nice to receive some sort of response from him.
“Why are you still awake?” You asked, trying to diffuse the quiet and nearly tense situation as you looked over at him.
“Why are you?” He retorted, turning his head to meet your eyes. “You said you were exhausted earlier.”
“I am… I just can’t sleep. I never sleep the night before we go on another mission.” You answered, surprised by your own honesty; though, if anyone asked you would just claim that it was sleep deprivation and that you would never have answered Druig’s question had you not been so tired.
“You need to sleep, your mind is your most valuable asset.” He said, surprising you with how genuine he was being. “Not that you aren’t a good fighter, but your superpower literally is-“
“I know what you meant, I really want to sleep, I just can’t.” You answered, staring at the still and quiet town below the two of you. Most civilians were tucked away in bed, it wasn’t as if there was much that they could do this last in early 1000’s Europe.
He was quiet, enjoying the crisp night air. Druig was truthfully only awake because your pacing had kept him up, but he knew it would make you feel bad if he said that so he kept it to himself. He wasn’t sure if it was the rustling that woke him, or worry that something was genuinely wrong, but he couldn’t sleep because of you.
“Druig?” His attention turned back to you, taking in the timid look on your face. “Could you… could you make me sleep?”
“I’m not sure if it can work on another Eternal, but I can try.” He said, walking back to camp with you and letting you get comfortable laying down before his eyes illuminated again.
Within a little under a minute you were fast asleep, leaving Druig to return to his sleeping area and finally get some sleep. You’d never forget the looks from the others when they noticed both of your eyes glowing for a second when you were woken up.
It was easy to think back on the good times, it was something that often controlled many of your thoughts. Thousands of years spent with Druig, and you had so few truly happy memories with him that the ones you had were on your brain more than you would have liked them to be.
There was no real dislike you felt for him, he was just as much of a loved one to you as anyone else in the Eternals. But that didn’t change the fact that you often disagreed. Druig was brash and often mean, he came off as an abrasive jerk half of the time you were with him and that made you want to spend less time getting to know him than you spent on the others.
But that didn’t mean you didn’t care about him, and that didn’t mean that there was no room for love in your heart for Druig. You did love him, you loved him just as much as you loved all of the Eternals. Or, that’s what you believed.
But when Sersi showed up at your doorstep, Sprite and Ikaris behind her, you wished that Druig had been there as well. Finding out that Ajak was dead was a shock, but knowing that you were going to find the rest of your family changed that.
You wanted to find them, but most importantly, you wanted to find Druig. You tried to push it aside, and pretend that you weren’t actually thinking these things and that they were simply thoughts that you disagreed with and didn’t want. Deep down you knew the truth, as much as you tried to deny it.
It was pretty early in the morning when you ran into Sersi — Quite literally.
“Oh?! Sersi, are you alright?!” You immediately kneeled down, helping her back up to her feet as you inspected her for any sort of injuries that the fall may have caused.
“Yes, I’m okay. Don’t worry about it.” She said, kindly. Her tone and smile were more than enough to calm you down as you sighed, looking at her. “What had you so distracted, if you don’t mind my asking?”
“I was just thinking, I guess.” You said, looking down. You had made her fall, so you supposed you owed her the full truth. “I was thinking about a few years ago, how I could hardly get myself to sleep but when Druig put me to sleep it was the best rest that I ever had.” You commented, walking with Sersi as you took in the sights and sounds of your new, temporary, home.
“Well, his powers are strong.” She said, not really understanding what you were getting at. “Unless it was something else?”
“I don’t think it was his powers, I-“ You cut yourself off, glancing back at where everyone else was patiently waiting for Gilgamesh to finish cooking. “I think it had something to do with him, which makes no sense because I don’t even like talking to him.”
Sersi smiled, understanding lighting up her face. “It’s probably just because you trust all of us, and being supported by one of us makes you feel safe.” As true as that was, Sersi believed it had more to do with your connection to Druig than him being an Eternal. At the end of the day, you and Druig were two sides of the same coin. You read minds, and he controlled them. Your powers put together could be unstoppable, but, unfortunately, the two of you refused to cooperate like grown adults.
Regardless, you nodded and agreed, heading back to where everyone was once food started making its way to the table.
It was reminiscent of this moment, sitting beside Kingo as you looked at all of the people you considered family, accepting your food.
“I’m almost jealous of Thena, being served this amazing food every day.” You said, digging into it almost immediately.
“You look like you haven’t had a decent meal in months.” Thena commented, watching as you almost rabidly ate your food.
“Yeah, do you think someone’s gonna take it?” Kingo added on, laughing when you rolled your eyes.
