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simmingsorah · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Main 4
I have nothing for a story post but I did get every single sim in this save's likes/dislikes set.
Also.... wip recolor of one of my dresses! Which I'll release soon!
Just a little reminder, next few posts for Moonlight Fading will have these triggers tagged: cheating, drinking, arguing.
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simmingsorah · 15 days ago
Ask My OCs - 8,9,24
Thank you Mari!!
8. What is their favorite food?
Syd - Spaghetti
Sophie - Tacos
Cal - Pancakes
Milla - Chicken Stir Fry
9. Are they a liar? Are they good at lying?
Syd - He is an awful liar! Which is why he avoids it, he usually gets caught.
Sophie - She usually lies when it comes to how she's feeling health-wise, she doesn't want to drag others down. Otherwise she doesn't like to lie or has no reason to.
Cal - He doesn't like to lie but he can be really good at it. Something about his grumpy exterior means most people won't question him.
Milla - She's very good at lying and will lie if the truth is going to cause problems or take more time than she's willing to invest.
24. What are their biggest pet peeves?
Syd - Being talked down to like he's a child
Sophie - Being judged/people making assumptions about her that don't know her
Cal - Lying, ironically enough (A bit of a hypocrite)
Milla - People who tip-toe around the point
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simmingsorah · 16 days ago
RQOTD: If your character could rename themselves, what name would they choose? And/or do they have names picked out for their future children? What are they?
Thank you Sam!!
I kinda went over Syd and Sophie here but last names:
Both of them have complicated relationships with their dads and sever ties in adulthood but they don't change their last names. Both end up taking their spouses last names.
If they had changed it before then:
Sophie would change her last name to her mom's: Antonova
Syd would change his to Antonova or Graham, for the two people that made him feel like he had a family.
Cal & Isla - picked out Ada for a baby girl. They couldn't decide on a boy name, but Cal was hoping for William, after his dad.
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simmingsorah · 16 days ago
RQOTD: What is your character's worst fear? How far would they go to avoid it?
Thank you Sam!!
Sophie ironically enough is terrified of performing in front of crowds. She actually forces herself to face it because she loves creating music and she knows her friends love the spotlight.
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simmingsorah · 22 days ago
RQOTD: Describe your character last nightmare.
Thank you Sam!!💖💖💖
Cal - He has a lot of nightmares about being a bad dad.
Esra - He has sea monster nightmares. Which is weird considering he lives in Hawaii. He takes it as a sign he needs a change of scenery! Maybe it's finally time to pack up and move to the mainland.
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simmingsorah · 22 days ago
RQOTD: How often does your character find themselves bored? How do they handle boredom?
Thank you Sam!💖
Moonlight Fading:
Sophie - She's usually not bored if she's able to make music somehow. The only times where she feels like she can't are when she's in a crowd, which just makes her anxious, not bored.
Milla - OFTEN! She doesn't write any of the songs so she gets bored watching Syd and Sophie go back and forth. She likes having people to talk to that make her think but she feels like a fifth wheel in the band with the current lineup.
Jett - he's usually doing something so he's not bored too often. He typically plays video games, does woodworking, or programs some plugins to pass the time. If he does get bored he'll try to hang out with Cam, Grey, or Johnny.
Grey - She enjoys alone time and relaxing so it's kind of intentional boredom that then makes her feel like painting or fabricating something. She doesn't usually reach out to other people unless they're close by.
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simmingsorah · 25 days ago
RQOTD: Open up your character's kitchen cupboards. What do you see?
Thank you Sam!! 💖💖💖
I can actually answer this for several of them with the same response cause poor college/YA vibes!
FoxBrite: Jett & Grey
Moonlight Fading: Syd, Sophie, Neil(these 3 live together from 18+) and Esra
Ramen, macaroni, canned soups, dehydrated boxed mashed potatoes, some various crackers, peanut butter, and nutella.
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simmingsorah · 27 days ago
RQOTD: What is your OCs guilty pleasure?
Thank you Sam!!!💖💖💖
Grey - Late night ice cream and watching a show or movie she's seen thousands of times. She likes to see if she can quote them.
Moonlight Fading
Sophie - Pretend house hunting online. She lives in tiny apartments throughout the story and enjoys looking at nice houses that she can't afford but hopes to one day. She always searches for 3-4 bedroom houses with at least 2 bathrooms. Not crazy fancy just nice.
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simmingsorah · 28 days ago
RQOTD: What is one thing your OC would like to change about themselves?
Thank you Sam!!!! This is so fun!!
Jett - How he feels about relationships. His parents' relationship was really bad so deep down he subconsciously thinks all relationships go to ruins eventually.
Moonlight Fading
Milla - How insecure she is inside. She's not really sure what she wants but she's always pushing forward into something and hoping it's right. She doesn't really talk to anyone about it either. She would rather seem like she has it all together.
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simmingsorah · 29 days ago
RQOTD: What is your OCs favorite quote? Or what quote do you associate with them most?
Thank you Sam!!! You are wonderful!!!
Going with the Moonlight Fading top 4:
Syd: “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” - Andr Gide
Sophie: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde
Cal: "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt
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simmingsorah · a month ago
Hello Nonny!!! Thank you for the ask!
"How do you do this? I can't do this! This is too real! We aren't ready! I'm not ready!"
"Guess we know the band’s never getting back together..."
"I could strip on stage!"
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simmingsorah · a month ago
SAM!!! ILY!!!!!!!!!!!
"For fuck's sake, let it go!"
"Why can't things just be fun?"
"Perfect people don't do what she did to you!"
