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tailorgenyasafin · a year ago
Hi my name is Dunyasha Light’ness Dementia Dove Lazareva and I have GOLDEN hair and a lot of people tell me I look like AELIN ASHRYVER GALATHYNIUS (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!) I’m related to JACE HERONDALE but I wish I wasn’t because he’s a major fucking hottie. I have beautiful PORCELAIN-WHITE skin and GREAT NAILS but you might find me with bloodied hands occasionally :) . Everyone loves talking about my gorgeous BLUE eyes. I'm also an assassin known as the WHITE BLADE who trained at AHMRAT JEN and it is an HONOUR to be killed by my hand because my work is HOLY. I'm a WHITE WOMAN (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly WHITE and GOLD. I love RAVKAN fashion and I bought all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a golden scarf and a white tunic with... golden borders. And also golden shoes. I was lurking in the shadows outside the Cathedral waiting to murder a TEENAGER :DDD. It was BRIGHT and SUNNY so there was A LOT OF GOLDEN SUNLIGHT, which I was very happy about. No one stared at me because I was very good at hiding. But I put up my middle finger at them anyway because I COULD.
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babymetaldoll · 8 months ago
Dada (Matthew Gray Gubler/Reader)
Tumblr media
Requested: Yes "Hi I recently started reading your fics and I'm absolutely in love with them. My favorite is "From Daddy to dad" I think it's called. I was wondering if you would be doing a part 2 for that since the reader was pregnant and with a girl this time, it'll be amazing to see Matthew with his daughter🥺"
Pairing: Matthew Gray Gubler/ Reader/ and their kids
Summary: Matthew is crazy for his daughter Mila, and all he wants is for everyone to know she can already say "dada." Spoiler alert, Mila might have other plans.
Category: Fluffiest fluff
Warnings: Zero
Word count: 1,3K
A/N: Hello everybody! I'm taking care of my grandparents for two weeks, and I haven't got much time to write. Dear Anon, I hope you like this fluff! 💜 ✨
Matthew felt there was a part of his heart that had never beat until he held his little baby girl in his arms for the very first time.
Her tiny hand touched his thumb, and just like that, she had him. All of him. In a way that he had never felt before.
Matthew Gray thought he knew love after meeting his wife. He thought he had understood loving someone till the bones when his son was born.
Now, Matthew knew what it felt like to be ecstatic and paranoid at the same time. He couldn't stop thinking about everything that might hurt his daughter.
Matthew Gray Gubler was going to be an overprotective father for Mila. And he wasn't even sorry in advance for everything he was going to do to keep her safe. Oh, all the times he was going to embarrass her growing up.
Having kids had changed Matthew's life. He wasn't the same man he was four years before when Vincent was born. And now, having a little girl... he felt he had a purpose in life. Taking care of his princess.
- "Ok, Bean, now please help me and keep these socks on until we get to the car, or mom is gonna kill me"- ten months old Mila chuckled and played with her legs as her father tried to get her dressed.
- "Come on, princess. Help me a little here. Dad needs to put you these cute mismatched socks on"
- "Dada!"- a soft, happy giggle followed Mila's first word. The baby looked at her father and reached out her tiny hands to him, trying to play with his messy hair.
Matthew couldn't even breathe. His eyes were filled with tears as an immense grin lodged on his lips.
- "What did you just say?"- he asked his daughter, trying to stay calm, to not scare her- "Who am I? do you know who I am?"
- "Dada!!"- little Mila repeated and giggled.
- "Yes, I am! I am your dada!! You are my princess, and I am your dada!" Gubler held his daughter in his arms, kissing her chubby cheeks and tummy over and over again, making her chuckle.
Vincent's first word had been "mama." Matthew never accepted he had always been a little jealous about that, mostly 'cos he had spent hours trying to get him to say "Dad." With Mila, he didn't even try it, but it made sense that was her first word. After all, her dad was with her all day, every day.
Yes. Matthew Gray Gubler was obsessive with his daughter. He took her everywhere with him.
- "Bunny!!! Bunny!!"- Matthew ran out the house holding Mila, hyperventilating- "Bunny!!"
- "Honey! What is it?! are you ok?! is Mila ok?!"- (Y/N) freaked out 'cos Gubler was way too nervous looking for her.
- "Listen!! Listen!! Listen!!"- he held his daughter close to (Y/N) and asked- "Bean, who am I?"- but nothing. (Y/N) looked at her baby and kissed her forehead. Mila giggled and raised her tiny arms to her.
- "Mila, who am I?"- Matthew repeated, trying to hold her closer to him. But Mila started pouting, trying to go with her mom until Gubler gave up and let her go.
- "She said ˝dada," I swear!"- Matthew explained (Y/N), who smiled at him and looked at Mila sweetly.
- "Did you start talking already? can you say ˝dada", Bean?- but the baby just babbled and giggled.
- "I'm gonna get you to repeat it, Bean, even if it takes the rest of the day- he said to his daughter seriously. And he meant it.
The Gublers had a quiet day. Their whole plan was to take the kids to a quick check-up with the doctor because Vincent had had chickenpox a few weeks earlier, along with all of his preschool class 'cos one kid passed it on to all the kids.
After that, they had lunch in one of their favorite places, 'cos neither of them felt like cooking. And while the waitress came with their order, Matthew tried to get Mila talking again.
- "Hello there, baby girl"- he held her in his arms and kissed her cheeks- "Can you say "dada" again?"- but Mila just babbled.
- "Why are you so obsessed with her talking?"- (Y/N) asked her husband, smiling- "Once they start, they never stop,"- she added and looked at Vincent. He was sitting on her lap, drawing, and singing a Paw Patrol song.
- "I'm not obsessed. I just want you to hear Mila saying it."
- "Are you still jealous because Peanut said "mama" five minutes before you got him to say "dada"?"
- "I have never been jealous of that!"- Matthew had always been jealous of his wife because of that. He was never going to admit it, though.
- "Ok, honey. Whatever helps you sleep at night"- (Y/N) teased him helped Vincent with his drawing. Gubler looked at Mila and kissed the top of her head.
- "Who am I, Bean?"- but again, Mila just smiled.
- "Bunny! I'm going to get something for dinner. We ran out of cheese and ice cream- Matthew announced to his wife, who was playing with Vincent in their family room. Gubler had been carrying Mila with a baby wrap carrier the whole day, still trying to get her to say "dada" again. By then, the little girl had fallen asleep against his chest.
- "Great, can you get some tomato sauce? I'm in the mood for pasta for dinner,"- (Y/N) said, and Vincent wide opened his eyes, excited with the idea. He loved spaghetti.
- "And what do you need, Peanut?"
- "A truck, green paint, and babana pudding."
- "Banana pudding?"- Gubler corrected, chuckling and his son nodded with a huge grin- "You got it."
Walking around the store, talking with his daughter, Matthew felt he was home. Mostly because that was what he would do most of the day, he carried baby Mila everywhere:
To the store, and would ask her for her opinion of every brand of candy he would get.
To the set, along with Vincent. He would play with them between shots and tell everyone they were his kid, like the proud father he was.
He carried Mila for long walks around the neighborhood when she started teething and didn't let (Y/N) sleep at night, so his wife and son could nap together.
- "Dada!"- Mila yelled and touched her father's face smiling- "Dada!! Dada! Dada!"- she repeated over and over again.
Gubler moved quickly, trying to grab his phone from his pocket to record his baby daughter, but by the time he got it, Mila was silent again.
- "Are you trying to make me look bad in front of your mom?"- he asked the baby and kissed her cheeks sweetly.
- "This ain't over yet, missy."
- "Finally, Vincent is asleep,"- Matthew whispered, crawling into bed with his wife- "And it only took me five books."
(Y/N) chuckled and caressed her husband's hair, her fingers playing sweetly with his curls.
- "That's probably your fault. You are too good impersonating voices"- and Gubler chuckled. - "I mean it. You make an amazing Mufasa. James Earl Jones would be jealous."
- "Simba"- Matthew said in a low voice, making (Y/N) laugh.
- "Dada!"
There was a deep silence in the room. (Y/N) and Matthew looked at each other with widened eyes.
- "Dada!"- Mila repeated, giggling, her tiny voice coming from the baby monitor.
- "I told you she could say it!!"- Gubler smiled triumphantly to his wife, and she leaned in to kiss his lips.
- "I am happy you are her first word, honey. That baby girl is crazy for you, as you are for her. She is a daddy's girl for sure"- Gubler chuckled, feeling proud in a way. It was like his daughter was approving his parenting.
- "Dada!"- Mila said again, and Matthew giggled.
- "Someone is calling for you,"- (Y/N) whispered, feeling her husband kissing her again.
- "Dada duty calls"- he answered with a big smile- "Got any reading request?"
- "Any Dr. Seuss would be nice,"- (Y/N) said and kissed his lips for the third time. - "I'll keep the monitor on"
- "I'll make my best Cat in the Hat impersonation."  
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heecyon · 4 months ago
Enhypen's little angels: First Day of Preeschool
Lee Heeseung
“You sure you have everything, buddy?”
“Every single material?”
“You sure you aren't forgetting anything?” Heeseung heard a huff from his wife, and turn on his heels to look at her.
“Seojoonie will be fine, trust me, I'm pretty sure he's ready.”
“But he's too small to go to school, can't he just stay with us another year?”
“Love, he's old enough to go to school, he's ready to go out there and learn. He needs this, we can't neglect his education.” He sighed at Mina's words, looking down at the child with bread cheeks.
“Come on buddy, let's go to school.” Seojoon nodded and grabbed his father's hand, with the other he grabbed his mother's pinky.
Tumblr media
Park Jongseong
“Mommy, do I have to go in?” Mila saw the amount of kids running around in the classroom, while her petite form hide behind her mother's legs.
“Does she have to go in, Love? I don't think this is a good idea, she's way to scared.”
“Jay, I know she's scared, and I don't want to let her go too, but we can't skip this just because she's scared, that way she'll never go to school.” Bella scolded him a little, before looking at the scared child behind her.
“My love, I know you are scared, but look at the bright side, you'll make new friends, have lots of fun.”
“But I don't need friends, I have you and daddy and always have lots of fun.” She said with her eyes turning watery while looking at her Jay.
Jay and Bella looked at each other, while he rubbed the little one's shoulders trying to comfort her.
“You know what, baby? When I pick you up from school, we'll go for your favourite ice cream and when we get home we'll cuddle all you want.” Jay said brushing his nose on her cheeks making her giggle.
“Pinky promise?” She said extending her pinky.
“Pinky promise.”
Tumblr media
Shim Jaeyun
“Papa, Papa!” Jacob ran to his father's arms, making Jake let out a little yelp.
“There's my handsome boy! Did you have fun? Did you behave?” The kid nodded when his homeroom teacher walked over to them.
“You have a very well-behaved boy, Mr. Shim. He participated a lot at class and made a few friends, he's a really sweet child.” Jake smiled at the teacher's words, feeling so happy and overwhelmed.
“Do you want to show your dad the drawing you made for him?”
“Yes, Miss Choi!” the kid ran to his seat grabbing the paper before running back to his dad and giving his dad the drawing he made for him.
He draw three human sticks in the paper which represented, Jake, Teagan and little Jacob.
“You did a great job baby, you are so cute, Let's go home.”
Tumblr media
Park Sunghoon
The small family reached the school salon as Jin Ae saw the pretty decorated classroom, and a lot of students running around happily, others where being comforted by their teacher because of how much they missed their parents.
Jin Ae entered the class, she knew where she was going to seat, left her pink backpack on top of her seat and ran again to her parents side.
“Shoo! Shoo! Leave!” She said pushing her parents out of the classroom.
“Are you kicking us out, darling?!” Sunghoon asked as he smiled sadly.
“Yes, I am!” “You can go home now.”
“But what about our kiss, darling?” Hyeyoung said as she expected a kiss on the cheek.
Jin Ae kissed her parents cheeks, before going back inside her classroom.
Hyeyoung heard a snif before seeing that her husband was tearing up.
“Sunghoon are you ok?” He shook his head while more tears rolled down his cheeks.
“I guess I'm just emotional today.”
Tumblr media
Kim Sunoo
“My babies!”
The twins ran into Sunoo's embrace, and then he placed various kisses on his children's head.
“Tell me everything about your day, was it amazing? did you have loads of fun?” Young-Jae nodded.
“It was fun until JaeJae starting stealing all of my new friends?”
“Well you were being really boring, so I helped them.” Jae gave a flashing smile to his sister showing his milk teeth.
“That was so rude!” She slapped her brother's arm, making Jae hiss.
“No! What did I tell you about slapping, Young-hee?” Sunoo grabbed his daughter's tiny arms.
“But I'm the oldest!”
Sunoo's gaze turned serious for a moment and Young-Hee had no problem, but looked down at her feet.
“I shouldn't slap my brother, because it's bad and rude.” She lowered her voice.
“Now cheer up my babies, let's go eat pizza!”
Tumblr media
Yang Jungwon
As he reached the studio he couldn't help, but remember the cute kiss on his cheeks that Seung-hye left there.
“This your happiness kiss so you won't be sad.”
It felt like it was yesterday that he could finally pick her up in his arms after being several weeks in NICU, it felt like yesterday he could finally see her at least a little bit healthy, it felt like yesterday that she was so tiny.
“Have a good day at school, please take care. Appa loves you!” The feeling of finally seeing that she'll soon grow up was consuming his heart.
“Jungwon-ah, are you okay?” Heeseung and Sunoo approached him as the rest of the members put their eyes on him.
“Seung-hye is growing up and I didn't even notice.” He said with tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Aw! Jungwon, it's normal to feel this way, she's your daughter and want to spend how much time you can with her.”
“Yeah, Sunno-Hyung, but I didn't know I would miss her this much.”
His members heart softened seeing how his leader was so emotional.
Tumblr media
Nishimura Riki
“Hinata-San, please stop rambling and let me do your hair.”
“No!” Hinata ran upstairs to go to her room.
“Niki! Come help me with your daughter!” Niki ran to look for his daughter, finding the little girl seating at the edge of the bed with wet and blushed cheeks.
“Tiny... What's going on? I thought you were excited about school” He said patting his daughter's head.
“I was, but I know that you will leave me forever.” He frowned at his daughter's words, confused on what she was talking about.
“Who told you that, tiny?”
“Nobody, it's just that I noticed because you are taking me away.” Hinata pouted and with that Niki giggle a little bit before calming down.
“Hinata, you are just going there for a few hours and then will go back to pick you up.”
“Huh?” The girl was poorly confused, well absolutely confused at what was happening.
But then she pouted again and touched her lips, thinking.
“But who am I supposed play with if you are not there? Who am I gonna cuddle?” She said getting closer to Niki and hugging his waist making him smile.
“I'm pretty sure you are going to make loads of friends... As for the cuddles...”
“They're just for me and mommy exclusively.” He tickled her making her laugh, and then a cute smile formed throughout the rest of the day for the little one.
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The Truth Will Set You Free Part 2: NSFW
Summary: A witch hits Sam, Dean and the reader with a truth spell - a classic trope, as requested
Pairing: Sam x Reader, (platonic) appearances from Dean
Warnings: Part 1 is fluff with very tame implied smut. Part 2 is smut – 18+/NSFW
Word Count: Part 1 – 4337 words /  Part 2 – 5282 words
A/N: I started writing this as requested by @mila-dans​ and I’m so sorry but the idea spiralled away from me and it got unexpectedly very heated. I kept the naughty stuff very deliberately in part 2. PLEASE BE WARNED.
As ever, I have tried to tag people I thought would enjoy this based on previous interactions but if I’m wrong just let me know and I’ll be sure not to do it again. I haven’t tagged many people in this part in case you wanted to keep it fluffy.
Previous Chapter is HERE
Tumblr media
Sam looked at you, face scrunched up in awkwardness.
“I’m so sorry I said that.”
“It’s OK. You couldn’t help it. Plus I mean obviously I want to too.” Dammit, you thought. This truth thing was getting annoying.
His eyebrows raised in surprise, though he was smiling.
“Really?” he asked, more with intrigue than disbelief.
You didn’t want to say anything back but the word “Yes” fell from your lips anyway.
“I absolutely don’t want to do anything if there’s even the slightest chance that it might be because of the spell though.” He said, with certainty.
“Although…..” You said.
His eyes rushed to you. “Although?”
“I mean, it does seem like the spell is only making us say things that are true. It doesn’t seem to be making us do anything we don’t actually want to do? I mean, we could test it?”
“Hmmmm.” He said, mulling it over. “OK. Hop on one foot.”
You stood, perfectly still, both feet firmly on the ground.
“Walk out the door.” You said, as he stayed there, stood in front of you.
“OK. So it doesn’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. But it makes you tell the truth, whether you want to or not?”
“Do you want to kiss me again?” You asked, by way of further testing.
“Yes.” He said.
“Do you want to do more than kiss me?”
“Yes.” He said, looking nervous at his own boldness but excited, testing out its limits, “But not if that’s not something you want. Not if that’s not something you wanted before the spell even happened.”
“Well, did you want to do…that….the more than kissing me…before the spell?”
“Yes.” He said, looking slightly embarrassed.
“So, you’ve thought about it? Before?”
“Yes. A lot. Oh man, there was no need to add that last part.” He said, more to himself than to you. “Have you? Thought about the ‘more than kissing’ with me? Before?”
“Yes.” You said, smiling shyly. “A lot.”
“So, you want to?”
“Yes.” You said, quicker than you’d have liked. It was unnerving being so forward. “Although the more we are talking about it, the more I’m getting embarrassed about it. But yes, I do.”
“And you think we should?”
“I don’t know if we should. But I know I want to. And I think you should kiss me again.”
That was all the invitation he needed. Suddenly, you were up against the wall again, his lips full of urgency and passion. One hand was in your hair, the other around your waist. They were both moving against you, pulling you closer, you could feel his strength and how much he wanted you, as they moved.
“So…” he said, through the kisses, “What did you think about, when you thought about ‘more than kissing’ me?”
“I thought about how good I thought you’d be.” He moved to kiss your neck. Hot, wet, open mouthed kisses. You felt his lips, his tongue, and occasional little nibbles. “I wondered what it would be like. What you’d be like. Oh, you are really good at that…”
“What did you want me to be like?” He whispered into your ear.
“Different at different times. Sometimes gentle and romantic. Other times…erm…less so…”
“Are these questions making you uncomfortable?”
“Yes. But only because we just kissed for the first time about 15 minutes ago so it seems like a big leap. Plus, you’re ‘Sam’. I may have had feelings for you but you’ve also been my friend for a long time…I guess I’m feeling a bit shy.”
He pulled away slightly. “Sure, that makes sense. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. How about I ask you some questions?”
“What did you think about when you thought about it? With me.”
“Yeah, the same, I guess. What it would be like. What you’d be like. How good I thought it would be. How we’d do it.”
He looked slightly shocked at himself.
You pushed against his chest and he let you guide him backwards to the bed. You pushed him back and he lay down there before you crawled beside him and kissed him again. Then you were both lying there, so close to each other, face to face.
“How did we do it?”
“All the ways.”
“Was it slow and romantic or was it hot and heavy? Were we having sex, making love or fucking?”
“All the ways.” He repeated, a sexy confident smile, playing on his lips. Yes, this was making you feel shy and nervous in places…but it was also…really hot.
“Did you touch yourself while you thought about it?”
“Whoa…” He said, laughing coyly, and looking away. “I did not expect you to ask me that.” He looked back at you, biting his bottom lip. “Yes. Did you?”
“Yes.” You hurried on before he could ask you another question, “What did you think about?”
“Which time? It’s been years.”
“You’ve been thinking about me? Like that? For years?”
“The first time.”
“The first night we met. I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t help it. I imagined laying you down on my bed, in that white dress you were wearing. Slowly lifting it up. Kissing my way up your legs to your pussy. Is it OK that I used that word?”
“Um. Yes.”
“OK. I imagined kissing your pussy, licking you there. I wanted my tongue on you, my lips. Working you up. Adding my fingers…you know, the ones on my hands you seem to like so much…” He was smiling wickedly, just inches from your face, “Working them in and out of you. Feeling how wet you were, and you were, very, very wet. I wanted to hear all the noises you’d make. The sighs, the moans, the things you’d say. I imagined making you moan out my name, not stopping until you were screaming it, begging for my cock. Is it OK that I said that?”
“You can say all the words, Sam.”
“OK. Begging for me to fuck you. Begging. Tearing off your dress. Running my hands all over your naked body. I imagined what your face would look like when I finally gave you what you were begging for, when I pushed into you for the first time. I imagined how you’d feel around me. How you’d move under me, your legs around my back, trying to pull me as far into you as you could possibly get me. Your nails scratching up my back and your hands in my hair. My hands in yours until I reached for your arms and held you down, like you wanted me to. How you’d sound when you screamed my name, again and again when you came.”
You swallowed. You weren’t sure what you’d been expecting, but you hadn’t been expecting that.
“The last time?” You asked, curious.
“Last night. In the shower. I imagined what it would feel like to have your mouth on me, kissing me everywhere at first but then on my cock. Sucking and licking, slow at first but then hungrily, desperately, liked you loved it and couldn’t get enough. And I wished you were there, in the shower with me so you could be doing that. Looking up at me with your beautiful eyes, while you had me in your mouth. And then I imagined that I’d lift you up and fuck you hard against the shower wall. So hard, I was nearly fucking you through it. Um…” He cleared his throat. “I felt kinda guilty after, because, you were in here, just a wall away and I didn’t know if it was bad that I was thinking that but I just couldn’t help it. I find you so sexy. It nearly happened again, later. You’d fallen asleep. Dean wasn’t back from the bar yet. I tried to keep my mind on the stupid movie on the TV but you kept stirring and making these cute little noises and I thought how much I wanted to hold you in my arms, all night, just letting you sleep there, keeping you safe - but once I started thinking about you being in my arms, I imagined kissing you awake, and how I’d hold you and kiss your lips, your neck, the rest of you. How I’d make love to you slowly with you looking in my eyes, how I’d stroke your face gently while you whispered that you loved me, that you needed me, that no one else could make you feel so good. I just…I had to leave the room and go get a Coke just to calm down.”
You were quiet but mostly because you didn’t know what to say.
“Is this all changing how you feel about me?” He asked.
“Yes. But not in a bad way. It’s just new, talking like this with you. It’s…sexy. New but sexy.”
He looked relieved but also happy. He smiled wide so his dimples deepened.
“God, you’re cute. I love your dimples so much. I don’t understand how you are this handsome. And sexy. Argh.” You let out a sound of frustration. “Still can’t stop myself from saying things.”
“It’s OK. I don’t really want you to. It’s nice hearing you say those things about me.”
He reached up and brushed your hair back, his gaze falling over your face, tracing it all.
“Sam…what if we do this and we are too honest? Or we say things we shouldn’t say?”
“What do you mean? I’d want us to be honest.”
“But…with the spell…We’ve already said way more stuff than we would have normally, been way more forward. And I don’t know, what if we go too far? Or I mean, sometimes you think a thing but it’s not always good to say it, you know?”
“Hmmm…yeah, I guess. But counter point….” He said, raising his eyebrow at you,
“Are you debating with me right now?”
“It would seem so.”
“That’s adorable. But also you’re a dork.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“OK, Stanford Pre-Law, hit me with your counter point.”
“Don’t we also have a unique opportunity to be totally honest? To see what each other think and feel and want?”
“And if it gets out of control?”
“I kind of want to see what you look like, ‘out of control’ and look, we both know that whatever happens, it’s the spell, right? Whatever you say…I’m still going to know that you are sweet and gentle and respectable and a lady…”
“Urgh…I never claimed to be any of those things.”
“Fine. But you know what I mean. And you can still know that I’m your friend and I love you and I’ll protect you and care about you always. Deal?”
“OK. Deal. Fine, you won the debate.”
“I got really good grades at Stanford.”
“So we’re really doing this?”
“We’re just talking right now. I haven’t finished with my questions yet. What did you think about, when you thought about me….and the making love…or the fucking?” He pulled a face that registered he was still a little uncomfortable, a little unsure, talking with you like this. Though when he’d said that you felt a flutter, deep inside of you, in your core. It had been strong.
You gathered yourself.
“Which time? It’s been years.” You said, smiling at him, softly. Playing on his earlier response.
“The first time?”
“It was the night we first met –“
“Really?” He said, but he wasn’t questioning you, more registering his happy interest.
You laughed, lightly. “Yes.” He nodded his head whilst pouting as if he’s just learned an interesting new fact. “I imagined that we were still in that bar, but everyone had left, it was just me and you. And you took my hand over the table and guided me round to sit on your knee. And you kissed me. And the kissing just built, getting hotter and wilder. I imagined your big strong hands on me and I imagined you telling me in your soft, deep, low voice, how much you wanted me, how much you needed me, how much you needed to be inside me. I imagined your cock, what it would look like, how hard it would be, how it would feel in my hand, in my mouth. The way you’d touch me. Your face when you first felt me sinking down around you. How you’d sound. The noises you’d make, the desperate, loud, wrecked groans. What you’d say. How you’d tell me how good my pussy felt, tight and wet around you. How you’d say my name while you fucked me. The way we’d end up with me riding you in that chair you’d been sitting in. Your arms around me, moving me. Your hands all over me, on my hips and my back, guiding me. How then you’d pick me up and push me back over the table, how you’d make me come, over and over. The way you’d groan when you came.”
His eyes were wide and he looked slightly shocked.
“I’m so sorry. I can’t stop saying this stuff. Are you good?” You asked.
“Yes. Very. I’ve just never heard you talk like that before. I like it. It’s new but yeah, really, really sexy.”
”Oh, OK.” You said, relieved.
“And the last time?”
“The night before last. In the bunker. You know how I moved my room around recently?”
He nodded.
“Well, I was lying in bed and I realised that I can see the mirror from my bed now.”
“Oh.” He said, seeing where you were going with this.
“And I imagined being in my bed with you. I was lying face down, you were on top of me. I imagined you making love to me like that. Fucking me. You were moving slow but getting faster, you were moving hard and deep. You had one arm around me, touching my clit. Is it OK that I used that wo-“
“Yes. Go on.”
“OK. The other arm around me, touching my breasts. And we were both looking at each other in the mirror. Like, intense eye contact. While you fucked me. And my head was back against your shoulder and you were kissing my neck, sometimes I’d move my head around and you’d kiss my mouth, and sometimes you’d moan in my ear, loudly. Other times you groan, deep, just lost in how good it felt, lost in me. You were making these deep, wild, uncontrollable noises of pleasure. And sometimes you were talking to me, telling me how much you loved me, how much you loved fucking me like this, how good I was making you feel, how good your dick felt so deep inside me, you called me a good girl, a bad girl, my name, ‘Baby’ – all the things. Then you were fucking me hard, fast, deep, wild. Into the mattress. The delicious weight of you, holding me down. Telling me to keep looking at you in the mirror, how you wanted to see my face when I came. We were kissing and stroking and bucking and moaning and moving together, I could feel your skin, your weight, your sweat, your breath, your wild hair against my temple. I was screaming out your name. Begging you, I don’t even fully know what for. To not let me go? To not look away? To not stop? I don’t know. I just know I wanted you and thinking about you like that made me come hard. More than once.”
“I….I…I think was the hottest thing I have ever heard. It made me so, so hard.” He pulled an annoyed face that he’d said that, “Sorry, truth spell.”
“I’ve thought a lot about your cock. What it would be like.” You pulled the same face he had. The truth was…yes, it was making you way too forward, say things you really shouldn’t say but you couldn’t help it.
He reached for your hand and placed it on the hard bulge in his jeans.
“Sam….you’re really hard.”
“Yep. I really want you.”
“Can I –“
“Yes.” He said, leaning in to kiss you passionately.
You unbuttoned his jeans and took his hard cock out. It was even better than you had imagined. Long and thick and hard. You took the sight of it in, and the feel of it in your hand. “Wow.” You said, involuntarily. You heard his breath hitch in his throat.
“I want to touch you. I want to see if you are as wet as I am hard.” He said, “Can I? Is that OK?”
“Yes.” You said as he undid your jeans and snaked his long fingers that you had thought of so often into your underwear and down, slowly, lingeringly past your clit to where it was wet and warm.
He let out a sigh that sounded guttural, deep, desperate and uncontrolled. That sounded like he’d found something he desperately needed but was hungry now, for more. And then he pushed a finger into you. And then another. He moved them slowly back and forth while you mirrored the tempo with your fist around his cock.
“Wait.” He said, stopping his movements. “I just need to be sure, this is what you want?”
“Ok. Well, then, I want you naked.” He said. Removing his hand from you, he went to tear at you clothes. “If that’s OK?”
“Yeah. I mean yes. You too.” You said as you both pulled desperately at each other’s clothes to remove them as quickly as possible.
In a flurry of movement you were both soon naked, kissing, running your hands over each other, rolling on the bed.
He slowed. Looking deep into your eyes, he said “I have wanted you like this for so long. I’ve thought about it and dreamt about it. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. You are so beautiful and so sexy and my best friend and I love you and I just really need you to know that before anything else happens.” His voice was always sexy but talking to you now, it was deeper and lower and quieter.
“Sam. Handsome, sexy, gorgeous Sam. I feel the same. Exactly, the same. Mmmm, and your voice. I’ve never heard your ‘bedroom voice’ before. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. Sorry. Truth spell.”
He leaned in, close to your ear. “Yeah?” He said. It was a playful, teasing, sexy ‘yeah’. An invitation. “You like it when I talk to you like this?”
“Mmmmm. Yeah.”
You felt his sexy smirk against your ear as he said, deliberately, in that voice, “Y/N, I want to make love to you. I want to touch you and taste you. I want to hold you down and make you scream my name. And I want to fuck you. Hard.”
You looked at him, desire burning in your eyes.
“Is that OK?” He asked.
“Ye-“ Before you could finish the word, he was kissing you again, ferociously and powerfully. He reached for your pussy as he kissed you, touching your clit, stroking through your lips and into the slick wetness.
You reached hungrily for his hard, thick, cock. Stroking, pumping, spreading the wetness that was leaking from the tip, letting your hands move the moisture further down.
Both your sighs and moans were filling the air, making loud sounds of want and need. You let go of his dick as he pushed you back and kissed you fiercely down your neck, your breasts, your stomach and then his face was on your pussy. He was kissing, licking, sucking, lapping. Tasting you with a hungry enthusiasm. Fingers moving inside you. Mouth wet and moving against your clit. He was moaning against you, a desperate hum of feverish enjoyment.
You were moaning his name but he heard the change in your voice when you said it to get his attention.
“Yeah?” He said, breathless as he lifted his head.
“I really need to taste you now.”
“Oh, OK.” He said, moving back. “But you should know I loved that. There should be lots more of that. Lots.”
“Definitely.” You said, kissing down his torso, firm and sculpted, perfect smooth skin over perfect taut muscle. You licked his tip, clenching internally at the moan he let out, and then wrapped your lips around it. You moved your mouth up and down, licking against him as you went. Running your hands over him, cupping his balls and playing with the base of his shaft.
“Oh….God…..Y/N….” He groaned. His hand in your hair, massaging through it. You looked up to lock eyes with him and it felt so intimate and raw to be sharing this moment. He looked wrecked and desperate. “Fuck, Y/N….come here…”
You did, as he grabbed you and urgently whispered, “The truth spell, it’s still working right?”
“I think so.”
“I need to be inside you. I need to fuck you. Is that OK?”
“Tell me how you want it. Tell me what you need. Tell me how to make you feel good.”
The spell was obviously still working because you wanted to ask him what he wanted but instead you said. “Hold me down on the bed. Like the first time you thought about me. Fuck me, make love to me, just be close, I just want you close.”
He reached for you and pulled you down, rolling over you, kissing you as you went. You could feel his huge, hard dick dragging through your folds, pushing against you, deliciously moving against your clit and then your entrance.
“You want me?”
“Yes, please, Sam. I want you more than anything.”
He was kissing your neck, he seemed ravenous and insatiable, moving from behind your ear to down by your collar bone. You remembered what he’d said earlier about hearing you beg for him.
“Please, Sam, I need you. Please, please, I need your cock. I need you. I need to feel you inside of me.” It was all true. He growled against your ear.
“Do you want me?” You asked.
“Yes. And I need you.” He said, “I think I might die from it.” And with that you felt him move, sliding against your wetness, he reached to line himself up and then pushed, groaning loudly as he moved into you.
As you felt the stretch inside of you, you moaned too, instinctively, desperate and high, calling out his name.
“Fuckkk, Y/N. You feel so good…so tight…so wet. Oh God.”
He was so big. You felt so full. He bottomed out and stayed there for a moment. You opened your eyes to find his face so close to yours, eyes shut contorted in pleasure so acute, it looked almost like pain. You kissed him and he opened his eyes, kissing you back. Your mouths moving against each other, craving, longing for each other.
“You good, baby?” He whispered.
“So good.”
He looked into your eyes and started to move. Slowly at first. Watching you and kissing you. Whispering that he loved you and how beautiful you looked.
“I love you too.” You said, breathlessly and honestly. The spell was making you say every thought. Things you might normally think but might not say. “You feel so good. This is amazing. You are amazing.”
You could feel him getting faster and also harder and deeper.
You were moaning his name. It was turning you on even more hearing him moan yours back, in that wrecked, desperate voice. Each time he pushed, his pelvic bone moved against your clit, pushing you higher and further and towards the powerful peak you could feel building.
You could see on his face how much he’d wanted this, how much he was feeling. His body was moving and you could see his strong muscles pushing under his skin, sheened with sweat.
“Your pussy feels amazing around me.” He said, “You, all of you, feels amazing. You look so beautiful with me fucking you.” He said, kissing you as he spoke.
“Oh God…Sam…I’m gonna come.” You said, desperate. Hands scratching at his back, his moans showing that he liked that.