“I’ve been living alone for a while, the last time I had something I didn’t cook myself or order from a fast food place was like… 8 months ago.”
“Well why didn’t you just go out and eat?” Sprite asked, to which Sersi answered.
“Our dear friend here believes that it’s indecent to eat at restaurants alone.”
“Now that’s just not true.” Ikaris chimed in, “I eat at cafes alone all the time.”
“Well that’s different, Ikaris. A cafe is casual, this is higher quality than many restaurants, and good restaurants require reservations. You can’t call for a party of one.”
Everyone seemed to contemplate what you said, before Gilgamesh finally agreed.
“At least we’re all together now.” Thena said, a smile on her face as she looked at everyone.
“Not all of us.” You said, glancing down at your food. You still couldn’t seem to get your mind off of Druig, no matter how badly you wanted to think about anything else.
Sersi excused herself, and Ikaris followed rather soon after. But that didn’t stop the rest of you from catching up on what you had been doing since you had last seen each other.
The gentle moment didn't last long, however, because once Sersi returned it was as if your entire world crashed down around you. In a sense, it did. And in a more literal sense, it would if you didn’t do anything to stop it.
When she mentioned Druig you couldn’t help your excitement as all of you got into the jet, wasting no time in getting to him. But as you sat aboard the jet, the only thing on your mind was the last time you had ever seen Druig.
The entire team's morale was down, in a moment that should have been a triumph. A moment when all of the deviants were destroyed, and everyone should have been happy and celebrating. But nobody was, because Thena was suffering. And losing her to something she had no control over was too much to handle.
Your hand was within Thena’s as you sat beside her, despite everyone’s warnings to stay away from her because she could go under the effect of the sickness again. But you trusted Thena, and you trusted that she wouldn’t do that.
Druig was the first to disagree with Ajak, and despite your common disagreements with him, he was right.
“Druig is right.” You said, everyone turning their attention to you. “I love you, Ajak. But even in the history of this planet, people blindly following orders has gotten people killed. Why should we blindly follow what we’re told? Do we really have free will if we can only follow one path, and one set of ideas, even if we disagree with it?” You questioned, Druig nodding appreciatively at you for standing with him.
“We were instructed not to intervene.” She answered, “I was instructed not to intervene.”
You glanced down for a moment, meeting her eyes again. “Maybe your instructor was wrong.”
Druig seemed to reach a breaking point as he continued what he was doing before, his eyes glowing gold as the people below you all fell under his control.
You were defensive when Ikaris went after Druig, but what he said truly shocked you. “How could you say you want to kill your own friend?”
His shocked expression turned back to you. “I didn’t say that.”
“I heard you.”
“I… I thought-“
Ajak cut you both off, realization on everyone’s face when they connected what happened. For the first time, you read the mind of another Eternal.
Druig was out of the building the moment he had the opening, but you could hear his thoughts. He seemed afraid, but relieved to no longer have to follow Ajak unquestionably. He was thinking about you, about how you had gotten into Ikaris’ brain - he wondered if you could hear his thoughts.
It went silent after that, you couldn’t hear anyone else’s thoughts in the room. Only your own.
You were all free to go, to be on your own and make your own decisions. To say that didn't terrify you would be a lie, but you wanted to try. You wanted to have some sort of life on this planet that would be your home for a while.
But it would feel empty, knowing that your family would be out there - without you.
The plane landed and you were looking everywhere and anywhere for Druig, before you heard him again. You didn’t know if he knew you could hear his thoughts, and truthfully you weren’t sure why you could. But it wore off after a moment, you were right back to where you were before. Just searching for him.
After a few moments, he came out and brought you all into a room where Sersi explained to him what was going on.
“You’re okay with all of this?” He asked, finally turning his attention to you. “You’re the only one that hasn’t said anything, you’ve just been staring at me.”
“You have been staring at him a lot, no offense.” Kingo’s valet added in, your body freezing as everyone finally turned their attention to you.
“What? Did you miss me?” He asked, walking closer to where you were sitting.
“I missed everyone.” You covered, though he seemed to be able to tell that you weren’t saying the whole truth. You did specifically miss him, but you were not about to admit that.
Regardless, he wasn’t interested in the plan, and when he explained why it wasn’t as if you could blame him. While everyone else dispersed to let him decide - you followed after Druig, determined to talk to him.
Looking didn't take that long, the second you stepped into a secluded part of the village you felt someone lingering behind you. You didn’t expect to feel a hand on your waist, turning you around as your eyes found Druig’s.
“Did you miss me?” The same question, but his voice was lower and clearly flirtatious. He knew you missed him, and he wasn’t surprised when he felt your arms wrap around him.
