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Reminder that your favorite character loves you no matter what your body type is. They'll gladly kiss every inch of your skin and shower you in assuring words as many times as you need till you realize that you're loved. Oh and they literally can't get their hands off you, they think you're pretty irresistible <3
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Religion’s In Your Lips (Even if It’s a False God)
Tumblr media
Not my gif
Summary: Y/N accidentally gets exposed to sex pollen. Good thing Wanda is there to help her
Word Count: 4.1k words
Pair(s): Wanda Maximoff x female!reader
Warning(s): +18, cursing, sex pollen (though everything is consensual), oral sex, strap-on sex, mommy kink, praise kink, butt plug, Wanda using her powers during sex, Tony being a smartass, sinful as hell
It was a normal day, until it wasn’t. Life with the avengers was always like that. You had been part of the superheroes group for way over a year, having been rescued by Steve and Natasha while they explored a supposedly abandoned building Hydra had been working on. The scientists had left you there with a few Hydra members to ensure your progress didn’t end up killing them all with your newfound powers, when a redhead appeared seemingly out of thin air and got you out of your cell and into the avengers compound. You were skeptical of SHIELD at first, but then you met Wanda Maximoff.
The two of you instantly clicked, having the shared burden of being treated like little scientist experiments by Hydra and the loss of your childhood. You were the only one Wanda ever shared her true sadness with over her dead twin Prieto, and you managed to get her out of her shell and be a little more outgoing with the rest of them. So it was definitely not a surprise to anyone on the team when you announced you were dating.
(Though Clint definitely threw the two of you a celebration party when he found out and even brought in little Nathaniel Prieto so Wanda could finally meet him)
So, despite everything, you couldn’t really complain. Expect when things got out of hand and you ended up on the receiving end. That being, you helping Bruce in the lab like the good person you were and ending up accidentally knocking over some fancy-looking viles and smelling in the yellow dust while Bruce was in the other room getting some classified materials to continue with his experiment at creating a lotion that could close wounds in mere seconds.
You gasped as the yellow dust disappeared out of thin air, but you were completely sure you had at least breathed in some of it. Not knowing what it was, you called out for Bruce, who hadn’t heard the commotion because he was too focused on his task.
“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked you, walking into the lab. He stopped when he saw the broken vial at your feet. “Oh god, are you okay?” He rushed over to your side, putting his hands on your shoulders so he could take a good look at your face.
You nodded. “I think I breathed in some of it, but I feel completely fine,” you smiled to reassure him. “What was in it? Is it something bad?” You put a hand on your chest. “Am I going to die?”
“No, no. Good thing for me because Wanda would kill me,” he said, kneeling to the ground to take a look at the vial.
“Oh, yeah, she totally would,” you unconsciously smiled at the thought of your girlfriend.
“We’ve had these vials around for a few months. Tony found them while during some exploration in an inactive Hydra zone. We’ve been doing tests on them and- actually I can’t remember what they even do,” he said, walking over to the big computer on the side of the room. He started typing in and suddenly his face turned red. “Oh.”
“Oh? What’s that supposed to mean, Bruce?” You asked, walking over to him. “Am I really going to die? Is that it? Why would you keep something like that around? Oh god, I’m going to die,” you ranted on as Bruce kept typing on the computer, making sure the vial you had inhaled was what he thought it was. “I can’t die, Bruce! I’m too hot. My girlfriend’s too hot. Oh, Wanda- she’s so going to kick your ass. And she would probably never recover. I mean, not to brag but I’m one of a kind. She would never find anyone better than me-“
“Y/N,” Bruce said exasperated, turning around to look you in the eyes. “I know humor is your coping mechanism, but you need to shut up and let me explain, okay?”
“Okay. Sorry.”
Bruce nodded, leaning against the desk. “The vials were prototypes. They were supposed to be used on modified humans to, uh, enhance their reproductive instincts.”
“Oh my lord, am I going to pop up a kid out of nowhere? Like Zeus with Athena?” You put your hands on your forehead, confusion clear on your face.
“No. You, well…”
“You’re going to get super horny for a few hours,” said Tony from the door, looking at the broken vial still on the floor.
You turned around to look at the man. “As in, I’m going into heat?” You asked, remembering that time Peter showed you a web called AO3 that forever left you scared.
“Like a little non-castrated dog,” Tony confirmed, nodding. “Good thing there’s still a few of them intact, I was planning on using them on Bucky when he was alone with Sam just for funsies. If you survive I might do it during my birthday. A little treat for myself, you know.”
“Okay, please take the image of Bucky and Sam doing it out of my brain,” you begged, closing your eyes. You were starting to feel dizzy.
“Are you sure you’re okay, Y/N?” Bruce walked up to you.
“She will be. Probably,” you gave Tony a hard look. “I suggest you go back to your room and maybe call Wanda. Y’know, just in case,” he winked at you before holding the door open for you.
You opened the door to the room you shared with Wanda and walked over to the bathroom. Your body temperature seemed to have increased in the short walk from the lab to your bedroom, and your mind was getting foggy as you rushed to take off your clothes and quickly step into the shower. The slightly cold water hit you right in the face, but you only gasped in pleasure. This is what you needed, a nice shower to calm down your hormones. Maybe Tony was wrong, or maybe the vials hadn’t been properly developed. You were just driving yourself crazy. You blindly reached out to grab your shampoo, but moaned when you opened the bottle and Wanda’s smell hit you right on the nose. Lavender body wash, the one only she used and that you loved so much. Wanda, Wanda, Wanda…
You gasped, turning off the shower after washing your body and face. Your center pulsed at the idea of your girlfriend. You quickly grabbed a towel and dried yourself before wrapping it around your body to find another one for your hair. The soft material of the towel rubbed against your skin with every movement and you felt yourself get wet instantly.
So the vials definitely worked properly. Great.
After drying your hair and discarding the wet towel on the floor, you walked back into your room and sat down in the bed, face between your hands as they rested on your thighs. You took in big breaths, trying to calm down your erratic heartbeat, but it was impossible. You needed to- you needed her.
The door opened, and you heard the telltale sound of Wanda taking off her shoes and leaving them by the door. You turned your head to see her walking up to you, face full of concern. She knelt in front of you, taking your face in her hands softly.
“How are you?” she asked, thumb running over your cheek. “Bruce told me what happened. How are you feeling, detka?” Her accent, usually almost gone, became thick with worry. You moaned, grabbing her hand and trailing it down so she could touch you. Anywhere her hands touched would be greatly welcomed. “Y/N?” She asked, eyes watching as you tried to help her understand what you needed.
“The vial,” you said, voice low. You held onto her hand like it was your only anchor to the world. “It made me want to have sex,” you explained, finally understanding that Bruce had obviously told her, but not the whole thing to avoid an awkward conversation.
Wanda looked at you with clear disbelief in her face, but it stopped when she watched as you guided her hand further down your body unconsciously. Her face changed and she got up, taking you with her. She put her hands on your hips. Without shoes, you had to look up to be able to look her in the eye. “Does my baby need me?” She asked, her voice low and raspy. You moaned, putting your body against hers to feel some relief. One of her hands moved, touching your back before she rested it on the back of your neck, moving you until your lips met in a messy kiss. After a few minutes, you pulled away, hands traveling to the front of her jacket to pull it off, eyes never leaving hers. “How much do you need me, baby? Uh?” She asked in your ear as she dropped her jacket to the floor, her lips barely touching the sensitive skin in your neck.
“So much,” you whispered, hands tangling in her hair as you put her down for another kiss, but it was cut short when she removed the towel from your body, your back hitting the mattress before the towel could touch the floor. She stood over you, a hand caressing your breast but completely ignoring your painfully hard nipple.
“So much?” She asked with a sarcastic pout, grabbing one of your legs and resting it on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, detka, I’m going fuck that right out of your system,” she said against your inner thigh, leaving a soft kiss there that gained a wimper out of you. Her mouth was on your pussy, licking off all the wetness before she moaned. “You’re so wet, kotenok. Is this all for me?” She asked.
“Yes. God, Wanda…” you moaned. Her right hand parted open your lips, your tongue quickly wrapping around two of her fingers and wetting them as she kept licking and giving small bites at your pussy. After a while, she took her fingers out of your mouth and inserted them inside of you. You gasped in surprise, hands going to Wanda’s hair and holding tightly as you came. “Holy shit,” you said, legs shaking as she started to move them in and out in a synchronized movement.
“Look at me,” she said, and you opened your eyes to see her hovering over you. She gave you a small smile before she began kissing your neck and down. Her hands curled inside, and you gasped as another orgasm took over your body. You held her hand to still it, the overstimulation becoming too much. She stayed completely still, leaving small kisses in your face. “That’s it, detka,” she whispered when your hold on her hand loosened. “You’re doing so good for me,” she said, taking your nipple in her mouth. You moaned, one hand going to her clothed back while the other stayed on her hair, pushing her down onto your chest, seaking the relief your body desperately needed once again. “That’s my good girl,” she said once you started to fuck yourself into her fingers. “Keep going, detka, you’re doing it so good for me.”
“Wanda,” you moaned, another orgasm hitting you at her words. “God, Wanda-“
“Is that my name, honey?” She asked in a sweet voice, her fingers once again moving inside of you as she caressed your cheek.
“Mommy,” you moaned, the word being quickly rewarded with a hard lick on your nipple.
“Yes, detka,” she said, her teeth biting down on your nipple hard enough that made you see stars from the pleasure. “Do you want mommy’s cock?” She asked, watching your face with great interest as you came over her fingers once again. “Oh, baby, you’re making a mess of the bed,” she said, pulling her fingers out and shoving them into your mouth. “Clean mommy’s hand for me, honey,” she said, leaving a small kiss on the side of your breast as you dutifully did as she asked. While two of her fingers were inside your mouth and your tongue worked to clean them off, she began kissing your neck and leaving hickeys all over it. Once Wanda decided you were done, she pulled them out and kneeled in front of you. “Will you be a good girl and help mommy get out of her clothes?”
“Yes, mommy,” you moaned, moving over to pull her shirt out of her body. She groaned, pushing you down back onto the mattress.
“Too slow, detka,” she said. A red mist surrounded her body and the next second she was naked. “Is my baby feeling needy again?” She said in a mocking tone as she watched you move your hips, trying to find some friction. She put a thigh in between your legs, moving your hips until your pussy was touching her skin. “Go ahead, baby,” she said, kissing your forehead. “Get off on mommy,” her eyes turned red as a buttplug appeared on her hand. “Open up, darling,” she said, putting the small metal toy in your mouth. “Do you want this inside of you, baby?” She asked, wanting to make sure you were okay with it. She smiled when you nodded eagerly, the toy still partly inside of your mouth. “Such a good girl. Keep fucking yourself on me, sweetheart,” her other hand traveled to your nipple, which she pulled and twisted. The feeling of everything overwhelmed you, tipping you over the edge again. She quickly put the toy out of your mouth to hear the sweet sounds you always let out when you came. “Khoroshaya devochka.”
You moaned, letting Wanda flip you around with ease. Within seconds, she was shoving the metal toy into your ass, holding you down as you tried to move away from it. “It hurts,” you whined against the mattress.
“I know it does, detka. But you said you wanted it, didn’t you?” She left kisses down your spine. “Aren’t you my sweet girl, baby?” You nodded. “Then take it like a good girl and stop complaining, sweetheart. Don’t upset mommy,” she said, pushing the toy completely in and moving away to admire you. You were a mess, moving your hips against the sheets and your hair, wet with sweat and the shower, was sticking to your skin.
Still, to her you were a work of art. A work of art she was going to ruin.
“Mommy,” you moaned, turning to the side to make eye contact with her. She tilted her head to the side, waiting for you to speak. “I need you. Please, please…”
“My baby,” she said, voice filled with genuine warmth. She could only assume how you were feeling, knowing that Hydra, if anything, was effective in all their experiments. “Are you feeling good, honey?” She asked, helping you turn around so she could fully look at your face. “Is this okay or do you want me to stop?”
“It’s more than okay, Wanda,” you said, reassuring her. You knew how much you meant to her, and the thought of you hurt because of her was unbearable. “I’m fine. I promise. If it’s too much you know I will tell you.”
She smiled, her finger touching your clit. “You will, won’t you, detka?”
You moaned, closing your eyes at the feeling. “Yes. I will.”
“Such a good girl I have, and all for me,” she smiled, slapping the side of your breast. You whimpered. “What is it, honey? Tell mommy what you need.”
“I’m right here, baby. You’re gonna have to be a little more clear.”
“Your cock, mommy.”
She smiled, eyes once again red as the strap appeared on her. She held it in her hands, guiding it to your clit and rubbing the tip, coating it with your cum. “So wet, darling,” she smiled, kissing the side of your face. “So good,” she whispered against your ear, biting into your earlobe as she began putting the dildo inside of you. You gasped, trying to move your hips to get the toy further inside, but she shook her head, letting go of your ear to hover over you. She made sure you were looking at her before her eyes went red, and you felt warmth on the lower part of your body as you were surrounded by a red mist, holding your body down.
“We do this my way, detka,” she said, her hand traveling south to move the buttplug around, causing you to moan, your hips remaining completely still because of her magic. She pushed the strap all the way in, your hips meeting hers. Whining in pure pleasure, your hand went to her back while the other held onto the sheets, head held back as another orgasm hit you. Wanda stayed still, waiting for you to come back from your high.
“Holy shit,” you said, completely breathless, aware of the red angry lines you had carved into Wanda’s back. “Maybe the vial wasn’t that bad after all.”
She chuckled, lowering her head to leave a soft kiss on your nipple before moving to the other one. Her eyes were still red, and you couldn’t help but find it arousing. “Maybe not,” she said, moving her hips once again. You moaned, wishing desperately that you could move alongside her. Still, the toy rubbed perfectly on all the spots you needed her, Wanda knowing your body so well that she knew exactly in what way to move to bring you the most pleasure. One of her hands moved to caress your neck before she wrapped her fingers tightly around it, leaving you just the perfect amount of air not to choke. “Do you want me to do this, detka?” She asked, her voice husky, warm breath hitting the side of your face as she continued fucking you with biggor. She knew you loved it when she choked you, but she loved it even more to see you struggle to get the words out as her hand stayed around your neck.
“Y- Yes,” you managed to say, looking into her red eyes.
“Yes what, baby?” She asked,
“Yes, mommy,” you said, earning a proud smile, her hand tightening around your neck. You gasped, body moving slightly and you finally realised that she had let go of your hips. You wrapped your legs around her waist, pulling her closer, the angle changing slightly but enough to make you moan, the constricted sound barely leaving your lips as she pulled you in for a kiss. Her tongue was all over your mouth, she was all over you and it was all so overwhelming but not enough at the same time. You needed her, on every inch of you. You needed to feel her, but you knew no matter how much she gave you, it could never be enough. With Wanda, it was never enough. It was intoxicating, but nothing, let alone anyone, had ever made you feel so good, so complete. “Oh god, oh god…” you said, your voice low and your hips moving fast to match her rhythm.
“Come for me, baby,” she whispered, her hand tightening yet again, leaving you completely out of air as you moved your hips, another orgasm crashing into you. “You’re doing so good, sweetheart,” she whispered, her hand leaving your neck to caress your face with affection. “So good,” she repeated, making you smile at the praise. “Do you still need me?” Wanda looked into your eyes, waiting for you to catch your breath so you answer.
You moved your hips against hers once more, making Wanda smirk. “Please,” you whispered, eyes begging her to understand what you were feeling. She couldn’t, of course, so she rested her forehead against yours, using her powers to feel what you were feeling; like the world was ending and only her fucking you could prevent it. She gasped, eyes turning back to green as she looked at you, inspecting your features as you kept fucking yourself onto her, almost unconsciously.
“It doesn’t look good, baby,” she whispered. “Maybe we should talk with Bruce-“
“No!” You said, grabbing onto her arm when you saw her trying to get up from the bed. “Please, I need you. Just you,” her heart melted at your words, feeling proud of how you only wanted her, how out of anyone in the world, you had chosen her to take care of you.
“Okay,” she kissed your nipple again. “I’m not going anywhere,” she said, grabbing your hips to pull her body firmly against hers. Suddenly, she flipped the two of you around and you were standing on top of her, making you sink even further down into the dildo. You moaned, grabbing onto her shoulders to gain some stability. You could feel the heat on your stomach subside, bringing in a huge amount of relief. Your cheeks turned a darker shade of red as you stood there, sitting on Wanda’s thighs with her dick buried all the way into your pussy; you felt completely exposed, but there was no shame when it came to Wanda. She would never judge you. “Ride mommy’s dick, baby. C’mon,” she said, understanding your hesitation. Her hands rested on your hips, moving them up and down slowly to motion you to do the same. After a moment, you leaned down and pressed a kiss on her lips, whispering a low ‘thank you’ before you began moving your body, using all the strength you had left to chase one last orgasm; one more that you could share with her.
You held onto her boobs, twisting one of her nipples as you began a frantic, out of sync movement. “Come with me, mommy,” you begged her. Wanda groaned, sitting up so she could hold your waist and guide you into a more coordinated rhythm. She sucked one of your nipples into her mouth, smiling in delight when you pushed your head back to moan.
