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Watercolor pencils, watercolor, ink, ballpoint pen, calligraphy brush, Google Translate

Day #3: Flush (Blush)

Jiang Wanyin, why so red? Did you tell your childhood friend you like him yet? 😳 But Huaisang probably already knew and pretended not to know…

I gave Jiang Cheng a different version of clothing, the tabard is slipped on on top of the robes. It’s a v-neck with pleating, then you tie it with a belt as usual. I’m actually working on a postmodern Wuxia collection right now, but with unconventional material like plastic instead of fabric.

Getting the colors for these two to work is a pain unless you add red to it… which is perfect for the theme, oho!

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Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji spend at least half of their time traveling, going wherever the chaos is or so they say, although Lan Sizhui is pretty sure the chaos goes wherever Wei Wuxian is. That being said, souvenirs have always been a common occurrence for residents of the Cloud Recesses. Wei Wuxian likes to bring local snacks and crafts for the juniors and the occasional trinket for the cooks in hopes of getting some more salt and spice in his meals (even though the bribes never work). Meanwhile, Lan Wangji prefers paintings and music scores, the things that can be kept for years.

Although the gifts were expected, nothing could have prepared Lan Sizhui for the child. Balanced almost carelessly on Wei Wuxian’s hip is an infant who can be no older than two, giggling as he whistles a bright tune.

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also. It is funny. that WWX legit tries to wriggle out of entering Cloud Recesses by arguing he’s too gay. Me every day but w/o the massive homophobia.

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I-I just love him so much, he’s just a big guy with a big sword and a strong sense of morality and justice :’) 

He’s such a beautiful man with an even more beautiful saber. I cannot express my love for his saber every iteration of it is so beautiful. Just the detail, the design, the homicidal sword ghost, the loyalty to the original source material. It’s enough to make an old man cry :,)

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“Oh, I’ll be so productive during this lockdown!” The fool said to himself. I’m still working but that’s halftime anyway and now I’m home for the rest of the week. 

So I’ve binged The Untamed and am currently watching the donghua, not much creative going on rn. Here’s a lazy sketch that had to get out of my fingers, my dearest Nie Huaisang. 

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so I recently got into embroidery and have been crying over wangxian during quarantine so I figured…why not put them together

really love the cloud design on wangji’s robes in CQL and decided to put them on a shirt but make them red accented with black bc,,well that’s what’s xianxian wears so yeah

severely underestimated the amount of time it would take to hand embroider these and I’m developing neck and back problems BUT IT’LL BE WORTH IT I think

not 100% sure if the design is cute or if I’m just deluded but here’s some shitty pics of the outfit I referenced and the work in progress :)))

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the things wei wuxian gets offended by in the first few chapters of mdzs are so funny i have to laugh……… he’s mad that he’s been resurrected (because he doesn’t think he should count as evil!) and he’s mad when his cover as mo xuanyu isn’t blown (because it’s not his fault his flute playing sounds shit after being dead ten years!) like HONESTLY……….. king…………. sort ur priorities out!

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Originally posted by lastchristmas2119

So these are my personal favourite love songs that I associate with Wangxian. Some I do associate more with Lan Wangji, others more with Wei Wuxian, but always in the context of their relationship.

I am pretty sure some of these have been used over and over again for couple playlists, maybe even Wangxian playlists, but still, I like them, so onto the list they go. Might get updated at some point.

Keep in mind that those are songs which I personally associate with this pairing, be it because of the lyrics or because of the feelings they evoke in me.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the tags or the comments!


A Thousand Years (Part 2) || Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee
(this song has such a bad rep because of Twilight, but it’s actually lovely)

Somewhere Only We Know || Lily Allen
(the original is by Keane, but Lily Allen’s version always has me in tears)

Mercury || Sleeping At Last
(A slightly more Wei Wuxian-centric song for me)

Saturn || Sleeping At Last
(The Lan Wangji pendant to Wei Wuxian’s “Mercury”. A personal favourite, and a song that I’ve associated with Wangxian since the beginning)

Somebody To Die For || Hurts
(the lyrics speak  to me here)

Speak To Me || Amy Lee
(I personally ADORE this song, and in the context of Wangxian, it reminds me so much of Lan Wangji’s long period of grief and ceaseless looking for Wei Wuxian)

Annie’s Song || John Denver
(A classic. The very simplicity of the lyrics and the warmth the song carries are just so lovely in the context of Wangxian)

余年 (Remaining Years) ||  肖战 (Xiao Zhan) 
(This is the ending song to “Joy of Life”, but the lyrics and the delicacy of the song just scream Wangxian to me. Plus Xiao Zhan sings it so beautifully.)

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