“Yes, and I don’t know why.” You answered, completely truthfully as you held into him. “I have something I need to tell you.”
“Oh, are you in love with me?”
“What?! No, I don’t think so. I don’t know, I don’t really have experience with that. That’s not the point.” You stumbled through your sentence, sighing as the smile covering his face when he realized he got you flustered. “I can hear your thoughts.”
“What?” His face fell, and that deer in the headlights expression covered his face again - just like it had that night in Europe.
“Not right now, but I could hear you when we first got here. And the last time I saw you, the night Ikaris thought about wanting to kill you.” Druig sat down against a tree, motioning for you to do the same as you sat down beside him.
“Do you know why?”
“No idea.” You answered, studying your hands before looking back at him. “Look, I know a lot is going on right now and you might not want to fight. I’m not going to tell you to, you deserve to make that choice on your own. But if we lose, we die, and I would feel a lot better about it with you by my side.”
Druig was quiet, a ghost of a smile on his face. “I always thought you hated me.”
“Sometimes I hated talking to you because you can be kind of an asshole.” He seemed to agree with that, “But I could never hate you, Druig. I do love you, you know.”
His bright eyes found yours, and for a second you started to hear him thinking before a crash sounded throughout the village. You both jumped to your feet, heading toward the direction of the noise that you had heard.
“Where are they?”
You focused your mind, listening to the thought around you before you pointed. “Headed toward the river, there’s deviants here.”
The both of you started running, cursing yourself for walking so far away from camp. Once you found the civilians, Druig brought them under his control and had them grab weapons.
“This seems like a good plan.” You said, believing that having more fighters would be good. But seeing them fight, and seeing them die, your hands found Druig’s as you brought his attention to you. “They’re dying you have to-“
You were both cut off as Sersi dropped a frozen tree on a deviant, finishing your thought and telling Druig to release the people. He was reluctant, but listened regardless and told them all to run to the river.
The rest of the fight seemed to go alright until you all followed Ikaris to where he said Gilgamesh and Thena were. Until you saw Thena kneeling over a body.
This couldn’t be happening, you already lost Ajak.
Your eyes filled with tears as you looked down at them, as you realized that there was nothing you could do. You could hear Gilgamesh’s last, fleeting thought. A thought of Thena, for her to be okay without him even with her sickness.
You all agreed to burn the body, a hero's funeral that couldn’t have been given to Ajak. it hurt, but it only made you all stronger. More willing to fight in his honor, together with the people who mattered the most to you.
It was a solemn trip to where you all knew Phastos was staying, that was for sure. You were silent and alone for most of it until Druig sat beside you, equally as silent.
But one thing did draw your attention to him completely as you felt his hand on top of yours. Your fingers curled up to wrap around his, smiling as his thumb gently caressed the top of your hand. You let your head rest against him as you closed your eyes, finally falling asleep to the rise and fall of his chest.
Nobody bothered to wake you up when you went to get Phastos, it didn’t take more than a few minutes and Druig had fallen asleep as well. Had there been a deviant, it would have been another story, but Ikaris and Sersi decided that it wasn’t worth it to disturb your slumbers.
Though, Kingo had taken plenty of photos of you two practically cuddling on the plane that he was definitely going to be using against you at some point.
When you woke up you were told that it was time, and while you were nervous you knew that this needed to be done. You made your way into the ship, and a big smile covered your face when you saw Makkari. She had a lot to catch up on, but you were so glad to see her again.
After that, though, everything else seemed to be going okay. Phastos had a plan, and everything was going to be okay. You had faith in Druig, faith that he could do this. Phastos was especially grateful to have you both there, and seemingly working in harmony for once, since your powers happen to go hand in hand.
But nothing good can last, and Ikaris just had to go ahead and ruin everything. You stepped forward, the moment you saw Sersi crying. But you weren’t surprised.
“I’ve always known what you were, Ikaris.” You said, his cold expression looking toward you. “That night, that I got a glimpse into your mind. You were going to kill Druig, and you still want to.”
“I don’t want to kill any of you, but I’m willing to.” He answered, glancing toward the door when Makkari came running in. Kingo took the hit directed toward her and stood against Ikaris, lowering his guard when he finally left with Sprite.
Kingo was the next to go, and while you were upset that he didn’t chose to stay and help you were glad that he hadn’t decided to help Ikaris even though he happened to agree with him.
But you were all still faithful, and you still believed that this plan could work. Thena went to talk to Sersi, and you found yourself beside Druig again.
“Do you think I can do this?”
“I think you can, yes. But it all depends on how long Thena can keep Ikaris distracted.”