“Mommy is going to cum,” she said, hand going to your ass to put out the buttplug, the sensation making you freeze momentarily. “Come with me, Y/N,” she asked, grabbing your hair and pulling on it until your face was against hers. You kept your eyes open and watched as she came, the sight being enough to make you come as well. You collapsed into her, trying to catch your breath. She moved the two of you to the side, leaving you resting on your back as she pulled the strap out of you.
“Tired,” you made grabby hands when you saw her getting up off the bed. She smiled, kissing your forehead before taking you into her arms bridal style.
“I know you’re tired, detka,” she said, letting you rest your head on her shoulder as she walked to the bathroom, turning on the light and opening the tap on the bathtub with her powers. “But we need to clean you up before we can sleep.”
You closed your eyes, knowing Wanda would take care of you as she always did.
“Well, well, well…” Tony smiled, arms thrown open in pure delight. “If it isn’t my favorite couple!”
“Cut the crap, Stark,” Wanda said in a warning tone. Her arm was around your shoulder, unconsciously pulling you closer when she heard the man talk. Tony, never once capable of reading the room, walked up to you still smiling.
“How was the vial?” He asked, the smile changing into his scientific face.
You looked at Wanda, who smiled at you. “Pleasant,” you said.
Tony laughed, swearing he was going to use one of the vials on Bucky. The worst part was that you fully believed he would do it. You smiled looking at Wanda.
Either way, that was none of your business. Only Wanda was.
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Y/N, after meeting Natasha's mom: I love meeting people’s moms.
Y/N: It’s like reading an instruction manual as to why they’re nuts.
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I think I'm falling for you.
Tumblr media
↳ pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
WARNINGS: bad writing 💀, alcohol? I think that's it, if there's anything else, lmk :)
➫ Natasha never imagined that she would find love, especially with a random girl who screamed bloody murder at 3 am when she was the one that fell onto her in the first place.
⤳ A/N: happy dying on the inside 1,003 days without Natasha :) I'm a little late since I just found out, but she is my favourite person in the world and she means so much to me <3 this fic in particular is for all the natasha lovers, there's never not a time when I wish that our best girl would just come back :(
Italics are flashbacks ! this fic is also based on this song. it'd probably be nicer to read and would make more sense if you listen to it at the same time <3
⬐ word count: 2.9K (it was like 9 words away from being 3k this is not satisfying to me at all)
Tumblr media
RESTLESSNESS whirled inside Natasha as she treaded back to her home after a little walk to clear her mind.
For some reason, somehow, she thought about soulmates. Love. Falling for someone. Natasha's thoughts didn't usually consist of this. Uncertaininty was pouring onto her like heavy rain.
What if she didn't find some of that life that Wanda always told her to get? What if she doesn't have the capability to fall for someone? What if that someone didn't fall for her?
Little did she know that she would meet that someone that night, and what she didn't know either, was that she was your someone as well.
You backed out of an alleyway slowly, keeping alert of your surroundings, but at the same time, already zoning out. I have the attention span of a fly, you thought.
The redhead doesn't notice you either, and fate decided to have a little fun with its two favorite victims.
"Shit!" Natasha swore when she felt someone fall directly on top of her after bumping into them. You only felt someone very...solid underneath you, and caution flooded into you.
"I'm sorry," you apologised anyway, groaning, and opening your eyes. They met green, not an ugly green, no, but the most ethereal green you've ever seen. Emerald green. Natasha's heartbeat quickened just by maintaining eye contact with you. Are you the someone I'm looking for? A fleeting thought passed by her.
Natasha's heartbeat quickened just by maintaining eye contact with you. Are you the someone I'm looking for? A fleeting thought passed by her.
"STRANGER DANGER!" you suddenly exclaimed, scaring the shit out of Natasha, and you jumped off of her, brushed yourself off, and held up your arms in defense.
"Woah, woah," Natasha stood up, her hands in front of her, keeping you at arm's length, "Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you."
"That's exactly what someone who's planning to hurt me would say," you deadpanned, your arms still held protectively in front of you.
Natasha finally noticed where she was, right in front of the Stark mansion. The richest people where she lived.
"What were you doing, coming out of this alleyway all sneaky like?" Natasha asked suspiciously, eyes narrowing.
"Depends, are you the police?" you joked, which was bad timing, because Natasha stiffened and looked like she was one second away from punching you.
"Now I'm the stranger danger, hm?" you said, grinning, "Y/n Stark, pleased to make your acquaintance," you bowed jokingly.
"S-Stark?" Natasha found herself rendered speechless, "The Tony Stark has a daughter?"
"There's a lot of things you don't know about my father," you shrugged playfully, "But I guess that's a topic for another day. Let's focus on getting you home safely, shall we?"
"There's no need," the words slipped out of Natasha's mouth, "I can take care of myself."
"Well, I am aware of that, trust me," you spoke softly, and the moonlight illuminating your features just reminded Natasha of how beautiful she thought you were, "But the thing is, you don't always have to."
"Nat, Natasha, Natalia! NatNatNatNatNat."
Natasha shook her head, ultimately breaking out of her trance, and her vision cleared when she saw your face right in front of hers. A blush spreaded throughtout her cheeks.
"Thank God you're back to me," you sighed, relieved, "I thought I lost you for a second there during my rant on why people who put milk before the cereal deserve to be in jail."
"I put milk before the cereal," Natasha's eyebrows furrowed, and you gasped, "I knew you couldn't be trusted from the moment I met you! Truly horrifying, aren't you?"
Natasha rolled her eyes at your antics that she grew to find endearing, and she caught herself staring at you again.
Snug in the old library, your bright and buoyant aura was what deeply contrasted you to your surroundings, you looked to her like someone that came out of a comic book, animated, flawless, and sporting a knockout smile.
"I still can't believe you made us drive out to this ancient library that doesn't even have computers to search for the books we want instead of just using the one on campus," Natasha grumbled, trying to come off as upset.
You didn't take the bait, instead you clapped your hands happily, "Come on, Nat, you out of all people know I love exploring! This library is so cool."
Natasha could see how happy you were, the library's so senescent and simple that she could feel herself gravitating toward every aged book, nook, and corner.
"Wait, why me out of all people?" Natasha asked suddenly, and you raised a brow.
"Is that even a question, Romanoff?" you replied, smiling kindly. The confusion on Natasha's face was evident.
"You're my best friend, no one else comes close," you said easily, then as if you said nothing at all, resuming your hunt of the book you sought to find.
Natasha nodded slowly and exhaled quietly.
Would she ever be more?
Would you ever be more to her?
"You know, you would be the type to escape parties for fresh air," you grinned at your friend.
It was about 6 months after you first met. You were incredibly well acquainted already. You briefly remember accidentally registering Natasha as your emergency contact one time. It was an accident, you think.
"Especially when it's one of your father's parties," Natasha breathed, out, "The whole city is here."
It was true. Tony threw the most extravagant parties. The room was full of people, your age and older, drinking champagne, playing party games, and it was full of chatter. As much as you considered yourself a social butterfly, even you needed time to just get away. Especially since it was New Year's Eve.
"Damn right they are," you confirmed, lifting the glass to your lips, "So, any new year's resolutions?"
"You believe in those?" Natasha snorted, the indifferent expression on her face turning into a smile, only because you were there, "Of course, you would be the type to believe in those."
"I didn't say I believed in them," you huffed indignantly, "I was just asking!"
Natasha shook her head with a smile, "Maybe...I have one."
"Are you going to make me beg for it?" you were standing right next to her now, and Natasha turned her face to meet yours.
It felt like she was breathing again, the first breath after rising out of the water that fills your lungs so desperately that you can't help but take another breath.
"Maybe," is all Natasha whispered. Natasha's lips look cold, you mused.
"Please?" you tried, with those puppy eyes she felt resembled her dog too much.
She swallowed, her throat felt tight.
"To have someone to kiss on New Year's Eve."
You stared at her, before bursting into laughter. Natasha was sure that even fireworks couldn't compare to your radiance. Soon, she joined in the laughter as well.
"Stop lying to me, Nat!" you giggled, "That's the most cliche thing I've ever heard you say! You hate cliche! You don't really believe in New Year's resolutions too, don't you?"
"God, you're slow," she teased, and you rolled your eyes, downing the rest of your champagne and sighing.
You could hear the countdown for one minute from inside the room.
"I wouldn't mind having someone to kiss on New Year's Eve, too," you mumbled, face still in your glass.
"Yeah?" Natasha leaned forward a little to try to catch the expression on your face.
30 seconds.
"Yeah," you whispered, looking into her eyes. You never felt more free than when you were with Natasha. Silence ensued. You're not sure how much you were paying attention to everything else. Natasha was enticing, entrancing, Natasha was magical.
10 seconds.
"Kiss me," you ordered gently, hands finding their way onto her neck.
"Are you sure?" she asked once more, hesitant.
You answered that connecting your lips with hers.
Natasha's lips tasted of soda, and you grinned at the thought of her refusing to drink even though you told her that you both could spend the night at your dad's, because she was your ride.
Addicting. The only word to describe you. The only word to describe her.
It was at the time that you knew you were falling in love.
There was a time where Natasha swore you felt the same way, but now she wasn't sure anymore.
After the kiss, you just laughed and winked at her, before hastily running back into the house, and thanking your father for the party.
Natasha just stood there, dumbfounded at how the kiss made her feel, and her heart constricted at your casualness. But what was she expecting really? A confession of love?
Maybe you'll change your mind.
Natasha slaps herself internally, and she focused on finding her own book. These intrusive thoughts could wait.
"You coming, Romanoff? Or are you too busy admiring my beauty?"
"I'm right behind you, weirdo."
"I told you I can do the dishes," you argued, playfully bumping into Natasha who was next to you and helping.
"Why are you so insistent? You never pass up a chance to make chores easier," Natasha teased, and you scoffed, placing a clean plate on the side, "Come on, dishes is like, the only chore I can do without getting distracted 5 seconds in."
"Good that you know," Natasha grumbled, and you splash water at her, "HEY!"
"Stop playing around and do what you're supposed to do," you mimiced the girl's words that she often said to you some days, and she glared at you.
"Out of all the things I say, that's the only thing you remember," Natasha chuckled, and you grinned.
"You practically live here," you said without thinking, "You sleep over almost everyday, you do chores, we spend literally the whole day together except when you're working."
Natasha stopped washing the cup she was holding, "Is that a problem?"
You looked at her, and she seemed almost worried, as if afraid of being too clingy. Genuinely, Natasha was the only reason you still had motivation. Having her next to you for most of the day, energised you.
"Of course, it's not," you quickly reassured her, "It's nice having you around all the time. You know I love spending time with you."
Natasha relaxed and continued, "This might sound random, but...any girl would be lucky to have you, y/n."
But I want you, you thought to yourself, remaining quiet.
Don't you see me?
I think I'm falling.
I'm falling for you.
Never in your life, would you have ever thought that you would see Natasha Romanoff dancing. She was graceful, poised, everything in between, each movement was calculated, but at the same time, smooth.
You had shown her the ballet room in your own mansion, that you had built but didn't really use.
You watched in awe and in silence.
"Going to keep staring, or are you going to join me?"
"I barely know how to dance, Nat," you said, not surprised that she knew you were there. She always seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to that.
"I'll guide you," she held out her hand. You slunk off the wall and walked towards her, eventually taking her hand.
"What about a waltz?" she asked, and you grinned, "You dance, uh, stuff other than ballet?"
"Probably anything you can think of," Natasha shrugged nonchalantly, "Like how tech was your thing as a kid and even now? That's me with dancing."
"That's amazing," you said, impressed, "You're full of surprises."
"It's one of my many, many talents," Natasha chortled.
And just like that, with Natasha's voice in your ears, one hand on your waist, and another intertwined with one of your hands, you weren't aware of how smoothly you were dancing.
"Huh," you giggled, when Natasha showed you how well you were doing, "You do make everything easier."
"Know that I feel the same way about you," she pulled you closer.
Her touch felt like fire all of a sudden. Losing yourself in her was easy.
You longed to feel her lips on yours again.
The words slipped out before you could stop yourself.
"Kiss me."
Unless the last time, Natasha didn't hesitate and wasted no time and quickly kissed you. Lips moved in tandem, and you felt lighter than before.
Natasha made everything easier. Even loving.
"Why are you all alone in your room and crying to Taylor Swift?"
Natasha's voice rung through the air and you didn't dare answer, a blanket wrapped around your figure. It was a month before you showed her the ballet room. You looked at her, she didn't look any better, disheveled hair, and a black eye.
You sat up slowly, sniffling, and pat the space on the bed next to you. Natasha reluctantly trotted over and made herself comfortable on the bed. You lay down, and so did she.
"What happened?" both asked at the same time.
You gave each other knowing looks and laughed.
"Okay, I guess we aren't ready to tell each other anything," you said softly, and Natasha nodded in agreement.
Then you just laid there, facing each other, smiles finally growing over time. Sometimes it was enough just to be near one another.
You draped part of your blanket over her, and she snuggled closer to you.
"For what it's worth, I hope the person who hurt you stubbed their toe," you spoke up.
"I hope that the person who made you cry gets soggy socks tomorrow," her lips tugged upward.
"I hope their pillow is warm on both sides."
"I hope their hot coffee gets mysteriously cold when received."
Natasha laughed at that and you stared at her fondly.
Neither knew what the other was thinking, but they were thinking the same thing.
Are you all I need?
"Remind me where we're going again?"
She scoffed in disbelief, "Do you not understand what a surprise is, Stark?"
"I know this place inside out," you confidently stated, "I wouldn't be surprised no matter where you take me."
"Oh yeah?" Natasha's smirk was more attractive than any model you've ever seen, "Wanna bet on it?"
You forced your gaze away from her and huffed, "No."
"Then shut up and enjoy the ride," Natasha joked, accelerating.
"Could you be any more careful? I'm too pretty to die," you shouted, holding onto the grab handle.
"Believe me, I know."
Tumblr media
"Watch your step!"
"Hard to watch my step w- OW. When I'm b- SHIT. Blindfolded! You suck as a guide."
"Aw, how sweet of you to say."
You grumbled under your breath as you stepped on a bunch of random twigs. Natasha led you to an open area where the wind soared to its greatest lengths.
“Open your eyes,” Natasha whispered into your ear, taking her hands away, and when you opened them, a gasp left your mouth.
A beautiful view of the entire city, and, contradicting what you had said earlier, a place you’ve never seen before.
“It’s breathtaking.”
Natasha’s slight smile was directed at you.
“It is.”
“I gotta hand it to you, Nat,” your hand tangled in your hair, face still awestruck, “You really know how to show a girl a good time.”
Natasha laughed deeply, “And you said you knew this city like the back of your hand.”
“I always learn something new when I’m around you.”
Natasha bit her lip, before sitting on a bench parallel to another and patting the seat in front of her, “Do you fancy sitting here, with me, maybe?”
You chuckled and followed her lead, “Of course.”
There was barely any sounds except for the both of you, and the creatures of the night, the small area free from the noises of traffic and people.
“Can I say something before I chicken out?” you suddenly asked, fingers tapping on your knees and eyes drawn to the ground. Natasha nodded slowly, a slight fear rising inside her at what your next words might contain.
“According to your heart,” you whispered, “My place is not deliberate.”
Natasha’s heartbeat was obnoxiously loud at this point, and it took everything in her to not just sprint out of there, away from you.
“I don’t want to be your friend anymore,” your voice was muffled, cheeks heavily blushing, “It’s not enough. I want more.”
Natasha’s rendered speechless again. It was the moment she was waiting for, but why was it so hard for her to speak?
You cautiously inched closer to her, placing a hand on hers. Natasha shuddered, your touch had that effect on her.
“You just…looked so alive, during the fireworks,” you smiled at her, “The lights just enhanced everything that was already enchanting about you.”
Natasha’s hand curled into yours, squeezing it tightly at your words. Tears pricked at the corner of her eyes subtly. This didn’t feel real.
“On this night, in this light,” you referenced the night you fell in love with her, New Year's Eve, “I think I’m falling. I’m falling for you.”
“Will your ever change your mind?” Natasha spoke, her voice strained.
“No,” you added, gaze softening, “I’m in love with you, my best friend, and I think I’ll always be.”
Natasha lunged forward then, throwing caution to the wind, and catching your lips with her cold ones. Her arms wrapped around your neck, and your hands snaked around her waist. She tasted like strawberries.
She broke apart, nose bumping against yours, before breathing out,
“You’re all I need.”
“On this night, in this light,” she repeated, eliciting a small laugh from you.
“I know I’ve fallen for you," you finished, your eyes crinkled with how hard you were grinning.
“I’ve fallen for you too,” Natasha said, eyes sparkling.
"What does this mean for us?" you asked, hands intertwined with hers.
"We'll take it one day at a time," Natasha reassured, "Just promise you'll be mine?"
You lifted her hand to your lips and kissed it gently,
"I promise."
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i80896 · 2 days ago
Y/N: I know you’re deflecting by making jokes about how hot you are.
druig: It’s not a joke.
druig: *sniffles*
druig: I’m a legit snack.
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reminiscingtonight · 17 hours ago
brushing your lips together, lingering for a moment
Kate Bishop x Reader
Word Count: 475
[100 Kisses Masterlist] // [Main Masterlist]
“Marian! Marian!”