Then he took your arms and put them against the bed, holding you down with firm force, not painfully but there was no give. Between him holding you down and the weight of him against you, you felt anchored despite feeling like you were about to shatter.
“It’s OK. Let go. Come for me, Y/N. Let me feel you. I want to feel you come. I’m here. I’ve got you. Baby, I’m right here.”
You felt it tear through you with overwhelming force, your whole body wracked with it but he kept you in place, kept you held down, fucking you through it hard as you screamed his name again and again. Between hearing you screaming his name and feeling you coming hard around him, he was obviously tipping over an edge too, as he moved back, picking up your pliant wrecked body with him and sitting back, moving you, pushing and pulling you against him.
“Fuck, Y/N…Y/N…baby….” And then a loud, long, drawn out groan.
He was moving frantically, holding you close as your bodies writhed together, fucking up into you, moaning and pumping and you felt him coming as he grunted and his face knotted tight with the intensity of feeling, arms around your back, pulling you as close as you could possibly be as he slowly stilled, his breath ragged against your skin.
The both of you were a mass of limbs, intertwined bodies, heaving, trying to get air into your lungs, sweaty, eyes shut, clinging to each other. If either of you moved a fraction the other would shudder, involuntarily. Until slowly, slowly, you moved back down onto the bed and moved gently apart, so he could pull out of you.
And then you were both lying there, as he grabbed you and pulled you to him, holding you tight in his arms.
“That was….” He started, trailing off.
“Was it?” He said, kissing you and looking deep into your eyes, “For you, I mean.”
“Sam, it was…amazing. Incredible. Honestly.”
“Yeah?” He said, looking delightedly pleased.
“And you?”
“Y/N, that was the best thing that has ever happened to me…..You….are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
Suddenly, you remembered something Dean had told you once before.
“Hey, Sam?”
“Mmm hmm?”
“Who’s your favourite singer?”
“Just answer me, please.”
“Celine Dion.” He said, and then looked annoyed with himself and then he narrowed his eyes at you, with mock suspicion, “Were you checking the spell was still working?”
He rolled his eyes and then smiled a ‘what am I gonna do with you’ smile and then rolled onto his back, his arm still around you, your head lying on his chest, like you’d wanted to so many times before.
You must’ve fallen asleep that way - tired, spent and feeling happy and safe – because the next thing you knew was Dean’s loud voice reaching through your peaceful slumber.
“Awww…gross…on my bed?”
You and Sam were both startled instantly awake as he pulled you closer to him with one arm and pulled the sheets up higher around you, protecting your virtue instinctively. My hero, you thought, lovingly.
“Erm…Dean…I can explain…” Sam started.
Dean fixed him with a look of exasperation.
“I think I can figure it out, thank you.” He said, voice dripping with sarcasm. You noticed his eyes slowly move towards you, subtly giving you a once over as best he could with Sam’s huge arms and the sheets twisted around you before he checked himself. “I’m going to get us breakfast burritos, looks like you two have been working up an appetite…get yourselves…decent…and meet me in the car in 20. I ain’t sleeping in that again.” He said, leaving the room, still shaking his head in outrage.
Sam lurched into action, leaping from the bed and searching frantically for his clothes.
You couldn’t help grinning as you watched him, his perfect naked body in action, lit by the cold light of day.
He stopped still, his face looking at you stunned. “What?” He asked.
“No, nothing. Just,” You bit your bottom lip, “it’s just crazy to me that I get to see you naked now.”
He smiled, wide, and leaned over the bed, his frame suddenly over you again as he kissed you. “I’m hoping you ‘get to’ do that a lot more now on.”
You kissed him back and then pushed him away as you got out of bed, taking care to keep the sheet wrapped around you as you picked up your clothes and made your way to the bathroom.
You had brushed your teeth and were drying your freshly washed face as Sam came in.
“What are you doing?” You exclaimed, shocked that he’d just barged in.
He half picked you up, half guided you, shuffling towards the shower.
“This.” He said, as he turned the water on, checked it was warm and backed you into it.
Dean’s 20 minute deadline, came and went. You were dressed and stood in front of the mirror, as you brushed your, now wet, hair. Sam came up behind you, putting his arm around you and pulling you close as he kissed the side of your neck.
“So my favourite singer,” He said, looking up at your face in the mirror, “is actually Elvis Presley.”
“Yeah….I figured that it was over.” You said, turning around in his arms, to face him. “I guess we can lie now.”
He looked into your eyes, earnest and content, “We can but let’s not, OK? Let’s just keep being honest, even when it’s very honest. I meant what I said yesterday. All of it. I know it was weird but I mean…it got us here faster.” He squeezed you gently, “I meant it, Y/N. I love you.”
He put his forehead against yours and shut his eyes in quiet happiness.
“I love you too.” You said and kissed him. “It kind of feels nice to say, not because I have to, just because I want to.”
“Yeah, it does.” He said, “Come on, we better go.”
When you got to the Impala, Dean already had the engine running. Sam got in the front and you settled in the back, like usual. Dean reached back to hand you your burrito. You ate as he drove.
“Spell’s broken, by the way.” He said, “You’re welcome.”
“We figured.” You said.
“Did ‘we’?” He said, looking back at your through the mirror, smirking slightly.
“What happened?” asked Sam.
Dean shrugged as if it was no big deal.
“Found the witches, ganked them all. Found the last witch, got her to undo the spell. Easy when you know how…” He somehow made arrogant loveable, you thought, it was a gift.
“Took you long enough.” Sam said, biting into his burrito.
“What? No! I found her about 20 minutes after I spoke to you. I just kept her locked in the trunk until this morning. Figured you might need some extra time…being honest.”
Your eyes met his in the rear view and he winked at you. Oh Dean, you thought, you wonderful, adorable asshat. “So, you slept in here?” you asked.
“Yeah, after the front desk of the motel called to say they’d received numerous noise complaints about our room and we’d have to leave first thing….I figured it might be for the best.”
You felt red, hot embarrassment burn through you.
Sam turned around slightly to check you were alright and gave you an ‘It’s OK.’ smile, though you could tell he was kind of embarrassed too.
“They must’ve got the wrong room or something.” He said, unconvincingly.
Dean huffed and shook his head, “Well…I guess we really can lie again now.”
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spidernerdsblog · 9 months ago
Wedding Shenanigans
A/N : Not me using my cousin's wedding as a plot for my fic. This has been sitting in my drafts for a while really didn’t have the nerve to post it. I’m still nervous tbh. Please don’t hate me if it’s bad my over dramatic ass just went a little overboard.
Pairing : Tom Holland x Indian! Reader
Summary : you are back home for your best friend’s wedding and Tom decides to accompany you.
Warnings : just over dramatic crap, sexual innuendos
Mini Playlist : Aa toh sahi, First kiss
(Note- As our country has a vast diversity of languages the italicized dialogues represents whatever native language you speak. I didn’t want to emphasize on a particular language.)
Tumblr media
"You sure you wanna tag along?" you try to confirm with him again.
"Yeah I have never attended an Indian wedding before. Moreover I should have an experience you know for future just like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra our grand wedding" he chirped. 
"We will be staying at my parent’s house so no room sharing with me" 
"What? Not again! But why can't I share a room? I mean your parents do know that we live together" 
"Yeah but that's India honey, no sleeping together before marriage" 
"I have to sleep all alone at night without you that's not fair" He whined.
"You can share a room with my dad then" you suggested.
"What? No not your dad" he gave a mortified look. 
"Why what’s wrong?'' you let out an airy laugh.
"I’m really scared of him" you chuckled at his confession
"What? Don’t laugh at me, he really intimidates me" 
"Well he is the only person who will decide to give my hand to you or not, so man up baby" 
"And it's just for one night then we will go to the resort where the wedding will take place. And there hopefully we can share a room or you can share a room with Rahul or the other guys. I'll talk to them about it.
"Not that chump!" he immediately protested.
"What is with you and him?" you chuckle.
"When the person is a potential candidate to steal your girl you have to be a little defensive" 
"God how many times do I need to tell you that we never had anything between us, he’s just my childhood friend." 
"You may not have but I have noticed the last time we went to visit your parents he is always trying to woo you and moreover you parents like him too" he grumbled.
"Aww someone is jealous" 
"I’m spiderman. Why would I be jealous? He says defensively, you smirk.
"Ok spiderman pack your things quickly"
You flew back to India the next day, you stayed the night at your parents house before leaving for the resort to attend your best friend’s wedding.
''Y/N!!" Your best friend squealed in excitement as she eagerly hugged you.
"Missed you so much. 
"Me too babe. Can’t believe you’re getting married. When did we grow so big?" you pout.
"Hey Y/N" 
"Hi Rahul. Missed you so much bro" you hugged him.
"Hey darling let's go to our room shall we? You must be tired" Tom eavesdropped in your conversation.
''Yeah I'm a little"
"Hey man how are you?" Rahul asked.
"I’m good, mate. Will talk to you later."
"Yeah sure, go take some rest" Tom literally dragged you away from him.
"What was that?" you frowned.
"Nothing" He said. You chuckled, shaking your head at your boyfriend’s possessive attitude.
After settling down in your room you went to freshen up. You stepped out of the bathroom drying your with a towel as you informed Tom.
"Okay so tomorrow is haldi" 
"What’s that?" 
"Well it's a ritual where we apply turmeric paste to both bride and groom, it is said turmeric improves your skin tone. I know it sounds stupid but age old custom so can’t be changed" you continued. 
"So don’t wear something expensive as the turmeric stain will be hard to remove. You will be with the guys I have told Rahul everything so you will not have any problem'' he rolls his eyes. 
"And please don't end up killing him''
The next morning after the puja was completed your best friend was made to sit on a seat decorated with flowers. As all the married women applied turmeric to her blessing her for a happy married life. Then came all of your turn. And you guys didn't leave a spot, painting her completely yellow. 
"Y/N come here let me apply some turmeric so that next will be your turn" a woman offered.
"No thanks I'm fine" you dodged her somehow. 
You went back to your room to change, Tom returned as well.
"You guys played quite a holi I see" you comment seeing his face and kurta painted yellow.
"Yeah but why didn’t you put that?
"I'll only apply only when it has been touched by my husband on my wedding day"
"Well I can help you with that" he backed you up against the wall caging you and slowly leaned down. You felt butterflies in your stomach as his face inched closer to yours, you thought he was going for a kiss as you parted your lips instead he tilted to the side brushing his cheek to yours and he did the same thing with your other cheek. 
"There you go" he maneuvered you to face the mirror and you saw turmeric paste on your cheeks. 
"Tom! Seriously? I thought-" you huff
"What did you think darling?" He whispers with  a sultry voice.
"Someone is horny" He chuckles.
"Shut up you dickhead!" you snapped.
"But weren't you thinking about my dick in the first place?" He teases to annoy you even more.
"Ugh!! you know what Rahul is much better than you!" saying so you ran inside the bathroom shutting the door. 
"What? What did you say?" he heard your giggles from inside. 
Later in the day you were in the community hall of the resort with your friends discussing your dance performances.
"Guys we can’t let the groom’s side win do you get that?" you state.
"Chill Y/N we are gonna set the stage on fire" 
"So what songs are we gonna perform? And please no bole chudiyan" you quip.
"Dilli wali girlfriend?" one of them suggested.
"Yeah that will definitely be kept for the end other than that?" 
"Deedar de? Odhani? Sawan mein lag gayi aag?" Everyone suggested in a chorus, someone even suggested ooh la la.” you facepalmed at the chaos. 
"Guys are you planning to seduce those pot bellied bald uncles and middle aged judgemental aunties over there?" everyone went silent as you continued
"No right? So please something sober and fun. These songs can be played in the after party when the main event is over" 
"Morni banke?" someone suggested.
"See now you’re getting it" After a lot of discussion finally you all agreed on some songs and started to choreograph the dance steps. Your eyes went to your boyfriend whom you had completely forgotten in the middle of this.
"You’re getting bored right? I’m so sorry babe this why I said you should pass this one out" 
"Hey no I’m fine plus I kind of figured out a little of your conversation, you are talking of some kind of dance competition" 
"Wow you are improving I’m so proud of you. And yes you’re right tomorrow we have sangeet at night and it’s a dance off bride vs groom and we are gonna smash them" 
"Oh you will, darling. How much of an aggressive competitor you’re no one knows better than me" He chuckles.
"Hey! I’m not aggressive" you protest.
"Do I need to remind you of the one time you were literally about to throw the controller at the tv screen after you lost a match of fortnite?" 
"Okay in my defense you cheated" you narrowed your eyes.
"No I didn't," He says haughtily.
"Yes you did, you distracted me-" you argue back.
"What did I do baby?" His voice was low as you remembered about the distraction he caused.
"Uh never mind" you stutter all flustered.
"Hey Y/N c’mon let’s practise" Rahul called you.
"What’s he gonna do?" Tom frowned.
"He’s my dance partner, I would have asked you but you don’t understand the lyrics well so"
"Yeah yeah I get it, now go" He said rolling his eyes.
You began to practice the dance for the sangeet it went on for sometime. But later everyone got bored to dancing to the same song so random songs were played
Sun baby deadly hai teri walk ni
Tere thumke bhi karte hai talk ni 
Ho dil kare dekhi jaun teri ore
Tu nazre mila toh sahi
Dil diya hai jaan bhi tujhe denge
Tu ik vaari aa toh sahi
Dil diya hai jaan bhi tujhe denge
Tu nazre mila toh sahi
Tu ik vari aa to sahi
You started to move your hips sensually as Rahul joined you too. His hands went to wrap around your waist which made Tom uncomfortable as his face tensed up. You were laughing and giggling unaware of Tom watching you with a pointed look as you both were getting too close to his liking. You looked over your shoulder to find a very displeased Tom. An idea crossed your mind as you waltzed your way to him.
Kab mummy daddy mere tu patayega
Leke band baja ghar mere aayegaKab tak mujhe aise hi ghumayega
Tu baat badha to sahi
Dil diya hai jaan bhi tujhe denge
Tu ik vaari aa toh sahi
Dil diya hai jaan bhi tujhe denge
Tu nazre mila toh sahi
Tu ik vari aa to sahi
Grabbing his hand you pulled him to the center your friends hooted and whistled. You began to dance around him and nudge his shoulder playfully before lacing your hands around his neck pulling him closer to you. You turn around your back pressed against his broad chest as you take his hands and place them around your waist and continue to sway against each other.
Next day your best friend was sitting in the courtyard surrounded by all the ladies. The mehendi artist drew beautiful and intricate patterns on her hand with the henna.
You and your girl gang got ready to perform for the occasion as the song ‘mehndi hai rachne wali’ started to play in the background. You all danced to the song gracefully. After the performance you all also got your mehendi done.
"Tom! Tom! Where is my food?!" You yell sitting on your bed with wet henna on your hands.
"Wait a minute my hungry devil" Tom comes with your plate of food.
"Seriously you just can’t wait for a few minutes" He huffs sitting next to you.
"I’m so lucky to have such a sweet and caring boyfriend" you gush. 
"Yeah yeah, now open your mouth" You do as he says. He brings the spoon near your mouth to pull it away immediately and eat the food himself.
"Tom!" You protest, he stifles a laugh. This is a nice punishment for you now cannot work your hands.
"Yeah very funny, don’t talk to me" You turn your face away from him annoyed.
"Hey I’m sorry, here take" He holds the spoon in front of you as you open your mouth to eat but that little fucker does it again going into a fit of laughter.
"You!!" You lift your hands to hit him.
"Ah, ah love don’t think of it or your artwork will only get ruined" He chuckles as you huff in defeat.
"Okay now c’mon, this time no pranks I promise" You frowned at him still dubious but this time he finally fed you. 
"You know they write the name or initial of your husband in this. I made the lady write your initial, think you can find it?" you looked at him with a  playful expression. 
"Is that a challenge, love?" 
"Well maybe" you shrug. 
"Then I fucking accept it!" He gets on to search through the intricate patterns drawn on your hand but soon he realized it was hard than he thought as he frowned.
"Don’t worry baby you have the whole day, you’ll find it eventually I suppose" You snicker.
Later in the evening the sangeet ceremony took place and as expected you guys won the dance off. After all the elders and children were done having their dinner and retreated to their rooms, the younger lot of you as decided earlier had your own kind of mini bachelor’s party with everyone ending up drunk. The boys were dancing on to some peppy bollywood item number, later you and your girlfriends took the stage as the music continued to play.
Ae Yo, Ae Yo
Seene Se Laga Ke Baahon Mein
Mujhe Le Lo
Jaldi Hai Kaisi
I Like It Nice And Slow
Your body swayed sensually as the guys hollered and cheered you girls with a few whistles.
Meri Heart Beat Fast
Aur Sab Lage Mujhe Slo-mo
Mujhe Slow-mo
I Want You Right Now
I Need You Right Now Come
You stretched your hand pointing your finger directly to your boyfriend motioning him to get up and come to you. He obliged with a smirk plastered on his face and strided towards you.
Hassa Hassa Ke Gaya Fasa
Tu Toh Dil Mera
Nasha Nasha Tera Chadha Nasha
Jab Dekha Chehra Tera
Meri Life Mein Yun Kar Gaya Kyun
Har Din Love Wala Season Tu
What You Gonna Do?
Jo Main Keh Du
Meri Heart Beat Ka Reason Tu
His hands rested on your hips as he knelt down to ear and whispered
"You really do like it nice and slow don’t you love?" you elbowed him playfully.
‘‘Fuck off!!’’
‘‘Ow!’’ He groaned chuckling.
It was your bestie's big day as you were getting ready for it putting on your saree.
"Tom can you help me with the pleats of my saree please" 
"Sure darling" He squats down to gather the silky material of your saree, you smoothen the pleats as he holds them in place.
"Thanks hun" You tuck in the pleats inside your underskirt securing them with a pin.
"Anytime sweetheart" He stands up on his feet smiling.
You went on to do your makeup and were busy putting on your jhumkas when Tom’s eyes went to your reflection in the mirror. And boy he was mesmerised, you looked unearthly. He slowly walked to you resting his chin on your shoulder, his arms wrapping around your waist, the sweet scent of the jasmine flowers pinned to your hair intoxicating his senses.
"You look so gorgeous, darling." 
"Well thank you, love. You look no less handsome either" And it was so true he actually looked like a snack in that designer kurta. You turned to face him gazing into his soft brown eyes. There was a certain kind of flicker in his eyes which you knew all too well though you were tempted to give in but attending your best friend’s wedding was also important so you brought your hands in front of his face and shook your bangles the jingling  sound broke him out of his trance as he shook his head, blinking his eyes owlishly.
"Now who’s horny huh?" You teased.
"Shut up!" His face turned red all flustered.
"Aww it’s ok baby boy" You tease him even more.
"You’re so in for it later, Y/N" He warns playfully.
"Will see" You winked mischievously "Now c’mon let’s go" you walked out hand in hand towards the dias where the wedding nuptials were to be performed but had to stop on your tracks when you saw a group of aunties coming your way.
"Oh no! Aunties incoming just smile and greet them" You direct Tom warily.
"Do I need to touch their feet?" He asks nervously as you frown.
"No! That’s too much respect they deserve" 
"Y/N how are you?" One of them asked. "You’ve grown so big! You remember me right?" Another lady badgered you with more questions.
"I’m fine, how are you all?" You gave a broad smile as you yourself were confused who the hell they are.
"Everything is going fine for us. So happy Y/F/N is finally going to happily settle in her life, so when is your turn huh?" You gave a tight lipped smile having no clue what to answer.
"You know my sister’s son is in the government sector, a really nice boy and earns a very handsome salary you know if you want-" you cut her off immediately.
"Umm aunty, meet my boyfriend Tom" 
"Hello'' Tom greets them timidly.
"Oh hello-’’ she looked at him with a judgy face okay you kids enjoy then, let me see if anything is needed there or not" 
"Yeah sure" 
"What was she saying?" Tom asked curiously.
"Nothing just trying to set me up with one of her relative’s weird nerdy son" 
"What the-!!" 
"Relax she got her answer which is a clear no. Now let’s go and see the wedding" You went near the dais and observed all the rituals take place one by one. It was the time for walking around the fire for seven times as your best friend and her husband stood up and started revolving around the fire while you showered flowers on them along with everyone.
"Why are they circling around the fire?" 
"It’s quite similar to exchanging vows you see, the bride and groom promise each other to be together for seven lifetimes with the sacred fire as witness" you explained, Tom nods his head in understanding when something went through his mind.
"Y/N let’s get married" Tom says out of nowhere taking you by surprise.
"What?" You chuckle lightly.
"I'm serious Y/N, let's just get married like right now. I mean everything is set, you are dressed no less than a bride and I’m looking handsome as hell and we have a priest right there" 
"Ok Tom, I totally get what you’re saying. But honey, I don’t see a ring" you showed him your empty ring finger scrunching your face.
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criminally-minded · 7 months ago
The Ghost of Me | Chapter 3
Summary: Celeste Charlotte Forge, 'CeCe', is an FBI agent with a tragic past. She graduated high school when she was 14 and joined the BAU at 24. With three PhDs, she's almost as smart as Dr. Spencer Reid, but so much more mysterious. Not even her unit chief knows about her tragic past. She's distant and unfriendly, but an excellent profiler. After eight months with the BAU, her past slowly starts revealing itself to her team.
Pairing: Hotch x OC
Words: 6242
A/N: Please note that I am French and my lazy ass still hasn't taken the time to re read this so there might be some mistakes here and there.
Credit: Dialogues from episodes Proof and Middle Man
Warnings: mentions of abuse, sexual abuse, self-harm - really fucked up (and disgusting) shit - don’t read if any of these topics trigger you!
Face claim: I still don’t know who is portraying CeCe. Let me know if you have some ideas!
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2
Tumblr media
The BAU had gathered in Rossi’s kitchen. Glasses of wine had been served. Eight to be exact. But only seven people were present. David had finally invited his team to his house for a cooking lesson after a particularly hard case. It had surprised everyone when CeCe had accepted his invitation. Of course, he didn’t mind her being there. In fact, he welcomed it. But he hadn’t invited her in the hopes of her saying yes, but just out of politeness, so that she wouldn’t feel like an outsider, so that she knew she had the choice, that she was part of their family too.
Penelope was excited, and she still had hopes that CeCe would show. Hotch was disappointed to see she was absent, but the rest of the team weren’t surprised at all.
“Aren’t we supposed to be learning how to cook?” Emily asked about twenty minutes after CeCe was supposed to have shown up.
“We’re missing a student.”
“Come on, Rossi,” Derek said. “We all know she’s not gonna show up.”
As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Rossi gave a ‘see?’ look to Derek before he exited the kitchen to welcome his last guest.
“Oh my God, it’s happening!” Penelope shrieked as she clapped her hands.
“She’s just gonna sulk all night,” Derek shrugged as he took a sip of wine.
“Where did you get this?” they heard David ask as he led CeCe to the kitchen.
“I stole it from my roommate.”
“That’s a five thousand dollar bottle of wine,” he said as if she had committed a crime. Which she had.
“She’ll get over it,” she assured him.” If she ever notices…”
“Hey CeCe,” Emily waved at the doctor as she walked pass her.
“Hey guys, sorry I’m late.”
“You’re forgiven,” David said as he opened the bottle of wine.
“You look amazing,” Penelope told her as she went to hug her.
It took everything she had in her not to step back. She tapped her shoulder twice as a way to hug her back before the tech analyst led her to the spot she had reserved for her between herself and Hotch.
“Oh, thanks. My roommate had me change three times…”
“Well, she’s got great taste,” Penelope was beaming.
“He,” CeCe corrected her. “And don’t tell him that, I’ll never hear the end of it.”
“So, you stole a five thousand dollar bottle of wine?” her unit chief asked as she came to stand beside him.
She looked up at him, to everyone’s surprise, as CeCe wasn’t known to make eye contact, at least not for that long in a non professional situation.
“If it makes you feel better, I think she stole it too.”
“It doesn’t,” Hotch shook his head.
“From what shop did she steal that?” Emily asked as she smelled the wine that Rossi had poured in a decanter.
“Her mom’s.”
“Well, let’s not dwell on the past,” David said. “The wine is here now, let’s just enjoy it.”
“Mmh, thank you CeCe,” J.J said as she enjoyed the smell of the expensive wine.
“Let’s get started,” David clapped his hands to gather their attention, then put his kitchen cloth on his shoulder, making him look less like an FBI agent, and more like a chef. “Cooking is the most sensual art form. And these are my paints,” he gestured towards the ingredients that were laid out before him.
Spaghetti, eggs, tomato sauce… CeCe had never cooked once in her life. No one had ever taught her. This was going to be embarrassing.
“So your hands must be brushes,” Penelope said almost as serious as David was.
“Don’t interrupt,” he told her as he pointed a finger at her, making the team laugh.
CeCe tried her best to give a small smile.
“In a pot of boiling water we cook our spaghetti until it’s al dente, firm to the tooth,” he continued as he took some spaghetti from the bowl in front of him and started handing it to them. CeCe frowned as she took the warm pasta from him. “Everybody pass it around, so you feel the texture, here we go.”
CeCe looked around to see what the others were doing. She never socialised, not in this way, and she wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. She saw Hotch with a bright smile on his face, that was a rare sight. Emily had already eaten the spaghetti that had been given to her.
“Now, in a large pan, we fry up our pancetta, keeping a sharp eye that the edges are crisp.”
“But careful not to burn the onion.”
“Bravo, Aaron! We saute until translucence. Now, we mix in the eggs, the parmesan, the spaghett, and parsley. You see, it’s all about timing and rhythm. And if you don’t feel yourself doing it properly, please, order a pizza.”
CeCe felt like eating a pizza right about now.
“Ok. We start at the beginning. Now, you eat what you cook, I’ll supervise, but we’re gonna do this together, just like a family.”
Family. CeCe looked up at her unit chief. She knew now why he had insisted she’d come tonight.
Penelope had volunteered to go first. CeCe did her best, mostly she looked around and tried to do like the others did, but David seemed horrified by what she was doing to the food.
“Have your parents taught you nothing?” he complained, only half-joking.
She wrinkled her nose. “I never knew my parents,” she said, or rather, she let escape, as she was inspecting the burnt food inside her pan.
“Ah, well,” he cleared her throat. That’s when she noticed the awkward silence and the glances.
“What?” she chose to play dumb. “I’m sure we can still eat it.”
“Out of the question,” David said as he took the pan from her. She relaxed a bit as he stepped back and she had her personal space back. This was harder than she thought it would be.
“Since you brought the wine, I’ll cook for you tonight.”
“Might be best, to be frank,” she sighed. “I don’t want to set your kitchen on fire.”
He didn’t cast her out of the kitchen. She helped the others with small easy tasks and they all ended up eating together at David’s dinner table in his fancy dining room. She was again seated between Penelope and Hotch. The tech analyst tried her best to include her in the conversation as she kept retrieving herself from it.
“So what do your roommates do, CeCe?” J.J asked at some point.
“Pedro owns a nightclub in town. Mila… actually I’m not sure what she’s up to this week.”
“Oh my God, Pedro’s, is it Pedro’s? The gay club?” Penelope almost jumped off her chair.
“Yeah, do you know it?”
“Uh, yeah! That place is awesome!”
“I’ve never seen you there.”
“You go to nightclubs?” Emily questioned, skeptical.
“I go to Pedro’s.”
“Oh my God, we should all go there sometime!”
God no. They all could see the horrified look on CeCe’s face, all except Penelope. And Reid, of course.
“Sounds fun,” Derek said, though he really only wanted to tease CeCe.
The bottle of wine had been emptied for ages, and David had had to open two more, although neither of them was as good as CeCe’s. To her relief, the conversation shifted onto another topic fairly quickly, and she was able to spend the rest of the night nodding slightly at whatever the rest of the team was saying.
She couldn’t wait to go home. To be alone. All that socialising had exhausted her. Fortunately, they hadn’t asked her too many personal questions, and they mostly had a good time.
She was the second to leave, after J.J said she had to go home to her husband and son. The fresh air of the cool night did her some good, and she hadn’t realised how nervous she had been the whole night. She took a deep shaky breath of relief and leaned against her car for a second.
“You okay?”
She jumped, startled by her unit chief, who gave her an apologetic look.
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
She took her right hand in her left one and started pressing her thumb against her wrist.
“I noticed you doing that a lot tonight.”
She frowned, but then realised he was pointing at her hands. She stopped immediately.
“Yeah, um… old habits die hard.”
He gave her a skeptical look and she sighed as she knew what he wanted. She rolled her eyes as she brought her sleeves up and showed him her scarred wrists.
He didn’t have to take them in his own hands, nor did her have to move his fingers on the old scars, but he did it every time. And every time, she was surprised by how gentle he was. She wondered if that was just a normal thing.
He nodded after a moment, satisfied with what he had seen.
“Are you going to be okay driving home?”
“I didn’t drink that much,” she said, and though he had seen her empty at least five glasses of wine, he nodded all the same.
“Have a good night, CeCe.”
She climbed into her car and drove home without problem. But once she was in the comfort and safety of her bed, she realised the evening had taken her more effort than it should have.
It was quiet in the conference room. It was still early, and the BAU was slowly waking up. Only sound came from CeCe who was staring at her phone with an amused smile.
“Look at you, smiling and laughing,” Morgan said as if it was snowing in July.
“Maybe she was replaced by a clone,” Prentiss joked, making her coworkers chuckle.
CeCe rolled her eyes. “Remind me never to do that again,” she told them in a tone she wanted playful.
“Behold!” Garcia greeted them as she entered the room. CeCe wasn’t sure what she was carrying in her arms, but it wasn’t files, which was puzzling. “Welcome to the 21st century. Yay technology,” she said as she distributed them around the team, “everyone has a new tablet.”
“We’ve gone paperless?” Reid asked with a tone that was as sad as his face.
“Fear not, doctor of the dark ages. I went old school for your anti-technology quirk,” she reassured him as she put the case file before him, “paper files, hard copy photos… but the abacus is your responsibility.”
“Garcia, not that I don’t appreciate your efforts but exactly where did the funding for these come from?” Hotch asked as the tech analyst sat down.
Her face turned white and she opened her mouth, trying to find a good explanation.
“I did a thing…”
“A thing?” he repeated, and CeCe was amused by the concern in his voice.
“Best not talk about the thing.”
“We’ll talk about the thing later,” he told her, his eyes suddenly falling on CeCe as he remembered she had come in too late for him to check on her. That frustrated him. In a way that shouldn’t.
“Ok, uh, instead let’s talk about harvest season,” she quickly changed the subject back to the case. She pressed a button on her remote and pictures from the victims appeared on the screen behind her. “Because it is harvest season in Indiana and farmers are finding more than corn in their fields. Meredith Joy, Kimberly Jukes and Amanda Frye were all discovered murdered in Johnson county, Indiana.”
“All three women were exotic dancers living in different counties in the state,” Hotch informed them, “Kimberly Jukes, the first victim went missing six weeks ago.”
“And in each instance, the women finished their shifts but they never made it to their cars.”
“It says here Amandra Frye was found 90 miles from her house,” Morgan said. “This guy’s going a long way to abduct his victims.”
“If he’s dumping the bodies in the same county, it’s a good chance he’s located nearby. It shouldn’t be too hard to work up a geographical profile,” Reid continued.
“Meredith Joy put up quite a fight. She’s got defensive wounds all over her body,” Prentiss noticed as she looked at the M.E report on her tablet.
“And the lab discovered two different samples of DNA under her fingernails, so we’re dealing with at least a team,” Hotch read from the same M.E report.
“One that rapes, beats and strangles their victims in a cornfield,” Rossi shook his head.
“They’re using condoms,” CeCe read on one of the reports. “One of them probably has a record and he doesn’t want us connecting the DNA.”
“And they’re accelerating their attack schedule,” Hotch said.
“It’s three weeks between the first and second kill and two weeks between the second and third,” Spencer noticed.
“Meredith Joy died October 31st,” Garcia told them.
“Now they’re down to one week,” Hotch said.
“Who’s missing?” Rossi asked.
“Her name is Stephanie Wilson. She was abducted last night from Club Prowl in Tippecanoe county. She finished her shift at midnight but she never made it home to her two-year-old daughter. Babysitter called the police and Stephanie’s car was left in the parking lot like the others,” Garcia answered.
“And there’s a clear pattern. All the women have been abducted on Friday night and murdered sometime Sunday evening,” Hotch said.
“Which means we’ve got less than two days to save Stephanie Wilson,” Morgan deducted.
“Wheels up in thirty.”
CeCe could feel her unit chief’s eyes on her. He kept looking up from his tablet and glancing at her every once in a while as they were reviewing the case in the jet. She started getting annoyed. She had never let it be a problem, and she could work on cases involving rape as well as any other case.
Hotch couldn’t see anything on her face, or in her behavior, that indicated any discomfort from her part. He knew it was because she had detached herself from her past so much that while working a case, she could avoid making any comparison between what had happened to the victims, and what had happened to her. But that was on the job, and the little she let showed. He wondered how well she really handled it on the inside.
“Prentiss and Reid, go to the club where Stephanie Wilson was abducted. Dave, you and Morgan work on the dumpsite. CeCe and I will work victimology at the local sheriff’s station.”
CeCe finally looked up at him then, but he was focused on his tablet. She sure hoped he wasn’t babysitting her. She could do the job, she had done it many times before and she had never given him any reason to doubt that. She started to understand that he was going to be unbearable while working this case.
And that was the exact reason why she hadn’t wanted any of them to know about her past.
The mood at the police station was fine. It’s always better to work cases where local police didn’t hate their guts for seemingly taking over the case. However, the sheriff seemed uptight, and Hotch and CeCe caught him disciplining one of his officers in his office.
“You make me look bad. It’s not enough I got the FBI coming in, no, now I have to deal with fumbled plays from my own team? Desk duty, two weeks. Dismissed.”
