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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Possible names for characters who have miraculous’s thus far in this Au thing

Sakura/“lady bug” - spotted lady beetle, spotted lady, cloeomegilla, maculata, coccinellinae, rose beetle

Most of Sakura’s came from an actual insect the pink spotted lady beetle aka the twelve spotted lady beetle and its taxonomy parts

Naruto/“Rena Rouge “ - Kurama, Kyuubi, kitsune, vuples

Kurama and Kyuubi for obvious reasons, kitsune fills more feminine so that one a stretch. Maybe kitsune was what Kushina called her hero self. Vulpes is a bit of a stretch as well because I don’t think Naruto would know taxonomy names

Ino/“queen bee” - Mellifera, Apis, Apidae, abeille

Mellifera, Apis, and Apidae all come form the taxonomy parts. Google translate says abeille is French for honey bee.

Ps. I’m working on Sakura’s hero outfit so it will be up eventually

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by overworkedunderwhelmed

With her back against the wall, Marinette is left with no choice but to do the very thing she swore she would never do; she knows what this decision means for her, and for all of Paris.

And, as dire and desperate as everything seems, she can still hold fast to one hope: no matter what happens to her, there is someone that will never let her down.

Words: 2722, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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You drag me head first, Fearless
by FelicisMagic18873

My hands shake. I’m not usually this way But you pull me in and I’m a little more brave.
It’s the first kiss, It’s flawless, Really something,
It’s fearless.
In which there is a sleepover, hidden feelings, and two best friends.

Words: 1262, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Miraculous Writing

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Of Bugs and Kittens
by whiterice party

Marinette’s in love with Adrien, Chat Noir’s in love with Ladybug. That’s how it is, and how it has to be. Thing is, though, Marinette’s eyes are warm and remind Adrien of home, and Chat’s jokes are what keep Ladybug running on harder days. It’s confusing sometimes, certainly, but nothing our heroes can’t handle – right?

This is a fic done for the request of tumblr’s @dumbdraws for what basically amounts to “what if they did the love square and whole concept but less stressfully?”. It will follow Chat and Ladybug as they learn to love themselves and both parts of each other, and find each other in the end. Being badasses along the way, obviously. Art by @dumbdraws, who has given permission to post.

Words: 1342, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Appearances and Deceit
by Angylle

It has been ten days since his mother’s disappearance. No one in the house seems willing to discuss where she went or why she left. Nathalie’s only response is to make Adrien write Journal Entries.

What if Adrien was not what he seemed? What if Emelie had shown the Miraculous Grimoire to Adrien, and they came up with bed time stories from it when he was little?

Will that change his objective as Chat Noir?

Words: 2838, Chapters: 1/5, Language: English

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Two Chicago Cubs employees has tested positive for the coronavirus and one hospitalized.

Per AP, one was hospitalized and other was recovering at home, a Cubs spokesperon told AP on Sunday.

Via AP:

Green also said there was “nothing definitive” indicating the session “contributed to exposure” since the test results weren’t received until March 23 and 24. But “out of an abundance of caution, transparency and responsibility,” the Cubs informed staff in an email on Friday.

“We know many of these associates know each other, spend time together and speak frequently so we want everyone to take the necessary precautions and follow CDC guidance even though we’re not together and playing baseball,” Green said.


The Chicago Sun-Times first reported the positive results.

The Cubs said in the email to staff they “reached out to both associates to offer our support.” They also urged employees to monitor their health closely and follow guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Most people who contract COVID-19 have mild or moderate symptoms, which can include fever and cough but also milder cases of pneumonia, sometimes requiring hospitalization. The risk of death is greater for older adults and people with other health problems.

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La liga Llanera nos visitará Dios mediante en agosto.


Mente sana en cuerpo sano.


#baseball #base #ball #me #bases #homerun #bat #throw #catch #swing #photooftheday #field #pitcher #mlb #firstbase #game #instagood #secondbase #torringtonct #thirdbase #inning #baseballbat #mitt #gloves #out #sport #sports

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Words: 1110
Chapter Summary: With only a little time left before the gala, Marinette does a live stream to work on her design. Alya and Adrien accompany, and the fans find a specific gossip article that outs the heroes.
Author’s Note: I hope everyone is staying safe out there! Sorry for no update last week, it was a crazy and stressful week and I needed the weekend for a break. But we’re back! I’m really excited for the upcoming chapters and I still love writing the fan comments so much.

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Live Gossip

Marinette had a camera set up facing her mannequin, which was in front of her chaise lounge. On the chaise lounge were Alya and Adrien, so Marinette had backup while she worked on her dress for the gala. She needed backup, mainly for the reason that it was the first time she had ever live-streamed creating a design.

Sure, she had posted so many design videos and tutorials she couldn’t even keep track of it anymore. But she had never been live while working on anything, only the occasional one with Alya for a question and answer game.

Adrien and Alya were eating the snacks as Alya watched the comments on Marinette’s YouTube live-stream. She was reading off comments, compliments, and most questions that came up to keep the commentary entertaining. Of course, the banter between the three of them was just as entertaining as well.

“This person asked what you’re making this dress for,” Alya asked. “I think you explained it at the beginning, but a lot more people have joined now.”

“Oh!” Marinette said and turned to the camera. “Well, Adrien invited me to go to the Agreste Gala in about two weeks because he knows how much I love fashion. So, I have to make my own gown.” She explained. “It’s going to be a really fun event, and I’m excited.”

Alya groaned. “I can’t believe I couldn’t get a press pass. It’s unfair!”

“Yeah, but trust me, it wouldn’t have been your scene,” Adrien shrugged.

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