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#Maddie Buckley
paramedicdiaz · 2 days ago
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heartbroken upset unwell
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nymika-arts · 3 days ago
he knows!! where she is!!!! man if it's gonna be somewhere that they went together a lot as kids and that's why he recognizes the sound and that's why she chose to go there because it's a comfort and a way she can be close to a part of her family even when she isn't with them i'm actually just gonna start eating rocks
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buckleyirondad · 2 days ago
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The Buckley Siblings +  identifying themselves as the problem & removing themselves from the situation (inspired by @maddieandchimney’s text post)  
Gif One: Scene from 503 ‘desperate measures.’ We see a pre-recorded message from Maddie on an iPad screen. She says, “I'm not in any danger, and no one is making me do this. But Jee is not safe with me. Not now, and maybe...” 
Gif Two: Scene from 505 ‘peer pressure.’ In Station 118’s kitchen, Buck sits at the table, he is talking to the team. He says, ‘I've really loved being a part of the 118 these past five years. This place and, uh, you guys mean so much to me.’ 
Gif Three: Scene from 503 ‘desperate measures.’ Maddie looks directly into the camera and says ‘I know that you're gonna take really good care of her. And she's better off without me.’  
Gif Four: Scene from 505 ‘peer pressure.’ Buck looks over to Bobby (who is out of frame) and Buck speaks, “Which is why, for the good of everyone, I've decided I-I'm gonna put in for a transfer.” 
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djdangerlove · 2 days ago
Maddie leaving because she thinks Jee is better off without her and Buck trying to leave because he thinks the 118 is better off without him…and both Chimney and Eddie being like
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stationoneeighteen · a day ago
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[Image Description: 4 gifs, 2 black and white and 2 coloured, from 9-1-1 featuring Chimney Han, Karen Wilson, Hen Wilson and Maddie Buckley. Gif 1: A black and white gif from Season 5 Episode 4. A shot of Chimney telling Hen that ‘Karen is a lucky woman’ after an emotional goodbye. The text reads, “Karen is a lucky woman.” Gif 2: Two coloured gifs blended together from Season 4 Episode 10. On the left, Karen lovingly looking at Hen after they made the decision to foster again after finding out that Nia would be okay with her biological mother. On the right, Hen also looking at Karen lovingly as she goes to take her hand. Gif 3: A black and white gif from Season 5 Episode 4. A shot of Hen telling Chimney that Maddie is also a lucky woman. The text reads, “So’s Maddie.” Gif 4: Two coloured gifs blended together from Season 3 Episode 13. On the left, a shot of Chimney smiling as Maddie tells him that although she can’t say ‘I love you’ yet, it is how she feels about him. On the right, Maddie also smiling as Chimney tells her that now he knows how she feels, he can say ‘I love you’ enough for the both of them. /End ID]
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athenagrantnash · 3 days ago
Okay but can we talk about how Chim is sending Maddie videos of Jee-Yun as she’s developing?
Even when Maddie is gone, he’s making sure she’s still a part of her life in every way possible and I think that’s beautiful 
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phantomqueenmorrigan · 3 days ago
I don’t know who Maddie Kendall is
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lindzhatesithere · 3 days ago
me hating bucktaylor aside, i genuinely don’t like that they made her call him evan in that episode.
evan is only used to refer to buck in times of high emotional scenes. like maddie has used evan when talking about their past or when she is trying to really come at him from a sibling perspective not a friend perspective.
and then the only other time it’s been used is by eddie who is his work partner and best friend of three years along with the fact that they basically coparent a child together and he only used it once.
you’re telling me he has been dating taylor for like what 6 months and she’s already calling him that. it just doesn’t make sense to me because I feel like evan is such a special name to refer to buck as and i am genuinely mad that they wasted on a scene like that. even if they were going to make bucktaylor endgame, it’s way too early and they’ve had no chemistry especially after what we saw in the episode 5x03 with bucks sarcastic ‘honey im home’
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liesoverthec · a day ago
Tumblr media
Screen time by character for 9-1-1 on FOX for season 5, episode 5.
season 1 - season 2 - season 3 - season 4 - season 5 - series - all screen time
[Alt id: Bar graph showing screen time by character for 911 s5 ep 5. There is a photo of each character at the bottom of their bar. Buck leads the episode w/ 7:15, then Bobby (5:30), Athena (4:15), Hen (4:15), Eddie (2:30), Chim (0:00), and Maddie (0:00).]
Do not repost my graphics.
This post falls under the “Dispatch Screen Time Complaint Ban”. (This extends to Claudette for as long as the ban exists.)
Commentary under the cut!
Hi y’all! I feel like I am possibly in the minority, but I actually REALLY liked this ep and it just makes me excited for the rest of the season 😊
Comments from me to you!
Excited to announce another character is going to join the regulars: popular opinion was in favor of me adding Ravi to the list, and I had to agree. Just a reminder - regulars’ time doesn’t get posted every week, it’s just going to be one (possibly two) posts a season, and Ravi being added is not bumping anyone off! I’m also going to go back and get Ravi’s times for s4 when I get around to it.
Speaking of regulars, I have to say sorry. I have an extremely busy week this week, and I only have time to get screen time for these 5 mains 😬. So as of the week this ep airs, I don’t have the times for the regulars. I will absolutely be getting them early next week though, so if you’d like to know someone’s time, drop me an ask so I can keep hold of it, and I’ll answer it when I have the times!