CeCe looked up at Hotch and she could see his thoughts all over his face. He caught her eyes and they shared a knowing look. The officers may not give them a hard time, but their sheriff just might.
As he turned around, the sheriff saw the two FBI agents standing outside of his office. No doubt they had heard it all. Hotch didn’t waste another second and entered the room.
“Sheriff,” he greeted as he held out his hand.
“Sheriff Jeff Salters,” he introduced himself as he shook the hand that was offered to him.
“Aaron Hotchner. This is Dr. Forge.”
“Doctor?” he frowned. “What are you, twelve?”
“Yes,” CeCe replied coldly with a stern face. She had heard it before, and she’d hear it again.
The sheriff stared at her for a moment but didn’t let it get too awkward as he quickly moved his attention back to Hotch.
“Sorry about that,” he said, jerking his chin towards the other room where his officers were working. “One of my guys leaked the news about the dead woman to the press. I needed to uh… send a message.”
“Why is the investigation being kept a secret?”
“Well, that was my call. I don’t want these guys skipping town before I have a chance to arrest them. This ends in my jurisdiction.”
“Has Stephanie Wilson’s father arrived?”
“He’s waiting in the conference room,” he told them, pointing at the room next to them. “He’s pretty messed up about the whole thing.”
“That’s understandable.”
“I just don’t get it… you know how many strippers and prostitutes I saw get beaten up and raped when I worked the city? Sometimes it’s like they’re asking for it.”
Hotch felt CeCe stiffen beside him.
“Nobody asks for this, sheriff.”
“Not consciously, anyway.”
Oh. CeCe thought, he’s one of those.
“Shall we go in?”
“We’ll go in,” she told him.
“We’ll speak to him alone,” Hotch backed her up as he saw the sheriff was about to protest.
He started to chuckle. “Look. I call it like I see it.”
“What do you call a jogger getting jumped in the park in the middle of the day, sheriff?” CeCe asked. “Or a child getting abused by a neighbour? Is that their fault too?”
“It’s not the same thing.”
“It is, actually. In every case, it’s the rapist’s fault. So you are not going in there. These women have been though enough, they don’t need you to judge them in front of their families.”
“And I won’t have the FBI, especially not a little girl, telling me how to run my show.”
“Excuse me?”
“The governor may have requested your help, but this is my case.”
“Dr. Forge is an FBI agent and you will treat her with respect. It is not a show. It is your case. And you can watch from the outside.”
Hotch didn’t wait for sheriff Salters to reply as he stepped into the conference room. CeCe tilted her head slightly on the side as the man stared at her with daggers in his eyes. She gave him an unimpressed look then followed her boss inside.
Stephanie’s father was understandably upset. He didn’t believe in profiling, and he just wanted them to find his little girl.
After promising Mr. Wilson they’d do everything they can to find his daughter, CeCe helped Hotch set up the board in the conference room. They were reviewing the reports when the rest of the team came back from their own assignment. Reid and Prentiss had brought security tapes back from the club and from studying them they learnt that they were dealing with a pack of three men. The hierarchy of that pack would be falling apart soon, if it hadn’t already.
Right after they delivered the profile, letting the officers know to look out for three college students with an alpha/lieutenant/follower dynamic, Garcia called with surprising news.
“So I was looking for similar cases and DNA matches all over the country and get this, a young woman, former stripper, named Karen Ina, was kidnapped and held hostage for three days before she escaped. She lives in New-Orleans and yes I’ve already contacted Will and he had his old buddies find her. She’s currently waiting at the police station, ready to be flown over to you if need be.”
“She could tell us enough to help us find this guy,” Rossi said.
“She might not want to talk to us, or anyone,” CeCe told them.
“She doesn’t really have a choice, does she?” Morgan retorted.
“Emily, take the jet, bring her here so we can try a cognitive interview,” Hotch ordered. “We don’t have much time.”
“I’ll go now.”
“You want to have her relive those three days?”
Hotch sighed. “She could lead us to Stephanie in time.”
“That could do so much damage…”
“I know. But we don’t have a choice.”
He could see in her eyes that she disagreed, that she wanted to protect Karen. But a woman’s life was at stake, and they didn’t have a choice. Unconsciously, she started pressing on her old cuts again, and he saw her frustration when it didn’t have the usual, intended effect.
He looked around, just to make sure they wouldn’t be heard.
“Do you wanna talk?”
She straightened up and he understood he had angered her somehow.
“I’m fine,” she spat before she walked away.
Karen, understandably, didn’t want to talk. She had come after Emily had insisted enough to manipulate her into accepting to follow her. CeCe hated this. She hated they had put her inside an interrogation room like she was some kind of criminal. The sheriff wasn’t helping, he had joined the team in the other side of the room, judging them that this was all a waste of time.
CeCe carefully looked at Karen. She was distraught. And who wouldn’t be? Morgan had tried making her talk for fifteen minutes, showing her pictures of Stephanie and her daughter, telling her they needed her help to save her. But he wouldn’t understand. She couldn’t talk about any of it. She just couldn’t.
So, while the team was trying to find a way to have her open up, CeCe left them and joined Karen in the cold, unwelcoming, unreassuring room.
“What is she doing?” Morgan asked as he saw her sit at the table.
Hotch sighed. He was worried, but still, CeCe could be the key to make Karen talk.
“Her job.”
“Hello, Karen,” she gently greeted. “My name is CeCe.”
No response.
“You okay there?” she asked as she eyed her hands that she hid in an old discoloured yellow sweatshirt that was too big for her.
No response.
CeCe moved the chair closer to the table. Karen was still looking away.
“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”
She frowned then looked up. CeCe brought her sleeves up and displayed her forearms on the table. Karen’s eyes grew big. She looked up, perhaps, to see if she could trust her. She hesitated, and after a while, she shifted uncomfortably on her chair.
“What’s that?” she asked, eyeing the biggest mess on CeCe’s right wrist. It looked like some kind of emblem, but many cuts were now covering it.
“Brand mark.”
Karen blinked. “Like… with a branding iron?”
Karen stared.
“Did it hurt?”
“Yeah,” CeCe chuckled. Not because it was funny. But because it was obvious. Because that’s what everyone always asked. “Your turn.”
Karen hesitated.
From behind the mirror, Hotch said: “She’ll feel obligated to share back.”
“Branding iron?” Morgan repeated. “Who did that to her?”
“I had no idea…” Prentiss started to say, but then remembered the scars and cigarette burns she had seen on her arms that one night during the Storybrook case.
“What happened to her?” Reid asked, though he wasn’t expecting an answer.
“We might just find out,” Rossi told them, as he saw Karen display her wrists to CeCe.
CeCe saw a dozen cuts, some fading away, others looking more recent.
“At least they didn’t use me as an ash tray,” Karen chuckled uncomfortably.
“It’s not a competition.”
“My guess is you’d win it.”
“I probably would.”
“What happened to you?”
“We’re not here to talk about me, Karen. We need to know everything you can remember about that weekend.”
Karen teared up. She felt a lump form in her throat.
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“I know.”
“I don’t want to remember.”
“I know.”
“You don’t know what they did…” she said with a sniff.
“Trust me. I just might.”
CeCe saw a change in Karen’s demeanour. Now, she was angry. Which was something she had expected would happen.
Karen leaned over and whispered, as if she didn’t want anyone to hear, as if she didn’t want to say it. It seemed like the words had burnt her mouth.
“They peed on me,” she said, with all the anger in the world, as if CeCe couldn’t relate, as if she couldn’t ever understand.
CeCe leaned over as well, their faces now inches from each other. To Karen’s surprise, she didn’t look impressed, nor did she look disgusted.
“They peed inside of me.”
Karen leaned back in her chair and shame took over her.
“But it’s not a competition, Karen. I just want you to know, I understand. And you and I, we understand what Stephanie is going through right now. We know how she’s feeling, every time they touch her. And the sooner you agree to help us, the sooner it can stop.”
When Karen closed her eyes, and tears fell down her cheeks, CeCe knew she had done it.
“Will you stay with me?”
“Fine, then,” she sniffed. “Let’s get this over with.”
She cast it all away. She locked it all up in a box inside her mind. She put that box in a bigger box and locked it in a closet. She focused on the case. She focused on her steps.
She had avoided eye contact with everyone. And mercifully, they hadn’t questioned her about what they had heard. What she knew they had heard. But she knew they’d do it later. After the case was over. After they had caught the pack.
Prentiss and Reid had gone after the follower. That was an easy catch. He practically surrendered. Morgan and Rossi had successfully arrested the lieutenant, who, as it turned out, was the sheriff’s own son. Both of them refused to tell them where Stephanie was, and Hotch and CeCe were left to explore the house on their own.
They got to the basement, and though it was different in every way to the basement where CeCe had taken that bullet for Hotch, the unit chief couldn’t help but think back about that day.
They found Stephanie cuffed to a pole next to a TV and bar.
“I got her,” CeCe said as she made her way to her.
No sign of the alpha anywhere. Hotch was about to clear the room when Michael emerged from where he had hidden between the couch and the coffee table. CeCe had barely had time to remove the blindfold from Stephanie’s eyes that the assailant had seized her and pointed a gun to her head.
“Michael Kosina,” Hotch said as he pointed his gun at him. “It’s over. Drop it.”
The killer laughed. “Drop it? You mean, drop this?” he said as he slid his hand underneath CeCe’s shirt. He couldn’t go too far up because of the bullet proof vest, so he went down instead. CeCe shuddered.
“We’ve got the house surrounded. You’ll never make it out of here.”
Hotch could see CeCe wasn’t doing well. She felt like being sick. He caught her teary eyes and saw the silent plea.
Make it stop.
“Well, then I should go out with a bang, shouldn’t I?” Michael said as he put his nose in CeCe’s hair and breathed in loudly. She felt like she was about to throw up. “The things I would do to you,” he whispered in her ear before he licked her neck.
That was it. That was her limit. That was also the right time to act, as he was distracted.
She raised her arm and twisted her hand so that her thumb would go directly into his eye. He dropped the gun immediately, as he cried out in pain. He fell to his knees and she kneed him in the face. He fell backwards on the floor. CeCe took her gun out and aimed it at him.
“CeCe, don’t,” Hotch said gently as he approached her. “Look at me.”
She would’t budge. A couple of tears had made their way onto her cheeks and she was panting as her eyes focused on Michael. His screams were echoing in the room, but watching him twist in pain wasn’t enough for her.
“Look at me,” he repeated as he slowly moved to take her gun from her.
But she didn’t obey. She did, however, surrender her gun to him, before she turned back to Stephanie and freed her from her cuffs.
Her ears were ringing. She ignored everything around her. She accompanied Stephanie to the ambulance, but after that, she had staggered back to Hotch’s SUV and rested her head against the tinted window in the backseat. She hadn’t replied when he asked her if she were okay. He drove her to the hotel and she slipped inside her room without a word. She would be fine. But she needed time to work on it.
She took her clothes off, little by little, as she made her way to the bathroom. She got into the shower, not caring for the temperature of the water. Maybe it was too hot, maybe it was too cold. It didn’t matter. She let it fall onto her, onto her face, onto her body. She might have stayed hours in the shower, she had lost track of time. She had scrubbed her neck so hard it hurt. But it wouldn’t go away. He wouldn’t go away.
Eventually, she collapsed. She sat in the shower, brought her knees to her chest and waited. Waited until she felt like breathing again.
She wasn’t sure how he had gotten in, but she heard Hotch call her name from the bedroom. He must have heard the shower running, because he knocked on the half-opened bathroom door and asked her if she were decent.
He worried as he got no answer, and allowed himself to enter. If she had heard him come in, she didn’t show it. She was shivering. She had wrapped her arms around her legs.
He turned off the water. He looked around for a towel and found one in the cabinet under the sink. When he turned back around, she was looking right at him.
“How did you get in?” she asked quietly.
“I always get a key to all the rooms, in case of emergency.”
As he looked down at her, and she stared back from down where she was sitting on the shower floor, he realised this was an extremely unprofessional and inappropriate situation for both of them. But he didn’t care. All he could think about was the look in her eyes, and the promise he had once made her.
Often, he thought back to why he had done it. Kept her secret. If the bureau found out, they’d both be out of a job. But he hadn’t wanted to lose her. He didn’t want her to leave. And every morning when she came into his office and showed him her wrists, he didn’t take them just to get a better look. He had to touch her. He was craving it, for a reason unknown that was driving him crazy. And he knew he shouldn’t have done it. But every time, he took her wrists and caressed her scars, as if he could make it better, as if he could make them disappear. And it seemed to be working. She was less aggressive, more open, more playful with the rest of the team. He was helping her, and that made him happy. It made him happy to see her hurt less. Not because he was the reason why her pain was easing, but because maybe one day soon, she’d be able to smile at him and really be happy.
His eyes travelled on her bare skin. Not one inch of her wasn’t covered in scars. Some marks he couldn’t make out, and wondered what had caused them. Some part of him didn’t want to know.
“I know,” she said as she looked away.
“What?” he asked as he crouched down and handed her the towel.
“I’m disgusting.”
He felt his heart physically break inside of his chest.
“That’s not true.”
She took the towel, but still wouldn’t meet his eyes. He saw on her face she didn’t believe him.
“I’ll be right outside,” he told her as he stood up.
When she came out, she was wearing a white robe from the hotel. She had her arms wrapped around herself, she let her wet hair cover her face, and her eyes traveled everywhere around the room, except on him.
“How are you feeling?”
“Never better.”
He sighed. An uncomfortable silence took over the room. She brought a hand to her neck. He didn’t know if it was because it hurt, or because she couldn’t forget what Michael had done. She looked like she was going to be sick.
“You never told me about the brand mark.”
“You never asked.”
They fell into another heavy silence. She wasn’t sure what he wanted from her. She wasn’t sure what she could give.
Suddenly, he took a step towards her, making her step back. The panicked look in her eyes didn’t stop him, but he slowly took her hand in his, revealing the redness in her neck.
“You didn’t go easy on yourself.”
She felt the tears form in her eyes.
“I can’t…” she paused as she looked down and gulped. “I can’t make it go away,” she finished in a shaky whisper.
“He’s gone now. You’re okay. You’re safe.”
She brought her hand back to her neck as she let out a quiet cry.
“I can still… feel him.”
“Where?” he asked as he moved even closer to her. “Here?” He gently put his hand on her stomach, where he remembered Michael had put his. She stared at him with wild eyes, but it didn’t stop him. He slowly, so slowly, giving her plenty of time to stop him, moved his hand inside the robe.
She gasped as his fingers reached her skin. She closed her eyes as she felt his thumb caress her belly button. He cupped her cheek with his free hand and wiped the tears away. The gentle gesture made her open her eyes. She found his face closer to hers now, and as his hand moved from her stomach to her hip, and as he saw no fear in her eyes, he slowly leaned over and her eyes grew big as his lips touched her skin.
He slowly, gently, planted kisses in her neck, all over the red area. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to touch him back. So she hesitantly reached for him. Her hands found his shirt and she grabbed it as she leaned into him. This seemed to encourage him.
She didn’t want to close her eyes. She wanted to know it was real. She wanted to see him. She didn’t know how she was feeling, she didn’t know how she should be feeling, but she knew one thing: she felt safe in his arms.
She couldn’t tell how long it lasted. Maybe a minute. Maybe two. Maybe more. But it eventually stopped. All of a sudden.
He froze, as if he realised what he was doing was wrong. But she was clinging to him. And though that pleased him more than it should, he knew this was a vulnerable time for her, and it was unfair of him to take advantage of her in this way.
He pulled back slowly, as to not alarm her, and she let go of him immediately, as if, she too, had just realised they shouldn’t be doing this.
For the first time since he had met her, he saw her blush, and not just a slight blush either. She cleared her throat and averted her eyes as she put her arms over herself again, as if to shield herself from what was coming.
He had to say something, anything, but he didn’t know what. He couldn’t leave her like that, and although he should know better, he didn’t want to leave her at all. So he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, and gave her a small smile as she looked back at him.
“I should go.”
She gulped then nodded. She knew it too, they shouldn’t be doing this. He was her boss, he was twenty years older than her. But when he stepped back she almost stopped him. She didn’t want him to go but she watched silently as he exited the room.
His absence made the room feel colder. And she was confused by the hole he had left behind him. She had never thought she’d ever want this. Never thought she’d ever knew it. And when she brought a hand to her neck, this time, it wasn’t out of disgust, but out of want.
Now all she could feel was him. His gentle touch, his tender kisses. And she never thought she’d ever want any of it. But she wanted more.
Because Aaron Hotchner was the only man that had ever made her feel safe. The only man she could allow herself to be vulnerable with, to be her true self.
And that night, CeCe went to bed with a smile on her face.
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imaginestuffs · 9 months ago
I thought of another one 😊 I seen something similar to this one time and I always loved it. A Dean x reader imagine where she’s insecure about her laugh. One day while her Sam and dean are in a diner she laughs loudly about something and she overhears someone call her laugh annoying. She shuts down after that and later on Dean begs to know what’s wrong and she tells him and it’s all fluffy, he tries to make her laugh again. Nothings working and has to take drastic measures by tickling her and Sam comes in to help him because he missed her laugh too
hey! I’m so glad I could write something for you!it makes me really happy to do it! I hope you like it!
Word count:1431
Warnings: language, insecurity, I think that’s everything besides fluff!
Summary: Reader closes herself off after someone makes fun of her laugh and Dean will do anything to hear it again.
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
“What the hell Sammy?” you asked with a big smile. “Dean said he thought you looked a bit scary when we first met you at the roadhouse.” He said with a smile letting a laugh. You cover your mouth as you see Dean walking back to your booth.  He looked at you both in suspicion. “Hey babe.” you smiled at him, trying not to laugh.  “Hey Sweetheart,” Dean said slowly, giving you a look as if asking you what was going on. You picked up your drink and took a sip while taking a glance at Sam. he glanced at you too and the eye contact almost made you spit out your drink. You know those times when you and a friend make each other laugh and you just can’t stop. When you think you have it under control and then look at each other and almost lose it again. this was one of those times. 
“Ok guys, what the hell is going on?” Dean questions. Sam just let a smile break out on his face as he looked at his big brother. “Hey, D, do you remember when we first met at the roadhouse? Ellen introduced us.” you spoke, “Yeah of course I do, now what is going on?” “Well, I’m sorry I scared you babe.” you tried to suppress a laugh at the look on his face. It went from confused to embarrassed. His eyes went wide, and his head whipped around to look at Sam. “Sam, you didn’t?” he said through gritted teeth. 
“Oh, I did.” he nodded at his brother. 
“It’s ok babe, I know I must’ve been intimidating.” you placed your hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze.  “No, that’s not. That’s n-” he didn’t finish. “You don’t have to explain I understand D.,” you told him leaning over to kiss his shoulder. 
“Well Sam was the one who saw you first,” he said and pointed at his brother. You just look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Is that supposed to be incriminating?” you asked. 
“He blushed when he first saw you.” he tried to say anything to get the attention off of him. “Aww Sammy.” you said and he chuckled “The first thing Dean said when he saw from across the room was ‘Why am I scared of that sexy girl over there?’” Sam said and you busted out laughing. The boys looked at you and smiled. 
You heard someone speak from the booth behind you “Fuck, dude did you hear her laugh? I feel sorry for those guys she’s with. I would be so embarrassed if I was with her.” the older boy said to his friend. Your heart sunk at what he had said. Was your laugh really that bad?
You closed your mouth quickly and settled back into your seat. The boys still joked and you just gave them small smiles. The rest of the meal seemed to drag by and you just wanted to leave, you were so embarrassed and began thinking about it. Your laugh was ugly, and you felt bad for the boys. You didn’t want to be out right now, you just wanted to go home and curl up with a blanket and your favorite movie/book. 
“Thank God she finally shut up. I was about ready to just tell her to shut up.” you heard the other boy say. Tears began to fog up your vision but you willed them away. Lucky for you, you knew how to hide feelings well. 
“You ready babe?” you heard your boyfriend ask, and you quickly shook your head pushing the thoughts from your mind. “Yeah, let’s go.” You smiled and he grabbed your hand pulling you from the booth. He held your waist as you walked out, and made a few jokes but you just smiled. You didn’t want to embarrass them any more than you already had or so you thought. Dean looked to Sam while you stared at your feet. Dean looked at his brother in concern. Sam looked at you in worry. 
“You ok (y/n)?” Sam spoke up kindly. “What? Oh, uh, yeah I’m fine,” you told him as happy as you could. Dean and Sam saw through you completely. Something was wrong and Dean was dead set on finding out what it was.
 You had gotten home about an hour or two ago and you sat in your and Dean’s bed. The tv playing (y/f/m).  You sighed and snuggled deeper into the blanket wrapped around you. 
Sam and Dean sat in the library neither of them with books or laptops. They each had a beer and were just talking. 
“What do you think happened to (y/n)?” Sam asked his brother. “Man I’m not sure, but it’s like she just shut down. She didn’t even laugh at the jokes we made. It’s like her energy just drained in seconds.” Dean explained to Sam. Sam nodded in agreement. “Was I something we said?” he wondered aloud. “I don’t know Sammy, but I’m going to find out. “ he said and set his beer down standing from his seat. “Good luck, call if you need me,” Sam tells his brother. 
Dean knocked on the door, and you told him to come in. he opened the door just to see you clad in one of his shirts and a blanky. “Hey, what are you watching?” he asked and sat beside you pulling your body close to his. You let out a sigh and let yourself lean on him. “I’m just watching (y/f/m),” you answered him softly. 
He looked down at you and he opened his mouth to speak. “What happened?” he asked you squeezing your body. “What do you mean D?” you asked, trying to avoid the subject you knew was being brought up. 
“In the diner. One minute you seemed on cloud nine and then it’s like you fell. Baby, what happened?” “I’m just a little tired Dean. I’m ok I promise,” you said and looked up at him, placing a kiss on his jaw. 
He grabbed the remote and paused the movie. 
“Did we do something? Did I do something?” he asked worriedly. 
“No, no, Dean you didn’t do anything, neither did Sammy.” you sighed and looked away. 
“You haven’t laughed since we left that place, not even at me and Sammy’s lame jokes you swear you, love,” he said pushing you away just a bit so he could see your face better. 
“My laugh is annoying that’s all. I just didn’t want you guys to be embarrassed to be around me.” you cracked. He looked at you sadly. “Where the hell is this coming from? Who told you that?” he asked hurriedly. 
“Some guys in the booth behind us, when I laughed they talked about how they felt bad for you because of having me around.” your voice broke. 
“They’re just assholes. They have no idea what they are even talking about. You have the best laugh I’ve ever heard. It’s not ugly, it’s beautiful and I want to hear it for the rest of my life.” he told you, and you shook your head. 
“Now, let me hear it,” he demanded. You looked at him surprised at his words. “Dean, c’mon please don’t-” you stopped. “Too late,” Dean interjected and pushed you down onto the bed. His hands quickly traversed your body. His fingers gliding over your ribs and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Dean, stop please,” you said in between breaths. 
“Nope! Sammy!” h called, seconds later you heard footsteps pound the floor. He walked through the door and smiled at the sight. 
“You got to help me, she won’t laugh,” he said while you tried desperately to get away from him and now Sammy. They both tickled you and made you let out all the laughs you had held in. 
You finally got them to stop and smiled broadly taking in a sharp breath. “Damn it you guys!” you exclaimed, trying your best to be upset with them. 
“I missed that laugh.” Sam smiled and laughed. You sit up and smack his shoulder. “Oh hush.” you scolded playfully.  “I plan on keeping that laugh going until I can’t anymore,” Dean spoke up and placed a kiss on your cheek. 
“I love that laugh of yours Sweetheart,” he said and you blushed. 
“Um excuse me, I love her laugh too.” Sam stepped in and it made you laugh again. He smiled and puffed his chest out in his success of making you laugh. 
“I love you, boys.” 
Taglist: @akshi8278 @waywardwifey @simonsaysyasss @mila-dans @hobby27
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kalpanakalpu · 3 months ago
Hello everyone...
Breakup! Oh god its hurting...
So,there is my breakup story, I and him bhot share a relationship about past 7 Years I know its a long term relationship baki other couples Ki tarah we were in love we used to hangout,cracking jokes and so on but something is missing.we fought a lot but there is something Jo humesha humko saat lakar aa hi jata tha yu to 100 baar break up hua pr Jo aaga hona vala tha I don't know..
Sab kuch thick tha everything is fine he loves me I love him that all about but...
March ki vo raat jise din hum mila ice cream khai or bhot si baata ki pr muja idea bhi nhi tha ki shayad ya rishta aaga saat nhi dega...puri baat yahi khatam na hui.
Raat ko khushi khushi video call PR baat...oh god I'm so lucky to have him ya soach kr so gai...subha uti to bed sa mano pair chipak gai tha itna dard ho rha tha mummy ko bhulya to 102 fever body pain alag sa mano dimmag kaam hi nhi kr rha tha shaam ko phone baja dekha to uska(him) call aa rha tha vo parashan na ho iseliya apni sister KO usko mera phone msg krvaya I'm not well I call u later. He reply me okay take care.I'm completely on bed around 7 days he msg me that r u that....than its Monday I went to the doctor and they told us I'm not well at all I'm suffering from TB(tuberculosis) oh man...what I supposed to do its not that dangerous but the Treat meant is about 7-9 months...after I reach home I told him that this is actually happened....he's like OK take care same reply as usual.
That time my mood sucks...I cut the call thats about it. Later on he called me I m extremely happy that finally I talk to him after a week...but he told me I'm busy at something in my house my mood swings.I said ...OK!
Next Two three days....he gave me the same reply. Afterwards he told me we can't talk because I'm busy at my office work too..oh man my mood and my anger on some other level I scream at him why u doing this r u mad I need you what the on. He cut the call. Day later he called me and I said sorry for that day but he said nothing moreover we want Breakup.
That time my world goes up side down..all7 years just....I had flashback . I beg him don't do this with me I need you besides my breakup there is so many things going on my nani is covid positive, I my Dadi few month back on 20th Nov past away...shadi pressure and so job family issue more than I'm completely forgot about my dad at the same time he's suffering from heart disease.
Noooo....I just give up on my self but u know what till than I'm still begging him to stay with me I love I said sorry more than100 times but what he said..don't do that I m about to abuse u put u in blacked list.that time my trust,my love my every single emotions are just gone. I m just blank.
First time life I felt betrayed and finally I realizied that im done. Its over....My self respect is much more important than his ego.
Finally, I'm done.its over 
I called him..and I told him u don't deserve me and I'm Breakup with u.
Thank you♥️
Tumblr media
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inspectormila · a year ago
Mirror’s Edge || Sharmila & Erin
TIMING: Current (POTW)
PARTIES: @inspectormila​, @corpse--diem​
SUMMARY: Mila goes to discuss Erin’s recent fire. Things don’t go well, but not for the reason you think. 
Sharmila wasted no time once she returned to White Crest in opening and reinvestigating each and every fire that occurred in her absence. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust her department to do a thorough job, it was just that they weren’t that great. They weren’t her. Every accidental fire and explosion case she could convince the chief to hand her was now splayed across her dining table in loosely organized chaos. Most looked like accidents, but there were a few questionables. The explosion at the morgue, for instance, but she would grill Cece about that later once they’d had a few drinks. The second was also close to home, Nichols’ Funeral Home. Not only were there people trapped inside, one of their own had actually been killed in the blaze. Mila didn’t know Roland well, but he had always been nice to her when they passed in the halls. It was still a tragedy. And it was still suspected arson. Why it had been shoved by the wayside was beyond Mila and she would make damn sure she got to the bottom of it.
She hadn’t given Nichols much of a heads up, calling the woman when she was already on her way, notebook and tape recorder in hand. If the reports were correct, she was seen having an argument with an unknown person just before the blaze broke out. Mila wanted to make sure she caught the woman off guard in case she had something to hide. Most arson cases in town were owner caused, more often than not because of insurance fraud. How silly. She would always find the truth, didn’t they know this by now? The sun was just beginning to dip low behind the trees when Mila’s louboutins clicked their way up the driveway. Reaching out a perfectly manicured finger, Mila rang the bell and called out. “Hello? Ms. Nichols? It’s Agent Darzi? I called on my way over?”
Erin didn’t have a chance to appreciate the anxiety that brief phone call had given her. Just knew that some Agent Darzi was on her way to her apartment right now with some questions regarding the fire that brought down half of the funeral home. This wasn’t her fault--not this fire, anyway--but how was she supposed to explain herself here? Sorry, some asshole with magic fingers and a vendetta torched the place? Also, please don’t worry about the recent arrest on my record? She probably didn’t need the caffeine but she put on a pot of coffee anyway to busy herself while she waited. When the doorbell rang, Erin ran a hand down her mouth, trying to steady her heartbeat, reminding herself she hadn’t been the one to physically set the building to flame. She wasn’t innocent but this part she couldn’t take all the credit for.
“Agent Darzi,” Erin smiled tightly, nodding her head in greeting, a little taken aback by how young the woman was. Age hardly mattered when it came to whether or not she had the ability to toss Erin right back into that depressing holding cell. “You can just call me Erin. Come in, please,” she insisted, moving aside to let her in. The coffee was already set up on the table and she guided her towards it. “Coffee?” She asked, trying to loosen some of the tightness in her throat and started pouring two mugs before Agent Darzi had the chance to decline or accept. “You said you had some, uh--questions? About the fire?”
Sharmila smiled and entered the apartment, glancing around casually before following her mark towards the coffee. She breathed in deep, inhaling the warm scent before placing her things on the table, making herself quite at home. “Oh I would love some, thanks!” She reached out, letting the cup warm her hands. “I didn’t get a chance to inject any caffeine this morning, so this is a godsend!” She chuckled, attempting to put the woman at ease. Mila knew all too well how stressful law enforcement home visits were and in her experience, you caught more flies with honey than vinegar. “Yes,” Mila frowned, taking a small sip. Dark and bitter, just like she liked it. “I’m so sorry about your losses, I’m sure it’s come as a great heartbreak. Unfortunately, as arson is suspected, we have to do a thorough investigation. You understand. Just making sure everything’s in order!” Mila set her coffee down and began rummaging through her bag, pulling out a few folders. “Now, did you have any insurance policies on the building or business? Unfortunately money is almost always the real cause for these things.” She raised her perfectly plucked brows in a gesture of innocence. “Not that I’m blaming you for that! Just the facts, really. We want to make sure whoever is responsible is dealt with accordingly and if you do have a good insurance plan, we want to make sure you can get back up and running as soon as possible!” She smiled, tapping her pen expectantly on her pad of paper.
The woman sure was eager, wasn’t she? Erin would’ve appreciated the enthusiasm more if it wasn’t her case she’d decided to double check. “Totally understand. You’re just doing your job, here,” she smiled, trying to be gracious about Agent Darzi’s efforts. God, that would be nice, though. Kicking the insurance into gear, getting construction underway, going back to work. Her smile lifted more genuinely at the thought. “I’ve got all of that information right here. All that I could find on such short notice, anyway. Not much from my office made it out.” She tried to ignore the crackling of fire in her ear or Blanche’s screams of terror. Still felt as real as it did two months ago. She cleared her throat and pushed the folder towards her. “The only thing that’s changed in the past few years is the policy owner, from Jack Nichols to myself. There’s a few extra things because of the nature of my business. Equipment’s expensive to replace, but that’s about--”
Erin took one short look at the coffee pot, then another, longer this time--and jolted back with a start. A woman’s face hovered beside her own, obscured and abstract due thanks to the shape of the pot yet horrifying. She looked… dead. Pale skin cracked around the curves of her face, darkening to almost black around the eyes. “Jesus!” She yelped, turning to look behind her, knocking her full cup of coffee all over the place. There was nothing there, and nothing in the coffee pot when she looked again. What the fuck? She jumped again when the hot liquid dripped onto her lap. “I--shit, I’m so sorry. I don’t know--” she started, standing up, limbs shaky from the sudden fright as she grabbed some towels from the kitchen and started to clean. The papers were covered in coffee. “I thought I saw--something.”
Mila nodded, her lips pouting a bit. “Of course, so sorry to spring this on you again, I guess I don’t know what to do when I’m not working so I like to dive in head first!” She reached out and began flipping through the documents. Nothing looked out of order, no expansive insurance policy that would pay for her second home in Cabo. But then there was that mention of an argument...Heated arguments were explosive in cases like this. “Now, I’m so sorry to ask but do you have any enemies? Old coworkers, competing businesses, anyone who would want to see your home burn? There’s a note here-” Mila looked down to her file a split second before coffee and papers went flying. She jumped back, swatting a few stray droplets from her Chanel pants. “Oh! Are you ok??” Mila set about drying off her papers, bristling at the idea that maybe there was something suspicious in here after all, but one look at Erin’s face told her maybe not to jump the gun. Her hands hovered over the papers. “Ms. Nichols, are- what’s wrong? Are you alright? You’re shaking...Here just hand me some paper towels, I’ve got this. No use crying over spilled coffee, right?”
“No, no, I’m fine!” Erin insisted, trying to take a deep breaths. She was just seeing things. That’s all. Stress, lack of sleep, and a trick of the light would do wonders to mess with anyone’s mind a little bit. That’s all it was. Besides, this place was fully warded against anything even resembling a ghosts. Even fires, thanks to Nell’s helpful addition. Blanche had even come to double check them all. They had nothing to worry about. Nothing. “God, I’m sorry. This probably looks… not great.” She had to laugh as the adrenaline slowly started to loosen itself from her limbs. Her nose crinkled at the ruined paperwork and she slid a worried hand down the side of her face. “Whatever you need from me, I’ll be happy to replace. I’ll get the insurance company to send over more copies too, if you need them?” She asked, hoping that her blunder hadn’t made her look even more guilty than before. With the table cleaned, and the coffee pot reflection free, she sat down once more, trying to smooth over this shamble of a meeting. “You were asking about… enemies?” She stiffened, narrowing her eyes, shrugging innocently. “Nope. None that I can think of. I mean, competition for funeral homes isn’t exactly stiff in this town, if you know what I mean.”