Druig smiled, something that you had grown to find beautiful. But despite his smile, you were nervous. Nervous that he was going to die, after you had just gotten him back.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, noticing that you were starting to cry. “Is it because of Ikaris?”
“No- it’s… I should have come to find you. I was so alone and I never worked up the courage to come visit and now? Now we could be about to die and I wasted so much time by myself. I’m so sorry for leaving you alone.” You said, letting the tears flow even as you felt Druig pull you against his body.
“I made you think I wanted isolation which… I did for a while. But being here with you I understand what you’re feeling, better than you know.”
The moment was cut short when Phastos said he bracelets were ready, when you all suited up and got ready for battle. But you knew your talk with Druig wasnt over, so long as the both of you survived the this entire ordeal.
You were out with Sersi, Makkari and Druig. Phastos knew that you being with Druig would be beneficial, since your powers both dealt with your powerful minds. You rose up with them, feeling the plan set in motion felt good, it felt like you were about to actually do this and put Tiamut to sleep.
But Ikaris knocked Druig down, and as you saw him blast him with his laser you felt your heart sink down to your stomach. The shout you let out was something between agony and anger, and something that sent Ikaris grabbing his head.
You knew you could read minds, but making him feel your pain physically was a power you hadn’t unlocked. You’d have to look more into that. Regardless, this gave Makkari time to grab him and start effectively beating him.
But your mind was broken on its own, your entire being felt shattered. You had spent so long pretending that you didn’t like Druig, convincing yourself that he was your least favorite person. But the thought of living in a world without him, and never seeing his cute smile again, made you feel empty and lonely. It was unfathomable, it felt like falling into an endless dark chasm that you would never get out of - oh my god… you loved him. You were in love with him, and you weren’t going to be able to tell him.
This needed to get done, you needed to protect Sersi at all costs - Druig’s fate would not be in vein, even if you had to sacrifice yourself for Sersi to ensure it.
“I’m staying with you.” You said, turning to look at Sersi who nodded and brought you with her. You both ventured closer to the erupting volcano. You hoped they would be okay on the beach, because you knew you would feel a lot safer not sending Sersi off on her own without any sort of backup.
The both of you made it rather far before you saw Ajak, but you both knew better. It was obviously Sprite, Ajak would never say something so cold to Sersi. She loved all of you, and it became clear to you that Sprite did not.
You were so distracted by how offensive Sprite’s portrayal of Ajak was to you that you didn’t notice that she was actually behind Sersi, though you wouldn’t have been able to anyway since she had made herself invisible.
Your eyes widened in shock as you dropped to hold onto Sersi, trying to stop the bleeding as you held onto her waist. You grabbed a knife from the side of your attire, standing up with the blade out as you looked at her. You were about one second away from trying to stab her before Druig hit her with a rock.
Wait. Druig?!
“You’re alive?!” You breathed out, helping Sersi up as you took in the sight of his face. A face that for a moment, you believed you may never see again. grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug, breathing in the scent of him that you feared you would never be able to smell again.
You had little time, however, so you pulled back. When he talked to Sersi you let go of him, turning back one last time. “You were right, about what I had to tell you.” You said, before following Sersi toward Tiamut.
You stood beside her as she kneeled and started freezing the ground, you kept watch while trying to get into her mind and see how you could keep her calm. Serenity was key in this, even if it was something that would obviously make her incredibly anxious.
Ikaris approached rather quickly, and you stood in the way of his line of attack though you knew he would kill you both if need be. But he didn’t, he loved Sersi even if he acted as though he was incapable of love.
It was a relief, and as you all became a unimind you knew that you were doing the right thing. You watched Sersi, taking in the power that she had and how she was doing this on her own - saving the world quite literally.
You closed your eyes as Tiamut was frozen, until you were all released from the unimind. The moment your feet touched the ground you had the urge to run toward Druig, the only thing stopping you being Sersi.
“Go to him.” She said, an understanding smile on her face. The same understanding she had all that time ago when you admitted that he helped you sleep.
You took off running back in the direction you came from, barely being careful enough to not slip and fall before you finally found him, crashing into another hug as you realized you were both alive after everything.
He pulled back from the hug only to crash his lips against yours, your body curving into his as he held you close to him. It took thousands of years of bickering and snide remarks, but the kiss felt absolutely magical. It felt like his mouth was made for your own as you took the feeling of him in. The feeling like you were both flying as you pulled back to look into his eyes and catch your breath.
“So you’re in love with me?”
“I am.”
“Good, because I’m in love with you too.” Druig said, a big smile covering his face as you kissed the corner of his mouth before walking back to the beach where you would find everyone else waiting for you all.
