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Macavity: Tonight is a good night for death.
Mistoffelees: I don't want you to die...
Macavity: Oh, no, not me. For someone else to die.
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Mungojerrie: And that’s when that demon towered over me, bearing his fangs and claws...
Mungojerrie: He started laughing, all evil like, and said:
Mungojerrie: “That’s right, I got you, little cat! And you better obey my every order or I'll torture and kill you!”
Mungojerrie: “Mwahaha!”
Mungojerrie: And it was Macavity!
Mungojerrie, puts an arm around him: And we’re still friends today!!
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Macavity, talking about Mistoffelees: At first I wanted to kill him.
Macavity: But now I’m glad I’ve spent the time to get to know him.
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Macavity: Just leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet!!
Mungojerrie: What are you bidding on?
Macavity: I am biding on a table.
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tigirl-and-co · 10 hours ago
i think the most likely candidate for ‘which cat could say ‘fuck’’ is Gus. Asparagus the Theatre Cat could and would say fuck, but never around the kittens, which is why we don’t get to hear it in the musical.
reasoning: -old man -actor 
there you go it’s basically canon
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can look for him in the basement You can look for him in the attic But I tell you once again (that) Macavity is long gone!
Warsaw Bombalurina mirroring Demeter in the shadows in “Macavity the Mystery Cat”
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Tumblr media
He breaks every human law And gravity is nothing to him He knows the art of levitation A trick worthy of a fakir
Warsaw Demeter in “Macavity The Mystery Cat” for @rice-pudding-slaps
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ive seen a bunch of posts abt electra being bomba's daughter through macavity and ofc im like hell yeah???
but combine that with jemima also being his daughter through demeter. ofc theres so many possibilites w that. but. i cant help focusing on the mental image of munkustrap and tugger suddenly like "oh shit we have kids now"
like tug and bomba arent dating anymore, but ofc he helps her raise electra platonically. he calls electra his daughter and ofc misto helps out, too! ("wow, electra, your mom let's you have two dads!" - etcetera)
(not to mention the angst of both girls being their brother's daughters like. imagine the discussions between the two brothers??)
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emmikay · 19 hours ago
Macavity: I must admit, Mr. Mistoffelees, you played me like a fiddle.
Mistoffelees: Actually, fiddles are notoriously difficult to play
Mistoffelees: I played you like the cheap kazoo you are.
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suddenly- I just-
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the-rum-tum-hatter · a day ago
Ok I've got my ocs lol (also thank you for all the names lol) here's what I've got for them so far:
Their names are Cheshire and Malarkey, they're both toms
Macavity paired them up on a mission, and they've been inseparable ever since
Cheshire is a magical cat, and Macavity doesn't know about his powers. If Macavity knew, he could be hurt, killed, thrown out, etc. It just wouldn't end well for him
Bc of this, Cheshires kinda reserved. He stays in the back and plays dumb often so no one would suspect a thing. He's still quite silly though, his attitude mostly changes around Macavity
Malarkey is kinda a klutz and messes so missions up sometimes due to his misfortune and "loud mouth", as Macavity puts it. When this happens. Macavity and some of the other henchcats may beat and hurt him, basically blaming him for things going wrong
So when he was teamed up with Cheshire, it really changed how he viewed himself. He was told that he wasn't a screw up and that things weren't his fault
Cheshire goes full gay panic whenever Malarkeys around lol Malarkey has a lil crush on Cheshire too, but Cheshires just so in love. He thinks Malarkey is amazing and adorable and hates seeing him mistreated
Malarkey was the first cat to know about Cheshires magic. He thought it was wonderful and that Cheshire shouldn't hide it, but Cheshire insisted it was for the best if no one else knew, so both of them kept it a secret fot a while
They caught on pretty quickly about how bad Macavity could be and didn't agree with him most days. They are genuinely kind, just misguided. They stick around bc they feel they own Macavity for taking them both in
For example, thankfully Macavity never found out, if Macavity had hostages locked up and was starving them, the two would often sneak those cats food
One day after a botched assignment from him, Macavity went to going hit Malarkey, but Cheshire yelled and in a fit of emotions let his powers out. Macavity went after them, but lost them eventually
They had heard about the junkyard and found it eventually to where they were let in and accepted by the tribe
The two of them also confessed their feelings to each other and became mates
Misto will help/trains Cheshire to use his powers and get better control of his powers
There's more but this is already too long lol
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Macavity: Not evil anymore, I want to be loved now.