"At some point, you are going to need to see a doctor for this."
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simmingsorah · a month ago
Blood Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blood, blood, blood Pump mud through my veins Shut your dirty, dirty mouth I'm not that easy
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simmingsorah · a month ago
Tumblr media
I love you for never believing in what I say I love you for never once giving me my way I love you for never delivering me from pain I love you for always driving me insane
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simmingsorah · a month ago
3/9/39 for Syd and Sophie please ? ☺️
Hi Ben! Thank you for the ask!!
If you were to choose another name for your oc, what do you think it would be? Did you choose it for how it sounds or for its meaning?
Syd - Uh... So Syd was originally named after his dad and they had a falling out. So Syd doesn't want his name anymore and changes it. (Background no one asked for but related) So if he chose a different name: Mick? (Cause Slipknot #7, not Jagger)
Sophie - Probably something Russian since that's what her mom's side is (cause Ai Mori was some inspo). Maybe Anya or Aleksandra?
How easily does your oc make friends? Do they have difficulty talking to new people? Why?
Syd - Syd is really good with strangers and is friendly to anyone who's nice to him. He usually doesn't get too deep with anyone until they've been friends for a while.
Sophie - Sophie is not great with strangers, she doesn't really know how to carry a conversation. She can be friendly and nod along but Nopes out after a while. So she's not great at making friends quickly, she needs a Syd to talk to.
Is it difficult for your oc to focus, or do they have no trouble being in the moment? Do they daydream or zone out?
Syd - Syd is either hyper focused or bouncing around different ideas. He does daydream and zone out when he's alone but if others are around he's people watching.
Sophie - Sophie also people watches! She can zone out pretty far but when she wants to focus she's really good at it (especially when making music)
Thank you again!!
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simmingsorah · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
L I F E • S T A G E S • C A S • C H A L L E N G E • by @someone-elsa
Create a sim in all of their life stages. Or use a sim you’ve created before and create their other life stages. Or use a sim born in game or a premade. In addition to the six life stages you can create in CAS, you can add your own (like a tween for example, also maybe they don’t even live to the elderhood?). You can write their life story if you wish or let us guess. My inspiration for this challenge.
Have fun and tag some people to try this out if you like!
Tag me @someone-elsa and use #life stages cas challenge so I can reblog your posts :)
Millicent ‘Milla’ Ratliff
I was tagged by @theplumblob​! Thank you buddy!!!!
This time we’ll go with Milla because I don’t talk about her much and I can keep it spoiler free. Milla’s Faqs
She doesn’t care about being seen as nice and it generally comes off as rude. Despite this she does have a moral compass and she interfered if anyone tried to bully Syd in school and as an adult she will pick up her friends at their lowest and push them forward.
“If you wanted to be coddled you called the wrong person.”
She’s also VERY decisive about things, in direct contrast to Syd and Sophie.
Both of Milla’s parents are highly successful. Her dad is the #1 country music star in the country/world and her mom was a super model between the ages of 16 and 32. Since they were so successful, they were usually working and on the road, leaving Milla and her brother with grandparents or babysitters.
Milla did pageants from 2 to 16 and she hated every moment of it, part of why she doesn’t care if she seems nice. She meets Syd during guitar lessons when they’re six. She spends her teen years as one of the cool kids in school and had a generally snarky personality. She gets all her tattoos between 18 and 23.
20-25 are the events of the story - Milla enjoys the touring, parties, one night stands, and general lack of responsibility early on. Some things don’t go how she hoped and she leans into the role of being the responsible one of the group.
35-55 - Post story - Milla got married (WHAAT?) and has a few kids. She took a break from the band to really be there for them in a way her parents weren’t for her. Rather than return to the band, she forms her own very successful record label. She still cares deeply for her former bandmates - except Ty.
65+ - Retired and the record label sold, Milla can’t really remember the last time she played the guitar but she doesn’t miss it. Looking back she really just wanted to have the family that she never got as a kid.
I tag all my followers and anyone who wants to!!!!!!
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simmingsorah · 2 months ago
Then & Now
“Rules — find the oldest photo you have of your favourite sim. Post it next to the most recent photo of  that sim to see how they have (or haven’t) changed!”
I was tagged by @enniewritesathing​! Thank you!!!
Unfortunately, I suck and never took screenshots until like 6 months ago! So we’re relying on my Gallery saves for this! (which gets cleared out often)
My favorite sim is actually Jett but he’s never changed.
So I’ll go with Cal since he’s changed the most while still being my sim! (This time it’s not a ramble!)
Tumblr media
I changed his traits because I felt like ALL my sims had those traits(also new backstory). 
And then I changed his look because it looks kinda wonky to me and he needed to look less like Jett even if it’s separate storylines. Also Cal’s arm tattoos are my favorite ones of all time!
I tag anyone who wants to!
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simmingsorah · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
If I’m ever feeling down or unmotivated I open up my epilogue save and have Syd and Sophie spend time with their future spouses.
Sophie’s faces are always gold and I think well deserved considering the snowpal she made with [redacted]. 
“Uhmmmm whatcha doin with those branches?”
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simmingsorah · 2 months ago
Another lookbook/pose testing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Corset/Skirts/Leggings! - Released TODAY!!
Praline’s masterlist of necklaces and earrings
Sophie: Hair, Rings, Shorts
Milla: Hair, Heels, Jewelry
Vera: Hair, Hoops, Earrings, Heels
Thank you to the CC creators: @oydis-cc, @pralinesims, @saurussims, @solistair​, @dallasgirl79, @candysims4, @aharris00britney​ & @ayoshi​, @simandy​
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