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I’ve been wondering for years now, does anyone know if there is a (strictly in-film only, cause comics are a whole other monster) canon explanation of how Erik learned a Polish lullaby from his German parents?
I’ve been searching about it since Apocalypse first came out and I’ve never found anything

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A/N: Hey! Remember how I posted that itty bitty chapter yesterday? Welp, here’s a whopper, it really got ran away from me and I couldn’t find the right place to split it up. I’m really going to try and start updating regularly, I know there’s nothing more frustrating than an unfinished story and I know how I want this story to go, it’s just getting it out, y'know? 

Anyway, if you’re actually reading this, thank you, I love you and you’re beautiful. Feedback/comments/critiques more than welcome :)

Part One

Part Two

Worry started to creep into Erik’s mind soon after the twins’ second birthday; worry that one of these days somebody would find him, worry he’d slip up and expose who and what he was, worry that his children would be mutants who would grow up in such an unfriendly world.

Humankind was slowly but surely getting more hostile toward mutants, reports of “dangerous mutants” was an almost monthly occurrence in the news and it was well known that there were numerous groups globally whose sole purpose was to hunt down mutants trying to live normal lives; somehow, their violent deaths never made the papers and no investigations made.

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*Erik looking for Charles*

Erik: Now where’d he go this time?


Charles, out of nowhere: whO tHe FuCk saID tHat?!

Erik: There you are :)

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or the post that says “y’all are lying if you say you wouldn’t be on Magneto’s side if you were a mutant” or that gifset of Ian McKellen saying “Charles has done more for mutant rights than you will ever know” or literally anything that acknowledges the fact that Charles Xavier is loosely based on MLK Jr and Erik Lehnsherr is loosely based on Malcom X, and that their relationship as political foils is what makes Charles so successful

then I invite you to sign the petition for Justice for George Floyd, and to donate without spending any money here’s a youtube video by Zoe Amira you can stream, 100% of ad rev has been pledged to BLM and Bailout funds, and she has links to multiple petitions in her description. 

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A/N: Had to break it up as it was getting a bit too long.

Part One

Being a father was a role that Erik surprising fell into with ease; years of sleepless nights had prepared him so he could tend to his children through the night and still make it through the twelve-hour workday.

Erik’s first shift back at the factory after the birth of his children was a slight turning point, as unlike previously when he would only converse enough to fit in, never giving too much about himself away, he found himself genuinely enjoying speaking to his colleagues, granted it was mostly chatting about his family, but it made him feel less of an outsider.

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