As the heads around you all turn to find who’s yelling their head off, you simply roll your eyes at the familiar voice. 
“You would think that after dating me for three years you would know my name by now.”
Kate comes to a sudden stop by where you’re seated near the front of the bleachers as you wait for her turn in the archery competition. She makes it just in time to hear your sentence and she pouts at your words. “But I’m Robin Hood! And you’re my dazzling Maid Marian.”
You raise an eyebrow at the archer. “So you’re telling me you’re a poor peasant?”
“I’ll gladly be a poor peasant as long as you stay my queen.” A grin accompanies her sweet words and you’re helpless from hiding the blush that breaks across your face.
You shake your head before halfheartedly pushing at her shoulder. “Such a charmer.”
Kate catches your hand with ease, turning your hand before pressing a light kiss against your palm. “But I’m your charmer, so.”
You’re unable to stop the giggle from escaping this time. “What has gotten into you today?”
Kate shrugs, a sparkle of mirth in her eyes. “Competition days mean I have to pull out all the stops, flirting included.”
“Well I better be the only person you’re pulling out those flirting stops on, otherwise we’re about to have a problem.”
Kate laughs, intertwining your fingers before pulling it to her chest. “You already own my heart babe, there’s no one else I’d want to flirt with.”
No matter how many times you’ve heard Kate say those words, your heart still skips a beat every time you hear them. Every time she reassures you that you’re the one for her, you fall deeper and deeper, and you’re not sure if you ever want to stop falling.
Tugging at her collar, you pull Kate in for a sweet kiss. She all but melts against you, bow dropping to the ground as she places her hands against your cheek. 
Sighing into the kiss, you can’t stop your brain from wandering. There was nothing you craved more than days like these. Days where nothing mattered but the two of you. But you knew there were only a couple more weeks before the two of you graduated from college and went off into the real world. That’s what made each one of these moments so special, and you were willing to hold onto as many of these moments as you could with Kate until it all ended.
When you pull away, you only move far enough away to whisper three words against Kate’s lips. “Good luck, Champ.”
There’s a dazed sort of look on Kate’s face but it quickly morphs into a smile at your words. “Who needs luck when I have you on my side?”
Taglist: @olsensnpm, @invictusbabey, @idek-5, @vancityfire13, @magicallymaximoff, @lostandsearching, @xxromanoffxx, @ithoughtyouweresokovian, @3and30aresoultwins, @peabrain112, @wandadarlingg, @wellsayhelloaagin, @useless-nblw, @marvelwomen-simp, @pnsteblnme, @owloftheshadows, @evilcr0ne, @rightwereyouleftme, @xxxtwilightaxelxxx, @007giu, @pleasantbearscissorstoad, @milfloverslut
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lupin-remuss · 23 hours ago
frank castle x fem!reader
this is literally just frank castle fluff cause this man needs it.
i don’t typically write x readers so apologies if it is worded strange!
feminine prns
no warnings!
Tumblr media
He never got sick of your smile. The way your eyes glistened in youthful glee, the toddler aside you, giggling in delight.
Your hands were now dusted with a variety of vibrant colours- blues dotted down the sides of the mesmerising features of your body, the blonde child kneeling aside you, calling you a ‘mermaid princess’
Frank couldn’t help but wince in joy as he heard you laugh at the girl’s comment, that damned smile lighting up the beaming sun beneath the seaside town.
Impulsively, you had decided to go in a vacation to a place off the written road when they learnt of fiancées promotion at work. Also because New York was too hectic for the both of you this time of the year.
He didn’t know whose kid this was that sat aside the love of his life; assuming it was the neighbours kid, he waved at the woman staring cautiously from the steps of the overgrown cottage.
What did he do to deserve this? A second chance.
“You have to stay here for dinner Miss Y/N! You and your superhero boyfriend!” He couldn’t help but laugh at the usage of the word superhero in reference to the man, knowing of the sins he committed. Walking closer to the pair, he heard the steps of the older woman with grey coiled hairs seeping through the silk scarf wrapped around her head, smiling a smile so welcoming, Frank already felt warm.
“Of course they can have dinner with us baby,if they’d wish”
“We’d be honoured, thank you so much” That was one of the many things he loved about you, how grateful you were. If only you knew how grateful he was for you to have waltzed into his life. Being the light at the end of his bloody tunnel.
“How’s your drawing going?” The mother gently kneeled beside her laughing child, before she began pushing all of the worn down chalks out of the picture to give them all the best view of her deformed whale. Or maybe it was a shark. Either way, Frank thought she was bound to be the next Picasso.
“Hey darling” You smirked as you pulled yourself up from the rather uncomfortable position on the gravelly ground, only to be wrapped in an embrace.
“Hey doll” was all he needed to say, whilst pressing a soft yet passionate kiss to her forehead. This is what he wanted. This is where he wanted to be. Here, in the tranquil paradise. With you.
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a lifetime of firsts
first "i love you"
tasm! peter parker x reader
summary: the first time you say those three big words.
warnings: mentions of blood, a stab wound, and uhhh it's way too cute,
word count: 1.3k
a/n: so i teared up writing this. it didn't come out as quick as i wanted it to because i had to go back to school and do softball, but i'm really happy with how it came out and i should be able to write all day because i have a snow day, yay!
hope you like it :)
Tumblr media
your fingers tap against your forearm as you stare at the ceiling above your bed, unable to fall asleep.
it’s one in the morning. one forty-three, to be exact. you were keeping track of each minute.
most wouldn’t be awake so early. there were few souls that would be wandering around the dimly lit streets supplied by the lamps hanging above the road, the lights inside of buildings flipped off. only some apartments had lights on, whether the occupants were still awake or fell asleep with them on was unknown. they would flicker off one by one, though.
yet even with the silence surrounding you, in the darkness of your room, you couldn’t fall asleep.
why, you might ask?
peter is why. your boyfriend hasn’t called or texted to tell you he’s okay. he didn’t stop by, either. he was never this late. sometimes it may be thirty minutes past midnight, but never almost two.
one fifty-one.
ever since he’s gotten into bigger fights, fending off more criminals, you’ve progressively gotten more worried about him. he promised that he would always let you know that he was, at the very least, alive.
but he hasn’t done that yet.
time is going by too slowly.
one fifty-two.
one fifty-three.
finally, you pick up your phone. the contact with his name is in your favorites, so it takes only seconds to press the call button. it rings.
and it rings.
and- you get through. when you’re ready to take a deep breath of relief, you hear the voicemail message play out.
tossing the device to the side, you sit up, holding your head in your hands. you try to tell yourself that he’s fine, but you can’t, because you don’t know that.
the thump against the roof outside your window is louder than ever. your head shoots up as you look to the window, covered by your curtains, before quickly jumping up from your bed. as you push them to the side, peter is tugging your window open.
“what the hell, peter?” you have to keep your voice from raising, allowing it to settle at more of a whispery yell. “where have you been? why didn’t you answer my call?”
when he drops into the room, you notice the blood that seeps through his suit. “phone died.” he breathes out, quickly dropping onto your bed. “i’m sorry.”
you’re already rushing to the closet to grab the medical kit you had stowed away, as well as an old towel that you could put under him to prevent all of the blood from getting on your bed. “what happened? why are you bleeding so badly?”
when you turn back around, you see that he’s struggling to take the suit off. you quickly run over, dropping the box and towel on the mattress next to him to help. “turns out small knives really are my weakness.” he tries to joke lightly, but the chuckle he lets out is very forced and filled with the pain he was feeling.
you roll your eyes, and when you see what the suit was hiding, you have to keep yourself from freaking out. blood pools out from a stab wound at the bottom right area of his abdomen.
“god, pete.” you sigh, “this is gonna need stitches.
ever since the first night you patched peter up, you learned a lot about medical care- specifically dealing with wounds like the ones he often came to you with. youtube wasn’t likely the best source of education, but so far it’s seemed to work.
after you lay the towel out, he lays down with a groan, closing his eyes. “sorry, babe.”
you run a hand down your face, “just- don’t fall asleep. i don’t want you to die on me.”
his eyes quickly open back up as he nods. you reach under your bed to grab at the basket you hid underneath, holding a few clean- and a few dirty, rags to help clean up the blood. some of them were stained from the blood they absorbed, but a few managed to survive cleaning up smaller wounds.
pulling your desk chair over, you sit down and open the kit. “who did this to you?” you question, deciding that getting him to talk would be the best way to keep him conscious.
“dudes trying to break into the bank.” he informs, watching as you soak the rag in the antiseptic you constantly had to restock on. when you press it to the wound, he sucks in a breath.
muttering an apology, you wipe at the blood. “they, uh-” he grips onto the towel to distract from the stinging pain he’s experiencing, “one of them snuck up on me when i was webbing up his buddy. before i could get him he stabbed me.”
you’re barely able to clean enough blood away from the wound to be able to see it. luckily, it wasn’t deep, but it was definitely gross. “so he’s the one i can thank for my little freak out.” you say, tossing the rag into the basket with the dirty rags so you could clean it later.
when he doesn’t respond, you have to look up at him to make sure he’s still alive. his chest rises with the breaths that he takes. though he had his eyes closed, which you hated when he was in such a condition, you decide that he seemed to be pretty okay.
you grab everything you need to suture the wound from the kit, setting it all up. with the quiet that has fallen between the two of you, you can focus on the stitches. at this point, you figured you were such an expert that you could probably be an actual nurse.
it takes a few minutes, between the stitches and your glances up at him to make sure he was breathing, but eventually you’re able to tie it off. you lean back in your chair with a sigh.
“done?” peter’s eyes open as he looks over at you, before down at the now stitched wound.
with a nod, you stand to begin picking everything up. “you still need to wash up. i don’t want blood all over my sheets.”
he sits up with a small groan, still feeling the pain, but it had definitely improved after getting the attention it needed. “yes ma’am.” you can even hear the grin that he has on his face.
rolling your eyes, you toss what you can keep into the kit and pick up the bloodied towel, throwing it into the basket with the rag.
when you turn, he gently grabs your hand. “thank you.” he sighs, a soft smile on his face.
your head tilts to the side a tiny bit, "what kind of person would i be if i didn't stitch up my boyfriend when he gets stabbed?"
chuckling, he gently tilts your chin towards him, connecting your lips in a soft kiss. one of your hands move to rest on his bare chest.
he parts from you too soon and you let out a deep breath, eyes closed as his forehead presses against yours.
"i love you." the words are quiet, barely spoken, but they echo so loudly in your ears. your eyes quickly open to see his, staring into yours with fondness.
a small smile graces your lips. "i love you too."
the words feel effortless, flowing out of your mouth. as if you've said it a million times to him. you want to say it a million times.
when his smile grows, so does yours. “i love you.” he repeats, capturing your lips in his once again in a quick kiss.
a small giggle escapes you. “i love you too, pete.” you whisper softly, leaving one last kiss before pulling away, “now go take a shower so we can go to sleep.”
main: @horrorklaus @megasimpleplan4ever
marvel: none yet
peter parker: @elfvomit @spidergraph @rattdonovan @cupidoll @lup1nslOv4
a lifetime of firsts: @kominnfyrirkattarnef
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just-a-desparate-fangirl · 5 hours ago
Mr Barnes | teacher!Bucky x student!reader
Summary: Your English English teacher finally finds out why you’ve been failing your classes and he isn’t disappointed.
Warning: TEACHER X STUDENT, smut, age gap (reader is like 22 and Bucky like 30), fingering, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (don’t do this), language
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Tumblr media
You entered the class sighing hoping that he wouldn’t come today. You didn’t see him the whole day which was a good sign that he hadn’t come to school today.
You took your seat which was in front of his desk which didn’t help the anxiety rushing through you. It’s not like you didn’t like your history teacher, no it was quite the opposite. It wasn’t easy to be taught by a hot teacher who you assumed was about ten years older than you. You are always distracted by him and constantly the thoughts of his cock inside you, that you can’t even concentrate on the lesson anymore. You knew it was wrong but you just couldn’t get rid of the feeling.
You hoped someone would walk in the classroom, telling everyone that your teacher wouldn’t be here today, or this week but all your hopes were ruined when Mr Barnes stepped into the room closing the door behind him, slightly smiling at everyone. He took his seat and said good morning which you all answered back as well.
”Alright guys before we start today’s lesson, I need to talk about your last test and your grades. This class is divided into three groups. There is group one with amazing grades and great participation in class, there is group two with good grades and ok participation in class and then there is group three, which well pretty much sucks” He chuckled and everyone laughed.
You already knew in which group you were. You weren’t a bad student at all, in fact you were a great student. But you sucked in English and he was the only reason why.
“Now” he said as he rose his hand to run it through his soft looking hair and his long fingers slipped between the strands. You imagine your own hand in his hair while he his fingers move in and out of you furiously. Just thinking about it you could feel the wetness between your legs, you squeezed your thighs harshly gritting your teeth. “here are the results.”
He started handing the papers out and as he handed you your paper, he smiled softly and his fingers brushed against yours making you jump slightly which made him frown.
“You alright miss Y/L/N?”he asked kindly
“ Y-yeah I'm fine.” you stuttered, he nodded his head walking off.
The rest of class was practically torture. You desperately trying to push away some certain thoughts while he was talking. You tried your best to concentrate but failed miserably, like always. When the bell finally rang you were one of the firsts to stand up and made your way towards the door until Bucky called your name.
“Hmm Y/N can you stay for a bit, there is something we need to discuss about.” you mumbled a 'ok' turning around, cursing in your head knowing you were in trouble because of your grades. You waited until the class was cleared out and once it was Bucky closed the door and walked over to you.
“ Y/N” the way he said your name made your core throb and you gripped the edge of the nearest table tightly. “I have been noticing your participation in my class hasn't been so great lately and your grades...” he slightly shook his head. “Is there any problem I can help you with? It's really surprising that your grades in my class are failing even though you are such a great student. I talked to your other teachers and English seems to be your only problem.”
You didn't know how to respond, I mean what are you supposed to say ' I'm sorry I can't stop thinking about you fucking me hardly on your table till I can't walk and that's why I'm failing your class.'
“You know you can tell me what's wrong, I can help you out.“ You know he can but he’s definitely are not thinking about the same solution as you. His eyes bore into yours as you let out a soft pant. “Tell me.”That's when you noticed you were standing closer than before.
“It's nothing Mr- Mr Barnes, I have been a bit distracted lately that's i-it.”
“ I can help you if you want, extra classes?” he said as he placed his hand on your shoulder and his hot washed over you which caused you to let out a small whimper. You slightly widened and bit your lip. You noticed a darker shade of his blue eyes and you knew he understood what was really going on.
“ I should l-leave.” you tried to make your way towards the door but he grabbed your hand. “Y/N you are not going anywhere right now.”
“But Mr Barnes-“
He cut you off by placing his lips on yours making you widen your eyes, again. His big hands gripped your waist and he pushed you against the wall, his lips moving hungrily against mine. You gripped the front of his shirt tightly, pulling him against you, your tongues battling with each other. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him into you further.
He pulled away for a moment, his teeth into your bottom lip before letting go. You were both panting slightly looking at each other with lustful eyes. You couldn't believe your everyday fantasy was actually happening.
“ I should have known it was me.” he slowly ran fingers along your jaw. “the reason why you are doing so bad at my class.”
He leaned in smirking, his hot breath washing over your ear, his hands squeezed your breasts lightly over your t-shirt as his tongue flicked across the shell of your ear.
“Tell me doll have you ever imagined this before?”
His lips slowly made their way to your neck and he made sure they brush every part of your skin on their way. He started sucking a bruise onto your skin and you let out a moan, finally being able to run your hands through his hair.
“ Because I have.” he mumbled into your skin, surprising you with his words. “ I have imagined you like this so many times, pushed against the wall looking at me with those eyes.” His hands slid down your torso under your skirt and he skimmed his fingers across the silky material of your panties. You moaned, bucking your hips ever so slightly into his hands. “I have noticed you in front of me sometimes biting but I didn’t expect you were thinking like that.” he let out a soft chuckle “Tell me doll have you ever touched yourself with the images of me in your head ?” his fingers played with the edge of the crotch of your panties.
“ Mr Barnes please-“
“ Yes Bucky I have, please touch me.” You begged desperately making him smirk.
His fingers pushed aside the material and skimmed across your clit. You gasped and pushed your hips forward, wanting him to push his fingers deep inside you.
“So wet?” he asked, making a 'tsk' sound with is tongue. You let out a gasp as his thumb began rubbing your clit in a circular motion. And without any warning pushing two fingers into your throbbing core making you moan loudly.
“Now doll I would love to hear you scream but we can’t have anyone find us.”
You nodded gripping his shoulders, wanting to feel his bare skin beneath your palms. You undid the buttons of his shirt with some difficulty and placed your hands on his bare chest.
“Fuck” you mewled, as his the speed of his fingers increased. He grinned, and curved his fingers to hit a spot that sent made you arch into him, your mouth falling open as you cried out. His hand covered your mouth. “Shhhh” he softly whispered.
You moaned as softly as you could as his actions continued to send bursts of pleasure shooting through every nerve in your my body, and you desperately bucked your hips against his, wanting to cum so bad.