Mila knelt down and collected what she could, handing back a few of the more ruined documents to Erin. “It’s fine, really. I would like to have some copies, but maybe...let’s email those over to my office directly?” She gave a small smile. Whatever had spooked the woman seemed to be gone now, but it raised the question in Mila’s mind, what if something similar had happened with the fire in question? That would make it an accident, not intentional arson. She scribbled down a quick note before looking back up. “Luckily all of this,” she waved her folder casually. “Is backed up multiple times. Can’t work in the business of fire and destruction without assuming accidents might happen to you too.” The lamia tried to center herself back into the task at hand, hoping Erin wouldn’t be quite so jumpy for the rest of their meeting. “Are you- oh good lord.” Mila grinned, slapping a hand on her knee. “No, I suppose it isn’t is it? No one plotting for your business, hm? Now…” Her face fell a bit, shifting from her jokes. “There was a witness who saw a man speaking with you just before the fire. Can you tell me about that?”
Oh good, they were both full blown punning now. That was a good sign Agent Darzi wasn’t about to find her guilty and slap some handcuffs on right now, right? The thought was ridiculous of course but after her first go around, Erin wasn’t anxious for another. An easy laugh fell from her and she sat back in her seat, trying to push the image of the woman in the reflection out of her mind. This was fine. “Plotting for my business. That’s a good one,” she pointed towards the other woman. “No, no. Believe me, my life is ridiculously boring,” she answered, lying so seamlessly it almost felt true. More of a wish, than anything. Her nerves had finally seemed to settle when she saw it again--just behind Darzi in the mirror on the wall. There was no mistaking it this time. Erin froze, no longer listening, just stared back at the wretched and angry face locked on hers. The woman’s black lips parted, gaping open as a wail burst from her throat, inhuman and raspy. “MURDERER!” the voice bellowed, pointing in her direction.
Erin flew backwards in her hurry, taking the chair down with her, an icy fear shooting up her spine. What the fuck? What the fuck? Another scream left the woman in the mirror, her finger pointing in Erin’s direction. Suddenly, she was in every part of the room, all at once, in every reflection. Pointing and screaming “Murderer!” at the top of her lungs. It was almost as if she didn’t even see Agent Darzi. Murderer. Guess that was her. Fuck. “Run!” she hollered at the other woman anyway, scrambling over some of the moving boxes on the floor on her way down the hallway.
If she was honest, Mila hoped this woman was innocent. It was always hard to file a case against the good ones, nice people who maybe just needed some extra money or in an accidental passion sent their home or business up in flame. Hell, wasn’t she a little hypocritical at this point? Not that she ever lit up anything important or owned by someone else. “Ridiculously boring can still have it’s sharp edges,” Mila replied, tapping the end of her pen against her leg. Mila watched as Erin’s face went blank, white as a ghost. She was familiar with the look of horror, but it wasn’t aimed at her. Instead her eyes were focused on a point behind Mila’s head. “Ms. Nichols? Are you- what are you-” Before she could finish the question, Mila slapped her hands to her ears. The inhuman screeching echoed around her brain and she cursed her lamia parents for giving her perfect hearing. “What the hell was-” Mila didn’t have to ask. Suddenly in front of her were fractal images of a pale, horrific woman, screaming. Murderer. Mila’s eyes went wide and she jumped back from Erin. She’d never committed a single crime against another person, there was no way in hell she was a murderer. She’d never eaten a person, only animals, and nothing sentient. Her parents had always been adamant about that. Erin screamed at her to run, and while she was hesitant to follow an apparent murderer, she did just that. The alternative was to hang out here with a bloody mirror ghost and Mila wasn’t overly fond of that option. She dashed back through the hall, following Erin’s lead. “What is that thing??” She cried, wondering if this is what Ms. Nichols thought a ‘ridiculously boring life’ would entail.
Erin didn’t look back to see if the agent was following her, just booked it down the small hallway. This was absolutely the part of the movie where she’d be screaming at herself to run out of the apartment but--here she was anyway, fucking off into her bedroom. “Murderer!” The accusing, angry voice yelled again from the mirror above her dresser. From the window next to her bed. Even the half empty glass of water on the table. She was everywhere.  Pointing still, directly at Erin. She didn’t know how she knew, or even who the hell this woman was, but she was relentless in whatever the fuck this pursuit was. Justice? Truth? Erin reached for the closest thing near her, a lamp, and tossed it at the mirror. The glass splintered, breaking off into pieces, but the woman only appeared again and again in each fragment, like an inescapable nightmare. “What the f--” Her eyes were wide and she looked for Darzi. “I don’t know! I don’t know. You’re--you’re seeing this right?” The reflection shifted from a two-dimensional horror into a very tangible reality as the woman reached out from the picture frame directly beside Erin. She didn’t have time to dodge the cold hand that grabbed her, wrapping around her throat, holding her to the wall as the rest of her slowly eased out of the reflection.
Panic overwhelmed her better senses, pushing Mila further into the home after Erin. She toppled into the bedroom moments after she heard glass shattering, only to see even more ghastly faces reflected back. “Yes I’m seeing this! But what is THIS??” The ghostly woman had no heat signature, obvious that she wasn’t among the living, but Mila had never seen a ghost. That’s what this had to be, right? It’s not like zombies crawled out of mirrors and attacked people- which was exactly what this bitch was doing. “Oh my god!!!” Mila shrieked, throwing herself towards Erin, unsure what, if anything, she would be able to do here. “Get off her- you- BITCH!” Her hand wound around cold flesh that wasn’t really flesh and she yanked with all the strength she had. It wasn’t enough, not by a long shot. Her eyes darted around the room, looking for anything that might help. God, where was a giant sword when you needed one? “Hold on, Ms. Nichols!!” The woman’s gasping was sending new waves of panic through her. She barely knew this woman, but she refused to let her die, not like this. With no knowledge of whether or not it would work, Mila set her sights on the mirror the ghastly woman was currently climbing out of, raising a stilettoed heel and bringing it sharply down on the glass, sending the woman into fragments. “OK let’s get the fuck out of here!!”
Darzi was on her attacker, fast, and Erin was never more thankful for the agent’s impromptu visit. Her vision was beginning to blacken when she heard the mirror shattering beside her head. The air rushed back into her lungs the second the ghostly woman’s hand dissipated into thin air and she took greedy gulps, stumbling forward into a full out run. “What the fu--” Erin yelled hoarsely, starting and stopping through every turn in her relatively small apartment. It wasn’t big but every reflective surface taunted her with that face, again and again. She didn’t think, just booked it right out of the apartment, leading the way for the agent. The woman was everywhere still. In the windows, the framed stock art on the walls, even the full reflection in the elevator. Relief came in the form of a dim stairwell. No reflections--just concrete, steel and the low glow of the exit sign. She dared to pause, just for a moment to catch her breath, clutching her throat. The woman’s hand had been so cold--like Dale’s had been. A shot of anger piggybacked her sharp fears. “Shit--are you okay?” She managed to ask, leaning against the wall. “Thank you for that--christ, she nearly killed me,” she huffed out incredulously. Still trying to stabilize her breathing and heartbeat, eyes flickering constantly around the room, before landing on the other woman again. “What the fuck was that? Who the fuck--?”
Mila didn’t pause, following Erin out of the apartment as fast as she possible could. Everywhere they turned, there was the woman ‘s face, now staring menacingly at herself too. Fuck. Her heart hammered in her chest as they reached the stairwell, a blank canvas, not reflections in sight. She didn’t even dare pull out her phone for fear the woman would appear in the screen. “Yeah,” Mila replied breathlessly, her hands on her knees. Thank god she was used to running in couture footwear. “Yeah I’m’s your neck?” Her eyes scanned Erin, looking for any readily apparent damage, but other than the choking incident, it seemed more of a mental fuck than anything. “Do you...What- you didn’t recognize her or anything?” Mila leaned against the cold concrete and rested her head back, thinking. She’d lived in White Crest long enough to know a thing or two about strange occurrences, she knew there were ghosts and werewolves and vampires and obviously the more exotic creatures like herself, but this was undead. But unlike anything she’d ever experienced or heard of. It wasn’t possessing any one, it came out of a goddamn mirror.
“No, I’m fine,” Erin shook her head, rubbing her neck as if to emphasize the fact. Something was wrong--obviously, but there’s no way that a ghost could have gotten into her apartment, bypassing wards put in by an experienced exorcist. Blanche had even double checked her work to be sure. Was it even a ghost? “No fucking idea,” she raised a brow, her eyes still roaming the walls as if suddenly she was going to pop out again. Murderer. Murderer. Murderer. Her face burned as the words repeated in her mind, the woman’s finger and eyes locked on her. No, nope. She wasn’t going to think about it - she had done what she had to. That was all. She hadn’t allowed herself to sink her teeth into those emotions just yet and some murderous ghost bitch wasn’t about to get her to start now. Not with Agent Diaz already questioning her about the fire. Standing straight, she tried to shake off the nerves clawing at her bones. “We should, uh--we should go.” Erin sure as hell wasn’t heading back to her apartment tonight. The stairwell exit opened up to more barren concrete halls. This was fine. For now, this would be fine. “You know, you’ve got a hell of a right hook with that stiletto,” she tried to tease now that the air was coming back to her in shorter intakes. “I’m so impressed, I won’t even bill you for the damage.”
Mila nodded, running a hand through her hair. She hadn’t forgotten what she’d heard, what that thing had been rasping...but murder wasn’t exactly in her job descprition. She eyed the woman carefully, not sensing that she could be a murderer, but then again, you never really knew people and she’d only spent what, an hour at best with her? “Maybe...don’t stay at your apartment tonight,” she offered as they exited the stairwell, carefully checking for any reflective surfaces. “Is there someone who could take you in for a night?” She would offer, but the whole investigation would crumble, not to mention the whole murderer thing. Not that Mila couldn’t take care of herself. “Thanks,” she smiled, popping one of her feet into the air. “Not only fashionable, but a deadly weapon against mirror monsters,” she chuckled. Suddenly Mila felt the earth shifting. Tiny, miniscule grains, rolling against the smooth ground. She stopped in her tracks, throwing an arm out to halt Erin as well. “Stop...I don’t- something’s not right…” Slipping out of her heels, Mila felt the cold tile on her bare feet trembling. Something big was coming, growing, with each spec of...was that sand? “Ms Nichols, I don’t think we’re quite finished yet…is there another way out of here?”
If Mila had caught on to whatever the woman in the mirror had been screaming at her, she wasn’t pressing Erin on it. Not yet, anyway, and she was thankful for the reprieve anyway after such a close call. “Yeah, I’m good, I’ve got people,” she assured her, knowing she’d most likely end up crashing at Skylar and Nic’s again. Sounded pretty nice right about now, actually. She smiled her way, letting the relief trickle into her chest. “I’ll have to remember that. Maybe sharpen the heel on my pumps for when I get back to work--” she froze suddenly, realizing these jokes and this audience really didn’t mix. But Mila was barring her back, a new sense of alarm on her face. Sand? She didn’t know what to think, just knew on some level inside of her, the one had grown familiar with this sort of supernatural fuckery, that Mila was right. “What now?” She nealy grumbled, but there was no time to question it. Sand seeped into the stairwell from every nook and cranny, slicking the floor with a thin layer. The only other way was back where they came from--or up. “C’mon,” she grabbed the other woman’s arm, shielding her eyes and mouth from the sand trickling in around them as she made a run for the rooftop.
They just couldn’t catch a break today. Mila glanced over at Erin and wondered slightly if the woman was cursed, actually cursed. How else could you explain two clearly supernatural oddities attacking within an hour? Even for the Crest, that was pushing it. Taking a step back, Mila felt the sand growing, shifting and forming of its own volition, gearing up for something. This was not good. “Shit.” Holding her heels in one hand and Erin’s hand on her other arm, Mila spun and made for the stairwell again, hoping beyond hope they could get to the roof. Once they were there, she hadn’t the foggiest of what they would do next. How did you fight sand? Mila charged forward, sneaking cautionary glances around corners to make sure they didn’t run into that fucking mirror thing again. Sand poured in on them from all directions, gathering so loudly it was almost overwhelming. Mila threw a hand over her head, trying to shield her face. She’d never been so happy to have a third eyelid, praising her lamia heritage. Mila slammed her entire body weight against the metal door leading up to the roof and blinked against the sunlight, feeling a single grain of sand catch under her membrane. “Fuck,” she grumbled, ushering Erin out before slamming the door closed. For a moment, the sand trickled under the door, a thin layer of moving earth. The lamia rubbed at her eye, attempting to free it of the grating foreign matter. She couldn’t be distracted, not now, not when they were under attack. “Is it still coming?? What do we do now??”
Miraculously, Erin had burst through the rooftop door without getting even one grain in her mouth or eyes, thank god. Her hair, her clothes, her shoes? That was another story. She was still shaking it off as she ran behind a vent, waiting, watching with Mila. “I don’t know, I don’t hear anything,” she whispered, staying still and alert. She couldn’t wrap her mind around what ominous thing was awaiting them on the other side of the door that was capable of sweeping a small beach worth’s of sand. “You alright?” She asked, noting the red eye and the way Mila was rubbing her eyes. It was still quiet though, too quiet, even as the sand continued to blow out from under the door. Erin glanced around, grabbing a piece of rain-battered plywood that had been left up there. It wasn’t much but it was all they had, save for Mila’s heels. “Stay here,” she instructed. “But keep those heels ready?” She tried to smile, but she couldn’t hide how terrified she was of what was possibly waiting for them on the other side of that door. She knew she sure as fuck wasn’t going to wait around for it to pounce though. Taking a deep breath, she paused, then yanked the door open, holding the plywood up, ready to strike. The door opened to--nothing. Erin waited, gripping the wood harder, but the sand just blew quietly on to the rooftop. But nothing. It was quiet, again. Eerily so.
Mila crouched behind the vent, still rubbing furiously at her eye. She couldn’t see well normally, and this was really putting a damper on what little sight she had. Instead she turned to her other sense, letting her bare feet feel the vibrations. Erin’s footsteps echoed through her body, and the soft drifting of sand, but no thunderous rumblings, not like before. She peeked out from her hiding place, her heels at the ready. “Do we need the heels?” She called, wishing there was a way for her stilettos to actually help. “Is it...I think it’s gone? Whatever the hell it was?” Whatever had been moving the sand, maneuvering it after them, seemed to have abandoned it’s hunt. One eye blurry beyond belief, Mila glanced around for any reflective surfaces. “Are we- is it fucking over?” She stepped out carefully, slipping back into her shoes. “I swear, most of my home visits aren’t quite so...eventful.”
The hall was empty, save for the layers of sand wisping around Erin’s feet. For now, the danger seemed to be gone but the foreboding feeling left in its wake was hard to ignore. It felt… unfinished. They’d gotten way too lucky to have run from not just one but two mysterious whatevers that had decided to knock down their doors and mirrors today. Tentatively, Erin stepped forward into the hall doorway, ready to swing if necessary. “I think we’re… okay?” It didn’t feel right to say it either. Her heart was still racing and she kicked some of the sand in the stairwell, as if she was waiting for it to spring back to life. She looked to Agent Darzi, letting out a breath. “I hope not, otherwise I’m going to have to decline a follow up.” She ran a hand down her face, contemplated dropping the plywood, opting to grip it a little tighter. Nodding at the other woman, she kept her eyes on the stairwell. “Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked one more time.
Mila smiled lightly, brushing the sand off her clothes where the grains fell lifelessly to the ground. “Don’t worry, I think if I have any further questions I’ll just email.” They made their way cautiously back down the stairwell, the building looking menacingly...normal. “Me? Oh yeah, just...tired I think.” Tired was an understatement. The pain in her eye subsided, making way for an indescribable fatigue. Then again, she had just run from two mystery monsters, in stilettos no less. “And I’m not even the one who got strangled. Make sure you get some rest, and uh...drink some tea?” Mila shuffled closer to the exit. “And I’ll send my assistant by to pick up the paperwork, I really ought to get home.” She could feel her muscles aching to lay down and honestly, she wanted nothing more than to take a long, hot bath in a room with absolutely no mirrors.
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anikimanystories · 11 months ago
“Neki kar dariya me daal” 
(Do good to somebody and forget, never expect anything in return…..automatically u will get it back  some day……some way…..that u never expected)
I have heard this proverb but never known that one day I will become an example of this proverb in a very filmy way.
Some 10 years back I used to stay in PG…my office was hardly 500m from my PG. Every day I used to go to my office by walk….in the middle of the way, one of the biggest hospital of that city was there. I was very happy with my job, office…..then one day I have been shifted to a project in which for some operational requirement, twice in a week…. I need to travel to our another office which was nearly 65 km from my PG. Whenever I need to go to my far office I used to tell to my office they used to book cab….they used to provide cab details etc….I used to do my work …..and mostly I come back late night as it was far….and traffic was also too much…..that far office was about 35 km from the main road….the path was  in between some village….some time while coming back no road light used to be there…..anways the cab driver is being provide by our office so I wasn’t bothering so much….he will take care like dat was my attitude…..while coming back I used to sleep in the cab….it was far and I used to be tired also. It was that day…December month ….it only my 5th visit to my far office….till dat time I wasn’t so much familiar of the path after the main road….it was nearly 7pm when we started from my far office…..bcz of some operational requirement I stayed late dat day…..anyways we started at 7….it was so dark….no road light was there….but our car light was sufficient……and road side some houses were visible…..very dim light was coming from them….I told the driver open the window…very nice air ……some small shop were also visible….i was feeling sleepy…..I was about to sleep but….suddenly our car stopped….I aksed ….what happen bhaiya…..he replied …don’t know madam, suddenly it got stopped, I will check….I told..ok…..I saw outside it was dark…..after sometime driver told me ….madam you be inside the car…..he closed the windows also…. I will just check if some mechanic shop is there or if somebody can help…..I told ok….I was acting bold outside…..but actually I was so scared from inside….nearly 20 min passed  the driver didn’t come back…I called him many times but he didn’t pick the call…..very bad thoughts started coming in my mind…..whether really some problem is there in the car….where the driver gone…..why he is not coming back…..I was so much scared…I was feeling to pee….not able to control….mind wasn’t working ….whom to contact…I tried to call some of my friend….some of my friend picked also….but they couldn’t understand……may be my network was weak ….I messaged to many of my friends about the situation….dat somebody may reply or call back…..I wasn’t able to control…wanted to pee…..I thought I will pee and immediately I will come inside the car…..I saw near far if it is safe to go out…..from the nereby housed light… I felt dat I can come out…..I came out…..after finishing…..When I stood I felt somebody is behind me…..and I didn’t dare to turn back…..I didn’t think for a fraction of second and started running… heart sound I was able to listen…..some hot air was coming out my ears….I started running towards the village house….to ask help……I don’t remember how much I ran…..I don’t know whether really somebody was there……or driver would have come back…I don’t know….my mind was going through so many thoughts…and actually I was crying….i was seeing houses but not knocking thinking that whether some women will be inside or only men will be there….I did’t have any idea of this area……slowly I started seeing more houses.…more lights……I got some hope….people were there….I was feeling safe…..suddenly I remember I left my purse….phone ….everything I left in the car….I don’t know where is the car parked…..i don’t remember from which direction I came. Then I saw a shop in which a lady was selling…..some snacks…..all were closing their shops…..I went to the lady…..All people there was turning back and seeing me…..obviously I was a stranger for them….I asked that lady…..Aunty do u have phone…..I want to call somebody….I told I don’t have money….I was talking then I realized Aunty could understand only there local language…..I asked her …Hindi or English…..Then see called one nearby boy….I was explaining the things to the boy….may he was in hurry….or don’t want to get involve in some stranger’s problem……he locked his shop and left…..I saw Aunty also started packing…..I told Aunty what is the time….She saw in her phone it was 8.50pm….I asked Aunty plz give me phone…..maybe she understood….she gave me phone….but I only remember my own number & my father number, who was in my native…..I called my number if driver would have come, maybe he will pick the call….he didn’t pick then I called my father….then I got the info that balance is insufficient to make the call….I was losing hope….what to do….I moved from there….all were closing shops….before that I should ask help… shop I asked about the auto stand or bus stand…..that old man has given me direction for auto stand…..I asked him if he can with me….he didn’t respond……only told the direction that this way I may get auto……I was about to leave from there ….suddenly from the next shop….one man was there……he greeted me with a big smile and he was looking very happy & surprised…he acted as he knows me……”Namshate madam…..kaisa hain?” Aap idhar kya kar raha hai madam….kisi ke ghar pe aaya hai kya….ghar jao madam….idhar ab sab band hone ka……ye lo madam….aapka paisa….mai bhoola nai madam….aap phir mila hi nai…..he gave me 2000rs….and he was giving me so many blessings…..I was very happy to take the money bcz at that time I was really a beggar…..but who is he…..he was may be of 45-50 age……after taking money I felt as directly God has come to help me…..why he gave me 2000rs…..whether everything is real…..what is happening……whether this man is genuine….shall I believe him…..I was trying to remember that whom I have given 2000rs…..I couldn’t …..anyways I have money I should leave now….may be this man has misunderstood me for someone else…..I don’t have mind or time to think about this man… was going to be 9.30pm….almost all shops closed……I was still scared and feeling very unsafe but at the same time I was brave and conscious also. The man was also closing shop…..I was simply standing and thinking whether I shold ask help from him….shall I explain everything to him…..again he asked “kya hua madam…..aap ghar jao madam…..kiske ghar me aaya aap….idhar ham sabko janta… mera gaon….idhar he janam liya hai….bolo kiske ghar aaya aap”…..I didn’t tell anything that I am lost here….I only asked that …..can you come with me to the auto stand or bus stand……? He turned back to me…..Itna raat ko kidhar jayaga madam…..why this man is asking so many questions….again he started ….subah me jao madam…..chalo mai aapke sath aat kiske ghar jana aapko…..I was only willing to get an auto…..I started in the way to auto stand…..the old man has told…..dat man also started coming behind me…..I started running…..that man also stared running…..madam….ooo madam….ruko itna raat ko kidhar jana aapko bolo madam…..I was not able to run much…..dat man came behind me…. I wasn’t able to run now…..I was getting sacred….this man was scaring me…..I told him dat I will manage by myself….you plz go….but he still coming behind me…..I was getting angry….suddenly I saw a big bamboo stick I took dat and threatened him dat don’t come behind me….don’t think dat I will give you any favor and I am not going to give you money also…..get lost from here…… Dat man was suddenly looking little sad…..aap kya baat kiya madam….hamko kuchh nai chahiye….aap itna raat ko akela jara iske liye mai puchha……aap mere ko help kiya so mai aapko aisa akela nai choor sakta… that time I was so much irritated…..I shouted hey don’t do so much drama….and get lost from here…..what help ha?? He told aap iss (told name of the hospital) hospital ke paas rahta hai na madam……I was surprised…..yes….how you know dat….he told the exact location….slowly I calm down….we both started walking toward the auto stand…..I told him I want to go to the same place plz find an auto for me….he told…..ekdum madam……he came with me to the auto stand and talked to the auto person ….in start they were not willing to go so much far in this much night…..but he told to the auto person…. ye mera daughter hai… jidhar bole udhar isko drop kar do….then one auto person got agree to drop me…. Auto started then I asked auto person to stop for some time….I told that man in few days I will return his money…..he told ye aapka hi paisa hai madam…..aapko yaad nahi kya…..I told no may be u have misunderstood me for someone else……he laughed….bahut duniya aur log dekha hai madam….aadmi pahchanane me galti nahi karta mai…. With curiosity I asked….what help I did to you?? He told…..some 1 year back he was in a very need for money ….his son & wife both were hospitalized in that hospital…he was asking help from people… body was listening to him….people were not giving even 5 rupees….suddenly I came and kept 2000rs in his hand and left…..I told you so much thank madam….bahut der tak mai aapko dekhta raha….jaise God aaye ho……aap uss din bhi same kapda pahna tha madam. After some time the auto started …..I started recollecting my memories…..but I could not remember any such event……and if I would have given also……may be 2000rs note I would have misunderstood for 100 and given….hahahahah…and as today I have become beggar….may be that day he would have become beggar…..anyways I was feeling little relaxed….all these paths were known to me….I was going in the correct path….The auto wala dropped me to my destination. Next day I came to know dat my cab driver has fallen down in big dig….he lost his phone there….his leg was fractured…..village people have admitted him to the hospital… It was so filmy… day I reported the event in my office…..they have given official mail…dat for any work in our far office….we should go early….and we should start before 2pm in any case. In the next visit to my far office….I told the cab driver to find that man shop…..we found….I saw him from inside the car…..but I could not remember anything dat I would have seen him anytime near the hospital.
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sassy-ahsoka-tano · a year ago
Author: Mila                                                              
Character/Fandom: Pippin & Merry - LOTR     ||    Requested: Yes   No
Prompt: Merry and Pippin are fighting over you. 
Rating: Pg-13     ||     Word Count: 1100
A/N: There is like NO LOVE for the hobbits, but they are so precious and cute. They deserve more fics! This idea came to me when I was watching the Council of Elrond scene and Pippin is such a damn fool but its ok bby we love you anyway. xx mila :) (requests are open!)
ꕥ ꕥ ꕥ   ꕥ ꕥ ꕥ   ꕥ ꕥ ꕥ
You were walking through the streets of the Shire, on your way to the Green Dragon when you heard two familiar voices and some rustling around. You rounded the farthest corner of the Green Dragon and came to see Pippin and Merry stuck in a headlock and fighting loudly. Confusion overtook you, and you walked towards them.
"What are you doing?" you yelled over them, and they stopped, looked at you, and started fighting again. But they were fighting harder, wrestling each other to the ground and yelling back and forth in nonsense. 
"What's happening?" Samwise Gamgee's voice came from behind you, and you turned to him. 
"I haven’t the slightest idea!" you yelled back at him.
"Listen here, you two, stop that right now," Sam shouted, grabbing Pippin by his shirt collar and Merry by his. He dragged the two hobbits inside the Green Dragon and shoved them onto a bench. You stood before them with your hands on your hips. 
"What is the problem with you guys?" you asked firmly.
They looked at each other and remained silent, angry looks on their handsome faces. 
"I'm sorry. I'll ask again. What? Is? The problem? With? You?" you asked, your tone growing angrier with every word.
"Well I think you've got this handled," Sam whispered to you. "I'm going to grab myself an ale"
With that he left you to deal with Pippin and Merry alone. 
"So? Let's have it."
They looked at each other and started bickering again, which quickly turned into them raising their voices, grabbing each other, and drawing far too much attention to your corner of the room.
"Stop that! You two are acting like a bunch of babies! Now, what is going on here??!!" you asked, putting your hands between the two hobbits. "I've known you two to tease and bicker, but...not this harshly."
"They're fighting," Frodo's tame voice jumped into the conversation.
"Yes, thank you, Mr. Frodo. I can see that," you turned, looking towards the dark-haired hobbit and shooting him a look.
Glancing at Pippin and Merry, you couldn't help but smile at their cheeks growing red. 
"But fighting over what?"
Frodo chuckled before he stuck a pipe in his mouth. 
"Over you," he said, turning on his heel and leaving you alone with them. 
You looked back at the cousins, both now turned away from you with pink cheeks and wide eyes. Heat crept into your cheeks, and you knew that you were blushing madly. A laugh rose in your throat, and each of your hands found a shoulder to rest on. Both of the hobbits turned to you, looking upwards the slightest bit. 
"You are so sweet. Both of you. It would be incredibly difficult for me to decide between the two of you, because I love you both very, very much. How about we do this," you responded, sitting down between both of them. "I will go on two dates with both of you, and then we'll see how we all feel, alright?"
"By 'see how we all feel' you mean that you'll pick one of us?" Merry asked, sitting down next to you.
"I mean that I might pick one of you. I might pick neither of you. I might even pick both of you..." you replied, looking at your fingernails, as both hobbits gave each other confused looks. 
"B-b-b-both of us?" Pippin asked, pulling at his collar. 
"Perhaps," you responded, smirking. 
"Well...I suppose that is a fair plan," Merry agreed, smiling towards you. 
"BUT..." you said, standing back up and point an accusatory finger at them both. "I will only do this on one condition: that you both get along and be nice to each other for the duration of the deal."
They looked at each other again and sighed before Merry stuck his hand out towards Pippin.
Pippin shook his hand vigorously. 
"Deal. Right so now that that's settled, how about I buy you an ale, milady?" he asked, bowing to you. 
You giggled.
"Hey that's not fair! You're cheating already!"
"Well, why don't you buy her an ale as well, then."
"We can't both buy her ales, Pip!"
"Why not? She's no lightweight. I think we all learned that at Sancho Proudfoot's birthday party last week," Pippin responded, smiling as you blushed. 
"If we're going off the party, then she did kiss me first, after all. So I think that I should be the one to buy her a drink," Merry said, hooking his thumbs in his belt loops.
You had a little too much to drink that night, you had to admit. Unfortunately, you happen to remember kissing Merry at one point during the party and then planting one on Pippin later that same night...apparently, they had also remembered that party. 
"Is that what started this?" you asked. "When I kissed you both at that party??"
"Well...sort of. I guess we assumed you must have liked one of us...since you kissed both of us," Merry said, chuckling. 
You simply blushed, smiled, and shrugged. 
"Um...truth be told, I am quite fond of both of you. We've been friends for a while now, and you're both so sweet and funny. I guess at the party I just grew so much bolder after I'd been drinking, and I did what I'd always wanted to."
"What you always wanted to? Do you mean to say that you've always wanted to kiss us?" Pippin asked, his eyes growing wider. 
"Em...well...I-" you were struggling with what to say as your face grew hotter and hotter. Finally, you just sighed, knowing there was no way around it. "Yes. I suppose I have always wanted that."
They once again glanced at each other and smiled. They looked like they were planning something terrible. Suddenly, they had both stepped forward and were pressing their lips to your cheeks. Your mouth dropped open, and you blushed furiously again. When they pulled back from you, they had the dumbest grins on their faces. 
"You two! You two are really-" you lost the words you wanted to say and just laughed instead. "You two are really too much. I need a drink. But the question to solve the ale problem."
"If I may, I think I know a way to solve your ale problem," Frodo's voice was back in your ear. You turned to him with an interested expression. 
"How's that?"
"I'll buy it for you. That way, neither of you have to," he said, laughing. You returned the giggle, before standing up to follow him. 
Good old Frodo, always there to save the day.
ꕥ ꕥ ꕥ   ꕥ ꕥ ꕥ   ꕥ ꕥ ꕥ
Tumblr media
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dc41896 · a year ago
Merry Christmas
Hey guys🤓! So firstly, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays🎄❤️!! Hope everyone had tons of fun and got some much needed rest and relaxation 😊. Next, sorry for the late upload, I wanted to post this on Christmas Day, but I was busy with family so it didn’t really work out lol. Okay that’s pretty much it and hope y’all like it!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jake Gyllenhaal x Black Reader
Warnings: None (y’all already know 🥰 lol)
“Ok guys, we have to be quiet when going in the room,” Jake whispered to your four and three year old. Nodding their heads, they tip toe their way to the enormous bed in front of them. Mila, your four year old, knew how to climb in your bed, but her brother, Liam, on the other hand needed some help as he tried to jump up and grab the comforter only to stay in the same place.
Before he could try to call out to his dad for help, Jake was there to lift the toddler onto the bed with his sister. “Ok guys ready? 1, 2, 3!”
“MERRY CHRISTMAS MOMMY!,” they all shouted at once, causing you to slightly jump. “Presents Mama!,” Liam adds moving closer to your face to make sure you were indeed awake.
“Why good morning my loves,” you sleepily smile hugging your kids and planting kisses on both of their heads. “Thank you for the wake up call.”
“It was daddy’s idea,” Mila smiles bouncing with excitement. “It was huh? Why am I not surprised?,” you smirk as you sit up to see your husband smiling innocently at the foot of the bed.
“Alright I know you guys are ready to open presents, so let me get up and we can get started,” you announce as the kids, and Jake, all “yay!” making you giggle.
Sitting on the floor, you and Jake watched as your children, still clad in their pajamas, excitedly opened their gifts. Being the big kid that he is, Jake joined the kids in playing with their new toys, while you moved around the room taking pictures and videos. “Beep Boop Beep! Hello Liam! My name is Oobie the robot,” he greeted pretending to talk like the robot figurine in his hand and making your son laugh.
Moments like this were why Christmas was your favorite holiday, and had been since you were a child. Of course back then the gifts made it your favorite, but as you got older, you began to appreciate being surrounded by your family and friends as well as the overall joy the holidays seemed to bring.
Yea at times it could be stressful, but to you, all that was overshadowed by the love and happiness of being with your family.
“Ok guys time to give daddy his presents!,” you announce moving to get the stack of three neatly wrapped presents from under the tree while your kids lifted the last box together to give to him.
“For me?! Thank you, you shouldn’t have!,” he smiles hugging both toddlers and making them giggle from the tickle of his beard. “And thank you wifey!”
“You’re welcome love,” you smile leaning down to kiss him. Just as he was done unwrapping his new sneakers, the familiar chime of your phone signalled your parents were calling; more than likely wanting to see their grandkids.
“Morning guys Merry Christmas!,” you greet waving to the screen.
“Morning and Merry Christmas baby girl!,” your mom smiled sitting next to your dad who gave a cheerful wave. “How are my babies?”
“They’re good and running wild as we speak,” you laugh turning the camera so they could see them. “Guys say Merry Christmas to grandma and grandpa.”
“Merry Christmas!,” they speak at the same time flashing toothy smiles. “And remember to say thank you for the gifts they sent,” Jake adds from beside them on the ground.
“Thank you!”
“Aww you’re welcome sweeties and I’m glad you like them! I see you like them too Jake.”