*is loved*
Macavity: Evil again.
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munku-collar · 2 days ago
Sometimes the ghost of his touch sweeps across her fur: His grasping paws, the sweet thrill of his claws scratching just deep enough to send chills up her spine. They filled her with heat and flame so many times she still feels the cinders burning. His kiss was always hungry, regardless of the strength of it, like he was stealing bits of her away, like it was the only thing in the world worth having. It was always intense; every tryst felt like the first and last, hard and desperate even when the pace was slow, until there was nothing left to give in either direction, and the green of his eyes swallowed her whole. Everlasting, it had felt good. It was overwhelming, and enchanting, and never enough, until suddenly, it was. 
Because it had been enough eventually, Demeter reminds herself. She remembers the disappointments, the anger, the bitterness, and the pain. She thinks about the scar on her hip, the anxious beating of her heart more often than not, and the pleas of his victims, begging fruitlessly before an unjust god. She thinks about the nightmares, the haunting look she finds in her own reflection nowadays, and the fear that won’t go away, no matter what she does. Macavity’s love, his touch and all that came with it couldn’t outweigh his hatred, his darkness then, and it certainly can’t now. Monsters made under moonlight are rarely unmade.
There are many things in the world that are beautiful, but filled with poison, and she learned that first hand in those days. She had been poisoned for too long, with kisses and promises and the heat of his body against hers, which although sincere, did nothing but spread venom, spread pain from the inside out. It took so long to draw it out of herself. But she had. She’d gotten away, and promised herself never to go back. It’s a promise she refuses to break.
The depraved beauty in it all, in him, and the rush of it, even in the poison, means little nowadays compared to the tenderness, the gentle devotion she has earned from her new lover. Fire doesn’t have to burn, she’s come to learn. It can warm instead, entirely and utterly and beautifully. Kisses can be sweet, without the bitterness of poison. Passion doesn’t have to destroy, and she doesn’t have to be destroyed for its sake. Love doesn’t have to hurt so, so damn much.
‘Those days are long gone,’ she tells herself, thinking on the past, and of that twisted love, and she drags her paws up her fur, trying to scratch away those memories, those smoking cinders. She watches them fly away in the wind. 
‘Good riddance.’
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 2 days ago
Lowkey wanna make more cats ocs who are magical bc I really like the stigma a lot of us hc with Misto that if you're a magician you don't wanna end up like Macavity or have other cats view you as an evil threat, so it's better to just suppress your powers and keep them a secret. Also I like the idea Macavity doesn't make magical cats his henchcats bc he feels like they're a threat to him, so I may make a magical henchcat. And maybe a bunch of magical cats in hiding heard about Misto's powers and were like "he's a good magical cat, who proved them wrong" so they come out of hiding like I'm soft for this concept ngl lol
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Munkustrap: Because what hurts more than a broken heart?
Macavity: *with no sympathy* A severed head
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Macavity: I want to kiss you.
Mistoffelees: Ok.
Mistoffelees: Anything else you want to do?
Macavity: Destroy the Jellicles.
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Human AU
Young Macavity: Dear Santa.
Young Macavity: I'm writing to let you know I have been naughty.
Young Macavity: And it was worth it, you judgmental bastard.
Old Deuteronomy:
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i told myself i was gonna shut up about caro emerald but i guess not huh
The Other Woman - Caro Emerald
And the cats characters/situations I think work (the tone would change slightly based on the characters singing and their motivations)
Munkustrap singing to Demeter about Macavity
Alonzo singing to someone about Munkustrap (this would be a darker, more jealous version of the character)
Mistoffelees singing about idk who but our sassy gay boi is dark and jealous now and i am imagining it and i am LOVING it
Bombalurina singing about idk (maybe she's just messing around with a couple i have no clue)
Electra singing a more gentle version of the song, trying to convince Etcetera out of a toxic relationship
Tugger performing the song (just....imagine John Partridge Tugger singing this....PERFECTION)
Macavity singing this to manipulate Demeter
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