“You close doll?” He asked looking deeply into your eyes. “Are you gonna cum on my fingers?” You could only nod knowing you can’t make any sounds at the moment.
“Let go, cum for me.”
“Bucky I- fuck I-“
“Do it.” He said, his fingers moving with incredible speed and your stomach clenched as your hands slid to his back under the shirt, and you held on to him for dear life. “Cum.”
So you did. Bucky’s hand covered your mouth again as you moaned against it, bucking your hips as you came, your toes curling, your eyes rolling back into your head, and his name falling from your lips along with a few profanities. He pulled his fingers out of you and you sighed, your head falling onto his shoulder as you tried to catch your breath. You could feel his erection in his jeans resting against your thigh. He took your chin on two fingers and made you look up at him.
“Satisfied?” He took your chin in his hand.
“Not until you fuck me.” You said as you removed his shirt completely. He smirked letting you reach for the buttons of his pants. You pulled them down along with his boxers, making his erection spring free. He groaned softly at the freedom, and you felt my eyes widen at his size.
“Surprised?” He asked ironically but you didn’t answer.
That’s all he needed to hear to remove your t-shirt and skirt. Then he took your hand and let you to his desk, lifting you up so you were sitting on it. He placed his hands on either side of you and kissed you roughly, his tongue slipped between your lips and tangling with your own. You whimpered slightly and he pulled away.
“You are so beautiful.” He smiled sweetly at you before gently taking off your bra and panties, his hands brushing against your skin, sending chills all over your body.
He took his cock in his hand, pumping it slowly. He hissed and his brow furrowed.He spread your legs apart positioning himself at your entrance, he slowly pushed in, taking his time to fill you in, making sure you adjusted well.
You both hissed as he settled within you and he took one breast in his mouth, he began moving. You gripped the back of his neck as he sucked harshly on your nipple, while massaging the other breast with his large hand. His skin slapped against yours and you cried out softly, chanting and moaning his name as every part of your body came alive with pleasure. Your nerves were on fire and your my mind empty of every rational and coherent thought, Bucky taking over your very being. His thrusts were fast and hard, and he was grunting against your skin as he kissed you, your neck, sucked on your collarbone, your breasts and let his hands all over your body.
“Damn it, you're so tight” he panted, his mouth hanging open. “Fuck, this is better than every time I imagined it.”
So he did touch himself at the thought of you too. The very thought made you gasp andI tightened your grip on him, purring in his ear.
Bucky’s thrusts were becoming irregular and sloppy, and you felt the familiar knot in your stomach yet again. Your moans and movements were becoming more desperate as you wheeled closer and closer to the edge, and you kissed each other roughly to hold your loud screams in. What you were experiencing was hot and raw, full of a passion and hunger that took your breath away, something you’d never experienced in your entire life.
“I'm gonna cum-“ he gasped. “Yes, fuck, yes.”
Bucky’s cock twitched inside you and he cried out slightly louder than he should have, as he shot ropes of white hot cum within you, moaning your name andgrunting and swearing and goddamn, it was everything you’d imagined, except a thousand times better. His face was red, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, sweat beading on his forehead, his hair a mess, lips swollen, eyes rolled back in pleasure and his mouth forming a perfect ‘o', soft pants and your name coming out of his mouth. You knew you weren’t reacting any different, just moaning his name. But he didn’t stop after he came, making sure to send you over the edges too and just a few seconds later you tried your best to not scream too loudly while you came for the second time, this time around his cock.
He pulled out of you and you whimpered at the loss of his cock within you. He dropped to his knees, and gripped you thighs tightly, forcing your legs apart. His tongue furiously attacked your clit, sucking and nibbling ever so lightly on it occasionally, you squealed and wound your fingers in his hair, snuggling his mouth further into your core. Your thighs tried to clamp themselves shut around his face but he forced them apart with his hands, and you came for the third time that afternoon. You panted and cried his name, your hands tightening in his hair as you thrusted my crotch into his mouth, and his tongue continued its work till you were spent.
He pulled away and stood up as you came back down floating from your incredible high, breathing hard. He kissed you, but this time it was softer, gentler, less urgent. He pulled away and you saw his eyes were back to the sparkling blue they really were, and his smile was light but genuine. He stroked your cheek with his thumb once before dropping his hand and walking away to retrieve you clothes. You put them on in silence, and your mind was whirling with what had just gone down. You’d had sex with your teacher, and if someone found out, you could get into endless amounts of trouble. So could he. It was so wrong, but you didn't remember feeling this amazing in a long time. It might be wrong but it felt right.
“ So” he said, breaking the silence. “ I think I should apologize for being such a distraction for you. Not my intention.” He turned to smile at you, one end of his mouth curling upwards. You insides warmed up as the smile lit up his face and your heart melted.
” I think you sort of made up for it.” you mumbled shyly, straightening your hair with your fingers.
“ Hey how do you feel about Saturday going out with me for Coffee.”
“Mr Barnes-“
“Bucky, if we go out people may see us together and we can’t risk that..”
His face fell but he still smiled slightly and you immediately felt bad. “ You are right, I could lose my job and you could lose your education, I’m sorry for asking.”
You felt terrible but smiled back and walked towards the door placing your hand on the door knob.
"Wait Y/N.” he said, and you froze. “Er, if you come over to my house, I could make you lunch or something. And that way, we don't have to worry about people seeing us.”
You smiled, but your heart went into overdrive at his words. The thought of being alone with him, in his house.
"I mean, only if you want to..." he said, and in his voice, you could sense that he was already thinking you’d refuse. So you turned around and smiled at him.
"That sounds okay." You nodded and Bucky smiled.
"Great." He said, grinning. “See you tomorrow, Miss Y/L/N . Don't be late for class or I may have to call you to stay back once more."
“ I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.” You smirked before getting out of the classroom ignoring the butterflies in your stomach…
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ynscrazylife · 22 hours ago
Ayo, I hope you’re having a good winter break! I have a request that I would *love* for you to write, I love like all your work ofc ofc. I’d really like a yn fic where like we were in the red room with Yelena, and then went dif ways once it broke down. We meet again on different sides of a mission, and have to fight which is tricky but in like a frenemies kind of way? Basically though we lose the fight and wake up to Yelena like taking care of us, but like in a begrudging enemies to friends way?
We’ve Gotta Stop Meeting Like This | y.b angst fluff fic
Summary: Yelena’s allegiances change when Y/N turns out to be her enemy on a mission.
Authors Note: Thank you for requesting!
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PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
header c @/piratanjo
Tumblr media
Yelena was seconds away from metaphorically punching the annoying voice in her head, doing her best to ignore it as she lingered outside of the Widows’ training room. A voice that some would call a conscious, Yelena simply called it a bitch.
She knew it had a valid point, which only angered her more. She had to move and grab the cure from where Melina had directed her, but couldn’t bring herself to move her legs. If only the Widows would just turn around so she could see if—
And there she was.
Yelena hadn’t seen or spoken to Y/N in over a year—their last conversation being Y/N informing Yelena that she was going to be sent back to the Red Room. She hadn’t known how long Y/N was going to be in the Red Room, but if there was a chance she was still here, Yelena had to wait. It turned out to pay off, but it was a bittersweet discovery. She couldn’t deny her happiness and relief at seeing her best friend again, if only it wasn’t under these conditions.
The knowledge that Y/N was there was enough to propel Yelena towards the cure. She could only hope that the cure would work.
“I have another job for you, dear.”
Yelena did her very best to refrain from rolling her eyes at that too high, too sweet, too frequent voice that drifted into her ears. Her hand tightened on Fanny’s leash and she leaned against the tree her dog had been sniffing at, blowing some hair out of her face.
“A phone call would have done it, Valentina,” Yelena pointed out, biting back a scowl. The first time she had done a job for this woman was okay. It was nothing harsh and she got good money out of it. The second time? Yelena wasn’t aware that this would be an ongoing gig, but Fanny didn’t stop barking for those expensive treats, so she gave in.
Now? She was tired of it.
“I prefer to do my business the old-fashion way. Technology can be so . . . Iffy, which is why I need you for this job: I located an inhuman with strong powers involving the corruption of technology. Do you know how useful that would be? There’s only one problem — he’s being monitored by some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents for past problems they’ve had with him. I need you to make sure they won’t interfere with my plans,” Valentina explained, her smirk growing.
“And while I handle the agents, your plans are?” Yelena inquired, having decided to humor her. Natasha had mentioned something to her about S.H.I.E.L.D . . . Getting involved in her sister’s former spy agency may be risky, and she was sure Valentina knew that.
Valentina jutted her chin into the air, seemingly quite proud of herself. “The inhuman and I have been in correspondance. When the agents are distracted, we can finally talk business,” she answered.
Yelena raised her eyebrows. “What’s in it for me? You are aware of who my sister is, yes?” She taunted, lowering her head as she gave her “boss” a knowing look.
Valentina slipped her phone out of her pocket, flipping it around to show the blonde an image. Yelena couldn’t deny the temptation: it was a briefcase full of thick stacks of money.
“Maybe with this you can throw your sister a proper funeral.”
Yelena grit her teeth, refusing to look up at the brunette woman. She knew if she did and Valentina wore her stupid smug smile, she’d punch her in the face and ruin her chance.
— — — — — — — — — — — — —
Was she making the right decision here? If her sister was alive and saw her going against S.H.I.E.L.D., what would she think? Oh, god, what if those agents used to be coworkers of Natasha’s? Yelena peered through the vent where she had been stationed, down into the room where the agents were talking.
“Do you wanna listen to any music?” One agent said to the other.
“Sure,” the other agent said. “Who let the fox out?”
“Yeah!” The first agent said and they high-hived.
Well. They were definitely not coworkers of Natasha’s. Yelena sighed, deciding not to dwell on this. She was too in deep now to back out.
The feeling of her phone vibrating in her pocket tugged her back into the real world. She glanced down at it to see Valentina’s contact name and a text saying: “Ready.”
With a soft sigh, Yelena maneuvered herself around and kicked out the vent. As it clanged to the ground, she jumped down, landing in her sister’s signature pose. Both agents jumped back, startled. She used that to her advantage to kick their legs and make them fall. Yelena went after the right one first, knocking him unconscious with just a few punches.
The other agent stumbled to get his footing and clumsily grabbed Yelena, but she shook his grip off easily and slammed him into the wall.
“You have five seconds to stand down before I make you,” a new voice said.
Yelena had been standing facing the vent she had just come out of, and when she heard the person, was transported back years.
“Oh my—Yelena?”
Yelena tore her gaze away from her sister long enough for her eyes to find the agent, and a smile bloomed onto her face when she locked onto the face of her dear friend Y/N. Y/N had been like a younger sister to her before.
“Hey,” she said, matching her friend’s grin. After a short moment of hesitation, Yelena stepped away from Natasha and embraced Y/N. This. This is the moment she had been waiting for ever since Y/N was sent away.
“I’m so glad you’re here,” Y/N whispered tearfully.
“And I’m glad you’re okay,” Yelena said.
Ironically, compared to past experiences, the former Widow found herself wishing that the person behind her wasn’t Y/N — which felt strange and unnatural to even consider.
She almost abandoned her mission right then and there. Almost let her guard down and turned around to face Y/N, because that had to be her. No one else had that distinctive of a voice that could implant itself in her memory. But she didn’t know what had led Y/N here and she needed the money, so she couldn’t surrender just yet. At least she had some advantage, because she was wearing a mask, Y/N wouldn’t tell it was her.
Yelena turned around. Thank god she was wearing her mask, because she couldn’t deny her surprise that it was actually Y/N. “Who are you?” She said in the strongest tone she could muster, standing tall.
A quick flash of confusion washed over Y/N’s face before she hid it, and that told Yelena that something was familiar to her. Would she catch on?
“You thought you disabled all the alarms when you entered, right? Well, there was one that you missed. When my friends, some high-up S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, got the message, they asked me if I could check it out. I was in the area,” Y/N answered, shrugging. She took a step forward, eyes flickering to the unconscious agents on the ground. “Who are you?”
When Yelena didn’t answer — really, what could she have said? — Y/N took another step. “Who. Are. You?” She repeated, frowning.
Yelena jutted her chin into the air. “I don’t want to fight you,” she said, and it was the truth.
Y/N merely scoffed. “Is that why you took down those two? Whatever your plan was, you’re not getting away with it,” she said, and quickly leapt into action. She shoved Yelena into the wall, which she took with a grunt.
Now what? She had to fight back. It would be suspicious otherwise. If Y/N beat her and unmasked her then there was no getting out of this now.
The two went back-and-forth, neither gaining the upper hand for long. They went all around the room, until they ended up in the positions they started in. Looking over Y/N’s shoulder, Yelena caught a quick glance at Valentina in the doorway, her arm outstretched. Shit. Yelena recognized that device. If she used it on Y/N, like she was surely planning to, that would definitely hurt like hell.
“I’m sorry,” Yelena muttered, before she grabbed Y/N and picked her up, then quickly slammed her against the ground. She didn’t get up, just laid there unconscious.
“Good work,” Valentina complimented, and that caused Yelena to tear her eyes away from Y/N’s unconscious form as the guilt began to pool. “You’ll get the cash soon.”
With that, the businesswoman walked off. When Yelena was sure that she was gone, she stepped back, assessing the situation with a mix between a huff and sigh. The two agents didn’t concern her, but Y/N did. She couldn’t just leave her there.
Squatting, Yelena carefully draped Y/N’s arms over her shoulders, nudging her head so that it was leaned against her shoulder. Then, she stood up and quietly left the building, careful not to bump Y/N into anything along the way.
— — — — — — — — — — — — —
When Y/N came to, the first thing she sensed was a cool and soft sheet underneath her. Scrunching up her face, and waking up more, she realized that her head and left arm were bandaged tightly. Y/N couldn’t hear anything and there was no harsh light as far as she could tell, so she must not be in any danger.
This caused her to open her eyes, blinking a couple times to take in her surroundings. She definitely didn’t recognize this place, but knew that she had been resting on a couch. Looking over, her eyebrows crinkled with confusion when she saw the back of a long blonde’s head, but her eyes soon widened when the blonde turned around and showed her her face.
“Yelena?” She asked (more like croaked with her hoarse throat), not believing what she was actually saying. It couldn’t be her, could it?
The blonde met her eyes and gave her a sad, pitied smile. “Hello,” she greeted, her thick Russian accent making Y/N sit straight up, before wincing in pain.
“How—?” She asked, before remembering the events from earlier that day. “You knocked me out!”
Yelena averted her gaze to the ground and nodded, walking closer and sitting down on an armchair across from her. “I’m sorry,” she apologized, and appeared to truly mean it. “Trust me, I didn’t enjoy it. The woman who hired me was about to do something a lot more painful to you if I didn’t do something first.”
Y/N relaxed, leaning against the couch cushions. “Why did you go against S.H.I.E.L.D.?” She asked, changing the subject.
Yelena stood up and turned to her table, grabbing a glass of beer and taking a long sip of it before answering. “Money,” was all she said.
Y/N frowned and looked straight ahead at the wall. “I know it’s been . . . Rough to say the least, but I can’t do this, Yelena. Please don’t close up. Not with me,” she said, sighing as she recalled how fond she was of her and Yelena’s friendship.
There was a long beat and it felt like torture. “If you’re worried about our friendship being lost because we’ve barely spoken for the last couple years, then you’re worrying for nothing. I mean, we just did a classic Y/N and Yelena thing,” the Russian said.
Y/N turned to her friend curiously. “What’s that?” She asked cluelessly.
A smirk slid onto Yelena’s face. “We met on opposite sides again. Today, in the Red Room in 2016, and . . . Do you remember when we met? We mistook each other for the enemy,” she pointed out, chuckling at the memory.
This brought a smile to Y/N’s previously disappointed demeanor. “Do you think it’s time we stop meeting like that?” She asked.
Yelena shrugged, walking over and sitting beside Y/N on the couch. “Probably,” she admitted.
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desiredrealities · a day ago
⁂ 𝙿𝙰𝙸𝚁𝙸𝙽𝙶: Tom Holland x Reader ⁂ 𝚂𝚄𝙼𝙼𝙰𝚁𝚈: The relationship was an adventurous trip between high's and low's but never a steady pace. With the rising attention from paparazzi's and fans all around the world, his masterwork got the best of him. Until the decision to end things because of the small amount of time, changed him. The No Way Home premiere was close and you were invited, but without overthinking that you might bring your new partner, Timothee Chalamet, with you. ⁂ 𝙰𝚄𝚃𝙷𝙾𝚁𝚂 𝙽𝙾𝚃𝙴: This Premiere look of Tom lives rentless inside of my head. Saw a POV to this on TikTok and had to write a proper one shots for it.
Tumblr media
Nervous fingertips tapped against the inner sides of your left thigh as the black SUV stopped in the middle of the screaming fans. A hasty breath left your parted lips, fiddling with the rings that decorated your slim fingers. The confrontation that was about to happen, was complicated and could turn the premiere into a mess. It wasn't your intention to ruin Tom's mood or this special night, one of his biggest projects played tonight for the first time. But Zendaya and Jacob insisted for you to at least join them for this event.