“You guys know I’m a kid at heart so I can’t help myself when I see toys,” he laughs. “Also Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas son, and we’re both the same way so we understand,” answers your dad.
“So have you guys heard from Anthony?,” you asked sitting on the floor next to Mila as she played with her new dollhouse. “No, we haven’t heard from him yet today, but he still has some time to call if he can.”
You knew it was a long shot, but you had to ask. With your twin brother being in the military, most holidays he was overseas and was only able to call when he got the chance. For the past couple years though, that chance never came and it’d be well into the New Year when you guys finally heard anything.
That was the main thing you disliked about the holidays, that your brother wasn’t able to spend time with you guys like when you were younger. You both had an inseparable bond and not being able to see or talk to him every day like you used to was definitely something you felt you’d never get used to. Especially now that you had kids of your own who reminded you daily of those memories.
After talking for a bit more with your parents, you all said your goodbyes so you and Jake could start cleaning up the torn wrapping paper and boxes that were scattered across the floor. “All these toys you guys have and you choose to play in this box,” you laugh squatting down to their level.
“Fubhice mama!,” Liam shouts holding his arms up above his head. “Ohh this is your clubhouse! Well it looks really nice,” you smile brushing stray curls out of his face.
“I’m making tea, do you want some mama?”
“I would love some thank you Mila.” Finishing picking up the last pieces of paper, you hear the doorbell ring followed by Jake saying “I got it,” while walking towards the front door. You weren’t really expecting any visitors, but figured it might be his family coming by to spend some time together.
“Babe look whose here,” Jake announces as he and another pair of footsteps round the corner. The sight of your brother standing in front of you made tears form in your eyes as you immediately run to hug him.
“What are you doing here?! And how?! I thought you said you wouldn’t be able to make it this year,” you ask letting him go to take a moment to look at him. You both had similar facial features, which is how people knew you were siblings, but the fact that he towered over you made most think that he was older rather than you guys being twins.
“Well that was a lie to keep up the surprise sis,” he laughs giving you a tissue to wipe your eyes. “Jake had everything planned since the beginning of the year though and helped with the flights.”
“You did this?!”
“Merry Christmas love,” Jake smiles wiping away your remaining tears. “No sad mama,” Liam says as he hugs your leg, followed by Mila holding her hands up for her father to pick her up so she could get a closer look at what was happening.
“It’s ok mama’s not sad honey,” you smile lifting your son to rest on your hip. “I want you and your sister to meet someone very special. Mila and Liam, this is your uncle Anthony.”
“Hi guys! Merry Christmas,” Anthony greets handing both toddlers their presents.
As could be expected, both children were a bit apprehensive with interacting with him, but after being reassured by you and Jake, you could see them warm up to their new uncle. Eventually throughout the day, they even got him to play along with their games and run around with them in their playroom.
“So you’ve had this planned out for pretty much the whole year?,” you smirk, arms crossed in front of your chest peering up at your husband.
“Yes I have and I know you probably feel some type of way because I had this huge secret, but also it was your surprise so you shouldn’t be that mad,” he answers mocking your body language with a smirk of his own.
“I know and I’m not,” you softly laugh wrapping your arms around his waist and resting your head on his chest. “Thank you again for my gift, I’ll never forget it.”
“Aww you’re welcome,” Jake smiles kissing down from your forehead to your lips, making you giggle.
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If anybody else wants to be tagged, has asked to be tagged but doesn’t see their name, or only wants to be tagged for certain people I write for just let me know😊!
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momolady · 2 years ago
Polar Bear Boyfriend: Nicolai
Tumblr media
This was a birthday gift to a dear friend who really helped me shape and come up with what the Polar has become! I hope you all enjoy this sweet romance.
 When we were younger, Dhaval used to get horrible allergies during the summer months. Mom and Dad agreed with the doctors that sending Dhaval to the Polar North was a good idea to see if it helped combat how bad it got. They also gave the rest of the option to go if we wanted. Of course Himank and I were extremely excited to go. The only catch was that it wouldn’t be a complete vacation for us. We still had to do our general training, schooling, and all that stuff. But it was fun because it was the Polar, or at least that’s how Mom sold it.
   We were friends with Mila and Nicolai at least, Dhaval and Mila got along like thieves and Himank was fascinated with Gregori so he often followed the Czar around. Nicolai and I became best friends instantly, much like Mila and Dhaval. We were inseparable whenever we were together. We took our classes together and Nicolai even insisted I join in on his training.
   Training in the Polar North was far different than at home. They were rougher, tougher, more based on pure strength than the fluidity of battle. Nicolai’s shows of brute strength were amazing, even when he was younger. It was so much different than the things I learned back home and with my cousin Alexander.
As Nicolai grew up he became burly, huge, and domineering in size. But he was still the goofy, loveable teddy bear he had always been. The kind of guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly if he didn’t have to. He saw his training and fighting as more as a fun game rather than something serious.
   It was Nicolai and his attitude towards fighting that helped me develop my own interest and in combat and strategy. Using things I had learned from Kalidas, Foluke, and even Generals Sergei and Olga, I created my own fighting style. I combined aspects of my years of dance training with the many fighting styles I had come across in my young life. I called is Rokunpan, which in Rakshasa tongue means a rock in water. The fluidity of dance mingled with the hardness of defense in combat. I started training other women in using the style when I was sixteen and with time developed in and had my own small army of trained women soldier by the time I was twenty.
   I still took time to visit the Polar North during the summers. Usually, when we visited there was a festival taking place. It was the Ice Breaking festival which was a signal for Summer in the Polar North. Back when we were kids, my brothers and I would laugh at how silly that was. Our summers were hot, steamy, and a sign for harvesting the cinnamon crops. But for the Polar, it was Summer when the ice on the lakes started cracking and breaking.
   One of the events during this festival was that citizens of the Polar North would dive into the newly exposed water. It was called the Summer Dip, which elicited even more snickers and giggles from my brothers and me. It may have been summer but the waters were still filled by ice and frigid cold. In all these years of visiting the Polar my siblings and I have never taken the Summer Dip. But this year was to be different.
   It was Dhaval’s first time visiting since getting crowned and I think Mila had egged him on to do it. I watched as Dhaval stripped down, taking off his clothes save for his pants and approaching the frosty lake.
   Mila smirked devilishly as she folded Dhaval’s clothes. She looked up, her bright eyes slicing along Dhaval’s back.
   “Amazing how such a bookworm maintains such fine form,” Mila says to me.
   “I guess it’s genes.” I shrug. “He’s pretty much built like Dad.”
   Mila smirks as she looks back to Dhaval. “Not all of that is your father.”
   I furrow my brow in confusion but don’t question her as Nicolai steps forward. “Do you mind helping me, Damini?” He asks. “I can’t get my coat off.”
   “Of course!” I hold his sleeves as he slips from his jacket. He’s wearing nothing underneath, just his own skin and fur. He’s built like a brick wall layered in white fur. His arms are massive trunks and his chest is barreled. Even with the soft belly he has, he still looks like he’s completely carved from marble.
   I place my hand on his arm and pet down, feeling his muscle tense as I do. “You’re not working out, are you?” I tease.
   Nicolai smirks down at me. “Never have a day in my life,” he laughs. “Your brother is doing it. Why not join us?”
   “Oh uh-” I hesitate as I weigh my options.
   “You can go in with me, that way if you don’t like it I can pick you up out of the water.” Nicolai grabs my hand and squeezes it tight. “What do you say?”
   I’m still weighing my options as I squeeze his big hand back. “You know I’m not used to the cold.”
   “You can do it,” Himank laughs from behind me. “Especially with Nicolai there. Stay with him and he’ll keep the water nice and warm for you.” He winks and I scowl at him.
   “Then why don’t you do it?” I scoff.
   “Because I’m chicken shit.” Himank smirks.
   I scoff and look up at Nicolai. His big strong form was always warm and cuddly, Himank may have a point it would even be that way in the icy water.
   I scoff and hand Mila Nicolai’s coat. “Fine.” I take off my own jacket and Nicolai bounces excitedly.
   “You won’t regret it! You’ll have fun, I promise!” He says with glee.
   “If not, you owe me big time!” I frown at him.
   I join Nicolai and Dhaval at the edge of the lake with everyone else. We wait on bell to signal us to jump and I grab hold of Nicolai’s big hand.
   “Don’t be nervous,” Nicolai whispers down to me with the most comforting voice. “Once you get in, you’ll see it’s ok.”
   I frown up at him. “So says you. You’re used to the cold.”
   Nicolai smiles. “I know how strong you are, Damini.” He gives my hand a tight squeeze and the bell is struck.
   We jump in together and I am not sure what happened but I don’t remember much except Nicolai laughing. He grabs me in his arms, holding me up out of the water so I curl against his chest.
   “I’ve never heard you make that noise before!” He cackles.
   I cling to him, trying to figure out how he can still be so warm in such frigid water. “Get me out!”
   “You don’t want to swim around at all?” He asks.
   “No!” I screech. “Get me out!”
   Nicolai chortles more as he walks me back up to the shore. He takes his coat and wraps it around me. “You can at least now say that you’ve done it.” He coaxes me. “No shame in trying.”
   “No,” I shiver.
   Nicolai’s eyes are gentle and sweet. “I’ll take you back.”
   “No, no,” I gasp. “You should stay at the festival, enjoy yourself. I can go back on my own.”
   He shakes his head. “Not without you. I only look forward to this because I get to spend it with you.”
   My heart is pounding rapidly and I don’t think it’s from the shock of the cold. I squeak as Nicolai picks me up off the ground and holds me in the crook of one of his arms. He takes his coat, wrapping it around himself as well as me. I’m pressed against his warm, solid body and my heart refuses to calm down.
   Back at the castle Nicolai wraps me in warm blankets and sends for hot cocoa. Once it arrives I notice cinnamon sticks are placed in each mug.
   “His is Rakshasa cinnamon.” I smile pleased at my mug.
   “I am addicted to it.” Nicolai suck on the cinnamon stick in his mug then places it back in. “I cannot drink my coco without it anymore. I drink gallons of it when I am missing you.”
   My ears perk up and I look at Nicolai. “You do?”
   He nods. “You are my dearest friend. Of course I miss you like mad when you are gone. There are days when I long to see you it feels like the air is squeezed from my lungs.”
   My heart is hammering again. “Aw, Nicolai.”
   He smiles cheerfully at me. “I’ve never had a friend like you Damini. Even Mila is different and I have always considered her to be my best friend. But you, you’re so special to me. I’m not sure why,” he hums.
   I smile into my mug. “You’re very special to me as well.” I move closer to him by the fire. “I sometimes look so forward to these trips that I can’t stand myself.”
   Nicolai puts his arm around me. “There have been a couple of times I have wanted to beg you not to leave, but I know I cannot ask that of you. Especially now that Dhaval is king, I know you want to stay by his side.”
   “It is different,” I sigh as I snuggle closer to him and begin to purr. “It’s weird, I’ve always just thought of us as kids, but now it feels strange to think of us that way. It feels weird to think of us as adults too. Mila is Czarina, Dhaval is king, so many of our friends are in the same boat as well.”
   “So many weddings,” Nicolai grumps.
   “Don’t get me started on the weddings!” I scoff. “Emmeline, then Maitri and Orrik. Then there was Chi and Maeve!” I scoff and shake my head. “I’ve lost count of how many I’ve been to in the last few months alone.”
   Nicolai laughs. “Do you ever plan on getting married? Adding your count to the dozens out there?”
   I open my mouth then shut it. I huff as I try to think. “You’s never crossed my mind. Or at least, not since I was little and played pretend with Mama. Davya talks about it constantly though. She’s like mom that way, she’s mad about weddings and romance.”
   “You’ve never dreamed about your prince? Your knight in shining armor?” Nicolai chuckles, playfully shoving me.
   “That was always my Papa,” I say as I look up at him. “I remember during the war how both Mama and Papa looked. How strong and brave they were. It never occurred to me that anyone else would be that way for me.”
   Nicolai tilts his head. “Not even me?” He nudges my side playfully.
   I giggle and smile at him. “If it ever came down to it, I’d love for you to be my knight.” I snuggle back against him. “I wouldn’t want you to get hurt at all though.”
   “For you, I wouldn’t care.” Nicolai slurps down his chocolate. “I wouldn’t even think twice about it! I would protect you and your future partner whoever they turn out to be.” He puts his arm around me and nuzzles his cheek to the top of my head. “You’re so important to me Damini.”
   “You’re important to me too, Nicolai.” I close my eyes as I rest against Nicolai. “Everything is perfect as it is.”
   That evening I had snuck down to the kitchen to get something to snack on before bed when I see Dhaval go to Mila’s door. Mila opens the door and throws her arms around him. They kiss passionately and heavily. I actually hear moans and tongues slurping. Mila then drags Dhaval into her room and locks her door. I stare, my ears going sideways as I try to piece together the scene that just played before me.
   “Oh my, he’s getting sloppy.”
   I nearly leap from my skin and bounce around to see Himank behind me. “Where the hell did you come from?”
   He holds up a book. “Stealing from the library,” he whispers. “You?”
   I hold up the bread and cheese that chef had given me. “What do you mean he’s getting sloppy?”
   “Really?” He scoffs. “You don’t know?” He points to Mila’s door. “They aren’t subtle. Didn’t you notice the way Mila was eye fucking him this afternoon at the lake?”
   I sucker punch Himank’s side.
   “What the fuck!” Himank sways to the side and braves against the wall.
   “That’s not nice to say about Mila!” I hiss.
   “They’re married,” Himank coughs. “She has the right to do it.”
   I jerk back I’m so shocked. In fact I think I did it so hard I hurt my neck. “What the hell are you talking about?”
   Himank drags me into his room to shush me. “Be quiet,” he scolds. “They got married in secret last year.”
   “Last year?” I screech.
   Nicolai cups his hand over my mouth. “You and Nicolai are both so blind.” He releases me and takes the bread and cheese from my hands. He takes it over to his table and breaks it in half. “They’ve been in love since they were kids.”
   “No!” I gasp.
   Himank frowns at me. “You disappoint me sister, you really do.” He starts eating the cheese.
   “So Mila and Dhaval are…” I grasp the top of my head. “But why would they keep it secret?”
   “Isn’t it obvious?” Himank asks. “Mila doesn’t want to give up her throne to the Polar and Dhaval the same. They’re both dedicated to their people just as much as they love one another. They don’t want to split their kingdoms apart.”
   “Oh,” I murmur. “But still! He could have told us!”
   “Could he?” Himank asks. “I mean, I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t blame you and Nicolai either if you two did the same.”
   I laugh loudly and nervously. “Me and Nicolai would never.”
   Himank dramatically flops over in his chair. “You cannot be serious, dear sister,” he groans as if in agony. “Please tell me you are trying to hide!”
   “No! I’m not trying to hide. Nicolai and I are just friends.”
   “And my dick is just a sausage,” Himank snaps at me.
   I scoff and my jaw hangs open.
   “You two are so goo-goo eyed for each other it’s sickening! The fact you two are too dumb to realize it pisses me off.” He takes the rest of the bread and cheese. “You don’t deserve this.”
   I shake my head and smirk. “Nicolai and I are close, but we aren’t in love.”
   “Keep shoving bullshit into your mouth, Damini, it’s very attractive.” He breaks the cheese into pieces and tosses it into the air to catch.
   I scowl at him. “I swear!”
   “How do you feel when you think about him?” Himank snaps at me. “Tell me truthfully. What happens when you picture him in your mind? Does your heart race? Do you smile? You feel empty when you’re away from him?” He narrows his eyes on me. “Think about Nicolai today. At the lake with his shirt off, his power on display. Think about afterward and how he made sure you got warm. How do you feel?”
   “I uh-you don’t! I’m not-Himank that’s not-you...” I cup my hand around my mouth. “Oh my god.” I choke.
   Himank sighs exasperatedly. “And everyone thinks Dhaval is the smartest.”
   “Oh my god!” I shriek as everything comes rushing into clarity.
   “That’s right,” Himank sighs.
   Hot tears spike painfully in my eyes. I cup both hands around my face as I start to sniffle and whimper. Himank sighs and comes over to him, wrapping me up in his arms and letting me cry on his chest.
   “It’s ok.” He rubs my back.
   I sniffle and hiccup and cling to my brother. “What do I do, Himank?”
   “Well,” he sighs. “I suggest you talk to Mila. Maybe she’ll know the best way to talk to Nicolai. That poor boy isn’t that bright.”
   I rub my eyes and nod. “Apparently I’m not either.”
   Himank laughs and hugs me tight. “You can do this. I know it’s all new for you, but you can do it.”
   That next day after a fitful sleep I go visit Mila while she’s having breakfast. Dhaval has gone to early training, so has Nicolai.
   “I figured you’d be with the boys,” Mila pats the seat beside her. “Come, come. It’ll be nice to have some company.”
   I sigh and sit down beside her while she pours me a cup of coffee.
   “You look,” she points and tilts her head, “strange.”
   “I didn’t sleep too well,” I sighs and let my shoulders slouch. “I kind of uhm-” I scratch behind my ear, “I have a lot on my mind.”
   Mila’s eyes brighten as she notices a challenge before her. “Oh? Then share. I hope you consider me close enough to confide in me.”
   I take a deep breath and huff. “I’m in love with Nicolai.”
   “Oh for fuck’s sake,” Mila snarls and slaps her hand to her face. She then gives me a sharp and piercing glare.
   “I also know about you and Dhaval.”
   “Who fucking told?” She snaps at me. “Was it that bitch Himank?” She shakes her head and scowls at the door. “I knew I should have killed him when we were fourteen.”
   “No, that’s not-” I scoff and shake my head. “Mila, I don’t know what to do.”
   “Do you want me to send you and Nicolai to the family cottage near the border?” She asks. “You can go there in private and bang out all your feelings for as long as you need.”
   I grumble under my breath. “No! That’s not right.”
   “Ugh, what is it with you Rakshasa and your moral codes?” She sneers then she smiles sweetly at me. “I know my brother is kind of...ok he’s extremely thick-skulled.” She reaches out and takes my hands. “I know he feels the same for you. It’s so obvious it pisses me off. But he’s so sweet and innocent, don’t know how, and he loves everyone with everything he has. But he loves you more than anyone. He just hasn’t put those pieces together.”
   “But what do I do?” I squeeze her hands.
   “How about you write him a letter?” She asks. “It’ll be easier to get things out that way, and I think it’ll be easier for Nicolai to process as well. Then the two of you can discuss things out and eventually bang.”
   “Mila,” I scoff.
   “Sorry,” she chuckles and pulls me into a hug. “You’re both incredibly important to me. You’re my family.” Her arm around my shoulder starts squeezing tighter and harder.
   “Mila, you’re hurting me,” I grunt.
   “I know you don’t have it in you,” Mila snarls threateningly. “But if you ever hurt my baby brother, I will rip your head off. I don’t care if you’re Dhaval’s favorite.”
   “What?” I squeak.
Mila lets me go and I quickly escape her reach. “Now,” she sighs. She goes over to her desk and takes some paper and ink. “Here. You can write in here if you’d like.”
“Thanks,” I sigh as I stare at the blank sheets of paper.
I spend most of the morning writing and eventually fill up the blank sheets with everything I can think of. It’s late in the afternoon when I finish and I take the rather hefty letter with me to find Nicolai.
I find him coming out of training, shirtless and breathing hard from exertion. He grins as I walk up to him. “There you are! Where have you been all day? You usually like to watch morning training.”
My face is burning as I am painfully aware at how much I used to stare at Nicolai. I keep my eyes down or averted as I try to think of what to say.
“Hey, you ok?” Nicolai asks gently. “You aren’t getting sick are you?” You puts his hand on my forehead.
I shake his hand off. “No uhm-” I shakily hold up the letter. “Here.”
“What’s this?” Nicolai asks.
I swallow down the painful lump in my throat. “Read it...later.” I look up at him. “It’s really important.”
Nicolai unfolds the papers. “I can read it now if that’s the case.”
“No!” I yelp then cover my mouth. “I’d prefer if you read it in private.” I fidget in place. “Sorry it’s just-” I close my mouth and swallow again.
“Oh,” Nicolai murmurs. “That’s fine. I was just about to go have lunch. I’ll just take it in my room and read there.”
My body is all nerves and only nerves. I go to the library and try to read, but I end up just reading the same paragraph over and over for hours. Eventually, it’s gotten dark and I still haven’t seen Nicolai or heard from him.
I go to Mila but she looks strange and panicked. She’s turns to me, looking a bit relieved. “Have you seen Nicolai?” We both say at the same time.
Mila scowls. “You haven’t seen him?” She asks.
My ears perk up. “You haven’t?” I gasp. “I haven’t seen him since I gave him my letter.”
Mila frowns and taps her fingertips to her lips. She then rushes to Nicolai’s room and inside we find his window is wide open.
Mila grunts. “Well shit.”
I stare at his open window and my heart drops into my gut. “What?” I whisper.
Mila marches over to his desk and picks up a letter on his desk. “I’ll be back. Don’t worry.” She crumples the paper in her fist. “That fucker.”
I turn and look at her. “Where did he go?” I ask.
A dark and terrifying scowl crosses Mila’s face. “Don’t know,” she clicks her tongue.
With no idea where Nicolai has gone all we can do it wait. Days go by and still there is no sign of him. Everyone is on edge and soon Dhaval, Himank and I will have to go back home to Rakshasa Country.
“When he returns I’ll make sure you know,” Mila assures me. “I’ll leave him mostly alive,” she snarls under her breath.
“Thanks,” I sigh. My ears go flat against the back of my head. “I’m just so worried. I hope he’s ok out there.”
“You’re allowed to be angry,” Mila looks down at her nails which look razor sharp. “You poured your heart out and he went out a window. You can be mad.”
I shake my head. “I thought that’s how I should feel, but I can’t get angry.”
Mila’s shoulders slouch. “Well, I apologize for his idiocy regardless.”
Once we reach home I put myself into training with my Rokunpan warriors. I wanted to try and forget, but even when I was working my hardest, Nicolai was still at the forefront of my thoughts.
Then one day, Mama came rushing into the training room. “Damini, you need to come now.”
I run with mom down the halls and step out into the main courtyard. There I am shocked to see a ragged and exhausted Nicolai. He looks like he’s been through hell, his white fur is filthy and black with soot, his armor is dented and crooked, some piece of it are even missing. But it’s what’s behind him that’s truly shocking. His horse is standing there with the bloodied head of a strange massive toothed creature.
Nicolai kneels on one knee before me and bows his head. “Damini, I traveled to the island of Hell off the coast of the Polar to prove myself to you.”
My eyes snap open wide. “What?” I gasp.
“I fought one of the horrible creatures there and brought back it’s head to show you.” He looks up at me. “Your letter opened my eyes and I realized how poorly I’ve treated you all these years.”
“Nicolai no-” I gasp and step towards him. “That’s not the point of the letter!”
He stands up before and takes hold of my hands. “I ignored your feelings.” His grip tightens. “I ignored my own. I wanted to prove to you-”
“You don’t have to prove anything to me!” I snap. “Nicolai I was so worried! You disappeared without a word without saying anything. I was so so scared I-” I clam up and huff and jump up, I press a kiss to him, not caring how filthy and gross he was. I wrap my arms around his neck, pushing the kiss deeper as his strong arms wrap around my waist.
“I do love you, Damini,” he whispers.
I sniffle and nod. “I love you too!” I kiss him again, pressing close as he holds me up off the ground.
I take him to the baths later so he can scrub and get all clean. I then remember Mama’s story about spying on Papa and I get a strange itch. I sneak into the bathroom, stepping through the steam and I see Nicolai relaxing in one of the pools.
I ease down in beside him and he nearly jumps out of the pool in one bound. “Damini! What are you doing here?”
“Shh,” I whisper and cup my hand over his mouth. “I missed you.”
Nicolai tries to relax but his body remains tense. “This isn’t proper, Damini. I mean-” he huffs. “I missed you too and I’m glad you’re here but.”
I lean against his side. “Let me stay.”
Nicolai sighs. “I wasn’t going to make you leave.”
We sit and relax together, eventually, we get out of the pool and together we look at each other bare and naked. My eyes linger, drinking in the sight of Nicolai’s big strong body. I then look up at his eyes, seeing them glazed over. He reaches out and scoops me up in his arms, we kiss and his tongue licks along my jaw and down my neck.
“Nic-” I purr.
“Sorry,” he chuckles nervously. He sets me down and his hands are trembling. He then wraps a towel around me. “We should go. Now. Before uhm-” he turns away to fetch his own towel.
When he walks out of the bath to get dressed his hands are still trembling. I put on my robes and follow him to his room.
“You really shouldn’t be here,” Nicolai chuckles nervously.
“I don’t want to be alone. Not after you were gone for so long.” I look up at him. “Please, Nicolai?”
He sighs and pulls me into his arms. “I don’t want to be alone either but-” he frowns. “This isn’t proper.”
I chuckle and squeeze my arms around him. “What makes you say that?”
We go and sit down on the bed and Nicolai sighs, relaxing slightly as he hugs onto a pillow. “I should do what’s right. I should announce my intentions to your family and try and win you over properly.”
“You’ve already won me over, an apparently everyone already knows. Even before us.” I smile at him. “We just went about this all weird.”
“Yeah,” Nicolai scoffs. He then smiles at me. “Even still, I feel like it would be best to send you away now.”
“Oh?” I gasp in fear.
He nods and buries his head into the pillow. “Ever since the bath...even in the bath-” he groans. “It’s been difficult.”
“What’s wrong?” I move closer to him.
“It hurts now-” he growls. “And I don’t want to make you think anything wrong.”
I glance at Nicolai then run my hand up his thigh. He whimpers and lifts his head to look at me. I kiss him, easing him down onto the bed. He grabs me, wrapping his thick, strong hands around my hips.
“I’m hurting too,” I giggle to him.
Nicolai whines and turns his head. “Damini.”
I kiss his neck and straddle his big thigh. Moving my robe just enough I grind myself on him. His eyes flash open when he feels my heat directly on him. He sits up and kisses me, wrapping his arms tight around me.
I pet down his chest and belly, my fingers then find his hard length. Nicolai tosses me. I’m thrown into the pillows and blankets then flop off the bed onto the ground with a loud thud.
   “Oh no!” Nicolai yelps. He rushes to get me and ends up plopping off the bed himself. “I’m so sorry!” He gasps. “I didn’t mean to do that! It was reflex!”
I’m snickering and laughing. I’m coughing as I choke and continue to laugh. Nicolai chuckles then starts to laugh. We both wheezing and laughing, eventually falling onto the floor. Nicolai kisses me, pinning me down as his kisses trail along my body. Our laughs become moans and heavy breathing. His fingers rub me and his cock grinds against my hip. We’re tangled together in the blankets and pillows. Grinding against one another as the heat in the room becomes unbearable. I soak his fingers as he soaks my thigh. It was all heated and powerful, even though all we did was grind and touch.
We lay together on the floor, silent and breathing hard. Nicolai kisses the top of my head as he stares up at the ceiling, his eyes distant. I snuggle to his broad chest, purring still from how good his touch felt.
“That was close,” he whispers.
I sit up and look down at him. “What was?”
He frowns. “I nearly gave into temptation and took you.”
I kiss him. “I was close too. I wouldn’t have minded.”
Nicolai sighs as I lay on his chest. “It should be romantic! It should be something perfect and magical. It shouldn’t be so-” He grumbles.
“My mom spied on my dad while he bathed. Mila told me your parents met because your mother was originally going to string your dad along.” I giggle. “Compared to them, I say we’re quite romantic as it is.”
Nicolai sits up so I am in his lap. “I want to make you feel so special,” he whispers as he cups my cheek. “I want to be good enough for you.”
I frown. “You idiot,” I grump. “You are! I’ve always felt that way.” I hold his face between my hands. “Even now, it feels so right.” I touch his shaft long his thigh and steal myself a long glance. It’s black from the tip down, turning to a candy pink at the base where it flares with a knot. He’s thick and curves a little to the side. I take him into my hand and already he’s getting hard again.
Nicolai growls and places me on the bed. I gasp softly as he crawls on top of me, kissing me hungrily. I feel his cock slip along my thigh and I gaze into his eyes. I nod and he nods.
“I’ll be gentle,” he whispers to me.
“That’s all you know.” I lift my legs and loop one around his waist. We’re both nervous now, but we’re ready. He kisses me, rubbing up against me as he does. I feel him hot and eager at my slit, slowly moving and then pushing inside.
I whimper, biting my lip as he moves inside. I claw at his back, gripping to his shoulders as he moves deeper. He’s quite big and even if I am eager for him, he’s still a snug fit.
“Oh wow,” Nicolai moans. “You feel so good.” His gaze is dreamy and distant and there’s drool on his lip.
“You’re so big,” I mewl. “Go slow.”
He looks down at me and kisses me. I hook my legs around his waist as he moves. He goes slow and easy, rocking us gently. Our kisses grow deeper, hotter and his movements start to pick up. He snarls and grunts, his hips going a little faster. I squeeze around him, feeling him quicken inside. He goes deep and I arch my back. My toes begin to curl and I feel his heat grow. Nicolai moves faster and harder, snarling and panting in desperation. We lock eyes again and in that instant I throw my head back. I claw down his back and he roars. Inside his heat swells and fills me.
His heavy weight on top of me feels so good. I relax there, letting him regain himself and come to his senses. He soon rolls off and sits up, gazing down at me.
“You ok?” His voice cracks with nerves.
I stretch and sigh. “Yeah. I feel great.”
He sighs with relief and falls back down beside me. He wraps me up in his arms and buries his face in my neck. “I love you so much.”
I stroke his cheek. “I love you too.”
In the morning we are given a rude awakening. The blanket is yanked away from us and Mila is standing there, angry and glaring. Her face is flushed and red, probably because she’s not used to the heat here.
“Sister!” Nicolai quickly covered me with a pillow and he stands up, trying to cover himself with his hands. “What are you doing here?”
“What am I doing here?” She roars and thrusts a judgmental finger at Nicolai. “What are YOU doing here?”
Nicolai looks back at me then back to his sister. He grabs up a sheet to wrap around his waist. “I had to earn honor for-”
Mila chucks a vase at Nicolai and he catches it easily. “You disappeared! For weeks! No word! Worried to death!” She slaps her chest.
“Found her! Found her!” Himank shouts from the door.
Dhaval rushes in, grabbing Mila and pulling her back. “You’re fast,” he huffs.
“No! Let me go!” Mila snarls. “I haven’t taught him his lesson!” She kicks and thrashes, trying to escape Dhaval as he carts her out of the room.
Himank peeks into the room and wink. “Way to go kids. I’m proud of you!” He then closes the doors as Mila’s shouting vanishes down the hallway.
I sigh and let my shoulders slouch. “Oh wow.”
Nicolai comes back to the bed. “Sorry about that.”
“She cares about you.” I my ears twitch as I look at him. “I would do the same with my brothers.” I wrap my arms around Nicola’s neck, pulling him down so I can kiss him.
The door bursts open and Milla comes rushing in with a sword in her fist. “And another thing!”
Himank and Dhaval both rush in to drag her out of the room, grabbing her by the arms. “Mila, come on! Mila!” Dhaval tries to be diplomatic but I can tell he’s not sure what to do.
“I just want to talk! I just want to talk!” Mila snarls as she points the sword at Nicolai.
“There is no way you just want to talk.” Himank says.
Mila glares at him. “I wouldn’t talk if I were you. I have my own bone to pick with you.” She then snaps a glare to Nicolai. “Get dressed! Or I’ll come back.” She snaps away from Himank and Dhaval and storms from the room
Nicolai and I ease back and I can’t help but laugh.
“It’s not funny! My sister is scary,” Nicolai scoffs.
“I know, love. I know.” I kiss him again and rub behind his ears. “I just realized you’re going to have to talk to my parents too.”
“Oh,” Nicolai’s eyes go blank for a moment.
“It’ll be ok.” I snuggle up close to him. “I just wish we had time for one know.” I giggle and kiss his cheek.
Nicolai whines. “Damini!” He looks at me with a pitiful stare. “Don’t do that to me. You get me excited.”
“Sorry.” I kiss him then slip off the bed, picking up my clothes off the floor. “Well, I guess it’s time to face the music.”
Nicolai slips on the clothes I had given him. He had come home in rags but he and Mila have clothes and supplies here. “Yes, I suppose.”
I stretch out my hand to him and he takes it.
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okimargarvez · 2 years ago
Original title: Riflesso incondizionato (come uno starnuto)
Prompt: 14x15 if there were been Luke and Penelope in the place of JJ and Reid.
Warning: none.
Genre: angst, romantic, comedy, family.
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Luke Alvez, Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, O.C. (unsub).
Pairing: Garvez.
Note: oneshot 48 in Garvez collection. 
Legend: 💏🔦🎈.
Song mentioned: 10 mila scuse: Interludio, Tiziano Ferro.
Tumblr media
 -Garcia, but are you still here?- the voice behind her makes her jump and fright causes her an uncontrolled cough. She remains turned away from the intruder who dared to set foot in her personal temple until she can calm herself down enough to be able to formulate at least one meaningful sentence.
-Yes, why should not I?- then she exclaims, showing herself determined and convinced, as well as distant and superior, as if she didn’t have time to take care of him. -I have things to finish.- she adds with the same stiff tone. -And I could ask you the same, you know?- she points out to him, while a pleased smile borns against her lips. The man remains silent and this convinces her to be on the right path to get rid of him. -At least I don’t have a girlfriend waiting for me anxious at home, but only a cat.- still silence from the invader. -Poor Lisa, I don’t know how she could bear you...- the joke dies in the bud when she sees change in the expression of his colleague.
Luke runs a sad smile and scratches his head, in a gesture that she has now learned to interpret as a manifestation of extreme uncertainty. -In fact, she didn’t.- he says simply, in a tone not too pained, neither joking, rather... neutral.