I’m excited to say that I think the show is moving in the right direction w/ Buck. While the statistic is still true that we’ve never gotten more than 5 eps into a season without Buck leading an episode, it’s ALSO true that this is the least amount of time he’s ever had as the lead of an episode. This is also by FAR the least amount of total time he’s had by the end of the 5th episode of ANY season. So fingers crossed. Also if you don’t use Chim&Maddie, this is the one of the most balanced episodes he’s ever led. So let’s see if they keep it up!
I think from now on, we’re gonna try a new thing. Some time next week, I’m going to start posting allllllll of the graphics for the entire season again, but this time I’m going to post them all on a graph with the exact same scale for every episode. The way I’m posting them right now, the scale changes so that the lead always fills the left side of the graphic, and everything else adjusts to that. The reason I do that is so that you can *actually* see the differences in characters’ times, but I also want to highlight how little difference there is (which is something people do NOT seem to be getting), so from now on, you’ll be getting two sets of graphics per episode - one that looks like this, and one w/ a standardized scale. Those I’m planning to always be posting in large groups so you won’t see them every week, but they’ll go in the normal tags, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for those!
We’ve had some good changes in order again within the 118 crew, so I’m excited to see how things stack up over the season!
Okay that’s all I got folks, but as always, pls let me know if you have any questions regarding screen time! 😊 (if it takes me a while to get back to you, its the busy week, so it’s me not you lol!)
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vampirebuck · 2 days ago
buck and maddie thinking everything is their fault and that leaving would be better for everyone else is the peak of traumatized children who don't want to bother. 
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promptabuddie · a day ago
One does not simply engage in a peaceful prank war with the Buckley siblings, but that’s a hard lesson Chim and Eddie will have to learn on their own.
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madneyfiles · 2 days ago
The thing is .. neither Buckley sibling WANTED to leave. You know that Buck loves the 118 but he was hurting so bad that he decided he wanted to exile himself. But the moment that everyone reminded him of how much they loved him, he backed off.
And then you have Maddie. She doesn't WANT to leave her family, she just thought it was the better option. And if someone had been there when she was walking away, she would have stayed and she wouldn't be gone right now. That's the realization that is hurting me right now.
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leandra-winchester · 2 days ago
So yesterday I jokingly said they were the Liberty Bell in Philly, because National Treasure. But as I lay in bed past 4 am, trying to fall asleep, I was like “Wait a min. Buck wakes up in the middle of the night because of her phone call. Which means she’s either also up in the middle of the night and thinks it’s a good idea to call... and where she is the bells ring IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT... or she’s in a different time zone.”
And then it became clear that she had to be somewhere either a couple of hours behind (which would mean Hawaii or somewhere because there is nothing else a couple of hours behind, at least not in the US), or several hours ahead. 
Which means... Europe. Which had me look into it and. 
The bells we heard are from Westminster Abbey. 
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buckleyirondad · 2 days ago
Maddie and Buck aren't used to having a family that wants them to stick around. Their parents disowned Maddie and pushed Buck into running away. Aside from eachother, neither of them are used to having people who love them even when the going gets tough. By the end of the season, I hope they both realise their importance.
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eddeidiaz · a day ago
Hands down the most under-appreciated joke in 911 is when Josh says Greg successfully deployed a semicolon on his dating profile and Maddie says “I never use semicolons; I just don’t get the point” using a fucking semicolon I swear I laugh every time
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henwilsonmd · 2 days ago
*puts on tinfoil hat* maddie is in pennsylvania because i don’t think she stayed in cali and buck clearly recognized the sound of bells behind her, the overlap between somewhere that she would be likely to go and somewhere buck would recognize a specific sound from isn’t huge. there’s a famous bell tower in hershey...
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idealuk · 2 days ago
Is what I am because now I have 2 full weeks of going through negative posts from the easily discouraged to look forward to ... or, you know, not.🙄 Maybe I’m in the minority, but I knew that this episode would be extremely Buddie light, and we still got little nods [like how forcing progression is unhealthy (*coughs* Ana and a callback to steroid Charlie from the episode in which we first meet Taylor *coughs*) and how it’s bad to split up a dynamic team, Buck not smiling until Eddie said that he’s stuck with them, and, yet again, the emphasization of Buck misunderstanding a situation resulting in him underestimating his true value to others and Eddie being the turning point as always. Taylor is clearly a buffer girlfriend for Buck to any one who knows about good serialized storytelling (which “9-1-1” most definitely is). They wouldn’t be doing the hostage situation after this if these positive-looking Buck and Taylor scenes are only just the beginning for these two (I’m now of the camp that the leaked synopsis is real, just that it’s for 5x07, not 5x06, and we all know who Buck would side with in that dispute when it comes down to it, especially if Eddie’s life is in danger in the same time frame). I can feel an other reassessment coming from Buck and it feels so good!
... Why the-hell does Maddie still go by Kendall?! Jee-Yun is a Buckley(-Han). Are they waiting until she’s also a Han for the name change?
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maddieandchimney · 2 days ago
It’s the fact that Nadia changed Maddie’s canon voicemail? Like, talk about bad writing? They could have easily used this recording from season three.
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ghostdiaz · 22 hours ago
you know, i can understand buck wanting to forgive his parents as a way to bring himself closure. what i don’t get is both his and maddie’s insistence that they’re “not bad people, just bad parents” because the way they treated buck and maddie before and especially after daniel’s death is what makes them bad people. i’m not saying it’s not okay to grieve, because the loss of a child is an absolutely devastating thing to have happen. but they disappeared into their grief, so much so that they didn’t allow maddie to talk about one of her brothers, while simultaneously neglecting the other so bad that she had to raise him. and it just makes me endlessly sad that they both still feel they need to make excuses for the way their parents treated them. 
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