They've seen his behaviour change in between the press tours and the interview sessions. Lips sealed together tightly as the questions rained down on them, Tom's mind far away. Another world where all the memories with you weren't just fond imagination anymore. Sudden warmth spreading from the insides of your hand through your figure, you snapped out of the negative thoughts for the second tonight. Timothee's long fingers intertwined with yours, a faint and reassuring smile on his lips.
" We've got this, babe. " His calm voice was laced with modulation, the nervewrecking feelings slowly vanishing at the gentleness of your boyfriend. It wasn't an every day event to visit the premiere of your former lover with the new one, a person none living human being knew about. Since his popularity started to rise immensly as well, he decided to keep you safe from the blinding lights and piercing screams, a relationship with privacy. But tonight, you decided to show the part of the world that watched that this man belonged to you, in all ways.
Knocking on the darkened window, you gave the security guard the permission to open the door and reveal yourself to the flashing lights. In a swift motion, the world around them turned brighter than the beaming sun, screams of females and males filled your ears as you carefully stepped out of the SUV. Silk floating around your heels, wrapping your legs in a beautiful dark red fabric. Offering the fans a small wave, your anxiety returned at the confused faces staring you down. Tom's admirer's didn't understand your sudden appearance after crushing his world with the break up.
A large hand placed on your back, Timothee stood next to you, earning himself equally as loud screams and whistles than the main person of the movie. Waving at them with a wide smile, his eyes always found their way back to your figure. Keeping his gaze on you to reassure himself that you're doing okay with the situation. Intertwined fingers, the crowd was shocked at the sudden confession of a new lover by your side. Flashling lights surrounded the couple, taking as many picture as possible to cover the newspapers around the world with the breaking news.
Guiding you along the red carpet, at least one of his hands always on your body, he tried to make you feel comfortable. This was the life that Tom lived with every single day. Paparazzi's following him step by step to keep their agency updated, earning their money with stalking famous people. A situation that didn't offer much privacy as the newest Spider-Man.
Your gaze drifted over the people that hurried over the red carpet. Agents that followed their clients, actors and musicians getting interviewed about their appearance. Brushing a curled strand out of your face, Timothee was called over by a young woman with a microphone. With a reassuring nod towards your boyfriend, he hurried towards the barrier's with a wide smile. Waving at the fans once again that tried to gain his attention.
" Y/N! " A female high pitched squeal filled your ears as the female protagonist of the Spider-Man movie walked over. The confidence in her steps, full lips curled in a wide smile that reached her chocolate brown eyes. A red and black sequin dress, that reached the ground she was walking on, covered her skinny figure, cut outs on each side of her waist to show the beautiful brown skin.
" You made it! " Throwing her arms around your stunned body, her scent filled your nose. A decent mixture of vanilla with honey blossom. Your arms found their way around her small waist, relieved to have someone around instead of waiting alone for Timothee to finish his interview. Zendaya was about to share a screen with your boyfriend, creating the magical world of the movie 'Dune' together.
" I promised you. " You gently refered to the at least million voice messages she left about the premiere. The date and the exact time to be punctual and the pleads to see you.
" You look breathtaking. " Her chocolate coloured orbs gazed over the red silk dress you wore. Fabric tightly wrapping up your upper part with a long floating bottom that reached the ground. A long slit from your thigh travelled down to the hem, leaving enough space for the fond imagination of what's underneath. Linking her arm through yours, Zendays turned the two of you towards the flashing camera's and shouting paparazzi's. Blinding your sight once again, you forced yourself to smile at least faintly. Carefully pulling you with her down the carpet to pose for more pictures, your head tilted slightly towards Timothee. Hands deeply in his pockets as he talked to another interviewer than before. One of the most popular actors at the current timing.
" Take some pictures alone, Z. I need a complete break. " You tried to keep your shaking voice a whisper, the anxiety taking over your figure once again. Being alone at the carpet with the people you saw every day of your life while the movie was still in production, filled your head with negative thoughts of further encounters. Jacob would be surprised to see you but Tom's reaction could be a mixture of awkward and distanced. Stepping to the side and further towards the entrance of the movie theater, your gaze travelled across the crowds behind the barriers. Thousands of fans that tried to get the attention from their idols, taking a picture with them as a memory for such a special day.
Shivers ran down your back, eyes focused on a laughing figure close to the barrier. Curls loosely styled upwards, the way he wore them to almost every event. A pair of plain-glass spectacles with a black frame covered his beautiful features, rose lips curled into a excited smile. Long fingers buried deep inside the wine red suit pants as he casually talked to one of the male interviewers. The breath stuck in your throath tried to climb it's way up the dry pipe, eyes lingering on his laid back attitude. A tingling feeling spread through your stomach, the butterflies slowly starting to return to their safe place. Flashbacks clouded your mind, the days you spent together, covering your most known features to stay undercover. Dates in the middle of the night on his roof, watching how the stars appeared in the midnight sky. Muscular arms wrapped tightly around your body, rough fingertips stroking over the warm skin of your back. Tears started to form inside of your eyes, the sadness and hurt of the breakup still ripping you apart from the inside. Moving on should have been the best solution to forget a former lover but it wasn't doing it for you, not helping the slightest.
Sudden skin on skin contact pulled you out of the trance, the memories slowly fading again. A gentle kiss was placed on your cheek, pulling your soul back into your frozen statue. Blinking the watery droplets away to avoid ruining your mascara, you crooked your head to the side, Timothee found his way back to you. Skinny arm wrapped around your waist, he gently pulled you closer to his chest. Lips curved into a wide smile, laced with happiness of having you close again. Leaning forward slightly, your soft lips found their place on his cheek, returning the loving gesture from your boyfriend before posing for the camera's again. But your gaze drifted to the place you examined before, meeting his already piercing brown eyes.
An eyebrow arched at the picture in front of him, lips parted as he was about to say something but his expression changed. Shock was replaced by hurt, flat hands forming fists inside of his pockets. The scene like a dagger straight to his heart, breaking it multiple times again. Flashling lights and screams vanished, trapping you in a bubble with him alone. The encounter you wanted to miss, the devastated look that covered his beautiful facial features. You wanted to run towards him, apologize for the words that rambled out of your mouth at that one day. Tom shoke his head to recover from the emotions, building up the good front and sending a nod your way.
A breathy sigh left your dry lips, falling apart on the inside from the distance to Tom. The nudge of an elbow caught your attention, Zendaya was with you again, a protective arm wrapped over your shoulders and guiding you along the red carpet to the entrance. Looking over your shoulder to watch your boyfriend, Timothee shot you a smile, knowing that you never felt comfortable under all the pressure of acting 'perfect'. The female movie star didn't stop for more pictures, extending her arm to wave at the crowds and blowing kisses to them before disappearing with you in the theather.
" You alright? " Her sweet voice filled with concern at the change of behaviour and expression on your face. The smiles faded, drowned underneath the water that wanted to leave your eyes badly. Running your fingers through your curled hair, you shoke your head as an answer to her question. After all, the memories came back and disappeared in waves. One by one reminding you of the adventurous times you had with Tom but in the end, searching for the happiness that you already had but couldn't see anymore. Days got shorter and the amount of privacy was reduced quickly but he still tried to keep you close to his heart. Featherlight kisses peppered over your hair or forehead, reassuring you that he was around, no matter in what situation. Leading you over various different red carpets, posing for pictures alone for barely a second before pulling you in again.
" I miss him. " You whispered, head hanging low and taking in your sparkling black heels. Lips pressed tightly together, trying to take calm breaths and take the control of your nerves again.
" I don't even know what I'm doing here. Trying to convince myself that no matter who would follow him, they would do better. " A bitter laugh escaped your parted lips. Zendaya tilted her head slightly, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.
" There's no one that could replace the already best. " Leaning back against the cold wall, your head crashed into it harder than you predicted. But the physical pain wasn't equal with the emotional hurt you felt. Heart breaking into a thousand little pieces again, a sudden emptiness filling your figure. " I tried to push him away. Wipe the memories out of my head and it worked. But this wasn't supposed to happen, I shouldn't even be here and watch him have the time of his life, it's like he - "
" He's an actor, babe. This isn't real. " Zendaya interrupted your rambling words, holding a flat hand upwards to gain your fading attention. Drowning yourself in the hurt and the guilt of calling the wrong decision, agreeing to a break up that you thought was right.
" Tom's built up a good front but as soon as your name dropped, his entire attitude changed. He was filled with a mixture of emotions that he couldn't even explain. Y/N, he told Jacob a thousand times that he missed his better half, his girl. " Her hands were placed at your shoulders, shaking you carefully to bring you back to earth. The screams on the outside got louder as the double doors opened, revealing the wine red coloured fabric. Breath stuck in your throat, spit gathered in your mouth as you remained motionless against the wall.
Tom closed the door with a chuckle, hands deep inside of his pockets as he turned around to follow the path to his seat but stopped in his tracks. Brown eyes lingered on your devastated figure, Zendaya holding you up to prevent the emotional breakdown. With a reassuring nod towards his co-star, the skinny beauty's grip softened before it completely disappeared.
Replaced by a clothed arm around your waist, you were guided towards a more secluded area of the theater. Memories and emotions clouded your mind, your voice disappeared in the ranting about the stupid decision of breaking up but you wanted to scream. Tell him to leave you alone, to not touch you and to stop making you fall in love with him over again.
Seated on one of the bar stools, Tom leaned against the counter himself. Lips pressed tightly together, his gaze took in your choice of dress for tonight. A dark red one that fit perfectly with the suit that he wore. Small ornament details around your waist before the fabric started to spread and float around your legs.
" Timothee, huh? " His raspy voice rang through your ears, sending shivers over the parts of your skin that weren't covered in the silk dress. Teeth chewing on your bottom lip, your eyes focused on your hands. You could have said a thousand words, argue with him, shout at him or apologize but as soon as you parted your lips, the words got stuck in your throath with your breath. A shaky nod was the only answer you were able to give the man.
Leaning forwards, his rough fingertips brushed over your cheek, putting a strand of your hair back behind your ear. Heartbeat increased at his touch, you let out a relieved breath at the sensation. With the featherlight contact against your skin, the warmth spread through your body, calming down the anxiety. Long and slim fingers landed underneath your chin, pushing your head gently upwards to connect your eyes with his. A faint smile on his lips as he studied your soft features, remembering the little traits he discovered throughout your relationship. Your bottom lip pushed out, you couldn't stop the water that filled your eyes, almost forced to stare at what you had lost.
" I miss you. " You whimpered between sobs, the droplets of water rolling down your cheek, leaving black trails of mascara from the first tear. The sudden contact of his warm hands on your skin broke the walls around the hidden emotions, washing over your body in suprise. Eyebrows furrowed together in concentration, brown eyes gazing over your face with the tip of his tongue darting out to lick over his dry lips. Heavy breaths leaving his parted lips as you stared at him, quiet sobs leaving your frowning mouth. Tears falling down your cheeks in seconds, showing the devastated side you've been hiding since the break up.
Leaning his head forward, Tom held yours in place with his pointer finger and thumb, applying a comfortable amount of strength. Words couldn't describe the mixture of feelings and emotions taking over your figure as he was merely an inch away from kissing you.
" I'm glad you came back. " English accent thicker, laced with the raspy sound of his voice when he closed the gap between you and him. Tilting your head slightly to the side, you made the position more comfortable. Pillow like lips felt like coming back home, a feeling of safety and love she missed the past months without him. Fingertips dancing around her jaw, he placed his hand at her cheek. His thumb drawing small circles over the heated skin, wiping away the still falling tears from your eyes. Droplets that were created by sadness and hurt turned into ones filled with relief and happiness. Both kept the movements simple, standing close to eachother, taking in the warmth they lost after they went their seperate ways. Slowly picking up the pieces from a destroyed heart, to built it together as one. Memories clouded your mind once again but this time, they weren't hurting anymore.
" Probably need an explaination for Chalamet. " Tom broke the kiss, leaning his forehead against yours with an amused smile. Shaking your head slightly at the comment, your hand found it's place at his neck, playing with the brown curls.
" He'll understand, hopefully. " You spoke with confidence, the last amount of anxiety leaving your body as you felt like being home again. The warmth of his touch, the softness of his kisses and the gentle glimpse in his beautiful brown eyes, small details burned in the back of your mind. Features and feelings you wouldn't want to miss for another day.
" He has to. " Tom leaned completely back, extending his arm towards you. " We have a movie to watch, darling. " The sound of his laugh filled the room, a heartwarming moment that made you smile widely as you took his hand. Intertwining your finger, a wide and proud smile plastered on his lips as he lead you back to the main area of the movie theater with butterflies still flying through your stomach. Some that never would disappear.
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mculibrary · 2 days ago
All You Need Is Love Challenge!
Tumblr media
Love has been the topic of all forms of art throughout the ages; and for our first ever challenge, we’ve pulled together some favorites to inspire stories about our beloved MCU characters!
A very special thank you to all those who shared content that means a lot to them for us to include: @ozarkthedog​​, @thecornerlot​​, @wayward-blonde​​, @adorecevans​​, @a-little-counter-esperanto​​, and @sidepartskinnyjeans​​ - your help is so appreciated!
See below the cut for guidelines and prompts - we can’t wait to see what you do!
you do not have to follow us or be an author listed in the library to participate! all entries will be reblogged.
any character that has appeared in something from the mcu is fair game; this includes the netflix series characters and characters with cameos in recent movies!
you may choose up to three prompts - one from each section. beyond that, your setting, tropes, aus, etc are completely yours to control!
most prompts are framed around romantic love but you can take them in any direction you choose - fics about platonic love or familial love, for example, are more than welcome!
there is no cap on how many people can use a single prompt or how many times a character can be associated with a prompt; you do not need to message to claim any characters or prompts. just write your heart out!
given the library’s focus, this is a non-dark content challenge unless it’s content related to canon tropes for things like mafia aus (i.e. violence, crime, murder, etc) - in those cases, use your discretion for appropriate warnings!
both reader and oc fics are welcome. all pairings (or no pairing!) are also welcome, so long as they aren’t incestous or don’t pair underage characters with characters who are of age.
challenge end date: march 4. can’t finish by then? no worries! all submissions will be reblogged and added to the masterlist, but we will stop actively promoting the challenge after that date. we will also ask anyone who hasn’t already posted their entry to reach out to us after that date so we can keep track!
finally, be sure to tag us in your entries and include the tag “mcu all you need is love challenge” so we can find your fics for reblog. If you don’t see the fic reblogged after two days, please feel free to submit it as well!
ARTWORK (titles are links)
watering flowers, wang xingwei
a foregone conclusion, lawrence alma tadema
untitled (perfect lovers), felix gonzalez-torres
a romance, santiago rusiñol
in bed, henri de toulouse-lautrec
le printemps (springtime), pierre-auguste cot
dance at series (l to r: bougival, country, or city), pierre-auguste renoir
the lovers ii, rene magritte
“I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.” - love sonnet xi, pablo neruda
“The paper is full of every kind of blooming horror / And you sit wondering / what you're gonna do. / I got it. / Come. And be my baby.” - come, and be my baby, maya angelou
“I am not yours, not lost in you / Not lost, although I long to be” - i am not yours, sara teasdale
“I lean into the rhythm of your heart to see where it will take us. / We gallop into a warm, southern wind.” - for keeps, joy harjo
“I share my face with you / but love becomes a lie / as we suffer through split masks / seeking the other half-self.” - making it, audre lorde
“Don't leave now that you're here— / Stay. So the world may become like itself again.” - before you came, faiz ahmed faiz
“You cannot look in his eyes /Because your pulse must not say / What must not be said.” - to be in love, gwendolyn brooks
“We expect you, cat and I, bluebirds and I, the stove.” - dear one absent this long while, lisa olstein
“If equal affection cannot be, / Let the more loving one be me.” - the more loving one, w.h. Auden
“When love beckons to you, follow him, / Though his ways are hard and steep.” - on love, kahlil gibran
“In silence I have watched you / comb your hair. / Intimate the silence, / dim and warm.” - we have not long to love, tennesse williams
“my thoughts about you are frightening but precise/ I can see the house on the hill where we make our own vegetables out back / and drink warm wine out of jam jars / and sing songs in the kitchen until the sun comes up” - Sthandwa sami (my beloved, isiZulu), yrsa daley-ward
“love is more thicker than forget / more thinner than recall / more seldom than a wave is wet / more frequent than to fail” - "[love is more thicker than forget]", e.e. Cummings
“I’m a girl who’ll fall / damn near in love with gratitude and, well, he / was hot and generous and so the least/ that I could do was let him kiss me, hard / and soft and any way you want it” - bar napkin sonnet #11, moira egan
“She rolls her / eyes, but he’d once asked her / Am I your first lover? and she’d /  said, Could be. Your face looks / familiar.” - love explained, jennifer michael hecht
“Taste it once / And the spell of its enchantment / Will never let you be.”, a love song for lucinda, langston hughes
“Marriage is not / a house, or even a tent / it is before that, and colder: / the edge of the forest, the edge / of the desert” - habitation, margaret atwood
“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” -- the alchemist, paulo coelho
“I fancied you’d return the way you said, / But I grow old and I forget your name. / (I think I made you up inside my head.)” - mad girl’s love song, sylvia plath
“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” — wuthering heights, emily bronte
”We loved with a love that was more than love.” — annabel lee, edgar allen poe
“You know how they say you only hurt the ones you love? Well, it works both ways.” ― fight club, chuck palahniuk
“I will always seek to make it summer for you.”  ― rule of wolves, nikolai lantso
“Others may forget you, but not I. / I am haunted by your beautiful ghost.”, untitled, yamato hime no okimi
“As for life’s tragedies, our love will defeat them. Love is the most effective cure. In the crevices of disasters, happiness lies like a diamond in a mind, so let us instill in ourselves the wisdom of love.” - Naguib Mahfouz
"In love there are two things: bodies and words.” - Joyce Carol Oates
"To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous." - Elizabeth Gilbert
"Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time." - Maya Angelou
"Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr
"Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place." - Zora Neale Hurston
“I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald
"There is always madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."– Friedrich Nietzsche
“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.” -- Anais Nin
MUSIC - find all songs on the playlist here!