For the first time since he entered the bat-cave the woman really looks at him, from being human to being human. -What do you mean?- she squints, trying to catch any signs that will make her identify a possible lie.
Luke, however, doesn’t seem to have any intention, in fact, seems simply exhausted, as if he was fresh from a marathon or as if he had just finished chasing an unsub along the steep peaks of a mountain. -She broken with me.- he shrugs and manages to reject a principle of hysterical giggle. -Before you start with a monologue to weave her praises and to demolish me...- she looks at him as offended by his accusation, but he ignores her -It had to go like this. With this job... but I don’t even know if it's just the fault of the job or just mine.- he raises his shoulders again; Penelope can’t remember the last time she saw him so confused, in which he didn’t clearly articulate a concept. Although she has spent at least a year, first Luke's year in the BAU, to demolish him, she has never denied within herself his numerous capabilities as a federal agent. -Anyway, it went like this.- he adds, perhaps only to fill the emptiness of that silence caused by the reflections of the blonde in front of him.
Which changes completely attitude, feeling a strong pain in the chest and another, a little less strong, in the lungs. -Oh, Luke, I didn’t want to hurt you, I'm sorry if I have...- he raises a hand, as that time when he had asked her to give him five in the name of the dynamic duo, and at the same time she coughs so many times, silencing any possible delirium of tangled excuses.
-It's all right, Garcia, okay?- she nods, although she doesn’t seem particularly convinced. -Let's talk about your influence.- it's the man's turn to completely change his attitude. It vanishes that insecure and fragile air that had almost moved her and suddenly he seems so convinced and determined. For a moment she can’t replicate anything. Then, suddenly like the rest, indignation emerges.
-I don’t have the influence.- she says, turning her back, aware of her red nose, by dint of blowing it all evening, when she wasn’t in connection with the team, of course, and eyes shining. -I'm... I'm fine!- she hears the echo of her own voice that says to him that same sentence, just as liar then as today. -You can also go to your house to... Roxy.- she corrects herself at the last. She feels the steps of man approaching and manages to remain perfectly still.
He puts a hand on her shoulder and does nothing else, but she turns to him, as if he had pressed the right button, had typed the correct sequence. -No offense, Garcia, but I know how you look when you're okay and now... it's not one of those times.- it's just a fleeting impression, and yet, for a second, she thinks she has reading malice in his brown eyes, which she had always believed much darker, while now, which she is so close to him, sick and with defenses (not only immune) so low, can capture all the various nuances of his irises.
She takes a while to awaken from the spell. A good cough intervenes in her defense, this time single but harsh and dry. -Alvez, how dare you say such a thing?- she prays all the gods in the celestial spheres that her cheeks haven’t become the same shade of her nose. I... I... achoo!- and then here is making its cameo a sneeze, probably jelaous for the space that had won the colleague.
Luke makes no effort to disguise his complacency. -Bless you.- he tells her, politely, and for a moment she sees a version of her colleague at the time of high school, perfectly combed hair, good clothes, his mother who repeats the same recommendations, in the churchyard. -So, still convinced of your position?- he asks her with obvious amusement as he torments her.
-Obviously.- she replies, this time promptly, turning back and returning to take care of her work, typing with the left hand while the right is struggling in the search for the lost handkerchief.
-Ok.- she hears him reply, only those two letters, a syllable, and the thing should already be suspicious. But even in her most daring dreams she could never have imagined him endowed with so much courage. The man walks around her chair and overlaps his hands with that of the blonde, quickly pressing just two buttons, activating the forced shutdown of the whole system, that a second before starting sets in motion the automatic saving of all the last actions. Penelope opens her eyes, freeing two tears that perfectly brush her face until they reach the chin before the final jump. She also opens her mouth wide, but nothing comes out for a moment.
Then, the voice returns to her. -What did you do?- she shouts, congratulating those who decided to build her bunker completely soundproof. -Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind?- she asks him, leaning with the intention of grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him, but the other part of her can’t even take the idea of touching him into account.
-Unfortunately, good manners don’t work with you.- Luke replies simply, with that condescending tone that is used with madmen, children with attention deficit and animals that are considered stupid. -And now, c’mon, take your stuff, I'll take you to your house.- she doesn’t know if she's more mad with him for interrupting her work (and who could imagine that he knew that sequence?), for having accused her of be stubborn and want to be right at all costs, or for this last sentence, expressed in tone too natural and spontaneous, as if he were her boyfriend and had the right to tell her what is best for her.
-But... but... but...- for this she can’t do anything but repeat like a broken record the same word that perfectly expresses all her unease and her uncertainty. Man doesn’t seem to have pity for her at all. Taking her by the shoulders, again as if it were the most natural thing in the world, he forces her to rise from her chair.
-You, hurry up.- and Penelope almost ends up on the ground, looking for a way to get away from him. But at the same time a thought starts turning in her head. How sexy is he when he plays the authoritarian role...? Why did I think such a thing? It's wrong. He sees me as a friend, nothing more. He would do the same thing with Tara. -Do you need a hand to wear the coat?- she observes his hands towards her like the claws of a bird of prey ready to grasp her and take her to his nest.
-NO.- she says, a bit too strong and with a look and attitude in general too terrified. She forces herself to slow down the beats of the heart and calm the breath, but this costs her another cough.- No, no.- she repeats, more satisfied with the result. -I can do it.- it’s unclear how her legs hold up her just enough to reach the hanger that is so lopsided that Kate gave her so many years ago that she almost can’t believe it's been so long. -Are you happy now?- is a rhetorical question, and in fact she doesn’t wait for a reply, grabs the bag and starts out.
-Quite.- she still hears him exclaim. As soon as Luke is out of her bunker, she types the security code to block access to unauthorized people, everyone except she, Prentiss, and anyone above the head of the BAU. -Penelope?- she warns the man's gaze over her body as if it were tangible.
-What?- she sighs, focusing on the last digits. It never happened to her to do it wrong.
-Are you sure you can handle it, alone at home?- a slight hesitation, just as she completes the operation and starts walking towards the elevator. Another feeling of deja-vu, and she can’t make fun of herself to the point of saying that she doesn’t know what it refers to, what exact moment actually happened between them. -Because I could...- she anticipates him, pressing the call button and this surprises him so much that he is silenced.
-No, no.- she shakes her head, wrong choice: for a moment everything goes around her as if she were on a carousel. -I'll have a hot tea, I'll take an aspirin and I'll go to bed right away.- she list diligently. -Okay, daddy?- she repents instantly of the last joke, but she just can’t help it. In the meantime, the elevator arrives, empty.
-A new nickname?- he asks her, but is probably not talking  to her as anyone else. -It's a bit too weird even for you.- he gives her one of his ultra-malicious looks and this time paralyzes her, and the blame is all her weakness. When she manages to free herself from that spell, the price she is forced to pay is another fine series of perfectly alternating coughing and sneezing, like in a monotone symphony. -All right?- she can deny how much she wants, but he's really worried about her, about her health. But this doesn’t mean anything, and she repeats it until she believes it.
-Stop to worry about me, Alvez.- she says, looking at him for a second, she can’t allow herself any more, otherwise she might catch in his net again. -My head is spinning a little.- she admits, because she actually fears to skid against the elevator walls. But Luke doesn’t take the opportunity to make a joke or reiterate how he was right.
-C’mon, it is better if you hold on me.- he says only, without traces of malice, complacency, only... sweetness, damn, it seems sweetness. And it wasn’t the first time that she grasps that nuance in him when he is with her. -Trust me, I don’t bite.- he adds, this time giving her a brief smile, but not one of those with half-crooked lips, of when she still called him Newbie, no, one of those as when he had given her that anti-stress.
-You're so stubborn...- she exclaims, closing her eyes and signing her surrender. He doesn’t wait for anything else, surrounding her shoulders with his arm, so big, powerful, that it seems made for that task, because she is not really the smallest woman on the planet. Not that it was the first time he did it, no, it had happened when they brought Lou to Phil... but Penelope decides to send her pride to the hell and even puts her head on his shoulder for the short ride that separates them from man's car. She seems to hear a sigh of restrained joy, but it must have been just her impression. Why should he be happy to have her weight on him?
Too soon she feels herself snatching from that comfortable torpor in which she had fallen and without understanding how, she finds herself sitting in the passenger's seat. -Do you prefer a little silence, or I turn on the radio?- he's asking her (it’s hard to admit it) savior.
-No, the silence leaves too much space to my thoughts.- she answers extremely sincere and doesn’t get too angry with himself. She is just "wake up" and has the defenses completely lowered and already today she feels no good... -Better the radio.- she decrees and he nods, turning on the first and then starting the engine.
And you provoke envy in people, because of who is great, but doesn’t realize it... with ten thousand excuses the world devours you, you laugh and make fun of it... you direct love at all, but stay out of groups, those who talk a lot, think a little less... come from confidence and an the idea that looks good, the medium is important, but the aim is the person, and only love is important, you keep it too much, that’s why you are special…
Only rarely she gives him a quick glance, while the man's eyes remain fixed on the road. She wonders what he's thinking right now, surely to Lisa, even if he tried to make her believe he wasn’t feel too bad. They had been together for how much, at least a year, no? He couldn’t have come out from it as if nothing had happened. But Luke is in a completely different kind of elucubrations; he is in fact meditating that he could so easily dedicate to her some of the phrases of this song that he has never heard before today. An annoying sound breaks his thoughts before they can become deeper.
-Oh no, I think that we have a case.- Penelope exclaims, in a desperate tone. She clears her throat, to probably prevent other coughing from interrupting her. From the corner of his eye he sees her grab her cell phone and press a button; the speakerphone. -Go ahead, Emily. It's me and Luke.- she declares quietly. A pause of a few seconds. The woman on the other end of the phone is in fact assimilating the information received, fighting against her perplexity. How come those two were together at this time?
So, the head of the BAU perks up. -I called to warn you that Rossi has decided to hold a kind of collective bachelor party and invited the whole team for tomorrow night. He instructed me to pass the word...- this time she does nothing to hide the relief that seizes her.
-Oh, thank goodness, for a moment I feared that...- even the other woman easily reads her mind. She can imagine the smile of the friend spreading on her face.
-No, no new case, don’t worry.- she reassures her, with a chuckle. -And, Garcia?- she adds, just to the last. An infinitesimal exchange of glances between driver and passenger that remains of an uncertain nature.
-What?- then she asks in turn, trembling inside.
-Are you sure you're okay? You look a little... weird...- Penelope looks up at the sky and then looks at Luke as if she wanted to hit him; the man merely giggles almost imperceptibly. Too low for Emily to hear it, luckily for him.
-I'm fine, and anyway, Alvez is taking me home, so don’t worry.- the man makes another completely silent smile. -Night, ma’am.- the blonde says.
-Good night.- Emily echoes.
-Night, Prent...- but the conversation has already been closed. -Hey, I was still talking!- Luke protest. -What is it?- he then asks, taking advantage of a stop to look her in the eye.
-Come on, say it.- she urges him. -You can’t wait to do it, you are quivering with the desire to reproach me. C’mon, don’t be shy.- then he understands what she is referring to.
-If you insist...- he says, enjoying another nice round of those eyes that have captured his from the first glance. -Have you seen? Even Emily has noticed that you aren’t the same.- Penelope immediately breaks the eye contact, preferring to focus on the unattractive landscape that is beyond the window.
-Damned profilers...- she mumbles. Then, a sudden lighting. -Oh, hell.- though he is careful as he drives, the man hears her and immediately starts thinking about the worst. Seeing her hand on her chest, he is afraid that she may have a heart attack.
-What? What happened?- he exclaims alarmed and not hiding it in any way.
-Nothing.- however, the colleague answers, stubborn to the end. She would also be able to die, rather than admit that he was right.
-Penelope... I don’t let it go, there is no way.- he clarifies it with a hard, almost angry tone. -Then speak.- he doesn’t intend to give her a way to escape and this time she falls badly, because she is aboard his car, he could lead her where he wants, even at his home, and the silent treatment will not work. At the cost of stopping and spending all night on the side of the road.
-Oh, what the hell.- she seems to realize it. Just when she is about to start explaining she is caught by some cough; the less they are numerous and the more they increase in intensity. -I remembered only now that I don’t even have a medicine at home.- she manages to say, with the fluctuating voice that comes and goes, but the man still understands the general sense of the sentence.
-It’s not a problem, there is a pharmacy a little further on.- there follows a pause where only the music of a digester's advertisement is heard. Then Luke turns expressly towards her, almost in slow motion. -Does that mean you admit you're sick?- he's so pleased and so beautiful with that expression, those shining eyes, that she finds herself confirming her knockout.
-I admit it, ok?- she doesn’t have time to hide the shadow of a smile also on her own lips. -Satisfied?- he still doesn’t comment on it, not out loud, at least.
-Partly.- here in the night shine the green light of the cross indicating that they have reached the goal. Luke parks, then he unties his belt. -Wait in the car, I'll come back in a moment.- he says, and he has already almost half a foot on the asphalt, when he hears himself grabbing by the edge of his jacket.
-No way.- now she too gets out of the car. -I'm not dying, Alvez, and I will not let you pay for my stuff.- she says firmly and stubbornly, then she opens her eyes, hearing again her voice. -God, it seemed like a drug addict' phrase.- he closes his car door and observes her do the same, then he inserts the allarm.
-A little.- he doesn’t even try to hold back a giggle. -I imagine that this is the consequence of feminism.- but this time she doesn’t seem to find his joke particularly amusing. They are walking a few centimeters away, they don’t notice it, but their steps are perfectly synchronized, like two soldiers during the official parade on July 4th.
-Don’t think about things bigger than you.- she admonishes him and he understands that there is no need to reply. -Hurry, I don’t want to spend more than ten minutes with you.- she picks up the pace and goes over him at the entrance. -I can’t bear you anymore.- Luke, however, can’t help but laugh again, hearing her complaining about his company, making her anger, but the woman decides to concentrate on choosing the medicine to buy. The truth is that there are too many kind and that each has a stranger and terrifying name of the other, it wasn0t that now she has learned them by heart, by dint of looking for digital traces for cases of unknown subjects with dependencies of all kinds... she not even realize that is entered a man who seems pretty nasty, sometimes the judgment on the book given only by brushing the cover with the look is extremely accurate and sometimes, the clothes makes the man. She jumps, ending with her back against her colleague's chest when the first shot resonates in the building, shaking all the windows containing non-over-the-counter drugs. Luke gives a quick glance and realizes that there are only two (three) people besides them and the gangster: an old man, with a stick and walker, who is holding his chest (he hopes he is not having a principle of a heart attack, but it would not be so strange, in this case) and a mother with a stroller decorated with Hello Kitty. Without speaking, he grabs Penelope by the shoulders and turns her towards him; he makes her understand that she has to be silent and doesn’t move. He directs himself sneaking towards the man, who wears neither a mask nor anything that could prevent his identification. Bad sign. He hears a moan of fear coming from behind his back, but he doesn’t turn around to scold her. She isn’t used to living these kinds of situations. And then he could never say bad words to her.
He still makes two steps and is exactly behind the man, what he should do is shoot without identifying, because this would make everything much simpler. He is an excellent shooter, he has certificates holed up in a box that he has never opened at home, to testify this. In this way, the robber (he wants to keep believing it's just this) wouldn’t have time to hurt anyone. But he took an oath, and, above all, what would Penelope think of him if he killed a man in that way? -FBI, weapon on the ground and hands up.- then he shouts, completely entering his role. That man doesn’t move. -You heard me? Weapon on the ground and we can talk.- he repeats, trying to give a calm, serene and peaceful tone to his voice, but at the same time decided and authoritarian. Sometimes it's just a matter of who screams louder.
-FBI, uh?- he says, finally, turning around so that he can looks him right in the face. Brown hair, standard length, brown eyes, white, about thirty years old. If it weren’t for that look, he would seems as any of the American tax payers. -I have three hostages at my disposal.- he points out, with a sick smile that perhaps he believes particularly original, but Luke has seen it too many times on too many different faces. -If you shoot me, I'll have time to bring one of them with me.- the man continues, becoming more and more sure of himself. Behind him he hears a noise, but he doesn’t want to think that it could be Garcia who has followed him. -Do you like the risk, federal agent?- he asks him directly, amused in a way too obvious by the use of that title. Almost Luke was nothing but his job. But he wants to believe that he is also other, for example, Roxy's dad.
It is the thought of his dog that gives him the right charge. -Good, then let's do it, we put down the guns at the same time and then we'll talk.- he proposes, even sketching a smile, so fake, because he was never good at pretending these things, like Hotch, like Rossi, or like Emily and JJ. Perhaps he is still the hunter of men who believed that profiling was stupid. -What do you think?- the other, however, seems not too attentive to his words, look beyond him, and Luke knows what it means, but still basks in the illusion. Denying, always denying, beyond the evidence.
-I say, don’t take it out, I would prefer to exchange a few words with your blonde friend.- until his most horrendous fears are confirmed and he is forced to smash his face violently against them. He makes a big mistake, unable to disguise his emotions, he closes his eyes for a moment so as not to faint, stunned by the horror that is revolting his guts.
-What blonde friend...- he tries anyway, one last try. Then he hears that noise again, and this time he recognizes it, clear and precise. A sneeze. A moment later someone' hand, delicate skin, soft and silky, takes his wrist.
-Sorry, Luke, I tried to restrain myself, but...- she begins to justify herself, but Luke shakes his head and weaves a single finger into hers, trying to pass on what he thinks.
In any case, the man, which is, now is clear, certainly not just a robber, doesn’t seem willing to let them talk. -Make a deal, federal agent...- Luke anticipates him, gaining some points. But he is losing this match 4 to 0.
-Luke, Luke Alvez, but you can call me Luke.- the voice comes out too uncertain, almost careless, it is as if the language no longer wanted to respond to his commands. And that blonde who vibrates imperceptibly next to him doesn’t help keep him cool.
-Good, Agent Alvez.- he does it on purpose, still calling him with the title and to prefer his last name, thus rejecting his implicit proposal to manage the thing amicably. In fact, he prefers it because he thinks of something that he might have read or perhapsReid had told him about the value of the proper name of divinity and city. And if that bastard didn’t call him by name, he couldn’t dominate him. -I'll let all the hostages go if she plays with me.- he adds with a lascivious smile.
Luke trembles, but for the blind rage that assails him. -Play with you what?- but his question is totally ignored, because Penelope passes in front of him, and goes over a few steps towards the asshole with the gun still pointed in the direction of the young mother.
-I'm in.-she says, her voice firm. The man can’t help but feel so proud of his colleague, and, at the same time, also angry with her, because it is not up to her to play the role of heroin in this show.
-Wait, Garcia, don’t be hasty...- he tries to stop her, but she drives him away like an annoying insect.
-Shut up, Luke.- she silences him abruptly. -I said I'm in.- she turns to the other man and gets a little closer. Luke feels the useless weight of the weapon in his hand. He reaches her, supports her and tries to concentrate only on the asshole.
-Tell me.- he repeats, a hoarse growl at the bottom of his throat. -What do you want to play with her?- who knows what the hell he expects, but nothing could displace him more than the answer of the man.
-Truth or dare.- he exclaims, never turning away from the blonde. -If I realize that you lie, honey, your friend will get a nice bullet in the body.- he explains, stroking his gun as if he were already anticipating the moment when the bullet will pierce the epidermis of the federal agent. -Understand?- he adds with tone a bit more serious and even evil.
-Understand.- she nods, slightly bowing her head, showing herself submissive. But is it a performance or does she really want to surrender to him, do everything that he asks for?
-Garcia, you don’t have to lend yourself to this thing.- he tries again to dissuade her, he doesn’t even know why, because he understood that by now the mechanism has started and there is no way to stop it.
-Luke, stop getting in the way.- she replies, but the fact that she has called him again by name is equivalent to a kind of secret signal to tell him that she hasn’t completely lost her mind, that she will not give up so easily as thinks the unmasked asshole.
-You heard, Agent Luke Alvez?- this time the other also calls him by full name. He goes back, walking without looking where he puts his feet, and yet he doesn’t stumble, until he reaches the door, he must have blocked without anyone noticing it, he throws it open and gestures to the hostages to get out of his way. Only then Luke thinks about the strangeness of the lack of workers: why was not there even a pharmacist? Should not they necessarily have to do the night service? -Now, good, put down the gun and kick it, towards me.- the cold voice of the asshole brings him back to reality. He does it without objecting, then he observes him even more powerless, tying the wrists of his colleague. He clenches his fists until he hurt his knuckles. Then he does the same with him and also gives him a boost, taking advantage of the fact that he has no way to keep his balance. - Let's start.- he says. -Truth or dare...- Luke feels a knot in his stomach, understanding what is about to happen. No, don’t don’t do it, he tries to communicate telepathically to her. Don’t tell him your real name. But she can’t hear him.
-Penelope. My name is Penelope.- she replies in fact. She coughs and blushes, perhaps because of the shame of not being able to cover her mouth with an hand, as they taught her. -And I choose truth.- she adds, showing himself decisive, like a convict who knows he is going to meet his destiny, proud as Joan of Arc at the stake.
-Great, Penelope.- he doesn’t hide his perverse complacency. -What are you doing here with him at this time? In other words, what is your relationship with him?- he hastens to clarify, confusing her by mixing the two questions. In spite of himself, Luke realizes he is deeply interested in what she will say. -Think well on what to answer, because I will understand if you lie.- he warns her in a bored tone, as if it were a phrase he repeated too many times. And maybe it's like that. This is not an amateur, he must have done it before. And what happened to his previous victims?
-We... we work for the same unit.- Penelope begins to explain, interrupted by another cough that doesn’t seem to catch pity from the asshole. -Behavioral Analyst Unit.- she specifies. -I am a computer technician and he is a special supervisor agent. We are work colleagues.- all here. Colleagues. But hadn’t he done the same thing when he'd introduced her to Lisa on their first date? So why should he feel entitled to be... hurt, offended?
-How boring.- even the other man doesn’t seem happy, and fiddles with the weapon, making it dangle for the handle. -I was hoping for something more, honestly.- he shoves it behind his back and starts walking toward them.
-Don’t come any closer her, don’t touch her, don’t dare!- Luke jumps, unable to contain his anger as he watches that man move his dirty hands along the body of Penelope, looking for a document that he could easily find if only he looked in the right place and most obvious, her bag.
-A little too protective to be just a colleague, don’t you think?- he is aimed exclusively at the blonde. Then he follows Luke's telepathic advice and finds the woman's badge and takes a second to capture the Latin one as well. -I seen you told the truth.- he nods, to himself. -It is not allow omitting the details, however.- he adds, at the last, with a completely different tone and also his gaze, his eyes, change, almost another entity had taken the upper hand in him. -Maybe I should show you that I'm serious...- he turns with a jerk and pulls the trigger, just in the direction of Luke's leg, where Penelope herself knows that the femoral artery is located and that would mean only five minutes of time to intervene before the man bleeds to death. The thought provokes her yet another attack of cough, but she manages to reject it with the few remaining forces. The cry dies in her throat when she hears only the empty click, the shot without the result of the weapon. -Oh, I forgot to tell you that we are also doing another game.- he laughs, a coarse and vulgar laugh, but definitely less frightening than that look. -Do you know Russian roulette, Luke? This time you were lucky, but Luck is a fickle thing that never ceases to turn...- the man rotates the section of the weapon, only now Luke recognizes it, a revolver, where the bullets are. There are only two, enough to kill both. -So, truth or dare?- he asks re-establishing the initial distances.
-I want to take part in this.- the federal agent intrudes, noticing Penelope's shining eyes and wondering if the cause is really just the flu or a hell brooding.
-Do you have any burning secret to reveal, Luke?- for the first time, he seems to have been able to capture his attention. -A weight to get rid of?- the other hesitates. -Otherwise you're not very interesting.- he concludes, shrugging.
-I'm filled of secrets.- he exclaims then, and in fact, he's not lying at all. Since he's been part of the BAU the situation has changed a little, but there are a lot of things that his colleagues ignore about his private life and his previous life.
The asshole looks really pleasantly surprised. -Well, let's see.- then he backs to focus on the blonde who is becoming red to prevent a sneeze or yet another cough. Almost as if it were a sign of unforgivable weakness. -But remember that if you lie the sweet Penelope will take a bullet... let's say in her leg.- he understands that with the mind the slimy is caressing her thigh and that, if he were to die, it could really happen. He could even do it while the blood, together with life, flows out of her. -Are you still convinced you want to play?- he nods, planting his teeth in his lower lip. -If you are happy... Truth or dare?- the easiest choice he has had to make since they have been here.
-True.- he replies, while a sneeze resounds beside him.
- What's the thing that makes you ashamed more, of all the things you had to do for your work?- he asks without hesitation. -The one that make you feel more guilty, I mean something that, even after the years, doesn’t let you sleep well.- Luke bends down his head, because he has an answer, and the asshole will like it so hard.
He closes his eyes, shielding himself from the rest of the world. -Before I joined the BAU... there was a guy, a criminal. Daniel Cullen.- he is no longer in this pharmacy, on the floor, with his hands tied. -He tormented my partner, my best friend... almost killed him. He has ripped apart him.- he's back in time or maybe in a memory or in a fantasy, as long as there is a difference. -I should have been in his place.- he says, raising his eyelids, but being careful not to look at Penelope. -It's been six years, and yet I keep waking up sweating in the middle of the night, and doing the same nightmare, identical.- he is not lying about it, and perhaps that also helped push Lisa to make that decision. And he couldn’t blame her.
-Did you want to kill him?- the asshole pricks him, completely immersed in his black tale. - Or did you do it?- Luke vibrates, meditating for the first time on the possibility of lying to him, to preserve the image that his colleague has of him, at least that she will want to speak again with him, as long as they will survive all this.
-Yes, I wanted to kill him with my hands, see the life flow away from his eyes and no, I couldn’t do it.- in the end he opts again for the cruel truth, not for beautiful lies. Killing and even wishing to do so is one of the ten sins punished by his religion, but even this can’t stop him. -Unfortunately.- he adds, digging his chasm a little further.
-Wow, this is a great revelation, don’t you think so, Penelope?- that man smiles, waiting maybe that the blonde could do the same. -You’re safe, for now, even if it seems to me, Luke, that your words have hurt her more than any bullet.- the man is forced to see that he is right. The blonde is trembling and her big eyes, wide open, are ones of an animal caught in the headlights. -You shocked her, poor girl. You didn’t think that your coworker had so dark thoughts inside him, didn’t you?- she doesn’t nod nor denies. -It’s your turn, now. Truth or dare?- wearily, as she wouldn’t have any alternative, she answers him.
-Truth.- that man beats an hand on the other and play for a bit with the gun, while he seems think about what he could asks her this time.
-What do you feel for your colleague Luke, especially in the light of his revelations?- he finally asks, and in fact it is strange that he took so long to get there, because in the movies is one of the first things, almost two kidnapped people have to end up getting together... if both remain alive until the end credits.
-Penelope, the team will arrive soon, you don’t have to say anything you don’t want.- he gets in the way, tonight it seems that he hasn’t done anything else, and for a second she looks at him.
Then, however, she shakes her head. -No, it’s not. It’s my fault if we had to stop here.- two other tears run along her cheeks and the man hates he couldn't do anything, the fact he can’t dry them with his thumbs. -Luke, I… there is no way to say it, and If I ever thought about this moment, I never imagined that it would been in a pharmacy, hands tied behind the backs, and a fool who is pointing his weapon to our heads.- the asshole doesn’t seem to take it badly, he is probably used to it. -But I say simply the truth, as he asked me.- now Luke trembles for another reason, so different from the ones that have shaken him until now; because the way she has talked and her gaze… it’s possible that she is really about to confess what he thinks? And why that idea makes him so happy? His priority is to save her, save both of them, so he could take her to the hospital, to a medic… and they could understand what she has, because his instinct, that bastard who is always right, tells to him that there is not just a flu, there is something worst under it and a cruel hourglass that signals the the time available. -I don’t think about you just as a coworker… you became important for me, don't mind how much I tried to keep you from doing that.- here they are, she is about to say it, really, maybe it will be just a distraction, yeah, in fact it would be the right thing to do. A good love confession, a fed gossip could confuse the asshole just enough to… -I… I love you and I can’t handle that you could be hurt or even dead because of me!- she says, and almost the effort to say all those things had been too much for her body, she bursts into a series of convulsive cough attacks, this time longer, deep and sinister. -Are you satisfied now?- then she asks, nose, eyes red and full of tears. For a moment Luke fears she might die suffocated.
-Well, let's say that this time I will not shoot him.- yet that asshole is not even satisfied, it even seems... disappointed. -It's your turn, Luke. Truth or dare?- the federal agent sighs, before answering, meditating on how much time can actually be passed, ruthless hourglasses apart.
-Truth.- why the team is not here yet? The hostages didn’t back to their home pretending it’s happened nothing, right? Whoever would warn the law enforcement. Sure, from this to call the BAU…
-Perfect, as I guessed.- he makes turn the box containing the projectiles again. -And you, Agent Alvez, what do you really think of your colleague?- here, his turn has arrived. --Remember that her leg is always at stake, if you try to be clever.- he doesn’t give him time to reflect. -And I add: is there anything else you've never told her, and would you like to confess?- but unknowingly, he provides him with exactly what he needed: an escape to not find himself confessing his love in such a situation drab. -This could be the right time, also because it could be the last one.- that warning, however, puts everything at stake.
He turns to her, how much the strings allow him. -Penelope, I…- and he understands that he is really about to throw himself without parachute. What good would it do still living with his intact pride but in a world without her?
-You don’t have to answer, Luke.- she seems say the same as him a moment ago. -I was already shot, I can handle it.- and she is right, that shit of Battle dared to do a similar action, but just because at that time he was busy to dodging bullets on the front line of a war that he never understood.
-But he can’t, I’m right?- the asshole seems so easy reading his mind, yet, he decides consciously to try to trick him.
-Penelope, do you remember Phil?- he start to say. -You remember that the day he died you asked me if he had asked about you and that...- he bites his lips to make them bleed, but never removes his eyes from her, despite the shame he feels. -I lied to you, and I lied to him too. Since he saw you, he did nothing but torment me to know if you were already dating someone or if you were free, and I...- the mouth that so much wanted to taste bends downwards. And it's his fault, only his.
-Why, why did you do it?- Penelope asks, sounding more confused than hurt.
-Yeah, Luke, why did you do it?- echoes that human shit that keeps on keeping her under his sight.
-Because… because I didn’t want that my private life and work mixing too much.- it’s a bullshit, and it’s so obvious, yet he really said it. -I know I was selfish, but…- his words are covered by a thud that sounds to their ears as a rumble.
-Wrong answer.- without adding other word, the man points his gun exactly at the level of the knee of the blond and pulls the trigger. Luckily, even this time they hear just a empty noise that means the missing of the bullet in the chamber. For the scare Penelope bursts into a coughing crisis that makes her eyes tear up and turns her whole face more red. Luke can’t have the time to scream his terror, fearing that he has condemned his colleague to death just for his inability to confess the truth, even in a such moment. The asshole is right, he could not have another occasion to do it. -You two were lucky, even this time.- he says, not happy, looking at the empty chamber as it had voluntary betrayed him. -Who knows how it will go the next.- he sight. -Penelope, truth or dare?- probably nobody expects the next move of the blonde.
-Dare.- she answers with an uncertain tone.
-Interesting choice.- in fact comments the asshole. -Well. You must hit your friend and dear colleague, as hard as you can, I want to see a good mark. That's what you want, deep inside of you, after what he told you and especially after he showed how much he doesn’t really care about your life, since he lied even though he knew what was at stake.- he steps that distance them and cuts with a single gesture the ribbon that wraps the wrists of the woman, so little careful to make a slight wound on her arm. Luke watches the red liquid gush out and feels his pulse increase; Penelope, on the other hand, doesn’t emit sound. -Or, if you prefer, you can use this.- he makes dancing in front of her the knife, like a hypnotizer in a magic show. -What are you choosing?- Penelope looks at the cold weapon and then her own hands, free.
-Don’t worry, Garcia, do what he want.- Luke tries to reassure her, understanding that she needs his approval. -It's all right, it will not hurt me and he's right, I deserve it.- he even manages to give her a small smile. The blonde closes her eyes and nods. Who knows if he has understood that she had to concentrate on the people who, many years later, she hated more in her life. She brings the arm back, the not injured, to give the right push and hits him. The psychopathic asshole this time can be said to be satisfied, because she left a nice mark on his cheek, in which all the fingers are perfectly distinguished. Yet, the slap doesn’t burn and he doesn’t even feel pain. All his concentration is on her, who falters kneeling before him, but free.
-Luke, please, I'm sorry, I...- before the asshole can put her brusquely to shut up, she has another attack of cough, so deep and intense that it seems to shake her body entirely, silencing her. The other makes a sign of denial with his head, as if to say that he doesn’t approve of this manifestation of remorse, while he ties her hands back behind her back, taking advantage to leave a slimy caress on her backside, which causes anger in the federal agent.
-You are right, you're trained to bear the pain, uh?- he passes the tongue on his lips. -Too bad. But she has respected the pacts, so I can’t shoot you.- again that sense of regret. -Where have you learned such techniques? Afghanistan? Iraq?- he nods to the last option. -I guessed.- he shrugs. -So, Luke, truth or dare?- he smiles at him, as if to suggest to him what he could do, if only he would let himself go completely.
-I will never choose dare.- but Luke fights, because he is certainly not less stubborn than the asshole. -You will not force me to hurt her.- he explains calmly and decisively, like death. -I prefer to die.- he concludes, and is neither lying nor joking, nor exaggerating.
-I assume you've still chosen truth.- he yawns. -You ae so boring.- he plays again with the revolver, in a kind of circus number, while Penelope surrenders to another series of coughs. -Have you ever betrayed a woman?- the man realizes how the blonde has totally unbalanced to better hear the response of her colleague and his dilated pupils, and this makes him smile with evil satisfaction.
