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#MRK draws
kuviras-btch · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
[Image ID: A digital drawing of Kuvira from the Legend of Korra. She is pictured from hips up and she is reaching her hand towards the viewer. She has a smirk on her face and has her eyes on the viewer. Kuvira is wearing a plain green outfit and a necklace from Zaofu with a stone attached to it. She has her hair braided and resting on her other shoulder. She can be seen holding three blue flowers. Her eyes are highlighted with green color, making them appear as if they were glowing. /END ID.]
Listen, I took like six hours with this in total and I gave up with the hand right away, so please don’t look at it :)
Please do not repost or remove my water mark, reblogging is fine <3
Under the cut is a timelapse video of this drawing and a close up of her face :)
Tumblr media
and yes ew I used a 3D model for the pose, how disgusting of me 🙄
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