unchained melody, the righteous brothers
say a little prayer, aretha franklin
i want to hold your hand, the beatles
be my baby, the ronettes
i was made to love her, stevie wonder
piece of my heart, erma franklin
i can’t help myself, the four tops
bring it on home to me, sam cooke
these arms of mine, otis redding
walking after midnight, patsy cline
let’s stay together, al green
waiting in vain, bob marley
how deep is your love, bee gees
three times a lady, commodores
maybe i’m amazed, wings
wonderful tonight, eric clapton
after the love has gone, earth, wind, and fire
ain’t no sunshine, bill withers
your song, elton john
the first time ever i saw your face, roberta flack
a groovy kind of love, phil collins
the sweetest taboo, sade
careless whisper, george michael
saving all my love for you, whitney houston
woman in love, barbara streisand
i want to know what love is, foreigner
making love out of nothing at all, air supply
ain’t nobody, chaka khan
total eclipse of the heart, bonnie tyler
we’ve got tonight, kenny rogers and sheena easton
damn i wish i was your lover, sophie b hawkins
kiss me, sixpence none the richer
i’ll be there for you/you’re all i need to get by, method man
end of the road, boyz ii men
truly madly deeply, savage garden
dreaming of you, selena
mary jane (all night long), mary j blige
iris, goo goo dolls
hey lover, ll cool j
where does my heart beat now, celine dion
somewhere only we know, keane
save room, john legend
the limit to your love, feist
untitled (how does it feel), d’angelo
diary, alicia keys
yellow, coldplay
she will be loved, maroon 5
home, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
pretty wings, maxwell
you and me, lifehouse
work song, hozier
light my love, greta van fleet
say it first, sam smith
slow dancing in the dark, joji
love on the brain, rihanna
little things, one direction
hold me while you wait, lewis capaldi
love galore, sza
what a time, julia michaels and niall horan
love., kendrick lamar
first love / late spring, mitski
right where you left me, taylor swift
i won’t give up, jason mraz
love drought, beyonce
leave the door open, silk sonic
as the world caves in, matt maltese
she said, dvsn
just give me a reason, pink and nate ruess
when we were young, adele
still don’t know my name, labrinth
85 notes · View notes
wandamaximoffwife · 8 hours ago
A oneshot with shy and really quiet reader and nat always goes out of her way to get to know her and when reader is finally comfortable around natasha she speaks to her and nat is over the moon. I feel like that would be adorable 😌.
No worries if you aren't comfortable writing this.
I hope tumblr treats you well ❤
To be a Spy or to Be Shy
Tumblr media
Not my gif
Summary: Y/N is shy, but it only makes Natasha more curious about her
Word Count: 2.6k words
Pair(s): Natasha Romanoff x female!reader
Warning(s): mentions of blood (reader gets a small cut), Yelena being iconic, super fluffly, the title is super corny but I couldn’t think of anything else lol
A/N: thank you for your request and kindness! I too hope tumblr treats me well, same goes to you and anyone reading this :)
Whenever people described you, shy was always part of the conversation. When you were younger, it did bother you; sometimes you wanted to do things, speak up your mind and you couldn’t because your shyness got in the way. However, after years it stopped mattering to you; it was just how you were. That didn’t mean you weren’t awkward when first approached and hated making friends. You had a few handful of friends, and they were only your friends because you had known them for so long that your coyness had completely disappeared around them.
Things changed when you were contacted by Nick Fury (yes, the Nick Fury) to help S.H.I.E.L.D. on a mission for the Avengers. You had been handpicked as part of a small group of scientists to determine if the Red Room had used some kind of supersoldier serum on the Black Widows they kidnapped as kids. Now that the organization had finally been taken care of, new documents and vials with serums had been found in abandoned installations, allowing S.H.I.E.L.D. to gather more information on them. Of course, you would be stupid not to take it; it would look so good in your resumee (maybe you could even land a full-time job there if you did good), and after working a few years as a waiter while your degree gathered dust in your apartment, the moment you received the message, you were calling your friend and doing a little gathering to celebrate. As much as you had a burning passion for science and investigation, bills didn’t pay themselves, and the paychecks would be regular and big. There were no objections that you could see.
That, until you met Natasha Romanoff (yes, the Natasha Romanoff). Her and her sister, a sister you didn’t even know she had, were obvious parts of the investigation, as they had been Black Widows.
The first few weeks, you resided in the Avenger’s compound, in a small secluded area acclimated for the scientists, and you investigated the vials found in the Red Room to determine whether or not they could potentially alter human biology enough to make them more strong. After that, came the second part of the experiment; comparing the results with blood samples from volunteering Black Widows. Surprisingly enough, a lot of them accepted the offer, wanting to know exactly what they had been injected with as kids.
The blood samples had to be taken daily, one in the morning and another one after running on the treadmill to see if there were some significant changes worth noting. That obviously meant having to take blood from very intimidating-looking women, so you stayed in the back of the room each time it was time for blood extractions, keeping yourself busy with your own little experiments and theories to avoid getting into contact with as many people as possible.
What you didn’t stop to consider was that that would gain the attention of a certain Black Widow. Having been trained to excellence to be a spy, Natasha knew she had to pay attention to her surroundings. That was why her eyes would end up lingering on the same girl, who looked like she was almost hiding behind a desk, alternating between shoving her head into a microscope and staying still for minutes and focusing on the computer before her as she typed.
That girl was, unfortunately, you.
The first time she approached you, you were writing something down on a piece of paper, changing samples of blood on the microscope as you did.
“How is it going?” She asked, voice low but as friendly as she could manage. It made you jump, not expecting the sudden interruption, and you looked up to meet with green eyes. You went completely still, thinking it had been a colleague who had talked instead of her, so you held your pencil up your chest, mouth open. Instead of talking, you turned away from her, moving to another desk and only returning at the end of the day to collect your notes. Natasha frowned her eyebrows at the reaction, not understanding why would you react like that, but raised her shoulders and went back to the middle of the room, to start the training of that day. You, however, were mortified, and called your best friend that night to complain about the fool you had made of yourself, cheeks turned red when you recalled your actions. Your friend laughed at you and told you to forget about it, after all you were here to do your job, not make friends. You sighed, accepting that argument if only because it made you feel a little better about yourself. You hung up after a few more minutes and went to sleep, hoping the interaction would be a one-of-a-kind you could tell your kids years from now. “Yes, I met Natasha Romanoff- in fact, she talked to me! And I didn’t answer.” You cringed to yourself, but closed your eyes for the day.
Of course, it was not a one-time thing. The next day, she also tried to talk to you, but you once again ignored her. After a few days, you began to feel bad for not replying, so you started smiling and nodding, making yourself look busy so she would leave you alone. A week after the first interaction, a blonde stood in front of you, and you looked up and quickly lowered your head.
“I’m Yelena,” she said. When you only gave her a little wave, she signed and turned away, making signals at Natasha that no, you were not answering to her either as you began writing some lyrics on the side of the paper, hoping she would get the cue you weren’t going to answer to her. But Yelena, completely opposite to you, had no shame, and she would make you talk if only to get her sister to shut up about you. “Yelena Belova,” she repeated. You looked up a little, nodding before turning back to the paper. “What’s your name?” You stared into her eyes, her face one of anger that you interpreted was at you for not answering when it was at her sister for being so annoying. You took a small step away from your chair and pointed at the little tag that was on your chest, the credentials that allowed you permission into the lab and other places of the tower. “Y/L/N,” she said to herself, nodding before she walked to her sister. You didn’t think much of it, deciding to return your focus to the paper, quickly raising the lyrics and returning to your actual job. Without you noticing, Yelena and Natasha were talking to each other.
The next day, you met another avenger. Clint Barton, or as he was more known as, Hawkeye, stood in front of your desk and waved a little at you to catch your attention. You tensed, but it soon turned to confusion when you saw him start to gesture with his hands. You gave him a confused look, and he gestured again before dropping his hands to the desk, sighing.
“You can hear me?” He asked. You blinked at him, so shocked by his question (was he calling you rude for not replying or something?) that you actually responded.
“Yes, I can,” you said, even more confused. Your eyes stayed on him, silently asking him to explain.
He scratched the back of his head, and you felt yourself ease a little at his actions. So he was awkward. Well, that made two of you. “Natasha asked me to come here. She thought you might be deaf, since you never answered to anyone who talked to you.”
“Oh,” you said, your cheeks turning red. You couldn’t believe anyone, let alone an avenger, would go out of their way to ensure you were in a comfortable environment. It made your heart melt, not expecting her to be so considerate over someone she didn’t know. “I’m shy,” you felt the need to explain, feeling bad for making him come all the way here just to try and help you because you were too shy to answer some questions.
Clint, however, didn’t look annoyed at all, and simply smiled. “Don’t worry,” he said, moving his hands around. “I get it. I’m shy too. Honestly, if Natasha hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have come. I think she still doesn’t understand I’m retired,” he looked at your work table, which managed to look tied up even with things all over it. “I’ll leave you to it. Sorry for bothering.” And he simply left, not waiting for you to answer. He had just turned into your favorite avenger.
The next day, Natasha was yet again in front of your desk. She looked down, unsure of how to start the conversation, and you almost laughed because that woman was a russian super spy that had helped defeat tons of villains but didn’t know how to start a conversation with you. You swallowed, trying to gather your courage to speak. “Hello,” you said. She looked up at you, her green eyes immediately meeting yours. Oh god, why would you speak? Now you make an even bigger fool of yourself and- Panicking, you grabbed a scalpel mistaking it for a pen and cut your finger a little. You hissed, putting your thumb close to your body, seeing blood beginning to run down your hand. You looked around, trying to find something you could use to cover the wound, but Natasha beated you at it, delicately grabbing your wrist to inspect the damage.
“Don’t worry,” she said, wrapping your thumb in a piece of cloth and pressing softly. After a few minutes, she put the cloth away and stared at the cut. It was small and had already stopped bleeding. “You won’t need stitches. Come with me,” she asked, moving you onto one of the sides of the lab where there was a faucet. She opened the tab and put your thumb under the water, washing away all the blood. After a moment, she closed the tab and inspected the cut. “You’re completely fine,” she smiled at you and let go of your hand, walking away with a small wave. She walked backwards to continue looking at you and almost tripped, making Yelena laugh from her treadmill, which in turn made her lose her balance and fall. Natasha quickly ran to her, saying something along the lines of “who’s an idiot now, morron?” when she made sure Yelena was okay. Ignoring all the commotion, you walked back to your desk.
Later that day, when you returned from a small trip to the bathroom, you found a band-aid laying on top of your desk. You smiled, picking it up and putting it on. You looked to one of the gurneys where the Black Widows sat every time they had to have a blood sample taken, and you saw Natasha already looking at you as one of your colleagues prepared her. You waved at her and she waved back, smirking when you showed her your thumb now covered in a band-aid.
After a month of silent interactions, Natasha walked into the lab late at night to pick up Yelena’s phone, as the blonde kept complaining that there were too many stairs to the lab and you’re an avenger, you could do your little sister a small favour. To be fair, she had only left to stop hearing her moan about how unfair her life was. She stopped in her tracks when she saw light, her mind going into spy mode automatically. She opened the door a little, sighing in relief when she saw you on your usual desk, writing on your computer. She knocked on the wall, making you jump.
“Good thing I wasn’t one of the bad guys,” she joked, walking to your desk to stand before it. “What are you doing up so late?”
“Just trying to figure something out,” you said, mind too tired to even register you were talking with Natasha. But, to be completely honest, those past few weeks had made you feel at ease around her.
“That, or trying to make an earth-breaking discovery that will win you a Nobel Prize?” She teased.
“Well, it would be cool to show the medal to my kids,” you wondered out loud.
“You want to have kids?” She asked, wanting to take advantage of your sudden lack of shyness. And also, you looked rather cute when you were concentrating on something.
“Well, I don’t kno- oh my god,” you dropped the pen you had been biting on onto the desk, walking to another desk and reading some papers that were there. Natasha stood still, confused. “Holy shit,” you murmured, but she was able to listen.
“You can’t have kids. Black Widows can’t have kids. Biologically speaking, I mean,” you said. The redhead nodded, completely lost. “So that means that maybe the serum was in fact the superserum used on Steve and Bucky, but since you were women with hormones but no reproductive system-“
“It affected us differently,” she finished for you. “Wow. That’s an amazing theory, Y/N-“ she was cut out as you jumped into her arms, a big smile on your face.
“I knew there was something we were overlooking!” You said, arms wrapped around her neck tightly. Her arms were on your waist as she smiled in pure delight at the feeling of you on her arms, and she didn’t let go even after you cleared your throat in shame. “Sorry for that,” you said, trying to step away. She stopped you, looking at your lips before she smirked.
“I know how you can make it up to me, and thank me for helping you,” you were about to protest, but she didn’t let you. “Go on a date with me,” she said in a husky tone. You swallowed, hands resting on her shoulders.
“Okay,” the word left your mouth before you even fully understood what she had asked. With a smile, she kissed your cheek quite close to your lips and let go of you.
“How did it go?” Yelena asked as the redhead entered the room, laying down on Natasha’s bed.
“I have a date with Y/N,” she said. Her eyebrows frowned when she saw Yelena, typing away on her phone. “Wait a moment,” Natasha said. “Your phone was here the whole time and you made me go down for nothing?” She asked, offended. The smirk Yelena gave her, however, answered any further questions. “You knew she was there.”
“And you sent me over to the lab on purpose so I would talk with her.”
“Yep. I’m amazing, right?”
“You’re an assholery, cupid wannabe,” Natasha grabbed a pillow and slapped the blonde in the face with it.
“Hey!” She complained, but made no move to hit her back. “It was for my own sanity. I couldn’t stand you talking about Y/N anymore. It was so annoying.”
“Asshole,” repeated Natasha, laying in bed with her sister, smiling.
“It worked, didn’t it?” Yelena asked.
“It did,” Natasha said. And, to be honest, she was too happy to even care. She had more important things to do; she had a date with you to plan.
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Natasha: Can you two just be serious for five minutes?!
Wade: No.
Y/N: Our record is three and a half.
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hoe4flo · 2 days ago
What Loving Your Best Friend Feels Like
Hailee Steinfeld x Reader
Trigger Warnings: just teeth rotting fluff
Word Count: 712
Request: "Hailee secretly being in love with her best friend, Reader, and staring at her while they do interviews together."
Written with my best friend, and girlfriend, @alotofpockets.
Tumblr media
It feels exciting but scary. Before the interview, Hailee coached herself on the fact that she 100% didn't have a crush on her best friend. However, as she sat there and listened to (Y/n) discuss their upcoming film, she knew the feelings were inescapable. Every interaction that Hailee had with her afterwards was an explosion of deep dives. She didn't know whether simple touches and gazes were signs that (Y/n) liked her or not. She knew she wanted (Y/n) in her life forever as her best friend, but the possibility of spending the rest of her life with her best friend as more than friends made her both excited and nervous.
It feels like a train wreck. Once the feelings hit Hailee, she didn't know what to do with them. It's not like her best friend felt the same way, or maybe she did but Hailee didn't know for sure. When they were set to film a movie together, Hailee didn't know what to do. Her feelings for (Y/n) only grew as filming proceeded, yet Hailee didn't tell (Y/n) anything. She couldn't. The fear of not knowing how (Y/n) felt towards her plagued her mind every time she almost brought it up. Once the filming was over, she thought the hard part of seeing her best friend and crush every day would be over. But, this interview was the hardest. (Y/n) looked so good, like always, and had the most radiant smile on as she answered the questions excitedly. The passion in her eyes as she discussed the film caused Hailee to forget how to think a coherent thought that wasn't about the girl beside her.
It feels kind of good. There were moments, as Hailee kept her eyes on the girl, answering to the best of her ability whenever she was asked anything about their film. However, when connections came up to the rumors of the two of them dating, it caught Hailee off guard. "I think the idea is a good one. You know, I get where they're coming from. To an extent, you want to date someone you consider your best friend. You already have such a fantastic connection. Plus, who better to spend the rest of your life with than the person you consider your best friend and the person you love most in the world?" (Y/n) looked over at Hailee with a wide grin. A grin to Hailee that caused her stomach to do flips and her heart to beat wildly.