-It depends on what is meant by betrayal.- Luke answers ambiguously. -If you mean the classic being with two feet in the same hoof ... never physically, never concretely, not even a kiss.- he admits, proud of himself, for once. -If you extend the concept... with the mind, often.- he just staring at the asshole in the eye, keeps his eyes fixed in his, not at all scared by the prospect of being sucked from his abyss. -I was with Lisa and I was also fine, but I always ended up making comparisons with another woman... one that I didn't even deserv to look.- he doesn’t know if he can guess that he is referring to Penelope. -Fortunately, she left me, because I'm so cowardly I would never have done it.- not even that is so difficult to admit. -And if we want to go even further, I cheated on my mother when I enlisted in the army even though I knew that this would cause her a heart attack.- which was not fatal just by a whisker, he only adds in his head, but after that, she wasn’t the same woman anymore. And he could ever forgive himself?
-Damned, I wasn’t expecting an answer like that, good job, SSA, you managed to amaze me.- he claps his hands, pleased, holding the weapon with a single finger. -Yes, Penelope, there's still a bullet that can’t wait to get stuck in your colleague's flesh filled of secrets.- Truth or dare? - she has no doubts this time, because she certainly can’t risk he could forcing her to put an end to her colleague's life... how could she not think about it before?
-Truth.- she answers in fact, in a tone without nuances. The head is about to burst, and the heart is on its way to reach it, not to mention the lungs, which burn as if she had inhaled live fire.
-You reacted so badly when he told you he lied about Phil... I bet he's the same friend who was tortured in his place.- he ignores the grimace that appears on Luke's face and confirms his suspicions. It is really true that the best profilers are the unknown subjects. -So... were you in love with him?- incredibly, the question manages to surprise her and she almost laughs, but she knows that it wouldn’t be a good choice, especially for her body, she doesn't care of what the asshole would do to her. She still feels condemned to leave this earth tonight.
-No, Phil... I liked him, very much.- she admits, and to think of him hurts. -I think that if I had been given the chance, I could have fall in love with him, but...- she catches a glare and seems to have been the only one to notice it. the moment, and even now, my heart is already busy...- she starts talking, pretending to be more lost than it is and surprising for her ability to dominate the cough. -I couldn’t tell how long exactly. I think from the first time I saw this person...- she continues to stay on the vague, the glow increases, perhaps now also Luke saw it, but he is good at pretending to be in turn focused on that strange confession. -I think I immediately got a crush. And then gradually I fell in love. I'm in love with one of our colleagues.- she says, feeling everyone's attention catalyzed on her. -I understand, Luke, how you behaved, he was right, you lied: it wasn’t to not mix work and private life, it was because you thought I wasn’t enough for your best friend...- she abruptly changes the subject, but the asshole doesn’t have time to notice it, because a red dot appears to him exactly in the middle of his chest.
And then, that shout, finally. -FBI, you're surrounded. Give yourself up or we’ll shoot.- the relief is such that the sudden inflow of oxygen causes her a terrible pain in the chest, but she ignores it. The hands, still tied, are intertwined as a sign of hope.
-If you shoot, I take with me in the afterlife the blonde .- he replies, repeating the initial comedy. -What do you say, Penelope, do you want to take a trip?- but that is the last joke that he declaims on the stage of life, as Shakespeare loved to call it and before him a Spanish wrapped in the same shadow of mystery. Luckily, man falls backwards, right in front of the IT.
Prentiss makes her way through the agents and reaches them. -Luke, Penelope, are you ok?- she starts to untie the friend, while she is reached by Rossi who does the same with Latin. -Is anyone of you hurt?- she asks only for security.
Luke speaks first. -No, but she is sick, I don’t know what she has, I think it is a bronchial pneumonia, she has almost never ceased to cough.- he explains and Emily remembers the impression that she had just... one hour, at most an hour and half ago, on the phone. -It would be better if...- she nods and helps Penelope to stand up, noting the cut on the wrist, the blood now clotted.
-I understood.- she calls the paramedics. -Come here, it's here.- the lights finally stun the poor woman, who tries to stop them from taking her away in an ambulance.
-Please, Emily...- half of the sentence is absorbed by yet another cough -... don’t listen to him, I'm...- and the other from an even stronger attack. She understands that it is not worth attempting and she abandons herself, like a dead body, to the care of someone who can really help her. From the stretcher she still manages to see her adventure companion approaching one of the doctors.
-Can I go up in the ambulance with her?- she hears him ask, but his voice sounds distant and muffled, perhaps she has only imagined it because it was what she wanted to hear.
-Only if it doesn’t interfere with us.- a paramedic replies, abruptly, but then contraddicts himself with a half-smile, as if he too had become a profiler and had sensed what is between them. Yes, but what exactly is there between them?
As soon as they leave, she loses consciousness. Luke, trying to stay as much as possible on the sidelines, looks at the standard procedures to stabilize her and understands from their speeches that she is not so serious... but she is not even good. After having intubated her, the paramedic with whom he spoke earlier, beckons that he can now approach and tell her what he wants, but also to be brief and not to agitate her too much... or they will be forced to get rid of the excess ballast. -Penelope, darling, don’t worry.- he begins, realizing that this is the first time he calls her that way, but it's so good. -I will never leave you alone, as long as they allow me to be near you, understand?- she can’t answer him and her eyes are scared, frightened by that thing that prevents her from breathing in a normal way. -I'll always keep your hand.- he says, gently caressing her. -Do you want to answer a question? I promise that tonight is the last one.- he reassures her and understands that in another moment, she would have laughed at his joke. -A single squeeze for means yes and two for no.- Penelope proves to have understood the mechanism. -Ok. Is it true what you said in there, that... that you're in love with someone from the team?- another sign for the yes. -Well. Is a woman?- two squeezes. -No. So, it's one of the men... is he busy?- a longer pause than the previous ones, because Penelope is about to nod, but suddenly remembers that Luke told her that Lisa had left him. -This excludes Matt and Rossi.- he deduces, many intelligently. -So... is Reid?- the last fateful squeeze. -No. So... it's me. You're in love with me.- and this time there's no question mark at the end of the sentence. -No, don’t shake, I told you. I will not leave you alone. Everything will be all right and when you're better, when we're sure you're okay, we'll talk a bit.- he says, continuing to stroke her hand, the only thing he can do in a similar situation. How much is missing at the hospital? -Do you think you can forgive me for lying to you about Phil?- he breaks his promise.-It wasn’t because I thought you weren’t enough for him, and not even to keep the private sphere separate from the professional one, but because... I was jealous of you. I didn’t want to... that you were with another man.- but he also had to get rid of this burden, he couldn’t allow her to end under the knife without knowing the truth. -I know it was selfish behavior and I apologize, I will spend all my life apologizing, if you will allow me...- Penelope raises her arm just enough to be able to gently caress the man, who understands that is the only way she has to reassure him. -Falling in love with you was inevitable, like an unconditional reflex, I couldn’t do anything, like when you have to sneeze or cough, and you can try hard to hold it back, but in the end you have to let it come out.- he adds, even if in a low voice (he is not sure that she has heard it, because her eyes are closed), just as they enter the hospital entrance.
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Where are we?
Summary: You and Sam play a cute fluffy game
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: Very fluffy with occasional tame implied smut
Word Count: 1771 words
A/N: This is super fluffy and might not be for everyone so I was quite sparing with the tags, only tagging people who I thought might like it. That being said, if I’ve tagged you and you wish I hadn’t, just let me know and I’ll untag you and be mindful not to add you again.
I wrote it for who @mila-dans who has been really kind to me on Tumblr and was looking for some Sam fluff.
Tumblr media
For a while now, you and Sam had been playing a new game. Whenever he’d catch you in a day dream, he’d come up behind you and put his arms around you, leaning down over your shoulder and asking you softly, “Where are we?”
It had started when you were washing up, one day in the kitchen, and when he’d asked you’d leaned back and said, “What?”
“In your mind. Whatever you’re day dreaming about. I know we are somewhere good from the look on your face, so….” He’d kissed your neck, just under your ear, “…where are we?”
“Oh.” You’d said, understanding the game, “In a cabin, by a lake.”
“Yeah…?” He’d said, softly swaying you.
“Yeah. You took me there so we could be in nature for a while and in the days we sit on the jetty with our feet in the water and sometimes when it’s hot, we jump in. In the evenings we cook together, I peel, you chop and later we eat with candles on the table. Then you build a fire and we sit by it, like this, you behind me, your wonderful big arms around me and we talk about anything and everything and then…..”
“And then…?” he asked.
You turned around and to face him and raised an eyebrow suggestively.
“Come here,” you whispered, looking up into his eyes, “Let me show you.” And there on the kitchen floor, you had.
The next time he asked, you were in the library.
“We’re in a big garden.”
“A garden?”
“Yeah, but it’s big. There’s no one else about, just us. It’s sunny but not too hot. We’re on a picnic blanket. I packed us a picnic.” You explained.
“That’s very kind of you.” He said, giving you a squeeze.
“Well…I’m a very kind person.”
He ‘mmm’d in agreement.
“And there’s a gentle breeze and we can see flowers everywhere, in all the colours and butterflies are winging their way past us every now and then, and you are sat up against a tree, and I’m lying, head in your lap, looking up at you. You’re reading out loud to me from a book. It’s dreamy, listening to your voice.”
“Do I sometimes look down at you and stroke your hair away from your face, really gently?”
“You know what, you do.”
“I thought I might. And every now and then do you lift your head up and kiss me.”
“Umm hmm,” you nodded, “But only every now and then because I don’t want to ruin the story.”
“Sure. Of course.” He’d said, sweetly. “That makes sense. My girl’s so smart.”
“Damn straight.” You’d said, laughing.
“Where are we now?” He’d asked when he walked in to the laundry room where you stood. Apparently, he’d been leaning in the doorway for some time, watching you deep in thought whilst you were folding clean clothes. This time, he didn’t come up behind you but stood next to you and started folding too.
“Vienna?” He’d said, raising his eyebrows in surprise, “We’ve gone international?”
“We may have time travelled too. We’re at a ball.”
“A ball? Like Cinderella.”
“No,” you shook your head emphatically, “That’s a fairy tale. This is real. Though you’re channelling strong Prince Charming vibes.”
He laughed loudly and a wide, warm smile flooded his face.
“Naturally,” He said, shrugging. “Are you in a fancy gown?”
“You know it. It’s Navy Blue and I don’t think it has sequins on it but it definitely sparkles when I move.”
“You do look good in blue.”
“I do in Vienna,” you agreed.
“Do we dance?”
“Yes! How did you know?”
“Lucky guess.”
“Yes, we waltz.”
“Oh, because in Vienna I know how to do that.”
“Exactly. We both do. You asked me to dance.”
“Oh yeah? Like this?” He said, bending low, putting one arm behind his back putting out the other one as if waiting for your hand.
He looked up to see your eyes wide and you pulling a face, trying to hold back laughter, you had not expected that.
“What, you’re gonna leave me waiting with all the royals watching us?”
“Sam….” You said, a note of protest in your voice.
He was still looking at you, still bent over. You put down the T shirt you were folding and took his hand. Neither of you knew how to dance but you gave it a try anyway, you laughing as he lifted his arm to spin you. It ended with him dipping you back flamboyantly, there by the dryer.
“You’re an idiot.” You said, lovingly, through laughter that didn’t stop for a while.
“Your idiot.” He said, kissing you as he righted you to standing up again.
Again and again he asked.
You went to different countries.
Paris, where you strolled along the banks of the Seine and drank hot chocolate whilst you spoke, not French but instead in English with bad accents.
The Arctic, where you watched the Northern Lights playing across the sky.
“Aren’t we cold?” He’d asked.
“No, we have lots of blankets and have to cuddle really tight to keep each other warm.”
“We have to?”
“Yes, it’s a life or death situation, Sam. Hypothermia is no laughing matter.”
“So, it’s irrelevant that I might want to?”
“Completely.” You said.
Japan during cherry blossom season. The Pyramids in Egypt. And on and on.
There’d been a secluded beach where you’d sat on the sand, in the heat, and let the waves lap at your feet.
“We’re going to get sand in weird places.”
“No, we’re not.”
“I dunno, I’m there and I’m pretty sure with what I have planned, that we probably will.” He said.
There was another cabin, this one in the snow, which you’d watched through the window as it fell.
“Can I build another fire?” He asked.
“Oh, I think it’s essential that you do.”
“Do we….like last time?”
“What?” you’d said, feigning ignorance.
His eyes had looked you up and down slowly, before he grabbed you and pulled you to him. “Come here.” He said, “Let me show you.”
And he had. A couple of times, in fact.
Sometimes, you were in whole other time periods.
“The 20’s?” He’d asked, “Like ‘Gatsby’ 20’s?”
“Mmm Hmm.” You nodded. “We’re at a big party. There’s jazz and champagne. I’m dressed as a flapper and you’re in a suit, you look incredible.”
“I wear suits all the time.” He said, creasing his face up in a ‘what gives?’ expression.
“And you always look incredible.” You said, matter of factly, kissing him as he smiled, flattered. “But this one’s a 1920’s one. It’s very dapper.”
“Dapper.” He said, nodding, doing his face that you’d jokingly told him reminded you of a sturgeon. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been ‘dapper’ before.”
“Hey…I don’t make it up, I’m just telling you the facts.” You’d said, shrugging your shoulders.
Then you’d ventured to the Wild West.
“Oh God,” He’d said, rolling his eyes, “Don’t tell Dean.”
“We can’t. There aren’t any phones.”
He’d let out a tiny laugh.
“You have a hat.”
“I’ve had that hat.”
“And a horse.”
“And a horse.”
“And me.”
“Well…” he said, pulling you close, “I didn’t have that then.”
“You have it now.”
He grinned, dimples deepening.
“I think I work in a saloon.” You’d said.
“What?” His brow furrowing, “Those other cowboy’s better not get any idea’s about my girl or there’ll be a shoot out.”
“My money’s on you.”
“Thanks baby.” He said, proudly, kissing you. “I probably don’t talk like this?”
You’d raised an eyebrow.
A mischievous smile played on his lips. His beautiful lips that you wanted to kiss and maybe gently bite, just then.
“Howdy Ma’am,” he’d said, pretending to tip his hat to you, he bent to kiss your hand, and looked up through his lashes, eyes dark and seductive, “Much obliged, darlin’” he said, with a wink. He was making it all very sexy, which probably showed on your face, because he looked up at you with a swagger he didn’t usually display. 
“Oh, you like that!?” He said, nodding his head as if he’d learned some valuable new information. You hadn’t been able to stop the smile on your face. 
“Oh, you really like that!” with a little surprise and a little intrigue on his face. He’d chased you all the way back to your bedroom, talking with a slow southern drawl and for days after, every time he entered a room you were in he’d tip his pretend hat, say ‘Howdy’ and wink. If it wasn’t so insanely hot, you might have found it tiresome, but it really was.
You’d tried to keep the game away from Dean but Sam’s commitment to the bit meant that it was impossible to do.
“Why are you…..? What’s going on?” Dean asked, following Sam’s most recent ‘Howdy Li’l Lady’ moment, “Is this a sexy thing?”
“No!” You’d said at the exact time as Sam said, “Sort of, yes.”
Dean was disgusted. “You do know that cowboys have a rich history and that if you go back to the Wild West, it is the birthplace of America as we know it…?” He went on for some time, until Sam said, “Yes, Dean, fine.” in an exasperated tone, with accompanying rolled eyes and you said “Sorry, Dean, Please don’t make me watch ‘Tombstone’ again.”
“Tombstone is a great movie.” He’d said and then talked about Clint Eastwood for a while.
That was the end of Cowboy Sam, unless he was very sure only the two of you could hear.
One day you walked into the War Room of the bunker and saw Sam, deep in thought by the map table. You came up behind him and lowered your head to his shoulder, “Where are we?” you asked. He lifted his arm up to affectionately stroke your hair as he turned his head to kiss you.
“Right here.”
“Oh, you weren’t thinking about anything?”
“Yeah I was, I was thinking about you.”
“Oh OK, you don’t want to play the game?” you asked.
He pushed his chair back and guided you round to sit in his lap, faces close as he gave you the softest smile.
“Baby, I love to play, anytime, but the truth is if it’s up to me I don’t care where we are, as long as it’s right now and I’m with you.”
“Well, now you’re just making me look bad…” you said, playfully.
He let out a little laugh and leaned in for a kiss, “…or…” he said, teasingly, “…anywhere, were I get to build you a fire.”
“You’re such an idiot.” You said laughing.
“Your idiot.” He corrected.
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madpanda75 · 3 years ago
“Hostage” Part 3
Ending the weekend with the conclusion to the story! Thanks for all the comments, reblogs, and likes! I love you guys sooooo freaking much! 😍
Translations are at the bottom (My spanish sucks btw 😂)
Part One
Part Two
Tags: @amirightcounsellor ❤️
Tumblr media
Green eyes met green eyes as Rafael rocked his daughter in the nursery. After a thorough checkup, the doctors determined the baby was perfectly healthy. “Siempre estare aqui para ti sin importar lo. Te amo princesa.” Rafael kissed his daughter softly on her forehead, he had no idea it was possible to love a human being so much. All the fear and anxiety he had about becoming a father melted away as he held his baby in his arms. The EMTs were able to revive you in the ambulance and you were currently in surgery, Rafael refused to leave his child until he heard from your doctor. Looking through the window of the nursery, he saw Olivia waving at him. The ADA reluctantly put the baby back in her carrier and made his way out to meet his friend. Looking at the baby girl through the nursery window, Olivia smiled, “She’s beautiful, Rafael.” Rafael nodded, “Just like her mother.”
Olivia looked over at your husband, “Have you heard anything yet?” Rafael said nothing, only shaking his head no. The lieutenant put a hand on his shoulder, “I just heard that Mr. Rojas didn’t make it, there was too much damage. Carisi is ok, a couple stitches over his eye and a few bruises. He told me what happened, if it wasn’t for him, this could have ended a lot worse.” Rafael stared through the nursery window, looking at his daughter as she lay in her bassinet, he knew that Carisi saved his baby’s life and your’s, “I know.”
“Mr. Barba?” Rafael turned, running to the doctor calling his name. The doctor smiled at your husband, “Your wife lost a lot of blood. We were able to stop the bleeding and give her a transfusion. She should make a full recovery.” Rafael let out a long breath, almost as if he had been holding it in this entire time. “Thank you doctor. Can I see her now?”
“Absolutely, they’re getting her room ready right now, a nurse will come and take you to her.”
Olivia hugged her friend, “I’m going to tell Fin and Rollins the good news.”
Rafael felt as if the weight of the world was lifted from his shoulders, he stood in the hallway silently thanking God for keeping his family safe, not noticing the footsteps behind him. “Counselor? I just heard the good news about Y/N.” Rafael turned to see the detective standing beside him. He didn’t know how to thank Carisi. Sonny didn’t just save the lives of his wife and baby, he saved Rafael too. Barba looked at Carisi with tears in his eyes, a lump forming in his throat, “Thank you Carisi, for everything. I–,” Rafael stopped, the lump preventing him from speaking anymore. Sonny nodded and looked at the ADA, “Y/N is like my family. I would do anything to protect her.” Rafael hugged Carisi tightly, just then a nurse came to take your husband to your room.
White light peeked through the darkness as you tried to open your eyes, you heard a faint beeping sound in the background. The trace smell of the iodoform disinfectant filled your nostrils. Opening your eyes, you looked around the hospital room when you felt fingers brush against your knuckles. Turning your head, you saw your husband holding your hand and smiling at you, tears pooling in his eyes. “Hi mi amor.”
You tried to talk, but it felt like you had cotton in your mouth. Rafael propped up your pillows and helped you take a drink of water. Leaning back on the pillows, you cupped your husband’s face, stroking his cheek with your thumb, “Rafael, I thought I was never going to see you again.” Tears began streaming down your cheeks, “Oh Rafi, I am so sorry.” You choked out between your tears. Rafael ran a hand through your hair, “No mi amor, I’m the one who is sorry. I was so afraid at what type of father I would become that I ended up ignoring the two people who needed me the most. I will never do that again, I love you so much and I will always be here for you and our daughter. Te prometo.”
You grabbed his hand and kissed his knuckles, “I never should have said those things to you Rafi. You are an incredible husband and I know you will be an amazing father. You have such a big heart, don’t ever doubt for a second what type of man you are. Te amo, Rafael.” Rafael leaned over and gave you a gentle kiss, resting his forehead against yours. Both of your tears melding together, “I thought I’d lost you, Y/N. Promise you’ll never leave me.” You shook your head, “Never Rafi.” You both stayed like that for awhile until you realized something was missing. Putting a hand to your stomach you pulled away from Rafael, “Oh my God, Rafael. The baby? Where is she? Is she ok??!!” Your husband held your face in his hands, trying to calm you, “She’s perfect, Y/N. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health. Let me get a nurse to bring her in.”
The nurse wheeled in the bassinet and placed your daughter in your arms. Looking down at your baby, you were completely in love. You softly stroked her cheek with your index finger, trying to memorize every piece of your little girl, long dark eyelashes, green eyes, button nose, and rosy cheeks. “She’s so beautiful.” You whispered. Looking over at your husband, you shifted over and patted the space beside you, inviting your husband to lay next to you.
Rafael obliged and you both sat on the bed gazing down at the beautiful life you both created. You looked at your husband, “I was thinking, let’s name her “Milagros,” Mila for short. I know it’s unconventional but under the circumstances, I think it’s perfect.” Rafael smiled and nodded, “I couldn’t agree more, Milagros Catalina Barba, our little miracle.” Rafael kissed your cheek and then knelt down to kiss Mila’s forehead.
Holding his family in his arms, an idea struck Rafael, “Cariño, how would you feel about Carisi being Mila’s godfather.” You looked up at your husband, you both knew that if it wasn’t for Sonny, you and Mila would not be here. He saved you and your daughter, it was only right that Sonny be your daughter’s godfather. “I think that’s a wonderful idea, Rafi.” As if on cue, there was a knock on the door, looking up you see your partner. “Hey, I wanted to check in on you guys.” You smiled and motioned for Carisi, “Sonny, come in. Would you like to meet your goddaughter, Mila?” Sonny was silent, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening his eyes. He smiled and nodded, “Yeah I do.” You placed the baby in Sonny’s arms, “Hi Mila, I’m your godfather.” Mila cooed at the detective, before yawning and falling asleep in his arms. Sonny looked up and met your eyes, “Thank you,” you mouthed to your partner. Sonny smiled and nodded his head. No other words needed in that moment.
“Siempre estare aqui para ti sin importar lo”- I will always be here for you no matter what.
“Te amo princesa”- I love you princess.
“Te prometo”- I promise you.
“Milagros”- Miracle
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captainmiyuki · 3 years ago
FE Rarepair Week: Day 6
Prompt: Balls, from @ferarepair-week
Fandom: FE Echoes
Pairing: Celica/Mae
AO3 Link: Here
Length: ~2k words
Title: my feet to the beat of yours
To celebrate the alliance of Zofia and Rigel, Celica and Alm decide to throw an extravagant ball. Mae is, as Celica's best friend, of course invited. It's a little difficult being in love with your best friend, but Mae's been managing, even though the unrequited look doesn't really suit her. But, as it turns out, her feelings aren't as unrequited as she thinks.
“WOAHHHHHHH!” shouts Mae. “This place is A-MAZING!” She earns herself the disapproving stares of the guards on duty. Boey slaps his hand over her mouth.
“Quiet!” he hisses into her ear, too little, too late. Celica just looks amused, so Mae figures it wasn’t the worst offence in the world
“Sorry,” she whispers back, a little sheepish. “It’s just so different!”
Zofia Castle has changed a lot in the year or so since the last time they stepped foot here, in the midst of their journey to find Mila. Back then, it had been a little dusty and decrepit, freshly freed from the evil Chancellor Desaix. He clearly hadn’t taken good care of the place, a symptom of the times that even royalty couldn’t escape.
Now it’s freshly polished, newly furnished, and filled with busybody nobles and bustling guards. Celica’s changed too, dressed in elaborate robes with golden lining, a crown atop her head. She hasn’t seen her in forever, only exchanging letters. She looks a lot more stressed than she used to, her face a little more weary, with faint bags under her eyes and a lag in her step.
Celica leads them to a private room where they settle around a small table, and a servant brings them tea. Mae sniffs it warily before making the executive decision to dump a few good spoonfuls of sugar into it. Boey sighs.
“Just because you like gross bitter tea doesn’t mean I do, too.” she sticks out her tongue at him. Celica raises an eyebrow. “I mean, I’m sure it’s of the highest quality for tea and all, Celica, really! It’s just not my thing.” To further prove her point, she pours half the saucer of cream into her cup. Celica giggles, and Mae tries not to preen. Laughter looks good on her. It always has, and Mae’s always been good at inspiring it.
“I believe you. Maybe I’ll ask if there’s hot chocolate in the kitchens for you.” Her eyes twinkle.
Mae groans. “Don’t embarrass me in front of all your fancy friends! They’ll think I’m weird.”
“They probably already do.” says Boey helpfully. Mae smacks him.
“You bully me back in the Priory, we come all the way out here and you bully me here, too. I need better friends.” She takes a swig of her tea and wrinkles her nose. “Anyways, why did you call us? It’s great to see you, it’s just out of the blue, y’know?”
Celica smiles. “I swear it’s important. Zofia is officializing it’s alliance with Rigel, and Alm and I decided to throw a ball to celebrate. It’s open to the general public, of course. It would mean a lot to me if both of you would attend.”
There’s silence.
“Um, isn’t that a little formal for us?” Mae can’t help but ask. They’re not anyone special, just random mages from some random isolated island. Just because the ball thing is technically open to the public doesn’t mean it’ll be acceptable for them to attend. And she doesn’t even own anything fancy, anyways. And Boey can’t even dance, he’ll just look stupid there. She opens her mouth to voice her extremely valid concerns, but Celica cuts her off.
“I thought you may say that, which is why I invited you up here instead of just sending invitations. Alm and I want all the people we fought with there, and I want you there, as my closest friends. Genny’s already here. It’s tomorrow night.”
Mae’s heart flutters a bit at the praise, but Celica’s tone is a little off. Her eyes are dull, and she’s hiding a trembling hand behind her own cup of tea. Maybe the whole alliance idea is riskier than Mae thinks it is. Celica must be genuinely worried, so she can’t just not show up now. She’d be a terrible friend.
“You’ve become so devious,” she complains instead, waggling a finger at her.
“I do what I must to keep you two troublemakers in line.”
“Don’t blame me for Mae’s antics!” interjects Boey, offended. “I’m always perfectly presentable.”
Mae begins to list off all the times he’s made a scene by jumping at small noises, and Celica smiles, for real this time, and Mae hasn’t felt more at home in a while. She’d missed Celica with every fiber of her being before this, always feeling that empty space in her heart and in her conversations with Boey and Genny, all of them cognizant of the person missing from their dynamic, but everything feels right again right now, and that’s all that matters.
The next day, Mae regrets her decision. Someone comes by to drop off breakfast for her and Boey, and tells them that a tailor will be coming by later that afternoon to help them pick out outfits.
“This was the worst idea ever,” Mae wails, pacing about the room in frustration. She’s usually not one to overthink things, but here she is. Maybe it’s just that she feels flustered from seeing Celica again. Stupid useless heart. Boey’s watching her carefully. He’s probably onto her, since she isn’t that great at hiding her feelings. It’s a miracle Celica hasn’t noticed.
“Just confess to her already.” Boey says, crossing his arms. “You’re being ridiculous.” Ok, he’s definitely onto her.
“You’re ridiculous. I’m not going to ruin our entire friendship just because I can’t handle a little pining.”
Boey rolls his eyes. “You really thing Celica would shun you for something like that? She’s a good person.” He has a point, but Mae doesn’t like it, so she chooses to ignore it.
“She’s a queen now, it doesn’t matter what she thinks. She couldn’t marry a commoner, anyways.”
He sighs. “I never thought I’d see the day you gave up so easily on something.”
She goes quiet, cowed by his words.
“Anyways,” she says, because when you’re losing an argument, it’s time to change the subject. “What do you think you’ll wear?” Despite her words, she kind of does want to wear something that’ll dazzle Celica. She’s never been the type to dress up, so hopefully this tailor guy will know what he’s doing when he gets here.
Mae tugs at her new clothes, a little unsure of herself. She takes a deep breath. I look great, I look great, I look great, she repeats over and over again. Boey had given her a thumbs up and a wink, said Celica would love it.
She had decided a dress wasn’t her style, and instead opted for black pants and a pink tunic, complete with a short cape. Boey had chosen something similar, but in green, and was standing anxiously beside her, confidence gone.
“Maybe we should skip after all,” he mumbled, eyeing the fancy outfits of the nobles passing them by. They were holed up in an alcove near the entrance to the chosen ballroom, huddling in a corner to avoid being seen.
“No, we have to now. But you get to go first.” And Mae pushes him forward. He stumbles out of the alcove, earning a few odd looks. He glares back at her, dusting himself off, and strolling to the doors casually. In he goes, and now Mae’s alone.
She takes a deep breath, steeling herself, and charges in.
As expected, it’s extremely crowded. The decorations are gorgeous, the walls strung with banners of both Rigel and Zofia. The colors are a mix of reds and blues. There’s probably going to be a similar event in Rigel, too, since it’d be unfair to ask Rigelian citizens to travel all the way to Zofia Castle.
The musicians are playing lively music, starting the night off right. Mae does her best to mingle, and tries to pretend like she isn’t avoiding Celica. Celica looks amazing. Her hair is done up in an elaborate braided bun, held back by her tiara, her face framed with a veil. Her dress is lacey and elegant without being gaudy, and her makeup makes it look like she’s glowing. It’s an outfit worthy of a queen.
Of course, the ballroom is only so big, and Celica finds her eventually. She gives Mae a once over, eyes bright.
“You look gorgeous,” she says, and Mae blushes.
“You do too!” she blurts, and Celica smiles.
“Will you do me the honor of dancing with me?” she asks, holding out a gloved hand. Mae’s putty in her hands, and places one of her hands on Celica’s hip and links the fingers of her other with Celica’s.
“You’ll probably need to watch your toes. Dancing isn’t my strong point.”
Celica smirks.
“I know. I was there when you learned, remember? So many broken tables.” In her defense, whoever thought teaching children how to dance in an enclosed space was an idiot. Mae huffs.
They keep chatting, swaying casually, and then the universe decides it hates Mae. She’d blame Mila or Duma, except she knows it can’t be, but there’s definitely still someone out there and they have a vendetta against her. The music goes slow and romantic, The sound of soft piano playing and the soulful hum of a violin fill the air.
Her and Celica lock eyes, and Mae goes to pull away, but Celica grips her shoulder tight and tugs her closer.
“One last dance?”
Mae can’t refuse, and so they press close, Mae extra careful not to ruin this by actually stomping on Celica’s exposed toes. The song reaches it climax, and wanting to enjoy this, because who knows when she’ll see Celica again after tonight, she trips her purposefully. Celica yelps and Mae grins, catching her before she hits the ground, executing a perfect dip.
Celica looks a tad exasperated, but then she simply laughs, exuberant. The song ends, and Celica rights herself, but she still doesn’t let go of Mae. Instead, her expression softens, and her eyes take on a determined gleam.
“I need you to come with me.” She pulls Mae by the hand, weaving between the crowd, heading for one of the balconies. Mae furrows her brows, but doesn’t protest.
The night air is cool, and the stars twinkle overhead. The moon is almost full. It’s a beautiful night, not a single cloud in the sky. Celica shuts the doors to the balcony behind them with finality.
“Are you going to return to Novis Isle after this?” Her words are oddly stilted.
Mae shrugs stiffly, not sure what’s happening. “Well, yeah. I don’t know what else I’d really do.”
Celica bites her lip, turning her gaze to the landscape.
“You know, if- if you wanted, you could stay here. In the castle.”
Mae frowns. “I appreciate the thought, Celica, I really do, but I don’t really belong here. All this fancy politics stuff, or the chivalric life of a knight, it doesn’t fit me.”
“It could.” Celica says softly. “You could belong here. With me.”
Surely, she doesn’t mean…
“We can be friends from far away. I’ll always be your best friend, distance or no distance.”
Celica inhales unsteadily, still not looking at her.
“And if I didn’t mean as a friend?”
Okay, that’s enough of talking in a circles. She steps whirls Celica around her. She can’t keep the hopeful look off her face.
“You mean, you like me? Like, like like me?”
Celica’s face goes red. “Well, yes. To put it bluntly. I’ve said it before, but you’re wonderful, and kind, and always cheerful and there for me. I don’t want to lose you.”
Mae beams. “You read my mind! You’re thoughtful, and sweet, when you aren’t tricking your friends into attending your parties.” She clasps Celica’s hands in her own, squeezing tightly. “Oh, this is the best night EVER!”
Celica breaks into a grin. “I had hoped that’s what you would say.” She leans forward, planting a kiss on Mae’s cheek. “You don’t have to stay here, if you really do find all this royalty business that dreadful. But I would greatly prefer if you would visit often.”
“We’ll figure it out,” Mae promises, bouncing on her toes. “You’ve got me all riled up. How ‘bout we go dance some more, huh Celica? Show all those snotty nobles who’s boss.”
Celica rolls her eyes fondly, and back into the ballroom they go.
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artisticestheticreads · 3 years ago
IV // Visions
Tumblr media
One month Later; ending of June
    There was a night rush on Saturday; managers, shift teams and a few people who were called in were on deck. As everyone else was on the floor, Maxine and the Puerto Rican store manager, Cassandra, were in their office. Maxine wore the standard black dress code; v-neck, distressed skinny jeans and combat boot heels with her hair braided to the back. She leaned against the wall as Cass sat at the desk.