It was the lack of Ikaris that caught your attention, and seemed to catch Sprite’s as well. He was dead, from what Sersi said. And despite how much you had grown to hate him, losing another member of your little family hurt. Losing Sprite, however, didn’t hurt too much. You believed she deserved her choice, just as Thena did when she decided she didn’t want her mind erased. If the only way for her to be happy was becoming human, you would be happy for her.
You all left the beach, ending up going back with Phastos while you waited until you felt ready to go back to being separated from the remaining members of your group of Eternals. You spent a majority of the next two weeks exploring the new nature of your relationship with Druig before you both had to tend to your responsibilities. These explorations included, but we’re not limited to, exploring each other’s minds, emotions, a little bit of exploring each other's thoughts, and a moderate amount of exploring each other’s bodies. Just the good stuff, basically.
But, everything must come to an end and you went your separate ways. Yourself, Druig, Makkari and Thena all decided to stay on the ship and try to find the remaining Eternals. With the promise to stay in contact with Sersi, Kingo and Phastos, you felt hopeful about your new future.
Seven thousand years spent on Earth, avoiding your true feelings toward Druig and decidedly living in self isolation may have been wasted. But as you laid beside him on your ship, cuddled into his body as you both drifted off to sleep, you knew you would never waste another moment.
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helaintoloki · 24 days ago
pairings: Druig x eternal!reader
notes: this is kinda short bc i’m still getting used to writing for the character so my apologies
warnings: angst, pining, unrequited love
summary: in which you come to terms with your life of eternal loneliness
Tumblr media
Your existence is lonely.
Having been given extraordinary gifts and near-immortality, you should have considered yourself blessed to be granted the life of an Eternal. The people of earth adore you no matter where you go, the planet’s elements bend to your will with ease, and you get to spend your time here on this world with people you consider family, so you should be grateful. What more could you possibly want?
But as you witness the laughter spill from Druig’s lips and the smile he saves for Makkari’s eyes only you’re harshly reminded of the one thing your existence is missing.
Requited love.
You aren’t quite sure when it happened or even why it did, but you had foolishly fallen in love with the man you considered to be your closest friend, never once considering the possibility that your closeness could lead to heartache down the line.
There had always been a sense of understanding shared between the two of you, a balance that kept you both from falling off the edge. When it all became too much you looked to Druig to chase away the monsters and put your emotions back in order when you couldn’t. You kept him from making rash decisions and often talked him down during his times of frustration with the humans and his inability to interfere. It wasn’t always perfect, and there were times when neither of you could see eye-to-eye, but it worked, and it was what kept you sane throughout the years. Druig was your confidant, your best friend, but he would never be yours.
He would never look at you the way he looked at Makkari, would never shower you in compliments and give you coy smiles when you melted into his touch. Though you were a friend, you would not be the one he went searching for in the middle of the night. You would forever be a second choice, but you had learned to be okay with that. You would accept his scraps, cherish the small moments shared in the shadows of the domo, savor every spared glance and lingering touch. A single brush of his fingertips against your own could satiate the hallow pit of longing in your chest for centuries— you’d take what you could get no matter how pathetic if it meant maintaining your friendship.
“Sulking so early in the evening, my dear?” His voice is teasing, smile mirthful as he pokes at your side and breaks you from your contemplative state. Brought back to the present, you are reminded of the party taking place before you. The locals play their music and dance, taking extra care to include you and your group in their festivities, though Sersi seems to be enjoying herself the most.
“I suppose I’m not in a very festive mood,” you reply with a meager shrug and a timid smile. “You go on and enjoy yourself.”
“I’ll be coming back for you,” Druig promises with a wink before heading off in search of Makkari. Your heart pounds in your chest, close to bursting at the seams as you longingly watch him disappear into the crowd.
A new presence joins you then, following your yearning gaze in silence before returning to carefully analyze your features. You huff in mild annoyance and shift uncomfortably where you stand, but the woman says nothing. “Don’t poke fun, Thena.”
“I wasn’t going to,” she replies calmly. “Gilgamesh sent me to check on you.”
“I’m fine.”
“You’re in love.”
“Is that so terrible?” You muse quietly.
“Are you ever going to tell him?”
“Look at him,” you whisper softly, swallowing to keep your forming tears at bay as you watch him and Makkari banter playfully from across the way, “he’s happy. How could I ever be selfish enough to ruin that?”
“And what of your own needs? Your own happiness?”
“We each have a job to do here on earth, a duty to fulfill, and my happiness is not a priority,” you reply solemnly before looking over to meet Thena’s neutral gaze. “You must think I’m pathetic.”