It feels like you want to tell them, no matter how scary it might be. As the interview ended, Hailee knew the feelings she had been harboring towards her best friend couldn't be kept in anymore. The interview was over, and the girls were heading to their car. "Let's go out. Like on a date?" Hailee blurted, causing (Y/n) to turn to Hailee. A smile fell upon her face as she agreed to go with Hailee. Though, Hailee wasn't sure if (Y/n) understood the meaning of her suggestion. There was a pause in her step as she looked up at (Y/n). "Did you mean to say yes? Like to the date?" Hailee questioned.
It feels like your heart was going to beat out of your chest. (Y/n) looked back at Hailee confused. Staring at Hailee for a moment, the two stood three feet apart, neither taking a second glance at the world around them. "Did you mean the question?" Hailee nodded at (Y/n) when she asked. A quick and excited nod. "Then, yes. I meant to say yes to going on a date with you." (Y/n) nodded, extending her hand towards her best friend. Hailee accepted her hand in surprise as a grin took over her face, matching (Y/n)'s.
It feels like your flying Cloud 9. "But, you know, I like you." Hailee said as they walked down the street together. A small laugh escaped (Y/n)'s lips. "That's good because I like you, too." (Y/n) responded, glancing over at Hailee. "No, I don't think you understand. I like-like you." Hailee cringed at her sentence, feeling like she sounded like a little kid. "Hailee, I know. Let me like-like you back."
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scarthefangirl · 17 hours ago
I thought you would be hotter
tasm spiderman x fem!reader
Description: When Peter Parker sneaks into your room you can't help but clean his wounds and kiss ice bruises
Warnings: mentions of cuts/scrapes/bruises, blood mentioned, fluff, cliche
A/N: I love Andrew Garfield
Tumblr media
You were sleeping peacefully when a crash woke you up with a jolt. You sit up quickly and look towards the sound.
In your room, in front of the window, stands your boyfriend wearing his red and blue suit. You grab a shoe from off the floor beside your bed and chuck it at his face.
"A warning next time!" You whisper shout. You don't want your family to hear, not that they would. The only ones home is your older sister and little brother.
"sorry." He grunts, you notice he seems in pain as he walks closer to you. Only to reveal he has a wound on his thigh. It isn't too bad, you know you can patch it up quickly. But the fact he came to you makes your heart speed up a bit.
"Are you alright honey?" You ask, genuinely worried. He nods and you stand up to help him sit down in your desk chair. He sits and you run to your closet, grabbing your first aid kit.
You kneel in front of him, while he stays seated. Suddenly you blush, and he gets confused.
"um, you need to...take off the suit." You say with fluster. He takes off the suit piece by piece and you sit there awkwardly. You try not to stare at him in his underclothes. He sits back down with a wince for his thigh.
You examine the wound to decide what is best for it. You choose to give it a few stitches and clean it of course. So you grab the alcohol from under your bed, to clean the wound. The alcohol is there for times like this, only!!
You sneak to the kitchen and get a warm rag, a bowl full of hot water, and an orange. Slipping back into the room, you have him lay on your bed and you put the rag into the bowl. You put some of the alcohol on the rag and warn him before beginning to clean the cut.
He winces every time you apply pressure, and you apologize repeatedly. Once you finish cleaning it, it is time to stitch it.
"Oh Pete. I'm sorry for what I'm about to do.. It will probably hurt." You warn him. He chuckles.
"Wow, thanks for the comfort in my time of need."
"I'm just saying." You roll your eyes. You steady his thigh with one hand, using the other to start with the stitches.
He watched the worried frown on your face as you concentrate. He loves how you apologize sweetly if he just barely grunts.
"You stitch up heroes often?" He teases, and you flash him a grin.
"If you are implying you are a hero, might want to reassess the situation we are in." You laugh. He acts offended by the comment. You finish the stitches and put sports wrap around the damage on his leg. You put everything away and lay down next to him. You cuddle next to him and take in his warmth. He puts one arm around your waist, the other playing with the ends of your hair. Your eyes drift closed and eventually you unknowinglydrift into a peaceful slumber.
Your eyes open in surprise when a muffled scream hits your ears. You sit up and rub your eyes, trying to clear your morning vision.
There stands your little brother in shock. His hand is over his mouth. He stares at the nearly naked boy beside you and his eyes bounce around the room. He has seen the suit. He sees the spiderman suit.
"Your hooking up with spiderman?" He shouts. You run at him and cover his loud mouth. You take your hand off and lean down to his level.
"Its not what you think." You say, as Peter stares in disbelief completely frozen.
"I think my sister is dating spiderman."
"Well, maybe it is what you think-" You chuckle nervously. He looks Pete up and down.
"I thought you would be hotter." He says. You roll your eyes.
"Would you be quite? You snap. He laughs and points at the underwear on Peter.
"Dude, please don't-" Peter doesn't get to finish.
"I won't tell. Promise." He says. Peter gives you a can I trust that? look. You nod and he sighs in relief.
"My sister is dating spiderman." Your brother says in a dizzy faze, still shocked. He knew you were dating someone but he never thought you could pull off freaking spiderman. Suddenly the alcohol rolls out from under your bed. You know he will get the wrong message. He does and yells,
"What the f-"
Tags: @misselsbells06 @themarvelprince @american-sataness
Special thanks to @xxlastoftheemosxx for the help writing it!! She came up with some great ideas for it!!
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moonxpluto · a day ago
when love lasts || ajak.
A/N: i... apologize for my gayness. there's actually a version with smut at the end of this one but i opted to leave it out. if y'all want it i could upload it but.. yea. this is just me being gay and yearning.
Tumblr media
It was late into the evening when you carefully opened the door to the bedroom you had been sharing with Ajak for a few years now. The ray of light that passed through the bottom of the door meant she wasn’t sleeping yet. Her back was to the headboard of the bed when you came in, a heavy book in her hands. She didn’t look up when you approached the bed, having recognized the sound of your particular footsteps, soft and calculated. Centuries spent by your side, sharing each other’s space way before either of you realized your romantic feelings for the other, meant that she knew you like no other.
There was nothing strange about the way you laid down close to her with a sigh, the back of your head settling on her thighs covered by the thick comforter, which is why Ajak stayed quiet, acknowledging your presence with a hand in your hair as she kept her gaze on the page she was reading. You stared up at her, at her relaxed expression, at the way her eyes browsed the pages, at the slow rhythm of her chest as she breathed evenly, at the strands of hair falling into her face. The Eternal was aware of your gaze on her and ignored you for as long as she could to enjoy her book, which ended up being only about two minutes. She raised her eyes to the ceiling in fond annoyance, resting the book open on your stomach before looking down at you with questioning eyebrows raised.
A small smile stretched your lips as you blinked leisurely, gaze lingering on her eyebrows, nose, lips. She was so beautiful like this, open and relaxed, Prime Eternal disappearing and Ajak taking her place. You still hadn’t spoken, so she did it first.
“Is something wrong?”
The hand in your hair scratched your head as one would pet a cat and you exhaled slowly.
“No.” It was all you could say as you looked up at her.
The sight of her left you breathless in that moment. The love and admiration you held for her felt almost overwhelming, something that happened quite often whenever you both had a moment alone. You’d think you would have gotten used to it by now, but you haven’t. Ajak matched your smile, and you felt lightheaded.
“I would tear my soul to pieces and place them at your feet if you wanted me to.” You said it in a whisper, the genuine words escaping your lips, as though it was the most normal thing in the world to say to a lover.
It did feel mundane, though, loving her, so fully, was as natural and predictable as the phases of the moon. You were hers and nothing would change that. You would be hers in the next life, and in the next.
Ajak scrunched up her nose in surprise, but her smile widened ridiculously quickly. She traced shapes on the skin of your cheek, book now long forgotten somewhere on the bed.
“Would you?” She asked softly, tone low, dark eyes meeting yours.
“In a heartbeat.”
You meant it, and she could see it in your stare. Your gaze lowered to her mouth. You seemed tired; a bit sleepy if your heavy eyelids were any indication of it. Ajak’s gentle strokes weren’t any help. She lowered her head, face close to yours but not enough for your lips to touch. Your eyelashes fluttered; lips parted. She trailed her thumb on the bottom one, softly. Ajak liked taking her time. She was extremely patient, especially with you as she would do anything for you, but also because it made everything taste just a bit sweeter. It was why she so often trailed her hands on your skin when you laid next to her, slowly and with the particular attention she only showed you, before capturing your mouth in a loving kiss. She cherished every moment you spent together, committing each of them to memory in a corner of her mind.
You didn’t mind slow. You had all the time in the world and you would spend eternity by her side, serving her in any way she desired as one would a deity.
“I would never ask you to.” You felt her breath on your lips.
You knew that. Ajak was too selfless, too good to ever ask something so cruel of you, but it was the only way you found to express how far you would go to prove your love to her. She was everything. She was the water from which your physical form was made of, the blood pumping through your veins. It was pathetic, maybe, how much you felt like she was the sole reason for your existence.
“I would, nonetheless.” It was a whisper against her mouth.
“Oh, my love…”
Ajak finally pressed her lips to yours in a loaded kiss. Your kisses always felt like a reward of some sort, and she made sure to enjoy them fully each time, exploring your mouth with the infinite patience she was known for. You brought a hand to her hair, feeling the soft locks between your fingers, the smell of her shampoo invading your nostrils. God, she felt like home.
She pulled away slightly to breathe, and you already miss the taste of her chapstick.
“Ajak…” It was almost a breathless whine. You needed more, more of her skin against yours, wanted to hear her every exhale, wanted her to succumb to the weight of your admiration, eyes shut and hands gripping the sheets.
Your lover hummed, the sound coming from the back of her throat as she stared at you with a certain fondness that always managed to bring you to your knees. Her tongue unconsciously passed over her bottom lip and you actually whined this time like a touch starved pet.
“I haven’t even touched you, yet.” Her tone was teasing with a smile to match.
“Don’t tease me.”
“I’m not doing anything.”
You raised your head, the hand in her hair lowering hers once more to have your lips meet a second time. Ajak made a noise of surprise but kissed you back immediately, mouths moving in sync as if it was a natural reaction. Your kisses were slow with a certain urgency about them, and Ajak felt her head start to spin at the lack oxygen, but she made no move to pull away. She would give you all the air in her lungs for even a chaste kiss, for the feeling of your tongue on her bottom lip, for the aftertaste of whatever snack you had earlier. You were only apart for a few seconds, enough for you to sit up on her lap, both hands now cupping her cheeks as you felt pulled towards her again. Ajak felt herself falling into your embrace, literally and metaphorically, her barriers dropping completely as she renounced the control she loved so much for another playful bite on her bottom lip.
Her hands were on your hips over your tunic, but her brain was fuzzy and all she could focus on was the way you took control of the kiss effortlessly, breath mingling with hers. The sudden hand on her collarbones was warm and firm, pushing her against the headboard as her lips left yours.
“Do you have any idea how you make me feel?”
Her eyes blinked open, slowly as if waking up from a dream, but the thundering in her chest assured her that she had been wide awake the entire time. Her lips parted to speak after registering the question, but you cut her off with another kiss and she felt like she was falling again. You kissed her until she had to pull away with a breathless moan, a palm on your chest.
Your lips trailed the skin of her jaw up to the lobe of her ear, leaving open kisses in their wake.
“Let me show you, Ajak.”
The vibrations so close to her eardrums made her shiver. You wanted to kiss every inch of her skin in worship. You pulled away, your index finger tracing her parted lips, eyes following the movement before boring into her semi-closed ones.
“Will you?”
And all she could do was nod.
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doopdevil · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
max dillon x g.n.!reader | sparks flying
warnings: pining ; rude date (mans is a creep mAX HELP) ; cursing 
pairings: max dillon x gender neutral!reader
word count: 1,559
summary: despite being too afraid to ask you out, max would be damned if he let another man hurt you.
a/n: tbh i’m afraid i didn’t do max justice! I’d like to get started on some hcs for him, because i really want to write about a glimpse into him and his s/o’s relationship 🥺 also, requests are closing soon, so if there’s anything you’d like me to write, please send it soon! thank you for reading and enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
          Max didn’t mean to fall in love with you. Love seemed too distant, too wistful after everything he had endured. As nice as it was to be surrounded by people who gave him the time of day, a part of him wanted to avoid any possibility of forming bonds. After being hurt by so many people in the past, trust was seen as a catalyst for disaster. Those sentiments were shattered the moment he first spoke to you. It took him a while, but he eventually grew to understand that your kindness was genuine. You were truly interested in being friends with him. Although he was incredibly thankful for your presence, he needed more. It took everything in the man not to kiss you as you silently dozed off on his shoulder. 
    This was a common occurrence for the two of you. If anyone knew when Max was feeling upset, it would be you. Only you had noticed his downtrodden demeanor. Any attempt he made to reassure you that he was fine would be thwarted. It took a while, but you both were at a point where he felt safe falling apart with you present. Once he broke you’d listen intently, about his insecurities, trauma, and loneliness. Heartbreaking as it was to hear him feel so unhappy, you were willing to take it as long as you could help him feel better. After hours of talking, the two of you would inevitably fall asleep next to one another, content in the warmth of each other. Tonight was not one of those nights.
    Fully awake and aware of you appearing angelic in your tired state, he knew. Max had fallen in love with you and he felt he was at a loss for words. Saying he was nervous would be an understatement. After so long he had finally made a real friend, and now there was a chance of losing them.
    The next morning, he awoke empty-handed. Heading into the kitchen, he frowned.
    “Where’s Y/N?”
    “Of course that’s the first thing you say. Good morning to you too, Max,” Otto teased.
    “Sorry, morning,” then Max proceeded to quickly add, “But seriously. Where’s Y/N?”
    An uncomfortable tension had filled the room. The reformed villains and spider-men glanced towards each other nervously. 
    “They’re um,” Peter 3 coughed into his fist, muffling his hesitant voice, “On a breakfast date. I think.”
    The lights abruptly went out, and so did Max out the door. 
    “I’ll go talk to him,” Peter 3 assured, speeding behind Max’s swift steps.
Tumblr media
    “So, what can I get for the lovely couple?”
    “I’ll have-”
    “They’ll have the oatmeal. I’ll have an omelet, extra fries, and a black coffee. Thanks,” he arrogantly replied, waving off the annoyed waitress as if she were lesser than him.
    “Uh,” you nervously chuckled, “I didn’t want that, actually.”
    “Oh. I thought it would be good for you. Let’s just get it anyways, the waitress is gone.”
“...Alright.” This was hell on earth. Your co-worker had seemed so pleasant at work. It was as if a parasite of sorts had altered his brain chemistry, turning him into a complete asshole. If he wasn’t commanding you around like some dog, he’d make jokes at your expense. All you wanted was to take your mind off of Max. It wasn’t hard for you to fall for him. He really tried to radiate the big bad villain persona, but around you, he’d melt into the Max you grew to love. Max Dillon, a sweet, handsome, and wonderfully good man who never got the care he deserved. The second you realized that you made it your mission to be his friend. Sometimes the two of you would play video games or board games. If not you’d probably have a “platonic” tickle fight. But for the majority of the time, you’d just talk. It seems the two of you had become enamored for one another. Unfortunately, you both also shared the fear that the other would not reciprocate. So you remained friends, and if you were going to continue to do so, you’d have to crush your feelings for him entirely. Little did you know it would be extremely difficult, especially now that you’ve found yourself on this atrocious date.
The horrid man in front of you proceeded to brag about how his newly purchased NFT. If that wasn’t cause enough, the leering eyes he’d use on you (and the other people in the diner) would do the trick. During his midst of rambling, you managed to fish your phone out. Norman, Otto, and Curt would probably be in the lab. Flint was usually out by this time of day. When Peter 1 had school, Peters 2 and 3 would be off patrolling the city. The only one you felt comfortable asking for help was Max. So much for falling out of love with him.
Tumblr media
    “It’s just that, even after I got these powers, I still feel like a nobody.”
    “Is there anything that doesn’t make you feel like a nobody?”
    Max felt a tad embarrassed at the hasty nature of his response. But it was the truth. Every time he spent with you, he felt like he was at home. Max had never been accustomed to that kind of feeling, so being with you felt invigorating. Sometimes lights would flicker in your presence, sending little sparks throughout his body at the sight of you. He had always been scared to shock you by accident, but you were so adamant about showing him affection that he gave in. Somehow you’d find the little shocks of electricity he’d emit to be adorable.
    Peter furrowed his brows. Max desperately needed proof that you had liked him back. 
    “You know, I walked by Peter 1’s room the other day. Y/N was there.”
    “I don’t know what they were talking about exactly,” he paused, “But I think they were admitting to having a crush on someone in the house.”
    “You’re joking. Peter, there are 8 other people living there besides them. Why would it be me?”
    “Now you’re the funny one! Dude, whenever you’re gone they talk on and on about you. About how wonderfully you’ve been improving. Or a funny joke you told them the other day. If not they’re definitely asking about you,” he continued with a sad smile, “Max, you know my history with romance. So you should know that if you find someone you love dearly, you have to go to them. Not before it’s too late.”
    The electrician frowned at the thought. Despite holding the power of electricity; you were his light. His source of power, giving him the necessary momentum to keep going. Without you, he’d lose his spark for good. For a second he glanced at his phone. Any other text he’d ignore, but upon seeing your name he picked it up immediately. 