     Maxine told her, “ I don’t think this is a good idea. Letting go four of our team members. This is complete and utter bull shit, Cass.” She shook her head, aggravated at the decisions they had to make. Cassandra agreed. “ I know. I know. But we don’t have choice. Our DM is making us do this.” Maxine paced the floor back and forth. “Then why the fuck can’t he make the decision? Why we gotta do his shitty ass work?” Cassie asked and raised a brow, “Max, do you really want him to make the decisions? He would cut half of us and then go fuck his wife like nothing happened.” They sat in silence then Cassie asked “so who we put on the chopping block?” “Don’t ask me. We gonna have to pick the ones who aren’t contributing. Always late, hiding in the bathroom. How long we got until we have to make our decision?” Cassie said “the meeting for our store is due for Saturday morning at nine am.”
Sunday afternoon.
     It was Maxine’s day off and she decided just to stay in. She wore some red sweat shorts, black tank and a head wrap that held her hair up. She was in the living room setting her Samsung stick on the tv to Pandora; she played the Daniel Caesar channel. She grabbed all of her stuff to prepare for Sierra to make her way back from her man’s place. She would stay at his place for weeks on in, being close to one another and making love like rabbits everywhere. Maxine placed the few essentials that she needed to do Sierra’s hair on the table beside her; rubber bands, five big bags of  braiding hair in the color 1B which was a dark brown shade, a big Value size of Let’s Jam hair gel, rat tail comb, Jamaican Castor oil, etc. She heard Sierra mess with her keys and decide to open it for her.
  Sierra hugged her friend showing how much she missed her. Justin came out about to leave for work when he saw Sierra. He gently pushed Max out the way to hug Ms. Mona. Sierra said with excitement “hi, Justin. Hold on let me go change. I’ll be back.” After a few seconds, she slipped into a green body con dress and sat in the chair  in front of Maxine getting ready for her head to be blessed by the magical hands Maxine had. Justin grabbed his lunch and sat on the couch about to get a blunt ready.  Max separated Sierra’s thick hair into four sections into big clips but letting a clean row of hair in the back flow. Justin blew out a puff a smoke. Maxine asked “ Justy, when does your shift start.?” “In like thirty minutes.” Maxine looked at him with a hand on her left hip. “And you’re smoking a blunt?” Justin let a puff of smoke through his smile as she rolled her eyes and laughed; she began to start on the box braids.
  [Kickin Back by Mila J plays in the background]
      Sierra had a coming in phone call. It was Sydney; she put it on speaker phone for everyone to hear. Sierra asked “hello”? “Hola, niña,” Sydney said. They began chatting. “Are you back at y’all place yet?” “Yeah. I’m here with them getting my hair braided. Y’all still coming?” Sydney said while she held the phone on speaker while Josie drove “yeah. We just gotta got some food for the group. We would’ve came earlier but we was ‘busy’.” She bit her lip at Joseline as she drove. Justin passed the blunt to Sierra and yelled “they was munching on each others’ box!!!” Everyone laughed at Justin being a fool. Sierra took a hit and held it to Max’s mouth so she can hit. Sierra asked “what y’all about to get.?” Joseline answered “we just gonna go buy the Albertons by y’all place and pick up stuff to make so we can eat something Mexican. You know tacos and shit like that.” Maxine said “that do sound bomb. Can y’all also bring some sweets and I’ll pay y’all back.?” Justin leaned against the wall and yelled “and alcohol! I’m gonna need it when I get off!” Sydney said “we got y’all. We’ll be there in thirty.”: they hung up.
       Justin looked at Maxine with puppy dog eyes and she looked at him confused. “What? You’re not about to call off, Justin.” Justin rolled his eyes, sighing “can I leave early? Who is the manager today?” Maxine started to think with her eyes closed still braiding. “Steven”. Justin groaned and rolled his eyes again. He kissed the girls bye on their cheek and left. Sierra sat on her phone looking at snap chat. “So Donnie slept over the other night.?”,she asked. Max stopped and looked at the window. “You know Justin got a big ass mouth”, Sierra told her as Max started again. “So, does that mean y’all official now?” Maxine, parting another section, said “I guess but we haven’t done anything serious.” Sierra leaned to the side. “Max, you falling for him.?” Max looked at her head and shrugged. Sierra can sense it and said “ok. But if he hurt you, I’ll kill him dead.” Max laughed and kissed her best friend on the head. “But how are you and Gerald doing?” Sierra blushed and said “we iight.” “ Just iight?”  Sierra kissed her teeth and began talking. “Girl, yeah. We can’t stop being with each other. He didn’t want me to come back to get my hair done but I had to convince him”. She wiped her mouth. Maxine shook her head and laughed at the remark. 
       Maxine was now on the second row when she got a phone call in. She placed her wireless earbud in her ear to answer while still braiding. “Hello”, she said. “Hey, baby girl” a sleepy voice spoke. She felt smile creeping her face as she bit her lip. “Hey, Donnie.” Sierra smiled at her cute best friend and her love interest as she smoked the blunt and texting nasty things. Maxine told him “I’m doing Sierra’s hair. You just now getting up, Don?” “Yeah, it was a busy day. I was out all day yesterday.” “With yo other females.?” A deep chuckle eased in her ear and she smirked. “Nah. No other females, baby. I ain’t that type.” “I thought all thugs were that type of man.” “Not a thug. I’m a business man, ma.”  Maxine was a sucker for the pet names he gave her and he knew that for sure. “You gonna be doing that the entire time?” Maxine replied “Nope, I should be done in a few hours but my girls are coming over with food so we just chilling tonight.” Donnie thought to ask to come over but it was ladies night so he had to hold back the urge to wanting to see her. “Iight then. You work a night shift tomorrow?” “Yeah, my next day off is Wednesday. Are you free?” “For you. I can be. We’ll go workout and I’ll take you to this spot I go to. I think it’ll be fun.” “Alright. I’m down.” Maxine smiled at his chuckle. Donnie said goodbye and hung up.
         There was a knock at the door and it was the girls. Sydney and Joseline both rocked messy buns with jeans; Sydney wore hers cuffed at the bottom, a flannel wrapped her waist, a white tank and furry black slippers. Joseline wore a camo top and Nike slides. They kissed the girls on the cheek and went to put up the food. They bought stuff to make burritos and nachos also they got sweet stuff like cake and ice cream. Sydney and Joseline had took their shoes off by the door like they were home. Sydney sat on the couch and Joseline continues to put the things up. Syd said “so, what’s been going since we were out in the ATL?” Sierra said “shit nothing much. Work stressing me out as usual but I’ve been at my baby’s place.” Josie nodded and asked, “what about you, Maxy? How is it with Donnie? Everything good?” “Yeah. We’ve talking and whatnot.” Joseline started to make some drinks for the group and handed each one out. “Yeah talking and giving him blue balls”, Syd said. Maxine looked at her couldn’t help but think Justin told them. “I’m gonna kill that nigga, Justin.”
Six hours later
      Maxine was a few braids of being done with Sierra’s hair. The girls were all eating and talking about stuff going on that they usually talk about all the time. Max dipped Sierra’s hair in hot water to seal it while the girls were all in awe. Max also oiled and massaged her scalp to release any unwanted tightness. Max then began doing Sierra’s edges in a swiping motion and laying them to precision. Justin was finally off work and hurried to shower to join the girls. He sat beside the couch with a plate of food and margarita. Sierra filmed all the hi-jinks on her Snap chat story and took selfies of Max’s amazing work of art. Sierra wrapped her head up and headed off to bed so she can have energy for work the next day. Syd and Josie went on home while Justin went to bed leaving Max alone. 
[Down by Ella Mai plays]       
      Maxine began to wash dishes, sweep up left over hair, straighten up the couch and lock up the house when all of a sudden she had an incoming text.
I’m outside. Open up. :)
    She looked at the door after she placed her things back. She walked over, opened it to see Donnie with his arms up on both sides of the door. His hair was cornrowed to the back and he gave her that incredible gold fang grill smile Maxine loved so much while his left arm wrapped around her waist and looked down at her. He wore black joggers, a white muscle tee and white Nikes. As he walked forward, she walked backwards but he began to kiss her from her breasts to her jaw. She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes in pleasure. He picked her up from her thighs and wrapped her legs around his waist. He forced his lips against hers and she let him. They made her way to the bedroom still holding her thighs, closing and locking the door behind them. 
      He smiled at her with lust in his eyes and put her back up against the wall. He slipped his hands up her tank to caress her breasts as their eyes were still on each other. He then ripped the tank from under clean off of her. She was shocked but honestly she didn’t care. He smashed into her mouth, she slipped off his shirt and tossed it to the side. He gently grabbed her neck and ripped her shorts off; showing she had no undies on whatsoever. He look down at her making her feel smaller than she was and said with a smirk on his face “you was ready for me, huh? You was ready for Big Don?” She nodded and slid him out of his sweats letting his full grown erection hit his ripped stomach. She kept her eyes on him the entire time and he did the exact same. He took both of her legs again and wrapped them around his waist as his man hood lined up with her entry. 
      ‘You ready?” and before she knew it, he slowly slid into her inch by inch. He began bouncing her into his pelvis. She had her eyes shut and moaning quietly not trying to wake the others with her lips pressing together. He cupped her jaw making her look at him and said “don’t hold them in, baby girl. Let that shit out, right now. Let’s wake the neighbors out they muthafuckin’ sleep.” With every word, his thrusts became more violent causing him to hit her g spot every single time. She then felt herself clench around him, legs shaky and held on to his back with her fingers making him hiss in pleasure and go faster. She felt her mouth fill up with moans uncontrollably.
[An alarm clock rings] 
      The next morning, Maxine woke up to the sound of her alarm reminding to go to the gym. She looked around. She was in bed, fully clothed with the clothes from last night and Donnie no where in sight. She looked at her tank with no rip in it and flopped back into bed. It was all a dream, unfortunately. She went to the gym thinking about it and then to work still in a daze. I need to see him, she thought. She began thinking about Donnie and wanted Wednesday to hurry up and come. 
          Eventually, the time came that they hung out again. He escorted her to the gym and get a great workout in. She wore an active gray bodysuit with Adidas Alphabounce and her hair braided to the back. Donnie held the punching bag wearing a black muscle tee, hair braided like in the dream she had, cap to the back, basketball shorts and running shoes; all from Nike. Maxine’s face was focused trying to land every punch. When she boxed, she showed such determination, but also grace and beauty. Donnie couldn’t help but be proud and encourage her more. “C’mon, baby girl. Ten more in you. C’mon, let’s go.” After an hour, they took turns showering and getting ready for the day. They wore similar outfits; white shirt, camouflage cargos and matching Converse. 
         They rode in his Range Rover but Maxine had no idea where they were going after lunch. They parked in lot of a gun range. As he unbuckled his seatbelt, he noticed Max had a tight grip on his seat; he smiled at her being so nervous. “It’s a gun range, baby girl.” He opened, shut the door and walked over to unbuckle Maxine’s seatbelt; he kissed her on the cheek and took her hand helping her out and shutting the door behind her. “You’ve been stressed out and I want to relieve that.” He opened the front door and open palmed her butt causing her to giggle. 
     A big Hispanic man around the age of fifty-five, stood at the counter. His hair was pure gray and his eyes were narrow. “My man, Don! How’s it going?”, Donnie shook his hand. “Good man. Good. How ‘bout you, Jean?” “Awe, man. Can’t complain. The kids are at basketball camp. The Mrs. is taking care of our twins right now. Donnie said “awe man. Two boys right?” “Yeah. George and Frankie. My beautiful baby boys.” Donnie dug in his pocket and handed him a huge wad of money to Jean. Jean looked at the money and shook his head saying he couldn’t take it. Donnie placed into Jean’s hand and waited for him to put the money in his pocket. Donnie wrapped his arms around Maxine’s waist as she looked at all the guns surrounding her. She felt protected in his arms even though she was still observing the shop. Donnie spoke “this is my lady, Maxine. Maxine, this is my main man Jean.” Jean said “nice to meet you, miss. Which one do you wanna try?” Maxine looked at the case in between them and pointed to her option. Donnie and Jean looked at each other. Jean applauded her for her choice; a black Beretta 92. 9mm pistol. He handed her a pair of eye protectors and a headphone styled ear protector. He did the same for Donnie and handed him matching guns. 
 [Like Whaaat by Problem Plays in the background]
   They walked into a room with two target maps that had a man drawn on it. The room had a see through mirror behind them and the other side became dark. Donnie placed the gun in front of Maxine and said “watch me and then I’ll show you what to do. Okay, baby?” She nodded as he turned his back to his left standing in front of Maxine. Then, a few rounds went off. He was so focused and ready to teach Maxine everything he knew; she watched in amazement. He was so focused and looked too damn good for his own good. Donnie then spoke “alright. You saw what I did right.?” She nodded as he stood behind her. His chest was against her back and she let out a deep breath.
    “Grab the gun”, he commanded her as she did so. He continued to mentor her. “ What you gonna do next is open your right hand to expose the webbing between your index finger and thumb. Taking the gun in your other hand, insert the grip of the pistol into the web of your right hand. With your thumb on one side of the grip, keep your middle, ring, and pinky fingers curled securely around the other side just below the trigger guard.” She did so looking back at him and then refocusing on the gun. He continued ‘”your left hand should be held underneath the handgun providing support for the weight of the gun. Place your index finger on the bottom of the trigger guard or in front of it, wherever is most comfortable.” He held her hands to make sure she was doing it right.
      “ Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with the foot opposite your dominant hand about a step past the other foot. Your dominant arm must be in line with the handgun and pointed at the target. Ensure that the top of the front sight post is level with the top of the rear sight, and that the rear sight appears evenly centered within the notch of the front sight.  Control your breathing.” She took a deep breath to keep it calm and controlled. Donnie stepped back to her left a few steps away and yelled. “Fire.” She began firing at the target paper in front of her. Donnie observed and became aroused at how focused she was. A smirk smeared onto both of their faces as she finished. The sheet slowly approached her and when she reached for it, it showed that she aimed at various places in the body perfectly. “Not bad for a beginner. Good job, baby.” 
       They went a few more rounds and then left to her place but sat in the car. They passed a blunt around as Max was thinking about her dream. She couldn’t stop thinking about. It has been way loooong since she has had sexual relations with anyone; one year, two months, five days, eight hours, thirty minutes and six seconds too long to be exact but who was counting.? Donnie took her hand and caressed it knowing her thought process was far gone. “You alright?” Maxine still looking forward asked him “We together and we knew each other for months now, right?” “Yeah. Why wouldn’t we be?” Maxine blew out smoke through her nose and said “then why haven’t we have sex yet?” Donnie narrowed his eyes. “You ain’t ready for this either.” He chuckled. Max looked at his laughing expression as she began to let her fingers grace his neck, collarbone and chest to show she wasn’t playing around. She had his undivided attention and that’s the way she wanted it. Her hands reached for his crotch but he was too quick as he grabbed her wrist to kiss and bite it all while grabbing her neck softly and spoke in her ear. “Alright. Saturday, let me know when you’re off, I’ll pick you up, take you shopping and all types of shit, make you dinner and then after I’m gonna rearrange them muthafuckin’ guts, baby girl. You get what daddy is spitting to ya?” He looked into her face; Maxine nodded. He kissed her lips then said “I’ll see you then.”
 Saturday morning
     It was the day. The day Maxine dreaded and wanted to avoid in all costs. Maxine stood in her office with Cassandra. Maxine wore a dress shirt, sleeves rolled up with tailored dress pants to show her frame and curves with black pumps and hair tossed to the side while Cassandra wore the same but her pants boot cut.  Maxine looked at the time; a quarter until nine. She placed her clip board in hand pacing the floor. Cassandra can tell she was anxious in a bad way. Cassandra’s eyes followed Maxine’s every move. She said “you know, Max. You’re making me hell of nervous right now.” Maxine gave her look that said shut the fuck up, Cassie! Cassie then explained “look, kid. I know this is some tough stuff but we gotta get it together.” There was a knock on the door that caught them by surprise. A skinny yet handsome man in a gray suit stood on the other side. He was a tall, African man who was attractive to some but with a crappy attitude; District Manager, Shawn O’Neil. 
          “Good morning, ladies”, he said while prancing by Max. “Are you ladies ready? Who are we letting go?” Cassandra said the names, “Victoria, Tierra, Pauly and Richy.” Maxine continued “these four are the ones who don’t contribute at all. If we release them then we will be good with hours”. Maxine felt her heart sink as she thought to herself. She couldn’t even choose anyone to let go. Thirty minutes into the meeting with the rest of the staff,  Cassandra was wrapping up the stats and numbers from this quarter. “And if we keep at it, you guys, we can get better number for last year.”, she said as she looked at Maxine. Maxine really wanted to avoid this moment when she searched for the “Chopping Block List.” “May we see the following people?” She began reading. “Victoria, Tierra, Pauly and...”
1.  Hola, niña
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mcyourbiisshowing · 3 years ago
The name of your soulmate tattooed on yourself or the one person in denial about soulmates until their soulmate proves them wrong with JD, please?
I’m so sorry it took me so long lovey, but here is this soulmate fic at long last!
The first name of the person. That was what was always tattooed on yourself. It was never a full name, that would be too simple. The full name only appeared after a while - after the first kiss, the first ‘I love you’.
Well, JD wished it would be that simple.
They scowled at the name written in a simple cursive on their shoulder. Fucking soulmates don't exist. No one could be bloody happy forever with the same person - the idea that if you just happened to find someone with the first name written somewhere on your body and bam it happened? Yea right.
Their tank hid most of it, but their leather jacket covered it from sight completely. Just how they liked it.
Denial was the right word for it alright.
“I hate Mondays.” MC groaned from the bar, splaying the top half of herself over the counter. Unfortunately or fortunately, whatever way they wanted to think about it, for JD, that gave them a really, really nice view of her ass.
Snap. Out. Of. It.
They plastered a smirk on their face, going beside her and tilting their head to look at her face.
“Monday is literally the same as any other day.”
“Yea,” She lifted her head, glaring half-heartedly at them - Devil did she look cute when she was trying to be angry - “But it’s Monday!”
JD shook their head, laughing, before they pushed away from the bar, patting her on the back as they went. They didn’t want to admit their hand lingered for a second - she seemed kind of cold. Or maybe just JD being too hot and it seemed cold in comparison.
JD scowled at their reflection in an arcade machine.
Are you catching feelings Jordan?
They admitted to themselves they were in love with her in the strangest fucking moment possible.
MC was a disaster - she knew that, they knew that. In sympathy, and friendship, they often insisted she come over to their room before she went on a date. JD would grin and explain they would make her look like a hot mess, instead of a usual mess.
Sometimes the first few dates would go well. But then bullshit would hit the fan and she would come into work the next day with shadows of mascara trailing down her cheeks - even if she tried to cover them up. Before Razi could see her, they would gently lead her to the back and listen while they used actual make-up remover.
This time had been a little different.
They spun around in their office chair, music thrumming loudly in their ears. MC had gone out a couple of hours ago- evidence of their messing still remained in the form of bottles and containers strewn across the carpet.
There was suddenly a knocking at the door, loud and insistent. They hitched an eyebrow before answering.
MC nearly tumbled straight into them. She was gasping as she clutched onto the front of their tank top.
“MC what the--?!”
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She gasped, burying her face into their chest, taking in deep shuddering breaths, “I’m so sorry JD. I couldn’t fucking risk letting her know where I lived and the fact I fucking lived alone and….and…..”“Shhh, hey, hey, it’s ok. What happened?” They tried to keep their voice smooth- but from that little snippet they had an idea.
“Girl with abs. Fucking creepy girl with abs! You said she had crazy eyes, did I listen? No. I didn’t! Ughh.”
She was shaking violently, even if her voice was an even tone. JD pulled her closer to their chest, sighing softly.
“She tried to spike my drink.” MC mutters, and JD inhales sharply, pulling away.
“The fuck?! ““JD can you please stay here and not go try find her?” MC paused, her grip tightening just a little, “Please.” JD’s body had wound up tightly, the fire boiling in their veins and ready to be called forth to burn a bitches ass, but at the sound of MC’s voice, small and almost scared, they relaxed, shoulders dropping.
“Of course, of course.”
So, they gave her some clothes- they had to distract themselves a lot when she was stripping off her dress, took off the makeup gently and basically tried to distract her from thinking about what happened.
“Why can’t more people be like youuu.” She mumbled, wrapping her arms around them, head nuzzling into their chest. JD battled down the heat rising into their cheeks, patting her head awkwardly.
“‘Cause unfortunately sweetheart, the world is full of assholes.”
Sweetheart. They liked how that sounded. It was usually just a term they used teasingly, but it felt at home on their tongue, and their hug became a little less awkward, arms draping around her loosely.
It took a few minutes of silence for JD to realize MC was breathing deeply, her eyes closed. Sleeping.
JD sighed, relaxing into their bed a little easier, one hand idly brushing away her hair from the nape of her neck. Deep black ink caught their attention and they hitched an eyebrow, smirking. MC had tattoos and she never told them? Scandalous.
They peered, tilting their head a little. They nearly had a mini heart attack when they saw it wasn’t just a tattoo. It was a name.
Deep black, bold lines, with a two devil horns protruding from the ‘o’.
“Oh fucking hell.” they breathed, before they averted their eyes, breathing suddenly shallow and quick.
This was not happening. No way in Hell the girl they were in love with could be their soulmate. No one could be that lucky. They nearly choked again.
The girl they were in love with.
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Tumblr media
Sunday, 7th March 2021
Picture:::: Taken on Friday, in front of Babinski. I’ll go to visit Babinski on Monday.  Yeap, I have done my 7 rounds of prayers and I’ll go now courageously, joyfully and confidently. I actually was already there a few times, but from now on, I need to knock on doors of strangers. It’s big!!!!!!! heheheh 3 floors to explore, I don’t think I’d be able to do well for 3 floors. I might need to find volunteers to help me. There is Sophie who is in charge of 4th floor. 
Peeps.. I am feeling.. like my usual Sundays.. well.. Sunday afternoon is now becoming some kind of crying Sunday.  My baby sista.. How I feel her much.. 
I had her on the phone today, because writing was complicated..  My baby sista sounded calm.. but she laughed crazily and crying now and then.. talking about how bad her parents-in-law are to her.  sniffff.. I worry that she might be crazy in no time.. sniff..  Basically from what I understood, her parents-in-law have considered that Jack is dead. The mother doesn’t even go to see him from October until today. It was their idea to put Jack in nursery house. AND they want to keep the insurance money.. TT___TT This looks like some television drama..  I don’t even care anymore about the in-laws..  My sis wants to take Jack home, but they didn’t want him home. She told mom that his legs have becoming weird, drying out and get smaller size than they used to be.. snifff..  I don’t know what they want from my sister.. They just want to empty everything in Jack’s account and leave my sister with nothing.. I am freaking out with the idea that they are going to see my sister tomorrow to talk about money. I don’t want my sister to go to live with them anymore, I am afraid that they might just empoison her.. yeap, you might say I watched too many movies, but nope, if they could even stop to consider Jack, their son who is in comma, then who is my sister to them? nobody .. and they are blaming my sis for Jack’s condition. It’s scary to think that it’s happening for real in my our life. We have such a common life .. from my childhood until today, I have such a common life.. It’s like a standard story.. elementary school, secondary school, high school, university years and working years and got married, children etc.. Everything is soooo common! So does my sister.. How can this become a drama now?
I have been crying a lot, mom told me to go to nap hahaha, that I’ll be blind in no time if I keep crying on every Sunday hahah, yeap.. I couldn’t even see Fr Thierry clear enough from my place today hahaha.. He was blur.. hehe but I got to see him clearer later, my eyes adjusted themselves slowly..
It’s a mixed feeling Sunday.. I was happy to see my happy vibes.. but afternoon is always crying Sunday.. 
My sis.. I understand her pain, she simply wants to have a family. How she kept telling me that they promised to take care of each other until death do them part. I worry much, because I know how the parents in law could be very sneaky.. I am afraid for my sister’s life. 
Mom called aunt Elisa to tell her to go with sista tomorrow, because sis would simply go to Tiger nest.. to be eaten raw. There are three and my sis, she is even smaller than me. My courageous and full of faith sista, she said she’ll walk in there with the Lord and watch who can come to hurt her.. I  know.. but Jesus told us to not be silly either. yeap, my Aunt and her husband will go with her.
Sis asked me how to ask a few things.. yeap yeap I told her how.. 
I was annoyed during my talk with my sis, somehow I kept speaking in French HAHAHAHAH My brain worked in French.. how scary.. hahah keep mixing French, English and Indo.. My sis spoke in English sometimes.. I am all confused hahaha.. either her English was Singlish or mixing ones.. God, it’s been a while for me to listen to Singlish. Anyhow.. she noted down what I told her to ask.. And she’ll put recording too.
Tonight hahaha I might not sleep.. since they’ll go in the morning, Singapore time, I want to stay tune to pray..  Sis kept messaging me that she can’t sleep for 2 days already .. snifff.. yeap.. I told her to pray endlessly Hail Mary..
Well, everything will be fine. This will be just another nightmare, cry as much as we need to, bear the pain, digest and live on.  Why do you think I cry all the time? hahaha I don’t know either, I know she’ll be fine.. but geeez the pain in my heart listening to her, my baby sister.. she’s 40 yo now, but forever my baby sister..
Peeps.. we are simply genuine and honest people.. how come we found ourselves in this complicated mess? hahaha
Brrrr..I need to think and talk about something else, .. or else.. I’ll have crying evening too. Becc and I watched the Sound of Music.. she loved it! See! hehe it’s a classic hehhee.. The thing is I have the English version only, without French subtitle hahaha.. She kept asking what they’re saying hahaha..
Becc had her Scout meeting and she had fun.. Josh was out since 8 AM this morning and got back at 6.30 PM hehehe He had fun too.. Thank God for Scout! It’s the only activity that goes on besides the music hein.. Next weekend Becc will be away from Saturday.. And guess what, they had to go out in civil clothes and take their uniform along in their bag for the trip HAHAHA somekind of undercover thing hahaha..
Josh’ weekend will be in two weeks..  God, how I miss my youth days, when things were nothing but my busy activities life..
If only I can stay forever at that age hahaha.. 
Oh, Fr Thierry talked about being children phase and adult phase in spiritual life hehehe.. he was being careful about this.. I know it was not for me. hehehe  He knows that I go there not as simply consumer..  hhehehe
But humbling fact, that even though I wish to remain at child phase hahaha.. the period of time when I am served  kekekke BUT Do you think I can? hahah  God, we simply can’t! Once we are disciple, we are forever missionary.. 
Even if I want to remain at child phase, but I can’t and it goes naturally.. stronger than my own will.  The seed of faith planted has grown up unknowingly, unnoticeably and nobody, not even me, myself can stop it to grow and to bear fruits. It’s out of my control.
Ok.. this morning .. I went to St Albert.. worried to be late hehehe.. but I was not late.. Saw Robert who just went to put the food in the kitchen. He was invited today for lunch.. good for him.. People, can you stop asking me if I am invited? hahahah I won’t be invited.. Isabelle, Mémé, Robert, Trini, please.. it’s for you all, not me and others. 
Then mass. I thought Fr Thierry was on bad mood hahaha... dunno..  Hubby said it’s because I go there too often, he has enough of me hahahah.. Nahhhh.. it was a mass, he has never said anything about us going to his mass. But true that this week, it’s the 3rd times I went to St Albert.. hahah.. sorry, it’s too much..
Honestly, I can’t go there next Sunday, nor next next Sunday either and then it’ll be Rameaux, no chance to go.. I have work too.. AND then, Sunday Easter, I can’t go there at all.. then the Sunday after Easter Sunday, I’ll work. So, the next Sunday I’ll go there will be on 18th April!
Mass was all good.. the new Cantor, was actually good, but didn’t know that he had to lead? but well, it was all fine. Where was Helene? 
Corentin had his entrée en catéchuménat.. cute hehehe.. CUTE assembly who replied instead of the mother who completely lost it hahaha.. well, dealing with African family needs a whole bunch bags of patience. 
I notice that there were more and more children and families too.. this is good, thank God!
Oh, Saw Rudy and his family, Magalie, the wife and the three children, Mila, Isis-Emmanuelle and Zacharie. Rudy remembered me, yeap I saw him at Way of Cross.. I gave him sign to take the cross from me hehehe.. For Way of Cross, people over there are not motivated yet or don’t know how to follow the HOW to, yet.
Rudy looks young, but seems to be motivated young father. I think he could be part of some project. Because he’s easy going type, he came to say hello after mass and got into conversation easily. Magalie seems to be ok too. But perhaps she would be busy with her children now.
Peeps, this is how I am saying that I am not a simply consumer hehehe I am part of Church, Capital C hein, hehehe even when I am not at my parish, it’s natural for me to talk with people and get knowing each other.. I can’t just act as if I am a guest all the time waited to be talked to, to be served. I am not saying that I am going to invade their parish.. nope, but I am simply being normal Christian, we are nice to each other hahahah.. I am also nice to people when I am not at church hein hahahaha I mean, you can’t just being Christian at your parish and stop being it once you leave your parish, right? heheh you’re Christian everywhere, 24hours of 7 days...
I wanted to introduce Robert to them too, but they left. Robert has not yet that vibes to just hang out and talk to people.
I haven’t seen Martha a lot? Was it Marthe or Martha? hahah geeez..
There is a CPP member named François who is very helpful too, but I have never talked to him yet.  It’s easier to talk to elderly, or people who has family than to a man all alone hahah. 
Homily.. was actually good.. hehe. It’s sweet that Fr Thierry was being careful when he mentioned about child phase and adult phase. I think it’s good that he mentioned it.. his people need to hear that.  We can’t be forever consumer.. go to mass and give our quête, as if paying for the Host and go home after mass.. There is more than that. People need to feel concerned, and be part of the community.
Fr Thierry has actually talked about this a lot.. it was not the first time I heard him talking about going to church by choosing priests, and all other superficial reasons..
I might be still at Child phase hahaha it’s ok, I still need to go to St Albert ..  I get Jesus and I have Fr Thierry.. kekeke..  Let me be childish, yesterday I had mass with Fr Chris, seriously I was annoyed much! Can’t people say anything?! He can’t even bother to finish his sentences! All speed but more than speedy, he didn’t bother to finish every sentence of his prayer!  There is super slow Fr Jer, and crazily fast Fr Chris. Fr Bapt has correct speed. Fast is ok, if you finish the sentence! Don’t cut the prayers.
And I am sorry, his homily has no content but the same old thing, I have enough.  Today was his mass. I know that homily is not everything of mass, but if homily is really bad and also other parts of mass, I don’t know anymore what to do. 
How could he said “Acclamons la parole” cutting “de Dieu”.. If your excuse it’s that we didn’t get to listen to last part, but he said it, then he needs to stop moving around to kiss the Bible! Stop, end your sentence and then kiss the bible! It doesn’t help us to pray when he says prayers that quickly and I am also annoyed, I think perhaps people don’t really listen to priests during mass? how could they not notice all this? Were they day-dreaming during mass? Don’t they think prayers go weird when it’s Fr Chris who preside? 
IT’s like when he puts Christ down quickly too.. Je ne suis pas digne de Te recevoir, mais dis seulement une parole, et je serai guéris!  MEAN it! when you say this, MEAN it! When you mean it, you can’t put Christ down quickly.. You have to look at it and mean every word you say with the assembly! NOT murmuring to yourself! 
Anyhow.. if I am still on child phase hehehe because I am still choosing whose mass haha then be it.. I am humbly accepting this hehehe I will grow too hehee.. and I’ll be purified as time goes by. Perhaps until I die, I’ll still be the superficial Christian, hehehe Only God knows.
Oh, I saw a picture of the church’s façade with the mosaic too .. It actually looks nice.. I don’t know how it goes for the permit.. 
I was about to suggest Fr Thierry to paint the green part into white, or broken white hehehe but today he didn’t seem to be in good mood.  Dunno.. what was it with my happy vibes today? Something troubled him? dunno.. I didn’t do anything wrong, right? hahaha yeap, even when there is a volcano erupted in Papua somewhere, I might feel guilty too hahaha.. But I don’t do anything hahahah.. Was today really the “too many times”? Am I invading too much? then, I am sorry. It remains 2 more way of cross and then that’s it.. I’ll have to wait until mid April to go again.. nahhh.. he’s cool with me going there ... I hope everything goes well for him.. with his parish etc..
He might have Easter eve mass in the morning at 7 AM! heheh cool, good idea.. Remember that I wrote about this too? But at 6.30 AM.. True, if then people go to other parish, then it’s bad. I don’t know what our parish is planning.. Now I am not inner cycle anymore. I miss Fr Steph period hehehe.. he lets us know early.. Now we all have last minute notice for everything.. Last night I got an email for a community day on 27th March, Fr Chris asks CPP people to help.. geezz.. I can help, but I don’t think this is good, last minute! 
Until today we don’t have Triduum schedule yet, while I am a busy person hahaha I don’t know how to manage my days for Triduum. My kids have school too. Thursday, Friday .. both days, I work! And to my surprise, Fr Fred wants to have Triduum at aumonerie.. I have no word.. I mean, we have 6-10 people hahahhaah at mass. I am going to have Jeudi saint with 10 people at aumonerie at 3 PM! 
How to do Office de la Passion?  I worry that my kids might miss out the Triduum masses this year. Josh has school until 6 PM
We used to decorate the reposoir and altar too on Thursday morning.. But this year, I’ll work on Thursday .. dunno, if it’s ok to prepare this on Wednesday? I can take day off from the nuns. geez, I don’t even have the Triduum schedule yet.. I think they will put it on 4.30 PM.
Anyway, I need to get off.. I want to work on Choeur Parlé.. how to pick kids to help us?
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