“No,” she replies carefully. “Cynical, maybe, but not pathetic.”
Her attempted jest brings a faint smile to your face, and for a moment the ache in your chest is relieved. There are times when your fellow Eternals make your world deem less empty, and for a while you feel as if perhaps your existence isn’t so isolating after all. But you know better, and you know that when the festivities are over and the moon hangs high in the sky you will be alone again, and no one will be able to stop the loneliness from swallowing you whole.
Not even Druig, who has heard your every thought and felt your every emotion since Thena approached you.
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aphiandhephi · 5 months ago
Y/N: *Holds a knife to Loki’s throat*
Loki:…Oh no
Y/N: You haven’t kissed me in three days and it fucking pisses me off
Y/N, shrugging: I know it turns you on.
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fandomsuntied03 · 8 months ago
Bucky *screeching*: YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME!
Y/N: wh-
Y/N:why are you screaming??
Y/N: I-
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writersblockedx · 24 days ago
My Empty Lover
Tumblr media
Pairing - Druig x Eternal!Reader Summary - Sersi seeks out her fellow Eternals to stop the emergence. In doing so, she finds you, the fortune teller who can no longer remember her own past Warnings - Implications of suicide and depression. Eternals spoilers! Words - 2.8k
It had been years, decades, centuries even since Druig had last seen the Eternals. A group of people he fought along side, drew blood with, the closest thing he dare say he had to a family. But as Deviants fell and Thena got sicker, distance grew. Sides were took and people went their separate ways. Though, while some didn't dare to even make contact, others hadn't dared to leave another: Gilgamesh looked over Thena in a deserted area on Earth, Sprite went to and from Eternals and for the most part, you and Druig had been strung together.
With all Deviants gone, the two of you roamed the beauty of Earth together, collecting memorises and watching as the humans built and destroyed all that beauty. It was a repeated cycle that you couldn't help but dwell on at night. As time went on, thoughts emerged and actions were forced that could never be taken back and before Druig realised it, he was roaming the Earth alone. Only now, he couldn't see the beauty, only the war and the violence and the bitter world that was left.
When Sersi led the other Eternals to Druig, they all expected you to be right there with him. So they couldn't help but fall curious as the boy stood alone in his home of mind control. "Where's Y/n?" Sersi had asked, one of the first questions to fall from her lips after Druig settled on the current situation.
The boy stood staring at the blank wall ahead of him, the rest of the Eternals seated behind him as they watched, waiting for the pin to drop. "Safe."
A one word answer.
When the group last knew Druig, they could barely get him to shut up about you. The way he would string his winding thoughts together, mini little speeches explaining how your beauty matched against nature itself or how he adored the way your brain thought and worked. He sometimes struggled to find enough words to use. Yet here he stood, one word. Nothing more. Nothing less. But a word of which should have created assurance for the other Eternals had never seemed so worrisome.
"That's not very helpful." Sprite remarked.
Druig didn't reply, he didn't need to so he didn't. "She is okay, isn't she?" Ikaris almost threatened. His tone sounding as if he cared for the girl more than Druig had ever done.
He turned, facing his fellow Eternals, "She's fine."
"Then what aren't you telling us?" Sersi pressed as she analysed Druig's expression, searching for what he wasn't quite saying.
Saying this aloud was proving to be much harder than it had been running the memorises through Druig's own head. To have it spoken meant he could be judged. Whether he believed he knew best for you out of all of them, it didn't matter. The moment he caught a shred of what could be doubt over what he had done, it wasn't going to leave his head. So, the boy paused. He took the time to gaze at each of them, note their expressions before even opening his lips. "A lot of things happened. She took it to heart and if I hadn't done anything- I'm not sure what she might have done." The boy spoke, a long pause following before he broke the ice he was so delicately walking on. "I eased her memory."
They were all silent. The information was certainly not what any of them had been expecting and they fought to find a logical explanation as to why. Though, the only person who knew that was Druig. "God, you are stupid." Gilamesh commented with a huff.
Ikaris shook his head as a scoff fell from his lips and with crossed arms, he looked up at Druig with a deathly gaze. "One of us should have check on the two of you. Should have known you would have done something stupid." He spat, speaking down at Druig without even knowing the full context of what he had done.
"At least I was with her!" Druig fought, with the same harsh scowl written across his expression as was written over Ikaris. "None of you actually cared enough to check on either of us."
"Watch your words, Druig." Ikaris seethed, a threat strung into his words as the two stared back and fourth at another.