    Max. Help. Date going terribly. This guy is really weird and gross. Come get me, please!! 
    Peter read the message alongside him.
    “If there’s ever a perfect time to confess, it’s while saving them. Go to Y/N!”
Tumblr media
    Your eyes lit up. Max was outside, waiting to take you home. Now all you needed was an excuse.
    “Josh, I’m sorry. Somethings come up, so I’ll have to get going. Thanks for the breakfast,” you forcefully smiled.
    “C’mon now, are you really going so soon? I thought we were having a great time.”
    “I have to go, Josh-” you were suddenly cut off by the unwelcome feeling of his hand on your wrist.
    “Stay and eat with me. Sit.” Although he was pretty rude on your date, you hadn’t expected him to be so aggressive. 
    “Let go of me!” His hand stayed put, tightening by the second.
    “Look, just finish eating. Once we’re done, maybe we could head to my place and-”
    “Let go of them,” your savior had arrived.
    “Who the hell are you?”
    “I’m a friend of theirs. Now, why don’t you let go of them before I make you?” Max’s eyes glistened with electricity along with his threat. The idea of you being on a date was one thing, but you being mistreated as well? The very thought infuriated Max. You deserved nothing but the best, not a scumbag who didn’t care about you the way he did. 
    You glared at Josh along with Max, your situation gathering attention at the diner. Josh’s previous bravado had diminished, immediately replaced by humiliation. His embarrassment was made obvious by him stomping out of the diner, slamming the door with a final glare towards you and Max. Once he was gone you released a breath you’d been holding in ever since Josh had grabbed you.
    “Are you okay? He didn’t try anything else, right?” Max’s angry glare had melted into a soft gaze at the sight of you, his eyes oozing nothing but concern.
    “I’m okay, Max. Especially now that you’re here.” You smiled with relief. “If he’s not eating with me anymore, I guess you’ll have to.”
    “Lucky me!” He laughed.
    You grinned as he took a seat in front of you. Before you could continue profusely thanking him, he spoke up quietly.
    “So uh…” he glanced down at his hands nervously, “If I’m being honest, I’m kind of glad the date didn’t go well.”
    “Whys that?”
    “Because now I can ask you out instead.”
Tumblr media
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notsarareallynot · 2 days ago
Bucky x Reader (pregnant)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You and Bucky tried everything to get pregnant, when it finally happened you can’t wait to tell it Bucky, but your plans changes quickly when your husband returns dangerously wounded from a mission…
TW: blood, crying, emotions, pregnancy
Word count: 2.7k
I'm sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes...
Tumblr media
You sit in your bathroom on the toilet, crying holding a pregnancy test in your hand.
A positive one.
You and Bucky have been trying for almost 1 year to get pregnant, it broke Bucky's heart seeing you trying everything, but not being successful.
You took pills, you counted days, you did everything but it just didn't worked, until now.
You wanted to run into Bucky's arms and tell him the news, but your husband was on a mission with Steve. Before you got to excited you wanted to be a 100% sure that you where actually pregnant, so you got dressed and walked to the closets pharmacy buying at least 6 different types of tests.
When you got home you go upstairs to your and Bucky's room, lock the bathroom door behind you and take every single test. When the time was up, you look at the tests.
Tears started flowing down your cheeks.
2 lines.
2 lines
You where actually pregnant you couldn't believe it. But how would you tell Bucky? Oh it doesn't matter... You would just tell him the second he would step into the tower.
Bucky is supposed to come back tonight, your decided to tell nobody else, you wanted Bucky to be the first one to know.
You waited the whole day in your bedroom, looking at your stomach in the mirror carefully touching it, even tho there was not even a little bump there yet. "I can't wait to tell your Daddy the news, he is gonna be so happy..." the thought of telling Bucky made your heart skip a beat.
All of the sudden Jarvis informed everyone in the tower that Steve and Bucky were back. You jump out of excitement and run towards the roof.
You wait patiently for the doors to open, to take your men in your arms and tell him that he's gonna be a Dad.
But when the doors open you didn't saw your husband smiling at you, Steve was covered in blood caring Bucky, who the blood was coming from.
"Nooo! no no no..." you scream out running towards them, your team who was waiting with you ran also towards Steve and Bucky.
"What the hell happened Cap?" Tony asks.
"He got shot, I- I tried to stop the bleeding but- but ..." Steve said with panic.
"Bruce help me out here" Tony says.
"I'm gonna go get Dr.Cho" Nat says while running already out the doors.
"Y/n..." Bucky choked out half unconscious.
"Bucky, Bucky please..." you beg holding his bloody hand "you can't- you can't leave me now please..." you sob out.
Steve tries to comfort you stroking your back.
"Y/n I'm gonna be fine..." Bucky tries to give you a smile than he started coughing up blood.
He closes his eyes and you break down, luckily Steve was there to hold you.
"No no no... James... please...I- I am pregnant..
please... your gonna be a Daddy" you cry out hovering over Bucky.
All eyes snap up at you, at your sudden confession, Steve is now feeling more guilty that he didn't bring Bucky home save.
"Bucky please!" You scream. The doctors come in and take Bucky to surgery.
You stay there on the floor with Steve, in front of you, just a puddle of blood where Bucky once was laying.
You feel Steve helping you up and walking you to your and Bucky's room.
Everything feels like a dream, or more like a nightmare.
Steve brings you to the bathroom and sits you down on the toilet.
He carefully takes your shaking hands in his and starts cleaning the blood off of them with a cloth and water.
Steve sees all your positive pregnancy test still laying on the bathroom sink, while cleaning the cloth.
"W-what h-happened Steve...?" You try to speak, but you can only whisper your question.
Steve looks at your face, puffy red eyes, tear stained cheeks,  your sad eyes looking at him, searching desperately for an answer.
Steve cleared his throat "I- we thought everything was clear... but..." Steve looked down, trying to keep himself together.
"We where walking back to the jet, he was talking about you. And than out of nowhere hydra agent's started shooting... We took them all out, but when everybody was down I saw that Bucky took a bullet... I- I'm so so sorry y/n... I-"
Steve was breaking down in tears "it should've been me... Now your pregnant and ... I'm sorry" his voice was full of guilt.
You sit down next to him and embrace Steve "it's okay Steve, I know you did everything, it's not your fault..." you try to comfort him.
"Go and take a shower-" you try to tell him, but he interrupted you immediately.
"No I'll stay with you and the baby and make sure your alright" he said looking down at your stomach.
"Steve-" you try to talk to him.
"Y/n please I owe that to Bucky..." he insists.
"Can we go to the med wing and wait there for Bucky to come out of surgery?" you ask him.
"I think it's better if you stay here you can lay down here and when he comes out of surgery I let you know first?" Steve tries to convince you.
"No I need to be there for him-!" You try to protest.
"Y/n. There is nothing you can do for him. Please lay down and try to rest a bit. I would never forgive me, if something happens to you or the baby. Please." He ask you.
"Fine" you agree, knowing deep down that Steve was right.
You lay down and try to distract yourself with a movie.
Steve sits down in a chair next to the bed, watching you, but his eyes look tired.
"Steve please go take a shower and go get a bit sleep."you tell him.
"No. I will not leave you alone now. Bucky can not comfort you right now, so I'll be here." He says determined.
"You know what if you don't want to go, then take a shower here okay? I can't look at his blood on you any longer... please..." you say looking at Steve who is still covered in Bucky's blood.
Steve didn't realized it was this bad till he looked down at himself. He didn't like leaving you out of his sight for even a minute, but he knows that you are right and he probably needs to shower.
Steve goes up to his room to get some clean clothes, he comes back down to your room to see you sleeping.
When you wake up it's way past midnight and you see Steve sleeping on the chair next to your bed. You climb out of bed, trying to not make any noise that could possibly wake Steve up.
You go out of your room and close the doors quiet behind you.
You walk down the empty hallways of the tower, ending up at the med wing, in front of the surgery doors. You open the doors, you see Bucky on the operating table,behind a glass.
There are several tubes coming out of him and he looks so pale. You get goosebumps at the sight of your husband, it breaks your heart seeing him like that.
You turn around and walk back to your room trying to hold back your tears, when you are back at your room you burst in breaking out in tears, totally forgetting Steve's presence.
He wakes up and runs straight up to you examining your body "What's wrong what happened?! Are you hurt?!" he asks in panic.
"Bucky... h-he... what if he doesn't makes it Steve... ?! I just saw him... I almost didn't even recognized my own husband..." you cry in his chest.
Steve try's to calm you stroking your hair.
"He is gonna be fine. I promise."
"It was such a hard year for me and Buck... And I thought we would finally be happy..." you cry.
Steve raises his eyebrows in surprise, Bucky hasn't told him anything about you guys having problems.
"Hey, talk to me. What do you mean, you guys had a hard time? Bucky hasn't told me anything?"
"I know he hasn't told you. We didn't told anyone...We tried for over a year to get pregnant, it just didn't worked out, we fought a lot during that time, there was argument over argument. 2 Month ago we just accepted that we maybe couldn't have children and our relationship got better again, I think the fights where mostly because of me... I just got so frustrated, I wanted to tell Bucky that. He was there for me no matter how mad I was at him or how bitchy I was towards him." You cry.
Steve shakes his head "why didn't you guys told me anything? I had no idea, that you guys had such a hard time, I would've been there for you and Bucky"
You just shrugged "I don't even know why we didn't tell anyone, but when I found out this morning that I was pregnant I felt happiness in a way I didn't felt in a long time."
"Come here" Steve takes you in his arms, you where the wife of his best friend, so you were like a little sister to him. "Congratulations by the way. I'm so happy for the both of you" he said looking down at your stomach.
You wipe your tears away and smile a bit "thank you...for everything"
Steve just gives you a smile. "I think you should go back to sleep, I will stay awake and wake you up if there's something new on Bucky"
"Okay" you say and lay down in your bed.
"Y/n, Y/n. Come on wake up. Bucky is out of surgery, you can go to him"
That's all Steve needed to say you wake up and look outside the window it's still night but the sky is getting lighter. The two of you walk down the hallways to the med wing.
"Dr. Cho said that he is stable for now" Steve said.
"That's good news right?" You ask.
"Yeah that is good news" he gives you a smile.
Steve opens the doors of a med room for you and you see Bucky laying there.
Without hesitation you run up to his bed looking at him, placing a light kiss on his lips.
"I love you so much" you whisper in his ear.
"I will leave you alone, could you just let me know when he wakes up?" Steve says on his way out.
"Steve wait!"
You run up to him and hug him.
"Thank you.
I just want you to know, that I appreciate how you cared for me, for the last hours..."
He gave you a smile and left the room.
You carefully lay down next to Bucky, and put his hand on your stomach.
"I know that you are still sleeping and you probably. No. Most definitely, can not hear me, but that doesn't matter, because right now I just want to tell you what I should've told you month ago. I'm sorry that we had so much arguments, I'm sorry for letting my anger and frustration out on you, I'm sorry for not thinking about that it was, as hard for you as it was for me and I'm... ughh I'm just so sorry I didn't told you all of that earlier..." you cry quietly, burying your head in his neck.
You fall asleep beside Bucky.
Bucky slowly wakes up and feels a sharp pain in his stomach, when he opens his eyes to look down he sees you laying beside him.
A smile crept onto his face, he would always wake up before you and watch you sleep.
He sees his hand on your stomach and remembers that you said something about being pregnant before he passed out, but Bucky wasn't sure if he had just dreamed that or if it was true.
He caresses your stomach carefully not wanting to wake you.
You start moving and opening your eyes looking up at Bucky who smiled down at you.
You almost fall out of the bed in surprise.
"Ohh thank god, I've missed you and I love you so so so much James." You say kissing him.
"I love you too Doll"
Bucky has a weird expression on his face.
"Hey what's wrong?" You ask him concerned.
"Doll... are you... are you pregnant?" He asks carefully, scared that he might just dreamed it.
"Yes...And we are pregnant James." You said touching your belly.
"I- Oh my god Doll I-I can't believe it..." Bucky says as tears begin to form in his eyes.
You start to tear up too.
"I know... I couldn't believe it at first...We're gonna have our own little Family..."
"Buck, I'm sorry. I know the last year wasn't easy for both of us-" you try to talk, but Bucky interrupts you taking your hand in his.
"Hey, it's okay. I want you to know, I never was angry or upset at you for letting your anger out on me. It just broke my heart seeing you like that and not being able to do anything to help you."he said.
"I love you so much." You say kissing him again.
"I love you more Doll." He said placing your head on his chest.
You both enjoyed each other's company, before Bucky broke the comfortable silence between you again.
"How far along are you?"
"I don't know, I guess maybe 4 or 6 weeks maybe? I found out yesterday morning, I already called my doctor. I have an appointment next Monday."
"When will we find out if it's a boy or a girl ?"
"I think in the 15th or 16th week, the doctor will be able to tell."
"What would you like it to be?" Bucky asks you.
You really didn't care, you just wanted it to be a healthy baby, but you wouldn't mind if it was a boy.
"Honestly I don't care what it is, but I would like for it to be a boy" you confess.
"What about you Buck?"
"I hope it's a little girl. She is gonna be as beautiful as her mother."
Your private little talk gets interrupted by Steve coming in, followed by the rest of the team.
"Hey pal, how are you feeling?" Steve asks his best friend.
"Honestly better then ever" Bucky says, pulling you closer to him and putting a hand on your stomach.
"Ohh yess! Congratulations to both of you!" Wanda says.
"Since when did you even knew ?" Natasha asks.
"I just found out yesterday morning" you say.
"Well it sounds like a good reason for a party to me?" Tony throws in.
"Yeah, but first Bucky has to get better." You say giving him a kiss.
"Okay, that's enough guys go get a room!" Tony says rolling his eyes.
"We are in a room!" You say chuckling.
The team stays for hours, you all talk about a lot of stuff.
You order food and all eat together, but when the sun begins to set Steve noticed that you where looking really tired.
"Hey come on guys, I say we should go now and let them rest" Steve says leading everyone out of the room.
You and Bucky lay down.
You feel how you drift off to sleep, the two days where really stressful, but now with Bucky on your side you finally felt save again.
Bucky looks down at you falling asleep, while he is playing with your hair.
"Mhm..?" You hum almost asleep.
Bucky brings his and down to your stomach, caressing it.
"I would love for it to be a little girl. A princess..."
I hoped you liked this one. I think about maybe doing a second part? Let me know if you would like that!
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maximovaromanova · 12 hours ago
𝙎𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙚𝙩 (𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙚𝙙) 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝    Part 1
(because I’m obsessed with Marvel x Marauders Era so here it is <3)
(not that canon compliant, just for fun because I’m a simp)
Wanda creates another reality where you, her childhood friend, are there, in her childhood favourite book series 
Tumblr media
“Good morning, Max.”
Wanda blinked, remains of morning water in her eyes as she shook her head to wake up so she could look over at who it was calling her by the shortened version of her last name.
“Wand-erful, wake up!”
“That is a very lame nickname.”
“It’s the one you gave yourself, remember?”
No. She did not remember. She did vaguely remember the voice. Your  voice. And her own, though it wasn’t the one she was using. It was replying to you.
“Hey. You said you’d watch me play today! You wouldn’t want to miss your favourite seeker! That Potter’s the captain of the quidditch team starting this year, and he didn’t do that bad. Guess you owe me five galleons!”
Wanda almost laughed. Why were you talking like characters from-
That was when she looked at you. You were in all red, gold letters adorning the quidditch jersey you were wearing so beautifully. Your last name printed bold in the back along with your number, and your hair eloquently tied up.
“Come on ! It starts in five hours!”, a voice beamed, and a tall, fit, and dopey-looking boy rushed into the room.
“Hello, James.”
“Hello, Y/N! Why don’t you bring this girl along?”
Other Wanda laughed, rubbing her eyes sleepily before following them out the room. Was Nat here? She should  be! And Captain? And Tony? A small pause in her thoughts. Pietro?
“Hola, dumbasses.”, a tinkly greeting sounded as you hugged the girl it came from, a ginger, who Wanda heard you calling ‘Lily’, before you kissed her.
It was weird how this world was hers with no control of her own. Maybe Strange knew how to fix this. He’d surely come to her. One day, eventually. Now you were dating someone who wasn’t Wanda. Other Wanda also did seem quite tense about this- at least the feelings hadn’t changed.
“Miss Maximoff. Another mistake ?” 
“Hello, Strange.”, she replied, not turning around and watching as Other Wanda distracted herself from your conversation with Lily by talking to James about the quidditch plans.
“You cannot fix it this time, Maximoff.”
“Wanda, now that you’ve unlocked another portion of your past, her...”, he said, gesturing offhandedly at you,” your emotions are... not anymore related to your powers, like they were during the whole Westview incident.”
Wanda frowned, taking her eyes off you, her childhood friend, and Other Wanda, her other self. “What do you mean? I don’t get it. If they aren’t related to my powers, then what do they do? How’d they bring my childhood crush here in another reality with another me just like Westview?”
“Wanda. Your powers are no longer related to your emotions. They are  your emotions.”
Wanda’s eyes widened. She’d screwed up bad this time, hadn’t she?
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