If they continued on, Sersi believed they weren't going to get out of this. They weren't going to get Druig on their side and they certainly weren't going to find your location. "What happened?" Sersi questioned, her tone soft compared to Ikaris as she stood from her seat.
Druig calmed just enough to tear his eyes from Ikaris and find the words to recall the event he always wished to forget. "Y/n befriended one of the humans, a young girl. She helped her, showed her funny little tricks and kept the girl from harm." He paused, glancing to the floor as he fought back the bitter memory. "You see, this girl in particular was, struggling. Her family was cruel and until Y/n came into her life, the girl was utterly alone." Another pause, another horrid memory resurfacing. "After a few years, Y/n thought the girl was getting better. Y/n had been the one to find her, she was bleeding, no pulse." Pause, the room filling with that same horrid memory as it settled across each Eternal. "Y/n couldn't help but blame herself. The only thing she hadn't seen coming and it broke her."
Every word Druig spoke seemed to break him just as much. And once he finally finished and looked back up, he felt almost relieved. No judgment stared back at him, only sympathy for the girl he adored. "You sacrificed your love for her happiness." Kingo played back. "It's beautifully depressing. Would make a great storyline for one of my movies."
"You won't be able to make another movie when Earth's gone." Sprite reminded him, a sharp pinch of the reality the group were currently stuck in.
"So you made a fortune teller forget her own past." Gilgamesh spoke, almost making Druig's actions seem stupid now. Yet, the point was ironic considering.
Sersi looked up from the floor, pulling from her thoughts. "How did you even do that?" She queried, a question yet to have passed through the other's heads yet.
"I found a women, not of Earth. She was powerful, powerful enough to erase even the strongest of minds."
"Okay, so where is this women now?" Ikaris added.
Druig could almost laugh at how impossible this was going to be. "She's dead." His words fell flat with the others. You not remember who you were, who they were, it wasn't just effecting you and Druig, it was now going to effect whether Earth survives the emergence.
A sigh came from across the room, "You are stupid then." Gilgamesh confirmed.
"Do you at least know where she is?" Again, Ikaris' words seemed demanding and seem to fall with a threat as he glared at Druig.
The boy had practically laughed back at Ikaris. "Of course I do."
And so, after they fought off the new deviants and mourned the death of Gilgamesh, they followed Druig to where he had kept you safe all these years.
It had been a troublesome few weeks. With half of the population back all at once, things struggled to function as they had done in the blip. Houses were being built as fast as the builders were able to and fishermen were working till they physically couldn't to feed the new half of the village. You kept yourself secluded for most of it. Double the noise. Double the time you spent tossing and turning in your bed.
Which would explain as to why you had fallen asleep snuggled into your living room armchair in the middle of the afternoon. And why you had jumped so much when a knock came at your door. Once the fear settled, you pulled yourself from the chair, chucking the blanket back to the floor.
Valkyrie had hardly been surprised when you pulled the door open, tired eyes starring back at her and scruffy clothes hanging from your body. "Aren't you meant to be busy?" You had asked with a raise brow.
The girl grinned back at you, hands tucked into her pockets. "I am." She paused as she shifted her footing slightly before continuing. "There's a group of people here, asking for you."
"They tourists?"
Valkyrine shook her head, "Nope. They know your name, know who you are and one of them seems to know this place more than just a small village on the coast." That could only scream a red flag.
"But I don't know enough people to know a group of them." You argued, believing that whoever these people were, they were mistaken. Or at least you hoped they were, from the sounds of things, you didn't really want to be dealing with this.
"Just speak to them." Valkyrie pleaded with a glimmer in her eyes. "For me?" She added, a childish smirk pulling at her lips.
You huffed yet straighten your back and tried to pull yourself together just enough for it to be acceptable. "Fine"
And you went to walk out the door, only stopped by Valkyrie's hand pushing you back gently. "You might want to put on some clothes that aren't pyjamas. These people seem pretty serious." You looked back down at your clothing then back up to Valkyrie; you had no idea what you had to do with 'pretty serious'.
But you did as the girl told you, changing into some more suitable clothing and making your way towards the coast line. The sea wasn't too high today, yet high enough that salt air consumed your smell and the waves crashed loudly against the rocks. A group of diverse people stood along the cliff edge. As you stared from a far, you couldn't pin point any one of them. But, as you slowly got closer, one of them stood out among them all.
There must have been almost nine of them. And they were all staring at you.
Something about the group seemed to send alarms off in your head. They're faces familiar, as if their names could fall right off your tongue if you tried hard enough. Before you were able to ask who they were, the centre boy stepped forward in front of the rest. "Y/n," He called, voice drowned in a thick Irish accent and, in way, seeming to comfort your nerves of the unknown figures. "We need to talk to you."
Swallowing, you looked at each of them. Some of them just as confused as you were, other's holding narrow eyes as if trying to work you out and then there was the boy in front of you. Brunette, leather jacket and boots. He looked far from a comfort, but your mind seemed settled, telling you this situation was safe because he was in it.
"Who are you?"
The boy looked back to the ones behind him before glancing back to you. "There's a lot we need to explain." That really hadn't given you much of an answer.
With a quick thought, you gestured your head towards your small cottage that sat close beside the sea front. "This way." You instructed the group before guiding the way back into your home.
To say the least, it was the most people ever packed into your small front room and kitchen. Some scattered around the kitchen table, other's leaning against counters and you rustling around making drinks for each of them. "It's a nice place you have, good view, lovely neighbours." One of them had compliment as his eyes dotted around the room.
You could almost have laughed; your house had never been messier. You never expected guests because you never had any. Yet, here you stood, searching for enough glasses for the group of people which occupied your house. "Thanks, bit of a downgrade from where I use to live though." You remarked. A normal remark but still it seemed to urge a few shared glanced of which you weren't able to interrupt. You walked towards the table, placing down each drink. "Everything okay?" You asked, as a reassurance in reaction to the concerned glances.
"Not quite." The youngest one of them all had commented, leant far from the others against a wall.
Your eyes shot to leather jacket boy, silently asking as to what was meant by that. He sighed, giving the girl a deathly glare as he walked passed. "You should sit, there's a few things to get through." You did as he said, taking a moment to once more look at each of them.
Druig was about to carry on, he had it all planned in his head, the best way to ease your mind into this unpredictable circumstance. Instead, Sersi couldn't help herself, her body on a timer as she faced Arishem herself. "Do you remember anything?" She interrogated, hastily.
You eyes shot to her, question having thrown you straight off. "What- What do you mean?" You were starting to think you were in a dream, almost like the moment when the patient from the Midgardian TV show would wake up from a years long coma, head swirled and thoughts torn apart.
Druig stared back at Sersi, glaring right into her pupils. "Let me do this, okay?" He told them before turning back to you, closer than anyone else in the room. "A lot has happened in the last few days and there's a few things that you can help us with."
Again, you laughed. "What am I going to help you with?" You looked back at the sixth foot tall, muscle man that stood behind, who you believed to be, Ikaris. He barely fit in between the floor and ceiling yet they were asking you for help.
"You'd be surprised." Druig remarked with a smirk, eyes caught up in your own for the first time since the boy had let you go. "Before you had your life on Asguard, you were someone else." He started, tone as soft as it could be as he stared with nothing but gentle eyes. "You were one of-"
"You were an eternal. You still are." The muscly one from afar cut in, breaking what seemed to be turning into an affectionate moment between you and Druig.
Druig huffed, his fist thudding against the wood of the table before he stood up from his chair with just enough force the chair moved slightly with him. "Did you not hear what I said?" He snapped, words dripping in frustration.
"We don't have time for this." The other man said before pushing himself pass Druig to focus on you. "The Earth is currently about to go through the emergence-"
"Ikaris stop it!" Druig fought.
Not that it had mattered, the man went on even with the objections. "This is when a celestial being is going to take the power from the planet and in doing so, will kill every living being in the process. Except us. Except you. Now, if you don't want all your friends that live here to die, then we're going to need your help."
The information kept going. You weren't who you thought you were, the world was going to end, everyone on New Asguard was going to die. You could barely keep up. The words tangled with your thoughts, knotted your mind and before you could even realise it, the air around you seemed to blur and it felt as if you were looking at the world through a mirror. You'd never wanted to escape an situation as badly as you had done then.
"Y/n?" Druig had asked first. When you didn't respond, he forced himself in front of Ikaris, crouching down to your level. "Y/n?" That time it was more desperate, more demanding that you give him some kind of assurance that you were still there.
"Is she alright?" Thena had asked, unusually calmed compared to Druig. Unlike him, Thena remembered you as an Eternal with a head of steel; whatever it was, she believed you to be okay.
All your brain could work out then and there was muddled sayings, a language that almost sounded foreign. It took all you energy just to mutter out a, "Excuse me." And with that, your left your own home in nothing but a hurry.
Druig was left to stare back at an empty space, trying to collect his thoughts. That seemed pointless now. So he jolted, he stood from his place and whipped around to face Ikaris. "Who's the stupid one now?" He queried with a clenched jaw in attempt to hold the other words which fought to speak. Words of which could only worsen a terrible situation.
"I'm not the one who erased who memories in the first place."
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